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Dave Chappelle

David Khari Webber Dave Chappelle (born August 24, 1973) is an American comedian, screenwriter, television/film producer, actor, and artist.

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never won an Emmy, but Dave Chappelle finally did
The only goldmine of comedy now is this pocket--which Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle partially cracked on Election Night.
Shawn Kemp in 2003 is like expecting Dave Chappelle for a comedy show but getting Bokeem Woodbine instead
Amy Shumer wants to make the same money as Dave Chappelle? I don't think so...
Man seeing go from being in the crowd of Dave Chappelle's Block Party in '04 to Forest Hills Drive Homecoming in 2016. Krazy.
Amazing night with my better half witnessing the genius of Dave Chappelle. Chris Tucker & Jerry Seinfeld showed up.…
Dave Chappelle stand up comedy the one in La
Dave Chappelle revolutionized comedy. We can never thank him enough.
Dave Chappelle 😂😂. Richard Pryor and Dave have to be on the MT. Rushmore of comedy
Is 'Chappelle's Show' better than Dave Chappelle's stand-up comedy?
Do right w me at Usher, Dave Chappelle, Kevin Hart & Friends Comedy Shows + surprise guests!…
Amy Schumer: I don't "deserve" to be paid the same as Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock
Amy Schumer got caught stealing jokes from Patrice O'Neal and have the audacity to think she's on Dave Chappelle and…
Amy Schumer has clearly lost her mind if she thinks she's in the same league as Dave Chappelle or Chris Rock
White women earn more than black men but Amy Schumer really pointed the finger at Dave Chappelle & Chris Rock. SMH. We'…
Amy Schumer told Netflix she's "worth as much as Dave Chappelle". The drugs when you're famous truly are of high quali…
Amy Schumer isn't funny. Dave Chappelle is. That's all that matters.
Amy Schumer insisted Netflix pay her the same as Chris Rock or Dave Chappelle
Amy Schumer comparing herself with Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle is the funniest joke of her career.
Hold up. Amy Schumer says she actually DOESN’T deserve equal pay to Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle:…
Amy Schumer asked Netflix to increase her pay after learning what Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock earned
Though I'm super sad didn't mention it was Chad Michael Murray and Dave Chappelle's birthday lolll
Amy Schumer just steals jokes from Daniel Tosh and expects to be payed like Dave Chappelle
Comparing herself to Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock is the funniest thing she's done
That’s the premise of this classic Dave Chappelle skit.
This guy is the Clayton Bigsby Character in Dave Chappelle's skit? He was a blind black man who was a White...
So none of you have laughed at Dave Chappelle jokes? How about Russell Peters? Cuz if you have you've laughed at racist humor.
Tonight I'm opening for Dave Chappelle in NYC. God bless that man. If he never walked away from a deal, We prolly woul…
I liked a video Spitting Out Frogs with Drake, Stephen Curry and Dave Chappelle | David Blaine
Because it's hump day, but it's also ladies night out. Excited to see Dave Chappelle & Erykah Badu with tonight 🙌…
Comedian Donnell Rawlings sought by police after punching Dave Chappelle fan outside NY hotel.
Dave Chappelle is doing a week of shows in MN - next week!!
When someone says the name Tyler, the creator... Why do I think of Dave Chappelle?
George Lopez is still the goat next to Dave Chappelle
Yoo this Dave Chappelle special has me dying already and it hasn't even been 2 mins into it yet lmao
I saw the gorgeous at the Dave Chappelle show tonight at Radio City. She is as sweet as she is beautiful.
Didn't Dave Chappelle tell us over 10 yrs ago police sprinkle crack on crime scenes?
What?! hints at new Season 2 riding companion Dave Chappelle.
Y'all not finna jump on Dave Chappelle when Family Guy, the Simpsons, SouthPark and all those white created shows joke…
I can't front,that show had to be epic!Kevin Hart,Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock! Th…
Dave Chappelle reveals the one way Trump has been good for America
Transphobia isn't funny. Not when Lil Duval does it. Not when Dave Chappelle does it. It's not "just a joke." Trans women…
The of all comedy shows in the 21st Century!🙌🏾 DAVE CHAPPELLE x Chris Rock x Kevin Hart x Amy Schumer
Dave Chappelle said Michael Jackson was a good host because he sucked a kids *** and let him ride roller coasters
My first time at for Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock...but then Jeffrey Ross, Amy…
This Dave Chappelle special on Netflix is really hilarious 😂
I liked a video Last Call with Dave Chappelle - SNL
Dave Chappelle takes over Radio City with special guests this August. Catch on August 23rd! .
