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Dave McClure

Dave McClure is an entrepreneur and prominent angel investor based in the San Francisco Bay Area, who founded and runs the business incubator 500 Startups.

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What the Phoenix startup community can learn from the resignation of Dave McClure - Phoenix Business Journal
Breaking: Dave McClure resigns as general partner with
Dave McClure has resigned as GP of 500 Startups:  Dave McClure has resigned as general partner of 500 Startups,…
500 Startups’ Dave McClure is the latest VC to apologize for being ‘a creep’ towards women
“My experience with McClure” by great story. I have had only great experiences w as well.
500 Startups sidelined Dave McClure because of ‘inappropriate interactions with women’
Disgusting behaviour from and what is with praising him for apologising, it's the bare minimum. .
"VCs were much more convinced by the story when it was told by a white man than myself."
The head of one of San Francisco's most famous startup farms is no longer running his firm after ...
Credit to 500 Startups for action when they found out about Dave McClure, though LPs didn't know until NYT article.
There's something not quite adding up about Dave McClure's apology - its like he was forced to…
Its good to see this post provide perspective and support of Dave McClure
Here is another relevant testimony:
ITRW people are complicated. And make mistakes. “My experience with Dave McClure as a woman CEO” by
Famous tech investor accused of sexual harassment: 'I probably deserve to be called a creep'.
That's why I decided to just walk away. Famous investor accused of sexual harassment.
Tech investor Dave McClure explains what cities must do to compete with Silicon Valley - CNBC via
: Marc Benioff, Eric Ries, Dave McClure back effort to fund coding academy in Gaza
What are the differences (i.e., strengths & weaknesses) between Y Combinator, TechStars, AngelPad a… by Dave McClure
The AMA thread is open, guys! You can ask your questions now. will begin answering at 8:30pm (GMT+1) -
“A ‘startup’ is a company that is confused about – 1. What its product is. 2. Who its customers are. 3. How to make money.”- Dave McClure
The secret for a great video pitch? Watch Dave McClure from 500 Startups explaining how to nail it:
🐳 "What's the best part about working with Dave McClure?"
Get your tickets early for our next big Founder Focus event, featuring Dave McClure's incubator/investment fund,...
Dave McClure's investment strategy for the Trump era -
Start Up. . A Start Up is a new business venture set in motion. According to Dave McClure of 500…
AMA live with Dave McClure of at 11.30am PST and 8.30pm WAT, on
Dave McClure's investment strategy for the Trump era lordcedric.c…
For the most effective pitch, focus 80% on the problem, 20% on the solution - Dave McClure
Canada prob to get great talent & opps as a result... Dave McClure: March on Mountain View, not D.C.
Recap of Dave McClure session at SXSW about startup investing in the Trump era.
Features are like having sex. You make one mistake and you have to support it for life.— Dave McClure…
Our SXSW Q&A with Dave McClure, founding partner at 500 Startups, and how he'll adjust to the Trump administration:
Dave McClure's investment strategy for the Trump era.
Dave McClure's investment strategy for the Trump era
Dave McClure and Ellen Pao talking about Ellen's early days in tech. Remember flip phones?.
iHub Kenya will be hosting Dave McClure of 500 Startups today
Calling all nerds: One Venture Capitalist wants you to support Clinton - CNET: Dave McClure's campaign, N...
Dave McClure's speaks on Milken Institute's panel in
Dave McClure's 10 tips for the perfect investment via
Some Sacramento-specific Insights from of at last night's
Sansan - Business Card Management by Sansan, Inc. mcclure and
You have a different model looks more like Draper's original. I wrote about that
Enjoyed the The Urban Hive speaker Dave McClure on innovation& business. Met M. Woodard a supporter of diversity👍 Networking with purpose.
Entrepreneurship is more than being glamorous.. There are lots of challenges and moments of self doubt - Dave McClure
with Dave McClure of is about to start
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
We interviewed Ex Marketing Director of Paypal & founder of SimplyHired & 500 Startups,
spray and pray is a valid albeit mocked strategy. See angel investing
The place for Sac startups to be tomorrow night: w/ of .
