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Darth Vader

Darth Vader (born Anakin Skywalker) is the central character of the Star Wars saga, appearing as one of the main antagonists of the original trilogy and as the main protagonist of the prequel trilogy.

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Jake Lloyd never played Darth Vader. He played someone who would eventually become Darth Vader.
Darth Vader should have been ordered to pay back child support for Luke and Leia.
My grandma just discovered the Berenstein Bears conspiracy, and the fact that Darth Vader says "no I am your father" not Luke
Darth Vader, Professor Moriarty, Dr. Hannibal Lector, Norman Bates, and the Wicked Witch of the West.
Victor Von Doom, a Trekkie, still saved Darth Vader . mask in his house. Bless him
I'm unable to see Darth Vader without voice in my head going 'I'm Lord Vader. The Lord Vader. Baron van Vaderham.'.
Darth Vader was a murderer and now he does the hammer dance at Tomorrowland
I remember the man that played Darth Vader came to our school .. He was also the green cross code man
The Star Wars fan in your life will love this 16oz Darth Vader thermos! Now just $12.44 shipped w/Prime -->
If only it wasn't an insult to Darth Vader's or Sidious' badassery... Grand Moff Drumpf, anyone?
You mean like Hans Gruber, Wilson Fisk, Darth Vader, Sidious, Ramsey Bolton, Saurmen and every evil rich white guy.
Dad just went into a rant about how it's stupid to learn the green cross code from hedgehogs & his generation had it better with Darth Vader
Love ya, Tom, but I refuse to pick against Darth Vader, aka Omar Gonzalez.
Rina and I breathe like Darth Vader & discuss Albert Einstien
Reports that Darth Vader, Ming the Merciless and Lord Voldemort also back
Douglas Development has filed plans for renovations and an addition to the Darth Vader building on Massachusetts Avenue
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Darth Vader: ...take this mask off. Luke: But you'll die!. DV: Nothing can stop that now. Just for once let me look on you with my own eyes.
Back to the Future from George McFly's POV: guy shows up and calls him Dad. Darth Vader breaks into his house. Punches rapist. Terrifying.
Darth Vader did come back from the Dark Side of the Force, so...
Mindblown. Actor C. Andrew Nelson played Darth Vader in RA 2 and Luke Skywalker in X-Wing.
Rachel Bilson's Instagram shows what it's really like to raise Darth Vader's daughter
I was so sad when Darth Vader killed professor Dumbledore
Had a dream last night about Laura Roslin and Clint Barton being friends in a resistance against a Darth Vader-like villain.
I liked a video from Luke Skywalker Surrenders to Darth Vader - HD1080p - Star Wars
I keep on walking round my house doing all my chores humming hand of truth on the theme of Darth Vader. ITS NOT A CULT.
stormtroopers to the final from a dark lord Darth Vader with a brilliant whip and nae nae also I was dancing to all them
Would you rather Be in a lightsaber battle with Kylo Ren or Be in a lightsaber battle with Darth Vader?
Darth Vader enjoying the band at Sew Hungry yesterday on Ottawa St N
this post for chance to win a Dave Prowse & James Earl Jones signed Darth Vader 8x10 http…
So, the feeling of Doom I get watching Trump news should be accompanied by an ominous voice.Vincent Price + Darth Vader come to mind.
Miniature versions of Darth Vader and Princess Leia by Nendo:
Update your maps at Navteq
Stealing your Darth Vader shirt this time :P
Mike Golic Sr. in the Kylo Ren mask. Kylo the wanna be Darth Vader
I don't think this election cycle could be any worse, if it were Darth Vader vs. Bane.
"So Mr Wolf did you want to go full Darth Vader or just partial Bane"
DVR Alert: Garrison Titan's TK, Kylo Ren and Darth Vader will be appearing on KING-5 TV's "New Day Northwest"...
Seeing the stream and you guys holding the mics that way I feel a Darth Vader or Bane impression coming soon.
Star Wars marathon continues. Hilarious watching the little one's shock when she realises who Darth Vader is!
your like BANE or Darth Vader.. good guy turned bad when ya hit the hardwood
"Rogue One" idea:. Darth Vader has the spies cornered. R2-D2 shows up for no reason. He saves the day with his rocke…
John Keys is giving an organ recital this Sunday. . "Peter and the Wolf meet Darth Vader and 007" .
