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Dauphin Island

Dauphin Island is a town in Mobile County, Alabama (U.S.), on a barrier island also named Dauphin Island (split by the Katrina Cut), at the Gulf of Mexico.

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Y'all please be praying for my cousin! She was one of the three that was in the boat fire on dauphin island 😩😩
Most weekends we sit at home and look at each other. NOT THIS ONE!! We have been so busy and it is still going. Up at 6:00 for dragon boat races. From there to the after party to a shortened birthday party for Brayden. Home for a short break now off to dauphin island for some flounder gigging. Life is good with good friends, family and food!!
By far the best part of my dauphin island adventure today!
Round one of week-end..Ken n I enjoyed the heck of the new coming Montegos on The River of the Dog (Dog River)..WOW what a TRANSFORMATION of the property next to the old Hoppies as wells as the Marina .The beach area for kids is gonna be kickass.D.I.P. this is YOUR Transformation...all home owners and local businesses WILL profit! Who ever came up with this idea did some real thinking! And Jessee S. n Rangel..Ya'll were awesome! Enjoyed for sure!~ Now for tomorrow..Dauphin Island bound for some fun with my ole surfer budsMike Tank YoungRandy Loftis..Heck Johnny Barbato You gonna make it?? Memories..old n new! Ya'll have a great eve..Peace n Love to ya..Stay Safe! Later.
The beaches of Dauphin Island, AL due to the end of the Southern Prohibition.
Nothing like a fun Saturday going with my hubby and two oldest granddaughters from Dauphin Island to Fort Morgan on the ferry.
On Dauphin Island waiting on the ferry for an hour an a half! Still got an hour to go! Sweating my balls off! Phone going dead! No charger! & No AC! 59 is backed up too! It was a toss up! At least I got 3cold beers left! Its funny the people you meet!
ehh I might be going with Jacob to dauphin island I'll ask if we can change the day to Tuesday
Dauphin Island life I'll take the bug!
Went kayaking today, we were a little too ambitious. launched at the gulf breeze motel area and paddled to the little island under the dauphin island bridge. I feel the soreness coming on. Time for Motrin.
3 burned in boat fire off Dauphin Island
I grew up on Farmbrook, half way between Warren Av. and Cornwall. Left Detroit in the late 70's after earning my B.S. at Wayne State. Went on to get my M.S. in marine biology in Alabama at Dauphin Island Sea Lab. Now retired from environmental consulting, living in Portland, Oregon. Still come back to visit every year and will do it until I die!
3 burned in boat fire off Dauphin Island via
BOD: Pelicans around Billie Goat Hole on Dauphin Island...and Sand Island Lighthouse...and a Fiddler Crab
Run on the island. Staying fit. @ Dauphin Island Park and Beach Board
Dauphin Island was fun, but I can't wait till Pensacola in a few weeks!! 😍❤
Heard Clay County has damage. I am in Dauphin Island AL fell in love with a 55 Chevy truck restored. Too much $$ );
Traffic on and to Dauphin Island jammed. Lots of vintage cars on display. Also boating incident EMS traffic
This one almost broke my line the other night 🎣 @ Dauphin Island Beach
Out here in dauphin island knocking down the fish population
Beautiful day!! Photo shared from Pirate's Pleasure on Dauphin Island
MULTIPLE ambulances responding to unknown emergency on dauphin island, AL near sea lab and campground area.
Morning coffee and a walk on the beach before the fishing rodeo. @ Dauphin Island Beach
My Alabama Boss snuff skin ridin the seas like a champ in dauphin island
If you're looking for something to do today the dauphin island car show is quite impressive
I'm so jealous of everybody thats at Dauphin Island right now! 😭
People have asked me why I have let Nick do this bike trip, let me explain. His first trip from Dauphin Island to Grayton Beach he was 18, just graduated from high school. As a mother I was a nervous wreck but he was an adult. After much thought, prayers and soul searching I gave him my blessings. Several young men and women had just graduated from high school and enlisted in the military. Where would they be sent after basic, many were going overseas to fight for our freedom. Coming from a military family I knew this was an option, that one of my kids could have chosen this career. Would I have supported this decision? By all means 105%, in this day and age is the military career a safe career, no far from it. The chances he would have gone to Iraq or Afganenstain (sp) was real. At that point I could not just say, Nick it is dangerous, he would have gone with my support 105%, plus if he joined momma has no say so. His ride is equally as dangerous but it was his dream. I love and support all my ...
I'm leaving Gulf Shores now and going home and then immediately turning around and going to dauphin island😂
These are the VonTrap kittens who were born in the trap a few weeks ago on Dauphin Island. Feral mama will soon be spayed. These little kittens are beginning to be adoptable; pla;ying and letting me pet them. YEA! more later.
Beautiful day on the Gulf Coast..I am getting ready to leave for a day at Dauphin Island with my brother-in-law Leonard and my sister Mickie.
We're in Dauphin Island today at the Art in the Park show! Gonna be a great day!
We usually go to dauphin island or stay at emerald grande in destin but looking for a different place in destin. One with a fairly short distance to the beach. Any suggestion???
Getting ready for Dauphin Island Art in the Park.
Good bye dauphin island!! It's been fun but ready to see my men! 👏😜
Getting ready to pack up and leave Dauphin Island this morning!! It has been an amazing week!! I am always reminded of the Dr. Seuss quote, "Don't cry because it's because it happened".
