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Darth Vader

Darth Vader (born Anakin Skywalker) is the central character of the Star Wars saga, appearing as one of the main antagonists of the original trilogy and as the main protagonist of the prequel trilogy.

James Earl Jones Star Wars Anakin Skywalker Imperial March Luke Skywalker Hayden Christensen Sebastian Shaw Death Star David Prowse Mickey Mouse George Lucas Obi Wan Storm Troopers Rebel Alliance Grand Moff Tarkin Lando Calrissian

Darth Vader && R2D2 for Star Wars weekend at Disney with
These facts will get you through:. - Darth Vader was a robot all along. - Everyone loves Jar Jar. - Captain Picard made the Force
Tips for ladies - "If you sound like the love child of Darth Vader and a female Ent, you have achieved your purpose"
lot of Marvel honorable mentions like Hulk, Deathlok, Ant-Man, Howard the Duck, & Darth Vader
A7 Or have James Earl Jones record messages. If you're going to act like Darth Vader ...
Who would make the more interesting date? Darth Vader, Lando Calrissian or C-3PO?
I liked a video Richard Cheese - Darth Vader's The Imperial March Theme (Live at the Derby)
Not only did bring in Billy Dee Williams to voice Lando Calrissian but they got James Earl Jones to voice Darth Vader!!!
Next up on the 80s movie marathon is Conan the barbarian! Darth Vader plays a cult leader that turns into a giant snake!
"Liam Neeson trained Batman, Obi Wan, and Darth Vader. He is both Aslan and Zeus, and he punches wolves. Why would you k…
Slurp Darth Vader Mug: This unique mug is for Darth Vader and Star Wars fans, absolutely.
*** Cheney, Netanyahu, Tom Cotton, the repubs in general make Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine seem more like carebears …
Darth Vader will be facing Rebel Alliance onslaught alone in Marvel's "Star Wars: Vader Down," launching November
Wonder what Larry Lucchino would think of Eduardo Rodriguez wearing a Darth Vader hat after beating the Yankees.
The Rebels are alerted to our presence. ~ Darth Vader. Watching The Empire Strikes Back with my angel lady
Jeopardy. I'll take Comic Con Rappers for 200 Alex. "This bounty hunter hired by Darth Vader wants you to come his way". Who is Boba Fetty Wap
Take selfies with Darth Vader in the official Star Wars app.
So somehow my dream of dating Dan Le Batard last night morphed into an impromptu picnic with Darth Vader. Not sure what that says about me..
Darth Vader eating local food in Hawaii- ^_^ Drawn on a napkin at Big City Diner…
If Star Wars Rogue One is the mission to steal the Death Star plans, could Darth Vader make an appearance?
Darth Vader had final good moment but Gen. Lee had good last 5 years, teaching, mentoring, helping church, urging peace & reconciliation.
This is like showing up to a Star Trek convention dressed as Darth Vader.
This really informs what they've done with Lords of the Sith and the Darth Vader comic.
Two years before "Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back" came out, David Prowse revealed that Darth Vader was Luke's …
LOVE that James Earl Jones is voicing Darth Vader in season 2 ❤️❤️
It appears that Clarence Thomas, Rachel Dolezhal, Darth Vader, Chuck Johnson, Godfrey Elfwick, and Mencius Moldbug have formed...
smh so we're not going act like Kaiba didn't defeat Darth Vader when they first fought in Narnia?
Star Wars Toy Of The Day is the bad Darth Vader pen pop ! Only 176 days to
If you guys haven't seen Star Wars Rebels Season 2 premier, you should. . Darth Vader in his prime. . Scary. . And so fun to watch!
. . . You should do Darth Vader and a pancake of each other . This is random HAPPY FATHERS DAY SAAANNN!
In a fight between Batman and Darth Vader, the winner would be Jenny Jones.
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
Now that the season 2 premiere has aired on the East & West coasts, what did everyone think of the return of Darth Vader?!
How did Darth Vader make this list?! He was a HORRIBLE father! Who's your favorite movie or TV dad?
If doesn't feature Mickey Mouse vs. Darth Vader on top of Avengers Tower, I'm uninterested.
Darth Vader is for girls, too: the young fan who forced Disney to change toy labels | Life and style | The Guardian
you go to a Star Trek convention dressed up as Darth Vader.
James Earl Jones returns to voice Darth Vader as Star Wars Rebels begins its second season on ...: "It was act...
I'm a rumoured space pirate who had killed Darth Vader while eating the world's largest piece of bacon with extra spice.
