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Darth Vader

Darth Vader (born Anakin Skywalker) is the central character of the Star Wars saga, appearing as one of the main antagonists of the original trilogy and as the main protagonist of the prequel trilogy.

Star Wars Luke Skywalker Jim Cummings Walter White Dark Side Galactic Empire April Fools Captain America Princess Leia Storm Troopers Jennifer Lawrence Winter Soldier Empire Strikes Back Imperial March Dana Scully James Earl Jones

Mr. White, Darth Vader, and Angelina Jolie. Drugs, power and sex. Bet. lmao
Normally I'm a "Star Wars meh" person but this is ace: Darth Vader 'out' of Ukraine election
WATCH: Darth Vader teams up with Jedi to teach kids the force at St. Mary's Children's Hospital. .
just back from the doctor and he gave me two choices ... I can sleep like Darth Vader the rest of my life (aka CPAP machine) or I can lose and keep off at least 25 pounds ... either one will eliminate my sleep apnea issues. I guess it's time to get at it!!
So, what is your favourite Darth Vader scene from the original trilogy and why?
Star Wars fan? The team from The UK Garrison are bringing Darth Vader and the Storm Troopers to Whiteley this Easter for our Dreams Come True Charity event! Darth Vader has told us personally he'd like to see as many of you as possible dress up in your Star Wars outfits, young or old!
SethMeyers: The official presidential candidate for the Ukrainian Internet Party is a man in a Darth Vader costume. Not to be confused with the president of Russia, who is Darth Vader in a man costume.
Next movie recommendation time!!! This time it is another one of my favorites and is the first movie in the original trilogy. It is the winner of 6 Oscars and is currently listed as in the Top 250 on IMDb. It is Star Wars!!! We definitely recommend this one!!! "Luke Skywalker joins forces with a Jedi Knight, a cocky pilot, a wookiee and two droids to save the universe from the Empire's world-destroying battle-station, while also attempting to rescue Princess Leia from the evil Darth Vader." (Source IMDb) Runtime: 121 minutes Rating: PG
Darth Vader's Lines Read in the Voice of Winnie The Pooh: Famous American voice actor...
Not sure if screwed... I got Sheldon Cooper (Big Bang Theory), Darth Vader and James Franco
Walter White has surpassed my previous role models (Darth Vader and Gordon Gekko) by far. He's certainly single minded and a decision maker for better or worse. Absolutely hard core!
Walter White, Darth Vader and Sarah Silverman... meh not a bad team
ANDREW: Darth Vader was on Ottawa St. today in ... I had some fun with it here ->
Alex Salmond : Lord Robertson told a startled Washington that the "forces of darkness" are getting ready to celebrate a Yes vote. T he "forces of darkness"! Darth Vader, Ming the Merciless, the Klingons and Lex Luthor must all be watching the campaign closely. The Daleks though are not so happy. Word has reached them that Dr Who is to be banned from an independent Scotland. THAT'S THE NO CAMPAIGN - TOTALLY LAUGHABLE AND COMPLETELY LUDICROUS.
I, Jadis, the White Witch of Narnia, who quotes Darth Vader and is Queen Elsa's real mother w/ Gandalf the Baptist.
m another working week done and dusted.and looking forward to a day of relaxation with the mokos tomorrow, have not seen them all week, so Sunday will be a day of getting spoilt.for them and I. Belly is gently rumbling in satisfaction of a rather slapped up dinner.smokey marinated beef gently fried with purple onion, chilli and garlic, a velvety reduction of the marinade with some pure NZ butter and a touch of Nandos hot periperi sauce, then slapped into a hotdog bun with a fresh egg poached in said butter m bloody marvellous. About to embark on a trip into the a time of Ancient Greece and Atlantean murmurings.yes, Ouzo 21 is calling my name again. Darth Vader is sleeping. Private Bitz has gone out with his mates. And I am singing to a bit of Brooke Benton. Tonight is mine. hic Enjoy the rest of the weekend.
At the 2013 ConnectiCon Convention, voice actor Jim Cummings treats fans to a reading of Darth Vader's lines from "Star Wars" as Winnie the Pooh. Known as the voice behind over 400 roles, Cummings is the current actor for both Winnie the Pooh and Tigger.
I got Walter White Darth Vader and Stephen Colbert and we're gonna tear it up
Comic Book Resources - PREVIEW: The Star Wars - When Princess Leia falls into the hands of Darth Vader, General Skywalker, Annikin Starkiller, and Han Solo must go on the offensive against the Galactic Empire. But they have a secret weapon on their side—one that the Imperials have vastly underest...
Lol ;yes u r.Hunter likes him too,with Sponge Bob and Ninja Turtles.Oh yes,and Darth Vader.
"Take her away and no honey." During a panel at ConnectiCon 2013, voice actor Jim Cummings did an amazing job of reading through a scene from Star Wars as Winnie the Pooh portraying Darth Vader. Fe...
Ella Fitzgerald and Darth Vader did the same for lifts.
And now, Jim Cummings , the voice of Winnie the Pooh read famous Darth Vader lines from Star Wars...
Have you ever wondered what it would be like if Winnie the Pooh was Darth Vader? Well my weird friend, you are in luck! Watch this video of Jim Cummings the voice of Winnie the Pooh reads lines from the first (OK, OK, the fourth) Star Wars movie. Click below:
Epic scene in Star Wars Episode IV between Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader. where u at? ;)
Haven't seen this one before. Luke Skywalker faces off against Darth Vader in the epic climax of Empire Strikes Back (Practice round).
Dexter Morgan, Darth Vader, and Seth Rogan...Serial Killer, Evil BA, and a pot head...what a team!
To be honest the top 3 most awkward moments in movie history, in my opinion are: When Luke realizes Leia is his sister, when he finds out Darth Vader is his father, and when Scar kills Mufasa in The Lion King. That last one though, ahhh.