Yall said you want to live near a quiet beach? try out Dauphin Island Near Mobile, AL.
Someone wanna come to Dauphin Island w me? 😚
Last sunset on dauphin island... Have loved it!
Have just had the most wonderful week with family and friends. Hate for it to end. I asked my granddaughter if she could have anything in the world what it would be? She said to live here (Dauphin Island) with all of us like we are now! How amazing is that?
Head south and spend your weekend on Dauphin Island with nature, art, cars and history.
Cleaned up and ready to Cruise Dauphin Island tomorrow.
"RV trip from *** Part 2 Expecting a 3 day trip trip Dauphin Island we started packing for the trip about 8:30 this morning. By 10:30 we were packed and ready. Evelyn was to drive the Shelby and follow me and the trailer, then we had trouble cranking the Shelby. Finally it started and she pulled out of the drive. When I went back to get in my truck Sam Da Cat had stepped on the lock button and locked himself in a running truck. I keep a spare key under the edge of the bed line, but it was covered by tents, chairs, coolers and assorted camping stuff. After a scraped arm and a few choice words I got the key and off we went. About 25 miles into a 5o mile trip my truck overheated. I had a burst heater hose. We called AAA and and they said they would have someone there by 11:45, he arrived about 12:15. When the tow truck arrived the guy said "I didn't know you had a trailer too" and drove away. After several calls back and forth with AAA they finally told me they would have the correct equipment ...
Pam and Tay but I'm gong to dauphin island tomorrow with mom and guy
Where is the "sunset capital of Alabama"? Dauphin Island has trademarked the tag!
Dauphin Island has trademarked its "sunset capital of Alabama" tag.
3 things 4 3 on Dauphin Island ths weekend
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A recent sunrise on Dauphin Island with some oil rigs in Mobile Bay. You've gotta get up pretty early in the morning to shoot these shots, but they sure are fun.
Ridin bikes around Dauphin Island with Colin, my dad, and my brother.
On the Ferry comin back from Gulf Shores, AL, headin back to Dauphin Island.
Three things for free on Dauphin Island this weekend
Off to Dauphin Island, AL for 2 days of Salt Water Fishing with Brad Garlotte and the boys.Red Snapper, Cobia, King Markerel and maybe a big Grouper.Whoop Whoop
Dauphin Island is known for it's beautiful sunsets. Taken with smartphone, so the colors were much better than this.
Come on 5pm! I'm ready to head south of Dauphin Island into some dep blue water! Snappah Time!
Looking for someone to take pictures on Dauphin Island one day next week-weeekend. Professional, semiprofessional, hobby. Any takers:)
The amount of trucks and boat trailers by the boat launch today on Dauphin island will blow.your.mind. People are walking for miles to park. Go get em y'all! 🎣
Ready to be Snapper fishing in Dauphin Island tomorrow with my main man ☺️
Dive into the new book 'Dauphin Island, Alabama' - . DAUPHIN ISLAND, Alabama --  With the brand new coffee...
Dauphin Island on your coffee table
Unexpected phone call...leads to an unexpected red snapper fishing trip off Dauphin Island. So Buck and I grabbed some sunscreen loaded up and hauled *** .south bound baby
Had an awesome night on Dauphin Island with Mollie McLean Nicholas Jowers Ryno and Lincon. I love building a fire by the beach and cooking
Dauphin Island is truly a place like no other. Away from the hustle and bustle of city life, you’ll feel the difference as soon as you step foot on the Island and take in a breath of fresh Gulf air. A historically significant location, Dauphin Island’s Historic Fort Gaines, was active in the Civil War. The fort, now retired, stands guard overlooking Mobile Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. Nowadays, Dauphin Island thrives upon its’ emphasis on low-key, family oriented vacations. Forget road congestion, water parks and outlet malls – the island doesn’t even have need for a traffic light. Instead, envision bike paths, walking trails, miles of white sandy beaches and simplicity centered upon outdoor recreation and the environment. Dauphin Island is a true hidden gem of Alabama’s Gulf Coast, so come and “surround yourself!”
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Dauphin Island trademarks 'sunset capital of the world'
A Habitat for the Human Soul When you need a relaxed, natural getaway, do what nature does. Discover the authentic Gulf Coast island community of Dauphin Island, with 7 miles of white sand beaches, and many eco-tourism opportunities. Soak up the sun in a comfy beach chair, and then go hiking, canoeing, kayaking, beach-combing and birding in the midst of our abundant wildlife. See why we’re home to the Audubon Bird Sanctuary, the Alabama Coastal Birding Trail, and the Dauphin Island Sea Lab and Estuarium. See Bellingrath Gardens in Theodore, then the nearby communities of Coden and Bayou La Batre overflow with fishing village charm. Enjoy the freshest of fresh seafood while watching shrimp boats come and go. Just across the Mississippi Sound is Grand Bay, renowned for its Fourth of July Watermelon Festival, National Wildlife Refuge, and orchards bursting with fresh peaches and pecans. A quiet and friendly community, rich in wildlife and Southern culture, centered in a natural island environment, Dauphin ...
Happy Easter to all! Does anyone know a real estate agent on Dauphin Island that you would recommend?
Repugnant odors blew in w/the sea breeze from the Gulf before the first tar balls then mats, washed up at Dauphin Island.
