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Dave Attell

Dave Attell (born January 18, 1965) is an American stand-up comedian and the host of Comedy Central's Insomniac with Dave Attell and The Gong Show with Dave Attell.

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Tickets still available for the late show at get out here and with Dave tonight!
was telling me about a dream. She says "he looked like a homeless crack head...kind of like (sorry Dave)
Thnx again Dave. Always great. Go see this wknd!!
The great Dave will join us in studio in about 30 min & He's tonight & tomorrow FYI
Dave AND Maybe the greatest show ever tomorrow
- what about fans of dave Attell? Anything coming our way on the show?
Comedian Dave back in Charlotte this weekend at The Check out the showtimes:
Bertcast is a podcast for true comedy fans. The Attell/Segura one was a clinic. Dave is a legend.
Opening for Dave all week in then headlining sunday in tell your mom
You should go to sleep, but whatever happened to Insomniac's Dave Attell? Did the night finally take him? Is he Kin…
- what're the chances Dave Attell will be on the show this week?
"Steve Irwin was murdered by a sting ray... or as I like to call them, the Puerto Ricans of the sea" - Dave Attell
Very excited to open for Dave this weekend for 6 shows wed-sat. Catch me sunday headlining
Like, say what will about Bill Burr, Jim Norton, Jimmy Carr. Dave Attell whatever. A…
Dave Attell's joke about a joke being old enough to vote is now old enough to vote
Me and my ex have a relationship a lot like Sarah Silverman and Dave Attell in that I'm amazing and he's an alcoholic
My friends bought me tickets for my birthday for Louis Black, Dave Attell and Mitch. What a birthday. They didn't know Mitch before the show
Yeah, I thought you were smarter than that, best friend & comedian Dave Attell.
Dave Attell is my absolute favorite ugly American.
"Did you ever make fun of someone so much, you wish you could thank them for all the good times you had?" - Sir Dave Attell
Artie looks like he's mulling whether or not he…
Who is the fat between Ant and Dave?
Is there a petition to get all the Dave Insomniac episodes on a streaming site? Would sign
changed his...oh wait, no he didn't. Luv u Dave ;)
I love Bobby and Dave as guests, but Im getting…
Dave Attell isn't funny. That guy is terrible.
My brother from another mother and funniest person on the planet not named Dave Attell or Joey…
Pretty sure that's just Dave Attell. I wouldn't sweat it.
-Funny how Dave Attell is the only one of you's who is actually funny.
Keep an eye out for all the top stand ups in it: Colin Quinn, Dave Attell, Dan Soder, Bobby Kelly...
Wow can't wait for Dave Attell to discover Lorde
Little Giant Ladders
If you're a comedy fan, do yourself a favor and listen to Dave Attell: *** for the memories
Bob Kelly and Dave Attell are on the AA show today. So there's that I suppose.
Dude, you gotta come to the Maritimes. Closer than Montreal, my bucket list to see a live set.
Joe reminds me of Dave Attell in this pic
Ended the day with Dave Attell at the Comedy Cellar.
“When your mama sounds like a grown man, that's frightening." is full of wisdom. Watch now:…
I'll ask anyways. Will you ever have Dave Attell back on? I was just listening to that episode and really enjoyed it.
This is only audio, but Dave Attell's *** s for the Memories:
Have it play Dave Attell stand-up. Peace can be found when everyone is offended equally.
This administration has taken its toll on Dave Attell.
Ending the trip at a comedy club where, unannounced,Jeffrey Ross, Dave Attell & Louie CK came out to try new materi…
I added a video to a playlist Dave Attell - *** for the Memories (2003)
Dave Attell has a joke about white supremacists in Alaska. "We gotta get Erick!"
Dave Attell looks like Adam Duritz with no hair
Dave Attell asked , "Do you guys watch Game of Thrones in Scotland or do you just look out the window?"
Anybody ever watch that show Insomniac with Dave Attell on Comedy Central? It's a old show.
Amen! I was fortunate enough to see him, Dave Attell and Lewis Black in Seattle not too…
Don’t forget Dave Attell. That man is a master.
TONIGHT! Dave Attell will be at the House! Start your weekend off right with a hilarious performance! Tickets:…
That Dave Attell Comedy Underground needs 5 more seasons. Uncompromised, brilliant and so much new stuff to discover.