From Kotobukiya! The "Chop Sabers" are back and better than ever! Kotobukiya brings a new twist to the popular line of lightsaber chopsticks with all new versions that include a little something extra starting with Luke Skywalker LIGHT VER! You read that right; these Darth Vader chopsticks illumi...
Online Clearance Sale on Psycho Cycle - RC Stunt Cycle Special Offer! SEE GREAT SALE! → - RC Stunt Cycle Star Wars LEGO Imperial Minifigs and Sets The launch of Star Wars LEGOs proved a enormous enhance to LEGO profits, as lovers of the two the science fiction movie style and the creating blocks flocked to check out out the new line of figures, ships, and battlegrounds. Becoming capable to recreate the combat from the Galactic Empire in LEGO sort, the lineup of Imperial Star Wars LEGOs Figures characteristic the good villains and nemeses of the films, from basic Storm Troopers to the ultimate enemy in the darkish Darth Vader himself. Imperial ships in the Star Wars films often had the advantage of dimensions, and though none... Psycho Cycle - RC Stunt Cycle A Evaluate of the Collecta Dolichorhynchops Product The design team at Collecta have produced a range of dinosaur models above the decades, they have been keen to exhibit the range of the Dinosauria. Â However, they ought to have praise for also in ...
Just imagined Darth Vader singing "Miss Celie's Blues" and subsequently found this... All is right with the world.
Hamilton Collection
I get asked this a lot by quasi-Star Wars fans and folks new to the franchise: "In which order should I watch the movies?" You can watch them in sequential story line order (Episode I- VI)--which I wouldn't recommend because you'd probably lose interest during the prequels and not care to see the original trilogy. Or you can watch them in theatrical release order (Episode IV-VI then Episode I-III)--which is suggested by most fan boys. I used to feel the latter was the only way. However today I've changed my stance on how one can get the best impression of Star Wars based on the viewing order. So here goes... Episode IV - A New Hope Episode V - Empire Strikes Back Episode II - Attack of the Clones Episode III - Revenge of the Sith Episode VI - Return of the Jedi Why? The magic of Star Wars truly lies in the original triology but it is cool to see how Anakin becomes Darth Vader (Ep II-III). Notice Episode I is not on this list because it was terrible and doesn't add to the lore of the boy who ultimately bec ...
Dana Scully, Darth Vader, and Doug Stanhope(who's that?). Oh well, Darth has got this.
Mine: Abby Sciuto (love her!), Jennifer Lawrence, and Batman. Rick's is Dana Scully, Slash, and Darth Vader! LOL
And in the chief electoral commissioner has rejected the candidacy of Internet Party's Darth Vader because it would.. 1/2
From now on, whenever my mom calls me, Darth Vader's march song will come on. Swaaagg😎
Darth Vader's leadership style, as explored by staff
When Darth Vader follows you that's when you know you got the power of the Dark Side 😈👿😈👿
If you like your toast a little on the Dark Side, try the Darth Vader Toaster
What's more epic gokus super sayian 1 transformation or skywalkers darth vader transformation
Darth Vader explaining something to George Lucas via
Unamused Ukrainian election officials unmask man who tried to run for president as Darth Vader http:/…
I sound like Darth Vader with emphysema
I really felt bad for Luke sky walker when darth vader cut off his hand.
you know USA wins because they are trained by darth vader.
Who's Your Daddy Tee with Darth Vader printed at the front.
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Abby scuito from CSI, Darth Vader, and Bruce Willis. I think I have dang pretty good team. Zombies don't stand a chance!
But I feel like getting that Darth Vader outfit for my cat too ugh
Dom just said 'Darth Vader' for the first time.
me too. Especially when darth vader followed me. Not so much with yoda. Cause i'm on the Dark Side
Darth Vader 'out' of Ukraine election . He has my vote! 😄
Is it Captain America or Darth Vader? on set
Ukrainian authorities have rejected a bid from a man calling himself Darth Vader, who wants to run in the...
Seriously if there's a better photo of an alpaca dressed as Darth Vader I need to know about it
We facetimed autumn to sing happy birthday and she had a darth vader mask and was crying over hot dads
Darth Vader 'out' of Ukraine election . Is this something I missed on 1st April? April fool???
my father's name on my phone is Darth Vader. And he put it there himself.
What if Darth Vader had been my father
Darth Vader and the thing about evil.
Darth Vader 'out' of Ukraine election. the Force was not with him ...
RIP in pieces Lego Darth've made it through multiple mosh pits and Warped Tour but laser…
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Lol it happens in Dagobah with a ghost type Darth Bane like with Luke and Dart Vader in the fifth movie
let it be known that my first minutes of being 16 will be spent wearing a Darth Vader mask
Darth Vader 'out' of Ukraine election. Never mind. Maybe they can run over here? I'd vote for them!
*Checks BBC news* top stories inc a killer baby, a goat sheep & Darth Vader bid Ukraine election. People are getting real weird with life.
Darth Vader told he can't stand for election to become president of Ukraine.
Voice of Winnie the Pooh reads Darth Vader’s lines from Star Wars
I liked a video from Darth VADER VS PUTIN? - Schlimmster Aprilscherz ever! - Telepathie
Go and under the helmet to learn about the making of Episode III's Darth Vader.
spoiler: under the suit Darth Vader was actually a teenage girl, Anakin never made it out of Mustafar alive
"Girls who like Star Wars are much more attractive than those that don't." Amen to that Lord Vader
at that point, he's darth vader, you can't hold it against Anakin. The Dark Side took over..
'You underestimate the power of the Darkside!' -Darth Vader
Set de fotos: Behind the scenes on the creation of Darth Vader’s armour for Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith...
Ugh i swear my Mom sounds exactly like Darth Vader/ Bane when she snores!
Darth Vader told he can't stand for election in Ukraine
Well, at least Putin gave it a shot... Darth Vader 'out' of Ukraine election
I really want the Darth Vader one :D
Yeah, right...give me a break...MT "Darth Vader for president of :
big s/o to for changing my iPad background to a naked black dude with a darth vader mask on. How'd u know I was a starwars fan?
