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Dave Gahan

Dave Gahan (born 9 May 1962) is an English singer-songwriter, best known as the baritone lead singer for the British electronic music band Depeche Mode since their debut in 1980. He is also an accomplished solo artist, releasing albums in 2003 (Paper Monsters) and 2007 (Hourglass).

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hmmm..not sure mate. Probably not Dave Gahan from DM though (i used to get that when I was a lot younger)
it does look a lot like Dave but I guess you'd know better! ;-)
Just finished hand painting of Dave Gahan.
Not a great sound quality, but Dave Gahan doing a cover is pretty awesome too
There is no god. But there is Dave Gahan.
Sometimes we just need to take a moment and look at what's around us. ♫ "Saw Something" by Dave Gahan
Dave Gahan's sexy moves make you horny
Depeche Mode & System of a Down at David Bowie in Concert at Roseland - Backstage
listening to a lot of DM lately and I've fallen 💓 with Dave Gahan's always chimes with mood of song: joy/sadness etc.
Lo amooo – Dirty Sticky Floors by Dave Gahan, from with LiveLyrics®
absolutely! After DM are my second highest gig count. Dave Gahan = Hip Rotating God
Dave Gahan dancing on stage is amazing! Depeche Mode - Enjoy The Silence (Live on Letterman): przez
Wow! I'm amazed Dave Gahan is still alive!
Don't forget when Dave Gahan fell down during their concert.I, we won't survive if it will happen to you.Do you hear me,sunny ?
According to his in 1996 the soul of Dave Gahan is exactly like Dave Gahan.
Good day,darling ! It's always good and wonderful with Dave Gahan...
Imma need every frontman to start moving like Dave Gahan
that, "home", "insight" and "useless". The rest is just a scorched out Dave gahan and gore is lost in the studio
Hourglass by Dave Gahan is such a good album
Cause Kurt isn't the only one; Michael Hutchence, Dave Gahan, Ian Curtis, and Justin Furstenfeld all dealt with it.
“Dave Gahan of Depeche Mode has a pierced perineum, which is the bit between the scrotum and the *** Just think Sharon Osbourne in between Louis Walsh and Simon Cowell.” -- Mark Lamarr
Apparently this Danish lady met Dave Gahan while he was walking his dog.
Why is a young Dave Gahan on Dragons' Den?
I thought it was weird when I saw Dave Gahan in my toast. School bus pentagram scares mom: kids 'satanic’ school bus.
Am I the only one who sees a resemblance? Young Dave Gahan on left & Shia Labeouf right.
he's a cutie. I mean, like, if Dave Gahan were an Irish nerd.
Just realised that husband looks like Dave Gahan. *drool*
I thought that was Dave Gahan of Depeche in his heroin phase. Is this Cruise out of the Scientology closet?
Don't you think Dave Gahan is so sexy in this picture?👄
Dave Gahan - Saw Something: This song is so sexual on every godamn level..the images it conjures *fa…
fk this is a beautiful shot!!! Dave Gahan sang to me at staples center!!! 💋💗
Dave Gahan I meant direct message but oh well not my business or concern
Ever notice how James Marsters looks kinda like Dave Gahan?
Personal Jesus - Depeche Mode. Mr Dave Gahan the frontman plays second fiddle to no one. Great Lad.
Found a painting on Deviantart of Dave Gahan from Depeche Mode, it looks amazing
Dave Gahan's voice is gift from the angels
Song Saw Something by Dave Gahan just killing me, I can't stop crying. It hurts. I can't hold on. Anymore.
Afterward vince left to. Yazzo and they 3 but in. 1983 alla wilder join and left in1998 now there are dave gahan solo martin l gore writer
Dave Gahan tops annual list of highest-paid singers.
Depeche Mode on - Dave Gahan looks like Count Olaf. I keep waiting for the Baudelaire children to join him on stage.
So the word is out, Soulsavers have started on a new record! They released the news yesterday via Instagram with the quote, “Back to work then… All those dials aren’t going to move from zero on their own.” There has been no official announcement stating that Dave Gahan will be involved again, but So…
Depeche Mode's Dave Gahan in heinous clobber, from 2000 AD
2nd album for Dave Gahan (Depeche Mode) and Soulsavers: Dave Gahan and Soulsavers are planning a sequel to "Th...
Sex god of grunge with a voice that melts the hardest of womans resolve to ignore,who would of thought the 'nice looking lad from that band' (that's what my Mother called him in 1988)would change into such a captivating,hypnotic MAN with the best bum in the buisiness! That's why I was around in 1993,I was supposed to drive him wild,but we missed our chance,there was no way my brother was letting me near him,he knew his own kind.
Martin Gore and Dave Gahan running happily in the park before the Goth agenda took them away
By the way, Dave Gahan is a legend.
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The Light the Dead See & Dave Gahan to celebrate the news of a new album I'm the works - a tour this time round please!
Looks like and are back in the studio for a new collaborative album:
I still need to make myself a shirt that says, "Ask me about Dave Gahan's *** "
Soulsavers and Dave Gahan are back in the studio. New album on the way
Dave Gahan & Soulsavers head into the studio next week 2 start work on a new project that will see the light b4 the end …
For you lovers of Depeche Mode, Dave Gahan, Martin L Gore and all things dark 'n synthy this Friday night in...
Brian Molko and Dave Gahan are my dark company tonight.