Asbury Park Comedy Presents: Dave Attell w/ Joe Machi at House of Independents at 8:00pm
TOMORROW! Dave Attell is going to be at House to make you roll with laughter!😂 Get your tickets while you still can…
If you're in NYC, I highly recommend The Stand comedy club. Unbelievable variety; & Dave Attell all crushed tonight.
Whenever I hear the name Dave Holmes I think ppl are talking about Dave Attell why???
Dave hates me and wouldn't help me if I was the last hack on earth.
Schumer took a break from filming her new movie to put on a stand-up show with comedians Dave Attell and Rory...
We LOVE to bring you the best comedy at House! Dave Attell will be here in 2 days to make you roll with laughter!…
Just saw Dave Attell performing in Montreal, 1994, via the mighty Internet. Hilarious, but ... stone-washed jeans? Et tu, ???
I'll be with this Friday at House of Independents in Asbury Park, NJ!
Hilarious show tonight by Amy Schumer, Dave Attell, Rory Scovel and Juston McKinney! Her adorable dog Tati is...
Surprise! :). Off to Salisbury tonight to see Dave Attell and Amy Schumer again, and to see Rory Scovel for the...
Special pop-up comedy show tonight starring the one & only Amy Schumer with comedians Dave Attell and Rory...
The hilarious Dave Attell is coming to House on 8/18! We are sure the House will be in hysterics all night long! https:/…
Total blackout tour Albany NY. The great Dave Attell just ripped it.
Thanks Dave! I know what I'll be watching tonight!
Was a TV show a number of years ago =P Insomniac with dave attell
Where's Dave Attell to show us how its done ha
I liked a video The Best of Insomniac with Dave Attell
"No not Dave Attell. I said I wanted Dev Patel!". - really horrible first day of a movie shoot
nyc_teacher_life. ・・・. Dave Attell, Rich Vos, Keith Robinson, and Jim Norton at the 5th…
.on Trump voters, lessons from Dave and being a lazy workaholic:
it has to be Dave Attell. You always call him the funniest of your generation.
Oh, the greed end of my problem is like the Dave Attell joke and Dave will just say, "I think you're a little bit of a...
Waiting to see Dave Attell tonight up in the Palisades!!
Had a blast at with Dave last night! 2 more shows tonight! Come out!
Electronic Device Insurance
Time for some laughter with Dave Attell and more drinks! How bow dah?!? (@ West Nyack Comedy Club)
It reminds me of Dave Attell’s thing: “I love making jokes about the Amish. Why? Because they’re ɴᴇᴠᴇʀ gonna find out.”
Come see perform at Tonite!!! (Also see Dave .. He's the headliner)
If you drink wine and you think you have a drinking problem, you don't. You're *** -Dave Attell
Thank you Sir Dave for the career advice. Per your recommendation I'm going to live on a houseboat and writ…
I was a generation later, reruns of TANK GIRL and *** and Insomniac with Dave Attell
I don't watch reality TV. I'm cool.--Dave Attell
The comedian you remind me of is Dave Attell. You should get drunk with him and commit him to a verbal contract to be on the show.
I added a video to a playlist Girl On Guy with Dave Attell
Been a big fan for 15+ years. Is there a story behind "Bit I Stole From Dave Attell"? I recognized the premise from his album.
love your new/ stolen joke about drinking/ time travel. Better when Dave Attell first told th…
Was in the crowd one night and watched Dave Attell completely destroy some drunk female heckler and it was all justified.
Come check out in Nyack NY this weekend. Me & opening for comedy legend Dave Attell
Do you have a favorite Dave Attell joke? Share it with us in the comments.
Dave is my favorite comedian, well him and The Legendary Wid,
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I'm opening for the great Dave at Levity Live in W Nyack NY all weekend! Come out!
Or I'll just ignore you and listen to Dave Attell
"The Middle East is very religious. No one is having sex, but they smell like they just did." - Dave Attell
I would have sex with Dave attell if he couldn't take his hat off
What are some influences for your style of humor? — Patton Oswalt. Brian Posehn. Dave Attell. Buddy Hackett. Kyle Kina…
My trainee's black eye keeps reminding me of one of Dave Attell's more evil jokes...Already I'm thinking 'great, she doesn't listen!'
Hey Kevin! Listened to you on the Comedy Cellar Podcast! They mentioned Dave Attell on Misery Loves Comp. which ep is that?
