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Darko Milicic

Darko Miličić (born June 20, 1985) is a Serbian professional basketball center for the Minnesota Timberwolves of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

Kwame Brown Carmelo Anthony Hasheem Thabeet Greg Oden Detroit Pistons Kenyon Martin Sam Bowie Adam Morrison Steve Nash Michael Olowokandi Chris Bosh Stromile Swift Dwayne Wade Fab Melo Joey Harrington Tayshaun Prince Anthony Bennett

Big sean the only rapper... scratch that the only human being in the history of the world with a Darko Milicic reference lol
- One less NBA championship ring than Darko Milicic.
TBH I would rather have Darko Milicic on the ice before Riley Sheahan
How hard is it to spell Darko Milicic? Pretty easy for me
Darko Milicic is second, Hakeem a DISTANT third, and Giannis fourth.
But he also Drafted Darko Milicic with the 2ond overall​ pick. lets just say that never worked out...2003 draft one of the best in history
Lol so you want the guy that Drafted Darko Milicic?
Pibb to Dr. Pepper is like Tim Duncan to Darko Milicic
Darko milicic...very few euro players turn out to be good
Miserable at every NBA stop, Darko Milicic has found peace as a farmer.
Delete this before Darko Milicic sees it...
*** shame, you had so much potential too. Might as well be the Darko Milicic of the NHL
Darko Milicic. First guy out of that draft class to win a 'ship and is the reason we ended up with Sheed
How the former NBA player drafted after Lebron James finds solace by leaving the hardwood to take to the corn field
Hopefully Fennis Dembo and Darko Milicic and Lance Blanks are available.
this Lee Jenkins feature made me a Nurkic fan.
This is what happens when you choose Darko Milicic
Did you guys see this Darko article? Some interesting stuff from his time in Minnesota
Don't blow it like the they could've had Melo or Wade this whole time nah they picked Darko Milicic…
Sometimes I still can't believe my chose to draft Darko Milicic out of Wade, Bosh and Melo!
Darko Milicic seems to have wanted his time with the to last longer:
chill out Darko Milicic he did not get cooked
You are the Darko Milicic of spelling.
In a recent interview, Darko Milicic seemed to suggest he wished he could have stayed with the
NBA bust Darko Milicic drank before practices, battled depression
that Milicic Darko line always gets me going every time. This song still slap.
After Darko became a farmer, it made him completely rethink his NBA career
would this be like Pistons drafting Darko Milicic in 2003 and winning a championship the next year?
I hope Lonzo ball is awful in the NBA just so his dad is the Darko Milicic of dads...
I wouldn't draft that kid if I had to choose between him, Darko Milicic, and Greg Oden...
An unlikely headliner, Nikola Jokic is delighting and amusing in Denver (by https…
Buddy hield smh 1 more year to improve if not into the trash you go woth kwame.brown Anthony Bennette and darko milicic
harder in practice. Ask Hasheem Thabeet, Darko Milicic, Kwame Browm, Greg Oden, Michael Olowokandi, should I go on?
I really wish sometime a player comparison would say: He´s the next Kwame Brown, the next Greg Oden or the next Darko Milicic. 1/2
Dragan Bender has Darko Milicic written all over him
In May, 2003 Mike D'Antoni suggested that Darko Milicic would end up being better than LeBron (via Rocky Mtn News) htt…
Darko Milicic aint walkin through that door
Darko Milicic ain't walkin thru that door
Darko Milicic ain't walking through that door!
idk. The last jerseys I bought myself were Quincy Carter and Darko Milicic. Idk if I wanna put that on Zeke
S/O to for getting that dig in before the Eagles took Darko Milicic with the pick
Keep it hot Darko Milicic wasnt that bad, just was not good enough to get drafted that early in such a deep draft
It still pains myself and other Pistons fans that Dumars picked Darko Milicic instead of Anthony or Wade
6 seconds left which Darko Milicic you going with
With all this excitement over Porzingis, do you know who we'd be talking about as a pick if he was in this years draft? Darko Milicic
Who that scrub next to Darko Milicic
Darko Milicic.. He has better jumper.. And defense just as good..hed get in Kwame face and break him
Darko Milicic has a ring. That doesn't make him better.
