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Das Racist

Das Racist is an alternative hip hop group based in Brooklyn, New York City, composed of MCs Himanshu Suri (aka Heems) and Victor Vazquez (aka Kool A.D.) and hype man Ashok Kondabolu (aka Dapwell).

Taco Bell Killer Mike Danny Brown Beastie Boys Maxine Hong Kingston Pizza Hut Burger King Sit Down Long Island Wild Water Kingdom Andy Kaufman Arundhati Roy Death Grips

I'll never forget I made my ex a Juicy J cd and her racist *** das threw the cd away
Hillary should release her emails. It's sad this is the only attack libs have besides "das racist"
Also, at least for me personally at that time period, Das Racist + Heems and Kool A.D's solo mixtapes had a major effect
Jus cuz we by South America huh. Das racist
Just loved Das Racist - Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell (Valerna Remix) on
Das Racist and Run the Jewels are that spiritual loud for me
Then thinks this one is worthy of consideration: . The words of a bigot: Another racist
In related news, I listen to Das Racist - All Tan Everything on loop every time I submit anything
Ich mag das Victims of islamic rape gangs in danger of becoming racist 1080p 1
Watch Hillary Clinton make racial jokes about Ghandi and think to yourself why she calls trump racist.
Ever notice how it's ok to make blacks "TOTALLY VIOLENT AND BADASS" in films but "das racist" anywhere else?
any chance the Das Racist albums ever make it to Spotify??
once I make a documentary about Das Racist that destroys Sundance you can put it behind you
It's been a while and I'm still here. Is this "ex-das racist" nonsense really necessary?
First, Das Racist is the best group act of the 21st century so far and Danny Brown is the best solo artist.
Drunk schoolgirls attack shopworkers with screwdriver in horrific racist assault
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Swet Shop Boys got me listening to Das Racist today, how is Combination Pizza Hutt & Taco Bell *still* so funny?
I would say I'd do the same to Das sheriff too but y'all would call me racist.
why did you take away my beloved Das racist.
I went to the Das Racist DJ set in 2012 and people thought I was in the group
Just a reminder who's a real racist.
Also love Heems' new act with Riz Ahmed. Good year for ex-Das Racist members, bad year for desi in general. What wi…
yooo!!! Das Racist predicted the future of the music industry bout 6 years ago with "Fake Patois"
♪ Das Racist - free jazzmataz (produced by vijay iyer and das racist) [hidden track] ♪
also Das Racist is fantastic and I am glad you didn't see my framed King Kong Bundy pic
phorque is now listening to 16. roc marciano joint (ft. roc marciano) [prod. mike finito] by Das Racist
TONIGHT @ 9 PM, 99.5 FM: Best of with Maxine Hong Kingston, Arundhati Roy, Das Racist, Vijay Prashad and more!
luv it mayne (ft. fat tony & bo p) [prod. tom cruz] by Das Racist from the album: Sit Down, Man
It would be an extremely dark day if DAS FUERER TRUMP would be elected. Racist, bigot, race baiter, xenophobe.
When I first listened to Das Racist I enjoyed a very narrow form of hiphop. I've grown since then (not lots, I'm more vari…
none of my friends appreciate das racist like I do and it makes me sad
I don't taste like chocolate, Das racist
I can't take Death Grips seriously because they sound so much like Das Racist.
A new favorite: PEEP THE HEAT Jackson *** ft. Das Racist (Produced by Harry Fraud) by
I'm in Das Gift with me ma. She's telling me about her mate's racist dog.
Also: Chic is more rock n' roll than Chicago, yet white people never invoke the not-rock card to protest Chicago getting i…
cause as it stands today we know some snaggletoothed racist in Utah is likely gonna win the powerball, and "das sed" (in hazel London voice)
is a hate filled racist and an enemy of the Western Cape and all who wish to live here in peace and...
DAs "pay-off line" of "One Nation. One Future" will never come true while they promote RACIST race-based employment policies.