I know what you mean some were a bit 'creepy' - Dave Gahan/Depeche Mode for example, but love the music.
Dave Gahan :3 . Reach out and touch faith!!.
Somehow I missed knowing about this brilliant song by Mirror featuring Dave Gahan for almost seven years.
I have multiple eargasms with Dave Gahan's voice
Ummm. Actually sweetie (: I've been a Deep Sea Memes fan since 1887 and I don't think that joke was funny. Dave Gahan loves m
Dave Gahan just gets sexier with age -
And what about the duet Trent Reznor / Peter Murphy playing Or Dave Gahan singing LWTUA ? Or Dead souls by NIN?
and i heard the voice of the great mr. dave gahan . and i know " i´m in heaven "...
Meet Black Singles 300x250
First Morrissey. Now Dave Gahan. Wots going on out there? Pop star flu?
The good new is,all the peoples in the "Depeche Mode"band are so kind like: Dave Gahan,Martin Gore,Andrew Fletcher,Peter and Christian!
Johnny Marr, Dave Grohl, Mani, and 1995 Liam Gallagher. If time travel isn't allowed, swap him with Dave Gahan.
Host: "I see Martin had to take weight lifting classes in order to pick up the guitar." Dave Gahan: "Yeah!" Maritn Gore: "Its difficult! Im confused! Its difficult. ... No body said it was easy. This life isn't easy." Yes. X'D
I added a video to a playlist Dave Gahan - Dirty Sticky Floors
Dave Gahan - Kingdom | £8.00 | just arrived in stock on the vinyl tap web site
Dave Gahan, now there's a proper rock star.
Dave Gahan does things to me o h l o r d y.
como cantó el buen Dave Gahan: "Try walking in my'll stumble in my footsteps, keep the same appointments i kept"
Deeper and Deeper by Dave Gahan, from with LiveLyrics®
Dave Gahan is a telemarketer, pick up the receiver he'll make you a believer!
Dave gahan's voice gives me heart eyes
and listening to Depeche Mode The Singles 81>85. I used to work for Dave Gahan's father-in-law. Great, aren't I? ;)
- the oldest and still a very great electro band Dave Gahan and Martin Gore are still amazing...
Dave Gahan is a sexy beast & you must immediately find live footage on YouTube and watch him work a stage! No one better!!
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I know you hear me knocking. So open the door and set me free.. ♫ "Kingdom" by Dave Gahan
Dave Gahan ist und war authentisch... Punk or Skin no difference
Dave Gahan of Depeche Mode. Drawn with black pen, white gel pen, felt - tip pens and acrylics.…
My palm reading of British singer/songwriter Dave Gahan is now up on YouTube
"Dave Gahan" of a tribute to His vocals and moves were on point.
the post concert I want to make love to the dave gahan look a like's stomach
that's a hard one! Dave Gahan. Prince. Robert Smith. :) :p How about you Scott? :)
Nick Warren playing my new remix to Dave Gahan - Insoluble @ EDGE (Belgium) Thx again buddy! Nick Warren...
my 3 Dave Gahan,Miles Hunt, Gary Numan (bet no one else comes up with those 3!)
Dave Gahan looks GOD! Especially considering, you know, the 90s.
Popmaster -. Q: Dave Gahan is the singer of which successful UK group?. A: Status Quo.
While I consider Dave Gahan as my spirit animal, Martin Gore is definitely one of my bigger inspirations when it...
Agree that Joachim Löw is an older Brett Anderson. Suede gets a twin bill with Da Mode as Lionel Messi is late 80s Dave Gahan.
"Some say this slow and steady decline is a result of Martin Gore allowing Dave Gahan to bully his way into the songwriting" well..
Martin Gore. Photo by Dave Gahan. credit to Depeche Mode classic photos and videos
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Alan Wilder - StrangeLove ( US version) 1988. Photo by Dave Gahan. Credit to Depeche Mode classic photos and videos.
So far the forward suggestions for God Machine: Willie Nelson, Sara, and Dave Gahan.
Music History for Tuesday 2011 - R&B singer Benny Spellman,best known for his 1962 hit "Lipstick Traces,” died. He was 80. 2010 - Black Eyed Peas released the album The E.N.D. in Japan. Six days later it was released in the U.S. 2008 - Journey’s Revelation was released. 2006 - Red Hot Chili Peppers’ ninth studio album, Stadium Arcadium, hits on the U.S. and U.K. album charts. 2006 - Hanson’s Zac Hanson married Kate Tucker in Atlanta, Georgia. 2003 - Depeche Mode frontman Dave Gahan released his first solo album, Paper Monsters. 2000 - Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw were arrested in Buffalo, New York, after Kenny rode off on a mounted police officer's horse and Tim allegedly attacked the sheriff's deputies who attempted to stop him. The pair was acquitted of all charges the following May. 1998 - Van Halen canceled a concert in Hamburg, Germany, after a chunk of ceiling plaster fell on drummer Alex Van Halen’s arm during the soundcheck. 1995 - Bryan Adams started a five-week run at number one on th ...
