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Dave Franco

David John Dave Franco (born June 12, 1985) is an American television, film and voice actor who played Cole Aaronson on season nine of Scrubs.

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Hollywood hottie Dave Franco at GQ Men of the Year Awards dinner: The brother of Hollywood star James Franco w...
Hollywood hottie at GQ awards dinner: ACTOR Dave Franco is coming to Sydney as special guest at the annual GQ ...
Lizzy Caplan in Talks to Join Jesse Eisenberg, Dave Franco in 'Now You See Me 2'
Film Adaptation: Eric Stoltz as Dave Franco as and Zach Galifianakis as
Keelan Logan looks like Dave Franco, it's great
Dave Franco gives me breathing problems
My dad watching Neighbors "why don't any of your pi psi kappa alpha beta whatever friends look like Zac Efron or Dave Franco" same dad same
“shoutout to god for mixing James & Dave Franco to make Theo James, wow i love math BAPTISE ME LORDT
If your ever feeling left out just remember James and Dave Franco have a 3rd brother named Tom.
Life would be perfect if I could date Dave Franco
They should really make a "Mean Boys" with Dave Franco, Channing Tatum, Zac Efron and Taylor Lautner 😍👌
Even better than Jesse Eisenberg and Dave Franco returning for NOW YOU SEE ME 2? Lizzy Caplan is in talks to join t/cast.
Jonah Hill, James Franco, Dave Franco and Christopher Mintz-Plasse walk into a bar. Seth Rogen looks at them and says: Where's…
why would you do this to me? okay so Paget Brewster, Will Arnett, Nick Offerman, Dave Franco, Sandra Bullock maybe? lol you?
My heart actually hurts knowing that I'll never meet Dave Franco. It's not just a celeb crush anymore
Jason Statham and Dave Franco in one film, thank you Homefront
Kevin Hart and Dave Franco acting mad in the new commercial for Madden NFL15
The way James and Dave Franco flex their jaw muscle is the sexiest thing I have EVER seen.
If I buy madden 15 does Dave Franco come with it..?
Have you heard ‘Madden Season starring Kevin Hart and Dave Franco ft. Conway’ by EASPORTS MUSIC on
Literally just watched a 3 and a half minute long Madden 15 commercial just because Dave Franco's in it...
I like your madden season song with Dave Franco
EA Sports knocks it out of the park with a new Madden NFL 15 ad starring Dave Franco and Kevin Hart.
Who doesn't know that Mary Kate and Ashley and Elizabeth Olsen are related? Or James and Dave Franco?? So ridiculous.
I don't understand those Madden 15 commercials with Kevin Hart and Dave Franco... Just a bunch of punchlines with no actual jokes.
Seriously the Madden commercial with and Dave Franco makes me laugh way too hard!
's Madden 15 commercial with Dave Franco is my favorite commercial of all time 😂👌
Dave Franco in the madden Comercial.yum!
I LOVE the Madden commercial with Kevin Hart and Dave Franco 😂
I love the Kevin Hart Dave Franco and Kap madden commerical
The Madden 15 Commercial with Kevin Hart and Dave Franco is hillarious.
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Trudy Campbell is Dave Franco's girlfriend whoa what
They know everything that's happening. And one of them met Alison Brie and Dave Franco at the Trader Joe's right across from us.
Somebody do ya girl a favor and leak Zac Efron, Dave Franco and Michael B. Jordan's nudes 😏
When 2 people are in love with each other, they always find a way to make it work, no matter how hard it is.
"When the whole squad gets in trouble
"When you get back with yo ex and she better at sucking *** 😂
"Dave Franco doesn't know what James Franco is doing either."
Matt and Felix spent a day experiencing what I go through on a daily basis 😂
Smelling bananas can help a person lose weight.
"She laughin while the kid is fighting tobi from paranormal activity 😂
If I come home to a pink room, I'll cry
"Don't make me tell him to paint it pink with your Gothic *** LMFAO h8 my mom rn
hey I'm not the one watching frozen
So the landlord is coming to paint my room , and my mom refuses to let him paint it black 😭😭😭😭
"I don't ever finish what I'm eating" so much same omfg
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Tbh if Dave Franco was my doctor I'd get sick all the time.
Zac Efron and Dave Franco in bad neighbours oh my god 😍👅
Never realised Dave Franco was in warm bodies 😻
Dave Franco is nowhere to be found in your candy cutiepedia. Thanks tho bc almost all of my boyfriends are there 💕
Pretty sure I just saw Dave Franco in downtown Birmingham
Dave Franco, Ed Westwick, Zac Efron and all surfers are the sexiest men walking this earth
Oomf reminds me so much of Dave Franco 😂
ready for some Dave Franco and Zac Efron tonight.