My plan tomorrow is to listen to Tool for the entire flight from Orlando to Denver, and listen to Das Racist from Denver to Portland.
well das nt vry nice.❤️is blind to outward apearnces 2 my that's racist.The Prophet (S) would be dispointd
Now that LCD Soundsystem is back, when can we expect the Das Racist reunion tour?
did the Mexican from Das racist shave off his beard
Was with a white girl rhe other day and the only rappers she knew were Danny Brown DAS racist and
I thank god everyday for putting Das Racist on this earth, even for a short amount of time
And how many have become jobless as a result of the DAs support of racist race based employment policies? DA to join
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Yes racist against a religion you truly are as bright as a shadow.
Right, I don't care about women's rights. I'm just a brown man who's "racist" against other brown men who get rapey. https:…
I think I finally found another rapper I like. I tried Das Racist, but.. that ain't classy.
Got a new doll head last night. Her skin is brown & her name is 'Ebony'. 🙄 Being that my white doll head's name is not Ivory - das racist
I am white, I am not a racist, stop blaming me for something I didn't do. ✌🏽️
I shouldn't be surprised, but Justin Bieber wouldn't even exist without Usher and he's racist. Das sad.
You are the disaster! Ruining the GOP, racist, xenophobe, deceiver, liar, carnival barker, DAS FUERER TRUMP. Dump Trump
if you had that mindset in the US ppl would screams das racist. yes jp is mainly one race but it's also 2016
The "Sit Down, Man" album by Das Racist was like on repeat 24/7 when i was 17
Rapping 2 U - Das Racist taking me back to my random adventures with and Beans
I liked a video Hari Kondabolu meets with Das Racist
wow... Das racist just because im black
Guy next to me: so you don't like any sports?. Me: no. Guy: nothing at all?. Me: no . Guy: what about Mexican sports?. DAS RACIST
Gimmie food and housing and schooling... You want me to work? Das Racist
Special moment to see Das Racist Heem, Foreign Beggars Pav, SAS all perform with Talib Kweli at Jazz Cafe tonight!
Perusing my music library, I'm reminded of Das Racist. Wasn't there an article outing them as nasty misogynists or something?
Danny is unreal. I found him through early Das Racist and he's been my fav at various times now
"One of the guys from Das Racist has a parenting advice column on Vice" is the most millennial sentence I've ever read
Can Das Racist get back together please
"Refugees are welcome as silent objects in need of German competence and care." Lest das!
And now, because I like jarring transitions, I'm gonna wash that Adele down with some Das Racist.
Q&A: talks his label split and three — yes, three — upcoming albums
Forgot there were a handful of good tracks on the otherwise hot mess that is Das Racist's Relax.
Please think twice about playing your gorgeous music in a racist apartheid state
El-P's verses are fun to analyze. For example his verse on Das Racist's Shut Up, Man. Brazy.
Even after such an exhausting day, I can't not feel better listening to das racist
Outside Heems and Das Racist I never made a penny off Greedhead (check how many artists I released at it is a lot...
Das Racist needs to get back together!
Honored mentioned Das Racist in his latest work. Thanks big homie.
Pizza Rat, to extend his 15 minutes, should release a mixtape (featuring a follow-up to Das Racist's Combination Pizza H…
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"We Das Racist, we play joke, we get money, we go broke."
hey tony it's Heems/Das Racist, wanted to catch up and home cook Indian for you in Long Island before I leave for india soon!!
It's so I gotta pay respects to Das Racist
when can I show my Indian airline death Joseph Cornell boxes at DA HOLE - Heems/Das Racist (aicon gallery, whitney)
Wasn't easy coming back after something people liked as much as Das Racist but I truly believed in Eat Pray Thug despite issues w label.
Haven't listened to Das Racist in ages, they're class
Did maybe even worse. That ain't chilling in places the supposed to me "banned" in. They racist das all.
