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Dave Franco

David John Dave Franco (born June 12, 1985) is an American television, film and voice actor who played Cole Aaronson on season nine of Scrubs.

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the where him and Dave Franco use tinder and they went to go meet a girl
I swear if Zac efferon and Dave Franco are dating than that's a big waste of some beautiful men
I just wanna meet Dave Franco and hug him and take a picture with him. Because he's fabulous. ☺️
So what is Zac Efron is dating Dave Franco, why is everyone making such a big deal out of it?
who is that and why does he look like the product of Alexander Ludwig and Dave Franco?
James Franco is sexy AF but Dave Franco is like a god. Just sayin
"James Franco is so nice to look at like wow" ohh please I'm pretty sure you mean Dave Franco?!
Zac Efron, Dave Franco and Seth Rogen all together in one movie was fckin amazing ily
Am I the only one who finds James Franco better looking than Dave Franco
Nothing funnier on the internet than the Dave Franco tinder video
I couldn't stop laughing when they first showed the Tinder van! β€œ
I added a video to a playlist Dave Franco & Conan Join Tinder
Dave Franco will always be number 1 bae
Dave Franco why you gotta be so cute😍πŸ”₯
lmfaooo I don't know what his girlfriend looks like . remember we fought over who got Dominick and who got Dave francoπŸ˜‚
Dave Franco is my ultimate ideal perception! 😍
Am I the only one who really doesn't think that Dave Franco is attractive?
DAVE Franco?! GREG Poehler?! Stop the planet of the apes I want to get off!
Mm Dave Franco can sit on my face too!
Conan and Dave Franco go on a mission to meet women through the dating app Tinder.
James or Dave Franco can get it . they are two very attractive men.
is better than James and Dave Franco combined . Woah.
Ok so definite choices are Dave Franco as Jason Todd. Brad Dourif as Penguin.
just asked me if James Franco and Dave Franco were related...
Conan O'Brien and Dave Franco get really creepy on Tinder - By most...
idk who I want more. Zac Efron or Dave Franco
I think I'm in love with Dave Franco. Especially HIS LAUGH OH MY
"Dave Franco happy birthday this is my present to you
Conan and Dave Franco wasn't as funny as conan with Kevin hart and Ice Cube.
"Can never have too much Franco just Dave 😍
Jean luc bilodeau, dylan o brien, and dave franco make the perfect sandwich
I am forever and always going to be in love with Dave Franco
. Dave Franco is so fine, hes just perfectπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
Who wants to be that girl right now? πŸ˜‚ (Follow for more Dave Franco)
Omg I think Dave Franco's hot, but so does everyone else guy of girl
wait the video of dave franco and conan o'brien on tinder is the funniest thing I've ever seen πŸ˜‚
Conan O'Brien and Dave Franco made fake Tinder profiles and chased down one of their matches:
Everyone pray for me to meet Dave Franco πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
So you are probably sitting at home bored on a Saturday night swiping through Tinder. Well Conan and Dave Franco wanted to see what the buzz was about on Tinder so they started swiping right themselves. What did they find out? Only the obvious things like...
I'm gonna watch Fright Night for the millionth time and stare at Anton Yelchin/Dave Franco a lot
β€œAttention tall girls: Zac Efron is 5'8" & Dave Franco is 5'7". There goes your dreams” I'll still take them lol
I forgot Dave Franco was in this movie :')
My cousin is obsessed with Dave Franco.:/
and Dave Franco in the most flawless tv show bit I've ever seen
Dave Franco taking his profile picture for Tinder (x) via
My phone is hotter than Dave Franco rn. Holy crap how do I fix this?!? πŸ˜³πŸ˜–
Can't decide whether or not James Franco or Dave Franco is hotter.
My cousin went to college with Dave Franco 😩
LOLZ: Dave Franco uses Tinder with Conan O’Brien - Unless you and yours are in...
Dave Franco is on tinder. Ok you're welcome.
Dave Franco's laugh is so adorable he laughs like he's choking lol
Conan, Dave Franco, and the sweetest of rides navigate the wild world of Tinder with some hilarious results.
Channing Tatum and Dave Franco in one movie is too much to handle
Alison Brie and Dave Franco have been dating for 2 years?
The host of the windward mall gyukaku tonight is really good looking. He kind of looks like Dave Franco.
