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Dave Nelson

David Earl Nelson (born June 20, 1944) is a former Major League Baseball player and one of the current broadcasters for the Milwaukee Brewers baseball team on Fox Sports Wisconsin.

Thorpe Park

Watch me on the I'm doing Dave Nelson fitness challenge tonight !
Nelson athlete Dave Riddell mastering track and field at age 63
.opens up about becoming a Muslim after being behind bars
Bryan Nelson to challenge Kilsheimer for Apopka mayor(Orlando news)
You're telling me you don't want to go to New Hampshire because you're cats will kill you? --Dave Nelson, NewsRadio
Carl, Dave Nelson and his robot buddy (fightin' crime!)
Hawk Nelson front man Jon Steingard this week shared some advice from Dave Ramsey that has impacted his life. The...
New post: "CBO score makes the case for full repeal, and free market replacement"
Merle Haggard & Willie Nelson -- Pancho & Lefty. Bluebird day in Central TX... great morni…
In an interview with and our explains the best processes to with http…
Happy Monday! . 📸Dave Heath, 1962. See "Multitude, Solitude: The Photographs of Dave Heath" before it closes on Mar…
Kankakee supervisor Steve Nelson is explaining the with driver Dave's assistance.
Emre Can's miss hit passes were actually all shots. Eventually one had to go in, right?
the stats don't lie. 69% possession and we've done less with the ball than Burnely at Anfield.
this performance is the reason keeps trending at the moment. Overhaul needed in the summer, starting with Klopp
you are very right, just the tonic I needed after Liverpool's first half performance against Burnley.
athletic director Dave Nelson honored as Region 2 AD of the year:
Santi Mina, Jonathan Tah, and to give Grujic games. And a new manager in, because of 2/2
we need: Klavan out, Wijnaldum out, Sturridge out. Players to bring in: Ricardo Rodriguez, Leon Goretzka... 1/2
a lucky equaliser, but I still won't change my tune if we win. I still want
I want too, but to all of you calling him names and a Nazi - GROW UP. You wouldn't say it to his face, so don't do it here!!
Jurgen Klopp has had 18 months to adapt to English football and he has failed to do so. A change is needed, time to go TON…
Once again it's awful. When will you listen? Enough is enough Now!!!
JAZZ CAFÉ with Dave Nelson on piano. 27 Jan 20:00–23:00. The Town Hall, Hebden Bridge. The first in an occasional...
Monthly Leadership interviews with top business leaders. Check out this months interview with Dave Nelson...
Dave Nelson is scheduled to go LIVE on the Fit Talk with Dave Nelson: never SKIP BREAKFAST!.with Q&A .
In the words of the great Eeyore: "Pathetic. That's what it is. Pathetic.". "GOP elites accepting Trump as nominee." https:…
Here's Edmund Burke on why the GOPer "leaders" who knuckle under to Trump can go straight to *** IMO.
That sinebow has some similarities with Dave Green’s cubehelix (and d3.scaleRainbow). Seen it?
BARtab: Prince, the music icon remembered. by Dave Ford. Like all great stars, Prince Rogers Nelson, the artist...
B-roll shoot with my DP, Dave C. Nelson and my Stills Photographer, Beate Venohr Pilgreen on hand to ma…
Delighted to hear my old (age-wise) mate Dave Nelson has just won the West of England seniors to get to +0.2. Playing with him this Sat too.
Great news! Member Dave Nelson has won the West of England seniors this week. New hcp +0.2 - not bad for an old fella!
Dave Nelson got the job done this past weekend on his personal best. 11+" Beard on this guy!.
Willie Nelson's song on the road again springs to mind here have a good one Dave wish you were heading back to Ireland again!
A great song by Willie Nelson performed by Dave Matthews and Zac Brown.
Layne Somsen is fourth SD-born to connect with Sparky Anderson (Bridgewater), Emmett Nelson (Viborg) and Dave Collins (RC).
Nelson Mandela statue up today. West Bank, Ramallah, Palestine. What a sight to see.https:/…
Prince's sister Tyka Nelson is filing paperwork to become appointed executor of his estate.
why don't you ask Dave about Nelson Cruz's range now?
