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Darth Maul

Darth Maul is a fictional character in the science fiction saga Star Wars.

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Clone Wars once again tops the prequels in their portrayal of Darth Maul
Thanks to some talented fans, now has his own film
Insidious demon, Deadpool, Darth Maul, whatever it was, sis tried
Look for autographs from Ray Park as Darth Maul in Topps Star Wars in hobby shops 11/2!
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Everyone's dressing up for Halloween. I used to do that. I was Joker. I was Darth Maul. I was Lady Gaga in Applause…
yeah, it was warm yesterday here and my Darth Maul cousin was sweltering in layers and greasepaint.
That moment where dad bought Darth Maul masks for Halloween decorations because he thought they were devil…
I just had a dream where I was following Donald Trump and he was having secret meetings with Darth Vader, Darth Maul,…
Cops are investigating a claim that Ray Park assaulted a woman after a comic convention
also, something that's always bugged me: in Clone Wars, when Darth Maul gets his robot legs, *how does he poop?!*
BREAKING: 9 of 10 registered voters found Darth Maul more "warm" & "likable" than Hillary
I genuinely enjoyed Star Wars Episode 1 as a kid and I think I would still enjoy it today. Darth Maul all-time goat sith.
Queen Amidala saving a drunk Rebel pilot on shore leave from Darth Maul.
I just wanted to say I love how you can become any character (Davis, Starkiller, Sudan, Darth Maul), the list goes on! Amazing :)
Get The Sure Thing for a guaranteed signed 8x10 of Ray Park as Darth Maul:
Plus QuiGon had a smooth style...and Darth Maul was Ray Park who was already trained in martial arts. Great end result.
He revealed himself to the Jedi, and now we reveal him to you! Pre-order Darth Maul now: https…
What if Darth Maul had killed Obi-Wan in Star Wars The Phantom Menace? Let's find out together!
Man, I feel like I've been living in a dark age knowing that I just realized Darth Maul was in the 1st Star Wars movie a minute ago. 😅
How you you rank the lightsaber fights from the Star Wa… — VERY IMPORTANT:. 1. Qui-Gon Jinn, Obi-Wan v Darth Maul …
Go back inside n rock a Darth Maul or Darth Bane fit
We need either a Darth Maul origin movie or about his survival after Episode 1.
Darth maul was definitely my favorite villain but he was just trash and died too quick
Lightsabers are red, and they're blue, Darth Maul's was red, but he was cut in two.
. We are TWO, and you are NO MATCH for both us. ~Darth Maul
Last character I met was Darth Maul, just before his line closed. He's always the creepies… https:/…
You eat at the Cuban Wheel with Darth Maul. You order iced blueberry salad.
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I guess after the battle with Darth Maul you can call Qui Gon 'Quite Gone'. Amirite.
The actor playing Darth Maul could only shoot for short periods. as he was allergic to the red contacts
Darth Maul had the high ground on him in episode 1, and probly told Anakin 100 times, so you can't blame him for trying!
Hot new arrivals from the Dark Side! Disney Elite Series . Darth Vader. Darth Maul . General Grievous . Droid factory set
Hillary Clinton is the good guy in all this, Bernie is Darth Vader and Jeb is darth maul
The Anri Sala reminds me of a pacifistic Darth Maul.
In honor of the new Darth Maul series on Netflix, how about shedding some light on some of the not so well known Sith Lords?
Fantastic they made it Darth Maul is back !
I agree Tai is Vader, but I could argue Jason is Emperor Palpatine & Scot was Darth Maul based on who was defeated first. 😉
I'm never gonna be able to save up for the shadow trooper and holo darth maul with all these new waves!
One time, I met Darth Maul. I insulted him with, "Have you heard about the sale? Prices are HALF off!" His reaction was priceless.
You may be cool but you'll never be as cool as Darth Eddie Maul.
I have so far read the Lando Calrissian, Darth Maul, Kanan, and Leia miniseries. Brilliant work.