Darko Milicic is the top candidate in 2003
*** I'm super late on this but what the *** ..Darko Milicic ain't walkin thru that door
Darko Milicic ain't walking through that door!!
Darko Milicic ain't walking thru that door!
(for the 2nd team today) Darko Milicic isn't walking through that door
Darko milicic is not walking through the door.(prob said) how about austin daye?
Darko Milicic got more rings then the whole city of Cleveland
Darko Milicic ain't walking through that door...or any doors to an NBA game for that matter
Darko Milicic is not walking through that door
Darko Milicic isn't walking thru that door
Darko Milicic ain't walkin' through that door.
Darko Milicic ain't walking through that door
Pistons shoulda drafted Melo instead of Darko Milicic they would have won Atleast 2-3 rings.
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Why are the Detroit fans booing Lebron? We don't boo Darko Milicic.
he's playing teams of 12 Darko milicic's every game
Darko Milicic got more rings than the Cavs 😵
"bank account got me feeling well, Fargo...Ballin till I get milicic darko"
Darko Milicic ain't walking through that door.
.Darko Milicic ain't walking through that door
I feel dirty drinking from a Darko Milicic '03 Pistons cup but so it goes.
27 years ago, Tony Mandarich became the 1989 version of Darko Milicic (or vice versa).
Darko Milicic would prove to be a better NBA player than Carmelo and D. Wade
Former NBA lottery pick Darko Milicic has given up kickboxing to live on a farm
I saw someone wearing the legend Darko Milicic jersey last night at the game
"Dis guy Darko Milicic will be a good pick at with all dose European players"
not saying I like Melo...but I'd take him over Darko Milicic...
Man, the Pistons are only one Darko Milicic away from seriously contending.
Dark Milicic says he never got a real chance like other youngbloodz
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Did I enjoy seeing Darko Milicic pant up and down the court for 20 min a night? Well, actually a little bit
Detroit Pistons chose Darko Milicic for the second pick of the 2003 NBA Draft
[SB Nation: Detroit Bad Boys] Pistons News: Darko Milicic talks about his career; SVG keeping tabs on Brand
Former Utah Jazz scout would've drafted Darko Milicic over Lebron James.
What about. Your team gets Michael Olowokandi, Jonny Flynn, Dajuan Wagner, Stromile Swift and Darko Milicic. But. Cancer = over
Adam Morrison, Darko Milicic, the reason Steve Nash praised like a god
I'd go with Darko Milicic; thought to have top-level talent, chosen for number 2, whipped badly by a grizzled vet
Will never forget when Darko Milicic single handedly brought a championship to Detroit
Darko Milicic got drafted before him and got a ring his rookie year 😂😂😂
Remember when Darko Milicic looked like little lord lord fauntleroy?
wasn't it like Darko Milicic or something Reggie because the Pistons can't pick players
I might be the GOAT of tinder but the Darko Milicic of dating in real life
Kristaps Porzingus the opening day starting PF for the Knicks? Welp, looks like my Darko Milicic comparison is wrong.
if you don't get your Darko Milicic lookin *** out my mentions
Sounds way too much like Darko Milicic... RIP whatever team drafts him
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"Lebron James, Darko Milicic. Same draft class and one of these guys is out of the league now. There's your racism" - Darren …
Adam Morrison and Darko Milicic take issue with that last comment of yours.
