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David Cunningham Dave Garroway (July 13, 1913 – July 21, 1982) was an American television personality.

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is the most suitable replacement for Dave Garroway is spinning in his grave.
Went looking for office art in the bureau & found some cool moments in history. Here's Dave Garroway & J. Fredd Mug…
only current Today Show cast member who could have made it on with Dave Garroway
47 years ago today.Skitch Henderson guests on 'The Dave Garroway Show.'
He put Dave Garroway on the air! Still waiting for them to talk about the actual beginnings of the network. Hrmph.
Dave garroway used to end his show w/a quote from RENAISSANCE, comparing size of world to size of human heart. I was impressed
Today's Fun Fact celebrates the and their 65th anniversary! Read more about Dave Garroway here:…
You mean we can't bring back Dave Garroway?
The Today Show does badly because Dave Garroway is no longer alive, and you & Lauer are substituting for J.Fred Muggs.
IDK. I'm sure Dave Garroway would spin in his grave if he knew that u won on a campaign of misinformation & deceit.…
"Today" was the undisputed ratings champ when it was hosted by Dave Garroway and a chimp, so TV success is relative.
In the 50s, with Dave Garroway and the chimp?
These were great days of morning television. Dave Garroway started the genre which in most respects has gone...
hasn't been good since the day Dave Garroway & his monkey J Fred Muggs left their studios decades ago
Happy Birthday TODAY! The Today show debuted today - that sounds funny - in 1952. Dave Garroway was the host.
What long running TV show started on 1/14/1952 with host Dave Garroway?.
I know the pendulum swings, but stop it before we get back to Dave Garroway and I Remember Mama . Please .
65 years ago this morning, the "Today" show, anchored by Dave Garroway, debuted on NBC-TV:
Want to see something truly amazing? This is the very first 65 years ago today with Dave Garroway:
Dave Garroway unfortunately took his own life in 1982. Must have had a vision of future hosts for Today Show
Today in 1952 NBC's "Today" show premiered with host, Dave Garroway.
I'm sure you already know that host, Dave Garroway, was from Sch'dy and killed himself in '82. Had bad depression.
Sad to see Dave Garroway so hooked on e-cigs he had to wear the magnum vape around his neck even during the broadca…
adalberto On the 64th birthday of NBC's "Today" show, Brian Stelter recounts how producer Pat Weaver and host Dave Garroway invented mornin…
In 1952, NBC's TODAY show premiered, with Dave Garroway as the host, or "communicator."
This is absolutely fascinating. I remember Dave Garroway and Jack Lascoulie. Note how much they rely on newspapers;…
.is 65 years old; Dave Garroway started the broadcast this morning in 1952. (Pic: 5th anniversary.)…
Recalling Dave Garroway my parents never missed a show
And Dave Garroway's daily sign-off -- "PEACE" was another seed that took root over time.
Today is Today Day. NBC-TV started the morning news show, "Today," on this day in 1952. The first host was Dave Garroway.
The Today show debuted 65 years ago today on NBC hosted by Dave Garroway & Jack Lescoulie.
. Thanks for playing the original Today Show music. It took me right back to the 50s and watching Dave Garroway with my folks.
That time in 2017 when I spent my morning trying to figure out Dave Garroway's hairline
I'm 67 and my Mom watched every morning. I remember Dave Garroway and then later Mr Muggs!
With its first host, a superb broadcaster, Dave Garroway.
I have often said Dave Garroway & J Fred Muggs would never be caught dead on current version on this week they're appearing, dead
I used to watch Dave Garroway and J Fred Muggs on the Today Show till time for my school bus. Loved the clocks and street view
62 yrs ago tonight...Dennis Day, Wally Cox & Dave Garroway (as Santa Claus) in "Babes in Toyland" on 'Max Liebman Presents' in color on
Watching Nightly--the Today Show promo pops up--I love that the 1st host, Dave Garroway, ended the show w "Peace"
Trivia: who remembers the name of J. Fred Muggs' girlfriend on Dave Garroway Morning Show?
Fascinating kinescope of the first NBC Today Show from 1/14/1952 hosted by Dave Garroway. Early TV technology in use.
Photo: On Wednesday, September 14, 1960: Jacqueline Kennedy appeared on Today with Dave Garroway to talk...
1961 - John Chancellor became the new on-air host of the "Today" show on NBC. He replaced Dave Garroway.
Dog Tricks! That's about right for Today. Where have you gone Dave Garroway...a nations turns its lonely eyes...
In 1961, an unstable Dave Garroway was fired as Today Show host.
I think you should name him Dave Garroway.