I just "cut her in half" and she said she isn't dead because she's Darth Maul.
I added a video to a playlist Kendo's significance on Darth Maul
Wow, I love I just won this for free, Santa Darth Maul NEW IN SEALED PACKAGE
Darth Vader is popular no ? But it seems that with a couple books that maul is popular too. Idc about maul
People just don't know history: Harriet Tubman just sat her *** on a bus and Rosa Parks played Darth Maul in Star Wars...
Darth Maul returns for the second time . (Vine by StarWarsEdits)
If you ain't heard this yet you a lame and don't talk to me
I keep having the dream where darth maul milks me but all he gets is a glass of dust
When did Darth Maul know he wanted to join the Dark Side?In the Sith grade
And the Jedi I admire most. Met up with Darth Maul and now he's toast. Well, I'm still here and he's a ghost. I guess I'll train this boy.
Dear Obi-Wan,. I wish I saw you knighted. And, Darth Maul pushed you aside,it's not your fault. Sincerely,. Qui-Gon
"Darth Maul is different from Darth Vader... Right?" -
Great Philadelphia Comic Con: Unleash your inner geek: Ray Park, who played Darth Maul in 'Star Wars: Episode ... https…
I was tryna face swap with Darth Maul while eating my pizza but snapchat wont let me flourish.😞
fair enough, Darth maul and qui gon jin were cool af but the Phantom Menace was so boring
okay first off. He is no where near as popular. And secondly Darth Maul does indeed have lines. Very limited though
Darth Maul is unrated and was under used.. Shame really he could off been utilized alot better
Darth Maul and Jar Jar belong together on Planet Mustafar!
Star Wars with famous lightsabre fighters - Luke, Vader, Darth Maul and ...Finn? Wait..
Well... That explains how Qui Gon Jinn lost to Darth Maul...
I can't wait to see Ahsoka Tano and Darth Vadar meet face to face and Darth Maul to appear in Rebels next week
This fan-made Darth Maul short is better than The Phantom Menace
I can't wait for an hour of Rebels next week with Ahsoka and Darth Vadar and Ezra and Darth Maul omg
Darth Maul: The only man to ever kill Liam Neeson
Darth Sidious : Why don't you take Count Dooku's sister on a date?. Darth Maul : Sue Dooku? She's way too complicated.
Have you all scene the Darth Maul: Apprentice fan film? it has some of the Best fight choreography I've ever seen
DARTH MAUL: Apprentice. Bane vs Darth Maul? Woww now that's an excellent fan-film 👏.
Fan-fic of Darth Maul origin story. My favorite character was the Bane jedi
Darth Maul: Apprentice is perhaps the best fan film ever made. Gorgeous cinematography, excellent choreography and storytelling.
Darth Maul - I remember working at the movie theater at the local mall when
Darth Maul was the only person in cinema history to defeat Liam Neesons.
My ranking 4 hottest Star Wars aliens is like:. 1) Darth maul obvs. 2) Rest of the nightbrothers. 3)fkin kit fisto who's shredded. 4) who cares
literally-a-thousand-bees: pattroughton: Obi-Wan cuts off so many limbs he cuts off Darth Maul’s legs (2)...
hasn't Darth Maul been dead for a min?
I really hope Darth Maul is in episode 8.
Darth Maul was one of the original Sith Lords a leaping.
Savage Oppress is a made up name just like Darth Maul. Neither are their birth names.
I liked a video from Star Wars Rebels: DARTH MAUL vs Darth Vader
I don't remember. What I remember is being physically ill after hearing that Lucasarts cancelled a Darth Maul videogame.
I like it! Good night!. I took Zimbio's Which 'Star Wars' villain are you? quiz and I got Darth Maul. Who are you?