Louis CK is up there, Robin Williams would be on my list, Doug Stanhope, and Dave Attell.
does it boggle your mind that I really enjoy YOUR comedy AND Aziz? And Todd Barry, and Dave Attell, Patton, and Schumer?
Sometimes it's hard to tell if a joke is working or not for the first coupl...
New York Trip complete. Late night comedy show with Dave Attell. by bkocen
Dave Attell always made insomnia seem so much more exciting.
Was really digging this Daniel Tosh special until he used an old Dave Attell joke
Sex With Animals by Dave Attell now playing on
I keep getting these people at my shows who only know me from television. I...
Great 2 be back "home" in after a Gr8 2 weeks around the country: for Ben Harper for Dave Attell and for my film.
Waiting for Dave Attell with this guy.
Dave Atell in Bethlehem 10 minutes 2nd row seats󾌴 — watching Dave Attell
Me, to Dave Attell, as he's taking the stage: Have a good show, Dave!. Dave: I won't. Me: That one's on me.
TONIGHT. Musikfest Cafe - ArtsQuest Center at SteelStacks in Bethlehem, PA with the great Dave Attell and...
Dave Attell is just the best anyway. Really need to go see him live.
Dave Attell had a few good lines too
Comedian Dave Come see me before I retire – performing tonight in Bethlehem
At this point *** with football. Johnny needs his own TV show. Dave Attell style tour of how to party in every city.
Alright, *this* was hilarious. I wish I volunteered to be roasted by Jeff Ross and Dave Attell.
Comedian Dave Attell rules. He gets us ( Philly) go check him out you will not be dissapointed.
Comedian Dave Attell: Come see me before I retire
Impressive work on the man with dog - but Dave Attell? Oh dear.
is it true that Dave Attell has tourette's?
Whoa! You know Dave Attell? He's the greatest comedian..ever (apart from you other guys, of course)!
Love a good celeb sighting - Last time I saw Dave, I told him "Have a good night, SIR." - Did I think I was I talking to a doorman?
Dave Attell: "I get recognized, but I'm not really a famous famous."
Who wants to laugh with me at Comix when Dave Attell has a show next Friday (4/29)?
Dave.Attell . IDK why exactly, it's just that dude seems like he'd really, really dig Vegas.
don't you just hate rip off shows ,seriously Meltdown with Jonah and Kumail , Dave Attell already killed it with comedy un…
Pretty sure just saw Dave walking down E 42nd Street in NYC
.puts on an impromptu roast at Dave show
Revisiting this old Dave Attell classic and it's still brilliant.
According to I look like Dave Attell and any number of other Jewish people.
Yeah, I know, some people are against drunk driving, and I call those peopl...
.put on impromptu roast at Dave Attell's show via
Jeff Ross puts on impromptu roast at Dave Attell’s show
Thank you for letting me know that Dave Attell is alive.
Insomniac was the work of gods, God I love Dave Attell
Dave Attell went there for the funniest episode of Insomniac.
THINGS TO DO!. Laughs from Dave Attell, music from Pat McGee, comedy, films and MORE!. Watch:
I have soundtracks for a lot of stuff.
"Why do they collect garbarge at 5am? Why? It's garbage. It's not going to go bad again." See Dave Attell on FRIDAY:
lol. For last 15 years everyone tells me Kurt Warner. And I get Dave Attell. Soul crushing.
I love Dave Attell. Glad he and Pete Holmes talked in this humanizing, thoughtful interview.
Comedian Dave Attell and MMA fighter Nate Quarry joined USO Northwest for a tour of the USNS Mercy and the 6th... https:/…
. Dave...Artie looks like he's highin. . can you help him...christ...
I love u Dave.. a cure to the sad heart
If it ever happens, I think the right person to take over for George Carlin as Rufus in a new Bill & Ted movie would be Dave Attell
Dave, Im an Irish Catholic fan of yours from NY. You keep doing these RIPS. Chill man. God gives life after death.
When I was a kid, I really loved Indians. Native Americans. Pardon. Me.
Realized this morning whilst drinking fair trade coffee that is Dave Attell. I should have seen it all along
looks like Dave Attell, just not as funny. Love the show!
I don't mind a crowd's not laughing; it's the groans that slow down the sho...
He looks like an unfunny Dave Attell.
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Being on the road is kind of lonely.