Zac Efron and Dave Franco can be my neighbors any day
Why dafuq do I keep seeing Dave Franco on my timeline!? I mean, he has my last name but still!
perfectly selected cast. Gotta love a cheeky bit of Dave Franco :P
Madden NFL 15 The Stare 30 US TV Spot Featuring Dave Franco and Kevin Hart something you'd do.
I love the commercials with Kevin Hart and Dave Franco together☺️
Kevin Hart Dave Franco commercial is hilarious.
I love Dave Franco with all my heart 😍
All purpose parts banner
I wonder what went so wrong with James Franco and so right with Dave Franco
Can we leak nudes of Dave Franco please
The best nfl commercial is the one w Kevin Hart & Dave Franco 😍
I'm loving all the Madden commercials with Kevin Hart and Dave Franco.
The madden song with Dave Franco and Kevin Hart is my favorite thing ever
he's the Zac Efron to my Dave Franco
Dave Franco and Theo James dorky personalities are honestly da cutest. 😍
Dave Franco , Luis Coronel & James Rodriguez are just oh so perfect to me 😍😍😍
Lol at that Madden commercial with Kevin Hart and Dave Franco.
Ur not Dave Franco or Nick Robinson aka I don't think ur the guy for me, sry
is the best comedy I've seen this summer. Starring Zack Efron, Seth Rogen, Rose Byrne, Dave Franco & Lisa Kudrow
Dave Franco is even hotter than James Franco
Fun fact about Jo: I have a portion of my wall covered in pictures of James and Dave Franco
now you see me has such a great cast, woody harrelson, Morgan freeman, Michael Caine, Melanie Laurent, Dave Franco etc.
That madden commercial with Kevin Hart and Dave Franco kills me lmfao! 😭
That commercial I just seen with Kevin Hart & Dave Franco 😂
I have no intention of buying (or playing) Madden 15, but I do enjoy the Kevin Hart & Dave Franco commercials that're trying to persuade me.
Kevin Hart and Dave Franco's madden commercials are too funny
Let’s focus the Madden 2015 commercials around Kevin Hart & Dave Franco, an ad exec said knowing he had to leave in 5 mins to avoid traffic.
Anybody else addicted to that Madden NFL commercial...yah know the one with Dave Franco and Kevin Hart
.Madden 15 releases new digitally focused marketing plan for the first time. Featuring actors Kevin Hart and Dave Franco
Not a Madden fan, but I am in love with the Madden 15 trailer with Kevin Hart and Dave Franco.
Hate to admit it, but that Madden ad with Kevin Hart and Dave Franco is pretty funny.
Kevin Hart's Madden commercial with Dave Franco has me rollin 😂😂
Dave Franco and Kevin Hart some foos
The madden 15 commercial with Kevin Hart and Dave Franco is hilarious
He's right there next to Dave Franco and Jackson Rathbone
Dave Franco is the reason I have wet dreams
“Omg does this man actually exist?! it's like Dave Franco and Taylor Lautner all in one man 😍😍😍
I wonder what it's like to be Dave Franco
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Well I danced with a dude who looked like Dave Franco so I'm winning right now
I never realized Dave Franco was in Superbad
remember when gave me a plush mouse with pink dungarees on & i named it after Dave Franco's character in a tv show yeah same
how about Zac Efron Dave Franco Channing Tatum and Dylan O'brien all make a movie together sound good great its settled
Dave Franco makes me feel some type of way omg his jawline is beautiful
I had a wet dream about Dave Franco 😳
“Dave Franco can always get it. Mmm. 😍😍 pretty sure he doesn't want it..
"Like I always imagine myself either dating niall, dylan obrien,Zac Efron dave franco or James Franco and its like my dr…
I wouldn't mind dave franco being my boyfriend
Dave Franco takes me to a whole 'nother level like ***
Dave Franco is hot as *** 2.. Actually, I'll take Zac Efron AND Dave Franco thank you very much 😉
In EA Sport's newest commercial for Madden NFL 15, Kevin Hart tries to get into Dave Franco's head.
“do you ever like a celebrity so much you actually get jealous when other people say they like them” Dave Franco 😘
Starring Kevin Hart and Dave Franco. Featuring Conway. Rejoice, it's Madden Season. Don’t ask why. Follow Madden NFL 15 at!