Depeche Mode Depeche Mode are an English electronic band formed in 1980 in Basildon, Essex. The groups original line up was Dave Gahan, Martin Gore, Andy Fletcher, and Vince Clarke. In 1981, Depeche Mode relesed their first album Speak and Spell, shortly after this relase Vince Clarke left the band, the band went on to create there second album "A Broken Frame" the following year. In late 1982 Alan Wilder joined the band replacing Clarke's place, this line up would continue like this for the next 13 years. Depeche Mode have had 50 songs in the UK Singles Chart and thirteen top 10 albums in the UK charts, two of which deputed at No. 1. Depeche Mode have sold over 75 million albums and singles worldwide making them the most commercially successful electronic band and one of the world's best-selling bands in music history. Q magazine calls Depeche Mode "The most popular electronic band the world has ever known" Photos Below 1. Depeche Mode origonal line up (Gahan, Gore, Fetcher, Clarke) 2. Today Depeche Mode ...
Rudely awoken from a dream where Dave Gahan was fronting Genesis for a gig. They'd just played "Space Oddity / Drum Duet / Domino".
Holy shI just saw Dave Gahan from Depeche Mode walking in SoHo!!!
"Hi, I'm Andy Fletcher. Martin Gore. Alan Wilder. And I'm Dave Gahan of Depeche Mode and you're watching Club MTV"
Depeche Mode, Dave Gahan, Martin Gore, Andy Fletcher - Walking in my Shoes.: DM - Thanks for a killer concert!
Marketing idea for Dave Gahan. For Kraft and a new line of individual dairy snack. Your Own. Personal. Cheeses.
Dave Gahan from Depeche Mode, one of the greatest performer and sexiest man alive. Enjoy! Music: clubbed to death (Matrix soundtrack) Videos: Depeche Mode (D...
Just found a blog dedicated to Dave Gahan's butt. I feel better now.
New album project. First mix feels like Dave Gahan sitting in on a New Order song. Cool!
Just a simple tribute to Dave Gahan! Enjoy! ^^ Video Images: AngelsoulR You're the stars in the sky You have heaven in your eyes And only you're the reason w...
we're driving to Asheville jamming Depeche even tho I'm more Lisa Frank than female Dave Gahan today
How many pictures of Dave Gahan grabbing his crotch can I post until people start unfollowing me?
Matt Healy kind of looks like a young Dave Gahan and I sure as *** am not complaining 🙏
Bit of a shocker Dave Gahan from Depeche Mode is STRAIGHT with loads of children from numerous relationships 🙀
to the day that Dave Gahan of looked right into my lens and smiled.
Eh Dave Gahan my love for you is weak
I think may be mildly disturbed at all of the Dave Gahan gifs I've sent him.
That's crazy talk. Why would Dave Gahan be riding the red line?
This guy on the train looks so much like Dave Gahan that I'm not entirely sure he's not him.
“It’s always been a challenge to look for the light; to look for those spaces in your heart where there is hope and faith and try to embrace that rather than crush it. I’ve spent so many years trying to crush those feelings of hope, and I certainly succeeded for quite a while.” Dave Gahan
Can't wait to display my murals at the C20 Art Show tomorrow at the Congress Hotel. Come one come all! It's free, and in the Alcove Room at the Congress. Some extraordinarily talented artists are on the bill. Just to give you a heads up: My murals are B & W, and I'll be featuring Lisa Gerrard of Dead Can Dance (there first performance ever in the states), Dave Gahan of Depeche Mode, Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails, David Bowie (from back in the day), Jaz Coleman of Killing Joke (from the video shoot at the Metro for the song "Money is Not Our God"), early Nivek Ogre of Skinny Puppy (one of their first tours ever), and then the Man in Black- Johnny Cash..(picked out by Scarylady Sarah)..special thanks to Sarah telling me that Johnny would make a good choice. These are not mamby pamby murals..lots of $$$ went into the production of them. You won't be disappointed. Hope to see you there, and would love to meet you! Cheers- Bobby
Dave Gahan so sexy. Why I wasn't born in 70's.
e Dave Gahan si congedò da me con questa frase: "Take my advice, guy. You ever fall for a woman? Make sure she's got balls."
The voice of Corson during the refrain of "Raise me up" reminded me the voice of Dave Gahan :
Looks like its just Depeche Mode and me tonight. Id like to master the Dave Gahan spin. He spins so beautifully /nohomo
raise your hand if you have ever felt personally victimized by Dave Gahan.
Cookie resembles Dave Gahan from Depeche Mode ! Broady, I think Finny copied your hairstyle
Tell me about it! I had Duran blue shirt/white tie combo, & Dave Gahan flat top - and I'm a girl. No Adam ant white stripe though
Currently feeling Dave Gahan – Saw Something . Very Left-field & shows what preference my road has veered down of late
There's a scene in Depeche Mode's 101 where Dave Gahan sings "Love is the Drug". Turned me onto Bryan Ferry and changed me 4ever!
I want to meet Dave Gahan at a supermarket near my house. Like this girl. ;).
Dave Gahan April 2014 in New York with a fan. . Found this online with no credit! Thanks to?
A new favorite: Dave Gahan 'Dirty Sticky Floors' (TigerPaw Remix) by TIGERPAW remixes on
Joke: What do you call a pop star with no friends? Dave Gahan.
They are fun to watch, Amoeba is a great CA chain. Here's a link to check more out. Dave Gahan one too
'You never know who you can run into at WholeFoods' Dave Gahan 4|4 Via Instagram
Why can't I meet Dave Gahan in a supermarket and look gorgeous? WHY?
is there a chance,someday,to enjoy a photo of you and Dave Gahan/Depeche Mode?
ha ha you cab stalk me anytime its all jared leto, Dave gahan and. Boo boo :D
Salut à tous. Hello everyone. Dave Gahan in 101, 1988. See you later+++
I want them to do a recap... He's dead Dave, Everybody's dead Dave!!
