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Dave Martinez

David Martinez (born September 26, 1964) is a former outfielder in Major League Baseball who played for several teams from 1986 to 2001. He is currently the bench coach for the Tampa Bay Rays.

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R.I.P. 🙏🏻 Hundreds of border agents fill El Paso‘s ‘Lady of Guadalupe’ for the funeral of border agent Rogelio Martin…
Big thank you to Rick Martinez, last night was live! . Also great to see Mrgene Hunt, Diz, Dave Sabat, and of Joey!!
It will be mentioned! Hope you're doing well, Dave. Thanks for the note.
What impact moves can new manager Dave(y) Martinez make?
Not sure about hernandez he has offered us nothing as of yet but suppose hes better than carroll and sa…
Why does Edgar Martinez need to be in the HOF, I feel players who played in the fiel…
I would like to see Buck Martinez or Dave Roberts do football play-by-play. For fun.
Can first-time manager Dave Martinez deal with the pressure to win now, as in next year, before Bryce Harper bolts?
Hmm hasn't Martinez and Koeman both had issues with Mirrallas?
Giancarlo Stanton and J.D. Martinez in the 2nd half of 2017. 517 AB - 64 HR - 8.1 AB/HR. Red Sox team in the 2nd hal…
Nationals hire Cubs bench coach Dave Martinez as manager
re: Shohei Ohtani. I wrote this three weeks ago and stand by it... but take away an extra 5% from Arlington and add…
We have needed a fence or a wall for decades. The death of Rogelio Martinez…
Dave Martinez a perfect fit for the Nationals - Chicago Tribune
Really good insights into Dave Martinez from a writer who covered him as a player and a coach.
Dave Martinez a perfect fit for the Nationals
Update your maps at Navteq
Dave Martinez is the perfect mix of old school and analytics in his new job as Nationals manager.…
• Perfect for tweens: Get this hilarious middle grade novel on for 99c until November 23rd. Da…
Dan Duquette was on fire in those days; Deshields for P.Martinez; Dave Martinez for John Wettland; Andres…
This is U.S. Border Patrol agent Rogilio Martinez. . He lost his life today while protecting America's southern border wh…
Does Dave Martinez think a hotdog is a sandwhich?
I miss you Dave Collins and Irma Martinez! Great times!
Thank you for reminding us of how we should be thankful for the sacrifices Rogillo Martinez and our…
Statement from FBI El Paso on the killing of Border Patrol Agent Rogelio Martinez. Injury description shows that Martinez a…
Dave Martinez School of Management finished 2nd in Pour House Trivia st Hershey's in Gaithersburg.
• Dave Martinez needs to be on his best behavior in order to graduate eighth grade, but his new roommate has other…
Colonial systems, structures and laws are only a distraction from living our true Nationhood. - Dave Courchene…
I am pretty sick of Dave trying to sell Punishment Martinez to me
Getting to know new Washington Nationals’ skipper Dave Martinez...
RIP U.S. Border Patrol agent Rogilio Martinez. While on patrol, he was murdered by illegal aliens who crushed his skull w…
Getting to know new Washington Nationals' skipper Dave Martinez... - Federal Baseball
Dave Martinez and new pitching coach Derek Lilliquist do have a history. They faced each other in a game on April 2…
The Astros have just 7 minor league free agents - inc Reid Brignac, Dave Martinez & Jumbo Diaz, the fewest in MLB, per
Scrolling through and seeing Chris Bosio’s photo in a Tigers piece and then “Nationals announcer Dave Martinez as manager” is just... wild.
Good for the Nationals moving on from Dusty Baker & hiring Dave Martinez while the window is still barely open..
Still can’t believe the nationals let Dusty Baker go for Dave Martinez!
Nationals hire Dave Martinez as Dusty Baker’s replacement
The Washington Nationals havehired Dave Martinez as their Manager. The Philadelphia Phillies have hired Gabe Kapler as their Manager.
Nats officially hire Dave Martinez to replace Dusty Baker
When is Washington gonna settle on just 1 manager. The high turnover for managers is ridiculous. Dave Martinez becomes their 7th in 12 years
Dave Martinez to reportedly be named Nationals manager, agrees to 3-year deal.