Great work tonight Coal is the Darth Vader of energy.
Darth Vader and his young apprentice Disney Parks
You may be cool, but you're not "Freddie Mercury riding on Darth Vader's Shoulders" Cool
TIL that Darth Vader, C3-PO, and R2-D2 got to leave their prints in front of the famous TCL Chinese Theater in Holl…
Jedi Training Academy with a surprise appearance by Darth Vader and the assassin Asajj Ventress!…
James Earl Jones aka "Darth Vader" on Big Bang Theory has cheered me up for the evening. If you need some cheer...
A cool building in sort of a Darth Vader sort of way @ The John Hancock Center
Darth Vader and his young apprentice
Darth Vader and his young apprentice (Vine by
When I win the lottery, I am going to buy this Darth Vader fridge for Adam Browne and a pirate bed for David Samuel Hyde lol
I want to lobby the to play Darth Vader's Imperial March for Game 3 when Delly takes the court!
That time Darth Vader showed up to play the Imperial March in the junior choir talent show.
I had no idea Dustin Hoffman played Darth Vader in the movies!
I liked a video from First Scene of Darth Vader using Imperial March
I liked a video from Starwars, The Imperial March on Piano ( Darth Vader's Theme )
Black Thought = One part Bob Dylan, one part Darth Vader, one part Malcolm X and one part Bruce Lee.
I just broke the news to Chloe that Anakin Skywalker is Darth Vader and she had no idea...
Everyone would want James Earl Jones to quote Darth Vader if they met him but tbh I'd cry if I met him and got him to quote Mufasa.
James Earl Jones, voice of Darth Vader & Mufasa, was mute for eight years of his life.
Darth Vader respects collective bargaining (we think). Why won't Tony Clement?
For my secret Santa this past XMas I got a Darth Vader mug, big thing of catnip, and a cat play-thing. Idk who u were, but u get me.
Rebels season 2 opener gives me a lot of new thoughts and feelings about Darth Vader in the OT. Vader in Rebels = Anaki…
Special "May the 4th Be With You" Famous Characters in Pixel Art • Darth Vader or Anakin Skywalker from "Star Wars"…
Tywin Lannister. He trumps Darth Vader for being cold towards his kids. And he raised them!
Seriously. As a young black kid I was utterly confused when Darth Vader took his helmet off & wasnt a large black man named James Earl Jones
going to make more Darth Vader bars for my Star Wars fans, may the soap force be with you in the shower
Duval Street performers, including Darth Vader with a banjo, tough it out for tips. via
So I was trying to explain to my mum how Anakin became Darth Vader and how Palpatine is really Darth Sidious who murdered Darth Plagueis...
but for how long. If Platini takes over its like Darth Vader taking reign over Darth Sidious 😳
Check out my Darth Vader, Emperor Palaptine, Yoda and Ben Kenobi impressions ! :)
*** Cheney has a a Darth Vader trailer-hitch cover on his truck. by
*** Cheney listens to Miley Cyrus, has a Darth Vader trailer-hitch cover.
Wait... the National Cathederal in Washington DC has Darth Vader sculpted into it?.
*** Cheney’s policy push. And his Darth Vader trailer-hitch cover. on the former VP.
"Outside the rodeo arena, *** Cheney showed off the latest feature on his truck, a Darth Vader trailer-hitch cover."
bro Darth Vader with no mask is white. That's why you look like newest member of the Jamaican bobsled team
Little Anakin Skywalker! God he's cute, even though he becomes Darth Vader in the future. 2nd pic it was scene change
My vote is James Earl Jones.. Imagine the voice of Darth Vader addressing the UN.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
Also standing in the presidency election this Friday is Darth Vader, the ghost of Hitler, the witch from Snow White and Kim Jong-Un 😂
Darth Vader has been played by 6 people: David Prowse, James Earl Jones, Bob Anderson, Sebastian Shaw, Jake Lloyd and Hayden Christensen.
May 25, 1983, We discovered for certain Darth Vader had been Anakin Skywalker & witnessed his redemption and reunion with Obi-Wan
The Dark Side's grip on him began loosening. Darth Vader slowly started vanishing... And turning back into Anakin Skywalker.
About the author: Darth Vader was born Anakin Skywalker on the planet Tatooine; he currently lives on the Death Star with is dog, Mitzy.
Soul Man with, voice of Mufasar & Darth Vader, James Earl Jones. Richard Burton in Rains of Ranchipur.