“Make the best of your scars: guess I need 2 Darth Vader drawings.
I'd go viral if Darth Vader came for my birthday .
Me, and Darth Vader chilling backstage somewhere in France.
In Star Wars they wanted to hide Luke from Darth Vader, yet they give him his father's last name & throw him at his home planet.
How did Darth Vader know what Luke got him for Christmas? . He felt his presents! .
Parents know all too well how to use fictional characters from movies for lessons ("don't follow the Dark Side!") or as connectors to our kids ("I love Katniss, too!"). As news breaks that Darth Vader is running for president of Ukraine, one mom wonders, who's next?
Signs of Adulthood: When you hear James Earl Jones' voice and think of his actual name before Mufasa or Darth Vader.
Darth Vader action figure up your butt?
So I had the idea that, for my wedding, just before I would walk out, the Imperial March from Star Wars would play and Darth Vader would walk out with a few Storm Troopers, and then the music would cut, and I'd say over an intercom from the back, "Whoops, wrong intro!"
Big Bad Toy Store says nothing--nothing!--about its forthcoming breakfast game changer, the Darth Vader Toaster, except this: Please Note: Depending on the type of bread used and the duration of toasting, your toast may differ from what is pictured i
We meet the sexiest Steam Punk Darth Vader in the building
Just as Luke Skywalker must have been grateful for the Jedi teachings of Yoda (and for his light saber), we're feeling thankful that Oakleaf Cakes made a life-size Darth Vader cake. Sure, we might not be gifted with Jedi powers, but we get the joy of cake -- and lots of it.
It appears the force was not with a potential Ukrainian presidential candidate posing as Darth Vader, after authorities reportedly rejected his bid.
Sunday sesh at sails after work? Sharon Pease hopefully Darth Vader won't show up again and scare off the zombies
Tall and menacing, Darth Vader is the most potent icon of the Galactic Empire's might. The product of the Emperor himself, Vader answers to only the highest in the Imperial command structure and is granted great leeway in the work he conducts on his master's behalf. Once a Jedi, Vader possesses a...
Just booked our hotel in Vancouver for Fan Expo!! Keenan is going to go crazy when she sees Darth Vader in person!
I watched the Star Wars trilogy for the first time with my son. Early on I told him Darth Vader becomes a good guy but I forgot to mention he dies. He cried.
Star Wars Darth Vader Toaster Darth Vader Helmet-Shaped Toaster Your kitchen is not yet complete because this sweet Darth Vader helmet-shaped toaster has not yet reached the market. The toaster burns a Darth Vader portrait into one side of the bread and the "Star Wars" logo into the other. Your resu...
Andrew's Second photo "Date of the Canberra Festival Parade photo is 13/3/87 - that is you as a Voc I'm sure. Stephen Bennett as Spock, Karen Herz as Darth Vader (I think), Mark Stoneham as Capt Kirk and me as a sort of Davros."
I have a costume idea for Halloween this year for the whole family, tell me what you think. Robin as Princess Leia, me as Han Solo, Keagan as Darth Vader, & Jax as Yoda! Robin Unwer
Michonne, darth vader and dexter Morgan woah I'm all good.
NCAA tournament, you've succeeded in getting a Hitler vs Darth Vader match up. Well done.
A man dressed as, and claiming to be "Darth Vader" applied to be president of Ukraine during a press conference staffed by Storm Troopers
Carol , Darth Vader and Bruce Lee. My team is
Pangea Brands worked with Lucas Licensing to create the Darth Vader Toaster, meaning you’ll never have to dine without the Sith Lord. The Star Wars-themed appliance is not only in the shape of the villain's helmet, but will cook his image on the side of your bread.
I once posted pee wee and darth vader. Is this better, or worse?
So far tonight I've been in a fountain, sat with a cop in a cop car, sand let it go in a Wendy's loudly, hung upside down on monkey bars, wore high heels, jumped on a strangers trampoline, slide on a kids slide, wore feathered hats, road a mini kiddie merry go round, flexed biceps with 15 strangers, pillow fight with a stranger, took photos with Darth Vader, held a bug, acquired a speeding ticket( not ours), and collected a list of ridiculous things
My son has decided to be Darth Vader for Halloween this year and has simultaneously made me the proudest father ever
There was pinning, gluing, painting, planning, plotting, and lots of eating! The gals have gone home, so I am ending the night with a wee dram and ROTJ.. while in my Darth Vader robe.
Am I the only one who sees Darth Vader?
You know those stick figure families that people put in the back window of their cars? I saw one today that had Darth Vader, Princess Leia, C3PO, and R2D2...the geek in me smiled :)
I didn't hate Captain America: The Winter Soldier. I don't how much I did like it, but I know that I didn't hate it. Pros: -Half of the action sequences are really good. -The acting is strong. -Cap, Black Widow, and Nick Fury all get character arcs! They all work too. -On that same note, even though there's this large ensemble cast, it always feels like Cap's film. -The Winter Soldier looks cool, and is a good physical match for our hero. Cons: -Half of the action sequences remind me of Batman Begins; action shot too close with far too many cuts. -The Winter Soldier doesn't even count as a character. He's got barely any lines of dialogue, has no agenda of his own, and is mostly irrelevant to the overall story. -On that same note, the Winter Soldier's big character reveal doesn't work since the person he ultimately winds up being had hardly anything to do in the last film. It's like finding out that Darth Vader was, in fact, one of the musicians in the Tatooine bar. -The big plot twist is beyond stupid ...
For anyone who never thought they'd see me wear an apron...Obviously you never imagined I would have a boyfriend that gets me a Darth Vader one..
Cat was snoring. For a second i thought Darth Vader was in the room!
My boyfriend found the most epic tshirt today: Darth Vader playing baseball. I'm probably going to steal it from him. Hehe. ⚾️
So today was a first... Travers was asked to attend a 6 year old's birthday party and dress up like Darth Vader. Needless to say, the birthday boy was thrilled, his sister was scared at first, but in the end, she was chasing after him too. Those kids are going to have stories to tell on Monday at school. :-)
You ever think maybe the reason you don't have a boyfriend is because you look like an ewok and have an attitude like Darth Vader ?