Ya know, the force unleashed is a good game that still holds up. And Chad Vader actually kills it as Darth Vader
Friendly Reminder that someone is paid United States Dollars to dress as Darth Vader and tear up the stage every day
oh great Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine have both endorsed Clinton. Could there be anything worse.
some of my favorites - Hawkeye, Ales Kot's Secret Avengers, Ms. Marvel, Darth Vader, superior foes of spider-man
Popular day for Doug Hyde signed artwork in the galleries - Darth Vader & Catman & Robin all off to new homes...
Will you be bringing back Darth Vader & Emperor Palpatine in the next Star Wars Movies. Some of us fans would like to see this.
Hot new arrivals from the Dark Side! Disney Elite Series . Darth Vader. Darth Maul . General Grievous . Droid factory set
"Darth Maul is different from Darth Vader... Right?" -
the 10 dollar bill should have Darth Vader on the front w/Franco Harris' immaculate reception on the back, in my opinion
[rumor] ‘Star Wars’ Actor Peter Mayhew Reveals Obi-Wan Kenobi was supposed to survive his battle with Darth Vader v…
Though not fictional, I'd choose David Prowse, Jame Earl Jones, and Sebastian Shaw. Together they make Darth Vader. :)
Darth Vader has been played by 6 people: David Prowse, James Earl Jones, Bob Anderson, Sebastian Shaw, Jake Lloyd and Hay…
Rogue One reportedly has a Darth Vader actor and it is not Hayden Christensen
NO Hayden Christensen for . Sources say Spencer Wilding will play Darth Vader, and James Earl Jones will dub the voice.
Me: I love how the First Order are equal-opportunity bad guys. The Empire was such a sausage fest. Dad: Darth Vader wasn't a feminist.
Heard my daughter humming Darth Vader's theme this morning. So proud, you would've thought she won a Nobel Peace Prize
Greatest Movie Lines: "I find your lack of faith disturbing." - Darth Vader 'Star Wars'
R&E: What was the name of Darth Vader's Super Star Destroyer? Pay attention to that!
What does Darth Vader have to do with Boston Pops and Wentworth? Find out here: .
I was 6: young enough to think that Darth Vader's name was "Dark Stranger". Dad never corrected me. Thanks dad.
Admiral Akbar is a woman. So is Greedo, Boba Fett, Darth Vader. People complaining about girls in Star Wars don't know anyth…
Ahsoka Tano v Darth Vader fight in Star Wars Rebels really got me tearing up
I liked a video ★ Ahsoka Tano VS Darth Vader - Star Wars Rebels Season 2 Finale Twilight of the
Darth Vader. Magneto. and Keith Carradine's character in Nashville, the greatest depiction of an aloof emotional vampire.
I also went to a Hockey game for the Lake Erie Monsters that it was Star Wars Day and I dressed up as Darth Vader
Anyone else a big fan?!. Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine discuss
lmao im really Emperor Palpatine. TJ is my Darth Vader
3 of 5 stars to Darth Vader and Friends by Jeffrey Brown
Darth Vader breathing. Is there any other sound more wonderfully terrifying?
I read Triple-Zero's speech in Anthony Daniel's voice but probably shouldn't. What do you hear when he speaks in Darth Vader's series?
if I could have dinner with one person living or dead. it would be Darth Vader alive obviously . why would you want dinner with…
Took a break from voting in to meet Darth Vader in Eyre Square!
Grace Bible Church- where you get quotes from Clint Eastwood, Atticus Finch, and Darth Vader in…
Ella Fitzgerald marries Darth Vader. She is now known as Ella Vader. :)
In other news the Darth Vader chocolate cake I baked for my brother's birthday fell into pieces 😭😭
Ugh ripped off Aaron Sorkin. That’s like Darth Vader quoting the Dalai Lama.
my family should give C3PO more respect. Darth Vader built him. he is darth vader's legacy
Darth Vader is a spoon bender The Ethics and Theology of Star Wars @ Conway Hall
Is that really all it takes to kill the world?