I wish I was Dave Gahan, the guy is the ultimate frontman
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If I meet Dave Gahan when I'm in New York I might actually die on the spot. But that ain't gonna happen :(
DAVE GAHAN - A LITTLE LIE HOURGLASS By Dave Gahan, Christian Eigner and Andrew Phillpott "That time has passed Some things that never really last We've come ...
Does anyone else think the Olympiakos no 24 looks like a young Dave Gahan.
Dave Gahan in Paris to promote Hourglass. Interviewed by Xavier de Moulins ("Paris Dernière" program) First, thank u Dave and i thank u all for your nice com...
News reports and interviews with Dave Gahan from MTV and VH1 in 1997. Discussing his drug addiction and recovery.
"Tomorrow" is the B-side of "Kingdom", a song performed by Depeche Mode's singer Dave Gahan. The song was written and produced by Gahan, Andrew Phillpott, an...
you are a good friend :) Also, he looks a bit like Dave Gahan and Trent Rez here... BONUS!!! xx
Cudi got all Depeche Mode on this first track. Wanna hear some Dave Gahan over it so bad...
All I'm saying is if Dave Gahan would hurry up and fall in love with me, I wouldn't have to be on these dating websites.
"Dirty Sticky Floors" is the first solo single by Depeche Mode vocalist Dave Gahan and is the lead track on his 2003 debut album, Paper Monsters. It was rele...
Dave Gahan close up chanting with the crowd during Just Can't Get Enough, Depeche Mode tour, cute and sexy. And the crowd just won't stop chanting! They Just...
Photo: "White Wash" image of Dave Gahan see more of my work at my website...
Dave Gahan from Depeche Mode interview in Hotel 1993 For more from Sound Box, follow us here: music, ...
Check out this photo of Depeche Mode’s Dave Gahan eating a banana
Check out this photo of Dave Gahan eating a banana
Short close up clip of sexy Dave Gahan and Martin Gore during Precious, 2013 Depeche Mode Delta Machine tour , so cute.
My video for the song "Bitterman" "Bitterman" written by Dave Gahan and Soulsavers.(The Light The Dead See,2012) My video for the song " Just Try "...
Ooh which ones? I got Private Eye, that's it! Davies of Oxford looked like Depeche Mode frontman Dave Gahan!
wow. I wish I got to be as close to Dave Gahan!
He also looks like a young Dave Gahan
I thought it was Dave Gahan from 1982.
Dave Gahan mini doppelganger on University Challenge now.
Ghost of 80s Dave gahan captaining Somerville here
*Louis Walsh voice* "You remind me of a young Dave Gahan from Depeche Mode"
Davies from Somerville looking more like a young Dave Gahan than ever tonight
SixToes feat. Dave Gahan - Low Guns. From the forthcoming The Morning After, set for release in early 2014. The first taste of the new album will be released...
Dave Gahan could add darkness to Hot Chip and the Hot Chip guys would be brilliant in Destiny's Child.
Dave Gahan, you are the highest one...
Can't wait for the new moto boy album produced by Dave Gahan!!!
I remember my other brother's birthday, at least half of my cousins' birthdays, and Dave Gahan's birthday, why not his? I'm awful.
Daily DM Quote "Don't you ever look in the mirror Don't you know there's so much more Locked up inside that box behind your door" Long Time Lie - Dave Gahan, Martin L Gore
Dave Gahan interview from March 2013 with Italian subtitles. The interview was recorded in a hotel in Austin before the SXSW festival. I do not own anything.
This Pin was discovered by Paula Kofoed. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. | See more about dave gahan, Depeche Mode and jesus.
Martin Gore and Dave Gahan leave the hotel Bologna 23/02/2014 Mode via
I've always loved Depeche Mode, but the one song of theirs that drives me nuts are "People Are People". Can't stand it: it feels like one loud sustained earnest fart. But at work today, Reuben (one of my coworkers) suggested that the song would make more sense if it was being sung by aliens or robots ("Why do Earthlings treat each other so awfully?"). Now that I have that idea in my head, the next time I'm going to hear that song I'm going to picture Martin Gore as the Martian Manhunter and Dave Gahan as Marvin the Martian.
Feel free to comment ;) EDITED!! The man with the moves, Dave Gahan Please join this forum: Enjoy ;D
The beautiful angel that is Dave Gahan
Dave Gahan Gallery: 17 Pictures Added | Dave Gahan - Dave Gahan of Depeche Mode performs at the Mediolanum for...
Extra's Adam Weissler talks to Depeche Mode frontman Dave Gahan. 2003, for the release of his first solo record, Paper Monsters. Sunset Marquis, W. Hollywood. Video Ra
i made it in the honor of 49th birthday of Dave Gahan) (he is 49 on the 9th of may)
Part One The ten greatest synthpop songs of all-time (or so says I...but then again I consider myself somewhat of an expert in this genre of music)! no particular order (just alphabetical): Enjoy the Silence by Depeche Mode (1990): Wow, I LOVE this song. It absolutely explodes from the speakers. Martin Gore has always had an ear for darkly catchy melodies...and he really shines on this one. Dave Gahan sing's his *** off...and the brooding arrangement courtesy of the much missed Alan Wilder tops it all off. Fade to Grey by Visage (1980): This is such a minimalist masterpiece. I love the dark, pulsating drum track and the way the song is there...but almost not there. It's My Life by Talk Talk (1984): No Doubt did a nice cover of this song, but there is no touching the original. The sound of this track is huge! Planet Earth by Duran Duran (1981): Their first single. It was a perfect mix of the icy cool sound of Roxy Music mixed with the funk of bands like Chic with a whole lot of attitude to ...