Thinking today of a great gig in Nice I did with Guy Pinfold, Ralph Nelson-Tucker, Will Lakeman and Dave Bates...
Even Nelson Cruz is tired of Dave Sims. Tried taking him out with a foul ball.
Dave knows we give him the best party 😉
Dave we all wishin for Purple Rain plez😃:)
me did and maybe since we all ask for Purple Rain Dave will play it!!:)
we are here too, looking forward to the show Dave 😘
Website Builder 728x90
wish the news would finish. Cmon Dave!
Please someone get supplies in for Dave, no not the tears, please 😄😘
Looking forward to the show Dave, hope you get your cuppa xxx
If Nelson Mandela was our Moses leading us out of the darkness then Zuma is Judas taking us back there.
Mariners announcer Dave Sims - "Lets play how far can you hit it starring Nelson Cruz on a 3-1 count"...*Hits a home run 400 feet*
"Let's play see how far you can hit it with Nelson Cruz" - Dave Sims . *Cruz immediately hits home run*
According to Dave Lapham,radio analyst for Bengals broadcasts,Nelson turned down a"far more attractive offer"from Bengals 2 play for Raiders
. Hi Dave,. Let us know if we can help you. Luder-Wycliffe Theological Seminary. Dr. Jack Nelson
Prince death: What we know: The world is still reeling from the death of Prince Rogers Nelson, the multi-plati...
FBI agent accosts for leaving her kids alone briefly in car. She defies him. Gets better from there!
players considering filing complaint with union over playing surface at Turner Field. mgr Dave Robert…
Dave Chappelle has portrayed Prince, Nelson Mandela and Rick James. All of which are dead. It's not looking good for Tiger Woods or Diddy.
Hopefully Dave had a dream about Norman locking down J. Nelson week 1. Wakes up on a mission
Waiting in line to see Dave Chappelle. Hoping this will be a good way to celebrate Prince Rogers Nelson.
have you ever smoked with Willie Nelson ?
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
Old school video of ASJ surf editor Dave Nelson back in the day. Times have changed but Nelly is still...
Dave Faulkner on the dual lives of Prince Rogers Nelson:
think it might be like the full Nelson but not quite sure
Pet brings home $1,000 worth of marijuana. Good boy, Willie Nelson!
More apt might be a beer chaser to a whiskey binge after massive Twins, Gophers, Vikings stadium subsidies
Happy Birthday wishes today to Marty McFly’s older brother Dave,
Avert your eyes, hops lovers. Sad pictures of flooded New Zealand farms. h/T
name one top level guy he fought, never mind was competitive with Dave. Roy Nelson and Struve aren't exactly elite
Shifty business: new mgr Dave Roberts is all in on defensive shifts. His ace Clayton Kershaw? Not so much. htt…
This Saturday at the Railway Club Dave Nelson, Akber Dj Praiz, Evan Thompson, Sydney Gauvreau, myself and a host...
Reading up on EPK's and noticed a familiar name shouted out at the end. Dave Nelson.…
Extra! Extra! Dave Nelson loves 3D printing so much he's going to marry it!
oh fanks Dave X it a repeat or new show xxx
RIDDIM! Deep Inside remix! Request for some Grant Nelson or some throwback MK!
I just watch Dave Chapelle as Nelson Mandela beat up kids in jail. My sides are hurting 😂
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Fanks for great show again Dave, same time next week? We be here then x
so leans on dis you or da system Dave? Taps paws!
dey cant hear it Dave, dey maked mum put da headfones on, we can hear it tho :(
tis nice listen to Dave at same time
he has slipped a disc Dave has to be carried on velvet cushionxxx
remember Dave's show 6pm munch on your Easter…
remember Dave's show 6pm munch on your Easter eggs and tune in❤
we'll be listening Dave, wouldn't miss it 😘just sent mum to change clocks now to be sure her not forget Bol!
Elimu Nelson here from Love the rating but u have a photo of Omari Hardwick instead of me for DAVE. A fix please?
Rankings Alert! 2017 RHP Dave Nelson of Hopkinton is now ranked in the 2017 PBR New England rankings.
