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Dave Cameron

Dave Cameron (born July 29, 1958) is currently an assistant coach with the Ottawa Senators of the NHL.

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I remember David Cameron saying something like that when he first was PM remember Dave?
westminsters penile extension turns out to be a pig in a poke don't tell edgy Dave Cameron lol
I texted David Cameron because it bombed Dave.
I flicked David Cameron because it bombed Dave.
PMQs: 'Where's the EU in table of corruption Dave?' PM mocked after Nigeria & Afghan gaffe
Resistance is not coastal: Dave Chappelle speaks in Dayton against Drumpf’s travel ban
*somebody puts on Iron & Wine* me: this is awesome it has a real Dave Matthews vibe
I think it was the only thing Cameron and I agreed upon - ban Trump from UK. He's got even worse since Dave said that!
By doing little more than create a FB event (Dave has effectively shut down the US Consulat…
Bet dave Cameron would find that intriguing
man, that Dave Cameron remix at the end is just delicious.
A source close to Cameron said a leave vote was expected and Dave planned strategic fence sitting prior to choosing US or EU 😕
Oh God. Looks like dave Cameron been up to his old tricks again. He can expect the csa to come knocking this…
Even Dave Cameron knows to send his letter of disgust 2 tory HQ.
Terrified to upset anyone remotely important for next 10 years of trade deal nonsense. Thoughts once again turn to D Cameron. Thanks Dave
training plan for 31/1/2017. Hi all . Paul T dry suit training with *** Cameron and James . Dave C OT 4 Stan ...
Cheap tactics work both way. +We wouldn't be in this mess now it the EU made concessions to Cameron.
The key is Dave Cameron but he may not get nominated for a 3rd term as President.
I flicked David Cameron because it rigged Dave.
Congrats to Royals' GM Cameron Hope & HC Dave Lowry, as the franchise recorded its 200th win since they were hired…
I think you will have a lot of supporters who share your view Dave? They are either leaving it late or hoping Cameron comes
MAJ Of MP would never had given the people a Referendum But Arrogant Cameron did Only cause he thought he could win with Scare…
Everyone that works with ZackSnyder is in awe of his talent; Amy Adams, Affleck, James Cameron, Jeremy Irons, Dave Gib…
I wouldn't be keen to attend question time, Dave Cameron is likely to blow up the caches of wildfire under the houses of parliam…
Stuart Law new Windies coach. Good luck, the head honcho of Windies is a class 1 arsewipe. Giveaway with a name like Dave Cameron
yeah, but you really should hold yourself to a respectful standard like Dave Cameron and Dan Szymborski and not talk politics
David Cameron cashes in on Brexit as advisor to hedge fund managers on consequences of leaving the EU
Another Prime Minister with a Pig problem. Send for Dave Cameron. He's not doing much right now.
'We need more Muslims' quote Dave Cameron. I'm not sure but what do you think, Polly Toynbee, Jenni Murray, Harriet…
Enoch Powell said all political lives end in failure, eg Blair, Brown, Dave Cameron and Hillary Clinton. SuspectTrump will end up likewise!
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I distinctly remember Dave Cameron thinking he was a worse Doug Fister when they claimed him.
ummm no they hired Doug Jarvis, Dave Cameron was hired by Calgary. You live under a rock?
Dave Cameron predicts that will trade Jonathan Lucroy, Will Smith, and Jeremy Jeffress this month.
Jared Boll signs on Randy Carlyle's team and Brian Burke hires Dave Cameron. Awesome.
Now that you mention it, has anyone ever seen Pat Tabler and Dave Cameron in the same place?
Sunday Times says when told on the Thames to quieten down Bob Geldorf called his mate Dave Cameron, who couldn`t help! Says it all!
Can't wait to hear Dave Cameron's reaction to the insane move of getting Jose Reyes .
Dave Cameron is now available as your butler. __HUGHES
Cameroon Eurofanatic Baroness Warsi got her peerage from Dave Cameron. Go figure.
Nor does Kelvin MacKenzie. He's from a privileged background like Dave Cameron, but far more right wing.
Forget Moeen Ali or Adil Rashid, the best spinner in the country at present is Dave Cameron of Oxfordshire, but his action may be dodgy.