On January 14th 1952, premiered with Dave Garroway & Jack Lescoulie on
An informed people tends to be a free people. ―Dave Garroway 👆 At least, they have a chance to be freer than they'd be if left in the dark.
Dave Garroway hosts the first Today show on
Our Club mtg opening "today in history" included debut with Dave Garroway.
Flashback: See TODAY's debut in 1952: Watch Dave Garroway host the very first TODAY broadcast live from NBC.
Wrapping up our celebration of birthday with a clip of host Dave Garroway & chimp co-host J. Fred Muggs
Today in TV History: NBC's Today Show premiered on January 14, 1952. First hosted by Dave Garroway, the show...
1952 - NBC's "Today" show pioneered the now ubiquitous morning news show format. The first host for the morning program was Dave Garroway.
On Jan 14, 1952, NBC's TV show "Today" with Dave Garroway and Jack Lescoulie had its debut
On this day in 1952, NBC-TV opened the the first “Today” show broadcast with host Dave Garroway, in New York.
Today in 1952, the on NBC premiered with host Dave Garroway and mascot J. Fred Muggs.
Today the celebrates its 62nd birthday! Dave Garroway hosted the first 13 minutes of...
1952 - long-running morning news program, premieres with host Dave Garroway.
The first premiered on this day in 1952. Dave Garroway said "I really believe this begins a new kind of television.” h/t
Behind-the-scenes pic of Dave Garroway in honor of debut 1952 (Radio Age, Jan. 1952) attn:
The Today Show premiered with Dave Garroway, Jim Fleming and Jack Lescoulie 63 years ago today.
On this date in 1952 - 's long-running morning news program debuts, with host Dave Garroway.
"And if it doesn't sound too revolutionary, I really believe it begins a new kind of television." Dave Garroway on 1st 1952
1952 - The "Today" show, hosted by Dave Garroway, premiered on NBC.
How about calling the Puppy "Dave" after original Today Show host Dave Garroway!
Aah. The ghost of Dave Garroway is in the background!
“We are in touch with the world. We’ll tell you what’s happening TODAY.” -Dave Garroway, January 14, 1952. http:/…
1952: NBC's long-running morning news program Today debuts, with host Dave Garroway.
Up early again. Thanks, body clock. Haven't watched The Today Show in ages. What happened to Dave Garroway and that monkey? Well, I got to see the yummy Jenna Bush. And who is that savory tall gal with the short black hair? Rowwwr!
Happy Birthday this afternoon to Mrs. Brady and ex-Today Girl in the Dave Garroway days,Florence Henderson and Hugh Downs, the man who was Jack Paar's version of Ed Mc Mahon on The Tonight Show (Gene Rayburn was Steve Allen's on Tonight), host of Concentration, Today host and 20/20 co-anchor.Henderson is 80, Downs is 93.
Jimmy Boyd (January 9, 1939 – March 7, 2009) was an American singer, musician, and actor. He was known for his recording of the song "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus". James Boyd was born near McComb, Mississippi to Leslie and Winnie Boyd. His father was a farmer and picked cotton to help support his own family of 21 brothers and sisters. When Jimmy Boyd was 2 years old, his father put his wife and their two sons on a train to Riverside, California. With not enough money to buy tickets for himself, Leslie Boyd hitchhiked on freight trains to join his family. Jimmy Boyd's grandfather, William Boyd ("Fiddler Bill") played at dances and family gatherings in Mississippi. Fiddler Bill's children all sang or played musical instruments. Leslie played guitar and harmonica and began teaching Jimmy to play the guitar at nine years old. Leslie had been a farmer when a drought hit and there were no more crops, so he picked cotton. He could pick over 600 pounds of cotton a day himself, and was paid 25 cents. Althoug ...
Anyone remember the name of the national TV show hosted by Dave Garroway that came to Gainesville to broadcast a live performance of the Gainesville Community Circus some time in the 50s? It wasn't the Today show. It was another weekly show he did. I remember the TV cameras on the courthouse square.
Dave Garroway fields calls from enraged HoF voters:
I ran across Dave Garroway Jr.'s YouTube page and decided to watch a video in which he was delivering a physics lecture.
"The glory days returned for the “Today” show ... NBC’s morning show brought back Bryant Gumbel and Jane Pauley." I was thinking Dave Garroway and J. Fred Muggs. Boy am I getting old.
Saw that the "Today" show returned to its glory days this morning. I always thought Dave Garroway and Jack Lescoulie represented the glory days. When we were kids, we would watch the "Today" show and then watch "Captain Kangaroo."