Went to dauphin island, & I got to ride in my big brothers boat today, saw some gators, had a lot of fun.(:
let's go to dauphin island. Wednesday ***
Due to strong storms coming into the Mobile Bay area the 6:30 from dauphin Island and the 7:15 will be cancelled
Mobile area peeps - photographers that are reasonably priced and will work down near Dauphin Island? And . . . go.
There are two consistencies for me: it always rains when I come back from Dauphin Island, and I always get the same spot at Chipotle.
The tiny village of Dauphin Island will be busy on April 26 when a gumbo festival and a sailboat regatta take place the same day.
April 23rd makes 11 yrs since my husband died. My son asked me the other day if I even missed daddy at all. I told him of course i do. I think about him all the time. Then I realized that this is the month he died. My son still has a very hard time dealing with the loss of his father. I guess bc he watched as they tried to revive him. He drown on spring break. That day changed our lives. Please be safe if you go out in the ocean to swim. The Rip tides have always been bad at Dauphin Island. That's where he was. After his death I did some investigating and found there has been numerous drownings or near drownings there. Please just be careful and have a safe spring break.
Just left our rest stop at Magee, Mississippi. 8th grade getting closer to Dauphin Island, AL
Dauphin Island update: We are approaching Jackson, MS. Students have spent time reflecting on MS & pre-writing for defining moments project
Last year an artist by the name of Steve Garst was riding around the Bayou taking pictures... He saw my dad on the dock by his boat and asked permission to take his picture which was the only person he took a picture of but my daddy doesnt even remember...He then painted this picture and brought it to the Art show on Dauphin Island this past weekend and hoped to find my daddy to give him the first Authors copy... Well he did and here is a picture of them together with the Original painting... I think that this is pretty neat!!! Angel Collier Pam Lundy Johnson April Foutz Thelma Johnson Johnny Lee Bransen Lee Jason Craft Clinton Collier Brayden Foutz
The Alba Middle School Ambassadors spent the first day of Spring Break volunteering at the Dauphin Island Sea Lab's Discovery Day. Seven middle school students and their sponsor, Kristen Perez, helped with children's games, face painting, and arts and crafts stations. The participating ambassadors were: Seth Evans, Daniel Mohr, Clay Seaman, Autumn Toney, Katie Clark, Jayda Adams and Whittney Powell.
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Sailors and gumbo cooks to converge on Dauphin Island April 26 for a day of fun and frolic.
Going to dauphin island Wednesday! Anybody want to meet us out there? Will have several kids out there.thought it would be nice to have a beach day, picnic.let me know if you want to go & we can all plan on bringing something!
Azalea Trail Maids surround me at Dauphin Island Discovery Day. We all know beautiful flowers need water!
At the Estuarium on Dauphin Island they told us that an octopus only lives 18 months maximum. This one was hiding in the rocks waiting for death and we couldn't see her. But she had just given birth to about a gazillion babies and it was just amazing watching them swimming in the tank. You can see them if you look close.Then they told us they would pour them into the gulf waters in a day or so. Kind of sad that they are just plankton now. On a hopeful note, maybe some will survive!
It's amazing that you can be in the largest metropolis in the western world, ride 30 minutes north on a train, and everything looks like Dauphin Island with a cliff face.
It was a great weekend to ride!! Finished it off with a ride on the ferry to Dauphin Island then on to The Shed in Mississippi! Never been there before but a cool place to go! My shoulders are burnt!!! Dammit!
I made these photos this weekend on Dauphin Island. Come by the store and we'll tell you what foods to put in your feeders that may attract these beautiful, migrating birds that could pass through our area.
Who says weddings are only for weekends?? Up early preparing to head to Dauphin Island to capture Jen and Art
Happy Monday :) Things I did over the weekend: Went to a Bike Night at Hooters on Friday night. Painted on Saturday. Worked out on Sunday AND drove down to Dauphin Island for a vintage bike show. Rode the ferry from the fort over to Fort Morgan on the mainland, then home. Started at 1 and got home at 8. Good good day. Melissa was a tired chick last night - did NOT want to get up this AM :)
And we’re off! 8th grade has officially launched for Dauphin Island Sea Lab!
The 18th Annual Dauphin Island Show was a great success! The week's delay had little effect on the great turnout. Thanks to all who helped make this event possible and thanks to all who came out to enjoy the festivities!
Need to clear my head I'm going crazy•!!! I'm driving to dauphin island gonna be there til the sunrise then I'm gonna watch the sunrise :( I really don't wanna be here. Bye mobile! Island bound
I hate going over the dauphin island bridge
I'm in dauphin island so enjoy the walk 😂
Had a fantastic 3 days camping on dauphin island with family and friends. The best. Also with Mads, Treagon & Zak
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Dauphin island with the boys n Aleigha Smith
I'm looking for a great deal on a condo for a week in June for either Dauphin Island or Gulf Shores/Orange beach if anyone knows of anyone who rents them out please let me know!
Mrs. Hicks is an amazing P.E. teacher. She cares so much for her students and is there for them all. I remember being picked on a lot one day and she comforted me and talked to me about it. Another time when we took the trip to Dauphin Island my grandparents were worried about me so they wanted her to look after me and she watched over me all those days. She is an amazing teacher and an amazing person who is there for her students. I will miss her at Sardis as she leaves for retirement and I leave for a future life. I love you Mrs. Hicks!