Dave McClure: VCs are talking the market to their advantage 💰⬇️
y r u questioning us Dave we r beautiful
Dave McClure: ‘Seattle could have been NYC or LA, but investors didn’t write enough checks’
What's Wrong w/ Find out from in the latest interview on TFR htt…
Dave McClure and Christine Tsai founded in 2010. By now over 1,500 from around the world have run through d programme
thoughts on are sad but true. I read this article while sitting in the office at
An elevator pitch must be short,simple and memorable: "What and why?"- Dave McClure
Dan and Dave on the Madison today with John McClure of the Slide Inn.
Afternoon with Unicorns and Startup puppies. Listening to Dave McClure and
“Design is more important than technology in most consumer applications.” –Dave McClure
This little guy is spending his riding w/ Rob Kincaid & Dave McClure virtually
Geelong game still to come. That's when they make up rules.
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Feds Work: GSA's Dave McClure and thanks Kathy for the intro!!
Husband just said thinks he's pee'd himself watching ! Blimey how good was that? Awesome
Dropped by DT for a chat with Dave McClure of One of the most aggressive funds in…
Tom has read the Dave McClure airport pick up pitch playbook.
LIVE on Fireside Chat with Dave McClure in LA.
InvestHK SF office is going to attend the May 24, 2016 AAMA dinner conversation with 500 Startups's Dave McClure.
Looking forward to the Fireside Chat tomorrow with Dave McClure, 500 Startups Founding Partner
Clear your calendar! Fireside Chat with Dave McClure, founding partner, hosted by WeWork LA
I am suspicious of sestinas. I see them as more akin to crosswords than to, say, ballades, or any other...
Women & minorities are underpriced assets that the rest of the world is missing. -Dave McClure
Startups focus too much on building product, w/limited attn to customer interaction & marketing. -
500 Startups Looks to Target 500 Fintech with Launch of New Fund: Founded by Dave McClure, 500 St... RT
500 Startups Founding Partner Dave McClure Tells It like It is When it Comes to Pitching VC's (video)
. City is putting Asian black and Hispanic chambers under same roof PayPal linked in founder Dave McClure
What Dave McClure looks for in a startup
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Brady Forrest and Dave McClure at the GeekWire Summit 2015 (video)
We started Cazoomi with these Slides from Dave McClure by via
Dave McClure's pitch format is the absolute best!
What Dave McClure of 500 startups looks for in a startup.
« After South Africa, Ghana, Kenya, we will invest more in Africa » to
Dave McClure on Startups, Venture Capital and Business by -
Dave McClure on Capital and Business Some excellent words of wisdom here...
“take a look at Dave McClure because he doesn’t seem to have a problem finding women to fund”
My new blog post "Dave McClure on Startups, Venture Capital and Business" is now up at Every weeke…
« In France, there is a lot of talent (…) but a lack of capital » to
“Three crucial questions a start-up needs to answer before it can become a real business.”
What should be in a pitch deck? -According to Dave McClure, Guy Kawasaki, Sequoia, NextView Ventures and Airbnb fo…
I just searched for Dave McClure instead of Dave Matthews Band in Spotify smh
Jealous of all the people at Dave this weekend😩
Jesse McClure brings his bidding skills back to Britain next Tue 8pm on Dave
domain names
Customers don’t care about your solution. They care about their problems. —Dave McClure, 500 Startups
Hello , Your CEO Dave McClure doesn’t have any votes! Are they doing a good job?:
Dave McClure: 'Women, minorities are underpriced assets' - /cc
Get excited for with this interview of Keynote by
Fantastic discussion between our CEO Naval and Dave McClure at the PreMoney conference Must watch.
"Product is the mirror to the soul of the [startup] team." —Dave McClure Cc
Check out this infographic about Dave McClure
Here is a cool infographic about Dave McClure
This is a pretty cool look at Dave McClure's journey to 500 Startups
historically,and as the God's drew it up. It is.But not per capita.Like Dave and Busters on the west coast
Check out this infographic about Dave McClure and how he started 500 Startups
tip for beginners: Remember the "AARRR" of marketing. Dave McClure breaks it down for you here:
Dave McClure's two cents on investment during his interview with
that's only a portion of toms madness tho Dave!!!
Here's a cool infographic about 500 startups
That which does not kill you makes you stronger. ~Dave McClure .
