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Darth Vader

Darth Vader (born Anakin Skywalker) is the central character of the Star Wars saga, appearing as one of the main antagonists of the original trilogy and as the main protagonist of the prequel trilogy.

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Hand of Judgment 2. Leaving the Rebels to search for their friend, the Hand of Judgment went to help a downed ship which had landed near them and encountered an Imperial agent, Mara Jade. They helped her stop a stolen AT-ST which had been put on autopilot by a pirate. After the fight, Jade protected LaRone and his companions when they were questioned by a member of the 501st Legion, but demanded their help as a return favor in infiltrating the governor's palace—Jade had a reason to believe Governor Choard was a traitor to the Empire. The group got into the palace and the Hand of Judgment arrested the Governor to stand trial for his treason. While separated from the stormtroopers, Jade had heard about a group of five stormtrooper deserters and realized that they were the Hand of Judgment, but when Darth Vader questioned the group, she covered them again, claiming they belonged to her. After hearing the truth about the Hand of Judgment and why they had deserted, Jade decided to let them go while she in .. ...
It wouldn't be a grand slam without a Roger Federer five-set thriller. He even got the Darth Vader treatment. And is that Gwen Stefani? No Doubt about it... It's time for your Morning Bagel:
Darth Vader and Morgan Freeman follows me- why
Modern day Darth Vader. Evil is as evil does. *** Cheney is evil.
Qui Gon Jinn is the worst Jedi ever. He causes Darth Vader, if you think about it.
VIDEO: Darth Vader, Iron Man, Barnsley Bigfoot, Dr Who, Game Of Thrones and more see highlights
Darth Vader thought the ice bucket challenge wasn't extreme enough, so he took the lava swim challenge instead.
And your favorite movie villian of all time is... Michael Myers-3. Freddy Krueger-2. The Joker-2. Darth Vader-2. Jason Voorhees-2. Candyman-1 ...
3. When George Lucas made A New Hope he intended for Anakin Skywalker and Darth Vader to be seperate people!
Darth Vader is promoting Reach's new line of Star Wars themed toothbrushes.
Gentleman Jack had me doing Joker and Darth Vader impersonations. Why am I so socially awkward
I can't wait to use Darth Vader as a tragic hero!
Never understand why they changed Darth Vader to a young Anakin Skywalker at the end of 'Return of the Jedi' 😕
When Anakin Skywalker was a lady's man and not the mechanical monster that was Darth Vader. Star Wars: Anakin And...
I get out of the shower and I find darth iron spider vader.
on a side note 2 yoda's and one Darth vader are following me and i don't know what to do O.o , takes me back to starkiller days ...
Hamilton Collection
I just had to be darth vader for a 6 year old bday party so thts how my days going
Do you think the darth vader are the greatest villain of all? 108
I just pooped out the blackest looking s*** I've ever seen in my life. it's like Darth Vader died in my butt.
Tyler meets Darth Vader and crew lmao
Wish this cold would disappear, sound like bleeding darth vader! 😩
Thanks for following me Darth Vader! Seriously, you rock! If you have time check out my site at and PM me on how...
will be forced to turn me over to the Empire..
Training for a race at altitude is tough for us sea-level peeps. Check this out if you don't mind looking like Darth Vader...
I don't expect you to understand. I really don't known why I shared that. I suppose you
I painted some Darth Vader easter eggs
After killing several hundred jedi children, Darth Vader did the for ALS.
It's complicated..I know we are very different in our allegiances, but I have a desire to
But really this is like Anakkin becoming Darth Vader
Darth Vader is also rumored to return! Here's a leaked photo of his new helmet.
I am the Darth Vader of following suggestions.
Ah. But that doesn't mean you have to be with him?
Kid is singing the imperial march (darth vader song) and stomping down the stairs. Wonder what is in store for us today?
Seeing Spike Lee without his glasses is like when Darth Vader takes off his helmet
Scientists say there are infinite universes with infinite possibilities. That means somewhere you are Darth Vader.
James Earl Jones (Darth Vader, Mufasa) was functionally mute for 8 years and had a speach impediment before that. http:/…
*Raises an eyebrow* so you are a rebel. Oh well. But if you're a rebel, why stay with Vader?
Another look of my 'Darth Vader' 3s.
How strange it is, a woman of my position, a Senator, a traitor, rebel leader, being here.
Henry has informed me that we are rooting for the blue team because the yellow team likes Darth Vader.
Wait that was part three. In the original he was called Calvin Klein. But he said he was Darth Vader from the planet Vulcan
There shouldn't be. Vader likes his privacy
I think we are sadly more like Darth Vader than we are like Luke Skywalker.
Christopher Reeve trained with Darth Vader to prepare for his role as Superman!
That is kind of you to offer,but I am sure I will be fine. Assuming, there are no Imperial
1 Johnny bravo, 1 cheesesteak with raw onions, and a darth vader please
Good. If you need anything, I am always in my ship. I stay there most of the time
I am staying here. Vader has allowed me use of his guest quarters.