Look i am ur father . Jesus: *** off, joseph. Joseph: (swigs wine then pulls off darth vader mask) it was just a joke, lighte…
Me - look at Darth Vader he's had a helmet polishing. Hubby - giggidy.
Thoughts on a Darth Vader Animated Series in the style of Batman's animation.
Today at work I learned my personality is similar to Darth Vader, Thor, Woody, Bagheera and Professor Minerva McGonagall
Dunno if he's my favorite but I love Darth Vader because he took every step on the road to villainy consciously.
Why is the guy next to me breathing like Darth Vader
playing the role of Darth Vader is everything! 👍👍
The beckons: Darth Vader to Rebel Trooper: "Your feeble defence is irrelevant" ..
"I only hope that we don't lose sight of one thing - that it was all started by Darth Vader." - Walt Disney
Famous illusionist and stunt performer, Harry Houdini in 1914. Colorized by
My mum thought Kylo Ren was darth Vader ???
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Darth Vader Easter egg my life is complete
"you're afraid you'll never be as strong as Darth Vader". HOW DID YOU KNOW. "...kylo this room is a Vader shrine. i'm not even us…
"That would totally match my crochet Darth Vader booties" -my 40 year old male coworker
dear diary. i think i am coming down with something. i've been sneezing into my helmet all morning. I wonder how Darth Vader deal…
Kenner Darth Vader collectors case for action figures
No, but Darth was Anakin turned evil and Luke helped redeem his soul. His force ghost was Anakin made whole again, not Vader
That music MADE Darth Vader. Cool as he looked in the original, ESB is when he became AWESOME
I was singing Darth Vader's theme song with my so called Star Wars lover friend and she didn't even know it smh
People are saying this statue covered in snow in Wejherowo, Poland looks like Darth Vader. Thoughts?
Something I learned on OJT today: boss has Siri configured to call him "Galactic Emperor Darth Vader" in his voice commands.
Host: I request everybody to stand up; the chief guest has arrived. Me and *hums Darth Vader background score*
ZDoggMD channels Darth Vader in commentary on hospital communication woes
There's something about hearing James Earl Jones (Voice of Darth Vader) say "Totes Magoats" that makes life a little better.
If I heard Darth Vader on the CB radio, I would wonder why I had a CB radio. But seriously this is awesome.
Does my Darth Vader piggy bank count?
An alliance between Drumpf and Cruz . Would be like Darth Vader & the. Sith Lord. But it's Not a Gonna Happen.
er det Darth Vader som er Dark lord of the sith??
Star Wars Day with the About to have lunch with Darth Vader and friends!
BTW padme, your boyfriend will become Darth Vader, a Sith Lord and you'll have a twin. May the force be with you.
Heath Ledger's Joker, Darth Vader & Anton Chigurh has to be right up there on that list. They are my Top 3 villains of all time! :)
Watching The Descent. I might hate Juno more than Lord Voldemort, Darth Vader and that woman from the Clear Blue commercial.
In a fight between Batman and Darth Vader, the winner would be James Peterson.
Had so much fun putting Darth Vader together! Well now I'm like a Sith Lord all cuz of my figures are from the Dark Side...
Stephen Crabbe, eminently more qualified to lead the DWP than Lord Voldemort, Darth Vader, Blofeld, or Vlad Dracula. Tough competition!
well Sith Lord pretty much. covers the extent of it. so maybe you are Darth Vader
And Kylo Ren is not only nothing like Darth Vader, he cannot compete with a legendary Sith Lord as Count Dooku.
Notice: St. Patrick's Day has been canceled, and replaced with "Darth Vader's Day" by order of Kylo Ren. Don't wear gree…
Things you discover when learning another language: seems Darth Vader is Dark Vador in France, saving them having to pronounce the 'th'.
(9/24/13): on Senate floor in Darth Vader voice: "Mike Lee, I am your father.".
That awk moment when Star Tours includes Darth Vader, Finn, & BB-8 in the same simulation.
I would not choose helmet as a memorabilia of Darth Vader. I would want his Imperial I-class flagship "Star Destroyer" more.
Dark Vador - questions about Darth Vader spelling I have.