If a *** can last that long sober, your box is Sam Bowie mixed w/ Darko Milicic
Hows my night going? Just dropped 35 Points with Darko Milicic on NBA live 10. So i guess you could say pretty good.
how about Darko Milicic, 52 million ain't bad!
and why we all forget that Darko Milicic has more rings than Carmelo Anthony
URGENT: looking to trade this rare 2003 JCC league basketball card for a Darko Milicic rookie card
Rip Hamilton didn't much like the Pistons drafting Darko Milicic *or ...
DARKO milicic has more rings than any knick, KD, westbrook, need i go on?
it seems unlikely. Curious who this Darko Milicic is.
The funny thing was that CV wore for Detroit so when I saw it from the front I thought it was Darko Milicic & had to check!
There's a PC candidate in named Darko Milicic. Presumably he's not the basketball player or
That pick was definitely the lowest point of my fantasy career...Darko Milicic and Sam Bowie were genius picks in comparison.
Stefan Struve joining the is like when Detroit drafted Darko Milicic
Maybe Josh Smith should join Darko Milicic & Larry Sanders and just do something else.
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Darko Milicic is now an MMA fighter. Hey Greg Oden and Michael Olowokandi, there's hope for you both.
Rip Hamilton talks Michael Jordan's gambling, his reaction to the Darko Milicic pick and Carlos Boozer's spray hair: ht…
Detroit always sees players that just do not belong in professional sports. Darko Milicic. Joey Harrington . John Kitna. Joe Nathan
Since lottery began in 1985, only 3 guys taken in Top 4 won title with that team (David Robinson, Tim Duncan, Darko Milicic).
The Cavs basically have to choose if they're more scared of drafting the next Darko Milicic (Exum) or Sam Bowie (Imbid).
😂😂"Hey .. Just remember these big men who went 2nd in the draft.. Sam Bowie, Darko Milicic, Hasheem T…
They're going to draft Darko Milicic out of retirement
Warfare, guerrilla clips, hold that, throwback, Darko Milicic
Kwame Brown or Darko Milicic? Both top picks. But i must say KB has a good manager.
Which trade equation is more confusing: Zach Randolph = Quentin Richardson = Darko Milicic or Vince Carter = Antawn Jamison = Cenk Akyol?
Ephesians 4:29 (NLT) Don’t use foul or abusive language. Let everything you say be good and helpful, so that your words will be an encouragement to those who hear them. As most people know, I have been a die hard fan of the Memphis Grizzlies since they arrived in Memphis in 2001. I have rooted them during their 20 win seasons and their 50 win seasons. We have had players such as Jake Tsakalidis, Darko Milicic, and Kwame Brown that I would cringe when they came into the game. With all that being said, I had never had the desire to ever boo anyone that was wearing a Grizzlies uniform. As a matter of fact, if you ever have worn a Grizzlies uniform, I would never boo you---even if you were now a Los Angeles Clipper. It pains me to hear that during this season that there have been a number of occasions when at home games, Grizzlies fans have booed part of the team. Earlier in the season the rookie head coach, Dave Joerger was booed, especially during the team's home losing streak. Last Friday, veteran forw . ...
Players that should of stayed: Dajuan Wagner, Eddy Curry, Hasheem Thabeet, Jonny Flynn, a guy the Sixers def drafted, Darko Milicic.
Hey, maybe Darko Milicic can make it into the Hall of Fame after all.
Oh, so Darko Milicic is better player than Steve Nash?
We always remember the 2003 draft and Darko Milicic.
So Kwame Brown, Anthony Bennett and Darko Milicic walk into a bar.
. Lmao Darko Milicic was also a top 3 draft pick that year..
yea man smh so does Eddy Curry and Darko Milicic 😭
After two straight nights of bowling, I've come to the conclusion that I'm horrible. Darko Milicic bad. And thus I must retire...for now 😔🙈
*** that i don't understand still in the league: Matt Barnes, Wes Johnson, Greg Oden, Darko Milicic
is the next Darko Milicic or Kwame Brown
Think about that: Darko Milicic got a ring before Carmelo Anthony.
