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Daryl Black

The X Factor is an American television music competition to find new singing talent; the winner of which receives a $5 million recording contract.

Because CNN doesn't have the luxury of blamin' their mistakes on black folks and women.
Trump supporter shames Maxine Waters. . "She said she was gonna bring jobs to the black community! She gave those jobs t…
Well this guy certainly has a few laying around, maybe he'd let you borrow some:
Former Black Cats manager believes forward Daryl Murphy should join this summer:
Should make a move for striker and former Black Cat Daryl Murphy? *** McCarthy thinks they should…
Y'all have gotta stop acting like black people are obligated to be religious. Grow up
Black Lives Matter marching in Toronto Pride Parade now, with occasional pauses
never forget the black confusion when alien ant farm crashed the BET awards red carpet and recorded a music video across t…
Daryl Davis is challenging racism in America.
Sirius Black, Sherlock Holmes, Daryl Dickson, and more and more and more. too much
When young black boys are treated like animals and not entrepreneurs. When they aren't encouraged, but detained, you *** right it…
Him a pass on so much garbage. He lies constantly. Its all a horrible joke. If your black you have to be almost perfect.
So a black guy's house gets robbed and Trump calls for the police to investigate the black guy, not the robber. .
I mean it's not unprecedented and sometimes it works.
Daryl has a book that's sadly out of print, and there's a documentary about him called…
Now that they've uncovered Putin's directive to hack our election, Trump is forced to face reality by blamin' it all on a b…
Learn to use your god *** words. Daryl David, a talented black musician, converted hundreds of KKK members by doing what you might ask?
I'm done. It's in black and white. READ IT.
Plus Daryl keeps taking their robes. A black man's quixotic quest to quell the racism of the KKK, one robe at a tim…
It's humanizing and it works (Also not every conservative is akin to the KKK):
I'd suggest u look up this black man, who is very inspirational to me called Daryl Dav…
Not all white people are racist. Not all black people are criminals. Not all hispanics are illegal. Not all muslims are ter…
91% Ladies and gentlemen. NINETY-ONE PERCENT of prisoners serving LIFE W/O PAROLE for NONVIOLENT offenses are black in Louis…
Ya'll know Louisiana is the largest state for prisoners serving NONVIOLENT life wo parole? Wanna guess what percentage of th…
Tillerson does, he wants his Exxon mega oil deal in the Black Sea to get congressional approval.
".rollin' in to your village, so necessary. . First black guy you've seen since last February!" 🙌🏾. 👉
This is pot the calling the kettle black,looks to me that they don't know how to dra…
This is murder on tape. This is child endangerment. This is a poorly trained coward. This is America for Black people.
Growing up with a black cousin taught me not judge because of skin color. My cousin Daryl taught me so much, I'll always love him for that.
Whatever you say about Luke Cage and Black Lightning but not Iron Man and Batman that tells you something about You
Or opening dialog can help people move toward the center. You can only shame people into s…
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"Daryl Davis is a black blues musician who has traveled the country for the last 30 years befriending members of...
My new hero, Daryl Davis. He is a black man who seeks out conversation with KKK members. He has…
Black women vote at a higher rate than other groups, yet are continually underrepresented in elected office. .
I have a small role in black panther as black panther's friend Daryl
Well no one call out daryl's brother's on his racism, the black characters are submissive or "wild", Rick killed a…
Lord knows though the numbers make your head spin. If not for the fact that i'm black (and have Jesus), it would be tempting... 🤔
Black man convinces 200 people to the leave KKK by befriending them
Lucky Thompson was the father of Daryl Thompson who played with Peter Tosh, Sly & Robbie and Black Uhuru. Daryl cam…
I got band for life on black ops 2 for putting this as my logo crap lol
9.16AM Tuesday morning and already we've had Daryl Braithwaite, Britney Spears, Rebecca Black and Jennifer Love-Hewitt. God help us all.
Stories like exemplify why there's so little trust between black folks & the police. You call for help,…
The power is out and I'm bout to take a showe in the pitch dark while listening to black metal
This is a black man who befriended a KKK Grand Wizard. Watch what he does...
Lol, this one is with a diff black top 😭
'Jump Start Your Financial Future' with a presentation by Daryl Harper at on Sat 29 July
Never really understood what black men gain from making statements like this tbh. Someone might say 'is' should be…
How about? 😂😂😂😂 btw I've noticed your fav colour is black right? Lool
Have you heard of Daryl Davis? He's a black man who befriended several KKK members, causing many to leave the Klan.