From the NBC series "The Bob & Ray Show" which ran from 1951-1953. This clip is a promo for the premiere of the "Today Show" with Dave Garroway.
today in 1984 - House Speaker Tip O’Neill was selected to receive the J. Fred Muggs Award, given by TV Guide for TV goofs and blunders. The Speaker of the House earned the uncoveted prize when he ordered cameras from CSPAN to pan the almost empty House of Representatives while Republicans were making rip-roaring speeches. For those who don’t remember, J. Fred Muggs was the rascally, but cute, chimpanzee that wreaked havoc on the Today show back in the 1950s. The network thought it would be nice to have a cuddly chimp liven things up for a pretty boring Dave Garroway. Unfortunately, Garroway hated J. Fred Muggs; the chimp knew it and proceeded to terrorize the entire show for quite some time, until Garroway threatened to quit the show. J. Fred was soon history.
Car Trips of Youth By Dave Rosso When I was very young the family took many road trips Kids had to be entertained Sights and sounds usually did the trick Of course, there were moments: “Any more arguing and I am going to stop this car And turn around and go home.” Of course I always had to pee five minutes into the trip The car radio helped keep the peace. Amos and Andy and Gale Storm as My Little Margie Fibber McGee and Molly and Our Miss Brooks The Great Gildersleeve and Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar Red Ryder -- ""Draw up that pony, Little Beaver, there's trouble tonight."" Little Beaver: ""You betchum, Red Ryder! Bob and Ray "This is Ray Goulding reminding you to write if you get work"; "Bob Elliott reminding you to hang by your thumbs.” Monitor and Dave Garroway While we listened we looked out the window And spotted license plates to see who could come up with the most states And then there was Burma Shave Candidate says Campaign Confusing Babies kiss me Since I've been using Burma Shave
MUST LISTEN TO RADIO -- Frank McGee hosted NBC Radio's Sunday night show "Monitor" from 1961 to 1964, succeeding Dave Garroway. This was one of the "Date Specials" that was heard on this day -- December 23 in 1962. It is a Christmas treat -- a wonderful, wonderful look at Clement Clarke Moore -- the man who wrote "A Visit From St. Nicholas" -- yes, the immortal poem we've all known since childhood, the one that begins with "'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house..."
The father of the TODAY SHOW is Pat Weaver, Sigourney's father. Debuted in 1952 with Dave Garroway.
HARRISBURG, Ark. _ Small icicles lined the rim of Johnny Riley’s hat, and sleet covered his coat in a white sheet of ice. Add a carrot for a nose and Riley might have passed for a snowman. It was cold enough, 14 degrees, to make him feel like it. But Riley wasn’t that cold. In the middle of a winter wonderland, he was sitting in the duck wonderland known as Claypool Reservoir, watching a sight most believed only existed in old pictures. It included more than a hundred thousand ducks lifting off the slush-covered reservoir, filling the skies with wings and feathers milling overhead in the falling sleet. If the sun had been shining, the mass of duck bodies looked they might have blocked out the sun. It was a sight many have seen before, but not in person. If it had been sunny, instead of cloudy and cold. And if it had been 1956, you might think you were sitting in the middle of a photograph, a photograph so well known that even after 50 years, many duck hunters associate the image as a logo for Arkansas ...
Watching Dave Garroway and Duke Ellington banter is heavenly.
The rest of my questions would have been about what Dave Garroway was like.
See a rare kinescoped appearance of jazz pianist Nellie Lutcher perform on the June 21, 1956 live telecast of the Dave Garroway - hosted NBC Today show.
Dear Lord of Divine Order, This day can be in divine order or it can be in chaos. My own will chooses which direction this day will take. How is this possible? It it as sure as the tides, the winds, and the cycle of seasons. ... Your order prevails, and if we choose our unchecked ego's sense of order instead of yours, we are doomed for chaos. This is simple truth..., not secret knowledge only for the "initiated". As you teach us in your scripture and as we feel the invisible life-force stirring in our bodies, all of us are first and foremost a soul. This soul of ours either expresses divine order or it "forgets" its true nature. When the soul goes to sleep on its true nature, the unchecked ego rushes in to take control. When the ego is not in sync with and directed by the awakened soul, it becomes our mind's master by driving us into endless self-involvement. This is what brings chaos... the never-ending search which eventually morphs into a never-ending DEMAND for self-satisfaction, even if it means taki ...
There's no Unicode symbol for Dave Garroway? This is terrible.
The show debuted in 1952, with amiable host Dave Garroway. The show was in trouble initially; the addition of J. Fred Muggs boosted ratings and helped win advertisers. Muggs, dressed like a baby in diapers, first appeared on the show on January 28, 1953, and became a regular feature on February 3, 1...