Star Wars vintage action figure lot with Darth Vader case & land speeder
anyone know if James Earl Jones is back at Darth Vader in the new Star Wars???
She's like a young Claudia Winkleman crossed with Darth Vader
[If James Earl Jones was Darth Vader]. Darth Vader: "Luke, I am your father.". Luke: "Wow, the force is strong!".
Mark Hamill and Billy Dee Williams with Darth Vader on top of the Sydney Tower.
Corey Wilson of NAILED this Darth Vader reading in the latest VoxBbox podcast.
It's Harris Faulkner sucking on an oxygen mask like Darth Vader in Snoop Dogg's green room - In other words, it's classic Doocy!
“Darth Vader came down from Planet Vulcan and told me that if I didn’t take Lorraine out, he’d melt my brain.” –Back to …
Izzy's Darth Vader mask makes a great visor at @ Durham Bulls Athletic Park
Mourning the loss of Anakin Skywalker to Darth Vader for the fifty bajillionth time 😭💔
Darth Vader brings dead Jedi back to life and becomes a noble Jedi Knight named Anakin Skywalker.
Sometimes I feel like EP III Anakin Skywalker and other times like Darth Vader. Some day I'll make it to EP VI Anakin
Darth Vader: What is this Jedi's name?. "His name is Luke Huf-socker". DV: *** that's hella sick... The vibes are chill wi…
well, I wouldn't be much of Darth Vader's apprentice if I didn't
Star Wars - Darth Vader and Storm Troopers by Tom Hodges, colours by Juan Fernandez
Here’s what I know about Star Wars: Han, Leia, Storm Troopers, Yoda, Darth Vader is Luke’s father, Han/that one dude is a thing.
Winnie The Feces and Darth Vader have indigestion. Edward Albee is yelling at a coin in Nation's.
Plot twist: she's Anakin Skywalker, AKA Darth Vader and she comes up to you and says, "Travis, I am your mother." 😂
TOKYO (Reuters) - Darth Vader, the masked villain in the "Star Wars" sci-fi universe, has had a makeover.
Darth Vader has only 12 minutes of screen time in the original Star Wars.
Next couple issues of Darth Vader look like the new take on The Emperor's Hand, or equivalent. Bet we still don't get Mara Jade. :(
Well, now I have to go watch the Darth Vader vs. Hitler Epic Rap Battle...
Where else can you see Darth Vader playing a neon banjo! @ Key west Duval street
at : boys defeating Darth Vader, riding Seven Dwarfs Mine Train as a…
Traffic open on Whitehall. Still a big presence, more police arriving & crowd chants Darth Vader tune ht…
Alonso as Darth Vader "I find your lack of speed disturbing..."
I was more referring to James Earl Jones as Darth Vader who’s also Mufasa and Mark Hammil who’s also the Joker in Batman TAS
Best way to commemorate would be by making Darth Vader's Imperial March the number one single next week.
The -deetaha theme song is a combination of Darth Vader's Imperial March and the Striptease theme.
Darth Vader's theme song, 'The Imperial March', is 103 beats/min. Great for keeping time in CPR. ht…
"I'm going to sit in the parking lot with my Darth Vader helmet on" Jesses feelings towards the new Star Wars movie coming out 😒
this is awesome: Jim Cummings reads Darth Vader lines as Winnie the Pooh: .
You know I needed that Darth Vader welding helmet. Don't tell me that you don't appreciate the Ryan Smyth Jofa bucket I got you.
Darth Vader mostly for the imperial army under his command.
This, however, does no apply to when Anakin Skywalker became Darth Vader.
So weird I have Darth Vader's Imperial March and the Duel of Fates theme song running in my head. *to the Death Star!
For here are my drawings of Darth Vader & Padme Amidala.
The voice of Darth Vader was originally supposed to be performed by Sammy Davis Jr.
Jim Cummings (the voice of Winnie the Pooh) reads Darth Vader's lines from A New Hope
King Jaffe Joffer: Do not alert him to my presence. I will deal with him myself. [homage to Darth Vader]: Gosh I love that voice.
I wish I didn't know that this cute Anakin Skywalker is gonna be Darth Vader.
I hope their respiratory medicine dept does a better job than who ever Darth Vader saw.