Report: Nats pick Dave Martinez as manager - Dusty Baker | WAS: Jon Heyman of FanRag Sports reports that the…
Dave Martinez would be a GREAT pick for the Yankees. As would Sandy Alomar Jr. If they go Brad Ausmus.…
Dave Martinez, Sandy Alomar Jr, Ozzie Guillen, are all available, and NYY have a core that includes young Latinos; MLB in 2018
bench coach Dave Martinez the front-runner for managing job, by .
Dave Martinez would be a great fit, would love Girardi but that will never happen
Nationals will interview Dave Martinez, Kevin Long and John Farrell for managerial opening, reports…
Nationals to interview Cubs’ Dave Martinez, Mets’ Kevin Long for managerial opening - As they...
The Dusty Baker non-renewal gets more pungent as the days pass. . There are gods bigger than 'baseball gods'.
The Nationals will interview Cubs coach Dave Martinez for their managerial opening
Moyes did aswel could say the same for Martinez but at least he got us
Nationals set to interview Cubs bench coach Dave Martinez
Still grumpy over the Dusty situation. But Dave Martinez does seem kind of perfect
If the Nats don't hire Dave Martinez they are messing up.
Dave Martinez & Kevin Long to interview for the mgr job
If Dave Martinez leaves, does that mean could be the new bench coach???
shot or no shot if Dave Martinez leaves Cubs to manage Nationals that David Ross is a front runner for next Cubs bench coach
Cubs bench coach Dave Martinez to interview for Nats' manager job - via App.
Dave Martinez has long deserved a chance
Report: Nationals to interview Dave Martinez for manager job -
Two managerial openings left, in Philly and D.C. . At some point, a team is going to hire Dave Martinez. That will be a smar…
Eric Hinske takes new job; Nats eyeing Dave Martinez as manager:…
In addition to bringing in Dave Martinez, the Nationals have asked for and received permission to interview Kevin Long, M…
Nats to interview Dave Martinez for manager
In latest twist to bench coach Dave Martinez will interview for Dusty Baker's old job:
I like the idea of Dave Martinez as the Nats manager. I like it more with Mike Maddux back. I like it even more with a 3 year contract.
Mickey Callaway to be a MLB manager before Sandy Alomar Jr and Dave Martinez, 2017 MLB
I think Sandy Alomar or Dave Martinez are probably the 2 most likely. Just a hunch. Dark Horse may be Tim Wallach.
Dave Martinez and retaining Mike Maddux would be a great combo
Just keep Mike Maddux as the manager? Ask Werth to retire and take over? Take a shot with a bench coach like Dave Martinez?
Gardenhire in w/ DET Tigers, Dusty Baker out w/ Nationals ... Omar Vizquel still not a manager neither are Dave Martinez, Sandy Alomar Jr...
Dusty is absolutely worthy. Dave Martinez probably deserves a shot. Joey Cora has long been seen as…
Why do you think we don't see a lot of interviews for Dave Martinez or Sandy Alomar Jr??
No Tigers fan is happy about this. A terrible choice given the options. Should have been Dave Martinez.
Dave Martinez is a finalist, but Gabe Kapler is not
Wasn’t there a rumor that Dave Martinez boned Ryne Sandberg’s wife in like 1990 or something?
Dave Martinez managing the Cubs in a championship series. Somewhere Ryne Sandberg is fuming.
They are looking at Dave Martinez, Omar, Dave Clark, Alex Cora, Mike Redmond, etc.
Dave Martinez and david ross as bench coach
The White Sox have 3 players with 4 hits in a game for the 1st time since Dave Martinez, Ray Durham, Ron Karkovice on August 11, 1996
Matt Davidson is the first player to have hits on back-to-back days since Dave Martinez – in 1997.…
Dave Martinez was the 14th to last player drafted in '82, kenny rogers was the 17th to last drafted in '82 (out of 832) -- 70.5 WAR combined
Savinova also loses her 2013 Worlds silver. USA's Brenda Martinez upgraded to silver and Alysia Montano to bronze. https:/…
I added a video to a playlist Dave Gomez & Matthew Martinez "Oiga Compadre"
West Texas Live w/ is live from The Office again TONIGHT w/ acoustic music from Dave Martinez, St…
Best of the best for and looking forward to see the growing of under
TONIGHT on West Texas Live at Dave Martinez, Steven James, and Zac Stokes 7-10pm!. See you there!