Saturday April 2 at the Railway Club we getting lit with Dave Nelson, Akber Dj Praiz and a whole lot more!...
Our Nelson's and Dave's County Market branches will be closed on Sunday March 27 for Easter. Bank anytime using our mobile app.
2017 RHP Dave Nelson of Hopkinton displayed a long arm path with a fastball at 79. Frame projects and the arms are long.
your food beliefs terrify me, but I accept you.
New England Prep Baseball Report is here to check out some power arms. Dylan Walsh, Dave Nelson and Noah Wachter.
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Tested to destruction. Boardshorts are now available -> Photo: Dave Nelson
Another cute parrot... Almost as cute as Bob. Mr. Dave Nelson, please watch!
My Top 3 fictional counterparts are Owen(Dave Nelson(and Usagi Tsukino(=)
.on Dave Nelson and are changing my life!!! Stop by for the story🦄
«Peter Clarkson, 72, swimming in the flooded kitchen of his house in Kendal, Cumbria». Picture: Dave Nelson
Pictures of the day: Peter Clarkson swimming in his flooded house in (Dave Nelson)
Watched on Getting my butt kicked by Dave Nelson 💪🏻💪🏻
Add me on skype. dave_chuy — listening to network 21 cd at Heights Malaybalay City
Ossie Nelson has posted Dave Lindsay Many thanks for your
The Buffy Pinball is almost finished! What do you think? Here it is at Pinball Expo 2015
I don't smoke weed, but if I did, I'd wanna smoke with Willie Nelson, Dave Chappelle, and Erykah Badu.
Dave Lindsay has posted Ossie Nelson There is presently at
DMB with The love of my life (@ Nelson for Dave Matthews Band in Firenze, Italy)
Tonight i started a grease fire in dave millers grill. If thats not life goals than idk what is
Seeing India's performance they should change the series name to Rahul Gandhi-Nelson Mandela series
Are you attending the Dave Matthews Band concert at the Nelson Mandela Forum tonight? .
ROCK: ED WOOD OF THE 21st CENTURY seemed like an okay entry into Dave 'The Rock' Nelson's mind, but it bugged me how condescending it was...
Dave Chappelle is back and he's bringing the heat with Cosby jokes
Sending my good doggies Dave Nelson, Geoff Reich and Akber Dj Praiz nothing but positive vibes on their tour.
Or you can both just come hang out at the beach here in Newport. Are you meeting up with Dave Nelson in
Bill freakin McNeill and Dave Nelson together is comedy gold
Check out Dave Nelson. Go white boy, go white boy! Lol.
Good read. I know Dave Nelson loved working with him at Minnetonka. Reads like that infectious positivity lives on.
Dave Gibson and Bernie Nelson are heading up the teams!!
Merced County Office of Education honored the 2014-15 MUHSD's Teacher of the Year, AHS Ag Teacher Mr. Dave Gossman http…
I'll be the new coach. We'll run Dave Nelson's 1950 original wing T and a nasty 4-2-5 defense. We'll make Saban & Richt cry.
Nelson Barrett presents his son, Dave Barrett, with a Murrow Award for excellence in feature reporting
If needs someone who drinks a lot of coffee to be in charge, we need Dave Nelson.
Also had a good "Face Time" call with Dave Nelson. His knee is like mine was and also needs a replacement.
Some fab interviews with Lee Nelson, Dave Gorman and Milton Jones have just landed here today. We don't usually...
Volunteer of the week! Dave Nelson is here every single Sunday happily serving behind the sound booth, and we are...
what do u think would have if Nelson mandela & martin lurder king met during they life time "what topic "will they have both tackle ??
Hey Dave Nelson : dnelson0611 Want to get FREE iPh0ne 6 TODAY? Simply check my bi0. Thx
Psssh like I would remember Dave Nelson but not Buechele, Palmer, or Desi Relaford.
Dave Nelson and Marianne Schroeder yesterday on the enduring challenge of response rates
Sweep results from yesterday's Dave Nelson Trophy, well played to all the winners and the champion
Dis world is full of wonders. I was shocked when I heard YVONNE NELSON & AKON are using de same Cocoa Butter Cream but see…
Results from yesterday's Dave Nelson Trophy. Congratulations to the winner Well played champ.