Look up Daryl Davis, he was a black man who got KKK members to denounce the KKK by…
Reminds me of Daryl Davis. A black man who got 100s of KKK members to denounce the k…
But hey. What do I know? It's not like the civil approach ever changed any right-wingers' minds right?.
Imagine hating black people so much you'd try to ruin your own daughter's future.
Black man gets KKK members to disavow by befriending them via
Seeing carefree black boys makes me so happy ✨
it's discrimination towards white people by wanting a black man to play a BLACK MAN
At the movies to see Fences..haven't seen this many old black ppl in a minute. lol
Teen raises over $13,000 for college after parents cut her off for dating a black man
A black man says he accidentally persuaded 200 white to abandon the simply by befriending them
Into exsistence now from Daryl Luis Leticia April Liz Joel Maria Janelle anyone else all dark black~…
Interview: Black man convinces 200+ members to leave the KKK by befriending them
Jazz musician Daryl Davis combats the KKK by actually talking with its members. He's a braver man than I am:
Daryl Davis, a black man, spends his spare time seeking out KKK members and befriending them. So far over 200 have left the klan.
Genuinely want to punch everyone that thinks daryl wont be happy again until he sees carol. Did you completely black out during 7x08??
We wizards now. It been on. 1 man have a lot of power. all man are same. its all energy
(30+) BLACK AFFAIR at WKND. Hosted by . Music by DARYL JAYE x CWIZ x CLO. SIX…
Black man Daryl Davis convinces 200 Ku Klux Klansmen to leave white supremacist group by befriending them
Any black-skincare expert (or if you have fair knowledge in this field), dm me for a second please. Got a quick enquiry. 🤔
Trump team at the Sessions hearing just passed out a dossier citing an article about "how black Democrats stole votes" http…
just cause you black don't mean you can hold up your statements. Your PERSONAL experiences hold that up...
I love my people too but it's the truth I can uphold my statement as well I'm 100% black
I'd put Orange Is The Black as Netflix's best as well. And Bojack Horseman would feature somewhere on my list.
92% of white cops, but just 29% of black cops, say the U.S. has done all it needs to give black people equal rights. https:…
Only if the government had gone after the Clan like the did the Black Panther Party
Black mommas literally don't let you miss class for nothing 😂
Daryl Hall (of Hall & Oates in case you forgot ... you know, the black guy in a white body... yeah, him) is...
Kodak Black says he wanna fight Lil Wayne for everything he got 😳😳😳😳
Black Bluesman Daryl Davis to white supremacists: Renounce racism! Many heed the call.
If she thinks Kodak Black is better than Lil Wayne then she's probably too young for you bro
Who are these black voters who Sessions claim begged him to prosecute three black voting rights activists in Ala.?
Meet Daryl Davis, the black man who converted 200 KKK members simply by befriending them...
Black man befriends KKK leader in Maryland, and the man quits the organisation along with his top aides.What a story.
"They started to see me as a human being…". How musician Daryl Davis changed the hearts of over 200 KKK members.
Eddie had a replica built of the black and yellow (first album) for Dimebag Daryl's wake. Dime was buried with it. 🤘🎸💔
& follow for the chance to win a Daryl Dixon Dorbz!
I'm turning off your notifications as I'm scared for tonight 😖 please let Daryl be ok. 🙏🏼 or Is my heart gonna turn black 😞
Can't believe Daryl is making an appearance on Orange is the New Black tonight
With my current Netflix I caught up with Black Mirror & Luke Cage. Also tried Easy and watched a couple of films. (And started The Expanse).
If black people played in scary movies👻😂
It's only 5:30 and there's a black out in our house ***
these cops are really going around hunting black people like they're some wild animals or some deers and posing I'm sic…
Nobody never said this. The WHOLE WORLD knows a drop of Black blood turns everything into Gold
I'd like to see more crossover between white and black music. That's some...
An excellent and short video explaining search and rescue and management. ILC's Daryl Black is speaking as a...
Officials in some counties North Carolina have done everything in their power to keep black people from voting. This should…
In the early '70s, I started to feel like Philadelphia soul was the black...
ILC President Daryl Black volunteering his time to present information on large scale incident management,...