Now THIS is how you do Tinder! Conan and Dave Franco got together to combine two of America's favorite pastimes: online dating and trolling people…
Conan O'Brien always wants to grok the groovy things all the kids are doing these days, and the younger members of his staff have turned him on to Tinder. So, accompanied by Dave Franco and a perfectly innocent prowler van full of booze and duct tape, he set off on a vision quest to discover the tru…
I wish I would get a match with Dave Franco on tinder
Dave Franco is just another way to say perfection πŸ˜πŸ’‹πŸ™Œ
Watch this amazing video of Conan O'Brien and Dave Franco picking up women on Tinder and then turning up on their doorstep!
I'll kill kittens to be with Dave Franco
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This is Great Video: Conan O'Brien and Dave Franco look for love on Tinder vΓ­a
the Tinder skit with Dave Franco is hands down the funniest moment on TV this year
I was watched 21 Jump Street today and u know who is hella cute? Dave Franco omg him and his brother j ust. Omg
Dave Franco just seems like the coolest person ever and I want to be his friend.
Dave Franco gives me breathing problems.
Becky stop torturing me with Dave Franco im in pain
"Am I trouble? Cause I don't wanna miss this movie with Dave Franco. Dave Franco!"
Conan & Dave Franco Join Tinder: this made my day so much better!
.& Dave Franco check out their sweet "Van" ->
Why am I so obsessed with Dave Franco😫😍
Conan O'Brien and Dave Franco join Tinder -- and it's hilarious
Conan O'Brien and Dave Franco try out tinder. Look it up.
Yeah so what if I look up pictures of Dave Franco in my spare time
Watch what happens when Conan and Dave Franco join Tinder
Conan and Dave France look for love on Tinder and it is amazing:
Hamilton Collection
if the purge was real Dave Franco had best be investin in a chastity belt cuz ya girl'd be comin
β€œTonight Dave Franco helps me learn about Tinder. Also tonight, I learn how cruel the internet can be. must watch!
I'm watching Now You See it just for Dave Franco
This is what happens when and Dave Franco start playing with Tinder:
I don't remember the last time I laughed this hard at a video. thank you,
I have seven words for you. . Dave Franco. Dave Franco. And Dave Franco 😍
3 guys I would bang in a heart beat Dave Franco, Zach Efron and Melissa's brother
I did not see that one coming but heck Dave Franco is just as hot as his brother lol
We'd definitely swipe right for this. Conan O'Brien has heard a lot about Tinder around his office, so he got Dave Franco to join the dating app with him and check out what he's been missing. The two created hilarious fake profiles, attempted to c...
After watching that Conan O'Brien & Dave Franco bit, i think its time to make my creepy *** a Tinder and meet me a 74 year old Gloria lmao
Dave Franco and Conan O'Brien join Tinder and it's totally creepy and super hilarious.
In order to be successful in his line of work, Conan O’Brien has to keep up with the times. And in today’s world, that involves teaming up with Dave Franco and trying to meet people using Tinder. Step one: They create profiles using their real pictures but fake namesβ€”Djengus Roundstone (for Franco) and Chip Whitley […]
This is HILARIOUS!!! It's all about with Dave Franco and Conan O'Brien Presents: Team Coco.
But like. In all honesty... Dave Franco's jaw line. πŸ‘Œ
Dave Franco deserved an Oscar nomination solely based on the Taco Bell scene in 21 Jump Street.
dear God, pls send me a man with the personality of Jon Stewart, the face of Dave Franco, and the body of Zac Efron. amen
I only watch Scrub episodes that Dave Franco is in.
Seth Rogan. James Franco. Jonah Hill. Dave Franco. Actors who actually manage to make me laugh
There's a Swiss player that looks like an uglier Dave Franco. Fabian Schar.
Evolution's real bc 1st James Franco was born & then Dave Franco was born & then their mother gave birth that one poster of cavemen evolving
Hey. James Franco has a little brother! Yeah right. What's his name? Dave Franco?
Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Dave Franco, Miles Teller, and Skyler Austin in a movie together could potentially be the funniest movie ever
Dave Franco's Raunchy Lowbrow Breakout: Not long ago Dave Franco was just an A...
Who should my header be;. John Stamos. Leonardo DiCaprio. Dave Franco. Zac Efron. Kurt Cobain. Miley. Vic Fuentes. Jaime Preciado. -anyone can answer
Well I love Dave Franco and that's a fact.
What's hotter than the sun? β€” Chris John, Dave Franco and Taylor Momsen.
Dave Franco is perfect. He loves cats. I love cats. I really don't see why we're not married.
Okay if you think brown eyes are gross then you can't say Dave Franco or James Franco is cute
Exactly a year ago today I became in love with Dave Franco
If I knew Dave Franco was in "Now You See Me" I would've watched it much sooner πŸ˜πŸ˜›
Dave Franco is becoming a part of my everyday life now after Neighbors.