Beautiful weather has arrived on Dauphin Island and so have the crowds of people. I miss the solitude. I am officially ready to go home! I still have months to go before my house will be ready:(
Awesome weekend at Mobile's ART WALK on Friday night and St. Francis Episcopal Art Show on Dauphin Island Saturday. Lots of sales - thanks for stopping "buy" our booth!
On the way home from the Motorcycle Show on Dauphin Island. It was a fun ride on his bike. I'm actually starting to enjoy it.
Went to dauphin island with David Pate, Darina Zirlott, Cj, Ruby, Alee, and Milah. The poodles liked the water better than Ruby! Beautiful day!
Beach today with the 2 biggest Divas in the world. Plus tres. 🌊🌞💪💖 @ Dauphin Island, Al
My grandpa Marti used to make the best friend shrimp and he always made it for my sister and I when we were visiting in St Louis or when he and my grandma were taking care of us while my parents were away. It had a very light crust and we loved it.  I have only had it one other place since and when we tasted it several years ago, my mom and I both exclaimed, "Grandpa's shrimp!!!". It was at the Pelican Reef just before you cross over the bridge to Dauphin Island, Alabama. I always make it a point to go there.  We did not get there this year but brought home some fresh shrimp from the island yesterday. Called my mom today for the recipe: Soak fresh uncooked peeled shrimp in combination of beaten egg, Worcestershire sauce and lime juice then dip shrimp in a mixture of cornstarch/flour/dill weed. Fry in oil until golden brown, drain on paper towels. 
Headed 2 dauphin island 2 have fun w the family
Measuring waves height at Dauphin Island Sea Lab! Great hands on experience for our students!
Awesome group of SES students at Dauphin Island! Thank you Mrs. Ford for being such a wonderful Gifted Ed. Teacher!!
Just loaded Dustin Medley and Corbin Welch up on the Fort Morgan ferry to dauphin island. THEY ALL YOURS Amy and Shawn good luck
At the Motorcycle Show on dauphin island!
Dauphin Island bike rally with dad on the beautiful day! 👓☀️
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When is the LEAST TRAFFIC down there in Dauphin Island? Or at least on the bridge down there?
On my way to dauphin island with Shirley Searcy and India Searcy.
About to head to dauphin island and tomorrow going to Gulf Shores
Looking forward to spending time with the family at Dauphin Island.
The enjoyment of our two-week stay at Dauphin Island was dictated by the weather, and we had a double whammy of severe thunderstorms, rain and overcast skies. But on days when the weather cooperated, we headed to our favorite locations to watch the… [ 282 more words. ]
I think I am becoming a regular on Dauphin Island.
Fishing update so far: redfish on Dauphin Island, redfish and sheephead on the causeway. GNTB!! It's gettin there boys and girls!!
Found a little mermaid on the beach today. @ Dauphin Island
Dauphin Island beach was so much fun 2day.Just listening 2 da water was refreshing.
Packing to go on the 8th grade trip to Dauphin Island, Alabama. Im really excited I can't wait.
Throwing what happened last time at dauphin island in my face is really low. Just saying.
Went to Dauphin Island today and hung out at the Estuary and at Audubon park.
Carla and The Sand Fleas will be playing tomorrow at the Motorcycle Show on Dauphin Island. The weather is supposed to be nice so come on out and see some great bikes! We will be playing from 11:00 till 3:00. See ya there!
About to head down to the Deep End on Dauphin Island with Stanley Roberson : ) date night!
These are common terns on Dauphin Island.
Just a couple of pictures from Discover Day at the Dauphin Island Sea Lab! I had so much fun. I…
It seems like it would be sketchy driving a motorcycle across the dauphin island bridge 😳😁
The lady at the snow cone place on Dauphin Island gave me black cherry and tried to tell me it was tigers blood. I know my flavors, Lady!✋
Discovery Day at dauphin island sea lab. Owl behind boys. @ Dauphin Island Sea Lab
Tomorrow is the 18th annual Motorcycle Show on Dauphin Island. Join us at the little red school house and view...
Discovery Day at Dauphin Island Sea Lab: Children learned about coastal marine life Saturday at Discovery Day at...
I don't do anything but work and home but tomorrow I'm hitting the beach,Mobile Bay and dauphin island on the boat Nd jet skis
I mean I doubt they'll let me drive to gs. I'll lie and say dauphin island
Visit our booth at the Dauphin Island Sea Lab Discovery Day event for kids TOMORROW from 10am-2pm!!
“Sbk starts now yeaaas😍” but you're staying you're Dauphin Island.. 😶
Hey guys. Dauphin Island. It's pretty cheap and driving distance for most of us. Who wants to go? I'll cook?
Come see me tomorrow at Dauphin Island Discover Days. Kids get in the Estuarium free with adult 10am - 2pm.
Back from Group 4. Dauphin Island was pretty fun.
Great day at the beach. Water feels good now getting my tan on @ Dauphin Island West End Beach
It's always hard saying goodbye to my little daffodil 😢😭 lol HAVE FUN IN DAUPHIN ISLAND
will be at Dauphin Island Sea Lab's Discovery Day tomorrow, April 12, 10am to 2pm. It's the only...
Due to high winds in the Mobile Bay aera the ferry will be shutting down at 5:00 on the Dauphin Island please...
Bike died at Dauphin Island due to water in fuel. Finished journey to New Orleans in Eagle Rider van.