*Smiles.* so princess, where are you staying? You have a place to stay correct?
*Shakes your hand.* Nice to officially meet you. No lightsabers this time I promise
Didn't he pretend to be Darth Vader at one point?
John Luke Quintana Chica as Darth Vader. Dmitri Mikhail Dulce at the background as He-Man. Costumes created by Nash Leeho
Why are so many deaths from the Star Wars movies being retconned? Boba Fett, Darth Maul, Mace Windu, Palpatine (Maybe), and Vader (Maybe).
17 month old daughter prefers Darth Vader toys to Elsa from Frozen
hopefully you woke up. The empire strikes back with a comeback for the Darth Vader lovers.
but the force could help you with politics as well. Imagine, the people going against you-
Star Wars vs. Star Trek On occasions, arguments involving Star Wars to Star Trek, and vice versa, have exploded into heated debates. These debates have injured and crippled thousands of innocent people, emotionally, but considering that most of them were nerds that frequented comicons it isn’t that sad. These debates are generally argued at conventions such as comicon and chat rooms the world over. There is always a Star War debate in progress mostly in Korea, Japan, or the western seaboard of the United States. In today’s world, there are two types of people. “Trekkies and Fan boys.” I myself am a Fan boy. I have encountered numerous Trekkies in my time which have usually resulted in a heated and emotional quarrel. In this essay I hope to make it clear that Star Wars is superior in every way to Star Trek. First off, Star Wars is real. It is a series of movies based on historical fact. Hence the opening credits “A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away….” George Lucas must be from the futu ...
I have no interest in power. My life's work is of a different variety
Why? Imagine the power. It could be amazing.
I did love the new Star Tours 3D attraction with Darth Vader. Loved it!
Suu, suu. ("Hello, Lyndheid. Apparently you were in the form of Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader from the Starwars franchise, first ~
is imagining audio book disruption as devices' text to speech improves and what A Song of Ice and Fire might sound like read by Darth Vader
I can also sense that the force flows through you, though maybe you don't know it
Had a long day today with Hadeel Mahmoud and Hiba Hani Body pump class in the morning, check. Transform to Darth Vader at kite beach, check. Drop by Mandy's house unannounced and take over her pool, check. Still missing Ng Ra, check!
Random customer: "I'm sorry, I don't know your name but I know you have Darth Vader tattooed, so I'm just going to call you Darth. Is that alright?" Me: "Ma'am, I wish everybody would call me Darth."
What is your favorite movie villian of all time (write in poll)... Michael Myers-2. Freddy Krueger-2. Jason Voorhees-1. Darth Vader-2. Candy ...
Liam Neeson trained Batman, Obi Wan, and Darth Vader. He is both Aslan and Zeus...and he punches wolves. Why would you kidnap…
Darth Vader and Captain America lightsaber battling, your argument is invalid
I want to kill Jordan like Darth Vader did Obi-Wan
Look at how conservatives treats our Black President? They're supposed to be a model for our youth, instead they become the Darth Vader.
What is your kitchen missing? How about a dose of Darth Vader. Check out our list of 25 must-have Star Wars kitchen accessories.
I think Mario Lopez should do the new Darth Vader voice.
"Just glue gorilla hair in a Darth Vader helmet shape to a face that looks like cheese found on a park bench." -Gene Simmons to his stylist
My friend makes really cool Rebel Alliance and Darth Vader hats and you should buy them.
I am King Jaffe Joffer ruler of Zamunda, Darth Vader is Coming to America HD: via
It's just Master Yoda and Darth Vader chillin', trying to eat some Twisties. Nothing unusual.
This is a great video. It has Darth Vader moon walking. A great bit with Bane from Batman in a Star Wars voice over. Also this guy makes a fantastic blaster. He really put a lot of effort into it.
ACT pollies compared to Jar Jar Binks, Hans Solo, Darth Vader and an ewok. Clearly, the best ever session in politics
So cute the Vans! Too bad Darth Vader and the Clone Trooper are only for kids. :(
"You cannot escape your destiny. You must face Darth Vader again." -Obi-Wan Kenobi 'Return of the Jedi' 1983
Darth Vader on the back of my Aunt Thelma’s wallpaper
Throat's condition has improved from Darth Vader to Lucky Ali.
Gilbert Gottfried is the voice of Darth Vader
Psychiatrists have concluded that Darth Vader suffered from Borderline Personality Disorder.
Here's my letter I have written to Disney and LucasFilm. If you feel more needs to be added or edited, please post below. - To Kathleen Kennedy, Bob Igor, Disney Studios, LucasFilm, and all whom it may concern : My name is Sean Daniels Sr. I, and countless hundreds of millions of other fans of Star Wars and its franchise implore you to reconsider the canonization of the Expanded Universe that's been written or portrayed in many mediums like novels, comics, television, video games, magazines, and other media. Personally, I have been a fan since 1976 when the first magazine spoke of this new movie "Star Wars" was coming out in 1977. I grew up following the adventures of Luke Skywalker. Even during the Marvel comics of the movies. I collected the toys, cereal boxs, Atari games, and anything I could get my hands on. From 1983 to 1990, many questions were left unanswered. What happened to our favorite heroes? How did Darth Vader become evil? Etcetera. We all wondered and wish we had more. Then on January 1, 19 ...