Still can't believe we're seeing Jack Johnson, Imagine Dragons, Dave Matthews, Willie Nelson, and John Mellencamp in a week.
It may. But I am very interested in politics...
Corbyn's first leader speech in the House is reported to have the phrase "Hey Dave, remember you wanted to hang Nelson Mandela? I didn't."
CarX Coach of the Week: Dave Bingham talks with Ankeny Head Coach Rick Nelson on his first win against Ankeny ...
Dave Nelson Jazz With Meaning. % of sales go directly to us. 306.955.0070 or 1.800.513 3463
Alright folks, I have two things to ask so I can go on my first ever 8th Grade trip to DC. I am selling Nelson's...
Congrats Jimmy Nelson and Capt Dave Jones on their huge Mahi catch
That's 40 for Nelson Cruz!! Didn't that Dave Cameron guy say he wouldn't hit 30 this year. ✌🏾️
Farm Aid schedule was just released. Dave Matthews, John Mellencamp, Neil Young & Willie Nelson are the headliners.
James Jones is no Jordy Nelson but if he can find the 2012 form again with Rodgers...look out
Roland Rueckert & Dave Nelson discuss the Museum opening later this year.
Hey Dave, 16 team, non-ppr. Need to start 2. TY Hilton, Desean Jackson, and Nelson Algholar. Please and thanks!
Do you people know about this? H/T to Dave Nelson for reminding me that this exists. So incredible.
kicks off with 60second pitches on the sessions!! Welcome to shark tank. Great job Dave Nelson!!
Jason McAllister, Dave Payne, Ken Hanks, Jim Nelson, DaveandPatty Capps, Some is just this...
I just uploaded "2962 Nelson Pl, Abbotsford for Dave Jarvis | Real Estate HD Video Tour" to
Don't miss our effective branding program next week with Dave Nelson of SecretPenguin! Register now!
Interview with Corey "Major" Nelson ahead of AFC 14 Saturday night
Heads up. Your partner in crime Dave has Jordy Nelson in his receiver rankings for Week 1.
Two of my all time fave guys: Dave & Nelson 😎💛
lol guessing someone forgot to do it today ;) can I ask does Russel Nelson still work for you guys? If so tell him I said hi :)
Saying our goodbyes to Grand Marais as Dave and Jitka prepare to locate the Nelson.
Buy Miche Bag Online!
How fortunate we are not to have cowards like Nelson looking after us. We are so lucky to have our hero Dave.
Keith Meek shot by Dave Nelson and Dave Nelson shot by Tony Roberts at the Greenfield Skatepark. That's a whole lotta
Tour highlight? - Dancing in a salsa club with Dave Nelson in It's weird though, locals were looking at us like we were terrible...
Congrats to Dave Nelson (far right on pic.) on his best personal time for a 5km run in Moose Jaw…
"At K2, we will hold on to the call to authenticity"...Dave Nelson, Lead Pastor
"Here at K2, we are going to press on to the goal of eternal life and the prize"...Dave Nelson, Lead Pastor
"Walk in the way of love just as Christ gave himself up for us"...Dave Nelson, Lead Pastor .
"K2 has been called to share the love of Christ with this valley, we will keep declaring this!"...Dave Nelson, Lead Pastor
her Admissions Representative is Dave Nelson. Would you like for him to give you a call today to talk about any questions you have
you asked for a reminder about As Yet Untitled, so here it is – catch it tomorrow at 10pm!
Much more cohesive team under Nelson. Points in 8 of 12 games since he joined the coaching staff.
It's only been four games since he went solo behind the Oilers bench, but Todd Nelson is making an outstanding case for…
Before booking a fitting for my son, I called down to Club Champion and spoke with Dave Nelson. Not
Just bought 6 tix for whole family to go to the game next Sunday vs Maryland. See you there! Ski U Mah!
Today, Dave Nelson talked about having a word that you can hold onto during this year. What's your word for 2015?