Trump/Christie 16 would be like Jabba the hut in a Darth Vader costume and a blonde Emperor Palpatine
Darth Revan. Darth Bane . Darth Vader. basically this is my top list
Darth Vader and Gangsta Granny playing catch at break time 👍
The beckons: How to make a paper Darth Vader (origami tutorial) ..
Darth Vader regrets being the father of Luke
Not too late to put this Darth Vader doppelgänger to work. Just in!! Open 11-6 daily
Protecting NFL's Darth Vader .. Belichick .. comes with a price. Your reputation for sportsmanship and fair play.
Even McCain, who was detested as a Darth Vader complete with attendees humming the "Imperial March" when he showed up, did CPAC.
New on Ebay!Star Wars in the USA Darth Vader & Ahsoka Tano Star Wars The Force Awakens Spa…
I'd rather have darth Vader slice my arm off with his lightsaber and force choke me out than do my math homework right now
For someone who claims they want to "be like Darth Vader;" Kylo Ren has some serious Snape hair action going on...
I feel like you should get darth Vader to remix one of your songs 😱🙏🏻
Luke got a new hand and a thought of Darth Vader as his father
How do you think Darth Vader became famous? Star Wars?
How to make an origami Darth Vader (Star Wars)
" you'll never be as. strong as darth vader ". +audio, i forgot s... (Vine by
Just in case you're bored... you can try this? ㅋㅋ
You'll need serious skills and patience to master this Darth Vader origami via
This statue in Poland got covered in snow and now it looks like Darth Vader
dad said people I'm trying to marry her, he knew Darth Vader tell
Go on, you know you want to. I'm going to use my credit card bill. How To Make An Origami Darth Vader
Learn how to fold an origami Darth Vader
Not only is Darth Vader your father... He apparently is also a Cleveland Cavs fan 😂😂
he's wearing a Darth Vader pin protect him with your life
Darth Vader is a better person and would be a better president than Donald Trump and that's truly amazing.
hux is upset because i misspelled Nietzsche in this manifesto we're writing. it has one more s than it should. Darth Vader doesn…
I told you to buy me the Darth Vader cereal.
Darth Vader: [force chokes stormtrooper]. Stormtrooper: harder daddy. Darth Vader: what. Stormtrooper: what
Hamilton Collection
The power to destroy a planet is insignificant when compared to the power ofthe Force. -- Darth Vader
Darth Vader, Dorothy of Oz and Pippi Longstocking just came into the shop. Have to love :)
I've never been to an LA fitness without seeing a dude wearing one of those Bane/Darth Vader masks and every time my eyes bleed in disbelief
Sorry I'm late but there was a guy @ the gym who had a mask on which made him look like Bane but sound like Darth Vader. Kinda hard to focus
Tony Abbott is the Darth Vader of scare campaigns, but Malcolm Turnbull is Jar Jar Binks, according to Jason Clare.
We painted pinewood derby cars tonight at our house. Darth Vader and Super Grover are almost ready to race on Saturday.
This is the one. Did you know that George Lucas loosely based Darth Vader and Luke on these two in the film.
*insert Darth Vader with helmet off comparison... ;)
Hey can we be best friends and talk about Star Wars all day and wear matching Darth Vader socks?
Best Waffle House memory: didn't finish her waffle. So I lean in and say "let me be the Kylo Ren to your Darth Vader"
Pack of 6 Star Wars 12'' latex balloons in 4 colours featuring Yoda and Darth Vader. Please note that the colours...
if you like talk and comparing Kempom to Darth Vader download the new podcast
Replace your Yule Log with five hours of a crackling Darth Vader
Monsanto *** like an evil movie style empire. Darth Vader of foods. Seeds are evil and if you have any you are evil.
yeah, but she's ignant and thinks that he's black due to James Earl Jones being the voice of Darth Vader...
Imagine this sitcom: Everybody Hates Reylo, staring Kylux, ace Rey, and Chris Rock as Darth Vader
Darth Vader: come on Vader just one more push up! Feeel the burn. Sidious:you felt the burn when you came to the Dark Side
Darth Vader told the storm troopers to hunt down the pilot who blowed up the DEATH STAR. Does he mean hunt for...