Sometimes I talk about Dave Gahan being a big voice inspo for Ox but lbr Martin Gore is my Ox singing voice
Depeche Mode’ "After various other bands like ‘The Hitmen’, I was in my customary state - broke, bored and leafing through the classifieds in the Maker. I saw an ad which said 'Known Band seek synth player. Must be under 21.' I applied for the audition but I had to lie because I was 22. I went to two auditions before landing the job. Most of the people they'd had were either no-hopers or fans who'd learnt the hits off by heart, which they didn't want. Actually, I had mixed feelings about Depeche. I was aware of ‘Just Can’t Get Enough’ and ’New Life’, the two hits before Vince left, but I thought they were a bit wimpy - understandable at the time. On the other hand they were charming and friendly and the music was simple. I could appreciate that. I did think it would be better if they had more *** but I was careful not to tell them that. I just said, 'I think you're OK'." Alan Wilder. As 1982 dawned Dave Gahan, Martin Gore and Andy Fletcher were busy interviewing (at Blackwing Studi ...
Don't like me posting about Depeche Mode or Dave Gahan? Not sorry.
The movie "Say Anything" screws my brain up. In addition, I just noticed that Brian Elliott has a bit of John Cusack thrown into his already complex blender of Dave Gahan, James Marsters and goalie pads.
domain names
I just realized that Brian Elliott looks a little like John Cusack, James Marsters and Dave Gahan put in a blender.with goalie pads.
did you see DM in TO Sep1st Molson Amphitheatre? always an excellent show!! Dave Gahan is incredible! and Martin n Andy!
H:What kind of mu-. M:Depeche Mode. H:Ok. Kids?. M:I'd let Dave Gahan knock me up at least once. H:. M:Do you know Dave Gahan?. Flirting is hard.
; ) and I don't know how old the Dave Gahan pic is, but for a 50+ heroin addict who survived cancer ... yeow.
yeah course,bought delta machine the day it came out (best thing they've done for years). U still in love with Dave Gahan?
Yeah, Dave Gahan has an incredible voice, but let's appreciate Martin Gore's too. It's so beautiful!
or we could try to convince them by showing dave gahan's hip swaying moves hehehe ;D
Ok so no one can guess my last two are Maynard James Keenan from A Perfect Circle, Tool and Puscifer and Dave Gahan from Depeche Mode (Maynard is the one with the hat and weird hair and Dave is the one in the black and white photo with sunglasses)
It is clear: I'm going to marry Dave Gahan's voice. (Or the whole of him - I wouldn't mind.)
Dear Jim Kerr,Dave Gahan and anyone else who thinks it's ok for me to pay £40 for a ticket only to hear the crowd sing. Do your job and sing
Don't forget to bid Depeche Mode. Pin up poster. Dave Gahan and Martin Gore up close. Smash Hits mag
Dave Gahan & Martin Gore did not look as young as that picture the other Friday!!
I want Dave Gahan to deliver MY pizzas.
Haven't listened to Depeche Mode in awhile, Dem lyrics + Dave Gahan's voice still carry their swoon power.
This is a cover of Dave Gahan's Saw Something by Frank and Peter De La Mora...just chillen at the White Tiger sessions
only Dave Gahan can get away with one.
look out for Dave gahan's grabbing hands (they grab all they can)
What do we think of the new arcade fire album? Besides it being the love child of Robert Smith and Dave Gahan.
I went into the concert thinking: "I'm not sure I want to see current day Dave Gahan shirtl...
boys all sound like girls. They need deeper range like Dave Gahan. That is sexy.
In music company of Dave Gahan and his Hourglass
Considering everything Dave Gahan has been thru over the years, he looks AMAZING.
I'm always complaining about Dave Gahan but he's truly amazing no matter what I can say when I'm mad. His voice is beautiful.
Dave Gahan kissing Martin Gore on his birthday Depeche Mode July 23, 2013. Happy Birthday Martin! Tiny short clip but fun to watch. See my other video for Th...
It's after hearing Martin Gore sing that you realise Dave Gahan is completely heartless.
Martin Gore sings better than Dave Gahan. Technically and emotionally.
Martin Gore is the lost innocent child next to Dave Gahan's pervy corrupter. Loved the former's Leave In Silence. A highlight
Dave Gahan looked INCREDIBLE for 51 last night with his voice on top form too, Martin Gore's acoustic performances were spine tingling
Few can hold a crowd in the palm of their hand like Dave Gahan does and no other modern song writer comes close to equaling Martin Gore
Martin Gore's the most amazing person ever though. I've never loved him so much. I may have been disappointed by Dave Gahan but Martin, wow.
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Dave Gahan is a bit overrated. I keep thinking Martin Gore is a genius.
This week's new releases include the slightly slimmed-down 6CD version of the new Waterboys' 'Fisherman's Blues' box set of demos and unfinished tracks, plus a reissue of Soulsavers' album with Dave Gahan and the belated CD release of Tears For Fears co-founder Curt Smith's new solo album.