Bryan Murray and Dave Cameron have influenced a few of us...
... Kirk Muller. Scott Gordon. Dave Cameron. and on & on... I don't think ALL of those guys are in the mix, but def some.
Ex-HC Dave Cameron an assistant coach for Canada. Mark Stone & Cody Ceci playing for Canada. Chris Wideman for US. (2/2)
wow. The last minute of Fangraphs audio with Carson and Dave Cameron spent flattering you and plotting to get you drunk.
Dave Cameron on Fangraphs: Finding a trade destination for Ryan Braun. Um, no thank you. via /r/Nationals
he's not gonna re hire a guy he fired the coach before Bruce. Dave Cameron or Marc Crawford would be an option
George Osborne and Dave Cameron in "Red River". Osborne in Montgomery Clift role i guess
Bryan Murray would have named Luke Richardson head coach a week before Dave Cameron was fired. Luke Richardson leaving Senators for new opportunity Dave Cameron's firing was not one…
Who in their right mind believes a word that comes out of Gideon Osborne's mouth ? Dave Cameron doesn't count
Source: head coach Bob Hartley being looked at by as one of several options to fill Dave Cameron's role
"The sun was up this morning, I'll be fine." Revealing exit interview with Dave Cameron in Ottawa:
Dreger on TSN: "Mike Yeo is believed to be - if not *the* top contender to replace Dave Cameron - certainly among the top 2 or 3 contenders"
Dave Cameron deserved better.. Not sure I can support this team with you running it. Shall I send my Jerseys to you directly?
Talked with Luke Richardson today about Dave Cameron firing. Says he's open to talk, but hasn't thought about it...(cont)
What, no Crying Jordan meme for Dave Cameron firing?
How much are you worth, Dave? Panama Leaks hint at vast personal wealth for Cameron
If you are outraged by Dave's Grubby EU leaflet return it unopened to D Cameron 10 Downing Street. Don't Get mpMad Get ac…
Hey Dave how is your new improved washing liquid working out?.
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Dave, if Isis and terrorist supporting turkey is allowed in the eu with visa free travel, then we need t…
Your latest act of cynicism in using taxpayers money for your in campaign will backfire Dave. how quickly you have imploded.
if it's like the £9 Million that you spent using Tax Payers money on leaflets, I shouldn't bother, more lies Dave.
No money for poor, disabled or our steel but found £9m for taxpayer-funded publicity blitz pushing case for EU!.
David Cameron will give a speech today begging students for a remain vote. No thanks Dave
father has died, he can't face justice for avoiding tax but immorally wrong Dave can
Forget this EU *** Dave, How do i join the tax dodgers scheme?
Where has found this £9mill for his propaganda leaflets? What it in an offshore account Dave?
Oh Dave old chap. One is thinking you’ve not been playing with a straight bat. Bad show old boy!
.Don't think it's not understood that your Mother is holding all the loot until you are safely out of office,transparent Dave
Today David Cameron will beg students to vote to remain. Sorry Dave, we'll pass!
Is it any surprise this news emerges on the day Dave's bum gravy must be getting lumpy re Panama? Lesser of two evils?
Sign petition to stop Dodgy Dave's £10mlln of TAXPAYER cash on EU propaganda
In any case, I thought Cameron Snr was "Rich". The boy Dave only got a £300k inheritance?
How Cameron's father stashed a fortune in Jersey that Dave could inherit from his mother
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
"PM needs to say if the £300,000 he received from his father’s will was from proceeds of tax avoidance scheme"
"late father Ian left unspecified assets in the tax haven of Jersey which PM could inherit from hi mother" oops https:…
Michael Fallon on duly delivers Cameron's 'dead cat' in the hope we stop talking about Panama, taxes and Dodgy…
Could I hate this PM any more? Now he's getting rid of the climate change envoy. DO YOU CARE ABOUT ANYONE DAVE?
.Hi Dave, I know what your mum thinks about Jeremy Corbyn's tie but what did she think about your Dad's tax e…
'£2.5m family home in Newbury transferred to PM's brother in 2006 [...] to reduce inheritance tax liabilities.' https:/…
Dave Cameron scrambling to include Panama within boundaries of his famous 'Big Society':
Is it just me or does coach Dave Cameron sound a little bit like Derek Zoolander?
