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Dark Phoenix

The Dark Phoenix Saga is an extended X-Men storyline in the fictional , focusing on Jean Grey and the Phoenix Force, and ending in Grey's apparent death.

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exactly, I would not have cared enough to try Dark Phoenix if Whedon hadn't sucked me in first. And the 1st class/year 1 stuff
and people new to X-Men tend to get handed Dark Phoenix which...obviously I love but sure has some problems
Dark Phoenix Saga. But it's in the top 3
yeah and wasn't Barry like gone for 20 years? Heck same with Jean and dark Phoenix right? Also that was one of SG's finest...
:-) Dark Phoenix by the gorgeous - Photo byArval Photography and Quijote Fotografias…
it was at its worst in order of the Phoenix movie era, when people made me pose beside posters. Dark times.
One way to test if UMVC3 on PS4 is a good port. Pick Morrigan/Doom on Kattelox Island with Dark Phoenix mashing A.
Phoenix with Leila. Waiting for it to get dark!
Dark Phoenix! by JubyHeadshot Check out... check more -
Jean Grey turns into Dark Phoenix at worst possible times (sorry Olive Garden).
RIGHT? Some1 asked me here if I could request a spcl skin for what would it be & I said Dark Phoenix.Bcuz FLAMES baby.
That pesky Dark Phoenix keeps deconstructing your dates atoms.
shoulda used Dazzler, who played a big role in the Dark Phoenix arc in the comics. Free up Jubilee for later.
Anyway I just watched X-men: Apocalypse and I thought it was okay. If they give us a real, well done Dark Phoenix film i am SO HERE FOR THAT
lol, so apparently there's no valid strategy Vs Dark Ixion. auto-phoenix ftw. pretty lame fight.
I can see Captain Marvel replacing Phoenix in MvC. Turning into Binary just like Dark Phoenix. thoughts?
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Having fun. Come out to for a dark comedy set in .
Angels rise in . Phoenix flame, . extinguish dark, . in light, they came.
The visions in the dark premiered last night has given us plenty to talk about today
Seen this guy's amazing work around a lot, so I watched a video on him, and OMG his ego unfurls like Dark Phoenix…
Hobbins: Survey results from stakeholder workshops on dark skies in Phoenix area show positive changes in participant responses
Phoenix Pick's Book of the Month is Harry Turtledove's historical OVER THE WINE-DARK SEA:
I definitely need to see House of M, Messiah Complex and Dark Phoenix Saga rightfully adapted into a film
Classic Night of the Living Dead in After Dark Double Bill tonight
Superb mindbending fear in Ganja and Hess tonight
Free coffee for the After Dark Double Bill tonight (plus intro Tom Fallows
Phoenix Wright was all about landing an objection. Phoenix wanted 5 bars to turn into Dark Phoenix. It made them a bit one-dimensional.
Rereading the classic Dark Phoenix Saga and this panel of Jean Grey always reminds me of from "Dallas." htt…
Venom, Dark Phoenix, Uatu, Hulk and Rachel Summers (honorable mention for Apocalypse and Archangel)
Wanda and Jean with the Phoenix Force are pretty neck and neck.Dark Phoenix will put up a better fight.
same I didn't know about the Dark Phoenix Saga so I thought she was really dead :(
Dark Phoenix Saga was done right. My fave comic book story wasn't messed up. I'm happy.
You will never be "wrong" for saying Jean Grey died at the end of the Dark Phoenix Saga even now decades after the Phoenix retcon.
Reading the original 'Dark Phoenix' saga - great story, should've been used for movie.
Person: Scott Summers was the best Dark Phoenix!. Me: The Blasphemy you speak.
foh you reaching.who gonna beat Silver Surfer,Dark Phoenix and the original Hulk?
Franchise is dead to me. Only bright spot is Deadpool may get me X-Force + mutants will rise from Dark Phoenix ashes
This apparently sleeping giant harbours a dark secret at its heart.
that is a personal favorite! I've always loved X-Men second coming and of course the classic Dark Phoenix Saga cover
I did not expect that amount of Extreme Dark Edginess to be in Phoenix Wright vs Prof Layton wow
Jean Grey - Dark Phoenix by Philip Tan, colours by Elmer Santos *
Your Son. Is A Phoenix The Dark [funnels cereal in my bag, grabbing cobwebs from the original: you for a *** ***
You just made this the Dark Phoenix Saga. I respect that. I should get to work so we can tirade another day.
