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Daryl Black

The X Factor is an American television music competition to find new singing talent; the winner of which receives a $5 million recording contract.

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Daryl and black guy are having a Legolas and Gimli moment with these walkers...
The new Black Dahlia Murder is so sick.
lmao I got PERMANENTLY BANNED from making emblems on Black Ops 2
Hey guess the Arabs now know what it feels like to be black in Boston.
i'm gonna wear my black swimsuit and dance all night long in my bathroom until I get some tix for Ibiza wut
I don't care if ur black white brown yellow or fckn green. If ur a terrorist I hope u die 20x a minute forever
Like black eyes peas would say. Where is the love?
Jimmy, you have to make a Daryl Dixon class in black ops
Don't buy a black dress, don't do it Daryl .. Comes out shop with a black dress.
Destroy racism. Be like a panda. He's black, He's white, He's asian, He's chubby.
I think I'm just gonna dress in a black tux then lol
CAT i will buy a new black solid cat and call it Norman XD or Daryl >XDDD
oh, the new Origami Owl product coming out has the Daryl wings and bow and arrow! So excited! Black lockets too!
Just got 6 kills with the crossbow on Black Ops 2. I thought i was Daryl from The Walking Dead :-)
There's actually a black driver now, and he's really REALLY freaking good. (Daryl Wallace Jr.)
Daryl *** just said he will never date another black girl
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//I have a black eye from it. But other than that I'm ok!//
How can she sing a Frank Sinatra song like that! omg... I am whipped! She is amazing! My hairs on my arms were on end, & I am Black! ffs
just had a dream about Daryl Hall. i'm a little concerned that he and Oates are refusing to do joint appearances in my subconscious.
I like Govenor, Merle and Daryl, Rick, and that ninja black chick who's name I do not know. Lol.
“Supreme is one of the best brands ever made. Logo wise,branding,and product.” BLACK ABE?
I bet black unicorns have the biggest horns.
Black Caviar's so humble. She could've done a victory lap on her hind legs singing Daryl Braithwaite songs, but she didn't.
yea I have the one with the black guy c: the one with Daryl is called survival extinct c;
newb cx one let's you play as a black man and the other let's you play as Daryl
3.4 billion crossbow bolts have been fired in Call of Duty: Black Ops.> *** Daryl Dixon nods in appreciation ***
The green and black is striking in your icon
I liked a video from Black Ops 2 - The Walking Dead Daryl Emblem Tutorial
Is Daryl and the black girl on the walking dead still alive?
I still got two fat black eyes but not on the pull so I don't care if I'm seen in public lol x
I have him a little black cat charm at HorrorHound too and a cube handmade Daryl kitty.
if I got two black eyes from I reckon Ur be coming home in a box !!
Just for the record, I'm dedicating me kicking *** with my Crossbow on Black Ops2 to !
It’s so hard to be black and white with this stuff. I don’t support abortion, but I’m also not 100% against it.
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Daryl just left us alone in the black box...
Way to embrace the stereotype Daryl...
Was he a 6 foot black guy in pumps & angel wings? (Lmao
you can be Daryl. Not because I don't like black people. I just really like Jim. Cough cough.
lmao Daryl is a black persons name lol. And I didn't mean to I'm just really high 😩😩
Daryl thought she was black magic cause she's a talking cat.
This song makes me think of Fergie's Daryl. He said I was black magic. >.>
Daryl : I'll make a black person my slave *Daryl turns* Black person next to us...
You know what they say...once you go gon' need a wheelchair
I added a video to a playlist BLACK || Rick & Daryl
You know when a black person think they have pretty eyes, all there pix be Face shots lls... 😂😂😂
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its three of them I'm just friends with Daryl and kemonte. Daryl black af && buff af & remote Brown skin and slick buff
you probably seen my friends Daryl and kemonte on the beach one black af
When you use the crossbow in Black Ops II you feel like Daryl shooting at zombies
my high waisted jeans and the black top with like the wavy edge at the top and I sort of am but I want to get something
After Merle had a talk with Daryl in the prison, he put the black telephone in his bag. Why did he do that?