To win a bottle of Go to Black and £50 credit, and Ends 31/10. Good luck!
Black people late to everything we got this.
Over $170,000 raised to help repair the Mississippi church that was set on fire, vandalized with words "Vote Trump".
NYPD's unconstitutional stop-&-frisk isn't gone. Watch NYPD stop-&-frisk a black teen for no reason. 2016.
This is how students at a historically black university reacted to a former KKK grand wizard speaking at their university. http…
Took me years to realize what disc. looks like. Used to say Daryl was "whitest black man", never thought might be offensive.
It’s still happening: NYPD plainclothes cop stops and frisks black teen for standing on sidewalk http…
Obama was a great president sweet heart & yes was also black ! 😊🙌🏽💯
Y'all only on Obama *** cause he is the first black president .. Bill Clinton was light skin so really Obama was the second black 😂😂 jp
Soz to the guy I almost ran over last night, but in my defence you were wearing black and camouflaged with the road so your fault
Obama isn't the greatest president ...only saying that cause he is black .. Speak facts and be true to yourself
They gone have to flood us out again, black ppl can't swim good
I agree 100% voting should never be taken for granted by black people in America far too many sacrifices have been…
Black babies and white babies don't come out hating each other till they learn the history ..
What if we all was reborn .. And there was no difference between the two, just white and black.. We'll look at each other equal .
Black people didn't make Hillary Clinton earn their vote. Black people just fell in line cause she was a democrat lls
I've just watched S03E03 of Black Mirror with daryl and daenerys in litchfield
Why not have their natural black hair instead of fake non-ethnic hair lol
Shipping Carol with so many beautiful black men i cant cope but my heart is faithful to Daryl
The videographer for the 10 Years in the Black tour is dressed as Daryl tonight and looking fine AF
Cop forces disabled Black man to get off the cable car (SFMTA) because the driver is afraid of his service dog. ***
I love how they throw in a line of GD's BLACK lyric in Playing with Fire
When I was growing up, I cheered Black Baseball Players like Doc Gooden and Daryl Strawberry. Sadly today, there are very few Black players.
Black Beatles make you want to get fried
Pulled over for no other reason than being black. smh.
When black people change their mind in Walmart
haul !!. - six black and white guy drawings. - three comics. - one breathtaking michonne poster. - a POP! d…
Daryl episode next excited and scared
Walking dead spoiler for season 7 episode 2: ( stop watching this trash ). - Daryl doesn't die. - some black dudes ne…
The cast of The Walking Dead:. Daryl. Not Daryl . Not Daryl . Black not Daryl . Chinese not Daryl . Dead people that are not Daryl
Long travel day, Ready to make some noise with the Daryl Black Band
be set free from Santeria, devil worship; black magic, spells, and potions. d such a like. Be set free.
Looking for a black, one-piece, spandex suit. Suggestions?? I'm continuing my super hero theme for Halloween, this year. ;)
Did someone say they wanted filthy, sweaty, full-of-feels Here it is: "Daryl Saves"
He will die because he's a black male and Gimple is too cowardly to let Negan kill Daryl so...
black ppl have been preparing for Oct 5th for decades. The bags inside of bags inside of bags in your mums cupboard have finally…
On my way Chocolate City wit the Daryl Black Band to do what we do!! — traveling to...
Strand is going to be the new black Daryl in a a white suit.
Jay: .[Hs was about to speak but was cut off by Daryl going into his quills] !. Black: [He jumped onto Andy xD] Wee~!
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Black, grey and white elephant watches are back in stock! 🐘🐘.
Gimple formula. Kill black man. Kill blonde girl. Kill random character just introduced in the first ep. Have Daryl survive always. Kill all POC
Join us today at 11am as the guest speakers on Black Free Thinkers Radio.
SWAT teams were created by Daryl Gates after the Black Panthers started carrying guns in public spaces and making shows of it.
Ahh mad, I used to have one 🙌🙌 well the black and beige German Shepherd and oh nice, like that breed huh?
Even before knowing that, I'd pick Daryl
I mean love Charlie,but Jax I would go w/Daryl
Daryl and Clair Brooks share their toys
High quality New Black Cotton daryl dixon for the…
Conversation with Daryl Bates & Dr. Keisha Pitt: The Ne... on Black FreeThinkers will air 10/04.