Dave Martinez admits his love for all things Red Bull and shows us the RB tattoo on his rump?
If any of you guys heard of a tattoo artist by the name of Dave Martinez
wish that we could bring back a few who passed. Dave Niehaus, Dave Henderson, and my cousin (former Moose) Billy Stocking.
the first was either Dave Hendersn or Gary Wheelock.
I beat Martinez 3 times when we went to dave n busters 💀
only person that ever rated him was Dave Whelan the Wigan chairman that lived in Martinez' ***
you arrange this vote 1 week after Martinez scores on his debut for Oxford 😂⚒⚒
It takes courage to even dare to change the world & it’s those crazy enough to believe they can who actually do so. https:…
Whiskey Girl Saloon in the Stockyards tonight!! It's going down. I'll be joining Skylar Payne and Dave Martinez
Joe Maddon and Eddie vedder up on stage with Theo, John mallee, and Dave Martinez now once the Cubs win the WS my life is comp…
Woodini gets the out of the JAM... Awesome coaching by Joe Maddon and Dave Martinez.
I'm gonna jump on the Dave Martinez bandwagon! Anyone who come from the Joe Maddon tree is tops on my list
Our board very nearly fell for Dave Whelan's hype job on Martinez. I know Brendan wasn't great but I like to think we got off lightly
NYCFC Notes: Lampard nears full fitness, Vieira praises Shelton, more: by DAVE MARTINEZ Last week, the...
Remember when that *** Dave Whelan said Martinez was to good to go to a club like Villa? went to Everton and has turned them into Wigan! 😂
Nice to see Roberto Martinez didn't roll over. He bent over, grabbed his ankles and thought of England.
Cannot believe the nonsense he has come out with again tonight!.
Roberto Martinez back to over-praising his team tonight. manager making a 3-0 defeat v fourth-from-bottom side sound l…
couldn't happen to a nicer club. There again my team could be there the season after if Martinez stays
you would say that is it for Martinez? He says some odd things
Wonder if that Neil steele and dave parky are still Pro martinez 😂 😂 😂 😂
decent manager comes in and they could stay another year. Reason alone to sack off Martinez
Dave Whelan predicted Martinez would be managing Barcelona or Real Madrid in the near future.
Remember when Dave Whelan said Martinez was free to talk to Villa, but said he should be aiming higher. Found his level at Wigan methinks!
*** then, bloody *** now - Dave Whelan in 2013: Roberto (Martinez) is a very special manager.he is number one in Europe..
I think you need to recheck the Woman situation. Finished top half once + Dave Whelan cut back spending under Martinez.
Martinez has to go. This was a season that ye could have pushed for Europe. Do you think anyone will bid 40 for stones now?
We all moan about LVG but imagine being an Everton fan right now. Martinez has destroyed their club.
Dave Whelan has said that he thinks Roberto Martínez will manage Barcelona or Real Madrid in the next 2-4 years
Martinez remains me of Dave Jones towards the end. Put the bloke out of his misery
Everton board should take the decision to end Martinez's tenure before that last home game - at least show some humanity i…
Yup. Martinez was Dave Whelan's man. Made a bundle in comp when he broke his contract to work for EFC.
Martinez over-rated! Got Everton gig after relegating Wigan. Just coz he talks the talk & people think he plays "good football"
Hope theirs a pitch invasion and a blue gets on and cracks martinez. Someone tell him 600 passes a game don't win you f…
Still waiting for Martinez to go . Tonight surely !
John Stones will be a great defender, but not if he and Martinez both stay, needs a coach who knows how to organise a defence
Robles really does want Martinez sacked, he's having an absolute stinker
The irony is Dave.Martinez might be Newcastle's Boss.!!
Martinez will find a positive in Kone scoring...
Game over for Newcastle and game over for Martinez. What an absolute shambles Everton are at defending
Everton players' view on their manger could only be more obvious if they had 'Martinez out' on the back of their shirts
Might be a P45 for Martinez but some of his players have done him absolutely no favours
Tellin ya - if Martinez remained next season, I'd be fearing the drop.