As most of you know, my daughter, Taylor Quinn will be giving birth to my first grandchild in a few weeks, and I have been searching for an "appropriate" moniker. (Some you should look up the word "appropriate") LOL With Taylor and Baby Chloe's acceptance, I'm closing in on either "Grand Father" -- OR."Da Zayda!" Da is "Father" in Gaelic and "Zayda" is Grandfather in Yiddish. Somehow, the proximity to "Darth Vader is also "appropriately" least to me. (I also like "The Godfather" - thanks to my Godchild, Jennifer Bixler Hmmm
Saw Captain America: Winter Soldier on Friday & absolutely loved it! It is the best comic book film I have seen since the Avengers. Please do yourself a favor & avoid the reviews if you can. For some strange reason many critics are spoiling the big surprise of the movie: the identity of the Winter Soldier. Since I read comics, I knew who he was & still enjoyed the movie. But, trust me, you will enjoy it even more if you do not know the secret. I'll bet if today's critics were around 30-35 years ago, they might have revealed that (SPOILER ALERT) Darth Vader was Luke Skywalker's father or that Charlton Heston would find the Statue of Liberty half buried in the sand at the end of Planet of the Apes (or that Soylent Green is people. . . Its People)! If you like comics, you will love this film. Even if you don't read comics, I think you will enjoy it. There is a lot of suspense & action. You might want to watch Captain America: the First Avenger, if you have not seen it yet, before you see this one. ...
Darth Vader as voiced by Tom Hardy. This video is simply just various scenes where Vader's dialogue is replaced with Bane's dialogue from The Dark Knight Ris...
Conversation just overheard in my house: Child: Darth Vader doesn't like to do chores. Mama: Well, you don't have any choice. You have to do it. Child: But he is the second most evil of all the Sith. Mama: You like your belly full, don't you? Child: Well, yes. And don't jump to any conclusions about which "child" this was. You might be wrong.
Okay, a little game at this hour! I did this back in 2009 and seems like a fun revival. It's basically guess the movie quote, let's see how many you can get right! 1) - Fiddle-dee-dee. War, war, war; this war talk's spoiling all the fun at every party this spring. I get so bored I could scream. Besides... there isn't going to be any war. 2) - Story of my life. I always get the fuzzy end of the lollipop 3) - What's the matter, Morty? Can't you buy her a whole dress? 4) - Forgive me, Majesty. I am a vulgar man! But I assure you, my music is not 5) - My darling girl, when are you going to realize that being normal is not necessarily a virtue? It rather denotes a lack of courage! 6) - They're not British. Could be Italian. We must have British nipples 7) - Just Panties, What else do I need? 8) - And, as I always say, "if it's not Baroque, don't fix it!" 9) - There's no reason to become alarmed, and we hope you'll enjoy the rest of your flight. By the way, is there anyone on board who knows how to fly a plane? ...
My son knows the ways of the force now - he took on Darth Vader in a Light Sabre fight just yesterday for trying to steal me away... Don't believe me... Check out the photos I have been tagged in recently from Supanova 2014.
Mephistopheles, Hitler, Darth Vader, Cyril Sneer (you know it) and now...Joffrey.
OMFG its like sharing a bed wae darth vader the way that John Mcgregor breathes, pillow over his face springs 2 mind 😈!!
Ear worm alert. Sophia says she has the Darth Vader theme stuck in her head. Keeps humming it.
A small female Darth Vader ponders world domination, briefly.
Here I am looking up Darth Vader cover photos and before I hit enter, other people looked up Darth Vader "condoms". What in the world O.O
Come home to my brother wearing: darth vader mask, velvet purple cape, adult slippers While shotting 7up. I don't have words for this.😶
Thursday I sounded like a sick Darth Vader, Friday a boy going through puberty, today I sound like Lindsey Lohan. Tomorrow I'm kinda hoping for Gilbert Gottfried.
Who would win in a fight Gandalf or Darth Vader?
I accept the fact I am not tall enough to be a good Darth Vader.
Tami and Mackinley are running around the house dressed as Darth Vader and a stormtrooper.
Just watched Star Wars Episode III with my 12 y/o daughter Samantha. Explaining about Aniken becoming Darth Vader. Once it ended she asked if we could watch the next one. I told her i don't have it and that i owned them in the past on VHS. Her reply, "What's VHS?" Man do i feel old.
Just got back from Le Comics with the kids. The boys got Star Wars and Justice League while my daughter got a Disney Princess comic. The best part was when H yelled at Darth Vader and said 'You leave my brother alone' and then stuck his tongue out. It's been a good afternoon.
So my boys have actually never seen all of Empire Strikes Back. I don't want them to know the relationship between Darth Vader and Luke until they're older. Yet my youngest keeps calling me Darth Vader around the house...I think he knows.
Update your maps at Navteq
Omg,I've just met Darth Vader he's shorter than I thought!!
In this featurette, George Lucas, Ewan McGregor, and others discusses Anakin Skywalker's transformation into Darth Vader in Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of...
Thanks everyone for your kind birthday wishes, I had a great day, I got to spend time with family, loved ones, and most importantly, I was given a 31 inch Darth Vader doll from my roommates...
I'm not normally the jealous type but when I explode its like Hulk and Darth Vader have taken over me completely... Oh well.. I guess I just gotta deal... *Dear rain, I hate you -.-
Darth Vader is running for president of Ukraine...
"Grace, do you want me to put on Frozen while we clean??" "No, I don't like it." "You don't like it?" "No, I don't like princesses. I like Darth Vader." "Uh.ok..." "Well, put him on!!" "Yes, my master."