I really don't believe a crispy Hayden Christensen is Darth Vader, in my soul, I know it isn't so
Fluey cold has win.My voice has progressed beyond Mariella Frostrup, hurtled past Darth Vader & is now a tragic wheezy whistle *** lemon*
Just tried to explain to son that Darth Vader is the Green Cross Code man. He gave me a very good 'watchoo talkin bout Willis?' look.
once Obi Wan and Yoda joined forces again with young Luke, the Empire and Darth Vader were powerless to stop them.
Darth Vader in a Santa suit playing bagpipes on a unicycle.
.Can't imagine Luke Skywalker going evil. Undermines him redeeming Darth Vader in Return of the Jedi.
Jesus you sound like Darth Vader on the Shane Douglas interview.
Darth Vader with the force choke and Grand Moff Tarkin gets the yellow
Does Grand Moff Tarkin outrank Darth Vader? He orders Vader to release that one guy, and he does. Where is Vader in the Imperial hierarchy?
2-year-old twinlet in the backseat, upon hearing Wagner's Die Walkure on the car radio: "Darth Vader!"
One justification I heard was "He sassed Darth Vader," but that would make Grand Moff Tarkin a supreme badass.
Darth Vader, based on Luke Skywalker's tense in the trailer, so it's in no way confirmed.
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Supercut of Darth Vader in 20 languages. IMHO Brazilian is the scariest!
Well, Palpatine says this to Luke Skywalker during his fight with Darth Vader (Anakin) in "Jedi".
Darth Vader was cremated(fully armored) by Luke on Endor Luke dragged vaders body on the ship before the Death Star blew up
didn't he die at the hands of Darth Vader?
when u sick af and u sound like a mixture of Minnie Mouse and Darth Vader ..
I'm up to the point in Return Of The Jedi where Luke takes off Darth Vader's mask and discovers his father is Uncle Fester.
How Darth Vader’s “I am your father” sounds in 20 different languages We love this Darth Vader s...
At the SWR press conference, Dave Filoni revealed that James Earl Jones is back doing the voice of Darth Vader
I know it's unlikely James Earl Jones will voice Darth Vader for ,is that why is in season 2 is he Vaders voice?
What do Nigel Farage and Darth Vader have in common? by
Hmm. Darth Vader's alive just so he can go ahead and hump that cash cow.
my scientific opinion is that if you wear a Darth Vader helmet on a tricycle in fed hill your slump shall be cured.
Stormtroopers ask Darth Vader why their Armor is useless! Check out my skits from my Star Wars Hot Toys...
Tell your 6-year-old self that a Batman vs. Darth Vader death match is finally here.
Darth Vader, Neil Armstrong and Michael Jackson are all seated on a round table, taking shots of Johnnie walker.
Anyone besides me wonder if Cheney came out of his spider hole bc Tom Cotton's beginning to budge in on his Darth Vader bea…
This films narrator was George Lucas' 1st choice to voice Darth Vader, though he was never offered the part -
Question on Is Larry Ellison the Darth Vader of technology?
"You underestimate the power of the dark side." - Darth Vader, Emperor Palpatine, the Star Wars Series
Every child needs a father. Even if he turns out to be Darth Vader ~ Jackson Radcliffe, The Yoga Sutras ~ GoodNight
Photoset: dctoncat: Star Wars New interpretations of Darth Vader, Bobba Fett and Stormtrooper.
Of all the awesomeness this last weekend, meeting Darth Vader, Bobba Fett & High Five-ing made it for me!
I liked a video Darth Vader vs Hitler 1,2 and 3 Epic Rap Battles of History
Other than that, Darth Vader, Fuse, Gotham Academy, Catwoman, Secret Avengers, W+D. Also the rest of Journey into Mystery.
remember black levels are darker than Darth Vader on OLED screens
A Darth Vader blocked me when I sent him millions of baby chicken emoji. I'm looking to recreate the magic 🐥
Think about it. Why would he if Darth Vader is now just a character in George McFly's novel?
Don't be like Anakin Skywalker! Listen to me and Obi Wan. Only use Joe's XXX Don't turn into Darth Vader.
Man dressed as Darth Vader robs bank at gunpoint:
Disney Cruise Line will start doing Star Wars themed cruises. Would you pay to hit the high seas with Darth Vader?
Checking out the Darth Vader gargoyle at Washington National Cathedral
LEGO Darth Vader's Star Destroyer from the Star Wars films has been out for three weekends now, and it's been the highest grossing...
It's the mushrooms making Lee sound like Darth Vader. (live at
James Ward-Prowse came on for Southampton today. He famously voiced Darth Vader in Star Wars and King Mufasa in the Lion King.