When Martinez goes he can take McCarthy Cleverly and Joel with him
We are rubbish. I'd sack Martinez at half time.
same sloppy work as Martinez, we're better off playing Burton
After Imus in the Morning (with airs until 10am, it's Rogue Radio" with Lou Blasi and Dave Martinez, followed...
- there is over hyped players, but you won't find many fans that want Martinez to stay Al!
Tony, Dave in USA.Martinez should have gone 3/4 months ago,whats going on.Martinez doesn't know where he is or where he is going
Do you want Martinez out then? I think he's a good coach me. I think you have over-hyped players
I heard on the grapevine that the Man Utd bus getting attacked was actually another 'Martinez Out' protest! 🙊
Just sat in a design meeting and a lad looks at me and says " he's gone then " I said who Martinez he says "no Dave the sprinkler guy"
if we are gonna do something like that, I'd prefer someone currently in baseball (Dave Martinez)
Welcome Mourinho. Can't wait for our back 9. Dave. Darmian Smalling Stones Shaw. Morgan Martinez Blind Timbo
Does this make Dave Martinez the later day Buddy Ryan? Or how about Da Coach was who he was and Joe is just Joe.
Bud Black would be a good hire. Omar Vizquel has long been a manager in waiting. Dave Martinez has long been a fav of mine.
makes my head numb. Robin Ventura is the Denis Savard equivalent. Dave Martinez = Quenneville. I don't even like hockey
when you think of Martinez and how Dave Whealan would drool all over him. What a deluded guy he was. Bills the same.
Ben Rhodes and the 'Retailing' of the Iran Deal: Pablo Martinez Monsivais / APSeveral days ago, I received an...
Roberto Martinez and Everton's glaring right-back dilemma he didn't solve: . Dave Prentice. on why Everto...
this guy friends with our best friend Dave Martinez ??
And the buck belongs to one person...Martinez
Martinez won't get sacked anyway. It's just wishful thinking. He'll be there at least 10-15 games next year.
Great stopping by at talking Shout out to SID Dave Kuhn and Coach Martinez. http…
Any chance of seeing Martinez on the pitch before the season finishes Dave? looks a handful!
Huge thanks go out to Robert Miles( Count Smokula) Jackie Jackie Tohn Christina Catherine Martinez Dave Child...
I just hope we take advantage of them being in a bit of turmoil with the fans being against Martinez, etc...
Room 101 is on Dave now, can we put Roberto Martinez in there?
Remember when Dave Whelan said Martinez would be managing one of the top 5 clubs in the world in 5 years after leaving Wigan 😂
Leicester 2 Everton 0 now after 33 min's come on Time to sack now, get him out of our great club
Leicester 1 Everton 0 after 5 min's time to sack if we [ ] don't beat Leicester today, martinez time you gone
Yup. I don't want him. I want Dave Martinez
yeah, I'm not necessarily in the Bud Black camp. Go for a Dave Martinez or
but will it be a second knock out at semi final this season? Martinez inept tactics again?
Fun fact: DeSoto coach Chris Dyer is the godfather of two of Atascocita coach Dave Martinez's children.
San Antonio native Dave Martinez calls timeout with 4:37 left in the half. DeSoto leads 23-15 after a layup by Tristen Wallace.
NYCFC 2k tickets away from home opener sellout: by DAVE MARTINEZ It may not be the 43k fans that greete...
Surprise! NYCFC follow Yankees’ digital ticket policy: by DAVE MARTINEZ Late Friday evening — and just ...
Rich and Dave leaving Norwich for Liverpool to see Everton reach another Semi Final. Martinez Out Mourinho In.
Hey King. My names Dave Martinez and I've been a big fan! I wanted to know if your still doing the black on black show!
We are playing tonight at The Canopy Club in Urbana, IL with Dave A-Bear from Jerry Garcia Band (JGB) on guitar. https:…
Hear this guy below the press box yelling "Dave Martinez!" After 10 minutes I figure out he's actually yelling "Who wants peanuts?!" 😂
That last paragraph puts much needed pressure on Mr Martinez! 'Win matches or else!'. Great statement of intent 👍🏼
Check out "The Rise of Women in Tech" on Eventbrite!. Date: Wed, Mar 23. Location: Dave Martinez Ventures.
even the bench was versatile solid, benzinger scarsone Dave Martinez for example - love the 93 SFG so much
I accept the challenge of Crisyl Dave J. Mojadol. I challenge Kathlyn Dantes Martinez and Jason Karl Salgo to join...
