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Dave Dombrowski

David Dombrowski (born July 27, 1956) is the current president, CEO, and general manager of the Detroit Tigers of Major League Baseball.

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Brad Ausmus and Dave Dombrowski are crazy if they are going to stick with Joe Nathan come October. They are compromising Tigers' season.
Have to tip the cap to Dave Dombrowski. If he doesn't trade for David Price it's very sketchy right now for the Tigers postseason odds.
IMO, Dave Dombrowski's best trade as Tigers GM. And that's saying something, too.
/whisper shouts Dave Dombrowski follows you FIVE times?
Nobody on the internet knows you are Dave Dombrowski, nobody
Miss Texas already received a call from Dave Dombrowski to replace Joe Nathan as closer.
Can dave dombrowski and the organization please hire some new scouts to find real talent.
Dave dombrowski panicked and traded avisail Garcia away to white sox. What a joke lol. I hope he becomes a star.
Dave Dombrowski is gonna put the cleats on and hit 5th next game, in his pinpoint oxford.
Now wait a minute ... is that a lefty on the mound for the tonight? But Dave Dombrowski told me the rar…
Random thought: how good would Dave Dombrowski be at fantasy football?
Dave Dombrowski I'm happy you're staying! Please help the find a way to keep
Free honey mustard and an exchange of salutations with Tigers President, CEO and GM: Dave Dombrowski (at
OT: Manfred is new MLB Commish: Rumors the Dave Dombrowski received some love duri…
Dave Dombrowski got as close to the commissioners’ job as Pete Rose. Chalk another one up for Lynn Henning.
The Tigers get to keep Dave Dombrowski! “Manfred is new commissioner.
Not Dave Dombrowski as the next Mlb commish but Rob Manfred as the 10th commish in mlb history.
Dear Dave Dombrowski please find a way to keep Max ! Dear Max please don't go ! tigers tigers
I'm telling you, Dave Dombrowski is going to swoop in and steal the commissioner job. Why do you think this is taking so long?
Dave Dombrowski is at the owners' meetings in Baltimore. Won't be involved -- in person -- today during any discussions with Joe Nathan.
Tulowitzki to have season-ending hip surgery via here's one guy Super Dave Dombrowski won't go after.
Will you please contact Dave Dombrowski & ask him why is flipping of Tigers fans?
Victor Martinez is money. You can always count on him to get big hits. He is one of Dave Dombrowski's best signings. He is *** good.
Buck Farmer struck out 22 hitters in a high school game. Dave Dombrowski sure loves his power pitchers, doesn't he?
Share a Coke with David! Drinking a bottle of Coke while doing some accounting.
Did the Tigers' Dealin' Dave Dombrowski make one trade too many? He might have, to the Nationals' benefit.
Dave Dombrowski's number should be blocked in the Marlins Park offices.
take low-risk flyer on reliever Jim Johnson. . Dave Dombrowski: "We think it's worth the gamble."
Tigers' Dave Dombrowski hopes Jim Johnson can help in bullpen "at some point.".
Mlive: Dave Dombrowski hopeful Jim Johnson can help strengthen bullpen: 'We think it's worth the gamble'
Dave Dombrowski said Jim Johnson's arm strength is good. Issue has been control.
Detroit Tigers confirm that they have agreed to terms with Jim Johnson. Will speak to Dave Dombrowski about it shortly.
Tigers get Johnson, eh? Guess that whole Verlander-to-the-pen thing didn't impress Dave Dombrowski.
Oakland’s Billy Beane added Jon Lester for his formidable rotation, Dave Dombrowski brought in a third Cy Young...
Justin Verlander is no longer Verlander, that's why GM Dave Dombrowski snagged David Price.
As Tigers GM, Dave Dombrowski has now traded for Miguel Cabrera, David Price, Max Scherzer, Anibal Sanchez and Ian Kinsler.…
Max Scherzer said Dave Dombrowski was in the dugout and on phone with Commish's office and screaming "You gotta get Austi…
Dave Dombrowski sent some fun smack talk to Billy Beane after the David Price deal via
"This week on American Greed, how many Cy Youngs are enough? Dave Dombrowski wants them all, at the detriment of baseball fans everywhere"
Dave Dombrowski, you're on the clock
Tigers GM Dave Dombrowski confirms that RHP Drew VerHagen will be called up from Triple-A Toledo. VerHagen will pitch Sat…
Baseball Tonight leads with 2 players meeting each other. Why don't they do a story on me meeting Dave Dombrowski and Jim Leyland this week?
A look at the race to replace Bud Selig -- and how Dave Dombrowski fits, or doesn't fit. Detroit News article
Prince Fielder is going to have season ending surgery. Way to know when to flush the toilet Dave Dombrowski
The ineptitude of those in charge of the makes me incredibly happy for the talents of Dave Dombrowski of the and Ken Holland of the
Tigers president Dave Dombrowski defends Miguel Cabrera deal: "I didn't want to lose him.".
And we think footballers are overpaid. Cabrera gets record $292M, 10-year deal • Story Comments LAKELAND, Fla. — This is one number put up by Miguel Cabrera that is not subject to debate. The Triple Crown winner agreed Friday to the richest contract in American sports, a $292 million, 10-year deal with the Detroit Tigers. "I want to finish my career here. I have worked hard to get better, and Detroit is like a house for me," Cabrera said. Cabrera has won the last two AL MVP awards, both times beating out Angels phenom Mike Trout in votes that set off heated disputes in the baseball world. Those in Cabrera's corner claimed his fearsome hitting stats and triple-digit RBIs were worthy. Those touting Trout argued he was a better all-around player and pointed to the value of his WAR, sabermetric for wins above replacement. Tigers general manager Dave Dombrowski and manager Brad Ausmus stood by Cabrera, flanking him for the announcement at the Tigers' spring training complex. "He's on track to be one of the ...
Tigers GM Dave Dombrowski on Miguel Cabrera: "I think he's the best player in baseball" (ESPN) -
I have great respect for Dave Dombrowski but he could've locked up Cabrera for about $3-4M less per year IMO and maybe even 2 less years.
At least Dave Dombrowski has an awesome Tigers colored polo shirt
Everyone else has had their say about the Cabrera deal. So here's Dave Dombrowski's say: "I didn't want to lose him"
attention JOEL EDEN & RHYS Detroit ink slugger Cabrera to record deal the Detroit Tigers have inked Miguel Cabrera to a new contract that will see the superstar slugger earn a reported Major League Baseball record of $US292 million ($A316.10 million) over the next 10 seasons. "When you have a star player, you're much better trying to sign them with two years on the contract rather than one," said Tigers president and general manager Dave Dombrowski said on Friday. "When you get to that one year away, that lure of free agency becomes very large for a player. "Secondly, they get additional pressures to test that market," Dombrowski said, adding that he thought it was the "optimum time" for the team to lock up their star. The Tigers did not disclose the financial terms of the deal, but multiple reports put the value of the eight-year extension at $US248 million ($A268.47 million) guaranteed. Add in the remaining two years on Cabrera's current contract, worth $US44 million ($A47.63 million) and he would make ...
My longwinded Ode to the Newest Worstest Contract in Major League Baseball: "You see, this profession is filled to the brim with unrealistic motherf*ers. Motherf*ers who thought their *** would age like wine. If you mean it turns to vinegar, it does. If you mean it gets better with age, it don't." - Marcellus Wallace (Pulp Fiction) The Detroit Tigers President, Dave Dombrowski, defended giving Miguel Cabrera a 10-year deal today, comparing the two-time MVP to some of the greatest, most sustainable players of all time. According to Dave, it's simple. Past behavior predicts future behavior. And maybe it is that simple, but over SEVERAL factors. In addition to the simple player-to-player comparisons, we have to factor in the competition-- the behavior of the competition as a whole, as well as peripheral factors, such as developments in technology, health & wellness, facilities, and even the cultural differences between, say, Hank Aaron's era and the one in which we currently reside. For better or worse, th . ...