Darth Vader has only 12 minutes of screen time. Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope (1977).
Two Darth Vader accounts followed me today.
Still my favorite goalie mask is Hiller's Darth Vader
I love my black glass Darth Vader desk, but my god the finger prints drive me insane.
Darth Vader was inspired by what famous Marvel character?
Why was Darth Vader so evil? Blame his lack of parental care, say psychologists
My darth vader case smells like fruits because I cleaned it with mom's hand sanitizer from bath & body works. lol
That day, Darth Vader was amazed to discover that when Boba was saying "As you wish", what he meant
hey love ❤️ . found this , but seems like it isnt Darth Vader 😔👉👈
Technically, Haliburton has licensed the patent. Interwebs don't agree on whether it is an exclusive license or not. If you had any doubts about the *** Cheney/Darth Vader comparisons, he is in fact an evil *** read on:
Xiaomi has overtaken Samsung to become the No. 1 smartphone vendor in China, reports state.
if 2014-2015 officers were Star Wars people Ruiqi He - Princess Leia because she's a strong interdependent woman who don't need no droids telling her what to do Maya Nandakumar - Yoda because wise words and metaphors (milk) also similar stature and soothing voice Narayan Sundararajan - Chewbacca because (in wookie voice); "yas" Aliyah Quereshi - Obi Wan Kanobi because they are both calm-headed also Ashley Blazek - Han Solo because mullet also because i feel they have the same adventurous personality Sarah Christian - Padme because she's little quiet also she was sick this week just like padme is but they have nice personalities too Amol Punjabi - Anakin Skywalker aka the Chosen One because he is the chosen one, but the whole deal with Darth Vader we'll have to see
Laurence Bevan created this costume to appear as Darth Vader using Fibreglass Resin & Gel…
Apple will reportedly announce its next iPhone on September 9th
Darth vader found on a French beach today In summer wardrobe by me and my son.
Truth in spades my friend! Dream crushers are nature's Darth Vader.
We've decided that if ping pong was Star Wars, I'm Darth Sidious, AJ is Darth Vader, and Alex is Jar Jar Binks
why do Darth Vader accounts keep following me!?
Toronto artist David Irvine paints pop culture figures such as Pac-Man and Darth Vader on to found paintings, writes Kathryn Bromwich
My doctor gave me a CPAP to sleep with. Now every night during sex I'm Darth Vader, and my wife is Princess Leia :/
Darth Vader is so chatty in Star Wars 4 compared to 3
I think Elmo went over to the dark side. He’s snoring and sounding like Darth Vader!
The Imperial March (Darth Vader's Theme) played by floppy drives. Can't wait for new sequel!!!
I just said 'Yes' The booming voice went "Carry on little one." So I did. It's either a neighbour, God or Darth Vader. 2/2
superb! I've ordered! Can I get a PAC code from darth vader now or at the end of my contract? Thanks 4 ur help!!
Anakin Skywalker is Darth Vader. When he was young, he was like a child prodigy. Midichlorian count is equivalent to IQ.
3 of 5 stars to Goodnight Darth Vader by Jeffrey Brown
I wont be hard to find. Im wearing a Darth Vader mask and I have a megaphone.
Had this weird dream where Darth Vader was Jesús
““Darth Vader driver feels the force of motorway police - lol” oops
Up for auction is a 1980 Kenner Star Wars Darth Vader Collector Case. The case is in used condition with some light overall wear/scratches. All the snaps work fine and none are broken.
Why hasn't Hollywood picked up this script? Darth Vader and Woody make a perfect team! http…
Darth Vader has better approval rating than 2016 presidential candidates. via
Darth Vader super boot is to be burnt and actual real shoes (two!!) can now be worn.This is the real rehabilitation.
Our friend at Jedi Temple Archives got and early look a production copy of the upcoming Black Series Darth Vader,...
Panda in a darth Vader suit would be beyond cool.
Little Giant Ladders
Darth Vader's going for a bold new look
why is there picture of darth vader in the ocean taking sea salt water and putting it in a Brita filter
According to psychologists, Darth Vader had narcissistic & psychopathic tendencies due to his lack of parental care. should bring in a Darth Vader mask one day lol
Who is the most intimidating villain: Darth Vader or Gustavo Fring?
Sitting at the mall having lunch with Kristian, when I hear these kids playing in the kid area. The name of the game is 'I'm darth vader, and you're skywalker!!' Makes me feel good that some parents know how to raise there kids.
Darth Vader: Luke, I am your father. Me: My name is Sean. We don't even look alike. You're not a very good dad.
darth Vader was worse he blew up an entire planet.
Catwoman for Darth Vader? Julie Newmar coming to in place of injured David Prowse
I am prepared to do whatever it takes to make you happy...
in the future I hope luke has a daughter and she'll run up to him in darth vader helmet, breathe heavily and say "luke, I …
Saw a Darth Vader action figure in a toy store. It said 'Choking Hazard' on the package. I laughed.