Watching movies with Dave Franco in It right now.πŸ‘
Dave Franco, Seth Rogen , and Zac Efron in one good movie. Les do dis
You were right James Franco over Dave Franco any day.
I have a wall of posters that is just Taylor Swift❀, Dave Franco, Demi Lovato, Amy Pohler, pictures of me and my friends, and a naked man.
Dave Franco and Theon Greyjoy showed up at Orientation today. How was your day?
/ Hi there. I've been roleplaying for a number of years, and have had this account for quite some time. However, I lost wifi and lost one of the best partners ever, so here I am, on the hunt for some mains. Mains FRIENDS: Rachel Berry, Santana Lopez, Brittany S. Pierce, Blaine Anderson, Kurt Hummel, etc. LOVE INTERESTS: Noah Puckerman, Sam Evans, male face claims such as; Charlie Hunnam, Daniel Sharman, James or Dave Franco -- really, anybody I feel Quinn could connect with! I'm active, literate and would love to make some new friends. Add or message me if being one of my mains interests you.
22 JUMP STREET MPAA Rating: R/ Genre: Comedy/ Stars: Channing Tatum, Jonah Hill, Peter Stormare, Ice Cube, Wyatt Russell, Amber Stevens, Jillian Bell, Nick Offerman, Rob Riggle, Dave Franco, Richard Grieco, Steven Williams/ Runtime: 112 minutes Now to be sure, no one expected the 2012 feature film 21 Jump Street starring Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill to become the runaway success that it did; but instead of a straightforward update, its helmers Lord and Miller decided to turn a police procedural of youthful-looking cops going undercover in schools and colleges into a self-mocking romp and with just the right amount of self-awareness and some inventive flourishes, the retooled '21 Jump Street' became both a critical and commercial hit, which of course is the reason why this sequel is seeing the light of day. Now before you start accusing '22 Jump Street' of being more of the same, well writers-directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller want you to know that they hear your lament. Yes, the duo whose Midas t ...
Last night Steph and I said we would take it from David Ortiz over Dave Franco anyday, this is why we're friends
LOS ANGELES LAUNCH PARTY OF THE INTERN'S HANDBOOK 7:30PM TONIGHT AT TRiP Santa Monica. Come celebrate the successful US and international book release and recent movie deal with Sony Pictures and producers Original Film and Circle of Confusionβ€”with Dave Franco set to bring John Lago, the book's main character, to life on the big screen. We'll have cocktails and food, followed by a short excerpt reading of The Intern's Handbook. Then we'll cap the evening off with a performance by a top secret but super hot LA buzz band fresh off their East Coast tour at 11pm.
So Jake Johnson, Billy Dee Williams and Dave Franco all did voice work in The Lego Movie...
Can we just appreciate Craig Roberts, Dave Franco and Zac Efron in the same picture, plz
you have Theo James, ill have Dave Franco and we will go on cute dates together.
Dear girl on tumblr, . I don't live 'under a rock', I know who Dave Franco is πŸ˜’
breaks my heart there was barely any Dave Franco in 22 Jump Street 😭
Breast Cancer Awareness
everyone forgets that dave Franco and Zac Efron were in Charlie St. Cloud together
"Can someone famous fall in love with me please" dave franco please
I would like to "fight" with muke too or Dave Franco or you know who
Haih Dave Franco be my boyfriend already πŸ˜‹
So I'm kinda in love with Dave Franco
watching scrubs season 9 for Dave Franco πŸ’™
Dave Franco was in 22 jump street. He look pretty good in a prison jump suit
Now You See Me is one of my favourite movies . Lagi lagi ada Dave Franco . Aw 😘
My thirst for Dave Franco is unreal 😩
I think Dave Franco should of had a longer appearance in 22 jump street js
Don't expect Dave Franco to tell to stop posting nude pics anytime soon:
dave Franco was on 22 jumpstreet for about 2 minutes but I still managed to freak out bc he's so perfect
dave franco who?? Singers like Arjun, jay sean etc.. Chefs like Jamie Oliver(the most fav), Rick Bayless, Peter Kuruvita! :D
Neighbors is an unrealistic movie because if Dave Franco & Zac Efron lived next to me I certainly wouldn't be trying to ki…
Dave Franco turns 29 today! Is it just us or is he hotter than ever?!
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I'll take a Dave Franco with a side of Zac Efron
Dave Franco tells all: You'll never guess the strange and SEXY way Zac Efron broke his hand: http:…
I couldn't care less that Dave Franco is 5' 7" he could be 4' 9" and I'd stil be down for that
How do people fangirl over anyone besides Dave Franco and Ansel Elgort.??
