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Dave Dombrowski

David Dombrowski (born July 27, 1956) is the current president, CEO, and general manager of the Detroit Tigers of Major League Baseball.

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Dave Dombrowski on report Pablo Sandoval wants Boston Red Sox trade if not
Dave Dombrowski on report Pablo Sandoval wants trade if not
"Mike Iltich let you run your own ship, but if you needed his assistant, he would do everything he possible could" - Dave Dombrowski
Former Tigers general manager Dave Dombrowski: Mike Ilitch was reason I joined team
"His total passion to win, for baseball. He knew the game. You could tell that from the moment you met him" - Dave Dombrowski on Mike Iltich
Despite rocky end, Dave Dombrowski fondly remembers his time with Mike Ilitch and the
How many Jeff Bagwell's did Dave Dombrowski give up?. Margot, Espinoza, Moncada,…
Red Sox president Dave Dombrowski, on Mike Ilitch: “He was tremendous well beyond baseball, but also for the city of Det…
Dave Dombrowski: "Mr. I was driven to win. My only regret was we never brought home a World Series for him or the fans."
Dave Dombrowski: "He was the utmost competitor but he loved the city, the state of MI and fans; he always thought of them wit…
Kennedy, Tom Werner and Dave Dombrowski will travel to the DR next week to tour the team's facilities there -- along with David Ortiz.
Here's where Dave Dombrowski & John Farrell both rate in the eyes of Red Sox fans based on recent data I gathered.
Will Rusney Castillo's Boston Red Sox contract prevent him from making 2017 team? Dave Dombrowski weighs in
Red Sox: Deal for Mitch Moreland handcuffing Dave Dombrowski on bargains - -
Dave Dombrowski was a better GM in Detroit than Ken Holland. Don't @ me.
DSR ARTICLE: The juxtaposition of the selfless Dave Dombrowski and the selfish Ken Holland. IT’S TIME TO TANK:…
The comparison of Ken Holland to Dave Dombrowski is spot on. It's time to move on.
Again, Red Sox owner John Henry puts his faith in Dave Dombrowski
Dave Dombrowski has some trading competition with Jerry DiPoto.
Road to the Show in MLB The Show 16 is very accurate. Dave Dombrowski isn't promoting 99 quality 3B prospect at all, despite 32 HR in 2 mos.
rumors: Dave Dombrowski should add Franklin Morales or another
Just listened to your interview with Dave Dombrowski. Could listen to you guys talk baseball for hours.
Tigers Den Roundtable: Which Tigers transaction were you initially wrong about?
Although a team can never have enough pitching, it does look like the Sox are set in the pen...
My 1-on-1 w Dave Dombrowski. The President of Baseball Ops talks Sale, Farrell, Big Papi and 2017…
Sports on is coming up next. Watch with the latest on the and an exclusive 1-on-1 with Dave Dombrowski
On now on The are focused on the and I go 1-on-1 with president of baseball o…
Red Sox Pres. Dave Dombrowski answers his critics about trading away the team's future.
Potential Chris Sale suitor Dave Dombrowski: Starting pitching not top priority for Red Sox
BASEBALL PODCAST. & Discuss the Impacts of David Ortiz & Dave Dombrowski on the Red Sox.
Thanks to Brian Cashman, Dave Dombrowski and Jon Daniels for joining us on on channel Sirius 210 XM 87
"Based upon how he did last year (Sandy Leon) comes into Spring Training as our main guy." - Dave Dombrowski
"We project Blake Swihart as being the type of guy who can be an all-star catcher." - Dave Dombrowski
When asked for potential fantasy sleepers on the Dave Dombrowski mentioned Eduardo Rodriguez and Andrew Benintendi
On Yoan Moncada, "He's going to be an outstanding big league player, he was tough to trade" - Dave Dombrowski
"I think Xander can continue to get better...he will be a presence in the middle of your order" - Dave Dombrowski
"We think that Pablo Sandoval is able to comeback and contribute on a regular basis and be a solid big league player" - Dave Dombrowski
"At almost every position we have an outstanding defensive player" - Dave Dombrowski
Dave Dombrowski: "You can never replace a David have to tackle it in different ways"
Dave Dombrowski President and GM on with us right now on Sirius 210 XM 87 you do the same.