Dauphin Island and Mobile Bay were mapped as early as 1519 by Alonzo Pineda. In 1699, the French explorer, Pierre Le Moyne de'Iberville named it "Massacre" because of a large pile of human skeletons he discovered. Despite the burial ground, Iberville decided to locate a colony here because of the abundant timber, reliable supply of fresh water, and a great harbor. "Massacre Island" soon became the headquarters for French colonization along the Gulf Coast. The thriving settlement consisted of a fort, a chapel, government owned warehouses, and many private homes. But the name "Massacre" seemed to ominous. In 1707, the French renamed the island in honor of the heir to the French throne: "Dauphin." During this period the island was capitol of the Louisiana Territory which equaled almost two thirds of the United States! Although the colony was able to rebuild from a pirate raid in 1711, a devastating hurricane six years later almost destroyed the fledgling settlement. Over the next century, control of Dauphin ...
You can get there either by road in Gulf Shores or Ferry from Dauphin Island in Mobile County. Come back and take the tour!
"Sand Island Light Built On Sand" Lying within the state of Alabama, Mobile Bay is an inlet of the Gulf of Mexico. The mouth is formed by the Fort Morgan peninsula on the eastern side and Dauphin Island, a barrier island on the western side. Mobile Bay is 31 miles long and 24 miles wide. It is the only entrance to the port of Mobile at its northwestern end. Roughly three miles offshore from the primary Mobile Bay entrance is a place called Sand Island. In the early 1800's it measured approximately 400 acres in size and was a distinct hazard to ships entering the mouth of the bay. The logical way, in Washington, DC, to warn shipping of a hazard was to build a lighthouse on it; even when the locals warned against building a house on sand. The first one, built in 1838, was destroyed in the Civil War. In 1873, the replacement was completed on a stone foundation as a Brownstone, conical tower rising to a height of 131 feet. It had a second order Fresnel lens. Sand Island itself faced continuous erosion, to the ...
Dauphin Island is a barrier island located three miles south of the mouth of Mobile Bay in the Gulf of Mexico. Entry to the island is made by crossing a three mile long high rise bridge which was opened in July, 1982 after the original draw bridge was destroyed by Hurricane Frederic in 1979. An automobile ferry from the eastern shore also offers an entry point on the eastern end of the island. The island is approximately 14 miles long and 1 ¾ miles wide at the widest point. The eastern six miles are inhabited while the western 8 miles are undeveloped and privately owned. It is estimated that 1300 permanent residents call Dauphin Island home. The number of residents soars during vacation and holiday times. The entire island has been designated as a bird sanctuary and thousands of visitors come to experience the annual migrations. Dauphin Island Beach Many attractions are located on the east end of the island including Fort Gaines, the Dauphin Island Sea Lab, Dauphin Island Campground, Audubon Bird Sanctu ...
Robert Charles Dafoe, 36, of Chattanooga passed away on Tuesday, December 17th 2013 after a long and courageous battle with cancer. Robert was employed as an environmentalist at the Chattanooga-Hamilton County Health Department. He received a Master’s Degree in Marine Biology from Jacksonville State University in August 2010. His thesis work involved studying tardigrade (water bear) populations of Dauphin Island. Robert had many interests, one of which was exploring the countryside on his motorcycle. He was a proud member of the East Tennessee Bikers organization and he spent some of his happiest times taking long rides with fellow members. Robert was active in volunteering with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), and as an annual volunteer, he participated in NOAA fisheries survey work to study variations in ocean conditions and sea life. Robert’s love and appreciation for the aquatic world will continue through his cremains becoming an eternal reef where fish, coral and other ...
Have a bid on a 2/2 Condo on Dauphin Island in Mobile Bay. Lot's of good times when I was a kid, kind of a funky New Orleans. Chasing sandpipers on a beautiful white beach, eating gumbo, fishing, crabbing (all you need is a chicken neck in a crabbpot), all for the price of a BMW. Hope I don't get bid out. This could be fun for the family, if they don't like it, I can rent it out during tourist season. I do this all the time, bid on vacation houses, but I kind of got my fingers crossed on this one. :)
Sunday, December 15, 2013, the 349th day of the year. Today is Bill of Rights Day in the United States; Remembrance Day for Journalists Killed in the Line of Duty in Russia; and, Kingdom Day in the Neatherlands. Events That Occurred on This Date in History: 37: The Roman Emperor Nero was borned. 1675: Johannes Vermeer, Dutch painter, "The Girl With the Pearl Earring", died. 1701: Pierre Le Moyne d' Iberville reached Louisiana and moved settlers to Dauphin Island to prepare the Mobile River Colony in present day Alabama. 1778: During the Revolutionary War the British and French fleets clash off St. Lucia, resulting in a British victory. 1791: The Bill of Rights became the Law of the Land when it was ratified by the Virginia Assembly. 1812: Joseph Moses Levy, British newspaperman who would found the London Dailey Telegraph, was born. 1832: Gustave Eiffel, co-designer of the Eiffel Tower, was born. 1864: During the Civil War Union forces under Gen. George Thomas defeat Confederate forces under Gen. J ...
love Dauphin Island! Hope to be back in the spring. Hotty Toddy!