There is a brothel near Area 51 where clients dress like Darth Vader and spend the night with a lady Storm Trooper or Princess Leia.
LRT: Great jernalizin' by "Carleton is Canada’s Evil Empire of university basketball, and coach Dave Smart is their Darth Vader."
Ok, so are Steven Gerrard, MineCraft Steve and Darth Vader technically book characters? I'm not convinced!
Mark Gambino getting the Darth Vader voice just right. . Book!.
One of the few times you can ever sympathize with Darth Vader
The fight scenes with Darth Vader in the original Star Wars trilogy were performed by British Olympic swordsman Bob Anderson.
James Earl Jones sole income comes from being Darth Vader and Arby's commercials.
That sounds like the start of a joke: Darth Vader and Uri Geller walk into a football match...
Chelsea Lately is trending.She scares me more than the devil, lady gaga, Lord Voldemort and Darth Vader put together. She would destroy me.
How funny would it be if, in RotJ, Luke took off the mask of Darth Vader and there was Hayden Christensen's burned face?
Darth Vader, Mickey Mouse join forces for epic cruise
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Darth Vader, Mickey Mouse announce signing of epic pact
This drunk guy said Hayden Christensen made a good Darth Vader, so I am no longer listening to his medical advice.
So that was the big news.You gave up Iron Man for the Star Wars franchise.Okay,cool.Will be buying Darth Vader tomorrow.
"No one can kill a Jedi!" -Anakin, 1999. *insert the sound of Darth Vader slicing through Obi-Wan here*
ICYMI: We announced new Fabrikations with Darth Vader and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! http:…
I did that thing I swear I would never do: variant covers. But Darth Vader was !!!
I need this! Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Vader, from Episode IV. To be fair though, I already have Vader on PO ^^
Looks like Darth Vader has hit on hard times
"How the heck does Darth Vader eat a burrito?" . - an 8 year-old. cc:
Didn't manage to take a pic with Darth Vader cause they were moving off already. Happy V day😌👾🌌
Had dream that I married taylor swift and she died in child birth, then I became darth vader and killed all the youngling…
Review: Marvel Comics' Star Wars Darth Vader continues to make the best use of their Star Wars
I saw Darth Vader walking around in Leicester but wouldn't let me see him :(
Kieron Gillen and friends signing the launch issue of Marvel's 'Darth Vader'.
[exhaling bong rip]. "But how can he be Mufasa AND Darth Vader?"
Darth Sidious collects retro arcade games. He can't fit any more in his bedroom, but there's space in Vader's.
I saw a Darth Vader Friday the 13th tattoo last night, thought of you lol
Last year for Valentine's day I spent a ton at Build-a-Bear on my ex and her son but I regret nothing plus they were BATMAN AND DARTH VADER
Luke sky walker finds out darth vader is his dad. Vader dies. Blair goes out with helen. Wee j smashing big ***
Happy Valentine's Day! Wyatt ate his Darth Vader gummies in about 5 minutes. Happy boy!
hehe. Darth Vader. ESTJ. (which is weird cuz I was an ENFP when I took the real test years ago)
I liked a video Revenge of the Sith Featurette: The Return of Darth Vader
Girl, are you Darth Vader, cause when I'm around you it's hard to breathe.
Jordan is enjoying the Darth Vader valentine's candy we got him :)
My okasan is the best. Welcome Darth Vader!
In preparation for arrival, Darth Vader & his Stormtroopers are outside getting the crowd excited! http:…
People will literally do anything on Northumberland street for some money. There's a guy with a cardboard darth vader mask playing keyboard
Woke up out of breath because I was dreaming I was playing a video game where Darth Vader and the Emperor were chasing me up some…
ikr? Before i realized there were prequels i thought darth vader was a hot guy under that suit.😂 him and leia 💙😪
My attire for my sweet purple jeans, a pens jersey, and my super sick Darth Vader socks
There's absolutely no technical reason why, when they rebuild Darth Vader, they couldn't have added a *** saber. Like, *right there*
Surely you could beat Darth Vader at any time by force pushing all the buttons on his chest. One of them must be the power button.
VERY disappointed by the Darth Vader button in the lift. It should have a picture of an angry fireman on it instead.
I gave a card with Darth Vader on it, and scooped out the cat boxes. He (not Vader) is doing the laundry.
Cute younglings getting ready to battle Darth vader
Darth Vader's was red. Luke Skywalker's blue. Yes I'm a nerd. May the force be with you.
I want you all to know that my bf is better than all of yours bc he bought me a signed Darth Vader helmet by THE James Earl Jones.