I want to play black always
no. Daryl is the black guy from E.R.
But for real, my rims look awesome anddd finally got my new windshield
Free my cousin daryl i miss his black ***
Date a white girl, just don't degrade the black ones.
idk why this is trending, I'm not an orphan but I am black album
The "Lakes of Evil Spirits", Mount Kelimutu, Indonesia. These change from blue to green to black or red unpredictably
Singapore's weather is the reason why I hate wearing black tops out.
I want a 1960's style black light poster of Daryl on the motorcycle, burning barn background
If Daryl Dixon dies I will be a wailing black woman during the finale.
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Daryl Hello Kitty silly! The 1 Tracey originally sent but for his 5 & customized for the black case that of course he asked for :-P
That was a great performance; proves though Daryl seems withdrawn & quiet he has a huge heart & loves his black sheep bro.
A raspa and black ops before work sounds nice..
Daryl here solo...uh uh where black *** at
Memories of last week. Wonder if Black Caviar is waiting out the back to read out donations...
You guys have unlocked black & white Daryl! We've got more for you next week. Enjoy & see ya Sunday.
wut. I was party Jesus black brother Daryl. You don't remember because cocaine.
seriously Daryl is the coolest character in the series.
all I'm seeing is black boxes, what faces are they meant toi be?
Apart from Rick. And Glenn. And Daryl obviously. And that random black guy. The rest can die
Photoset: Daryl Dixon in white and black pastel, with pen and ink shading, drawn on 8 1/2/11”, charcoal grey...
I feel like Daryl with this crossbow I'm black ops 2 !!
Being a black woman and loving Daryl is a complicated fangirling endeavor.
I like black cars. What should I do?
I’m thinking it might be interesting to try a Daryl Dixon portrait in white charcoal, on black paper… ideas...
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My man is killing the NASCAR report on Jay Mohr Sports. Give him a follow if you like NASCAR or black guys.
is Daryl a white boys name or a black boys name? just curiousity
Other than rick, chinese, the black dude who looks like a klingon and Daryl, the characters in Walking Dead *** me off.
I like The Godfather cuz Ima movie buff. I like Scarface cuz I'm black
Daryl you need to be in black ops zombies what do you think? (
“She wants to be a more golden black. -___-
Daryl Dixon's tears can cure cancer.
I know it's not until Sunday & all, but I think the Governor finally dies in this season finale. either Daryl or the black dude kills him.
I'm unreasonably attached to Michael Rooker since Black Ops 2 and pair that with my love for Merle and Daryl I was a state
She wants to be a more golden black. -___-
When I wake up, My hair looks like a black Version of a Comb Over. Lol!
White donut is glazed. Black is choc. frosted. From Daryl's Pastries in Glenside PA. So good.
Using a crossbow in Black Ops to feel like Daryl Dixon > being Daryl Dixon in Survival instinct
Three 11x17 Posters of Daryl, Rick, and the Governor in color or black and white.
Got called Darrell today. Not Daryl, Dar- EL. Turns out I was confused with a delinquent black guy. Because THAT makes sense.
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Yes... But who would be corrupting who. Same goes for Daryl as black men.
Help Make A Dream Come True! Join Daryl Black in his campaign to change lives through music.
Ju thought Daryl was only a black name until I watched the walking dead
Help Daryl Black from season 2 on XFactor! Help him out!
Finally broke up with Sprint. I had to leave it just wasn't working out. I have a new boo now. Verizon. Wish us luck.