"…And that, kids, is why you don't commit genocide". -me [badly] explaining the end of the Dark Phoenix Saga to
*goosebumps*. ok, I guess I get why The Dark Phoenix Saga is so *** famous. like dang
Books to take to C2E2: Inhumans, Sentry, Hellshock by Jae Lee. Dark Phoenix by Claremont. Daredevil by Cary Nord. Preacher by Dillon.   10% Off
It's shocking how many people think sex work is exempt from taxes. Think we're performing for untraceable dollars on dark web o…
they look so pretty when done right, but I still hate them. I have to put one in the back of my dark Phoenix suit ;>>
She told me to burn the house down...🔥😭🔥 more dark phoenix commin up!
RUNNING AT DIFFERENT TEMPOS IS MAKIGN ME A Phoenix The Dark [funnels cereal in me me, sat up my mouth] some turn into a ghost
Power Sacramento Phoenix literally did their opening in the dark. who is in charge of the lights at NCA..
The DARK Act is back w/new bill in the Senate. Our dies if this bill passes >> https:…
Dark Phoenix cosplay by me Photo by davidharback .
Don't miss this AMAZING 2/17-2/22 Phoenix Rising is FREE and Dark Phoenix is only .99 cents by Two for one buck!!
Jean Grey also known as the Dark Phoenix 💕🔥
But it's DARK Phoenix! "The destroyer, the chaos, the ravager of worlds." 😉
we've seen the Dark Phoenix Saga in a comic, animated show and a movie. maybe..just maybe...its time to move on to another X-Men story
If this tells you anything…Dark Phoenix is one of my favorite things. But there’s a lot that should have been done better in it.
QUEEN. Please do Dark Phoenix cosplay. Then send a signed photo of it to me so I can frame and hang up in my den.
Epic History X-Men Volume 3 The Dark Phoenix Saga will be released this April/June. 😎
Dark Zone Time!!! Time to play The Division Beta again with We are live now!.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Friday's also gave us the dark + the magnificent . readdressing the gender gap with intelligence.
So and better join me in The Division beta on PC tonight for a Dark Zone grind...I want a legendary AR.
She had CEREBRO and he didn't even have on his helmet... I can't. I only use that series for the Phoenix/Dark Phoenix Saga
Wildcat! Wildcat! - Hero. All my life I've been searching in the dark. Searching in the dark,. I promise I'll wait for you!
Don't miss out on this AMAZING sale! From 2/17-2/22, grab Phoenix Rising for FREE and Dark Phoenix for only .99...
If they redo Dark Phoenix Saga in film then Simon Kinberg will have written 2 versions of that iconic story in his lifetime
Prefect combination of fire and ice. Dark Phoenix and the White Queen of the Hellfire Club. Art by
Too bad about the whole Dark Phoenix Saga ruining Jean Grey
Convos w/my 5yo: Phoenix vs Dark Phoenix & that Giermo (her stuffed monkey) wants to join The Brotherhood because she hates Mutants
The alleged man responsible for sending JoJo suspicious packages has a dark past
is watching The Lazarus Effect and just thinking is the best Jean/Dark Phoenix in the game.
The Universal Soul will rise up from the ashes of dark human mind/ ego like A Great Phoenix. .
Dark Soraya would scare me more than Dark Phoenix cause at least Soraya only died once
i liked utopia and nation x and Dark Phoenix Saga and AoA and Age of x and Messiah War and Weapon X and rise and fall of the shi'ar empire
the kid most excited wore an X-Men Dark Phoenix era t-shirt this week, so he'll probably work for Cracked at some point.
Still feeling it, migraine fadc throwing up. If I Dark Phoenix out of this I'll end up streaming, if not send JLaw to my funeral.
Teen detained for using dark humor to cope with persecution at prison-like school via
Photo: Today is I love females in white. I have featured Amanda as Dark Phoenix...
I'll re-read anything starting around Dark Phoenix on up to around the 230's.
I added a video to a playlist Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies OST - The Dark Age of Law
Taylor Swift seems like a natural for Dark Phoenix, she got them crazy eyes
Murmures : harry potter: "light" vs "dark" - order of the phoenix: aries, cancer, libra, sagittarius,...