And for that, I am deeply sorry. You are everything to me.
Darth vader. I'm not making that up!
is that Darth Vader face on Jesus body?
Order Miche Bag Online!
Grill... or grill not. There is no fry. Darth Vader Lightsaber BBQ Fork:
I hate running. Like I do it for sports, but afterward my breathing sounds like a Darth Vader choking out Stephen Hawking.
Darth Vader lives!!! Black.. Are there any other colors for a demon beast that eats ford, dodge , Italian , or german s best?
I know Godzilla. I know Darth Vader. I know the Kraken. . And there is nothing scarier than a "0 calorie" soda.
YES absolutely. I did say that Quill's dad is definitely Darth Vader
I woke up half asleep so I could catch him just to show him my darth vader pillow. And he laughed
So my kid told me a joke tonight:. How did Darth Vader know what Luke got him for his bday? . He felt his presence…
So I had my back tattoo come to me in my dream last night and I think I'm going to get it lol I just don't know which pic would look best of Darth Vader
Last I checked Darth Vader is in the lead for the 2016 presidential election in the polls.
Fantastic new Polo for Star Wars fans! Featuring Darth Vader and Storm Trooper 'Stamp' design, and in stock now -
Get this Free Darth Vader Ringtone for Your Cellphone. This Really is The Best Ringtone Ever! Download the Free Darth Vader Ringtone app for Android: https:/...
We all know Darth Vader is a tyrant, but any time I speak up I get called a racist just because he's black.
In perhaps the most bizarre Star Wars rumor so far, WWE Superstar Sheamus is being heavily rumored to be playing Darth Vader in Episode VII. Wait Darth Vader is going to appear in Episode VII? That has yet to be confirmed or even hinted to be the case. Yet the Irish born “Celtic Warrior” sent a cryp…
I just don't understand why Darth Vader would drive a car. It's like the official Buzz Aldrin submarine.
Am I the only one who thought for a while that Ruth Bader Ginsberg was related to Darth Vader, but like on her mom's side?
Darth Vader: Calrissian. Take the princess and the Wookie to my ship. Lando: You said they'd be left…
Wanna see the actor inside the Darth Vader outfit (David Prowse)? Go watch A Clockwork Orange.
If at least 1 Kerry fan doesnt rock up to Croke Park Sunday in some kinda Darth Vader /Stormtrooper/Star Wars costume ill be v.disappointed
Senate President Franklin Drilon shattered the tableau by stopping Senator Nancy Binay from forcing Abad to give his testimony under oath. What on earth was Drilon afraid of that she would ask ? Abad’s mentorship of Napoles? That Abad might be forced to perjure himself – like Bill Clinton lying, “I did not have sex with that woman”? The muzzling of the oath gave the impression that the dark side scored a point. When Drilon started lawyering for Abad, when Trillanes offered PR advice to the administration, and when Senators Recto, Osmena, Escudero, Angara, threw lifeless questions, it became apparent that everything had been rehearsed between the Cabinet and the Senate and that the questions had been planted. It looked like Darth Vader had won the day. But that’s only a momentary delusion of this shameless bunch. In fact, they have huge legal issues to hurdle, say the lawyer experts, starting with the Supreme court DAP decision. SC decision lists senators and their loot Remarkably, as if to seal ...
Darth Vader to sign Lando Calrissian on a Bosman
Darth Vader polls higher than all 2016 presidential candidates, "True Blood" slams conservatives, a typo threatens Obamacare, and Elon Musk shares his visionary technology.'.
Darth Vader more popular than any potential 2016 US presidential candidate; Jar Jar Binks more popular than Congress
(The Hero) Luke - Scott . (The Real bad guy) - The Emperor - Scott’s dad . (The bad guy who is the hero in the end) Darth Vader - Peter.
nah man these are awful. There's no way Hayden Christiansen is Darth Vader. No f'ing way
Jar Jar Binks is more popular than the US Congress and Darth Vader than presidential candidates via
The metaphor breaks down. I think *** Cheney was both Darth Vader and the Emperor. Bush was Jar Jar Binks.
Hillary Clinton: "Darth Vader would not be my choice for President, considering his performance as George Bush's Vice Pr…
Nothing will ever be more badass than Darth Vader riding a Charizard:
Wait, and Darth Vader titles are ongoing, but Princess Leia only a miniseries? :-(
From USA TODAY New 'Star Wars' comic launches in 2015 Jason Aaron is again putting his Darth Vader carrying case packed full of vintage Star Wars action figures to good use, probably for the first time since he was a kid. The writer and artist John Cassaday kick off Marvel Comics' new line of comic books based on the sci-fi franchise in January with Star Wars, the first of three titles launching in 2015. Marvel, which takes over the Star Wars license for comics from Dark Horse Comics, is releasing a pair of tie-in books to expand the universe: the ongoing Star Wars: Darth Vader by writer Kieron Gillen and artist Salvador Larroca in February, and the five-issue miniseries Star Wars: Princess Leia by writer Mark Waid and artist Terry Dodson in March. USA TODAY on your mobile device:
It took a while to sink in but it finally did. Jason Aaron is writing a Star Wars book with John Cassaday on art! Kieron Gillen is writing a Darth Vader book with Salvador Larroca! And they're properly connected! Also, a Princess Leia mini-series from Mark Waid & Terry Dodson! It's a good time to be a Star Wars fan.