I stopped paying attention to the NBA when Detroit decided to draft Darko Milicic over Carmelo Anthony...
Darko Milicic won a ring before Lebron, Wade, Melo, and Bosh in that draft class.
Darko Milicic has the skills to make the jump to the NBA. All David Stern has to do is say when.
ya bro you're like the Darko milicic of drinking
so i assume u think Kwame Brown darko milicic Thabeet and Oden were the right picks then if based on potential
Ryan Goyette trying to say that Darko Milicic, or as he calls him, "Draco Malfoy" was a good player for the Pistons... SMH
Does this have something to do with Darko Milicic?
Greg Oden and Darko Milicic move over. The NBA's biggest draft bust is Anthony Bennett.
Little Giant Ladders
Detroit Trades Otis Thorpe in '97... Gets Darko Milicic in '03 On August 7th, 1997, the Detroit Pistons traded forward Otis Thorpe to the Vancouver...
I know Detroit still mad they drafted darko milicic over Carmelo Anthony
Darko Milicic with the 2nd pick of the 2003 NBA draft. Where is that guy now? Thought he shouldve been better than Wade, Melo and Bosh? Smh
Darko Milicic is now a fisherman. He competed in the World Carp Classic in Italy!! Lmao!!
It's the 10th anniversary of the 2003 draft. We saw the likes of greats likeml: Lebron James, Carmelo, Dwayne Wade, and Darko Milicic.
They also saw talent in Darko Milicic, Nicoloas Tskitishvilli, Jan Vesely... You want me to keep going?
Darko Milicic says he's done with the NBA and is out of chances there.
Just 10 years after his historic career began, one of basketball's greatest hangs it up. The No. 2 overall pick of the 2003 NBA Draft, selected one pick before Carmelo Anthony (thus insinuating he was better), Darko Milicic.
Joe Dumars on the Darko Milicic pick of 2003: "Absolutely it was a mistake. Ever since I picked Darko, from that point on, the background research we do on every single player we draft is ridiculous. We had maybe 2 sources of information on Darko." Darko today announced that his NBA career is over.
You’re not going to have Darko Milicic to kick around in the NBA. He has signed to play in Europe next season and he told a Serbian Web site there is no chance he returns to the NBA (hat tip to Matt Moore and CBSSports). “No more chances. This is a done deal,” Milicic said…
Never have I rooted the Miami Heat mainly dahil kay Lebron. My love for this team started nung 2003 when the Detroit Pistons picked Darko Milicic which allowed Pat Riley to pick Dwade for the Heat. :) Congrats on your 3rd ring WADE! WOOO! GO HEAT!
Sports Birthdays of the Day: Len Dawson turns 78, Dickie Thon turns 55, Darren Sproles turns 30, Frank Lampard is 35, Darko Milicic is 28.
You have to pick one on your team, like on the playground as a kid, who do you pick: Joey Harrington, Darko Milicic, or Jose Valverde.
Tracy McGrady, Juwan Howard, Mitch Richmond and Darko Milicic now battling for the greatest bench warmer in the 2000's.
I remember an old scouting report said the only thing that could stop Darko Milicic was a woman
So we left with Chris Duhon, Kwame Brown, Speedy Claxton, Darko Milicic in *** squad -_-
Kahn was trying to compare Darko Milicic to Vlade. Lol
That screaming woman must watching replays of the Darko Milicic draft pick.
The empty-net goal: the Darko Milicic of hockey plays.
Draft Darko Milicic before melo, wade and bosh
drafting Darko Milicic over melo and d wade
Darko Milicic was the best player drafted in the 2003 NBA draft.
Darko milicic biggest bust in NBA history?
is Darko milicic sitting with them at the table
Draft Darko Milicic when D-wade, Melo, and Bosh are still available.
Darko Milicic has been in the league 10 years too. Get my point?