Boston Red Sox don't think David Ortiz could be lured out of retirement, says Dave Dombrowski
Red Sox president Dave Dombrowski: 'If Ortiz wanted to come back, he would call.'
Dave Dombrowski: If David Ortiz had interest in returning, he'd call
Full Count » Dave Dombrowski, John Farrell reveal how Chris Sale deal was done via
Quite a day for Dave Dombrowski as he hauls in Chris Sale and fixes two holes in the roster:
Red Sox - I like the Chris Sale trade and hate what Dave Dombrowski has done to the farm system - WEEI | John Tomase
Little Giant Ladders
Spin zone: Should we be worried about Dave Dombrowski because he traded away a future Cy Young award winner🤔
When you realize Red Sox president of operations Dave Dombrowski is actually Mr. Rogers
As long as Dayton Moore is not Dave Dombrowski, then great!
Dave Dombrowski says that John Farrell will be the Red Sox manager for 2017
Former & current Red Sox architects Dan Duquette, Theo Epstein Ben Cherington and Dave Dombrowski will all have teams in the postseason
PS.. the Red Sox are not winning the AL East because of Dave Dombrowski.. you can thank Ben Cherrington for that.
Dave Dombrowski is one of the worst GMs in history. How many times can a bullpen be his undoing before he improves at building them?
Dave Dombrowski says the will send a scout to watch Tim Tebow's workout.
Let's all remember Dave Dombrowski was fired four days after acquiring Michael Fulmer.
weei​.com >> Why is Dave Dombrowski, front office with team on West Coast at trade deadline? Red Sox
Why is Dombrowski, front office with team on West Coast? Sox president offers explanation
Baseball notes: Red Sox boss Dave Dombrowski still settling in at one-year anniversary via
Dugout meeting between John Farrell and Dave Dombrowski and some other Boston suits has gone 20+ minutes now
Dave Dombrowski and Mike Hazen having a meeting with John Farrell at the end of the dugout. Could mean nothing
Dave Dombrowski, Mike Hazen and John Farrell now meeting in Anaheim.
Dave Dombrowski, nearly one year into Red Sox tenure, just moved out of a hotel. Hasn’t been grocery shopping.
Boston Red Sox trade rumors: After Drew Pomeranz addition, is Dave Dombrowski done or will he do more?
Dave Dombrowski has acquired Kimbrel, Ziegler, Hill and now Pomeranz & ONLY given up two meaningful prospects!. We have nothing to cry over!
This is Dave Dombrowski's third trade in 7 days, acquiring IF Aaron Hill, Dbacks closer Brad Ziegler, and now Drew Pomeranz
Dave Dombrowski climbing in yo windows, snatching yo people up
FWIW: Dave Dombrowski made a deal around this time last year for Alexi Casilla, who went on to play a whopping 0 games for the Tigers.
. Dave Dombrowski is on the clock to make a move for the
Dave Dombrowski on the trade deadline - "no player is untouchable". Sounds like a regular Danny Ainge.
president of baseball operations on OM&F: ...
Calling Dave Dombrowski, come in Dave. Trade for pitching needed yesterday.
Will Dave Dombrowski be at the night at tonight?! J/K...we'll host a WMU night at next
Did Dave Dombrowski give ERod an ultimatum because he was tired of this or because he needs to up his value for trade bait.
Remember all trashing Dave Dombrowski took for trading Doug Fister for Robbie Ray?
weei​.com >> Red Sox president of baseball operations Dave Dombrowski on OM&F: ‘I don’t think you
AUDIO: Dave Dombrowski talks about Rusney Castillo's demotion and Eduardo Rodriguez tipping his pitches 6-22-16
So Dave Dombrowski says the Sox have been working with Rodriguez on tipping pitches. But blowhard says he wasn't! What a dink!
Dave Dombrowski on OMF: " a case like Rodriguez, there is no question he has struggled at times with tipping his pitches."
Per Dave Dombrowski, he believes that the starting rotation is still an area that needs to be improved more than the bullpen.
Per Dave Dombrowski, Eduardo Rodriguez is going back to his natural delivery that he was using last year.
Red Sox President of Baseball Ops Dave Dombrowski will join & on 93.7 FM at 12:30 p.m.