Customers don't care about your solutions. They care about their problems.- Dave McClure
Here is a pretty cool look at how Dave McClure started 500 Startups
Pete Gott, Rory McClure and I having a late Christmas with your fabulous Turkey Saturday night ! Best Dave
you has some relentless determination "This is how Dave McClure started 500 Startups
I feel so much better now! “This is how Dave McClure started 500 Startups
Now that's hard core. This is how Dave McClure started 500 Startups …
Great read: “This is how Dave McClure started 500 Startups
Answer on by to If, as Paul Graham suggested at Startup School, the high valuations for early st…
Are you a Power Hustler?: HPH Bonus 06 - 500 Startups Founder Dave McClure on the Power of Women...
Top Silicon Valley angel: 'It might not be a bubble, but sure as *** the rent is too high' -
Nice writeup of presentation by Jake at
Are you coming to Fireside Chat? No stalking no matter how much you love -
Key to ecosystem building according to Dave McClure: write checks
We aren't spray and pray, we spray but don't pray - Dave McClure
Dave McClure what's changed is ability to reach millions, billions of customers quickly
Our host Seth Werner met up with Dave McClure of 500 Start Ups at a Miami conference for
'[PREMONEY MIAMI] 500 Startups >> Dave McClure, "4 Years of Moneyball & 950+ Sta...' is featured on our homepage.
my answer to "How do angel investors gain traction?" cc
500 Startups bringing PreMoney conference to Miami in spring 2015, Dave McClure says
Dave McClure launches Duck Dynasty for the Silicon Valley set.
Dave McClure: hard to see why investors are not more bullish on India, there will be a feeding frenzy in 5 years
Dave McClure is *** right. Just do some and you'll see how it all *** & nobody cares. Comm, invoicing, MR, everything.
New Orleans vocalist Charmaine Neville (daughter of sax player Charles Neville) will be joined by drummer Dave McClure, bassist Jeff Addicott, guitarist Paul Turnipseed, Brent Olstand on keys, sax players Kent Heyward and Peter Spring and others for a concert of blues, jazz, funk and pop. There will…
" Dave McClure: Bitcoin/finance will be 500 Startups' next AngelList syndicate - Silicon Valley... " via
"Series A is much bigger & has higher standards than ever before in investing." Dave McClure of 500 Startups at UpFront Summit
"Seed money is raised on hope. Series A is raised on hope + Series B is raised on + reality." Manu Kumar via Dave McClure
Founders and funders event season kicks into high gear next week. Grind will warm things up at the Computer History Museum Monday night with an interview of Ben Horowitz. Others taking the stage over the three-day event include Reid Hoffman of Greylock Partners, Intuit founder Scott Cook, unicorn-hunter Aileen Lee and Mike Abbott of Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers. Dave McClure of 500 Startups and Jessica Livingston of Y Combinator bookend the last day of sessions on Wednesday.
Marc Andreessen & Dave McClure: The Future of Startups, VC's, and Technology (via -
Want to your idea to Eric Schmidt & Dave McClure? Today's gives tips to take advantage of VC meetings...
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Dave McClure is an entrepreneur and prominent angel investor who founded and runs the business incubator 500...
Am covered with Padmasree Warrior, Dave McClure, Matt Mullenweg here : - will be on a high all weekend!
Construction blueprints on iPad, with instant field-to-office feedback
If you had to pick the most important metric from Dave McClure's AARRR? What would it be and why?
Sounds like us! Please have Dave Mcclure give me a call. :)
Blog post by Dave McClure: Tax fraud by the numbers -
Why you should or shouldn't go global, according to of Our weekly video post!.
500 Startups Founder/Sith Lord returns to roast startups and talk tech!
17:00 TODAY! speaks to Dave McClure Founder of the global Silicon Valley...
what is that Dave McClure makeup reference from?
Congrats to Accelerator Alums: raises $1.1M from super angel investors.
Welcome Dave McClure, looking fresh despite Settling in at 500 Startups
BuildersCloud successfully raises $1.1M in new round of venture funding.
Interesting info on non-US - what percentage from the Top 3 US accelerators goes to international firms?
Congrats to for raising $1.1M & investor excitement, incl Rudy Gadre
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Saw a great presentation from 500startups at Shenzhen Startups event. Read about 500 Startups and Makerbot
My answer to What do I have to do to get noticed by Dave McClure or 500 Startups?
Dave McClure says Silicon Valley is ‘functionally illiterate’ at marketing via
500 startups later: Dave McClure rates his own startup ...
no algorithm can put Dave McClure in a box!