These two gentlemen are awesome entertainers in their own right , both funny and educational ... And in case you didn't know they are the twin sons of world famous comedian Paul Mooney , known for his honest and sometimes controversial commentary ... he's also hugely funny and been that way since day one .. If you don't know who they are it would be a good idea to Youtube all three .
cleckheaton farmers market tomorrow and Leeds producers market on sunday boom Daryls up in the production kitchen now making more ahhh short break but back at it now :-)
What darts do you use and what weight? Why not post a pic on our wall and we will share it
DAY 4: (742 friends remaining of 740) I know! So let’s try something different, here is a little about what I believe 1. *** Marriage, I’m for it. If two people, regardless of gender, love each other enough to want to be together FOREVER, who are we to say no? I would also go so far as to assume their divorce rates would be considerably lower. 2. Gun Control, I’m against it. Firearms are like condoms. I would rather have one and not need it, than need one and not have it. If you don’t like that, replace condom with life jacket or parachute. 3. Abortion, I’m for it. But maybe with a three strike rule. After the third unwanted pregnancy, tie the tubes. I mean seriously, how many “do overs” does one person need?
Ma jolie how do you do Mon nom est j'encule tout les jours
Affirmations; " I am" promotes healthy thinking & positive thoughts. Stop thinking " what if's" promotes anxiety and negetive thoughts, and forces oneself to think "black & white". Why do that to yourself?
That's one way of shutting down a tired line of questioning. In Quentin Tarantino's Django Unchained, a Western epic set in the pre-Civil War South, the film's various characters say the N-word more than 100 times, resulting in a major debate over the movie's historical accuracy and respect of mode...
God bless everyone as the search continues for charlies family. We will stay by their side as they would for us. We thank everyone from the bottom of our hearts. We have plenty for lunch today and truly appreciate it. We will not leave charlies family and as u knowi is a cold wet day. We are low on 20lb propane tanks and could use some gas if possible we already have the emtpy gas containers if someone could help? We do not ask o things because we want to but it truly is helping us more than anyone imagines in this tough time.
Good morning! I decided to start this rap off early! I'm flowing like the Tennessee river I'm Daryl Worley! Khakis, shell toes and a all black Hurley. So fresh to death and my pubic hairs curly!
So grateful for my projects lining up: Black Broadway is gonna be hot. My EP, The Daryl Stewart Project is gonna shock.
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is Daryl the only black NASCAR reporter?
“ hey slam man! What is the black NASCAR reporter name?”
yeah I'm even kinda over Rick. Daryl, the new black guy, and Karl are the best now lol
Canada: CANADA is a beautifully bound, hard cover collection of 144 color and Black & White images ranging from ...
Hello KICKSTARTERS. Watch the Herman Mashaba story, founder of Black Like Me on Leihlo la Sechaba on sabc 2 right now. Interview in English
Dude! Awkward tiny black girl over here.
Just a little over a month!! Daryl better not die. And the group the found the prison, the black guy is AWESOME. Comic book fave
Still Have my Daryl Lamonica from when i was six. I know it surprises most but silver and black to the grave
and that is the last thing black Daryl ever said
Someone make me a black coffee. Thanks.
just left...the black guy named Daryl is a g
Use crossbow in Black Ops 2, instantly feel like Daryl!
black with angel wings Daryl ordered it
Yo This Year im on straight Cash..Company finna Blast off... O yea I got 6 otterboxes left.. Hmu b4 they gone (ALl black and Grey and blue)
Daryl & Glen! I hate all of the girls except Maggie & michon (badass black girl)
“Cîroc is for black people. Cheers I drink burnetts !
Black people in hockey is like white people in the nba
"Black" Vader, "Dark" Vader, "Darn" Vader, "Daryl" Vader, "Dat" Vader - - she is obviously playing around, way too much giggling.
Every horror movie a black person has to die. Unless its one of those ghetto all black horror movies. But hey, no one actually watches those
When I got my HEB shirt, I felt like one of the Men in Black. Like, "Here is the last suit you will ever wear."
Who else pretends there Daryl with the crossbow in Black ops 1
Not gonna lie, kinda feel Daryl off The Walking Dead with my bow n arrow on black ops
Too black for the white kids, and too white for the blacks
Is it weird that probably 80% of my clothes are either white, black, grey or blue in colour?!