What movie star would you most like to meet? — Dave.Franco.
Zac Efron n Dave Franco shouldn't be allowed on the same screen at the same time
Photoset: xbox: Kevin Hart makes Dave Franco’s life *** in this over-the-top Madden NFL 15 trailer...
if you would date Dave Franco and Fav if nah
Y’all see the new Madden Video with my guy That hit on Dave Franco though lol http…
Dave Franco will you be my husband please
Forever waiting for someone to nominate Dave Franco to do the ice challenge
I think Dave Franco is the sexiest man alive
I'm watching Madden NFL 15: Madden Season by Kevin Hart and Dave Franco on VEVO for iPad.
James and Dave Franco look so much alike, my sibs and i look nothing alike
Meagan doesn't know who Dave Franco is 😒
ICYMI: new commercial is pretty entertaining. WATCH:
Watch this randomly ridiculous teaser for “Madden NFL 15,” where comedian Kevin Hart, challenges actor Dave Franco. How many NFL stars can you spot in the video? See…I told you it was randomly ridiculous. I haven’t bought a… [ 72 more words. ]
Literally spent my entire night watching James and Dave Franco interviews on youtube
Dave Franco is so hot but whys he gotta be almost twice my age
“what do y'all think😳 Se parece mas a Dave Franco no a James.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
I'm sorry but I don't find dave franco hot
Dave Franco comes out in the Madden commercial 😻👅 AYE BABY
i'll stay here, waiting paciently for a Dave Franco's ice bucket challenge.
If only I would have stopped lying and acting, then maybe things would be different.
Madden NFL 15: Kevin Hart and Dave Franco Star in the Most Over the Top Madden Promo Ever
Anybody else see the madden commercial with Kevin Hart and Dave Franco
Dave Franco is such an attractive human being omg
James and Dave Franco have the best genes in the whole entire world!
I'm making a little Dave Franco on my Sims game. That's normal, right? To make yourself?
what the heck did I just watch 😂😂 New madden commercial with Kevin Hart, Dave Franco, and Damian Lillard 😂
Wish I danced as well as my sims Katniss Everdeen, Achilles, Angelina Jolie and Dave Franco :/
James and Dave Franco have great smiles and all.. But Dennis Quaid is the goat
VIDEO: Kevin Hart, Dave Franco & a bunch of athletes star in a crazy commercial to kick off “Madden Season”
Catcher in the Rye on sceen needs a face like Dave Franco, Rob Reiner's 80's style, John Cusack, Billy crystal's charm,
Dave Franco is like a one trick pony when it comes to acting.
If you were going to be stuck on an island with three... — Nick Jonas, Cameron Monaghan, and Dave Franco. And ye...
Theo James and Dave Franco are in relationships MY HEART
I would die to see a James Franco and Dave Franco comedy movie
I hate Dave Franco and James Franco and johnny depp and brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio and all of them
If James Franco and his brother, Dave Franco, had a baby boy, and Ryan Gosling raised him on a farm, that would be my ideal man.
But seriously, James and Dave Franco. Can we take a moment to appreciate these two beautiful men?
Watched 'Neighbors' this afternoon. Rose Byrne is such a cutie. ☺ Zac Efron and Dave Franco...just...pure perfection. 😍
- Selena Gomez celebrates 22nd birthday on yacht with mystery man | Selena Gomez | |
Ian Somerhalder, Zac Efron, and Dave Franco hands down to the hottest men in the universe!
Conan O'Brien and Dave Franco get really creepy on Tinder - By most accounts, Conan...
I had a dream that Dave Franco had a twin brother and one of them likes me. It was amazing😄😍
Zac Efron and Dave Franco in one movie is basically heaven on earth
¦ 864 ¦ James Franco took to Instagram to jokingly congratulate his brother, Dave, on ... ¦ James Franco took to Ins…
“A mix of Harry Styles and Dave Franco. I literally had a stroke
This Conan skit with Dave Franco is hysterical.
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How dare James Franco joke about Zac Efron and Dave Franco dating. It's not funny. My heart can only take so much!
girls my age wanna marry Zack Effron, James and Dave Franco...i wanna marry Seth Rogen ♡♡
no, they would kill me 😂 I'm going to marry Dave Franco, Theo James, Lance Gross, and Ryan Gosling in that order 😂😂😂
"New couple alert: Zac Efron and...Dave Franco? ay no!