(1/2) Solved Dangleway problem in a dream last night. Put Orbit thingy in place of Nelson's Column, run dangleway from top...
Ben 😩 I was looking forward to an Antonio Brown, Le'veon Bell, Jordy Nelson, and Randell Cobb Super Bowl.
receiver Nelson Agholor is entering the 2015 NFL Draft.
Come check out K2's 9:30 or 11:30AM services tomorrow for Dave Nelson's message "Hold onto the Love".
Breaking news: claims his porridge this morning is "good". Will the new year will bring good porridge for him?
Finally got time to order the books I've been wanting, - Dave Nelson. Pretty keen to get my hands on your book,...
Congrats to our dear friend Dave Nelson for being the first Emerald Executive in Mynt. Way to go!
My brother in the good company of Dave Eggers, Willie Nelson and Judy Blume. Books to watch for:
glad to see Nelson back at 15, bags of raw talent & a first instinct to attack
A view into the eye of Mavericks, Photo by Dave Nelson Available at
Dave Nelson has a book entitled 'SOFAS 2000' in his office.
Dave life is a roller coaster don't worry mate
Circus 1961. When Dave Nelson's girl-friend invites his parents to meet herís, Ozzie and Harriet anticipate...
it is official Dave and I now own Nelson motorcycle training centers soon to be known as Top Gun motorcycle...
Happy Bees New Year to Dave, Bill and the rest of the Beesotted characters. From all of the old skool Nelson Bees. COYBs
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Photo: sonsofkerouac: Taken with a view from home… Photo: Dave Nelson
Wigan owner Whelan banned and fined: Wigan owner Dave Whelan is given a six-we...
Dave Nelson did a great job understanding me and my swing and was able to recommend a set of wedges
we have 2 intersections called dave and Nelson in van
Here's to all of us Nelson Norwegians Dave Nelson!
Dave Chappelle will always be relevant
What a fantastic brunch was had today with Dave Morrison and Erin and Ryan Quibell -Daniel Nelson and Trevor Frame got leftovers
Via if near please donate blood Nelson Mandela Place
"You have done wrong, so love like God. You have been wronged so forgive like God"...Dave Nelson, Lead Pastor
Finishing up another meeting with Dave Nelson,top earner in the company worldwide. Happy Holidays/Merry Xmas Team!!
Worlds smallest spoon to eat my porridge with. May end up 'drinking' it instead...
“Yesterday saw the biggest mavericks since 2010!! yahoo!
Herman-Nelson is up there for me, Dave folded like a lawn chair. You could hear Lawler's shots land vs. Ellenberger.
"We are justified through faith and because of this, we have peace with God!"...Dave Nelson, Lead Pastor
did nelson really attempt to mock Dave's parenting?
"Satan's power is me over you. God's power is you over me"...Dave Nelson, Lead Pastor
I've been waiting all football season to post these comments. Dave Christensen has been criticized so unfairly be...
Nelson says Draisaitl will return on Tuesday vs Arizona.
Nelson Cruz Plays Santa Claus in the Dominican Republic « From the Corner of Edgar & Dave
dave nelson. CA . Two more years for Obama to torture the Goptards with progressive maneuvers! He's like the...
Hi Sue this is Mike and Karen Galbraith, we are so sorry to hear about Dave. Joan and Nelson as well.
Attention young, would-be journalists: is looking for its 2015 interns. Here's what you need to know:
Because of I can be confident that I matter to via Dave Nelson
Willie Nelson covers Dave Matthews' one good song, "Gravedigger." Because...
u think it was a good move for him? I just want to see j.nelson do good cause he deserves to be a playoff player
"the mighty AC/DC, who are pretty much the Nelson Mandela of hard rock". . I love AC/DC.
wright crowder jameer Nelson and 1st & 2nd picks not much cap space and more picks
I'll see thee in T'Nelson for a lock in. Big Dave says its rate. Flintys gonner mek some out-of-Towner pay.
Finally some more 🍻 Columbus and Nelson Sauvin pale ales, Motueka Simcoe and SCCANS IPAs 😊
Hey Boyz did you catch Dave Letterman eat Willie Nelson's brownies??
came to earth to reveal to us via Dave Nelson
from the eyes of Central Mountain Air high above the mountains and hills. Fort Nelson…
.thanks for sharing that great photo! Safe trip to Fort Nelson!