Dave Cameron says Ben Harpur has been recalled to replace Marc Methot who is injured.
Ottawa Senators announce firing of Dave Cameron & coaching staff. Ted Nolan takes over as interim coach
job losses been happening for many months now and dodgy Dave Cameron suddenly decides to take an interest. Stable door-Horse reaction
Dave Cameron announced Fredrik Claesson would be recalled to fill in for Dion Phaneuf last night. make it official this morning.
Ottawa Senators head coach Dave Cameron raves about Dion Phaneuf as a leader.
there are few things worse than Dave Cameron's coaching. One of them is Glenn Healey's commentary!!
Zach Smith is the latest good piece on the Senators yet Dave Cameron can't coach the team to a good record. Time for another change?
Dave Cameron, Ottawa Senators head coach, says he texts in...
Marcia Clark & Chris Darden so bad at their jobs Dave Cameron looking to give them letters on their jerseys
Other than maybe Dave Cameron, I don't think any coach trolls his fanbase quite like Alain Vigneault.
Let's all go down to Tesco where Dave Cameron buys his best clothes la la la la
Dave Cameron gives the White Sox a B+ for their offseason, ranking them 4th out of 30 teams:
Sporting our jacket at U18 training with Caroline Moore Tricky lines got our head in gear. PC Dave Cameron
Dave Cameron is a bad coach who got lucky last year. Basically he met Jack Adams requirements.
season in a nutshell: Dave Cameron leaving in Craig Sieve Anderson to give up five goals. Where is the new coach and Hamburglar?
Dave Cameron should just choke his players like Homer Simpson does to Bart
“NOW’S OUR CHANCE! GET SMITH ON THE TOP LINE“ - Dave Cameron just screaming at the top of his lungs.
A few yes or no questions for Dave Cameron | Alexander Boot
The Count is coming! is back on the big stage! He takes on Dave Cameron, very shortly
Dave Cameron recently said that Chris Archer is "just as good as Matt Harvey", which pitcher would you rather have?
Hopefully this win reminds Dave Cameron that his team is so much better with Shane Prince playing and Jared Cowen not playing.
Would be pretty fun to see Dave Cameron in a Road to the Heritage Classic show. Especially in this kind of stretch we're going through.
Dave Cameron says Mark Borowiecki will not be a forward full-time. But right now, DC appreciates the physicality and intensity Boro brings.
Prediction: Dave Cameron is going to TEAR THE PAINT off the walls of the Bell Centre visitors dressing room in about 2 minutes.
It's Anderson versus Tokarski tonight at the Bell Centre: Senators coach Dave Cameron is stick...
Mike Hoffman has 11 goals in his last 11 games. Dave Cameron has voluntarily given his spot on the top line to *Mark Borowiecki*.
Bob McKenzie: Mike Hoffman has the best release in the NHL. Dave Cameron: Mark Borowiecki tho
now I remember. Also remember seeing Dave Cameron saying Mets should trade David Wright for Peter Bourjos in 2011
I think Dave Cameron comes from the same stock as Mark Clarke
That was nice of Dave Cameron to wish Scots a 'happy St Andrews day', what's next? Farage doing Ramadan
He's back.this time starring 'Dangerous' Dave Cameron as your worst nightmare
Dave Cameron confirms that Jared Cowen and Shane Prince are the healthy scratches tonight. Craig Anderson starts in nets.
Australian news thus far have mistook Roy Hodgson for Dave Cameron and Boris Johnson. Not even remotely similar..
& U know it was a Tory crowd if they didnt even laugh at Alex's mention of Dave Cameron's carnal knowledge wi a dead pig!! XD
"I think Brad Miller is a better player than Matt Kemp even without the cost difference considered" -- Dave Cameron, 11/…
I know James Duthie said "home woes", but it sounded to me like Dave Cameron isn't happy with his ***
LOL ... PATHOLOGICAL LIAR CALL ME CUCKSERVATIVE DAVE ''we must better control net migration''
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
Cameron demands on Europe unclear say Europe Leaders , don't they know "Dave doesn't do detail"
Brilliant flying by Cameron & Dave tonite from Van to Nanaimo. Gratitude for getting me home, fog & all.