Possible that Chappelle mentions the letter I wrote him in his current act. Not that he got the message.
Dave Chappelle Live in Phoenix on Sept 2! Two shows! Buy your tickets ASAP:
Wow, it's very possible I am the person who wrote Dave Chappelle that letter about his frustrating transgender material.
I know I'm bout to be banging up these white girls but they gotta sign a Dave Chappelle love contract before I touch em
So nice to work with this legend Alan Leeds again, this time with Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock
Dave Chappelle kills me in this movie!
Dave chappelle mentions austin Texas again: via
We stayed late at the Comedy Cellar and caught Amy Schumer, Leslie Jones and Dave Chappelle (sort of)
There's a movie on HBO with Dave Chappelle, Norm MacDonald, and Sherman Hemsley and I can't even deal...
Did yall know Dave Chappelle's Great Grandfather was once the President of Allen University in Columbia, South Carolina? ht…
Silly white boy at Spider Man thought Donald Glover was Chadwick Boseman and Bokeem Woodbine was Dave Chappelle. Embarrassed to be white rn
Can someone make a movie with Bokeem Woodbine and Dave Chappelle. Are they secretly brothers?
OH has Lebron James. OH has Dave Chappelle . OH has John Legend . OH has Halle Berry. OH has Kid Cudi. OH has MGK. OH has Katt…
Yall remember when Dave Chappelle said cops sprinkle crack on dead Black people?
6:15 a.m. playing "Purple Rain" with the No Name band at Dave Chappelle's Juke Joint in NYC.
PSA: Dave Chappelle is back from wherever he disappeared to and he is still hilarious
Let Dave Chappelle put it in perspective for you
Word um idk bro Dave Chappelle and Childish Gambino gone be in NY I thin…
.on Charlie Murphy: "He's a very large part of the reason I got to be successful."
After watching Dave Chappelle's new stand up, all I can think is... maybe take another 10 years of retirement Dave.
Watching a Dave Chappelle show. He started going off the rails with the Ray Rice video. I tried to give the benefit of the doubt...
My homie really said Kevin Hart was funnier than Dave Chappelle smh
I've waited patiently since last episode. July 1st hit, and I'm itching like Dave Chappelle in that crackhead skit
We talk Dave Chappelle tickets and men's nipples on "Bonus Sexual Favors"
Bout to watch that Dave Chappelle series on Netflix that nogga a different type of funny
Dave Chappelle roasts himself in surprise appearance
Did you miss Dave Chappelle on this morning?? Well here you go!!!
One funny bit Dave Chappelle did was his impression of James Baldwin. OHMLOL
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I liked a video Robert Glasper, Derrick Hodge and Chris Dave do hard bop at Dave Chappelle's request
Dave Chappelle is about to have an epic residency at Radio City Music Hall. Featured guests include The Roots,...
Dave Chappelle on picking a president based off their character 💀
you know what i just realized? the friendzone anniversary show is the same day and time as the Dave Chappelle show.
Going home to watch the racial draft on the Dave Chappelle show.
I seen Bonecrusher at Dave Chappelle show.. he could barely walk.. plz plz take care of your health..
If you don't think Dave Chappelle or Chappelle Show is funny we can't be friends.
Me and my brother were just talking about this!! I think it should be like the Dave Chappelle show but on
The Roots, Erykah Badu and Childish Gambino will join Dave Chappelle at Radio City Music Hall
Never forget Dave Chappelle's block party. J. Cole is actually in the audience مالك
Who was Dave Chappelle's opening act last night
Dave Chappelle is throwing a 10-show party at Radio City, with Chris Rock, Trevor Noah, the Roots and more
Dave Chappelle is sorry for asking us to give Trump a chance. Paul Mooney is somewhere cackling.
Donald Glover and Dave Chappelle are reportedly planning a joint show in NYC.. no cellphones will be allowed 👀
ICYMI: Dave Chappelle x are putting on a joint show with special guests The Roots, Erykah Badu + more. https:…
Dave Chappelle x are teaming up for a Radio City Concert.