I just found out Dave Franco has a girlfriendπŸ˜ͺ
Dave Franco is in 22 Jump Street :O He only makes an apperance though. I don't think.he's one of the main characters again though.
The last book I've read was METAMORPHOSIS: Junior Year by Betsy Franco and illustrations were done by Tom Franco (yes the birth mother of the beautiful creatures named James Franco, Dave Franco and Tom Franco). I'd give this book a whopping 9/10. This book is literally the eptiome of young adult novels filled with hilarious sarcasm, annoying teenage problems, mythology and extremely funny poems. You'd be hooked on this book before you know it. GAAAH I dont know why I loved this book probably because I'm going through those things too. But yeah anyway I'm still not sure what I'm going to read next it's probably a book from Rick Riordan or from Sam Savage. I'm about to lose my precious book reading time because of CETs lol. Recommendations: Anansi Boys by none other than Neil Gaiman!!! ! ! !!! The book is so brilliant and wow is there a Neil Gaiman book that can't please anyone? But yeah I just really really love that guy.
22 Jump Street has several big laughs in it and yet has less than the original did and the one of the biggest of those laughs involves bringing back Rob Riggle and Dave Franco back from the original (the other is a sequence of sequel jokes that occurs in the credits but has nothing to do with the rest of the movie). Tatum and Hill are fine but some of the meta jokes about sequels and such feel out of place, not to mention the barely there plot and supporting characters (Patton Oswalt and H John Benjamin show up a hot second but that only makes you want more of them). This has been a summer of middling comedies with no stand outs as of yet.
lulz, you wishhh guhhh. Don't we all. I think I like Dave Franco the best though.
Jonah Hill, Channing Tatum, and Ice Cube are back for "22 Jump Street." My review. In this second outing, the Jump Street crew are back with more or less the same thing they were doing last time. There is a drug out there and it is being spread across a college and the duo goes undercover to find out who is dealing it out. The only difference this time, is it is college instead of high school. It is noted from the players in the movie including Nick Offerman that no one cared about a reboot the first time, but they got lucky and this time they've spent more money for essentially the same thing. They make plenty of fun of themselves and the reboot/sequel and it works nicely here. Ice Cube steps it up here and is really funny. We get appearances from Rob Riggle and Dave Franco reprising their roles from the last film and there are a number of guest star appearances. The end credits feature a very clever entertaining look at what future installments could look like. This is a funny film and a worth ...
22 Jump Street was amazing and Channing Tatum and Dave Franco can marry me anytime now 😍
22 JumpStreet reminded me of how much I love Channing Tatum... & Dave Franco & Jonah Hill & Ice Cube
I want to meet johnny depp, Dave Franco, Zac Efron, and Jonah Hill before I die.
Watching 21 jump street. 22 is way better but Dave Franco Mmm ;)
Watching a Dave Franco movie. God, he's so flippin' sexy. Mmm!
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21 jump street dave franco . Channing Tatum . 2 hot guys in one movie ! Omg yes !
Five movie reviews for you today. One is about a Brady Bunch-like family vacation, one is about fighting against the frat house next door, one is about a legendary Japanese monster, one is about a cook on the road with his son, and one is about the dangerous West. Blended (PG-13) A widower (Adam Sandler) and a divorcee (Drew Barrymore) go on a horrible first date, but...through unusual circumstances...they and their combined five kids find themselves on a family vacation to Africa. It's your usual goofball humor that is in almost every Sandler movie, but he and Barrymore have such good chemistry (this is their third movie together, after The Wedding Singer and 50 First Dates) that it feels natural when they eventually fall for one another. The kids are funny as well in this movie. See it in a discount theater (with your older family.) Neighbors (R) A married couple (Seth Rogen & Rose Byrne) leave their partying days behind when they have a newborn daughter. They have to deal with a fraternity house, ...
10 facts about me ; 1. I've been obsessed with eminem since like 3rd grade πŸ‘Œ 2. I love hot wings .πŸ”₯ 3. I'm not even 5 feet yet. 4. My favorite Color is red. 5. I love dogs ,and baby's ._. 6. Music if my life πŸ’ž 7. I sleep ALOT 8. I CANT cook.πŸ˜‚ 9. I hate kids._. 10. I love Yulema Ramirez & Dave Franco. πŸ’˜
Following their success in the 21 Jump Street program, Morton Schmidt (Jonah Hill) and Greg Jenko (Channing Tatum) are back on the streets chasing narcotics. However, after failing in the pursuit of a group of drug dealers led by Ghost (Peter Stormare), Deputy Chief Hardy (Nick Offerman) puts the duo back on the program to work for Captain Dickson (Ice Cube) - now located across the street at 22 Jump Street. Their assignment is to go undercover as college students and locate the supplier of a drug known as "WHYPHY" (WiFi) that killed a student photographed buying it on campus. At college, Jenko quickly makes friends with a pair of jocks named Zook (Wyatt Russell) and Rooster (Jimmy Tatro), the latter being a prime suspect of the investigation. Jenko starts attending parties with the jocks who do not take as kindly to Schmidt. Meanwhile, Schmidt gets the attention of an art student, Maya (Amber Stevens), by feigning an interest in slam poetry. The two sleep together, to the disapproval of Maya's roommate M ...