Bernie Ecclestone is Emperor Palpatine and Christian Horner is Darth Vader. "What is thy bidding my master." - Christian Horner
//Who should I rp as next? Kylo Ren, Darth Vader, Albert Wesker, Ansem (2nd Time) or The Joker (Heath Ledger or Animated).
Tbh my biggest pet peeve is people who mouth breathe like Darth Vader. PLEASE SHUT UP
My fave part is definitely the Darth Vader + Stormtroopers scene. The time I just realized its meaning to the MV blew my mind. Lol. 😅
Billy Dee Williams Mark Hamill and Darth Vader in the 80s
Darth Vader pedals Chelsea and Becky over to the Dark Side. @ Civic Center Park
It was Sebastian Shaw who played the unmasked Darth Vader.
People who could do a better job in negotiating with Europe:. Winston Churchill. William Wallace. Sir Walter Raleigh. Henry VIII. Darth Vader
I never want to hear Darth Vader breathe again.
This is what Darth Vader's résumé would look like if he were job hunting
We thrilled when Oscar got to battle Darth Vader in Jedi Training Trials of the Temple! Here, he's looking for Yoda…
'Darth Vader' in Wales: Why I want to make it up with George Lucas
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Darth Vader joins the dark tide on River Severn rescue boat:
We got Darth Vader jelly bellies as Xmas gifts. No one will touch them.
hey girl are you a Death Star . because Darth Vader would be upset you are taking so long to get ready
what a load of rubbish mate. You'll be telling me Darth Vader is Luke Skywalkers father next.
I added a video to a playlist VS Rounds | Darth Vader vs General Grievous
do you mean the guy in all black over there buddy *looks at Michael. That's Darth Vader buddy he's from StarWars.
I hate realizing how even people like Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Anton Chigurh, Darth Vader, the Queen Alien, and had positives.
We are celebrating Christmas a little differently this year. Boba Fett, Yoda and Darth Vader will be joining the...
You'll love these! Check out these Darth Vader helmets signed by David Prowse!
Me: How does Darth Vader like his pancakes?. Ben: I don't-. Me: A LITTLE ON THE Dark Side. Ben:. Me: Hashtag ht…
I play that game in order to understand the Star Wars universe before Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker
This is fun. Darth Vader plays harmonica (although it's actually Sonny Terry) -
Ted Cruz answers the question: "What would it sound like if Frank Burns tried to articulate Darth Vader's worldview?"
James Earl Jones is on this episode of House and it's weird seeing Darth Vader in hospital
James Earl Jones also was The voice of Darth Vader
he said that as if James Earl Jones is not the voice of Darth Vader how is Star Wars comparable
Emperor Palpatine: effective mentor to Darth Vader, including career counseling, ... and building for the future.”
Very excited to hear James Earl Jones will return as the voice of Darth Vader in on Dec. 16 https:…
Meet the Guinness World Record holder for Darth Vader memorabilia via
and here is another clue for you all...Darth Vader was Ervin...looking through a glass onion...
“Amazon is the Darth Vader of the literary world." ~ author Scott Turow.
"I'll NEVER be as strong as Darth Vader if you don't teach me any magic, Harry Potter."
I desperately wanted to play the part of Darth Vader's mother - I think she...
Reminder that Darth Vader forced Stormtroopers to watch a video of Bea Arthur serenading a bunch of drunken, boorish men out of her cantina
Science offers no brief for the telekinetic powers of Darth Vader and hardl...
He will finish, what you have started. My greatest respect to Darth Vader and Dave Prowse. May the force be with us all.
Things you learn from watching quiz shows: Dave "Darth Vader" Prowse was also in A Clockwork Orange...
It's Darth Vader actor and former Green Cross code man, David Prowse. I met him at Tesco in 1993 and it's DEFINITELY him.
Dave I still think its incredible, in 1977 you became successful as Darth Vader while also being the Green Cross code man.
31 inch tall replica Darth Vader personally signed by Dave Prowse. Buy it here
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Yoga with this guy!. Why yes, that is a Darth Vader robe!. I love this class! . Om Namah Shivaya…
Regarding those rumours, I hope James Earl Jones will be providing the voice for Darth Vader once again.
Snow gives Polish statue an accidental Darth Vader makeover:
Statue of Polish town's founder turns into Darth Vader after recent snowfall:
So thinks James Earl Jones aka Darth Vader would make a good Allan Avery? That is a bold choice.