I've talked about some weird crushes on here like marc maron and henry rollins but after seein dave attell again tn he's the front runner ya
I can assure all of you something, if your favorite comedian is still alive, he thinks Dave Attell is one of the greatest comedians ever.
My day jobs... I knew I was bad at those, so I didn't really have the confi...
I'm a stand-up comic. Anything else I do besides that is a plus, but stand-...
What's the two things they tell you are healthiest to eat? Chicken and fish...
ok I lied. This is the second time. Dave, remember the first?
. They say she's retarded but those titties ain't retarded. -Dave Attell (maybe)
Here's a tip: Never get drunk while wearing a hooded sweatshirt. You will eventually think there's someone right behind you.
"I'm a joke comic. I tell jokes. I like writing a joke, and I like when a joke works, and I like other comics who tell jokes." - Dave Attell
For a second I thought this was a younger Dave Attell.
Dear Dave how many electoral votes will you need for Colonel Sanders 2017 and how can I help
Why is Dave Attell lecturing these poor people?
"You know, men and women are a lot alike in certain situations. Like when they're both on fire - they're exactly alike." - Dave Attell
Top 5 things to do around Grand Rapids include Dave Attell, Sublime with Rome, 'Lucky Stiff' musical
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Plan your week: Our best bets include "Into the Woods," and Dave Attell at
Anthony Jeselnik and Dave Attell are the best stand ups right now
Why do I keep getting hurt? Now my knee is wonky. I think I just need to accept my fate as the next Dave minus the comedy.
when she gave Dave Attell that box o' booze, I was so mad.
Find out how an interview with Dave lead us into a 30 minute discussion about cheese... P&S Podcast ::
It's Christmas in Philly,. Maybe more like Chanukah. Either way do your self a favor & see Dave
Friend: you're not going to the shore 4 labor day?. Me: No, Dave Attell is in town. Friend: Who?. Me: We can't be friends anymore...
Comedy time w/Dave Attell in Manhattan comedycellar @ Comedy Cellar
"I feel like soundtrack music is almost like seeing the movie again, but with my ears." - Dave Attell
After Norm MacDonald, the next Colonel Sanders should be Dave Attell
"or as I like to call it: time traveling" - Dave Attell
Colin Quinn? Dave Attell? Nope, Vanessa Bayer was the funniest supporting character in Trainwreck, chick killed it
I would like to get drunk with Dave Attell. It doesn't seem like it would be hard to do. I would never pass out around him for sure though.
“I was watching the Discovery channel the other day and I discovered something. I need a girlfriend. —DAVE ATTELL”
I saw Louis CK, Chris Rock, and Dave Attell on stage my first time to NYC and my first time to the Comedy Cellar. Wow.
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I was annoyed at some of the choices. Why people like Lisa Kidrow eating up screentime & not Dave Attell
Credit to Dave Attell for that last joke
Dave Attell at Helium Comedy Club - Dave AttellAppearing at Helium Comedy Club (Buffalo, NY) on Thursday, July...
Dave Attell can't. Watch perform at UP Comedy Club, Oct. 8-10:
dave attell and Collin Quinn were hilarious
Kind of like "Insomniac" with Dave Attell. It was the rare show ruined by popularity
To that time when Judd Apatow, Vanessa Bayer, Amy Schumer, Mike Birbiglia, Colin Quinn, Dave Attell gave stellar...
Dave Attell, headlining Hilarities in Cleveland, loves and respects you for enjoying his dirty jokes
Dave Attell and Jeff Ross team up for a night of Ball Busting fun
Dave Attell & Jeff Ross were great last night. They got me on stage to get roasted. It was hilarious.
when Dave Attell and Jeff Ross raped him in an alley and beat his girly *** After they were done, I stole his watch.
A: Pryor, Carlin, Greg Giraldo, Dave Attell ... But in my book is the late great Patrice O'Neal. He was the best!
Insomniac Tour with Dave Attell was when I first saw Greg Giraldo and Dane Cook!!!
Comedy Cellar was once again an abundance of riches. Louie CK, Dave Attell, Marina Franklin, Sean Connolly, Ryan Hernandez. ❤️🔥
Patton Oswalt, John Mulaney, Pete Holmes, Dave Attell, Hannibal Burress/Kyle Kinane Who are your top 5 favorite comedians?
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Got "favorited" by Dave Attell and Dana Gould in the same day. Productive Sunday.