Hurricane Katrina levels Dauphin Island, Alabama. As you can see there are only a couple of houses
FOOD NETWORK WEEKEND FOR FOODIES! Foodies will not want to miss the first weekend in November at The Beach Club. The festivities start Friday, Nov. 1, with a wine dinner at Coast Restaurant. On Saturday, join the Beach Club’s award winning chef Brody Olive on a private charter bus as we head over to Dauphin Island for the “Martie Knows Parties Party” The Food Network’s Martie Duncan is coming back to Dauphin Island on Nov. 2 to host this year’s “Seafood, Science and Celebrity.“ Duncan is creating the event in her unique style with inspired cuisine, creative cocktails and up-close and personal cooking demonstrations from some of her favorite chefs. James Beard semi-finalist Rob McDaniel and the Great American Seafood Cook-off Winner Jim Smith will join Olive in the live cooking demonstration. Catch the bus back to The Beach Club Saturday night and wake up with a Jazz Brunch at Coast Restaurant on Sunday morning. You can participate in one event or stay for the entire weekend of activities. Fr ...
Beautiful, successful zoology field trip today. It was a small group of students, motivated and happy. Stopped at Bayfront Park and saw hundreds of butterflies: Gulf Fritillaries, Long-Tailed Butterflies, and Buckeyes, then I showed them sea roaches on the rocks and explained what they are. We went to the Dauphin Island public beach, collected living jellyfish and comb jellies, tube worms, mantis shrimp, coquinas. The water was clear as glass and the temperature was just right. The kids got to splash around for a while. On the way back, I spotted a large Bald Eagle landing in the top of a pine. I pulled over and walked everyone back down the shoulder of the road to see it. Everyone had a great view. Pure pleasure and I think learning happened.
Loading up the bus and headed to dauphin island
The applications for the Dauphin Island trip for Martie Duncan's "Red, White, and Brown Ball" event on…
So if you go to dauphin island then plz go to the island rainbow & eat their heavenly pizza & snow cones.
Isaiah was taking selfies this morning @ Dauphin Island (West End)
I'm watching some home show and they're looking at places on dauphin island
yes. Where was that picture taken, Dauphin Island? Lmaooo
We are at the Gulf of Mexico off Dauphin Island in Alabama, enjoying the breeze, and the warm water.
Come see us for free make up samples at Smokey Dembos bbq 3758 dauphin island Parkway in mobile.
Rocking out to 1D and Bruno on the way to Dauphin Island! Can't we just be there already?
Day 1 at Dauphin Island. Arrival. We chased ghost crabs in the moonlight. Today: bring it! usa ... dauphin island AL and clearwater beach FL ... both under $375000 on ir a block from beach
Dauphin Island and Fort Gaines looked great on HGTV!
Guys I turn on HGTV and there's an episode of a home buying show in Dauphin Island, AL!
Ok family, I'm on the to peaceful Dauphin Island, AL. Gonna rep my love w/my jersey on the beach pic.
The Dauphin Island Trip is coming up in November! Get an application after school in 366. The cost is about $250. :)
Be sure to enter for a chance to win tickets to the SeaGrass Concert Series on Dauphin Island Park and Beach...
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Yes, it was another amazing morning on Dauphin Island!
Sandra Starr: on Southeastern Indian Trade Networks. Multiple indigenous and European occupants of Dauphin Island.
Two more weeks to see an elegant expressionist exhibit on Dauphin Island.
Going to be a very long day tomorrow. But super excited about Dauphin Island this weekend for class ☺🐠🌴
Throwin' back to last September at Dauphin island! We were both in great shape and in a great place in…
Share this image, like our page and you will be entered into a random drawing for a Dauphin Island Cooler Pack...
Dauphin Island Sea Lab field trip with this party animal
Before there was a Town of Dauphin Island.
Just enjoyed last sunrise (this year) from Dauphin Island beach with my cup of coffee and my beautiful bride
dang! I was going to stay stop by if it was dauphin island!:) I live right there lol
Wishing I was at Dauphin Island rite now
In dauphin island with pops. Fishing and drinking beer.. Yeah
Tales from the road. One short ferry ride away from @ Mobile Bay Ferry - Dauphin Island
Just want everyone to know who's in Grand Bay that my history teacher taught us about Bayou Le Batre & Dauphin Island today!
Join us to watch HGTV feature Dauphin Island and local folks like islanders Restaurant! 8pm edt @ 7 cdt.
Taking a break from to visit Dauphin Island, AL!
Karl Langley is back with a Dauphin Island sunrise!
I lived on dauphin island, and near Tillman's Corner. Can't really tell you anything about it other than that there is a Bay.
I will wear a christmas bikini and go straight to dauphin island gosh dangit
Dauphin Island Parkway Police officer thinks parks are good for drug deals. Should we get rid of parks?
We excited about the Seagrass Concert Series on Dauphin Island at Historic Fort Gaines. Get your tickets today!
I went to Dauphin Island once when I was like 7 with my bffl
Dauphin Island with my babes this weekend love Alabama aw yeaaahhh
Ready to be in Dauphin Island friday.! Needing that beach life.!
So a Monday night doesn't mean you can't go downtown or to dauphin island at 1 in the morning... Happy birthday *birthday week*
Save the Date! If you are anywhere near Dauphin Island, Alabama on November 2- grab your dancing shoes and join...
ROLL CALL! Who all will be at Dauphin Island in the morning? . We just finished loading up the truck and look...
Up and on the road to Dauphin Island, Alabama! Nothing like two hours of sleep before you hit the road for a 9 hour drive, lol. So thankful I'm not the one driving! Can't wait to see how my babies react to the beach!!!