Jean Grey aka Dark Phoenix died for the first time 35 years ago!💥 X-Men Vol. Issue 137, September 1980💥 By Chris Claremont and John Byrne
Love is a spark lost in the dark too soon
might have the spelling wrong, but was referring to the dark haired chest on the left... Just HAWT
Jairus, she's already in Gamora mode. You want her in Vampire/She-Hulk/Dark Phoenix mode too?
"A dark time is coming for our legal system. We have to set it right." - Phoenix Wright
Not sure I want more Hogwarts books, what I really want is an Order of the Phoenix prequel that plays like a dark magic thriller.
this new Dark and Serious phoenix has reminded me of that post that reminded everyone of the most recent bomberman game
"98.. 99.. 100!" *she takes off looking for StarFire*"How hard can it be finding a Phoenix in the dark, she'll be like a little night light"
Things I couldn't find, with the search function, on your Youtube channel : Dark Souls / Phoenix Wright / The Witcher.
My 1st iMovie edit, not trying to be sexy the total opposite. Dark Phoenix. There Is Power Beyond Good and Evil,...
Rusconi's American Kitchen on Delicious desert it's all gone Dark Chocolate bread pudding the bomb!!
Check out Dark Phoenix's Tragedy by John Powell! I just found it using TrackID™ by Sony Ericsson. Woh, malem gini musiknya kayak gini :))
What are your memories of collaborating with Chris Claremont on the Dark Phoenix Saga?
Harry Potter and the Saga of the Dark Phoenix
And Jean Grey. And I want the Dark Phoenix Saga to be done again and done RIGHT.
So, Pokemon finally reached the 'Dark Phoenix' saga?
I hope Claremont and Byrne dug my Dark Phoenix Saga tribute to their industry-changing work.
Next up: Travelling back through time to a much darker place. Dark Phoenix Saga. So stoked!
More fun news!!! Keep an eye out on Geek Girls over the next month because they will be featuring my Dark Phoenix...
Man, Uncanny X-men from Proteus story through the Dark Phoenix Saga is about the best comic book run ever. . Really went out on a ledge there
The John Byrne/Chris Clairmont era of X-men produced some amazing stories. One of the best was the Dark Phoenix...
Photoset: get to know me meme — [1/5] male characters: Scott Summers ↳ “When Jean went Dark Phoenix, she...
Yeah, but Inferno is some of my favorite Claremont (the pinnacle of his run though is Kitty > Hellfire Club > Dark Phoenix)
Jean Grey, especially if she goes Dark Phoenix.
Omg my dog does exactly the same as Phoenix did in your snapchat if it's dark/raining he sits and REFUSES to walk 😂😂
10. DARK PHOENIX. Despite appearing in earnest in only one story arc, the Dark Phoenix (Jean Grey type) was the c...
"whoever plays young Jean Grey is expected to recur in future X-Men films" My first thought was a dark phoenix redux
Every time you lose your Phoenix I'm just like "that house cat is such a dark hue of purple"...
Some of my photos from Dark Light concert at Phoenix MarketCity Bangalore
Phoenix Writing: Two Shades of Black Danger in the dark
definately comic, dark Phoenix. done
Finished reading the dark Phoenix X-Men saga for the first time and the emotion is real
Could not agree more! :) Even tho Chloe could pull off the Dark Phoenix nicely, Carrie style.. ;)
These are dark times. Where the law has redused to rubble.
Bunch of 90s X-Men added to Comixology. Amazing scenes like: "X-Men Annual 1995: Beast and Phoenix are ambushed by the Dark Riders!"
River Phoenix returns as last film ‘Dark Blood’ is finally finished
Hi Everyone! . My name is Elise Faber and I released my first book, Phoenix Rising in October. It’s a dark...
They both wanted more Demon!Dean & JA wanted more Dark!Sam & thought it would've gone for 5-10 episode, they wanted everything I wanted. :D
It's the ending of something and the start of something new's a dark beautiful thing, that's why I'm a Phoenix
Phoenix Writing: THEOBROMA Child of Fire and Blood (Ch. 5) Dark magic loosed at royal gala.
Still have Dark Phoenix/Wolverine artwork in good condition. . Always thankful to have good peeps!
Why don't the X-men use the Time Cube to prevent M-Day from ever happening? Or to stop Sebastian Shaw from setting in motion Dark Phoenix?