Fox Sports Detroit's Rod Allen tried to congratulate Tigers GM Dave Dombrowski on Miguel Cabrera's extension. Dombrowski left him hanging...TWICE!
It's good to see Dave Dombrowski and the Detroit Tigers show some loyalty to their star player by extending Miguel Cabrera to a 10 year, $292 million dollar deal so he can retire with the Tigers. It would be a shame to see the Tigers best player sign with another team...take for instance the Angels... after all that he has accomplished in Detroit. Good for Detroit for doing it the right way...The Tigers Way!
Dave Dombrowski has a very defined butt-chin. That must be where the magic is.
Hats off to Dave Dombrowski and the Detroit Tigers organization for a job well done in signing Miguel Cabrera to an 8 year contract extension through 2023!!!
Dave Dombrowski is also a Detroit Sports icon. The man is by far the best front office executive in the MLB and has been.
Dave Dombrowski and Brad Ausmus on now live from Lakeland talking Cabrera extension.
Dave Dombrowski and Brad Ausmus discuss Cabrera's contract extension with the
I'm a huge Miguel Cabrera fan but Dave Dombrowski is a total *** 10 year record breaking contract for a guy about to turn 31.
Cabrera agrees to 10-year, $300 million extension with Tigers: Miguel Cabrera, who has won two straight AL MVPs, has agreed to a 10-year extension worth “just under $300 million,” a source told ESPN’s Jerry Crasnick on Thursday. The deal is pending a physical, which is why it hasn’t yet been announced by the team. Cabrera, whose old deal ran through 2015, will be 40 at the conclusion of the contract, meaning he’ll likely be with the Tigers the rest of his career. Writes Jon Heyman, “Cabrera has been playing on a $152 million, eight-year contract that would expire after the ’15 season. People close to him say he loves being a Tiger, and suggested he’s willing to take less than top free-agent dollar to stay in Detroit, although this will turn out to be among the biggest contract in baseball history. “Cabrera is the best offensive player in baseball, but he also has a major allegiance to the Tigers and their people, including president and GM Dave Dombrowski and his assistants, Al Avila and ...
Ep. 33!! We talk UM/MSU Sweet 16, Recent moves by Dave Dombrowski and Martin Mayhew, plus Adam Strozynski cant help but tell interesting stories from opening day from the past!! Great Show!
Our guest this week: • He grew up on the south side of Chicago • He earned a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Western Michigan University • In 1978 he was hired by the Chicago White Sox as an administrative assistant and earned $8,000 per year • In 1991 he helped form the Florida Marlins as their General Manager and later President and led them to a World Series win in 1997 (their 5th year of existence) • In 2002 he became the President & CEO of the Detroit Tigers • Since 2006 he has led the Tigers to 3 playoff appearances and to the World Series in 2006 and 2012 • He is in his 34th season of professional baseball and is the 3rd longest-tenured general manager in baseball today We’re honored to have Dave Dombrowski as our guest this Sunday, March 30, 2014 on WJR AM-760 at 9:05pm – 10:00pm (EDT).
Rain delay in Lakeland, and not looking promising. We may not get to see any baseball today, but we did have seats right behind Tigers GM Dave Dombrowski and his son.
My frustration with Dave Dombrowski's and Bud Selig's "Diversity Committee" is that it was set up almost a year ago and nothing has come of it. I have offered my assistance and research, but aside from Dombrowski accepting a book there have been no takers. Until there's action, this "committee" is nothing but a naked publicity ploy by Bud Selig to appease African-Americans.
The cutest thing just happened . We are standing outside the player's clubhouse waiting with our friends (the mom's want to see Brad Ausmus' back side)...while waiting this cute little kid came running up to Matt with a ball and felt marker asking for Matt's signature it was so blooming cute! But here is Dave Dombrowski
Making deals, spending cash like im Dave Dombrowski
Dave Dombrowski on why he traded Fister "YOLO ***
Shawn Windsor: Tigers gamble with 2014 squad; will it pay off with World ... - Detroit Free Press
“Dave Dombrowski valentine. that Is just fantastic
Dave Dombrowski, Brad Ausmus talk as Rick Porcello readies for his bullpen session.
GM calm about contract of Max Scherzer
Source: top three names being kicked around as next George W. Bush, Joe Torre, and Dave Dombrowski.
Now you know what Dave Dombrowski felt like. Apparently, trade was in the "works" since the Winter Meetings.
Also, Dombrowski said that Dave dressing up is the highlight of every semester.
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Kelley, it probably ranks up there with Dave Dombrowski's job right now.or Brad Asmus, with the expectations.
.GM doesn't seem to be sweating contract
Detroit Tigers' Dave Dombrowski doesn't seem to be sweating Max Scherzer contract situation
Tigers GM doesn't seem to be sweating Scherzer contract - Detroit Free Press
The Pistons need to quit screwing around, fire Joe Dumars, and hire Dave Dombrowski already so we can get rid of J-Smoove's contract.
Mike Illitch needs to buy the Pistons from Gores, fire Dumars and make Dave Dombrowski our GM. He prolly knows more about bball then Dumars.
S/o to Dave Dombrowski, or his brother, who took Robbie Ray 1st and Devon Travis 2nd in my dynasty league draft.
At the airport I look up and it's Dave Dombrowski boarding a flight for Tampa. Almost forgot how close we are
Then-Expos GM Dave Dombrowski was younger than six players on his team and Bob Costas in 1988.
DETROIT -- The Tigers have not heard an arbitration ruling since Dave Dombrowski took over as president and general manager. Their latest test to that perfect record begins now. The first step in the Tigers' arbitration process came Tuesday, when the half-dozen remaining eligible players filed. That move from starters Rick Porcello and Max Scherzer, outfielders Andy Dirks and Austin Jackson, reliever Al Alburquerque and catcher Alex Avila was procedural and expected. The next, and more important, step comes Friday, when the team and players are scheduled to exchange arbitration figures. Those are the two salary numbers between which an arbitrator must choose if a case goes to a hearing. More importantly, they offer a middle ground in which the two sides can negotiate. Six of last year's seven arbitration-eligible Tigers reached agreements on one-year contracts just before the deadline to exchange numbers, including Avila, Jackson and Porcello. The one Tiger who didn't, Scherzer, settled just before a hear ...
West Michigan Whitecaps Winter Banquet to include Detroit Tigers' star pitcher along with team president Dave Dombrowski.
From Baseball America: DETROIT—Dave Dombrowski said he learned a lesson from Roland Hemond early in his career. Robbie Ray “Any time you trade the known for the unknown, it won’t be a popular deal,” Dombrowski said. So Detroit’s general manager expected some heat when he traded workhorse starter Doug Fister to Washington for three players, including lefthander Robbie Ray. When discussing the deal with reporters, Dombrowski said the 22-year-old lefty was the key to the deal. “We think this guy is a premium, young, lefthanded pitcher on the verge of pitching in the league leagues,” Dombrowski said. “They’re not easy to find.” Ray was a 12th-round pick in 2010, and in his first three years with the Nationals he didn’t show the hard fastball he flashed in high school. But last season Ray saw his velocity jump. So did the strikeouts. After averaging 7.3 strikeouts per nine innings at high Class A Potomac in 2012, he averaged 10.7 strikeouts per nine in 16 starts there in 2013. That helped ...
Jim Leyland says he will be 'special assistant' to Dave Dombrowski, Detroit Tigers. (Sent from Free_Press)
Today's draft pick blast from the past - Dave Dombrowski and the Florida Marlins are sitting with the 2nd overall...