I get mistaken for Colton Haynes, Zayn Malik,Zac Efron, and Dave Franco way too often
This dude in front of us looks like dave Franco 😍
Bbg, I've seen the Bad Neighbors and ew the story is too shallow. Zac looks like a midget with his huge muscles. Dave Franco YES
“yes 😍 when Dave Franco does this in movies❤️
“Dave. Freakin. Franco. 😍 that doesn't look like Dave Franco. Is it?
he's with Dave Franco you can't have him
Someone please help! I keep hearing that is dating Dave Franco. Confused 😳
I thought it was dave much
The other woman such a good film...about to watch Bad Neighbours...Zac Efron and Dave Franco though 😍...turned into a movie day!!! 🎥☺
Naw, Nicholas was too good in that movie but I still love Dave Franco no less :P
Things get awkward - and hilarious - when Conan and Dave Franco try out Tinder together. Watch:
Nicholas Hoult is amazing too, but c'mon dave franco! 😍
OMG when Channing was like Diego & boots at the beginning one of my fav scene. Although Dave Franco all the way! lol
James Franco and Dave Franco have very sexy smiles!
"Don't knock it until you try it" said mom, and now I'm dating my best friend Dave Franco - Zac Efron
“those people who ACTUALLY fall for James Franco's joke about Zac and Dave dating are soo dumb 😒😒😒😒
How did I not know James and Dave Franco were brothers?
If you believe that Zac Efron and Dave Franco are a *** couple then you are dumb.
James Franco broke the news that his little brother, Hollywood actor Dave Franco, was dating Hollywood heartthrob, Zac Efron. James posted a photo of Zac a
Zach Efron & Dave Franco are the two most sexiest men .. 😭
Hello ladies, yes this is real Dave Franco. Now send me nudes
I just cant help but drool over Dave Franco! I'm sure a majority of the Female population agree with me!!
"James Franco said that Zac Efron and Dave Franco are dating and I can't tell if it's serious or not" this
the where him and Dave Franco use tinder and they went to go meet a girl
I swear if Zac efferon and Dave Franco are dating than that's a big waste of some beautiful men
I just wanna meet Dave Franco and hug him and take a picture with him. Because he's fabulous. ☺️
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So what is Zac Efron is dating Dave Franco, why is everyone making such a big deal out of it?
who is that and why does he look like the product of Alexander Ludwig and Dave Franco?
James Franco is sexy AF but Dave Franco is like a god. Just sayin
"James Franco is so nice to look at like wow" ohh please I'm pretty sure you mean Dave Franco?!
Zac Efron, Dave Franco and Seth Rogen all together in one movie was fckin amazing ily
Am I the only one who finds James Franco better looking than Dave Franco
Nothing funnier on the internet than the Dave Franco tinder video
I couldn't stop laughing when they first showed the Tinder van! “
I added a video to a playlist Dave Franco & Conan Join Tinder
Dave Franco will always be number 1 bae
Dave Franco why you gotta be so cute😍🔥
lmfaooo I don't know what his girlfriend looks like . remember we fought over who got Dominick and who got Dave franco😂
Dave Franco is my ultimate ideal perception! 😍
Am I the only one who really doesn't think that Dave Franco is attractive?
DAVE Franco?! GREG Poehler?! Stop the planet of the apes I want to get off!
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Mm Dave Franco can sit on my face too!
Conan and Dave Franco go on a mission to meet women through the dating app Tinder.
James or Dave Franco can get it . they are two very attractive men.
is better than James and Dave Franco combined . Woah.
Ok so definite choices are Dave Franco as Jason Todd. Brad Dourif as Penguin.
just asked me if James Franco and Dave Franco were related...
idk who I want more. Zac Efron or Dave Franco
I think I'm in love with Dave Franco. Especially HIS LAUGH OH MY
"Dave Franco happy birthday this is my present to you
Conan and Dave Franco wasn't as funny as conan with Kevin Hart and ice cube.
"Can never have too much Franco just Dave 😍
Jean luc bilodeau, dylan o brien, and dave franco make the perfect sandwich
I am forever and always going to be in love with Dave Franco
. Dave Franco is so fine, hes just perfect👌👌
Who wants to be that girl right now? 😂 (Follow for more Dave Franco)
Omg I think Dave Franco's hot, but so does everyone else guy of girl
wait the video of dave franco and conan o'brien on tinder is the funniest thing I've ever seen 😂
Conan O'Brien and Dave Franco made fake Tinder profiles and chased down one of their matches:
Everyone pray for me to meet Dave Franco 🙏🙏🙏
So you are probably sitting at home bored on a Saturday night swiping through Tinder. Well Conan and Dave Franco wanted to see what the buzz was about on Tinder so they started swiping right themselves. What did they find out? Only the obvious things like...