And on Friday night come out to The New Parish for a special Main Attrakionz show with Kool A.D of Das Racist! Starts also at 9pm Oakland,CA
"everything is sexist, everything is racist". -Anita sarkeesian . "Segragation is a good thing" . -Anita sarkeesian
This lady at work just said "I'm from south central, I eat plenty of watermelon.". Das racist
Play this as loud as possible Das Racist - You Oughta Know
So yeah, again, I'm comfortable saying that white people as a whole back then were crazy, silly, racist and awful.
how do these people literally make "das racist xD" jokes and not get called out by their SJ(?) friends? Revolting.
I don't separate my lights from my darks because it's 2015 and das racist
then you Jeff to listen to the song by Das Racist about the combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell
SHOW OF THE WEEK: Heems (of Das Racist) comes to Larimer Lounge this Friday 7/17 with Zelooperz, Ba$ement Muzik,...
Dev Hynes is awesome and this song makes me not mind the dissolution of Das Racist so much :
Das Racist lyrics are simple in a genius kinda way
I hope that one day I'll find someone who also listens to Das Racist
Rainbow In The Dark, my favorite Das Racist song by far
Tbt to when I saw das racist in Ithaca and you guys refused to play combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell. Proud
lot of high-horse people still think fondly of the socially conscious das racist guys but I still remember this story
Yo das an imposter trynna act as a sista, she a dumb white neo nazi racist nut
everything by Kool A.D. solo or guest that I've heard is loads better than everything by Das Racist that I've heard
Das racist...and that movie is sexist apparently
yes! u never hit me up anymore Das racist
Blasting Indian music isn't going to help with the neighbors calling out racist slurs at me
just because he's Asian and reading a book? Wow chunks das racist
First listen: 'Eat Pray Thug' by Heems. My second-favourite member of Das Racist is back with his first proper solo albu…
Himanshu's first verse on the Das Racist track "Relax" gets me every time. Absolute fire.
Litton Das.The name just doesn't sound right! Would making fun of it count as racist??
Playing w the Very Best. Back in Das Racist we remixed their Julia to make a song about women used in the Latin American drug trade.
Das racist. She's kind of scowling in this shot. I will suspend judgement until I see a different angle.
I'm kinda obsessed with Das Racist and Heems
I wish I had a pet dragon that would help me do karaoke versions of das racist songs
Heems – *** Girl [video]: New video by Heems (of Das Racist) *** Girl,” off his Eat Pray Thug album. iTunes: Eat…
Omg yes WeWork radio is playing that Anamanaguchi x Das Racist song I love . 😎🎵
Glad is calling out the racism of incarceration in Massachusetts and the racist savior language the DAs used in favor of MMs
Obscure Ohio law 2 be used for citizens to seek cop charges bypassing racist/cop sensi DAs...
Can Das Racist please get back together.
"DAS RACIST blacker the berry bars is sumn you gotta deal with
What I'd do for another Das Racist mixtape.
literally 3 *** and in the after credits one of them tries to stab the chick but she stabs him back cause shes OP. das racist
Show me where Dallas has EVER been known as racist. They've had black mayors, DAs and police chiefs. You're the tone-deaf one.
Tho all the awful racist jokes in pitch perfect 2 made it a bad movie, I gotta say I really liked the songs that das sound machine covered
So sad that these guys broke up as a band. Das Racist - 'Fake Patois' via
Racist, rushed, and overall offensive: the highest note Pitch Perfect 2 hit was Das Sound Machine, and even that was a stereotype.
When you go to the movies and there is a sexist or racist joke.
UM Kool A.D from Das Racist is sitting right next to me lmao
Nahh man das not me, act like a racist das not me
When people say Das Racist is meta-rap, they might as well call Andy Kaufman anti-humour.
it's 2015 and I'm still mourning the break up of Das Racist
I think my all-time most played song on iTunes is Rainbow In The Dark by Das Racist. It had close to 100 plays on my old laptop alone.
Das Racist were like lowkey the Beastie Boys. Humor and aesthetic wise.
das racist. There's nothing wrong with having black toes Phil.
Really excited to see that movie "Bjork Splice" featuring that guy from Das Racist.
I must address that I like your dresses Girl. Das Racist •
DAs often use the Constitution to shield racist killer cops, a document written by racist aristocrats.