DD would totally trade Bogaerts/Betts. Look at these names he's moved over the years:
Dave Dombrowski hints Red Sox will look to make improvements as trade deadline approaches
Sitting next to me at this Dunkin' Donuts in Kenmore Sq is Dave Dombrowski, President of Baseball Operations for the Red Sox. Friendly guy.
I like Dave Dombrowski more every time I hear him speak.
Angry Lou with Dave Dombrowski on tomorrow's show
Dave Dombrowski has proven himself he is not the man for the job fire Dombrowski fire Farrell Red Sox suck
Farrell isn't going to be fired he is sucking John Henry and Dave Dombrowski ***
hey Dave Dombrowski can I pitch for I only want 1 mil a yr. I can throw 5 inning give up 8 runs walk 6 and throw 90 pitches
Dave Dombrowski calling Mike Hazen from the executive bathroom like
No starting pitching depth, no bench. Dave Dombrowski has his work cut out for him if the are to challenge for a playoff spot.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Dave Dombrowski issues a bit of a challenge to Clay Buchholz on the eve of his return to the rotation:
Dave Dombrowski's history of trading top prospects and high-end major-league talent is long and deep. Expect more.
Chris Sale isn't nearly crappy enough to be a Dave Dombrowski target
Buchholz on crossroads game: 'I'm excited to get anoher shot at it' via
Dave Dombrowski spoke in general terms (with video!) about the Red Sox trade deadline on Monday.
COLUMN: Clay Buchholz, Dave Dombrowski both realize they have come to crossroads
Red Sox waiting for sellers in trade market. Dave Dombrowski non-committal on needs: via
" Yoan Moncada promoted: Dave Dombrowski says no plans to move him from second base… "
Dave Dombrowski on Clay Buchholz pitching well: “It’s got to start [Tuesday].”
Dave Dombrowski needs to get Farrell some bench tools to work with in the late innings.
Not re-signing Joaquin Benoit was a rare mistake by Dave Dombrowski
Blake Swihart Expected to Miss 6-8 Weeks Total with Severe Ankle Sprain, According to Dave Dombrowski
catcher/outfielder Blake Swihart will be out 6-8 due to a severe ankle sprain according to Dave Dombrowski
Full Count » Dave Dombrowski confident Red Sox have solutions in left field, expects Blake Swihart bac... via
David Price has faith in GM Dave Dombrowski at trade deadline...
The Boston announce today that the organization has hired Dave Dombrowski to be its President of Baseball Operations. (…
Dave Dombrowski says Sandoval had only a labrum repair. No rotator cuff. Rehab will be in Florida.
Dave Dombrowski is probably thinking to himself... "why couldn't Porcello pitch this good for me while we were in Detroit?"
I saw Dave Dombrowski in Kenmore Square this morning. He said the Red Sox were going to try to win tonight.
Dave-can you give me a call at your convenience? Joel Dombrowski 997-2245.
"Dave Dombrowski can't build a bullpen". Dave Dombrowski builds the best bullpen in the MLB with the Red Sox.
Michael Fulmer very impressive in his first inning as a major leaguer. Dave Dombrowski did good getting him for Cespedes.
Michael Fulmer quickly displaying to a broader audience why Dave Dombrowski insisted on him in Cespedes deal.
That time Dave Dombrowski walked up to me and said "hi" and I was all "yeah. That's right.".
Totally fine with that. Just make sure Dave Dombrowski is at the World Series celebration at Wrigley to talk to Ross
probably the fact that Dave Dombrowski is your president
how do you get a job like Dave Dombrowski's?
Looks like Dave Dombrowski is happy with the Red Sox manager. We will be seeing more of John Farrell,
John Farrell received a vote of confidence from Dave Dombrowski.
Dave Dombrowski has more feminine charm than that woman. She's an asexual alien.
More Dave Dombrowski on talking John Farrell: "He has my support. He knows he has my support. I'm happy he's our manager."
Dave Dombrowski on OMF: "I think that John Farrell has done a fine job for us. I think he's a good manager."
Tune in to 93.7 FM to hear Red Sox President Dave Dombrowski NOW with &
Dear Dave Dombrowski, please find a way to trade for Tyson Ross.
.Pres. of Baseball Ops. Dave Dombrowski joins & in 30 minutes
President of Baseball Operations Dave Dombrowski joins , and at 12:30 today
Dave Dombrowski wanted power arms. He got power arms.
If Dave Dombrowski doesn't have the balls to fire Farrell after tomorrow's loss, I'll do it myself.