Beauty day to be flying on Central Mountain Air on route to Fort Nelson
TV on the Radio's Dave Sitek Launches Online Pop-Up Shop: Federal Prism, the l...
didn’t come to earth to establish a new religion via Dave Nelson
Our record of the day is Dave Nelson sings the best of Elvis!
MT make it official: Jabari Parker tore his ACL and is expected to miss the rest of the season.
Oh yeah I forgot. Patience. True with Todd Nelson now. So hard to do.
didn’t come to earth to be a good teacher via Dave Nelson
Dave remember when you went off on nelson a while back?
Nelson looks greener than Eakins did
'Instead of calling Mia 'Australia' you could call her 'Austramia' - thanks dave
"Violence against children must surely rank as the most abominable expression of violence" - Nelson Mandela.
Integrity's President, Dave Nelson, discusses why he thinks the Sony hack is worse than Target or Home Depot
Let's hope backpedals on these egregious hikes as fast as he did on combined student fb/hockey tickets.
I doubt my neighbors, who currently pay $1300 for 4 tix, will be willing to pay $3300 in 2017. If these hikes stand, attendance will plummet
So, shldn't have to sell out the stadium at least 1x/season before hiking season tix prices thru the roof?
Like Aaron rodgers and Jordy Nelson, or dave Franco lol
I filled out all my applications with the name dave so that might be a problem
thanks for making me look up ballyhooed. Will the hire be ballyhooed by media, fans, the university or all the above?
dave nelson. CA Pending Approval. Wise perspective here! But it hurts me to observe that all the great joint...
Dave Nelson Productions announces *** in A Barrel" in partnership with TLC. Morrie Schlockstein head of...
Maybe I´m wrong, but in 2005 and 2006 was Rod Nelson,Alonso´s race engineer.
Your thoughts on Nelson Cruz, a MLB Pick'Em favorite, signing w/ Seattle? What else do they need to be a serious contender?
Reeve Dave Nelson, Deputy Reeve Joe Taylor, Councillors Marion Burton and Dennis Hannah return to the Council table for another term.
Dave Boling: Debate the value, but Nelson Cruz is way better than what the Seattle Mariners had
One last surf jump at sunset in Cabo San Lucas, photo by see more at
"K2 exists to serve everyone who lives in this valley!"...Dave Nelson, Lead Pastor
Maybe Nelson Cruz isn't as exciting a name as Justin Upton or Matt Kemp, but sure beats having one of the two in expense of Taijuan Walker.
Dave Cameron is currently formulating trade packages to dump both Robinson Cano and Nelson Cruz.
If I were the Mariners, I would have traded Miller and Hultzen for Napoli and Cespedes like Dave Cameron said instead of signing Nelson Cruz
Woke up to see Nelson Cruz is a mariner. fantastic...
I'm gonna slide into Dave Simms DM's with the most legendary list of Nelson Cruz home run puns he's ever seen
BREAKING NEWS: President Underwood and the First Lady will be making an announcement today at 11 A.M. EST. Please stand b…
Tickets for Dave Nelson's 20/12 singalong at available at the venue & from
Thanks for the Call mate Dave Nelson :) pretty pumped to catch up for that workout and lunch next week. Big plans for the future 󾮟
The actual view from our seats. fans nicer than in years past - didn't get sworn at once, a 1st in Madison
Pre-game Badger Blast was great. Band was fun & invited me in the trombone circle
I'm getting a kick out of fans suggesting Jordy Nelson is better than Megatron. Stop it, step away from …
I think he meant there was a case for Nelson to have committed OPI
if by pass interference you mean Nelson flopping then yes
He's not helping Revis there. At all. Should've gotten back to make tackle based on shading, but Nelson still would've burned em
Yeah. You're not gonna get that on Revis... Sorry jordy Nelson.
"We are all loved by God, we are not all His children. We become His children through faith in Christ"...Dave Nelson, Lead Pastor...