Early this morning I accomplished the impossible. I got my wife a toaster for her birthday and she wasn't even mad!! That's because it was the darth vader toaster she wanted!!! Happy birthday baby
There's always that one Darth Vader breather in yoga class.
l assume if Skeletor or Darth Vader and The lmperial Forces were to attack Russia then the US would immediately back Skeletor and the Dark Side. Just saying since they've done a good job of arming the Taliban in Afghanistan and supporting the neo-nazis in the Ukraine so far!
Yeah...NOT. Just call me Darth Vader. Nothing green will ever TASTE like a charred, carcinogenic, cholesterol-filled slab of beef/elk/venison/pork fresh off the grill.
I was looking through Groupon getaways and I told Andy there was a pretty good deal to the Dominican Republic. Ross piped up and said, "Look for Darth Vader!"
Yesterday Elaine shows me a picture of Kinley holding hands with Braylond's giant Darth Vader (almost the same height as Kinley). This morning she finished breakfast and proceeded to give Darth kisses and said "Daddy I love Darth!" So it appears not only is she a wild child daredevil but she also has a soft spot for the bad boys. All I want to know is who's taking me gun shopping???
Who is the better villain: Voldemort or Darth Vader?
Kalliopi has finished mopping the grass in the garden (her idea not mine), Christos has a blocked nose so is breathing even more like Darth Vader than usual. Also... have just seen Pete Burns in Sainsbury's car park!
Liam battling it out with Darth Vader at Jedi Academy at Hollywood Studios.
Deacon, after finishing "Return of the Jedi": "I just saw the good part...Darth Vader turns into a good guy."
Taking my mom, 2 beautiful girls and a Jedi youngling (she may even take on Darth Vader!) to disneyland today
Achievement unlocked. 23 months old and knows the theme music to Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. She also does a fine Darth Vader impression and swings a lightsaber like a boss. Proud parents are proud.
Darth Vader, Godzilla, Harry Stokes from One Direction, Anna from Frozen, John Sena (sp?) all on stage. Yep that's how it rolls at Believe.
Oh yeah! Here's our kid. Fightin' Darth Vader. Ain't no thing.
Our prof pulled out a light saber and said, "May the financial force be with you" & a pic of Darth Vader on the PPT slide.
as the great Darth Vader would say "IT IS COMPLETE"
I feel about as chipper as Darth Vader this morning. I've only been up since the crack of dawn trying to shake this bronchitis/sinus infection and still no progress. If you're able, go out and enjoy this beautiful day...I'd be out there if I could.
So apparently there was a guy going by the name "Darth Vader" (full costume and posse etc) running for president in the Ukraine... how jokes? but he was pulled out... "I find your lack of faith disturbing"
Darth Vader watching over Darkside at cars and coffee
*brushes teeth with new minty toothpaste* *spends the next five minutes breathing like Darth Vader*
I even got out my Darth Vader light saber chopsticks! Lol
Ukraine's presidential election season took an interesting turn over the weekend, as Darth Vader declared his candidacy for the nation's high
Thinking about throwing my boss in the furnace Darth Vader/Emperor style.
Morning Cow Report!! Do I miss being married? Sure, what could be better than being in a relationship with a female, bipolar version of Darth Vader? Sometimes when I am filling up my car with gas, I like to take the antenna off the car challenge the person at the next pump over to a sword fight... Engarde!!! ;) Soo hope your day is going well, have to get to my meeting, have an awesome day!! Toksa Ake! :D
Comic con Dubai, the only place where you will see Superman having sheesha with Darth Vader!! I have seen everything :D
Hi everyone, due to priate reasons I have to quit playing SWFC and will be selling my account. This is the only account I'e been really playing (had one sub to draw a few cards), it's a dedicated Empire account (as you'll see from the cards), but also has a lot of other nicely tradeable cards. I've tried to make the list as complete as possible, if I forgot anything or you have any questions, feel free to ask. RULES: Auction start: now Auction end: Sunday 8.00 PM GMT+2 (due to summertime) / 2.00 PM EST / 11.00 AM PST Starting bid: 10 $ If/after the auction has reached 100 $, raises only in 5 $ increments No sniping, any bid at the end of the auction will open give all bidders 15 more minutes COMPREHENSIVE ACCOUNT DETAILS: (please also see the many pics attached) BLIZZARD FORCE (no name change possible) Level: 77 EP: 150 CAP: 245 (Battle Strength 632.451 currently) (Stat reset not used yet) Credits: 1.082.433 Crystals: 460 Allies: 48/49 (many active allies from fb group) Tickets: 6x Gold 48x Silver 13.317 ...
Pastor Mike's Minute Message: "When troubles of any kind come your way, consider it an opportunity for great joy." (James 1:2 NLT) When my wife and I went to see "Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge Of The Sith", it was funny how I kept hoping for a happy ending. Even through episodes 1 & 2, I KNEW Anakin was going to go rogue and become Darth Vader and become evil, but I couldn't help hoping for a happy ending! After all, don't happy endings still exist?! In God's way of living, they do! But to have happy endings, there must be a conflict. The Bible is clear that when problems arise (and they will!), don't view it as a problem, but as an opportunity for God to show His power through your determination, knowing that living it out according to His plan, it WILL work out wonderfully in the end. The pain of the moment is simply our chance to develop strength and purity. As you get ready to come to church tomorrow, let anxieties of the moment slip away like darkness in the face of dawn. Rest assured that God dev ...
the new 2014 Re-Design of Darth Vader..and new Palpatine's Hologram
So after many years of thinking I was a hopeless insomniac, I have found out that I don't have chronic insomnia at all. I have sleep apnea. Finally some answers. Looks like I will be getting a Darth Vader mask (C-Pap). Hope they come in Pink.
So, my phone does a random "song" for my alarm. Today's was the Darth Vader March from Star Wars. Kinda Epic to wake up to and a bit foreboding. Lol. So, in that light I say "May the force be with you." Have a good weekend everyone. ;-)
Another night at ER with Giavanna. This time by ambulance. She woke up at 11pm wheezing & having trouble breathing. The ER says its Croup. They gave her a steroid for the stridor. Her airway was narrowed from the croup. She slept for a couple hours after the steroid. My poor baby sounds like Darth Vader. We got home at 2:30 am & she has only slept for two 1 hour periods. : ( Giavanna has been through so much this week. 3 trips to the ER is too much.