Watching the Sox and just realized Dave Dombrowski looks like Mack Sennett.
John Farrell & Dave Dombrowski aren't messing around. I like it
Dave Dombrowski says Red Sox' contracts won't dictate playing time - Over the Monster
Dave Dombrowski says contracts won't dictate playing time
If Mike Ilitch didn't have an issue firing Dave Dombrowski he should have absolutely no issue firing Ken Holland. We do not have the talent
Dave Dombrowski says he's not worried with fatter Pablo aka fatter Fat? Pshya, OK.
Had a chance to catch up with Dave Dombrowski in Fort Myers. Interesting chat. WATCH:
Join us tonight on CSN at 7 pm from Fort Myers as Dave Dombrowski visits The Baseball Show.
Saw yucking it up with Dave Dombrowski in Ft. Myers courtesy of No BS JV. All business. Palabra!
Dave Dombrowski and Yankees GM Brian Cashman are having an hour long discussion current...
...then Googled "Dave Dombrowski", looked at the screen, and did a pen flip.
I think if the Boston Red Sox win the World Series this year under Dave Dombrowski, Mike Illitch might just keel over.
Interesting look from at how Dave Dombrowski took over and then changed the Red Sox.
Dave Dombrowski is too smart of a man to deem Jackie Bradley Jr completely untouchable
Dave Dombrowski has nabbed Craig Kimbrel, David Price, Carson Smith and Chris Young without giving up any of our coveted kids. Huge
Dave Dombrowski: Fred Rogers + Jimmy Stewart with a dash of Don Knotts.
what was the chance Rogers was going to hire Dave Dombrowski?
From New boss Dave Dombrowski may spend freely, but when he does, he spends it on the best:
Dave Dombrowski: Meeting With Red Sox's Hanley Ramirez Went 'Great': Ramirez soon will head down to the Domini...
Dave Dombrowski: Red Sox 'need to do everything we can' to make Hanley Ramirez work at 1B
The Red Sox's payroll is "not going backwards" for 2016, according to Dave Dombrowski.
Dave Dombrowski wants to add a "horse" to the front of the Red Sox's rotation, if possible.
Clay Buchholz has been deemed healthy, but Dave Dombrowski didn't confirm anything regarding his club option.
Dave Dombrowski has to rebuild Boston's bullpen from the ground up, and it won't be easy.
Silverman: Dave Dombrowski makes right move with Mike Hazen - Boston Herald
I think if he's ever up for The Hall of Fame, Dave Dombrowski should get in as an Executive like Pat Gillick did. I think he's a HOF'mer.
Tiger fans can Thank former GM Dave Dombrowski for obtaining Norris at the trade deadline.
Sam Kennedy says have a connection to Montreal, mentioning Pedro and now Dave Dombrowski. Sox, he says, support growth of game
Kennedy: Grateful to Montreal for Pedro Martinez and now Dave Dombrowski. We feel we have a connection.
Since Dave Dombrowski has joined the Sox they are 12-6. Nothing like a little pressure on those high payed ballplayers!
Dave Dombrowski and his family hanging out on the field during BP.
Just gonna assume Dave Dombrowski is paying veryyy close attention to this Matt Harvey situation in NY. Winter is coming.
Tigers GM Dave Dombrowski was fired without warning
New president of baseball ops Dave Dombrowski is well-suited for his latest challenge
Nick cafardo _ sunday baseball notes_ who will dave dombrowski hire as Red Sox gm_ – the boston globe: The Red...
Verducci sits down w/ Dave Dombrowski to discuss his role as Pres of Baseball Ops for the on 6pE http:…
Dave Dombrowski looks like he wants George Will to write the preface to Dave's memoirs:
Dave Dombrowski: Red Sox no closer to hiring new GM
Over 37 years, Dombrowski would overcome historic miscalculations to establish himself as preeminent team builder
and they have Dave Dombrowski to build. What talent? Fat Panda? Hanley? I do like Bogaerts for sure though.
From last Sun., what's it like to trade w/new prez Dave Dombrowski? We ask his peers:
Over 37 years, Dave Dombrowski would become the man in the middle, which is all he ever wanted
ICYMI: 71 pages that helped define Dave Dombrowski
You heard it here first. Dave Dombrowski is a god
Dave Dombrowski to . via Meanwhile OF-Baserunning coord. George Lombard left for Braves
A gift from the Gods? More like a gift from Sandy Alderson and Dave Dombrowski.