We're hosting a benefit for Dave Martinez, check out the music line up, it's still growing. If you can make it...
Polls for Prisons: Ana Martinez / ReutersWhy can’t most people in prison vote? Although states display conside...
Dave A-Bear from Jerry Garcia Band (JGB) will be the guitarist of the Schwag this week. https:/…
"Champ Summers"??? CHAMP SUMMERS?!?!?! I'm coming for you, Dave. Carmelo Martinez, I can live with.
Official: Corinthians announce Mendoza loan to NYCFC: by DAVE MARTINEZ After a four goal outburst again...
Official: Corinthians announce Mendoza loan to NYCFC - - by Dave Martinez
Why Everton's Roberto Martinez must beware the looming spectre of Mike Walker: . . Dave Prentice. on the u...
That's wrong, Dave. They finished 11th the season before Martinez took over. Jewell and Bruce outperformed him.
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
How would you like to try the latest innovations in Technology today !! Well Dave Martinez Vent..
Way too early for this convo...but Dave Martinez.
Buck Martinez said something I like. Compared Stroman to Dave Stieb and I love that.
Melanie Martinez, the 1975, Dave Matthews band, summerfest, lolla, and eaux claires within five months is the dream
Five Thoughts on the New York Soccer weekend: by DAVE MARTINEZ New York City FC are ahead of the New Yo...
Click here to support Panhandle Confessional by Dave Martinez
New gathering audio is up! 'Joy and Thanksgiving' by Dave Martinez, Pt 4 of the Come to the Table series is here:
dave would be frothing at the mouth if he was manager of Everton instead of boring bobby Martinez
Dave Martinez on Instagram: “Shoutout to my daughter. Her Frozen hand warmers are
Staggered Martinez effectively saying referees shouldn't book his players for diving or cheating - not an example a man…
Martinez "the ref was very picky" he was good when he gave you a pen for you to kill the game off that you missed though eh?
Cubs add Henry Blanco to coaching staff; Dave Martinez might be next - Chicago Sun
my daddy and I watched Mr. Brown, Ms. Martinez, Mr. Dave Hollister & Santana on HOT 1997 OH
Funky Friday Flashback: I Thank You | Sam & Dave Keep calm, there's leftovers in the fridge!
"To a man, I've been told that Pirlo is not looking to make an offseason loan move." - Dave Martinez of on
funky fresh Dave, you know i support you brudda
Really surprised Dave Martinez should be widely available in America.
I'm surprised how Dave Martinez still gets passed over, year after year for a manager gig
[Fansided: Cubbies Crib] - Morning Marquee: Chicago Cubs will retain Dave Martinez as bench coach
As a fan, is it selfish that I'm relieved that Dave Martinez did not get a managerial job this season? Like him as bench coach.
i wonder why Dustin's boy Dave Martinez wasn't even brought in for second round of interviews for manager
I hope Ron Wotus and Dave Martinez can manage one day. Both have earned their dues like Roberts has. got a good one.
The Dodgers hiring Dave Roberts now keeps open the possibility of Dave Martinez for the Sox in 2017
When odds for manager first came, Dave Roberts was off the list. Then he was last: 15-1. Now he's the pick.
Dave Martinez and Gabe Kapler are not MLB managers and Robin Ventura is.
Behold the importance of a good interview. The difference between Dave Roberts and Dave Martinez
Andrew Friedman to interview Dave Martinez for Dodgers’ managerial job
Bud Black or Dave Martinez would've been better choices IMO although as a Cubs fan I don't really care.
A few of them? Beyond Faux, is that Dave Martinez, Patrick Guldan, or Grant Wahl?
Besides Bud Black being available there is a lot of good Latino options. Dave Martinez, Alex Cora, Rick Renteria... Ect. They need a shot.