--from Woody Woodriffe So here we are again, the Tigers making another off-season move. This time it's adding Joba Chamberlain and not re-signing Jose Veras-- at first I was completely content to let Tigers G.M. Dave Dombrowski assemble all of the pieces before I commented on the puzzle, but tonight I'm starting to worry that the final picture will not have nearly enough in it to be recognizable!! Now there's still work to be done, but the question is do you still have TRUST in Dombrowski? Or are your nerves getting the better of you? - Opinions, please!!!
Once thought of as a star of the future for the New York Yankees, Joba Chamberlain agreed to a one-year deal with the Detroit Tigers on Thursday, sources told ESPN's Buster Olney. The deal is worth $2.5 million, $500,000 less than what sources said the Arizona Diamondbacks offered the right-hander Wednesday. Chamberlain had spent his entire seven-year career with the Yankees. He exploded on the scene as a 21-year-old in 2007. In 19 games, he posted a 0.38 ERA with 34 strikeouts in 24 relief innings. The Yankees then tried to turn him into a starter. In 42 games and 12 starts the next season, he posted a 4-3 record and a 2.60 ERA, again with more strikeouts than innings pitched. But things went downhill from there. Injuries and ineffectiveness ended the starter experiment, and Chamberlain never really developed into a reliable bridge to Hall of Fame closer Mariano Rivera. Last season, Chamberlain appeared in 45 games and posted a 4.93 ERA and 1.74 WHIP. Tigers general manager Dave Dombrowski had recently i ...
Chris, Have you seen any Tiger reps yet. Dave Dombrowski or Brad Ausmus
Angels' Place resident Ryan drew a picture of Comerica Park. It raised $4,444. Here he is with Dave Dombrowski:
Dave Dombrowski: Bounce back by Andy Dirks would be 'ideal solution' for Detroit Tigers in left field
Tigers GM Dave Dombrowski reportedly almost traded Justin Verlander and Doug Fister for entire Houston Astros organization but decided he'd be less embarrassed getting fleeced by anyone else.
When asked about the criticism DD is receiving regarding the Doug Fister trade, and reports that other GMs didn't even know that Fister was available and would have offered more... "Well, first of all, I would love to hear the GMs that said that... secondly, I feel we did a tremendous due diligence. (DD apparently lifts a sheet to show a list of young pitchers in the league). I called all the GMs of the players on this list." -Dave Dombrowski (Stephan)
Tigers' Dave Dombrowski still has dealing to do: Dombrowski and new manager Brad Ausmus still need another rig...
Doug Fister Dealt To Nats, Jim Johnson To A's by THE ASSOCIATED PRESS December 03, 2013 2:36 AM NEW YORK (AP) — On a night usually dominated by news of players let loose, the Washington Nationals and Oakland Athletics filled pitching needs with trades. Washington obtained right-hander Doug Fister from Detroit for infielder Steve Lombardozzi and left-handers Robbie Ray and Ian Krol on Monday. Oakland acquired closer Jim Johnson from Baltimore for infielder Jemile Weeks and a player to be named. Fister was 14-9 with a 3.67 ERA last season for the AL Central champions, who last month traded slugging first baseman Prince Fielder to Texas for second baseman Ian Kinsler. "It gives us some flexibility for some other things we want to do," Tigers general manager Dave Dombrowski said, insisting the trade wasn't made to free money for a long-term deal for AL Cy Young Award winner Max Scherzer, who can leave after next season. Fister joins a talented Nationals rotation that already includes Stephen Strasburg, Jord ...
Drew Sharp: Tigers' Dave Dombrowski deserves benefit of doubt on Doug Fister trade
Secret photo of Dave Dombrowski dealing with the Nationals over Doug Fister.
Not super excited about the Doug Fister trade. I understand we are making cap room for other players, but I loved having four starters that I had complete confidence in. Smiley will most likely be our fourth now. I like having a left-hander in the starting rotation, but I also liked him out of the pen. I am hoping there are more moves in the works. Right now I do not think we are a better over all team than we were last year. Just better on payroll, but not on the field. I am sure Dave Dombrowski has something else up his sleeve.
Can't wait to hear Dave Dombrowski's press conference and how he explains this one!! Doug Fister.. a VERY good starting pitcher for 3 nobodies (actually). Must be something else coming? Has to be? Or??? Are they cutting payroll? FIELDER- GONE..FISTER - GONE.. INFANTE - GONE.. PERALTA - GONE.. But hey they signed Kelly to another contract.. I am sure that makes my wife.. Robin.. happy !!!
Still trying to process the Nationals' trade for pitcher Doug Fister. You have to give up something to get something, and it's clear the Tigers are trading for the future with Ian Krol and Robbie Ray the key components. I know Nats fans love Steve Lombardozzi, but he's really just a utility guy. Any time you can swap a utility guy and a couple of prospects for a guy who's as gifted at getting ground balls as Fister, you do it. In a heartbeat. That said, Dave Dombrowski, the Tigers GM, is smart and sees something he likes on his side of the deal (even if it's just payroll flexibility). Remember, it takes a few seasons to properly judge a trade. So don't let the emotions of the night cloud things. But on the surface, looks like a good job by Nats GM Mike Rizzo.
To everybody who doesn't know: Brad Ausmus isn't doing the trades, it's the GM Dave Dombrowski... so
Could Dave Dombrowski be the next commissioner of baseball?
Possible candidate for next MLB commissioner: Dave Dombrowski?
do you think dave dombrowski will leave the tigers and become mlb commissioner? I hope not
So if Dave Dombrowski becomes the next MLB Comissioner what will happen??
Buster Olney of ESPN reports Dave Dombrowski's name is being being heard more and more as a replacement for retiring baseball commissioner Bud Selig.
Trading Damian Easley was probably a scientific impossibility for Dave Dombrowski to get to the "You try to trade him" stage
According to Buster Olney, executives within the industry are tossing out Dave Dombrowski’s name as a potential replacement for Bud Selig when he vacates the commissioner’s office following the 2014 season. (h/t CBS Sports). It’s been… [ 341 more words. ]
Possible candidate for next MLB commissioner: Dave Dombrowski? via
Consensus growing for Dave Dombrowski to replace Bud Selig as MLB commissioner
Call me Dave Dombrowski. The blazer is on the trading block.
Of COURSE other MLB execs want Dave Dombrowski to be the next commissioner! They're tired of getting swindled by...
Detroit Tigers president/general manager Dave Dombrowski could soon be leaving to take over as the commissioner of Major League Baseball.
Report: Buzz growing about Tigers' Dombrowski as next MLB commish - Detroit Free Press
If Dave dombrowski becomes the commissioner of baseball, it'll be a bittersweet day for every tigers fan
There are talks dave dombrowski could be the next mlb commish. Chris Lash Brandon Cunningham Matthew Hunt Kevin Hunt
It's been interesting in recent weeks to hear more and more executives speak of the Tigers' Dave Dombrowski as a candidate…
Hmm..I thought Prince Fielder and his wife were divorced, but who do we see wearing a Texas Rangers uniform??? Prince and his Wife w/kids. so ...maybe to save his marriage Prince told Dave Dombrowski he wanted out.
ESPN reports that William Clay Ford has given the Lions to Mike Illitch. Illitch immediately instructed Dave Dombrowski to trade the Lions to the Texas Rangers for Prince Fielder and then immediately release Prince Fielder.
Should have called Dave Dombrowski. We would have given them Alex Avila for a song
» 31 Prince Fielder | Prince Fielder To Rangers | unlock ios 6 | site:Tigers general manager Dave Dombrowski called his counterpart in Texas, Jon Daniels, Tuesday morning and floated the idea of trading Fielder for Kinsler. "Dave called yesterday and threw out the...