Has enjoyed seeing my Dad today, remembering Johns Dad and raising a glass to him, but my heart is breaking for my friend who lost his Dad this weekend.keep smiling Dave Franco Franklin, like I told you this morning, he will always be with you, you just have to look harder.x
Rumor has it that Dave Franco is going to be a dad, which is weird, because I didn't even know I was pregnant.
such a good afternoon with my fave Shauna Jaide 😘 having ourself a little Dave Franco marathon this evening should be top!πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜
I know realistically that Dave Franco and Andrew Garfield are two different people, but my brain refuses to permanently accept that information.
Hardest question in life: Zac Efron, Dave Franco, Liam Hemsworth, Chris Hemsworth, Alex Pettyfer, or Chris Evans?😩
My mom Loves James Franco I love Dave Franco xD :p one of the things i love bout u mom
Pictures that had to be edited cuz I got photo bombed, Nick Zano, Holly Robinson Peete, and Dave Franco
I showed Brielle a picture of Dave Franco and told her to say uncle.. She did πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
UCLA brought Dave Franco, Jonah Hill, and Channing Tatum for their 22 jump street movie premiere. Why can't we have nice things? Aspb step it up!
Channing Tatum and Dave Franco are so hot omg
Dave Franco thinks it's ''refreshing'' his brother James posts naked photographs of himself online.The 'Neighbors' star doesn't have a problem with hi...
Dave Franco David John "Dave" Franco[2] (born June 12, 1985) is an American television and film actor who is best known for his roles in the films 21 Jump Street, Charlie St. Cloud, Fright Night,Now You See Me, Warm Bodies, Neighbors, and on the ninth season of the series Scrubs. He is the younger brother of actor James Franco.[3] Early life Franco was born in Palo Alto, California, the son of Betsy (nΓ©e Verne), a poet, author, and editor, and Doug Franco (1948–2011),[4][5]who met as students at Stanford University.[6]Franco's father was of Portuguese andSwedish descent.[7] Franco's mother isJewish (from a family of Russian Jewishancestry, with her parents having changed the surname from "Verovitz" to "Verne"); Dave has stated that he is "proud" to be Jewish.[8][9]Franco's paternal grandmother, Marjorie (Peterson) Franco, is a published author ofyoung adult books.[10][11] Franco's maternal grandmother, Mitzie (Levine) Verne, owns the Verne Art Gallery, a prominent art gallery inCleveland, and was an ac ...
Watching now you see me with my mom and papa!!! OMG can I have Dave Franco??? 😍😍
I really wanna watch "Neighbours" It looks like a cool movie : D Zac Efron and Dave Franco are in it lol
Yay! I am ready to laugh hysterically...and see Dave Franco. ;)
Dave Franco doesn't have a problem with his brother James posting naked photographs of himself on Instagram because he admires his confidence.
22 Jump Street was pretty good but could have used a lot more Dave Franco
Jon M. Chu Eyes Now You See Me 2 It appears that plans have changed in the year since Now You See Me helmer Louis Leterrier told us that he was planning on coming back to direct Now You See Me 2. Today, Variety is reporting that Leterrier won't helm the sequel and that eyes are currently on Jon M. Chu for the job. Released last year, Now You See Me grossed more than $350 million with the story of "The Four Horsemen," a super-team of the world's greatest illusionists who pull off a series of daring heists against corrupt business leaders during their performances, showering the stolen profits on their audiences while staying one step ahead of the law. Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, Isla Fisher, Dave Franco and Mark Ruffalo are all set to reprise their roles for the sequel, which is making plans to lens this fall. Chu, whose credits include G.I. Joe: Retaliation and Justin Bieber: Never Say Never, is currently filming Jem and the Holograms for Paramount Pictures.
I totally forgot that Dave Franco was in this movie...
You're so hot featuring Dave Franco and Christopher Mintz-Plasse is incredible
not true. Were gonna move to LA together and meet celebrities there. I'm gonna hunt down Dave Franco
can I make out with Dave Franco for his birthday or is that not allowed
29 years ago, God decided there wasn't enough deliciousness in this world. And, so, Dave Franco was born.