Destiny has arrived in Mobile. Following Valerie and my move to Dauphin Island, AL, Destiny was pick up in Marina del Rey and trucked 2,000 statute miles across the country to Turner Marine, at Dog river on Mobile Bay. MaryEllen, my rigger from Marina del Rey flew out to help get her rigged. After having the bottom sanded down to bare wood, a barrier sealed applied, she was launch last Friday (6/21/13). After sitting in the slings for 24 hours she was still taking on more water than I felt comfortable with. The yard crew determined that the old depth transducer was the culprit, so she is back on the hard waiting surgery to remove and replace her antique transducer. Let's hope this will keep her afloat because I'm anxious to show off to a whole new populous of admirers?
Tuesday 6/18/13 partly cloudy Partly cloudy with thunderstorms and rain showers in the afternoon. High of 84F with a heat index of 90F. Winds from the SW at 10 to 15 mph. Tuesday, 18th of June of 2013, the sun will rise in Dauphin Island at 5:51 am and sunset will be at 7:57 pm. The moonset will take place at 1:41 am at 260º west. Eventually, the moon will rise again in the southeast (103º) at 2:56 pm. In the high tide and low tide chart, we can see that the high tide will be at 7:31 am and the low tide will be at 6:16 pm.
Looked at beach houses, these are the favorite and the last two are of a condo on Dauphin Island. Final is Brendan running into the Chapel at Spring Hill College. Poor Tim is stuck at home with Max the Maltese.
mostly just the beach, not a lot to do on Dauphin Island lol. But today we were in Gulf Shores for shopping and dinner!
One of my favorite things about Dauphin Island: the ferry ride across Mobile Bay to go to Gulf Shores for shopping!
At The Pelican in mwc listening to Kiss You All Over by Exile. brings back a lot of Dauphin Island memories.
82 miles to go! I can already smell that wonderful ocean water! By the way... Hawaii has nothing on our 25 years and counting piece of heaven. Hawaii is nice, very beautiful but Dauphin Island is like home but with the ocean in your front door. No race here, race there just relaxing and enjoying our many blessings.
Just booked Friday 6-10pm @ Pirates Pleasure on Dauphin Island... poolside with easy beach access... Don't miss out...
Back in one of my favorite Southern cities, Mobile, Alabama. Mary Kate has been working so hard this year and needed a break to decompress, and Erin has been suffering through a long Colorado winter, so I took them to the beach on Dauphin Island today. Mary Kate put on her headphones and cued up her Pandora playlist, slathered herself in SPF 60 and went catatonic for several hours, while the rest of us went and played in the cold, cold water. The weather was absolutely gorgeous.80 degrees, scattered clouds, low humidity, and a nice, stiff, cool breeze. I promised the womenfolk that I wouldn't take any pictures at the beach, but there were about a hundred black-tipped terns haunting the beach-goers today. An evil plan formed in my twisted brain. Erin went to sit alone by the water, time to put my evil plan into action. I grabbed a handful of cheesy poofs and threw them at Erin, then I almost died laughing while she did her best Tippi Hedren impression.Erin loves Hitchcock, but I don't think this prank is . ...
The Sand Dunes Casino, located on a mile of Gulf Surf beach, was completely furnished, Dauphin Island
cool, is it Dauphin Island or maybe Ocean Springs
You have to walk forever just to get to the water at dauphin island
More than 150 boats sailing 55th Dauphin Island Race on Mobile Bay today
It's a Dauphin Island Beach kind of afternoon.
It's a beautiful spring day in Mobile, AL. Catching up on honeydos and heading to Dauphin Island for a final walk-thru. Life is great!!
no I dont think so, are yall going to dauphin island?
I am on my way to dauphin island beach! Imma get me a tan or a sunburn lol 😃😃
Getting ready to head to dauphin island!!
aww super lame. I've been there all week but I can home yesterday and tomorrow I'm going to dauphin island :P
Really wishing we were still in Dauphin Island!
Dauphin Island, I only have eyes for you.
Fireworks to kick of the Dauphin Island Race 2013
Had a fantastic time at Dauphin Island. Me & my fave guy saw a lot, learned a lot, did a lot but we are certainly glad to be home.
Flying to dauphin island tomorrow! And tanning the entire day on the beach!!
In honor of the Dauphin Island Boat Race this weekend, I took "kidnapped" Devon Walsh to the D.I. Sea Lab today.
Home from orange beach and heading to dauphin island
This Saturday 8:00 is the Dauphin Island Parkway Community Cleanup! Connect to your coast by keeping Alabama...
Excited to hang with some men from tonight. Giggin flounder on Dauphin Island, AL
Forgot how much I HATE the dauphin island bridge
I wish I was still on dauphin island. 😞
Taking the Beamer on the ferry to Dauphin Island from Gulf Shores. This is so weird 😂
Reel Report: Cobia migration best in years, trout show up on Shoals near Dauphin Island Bridge: The middle and...
One month from today is my 21st bday and ill be moving to dauphin island for the summer!!! Can't wait!
Dauphin island with the family today!
Heading to Dauphin Island to spend the day with my BFF It’s a beautiful day! 🌴🌞🌊
The largest point-to-point sailboat day race in the country. Saturday - Apr 27, 2013 : DAUPHIN ISLAND RACE
Dauphin Island with my boo tomorrow!! so sad that can't join us.. :( You will be missed darling!!
Dauphin Island West End Beach has opened for visitors |
Engineering and Robotics students visit Dauphin Island Sea Lab to build and test Remotely Operated Vehicles. BP...