My answer to What negotiation tactics does Dave Mcclure use?
Thanks Dave McClure for an awesome week!
How do you get top level mentors on your startup accelerator? - Dave McClure's answer on Quora
What negotiation tactics does Dave Mcclure use?
Dave McClure from 500 Startups will be speaking at Startup Weekend Montréal opening ceremony on July 12 (starting 5 pm). FounderFuel is also organizing a Speakers Panel during our Opening Ceremony featuring Playerize, Top-Hat And Monocle, ShopLocket and OMsignal General Public can also attend. Register for FREE in our website ( limited seats, make fast.
Sunday, we sat down with Dave McClure in Bangkok, along with the 500Startups team, and pick his brain on Southeast Asia...
Raising money is only a means to an end, says 500 Startups' Dave McClure. The key to success is a scalable path to customer acquisition and...
VCs suck about as bad as startups says Founding Partner of
Dave McClure: We're only scratching the surface of SEA's startup opportunities
Spending too much money on MBA, but why not pool all that money to fund startups so ppl can fail by themselves?
Website Builder 728x90
What is the proper definition of a startup?
Dave McClure: Raising money is the means to and end, but not the goal
I watched episode with Dave McClure and I completely agree with your recent assessment on TWIST.
suck about as bad as says Founding Partner of
K guys here is the "Alternative" fashion show that I went to last night... It was better than my "Bold and the Beautiful" fashion shows that I have been watching for years... Lol Giving 'Forester Creations' and 'Brooks Bedroom' a run for their money you closet soap fans I know that are out there... I am so out of the closet all around!!! Love that prison freed me from worrying about being judged... I behaved great until the after party and the band came on... Then I was getting wild on the dance floor and Praise God my hotty BFF Michele Skully swooped me out of there or I may have pulled a Lindsey Lohan but I would have been cuffed and actually punished unlike her and taken to, say it with me now peeps, the God Awful Franklin County Jail-Workhouse torture chamber,not funny... Who *** Lol!!! Still waiting for all the others to send me the pix they took as my phone died half way through the show. Off to finish cleaning my cottage and then to give the landlord my keys... Who wants to help? Lol Xo Xo xo
True Incube team with Dave McClure and Khailee from 500 startups
We make having fun a part of daily life for anyone, anytime, anywhere in the world.
Here we go.For the first time in a very very long time I'm out today marching and playing in a parade!! Center snare for the GLDCA, Great Lakes Drum Corps Alumni. An All-Age Drum & Bugle Corps put together for parades and concerts and fun. We are in the Frankenmuth Bavarian Festival parade today; a 2 mile parade followed by a 1/2 hour pavilion concert. I can't wait...Once it is in your blood, etc., etc. !!!
Dave McClure's advice for startups: "Find your customers, solve their problems, make some money, do something that you selfishly care about"
Sorry I don't do family portraits. Unless you want them as zombies!
For our upcoming Bangkok Meetup, we have Dave McClure, a Venture Capitalist and founding partner at 500 Startups to share with us what he sees in Southeast Asia. Join us for this event on June 9 at 5.00 p.m and you will be in for a great time of content, sharing, and networking.
Being introduced to Dave McClure's startup metrics for pirates
Chillaxin with Jody Ober and my family. Lovin David McClure!!!
Services will be held on Thursday 13 June at Oceanside Mortuary 602 S Coast Hwy Oceanside, CA 92054 (760) 722-4264 No grave side services are scheduled. He will be taken to Riverside Veterans Memorial Cemetery to rest in peace beside his wife Iris.
Finale shot! Dave McClure and Geeks on a Plane hosted by
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Geek fight! Dave McClure physically trains to take on his Thai counterpart! @ Geeks…
Been following Dave McClure's Geeks on a Plane -Thailand. So happy about it. Benchawi is from Korat. He is changing life for generations!
P'Bote Patai Padungtin bizbote address Dave McClure 500 Startups and Geeks on a Plane on the…
Dave McClure gets smooched by a Hanuman Thai giant!
Dave McClure getting a taste of Thailand with Joe Louise Puppet show event!
A letter to Ashoka, Dave McClure, and Peter H. Diamandis Hi Sally, after I chatted with you early spring I...
Dave McClure of 500 Startups investor is really getting started on China...