Darko Milicic has greater upside than Anthony, Wade, or Bosh...
you say lebron is "just big" "just big" doesn't get you 10 assists & a couple key 3s Just big doesnt make u good. Darko Milicic
Darko Milicic, Lebron, Wade, Bosh HAVE RINGS.and Carmelo dont...Im going get him dropped from Nike .UOENO
How do you feel about the entire Heat team flopping like Darko Milicic? Can't stand watching it personally.
The Pistons wouldve 3-5 rings if they wouldve drafted Wade, Melo, or Bosh instead of Darko Milicic
It pisses me of knowing the Pistons took Darko Milicic over D. Wade & Melo in that draft. Imagine if we had D. Wade
you also said Darko Milicic was gonna be next Hakeem
Yeah, about as cool as my Darko Milicic plates.
Darko Milicic once put up 23 points, 16 rebounds, 5 assists and 6 blocks against the Lakers. The lesson: any player can have a great game.
heh, Chad Ford. He's always right in evaluation *I see you, Darko Milicic*
dude if I recall correctly it was you who said taking Darko Milicic 2nd overall behind LeBron in 03 would pay off
I thought Darko Milicic was going to be good.
Greg Oden, Darko Milicic, Michael Olowokandi and im sure there are more i can't think of. Your on to something here slow k
"let's hope we don't draft another Darko milicic" best draft pick of all time bro...who needs melo or wade?!
Right, like Darko Milicic.Joe D needs to do the honorable thing and resign. We need someone with vision.
Is Darko Milicic still in NBA?? If so he been here 10yrs.. I take his too
Don Kelly is equivalent to Darko Milicic in my eyes.
--i think Len could b the darko milicic of this draft.
Pistons gotta be sick. They drafted Darko Milicic over Melo 😩😩😂😂
Maybe Darko Milicic wants to play for the Pistons...wait, crap.
I have no clue who Detroit will draft. I'm still hurt from the '03 draft where we passed up Melo and Wade. For "Darko Milicic"?? 😔😫😢😪
I heard Gilbert already has Darko Milicic signing on the dotted line
Watching the Pistons in the draft lottery makes me still hate Dumars all these years later for using the third pick on Darko Milicic...
With the fourth pick in the draft the Bobcats select...Darko Milicic Jr
Thanks to ESPN's draft lottery coverage I was reminded that the wasted a number 1 pick on Darko Milicic. Never forget.
But then again the last time the Pistons had a high pick they took Darko Milicic over Carmelo, Bosh & Wade
Be a shame to rob them of the chance to take the next Darko Milicic.
10 years ago, the Detroit Pistons selected Darko Milicic over Carmelo Anthony, Dwayne Wade, and Chris Bosh. DARKO MILICIC.
With the 2nd pick of the 2003 NBA Draft, the Detroit Pistons select.Darko Milicic.SMMFH
The last time I watched the NBA draft lottery, we got the 3rd pick. we took darko milicic
it still hurts to think that 10 years ago the Pistons took Darko Milicic over Carmelo and Wade!
Still can't believe the Pistons picked Darko Milicic over Carmelo Anthony and Dwayne Wade
What if the Pistons had drafted Carmelo Anthony or Dwyabe Wade instead of Darko Milicic??
Daaamn detroit picked Darko Milicic over D wade an Melo. Wow
Pistons really picked Darko Milicic 10 years ago.
It still bothers me to this day that we drafted Darko Milicic
Please just don't talk about darko milicic.
Detroit Pistons are about to redeem the Darko Milicic pick
Though Darko Milicic was pick, and led Pistons to a title in his rookie season.
Does Charissa Thompson really think Griner would beat Darko Milicic 1on1?
Some days Hardaway Jr. is Tayshaun Prince; some days he is Richard Hamilton, and then some days like today he is Darko Milicic.
your Top 5 NBA draft bust ? other than Kwame Brown, Darko Milicic and Adam Morrison. Thanks
Joe Dumars is a *** idc how good we were at the time. You simply don't pass on Carmelo, Wade, AND Bosh for Darko Milicic. WHO?