Dave Dombrowski, amid Robinson Cano rumors: 'We plan on having Ian Kinsler as our second baseman' READ HERE:
Do we have Kinsler now?... Yes. Is he an every day second baseman?. NO. Getting Cano for a discount price is possible... Dave Dombrowski uses the force, didn't you know? HOV: "I'm gonna need about 250 to 300 million dollars for my man Robinson over here... nothing less" *HOV LAUGH* Dombrowski: *Raises Hand and waives it from left to right* "You WILL take 100 million and you will front load the contract so it doesn't hurt us in the future... This Deal is over and done" *slides paper and pen to HOV and Cano* Cano and HOV: "Yes Mr. Dombrowski. we will take that deal" Move Cano to Third Base... he's athletic and skilled enough to do it. Easily.
Word on the street, is that Robinson Cano is in Detroit talking to Dave Dombrowski. To this, I say: JUST SAY NO...TO CANO!
Take a second look at the interview with Tigers GM Dave Dombrowski, plus Brian Kenny analyzes the Mets’ new outfielder Chris Young on Clubhouse Confidential at 5:30 & 7:30pm ET!
Prince Fielder happy to be in Texas... Prince Fielder is in Texas because he wanted to be. It was up to the slugger to determine whether to allow Wednesday's blockbuster trade to get finalized and he gave his consent in a phone conversation with Tigers general manager Dave Dombrowski. "I thought it would be good for everyone," Fielder said Thursday afternoon in a conference call with Rangers beat writers. "I just wanted everyone to be happy." Fielder said he knew the Rangers were a good team and that he'd be going to a contender. He said he wasn't too surprised, noting that the game is a business and trades happen. For the 29-year-old first baseman, the trade means a chance at start over a bit in his career. "It's definitely different," Fielder said. "It's going to be new. I'll take it. It's a fresh start. I'm just happy to be with Texas and hopefully we can have a good year." Fielder goes to a new team in a new division and a chance at new beginnings following a season of struggles. He put up some of the ...
I think Detroit Tiger GM, Dave Dombrowski and new manager Brad Ausmus are making it loud and clear, only a World Series championship will be sastisfactory! Can't get on board with that, pack up and be a looser somewhere else.
Sometimes I think Dave Dombrowski should write a book about running a high-payroll baseball team, but I doubt any other general manager would buy it. Dombrowski does things that don't make much sense, right until the moment they do. And to understand how deftly he has navigated a job that is more di...
dave dombrowski might be the best GM in sports...just sayin'. Im anxious to see his next move or two because he clearly isnt done! Glad to see us get out of the Prince contract, but the terms on which he left were not Tiger like and Avi Garcia makes me hate the White Sox more then i already do!
Dave Dombrowski is the world's greatest magician. Who else can make an albatross contract disappear?
Kinsler joins Tigers as Fielder dealt to Texas. Best deal Dave Dombrowski has ever made. with the 79 million saved Max will be here for a long time!
Dave Dombrowski: throwing some weight around. Jon Daniels: hoping the trade heavily favors him.
Just so we don't get too crazy over this latest trade by Dave Dombrowski and his apparent genius as a GM, today Phil Coke was signed by the tigers to a one year contract.
Dave Dombrowski is looking at trades for Jackson. *** yes. I love the cutthroat attitude they are bringing.
Really, Dave Dombrowski? We cuts ties with Prince Fielder.I know he didn't have many stellar performances post all-star break, but you're killing me by keeping Coke the Joke. He's worth a million dollars.really? CUT THE UMBILICAL CORD PLEASE!
A report is that now Dave Dombrowski is listening to trade offers for Austin Jackson. It's about to get real at Comerica.
Wow the Tigers sure grabbed everybody's attention with their latest move! I wasnt sure they would sign Phil Coke for another year. The trade yesterday was interesting as well. Prince Fielder being traded away was almost as big of a suprise as when they traded for him. Because he was Cecil's son and took batting practice at Tiger Stadium as a boy it was good that he got to be a Tiger for a while. I'm much happier with the two years he played here than the 9 he was signed for. Brad Ausmus seems like a good hire but I know as little about him as everyone else. I like his personality, I liked him as a player and what I read seems to say he is qualified to do a good job. His coaching hires seem good as well. Gene Lamont, Jeff Jones, Dave Clark, *** Billmeyer, Wally Joyner and Omar Visquel seem to be just the right combination of old, new and specific strengths to help the Tigers remain an elite team and improve even more. They still will be hiring an assistant hitting coach and the triple A Toledo Mudhens don ...
trade: Tigers: Signing Prince Fielder as a $214 million free agent in 2012 was move. Trading Fielder to the on Wednesday night was GM Dave Dombrowski’s move. This was a baseball decision for Detroit. The only person that should worry about the money is Ilitch. In what had been ...
Dave Dombrowski be magician. Dude can pull a rabbit out uv a hat. O', at da very leas', dude can pull out a giant, crib-run hittn' Prince Fielda. An' den, da Tigerz’ pimp daddie an' gineral managa can make dat rabbit disappear whineva dude wantz. Poof! You be gone. Jet back n' da hat. An' […]
It has taken a while for the Fielder/Kinsler trade to sink in. And the full magnitude of it won't sink in for some time. Put it this way, I was more shocked when Prince was traded last night, then when we signed him...and I was pretty stunned two years ago. So what you are telling me is that we were able to unload $102 million in payroll (Tigers don't start paying Texas until 2016), free up $14 million in payroll each of the next 3 seasons to get even better, rid yourself of a disgruntled, slow, declining player, while acquiring a speedy 3 time All-Star at a position of need?! Pinch me!! Up next? Who knows, but I wouldn't be surprised to see Adrian Beltran or Shin Soo Choo roaming left field, and Joe Nathan trotting out of the bullpen next season to close out the 9th. Dave Dombrowski is a genius! But I hear there is a warrant for his arrest in Texas, for highway robbery.
I dont think we realize how good Dave Dombrowski really is at what he does.
Somebody with a backbone, Good move Dave Dombrowski
I imagine the Fielder/Kinsler trade went down something like this... Dave Dombrowski stumbling over on a bar stool at a local metro Detroit watering-hole after several hours of heavy drinking pulls out his cell phone to prank call the Texas Rangers... DD: "JON! It''s.. Dave.. Dave Dem..browski in Detroit (giggling).. Whatya sayyy I... (laughter in background) Sh shhh! What would you you say about taking this fat, aging, undddaar performing pain in my *** and his 168 million atrocity of a contract of my my hands for me. What'ya say Jon?" Jon Daniels: "For Kinsler?" DD: "..wait. Seriously??"
They should put a bronze statue of Dave Dombrowski in left field next to Ty Cobb...
I am still in complete shock that we dropped Prince Fielders 7 yr 168 million dollar deal on Texas doorstep like flaming poop in a paper bag. We might as well dip Dave Dombrowski in bronze right now that man is a genius.
One day after making a huge trade, Dave Dombrowski was back to work with a smaller move Thursday morning
My two cents on the Prince Fielder-Ian Kinsler trade.a master stroke by Dave Dombrowski IF this leads to the following: Moving Cabrera back to 1B, and platoon him with V-Mart at 1B/DH to save his legs for the post season; play young Castellanos every day at 3B; get a left-handed bat for LF to upgrade over Andy Dirks (Shin Soo-Chu?); sign Max Scherzer to long-term deal; sign Benoit to set-up and Joe Nathan to close. Fielder is going to have a BIG year in the band box Texas plays in, but the upgrades to our roster possible now with the influx of cash makes this deal a big winner IF Dombrowski can fill in the rest of the blanks. AND, they can still turn Porcello/Fister/Smyly for an corner IF with pop, if they want to leave Miggy at 3B, and give the kid an extra year to season, or leave him in LF.
This is the price of doing business, and the fallout of postseason failure. The Tigers pulled off a shocker Wednesday night that made solid sense, which shows how far Fielder's standing had fallen. GM Dave Dombrowski traded Fielder to the Texas Rangers for second baseman Ian Kinsler, with the Tigers...