This is not unlike how Darth Maul and Count Dooku were handled in the prequels. Difference is those characters were supposed to be important
Reading week children dressing up as their favorite characters. These kids like Darth Maul https…
*** yes, that's what I'm talking about. Darth Maul forever.
no I'm talking about the show 😂. But Darth Maul is from the first movie that was released before we were even born 😂
*** been askin that zebra question while I've been asking, is Darth Maul a black *** with red stripes or red *** with black stripes.
I fell down the rabbit hole of watching makeup tutorials and now I know I'll be going as Darth Maul for Halloween.
The fact that Darth Maul is still alive amazed me
-- They straight up Darth Maul'd that sucker." Wade knew enough about zombie apocalypses to know that walking on foot --
-the sentence. "Palpatine isn't like Darth Maul, dear Obi-Wan. He is strong with the force. He is skilled in battle. You, nor-
Hamilton Collection
I'm torn between going to a party or watching darth maul fight Obi Wan and Kwai gon
Who is that girl? Kate Wagner as Darth Maul. It's reading week Dress up day!
do you mean darth maul?? Me and Ashley are tryna figure it out??
I liked a video from How Did Darth Maul Survive The Fall? Cut in Half and Still Living!
Darth Maul would totally kick spiderman's ***
Why do I always say myself that Darth Maul looks like a satan😁😣
If Darth Maul can survive being cut in half, anything is possible!
I liked a video from What Happened to Darth Maul After The Clone Wars - Star Wars
One of my favorite battle-scenes. Darth Sidious v Darth Maul:
General Grievous's role should have been Darth Maul. Would have made the battle with Obi Wan that much cooler.
I wonder if has any plans to make a Darth Maul comic book series. I think it would do well.
So apparently there's a "Vader Down" series and he's pretty cool in it. . Wish they showed that much love to my main boy Darth Maul tho
once you deal with Darth Maul and Count Dooku, you must confront Emperor Palpatine
God *** that Palpatine/Darth Maul battle was amazing... No flinging senator chairs at each other in that one...
Darth Maul was huge, so maybe they were going on that?
have some respect. A man was killed by Darth Maul
yes me too. Darth Maul should have stay around the entire trilogy... Or at least the first 2 movies
67% percent of Americans prefer Darth Maul to Donald Trump in a recent Presidential Poll.
== Darth Maul ==. Black Series VS SHFiguarts. . Which head sculpt do you think have more likeness…
They expected him to be like Darth Maul or Darth Vader in the popular consciousness, and every kid would want to be him.
== Darth Maul ==. Black Series VS SHFiguarts. . Which one do you like more.? . .
if Darth Maul could make a appearance in the new films, would you be up to reprise the iconic character?
First of the Silver Base variants from Series 3 is up - as an auction for some reason?
Well the image of Darth Maul with spider legs is going to keep me up tonight..
Darth Maul vs Qui-Gon Jinn and then Obi-Wan is my favorite light saber fight in all of Star Wars.
Does remind anyone else of darth maul? Minus the fact darth maul hardly talks, and Stephen never shuts up..
Darth Maul was and still is super cool. He kicks so much *** But did he... . "Half" to lose the way he did?
Snoke is actually a fusion of Darth Maul and Boba Fett
Boba Fett and Darth Maul team up in the sequel trilogy, both somehow still alive
Hey wait Darth Maul was responsible for making mandalorians cool again, he and Boba Fett should team up
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Memphis Bleek is the Darth Maul of hip hop
The quest to find Darth Maul in stock anywhere has been a very difficult one
Yes, I have a Darth Maul riding on top of a U.S.S. Enterprise in my office. What's it to you?
That's not even a question. Darth Maul would leave after seeing Kylo's tantrums.
Vader was always more interesting than Luke. So was Darth Maul. Maybe they’re just clueless about what makes a char. appealing
" I can't believe that Ruka is going to join the ranks of Spider-Man and Darth Maul as a guest character in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater" - Bolt
How good would a Darth maul film be
my mother bought me colored pencils, and some sort of adult coloring book ,for Star Wars so I am just sitting here making darth maul pretty.
Kylo Ren cause when he starts to loose, he will loose his temper and go beast mode on darth maul, after he uses...