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I want Dave Martinez as my manager and Gabe Kaplan as the bench coach
From what we were talking about earlier re: Dodgers manager. Dodgers Digest says Manny Acta, Gabe Kapler or Dave Martinez
Gabe Kapler, Dave Martinez among favorites to become next manager
Manfred says it's not gambling. Gabe Kapler, Dave Martinez among favs to become next Dodgers manager via
(2) While Sandy Alomar Jr, Dave Martinez, Jose Oquendo, and Demarlo Hale wait for a chance, Servais is escorted to the front of the line ...
Soccer Morning is live on channel 85! Dave Martinez (& Mike Grella join us today
Yeah I wish they'd gone w Maddon too. I hope they get Dave Martinez this offseason. Maybe Francona. Anybody but Donnie or Baker
.looks at Cubs bench coach Dave Martinez, who Nats interviewed in '13 & earned praise from Joe Maddon.
It was all-time good guy Dave Martinez, who has been Joe Maddon’s bench coach for both Rays and Cubs
Joe Maddon is a heck of a coach man. I 🙏 the next Manger of the Nats is Dave Martinez
Cubs: Joe Maddon thinks Dave Martinez is ready to manage -
I loved the since Dave Martinez, Andre Dawson and Ryan Sandburg !
Dave Martinez would probably be my top choice. Demarlo Hale not bad. But I bet Black gets it and that's OK. No Ripken or Knorr please.
Dave Martinez will join the Cubs staff with former rays coach Joe Madden. He served as the bench coach for 7 years
Including the Expos era, the last time before Robinson was 7/20/90, when CF Dave Martinez *and* 3B/SS Junior Noboa pitched at HOU
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Wonder what would have happened if Sox went with Sandy Alomar or Dave Martinez in fall of 2011.
It's taken until April for Roberto to stop his insufferable positivity guff and start speaking sense
Bro, my wife coulda answered those. U said Dave Kingman for the Reds. The man never played a game there. Dirty J.Martinez
David Martinez, Cindy Bachica, Bill Bentzen, and who was that girl that played the flute? Dave McCoy was there,...
Hot Off the Press: The April season kickoff issue featuring leadoff man Dexter Fowler, Dave Martinez and more.
"If you can't do this, get out of the business!" -Dave on killer performance.
Shout out to killin it on Dave said what all of has been screamin!!
Thank you for supporting the 7th Annual B&GClub gala. & Dave Martinez were sadly missed
Dave chappelle would end justins and everyones career
Great news, Tino Martinez will be a roving instructor -Dave...
Former Shawon Dunston and Dave Martinez exchanged hugs on the field after the game
By the way, credit bench coach Dave Martinez for "DJ Sean" and the morning mix at today's stretch
ooh those might be the star stickers Dave Martinez hands out to players who done good. 5 of them & you get to be line leader
Dave must be related to Javi Martinez
god Rizzo gets chance to showcase leadoff skills: Anthony Rizzo joked with bench coach Dave Martinez that he'd...
Dave Wallace brought in Ramon Martinez trout help Ubaldo Jimenez. No surprise, Pedro's big brother can be very important to O's
Dave Niehaus calling Edgar Martinez at bats forever.
Brand new spring 2015 menu by Chef Dave Martinez
He said something in an alien tongue. I turned to Roberto Martinez - he was fluent in archaic speech from his time work…
I didn't either. But he has done great with the pitching staff, I think that was the big factor. I wanted Dave Martinez (TB)
One round of applause for this guy work Herve Attia: Daniel Sanchez, Mike Wolfe, Dave Martinez:...
And now announce we've been reporting, former coach Dave Martinez reunites w/Maddon as bench coach in Chicago
1st Don Zimmer dies then there's D Price then A Friedman then Joe Maddon now Dave Martinez. Its cold out-is that heck freezin' over?
Andrew Friedman. Joe Maddon. Cesar Ramos. Jeremy Hellickson. Jose Molina. Joel Peralta. will Dave Martinez be the next out the door?
How can Tom Foley and Dave Martinez not be leading candidates ?
they must not like Dave Martinez, or his asking price. Smells fishy.
John Wetteland for Dave Martinez was a bit of revenge
Dave Martinez on Pepe Reina, Liverpool's brilliant custodian who lost his mojo and then his place.
don't you mean viciously attack Dave without any regard for his pro Billy Joel arguments/viewpoints?
dudes come eat at noodle and pie with me and we can talk about billy Joel
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
felt the need to reignite our argument about Billy Joel.