Dave McClure at Geeks on a Plane Startup Thailand Conference! Country host:
Forget wasting money on an MBA, don't bother with government grants: Startup advice from 'super investor' Dave McClure
Crazy to think that not too long ago Max Levchin, Peter Thiel, Reid Hoffman, Roelof Botha, Elon Musk and Dave McClure all worked together...
Malthouse looking for players who can stand up under pressure
New blog from Dave McClure: Hard times hit the GPS market -
Good show last night a VillainsBeastro Windsor for comedy night live showcase. Small but good crowd. I'd like to thanks all the comics that preformed, Mike Szar, Mathew Richards, Chris Tiefel, Cameron Aléxandros, Cameron Adamson, Jonny P, Heather Kozlakowski, Jim McClure, and Joshua Hero Haddon. Thank you to all who showed up and very special thanks to Villains beastro and the staff. We will be back...
Answer by to What startups failed because they weren't "in the right place at the right time"?
It was fun hosting Dave McClure & GeeksOnAPlane at our office. The dude from GoogleX with Google glasses was the highlight of the evening! I definitely want one!
One thing that stood out was how un-pitch-like those meetings were. I remember beginning to pull up a slide deck for Dave McClure when one of his partners asked, “What are you doing? You don’t pitch Dave. Just have a conversation and see where it goes.” - Mac Hodak, founder of Transcriptic Dave McClure Brian Laung Aoaeh Christine Tsai
How to close a $1m round with 500 Startups' Dave McClure
Just got my FREE advice guide feat. Eric Ries, Dave McClure and more.
My opinion on Dave McClure's call for MBA crunch at this year's Echelon below, what do you think? "I don't...
Very excited to have a chance interviewing Dave McClure tomorrow. Does everyone has slot between 11-12 like me? Wonder that it is 1-1 interviewing or just group interviewing.
So Dave and I have come to the decision to put our house up for sale. Makes me very sad but we have out grown this one. We will try to stay in Eagle Mountain so our kids can stay at Pony Express. I new this day would come sometime but I am not ready for it:(
Proud to join the 500 Startups Family as a Mentor .. Cheers Dave McClure , Christine Tsai , Max Fram-Schwartz :)
Just got my free advice guide, featuring Eric Ries, Dave McClure and more. So stoked!
All past employees of Hohokam, Don't forget the first annual employee reunion at Dave McClure' s house this Saturday evening. Message me or call him for .more info.
"Customers care about their problems - not your solution." -Dave McClure
Insights in Insults: Dave McClure Speaks in Beijing - interesting delivery of advice :)
I don't think I'm good enough, I just do whatever I gotta do to get its done. And Dave McClure called it hustler! :)
Just got one of Dave McClure unabashed autoreplies to my email. Gotta do that as well
Well back in England an what a joy.Had a fantastic time in Bulgaria I met some great people and shared some unforgettable experiance thank you to all, more so thank you to my amazing parents you have a beautiful home and an awesome life there I love an miss you guys.
Does anyone know what time the strawberry festival in McClure starts
What's the best way to build a great company launch a new product or advance your own career Try this chili recipe: Low and slow makes for maximum...
I liked a video Dave McClure, Head of 500 Startups, Reveals His Fun Side
on a Plane is happening tonight at Dave of 500 is here via
"Dave says it’s amazing how much many traditional businesses suck, but still make a lot of money... Here’s where...
“VCs suck about as bad as startups” – Dave McClure, 500 Startups at Echelon 2013:
Africa too! : We're only scratching the surface of SEA's opportunities
."We are only scratching the surface of Southeast Asia's opportunities."
In his trademark blunt style, 500 Startups founder Dave McClure told it like it is at Echelon, a startup conference in Singapore. In front of packed hall at Max Atria, he said that most entrepreneurs will never be as cool or brilliant as Tony Stark or Michael Jordan, nor should they try to be. Refer...
In this segment, the Founding Partner of 500 Startups talks about his plans for investing in India
So.the last few days have been a little busy and I have been slightly lax in getting back to family and friends.MANY MANY thanks to all for the comments and kind thoughts. There are too many to thank individually, but I want to give special mentions to Dave Dave Matthew Fasig and his lovely wife Megan McClure Fasig for helping to get Jasmine's room ready; Deidra McCarthy Hardy and Ty for EVERYTHING they've done (let's just say it was a LOT); Wendy Tiedeman Evans for the huge basket she sent over; Melinda Hoefer and her beautiful sister Brittany Hoefer (Go Jags!!); Bridget Skehan for her help and support; and Jen's mom Nancy Saavedra for being here with us when we needed her! Jen and I feel so blessed to have you all in our lives!