Well done on a gr8 tournament 2 Black Caps too. they have done their nation proud 2 get that far. lots of positives to take away
Daryl, you melt my black heart and change it into the red one. . Let me protect you from everyone who tries to approach.
daryl and a black horse im screamING
"Jackson Browne? More like Jackson 'Soft Purple and know, 'cause of Daryl Hannah?!"-a joke I probably wrote in 1986
Mate, I will be genuinely delighted if the Black Caps win. Seriously. Good luck. Cheers, Daryl
*I looked you in the eyes and my stomach tightened as I saw the black dead look clouded behind them* "C'mere." *I said-
and I'm also thinking Daryl & Aaron find Morgan and bring him back to the ASZ and he reunites with Rick (fade to black...)
Daryl Black is leaving his brainchild, the long-awaited Chattanooga History, unfinished. But new money is rolling in.
Newcastle United defender Daryl Janmaat stands head and shoulders above many in black and white...
Early count in shows incumbent Daryl Maguire with 49% of vote. Independent Paul Funnell just over 30%.
I added a video to a playlist Daryl Dixon tribute - Black Betty
If anyone in the RU area seen a phoneless big black man bout 6'2" and goes by the name of Daryl or DSteve, please alert me.
Coming in August!!!. Pre-Order yours today from the Black Cat Shoppe!!!. The Walking Dead Daryl Dixon Wings...
Firemen raise black bunting across the front of Staton 14 in honor of Daryl Gordon.
Norman Reedus (Daryl) will be our guest this week. Post questions for him here and we may ask them live on
Firefighters hang a black banner at Cincy Fire HQ, which was Daryl Gordon's firehouse
Firefighters hang a black banner at Cincinnati Fire HQ, which was firefighter Daryl Gordon's firehouse
Raising a black flag of mourning to remember Daryl Gordon.
Force India reveal a new silver, black and orange livery for 2015
Malcom black from scares the *** out of me. You never know what this man is capable of.
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
I liked a video from COD Black Ops 2 :: Triple Vsat TDM on Hijacked! Daryl Dixon ***
You gotta admit, having a black president deliver the the day after is pretty funny.
Wayne a monster Daryl just a Lil *** *** that overabuses the concept of posthumous and disregards homage
but instead of seeing the movie several black men volunteered to sell loose cigarettes in NYC.
Michael: are you even black? . Daryl: yes! . Michael: prove it. . Daryl: what you want me to do? Whip out my *** ! 😂😂😂😂
Midnight tiger. Black as night with emerald eyes. Little guy right now but he's got some paws on him.
I'm going to drink IBC and listen to Black Flag.
This is why black girls losing in 2015. See this? REAL HAIR not from a *** horse.
Dashanae said Daryl do yo van run on water
My new Percussimo EP on Octopus Black Label is now available at
"Invite your enemy to talk. It’s when the talking stops that the ground becomes fertile for fighting.". ~Daryl Davis.
Faking news: To celebrate MLK Day, police have decided to just tazer unarmed black men today
can change human hearts. Open dialogue does too. Daryl Davis is a .
that Daryl Davis, a black musician, is credited w dismantling entire KKK network in Maryland (via /u/ziggygersh)
The Bravo Network has found a Cash Cow in Ratchet Black Women and black
Tough and sleek black label beats have landed on Beatport today courtesy of UK maestro Daryl Stay.
but all I have are: funko sloth and miku, blind box daryl, a tiny creeper and black seppy .-.
Black girls are mad that a white girl is wearing box braids as they wear 22 inch Brazilian weave, dye it blonde and put in…
how do YOU feel about your son's constant hair changes? 😬 It makes him unique! Ahah, he should bring back the black next. 😅
2011 was hard to come by in the U.S. It felt like black market.
Did you know we sometimes do deluxe versions with extra tracks? This one will be avail soon:
Daryl Dixon protected Black Mamba and X-23 from walkers yesterday!. Daryl is Colin K. Bass. Creeper X-23 is...
Black musician Daryl Davis is credited with dismantling the KKK network in Maryland mostly by befriending members. http…
“I'm wearing a tank top and it's hailing so no I'm not winning rn” cmon Daryl you supposed to be black😭
OK Daryl in Lyndonville New York. Great success of financial. Black Diamond Express. Golden elevator for you.
How to Tap Into Black Friday and Cyber Monday with Email Marketing: Daryl Colwell is senior vice president of ...