Cultural enrichment Dave? It's really worth the people of Britain paying their taxes
. Cameron loves Xmas party snacks, that's why Dave's gone to Iceland.
6-0 victory for Corbyn. He's v quickly learnt how to expose Dave's toxic weakness - refusal to answer the Q https:…
Cringe post, but these were the photos I found. P.S. Dave & Cameron, you are totes…
Diabolical public shock as true nature of Cameron conservative ideology is revealed
Was that targeted at Cameron Jordan or Jordan Cameron?
Exactly what the British people need to do Dave
So now Dave intends to use legislation to force it onto them (or is his real aim secret censorship lists?)
I have a couple plays in the CFL this week available at if ur interested
I think Dodgy Dave sees himself as James Bond.licensed to kill! We don`t have the death penalty and I sure don`t want Cameron
Bad habits are to writers what the shell is to a turtle: we'd die without them.
Dave pal,I know it's the law I attend school but I cant afford the LUXURY of tampons so I'm gonna sit in the bath all day THX
Corbyn got Cameron to tell us by repeating the question. Dave's evasions answered him eloquently.👍.
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
My Dave Cameron/Ed Milliband-esque politics hand pose when watching
Dave has disgraced himself by his own lies, but still has the brass neck to cling on to power.
TTIP Dodgy Dave's plan that was curiously absent from the election agenda
Very predictable. Was this devised at Dave? You and are like identical puppets
When we ask a PMQ David Cameron, give us an answer.
Dave Cameron is MORPHING into with bandana and orange t-shirt rolled up around the neck .
call me crazy but if I was Dave Cameron I'd care more about 2 points than entertaining the fans.
Steel workers not Cameron should be angry. Dave "delighted" at tax credit cuts reinforces a callous, out of touch Tory i…
This is just great from Cameron shouldn’t be allowed to break his tax credit promise. A solution
judging by the amount of RT's & Favorites on this post Dave I would say you are in a minority on this one.
Cameron got used to laughing his way through question time. He wasn't laughing this week.
Cameron's home-owning dream in spotlight as house building stalls Another failure. Nice one Dave.
Dave mate. You are the worst PM this country has ever had. Hope your kids will be proud of their pig shagging daddy
I would bet LARGE MONEY that Dave Grohl has got a *** like a bulldozer
not going to lie Dave. Trying to come up with a Chilcot / pig pun but I'm struggling. Any ideas?
Hi Dave just wondered if you could use your clout with Berwick Town Council. They refused to make His Hon Sir Al a Freeman
" When I read my Daily Mail this morning, I sputtered over my cornflakes" . Normal people would vomit Dave .
Share this far & wide. Speeches Dave Cam tried to delete from the net (cos they're full of his lies) sHAMeful
The triumvirate controls the game, let us find a way to change the rules Eh? Dave?
Wouldn't that be great? Heres hoping the day that comes. Dave thoughts?
"EU referendum: David Cameron to 'quicken pace' of talks." Not exactly a stretching target that one, is it Dave.
Dear Dave our prayers are for Mr Karl Andree and all those suffering in any way in prisons or alone or in need thks G
Coming to a town, village or city near you soon! Dave are you going to stop it? Germany has control now?
oh dear Dave. You have to admit they are making a right pigs ear of it all
Dunno what that means, can't pretend I'm up to date with current affairs Dave. But.Do you want my Christmas list yet?
Have a read of this Dave and see why we are fed up?
Corbyn is putting Cameron under real pressure now, and the PM really doesn't like it (video)
PM pledges to keep free school meals after local MP brands him 'Dave the dinner snatcher' . https…
Here's a Christian lesson for 'evangelical about Christianity' Dave Cameron and his pals... (via
What will Dave Cameron do though? Only allow Yemen Refugees in if they're Christian? Or will we start bombing THEIR homes as well?
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Sens lose 4-3 in a shootout. Dave Cameron is going to have to sew up that goal line hole in his PK.