“It’s like he was born for this.’’ Inside Dave Dombrowski's baseball ascent http
In-depth piece from Bob Hohler on the path Dave Dombrowski took to the
Great look by at Dave Dombrowski's long and carefully orchestrated rise in baseball
Keeping notes as he paid his dues, Dave Dombrowski rose to the top via
Dave Dombrowski 'impressed' with John Farrell, still focused on manager's health
Dave Dombrowski has a very Mr. Rogers-type quality. Let's see him in a cardigan...
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Red Sox hire Dave Dombrowski as president; Ben Cherington out as GM. Hollande. 572
As his cold, Dr. Claw-like clutch wraps around the back of Torey Lovullo's neck, Dave Dombrowski whispers: "Play Jackie Bradley in center."
Love how Dave Dombrowski "built the foundation" for the '94 Expos. DAN DUQUETTE assembled that squad through a variety of incredible trades.
And on the day Dave Dombrowski arrives, the admit blowing $9.5 million on FA Justin Masterson, and release him.
If there's ever a movie about Dave Dombrowski's life, Chris Parnell has to play him
Baseball Tonight crew discusses the impact new president of baseball ops Dave Dombrowski will have on the Red Sox.
Would be great if Dave Dombrowski made a splash in Boston by trading for Carlos Pena and paying for the soda in the Oakland clubhouse.
.name Dave Dombrowski pres. of baseball operations; GM Ben Cherington to step down.
Red Sox President in waiting Sam Kennedy announced to the team,post game,of the decision to hire Dave Dombrowski.
Red Sox Hire Dombrowski as President; GM Cherington Is Out: Red Sox bring in Dave Dombrowski as president; Ben...
Breaking: GM Ben Cherington is leaving the Sox. Dave Dombrowski will become the new president of baseball operations.
Dave Dombrowski just traded for Joe Nathan, Joba Chamberlain, Phil Coke and Joaquin Benoit to "fix" the BP. Welcome to your future,
The mystery is over: Dave Dombrowski is hired as president of baseball operations for Boston
Frank Wren is the leading contender to be GM under Dave Dombrowski with the now that Ben Cherington is leaving.
Red Sox announce Dave Dombrowski joining immediately as president of baseball operations.
BREAKING: Red Sox announce that Dave Dombrowski is new president of baseball operations and Ben Cherington will step down…
announce they have hired Dave Dombrowski as president of baseball operations. Effective immediately
announce that Dave Dombrowski is their new president of baseball operations.
ICYMI - Jon Morosi of Fox Sports thinks it's likely that Dave Dombrowski will become the new President.
He is the same guy who cited Dave Dombrowski as the favorite to replace Bud Selig. He’s an embarrassment.
Breaking: Dave Dombrowski released from contract. Al Avila announced as new general manager and executive VP of baseball operations.
Dave Dombrowski already is drawing plenty of interest. The Leading potential clubs:
.promote assistant GM Al Avila to Executive VP of Baseball Operations and GM. Dave Dombrowski released from his contract.
Man, that Dave Dombrowski was classy as Fred Blassie. Didn't badmouth his former employer at all. Knows how to play the networking game. Jus
FG on JABO: Looking at Dave Dombrowski's ability to construct a bullpen.
Dombrowski had only one weakness in Detroit: The Tigers had a strong run of success during Dave Dombrowski's t...
I just can't see Dave Dombrowski landing with amid the Mike Scioscia-Arte Moreno dynamic. He has too many options.
Lol at how my mental health days always lead me to the mall Dave Dombrowski
Arian Foster out w/ severe groin injury Dave Dombrowski released from Detroit Tigers Yahoo & I are having a mutual field day
Respected GM Dave Dombrowski is available; are Angels interested? - Los Angeles Times: Los Angele...
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If you think Dave Dombrowski had a better tenure in Detroit than Joe Dumars you really should smoke some more crack.
A look at the top in so far today: RB Arian Foster, Dave Dombrowski, Floyd
Somehow, Dave Dombrowski is unemployed, but Jack Zduriencik isn't.
So, in the last year or so, Detroit has lost Ndamukong Suh, Max Scherzer, Greg Monroe, Dave Dombrowski. Datsyuk maybe next.