Haven't posted new art In awhile...just a small preview of what's to come.
has disappeared into the main unit. The suckers have failed. I'll have this fixed in no time.
STOP LYING!!! My songs know what you did in the dark...The Phoenix lights em' up you know. It dont matter if your Females/Females/Males
A little worried I'm getting a little too Dark Phoenix-Scarlet Witch with this villain... interesting switch from Aquaman and Atlantis...
World's 1st glow-in-the-dark bike path inspired by Van Gogh's 'Starry Night' -
Yep! Debut of Dazzler/Kitty as well as the first glimpse of the Dark Phoenix. One of my favorites.
You've been told that a certain dark wizard is at large once again,this is a lie,and the order od the phoenix,
“Suggestions. GO!” "what if" baby dark Phoenix with baby Phoenix cyclops.
I am so proud of my guild, Saturday night we did all 3 cata raids that gives us the Reins of the Dark Phoenix Mount! So accomplished! : )
I'm EMO Dark Phoenix now... respect my life choices! !!
Singing my heart out while listening to Phoenix's If I Ever Feel Better . "Dark is the night,…
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Black Sun CD from Primal Fear is talking about The Dark Phoenix Saga from X-Men. It is the unofficial soundtrack to that X-Men storyline.
You have risen from the ashes and been reborn as Dark Phoenix :) Or Satsui no Hado Ryu
Oh lady, running down to the dark side.
I'm using this year to revise and add to my dark fantasy,The Phoenix Reflection, which has been...
Excited to announce that Dark Mountain will be playing at FilmBar Phoenix on Saturday, December 6th at 6pm as...
Wow! I just won this for free, Glow in the dark Phoenix guitar pick :)
As long as you know that.No argument from me. Harley, Killer Frost, Dark Phoenix.vapor lock, brb.
The Teller is like the love/hate child of Dark Phoenix and Hannibal Lechter.
Jean Grey. The Dark Phoenix Saga got me into comics.
hey you guys would't happen to have Bendis’s All-New X-Men and the Dark Phoenix Saga do you?
yeah I dunno if it was the writing or the fact that she debuted then. The Phoenix/Dark Phoenix Saga was really good so
My X-Men: Days of Future Past review. WARNING! SPOILERS AHEAD! Overall a pretty decent movie. I think they could have done a lot better. Ideas... In the beginning of the movie before the opening credits, we see a boy wipe off an X-Men belt on a body. This boy looks remarkably like a young Cable. Even if it's not why not use Cable to travel back in time instead? I mean he's already a time traveler. But instead they threw an extra power at Kitty Pryde. Nope. It makes no sense. Another thing. Why are Jean, Charles, and Scott alive? They died in the third X-Men. Changing Trasks opinion on mutants would have no effect on the Dark Phoenix. That was the cause of their deaths. Not Sentinels. And lastly at the end does it mean Mystique is the one who makes Wolverine what he is? The metal. She was the one that picked him up... So confused...
Alright. "X-Men: The Last Stand." Most people hate this film. I can understand why. Me? I love it one moment, hate it the next. For every step it makes in the right direction... and there are several... it takes one, even two steps backward. And like I said before, we should all blame Bryan Singer, because if he hadn't left, it wouldn't have been rushed into production, and a lot of these issues could have been worked out. You hear me, Bryan? We await your apology tomorrow night. Also, before I get into it... I do not hold this film's take on the Dark Phoenix Saga against it. This film has Dark Phoenix. It is NOT trying to tell the Dark Phoenix Saga. There's a difference. I wish it had been trying, but it wasn't, so I'm at peace with that. For this one, though, a point/counterpoint style set of thoughts: Point: Kelsey Grammar was inspired casting for Beast, and they handled the character beautifully... especially the bit where he's hanging upside down and reading. Counterpoint: Really? Alan ...
A happy accident with the flash... Dark Phoenix rises with Emma Frost -
Hey Champ will you ever do a tutorial on how to play Jean Gray (Not Dark Phoenix)
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I'm getting my half sleeve done for my birthday. Sketched the Dark Phoenix. The kids want to take it…
Okay guys, I think my Funko collecting is getting out of hand. Darth Maul, Anne Hathaway Catwoman, Gandalf, Iron Man, Daryl Dixon (two times), The Wicked Witch of the West, War Machine, Iron Patriot, Superman, Michonne, Maleficent, Queen Amidala, Deadpool (two times), Thor, Jack Skellington, 60's Catwoman, Nightwing, Heath Ledger Joker, Rorschach, and Phoenix and Dark Phoenix are all currently on my shelves..