The Depeche Mode song and Dave Gahan hologram might keep me tuned in to
Radio Atlantide now playing SIXTOES - LOW GUNS FEAT. DAVE GAHAN listen on
Martin Gore's sister used to cut my hair and I mentored Dave Gahan's nephew
I can't get close enough w/o being a creeping stalker, but this is a picture of Dave Gahan shopping…
it dawned at Depeche Mode on are the double of my fantasy husband Dave Gahan :-D
Can anybody explain me this logic: little unknown so-called "models" are blocking me and reproaching having illegally posted their pics. Why the *** David Bowie, Jack Nicholson, Tony Ward, Dave Gahan or any real world famous celebrity won't block anything? Maybe because they really ARE worthy posting and cool?
I am not the first person to see the remarkable resemblance between Shia LaBouf & Dave Gahan
DELTA MACHINE TOUR |The sold out concert today 17 November in Lille-France was canceled. In a decision announced during the day yesterday, right on time which may indicate that the local promoter and/or the "management" of the band have tried to reverse the problem until the last minute. The official reason is at least quite original: "a problem with the heating of the premises". According to the official press release on the website of Depeche Mode were not minimum conditions of comfort/security for spectators, staff and band. The bizarre this cancellation is that concert would take place in the football stadium of Lille, which has a amovivel cover and which allows to get locked, which means that vis-à-vis the rigor of autumn in Northern France were hot enough to happen. Among the fans who had ticket for the concert of disappointment today unites some rebellion, to see what we have read in some forums of discussion. The main criticism from fans goes to the fact that the local prosecutor do not have fore ...
Number 9 was one of the band's biggest hits. Dave Gahan as a king in the snow might ring a bell.
Dave Gahan lent his awesomeness to the band Six Toes for the song Low Guns- check it out -L
Good to find that 5month year-old Felix (courtesy of Roxana Baron and Anthony Baron) does indeed giggle at the wonderous tale of Depeche Mode live, climaxing at Dave Gahan and his eternal spinning as the crowd sung 'do do doo-do, door de doo doo".
Zdjęcie: davegahanlover: Dave Gahan with Depeche Mode in Manchester. UUUMMMPPPH
Its good, but there is something that is just pure filth about enjoy the silence. Mm, Dave Gahan.
French people have humour. Dave Gahan was in fact in Toulouse today:
still in awe of Dave Gahan's performance on Friday
"Glad to see you're taking it with philosophy". I'm just so incredibly depressed, sad and mad at Dave Gahan that I can't be bothered to cry.
I will keep pretending that the heating really doesn't work. (I think we all know the actual problem is not the temperature but DAVE GAHAN.)
Breathless, hot and sweaty, with Dave Gahan. It's always been like that with us.
with Vince Clark vs with Dave Gahan. It's not even a question.
Just been listening to the Depeche Mode album Delta Machine. Dave Gahan's voice is as sexy and potent as ever but the song that I'm most...
Listening to The Soulsavers. A very Pink Floyd meets Depeche Mode kind of band, mostly because Dave Gahan is the singer.
Gary Numan seems to be like Dave Gahan for energy on stage ... How's it done at 50
I was given the number 9 so here are 9 random facts about me 1. As a child I auditioned for school play to be Maid Marion.the part I got.Robin Hood! 2. I was a teenage Mum having my first son at just 17! 3. My husband and I worked together for many years before we fell in love - we were good mates and would never of thought we would of got married!!! 4. I have a job that I absolutely love - have met such wonderful and inspiring families 5. I am a volunteer for local hospice and want to develop this role further 6. I am a Manchester City fan 7. I love 80s music 8. I fainted at first concert I went to - Depeche Mode when Dave Gahan came on stage in his leather pants!!! 9. I am TERRIFIED of birds!
I am in love with Dave Gahan I don't care if he's old enough to be my grandpa.he's sexy💕
I'm not convinced that Dave Gahan actually ever did come back to life again.
Dave Gahan having fun with the Manchester crowd.
Quite a surreal moment before when Dave Gahan past us on the street when we were shopping in Manchester
8 facts about me you may not know I used to be extremely shy. I wanted to be fire fighter when i was little. I almost joined the Navy but reality set in because i can't swim as i sink like a stone every time I've tried. I'm a salesman by day and counselor by night. Should be certified by now My dad was and still is my hero. He was a 6'4 man trapped in a 5'2 body I am of Aztec, Spaniard descent Proudest moment would be getting a laugh, smile and bow by Dave Gahan for my "We're not worthy" bow to him at the end of the Touring The Angel gig at MSG I get high on life, family and friends and DM OF COURSE
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We are now officially OLD...!!! Went to see Depeche Mode at MEN Manchester last night with my lovely Julie Parbury and we now know how Mr and Mrs Patterson felt at Amnesia Ibiza watching Kevin and Perry...Out of 30 songs in the set we knew 6.??? Great night, great show, brilliant showman Dave Gahan but we can see a night of Matt Munro, Tom Jones and a hot chocolate with slippers on!!! Music isn't the same as in the old days.!!!
Just bought number 99 of the 100 feat Dave Gahan cassette singles. One left - hurry!
Depeche Mode - what a brilliant concert. Dave Gahan was zipping about the stage and so full of energy it was impressive to watch!!