Today, a political poll that uses the Farce… A new poll by the group FiveThirtyEight compares the favorability ratings of various “Star Wars” characters to today’s politicians. Not surprisingly, Luke Skywalker and Han Solo had the highest ratings, around 90 percent. Hillary Clinton had the highest favorable rating of any politician, but she still lags far behind Darth Vader. Barack Obama rated even lower than the evil Emperor Palpatine. Tied for the lowest rating of all: Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, who are viewed less favorably than Jar-Jar Binks, the most annoying “Star Wars” character of all time. And it is with great humility that I report that the highest favorable rating of any Republican went to me. Still, I did come in far behind Han Solo. And considering that Han is a self-employed entrepreneur who hates taking orders from distant authorities, who carries a weapon, and as we all know, won’t hesitate to use it…there’s a good chance he might be the highest-rated Republican ...
Now you want to join the dark side??? I must be Luke Skywalker and you are Darth Vader. 😒
"It is . . . too late for me . . . son . . . ." - Annakin "Darth Vader" Skywalker, to Luke Skywalker.
I liked a video from Star Wars Battlefront 2 - Darth Vader - Endor Conquest
Kind of messed up how Darth Vader tortures his own daughter in the original Star Wars.
Full-size Darth Vader Star Wars car Hot Wheels has produced a full-size car based on Darth Vader from Star Wars With the return of the Star Wars film series just over the horizon, toy car maker Hot Wheels has put together a range of themed models to cash in on the new films. That's not all, though - the company has also built a full-size version of the Darth Vader car, based on the iconic heavy breathing baddie. It's unlikely that Darth Vader would need a car, given his access to a variety of spaceships and more importantly his death at the end of the film "Return of the Jedi". That hasn't stopped Hot Wheels, however, with the brand designing a full-size car based on Vader's most memorable features. The car features a carbon-fibre nose shaped like the famous Darth Vader helmet, custom red line tyres and even "heavy breathing sounds" to really hammer home that Darth Vader connection. It also features a version of the 6.2-litre V8 engine from the previous-generation Chevrolet Corvette, producing 526bhp. The ...
Happy little guy in his new home!! He has a pit bull bestie named Darth Vader, and his new family has named him Luke Skywalker!! : ) Aliscia Harper
How could the resist the chance to see Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader together?
Darth Vader polling higher than Hillary Clinton and other 2016 presidential hopefuls?
Darth Vader polling higher than potential 2016 candidates v…
Hot Wheels® and Star Wars™ join forces to create the ultimate ride for the dark side! The Hot Wheels ® Star Wars™ Darth Vader™ life-size car is complete with...
For Stargate fans: " Vala: Have you ever heard of someone getting pregnant w/o having sex? Sam: There was one... Teal'c: Darth Vader"
“President Darth Vader” is probably never going to appear in any United States history books, but polling figures suggest that the Sith lord of Star Wars lore is more popular than any actual likely 2016 oval office candidates.
In a mock presidential election poll taken yesterday, Darth Vader would win in a landslide over (R) Gov Chris Christy & (D) Hillary Clinton. So public opinion of our real political candidates is lower than that of a Sixth Lord from the dark side who is *** bent on grabbing all control and power and subjugating the entire galaxy to his authoritarian control.
We already knew it was Corvette-based (a C5) and allegedly drivable. Here's the proof. The full-scale Darth Vader car made its video debut running under its own power, looking cool, for a ride whose design is essentially based on a helmet.
“None of the 2016 hopefuls is polling higher than Darth Vader. You'll recall that Vader chopped off his son's arm and blew up an entire planet, but evidently in the eyes of the American public these are minor sins compared to Benghazi, Bridgegate and Gov. Rick Perry's hipster glasses. These numbers suggest that if 'Star Wars' were real and Darth Vader decided to enter the 2016 presidential race, he'd be the immediate front-runner,” Ingraham wrote.
And here's a cool promo video for that 526-horsepower Darth Vader Hot Wheels car built over a Corvette.
Gatlingun-santa superman vs red lantern resurrected darth vader. No prep time, who wins?
Do you have a T Shirt that your family HATES I have 2 Darth Vader shirts that my MOM hates... :(
For the first time ever, the Star Wars universe is joining the, uh, car wars as Mattel unveils its first toy based on the film series. Darth Vader is getting his own themed ride, which is making its debut during Comic-Con this week, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The black sports car (naturally) comes in […]
Take an up close look at the life size Darth Vader car on display at the Hot Wheels booth!