Dave Franco is almost 30 years old and he looks like a high schooler. It's just not f a i r.
my friend sister just met Channing Tatum and Dave Franco... 😱😱😱
Dave Franco to star in James Franco’s movie about β€˜The Room’
Dave Franco. James Franco. . In the same film. . Based on excellent book. .
Short or not those guys are still cute...especially Taylor Lautner and Dave Franco
Just to let you THOTS know, Zac Efron is 5'8, Dave Franco and Josh Hutcherson are 5'7 and Taylor Lautner is 5'9. Y'all like tall guys tho
Channing Tatum and Dave Franco.. What's not to like πŸ’ž
If you don't think Graham looks like Dave Franco you are wrong
Dave Franco gives me breathing problems 😍
"I will be closer to SoCal and Dave Franco and You're near Davis so you can go cuddle with cows" - what Peter wrote in my yearbook
my mother got me a Dave Franco calendar needless to say I'm the happiest girl in the world right now 😍😍😍
If they ever make a US Soccer movie, Dave Franco is Landon Donovan
heck yea, Johnny Depp and Dave Franco were! 😜
Dave Franco gives me breathing problems 😍😍
Of course he is. But I don't see him as John - "Dave Franco to Star in 'Intern's Handbook' for Sony (Exclusive)
Dave Franco & Zac Efron in Charlie St. Cloud or Channing Tatum in dear john? 😍
I keep going in this circle of loving Brad Simpson, then Jake T Austin and then Dave Franco and it's never ending and idek man
John Madden before Jasmine from Aladdin... - Zac Efron & Dave Franco
Little Giant Ladders
Dave Franco's Robert De Niro impression is spot on πŸ‘Œ
My love for John Stamos and Dave Franco is just so unreal.
might just make me and Dave Franco have children on the sims cause that's the closest I'll ever get
Another behind the scenes look at Bad Neighbours - this time, it's the Robert De Niro party and Dave Franco's excellent impression.
Dave Franco should marry me because we have a beautiful family on Sims.
on kik they like copied and pasted it and john was telling me how you can see Dave Franco naked I cry
Who do you think should be nominated for "Choice Male Hottie"? for Zac Efron for Dave Franco
Also, how people think Dave Franco is the hotter brother blows my mind. . James Franco > always
If you aren't: Chris Brown, Drake, J. Cole, Theo James, Dave Franco, Leonardo DiCaprio or Michael Ealy, you can't penetrate me.
I suck at watching movies, ADD kicks in...unless Dave Franco or Theo James is in it 😍😍😍
"I don't like touching bread it creeps me out" -Dave Franco
James and Dave Franco are 3 blocks away from our Hotel 😩😍
Dave Franco and Theo James need to be in a film together😍
Zac Efron, Dave Franco, Seth Rogen and McLovin' in one movie! woooh :D
James & Dave Franco are 3 blocks away from the hotel I'm staying at... brb im dying.
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y'all can have James/Dave Franco, Zac Efron, Ryan Gosling just let me keep JGL, Henry Cavil, Justin Long, and Nicholas Hoult! πŸ˜πŸ’¦
If I was in a room with Zac Efron, Dave Franco, Chris Evans, Channing Tatum, Zachary Levi, George Clooney and Bradley Cooper, I would die 😍❀
Episode 81: Neighbors (2014) Rated RDirected: Nicholas StollerStarring: Seth Rogen, Zak Efron, Dave Franco, Rose Byrne & More. Topics/Questions discussed:
- Was this film entertaining or worth watching opening weekend?- Was the trailer better than the actual film?- Did the trailer give away all the…
Dave Franco πŸ’œ my new eye candy 😚. Also James Franco has always been my crush since forever!
Christopher Mintz-Plasse was in Neighbors with Dave Franco who is the younger brother of James Franco who was in the Spiderman (cont)
You know when Dave Franco acts like Robert Di Nero lmao!
Zac Efron, Seth Rogen, Dave Franco, Rose Byrne and Christopher Mintz-Plasse know how to make a fantastic movie.. ❀️😘😍
The funny or die "You're so hot" shorts w/ Christopher Mintz-Plasse & Dave Franco are that cringey I don't know wether to laugh or cry😢
Can't believe Christopher Mintz Plasse & Dave Franco were allowed to do three parts to You're So Hot. Laughing and cringing at the same time
Who ever put Zak Efron and Dave Franco in a film together is pure genius
you've never felt truly uncomfortable if you haven't seen Dave Franco and Christopher Mintz-Plasse "You're So Hot" videos on Funny or Die 😳
Dave Franco and Zac Efron are magical creatures
I can't wrap my mind around Dave Franco making the voice for The Riddler on Young Justice. They made Riddler so stupid looking.
good idea, you will be hooked. I'm in love with Alison Brie (Annie)... only got Dave Franco to compete with... Pshh.