It involves having Dave Cameron writing about your team so it is close to that
I would like Dave Cameron to thank Nicola Sturgeon and SNP for helping them win the election and get majority by pushing out labour
Dave Cameron says Hoffman will get the minutes he wants based on play away from the puck and coach has been very happy with …
Senator Cory Booker, Me and British PM Dave Cameron at my most Honorable Photo Shoot in Newark, NJ
MSJ says Dave Cameron should resign, Simmons reinstated as coach interim committee to implement recommendations to restructure board
Simmons suspended. At this rate I expect to see Dave Cameron playing in the WIndies team on Boxing Day
Shades of Jacques Martin/Jason Spezza here: Dave Cameron on Thomas Chabot:"The first thing you see right away is he’s a kid, not a man yet."
As soon as they found out Dave Cameron put his *** in a pig!.coincidence... :0
Tony Abbott, you are the weakest link. Goodbye. Now if you could take dishface Dave Cameron with you, we'd be much obliged.
That's 40 for Nelson Cruz!! Didn't that Dave Cameron guy say he wouldn't hit 30 this year. ✌🏾️
Don't know how much he'll cost, but Dave Cameron seems convinced that Puig will be moved this off-season
Dave Cameron's voice has gotten lower during his vacation.
. I'm in life support machine Dave!. Just deliver oxygen to me, that'll. do me...!!!
Oct 2014: Dodgy Dave accidentally says Tories 'resent' the poor ? - July 2015: he confirms it was no accident !
Hungries Pm learn from wat he said and stood up for his country?dave caved in??
Guys like Dave Cameron still defend it for some reason.
. Exactly. Me and DAVE are parents. Are you? Emma Dawson never will be. She's unwanted
I suspect David Cameron has said to IDS-do you have a problem in flogging people to death-no dear leader-he replied-well carry on says Dave!
Dodgy Dave urged to make clear if he will sack Eurosceptic ministers at party conference
She told Dave "We all hate you". Go Angela! "Angela Merkel 'once told Cameron' what everyone really thinks of him"
WOW got rid of a few trolls who think State Murder Is OK.Because Cameron says so?'Scuse me? Parliament said NO.Dave says"We Will"& they did!
Did someone give you some MORE bling? Terrible I say I shall be speaking to my mate Dave Cameron
Well said Dave!. Gateshead MP criticises David Cameron's free school drive as extra funding is revealed .
No Dave you got me wrong, these Isis they is British (apparently)
a disgrace of an elected representative - charging through an oppressive agenda hidden behind 'Dave' the working man.
talk of devolving more power to regional spent £89,000 on legal fees.
I'd rather someone busted a cap in your 18 inch forehead to be honest with you Dave
I tried to do some thinking today, on and and that guy Dave. These are the resulting words.
Having helped to create David Cameron announces that he had ordered to whack two of its fighters. Dave's brave n…
I'm a big Dave fan, but part of politics in 2015 is cowering to vocal minorities, look at online petition topics
I think Dave has done the right thing, only accepting from the camps! I agree it is an invasi…
hi Dave me again. How are you checking there's no terrorist's in that army of refuges your planning on importing 👀
here's a tip Dave in future get the yanks to slot expat Brits and we can do theirs
What is the film called, "The end of days"? Well they are coming, lets hope we are ready?
.Were you one of the people who agreed with Dave's appointment of Andy Coulson?
against people like them I will sleep very soundly knowing Dave has it covered
direct Dave don't be directed or right will cause chaos.
Dodgy Dave, Why we should be suspicious of Cameron's Syrian refugee announcement -
easily done, but his hair is a bit Dave Cameron
so when i became homeless i was offerd a chair to sleep on but syrian refugees (potential ISIS) get housed!cheers dave!
Quelle surprise. Most Brits disagree with Dave and don't want Britain to be flooded with refugees.
I'm sure that by now has had several welcoming calls from 'The International Murder Club' "You're in it with us now, Dave"
David Cameron bans eurosceptic groups from the Tory Conference=DAVE GETTING DESPERATE
Chilling on sofa, not at all worried about the 'fugees as Dave Cameron is on sorting the Middle East peace process first.