Sitting, watching the full grown man in the Darth Vader helmet have to sneak peeks out of the bottom of his mask so he doesn't trip walking up the stairs…
Checkout the amazing speed drawing of Darth Vader sketched using a Samsung Galaxy Note by our Youth Arabia team.
Darth Vader has a brother named Chad and in other news, Harrison Ford can walk: via
Storm Troopers getting ready to get their marching orders from Darth Vader. It is Star Wars Day at Chase Field.
How to ruin great movies with a single cast change Star Wars with Gilbert Gottfried as the voice of Darth Vader...or the voice of anyone
By channeling Darth Vader, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Princess Leia, Jon Stewart pummeled Stephen Colbert in an epic battle to see who's the bigger "Star Wars" fan. But the real winners in this sci-fi fight (in an office *** special-effects-batt...
Learn how to prove you’re actually the world’s biggest Star Wars fan!     The Star Wars universe is home to countless unforgettable rivalries: Luke vs. Darth Vader, Boba Fett vs. Han Solo, and now Stephen Colbert vs. Jon Stewart. When the two comedians discover the Star Wars: Force for Change contest, their friendship […]
if I were given one wish and one wish only it would be for Gilbert Gottfried to play Darth Vader in the new movies
OMFG! Are puga leia and Edgar darth vader now?
A conversation between my kids (Nilah 8 & Jonte 6) whilst watching Star Wars ... Jonte: "Is Darth Vader dead yet Nilah?" Nilah: "Yes" Jonte: "Oh well, at least he had a good life eh Nilah?" Isn...
This pedicure would be much more relaxing if the lady next to me stopped breathing like Darth Vader.
I think having the actual Darth Vader insult me might just be the 2nd best moment of my life. 12yr old me would have wet himself. ;-)
Pewd's peace offering to the stormtroopers. Darth Vader would be pleased...
When people say Dark Vader, instead of Darth Vader 😂🔫
tha's so cool, darth vader sent his soldiers to your house OMFG
true... Just something about Darth Vader strolling through a "Phineas and Ferb" doesn't seem right...
I always knew you were Darth Vader Puga.
ruined his day he left with his ugly "meds saved his life" n my Darth Vader voice.
I sound like a middle aged man my voice is so raspy (this sounds like a negative but I'm actually going around talking like darth vader)
“don't give them puga give them Edward say hi for darth vader
omg I thought Edgar was Darth Vader?! 😱😂 hope Puga and Edgar's better now xxx
my question was who could Do the best Darth Vader impression
Some say that Darth Vader was impressed by his suit and decided to make his own
It's a shame that Darth Vader never realized the power of the Sammich.
Literally all I know about is that darth vader is Luke's dad!! . I NEED TO CATCH UP 😫
Do other people sometimes forget how to breath and do the really weird Darth Vader like suck of air thing?
Darth vader alarm clock from my brother in Canada. I think it fits in well.
Goodnight Darth Vader is almost here! To celebrate, enter for a chance to win custom artwork by Jeffrey Brown
Just chilling with my main man Darth Vader here
I'm on the phone with tech support and the guy I'm talking to is heavily breathing through his mouth so I think he's probably Darth Vader.
Stockholm Syndrome: So Rupert Murdoch wants to buy Time Warner. I haven't worked there since the Time/Warner merger. My old division has been split off and sold to a Russian oligarch. The books are gone, the magazines are gone, the cable company's gone. And yet: Darth Vader wants to devour my company? HOW DARE HE! (I should probably retract that headline. TW in general, and Warner Bros. Records in particular, were paragons of excellence in the Steve Ross/Mo Ostin days. Mo once yelled at me for wearing a suit to work; I had dressed for a funeral but he was afraid I'd scare the artists and demoralize the staff. Great place, great people. Hate to think of them under the thumb of Lord Voldemort.)
Pelosi wants to high-tech espionage: The plan to feel like Darth Vader's troops get on tobacco products Airlines e...
Trying to solve a family Darth Vader in all the Star Wars movies?
J: That sounds awesome. J: You may kill me on the drive. Not driving-wise. But because I’m getting on your nerves. Me: Oh, I would throw you out the window at least once. Especially if you eat. Chewing noises. Me: It would be wise to strap an inflatable raft to yourself to make it impossible for me to shove you out the window. Plus, I’m a crappy driver. So we may use it as a flotation device if I swerve off of a bridge by accident. Really could work on two levels. You were a Boy Scout, right? J: Inflatible raft J: Totally normal road trip accessory Me: If I do throw you out the window, I will say, in my best Star Wars commander voice ::: “An escape pod was jettisoned during the fighting. No life forms were present.” And *switch to Darth Vader voice* ::: “She must have hidden the plans in the escape pod. Send a detachment down to retrieve them!” Me: Because I like to use Darth Vader impressions as much as possible. Me: Then I will use my Swiffer duster to sweep you back into the car. ...
Photoset: rousseaus: Favorite Lost bloopers I hate this mask so much. I feel like Darth Vader!
I think I need a day at the spa. Or the mall. can watch the younglings for 24 hours. . I hope.