I love Robert dinero & James Franco's brother "Dave Franco" does a bad *** impression of him in neighbors. Had me dying lmao
I mean his speaking voice, his singing in the neighbors was cluttered by Dave Franco,Christopher Mintz-Plasse & other frat boys, so idk that
I want Dave Franco and Christopher Mintz-Plasse to smack me across the face
Well, there's goes my shot with Alison Brie. *** you, Dave Franco.
Christopher Mintz,Dave Franco & Zac Efron, I felt the drool coming out my mouth watching Neighbors 😍
Dave Franco and Zac Efron in one movie is just a hotness overload
Not 100% sure that Dave Franco isn't a character played by James Franco...
James and Dave Franco need to make a movie together
Dave Franco throwing it up for his Alpha Chi Omega ladies 😏
I didn't expect lots of likes on my other status! lol, but here's my confessions 😁 - I plan to do alot things in my life. I want to travel the world one day. I want to learn how to fly a plane! I want to skydive. I want to be a professional photographer. I want to be a kindergarten teacher. I love music. I play Guitar. I would die if I ever met the band Foster The People! 😱 Since I mentioned famous people, I might as well tell you I have 4 celebrity crushes: Chris Brown, Josh Hutcherson, Zac Efron & Dave Franco! 😍 I love my job. I like being outdoors & out on the water. My favourite animals are dogs & bears 😁 I like meeting new people. I am usually not the first person to speak. But once we talk.. You'll find out I am very talkative. lol I like to write. I like to draw. I am right handed & also left handed. πŸ˜πŸ‘Œ I have 3 piercings. & want tattoos! lol. I like playing & watching sports. I love to play basketball. I started playing when I was 7. My favourite are 9 & 17 My weaknesses are: Cut ...
Emma Roberts got to kiss James AND Dave Franco. I'm jelly is the understatement of the century. 😩😘
Zac Efron and Dave Franco were so worth watching Bad Neighbours for
After seeing Neighbors I would definitely party with Zac Efron and Dave Franco
No Zac Efron and Dave Franco canny be your neighbours, they're absolutely loaded staying in America and you're just a daf…
Zack Efron and Dave Franco in a movie together is every teenage girls dream!
My is Dave Franco. I wish I was his neighbor:
I took woman points away from Morgan because she doesn't know who Dave Franco is
Attitude Magazine Zac Efron on Dave Franco: 'I grabbed his balls really hard' Β» Attitude Magazine
He’s ridiculously handsome, has a famous older brother and is poised to be Hollywood’s next big thing, and guess what? Now, Dave Franco can add something else to that list: He’s MTV News’ pick for Man Crush Monday! Fans who took in his latest flick, β€œNeighbors,” got a full dose of Franco this weekend. The... Read more Β»
Dave Franco and Zac Efron are to die for
Isla Fisher, Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson and Dave Franco in "Now you see me".
Me when I saw Zac Efron and Dave Franco in
Zac Efron & Dave Franco are man dimes. Chese and rice πŸ‘…
Dave Franco & Zac Efron are cute & Seth Rogen is funny but why did I spend $13 on Neighbors??
A couple with a newborn baby face unexpected difficulties after they are forced to live next to a fraternity house. Starring Rose Byrne, Seth Rogen, Zac Efron, and Dave Franco.
Just watched bad neighbour and I'm now obsessed with Dave Franco 😍
"bros before *** "sports before genital warts" "john madden before jasmine from aladdin"- Zac Efron and Dave Franco πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Ok guys, think u should all go and see Bad Neighbours starring Seth Rogen, zac effron, Dave Franco and Rose Byrne .. Was funny, good soundtrack and was a bit like knocked up vs animal house.
β€œNeighbors” with Seth Rogen, Zac Efron, Rose Byrne, Jerrod Carmichael, Dave Franco, and Christopher Mintz-Plasse is a comedy. However, there are some serious repercussions when your juxtaposition is not conducive to a harmonious relationship. Case in… [ 421 more words. ]
When you wait four hours for a movie you don't get to see and you miss Zac Efron & Dave Franco's beautifulness. Rebecca Lynn Morton Rilla Jordan Hill
I'm sorry but Dave Franco and Zac Efron in one movie...😍😍
I really want to go see "the neighbors" tonight. Dave Franco, Zac Efron AND Seth Rogen ?! I'm in.