We've got a cop whos losing his mind, a pizza delivery boy, a kid, a baby, a crippled man, a useless *** Daryl, and a black ninja. ***
My hero = Daryl Davis. A black man who has joined the KKK.
Brooks Black of Blair dec Daryl Hocks of Ripley 12-3 at Hvy. Black coasted into garage after taking 8-1 lead in first.
Brooks Black up 10-3 over Daryl Hicks in the 3rd period.
my perfect Saturday night get drunk from 5 til 11 black out 11 til 12. Go home at 12 have sex go to bed.
Hey Daryl Gross, couldn't you come up with a better matchup than Alcorn State? The Henninger Black Knights would give Cuse a better game.
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Daryl Black really deserved to reach top 12...XFactorUSA 2012
im all caught up!!! black chick...she's a beast. glad Lori is gone, couldn't do much more of her. Ninja Daryl...hilarious.
Wow! Amé esa versión de Daryl Black de 'Stereo Hearts' love, love that song!!!
google Daryl black, it'll all make sense ;)
Still thinks that Daryl Black should be in the competition.
You know what, fudge it, I'm going to sculpt my body and become a male stripper. Black Magic Cherries. Or how about Big Black and Bold
The speaker at the October meeting of the Nancy Ward Chapter of the DAR , Dr. Daryl Black, reinforced the theme of the Daughters of the American Revolution nationwide: Preserve the Past, Enhance the Present, Invest in the Future. 
Daryl, i think Allen is racist and only because he ´s a black pastor he never agrees with him
Taking a picture in between two black men... "Hey look, we're an Oreo!!"
As if my bf just eats lumps of black pudding 😱
who are you pervin on now? And did yous get the 20.95 daryl deal for black ops 2
The blind side makes me want to adopt a big black guy everytime i watch it :P
Daryl Black is going to pgs talent show lolol coo.
When black ppl get an idea thanks to Daryl my hilarious co worker lol
white ppl say DARYL black ppl say DURYL
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
It can't be Daryl's brother; there's a black guy with them, and Daryl's bro is as racist as a Texan grandfather.
You would have been the spit of Daryl Hannah if you weren't all dressed in black!
Venti black iced tea, no sweetener. For Daryl?
is your brother the voice in Black Ops 2
Millies have the most inappropriate conversations in black taxis. 'Tell daryl he's dropped' MOVE. She also said 'stall da ball'
37-year-old father of five Daryl Black impresses the judges with a slowed down version of "Stereo Hearts" by Gym Glass Heroes. "You remind me of Nat King Col...
I'ma come wit some wors and a 6 pack of black label!
and follow for a chance to with these Black Ray-Ban Wayfarers.
You people r too mean. I am going back 2 bed to suck my black boyfriends ***
Having a cheeky black forest hot chocolate with Daryl before going back to work!
in rootin for Daryl and Carl. Hopefully that other black guy becomes something good
tf is wrong witchu she couldnt die, its LORI. and the black guy had survived too long already :p nah dude Daryl cant die. Ever.
Everyone who voted Obama wasn't black, on food stamps, on Medicaid, on Welfare, rachet or ghetto so the ignorance isn't necessary
Since Obama won I think we gone have black emoji's!!!
Race, my *** I know a lot of white people didn't vote for Obama just because he's black. Hypocritical *** ..
I forgot there are more black people than white... Oh Wait there isn't quit using that as an excuse
Why you care if your president is black ? Care about our country changing.
Daryl, I could debate with you for hours. But it never does any good, when obamas supporters only see things black and white.
Now that Obama got the second term do we get a black emoji?
Don't panic cause Obama behind , you know black people always late
LOL whoops Daryl is not the black guy,
"Neither of the men could win with the black vote" - Grandma
Watching X-factor now and totally shocked to learn that Daryl Black got kicked out of the show! Is L.A. nuts or what?
When Obama wins again every time I get in trouble I'm going to say cause my presidents black 😎
"I am connected to the black community bc of my name."