Raphael Gellar//     Basketball analyst Doug Gottlieb didn't just used to play professional basketball. At one point in his early career, Gottlieb, who is Jewish, claimed his Israeli citizenship and dribbled around on Israeli courts. Now, the former Maccabi Ra'anana player and nine-year ESPN veteran has taken a new post with CBS, living out his dream of serving as a studio and game analyst for the NCAA tournament.   Q: Describe your favorite moment playing professional basketball in Israel My favorite moment was probably beating Hemofarm Vrasic in Korac Cup play at MetroWest. I cannot remember the number by I feel like I had 12 assists or so. Hemofarm had a very young Darko Milicic and my guy Mate Malisa abused him. Cory Carr caught several alley oops and the game was played at a great pace. Outside of that, playing at Maccabiah Tel Aviv was amazing. To see all the yellow and blue, to imagine playing on that team, or beating that team. It was one of those experiences where you thought, 'Man, ...
Is Andrea Bargnani the new Darko Milicic, another failed Euro picked over Carmelo Anthony, Dwayne Wade & Chris Bosh in the 2003 NBA Draft?
People should lay off Detroit drafting Darko Milicic. Don't forget how great Tayshaun Prince was playing during their playoff runs.
Follow up question, do you think the no. 2 pick has the most disappointing picks in the history of NBA? Ex: Sam Bowie, Darko Milicic, Hasheem Thabeet, who else? -MoltoBene
NBA News: Wolves' Williams out to prove he's no bust - Darko Milicic. Hasheem Thabeet. Stromile Swift. Sam Bowie.
Kwame Brown, Darko Milicic, Shawn Bradley, Hasheem Thabeet, Adam Morrison - all worst than Rubio.
After the departure of Darko Milicic earlier this year and Fab Melo still developing in the D-League, the Celtics have yet to fill the hole at back up big man. Could the former pick from Ohio State be the answer?
if I'm Matt Barnes then you muhhfuggin Darko Milicic
i take all Chad Ford pieces of news w/ a grain of salt because he hyped up Darko Milicic.
Mike Trout being better than Bryce Harper is like if Darko Milicic was better than LeBron.
Darko Milicic getting selected as the number one draft pick
Your like Darko Milicic a major bust
Report from Europe says Darko Milicic may sign with Boston | happy ...
ill play darko milicic before I play Ty Lawson.
Time to ask the inevitable: worst 2nd overall pick last decade --- Darko Milicic or Marvin Williams?
Using your top draft pick to pick Darko Milicic
UH's version of the Detroit Pistons' Human Victory Cigar Darko Milicic checks in. That would be frosh Michael Harper. 75-55 'Bows, 2:30 left
off to topic, but there is Chris Anderson, Ben Wallace, Kenyon Martian and Darko Milicic all available big man in the free agency .
*TRIVIA* Who is the only player in the 2003 first round, top five draft pick who has not won an Olympic Gold Medal?
We need a center can we try to get Fab Melo, Hasheem Thabeet,Hamed Haddadi,Darko Milicic,Kevin Seraphin we need somebody
Trade Pau Gasol soon as possible
Can YOU name the 3 NBA players with the most dunks via alley-oop passes this season?
So I thought Todd Bowles was going to be a good coach and failed miserably, not as bad as my prediction that Darko Milicic would be R.O. Y.
“Bank account got me feelin well. Fargo” Ballin tryina get a milicic,(million check) darko. That song is still tough
I have the Darko Milicic version of "Jock-A-Mo" stuck in my head and don't know why
Darko on the Edge of Town: Could a stint with the NBDL's Sioux Falls Skyforce near the Dakota Badlands be the key to a Milicic revival?
While his Alaska Aces were battling the Talk ‘N Text Tropang Texters in the semifinals, coach Luigi Trillo was trying to bring in an import who wouldn’t have h
You ever have clothes that are like 1st round draft picks but just never work out like Darko Milicic?