I work with this southern black girl who's a little ghetto & she's teaching me the "lingo"...I'm being Michael Scott-ed and she's Daryl
How long does it take to reach first dan (black belt) in your jujutsu?
The Woman In Black 2 comes out in January and that makes me extremely happy
Black out. by antonaguila. Scarf dress by Lucrezia bag by…
The only thing that makes me happy is knowing thanksgiving is coming up && Black Friday
•His hand wanders to his backpocket,pulling out a Black cloth.Daryl lifts it up and wipes his forehead with a sigh,shoving+
"Quote this with a pic of you in all black"
lol ur the black foo we wear creased dickies around here esé
BASED... Daryl Richardson is now a member of Black Folk Hot Spots Online
and some black girl and the guy who plays Daryl? Abraham Lincoln or something
Daryl black azz aint answering my text UGHHH
Marijuana was initially made illegal in 1937 by a man who testified the drug made white women want to be with black me…
PicDaryl. And from the dark ... shall come light ...
Yeah, skinny black guy. Hadn't thought of him. Beth needs to live. Daryl needs to get his end away, poor blue balls.
That moment in between Netflix episodes when you see your reflection in the black screen & wonder what the heck you're doi…
ugh. Literally just want an all black one. But let me know!
Daryl widen his eyes right before he saw the black car with the white cross on the windshield, he began to drive off (c)
🐎 you might be as black as me but you don't look as good as me. But you funny and coded asf 🔥👌
Black Keys and 5sos playlist. What else do I need in life?
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Bio: Join Daryl Guppy from and others on 11/15, register for chance to win iPad Mini, mention
Prediction of Carol getting caught by the crazy hospital people on purpose to save Beth as her and Daryl found the black guy.
I'm curious to who is with daryl is it Morgan or the other Black dude
Join us Wed at the to hear Daryl Black take us through 175 years of history:
OK Daryl in Lake Station Indiana. Golden elevator for you. Black Diamond Express. Great success of financial.
This Carol and Daryl episode is going to be amazing
That episode was boring I JUST WANT TO KNOW WHO IS WITH DARYL I'm guessing it's the black guy from the hospital though
So I think carol and Daryl found the black dude that left Beth, and carol is faking injury and they're all gonna rescue Beth.
I just figured out the person with daryl is that black kid that was with Beth, everybody hates chris kid
I bet that black kid cones out of the woods with Daryl
I think daryl comes back with that black kid and he gets rick and everyone to go save them from that retarded hospital
I keep thinking that Daryl is wearing an eyepatch but it's just a black eye
and follow for your chance to win a black and white Daryl winner chosen tonight at 11 pm est
If you come face to face with a black guy out there, it's customary to make a derogatory joke in reference to his momma, as an…
on the floor until Daryl came back in the room and she looked up at him and got up from the ground and seen his black eye--
“White people do this but lock the door when black ppl walk by smh . Dude.
Check out our Funko Pop Daryl Dixon from A Walmart Exclusive. Black and White Figure 145 Free Shipping
Matt Ryan is loud like a black woman in church
to win Walmart Exclusive Black and White Daryl Pop! from
I had a vasectomy, but that hasn't stopped me from selling my "sperm" on the black market.
Why can't black women just be wholesome?
Daryl Black demoing Hoop Dance at Riverside Park till 2 pm come try it out
Better than a TV in a pool? Rock Stars Black Keys Used Fame to Do What? via
i think its Zoey and 2 other black guys. Im pretty sure chelsea & daryl want to beat her up sooo
*** get new jordans these days and throw on some white or black Levi's and thick they fresh as ***
idea when she heard Daryl speak. Rosita looked around the street seeing a black car not too far from them* There. *Rosita--
Black girls names be looking like leftovers in scrabble put together
I really want this light gray wool blazer. Black speckles.
I might be getting a black lab and I'm naming it daryl sorry not sorry
"I don't bake it. I grille it smh. And yes. Fried food. Ewww" who says this. Ur black. We eat fried fish.
hm, she said that she went for a walk to the mall. [the black car then let silently]. Daryl: ! [is knocked out & taken away]
He wanted to be the "Black Daryl Dixon" for his birthday. I had to oblige.
“Reasons why you gotta watch who you call your friends... the one in the black lo…
Finally found the black and white Daryl Dixon Walmart exclusive I've been looking for for a couple of…
"The pot we call black is also good for making tea. And so there is a positive side to the shadow." - Daryl...