You mind if I call a bambulaunce at a tranny party 😂 Dave Chappelle has me LOL 😂
.and Dave Chappelle are performing in NYC
Dave Chappelle And Donald Glover are having a show at Radio City August 19th. No cell phones will be allowed.
guys I literally don't know who Dave Chappelle is
New podcast with Best/worst of OTAs, and why Thomas Rawls reminded me of Dave Chappelle
.and more will join Dave Chappelle during his residency at Radio City.
"DMX is Dave Chappelle, but no one knows it"
Could I runaway from 50 mill like Dave Chappelle you know..
all I ever wanna do is see dave chappelle live
Dave Chapelle and announce joint show in New York City.
I deadass wanna go to that Dave Chappelle & Donald Glover show
Childish Gambino, Erykah Badu, more joining Dave Chappelle for shows in NYC.
Dave Chappelle announces a bunch of shows after disappearing for twelve years -
Dave Chappelle announces joint concerts with and more in New York City this August:
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Childish Gambino and Dave Chappelle are doing a joint show in NYC 🙌
Dave chappelle was the best stand up I've seen thus far by far
Dave Chappelle to perform at Radio City Music Hall with special guests including Childish ...…
.and Dave Chappelle are doing a show in NYC
New post (Childish Gambino and Dave Chappelle to Perform at Radio City Music Hall) has been published on Dubst ...…
Who tryna get tickets to see Dave Chappelle and Donald Glover at Radio a City Music Hall?? 👀👀
Dave Chappelle & Childish Gambino set to perform joint show at Radio Music Hall in August 👀
Since today is Kanye's 40th birthday, here is a video of Dave Chappelle describing his 1st encounter with Kanye. Happy birthda…
Cuz it never gets old. . . Dave Chappelle - killing them softly ( COMPLETE ) via
Yes, and I like Billy Connolly, Bill Burr, Dave Chappelle. Maybe it's partly a guy thing.
Dave Chappelle thinks you need a haircut
Dave Chappelle on his white friend asking a cop for directions while high 😂😂
Dave Chappelle reportedly regrets saying he was going to give Trump a chance
Dave Chappelle on his Trump support, “I f**ked up”
Dave Chappelle is done giving Trump a chance
Dave Chappelle regrets saying we should give Trump a chance: 'I f---ed up'
Dave chappelle be actin up since he doesn't do the show
Dave Chappelle apologizes for saying give Trump a chance on "I f**ked up. Sorry”
Dave Chappelle apologizes for telling viewers to give Trump a chance. via
Dave Chappelle regrets telling people to ‘give Trump a chance'
Dave Chappelle takes back what he said about Donald Trump.
.regrets saying to give Trump a chance: "I f---ed up"
ON SALE NOW -- Dave Chappelle on June 12, 14, 15, 19 at 10PM - just added shows! Get tickets fast.
Dave Chappelle giving us the greatest analogy of all time via /r/videos
Dave Chappelle tonight in NY on his November SNL monologue: "I was the first guy on TV to say 'Give Trump a chance.' I f**…
There's irony that Dave Chappelle graduated from Antioch ~ Mann's College. I've…
My top 5 comedians of all time: . Jim Carrey . Dave Chappelle . Robin Williams . Katt Williams . Louis CK
My teenage years consisted of me screaming thug life Dave Chappelle that ain't your wife
Ali with 2 year old Dave Chappelle and his brother William Chappelle (1975) # via /r……
"Big Baller Brand" sounds like something Dave Chappelle would put in a skit mocking the boujee streetwear brands of the early-…
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Wut? "Toledo needs a few millionaires - Let’s go after Samuel L. Jackson. Yellow Springs, Ohio, has Dave Chappelle."
I'm gonna start buying politicians lots of alcohol🍻 get their hate out ❗ call Dave Chappelle too have him…
legal_problems: Dave Chappelle and fellow comics gather for Charlie Murphy's funeral
Charlie Murphy was laid to rest as Dave Chappelle and other comedians said goodbye:
Dave Chappelle tickets in Las Vegas at Mandalay Bay Events Center on Fri, May 5, 2017 - 9:00PM
Dave Chappelle's Netflix special is the company's most-watched of all time
Dave Chappelle's new Netflix specials have rankled the speech police
I love how the organizing principle of Dave Chappelle's first Netflix special is anecdotes about OJ Simpson
I don't do drugs, though. Just weed. Dave Chappelle
For all of you pushing back against this.
Dave Chappelle gives a moving tribute to his friend Charlie Murphy
When I think of Charlie Murphy, I think of this sketch from Dave Chappelle show re the Prince invite to play basket…
Dave Chappelle gives moving tribute to the late Charlie Murphy:
First off that John show was sick. Second off Dave Chappelle came out last song to honor Charlie Murphy. Crazy!