This was the ride he learned what "corner drunk" means. . The next installment from Dave's Journal.
Darrell Revis will likely be on Randall Cobb instead of Jordy Nelson. Allows the Patriots to double Nelson over the top…
Just start blasting the Dave Mathews band and they'll go away.
Competition time! Win a double pass to the Dave Upfold Comedy Hypnosis Show, Friday 5th at the Nelson Suburban...
listen here Dave. I said "oomf", not Dave. Now it's not a secret anymore 😪
Wow!! This is EPIC! is building a Pinball Machine...Check it out.
Brandon Browner says Patriots will ‘have our hands full’ with Aaron Rodgers, Jordy Nelson
If Lord Nelson wins, the Front Runner is key race of the year
With two of my all-time favorite Migrant Pickers, Cole Bailey and Jenny Donegan at Dave Nelson Band performance...
And the winner of our Nelson Marlborough Aspiring Director Award is... Finance Manager Dave Ashcroft! Congratulations!
NY Times. dave nelson. CA 2 minutes ago. How about a major campaign to raise the importance of effective parenting...
Dave Grohl + turkey. Your Thanksgiving just got weirder. . Thank us later.
We have some HALF PRICE tickets to the Dave Upfold Comedy Hypnotist Show at the Suburban Club on Friday 5th...
Terry Stevens Dave Nelson these may be for you.
Fun! How would Shakespeare and Lord Nelson have dressed had they lived today?
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
Dave was happy to be at another closing today with the Nelson's - Congratulations on selling your home! We wish...
"I lived it every minute of every day of my life," Nelson Mandela!
new Comedy A Go Go Podcast with Dave Nelson tonight. Check it, Joe StaatsThe Dirty Charley Band and I hang poolside.
"God disciplines us so that we can share in his holiness and reap a peaceful harvest"...Dave Nelson, Lead Pastor
"Scriptures tell us that we can't become "the me I want to be" unless we go through hardship"...Dave Nelson, Lead Pastor
Such a great day at Thorpe Park yesterday with Dave Nelson! So many laughs and overall a great and expensive day ;)
Who is this? If you know the identity of this guy can you please contact S/Const Dave Colville at Nelson police...
Join Dave Nelson in a talk followed by cocktails prepared by Make your reservation:859-491-2400
Chappelle is back! Review: Despite years away from the mike, comedian is funny as ever by
On this why not visit to find out more about & in
- Selling some items on Ebay, may be of interest to race fans, includes new Timeform Chasers & Hurdlers
Stay informed on & take the w/ Dave Kern and Marisa Nelson at ADH
Great video from on Dave Nelson '06 of for whom the team's annual Award of Valor is named:
Dave Nelson '06, former captain, who the Valor Award is named, & one of our most loyal supporters
at least pack is winning Jody Nelson wouldn't be that good with Cutman
How did Dave get switched with Nelson there?
Cassie Stufflebeem Paula Hansen Dooley David Nelson Dave the one about the poo reminds me of your cat!
Here is a gem from CU SID Dave Plati. WR Nelson Spruce now 3-for-3 passing in his career for 64 yards.. All three completions to QBs
Game day. Captain Dave Nelson '06 stopped by last night and talked to the team.
I added a video to a playlist GRAVEDIGGER-Dave Matthews, Tim Reynolds and Willie Nelson
Of course, Percy goes to NYJ after Tebow is gone.. I still want to see that deadly combo together again *** cuz Dave Nelson is there too)
Can't wait to go to Thorpe Park with Dave Nelson
MY JENS HANSEN . Dave, originally from Nelson, moved to Perth and three days later met Peta. When it was time to...
Thanks everybody. Met Dave and Nelson at the ring. They surprised me by being there. That set me right off. Feels epic!
Whoever writes Dave Lambs script for come dine with me is a genius!!🙌
Santa Cruz CA at sunset. Photo by Dave Nelson NRB. Prints available at
Can't wait to see the upcoming Vol Baseball team. Dave Serrano is doing great things at Lindsey Nelson.
Y'know, I've heard tell that WNYX's Dave Nelson is quite the stalwart in the bedroom.
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