I also think Luke Skywalker isbest, I love the last fight scene with Darth Vader in Episode 6!The strength of Lea impressed me!
Watching The Big Bang Theory and just now realizing James Earl Jones played Darth Vader
Darth Vader was awesome. It's always fun practicing the James Earl Jones voice
The new issue of Star Wars and Issue 1of Darth Vader are awesome.
I can't imagine what the Star Wars films would have been like if Darth Vader was my father!.
Really loving that is back to making Star Wars comics. and Larroca really threw down on the first issue of Darth Vader
picked up the second Star Wars the other day, it's a good series. Should have grabbed the Darth Vader too
Political, Money Mafia, Daley, Obama + $30M not enough for - Darth Vader to endorse via George Lucas
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
will be endorsed by Darth Vader via George Lucas
Darth Vader getting in the General Lee? No it is Chad Vader getting in the General. Hilarious
Though I *stress* my vision for you is to become Charles Moore ( Obi Wan ) not Peter Hitchens ( Darth Vader ).
“Always remember that your focus determines your reality,” – George Lucas. Inspired to gender-bend Darth Vader,...
So I found some evidence that Rupert Murdoch is in fact channeling Darth Vader
Doc Holliday is Darth Vader: via u can call me the don
BREAKING: Imperial forces led by Darth Vader mistakenly invade New York City mistaking it for Hoth. ht…
What? Skymall is gone? Does that mean no more Dog Dung Vacuum, devices that turn your phone into a Virtual Boy, full sized suits of armor, luggage that converts into a tiny motor scooter, knuckle duster meat tenderizers, footstools shaped like human legs, ties that double as inflatable pillows, 9 irons with tiny a weedwacker inside, magic wands that control your television, toasters that imprint the face of Darth Vader onto your bread, submarines, a medallion filled with dirt from Wrigley Field, a box that laughs when opened, life-sized fiberglass giraffe, goose repellent, and Poop Freeze?
So I was at Pinal and had an extra crate to bring a dog home. I asked the ladies working there who their favorite dog was. They both said Darth Vader. Darth Vader is a senior who has spent the last 4 1/2 months at the pound. He was tied up outside the pound one night so we don't really have a background for him. The ladies at the pound said he is the nicest most relaxed mellow boy they have ever met. They actually used him to test other dogs animal aggression levels. He was perfect because he didn't have an aggressive bone in his body. He's available for adoption through Arf-Anage Dog Rescue!! He's approximately 8 years old and looks to be a Lab/shepherd mix. Although they categorized him as an Australian shepherd mix. He's about 50 lbs making him the perfect size. Not too small, not too big. His adoption fee is $50!! That includes his Neuter, Microchip, rabies shot and his yearly booster shot!
David Cameron was also 'deeply saddened' by the deaths of Jimmy Savile, Fred West and Darth Vader. Actually that last one was quite sad.
In Celebrity review today in music, I was Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus and Darth Vader. Fitting 😂 I've been Miley 2 years in a row lol
This is honestly like watching Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker sitting side by side behind Anakin Skywalker while he gives a sp…
Just now finding out that Anakin Skywalker is also Darth Vader. *** On an un related topic I have the hardest *** right now
"I've been waiting for u, we meet again OB-One, the circle is now complete" - Darth Vader. Star Wars Marathon... Wohoo!!!
I did not know I miss Darth Vader's voice's birthday. Happy belated birthday to, James Earl Jones.
Photoset: afewacresofsnow: "Portrait of Darth Vader as a Young Hipster."  The great James Earl Jones early...
Very nice! I have Darth Vader photos signed by him & James Earl Jones, but never got into collecting signed toys.
The one I will never open or get rid of is a Darth Vader signed by David Prowse. It's hanging on the wall downstairs. :)
Bill Belichick vs. Pete Carroll is like Darth Vader vs. Ted Bundy.
Happy 84th birthday to James Earl Jones aka the voice of Darth Vader!
Auditions for All-American College Band, Darth Vader, and Jedi Master coming up:
Darth Vader just started following me, does he know I am a Jedi Master ?