“Dave Gahan just impregnated a mic stand”lmao
My fav picture of Dave Gahan from last nights blistering show in Manchester 😘
Me and my lovely friend Rachel Barber finally celebrating our joint 40th birthday at Leeds Arena, eagerly waiting for Depeche Mode and the gorgeous Dave Gahan. Needless to say he didn't disappoint and we had a fabulous night, it was just over far too quickly. Thank you Rachel, happy belated birthday xxx
...Eating a all u can eat birthday breakfast in Manchester after the greatest gig weve ever seen ...and I've been to a few...Dave gahan is god...!
Guy on the train across from me looks exactly like a young Dave Gahan. a) I am in love, b) I want to take a picture and post it but that's rude.
I received numbers 14 and 6 and 7.. but I am only doing 9 because that's the average and fair. You don't need to comment or like for a number - I am just doing this one because Vanessa made me do it :b 1) I am a people pleaser - see example above - I like things to be fair and want everyone to be happy! Sometimes this makes me very indecisive or makes me do things I don’t want to do. 2) I am a realist - which can sometimes make me appear heartless or emotionless- but I think it's just a defense mechanism. It's helped me many a time to recover from big disappointments. And as much as I am a realist I am still very emotional and can break down in a second if I read, see, or hear about anyone or animal going through any kind of pain. I was the one that cried at hallmark commercials….ironic I know. 3) I truly believe music saved me many a times because it always helps me get my feelings out - whether they were happy or sad. And to this day music is an essential in my every day life. I can’t live witho . ...
Awesome, Awesome, Awesome night with Dave Gahan and Depeche Mode he's still as fit as ever..
Depeche Mode concert was absolutely amazing and we were right near the front. Dave gahan is one sexy man!!!
Depeche Mode, brilliant , Dave gahan had the crowd in the palm of his hand . !!!
Still buzzing from the Depeche Mode gig in Glasgow on Monday.. No pictures as phone memory too full of footage from of the londen gig in may.. But it was another triumphant performance from a band who are still very much at the top of there game.. Dave gahan legend!!
Dave Gahan.. Mmm ok then if you insist!
Ive had a rubbish day. feeling very tearful.just topped off by the fact ive just found out Depeche Mode are in Manchester tonight and wished I'd booked a ticket. I know Dave Gahan would have cheered me up no end
Come on Dave Gahan! Everything counts in large amounts ;-)
Dave Gahan, Martin Gore, Andy Fletcher on stage in 40 mins!! Just a Question of Time...
Another dose of reality just slapped me in the face. My husband and I are eating lunch in this wonderful Mediterranean restaurant. The waiter walks up and I'm instantly thrown back down memory lane. Vince looks at me and says "your smiling what's up?" I tell him the waiter looks like Dave Gahan from Depeche Mode. (I'm giddy like a school girl at this very moment). Vince says "who?" So I pull up pictures on the web. - omg he's old :( I feel like a perv and an old lady now!
DAVE GAHAN 16 November 1981 (Unpublished Photo) Dave Gahan is pictured here at The Lyceum Ballroom, London on the last date of Depeche Mode's Speak & Spell Tour. This was the penultimate time the band played together with Vince Clarke, playing one further performance with Vince for a TV recording a few weeks later on 3 December. First on stage were Palais Schaumburg from Germany. A band ahead of their time, they cut across traditional song structures and challenged perceptions with a nod to dadaism and the industrial avant Garde. The fact that percussionist F.M. Einheit subsequently left to join Einsturrzende Neubaten says a lot about what interested them. Positive Noise were a bunch of guys trying very hard but delivering very little. Their main keyboard player had no less than 3 synths on his keyboard stand while Depeche Mode had only one each. Immediatetly forgettable, it proved it isn't about kit, its about the songs. The two piece Blancmange, Neil Arthur and Steven Luscombe were the most sparse but c ...
Checked into travelodge, at bar before going for some grub at Red Hot Buffet then off to see Dave Gahan and the boys later
Going to see the sexiest man on the planet tonight - Dave Gahan :)
Dave Gahan has paedo eyebrows and still dances like your dad with a broken knee, and Martin Gore has gone from a Gretsch and black feather wings to tank tops, shorts and a mustang. Depeche Mode TONIGHT YAY.
After a cack couple of days Is child free, Manchester bound for fizz, food, shopping and to see husband no.5 Mr. Dave Gahan :) . Happy Friday
Depeche Mode fantastic last night - Dave Gahan looked like a camp version of Ben Kingsley in Sexy Beast
Don't you think Dave Gahan's voice is sex? Especially in Stripped omg
I'm supposed to be doing homework but I can't focus with Dave Gahan's beautiful vocals.
If you can't appreciate my Dave Gahan,. you'll never get my Dave Grohl.
oh Lord, I have to show you my videos of Dave Gahan from the show. Dayum.
Can anyone suggest some " age appropriate " Halloween costumes for yours truly ? I'm struggling with with these possibilities - Roller Coaster Rider , Moderately Short Man on Short Stilts , or Dave Gahan . Based on this , you can all see how hurting I am for ideas. One thing is for sure - I will NOT resurrect Banana Man - I got into WAY too much trouble with that :v !