Just saw the Arian Foster and Dave Dombrowski headlines and I'm double shocked. DD loss a huge blow to the Tigers, Foster to my hopes
Dave Dombrowski out as Tigers GM via Big news in Tiger Town
Joe Dumars won a ring as an executive in Detroit. Dave Dombrowski did not.
Joe Dumars got killed in this town (rightfully so) and he won a championship. So no, I don't feel bad at all for Dave Dombrowski. Bye.
We live in a world where Jack Zduriencik is allowed to keep his job as a major league GM while Dave Dombrowski is not.
Dave Dombrowski now an appealing free agent. presidency one possible job for him.
John Keating preps for pregame (12:30 on FSD) while, to his right, Jim Leyland and Dave Dombrowski watch BP. http…
Dave Dombrowski is trying to pull a Billy Bean
If Dave Dombrowski 'knew it in his heart' that the Tiger's needed to sell then how can't he see the needed managerial change?
Two-day reboot reshapes Tigers' farm system via
Dave Dombrowski: "Our starting pitching will be addressed in the wintertime":
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Just for all you know Ausmus doesn't finalize any trades or make any choices. Dave Dombrowski is the one who pulls the strings
Dave Dombrowski Says Trades Made 'Stronger Going into Next Yr' — 'You do what's best for your organization':
Fenech: Tigers GM pacing 'reboot' by restocking pitching
"GM: We're Stronger Going into Next Year" via in other words waving the white flag for this year
Tigers Dave Dombrowski does well getting Norris and Fulmer for next year?
Fenech: Tigers GM pacing 'reboot' by restocking pitching via
.GM reaffirms his value, should return in 2016
Trade deadline evening when Dave Dombrowski is my wise, old, Grandpa passing on baseball wisdom to his sad, disappointed grand…
Sharp: reaffirms his value, should return in '16
Sharp: Tigers GM reaffirms his value, should return in '16; And Tigers will be worst in 2016 and beyond.. via
Two-day reboot reshapes Tigers' farm system: Tigers GM Dave Dombrowski and ownership agreed on Wedne...
Tigers' Dombrowski reaffirms his value over last 3 days, should return next year
Did Dave Dombrowski just trade David Price to a team he might be the president of next season?
Games like that one are why Dave Dombrowski traded away the Tigers' good players. 15 hits. 7 runs. Lost.
"I assure you that our goal going into next year will be to try to win a world championship," Dave Dombrowski said.
JMO... but, Rick Hahn sends his regards but I think Dave Dombrowski did the right thing. We`ll see. I wish the Sox still had DD.
Randy Smith or Dave Dombrowski? I guess Dumbo since Cabrera is in the D. Otherwise...?
After covering him tonight, anyone else think GM Dave Dombrowski be one of Dorothy's love interests on
Has Dave Dombrowski been drafting pitching for thirteen years?
Analysis: Despite rumors, it seems likely that Yoenis Cespedes is gone for good: General manager Dave Dombrowski…
Why has Dave Dombrowski never been able to get this team a decent bullpen?
Good job Dombrowski! This Tiger pen might be the worst in team history. Every off season it needs to be fixed but only gets worse.Fire Dave!
Just so everyone knows I have officially jumped on the San Francisco Giants bandwagon until Dave Dombrowski is fired
MLB: Tigers GM Dave Dombrowski believes trades make team stronger going into next season
How many of you are pleased with Dave Dombrowski's recent moves with the Detroit Tigers? Are two no name players a fair trade for Cespedas?
I am trying to! Another great Dombrowski payroll adjustment. How'd that work out Dave?!
Tyler Collins is coming up because he's playing well and the Tigers want Steven Moya to continue playing everyday, Dave Dombrowski said.
Dave Dombrowski on trades: 'This makes us a much stronger organization going into next year'
This Cespedes thing with the and could be a DREAM scenario for Dave Dombrowski. Difference for division…
Unless LA Dodgers make final minute of the final hour call to Dave Dombrowski, Price is headed to Toronto for 3 of team's top 10 prospects.
I have a trade for u. Tigers send aver lander and get back Peterson and Kershaw. Fair deal?. Sincerely, Dave Dombrowski
Tigers are reportedly looking at Aroldis Chapman and Jeff Samardzija? Ok I see you Dave Dombrowski
Dave Dombrowski strokes the collar of his striped polo and laughs evilly. Johnny Cueto cowers in fear. Bryan Price breaks down in tears.