Happy Birthday, James Earl Jones! James Earl Jones (born January 17, 1931) is an American actor who in a career of more than 60 years has become known as "one of America's most distinguished and versatile" actors and "one of the greatest actors in American history." Since his Broadway debut in 1957, Jones has won many awards, including a Tony Award and Golden Globe Award for his role in The Great White Hope. Jones has won three Emmy Awards, including two in the same year in 1991, and he also earned an Academy Award nomination for Best Actor in a Leading Role in the film version of The Great White Hope. He is also known for his voice acting, most notably as Darth Vader in the Star Wars film series and Mufasa in Disney's The Lion King, as well as many other film, stage, and television roles. As a child Jones overcame a stutter that lasted for several years. A pre-med major in college, he went on to serve as a U.S. Army Ranger during the Korean War, before pursuing a career in acting. On November 12, 2011, h ...
Brandon got that James Earl Jones as Darth Vader kinda voice LOL
At work I just had to explain the differences between the Tie Fighter, Darth Vader's Prototype Tie, the Tie Bomber, and Tie Intercepter.
Four people played Darth Vader: David Prowse was body, James Earl Jones did voice, Sebastian Shaw was face and a fourth did the breathing.
“Those Canadians seem so sweet and innocent, but when they go bad, they go Darth Vader bad.” — Penelope Garcia (Criminal Minds)
I HEREBY GIVE MY PERMISSION to: Ron Burgundy, Bill f**king Murray, The Walking Dead, Zombies (in general), Rob Zombie, Christopher Walken, the Joker, Harley Quinn, my bartenders and party store clerks, the Police, the NSA, the FBI and CIA, Satan, the Shredder, Dracula, Maynard J. Keenan, Homer J. Simpson, Mr. Burns, Peter Griffin, Ozzy Osbourne, the lost boys, Eminem, Master Shake and Carl, Scrooge McDuck, all the TMNT, ALF, Freddy Krueger, Dexter, Steve-O, Skeletor, Jack Nicholson, the Swiss Guards, the Priory of Scion, the inhabitants of Middle Earth, the inhabitants of *** Johnny Depp, Elvira, any real Pirate, domesticated and non domesticated pets, all members of Slipknot, Agents Mulder and Scully, the Goonies, ALL the Storm Troopers and Darth Vader, the Mad Hatter, Monty Python, Chuck Norris, S.H.I.E.L.D, The Avengers, The Illuminati, The Men in Black, CHIPS, X-Men, Ghost Busters, The Justice League, Gandalf and Dumbledore, Santa Claus, The Easter Bunny and all the members of Van Halen (even Sammy) . ...
*** lady you sound like the offspring of Darth Vader and a bullfrog. Maybe you should.. Nevermind,no point laying of the Virginia Slims now
Will Hayden Christensen get to redeem himself with a Darth Vader movie?: Well we all now know that Disney have...
Congrats to William McKinley for winning the "President who looks most like Darth Vader era Anakin Skywalker" award
"In his new summer comedy, Rob Schnieder is Judge Judy trapped in the body of Darth Vader."
I'd like to inform anyone interested that figuarts Darth Vader and Stormtrooper release in April. Darth Vader comes with this sweet stage. Importing is your only option here. Hasbro holds the Star Wars License in the US.
On a lighter note, Chris and Len have an admirable collection of memorabilia. They're not the only ones. Harlan's house is a museum of 20th Century pop culture. And my collection -- well, I have a mouse problem. All of which led me to ponder what 41st Century archaeologists will make of our lives when they start digging down below the layers of plastic. We look at ancient Greek and Roman lives through the artifacts and art they left behind. So we know about Venus and Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, etc. as the gods they worshipped. They recognize that every god had an attribute. Venus was the god of love, Mars the god of war. Their plays, their poetry, their artwork all celebrated the legends and heritage of their culture. What are we leaving behind? Little statues of Mickey Mouse, Wolverine, Darth Vader, Barbie, Buzz Lightyear, and a humongus assortment of lesser gods. What will future archaeologists make of these figurines? That we had shrines in our homes to totems representing certain undefinable attributes ...
The original Dark Lord of the Sith stars in his own series by Subscribe to Darth Vader here:
The film is set three years after Star Wars. The Galactic Empire, under the leadership of the villainous Darth Vader, is in pursuit of Luke Skywalkerand the rest of the Rebel Alliance. While Vader chases a small band of Luke's friends— Han Solo, Princess Leia Organa, and others—across the galaxy, Luke studies the Forceunder Jedi Master Yoda. When Vader captures Luke's friends, Luke must decide whether to complete his training and become a full Jedi Knightor to confront Vader and save his comrades. Following a difficult production,The Empire Strikes Backwas released on May 21, 1980. It received mixed reviews from critics initially but has since grown in esteem, becoming the most critically acclaimed chapter in theStar Warssaga; it is now considered one of the greatest films ever made. [ 5 ] [ 6 ] [ 7 ] [ 8 ]It became the highest-grossing film of 1980 and, to date, has earned more than $538 million worldwide from its original run and several re-releases. When adjusted for inflation, it is the 12t ...