Hey TL: wants to know: rap recommendations for someone who likes Killer Mike and Das Racist? (
Huh...I'm not super familiar with either of them...but I bet you'd like Open Mike Eagle if you're into Das Racist.
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I love anything Killer Mike or Das Racist related. I just need more. I'll figure it out. Haven't listened to Nicki, either. My bad.
If you think das racist was purely "joke rap" then u prob white
Rainbow in the Dark by Das Racist is my song of the month, friends.
They really did peak for me in 2011 when we got Deerhunter, Das Racist and TVOTR.
Lol when Chanelle say crazy stuff you gotta compare her to racist white people. Das how you win papi
Y'all can have all the index funds you want I have an old Das Racist screenprint in mint condition SEE WHO GETS THE BETTER ROI
Dear Internetz: Where is the "combination Burger King and Tim Hortons" remix of Das Racist? It's been, like, hours.
"With the Thandie Newton type tan chick. Your man sick, I'm known to eat a sandwich" Miss you, Das Racist.
Trombone Shorty, Red Baraat, Das Racist, Beats Antique, Galactic. Even Paul Simon, Brian Eno, etc. if you think about it.
You should probably listen to the first two Das Racist tapes if you haven't done that in a while.
when i showed my mom the shirts i got first thing she said "tu con tu's pinche *** s" DAS RACIST
so have you started on Das Racist yet?
Audio: eljengibre: Originally meant to be on the Das Racist album, we decided to drop it as a free download...
Anyone seen the Brooklyn hip-hop group Das Racist's profile pic?
I'm still upset that Das Racist broke up without making a great album. Two classic tapes tho.
JANE LISTEN TO THAT SONG. It was my introduction to Danny Brown and Das Racist AND El-P.
no one was happy about Das Racist breaking up, until they put out not one, but two amazing records separately.
I like a few of each but cant listen to all of their individual stuff like i do with das racist
I'm not gonna not check you out jus cuz you have a kid.. das racist.
It is important to remember that Das Racist once sang about Arizona iced tea in a fake patois
I've got a das racist cut and a bloody beetroots cut I wanna play next week, can you edit them if you've got time?
"Buy spices in the mexican food aisle. They're cheaper, and taste exactly the same."im almost certian das racist...lmao...
Spotted a combination Burger King/7-Eleven on this stretch of road. Top that, Das Racist.
Time to find out more about Das Racist.
oh das racist. But its okay. Im racist too
here's a starter for Das Racist and Heems
You Should Subscribe Here Now: Kool A.D. (formerly of Das Racist) and Kassa Overall have teamed up to release the mixtape KOOL & KASS: P...
Sounds pretty white. . "Trying to find who the Air Marshall is on the plane". Das Racist tho
lmfao. The account it made me follow are all "Latinos be like". . Das racist.
Streets of Your Town: This week's concerts, with Metallica, Das Racist, Ani ... -
Girl by Das Racist is literally such a good song holy unf.
u callin ma designer clothes knockoff??? is it cuz im half-chinese??? DAS RACIST
das racist Jess.. Smh.. . Just kidding kiddo, still love ya 😉
Why is it a surprise to people when they find out that I grew up with the Hindu religion... cuz I'm white?? das racist
"we’re not making music that’s instantly appealing. We dabble with non sequiturs, dadaism, repetition, repetition. We make dance music while talking about not-dancey things." -heems (das racist)
It's true, man. Das Racist, the world's preeminent post-meta rap group, has called it quits.
Probably time for a new Das Racist album ya think?
Re watching This and realized it shows Kaskade talking about how there's no bad vibes or how anyone gives each other the stinkeye or like each other down, then it shows three black dudes saying they don't see any black ppl at all they see Asians white folk and Hispanics and how black ppl are missing out XD I guess they're trying to say its all good vibes cause of lack black ppl das racist.I over analyze everything ;~; lol
The amount of material Victor Vazquez has made in the year since Das Racist called it quits tops the total output of his previous gig. But despite being a collection of outtakes from his upcoming proper album, Not O.K. features the kind of roster (Toro Y Moi, Del Tha Funkee Homosapien, Ladybug Mecca...