In this segment, Dave tells us how Silicon Valley is the ideal place to live for him
In this segment, Dave talks about what it takes to be part of the 500 Startups team
slides from my talk on changes in tech startups & investing @ Echelon 2013 (Singapore, June 2013).
Mack was born in Sand Springs, Oklahoma, on December 7th, 1919 to Charles and Mamie (McClure) Roberts. He joined his sister Letha who was seven years old at the time. He died at Windsor Place Nursing Home in Coffeyville, Kansas on May 30, 2013 at the age of 93 years. When Mack was two years old the family moved to the farm three miles east of Caney, Kansas. He attended grade school at Pleasant Hill, eventually graduating from Caney High School in 1937. During his teenage years he accepted Christ as his Savior. He liked to tell about hoeing corn for ten hours at ten cents an hour! In 1940 he decided to go to California – hitch hiking part of the way. He stayed for about a year acquiring many fond memories which he has repeatedly shared. He told about working for several Safeway Stores even carrying out groceries for movie stars. He returned to Kansas and worked for Cessna and Boeing Aircraft Companies in Wichita. He was drafted into the Army but was discharged after about a year because he could not smel ...
"No Series A crunch. Here's to MBA crunch. Stop study others' case studies and start to fail your own." - Dave McClure
Got slot to interview Dave McClure la. ^^
Tip from VC guru Dave Mcclure of 500startups: startups shd focus more on Customer acquisition and engagement rather than 100% focus in engineering. He was Sharing at Echelon 2013 today.
The cool thing about working out, I had 2 meals today and a snack and out of 1200 calories I can still have over 1000, due to what I burnt! I never tracked like this before and it is making a huge difference...someday I will reward myself with a small dish of ice cream!!! Maybe after 10 pounds lost! Note: I will not eat 1000 calories tonight 󾌫
Have you seen Dave McClure on Biz Lounge? No? Well, now is your chance to hear Dave talk about 500 Startups, Corporate Culture and his fun side. No, not THAT side.
Recently I contacted Greg Malberg, the Internet manager for Lithia-Chrysler-Dodge here in Twin Falls, telling him what kind of vehicle I was looking for and it should have low mileage.
Ok Krysia, my turn: in a couple of weeks I'm doing a mosaic course at Zantium Studios and need a subject. Dave wanted a Dalek but I don't think I can do it justice. So far I'm thinking penguin/puffin but wondering if anyone can suggest something relatively simple, eyecatching, and possibly a bit more colourful?
I discovered the other day that the complete movie of The Land That Time Forgot is on YouTube. Haven't seen that for ages...unlike Dave Lister, I don't mind a bit of Doug McClure!
All who knows Dave McClure from District Heights , he was release yesterday from the hospital after about 10 days , from a foot surgery , he then went to Walmart in this area to get his medicine , while there he fell and broke his pelvis...Last word I got , he was in Southern Maryland Hospital , then got tranfer to Washington Hospital Center...talking about bad luck , he's a good kid...
Looking for a little help from my FB friends,especially those near Bloomington, if you know of anyone with a wheelchair that no longer needs it I'm looking for one for my mother to use. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Well as of last night whitey is guna go to the zone hunt to qualify for the world and going to the world bench show. Bring on September!
'8 SaaS apps that are changing the way we do business': Thanks to a growing selection of Software as a Service (SaaS) apps, the mundane yet tedious activities of any business strategy can now be automated. These apps can capture the nuances of a customer’s online behavior while leaving no room for human error — why waste employee man hours on a repetitive process when there’s a game-changing app that’ll do it for you? These SaaS apps are only getting better and better. I asked a panel of 8 successful young entrepreneurs the following question: What newer SaaS do you think has the power to change the way we do business soon and why? Below are their top picks. Which of these do you use, in or out of the office? 1. Infusionsoft and OfficeAutoPilot There’s a fleet of new SaaS apps like Infusionsoft and OfficeAutoPilot that are allowing small- and medium-sized businesses to play like corporate giants. These all-in-one packages allow businesses to capture leads and track the lead source profitability, ...