WICB president Dave Cameron criticised for failing to stage meeting - Cricket Country
30-in-30: A full season for coach Dave Cameron has the optimistic. Read:
sources: Phillies talking to Fangraphs about Cole Hamels. GM Dave Cameron refuses to part with Brad Miller.
Dave Cameron ought to tell 'on your bike!'
Dave Cameron ought to tell France 'on your bike!'  ...
Here is the starting lineup so far:. Dynamic - Chris Hummer, Neil Cooper. Scraptech - Dave Cameron, Simon Cameron...
I think they should allow the investigatory powers bill - Dave Cameron would get the blame every time a celeb nude is leaked 😂😂
Dave Cameron was going to dress Chris Neil in the starting lineup and play him on the PP, except he didn't.
If the White Sox take off like the Royals did last year, we'll all know Dave Cameron has weird powers.
Ottawa fans are singing the James Cameron theme from south park but with Dave Cameron's name instead.
Great afternoon with James Boyd, Greg Gilbert and especially Dave Cameron
Dave Cameron and George Osborne to cause more trouble Del Boy and Rodney
ok , imagine George Osbourne and Dave Cameron in the video in gold glittery hotpants winking at you.
Oh dear. Dave Cameron ducking questions as to whether he told Nick Clegg the Tories won't win majority.
maybe Dave Cameron and Sol Campbell should get free versions saving wildlife etc
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Is wondering if Dave Cameron is out killing stuff this weekend with Sol CampbellEubank Morgan
Cameron responsible for Senators' turnaround: OTTAWA -- Dave Cameron didn't mean to do it, but the Ottawa Sena...
blossom under first-year head coach Dave Cameron. READ:
Dave Cameron is the updated version of Tony Robbins.
Dave Cameron: "We need our best players to be our best players. Erik Karlsson, Craig Anderson, Kyle Turris and Mark Stone's…
Dave Cameron what your team will do. Your goalie it's bad like McDonald's mascot and your best goon it's Neil so...
Ed Miliband the same intelligence as. . John Smith . Dave Cameron the same intelligence as. .Chamberlain .
I'm guessing Dave Cameron is buying every time he runs into Gerard Gallant this summer!
It's a PEI reunion as Gerard Gallant and Mike Kelly visit with coach Dave Cameron.
HC Dave Cameron really doesn't have a clue does he?
"Friggin Rick Chiarelli, that *** Ok Greening, Cowen you're up, Hoffman, Wiercioch take a load off". - Dave Cameron.
Senators' Dave Cameron takes the good with the bad as NHL head coach
Dave Cameron, for all the good things he's done, has absolutely destroyed the powerplay
Two Daves have been the laughing stocks of the cricketing world of late. 1. Dave Cameron. 2. Dave Richardson .
Nigel Kennedy, Prince William, Simon Le Bon, Dave Cameron, Tom Hanks, Floella Benjamin, Benny from Crossroads. We're the new kings of ATV.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
ICYMI: head coach Dave Cameron and Clarke MacArthur spoke with the media earlier today:
Joel Garner to challenge Dave Cameron for WICB presidency – report - Stabroek News
head coach Dave Cameron confirms that Robin Lehner will start in goal tomorrow against the Stars.
Martin Geraghty puts 4-2 up in the dying minutes, poking home after Dave Cameron's cross was spilled by the keeper
You can be Dave Cameron and Feisty can be Jason Smith.
this isn't threaded to anything else but I'm guessing it's directed at Ian Duncan Smith or Dave Cameron... am I right...!! Pmsl
Dave Cameron is joking around on the bench with Jared Cowen. The boys are having fun. Don't force seriousness
I'm pretty sure Jesus did say love everybody... not just your rich, millionnair friends, Dave!
Just when you think Fat Dave Cameron cannot be any more of a king *** - grade A - double whammy - git brained - knob hound. He becomes one.
Dave any comments?" The MP liked to cut them with a knife."
Hoping Dave gets that sinking feeling May 2015
There is only one voice of WI cricket that is a must follow. . . He called the sackings a month ago. . ht…
How call-me-dave cameron has the utter brass neck to come out with such barefaced hypocritical *** I simply cannot understand.
while you let those with extreme Islamic beliefs spout bile on our streets. Well done Dave 👎
Are you allowed to say that Dave? Will you not offend say ISIS with such comments?