Master Win-Noah-do and his capable cohorts Darth Vader Tater and the Notorious Spud Trooper. Bad guys,…
The Stormtroopers and Darth Vader in the age of .and Eric 'the red' Holder.
My portfolio site looks like Darth Vader designed it. I think I'm ok with this.
Mom said she feels like beating the ups man like Luke Skywalker did darth vader on return of the Jedi 😂😂
My Instagram is mostly cats and vulgar Darth Vader illustrations.
HA! ~ This is why Darth Vader doesn't play baseball!
My lack of Darth-Vader powers is really disturbing. *rages at the internet*
"This will be a day long remembered. It has seen the end of Kenobi, and will soon see the end of the rebellion.” -Darth Vader 'Star Wars'
Stoked! My first loot crate will be here Monday! This month is villans... come joker or Darth vader!
Darth Vader has spoken & removes himself to the Death Star. The Imperial Empire continues to feed its minions.
Darth Vader (white chocolate) before it was trimmed and painted.
The fact that my dad has the Darth Vader theme as my mom ringtone is hysterical. Love my dad!
These "Fun Facts" are about Mars: (1) The month of March gets its name from the planet Mars. (2) The ancient Egyptians gave Mars its first recorded name, “the red one.” The Babylonians called it “star of death.” (Maybe that’s where Darth Vader got the idea) (3) Dust storms on Mars can have winds which reach up to 125 miles per hour, can last for weeks and cover up the whole planet! (4) Mars is home to a vast canyon called Valles Marineris, which is 2,500 miles long (as long as the continental U.S.) and four miles deep. (5) In a Martian winter, very nearly 20% of the air freezes.
Lol and i will have Darth Vader and obi-wan kenobi
Team IVX, a cop and Darth Vader walk into ESI-a long, long time ago (1997) in a galaxy far, far away...
Large batman and darth vader both brand new looking for £30 each or near offer all other items make me a offer captain America poster is brand new and sealed £2 thanks
Just had a crazy, random thought. I love Star Wars, know all the characters, but did not know who played Darth Vader.
First world problems - I seem to get a plethora of hard bloody boogers whenever I come to NY. I don't know why, it's a little annoying, and I hate sounding like Darth Vader in the morning 0_o
Salt Lake Comic Con and the BYU adlab are hosting a Casting Call for their upcoming web series! We're creating 5 mini-episodes of a Late Night show set in the world of comics and fantasy. We're looking for the ultimate cosplayers with the most realistic costumes and/or greatest acting chops. Casting will be this SATURDAY 7/19 SALT LAKE CITY SESSION: 9:00AM-12:PM Location: BYU Salt Lake Center, Classrooms 313 & 315. Guests can park in student parking terrace and pull a ticket that can be validated in the library. PROVO SESSION: 3:00PM-6:00PM Location: BYU Provo, Brimhall Building, Room 140. Closest available parking is along 800th North. All are welcome, but we are specifically looking for the following characters and costumes. Come in full cosplay if you can! Most positions will be volunteer but some leading roles* will be paid. Black Widow* Cantina Band Iron Man Frodo Sam (LOTR) Hermione Link Thor Draco Jack Sparrow Robin Wonder Woman Yoda (voice) Batman* Superman* Katniss Spiderman Flash Captain Americ ...
When I worked for Lou Brutus at Whfs Radio back in its cool declination at the Darth Vader Building in the Landover area, he used to say "Who will be meaning which celebrity would be the third to die after two others died recently. I feel like now, in a black comedy way, Lou could be asking "What will be (World War) Let's see, the Ukraine may declare war on Russia; Israel is bombing the S out of the Palestinians, after they bombed innocent Isrealis first, then Israel's bombs hit civilians too. And of course who could forget the nutcase who runs N. Korea and the Islamic religous demagogue who (actually, not the figurehead president) runs Iran. Fun time in the world right?
Watched Star Wars today and it reminded me how much I love Darth Vader!
Trying to sleep when your girlfriend Megan Cox has a cold and sounds like darth vader is hard work
I was bout to fight this fat *** dude his name is keaton Johnson and he had bad breath nd he sounded like darth vaders and i was swingin but he was scared
Benito Mussolini and The Blue Meanie and. Cowboy Curtis and Jambi the Genie. Robocop, the Terminator, Captain Kirk, and Darth Vader
Happy 18th Hoped you liked our special guests Darth Vader & Storm trooper's message! & my hosting 👊
You may hate Tim Neverett like I do, but at least he never did an interview with Darth Vader. I'm looking at you, ESPN.
So James Earl Jones was premed and he's Darth Vader, looks like I'm going down the right path
ironically, James Earl Jones is the voice of Darth Vader.
I'd have James Earl Jones as Darth Vader...i'm not just talking his voice too.
My youngest brother has been admitted into the prince Charles hospital for a lung transplant assessment. No he's not a smoker he was born with cystic fibrosis. So, if he passes the assessment it means he goes into surgery for a lung transplant. Now we need your help, If I get 2 or more likes i will personally ask the surgeons if we can implant a Darth Vader voice box during surgery! So people, you all know what you have to do: 2 or more likes & which toy shop to buy the voice box from!