I just got tickets to at Cobb's Comedy Club on Dec 06, 2014 -> See you Saturday at the early show Dave!
Norton would have been in my top 3 until reminded me I was forgetting Dave Attell
he's always in the conversation but I'm constantly fighting for Attell He's in the discussion. Every comic wants to be Dave
Hi Dave, do you know when you'll be in Florida next?
Very excited to see Friday night at Had a great talk with him for story:
Both and in town on the same weekend. Hardest decision I've had to make in a while. Going with Dave.
thanks Dave. . Saved the balloons and ate 4 pieces of the 2 cakes. Great show. Great bday.
I want to see a version of the Kids in the Hall “Doors fan” sketch where the record store guy is played by Dave Attell.
Dave Attell reached out to you about doing his Comedy Underground show. Is that going down?
just kidding Dave, I have a birthday party on Friday…I’ll see you Saturday ;-)
you're a good dude Dave. Just thought you should know.
Dave Attell's INSOMNIAC and best of. on DVD
it's ok I can't stop listening to Dave attell.
You know that old show "Insomniac" with Dave Attell? That was a good one. Also I haven't been able to sleep for weeks.
Last woman that wanted me inside her was a cannibal - . Glad to be working with Dave Attell this fri/sat at Cobb's in SF
Christmas comes early to San Francisco - Dave Attell hits Cobb's this Fri and Sat - He only hits this town once a year so get your tix now
cause Dave is the coolest guy you ever had on your channel.
Downloaded the full season of Comedy Underground & loving it, Dave!
Would saying that I have the self esteem of a rape victim be too much? I'm leaning towards yes. Didn't Dave Attell do that one?
Looking forward to working with the legend Dave Attell at Cobb's in SF next week Dec 5 and 6 - be there, aloha
The only person in the world who doesn't love Dave Attell is You, sir, are a living legend and much beloved.
Dave Chappelle and Dave Attell had the best shows on comedy central.
Dave Attell Net Worth: Dave worked his first standup show at Governor’s in Levittown and, in accordance with A...
oh hush. Im getting you a show honey. I know dave. Say thank you. I love you 4 reals! Not a joke!
penguins get off your *** and book dave attell. His opener is martin lathrop. Set the date
hey dave it's your old pal molly from penguins in cedar rapids. Book pengiuns and let me know and we'll do dinner at vinos.
dave I discovered fresh meat for your act. Meet martin. He isn't funny, but does standup. That's brilliant
if I get dave attell to come back to penguins do you want to be the opener's opener's opener martin?
"Hey guys, have a Happy Thanksgiving - Enjoy the holiday! You too Dave! My favorite comedian ever!
Happy Thanksgiving Dave, you're a good guy.
Be thankful for Dave Attell, Todd Barry, Mark Normand, Nick Griffin, Kurt Metzger, Big Jay Oakerson, and more at…
You just became an infinite amount cooler than Ross Perot or Bob Dole. Happy Thanksgiving Dave!
I love you Dave Attell. Thanks for making me laugh all these years. You are so sweet I get teary eyed. Never stop. Happy Thanks Day.
yo Dave! Its 6:30 and the subway train in front of us is broke. We should be there on time but don't start your show without us!
Can't wait to see Dave Attell tomorrow, with my loves.
The B's got blown out in back to back games, losing to the Habs 5-1. Tonight, Celtics vs. Cavs, Dave Attell at...
Louie's name was a Dave Attell Joe. I have no excuse for the Adam Dunn piece.
got to see Dave Attell, and this week at a…
Looking forward to tonite's show with one of my favorite stand-up comedians. — watching Dave Attell at The Comedy...
one good radio show deserves another Nice job with Dave
Dave you rock my world. Dave & 4 Comedians Whose Names Start with “J” Supporting Military Families
We're gearing up for two awesome weekends of performers. Tonight Pat House, tomorrow - Sunday Charlie Murphy, and...
Thanks, Jamie & Dave for supporting What a great Veterans Day in NYC!
All about Dave Attell Quotes : height, biography, quotes - see at
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Friday morning on the Bax & O'Brien Show comedian Dave Attell plus wrestling great Ric Flair--in the studio!!!...
hey Dave, these guys could use a RT. 5 of them being laid off. Help them out. .
Listen to Dave right now and he is killing me. He needs to come to town.