Remember that Darth Maul figure you couldn't find for a few months in 1999? Ain't worth much today.
tell you're buddies to add Darth Maul !
here's the Darth maul cupcake I made for my bake off on Friday! Hope it wins! 😁
Dear Girls,Wearing more makeup than the actor who played Darth Maul does not make you attractive.Sincerely,Everybody
Darth Maul is still cool as *** tho and I believe in Padmé and her doppelgangers (when does Kiera Knightley appear again? Hm)
📷 youngjusticer: The fangirlism is strong with this one. Daughter of Darth Maul, by Jeremy Chong.
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Jacquizz Rodgers to Darth Maul... The highwaymen are 2-0 against The Frozenweiners on the year
For my fellow Star Wars people, Who knew Darth Maul is also Snake Eyes from G.I. Joe?
The new Star Wars movie was pretty good. Can't believe Qui Gon Jinn was killed by Darth Maul.
The only good thing about the prequels : Ewan McGregor as Obi-Wan, Soundtrack of first movie, Darth Maul and Anakin battle scene with ObiWan
Darth Maul just looks like he got his face painted for Halloween and the face painter went off
- "Darth Maul" hints at the Imperial March super hard. - "Qui Gon's Death" begins with a solemn rendition of the duel of the fates motif
Darth Maul was such a wasted character
Along with Ian McDiarmid and Ray Park, The Emperor and Darth Maul from Star Wars!
So Darth Maul survives being cut in half and falling like 100 stories, yet Qui-Gon dies from being shived by a lightsaber.
Neon: The force is with these bootleg 'Star Wars' toys: What, you've never heard of Darth Maul's more unassumi...
|| hey the guy looks like Darth maul.
You can't tell me Obi-Wan didn't go a little dark side when Darth Maul killed Qui-Gon
Darth Maul is the only person to ever kill Liam Neeson in film history
Me: "They should've given Darth Maul an Eastern European accent" "that wouldn't have been racist at all"
Constantly refreshing my FB feed in hopes drop their Spider-man VS Darth Maul any second now. I want to watch it before work.
How am I just learning that Ray Park's lines as Darth Maul were overdubbed by Peter Serafinowicz?
"Darth Maul rules" is the most 1999 Devin thing ever uttered.
Grizzlies got sabred in half like Darth Maul
Just re watched the light saber battle with Qui Gon, Obi and Darth Maul. If Qui Gon wasn’t such a glory boy he’d be alive.
I saw that ballet move you worked into your fight sequence, Darth Maul. And you were working it. Til you died.
hey Jeremy Darth maul didn't die in episode 1 he was in the Clone Wars cartoon and got a black light saber also he was a spider
Chinese bootleg Darth Maul figure is called Dennis. lmfao
II is definitely the worst. I at least has Darth Maul & the fight at the end. II is irredeemable.
Darth Maul shows up to the Nute Gingrich debriefing 5 min late holding Starbucks "Uh, sorry, I was putting my face on"
There is no defending this movie. Like Darth Maul is cool but he's not really in it THAT much.
Why did they have to drag Darth Maul into that. He could've been so much better.
I watched the Darth Maul one first and I hated it so I never bothered. Planning on binging this week so I can watch the new one tho
Think about how different the galaxy would be if Darth Maul didn't stand there like a dumb dumb and let Obi Wan cut him in half
1999: young Nick was very upset when Darth Maul died. . 2015: 26 year old Nick is STILL upset watching him die again.
Star Wars Episode 1 may be trash overall, but that fight scene with Darth Maul was really cool
I like how Darth Maul just ghost rides his speeder then proceeds to throw down with Qui Gon
"Darth maul" "Savage opress" look zabraks I get ur angle but ur trying too hard
Darth Maul... Cuz I always pretended I was him when I played with friends
I know most Star Wars fans always wonder what could have been if Darth Maul was not killed at the end of Episode I.