WAR of WORDS in the WINDIES -. WICB's Dave Cameron sent scathing letter by PM Gonsalves on sacking of ODI players:.
"We" Dave you're no part of anything to do with me. If I had information that would help Isis blow you up I'd give them it.
Will they agree with your sentiment down at the food bank Dave? You have stolen lots of working class Xmas's.
wish you, your wife and little daughter a merry christmas dave Celebrate with this round your neck : )
says “think about those in need” in his Xmas hot air speech . Really Dave? Like how to shaft them further?
People say I look very like Dave. I don't feel flattered.
I have never been religious in any way at all,, and now I know why,,, If Dodgy Dave thinks the way he and his...
What a hypocrite... yeah, Dave, taking money from the poor to fund your rich friends is really the Christian...
You couldn't make up the crap that comes out of your account dave.
except the elderly and the disabled eh dave? What a lad
“Cameron takes the *** in Christmas message dont wear Brylcreem Dave+he can sing
If this is the best Labour can muster, even Dave Cameron looks good.
Dave you have GOT to stop chatting this gas. It's christmas. Give yourself a break brother.
I like that has highlighted sharing as an important value. No time like the present, Dave.
Is this a joke? There is nothing remotely Christ-like about conservativism. Shame on you and your party, Dave.
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Cameron's Xmas message is that the emergency services exemplify our Christian values. Most I know are born outside the uk …
So Dave Cameron is proud of UK and its 'Christian values'.clearly doesn't have caring for poor, vulnerable and marginalised in his Bible
David Cameron stresses ‘Christian values’ in Christmas message. Our message to Dave?
David Cameron says he's proud of Christian values of giving and sharing - uncross your fingers now Dave
Much less than one hey you can wear this around your neck...
If there was a Gordon/Cameron household-"It's Christmas, give it a bloody rest Dave!" "But I can't let Farage win!"
Two words Dave, the second is 'off' - David Cameron stresses ‘Christian values’ in Christmas message via
WICB publicly lambasted by PM Gonsalves for sacking strike players. . Latest news in WI's ongoing turmoil -.
Dear Dave... God thinks you're a wanker. .
What planet is David Cameron living on? 'sharing' ? Not sharing the poverty though, eh Dave.
More importantly, which one gets custody of Dave and Sam Cameron?
Cameron says it's a time for giving and sharing yep Dave we give in taxes and you share them (cont)
Going to read this Dave ? DWP caught giving disability propaganda to Daily Mail
WICB gave unanimous support to remove Dwayne Bravo from captaincy: Dave Cameron - %CTAGS% -
Christmas gifts for Ottawa Senators: Dave Cameron: Since they instituted the shootout, you can’t give the Senators’…
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
“Cameron his Tory values his Christmas speech, sharing,giving taking care of others we kno…
A nice one would be he is going? We can decide that in May, but please Dave, pre-empt that?
Dave Cameron confirms opening of Chinese Take Away in London in New Year. “We need more give and take – we give they take”
After assisting Pat Quinn at 2009 WJC and winning gold, Dave Cameron knows how much will benefit
head coach Dave Cameron has confirmed that Patrick Wiercioch (injured) and Colin Greening (healthy) will not play tonight in N.J.
No time on Smith's return to Ottawa Senators lineup: Dave Cameron wasn't kidding when he told reporters centre Zack…
head coach Dave Cameron has informed media that the only change to tonight's lineup in Buffalo will see Michalek return…
Can someone with more gif/photoshop experience please morph Dave Allison and Dave Cameron into 1 pic??? Puh-lease...
Dave Cameron is currently formulating trade packages to dump both Robinson Cano and Nelson Cruz.
If I were the Mariners, I would have traded Miller and Hultzen for Napoli and Cespedes like Dave Cameron said instead of signing Nelson Cruz
Dave Cameron says Mookie has more trade value than Strasburg BUT that Sonny Gray would be a fair return for Mookie?
Don't you hate it when you run across a road, over the pavement and start heading towards a building but Dave Cameron stands in your way?
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