I added a video to a playlist Dave Chappelle | Meeting OJ Simpson 1/4
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Jackets lost, but I did get to see Dave Chappelle at the John Mayer concert. So, it was a winning night.
Emotional moment last night when John Mayer brought Dave Chappelle on stage to pay tribute to Charlie Murphy, who passed…
As Dave Chappelle says in Episode 2.1/2.2 "Everything looks better in slow motion" Slow down and…
Dave Chappelle makes surprise appearance at John Mayer concert
I will forever love the Dave Chappelle show 😂
If Comedy Central is going to do a tribute about Charlie Murphy, they better get Dave Chappelle and Eddie Murphy involved! R.I…
I added a video to a playlist Jimmy Kimmel’s FULL INTERVIEW with Dave Chappelle
Rick James, Prince & Charli Murphy all gone. Protect Dave Chappelle and Paul Mooney.
I liked a video Dave Chappelle Stand Up - 1993
We can't even handle our own art anymore - just watch/look up reactions to the new Dave Chappelle Netflix.
I'm glad Dave Chappelle admitted to having a foot fetish. we need not be ashamed of the things we are attracted to. not at all.
Ppl are only speakin of What Charlie Murphy did in The Dave Chappelle Show. But what about how good he played Ed Wun…
Liberals freak out over Dave Chappelle's new show, misunderstanding the role of comedy -
Tribute to Charlie at Johns concert with Dave Chappelle!
I hope god knows if he takes Dave chappelle this year I'm becoming an atheist
This was hands down the funniest Dave Chappelle skit ever.
With each passing day, I realize Dave Chapelle was truly prophetic w/ his "If the Internet Were a Real Place" skit
Put your cell phones away and make a memory. -Dave Chappelle
Charlie Murphy gave us the best Hollywood stories ever.. Dave Chappelle helped make it iconic.. RIP Darkness
For all my conspiracy people off of funny Dave Chappelle comes back Charlie Murphy died f* Luminati
Watching a little Dave Chappelle today in memories of Charlie Murphy
Man only knew he had a brother coz of Dave Chappelle I can't even lie
Watched Dave Chappelle's Netflix special. The funny bits were totally ruined by how homophobic/transphobic the rest was.
I cried 😂😂 if you watch it closely even Dave Chappelle cracks a smile.
Charlie Murphy recalls the first time Dave Chappelle saw him do stand up w/ .
Dave Chappelle and Louis C.K. confront a changing world:
John Mayer brought out Dave Chappelle to help close his show in Columbus last night with a tribute to Charlie Murphy
Dave Chappelle just showed up to the John Mayer concert for a Charlie Murphy tribute
OT shift at work catching up on this Dave Chappelle standup.
I haven't seen anything as funny as Charlie Murphy & Dave Chappelle's skits on the Chappelle's Show!
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Every time I see his name I still can't believe it. All I keep hearing in my head is Dave Chappelle as Rick James saying, "Charlie Murphy!"
Santana, Beck, Ween, Avett Bros, Railroad Earth, Dave Chappelle all playing separate nights in the same week in July at Red Rocks. Gnarly.
In their new Netflix specials, Dave Chappelle and Louis C.K. take aim at everything from ISIS to Bill Cosby:
Dave Chappelle had a joke: "How did George W. Bush know Saddam Hussein had CHEMICAL WEAPONS?". "He kept the RECEIPT."
I'm convinced Dave Chappelle's Black Bush & that administration would be a better one than we have now.
Dinosaur show on Friday, Wizard of Oz at Popejoy Saturday, new Louis CK and Dave Chappelle specials on Netflix... I'm a happy happy Russ.
Dave Chappelle back. Samurai Jack back. Power Rangers got a movie. Invader Zim coming back. 2017 not so bad🕺🏾
Great storytelling - by comedian Dave Chappelle. How do you find water in the Bush? Watch:
Oh, why, why did you have to die Bernie MacK? Comedic genius. Why did you have to leave us here with the Dave Chappelle and Kevin Harts? 😭
I'm sure you've seen it but Dave Chappelle's HBO Half Hour in '98, he closes on not being too famous. That's fascinating too me
I like Dave Chappelle, but Richard Pryor is the GOAT when it comes to comedy...