I'm gonna watch Fright Night for the millionth time and stare at Anton Yelchin/Dave Franco a lot
“Attention tall girls: Zac Efron is 5'8" & Dave Franco is 5'7". There goes your dreams” I'll still take them lol
I forgot Dave Franco was in this movie :')
My cousin is obsessed with Dave Franco.:/
and Dave Franco in the most flawless tv show bit I've ever seen
Dave Franco taking his profile picture for Tinder (x) via
My phone is hotter than Dave Franco rn. Holy crap how do I fix this?!? 😳😖
Can't decide whether or not James Franco or Dave Franco is hotter.
My cousin went to college with Dave Franco 😩
LOLZ: Dave Franco uses Tinder with Conan O’Brien - Unless you and yours are in...
Dave Franco is on tinder. Ok you're welcome.
Dave Franco's laugh is so adorable he laughs like he's choking lol
Conan, Dave Franco, and the sweetest of rides navigate the wild world of Tinder with some hilarious results.
Channing Tatum and Dave Franco in one movie is too much to handle
Alison Brie and Dave Franco have been dating for 2 years?
The host of the windward mall gyukaku tonight is really good looking. He kind of looks like Dave Franco.
Now THIS is how you do Tinder! Conan and Dave Franco got together to combine two of America's favorite pastimes: online dating and trolling people…
Conan O'Brien always wants to grok the groovy things all the kids are doing these days, and the younger members of his staff have turned him on to Tinder. So, accompanied by Dave Franco and a perfectly innocent prowler van full of booze and duct tape, he set off on a vision quest to discover the tru…
I wish I would get a match with Dave Franco on tinder
Dave Franco is just another way to say perfection 😍💋🙌
Watch this amazing video of Conan O'Brien and Dave Franco picking up women on Tinder and then turning up on their doorstep!
I'll kill kittens to be with Dave Franco
This is Great Video: Conan O'Brien and Dave Franco look for love on Tinder vía
the Tinder skit with Dave Franco is hands down the funniest moment on TV this year
I was watched 21 Jump Street today and u know who is hella cute? Dave Franco omg him and his brother j ust. Omg
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Dave Franco just seems like the coolest person ever and I want to be his friend.
Dave Franco gives me breathing problems.
Becky stop torturing me with Dave Franco im in pain
"Am I trouble? Cause I don't wanna miss this movie with Dave Franco. Dave Franco!"
Conan & Dave Franco Join Tinder: this made my day so much better!
.& Dave Franco check out their sweet "Van" ->
Why am I so obsessed with Dave Franco😫😍
Conan O'Brien and Dave Franco join Tinder -- and it's hilarious
Conan O'Brien and Dave Franco try out tinder. Look it up.
Yeah so what if I look up pictures of Dave Franco in my spare time
Watch what happens when Conan and Dave Franco join Tinder
Conan and Dave France look for love on Tinder and it is amazing:
if the purge was real Dave Franco had best be investin in a chastity belt cuz ya girl'd be comin
“Tonight Dave Franco helps me learn about Tinder. Also tonight, I learn how cruel the internet can be. must watch!
I'm watching Now You See it just for Dave Franco
This is what happens when and Dave Franco start playing with Tinder:
I don't remember the last time I laughed this hard at a video. thank you,
I have seven words for you. . Dave Franco. Dave Franco. And Dave Franco 😍
3 guys I would bang in a heart beat Dave Franco, Zach Efron and Melissa's brother
I did not see that one coming but heck Dave Franco is just as hot as his brother lol
We'd definitely swipe right for this. Conan O'Brien has heard a lot about Tinder around his office, so he got Dave Franco to join the dating app with him and check out what he's been missing. The two created hilarious fake profiles, attempted to c...
After watching that Conan O'Brien & Dave Franco bit, i think its time to make my creepy *** a Tinder and meet me a 74 year old Gloria lmao
Dave Franco and Conan O'Brien join Tinder and it's totally creepy and super hilarious.
In order to be successful in his line of work, Conan O’Brien has to keep up with the times. And in today’s world, that involves teaming up with Dave Franco and trying to meet people using Tinder. Step one: They create profiles using their real pictures but fake names—Djengus Roundstone (for Franco) and Chip Whitley […]
This is HILARIOUS!!! It's all about with Dave Franco and Conan O'Brien Presents: Team Coco.