Went round my brothers and my 2 year old nephew was playing GTA V. Only to drive around but crashed his car. Got out and started shooting ppl 󾌴 Chloe Gahan Curtis Ramsey Dave Gahan Lucy Fuller
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
when & dave gahan get together something special always happens. Low Guns here: go on treat yourself.
things to not say at a Goth club - "I just think Dave Gahan would stop overdosing all the time if he finally...
A 1987-ish version of Dave Gahan (of Depeche Mode) showed up at the 9am Mass (at Holy Spirit Catholic Church) on Sunday. This guy had the ears, the chin, the nose & the hair!
I love Dave Gahan so much, I cant even
“I used to do heroin — not anymore. But I do have a thing with dark chocolate.” — Dave Gahan. (( Umm? ))
Photoset: 80s-futura-odeon: Since I realized that Dave Gahan’s Tumblr tag is turning into “
can you see the tears of joy on my face? Dave Gahan loves Jack White.
On this day in 2007, Dave Gahan released his second solo album "Hourglass" (UK)
Dave Gahan's "Hourglass" from 2007 is probably the best 'Mode related release of the last decade - much better than the group's last 3 LPs.
yes, please! Dave Gahan of Depeche Mode, at Jones beach, photo by Frank Donnelly -
reasons to live in New York. · dave gahan. · broadway. · snl. · never get skipped on tours. · other celebrities idc about as much as dave
This is my tribute to Dave Gahan.. Happy birthday, Dave! :)
When I have a cold my singing sounds more like Dave Gahan.
"Not renowned for my patience, I'm not renowned for my restraint" -Dave Gahan
Wow! I love this photo Dave Gahan and it will be a good photo profile too! See you later Dave and miss you all guys in the group!
I love this photo cause Dave Gahan, looks like tired or in the clouds! Ah ah ah! He's so funny!
I love the new cover photo and so happy to see Dave Gahan!
NEW ANGRY ALEX TRACK: Hey guys, an awesome new AngryAlex track is on the way. "SLEEP WITH ALEX" will hit the planet in December. It's a coproduction with my close friend Dr. Magnet. It will be mixed and mastered by Yoad Nevo from London (Dave Gahan, Pet Shop Boys). Buy the way: I sold 150 copies of my first single "Shakespeare's Lie" which is about 150 as much as I ever expected, thank you guys that keeps me going. Stay angry ! AA SHAKESPEARE'S LIE is still available worldwide:
Soulsavers feat Dave Gahan: next December 9 published a juicy and unique Limited Edition "The Light The Dead See," which includes a booklet with all the lyrics that DVD + interview 21.07.2012 at Capitol Records in Los Angeles under the direction of show Cameron Fertitta
Dave Gahan - Saw Something (Skream Remix) Subscribe for more hot tunes in 720p HD. Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair u...
And sometimes... it turns out to be a love child between Dave Gahan and Stan Bush.
Had a good giggle when my friend reminded me of my high school crush not only on Dave Gahan, but Nikki Sixx and Jason Newstead!
Depeche Mode frontman DAVE GAHAN has collaborated with up and coming UK act SixToes, providing vocals and harmonica on SixToes forthcoming single 'Low Guns' which will be released on November 18th. SixToes will release their second album, 'The Morning...
A Pain That I'm Used To Lead Singer: Dave Gahan Songwriter: Martin L. Gore Publishing Info: ©2005 EMI Music Publlishing Ltd., Assigned by Grabbing Hands Music Overseas Ltd. All rights reserved. Lyrics electronically reprinted with permission. I'm not sure What I'm looking for anymore I just know That I'm harder to console I don't see who I'm trying to be Instead of me But the key Is a question of control Can you say What you're trying to play anyway I just pay While you're breaking all the rules All the signs that I find Have been underlined Devils thrive on the drive That is fuelled All this running around Well it's getting me down Just give me a pain that I'm used to I don't need to believe All the dreams you conceive You just need to achieve Something that rings true There's a hole in your soul Like an animal With no conscience Repentance unknown Close your eyes Pay the price for your paradise Devils feed on the seeds That are sown Can't conceal what I feel What I know is real No mistaking the faking ...
I'm still wrapping my head around the fact that I saw Depeche FREAKING Mode at this year's ACL Music Festival.  Bucket list for sure, but there was more to it than that.  It recaptured those formative years when I was in grade school, in which I listened to DM on a regular basis, while also forming some sense of identity. I arrived at Depeche Mode's show a little late, due to a last-minute ACL wristband snafu, which could have prevented me from getting into the festival entirely.  That right there made me appreciate the show all the more.  In any case, I expected to hear mostly material rom their new album, Delta Machine.   While they initially started things off with their new songs, I'd say about 80% was classical material, spanning Speak and Spell, Music for the Masses, and Violator. Depeche Mode rattled out stuff I hadn't heard in over 20 years.  Songs like "Behind the Wheel", "A Question of Time", and "Enjoy the Silence".  In that moment, I was suddenly 14 again, rocking out at junior high d ...
It's hard to believe that Ryan Dunn died two years ago; that as I listen to "Soul One" by Blind Melon, Shannon Hoon died in 1995, then I go to Mother Love Bone, where Andrew Wood died in 1992/3?? All these amazing, talented souls and I'm thinking; Is it better that way?? Yet I think of Dave Gahan and how he survived, Jesus, I don't know how. Who decides who stays and who goes? A question for the ages, I guess. Sometimes, I think, you are rescued from the pain when you have had as much as you can handle. ".thank goodness for the Good Souls."-Starsailor.
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