Dave Chappelle is the funniest man to live
Dave Chappelle's NEW comedy specials, The Age of Spin: Live at the Hollywood Palladium and Deep…
The first part of the new Dave Chappelle stand up in Hollywood. . Link:
should Dave Chappelle and Bill O'Reily be held to the same level of decency?
Turns out this is the rapper who got Dave Chappelle too high before he infamously bombed a Detroit show ht…
2:44am - schnauzer jumps on couch, lands on Apple TV remote. He wanted to watch the new Dave Chappelle too. And he turned on surround sound
Dave Chappelle went fae warning folk bout Hollywood hitmen trying to kill him n Martin Lawrence to netflix special. 1 faux pas after another
Black comics who's your favorite I think mines was Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy, Martin Lawrence, Dave Chappelle.
Tonight's safety tip from Chris Rock: Don't take big drink of water while Dave Chappelle is saying something.
why'd you do Bob Einstein (snore) twice on CCGC & not Dave Chappelle, George Lopez, or Dane Cook even once? 🤔
Bro this Dave Chappelle they put on Netflix funny af
EPISODE 4 IS UP listen to some banter about WWE, Green Day and some profound advice with Dave Chappelle
Martin Lawrence, Dave Chappelle, Chris Tucker, Bell Bellamy, Bernie MacK and Cedric the Entertainer all got their start on
day off, mail arrived safely, eating oxtails/rice and peas, watching Dave Chappelle. Today is a good day.
Most eloquent bit from the Dave Chappelle special
that's right i'm calling out well known comedian Dave Chappelle
You need to check out those Dave Chappelle's specials B!!
When you say, "I thought Dave Chappelle was funny. IDC" in the face of criticism, who are you talking to? What exactly do…
Like Dave chappelle said , sometimes it's good to stay way from the internet for a while ..,
All purpose parts banner
Trump is being investigated by the FBI, Tomi Salami got suspended & Dave Chappelle has 2 comedy specials dropping at mi…
.met Dave Chappelle when he was working at Nkiru Books & found out they were both dating the same girl. (v…
I am watching the new Dave Chappelle stuffs. Hbu?
Dave Chappelle will always be one of the greatest of all time
Dave Chappelle really saved me tonight , his new stand up on Netflix is too funny
Dave Chappelle is still the GOAT for me
got *** dave chappelle's takes in this netflix special are so hot I need some aloe vera
Since November 29th, I've seen Dave Chappelle - 7 times, Louis CK - 4 times, Chris Rock -3 times at The Comedy Store. Ya'll should go. :p
"Every black American is bilingual. All of them. We speak street vernacular and we speak job interview." - Dave Chappelle
This is the year of Gorillaz and Dave Chappelle.
I hadn't missed a Louis CK,Chris Rock or Dave Chappelle drop in since Sept 21.Tonight I go watch a…
Tickets on sale now for at on July 15th!.
Reminder that Dave Chappelle dropped two hours worth of brand new material on Netflix 2 days ago
I liked a video Dave Chappelle fourth time meeting oj simpson
Dope work Dave Chappelle. Thanks for the laughs.
Little Giant Ladders
After watching his Netflix Specials, I don't know if Dave Chappelle's the 'smartest funny guy' or the 'funniest smart guy'
Dave Chappelle, age of spin is comedy gold. He still got it.
Welp... i guess we've seen the last of Dave Chappelle .
Dave Chappelle. Always levels above. Lol. Genius funny. One of the greatest ever.
Dave Chappelle has literally joked on every group of people imaginable. EQUALLY. No way *** and transexuals should be this…
Now that it's here I can't believe we went 10+ years without new Dave Chappelle
Dave Chappelle said Bill Cosby is the Steph Curry of rape 😂😂
I will make it simple for everybody:. Kevin Hart = Drake. Dave Chappelle = Kendrick Lamar. We can still enjoy both.
Dave Chappelle going from Ray Rice to the Color Purple is a classic
Seeing all this Dave Chappelle outrage is hilarious because this what comedy was before Kevin Hart and his pg13 acts came al…
We waited ten years for Dave Chappelle to get back on stage and tell some lukewarm Ray Rice jokes? ***
Ah oh! 😮😮😮. Dave Chappelle is under fire for LGBTQ and transgender jokes in his latest Netflix specials .
Dave Chappelle first comedy special was ok, it was actually terrible if you gonna compare it to his other work but the…
Has anyone seen Dave Chappelle and Bokeem Woodbine in the same place?