The comments section is why Jean Grey turned into the Dark Phoenix.
Pretty sure Jean Grey actually killed way more people and caused way more destruction as Dark Phoenix than Cyclops did, why all the hate for him but reverence for her? Oh, those people weren't earthlings. [FIGHT FICTITIOUS BIGOTRY!]
AvX Month Two at the Comic book Shop... 75- Magik 119-Red She-Hulk 100-Dark Phoenix 77-Scarlet Spider 107-Hannibal King 12-The Phoenix Force 3-Assigned Character 3- Fragment - Cyclops =496points Beat down an army of Tony Stark and his armors. Conquered a team of Cyclops led Daxamites. And ultimately smoked the Odinson and a Serpent. My 496 points took me to 3-0 and was good enough for Silver and brought home the Thunderer!!! I got my Danger as a participation prize and would love to trade her for somebody's Black Panther...
I thought that Elsa also had loud echoes of Dark Phoenix & "Man of Steel."
On how the Dark Phoenix Saga influenced Alan Moore's MIRACLEMAN. via
Cyclops made short work of all the Avengers that opposed him and even defeated Shou-Lao the mythical dragon that granted K'un-Lun its power. Hope managed to copy both the dragons powers as well as the Scarlet Witches magic and managed to defeat Cyclops, sending him to the Moon and incapacitating him. Realizing that he needed more power, Cyclops traveled to Utopia to find Emma. He could not bring himself to attack Emma, however, and they were interrupted by Professor X, who arrived and attempted to shut down their brains. A battle ensued, with the combined might of the Avengers and X-Men uniting to defeat Cyclops and Emma. Image The New Dark Phoenix - Cyclops Phoenix Force Fan521Added by Phoenix Force Fan521 When the battle turned in the Avengers' and X-Men's favor, Cyclops took the final piece of the Phoenix from Emma, making him the sole host of the Phoenix. This proved too much for Cyclops and he lost control, became Dark Phoenix and killed Xavier. Hope and the Scarlet Witch managed to exorcize the Phoe ...
How to *** people off on the internet. 1. Declare that Batman is the best hero in DC Comics. 2. Batman can beat Ironman. 3. The only interesting characters in Marvel is Magneto and Scarlet Witch. 4. Declare Wolverine is the most overrated character in Marvel. 5. Declare Hulk is the second most overrated character in Marvel. 6. Dark Phoenix is the most underrated character in Marvel 7. Darkseid, The Joker and Deathstroke are the best villains in DC. 8. Talk trash about the Spiderman Movies. 9. Declare that Ben Afleck might be a better Batman than Christian Bale. 10. Declare that the most useless character in Marvel is Jubilee. Remember, you rage you lose.
I never usually read older comics, not even the big ones(ex:Killing joke, Dark Phoenix Saga etc). I know, im committing reader sin
Silly Ex *** Group. You can't end Homosexuality, unless you are Franklin Richards, Dark Phoenix or the Scarlet Witch
possibly but I read the dark Phoenix and Days of Future Past stuff live so I'm all in with the xmen flicks, differences or not
Dark Phoenix in X3... oh god the horror. why did she become a lizard?! the Phoenix is beautiful! that's the point!!
I just don't care for the way they change stuff for more money - Wolverine Origins case in point, the whole Dark Phoenix in X3.
I'm only half way through Chris Claremont's "Dark Phoenix Saga" and it's already really good, I'd already suggest it to anyone.
wait so Jean nukes herself at the end of the Dark Phoenix Saga?
in the darkest hour you feel pain, rage, anger, passion, and carnage. I am the Dark Phoenix. Feel my pain!!!
Dark Phoenix needs her own theme after she transforms.
If they're going to do the Dark Phoenix story, they'd better do it right! The X2 reference to it was woeful and lame.
dark Phoenix movie you've become my new favorite person!! :)
About that pink-red hair She might now turn into 'Dark Phoenix'. Like Jean Grey did in X-Men: The Last Stand.
love!!! You look cute with straight bangs. I'm working on a kotobukiya dark phoenix!