Did I miss it again? How did Darth Maul end up on Tatooine??
Menace is still bad but it feels like the train is still on the tracks, no matter how rough the ride is. I liked Darth Maul.
Darth Maul will always be my favorite Star Wars character
Darth Maul will give you a lecture on how to kill Liam Neeson.
except for when the demon is revealed and he looks like a wal mart version of Darth Maul and it breaks the illusion of fear
Darth Maul is the only character to ever kill Liam Neeson
I fukn love your profile pic I wish darth maul had a son...
[Fan Creation] Darth Maul - Making my way through the prequels and was inspired to draw up this one…
Also I think my wife just broke up with me bc I said I think Darth Maul is a strong fighter 😂
Batman and Darth Maul are the only 2 people to kill Liam Neeson
Darth Maul says like 5 words and is a favorite villain. 👍🏻 Jar-Jar Binks doesn't shut up and look where he stands. 👎🏻
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Did Darth Maul ever get solid backstory, canonical or otherwise?
I liked a video from Beautiful Bootleg Darth Maul Figure | Ashens
i have a crunch on 3 people on th Web and darth maul
Darth Maul. The layers of episode 1. itself
I added a video to a playlist Darth Maul VS Pre Vizsla
The Phantom Menace is flawed but you know what? I enjoyed re-watching it. DARTH MAUL. but holy chub chub Attack of the Clone…
Tfw your nephew wants Star Wars stuff for Christmas, but his favorite characters are Darth Maul and General Grievous.
"Translation": Tokyo Comic Con! Ray Park, who played Darth Maul on so much in close, genuine, excitement,
Darth Maul, pod racing, Qui-Gon, Naboo star fighters: all some of the sickest parts of the Star Wars universe.
Darth Maul groom cake, one of my favorites Star Wars cakes sculptures I made.
I have Darth Maul plastic saber or Assage Ventress ForceFX saber you could borrow. I cannot travel to STL currently, though.
which one(s)? I actually really liked some of the post ep1 stuff - the Darth Maul miniseries was a blast!
.and its Star Wars based...with you playing as Darth cool would that be?!
if you remember this fight between Obi-Wan /Darth Maul! Only 1 more month until
After 16 years... I can say... I did it! I was Darth Maul for a night! FEAR IS MY ALLY!
Okay I take it back, Darth Maul MAY be in The Force Awakens I got excited for nothing 😕
I liked a video from Star Wars Darth Maul and Sith Speeder Hero Mashers
but I love Darth Maul. Gotta have a little taste of 1.
Darth Maul tried to force choke me at Legoland.
Mayones Guitars' deadly new weapon for Darth Maul: Regius 7 Gothic with Bare Knuckle Aftermath 7-string pickups (in…
we're not talking about Darth Maul's lightsaber
Is it weird I used to be scared of Darth Maul as a kid and now I kind of have a thing for him,
Th Darth Maul one is my favorite I cant believe
I mean, there's the question as to which side Poe is on. Do they even acknowledge Episodes 1-3? Darth Maul?
well I have to show up for the doors opening to Darth Maul...
This is my first Elite controller and is painted in a Darth Maul theme, hope you like it
You sold come our with a dlc that makes Chewbacca a hero and darth maul a villain' XD
I hope the 4 extra characters coming to battlefront are good expecting to see Kylo Ren and Darth Maul
will Darth Maul come as dlc or update or anything in the game? Please say yes :( he & General Grievous were in battlefront 2..
As much as I love Darth Maul, him killing Qui-Gon makes me sad.
Really weird to think that there was a point in time when Fred Durst and Darth Maul were equally cool to me.
Okay. Ever feel so untalented because you see a 8 story Darth Maul holding a Lucha mask mural that…
everyone thinks Jar Jar when they think of this movie. Darth Maul is secondary.
why is Darth Maul not in Heros and Villains? Seems like a GIANT mistake to me.. Let's get on that people.. 🙃
Where is Yoda, Obi-Wan, Darth Maul, ext.. And why doesn't palpatine have his lightsaber
I've never watched Star Wars in my life. idek who Darth Maul is? 😅😅
Can we get a Star Wars Bohemian Rhapsody parody featuring Kylo Ren, Darth Vader, Palpatine, and Maul?