Thank you so much for the photo of you on the ferry from Dauphin Island! truly a keeper! ...sending all my love, mom
Dauphin Island Radar System when funded in 60s and 70s.
Leavin for dauphin island in the morning!!!
Possibly interning in the Dauphin Island Sea lab this summer...
Murfressboro, the ville, back to title town, and then onto Dauphin Island all within 2 and a half weeks 😬
If I biked from Robertsdale to Dauphin Island it would only take 5hrs...including taking the Ferry.😳
Mobile Yacht Club organizers taking Dauphin Island Race back to ...
Anyways about to go to dauphin island
Finally Headed to Dauphin Island for and Andy's wedding!! 💍👰💏💃
So sad I'm not with my dauphin island crew anymore 😭
2013 Kyser Miree Memorial Fishing Tournament is June 15th at Dauphin Island. For tickets:
Just arrived at Dauphin Island Sea Lab. What an amazing place to bring your students.
My godmama sister so rich ... I use to love going to her house on dauphin island
Power lines down on Dauphin Island Parkway and River Road, 17 miles SSW of Mobile. Winds measured at 52 MPH.
"My brother left for Dauphin Island this morning !! :(" jayson left to. I was to hype that lil *** gone!
My brother left for Dauphin Island this morning !! :(
Reports of a Magnificent Frigatebird siting off Dauphin Island this morning!
Come and be a part of our Life Together at Dauphin Island Baptist Church today! Sun Sch @ 9:45 AM / Worship @ 11 AM. Eve Worship @ 6 PM!
I can't in trouble for on dauphin island because my uncle is the mayor
Dauphin island tomorrow with me and marcus? 😏
So who's down for Dauphin Island cast netting soon
I WILL take the cast net to Dauphin Island next weekend.
And for the record, there is no "camping" in Dauphin Island, Alabama. RV weirdos? Yes. Camping? No.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Fished all day in Dauphin Island, got me a good looking one too :)
that was last night tonight I'm at the deep end on dauphin island 830-1230
Everybody come to dauphin island... Rn...!
Renting and riding bikes in Dauphin Island is so fun
This new exhibit at Dauphin Island Sea Lab Estuarium will get you up close and personal with sea life
K , if anyone goes to Dauphin Island today ... Stop by my house *** !
Riding the boat from Dauphin Island to LuLu's for lunch! Wishing was wiff me!
Dauphin Island for the day? Don't mind if I do. So pumped to have some chill time with and friends!
"On the way to dolphin island with my boy dauphin** ***
Hearing Pontoon on the radio the night before heading to Dauphin Island proves its going to be legit on the island.
If you're not at Dauphin Island right now this is what you're missing.
Pit stop in the red hillson the way to dauphin island for a biology trip
Will be hitting Dauphin Island, AL tomorrow. Will enjoy running the coast & taking a dip in the gulf.
Driving to Dauphin Island, sharing real-time road info with wazers in my area. ETA 5:12 PM using - Drive Social.
Dauphin Island Sea Lab Foundation to hold an event May 2 |
bc I didn't want to drive all the way to Dauphin Island (@ Zaxby's)
Off to dauphin island! My white self needs to get some sun...
I've never done dauphin island before. About how far is that of a run?
yeah I'm sure it is. Sometimes I run on Dauphin Island and go past the bird sanctuary down to the fort and that's pretty nice
Was going to Oxford for the Grove Bowl but w/Hannah away in Tampa, I guess it's Dauphin Island tomorrow & The Rebel Yell. Oh yea.
like topography & want a new mayor. not an endorsement MT Happy 200th to neighbors on Dauphin Island!
“Happy 200th to our neighbors on Dauphin Island!
Happy 200th to our neighbors on Dauphin Island!
Buy your combo ticket to Kyser Miree and Mystic Striper Fishing Tournaments on June 15 at Dauphin Island and...
Three Mile Island to hold safety drill
there's no beach on the way to mobile anyway.. They were in dauphin island lol
reppin tssf in Dauphin Island what what
Katrina Cut on Dauphin Island closed with giant heap of rock |
Dauphin Island's bicentennial celebration canceled due to threat of inclement weather
If ur a female an u wear a shirt that says "Waffle House" princess. Do me a favor an jump off the Dauphin Island Bridge.
Update your maps at Navteq
Great way for Abigail and I to end our day! Fun at the zoo, Dauphin Island beach, and dinner with
Dining in on Dauphin Island? Try one of these smoke-free restaurants and skip the 7,000 chemicals found in...
Dauphin Island Celebrating 200 Years - First seaport' on the Gulf!!...
Dauphin Island has a HUGE bull shark population.
Court , I really wanna go to Dauphin Island with you again 😩
Dauphin Island ready to celebrate 200 years as 'first seaport' on Gulf: When it had only 15 stars and stripes,...
MT Dauphin Island ready for bicentennial on April 11, 1 p.m. "First seaport on Gulf."
yeah, I'd have to agree that you do deserve it ! I was at dauphin island the other day and drove by your old beach house! Lol :p
First time in Dauphin Island in years.
Its dauphin island, not dolphin. Lol. So many people make that mistake.
Thanks to the Dauphin Island COC for asking me to cook at the The 4th Annual Dauphin Island Gumbo Festival.
People dont belive in leaches on the beach in dauphin island
This is a pretty long drive back from dauphin island
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