Download the track in the video here: Subscribe to Spinnin' TV : Spotify:
Exciting and demystifying chat with Liam Casey, founder of PCH International, about supply chain, the future of making, and how data plays such an integral role. Today, PCH is one of those big companies (5000+ people) you've never heard of. They are involved in, however, many of the highest quality products you have heard of -- from Apple to Square to BeatsbyDre to Google (Glass). Liam held up to his reputation of being an engaging and down to earth guy. Looking forward to hanging out more.
FYI, for those coming to the grad party~ there is additional parking right inside "Marlene Lane," which is BEFORE our house...then just walk across the road. We would appreciate any who can do this as we don't have a great parking situation :-) Thank u!!!
Founder's Blog: Interviewed Annkur Agarwal, a hardcore entrepreneur whose startup just got chosen by the 500 Startups accelerator "I do love the way 500 Startups does angel investing. Pankaj Jain, Dave McClure, Paul Singh - they understand angel investing and internet businesses. It is hard to find that in India"
500 Startups appears to be on a mission to take over the world. With about 20 percent of its capital going to international companies, the seed fund and accelerator has expanded its scope to include India, Japan, China, Southeast Asia, Brazil and last year it snatched up LatAm startup accelerator,..
TC Fridays: And you thought Dave McClure was only a smart mentor! Recently, five Indian startups made it to the 6th batch of Dave McClure’s accelerator and seed investment fund 500 Startups. While that's great, did you get a chance to look at the video which accompanied the announcement? Directed by McClure himself, the video is a spoof on Macklemore’s Thrift Shop with rapping from the startups themselves (oh yes!). Check out the video below and tell us if Indian startups were to do it, whether they would mess it up, or like McClure mentions in the video, make it F*g awesome. Share your comments below.
Yay we were able to get Dave McClure a taxi after the cocoon talk.
Here are our seven judges for Echelon 2013, a strong lineup of experts and mentors, which will choose the most promising startup from the region.
Dave McClure's 500 Startups is no stranger to investing in international startups, with about 100 companies in its portfolio hailing from outside the U.S. But it's now looking to make a bigger bet on Southeast Asia, with a $10 million micro fund devoted to the region, as well as the hiri..
Do not think for a moment the universe is partial. We are all equal. To say someone is entitled to more than you is just as crazy as saying the law of gravity applies more to one person than another.
Looking forward to the weekend - lots to do but should be very fun! Will be at Dave Meade's coffee house on sat night helping with the sound for an amazing local band! Check it out!
Next week I will have the chance to be in the same room with: Top executives from companies like Google, Paypal, GE and Amazon The team behind 500 Startups, global seed fund and accelerator, including Founding Partner, Dave McClure. Founders and Investors from Silicon Valley and Asia Malaysian technology legends like Mark Chang (Jobstreet), Patrick Grove (Catcha, iCar, iProperty), Michael White (Naspers, MOL) and Vishen Lakhiani (MindValley), and last but not least Khailee Ng who I really admire. Dave McClure is the biggest name here. Can't wait! Starstuck overload. And a dream comes true. Thank you so much Zikry!
Thanks for all of the birthday wishes! If anyone wants to party tomorrow night, Cafe Ceol anytime after 9pm, cheap drink and good tunes!!!
Frankly, when I hear that one startup has copied another startup, I really don’t care (give me the numbers, show me the traction). People complain... Dave is an interesting guy in China meeting with entrepreneurs and looking to invest in startups.
Quoting Vishen in full below :) – don't miss out! :D "Mindvalley's Hall of Awesomeness will be hosting a number of events in the next 2 weeks with legendary speakers and entrepreneurs. In just the next 2 week's we're helping bring to Kuala Lumpur the following: Adora Svitak, the kid with the amazing TED talk with 2.5 Million views. Dave McClure, Silicon Valley legendary VC behind 500 Startup, and finally fashion mogul Justin Herald, who started a t-shirt company for a few bucks and later sold it for $80 Million. Contact Patrinafor tix - all events free for the local startup community (sponsored by Mindvalley) - but mostly sold out so do book your seats fast. :)"
Five Venture Capitalists discuss the future of angel investment at the Silicon Dragon Beijing Panel.