"Ray Park wasn't known for his acting skills either but did pretty well as Darth Maul. I'm pretty excited to…" — JT
Yoda's fight w/Count Dooku is the highlight of all three. But waste of Sam Jackson even worse than waste of Darth Maul.
no Chewbacca, Count Dooku, Jabba the Hutt, Darth Maul or Mace Windu? The force is weak in you.
God the only saving grace of episode one is Darth Maul.
Random Speculation: What if Darth Maul is the new Grand Inquisitor?
I stan so hard for Ra's al Ghul and Darth Maul. Two villains I truly fw.
wouldn't it be such a cop-out if the grand inquisitor was Darth Maul from the Clone Wars? Lol.
Obi Wan Kenobi vs Darth Maul: Disney Infinity with Duel of the Fates: via
Darth Plageaus, Darth Maul, Asajj Ventress all return after Sidious' and Vader's demise.
Podrace, Darth Maul, Amidala's ship, Qui Gon Jinn, Jedi Council, Duel of the Fates, Brian Blessed, sorry, that's more than 1
I love the part of Jedi Training Academy when Darth Maul comes out and Duel of the Fates plays and he goes all Star Wars kid. Feels intimate
SHF Darth Maul is currently in stock at HLJ and Hobby Search, if anyone needs it.
If Darth Sidious knew what was going to happen he basically trained Darth Maul so he could be killed by Obi Wan! Harsh!
There's a Lego version of him already right? Can u imagine if they make him weak too? Like how Darth Maul "died"
Back in the day I convinced my parents to rent Mortal Kombat Annihilation ALL DAY because Darth Maul was a stuntman in it.
You know you have a popular design when people say "well, i hated the movie, but darth Maul was cool! put him in another movie!"
Kind of sad we never got to learn what Palpatine's plans were for Darth Maul after he captured him in his final Clone Wars appearance.
Looking at TPM's spoils Qui-Gon, but no one else. Did it imply Darth Maul?
does anybody know if it's possible to use a Darth Maul saber connector on 2 Kylo Ren Force FX sabers?
wait, you have a Darth Maul cosplay *points* this this :D :D
loving it! Main story was a bit short but tons of side missions. Can't wait to play as darth maul
So tempted to buy this Darth Maul mask
I mean, come on. This is WAY too cool to waste. Don't go and pull a Darth Maul on us, JJ Abrams.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Never seen so much hype behind a Star Wars before. I just hope the new villain cold cause Darth Maul and the other mogs were savages.
Finished the “Twilight of the Republic” play set story in Disney Infinity 3.0. The Darth Maul boss fight on extreme difficulty was nuts!
Might cop the Darth Maul dual blade joint for myself
Who would win in a fight to the death Darth Maul vs. Count Dooku vs. General Grievous
General Grievous and Darth Maul highlight this Disney Infinity 3.0 trailer
So why didn't Qui Gon Jinn use the jedi skill of patience to wait for Obi Wan so they could take on Darth Maul together?
Movie memory: Star Wars w/ my dad, asked him why Darth Maul didn't bleed when split in 2. Learned lightsabers cauterize!
Funko Darth Maul POP Funko Darth Maul POP. by FunKo(33). Buy new: $13.7838 used & new fro…
Intrigued by this guy but I was intrigued by Darth Maul and he only had four lines in Phantom Menace.
Phantom Menace, opening night. Guy in front of me, dressed as Darth Maul: "he died?! I feel like an *** "
Holy force they started with the Darth Maul fight... Goodbye Podracing
has a new women's Darth Vader 'Dark Side' themed 3/4 sleeve top -...
Day 3: Favourite member of the empire Darth Maul 😃
um...does Darth Maul get killed in episode I?