Frozen meets Star Wars for this "Do you want to build a snowman" parody. In this alternate Star Wars universe music video, the TIE Pilot asks Darth Vader in ...
my son will be in the parade today so i will be there, he will be Darth Vader and walking with Zap Zone
I had crushes on Darth Vader and Boba Fett when I was a kid. What does that say about me? :)
from Exar Kun to Darth Revan to Darth Bane, Darth Maul, Darth Sidious and Darth Vader. All badasses! Who wouldn't be a fan?
I added a video to a playlist Bane with Darth Vader's Voice
I added a video to a playlist Darth Vader with Bane's Voice - Luke vs Vader
Lol @ Darth Vader's bomber getting deflected into deep space. You'll never find Padme's love out there
Bummer! We lost Lucas Museum! "Who's Darth Vader and who's the Ewoks" via
No powdered sugar today...Star Wars pancakes! Millennium Falcon and Darth Vader's Tie-Fighter. It's how we roll.
How was Akira Kurosawa responsible for Star Wars? Why are Jedi called Jedi? And what about Darth Vader's helmet?.
Darth Vader Star Wars rubber silicone case cover protector for Apple iPhone 5C
And Soul Calibur also features Darth Vader, who is in Star Wars, items from which appear in Disney Infinity.
The best African American actor is James Earl Jones. And he was only the voice of Darth Vader
Luke Skywalker is Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader's son. The mother is Natalie Portman. A politician in the movie.
Who's Darth Vader and who's the Ewoks? Casting players in Lucas museum fiasco
Had a weird dream featuring the voice of James Earl Jones as Darth Vader. Not sure of anything else about it.
Who's Darth Vader and who's the Ewoks: Casting the players in museum fiasco
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
J.J. Abrams' official trailer for Star Wars Episode VII coming in 2015. Darth Vader returns in the latest chapter of the Star Wars series. The rebellion must...
Darth Vader has made a deal of a lifetime to rid of Emperor Palpatine and survive X)
I know people know this but I love that James Earl Jones voiced Darth Vader and Simba from the Lion King ^_^
So you're telling me there's a white guy in this Darth Vader suit that sounds like James Earl Jones?
Star Wars Drew Struzan Ralph McQuarrie was arguably best known for giving Darth Vader and R2…
James Earl Jones was the voice of Darth Vader and Mufasa, Simba's father in The Lion King.
In Kingdom Hearts-20XX your party consists of Jar Jar Binks, Nemo and Donald Duck. Your mission: destroy Darth Vader {voiced by Jake Lloyd}
You can run with Wookies, Darth Vader, Yoda, Star Troopers, Jedi Knights, and fight Wow!
"And I REALLY hope they don't recast Darth Vader; Jake Lloyd really, like, defines that role for me."
Where else can you run with Wookies, Robots, Darth Vader, Yoda, Star Troopers and Jedi Knights, Julie...
I liked a video Darth Vader with Bane's Voice - Random Scenes
Chris Perez is closely behind Gene Lamont for the title of Darth Vader of Baseball
Reliable Source: What you get when you mix Darth Vader, John Dingell and that cute kid duo from ‘Nashville’
Darth Vader is the only black man to claim a child as his
Hi there! We're waiting all of you to fight against First Galactic Empire. We have Darth Vader, what have you got?
: People keep posting this page about Marty McFly altering future history by running over a pine tree. Nobody ever mentions that George McFly got rich off a best selling novel and never got sued by George Lucas or Gene Roddenberry for use of "Darth Vader" and "Planet Vulcan".
Star Wars fans and enthusiasts from all over the country will flock to the National Space Centre in Leicester for a massive convention this weekend. Stars from the films, including David Prowse who played Sith lord Darth Vader, Warwick Davis who was Wicket the Ewok and Kenny Baker as R2D2.
These ended up being my favorite random pictures from last week why? because it shows without a doubt that Brandon Lee wanted to be Darth Vader.
"Last night Darth Vader came down from Vulcan and told me to ask Loraine out." -George McFly
“And it's a home run for Darth Vader!!
I was almost asleep, until someone decided to play the Darth Vader theme song on the piano in the rec hall
Last night I dreamed that Glen Taylor purchased the rights to the next three Star Wars movies. They were "direct to video." I got to play Darth Vader! It went very badly for Han Solo. Who was also, somehow, 007. Whatever. Now I'm going to go on the con circuit. Who wants to buy an auto or a photo-op?
3 racist attacks a day in Northern Ireland! Shocking.Heard Death Star music in my head as response. Remembered that Darth Vader is black :-)
Albuquerque, Maine. You watch Naruto with Soleil Moon Frye. Dave Mathews learns about Darth Vader not far away.
I just confirmed tickets to see my good friend Michael Serrecchia-Robinson chew up a little scenery Friday night as Captain Hook. I can't wait! My favorite villain of all time; Darth Vader was Heidi compared to this guy.
Darth Vader and Son. Darth Vader and SonJeffrey Brown (Author) 782 days in the top 1...
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