Like.. sorry I had to run up 5 flights of stairs, cross the Quad and defeat both Lord Voltemort and Darth Vader all in t…
we currently have a cat name Princess Shadow, slave of the dark lord, Darth Vader. Kids can't name anything
when the Sith Lord says he likes them cakes 🎂🎂🎂 (aka- Darth Vader)
Tom Brady is the Darth Vader of the NFL, which means Belichick is Emperor Palpadine... Sam Bradford is a Wookie
I'm not Anakin Skywalker. I'm Darth Vader. So that's what you call me. That or Lord of the Sith, if you're not into that whole brevity thing
Don't look now but Darth Vader is getting a bit of his own medicine! Feel the pain Sith Lord!
Hank Azaria to Darth Vader in Night at the Museum 2 may be the best part of the film! Genius! "Are you asthmatic?"
Who do you guys want to win the AFC Championship Game - Lord Voldemort or Darth Vader?
This scoob means more to me than my Darth Vader socks. Welcome to Beta Upsilon Chi, brother.
Ben loves Snoopy, Michael Jackson, but not so much Darth Vader. Ben's story coming soon WAVY_News
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Darth Vader Yule Log video will have you feelin' that holiday Force
An awesome thought came to me. Has Chewbacca, R2D2 or C3PO or even Darth Vader ever been on an episode of Monday Night Raw?
Check out this intense one on one duel between Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader. Who do you think will win?.
They expected him to be like Darth Maul or Darth Vader in the popular consciousness, and every kid would want to be him.
when C-3PO says “Thank the Maker!” after the Rebels defeat the Empire but his Maker sorta is... Darth Vader
Overheard in downtown Disney: "Don't you want your picture with Darth Vader?"
In the words of Darth Vader... "Impressive"... check out Chris Gayle's latest offering to the Big Bash! Chris &...
New teaser has "Force Awakens" lightsaber, Darth Vader, Leia and Yoda
well if you watch Star Wars you see Darth Vader joined the Dark Side in fear that his wife would die in child birth
David Prowse, who played Darth Vader, was 6'6". . Hayden Christensen, who played Anikan Skywalker, is 6'0". . James Earl Jones is 6'1"
It's a shame no one gives any credit to David Prowse for playing Darth Vader :/
David Prowse's sign. The original and the real Darth Vader. He is our father. @ Magic City Comic…
Vader, Rupert Murdoch, Leonard: Rupert Murdoch? Sheldon: He owns Fox, and they canceled Firefly. Hint: he and Darth Vader are tied (5/6)
The real Darth Vader could be making an epic comeback
Just saw Mad Max Fury Road and movie is way better than the previews. This could be first Darth Vader mask
Wouldn't it be great if Darth Vader was just sitting at one of the tables? With Someone random perhaps like Rhea Perlman
I never thought before about the parallel between Flava Flav's clock and Darth Vader's control panel.
Star Wars Day Kid just got his photo with Darth Vader. Father-of-the-Year says, "Tell the Dark Lord of the Sith thank you."
This is taking things a little too far. Darth Vader endorsing Granny Smith apples?.
*Kylo Ren and Darth Vader go to lunch*. Darth: "I am stuffed, I can't eat another bite.". Kylo: "I will finish what you…
Young Padawan Boy Goes Ballistic on Darth Vader at Disneyland in Lightsaber Fight www.tdou…
Fin's chosen his OOTD: Superman tights, Batman top, Spider-Man hat and gloves, Darth Vader slippers.
Listen up, I dueled with Darth Vader. I knew Darth Vader. Darth Vader was a friend of mine. Kylo Ren, you…
-will act as a MGS Snake Eater style backstory of how Anakin came to become Darth Vader and then back to Ep6 to wrap it up!
When a Darth Vader bag falls off the rack and you say "the empire has fallen"
Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore also said there is "confusion and uncertainty" that Darth Vader is really Luke's father.
Oh yeah he's like Gaius Baltar's uncle or something. If I'm thinking of the right show... hmm... Darth Vader..