Key word: was ... you are stuck in 2012:
Can't believe Darko Milicic was the second pick of the 2003 Nba draft
Make fun all you want, but the Celtics could really use Darko Milicic right now.
Hasheem Thabeet was about as bad of pick in the draft as Kwame Brown and Darko Milicic
Honestly Darko Milicic was the guy that was going to be the anchor in the defense when KG wasn’t on the floor. Danny’s plans fell through.
he also drafted Darko Milicic, gave some awful contracts, and made dumb trades as of late
Darko Milicic was a zero but Kwame Brown is an absolute cancer
I still can't believe Detroit drafted Darko Milicic over Carmelo Anthony coming off an NBA championship-If they had Melo would have 3 rings
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Wale is the Darko Milicic of rap. All the tools, does some good things, but never quite gets there.
According to the Boston Globe, the direction of the Boston Celtics has begun talks with Kenyon Martin and Erick Dampier for one of them holds a position in the rotation within the team. The Celtics' coaching staff has claimed signing a player to strengthen the defensive and rebounding after injury of Chris Wilcox and Darko Milicic out a few weeks ago. Martin, 34, has rejected interest from European teams to continue in the NBA. The power forward played for the Xinjiang Flying Tigers of the Chinese league during the lockout and later for the Clippers, averaging 5.2 points, 4.3 rebounds and 22.4 minutes in 42 games. Dampier, 38, ended the contract that bound him to the Atlanta Hawks from last season, where he rose to meet the injury suffered by Al Horford. In the Georgia team, center just added 1.7 rebounds and 5.5 minutes in the regular season. However, increased its contribution playoffs with four points and 3.5 rebounds in 13.5 minutes in the four games he played precisely against the Celtics.
Who was the biggest bust, Greg Oden, Jamarcus Russell or Darko Milicic?
Who in your opinion is the biggest bust in NBA history? I'm gonna say Darko Milicic in 2003 because the Pistons couldve had Melo, Bosh, or Dwade. -BIG O
Seriously, NBA 2K13 needs a drop kick button. I don't care, I'll put in Darko Milicic for 8 seconds to take out LeBron. Make it happen, 2K.
look up at the tv and see Darko Milicic drain a 3 against the Celtics lmao
And, yes, it is always a good day when I get to make a Darko Milicic reference.
Omar Asik Hasheem Thabeet darko milicic the list goes on
Melo's on his grind because the first five draft pics of 03 all have a ring except him, even that *** Darko Milicic has one!
most people say I'm like Steve Nash meets Patrick Ewing. Those same people said you were Darko Milicic
Imagine Detroit would have took Melo with the 2nd pick in 04' instead of Darko Milicic.
Melo the only lottery player in the 03 draft that doesn't have a ring! Darko Milicic(sc)don't count
Darko milicic was my teams worst pick ever we really could have had this melo guy in Detroit
naw dude. Darko Milicic and Kwame Brown are better! Lololol
Darko Milicic was the greatest piston of all time
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yeah, it makes sense for sure. Definitely ain't Darko Milicic.
I consider him more of a Kwame Brown or Darko Milicic
Eric Montross joe wolf Michael Olowakandi Kwame Brown(still in prime) and Darko Milicic "Top 5 Centers all time!"
I bet the Pistons are happy they took Darko Milicic over D-Wade
or anyone else besides Darko Milicic..
Whoever knew that Darko Milicic was the second pick after Lebron in '03...this guy is unknown and a 49 rating in fukin 2k
i see no mention of the greatest sports welfare case of all! Darko Milicic. OK I'm done. Very good article.
The Inbounds: Michael Beasley and his levels of toxicity: Michael Beasley and Darko Milicic were at the top of t...