My thoughts on the Tigers trade: disappointed that Prince Fielder didn't work out, but now the Tigers have a good 2B in Ian Kinsler who can hit and he plays terrific defense up the middle. Imagine the defense with Kinsler and Jose Iglesias. Also, now they have the flexibility to sign Max Scherzer long time and even keep Miggy a Tiger for life. I like the trade. Dave Dombrowski is a genius.
November 21 and baseball is the hottest conversation in town. Well played Dave Dombrowski!
When I grow up I want to be just like Dave Dombrowski!
Lisa and I saw Dave Dombrowski downtown yesterday and wondered why he looked so smug.
The dope from the Tigers GM: what a horrible trade! * "The Tigers didn't just get a talented second baseman in exchange for Prince Fielder, they got a whole lot of money (an estimated $76MM) to spend elsewhere. The question now becomes, what will they do with their new found financial flexibility? I asked Tigers GM Dave Dombrowski if the trade could lead to a long-term deal for star pitcher Max Scherzer. "It makes it perhaps more possible. As we've talked about in the past, we have a lot of stars on our club, They're well paid stars and under any circumstances, even with an owner like Mike Ilitch, you can only be in a position where you have so many of those types of players," Dombrowski told reporters on this evening's conference call. "Does it make it probable? I can''t say that. But it makes it more possible going forward." As Rangers GM Jon Daniels explained in his conference call earlier this evening, Dombrowski said that the deal came together at lightning speed with the first serious phone ca ...
Just when Dave Dombrowski pulls off an amazing trade, we then sign Coke to a 1 year deal? What??
Dave Dombrowski is an absolute magician. Getting rid of Prince's contract was huge- but let's not get all warm an fuzzy yet. He hasn't addressed the real reason the Tigers didn't make it to the World Series: an atrocious bullpen.
More proof that Dave Dombrowski is a baseball genius and that it's going to be a dark day when he takes the MLB Commissioner position here soon...
My new man crush today is Dave Dombrowski! Thank You
If Dave Dombrowski ever decides to get out of baseball, he'd make a *** of a used car salesman. Jeez, I wonder if he blew in the Rangers' ear before doing them like that.
I couldn't figure out how the Tigers would be able to trade Fielder as who would want to pick up that ridiculous contract. I can now say that the Texas Rangers were those suckers, so congrats Dave Dombrowski for pulling it off. At least now the Tigers know that if they play the Rangers in the playoffs, there's an automatic out coming up every 3 innings.
What a Heist!! Dave Dombrowski to star in Oceans 14!!!
Dave Dombrowski is the MLB equivalent of GhB. Yes that's the date rape drug. He talks to you for an evening and when you wake up you realize you bought and underachieving superstar, gave away a core piece of your team, and saved a perennial contender $40M they will use to go but more talent. Scary dude.
Dave Dombrowski as new Manager of the Tigers - so far you made the best decision. Thank You for finally getting rid of Fielder! He was a waste of money!!
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I believe in Santa Claus. His name is Dave Dombrowski.
Dave Dombrowski, GM of the year for 2013 and 2014! Bye bye Prince, don't let the door hit your overweight, overpaid, overrated *** on the way out!!!
LADIES, LISTEN UP! Drake just updated me on the big trade for Detroit Tigers. The Rangers took over Tiger first baseman Prince Fielder's very expensive contract. Apparently he was underachieving. Tigers saved LOTS of money and can now afford to keep their Cy Young award winning pitcher. Tigers also received a very good second baseman, Ian Kinsler. Two thoughts.I would like to go shopping with Dave Dombrowski, the mastermind behind this trade and who needs Sports Center.I have Drake Turcotte!!
All sentiment aside, Dave Dombrowski's trade of Prince Fielder is genius. Remove a C player add a proven A+ team member, free up cash to sign our latest Cy Young winner (and others), move Cabrera back to first base where he was quickky becoming gold glove capable. Genius business move and after all baseball is a business. I look forward to 2014 at the park.
I'd have to say Dave Dombrowski is my Tiger. I can't believe they got out of Prince's contract. And get a *** good player in Kinsler in return. I expect to hear Scherzer getting signed today. 󾮗
How the Detroit Tigers is hiding the fact that there a racist organization and they don't want but a couple of black American players on the team. Reliving the Jackie Robinson era and substituting black players for Hispanic and Latin players that may look black were every black player that was married to a white woman. Had a marriage problem and was traded. Do your research! Dave Dombrowski is a *** racist and so is the dyeing old man Illich . We need new ownership and management . You dont trade a good player after you felt you paid him too much money over family issues. A white fan base and a *** news caster on Fox 2 Dan Miller. After a big loss after the World Series he didn't cause the team to lose. It first starts with the old out dated manger. He was out manage. Too sensitive. A cry baby, not manager tuff. What about the catcher that did bad catching and batting. I hope this team don't even make the playoffs. Every issue a black player has had with a white person there traded check the record!
Dave Dombrowski how did you pull this off? Bye Prince!
The Prince Fielder trade...I LOVE THIS! This is the best deal that Dave Dombrowski could've gotten for Fielder's ridiculous contract. The Tigers could not tolerate his underachieving in the postseason and his comments that made it seem like he didn't care when the team lost to Boston in the ALCS. Ian Kinsler fills a need at 2nd base, Miggy moves to 1st base, and then you can put Nick Castellanos at 3rd base (his natural position). Now Ilitch and Dombrowski can use the money they save to re-sign Max Scherzer and then Miguel Cabrera, whose contract is up after 2015. They might even be able to re-sign Victor Martinez when he's a free agent after next season. I love this trade all the way around...
Fielder is out of here. Like the trade to free up money for Max and maybe another position of need. He was just to relaxed when playing in the playoffs and had to go. Well done Dave Dombrowski.
Tigers need to build a bronze statue for Dave Dombrowski, what a genius. The Fielder trade upgraded second base with an all star, moves Miggy back to first, brings Castianos up from AAA and gives the Tigers money to sign Max long term and find a left fielder and bull pen help. STUD.
I can't believe the Tigers were able to trade Prince Fielder to Texas for Ian Kinsler. You go Dave Dombrowski! From The Detroit Free Press: "The Tigers traded Fielder and $30 million to Texas Wednesday night for second baseman Ian Kinsler and a little more lineup flexibility and fiscal peace of mind."
Wow! Dave Dombrowski better know what he's doing.He may just be really bored in the off season. Gonna miss you Prince!
GM Dave Dombrowski spoke glowingly about acquiring a potential leadoff hitter in Ian Kinsler with some pop in his bat and some juice in his legs. But this trade was about admitting an impulsive, panicked mistake and cutting the Tigers' losses.
Looks like Dave Dombrowski pulled off another big deal in trading Prince Fielder to Texas for Ian Kinsler. It appears to be a savvy deal that will free up money to resign Max Scherzer and upgrade the bullpen.
I am Excited!! Prince was never a Fit for the Tigers anyway. Bringing Prince to Detroit 2 years ago was a Mike Ilitch decision, not a Dave Dombrowski decision. Now they can sign Max Scherzer to an Extension.
I'm shocked the Tigers traded Prince Fielder. I enjoyed having him in Detroit, but you always knew the back end of that contract was going to be crushing. I like what they brought back and the economic freedom this gives the team. Kudos, Dave Dombrowski. Good luck, Prince. No hard feelings.