The Asian American Writers' Workshop is looking to hire a Program Director to curate, publicize and manage literary events that are eclectic, progressive, and (to use the jargon of postcolonial theory) awesome. We're looking for someone who 1) has a creative, curatorial take on Asian American literature to maintain the Workshop's standing as a cool alternative scene; and 2) is grounded, results-oriented, organized, professional, logistical, efficient, and other job application words that we actually really do mean. You should apply if you are: someone we'd love to talk to about books; charming and networked with writerly-types; anal retentive but capable of throwing great parties; and eerily on top of your email. Some stuff we've done: asked Ha Jin what language he dreams in; flown 50 writers and artists for a weeklong delegation at the Arizona-Mexican border; started three online cultural magazines; had Eddie Huang make a custom cocktail for Maxine Hong Kingston; got Das Racist to judge a slideshow of ra ...
Prod By Harry Fraud Off of Heems's (Himanshu of Das Racist) new mixtape Wild Water Kingdom. Heems: "My band Das Racist made some music, you can listen to it ...
James Joyce, Arundhati Roy, Michael Ondaatje: all authors we read in IB English, all mentioned in a Das Racist or Kool AD track
Need new music? Heems of Das Racist fame, has two mixtapes available get em. Love em. Rock them.
Mama I'm a man by Hot Sugar has the biggest Das Racist feel to it.
This week at the hall! TONIGHT The best open mic on Long Island. Full backline. All genres welcome. Get out of the practice studio and come show us what you got! 21+ THURSDAY Kool A.D. of Das Racist. $10 at he door. 16+ Free KINGS OF KARAOKE immediately following the show. 21+ FRIDAY Major League. $12 at the door. 16+. NASTY AMH Dance party continues! Ladies free till 11! $1 well drinks for ladies till 11! 21+ SATURDAY Cruel Summer continues to warm your winter up with the coolest 80's/90's party on Long Island!
Yoko Ono makes the world a better place with the help of some of her artist friends, including the Beastie Boys, Questlove, Cibo Matto, Ira Glass, Reggie Watts in a silver cape, Roberta Flack, Heems from Das Racist, and Mx Justin Vivian Bond.
On more positive note: I just got hold of Himanshu (of Das Racist) Nehru Jackets mix tape, 26 genre bending tracks.
As I reflect on this weekend while listening to my recording of Consider The Source, I gotta say The BIG What? = Southern Hospitality + Hard working bands being brothas from otha mothas. You could tell a lot of these bands had a very similar thing going about them from different parts of the Beast Coast. I learned about awesome acts such as The Heritage (if you like Lettuce check em out), Passalacqua (if you like Das Racist check em out), Imperial Blend (if you like Lotus, tDB, or tND check em out), Barefoot Wade, and Les Raquet. The Mantras, Consider the Source, and Zach Deputy were mind blowing, and its always a splendid time getting down with Jimkata, Dopapod, The Heavy Pets, Jeff Bujak, & Pigeons Pigeons Playing Ping Pong. Thanks Laura for being my 1 Philly partner in crime this weekend. We made friends with some cool people from NC, Virginia, and D.C. And finally - MAD PROPS TO BIG Something FOR HOSTING SUCH AN AWESOME WEEKEND and having all those people in the palm of your hands from your opening se ...
Russ Meyer's Beyond the Valley of the Dolls vs Das Racist's Sit Down Man
Anyone who knows about Das Racist is dope!
I might be musically bipolar just went from al green to das racist.
on some real tho... das racist was the new Kool G Rap
this is soo racist! Its cus im asian isnt it!? Well it aint ao pretty when asians cry isnt it? Das me.
*** swear Cus I'm Hawaiian I know how to hola dance and drink Hawaiianpunch and eat pineapples all day” das racist lol
DAS RACIST “Why Chinese couples are divorcing before buying a home | (via
Sitting in silence in the Mc Donald's parking lot head-bobbin to Das Racist w ay
Jst rememberd I need to cop tht Pyramid Das Racist T frm their old merch site... hope its still in-stock
my friend dates one of the guys from Das Racist, he played a solo set in silver spring a few weeks ago
I wish das racist never broke up :'(
Das Racist was so hilarious . I miss their music .