Darth Vader and Elvis Presley. This is so freakin' cool!
Is anyone else breathing like Darth Vader because of this sandstorm malarkey?!
Large 28" Star Wars - DARTH VADER Suitcase Luggage Hard Case - RRP $339 Limited edition large/full sized (28 inch/71 cm) licensed Star Wars suitcase with Darth Vader graphics. The suitcase is brand new with plastic protection film. Normally retails for $339.00!! but selling for $120!! It has the full roller wheels on the base, hard case & internal zip compartments. Also has a TSA-Accepted luggage lock. Collection from Secret Harbour or may be able to deliver locally with by prior arrangement. Listed elsewhere
I mustve been snoring like a trooper last night. Blocked nose yucky throat. I feel like darth vader this morning.
So, Darth Vader is an actual candidate for president of the Ukraine. Like, verified and everything, a dude dressed like Darth Vader is running for Ukrainian president... I'm left pretty speechless about this.
Well, i believe i've now fully embraced the stoner/doom guitar style... The lower its tuned, the more it sounds like Darth Vader, and i like it.
Drinking something called a Darth Vader. It's a Long Island but with Jaeger instead of coke!
I am trying once again to watch the Dark Knight Rises and I still can't get past Bane's Sean Connery Darth Vader voice. LOL!
Little Giant Ladders
First contact between Darth Vader and Obi-wan Kenobi in "Star Wars" (1977). Darth Vader: I've been waiting for you, Obi-Wan. We meet again, at last. The circle is now complete: When I left you, I was but the learner. Now I am the master! Obi-wan: Only a master of evil, Darth...
Flash mob proposal at work tonight followed by a lightsaber battle between Darth Vader and Maul!!!
Lovey new Darth Vader pjs thank you so much gummy!! Nancy Krueger Weigel
As if Captain Kirk, Darth Vader, the original Hulk, the 6th Doctor, Merle, Gimli, & Eliza Dushku weren't enough, Silver Age comics artists Jim Steranko and Herb Trimpe have been added as guests at the Rhode Island Comic Con. Steranko made SHIELD cool, and Trimpe's iconic art style left an indelible mark on my childhood.
Guess who's running for office in the Ukraine? Darth Vader
U.S. Navy Sailor, Dressed as Darth Vader, Surprises His Son, Luke Skywalker! Aiden’s Star Wars themed birthday party was the perfect time for this little “Luke Skywalker” to discover who was home on military leave!
How did Darth Vader manage to go to the toilet? When he wasn't conquering planets and stuff, did he like to go for a quiet pint down the "Ruptured Ewok"? Did he have to use a straw? Did he play darts? Was there a Mrs Vader? Did she nag him to mow the lawn? Where did he go on his holidays? Did he sunbathe by the pool? Did he get those awful marketing calls at Vader Towers, just as he was settling down for Countdown and a pie? What did he wear to bed? Did he have a dog? Did he prefer Joy Division or The Eagles?
What trick will I play on Darth Vader on Tell me using and you could win:
Dr Gregory House, Darth Vader, and Miley to be the best team ever. A doctor, the muscle, and the bait.
Darth Vader to appear at the Comic Expo via
Jay-Z is like Darth Vader and Drake is Luke Skywalker... Like was the real prophecy not annakin
Don't let darth vader get too jealous now..
So, I thought I was gonna' make it all the way through April Fool's without gettin' fooled. It is now 8:50pm . . . . . . AND IT JUST HAPPENED, thanks to Valerie Rodriguez's daughter, Serena, who may I remind y'all, is only 8 YEARS OLD! She told me my shoes were untied, and I looked. Then I realized while looking down, my eyes got wide, and she goes, "APRIL FOOL'S!" In the words of Darth Vader . . . "NO!"
They are a couple years late to the dance, and I'm still kinda surprised it exists...this is a Swarovski crystal skull!! Yep, Swarovski. You can't tell from the pic, the detail is unbelievable!!! I hope to have these in a few weeks, the larger one (with a little magic) will make a crazy Darth Vader pendant for a certain Dickinson based photographer named Alicia.(I didn't forget)...
Darth Vader toaster takes bread to the Dark Side
Jared learned that Darth Vader is Luke's father tonight. His indignant face was pretty classic. His favorite part, though, was when Luke met Yoda, but didn't know it was Yoda yet. Apparently that is hilarious.
we are all winners! Just not of the Darth Vader sixth scale.
George is so black I sometimes think he's darth vader
I'm talking Mrs. Coulter, I'm talking Lucille Bluth. I'm talking like, Darth Vader is a lady and Luke is her daughter.
Such manly. Wow. (None of that matters except for Darth Vader being awesome. And wutevs, don't h8.)
Just realized I wore all black today and probably looked like darth vader.
Hilarious. I'm followed by Darth Vader. Hey Amouage's Tribute is a dark smoke fest that I said would be ur perfect scent. :)
My respirator make me spun like Darth Vader
Darth Vader Lightsaber Raspberry Roll-Ups! Sugar-free and lethally good! xx
We're supposed to get 4-8 inches of snow on Thursday. Anything to add, Darth Vader?
. ...he makes Darth Vader look kind ...
Ukraine has an official presidential candidate named "Darth Alekseyevitch Vader" via
mu brother is now choir Darth Vader.
Darth Vader is Luke's father, Snape kills Dumbledore, and Sean Bean dies in Game of Thrones. If those are spoilers then you aren't living
Me: "Which Star Wars movie do you like the best?" Kassie: "I can't choose" Me: "my favorite is Empire Strikes Back'" Kassie:. "I like the part where Darth Vader turns back to the bright side." Me: "me too...that's a great part." Me: (in my head) who needs boys.