Well, I'm just going to say it. Detroit Tigers organization deserves to lose next seasons chance to win the American League Central Division Championship and World Series, after their general manager, Dave Dombrowski, traded Prince Fielder! As a loyal Detroit Tigers Fan, I am outraged of this decision! I don't care if we are getting Ian Kinsler!!! He's not half as good as Fielder is! So just because he couldn't get a hit in the playoffs, they decide to trade him? I think that's showing no faith in Prince Fielder at all! I hope Prince Fielder hits a home run against Tigers pitching every time he steps-up to the plate, if we happen to verse Texas Rangers! However, if he does, I won't be watching it! I'm boycotting anything to do with Detroit Tigers baseball! I am already outraged at the decisions the entire front office have made this offseason, and it's just beginning. SMH at the Detroit Tigers entire organization! -_-
This isn't a bad deal for Texas at all, considering their surplus of middle infielders (Andrus, Profar, formerly Kinsler, Sardinas and Odor at Double-A). But how Dave Dombrowski shed this Prince Field contract, I'll never get how he did it. Guy's a genius. (Side note: Signing Fielder in the first place had more to do with Ilitch than DD's blueprint. Everyone knew it was ideal for the short-term, but atrocious in the final five or so years of the deal.)
Just got off a conference call with Tigers President Dave Dombrowski and Manager Brad Ausmus a short time ago. Look for some of their comments on Thursday's editions of NC3.
This just in, Dave Dombrowski named GM of the year for the 2014 season.
Wow! Dave Dombrowski strikes again! So long, Prince...welcome to Detroit, Ian.
I was SO SICK of talking about next year next year next year for my favorite sports team after I was denied the WS parade I was planning on attending. At least until 10 minutes ago! The Tigers just lost 300 lbs, got an established lead off hitter, freed up (hopefully) enough cash to keep Cy Young award winner Max Scherzer, shored up the infield, and I assume that they're moving the best hitter in the game back to first base. Dave Dombrowski is a genius. Learn his name TBS
DSN, your source for the best priced event tickets in Detroit! Find Detroit Tigers Tickets now! DETROIT, Michigan – Dave Dombrowski and the Tigers are no strangers to off-season trades, and we Tigers fans have come to expect some fireworks in the winter months. But what the Tigers did on Wednesday e...
Gotta love that Dave Dombrowski didn't put up with Prince not delivering in the post season .so he got rid of him!!!.I love it...see ya you waste of 215 million dollars ...not Detroit Tigers problem any longer!
I absolutely love the Prince trade for Ian Kinsler. And here's why, after watching him play the past two seasons, My report on Fielder goes like this: Prince Fielder is greatly overrated, a poor defensive 1B and has a terrible attitude. He never came up with a big time, clutch HR, and was horrible in the playoffs. Our $214 million man had a grand total of 0, that's right, 0 RBIS in the 2013 playoffs. We get beat by Boston, and Fielder comes out and says he doesn't care and is moving on...He should have taken some ownership of his *** poor postseason performance. That kind of crap doesn't sit well with an organization who's trying to build a championship winning team. This trade allows the Tigers to have so many options now, it's great. Ian Kinsler is a heck of a ballplayer who will bring clubhouse leadership to the team. He hit .277 compared to Princes .279, and prince only hit 25 HRs, and a lot of those HRs happened during meaningless at bats. Kinsler will bring a solid glove at 2nd, steal you a base, a ...
Bob Nightengale 4m GM Dave Dombrowski was the one who threw out the concept on Tuesday, and it heated up Wednesday AM, and finalized this afternoon.
GM Dave Dombrowski and possibly new manager Brad Ausmus will be holding a teleconference with news reporters at 11:45 tonight.
Big Parker, it wasn't meant to be a player for player trade. Dave Dombrowski made this trade to free up dough.
Ken Holland could learn a thing or two from Dave Dombrowski!
Any discussion of greatest Tigers of all time now must include Dave Dombrowski.
Little Giant Ladders
Voting is over. No more phone calls. Detroit GM Dave Dombrowski is the 2014 American League Executive of the Year.
3 straight MVPs for the Detroit Tigers. WOW. A ring would be nice, but we've been spoiled. Thank you, Dave Dombrowski & Jim Leyland
Okay Tigers fans, so the dilemma that is now placed for Dave Dombrowski: Yu have a choice to trade one of two pitchers: Rick Porcello, or Max Scherzer. Now, this seems like an obvious choice--but is it? Who do you trade, Tigers fans? I say they keep Porcello, because the reality is glaring that Scherzer might just have to be dealt, even though I want them to do it the other way around. But it's not about me. Thoughts?
What position, or positions, do you think the Detroit Tigers should look to improve this offseason? General manager Dave Dombrowski has made signing an experienced closer his top priority. Read more here:
USA Today DETROIT — As the sun set on Comerica Park on Sunday night, a new era of Detroit Tigers baseball dawned. After a week-long managerial search, former catcher Brad Ausmus was named the 37th manager in Tigers history, taking over for retired manager Jim Leyland. Ausmus, 44, played two stints for the Tigers during his 18-year big league career. He was traded twice by the Tigers. Now, he returns for a third – and seemingly final – time as manager. "I have a pretty good feel for the modern-day player," Ausmus said. "What the makeup is, what the mindset is." The Tigers' mindset is to win a World Series. And now. Ausmus is aware of that, and thanked both general manager Dave Dombrowski, for the opportunity, and the media, for his "radio silence" over the last 48 hours. "I'm well aware that you don't generally get dropped into an opportunity with a team like the Detroit Tigers," Ausmus said. After four interviews, Dombrowski said, he was convinced Ausmus was the man for the job. "I was taken back wi ...
Dave Dombrowski said the Tigers believe Bryan Holaday is ready to be the backup catcher to Alex Avila. Also mentioned James McCann.
Is Brad Ausmus the right choice for the Detroit Tigers ? Detroit Tigers GM Dave Dombrowski indicated before his search to find Jim Leyland's replacement that he'd prefer to hire a manager with experience at the major league level. So why would the Tigers reportedly be set to hire Brad Ausmus as their new skipper? Ausmus has never managed in the majors. Nor has he managed in the minors. His only experience to date? He managed Team Israel in the World Baseball Classic. Apparently, a lack of managerial experience wasn't exactly a deal-breaker for Dombrowski. Ausmus is very highly regarded for his leadership skills and overall ability to communicate with players. His baseball IQ has never been called into question. In fact, The Sporting News called him the ninth-smartest athlete in sports in 2010. He's quick with the quip and considered by many in baseball to be unflappable. But, if reports are proven accurate, the Tigers are certainly taking a big gamble in picking Ausmus, as opposed to the three other candi ...
Wow Tiger GM Dave Dombrowski finally got one right, goes to prove "even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in awhile" Brad Ausmus is hired as Detroit's new baseball manager. Rumors have it that Gene Lamont close friends with Ausmus will return as bench coach. Brad is an excellent choice and a great fit for the Tigers who will now have two former Detroit Tiger catchers at their helm! Once again " Well played" Dombrowski!
Tigers go with Ausmus when there's Dusty Baker and Ozzie Guillen out there? Really? Thank you, Dave Dombrowski. Thank you!
Can somebody tell Dave Dombrowski that it's not too late to call Manny Acta about the managerial vacancy?
Dave Dombrowski confirmed Tim Wallach is second to be interviewed for open managerial position. Dombrowski: "He handled himself well." READ HERE:
Plus, Kirk had a falling out with Dave Dombrowski after Alan Trammell was fired as manager. Gibson was Tram's bench coach.
There really should not be a Tigers managerial search. Dave Dombrowski has his guy, and that's Eric Wedge. He's right guy.
If I were Dave Dombrowski yes I'd look into it
Why don't you give Dave Dombrowski a call. You might be just what the doctor ordered in the D.
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: Dave Dombrowski's biggest fear in his current managerial search is that he'll overlook someone.
*quickly Dave Dombrowski looks up who Carlos Beltran's agent is*
Detroit Tigers third baseman Miguel Cabrera has a slight tear in his groin that may require offseason surgery, Tigers general manager Dave Dombrowski told James Schmehl of MLive. Cabrera dealt with a number of nagging injuries this year. He hurt his back in early July, then injured his left hip flexor later in the month. Cabrera suffered a strained lower abdomen in August before injuring his groin in September.