.about to take on Darth Vader and Darth Maul. (@ Star Wars: Jedi Training Academy -
No matter who wins this game, it'll be like Darth Vader defeating Hannibal Lechter. The question is: which one is Saban?
Witness the rise of a Sith Lord in today's spotlight on Darth Vader:
In 2015 my role models are going to be Darth Vader, Ron Swanson and Jesse Ventura's character in Predator.
You're welcome. Yep, it shows how Anakin Skywalker becomes Darth Vader. He's only young in the first. In the second he's a
In a previous life, James Earl Jones was Darth Vader.
Darth Vader was Black (James Earl Jones) and who knows the race of Stormtroppers under their costumes
No greater voice acting than James Earl Jones as Darth Vader. I will fight someone on that one.
cause the sexy as of Anikin is Darth Vader. I didn't know that and all the Jedi Masters except yoda and obi-wan are dead
Dear Dayquil and Pseudophedrine, it would be nice if one or the other of you would cooperate and give me atleast some partial relief at some point in the very near future. Sincerely Yours; Janessa aka Darth Vader
After a six-month delay, WE ARE LIVE, sandwiched lovingly between Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa and New Year's. Thank you fearless contributors and readers, as always!! Issue 3.1--Found Poetry: haphazard poetic accidents and intentional patchworks of poetry from 600 BC to 2046 AD that have been found by poets: soiled napkins, Darth Vader, hip hop, and an entire family tree of Sappho's poetic descendants." Please also welcome our new site--same look, different address-- HAPPY HOLIDAYS to all!
Xbox live you are the Darth Vader of my perfect Christmas Day.
This was a couple of eps after Chase killed Darth Vader. Yes, he did. Yes, hmmm.
4 people played Darth Vader: David Prowse was his body, James Earl Jones the voice, Sebastian Shaw his face & a fourth person breathing.
New Star Wars set from Bandai..Darth Vader n Star Fighter also got..
The Mirror Series Liza objects when KG likens Mack to Darth Vader. We are going to the mats over this….
Includes great guest appearance of Darth Vader as King Herod.
Nothing to see here, just Freddie Mercury riding Darth Vader...
Me: Link, who is your hero? Link: Darth Vader ... Not even 3 and has already gone to the dark side..
Isn't he part black as is, since James Earl Jones voiced Darth Vader? That'd be fun to bring up at Comic Con.
The year is just about 50 after the Death Star was destroyed. Darth Vader is in a care home and Luke has taken up Morris dancing.
Y’all seen Star Wars? that’s basically what love do to u smh.. Anakin Skywalker turned into Darth Vader cuz of it
I didn't know where Lebron was from but I knew that Anakin Skywalker is Darth Vader. 😂
grandmother says that James Earl Jones isn't very dark skinned so I bring up a photo of Darth Vader and asked her if she was sure 😂
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"I hate it when people compare *** Cheney to Darth Vader. Vader never avoided military service.". ~John Fugelsang
New on Ebay! Darth Vader unleashed Star Wars 2006 unopened Star Wars in the United States
Coincidence: The attack against Menendez is mentioned in what I'm reading right now
Darth Alyssa is less than 2 years old and is already a huge Star Wars nerd. I love that baby. This is her hugging my Darth Vader
Weird Crazy Facts 1. The electric chair was invented by a dentist. 2. You share your birthday with at least 9 million people. 3. The Boston University Bridge is one of the few places in the world where a boat can sail under a train driving under a car driving under an airplane. 4. Cats have over 100 vocal cord sounds. Dogs have about 10. 5. Polar bears are always left handed. 6. Our eyes are always the same size from birth, but our nose and ears never stop growing. 7. David Prowse was the guy in the Darth Vader suit in Star Wars; he spoke all of Vader's lines, and didn't know he would be dubbed over by James Earl Jones until he saw the screening of the film. 8. In every episode of Seinfeld, there is a Superman somewhere. 9. Montpeiler, Vermont is the only US state capital without a McDonald's. 10. No word in the English language rhymes with orange, month, silver or purple. 11. The cruise line, Queen Elizabeth II, moves six inches for each gallon of diesel it burns. 12. The first Ford cars had Dodge engine ...
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