But like. In all honesty... Dave Franco's jaw line. 👌
Dave Franco deserved an Oscar nomination solely based on the Taco Bell scene in 21 Jump Street.
dear God, pls send me a man with the personality of Jon Stewart, the face of Dave Franco, and the body of Zac Efron. amen
I only watch Scrub episodes that Dave Franco is in.
Seth Rogan. James Franco. Jonah Hill. Dave Franco. Actors who actually manage to make me laugh
There's a Swiss player that looks like an uglier Dave Franco. Fabian Schar.
Evolution's real bc 1st James Franco was born & then Dave Franco was born & then their mother gave birth that one poster of cavemen evolving
Hey. James Franco has a little brother! Yeah right. What's his name? Dave Franco?
Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Dave Franco, Miles Teller, and Skyler Austin in a movie together could potentially be the funniest movie ever
Dave Franco's Raunchy Lowbrow Breakout: Not long ago Dave Franco was just an A...
Who should my header be;. John Stamos. Leonardo DiCaprio. Dave Franco. Zac Efron. Kurt Cobain. Miley. Vic Fuentes. Jaime Preciado. -anyone can answer
Well I love Dave Franco and that's a fact.
What's hotter than the sun? — Chris John, Dave Franco and Taylor Momsen.
Dave Franco is perfect. He loves cats. I love cats. I really don't see why we're not married.
Okay if you think brown eyes are gross then you can't say Dave Franco or James Franco is cute
Exactly a year ago today I became in love with Dave Franco
If I knew Dave Franco was in "Now You See Me" I would've watched it much sooner 😍😛
Dave Franco is becoming a part of my everyday life now after Neighbors.
Watching movies with Dave Franco in It right now.👍
Dave Franco, Seth Rogen , and Zac Efron in one good movie. Les do dis
You were right James Franco over Dave Franco any day.
I have a wall of posters that is just Taylor Swift❤, Dave Franco, Demi Lovato, Amy Pohler, pictures of me and my friends, and a naked man.
Dave Franco and Theon Greyjoy showed up at Orientation today. How was your day?
/ Hi there. I've been roleplaying for a number of years, and have had this account for quite some time. However, I lost wifi and lost one of the best partners ever, so here I am, on the hunt for some mains. Mains FRIENDS: Rachel Berry, Santana Lopez, Brittany S. Pierce, Blaine Anderson, Kurt Hummel, etc. LOVE INTERESTS: Noah Puckerman, Sam Evans, male face claims such as; Charlie Hunnam, Daniel Sharman, James or Dave Franco -- really, anybody I feel Quinn could connect with! I'm active, literate and would love to make some new friends. Add or message me if being one of my mains interests you.
22 JUMP STREET MPAA Rating: R/ Genre: Comedy/ Stars: Channing Tatum, Jonah Hill, Peter Stormare, Ice Cube, Wyatt Russell, Amber Stevens, Jillian Bell, Nick Offerman, Rob Riggle, Dave Franco, Richard Grieco, Steven Williams/ Runtime: 112 minutes Now to be sure, no one expected the 2012 feature film 21 Jump Street starring Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill to become the runaway success that it did; but instead of a straightforward update, its helmers Lord and Miller decided to turn a police procedural of youthful-looking cops going undercover in schools and colleges into a self-mocking romp and with just the right amount of self-awareness and some inventive flourishes, the retooled '21 Jump Street' became both a critical and commercial hit, which of course is the reason why this sequel is seeing the light of day. Now before you start accusing '22 Jump Street' of being more of the same, well writers-directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller want you to know that they hear your lament. Yes, the duo whose Midas t ...
Last night Steph and I said we would take it from David Ortiz over Dave Franco anyday, this is why we're friends
LOS ANGELES LAUNCH PARTY OF THE INTERN'S HANDBOOK 7:30PM TONIGHT AT TRiP Santa Monica. Come celebrate the successful US and international book release and recent movie deal with Sony Pictures and producers Original Film and Circle of Confusion—with Dave Franco set to bring John Lago, the book's main character, to life on the big screen. We'll have cocktails and food, followed by a short excerpt reading of The Intern's Handbook. Then we'll cap the evening off with a performance by a top secret but super hot LA buzz band fresh off their East Coast tour at 11pm.
So Jake Johnson, Billy Dee Williams and Dave Franco all did voice work in The Lego Movie...
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