Hasn't anyone realized that Kylo Ren and Dark Helmet wear helmets for the same reason Cuz it looked cool on Darth Vader
Darth Vader and myself! Fan Boy Expo Comic Con 2015! This cosplayer was kind enough to pose for a picture with me!
The new Darth Vader looks like the Boston Marathon bomber
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it would not be great to see Darth Vader in mk x consoles and Liu Kang returned in mobile
your real mother is probably either Darth Vader or Richard Epcar, but we can't be sure
All I know about - There's a mutant frog named Yoda. - Princesse Leia is rad. - Darth Vader is someone's father. …
"Join me and we can bench this entire universe as father and son" -Darth Vader
well Darth Vader and the storm troopers are better than the ones in Eastwood
This bride was walked down the aisle by Darth Vader. No, really:
*draws Darth Vader on his hand in black sharpie*
Children carried toy lightsabers to the church in Berlin and some of the congregation dressed up as Darth Vader to mark the…
*approaches you at party*. *clears throat*. has anyone ever told you your eyes are the color of Darth Vader's helmet glinting in…
Darth Vader's Imperial March is 103 beats per minute, the ideal pace for keeping rhythm during
Thank you, Darth Vader, for watching over my Tia Maria and chocolate soy milk.
in addition to being a Sith Lord and Supreme Commander of the Imperial Fleet, Darth Vader is also a great gift giver
Darth Vader punches famous German classical composer Johann Sebastian right in the face. - The Empire Strikes Bach
Go the blow. Going Hans Solo on Darth Vader's head. Goose the gherkin. Grease the pipe
hisonia : Pilot's version of Darth Vader. @ Umami Burger Los Feliz Check it out! writers2…
Website Builder 728x90
A Vladimir Lenin statue has been transformed into Darth Vader via
Watching the weekend's football highlights & I seem to have found Darth Vader without his mask at the West Brom game
My nephew wants to be The new Darth Vader
Is the Star Wars meet and greet in Hollywood Studios for Chewbacca and Darth Vader for all guests? Or Disney visa card holders?
my dad thinks he's so good at fixing things but he isn't really . Darth Vader could fix anything
It appears Michael Beer went into the Barber and said "make me look like Darth Vader when he takes his helmet off in Return of the Jedi"?
Darth Vader comes back to life & is resurrected as Han Solo who has been a secret agent at Disney World under the codename Mickey.
I feel like a secret agent in my Darth Vader jacket and I love it.
Aunt: I thought Darth Vader was the main character. Cousin: he died at the end of the first trilogy. Me: in 1983!
Darth Vader: Luke, I am your father. Luke: really?. Darth Vader: yeah. Why?. Luke: you have the voice of a heavyset black gu…
Jay Leno joins the Dark Side with Darth Vader's car
Matt Lauer's eyes legit LIT UP with unbridled glee over a Darth Vader onesie that Al Roker just gave him on The Today Show.
Dennis Leary on toys that make noise/ Darth Vader
Darth Vader without his mask was spotted at the West Brom game
You have baked me for the last time, warns giant 4-foot tall gingerbread Darth Vader (Jane Mountain/Inhabitat)
Darth Vader use the force to help wife delivery pregnancy news to husband!. Living La Vida Loca!... :o)
Five hours of Darth Vader's burning corpse will replace your Yule Log via
Tech the halls with this Darth Vader Yule Log
Tech the halls with Darth Vader Yule Log and Santa spy cam video - CNET: Yule love entertaining holiday guests...
Give me Des Lynam, Alan Hansen & Mark Lawrenson over Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader and C3P0 every day
On this date (December 23) the actor Sebastian Shaw passed away in 1994. He portrayed unmasked Darth Vader in Star Wars Return of the Jedi
BBC top 10: "David Miscavige rivals the entrance of Darth Vader in Star Wars."
Superb, short vid of Kenneth Williams dubbed over Darth Vader. Funnier than Phantom Menace.
Darth Vader and Stormtroopers dance to Michael Jackson at Disney's Star Wars Weekends 2010
Counselor Troi turns out to be Darth Vader's daughter!
Is David Lloyd the one who played Darth Vader in the original film?
I liked a video from Hitler is Informed Hayden Christensen May Return as Darth Vader in
Have you felt his presence? Darth Vader has arrived on red carpet!
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