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The first time I heard the name Jeff Mangum was in a Das Racist song.
Das Racist fool for making a song called "booty in the air"
El-P, Killer Mike, Despot & Kool AD from Das Racist 7/18 @ Gabes! The shows 4 this summer keep getting better & better!!
Das Racist, the number 1 slept on you couldn't see me like quarks and leptons
R.I.P Das racist.mosr Creative groups in the game
When playing chess, put people off the racist scent by always choosing the black pieces
Like the only thing that could be better is is Das Racist got back together and played near me or maybe if followed me
If u don't know who Das Racist are, u got a big problem
I told her das racist, She like me cause I'm tasteless. idk but stuck in my head right now
Das racist like a black quarterback, lemme get a little bit of that for my cataracts.
Hey El-P, Killer Mike, Kool AD (Das Racist) and Despot coming to Cat's Cradle dudes. If you're a rap fan you should go. Despot!
"White Lady Listening to Das Racist While Shopping at Whole Foods": a lost song and also description of my afternoon.
you best follow me and you followed our mate molly so why cant u follow us DAS BEING RACIST
Das racist! “technically I was just driving the truck and passing around tequila”
are these future new Das Racist lyrics?
I'm not racist...racism is a crime and crime is for black people
Not many realize that New Earth Creeps drummer Victor moved to NY like 5 years ago and formed Das Racist. Of...
I added a video to a playlist Das Racist - Relax Album Review | DEHH
Dorky -__- "dorkyuri: Yuri is Jasmine, das racist
If it wasn't for MF DOOM, Wu, Gambino, and Das Racist, I wouldn't have ever started rapping.
DAS RACIST were really good rappera. You have to smart to like them though.
Das Racist has some serious flow on some of their songs. 👌🎧
Some dude at the party last night called Das Racist "N*gger Noise" and made me stop playing it. He then proceeded to play Darius Rucker (??)
Shout out to melanie for introducing me to das racist
I still get a little emotional when I remember that Das Racist broke up :-!
All black crew try to rob the TARDIS on the last episode of Doctor Who. Das racist BBC.
Downloading some Das Racist. I love discovering new music!
Das Racist“In 1970 Sesame Street was banned in Mississippi because of its racially integrated cast!
I think it just hit me how much I'm gonna miss Das Racist
"lol, das racist! what are you doin thursday?" I should be with Miles but after that nothing probably go to the rec? :)
I thought we decided on a Das Racist song!
Diplo did produce that Das Racist beat tho
Just played Das Racist for now she can't stop singing "combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell"
If Das Racist was still around I bet they'd have all kinds of great ideas for words to rhyme with "Guacamelee".
I purchased stock in Das Racist Ducktails back in the day. Totally bottomed out when they broke up.
Man you gotta put that Das Racist track back into the rotation
You Oughta Know by Das Racist - i forgot how great this mixtape was oh my word
no te olvides de Das racist - You oughta know nanananana you oughta now by now you should argue with a crazy dadadadada
Opening Valentine decorations. Jamming to Das Racist (at Corporate Office w/ 3 others)
I just used Shazam to tag You Oughta Know by Das Racist.
Chicken and Meat - Das Racist 🎶People eating bacon all across the nation! Ha ha ha🎶
by another species you mean black people? Ogawd, borgore das racist
Wanted to go to a Das Racist show so bad.
Das right but i am not racist I kid I kid I joke I joke.. Ja feel?
Man, nobody listens to Das Racist. Sad day.
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I am not hair racist. I'm just attracted to blondes das all.
Das Racist - Girl was the best music video of 2012
“lakutis is underated he is sick. fav rapper. east coast have sick rappers. no one really looking” his joint w/ Das Racist
remember when I all listened to was Girl by Das Racist
Das Racist will be best remembered for their good ad libbing.
first das racist break up/ now every day brad paisley wake up/ somebody got a problem with LL
"Das really racist"-hip hop group Das Racist's thoughts after hearing Brad and LL's new jam "Accidental Racist"
yes yes we did.. no need to be racist in dis world. das dumb asf.. DID YOU SEE MY HEADER DOE?