Exactly Dave. How encouraging is that? Martinez buggers up one selection, it's costly, so he finds a brilliant, cheap addition.
Arsenal will have to stump up £32m if they want to sign Porto striker Jackson Martínez. (Source: O Jogo)
. He is wearing a Dave Matthews Band shirt...😑
Exclusive – Dave Whelan: Only a big club will take Roberto Martinez from Wigan -
Dave Vellante and Paul Gillin are in talking with Pamela Wise-Martinez - Sr. St...
you remind me of a young Dave Stewart w/ your mound presence,& Pedro Martinez w/ your stuff.
Rays bench coach Dave Martinez out to the mound. Jeff Beliveau comes on in relief of Jake Odorizzi.
That will be it for Odorizzi, as Dave Martinez comes to the mound.Beliveau coming in.
what's the record when Dave Martinez has to take over for Maddon?
Salaries would have 2 meet up but if I was Dave D I would think about trading Iglesias, Suarez, Rondon, & J.D. Martinez for Tulowitzki 😎
Too bad we can't borrow Dave Duncan for awhile to get Martinez and Miller's head on straight
I'll take Dave Martinez, Rays bench coach as the next Twins mgr. I'd prefer to go outside the organization.
Brandon Adams and Dave Martinez hittn the stage at Big D BBQ in 15!!
Hangn w Brandon Adams, Dave Martinez and Trent Langford!!! Life id good!!
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Ours are typically good, but the David Price Cy Young one last season looks like our bench coach Dave Martinez.
Dave Martinez was teammates with both Gary Matthews and Gary Matthews Jr.
BrickSimple's Dave Martinez talks about Glass etiquette in San Francisco. 'No we're real "Explorers,"' he said,...
now it's baseball season. Love that video. Best. ever. . Miss ya Dave
Awww. Might be dusty in here. Miss you, Dave. MT This will get you ready for first pitch!
Hey what do you think it would take the jays to get a manager like Joe Madden or Joe himself or maybe even Dave Martinez?
Great to see Dave Martinez back in the dugout for 2014. It won't be long until he's a manager somewhere.
Flawless by coaches in decision not to challenge there. Dave Martinez immediately on phone with video room while Maddon buys time.
So weird. Dave Martinez on the phone giving Joe the no-go sign. What's happened to our game?
No replay, Dave Martinez was on a phone in the dugout and signaled to Joe not to challenge
TV showed bench coach Dave Martinez in the dugout on the phone, then seemingly motioning to Maddon not to challenge call.
Joe Maddon goes out to argue close pick off play on Rasmus at first. Bench coach Dave Martinez gives him sign not to challenge from dugout
Joe Maddon never challenged a call all spring. Thought about that one on pickoff at 1B -- until his bench coach Dave Martinez shook NO!
Dave Martinez giving Maddon the cut-throat sign from the dugout, so no replay. Carry on.
MARTINEZ: "Steven Naismith is back to the player I saw coming through at Kilmarnock and Rangers. He was the reason we won at F…
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you might do lol seen another rumour that Martinez is on Arsenals short list to replace Wenger!! X
A decent blue!,I hope use do finish 4th. Martinez has done a great job compared to dull dave
Remember when Dave Whelan was telling everyone how good Martinez was at Wigan? He wasn't kidding
Used to think Dave Whelan was being a tad bias when he said Martinez was a top manager. He was not.
No dithering Dave is Martinez boss subs
If Billy Davies is sat at home watching today's football he'll do worse than watch how Roberto Martinez conducts himself,class man!
All that was missing was an "up,up and away!"No offence to Buck Martinez, Dave Van Horne should have called that.
Missed opportunity for Buck Martinez. Cabrera homers for Jays and he doesn't call: Up, up and away! Homage to Dave Van Horne.
Please sign&share widely to keep this loving father home! Dave’s 5 children need him!
buck martinez just said Dave Van Horne's signature call was "up up and away" but did not make the segue to plug the book. :(
I'm sure it brought back a lot of memories for all of us. It was a good article by Dave Martinez and we're back there again!
Here's a photo of Dave Martinez, Tom Foley and Hubie Brooks stretching in tunnel before game in 1989.
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