Why don't the whole army of Amidala's men just shoot Darth Maul and then they can all take the short route to throne room...
Something interesting to note on the Darth Maul figure and other villains such as Vader is that they…
can't wait to meet and show off my Darth Maul Lego bust
So my nephew doesn't like - except Episode I because he likes Darth Maul. All 5 minutes of screen time...
More arrivals at Hot Topic include a pullover top and Darth Vader hair brush -...
Darth Maul would kick Kylo Ren's trash any day of the week. The prequels are always awesome.
Ok... Was feelin it til Darth Maul showed up... 😒
well darth maul is pretty good but everything else... Woeful!!!
.Cheers. For being a cool FB mod, for my darth maul mask, for the ArrDev work, for the podcast, for Wreck it Ralph article. Ta man
As much as we hated Phantom Menace, as discussed in our tenth episode, we do have a soft spot for the Darth Maul lightsaber.
You mean you hope they don't Darth Maul us. Yeah me too.
Nice one insidious. That demon is fooling no one. It's Darth maul in drag.
*** it, dude, I thought you were going to show me a pic of a sexy lady Darth Maul in a gold bikini.
In my opinion, the only good things from Star Wars Episodes 1 & 2 were the Pod Race, the Darth Maul Duel, and Jango Fett.
Y'all the monster in this looks like darth maul
Jennifer Lawrence. Kim K or North West. Drake. Alan Thicke. John Stamos. Will Smith (actually all of the Smiths, even Morissey). Weedy. Darth Maul
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yeah. You'd really suit a Darth maul
Just passed Darth Vader, Darth Maul, and 2 storm troopers who then went backstage.
My big fear is that she'll be this movie's Darth Maul/Grevious. Cool villain killed at the end.
one small request: Darth Maul emoji for the app.
my favourite toy has probably got to be a Darth maul light saber
Escorting Stormtroopers, Darth Maul, and Vader across the expo is cool, except I was so stressed about "Don't step on Lord Vader's cape!"
Followed! Incredibly nice of you to give away a Darth Maul figure! :D
I always wanted to dress up as Darth Maul, but I need someone that's good with makeup! Look at this
Darth maul drawing comin out better then I expected 👀
Love that my child goes to a party and chooses Darth Maul face paint 😂😂😂
Once I reach 100 followers I'll be giving away a Darth Maul
I agree, only Ford could do him justice. Also I would rather see a Obi Wan or Darth Maul movie!
Follow for a chance to win a Darth Maul figure! Also he has a lot of awsome content! 😊🌌
Qui-Gon Jinn vs Darth Maul again, do you think Qui-Gon would lose again?
Darth Maul? The scene where he killed Qui-Gon Jinn & was, in turn, killed by Obi-Wan is worthy though that's about it.
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First thing that came to mind was the Darth Maul fight in Phantom Menace.
Darth Maul... The only man to kill Liam Nieson.
Darth Sidious vs Darth Maul and Savage Opress hands down the best fight I've seen on Star Wars the Clone Wars
Darth Maul the silent assassin arrives on the planet accompanied by his flying balls.
A lumberjack, a soldier, Belinda Carlisle and Darth Maul walk into a bar..
fans - meet the actors who played Darth Maul and Boba Fett this weekend at Star Wars Weekends.
Somewhere in the universe, Darth Maul is out there...
+ Darth Maul... Stay in bed and stay rested, it's my turn Master... Anakin out..."
Darth Maul hummus, Yoda Key Lime Cake to be offered in new Rebel Hangar at Star Wars Weekends h…
In the spirit of May the 4th it's time that I confess I was in fact Darth Maul for Halloween when I was 6 years old
If you've never heard Peter Serafinowicz talk about voicing Darth Maul & watching Phantom Menace, you really should!
this is worth a listen - Peter Serafinowicz talking about his experience voicing Darth Maul.
My vote would be Peter Serafinowicz. (I don't care that he's also Darth Maul's voice.)
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