I always hated her, and the black girl is ugly af . Daryl is my ***
Why are people thinking Obama being black is a legit reason to vote for him
Daryl Black's voice is just awesome x
yea I'll still be able to get black aye. But yea we tonight. I put Daryl's youngest to sleep all alone 😃
nope. Never. I hate everyone on this show except Daryl, the black dude, and glen.
he's been replaced by another black dude who doesn't like to talk so nbd. I would've lost sleep over Glenn or Daryl 🚶💀
Black people are usually beast at what they do, idk what happend with Obama
wish I got my iPhone 4 in black instead of white
If black people in have to have ID to vote, at least make some of the voters in the Midwest take off their white hoods
Mmmm... My Daryl looks really good in black. Think i fell in love with him all over again today.
Do we really need to go through the charade of this pointless election? America already went black.
the way Daryl was creepin up on the black guy in the generator room. I'm like "LOL CALL OF DUTY?!"
Good, hopefully I get what I want 1. Daryl kills Merle 2. Andrea/Black Lady die or go away 3. Beth/Carl hook up 4. Rick stays cool
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Don't think LA Reid chose right 4, I'd have kept Daryl Black & Tara Simon (fab singers) left out Tate Stevens, maybe Jason Brock
Daryl Black and Tara Simon: Bumming big time. via
I can't believe LA chose that *** Jason over Daryl Black. Daryl had an amazing voice. and the songs LA is picking for his contestants. Horrible.
I'd pick Daryl Black over Vino Alan, Jillian Jensen over Paige Thomas and Playback over Sister C. Judges are so weird this year
Daryl Black got eliminated.. :/ But glad that Tara Simon got eliminated. Oh well, best of luck to Vino Alan, David Correy and Tate Stevens.
L.A, you made a big mistake by sending Daryl Black home. Picking Tate Stevens through is even worse.
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I would have kept Daryl Black instead of Tate Stevens, that would have been my perfect top 16
Daryl Black going home over Tate Stevens is unforgivable. Such a talent wasted..
Sad to see Daryl Black leave. I was really wishing he would go through till the end. Elk Grove Represent.
For Over 25s, Jason, David Correy, Cowboy Dad, and Vino went through. Tara Simmons and Daryl Black went home.
If Jason Brock got in over my dude Daryl Black, we gonna have problems LA.
What the *** was LA thinking when sent Daryl Black home and kept Jason Brock? Really?
As expected, David, Jason, Tate and Vino all advance to L.A.'s final four! Honorable mention Daryl Black!
Watching XFactor and LA just sent the wrong man home. He sent Daryl Black home. LA *** He just put Jason Brock through. What the crap.
The adults that I would choose would be Vino Alan, Daryl Black, David Correy, and ugh, this is a though one.. but I'll go with Tate Stevens.
L.A.'s picks: David Correy, Vino Alan, Daryl Black, Tate Stevens (this was the hardest to choose bc lol)
They are flying tonight. Daryl Black, Tate Stevens, and Vino Alan all performed. Only 20 minutes in. ain't playing tonight
Jason Brock, Daryl Black, David Correy, Tate Stevens & Vino Alan are my favs for their category and I'm so happy they got through.
X factor 25 and above going to judges homes Vino Alan Jason Brock, Tate Stevens, Daryl Black, David Correy and Tara Simons. Why ??
The Over 25s are revealed and they are Vino Alan, Daryl Black, Jason Brock, David Correy, Tara Simon, and Tate Stevens. (Official...
Daryl Black from Elk Grove made is to the Coaches Houses on the X Factor. Anyone know him?
Jason Brock, Daryl Black, David Corey, Tara Simon, Tate Stevens (ma boy;)), and Vino Alan made it in the Over 25 category! :)
Daryl Black on X Factor has an awesome voice. Reminds me of Brian Mc Knight.
Was it just me or does Daryl Black sound like Denzel Washington?? And he's 37??? Crazy!! Looks like he's 20 :)
My good friend Daryl Black just got 4 yes's on the x factor I know he was very good but Simon Cowell just compared him to Nat King Cole, very proud of him
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