I am literally always the rebel spy and darth vader wants to kill me
Can't wait to see Darth Vader tommorow at Hollywood diseny
Just saw new trailer… hoped it was just April Fools, but instead it’s an
With the goggles shayna has to wear I feel like I'm laying down next to darth vader. 😊
Time for Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker to reconcile on that day
Future political ambitions? Darth Vader runs for Ukraine office!
Yes, I can confirm... Darth Vader is related to Luke Skywalker
Today at bowling green a little boy told me i sound like darth vader and then asked if i wanted to play Star Wars with him
Is it me or does Darth Vader just look extra creepy??
Debate electoral entre Darth Vader y Putin ya. > "Darth Vader is running for presidency in Ukraine"
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'Rather have feminine eyebrows than cave man eyebrows. Oooh, zing. (And FYI I'd be Darth Vader in --
Darth Vader: I find your lack of faith disturbing. Captain: *mumbling* More like Darth Hater. Darth Vader: I will turn this …
So I saw Darth Vader and he didn't try to kill me!
When my dog whines, he sounds like the dying Darth Vader.
Darth Vader now in Ukraine wants to become president )))
Not sure if this was supposed to be Darth Vader or Sergeant Schultz. "I see NOTHING!"
He is Darth Vader for a reason. That man evil as ***
James Earl Jones, who played Mr.Mertle in 'The Sandlot', also voiced Darth Vader in the original 'Star Wars' films. ht…
Walter White, darth vader and.Jennifer Lawrence? Don't know her but I'm good with the other two
So Darth Vader is running for president in Ukraine
Why is Darth Vader in my phone is one of my many unanswered questions.
Darth Vader is now holding my Wayne State banner
"Curve them with kindness." Curve me and I'll Darth Vader Force choke you
Darth Vader is running for president of Ukraine and no, this isn't an April Fools' joke.
BYE my eyebrows rule. (Darth Vader was Anakin who was HOT also he has light sabers which are just --
Star Wars darth vader with light saber apple logo apple iphone 5c case | Imperialcases - Accessories on Art
Star Wars obi wan statue and darth vader apple iphone 5c case Imperialcases
Darth Vader knew what Luke Skywalker was getting for Christmas because he felt his presents.
Does anyone have copies of the Following Star Wars movies: Return of the jedi, and episodes 1, 2 (the new first two). I would like to borrow because Bruno is super into Darth Vader. I don't know the length of time, but I was assume we would borrow until we can get him hooked on another thing. my crazy neighbor (with no cats) says there are three people dressd like Darth Vader and they are hanging outside an old woman's apartment. And would I call 911? NO. I walked my rear end over there and I met the old lady and her husband and her Schnauzer named Buster who wanted to play with me and the Darth Vader people were grandkids wearing hoodies, they were coming after work to check on the grandparents.
Hanging with Darth Vader and his banjo on Duval Street.
About to start Star Wars Episode 3 with Eduardo Olmeda so I can relate to my kid and learn his obsession with Anakin/Darth Vader lol
Just spent a half hour reading a blog fight over who would win between Darth Vader & Superman. So awesome
Is it me or does this coffee maker in my motel room look like Darth Vader?
Special Thanks to whomever had Darth Vader call me this morning :-D
So Darth Vader is legitimately running for president in Ukraine.
Today was a freaking awesome day! Bride liked her photos, I can walk normally again (paintball injuries healing and from playing Darth Vader at the pep rally and bustin my ***, hung out with a great friend for a drink and some food AND got a gift from her all I have to do is unwind and head to bed.
The only thing in my head when I think of this is the Imperial March when Darth Vader comes in.
U know like when master yoda had to go into exile cuz Darth Vader got so powerful. I had to go into exile...cuz things was not going right. times I feel like coming back like The Return of the Jedi
Yesterday I received my little brother's wedding invitation in the mail! I can't even believe he will be a married man in a little over a month!!! Shouldn't he still be watching Barney and wearing his Darth Vader costume!? Don't know where the time went, but I'm so excited for him and his beautiful bride to be! Love you both!!!
Such a lovely day, got to take Mr Buttknuckles on a walk with his new Darth Vader leash and if its nice later this evening walkin with Jefferstein ^_^
Fully expected to see a Darth Vader doll show up in my classroom today...
Photo: Reuters Promising to restore the former soviet republic's downtrodden fortunes, Darth Vader announced his plans to run for election as its president.
It's true! Who wouldn't want to be a Princess Darth Vader?
anybody want a Darth Vader TIE fighter model?
Tyrion Lannister, Darth Vader and...drum roll...Ricky Gervais. I'm calling him the red shirt.
Jasper: "Did you know that Darth Vader is Luke Skywalker's father actually? When I'm six I'll be on the Dark Side."
Who would win in a fight over Natalie Portman Thor or Darth Vader
I got Sheldon cooper, darth vader and George takei
For Sale 5 time World Champion Being sold Private Treaty. Part or maybe full trade considered for a Black and white Pinto Mare only looking for the Graham and/or Caldwell breeding. AMHR, PtHA and or ASPC registered please Sonoita Highlands Darth Vader DOB 6/2002 AMHA & AMHR registered Black Appy (no face mottling) UTD on everything. Color producer, has produced some very nice foals. Taking my breeding program in a different direction. Broke to drive. World Champion Color, World top ten in Versatility, World Champion Senior Stallion 30 to 32, World Champion Country Pleasure Driving. PM for more info. Location Dallas Oregon
So looking for car stereo walking through the store... Glance at a smart phone, "Can I help you sir!" "No." I look at a tablet computer. Salesman on my butt. Get to the car stereos I might as well been invisible. Good thing the Force is mythical, otherwise I would have been tempted to give the closest salesperson the Darth Vader neck massage.
Darth Vader is running for a political position in Ukraine. Um ok cool stuff...
Phone is broken. Week *** and its friggin Tuesday. The joke's on me. There is a force trying real hard to bring down the house of cards. Like a Darth Vader choke hold kind of force.
Good news Star Wars fans: Darth Vader is running for president of Ukraine.