Florence Henderson dressed as an elf with Dave Garroway
June 27, 1693…In London, John Dunton published The Ladies' Mercury, the first women's magazine.1942…The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation announced the capture of eight Nazi saboteurs who had been put ashore from a German submarine on New York's Long Island.1949…Gene Autry recorded "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer." The record sold 2.5 million copies the first year, eventually sold a total of 25 million, and remained the second best-selling record of all time (behind Bing Crosby's White Christmas) until the 1980s.1949…"Captain Video and His Video Rangers" debuted on the Dumont TV network. Richard Coogan was the first to play Captain Video. The voice of radio's Green Hornet, Al Hodge, replaced Coogan in 1951, then Don Hastings played the ranger until the series ended in 1955.that was for Tony.1955…"Wide Wide World," a new fall series hosted by Dave Garroway, was introduced on NBC-TV's "Producers' Showcase." This preview episode, featuring entertainment from the U.S., Canada and Mexico, was the ...
Today in History: May 26: The Actor’s Equity Association was organized (1913); Ford Motor Company introduced the Model T, nicknamed ‘Tin Lizzie’ (1927); the Civil Air Patrol was established (1948); the 1st trailer (mobile) bank opened for business (1956); Dave Garroway retired from the Today Show (1961); the Apollo 10 astronauts returned after an 8 day dress rehearsal for the 1st moon landing (1969); Kathy Schmidt set an American women’s javelin record of 207 feet, 10 inches (1973); George Willig, The Human Fly, scaled the World Trade Center (1977); A.J. Foyt ran in his 30th Indianapolis 500. He won 4 Indianapolis 500s’, a Daytona 500, and the 24 Hours of LeMans, making him the only driver to win the crown jewels of Indy car, NASCAR Winston Cup and International sports car racing (1985); and radio and television host Art Linkletter died at the age of 97 (2010).
I didnt know that ur dad was on the Today show with Dave Garroway. I alway thought that it was a monkey not an orangatang
Donald Trump told "Fox & Friends" on Monday morning that he will sue comedian Bill Maher after he proved to Maher that he was not the spawn of an orangutan, and Maher failed to pay $5 million for that information. Maher had an ongoing joke that until he saw a birth certificate proving otherwise, he...
Reading about the drama going on at the Today show. I have been watching this show since it was in black & white and Dave Garroway was the host, (yes, I was in my crib at the time!). Over the years, it has become less newsworthy, and more about fluff. I would hate to see Matt Lauer leave, or even Natalie Morales. Al Roker is great, but the other new anchors are not impressive. Perhaps Matt encouraged Ann Curry's termination, but she was better at reporting the news than interviewing guests, as if she was in awe of them. Let's bring back a solid news show. There are enough shows about fashion, cooking and kids. The last hour absolutely drives me crazy. Excuse the rant, but I know I won't be watching much longer if things don't change.
Promotional film, hosted by Dave Garroway, introducing the new, 1953 Corvette from Chevrolet. Over a half-century later, 'Vettes would be more popular than e...
January 14th: Feast of St. Felix. We buried my friend Al Zawada. In 1639 Connecticut had its Constitution. The clarinet was invented in 1690. The Revolutionary War officially ended in 1784 when the peace treaty was ratified by the US. Eli Whitney received a contract in 1799 for 10,000 muskets. Napoleon III and his wife in 1858 escaped an assassination attempt. Sherman began his march to the sea in 1864. Henry Ford developed the assembly line in 1914 for his Model-T. In 1919 John McGraw bought the NY Giants. Eddie Arcaro won his first race in 1932. FDR, Churchill and deGaulle met in 1943 in Casablanca. The "Today" show opened in 1952 with Dave Garroway as host. Joe DiMaggio in 1954 married Marilyn Monroe. Sylvia Plath published her novel in 1963 just a month before her suicide. The NFL Green Bay Packers beat the AFL Oakland Raiders in 1968 in Super Bowl II. A warhead explosion in 1969 killed 27 on the USS Enterprise. Sanford & Son premiered in 1972. The Bionic Woman premiered in 1976. President Carter reco ...
14th day of 2013 351 remaining Monday, January 14, 2013 TODAY DAY This is a most historic day in television. On this cold East Coast morning at 7 a.m., in 1952, NBC-TV opened a broadcast with a shot of Dave Garroway looking outside through the ‘Window on the World’ in New York City. The program was the first that featured his signature sign-off: hand raised, uttering one word, “Peace.” The program was developed by Pat Weaver, father of actress Sigourney Weaver, and continue to this day, coanchored by Matt Lauer and Meredith Vieira, with all kinds of help from Al Roker, Ann Curry, Natalie Morales and a host of other hosts. Originally a two-hour show on weekdays, Today expanded to Sundays in 1987 and Saturdays in 1992. The weekday broadcast expanded to three hours in 2000, and a fourth hour was added in 2007 (hosted by Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb). This is one TV show that stays the same, informing, entertaining and educating while continuing to change to suit the times.