Seeing later with Megan, Tracy, Barbara, John, Jeremy, Gregory and James. Dave Franco and Zac Efron are super πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
I'd go back to college if the frat guys looked like Zac Efron and Dave Franco
Realistically, I only want to see neighbors for Zac Efron and Dave Franco. 😍😍
Sorry Seth Rogen and Dave Franco you can't just sneak Zac Efron in the circle.
Dave Franco always looks really confused
Dave Franco will father my children
if you don't think Dave Franco is hot then you are a ***
Zac Efron and Dave Franco should father my children
Dave Franco was just too sexy in Neighbors πŸ‘…πŸ‘…πŸ˜
Dave Franco, will you father my children?
I need Dave Franco to be the father of my children
Watching Neighbors and I just can't decide if I'm more obsessed with Zac Efron or Dave Franco. 😍πŸ”₯
All these girls going crazy over Zac Efron and Dave Franco in Neighbors and I'm like "Seth Rogan, father my children."
maybe she thought u were Dave Franco bc c'mon Jewish people are hard to differentiate
Meet Black Singles 300x250
β€œ2 reasons to see Neighbors: . 1. Dave Franco . 2. Zac Efron” dave franco.
Bad Neighbours is in cinemas now. To get yourself ready, check out this very special 'INTRO TO FRATS' video, hosted by Dave Franco.
Seth Rogen’s impression of Dave Franco was pretty spot on as well
Who would YOU rather spoon with: Dave Franco, Seth Rogen, or Zac Efron? Hear who the cast choose!
β€œEveryone's going to see Neighbors because of Zac Efron & Dave Franco, Seth Rogen.” Same.
I frown on girls just watching Neighbors so they can see Zac Efron and Dave Franco... Seth Rogen will be the funnier character. It's a fact
I didn't know Dave Franco was James Franco's lil brother! Geez blonde moment. I've love him since
I'll carry Dave Franco's baby any day.
Time to drool over Seth Rogan I mean I guess Zac Efron and Dave Franco too ;-)
Round 1: Aidan Turner vs. Dave Franco I just vote for Dave Franco
The fact that Zac Efron and Dave Franco are gonna be in the same movie drives me crazy
Why deprive the Philippines of seeing Zac Efron and Dave Franco together on the big screen??? JUSTICE FOR PINAYS PLEASE
Β  Dave Franco is doing the publicity rounds for the movie Neighbors. Franco stopped by Conan and the interview turned to his brother James. Conan asked what the *** is wrong with him? From naked internet selfies to obscene paintings of Seth Rogen, the elder Franco has apparently lost his…
Most people would be thrilled if Zac Efron, Dave Franco, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, and Jerrod Carmichael moved in next door. But in the new movie "Neighbors," it proves to be a complete nightmare for Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne.
On the way at 6:30, Rove McManus is hosting again with Carrie Bickmore, Peter Helliar and Todd Sampson - plus Hyla talks to Zac Efron and Dave Franco from the new flick 'Bad Neighbours'!
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Dave Franco and Alison Brie have been dating for two years ❀️ What a hot and adorable couple ❀️
If you could have lunch with 5 people dead or alive w... β€” Dave Franco, Taylor Lautner, Zoey Deutch, Nicki Mina...
Tonight: Zac Efron & Dave Franco with Hyla β€” Plus the future of the postal service, homework, brain implants, the word *** , fit notes, 3D printing makeup, and Prince William travels economy. And it's your last chance to catch the Rove team hosting reunion!
Me and Taylor looked at pictures of Dave Franco on the internet for a straight hour today
met Dave Franco and Zac Efron ask me if I'm crying bc I AM
Dave Franco and Alison Brie are dating! U mad Claudia Chan?
Awkward moments with Alicia: When you watch you will see how good Dave Franco is at doing a Robert De Niro face. I asked him to indulge me. (The film is called Bad Neighbours in Australia)
Of mice and men was amazing, the whole cast were amazing and did a fantastic job, especially James Franco, Chris O'Dowd & Leighton Meester 😍 even seen some celebs at the show : Seth Rogan, Zac Efron and Dave Franco ❀️❀️ so extremely happy and grateful i was given the opportunity to experience something like this ☺️ Have one more full day in New York.. Home monday evening
Man I really want to see Neighbors. Anything with Seth Rogen and Dave Franco is hilarious
Every girl is gonna watch Neighbors because of Zac Efron and Dave Franco. I am going to watch it cause Seth Rogen is the funniest man alive
Neighbors is a very funny movie. Nice job, Seth Rogen, Rose Byrne, Zac Efron, and Dave Franco
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