Not good when your Darth Vader voice makes a telemarketer laugh out loud
Darth Vader Is Running for President of Ukraine Source -
Somebody altered the chapel bells for April Fools day. Instead of playing "Maryland, My Maryland" they played the Darth Vader theme.
Walter White from Breaking Bad, Darth Vader, and Vin Deisel. Pretty sure my team is badass.
Av seen darth vader driving.a woman with a burkka and shades
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
One of the outtake pics from when I played Darth Vader in Star Wars \m/ You may have heard of it.
The ones who pokeing me the one who's falling to the Dark Side Darth Vader bout to use his choke power whoever pokes me is A join the Dark Side or B get force choke lol ;-)
Blonde Lesley moment, I was telling Les about famous movie misquotes, Play it again Sam etc, when I mentioned Darth Vader never actually said "Luke, I am your Father, but says NO, I am your Father. The reply well who is Noah? .
I just saw a brand-new 2014 Jeep Cherokee and it looked like Darth Vader. Im not a Dodge fan but that was pretty badass!
I made a Darth Vader guy last night. tiny stitches make my hands hurt! But he's pretty cute!
Lol so they just used the chapel bells to play the Darth Vader theme song. So I guess happy April Fools day
Sitting here with my windows down in the school pickup line. It sounds like Darth Vader snoring in the car beside me.creepy. Glad I'm not the one that has to wake HER up 😳
Madeline just opened her presents from Uncle Paul that he delivered earlier today - a Lego Wally with a baseball and a bat, and a Madeline-sized Darth Vader. She is currently in the middle of the floor in awe.
What's with the breathing? Darth Vader? No. Jabba the Hut, choking on one of those, froggy creature snacks.
Walking out of the zoo and he is doing this, humming the Star Wars theme, making Darth Vader sounds, and muttering on about the Galaxy. I love him.
Finally my Mother's Day gift from my son. Card is Darth Vader at a festival & rubber gloves. Apparently me/dictator at the Threshold Festival. Love you too son. :-)
its not everyday you see Darth Vader on Market Street Morrisons. But in the Tynemouth branch last Sunday it happened. Caroline Ball and the Bad Apples charity had a bag packing event to raise funds for their charity. They asked the 99th Garrison ( to help add some Star Wars magic to the fund raising. The staff at the Tynemouth branch were brilliant and a big thanks go to them. May the force be with you
Another FB friend recently commented that she is being shown profiles of "People you might know" who have no - zero - friends in common with her. This has begun happening to me as well. Why would FB decide I might know someone with whom I have no connection? The real question, however, is this - when you get one of those suggestions but the person in question hasn't uploaded a profile picture, why does the default cartoon image silhouette look like Darth Vader?
Though steampunk tends to mind a retro vein, it goes surprisingly well with the aesthetics of the “Star Wars” universe. This was already proven with the marvelous steampunk AT-AT. Epbot reader May B. delves into the look for an unusual, and somewhat creepy, version of a Darth Vader costume.
Second joke on myself today... coming into the doctor and knowing she is going to tell me (and she did) that she wants me down to 135. hello we all know thats like my boobs and my *** alone... ninja please. I may be 5'4 but you doc are whats wrong with society. Not everyone is cookie cutter. Ya twiggy broad... lord help me sometimes I just wanna Darth Vader hug some peoples necks. Wooohooo
Since its such a wintery day out there jess n i decided to make some crafts check out our awesome spting magnets, birdhouse winf chimes and Luke Skywalker and darth vader! Have to say thank you to Sherie and Lisa and my dad as these craft kids were given to jess by them! They sure came in handy and we had a blast doing them!
I saw the new Noah's ark movie and I have to say it's ridiculous and too Hollywood. For example, there's a scene where Noah stands at the front of the ark, holds his arms in the air and says"I'm the king of the world!" Later on in the film, he has a light saber fight with Darth Vader. Finally, here's the most ridiculous thing of all: he goes to summer camp with a bunch of teens who end up getting slashed by Jason and Freddy. Nothing like the biblical story at all.
Actual conversation with Dexter: "daddy, tadpoles become frogs, caterpillars become butterflies and Anakin becomes Darth Vader". I love this boy more than anything!
Urgh sat next to the freakiest woman on the train! She's breathing like darth vader, keeps looking at me and randomly singing in indian!!
The Ukrainian Internet Party nominated Darth Vader as its candidate for president. For his participation in the upcoming debates, the party said that one heavy breath will mean yes and two will mean no.
I have actually imagined doing the Darth Vader throat crush no less than three times today. :nerdrage:
I have been thinking a lot about certain things this week and I have come to a conclusion...Darth Vader really wasn't as awesome as we all thought he was as kids. I know he had an awesome force choke, but he was slow and there was no way he could sneak up on anyone with that iron lung he used to breath. I am not saying that he was a wimp, just not the big dog we all thought.
I read about this last week in USA Today. Watch! This one will go public in probably two years. When it announces it's IPO, I'll be investing. If you play the market, keep watching for this one. _ I’ll never forget the image of Gene Wilder as he threw one of cinema’s greatest tantrums at the climax of “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.” Only after little Charlie Bucket hands over his Everlasting Gobstopper does Wonka relent, revealing that the entire candy factory tour was merely a test. Oh, spoiler alert. Wonka might throw another tantrum today if he heard about startup company ReBubble’s new product: rechargeable chewing gum. Like the Everlasting Gobstopper, this is a candy you can enjoy over and over again without ever having to buy another piece. You can bet Wrigley isn’t happy about this — I hear the company is preparing Big League Chew for a throwdown. The secret lies in ReBubble’s ReCHEWvenation Chamber (patent pending). It looks like a cross between a coffin and that big machi ...
Anybody missing a Darth Vader action figure? I just found it . . . . April Fools!! Got ya again, didn't I?!?
If this *** girl behind me don't stop breathing like Darth Vader... -_-
I got Dr Gregory House, Jason Statham and Darth Vader. Not too shabby. :)
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