At least we don't have to see Dave Dombrowski's droopy face anymore
Sad to see Leyland step down before he gets a ring with Detroit. I would love to see Kirk Gibson back wearing the Old English D though. Make it happen Dave Dombrowski!
Dave Dombrowski and Tony LaRussa at my work right now.wonder what they're doing? 👀📝
Who will the new Tigers manager be? While there are lots of names being thrown around, here are some names that should be at the top of the list of Dave Dombrowski's search, if they are not already. Mike Scioscia - Currently the Angels skipper, he started as the Angels manager in 1999 and his contract runs through 2018. Ozzie Guillen - Currently not managing, Ozzie took the Chicago White Sox to a World Series title in 2005. His most recent antics cost him his job in Miami, but his ability to get the most out of his players cannot be over looked. He also has a very good relationship with the best hitter in baseball. Joe Madden - While he is still under contract in Tampa Bay, and seems to be happy, the idea that you would not ask this man would be absurd. His ability to take a low budget small market team to contention every year is extremely remarkable. Who would you like to see as new Tigers manager? -Slim
If I could have any superpower I would be invisible, and I would sneak into Dave Dombrowski's office and listen to him work.
Dave Dombrowski is incredible.. If it was easy, it'd be done..
Turn a computer loose on all the managerial facets Dave Dombrowski ideally wants as he hunts for Jim Leyland's replacement to run the Tigers next season, and you begin to understand something. That man is going to be very difficult to find in a marketplace that offers no perfect answers.
Thankful to have somebody like at times like these ❤️
If you're Dave Dombrowski, who do you want managing your team?
My World Series pick: CARDS IN 7 Analysis: people need to not sleep on the cardinals. if wacha can keep his run going, and there's no reason to think he can't, STL will have a 1-2 punch almost as potent as detroit's here in the short term, but with a big-boy bullpen. (imho the tigers should have won that series but for a weak pen that's been glaringly weak since last year's playoffs. hey now dave dombrowski, Mike Ilitch is cranky, not getting any younger, and he's looking at you.) the cards lineup is deep now with allen craig coming back. yadi molina neutralizes the run game, the no-DH NL game neutralizes the papi/napoli tandem for the middle games...and the AL home field lets the cards use craig alongside matt adams in potentially 4 games. ...and i think it will take 4 games in boston, meaning a 7 game series, 'cause the sox can pitch a little too, and fenway, between the monster and the roiling, virulent crowds, definitely has the potential to impact a game at some point. plus the sox are a veteran team ...
He should be Dave Dombrowski's first phone call. Tigers wouldn't miss a beat with him
GM Dave Dombrowski begins wide-open search for next manager, needing to balance experience and potential.
I hope Dave Dombrowski hires the right guy to manage the Tigers, but it'd also be cool if Mike Ilitch named himself manager.
Dave Dombrowski actually acquired Terry Francona for a PTBNL to be the Tigers manager and the Indians will hire some of the fans to replace
I wish Dave Dombrowski was dumb enough to hire Tigers fans to run the team like my TL is implying.
GM Dave Dombrowski's fear in his upcoming managerial search: "That there’s somebody out there that’s gonna...
All this hot stove crap is just dancing around the point. Alright, here it is: Dave Dombrowski for a World Series, straight up.
The more I think about it, the more Don Mattingly sounds like Dave Dombrowski's dream candidate.
I think Jim Leyland and Dave Dombrowski worked together in Florida Mr Elliott. I was reading your article on Leyland.
Somebody get me Dave Dombrowski on the phone. Need to know when I start my new job managing the Tigers.
The 44-year-old Brad Ausmus has no managerial experience in either the major or minor leagues, though he did lead Team Israel in the World Baseball Classic this year.the chosen team of the chosen people. I have made my choice for the Tiger's next manager - your move, Dave Dombrowski.
Detroit Tigers fans, with a great summary of the Dave Dombrowski's complicated search for a new manager.
I tend to agree. But nobody ever got rich reading Dave Dombrowski's mind.
If you have some great stuff from Jim Leyland today on how his relationship w/Dave Dombrowski started.
What the Tigers need to do for 2014: FOX Sports Detroit » Dave Dombrowski has some important de...
GM Dave Dombrowski said that the Tigers would hire someone with either Major or Minor League managerial experience to replace Jim Leyland.
Charlie Manuel just told that he would "love to talk" to Dave Dombrowski about the Tigers managerial job. Wedge, Acta, Manuel!
Polishing up my resume before I send it to Dave Dombrowski.
You're Dave Dombrowski. Who do you hire as the next manager of the Detroit Tigers? (If you want to trade for a guy like Joe Maddon/Mike Scioscia, give us the trade!)
Recieved a call last night from dave dombrowski. Asking me to be the new manager. Here is my line up.
Dave Dombrowski I would like to formally put my hat in the ring for next manager of the Detroit Tigers. I know you are looking for a person with managerial experience and I have some. Please give me a call and we can discuss further.
My advice to Dave Dombrowski: get a check, sign it, fill in the date, make it out to Tony La Russa, leave the number blank and write in the subject line 2014 World Series Title. Then have his buddy Jim take it down to whatever retirement home he is living at in Florida and get him to Detroit. 1 year, that's all.
Dave Dombrowski has some important decisions to make for the Tigers this offseason
Maybe now we can stop being the Buffalo Bills of baseball and stop choking in the playoffs. The Tigers have become a winning franchise again (except in the playoffs) because Mike Ilitch started spending money on the Tigers instead of investing everything into the Red Wings and Dave Dombrowski has done an amazing job of getting quality players into Detroit. Leyland's chronic poor decision making, his archaic approach to coaching, and his pension for sticking with players that shouldn't even be in the majors (Ryan Rayburn, Jose Valverde, Don Kelly, Phil Coke, etc) has cost the Tigers countless games and only hindered their chances of winning in the playoffs. I only wish he would have stepped down earlier so we could have got Francona or Gardenhire. Not all the blame is his, Fielder and many other players stunk it up pretty bad but Leyland stepping down is a step in the right direction for the Tigers
John Niyo: Dave Dombrowski should think outside box for manager search.
Spotted reading the newspaper at Dunkin Donuts in Ferndale: Dave Dombrowski.
I think I've found my next job! It just opened up yesterday. Sending resume to Dave Dombrowski at the Detroit Tigers office. Manager, Detroit Tigers. All I really need to do is try to teach the star players how to run the base paths. Throw Verlander, Scherzer, Sanchez and Fister every 5 days. Get to spend my Spring in Florida and Octobers in the playoffs. Sounds like a great gig to me. I guess I would also have to get DD to find a bullpen that can actually keep a lead. :-) Do you think I would get hired?
Everyone can call me a Leyland hater all they want, it doesn't bother me. Something needed to give and he knew it. The game past Leyland by long ago. Just like another "great" head coach Pat Riley, he may have been a great manager but only when surrounded by great players. It wasn't Leyland that built the Tigers to what they are, it was Mike Ilitchs money and Dave Dombrowskis ability to make ridiculous deals. As great as Leylands accomplishments were in Detroit I am confident Dombrowski can find a manager to take the Tigers to a World Series title.And add a closer to that task.And find a sucker to take Fielder off our hands.
Dave Dombrowski should think outside box for Tigers manager search
If Victor Martinez ran as hard as Jim Leyland did leaving Dave Dombrowski's beer league softball roster, the Tigers might still be playing.
You guys are bummed that Leyland is leaving. Just wait until Dave Dombrowski leaves to become commissioner.