Das Accidental Racist mash-up? I'm sorry, I can't sleep and this meme is the most boring thing I can think of.
Sometimes I remember that Das Racist exists--wait, they don't anymore.
Das Racist and Life of Pi go together like peas and carrots 👳
I saw Mackelmore, Das Racist, and Blue Scholars perform a free gig in college once. I luckily knew the "cool Asians"
Had a Das Racist moment in Oak Harbor yesterday.
Lisetnin to Death Grips radio in pandora and I hear Danny Brown featured on a Das Racist song! this is why Danny's the man.
You can't have a black guy on a chicken commercial das racist
When Purrani and I were obsessed with das racist
"Rainbow in the Dark" is probably the best song Das Racist put out as a group. *sings every lyric, verbatim*
O como dice Heems de Das Racist: "Redrum is murder/ Meat is murder/ People are burgers/ Transitive property: People are murder"
lol you have just shown the true face of Jamaat. racist scum.
I forgot all about Das Racist. Never again.
I shouldn't have started listening to Das Racist again. It only leads to more pain and sorrow.
No but Himanshu from Das Racist just put out an amazing mix tape called "Wild Water Kingdom"
Das Racist needs to get back together and make more music
i you tubed some old thin lizzy next thing you know I'm watching das racist videos past my bedtime.
Das Racist broke up in 2012 which means that 2012 was literally the worst year of all time.
You Oughta Know by Das Racist is the catchiest song ever
I Hate the fact that I enjoy Das Racist.
lol its actually a Das Racist reference and the other half is crack lol
All I need is for Das Racist to get back together.
Das Racist the number one slept on. You couldn't see us like quarks and leptons.
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Kool A.D. of Das Racist has been added to the SXSW lineup.
Joy was talking about Rainbow in the Dark by Das Racist today. I just hugged her because if you know that song you're automatically perf.
Can't tell if you're joking or not. How very Das Racist.
Didn't realize you liked Das Racist, basically the Andy Kaufman of rap acts. Saw them in 2011. Photo:
I'm sorry do I know you? And the ones who bullied him were Asian and were Muslims which is my point I'm not racist so simmer
No that's what is. It's from a Das Racist song.
Apparently Das Racist broke up in December. That really blows.
yo do you have the one mix tape i think it's flava pop? TV on the radio, das racist, and video game rap. It's pretty dope
Das Racist lyrics are worthy of comparison to Childish Gambinos man
all I can think of is selena by das racist and that isn't most people
No more Das Racist, now its Kool A.D. vs Heems
Can das racist just get back together to make more good music for me please.
your name makes me sad because it makes me remember that Das Racist is no more :(
This is true, with the exceptions of mc chris, Jerry Lewis, Das Racist, and beans.
No rap group will have the synergy Das Racist used to.
domain names
is it racist for me to join in and make a star of David mark?
holy racist!!! Ooh... Catholics... Yeah, organized religion ca do that.
wellbeck plays like park though, you're only saying kagawa cos he's Asian... DAS RACIST.
I really wished I payed attention when Das Racist performed three years ago during sxsw. RIP.
Now on to our next live event... HEEMS (Das Racist) at The Institute Birmingham:
How am I just finding out about das racist breaking up omds
I'm mad at all my hip hop friends who never put me on Das Racist when they were coming out
Das racist.. — [builds you a bridge and points to it] Get over it
Why am I just finding out that Das Racist broke up?
Contemplating if I wanna see Heems (Das Racist) next month at birthdays m
*** it's been a year since that show at Southpaw.. Bronson, eXquire, Das Racist, El-P
woi manada I never said I don't like black people das racist
“don't you have a tree to get stuck in?” Bro das racist bro it's 2013
das racist actually made a very similar pun (Infinite Chest) and I don't know if they were being as tongue in cheek
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