‘The Walking Dead’ star Norman Reedus says Daryl would ‘probably be an a–hole’ | Inside TV
Daryl Tuffey in the clear over match fixing claims: Former Black Cap Daryl Tuffey appears to have been cleared of…
Former Black Cap, Daryl Tuffey, has been cleared of match-fixing by London's Metropolitan Police.
BREAKING: London's Metropolitan police have cleared former Black Cap, Daryl Tuffey, of match-fixing
Exactly how every black mom lay it down when there sons bring there girlfriends in to they room to hang.
Why does he feel the need to be so god damned beautiful? RTHappy Black & White ! 😀👊
In the Left of Black studio with Daryl Atkinson, staff attorney at the Southern Coalition for Social Justice...
U2's new garbage is so bad that Bob Black released a statement advising owner Daryl Katz no longer wants to look like Bono
OMG!!I need that stuffed Daryl NOW! You need to add a pic of the black/white "Injured Daryl"
Don't @ me with that foolishness . I don't need a black history lesson
the funko pop figures. They are gonna have a bloody carol and riot gear glenn exclusive. Walmart has a black n white Daryl
Navy, black or red? Our new Daryl dress is super flattering and very versatile. Pair with heels for a…
I mean Hope Solo is white and AP and Ray Rice are black so technically it makes sense.
Photos: Daryl wearing sexy black sheer stockings and high heels!: submitted by sexy_ga...
Black Keys use fame to help in Akron - via
Daryl and black guy are having a Legolas and Gimli moment with these walkers...
The new Black Dahlia Murder is so sick.
lmao I got PERMANENTLY BANNED from making emblems on Black Ops 2
Hey guess the Arabs now know what it feels like to be black in Boston.
i'm gonna wear my black swimsuit and dance all night long in my bathroom until I get some tix for Ibiza wut
I don't care if ur black white brown yellow or fckn green. If ur a terrorist I hope u die 20x a minute forever
Like black eyes peas would say. Where is the love?
Jimmy, you have to make a Daryl Dixon class in black ops
Don't buy a black dress, don't do it Daryl .. Comes out shop with a black dress.
Destroy racism. Be like a panda. He's black, He's white, He's asian, He's chubby.
Hamilton Collection
I think I'm just gonna dress in a black tux then lol
CAT i will buy a new black solid cat and call it Norman XD or Daryl >XDDD
oh, the new Origami Owl product coming out has the Daryl wings and bow and arrow! So excited! Black lockets too!
Just got 6 kills with the crossbow on Black Ops 2. I thought i was Daryl from The Walking Dead :-)
There's actually a black driver now, and he's really REALLY freaking good. (Daryl Wallace Jr.)
Daryl *** just said he will never date another black girl
//I have a black eye from it. But other than that I'm ok!//
How can she sing a Frank Sinatra song like that! omg... I am whipped! She is amazing! My hairs on my arms were on end, & I am Black! ffs
just had a dream about Daryl Hall. i'm a little concerned that he and Oates are refusing to do joint appearances in my subconscious.
I like Govenor, Merle and Daryl, Rick, and that ninja black chick who's name I do not know. Lol.
“Supreme is one of the best brands ever made. Logo wise,branding,and product.” BLACK ABE?
I bet black unicorns have the biggest horns.
Black Caviar's so humble. She could've done a victory lap on her hind legs singing Daryl Braithwaite songs, but she didn't.
yea I have the one with the black guy c: the one with Daryl is called survival extinct c;
newb cx one let's you play as a black man and the other let's you play as Daryl
3.4 billion crossbow bolts have been fired in Call of Duty: Black Ops.> *** Daryl Dixon nods in appreciation ***
The green and black is striking in your icon
I liked a video from Black Ops 2 - The Walking Dead Daryl Emblem Tutorial
Is Daryl and the black girl on the walking dead still alive?
I still got two fat black eyes but not on the pull so I don't care if I'm seen in public lol x
I have him a little black cat charm at HorrorHound too and a cube handmade Daryl kitty.
if I got two black eyes from I reckon Ur be coming home in a box !!
Just for the record, I'm dedicating me kicking *** with my Crossbow on Black Ops2 to !
It’s so hard to be black and white with this stuff. I don’t support abortion, but I’m also not 100% against it.
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