Blame Dave Dombrowski – and His Inability to Bolster the Bullpen – for Detroit’s Disappointment
Dave Dombrowski says he isn't looking for culture change with Will that impact his managerial hire? Story:
Whelp ... time to brush off the resume and send it to Mike Ilitch and Dave Dombrowski ... so I can be the new field general of the Detroit Tigers. Here's what I bring to the table: - I have followed baseball for nearly 50 years - I own an Alan Trammell jersey - My next-door neighbor growing up was Hal Newhouser - I own a baseball bat and glove - I have a Tigers WRIF bumper sticker If these don't garner me at least an interview ...
Dusty Baker on managing Tigers: "I’ve always respected Dave Dombrowski and what Dave has accomplished. . . ." (more)
I really want to be the Detroit Tigers next manager. Team GM, Dave Dombrowski, and I know each other well. Sadly, that hurts my chances.
8 very special years for my family. Just wanted to say my own thank you to the Tigers, Dave Dombrowski, the fans, and esp…
I have it! Jim Leyland is gone...miss him.but I have his replacement...Ron Martin of Woodland would be perfect. He has been a coach for sports for years, he can kick butt when needed, and he has his back up to tell him what to do if he should ever not know what to do ( Alice Martin, Rebecca Sue Roth, and of course Ronda Shetterly) I would be his pitching coach (Rick Porcello, need I say more) Mom would be his dugout manager, and Becky could handle the field players. See Dad we gotcha covered. So I think we should all call Dave Dombrowski and put in Dad's name...
General manager Dave Dombrowski to search far and wide for next manager of Detroit Tigers
Tell Donnie Baseball to give Dave Dombrowski a call!
Good news Detroit Tiger fans.Jim Leyland has decided not to return as manager next year.Dave Dombrowski has a lot of work to do this off season.He needs a left fielder,a catcher that can hit 20 homeruns and throw runners out,and most of all a manager who isn't *** bent on taking his pitchers out after 100 pitches.What happened to the good old days when the starters used to go 9-10-11 innings?I am convinced that we would have won that series if Max Scherzer had gone the distance in his two starts.We'll just have to wait til next year.Seems to me I've heard that before.
i wouldn't want leyland. The only reason he was successful was Dave dombrowski. Manny acta for the cubs
GM Dave Dombrowski said that Miguel Cabrera has a Grade 2 or 3 groin strain and might have to undergo surgery.
The Tigers and Leyland have officially announced that he is stepping down as the team's manager. At his press conference, Leyland said that he will likely accept a new role with the team that has yet to be determined. Leyland told GM Dave Dombrowski in September that he was running low on fuel, and though he was asked to return, he declined the offer
Dave Dombrowski wouldn't say who his next manger will be, but did offer some clues as to who would get consideration. htt…
Dave Dombrowski: Tigers owner Mike Ilitch 'fine,' was aware of Jim Leyland's plans:
Detroit Tigers manager Jim Leyland says he won't back in 2014. Watch live:
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Dave Dombrowski should be calling me any day now about the job opening. Just waiting on your call, Dave.
"It's been a thrill," added Leyland, who said he would take a different post with the Tigers but didn't want to be in the dugout anymore. "We won quite a bit. I'm very grateful to be a small part of that." Leyland said he had decided he wouldn't manage another season in September, but told few people, including his wife and Detroit general manager Dave Dombrowski. Leyland said he told his players after their season was ended by the Red Sox on Saturday. "I didn't know how to take it when they clapped," Leyland quipped about the reaction from his players. "I spent the last 24 hours saying I wasn't going to get emotional. I had a lot of nice comments from my players." Leyland admitted that the six-game loss to the Red Sox in the American League title series "really hurt". "I felt like we let one get away, that's what hurt more than anything else," he said. "With all due respect to the Boston Red Sox, they earned it, I truly believe the Detroit Tigers should be playing (in the World Series)."
Jim Leyland and Dave Dombrowski discuss Leyland's decision to step down after eight years managing the Tigers
Pretty excited. Dave dombrowski just called. I interview tomorrow. Wish me luck everyone!!!
Now we know. Miguel Cabrera was playing with a groin strain since September 21, according to GM Dave Dombrowski. He faces probable surgery. “He has a groin, as they say, a grade 2, a grade 3, which means there is some tearing of fibers in that area,” Dombrowski said. “It was not going to heal with rest. We were assured of that.”
GM Dave Dombrowski - Please send Joe Madden a one way ticket to Detroit
Really kind of sorry that Leyland decided to retire. He did a great job and I really wanted to see him win a series here. (BTW, don't argue with me on this, I'm blaming it all on the bullpen) In the mean time, that job has gotta look like a plum to some really good candidates out there. So I just want to say to Dave Dombrowski that if Bobby Valentine comes sniffing, please just send his phone call to voice mail and move on. Thanks.
I just had a sobering thought. What if no other viable options materialize and at some not-too-distant press conference Dave Dombrowski introduces Bobby Valentine as the next Tigers manager?
I think Dave Dombrowski and Jim Leyland have a future working for the CIA. Great job of keeping secrets since September 7!
Jim Leyland has decided to step down as manager of the Detroit Tigers. He is 69 years old and decided it was time to retire. He will continue in the Tigers organization in another capacity. I just wanted to thank Mr. Leyland for all he has done for the Tigers in the last 8 seasons. Just 10 years ago the Tigers lost 119 games and had no prospects for the future. Mr. Illitch and Dave Dombrowski were able to get better players and better talent to Detroit, which was the first step. But it was Jim Leyland, coming out of his first retirement to manage his beloved Tigers, that really made the major difference in the Detroit Tigers return to national prominence. Jim Leyland truly LOVES the Detroit Tigers. The emotion that he attaches to his relationship with the Tigers is magnificent and I know of no other manager who feels as deeply about his players and his team as Jim Leyland does. The team will find another manager, but they will never find another manager who has meant so much to the Tiger organizati ...
Wow... Jeff Jones Tigers New Manager. Jim Leyland the GM. Dave Dombrowski Commish of Baseball. Time to turn off talk radio for the day.
Upon hearing that Jim Leyland stepped down as Tiger's manager the boys were so upset that Thomas threatened to send Dave Dombrowski a "mental message." I don't know what your roll in this was, Mr. Dombrowski, but I'm sorry that my son has unleashed his mind on you.
Hey Pete Shier! Managerial opening in Detroit. Dave Dombrowski is waiting on your call...
Maybe Dave Dombrowski could work a trade with Cleveland. Fielder for Francona?
Jim Leyland was a great manager, and he played a huge role in bringing the Tigers organization to where it is now. All the people who are rejoicing and say that he was a bad manager obviously don't remember where the Tigers were before he came in. He brought baseball back to relevancy in Detroit. It will be hard to replace him. Dave Dombrowski does not have an easy job.
Okay Tigers fans, who do you think Dave Dombrowski should consider as the new manager for the Tigers?? Someone from inside or outside of the organization? For me, Tom Brookens comes to mind. -S.R.
Sad day in Tiger Town. I remember how awful 2003 was and I remember the stunted optimism of 2005 when Jim Leyland joined the organization. In a very short time he and Dave Dombrowski made the joke of the AL Central into a team that won divisions, pennants, and competed in 2 World Series. Although I wanted to see this team win a World Championship, I was proud every day during Leyland's tenure to be a Tiger fan. The Lions talk about restoring the roar, but the Tiger's & Jim Leyland did it!!!
Everybody has a calling in life. There is a place and time for everything. Unfortunately I will not be accepting Dave Dombrowski's offering of the Detroit Tiger's managerial opening. Instead I will be focusing all of my time and energy in the relm of competitive eating. Joey Chestnut is going down!
Ok Dave Dombrowski call Arizona and tell Kirk Gibson to come on home don't screw this up
Bye bye Don Kelly. Jim Leyland AND Dave Dombrowski made Detroit winners, with Mike Illitch's money. Thanks for the wins, now let's go for that World Series.
OK let's put the rumors and speculation to rest: I am NOT a candidate for the managerial job. If Dave Dombrowski calls, I'll listen, but for now, I am not a candidate.
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