Thanks! I hope I can make that follow worth your while! I absolutely love the Dark phoenix. Are you an artist?
so your profile picture is Elissa as Dark Phoenix?! Following you.!
never liked the wolverine character. I was massively obsessed with Cyclops and Jean. Still have my Dark Phoenix Saga novel
plays Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom, uses the cheapest character (Dark Phoenix) to beat his cousin >:)
Decided to remake my Zatanna jacket. Debating which costume to wear to RCCC. Zatanna, Lady Jayne, Dark Phoenix? Choices!
"Ask not for pity from Dark Phoenix, my love. There's none in her." This is me.
"The mortal Jean Grey is no more. I am fire made flesh. Power incarnate. I am the Dark Phoenix."
But the films make Dark Phoenix Wolverine's tragedy, not the tragedy of the woman to who it actually happened. ->
Dark Phoenix by His work is a constant revelation.
If only I had the Dark Phoenix power.. I could totally destroy this annoying fly from the inside and make it disappear just like that..
At least in that universe there's a chance Jean will die, revive and then consume the galaxy as The Dark Phoenix.
Jean Grey.. was revived in Fantastic Four (Jan 1986).. Dark Phoenix Saga retconned. Phoenix.. posing as Jean. Phoenix Force offered to
I may have someone making me either a Catwoman, Dark Phoenix or a Black Widow costume for next year's Comic Con New York!
Look they've destroyed part of DOFP, God Loves, Man Kills, Dark Phoenix Saga, and X-Men First Class..
why haven't the movies tackles "The Dark Phoenix Saga" which is clearly the best super hero story every told?
So finally finished Phoenix and Dark Phoenix Saga and its kind of overrated.
Yeah, I used the John Byrne Dark Phoenix shading, and I don't care who knows it.
“There needs to be a Jean Grey/Dark Phoenix movie. Like, asap.” So you didn't watch The Last Stand
Finally taking care of the photo backlog. Here's Dark Phoenix at Galacticon/Comicpalooza!
BoT run tomorrow night! Come help us get the dark phoenix mount for the guild!
Cons in Sept. well I love Star Wars, so I'd probably do something from that. Or Phoenix/Dark Phoenix.
Rachel had the Phoenix Force for longer, and never succumbed to Dark Phoenix
as well as never giving in to Dark Phoenix. Also, she beat Galactus' *** twice
Dark Phoenix most powerful and hottest villain
finished X-Men: Dark Phoenix Saga by Chris Claremont and gave it 3 stars
Trade paperbacks for known-good stories? Dark Phoenix, Days of Future Past, Grant Morrison’s run on New X-Men...?
(Basically I just want a good Dark Phoenix or Emma Frost movie arc.)
Dark Phoenix costume is underway. Now working on Rogue :D
Dark Phoenix, if considered a villain. If not, then, it has to be Apocalypse.
pf. Legs, dark Phoenix hatchling, and spiny lizard.
The most heinous sin was X-Men Last Stand. The Dark Phoenix Saga was one of the most powerful in Marvel history & they botched it
I question the same but for the 3rd X-Men movie (the one w/ Famke as Dark Phoenix).
Yeah, im reading Days of Future Past at the moment, then I'll start on the newer X-Men books. Dark Phoenix was phenomenal.
Kelly Cutrone sorta looks like when Jean Grey's skin got all grey and crackly as Dark Phoenix
What's the story behind the lady with the freaking dark Phoenix tattoo?!?!?
Does't Batman change all the time anyway? Or is that Robin? *** I can't keep up. I'm bored already lol I wan't a *** Dark Phoenix movie
I had the benefit of a class in college, and read a book about it called The Dark Phoenix, and I've read it 3 times
Bride with White Hair (because it's cool), Dark Phoenix, Or you could be Abby Arcane and could be Swamp Thing
hmm no you're Dark Phoenix. I'll be Emma Frost.
New RP Post!!! Dark Phoenix has become the Black King of the Hellfire Club. They are the enemies of the X - Men. He is ready to kill whoever stands in his way. One of the other members are making mind blocks in his mind so he doesn't remember any body. You can try to visit if you want but you might die. Other than that. It's a school day. Go to school.
New Rp Post! Phoenix is locked up in his house. The Phoenix Force is being corrupt with power and turning him into the Dark Phoenix. He is hard to talk to but it's worth a try. If you want to talk To him you can try. Evil and Good can try to get him on their side. Everyone else just RP normally.