Do you or Have you filmed any Drum Covers for your own youtube channels? If so, how many times have you watched your own video over and over making sure it's right and self critique yourself until you have to walk way? Wanna learn fast? Throw yourself into the fire with YouTube! Drummers Rule.
Most startups think they have to be AWESOME to succeed. 1 of These Things != The Other. Actually, this is quite far from the truth – in fact, you can be incredibly mediocre and still be quite successful. (sounds inspirational, i know, but stick with me for a minute.) The secret...
I need some help. My kids air conditioning broke down and when we went to fix it, we noticed that it looks like it has black mold all over the inside. Does anyone know someone who might be able to come look at it and let us know if it is? Right now my granddaughter is in the hospital and we are wondering if the mold might be part of the problem. Thank you in advance.
Anyone know any good male driving instructors please ? :)
Watching Masterchef, and thinking: So when does the Y Combinator or 500 Startups TV competition happen? Dave McClure I'd be happy to help make it happen!
Serial entrepreneur and mentor Jeff Hoffman writes about his experience aboard the floating accelerator Unreasonable at Sea.
Anyone local- Do you know anyone first hand to deliver pool water? Pool is clean and ready but our regular guy cant get to it until next week.
In Spanish! Interesting and relevant women in the Latin American and Spanish speaking world of technology, startups, and entrepreneurship. Itzel Lerma y Paul...
Listening to the seven covers and two originals that make up Circular Dreaming, Quest’s tribute to Miles Davis’ “second great quintet,” it is impossible not to hear the two bands’ differences. But how much busier pianist Richie Beirach is than Herbie Hancock, how much less busy drummer Billy Hart is...
Few things are as selfish as bringing nasty *** fast food onto a flight. This cabin REEKS of The King. Positively vulgar. *blech*
This event happening tomolo at One Precinct from 5pm. A pitching & meetup session for entrepreneur & startup. Also your chances to pitch to Dave McClure (500 Startup) & goto Silicon Valley.
In a free-wheeling conversation with NextBigWhat, 500Startups' founder, Dave McClure talks about his experience working with Indian startups
New blog by Dave McClure: The High Price of "Free" --
In an on-stage conversation today with Dave McClure at 500 Startups' fifth Demo Day event, AngelList co-founder Naval Ravikant gave data-driven insights on the current state of Venture Capital. In short, he's forecasting a world with more startups, more bootstrapping, 'shrinking
Have to share this video by Dave McClure & Eric Ries (Uncensored). 16:15 min in love David's comment "HATERS own it!"
Inside the pitch room with Dave McClure and 500 Startups, Monday on the series premiere of Start-Ups: Silicon Valley. Only on BRAVO.
It's a big deal to secure an investor meeting with Dave McClure of 500 Startups. Watch the first episode of Start-Ups: Silicon Valley on Monday to see him in action during his tense meeting with Ben and Hermione.
This Week in Startups - Dave McClure, Angel Investor Founding Partner at 500 StartUps. Jason Doesn't get on my nerves
Dave McClure is a Venture Capitalist and founding partner of 500 Startups based in Mountain View, Calif. Since its founding in 2010, the outfit has invested in hundreds of U.S. start-ups and close to 100 international ones, including Taiwan-based PicCollage and Cubie. PicCollage is an app that lets ...
This Week in Startups - Dave McClure, Angel Investor and Founding Partne...: via
Fair but would you rather want him or Ron Conway or Dave Mcclure or Mark Cuban?
Tonight was CRAZY! Anyone who missed shame!! For those who was there Know!! Rasheem Shambry James Murphy Jr. Clifton Ross III and Ashley Howard Blazed Sooo BAD! OMG!!! Shot out to Venold Junior Johnson Ashley Scott for rocking the mic!!! NExt month will be Aother one!1 DONT MISS IT!! Dave McClure, Travis Malloy James Frager and Zak Williams Page-One and 1Akord!!! ONLY $10! Yall missing out!!! I love A-level Gentlemen for the love and help!! Thank yall!!! S/O To DJ Ant who came through at the last min and BLAZED!!! Doc Heroake sure you let him know rev!!
Screw the Black Swans: Ichiro is our role model, not Barry Bonds. | Dave McClure
Dave McClure on Lean Start-up Investing: Dave McClure, the brash-mouthed angel investor and entrepreneur-magnet,...
MyGola raises $1M from Blumberg Capital and Silicon Valley celeb Dave McClure
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