Always remember: Dave Dombrowski traded Edwin Jackson (and Granderson) for Scherzer, Austin Jackson, and Phil Coke. Our GM is good.
Remember when Dave Dombrowski turned a good half-year of Edwin Jackson into five years of Max Scherzer? Good times.
Just saw GM Dave Dombrowski strolling along Michigan Avenue, by himself, soaking in a beautiful Chicago day. It's good to be boss.
Detroit Tigers GM Dave Dombrowski said that Brother Rice outfielder Nick Plummer is going to be a No. 1 draft choice in 2015…
Pat Caputo - How off-season moves by Dave Dombrowski have ...
How off-season moves by Dave Dombrowski have spurred hot start by Detroit Tigers My column
ICYM - On how moves by GM Dave Dombrowski has spurred Detroit Tigers hot start
Joe Nathan hit the 15-day disabled list with a right elbow flexor strain, Dave Dombrowski said.
Tigers Dombrowski on Valverde: Tigers general manager Dave Dombrowski talks about bringing back closer Jose
not fully sure, but I know they want holland fired along with Dave Dombrowski maybe mad he didn't get E Kane?
Dang! What the heck was Dave Dombrowski thinking when we traded Andrew Miller! We need him! Who did. Oh
Dave Dombrowski said there've been lots of discussions. Nothing imminent. I get the sense another OF is closer to…
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Pat Riley. John Hart. Dave Dombrowski. 3 guys who take up the entire overrated Mount Rushmore.
My takes aren't typically this hot, but if Dave Dombrowski was willing to give Hanrahan and Johnson a try, how about Johnny Venters?
Tigers general manager Dave Dombrowski said Friday that the club will not re-sign Torii Hunter.
Dave Dombrowski on OF situation following trade for Anthony Gose: "We feel comfortable right now where we are."
Dave Dombrowski on Anthony Gose: 'We believe he has the chance to be an everyday center fielder'
Dave Dombrowski said they think Anthony Gose will have a chance to be the Tigers' everyday CF: "That's why we brought him on board."
Dave Dombrowski: "Anthony is a true center fielder than can provide us with above average defense in center field with a go…
Dave Dombrowski confirms the deal on Detroit's end: Devon Travis for Anthony Gose.
GM Dave Dombrowski, as expected, said he'd "love" to re-sign Victor Martinez. But, again, no decisions have been made.
Poor Mike Rizzo. Couldn’t get Dave Dombrowski to give him 4 Doug Fisters in that prison *** rape of a trade.
Dave Dombrowski to blame for Detroit Tigers' epic fail | Rob Parker - Home
Looks like Al Kaline, Willie Horton, Dave Dombrowski, Joba Chamberlain, Phil Coke are part of ceremony honoring Derek Jeter.
Al Kaline, Willie Horton and Dave Dombrowski also among the luminaries on the field.
Brad Ausmus and Dave Dombrowski are crazy if they are going to stick with Joe Nathan come October. They are compromising Tigers' season.
Have to tip the cap to Dave Dombrowski. If he doesn't trade for David Price it's very sketchy right now for the Tigers postseason odds.
IMO, Dave Dombrowski's best trade as Tigers GM. And that's saying something, too.
/whisper shouts Dave Dombrowski follows you FIVE times?
Nobody on the internet knows you are Dave Dombrowski, nobody
Miss Texas already received a call from Dave Dombrowski to replace Joe Nathan as closer.
Can dave dombrowski and the organization please hire some new scouts to find real talent.
Dave dombrowski panicked and traded avisail Garcia away to white sox. What a joke lol. I hope he becomes a star.
Dave Dombrowski is gonna put the cleats on and hit 5th next game, in his pinpoint oxford.
Now wait a minute ... is that a lefty on the mound for the tonight? But Dave Dombrowski told me the rar…
Random thought: how good would Dave Dombrowski be at fantasy football?
Dave Dombrowski I'm happy you're staying! Please help the find a way to keep
Free honey mustard and an exchange of salutations with Tigers President, CEO and GM: Dave Dombrowski (at
OT: Manfred is new MLB Commish: Rumors the Dave Dombrowski received some love duri…
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