Dave Chappelle brought me life today. Those specials were hilarious. Been too long.
Does Hulu have Stranger Things, OITNB, Jessica Jones and Dave Chappelle? Didn't think so.
"Why is Dave Chappelle better than Kevin Hart..?". Case and Point.
"Dave Chappelle cancelled! If a white comedian made jokes with slurs, Black people would be angry!". This was in 2008, and no on…
Did James Earl Jones voiceover the intro to a Dave Chappelle special i think not
*somebody born in the '00s saying Kevin Hart funnier than Dave Chappelle*
Thank you for adding Dave Chappelle special because Iron Fist sucked.
The story of the four times Dave Chappelle met O.J. Simpson is funnier than ANYTHING Kevin Hart has done.
I liked a video from Dave Chappelle offended me
Kevin Hart is a different type of funny than a Katy Williams or Dave Chappelle but that don't mean he ain't funny
Dave Chappelle on Ray Rice tape: "don't rush people that's trained to stiff arm people in the clutch."
Going from Amy Schumer's stand up to Dave Chappelle's stand up is like getting your sight after being blind your whole life
In celebration of Dave Chappelle's return to comedy, we ranked his top 10 funniest moments 😂. Reply with your favorite Dave…
I'm saying you're stanning (fanning hard) for Dave Chappelle. I understood the joke fine - I didn't like it.
Dave Chappelle's new stand up is even better than I had hoped. This dude is brilliant. I hope he comes back to tv.
Dave Chappelle looks like Bokeem Woodbine did 20 years ago.
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Dave Chappelle is the best comedian doing work 2day. Loved him from Robin Hood: Men in Tights up to now. His comedy is deep as well as funny
Dave Chappelle is an absolute genius.
The man, tha god, the genius, Dave Chappelle. 🙏
I am so happy Netflix has Dave Chappelle new stand up
Excited for millennial SJWs to watch the new Dave Chappelle Netflix special and have moral dilemmas like yes Dave has…
Reasons why Dave Chappelle is one of the greatest to ever do it. 👌👌
Will somebody please lemme know the moment that the Dave Chappelle specials are on Netflix? Please and Thank You.
Well the Dave Chappelle specials are on Netflix. Today rules.
Dave Chappelle got a better white man voice than most white men.
Dave Chappelle is still funy af lmao
Dave chappelle's comedy specials are now on Netflix.
Dave Chappelle is on Netflix btw if ya ain't know
Dave Chappelle's take on making a murderer was hilarious. Already a classic so far..
As soon as all that Dave Chappelle hit Netflix
With critiques on Cosby and race, Chappelle's back at the top in new specials via
Growing up off watching Dave chappelle stand up with my uncles. Seeing this *** on stage again got me emotional
Does "self control to not watch the new Dave Chappelle standup on my phone during work" count as a skill for LinkedIn? Asking for a friend.
Uhh if you think I'm staying up until 3 am for this Dave Chappelle're absolutely right.
Dave Chappelle blew my mind with this analogy.
Things I regret not spending every free moment when I lived near Yellow Springs trying to befriend Dave Chappelle. What a neat guy.
I can not wait to watch this Dave Chappelle special
new Dave Chappelle on Netflix tonight at 12am. Tell a friend.
To celebrate the release of Dave Chappelle's specials today, we're giving away 2 tix to see him LIVE next Wed 3/29:…
I heard Dave Chappelle is on Netflix. So what you think I'm watching?
Watched the first of Dave Chappelle's new Netflix special. It was great, of course.
"If you can get over yourself, you can do so much stuff" - Dave "GOAT" Chappelle
Dave Chappelle is truly one of the greatest of all time
"While all this was going on Bill Cosby raped 58 women. He was putting up real numbers. He's the Steph Curry of rape!" -…
🚨 PSA: Dave Chappelle's comedy specials are now on 🚨
Dave Chappelle, Larry David and Sacha Baron Cohen have made me laugh harder than any other humans. Needless to say, today is big for me
Dave Chappelle is still the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world.
I can thank Dave Chappelle and Max Bemis for curating these thoughts. Weather is trash and I'm questioning the morality of even my motives.
Dave Chappelle and Katy Williams are one of many funny comedians
Animals Are Beautiful People (the movie referenced by Dave Chappelle) was my jam when I was little.
Yall know the new Dave Chappelle come out tmw right
Not getting credit for 'Key & Peele' hurt Dave Chappelle's feelings go to
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