Dave, I try to see you every time you come to Detroit. Such a great show on Saturday. Thanks for bringing the funny.
wait, was Dave asked not to appear as well? Sorry for being dumb but what happened today?
Work work Dave Attell , Jamestown , and some special attention for Emily.
. More comedians like Dave should stand in solidarity w/ Artie. . Good 4 U Dave Attell! .
props to Dave, he is great? *** when you can't make a joke and be yourself..Be you Art, you're funny as ***
Listen to & Dave today on the Radio Drive Home, 95 at 5:30/6pm ET and PT!
Valley Forge Casino Resort is excited to host KC and the Sunshine Band and Comedy Underground with Dave Attell as...
"If you're a guy and own a cat, you're either kind of *** or a sorcerer." - Dave
thank you from us vets Dave, you are one who has appreciated vets for a long time
Celebrate with Dave Attell, and and raise $ for
Nice to see someone who backs up his words with actions! Thanks Dave!
Check out my latest blog to find out what it's like to be the spitting image of Dave Attell. .
What's it like being a celebrity lookalike? Read, "Me and Dave Attell,"by .
Of course Louis CK, Mark Maron, Jeff Ross, Sarah Silverman, and Dave Attell hung out late night at Kiev in the 90s.
So many great comedians in attendance including Robert Klein, Eddie Brill, Dave Attell, and Rick Overton.
just got roasted by Dave Attell and Jeffrey Ross at The Comedy Cellar. Yes. He did. Here's us…
My best memory of is her appearance on show doing Latino Voices with Dave
"I hate traveling. I think it's because my dad used to beat me with a globe" -Dave Attell
Comedian Dave Attell comments on ecigs: submitted by senorchip [link] [comment]
Back from my american roadtrip. It all started with the impulse to see my favorite comedian, Love you Dave!
Dave Attell - Jagermeister Ads: BTW - Loved the Pam Zeckman reference by Marky
Going to see Amy Schumer for the headliner. Hoping to also see Dave Attell, Iliza Shlesinger and Nikki Glaser.
(spit take) Dave is coming to now! Just reserved a seat for the 11:45 p.m., sure to be a madhouse.
that is correct! He needs to accept the transfer first. Here's a video:
heel Rosenberg looks like Dave Attell was raised by Mormons.
thats a dave attell quote i believe, great CD
Oh! I need to take out the trash again. It is the right answer in today's edition of Dave favorite game.
Check out the Dave Attell, Rich Vos, and Sherrod episode as well. Great stuff.
places and was on teachers lounge a new web series with Ted Alexandro Dave attell was in
saw him in Syracuse with Lewis Black and Dave Attell. Huge night for me.
Just bought tickets for Dave Attell at Tarrytown Music Hall!
watch her episode of the jeselnik offensive with dave attell. It's pretty good stuff.
The Raucous April Macie is here tonight!! This is gonna be great!
Let's start the day with some Dave Attell
Pandora is playing a lot of for me on my Dave station. Now to see who they give me on BUNS' (Tom) station
When you're drinking whiskey - you don't know where you're gonna wake up but you know you won't have any pants on ! Dave Attell
Hey Dave, here's all the info if you want to come by the Gandhi Show tonight -
"You know what eggnog is? Elf *** You might as well pour it on your back & slap yourself on the *** " -- Dave Attell
I got to see Dave Chapelle, Louie CK, Aziz Ansari, Sarah Silverman and Dave Attell for $25. Incredible freaking deal.
Insomniac with Dave Attell Theme: quite a night! Now get some sleep! ;)
Jones beach theater show with Dave Attell, Louis C.K, Chris Hardwick, and Bill Burr??? I'll take a lesson from comedy gods.and Hardwick
"Sideburns are the balls of the face. And calves are the *** of the legs.". - Dave
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
I really miss Greg Giraldo. Please add more roles of Dave Attell in your louie show.
I want to care about Robin Williams, but Funny or Die did a tribute to Insomniac with Dave Attell and it’s...
Thxs again - check Comedy Underground out online:
This Friday, Louis C.K., Amy Schumer, Sarah Silverman, Dave Attell & more are at the Xfinity Center. Score tix:
Made Dave look like a Hobbit “Had a great night last week with attell
hey dave, you are hilarious.if you hae the time cold you please watch my shroom diet videos, I eat shrooms for 30 days strait peace
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