I've been a fan since the Dave Garroway and JC Muggs days. Not any longer. Shame on Matt Lauer!
The Today Show (an NBC News product) = Dave Garroway, John Chancellor, Hugh Downs, Barbara Walters, Tom Brokaw, Jane Pauley, Bryant Gumbel interview with Kris Jenner (matriarch of the Kardashian clan) instead of a moment of silence to commemorate 9/11. How sad.
You should read Richard Deitsch on Dana Jacobson's defenestration from ESPN's First Take—as a co-host, she was to Skip Bayless what Dave Garroway was to his pet chimp—but you should really read this ESPN interview with First Take producer Jamie Horowitz, which is a stupid little fractal...
Once upon a time at Radio City in Manhattan, Sigourney Weaver's remarkably talented father, Sylvester "Pat" Weaver gave the network some concepts. They were called, "Today," "Tonight" and "Tomorrow." They brought us insightful, communicative hosts like Dave Garroway, Jack Parr, Steve Allen, Johnny Carson and Tom Snyder. In 1955, when radio was about as dead in the water as it is now, Pat Weaver was charged with doing something... anything... to attract listeners... preferably affluent, adult listeners... to the fast-fading NBC Radio Network. He stole some stars from NBC-TV and told them that their new job title would be, "Communicators." He solicited New York Bell's help at creating a new, unique sound to identify this eponymous series called, "NBC Monitor." The new ®Touch Tone sounds that the Bell System was experimenting with gave the new program it's futuristic signature and the invitation to "Keep listening to THIS NBC station for the sound of the Monitor Beacon!" It's purpose was to begin or end a s ...
watch the show since Dave Garroway, I'm now 67 & decided to go to GMA since Ann Curry is gone
Notable Birthdays for July 13 Those born on this date include: - The Rev. Edward Flanagan, founder of Boys Town, in 1886 - Dave Garroway, former host of TV's Today Show, in 1913 - Former HUD Secretary, congressman and pro football star Jack Kemp in 1935 - Actors Bob Crane in 1928, Patrick Stewart in 1940 (age 72) and Harrison Ford in 1942 (age 70)
Kathie Lee Gifford just asked how Dave Garroway was doing.
Reader Mail (NBC): "Mr Navarrette, I think your article expressed my sentiments in a much 'nicer' more rational way than I would have framed it. I've watched the Today Show on and off since Dave Garroway back in the 50's when I was growing up. (My father took me down and we stood outside the window and looked in) Some people I've seen in TV have a persona I'm drawn to and Ann Curry was one who seemed to possess honesty, warmth and caring. I found myself drawn to her as a result. I thought the same for Matt Lauer (however). I think she definitely showed that she has humility and grace not only with her closing remarks but her entire time on air. If that's not good enough for NBC too bad for them and unfortunately us too. Thank you for your thoughts and expressing them as you have."
Dave Garroway, first host of NBC's Today Show, was tapped by Chevrolet to lend his presence to this promotional film announcing the introduction of the 1953 ...
I need to vent about, Ann Curry, who USE to be on the TODAY show. I think NBC did her a terrible injustice and the rat sitting next to her with his hand on her shoulder, Matt Lauer, was very responsible for her being let go. He admitted it on the, Piers Morgan, show ten days ago. Didn't actually say, Ann's, name but said he needed to resign for 25 million dollars because he felt responsible for the ratings going down. As I have said, 4 hours of the Today show is too long. I noticed that the smug little, Savannah Guthrie, was not sitting on the couch because she is going to take over her job. I think they need to get rid of, Matt, KLMeee, and Savannah. Matt Lauer, *** up to everybody and I would never believe a word he says. As far as, Ann, goes, she will be betteer off down the road and I'm sure she is being romanced by other news stations as we speak. She is a true professional and a classy lady. I have been watching the Today show since I was a kid and, Dave Garroway, was on the show, but thi ...
Not that this means anything to anyone else, I just have to say after today I will no longer be watching the Today Show. I have watched this show since Dave Garroway. I think Anne Curry did a fine job.Maybe they should look else where for the reason for low ratings. Just I'm in a bad mood.
April 30, 1956: Dave Garroway and Chet Huntley anchor "Today" from the West Coast for the first time.
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