Don't forget, Melo won it all in College while at Syracuse! I still can't BELIEVE Detroit passed on him for Darko Milicic -
I think you're mistaken. I've heard a combination between Darko Milicic and Adam Morrison
No matter where you put darko milicic, he's the best at every position.
I sir in fact do not ball I tried but couldn't I'm like the Darko Milicic of our friends
I think best moment in history was predicting Darko Milicic would be better than Lebron
Joe dumars just watch the game tonight and reminisce on the night you downed some lean and chose Darko milicic over melo
The headass Pistons drafted Darko Milicic before Carmelo, wade, bosh, all them dudes
Like I feel bad for the *** that chooses a darko milicic over Carmelo
more bust than Darko Milicic and Kwame Brown in the same room
I'm trying to pull a Darko Milicic today. Is we hooping or not?
The Detroit Pistons passed on Carmelo Anthony, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh and Chris Kaman in the 2003 draft to draft Darko Milicic. What would be different if Melo was drafted to the Pistons? Would the Pistons have won more than one title after the 2004 one? Would Wade and Bosh also be of different teams? - Vahagn
There are a lot of rumors going around that the Raptors and Lakers are having quiet talks about a trade involving Lakers big man Pau Gasol and our very own Andrea Bargnani. This trade could include some filler players and picks, as well as Jose Calderon apparently being one such player. But the two ...
Brian Scalebrine, Kwame Brown, Darko Milicic, Russel Westbrook, Luke Walton. My team = Way better.
We've collected every current NBA player who has been mentioned in a rap song, from the omnipresent Lebron James to preeminent punching bag Darko Milicic — which team do rappers love the most?
Doc Rivers said that Darko Milicic's return to the is unlikely. C's could turn to free agent Kenyon Martin if he does leave.
It should be noted that Kenyon Martin, Chris Andersen, Darko Milicic, Mike Bibby, and Derek Fisher are currently free agents.
Darko Milicic is likely leaving the team to be with his ailing mother.
L.A. called? Gilbert Arenas says the Los Angeles Lakers contacted him following Steve Nash's injury ... Celtics to look at Kenyon Martin if Darko Milicic is waived ... Stephen Jackson out at least four weeks ...
The Boston Celtics could target free agent Kenyon Martin if Darko Milicic leaves the team.
Wojnarowski cautions that the Celtics are more likely to hold onto their freed roster spot for a couple months to gauge the market if Darko Milicic leaves, but Martin's an intriguing option.
Jared Sullinger and Darko Milicic are warming up, too
Looks like the Detroit Pistons will get the number 1 draft pick for 2013 and I bet it will be a waste like when they picked Darko Milicic
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the Lakers firing Mike Brown and picking up Mike D'Antoni is like getting rid of Kwame Brown and picking up Darko Milicic lmao you cant go from bad to worse!
A slow night for basketball leads to Nate Robinson getting my fantasy team's vote over Darko Milicic. When in doubt, choose the scrappy -- if turnover-prone -- little veteran from Chicago instead of the big, over-hyped white dude from Boston who probably won't get you anything. It's basketball science, people.
Vince Young has been the biggest bust since Darko Milicic
Honestly the mistake the Pistons made was drafting Darko Milicic over Melo,Bosh,D-Wade,David West etc.
About to start the first auction draft of the fantasy NBA season. Do not spend $45 on Darko Milicic. Do not spend $45 on Darko Milicic...
Andre Drummond Will Erase the Darko Milicic Pick: Yes, I said it and don’t you forget it.  Andre Drummond will e...
Played nothing like Lebron today...more of a Darko Milicic game today.
Bank account got me feeling Well, Fargo Balling til I get a Milicic Darko
I legit want a darko milicic jersey for my birthday
Yeah exactly and yeah Darko Milicic is a bum, I guess we just signed him for his height. Sullinger has been playing well though.
Boston fans better be prepared - Gronk's Beefeater touchdown celebration looked a lot like Darko Milicic running the wing on a fast break.
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