New Son Gambit from an alternate reality Earth-9923 in which he attained his power's full potential. The New Sun is native of Earth-9923 and is an alternate Gambit, but unlike Gambit, the New Sun was never adopted by the Thieves Guild, so his real name is not "Remy LeBeau". His powers grew unchecked even after he was found by his world's X-Men. He managed to stop an incarnation of Dark Phoenix. New Sun was raised with his full power and intended to become the fulfillment of an ancient Guild prophecy to create Heaven on Earth. However instead, when he charged up his power in a special ritual, a chain reaction was started that caused everyone on Earth beside himself to burn up. Failing to remake time, the New Sun traveled to other universes, hoping to prevent the same thing from happening there. However, he found many worlds in ruins, often because of that world’s version of Gambit. Coming to the main Marvel Universe, he first attempted to create a new world where everyone would eventually be transporte . ...
*** happened to the Marvel Universe... So Cyclops is Dark Phoenix now?
Dark Phoenix is my favorite. I don't care if its Jean Grey or Rachel Summers.
Who do you think would win: Sentry's The Void or Jean Grey's Dark Phoenix??? And for my sake, tell me why you think so. ~Scarlet Spider
Hansel & Gretel - Witch Hunter 2013, good action movie, Hawkeye + hot sister vs Jean Grey without her Dark Phoenix powers
Cosmic level PMS. I feel like I married Dark Phoenix, complete with red hot fire hair, white pupils, and a temper that can destroy planets.
The wig for this costume is giving me nightmares. Should you feel so inclined, I will be accepting donations to help complete Meg. Any donation over $15 will receive a signed print of the finished costume or the currently available print of your choice (Dark Phoenix, Catwoman or Viper)
I posted this 8 years ago on LiveJournal, but certain moments in Star Trek Into Darkness reminded me of it and I felt the need to share it again: Captain James T. Kirk of the U.S.S. Enterprise gets a bad rap for being a galactic womanizer. Let's face it -- as soon as I mentioned his name, you immediately think of him with a girl at every Starbase, or spreading his space seed (heh) to every tin-foil bikini-clad green chick with a beehive hairdo that he possibly can. People joke about it all the time -- there's even a line in Star Trek VI - The Undiscovered Country that references it. But the facts simply do not bear this reputation out. Season One: 1. Where No Man Has Gone Before - Kirk does not flirt with Elizabeth Dehner -- he's too worried that his buddy Gary Lockwood is turning into Dark Phoenix to notice that she's doing the same thing, just more slowly. 2. Corbomite Maneuver - Kirk is too busy keeping the kid who drinks tranya from destroying the ship, and makes a snide comment about Starfleet givi ...
(Versión en Español Abajo) Dark Phoenix In "The Dark Phoenix Saga", Jason Wyngarde tampers with Jean's mind, convincing her she's a Victorian aristocrat (and the Black Queen of the Hellfire Club) and that he is her husband. She turns on her friends, but then loses control of her powers and becomes the Dark Phoenix, attacking her friends and teammates and destroying a populated solar system's star. Jean regains her sanity long enough to commit suicide rather than risk becoming the Dark Phoenix again and killing anyone else. After killing herself on the moon, Jean's soul awakens in the afterlife and is dressed in a White Phoenix costume. Death, itself, greets Jean and tries to help her understand the Phoenix before fragments of her soul are sent back to Earth. Return The Avengers find a strange pod lying on the bottom of Jamaica bay, which they send to Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four. The pod cracks open and Jean emerges, with no memories from the time she flew the shuttle until she hatched from the c ...
The Scarlet Witch might be able to take Dark Phoenix... But Magneto get destroyed every time.
A boy in college once drew me as Phoenix rather than Dark Phoenix so obviously I didn't put out for him after that.
"Doomsday Batkallim" by Dark Phoenix at Art of the Belly 2013 featuring Stephen Belcher by Phoenix Dances
if you make a Trish, Morrigan or Phoenix/ Dark Phoenix (my girl!) I'd love to see =o)
I got some!! Black with a dark brown wooden heel!! 👠❤
.gives us a dark picture of the future through a story about Phoenix, hubris, & lack of The Conversation.
Seems is rising from the ashes with a new song though the video is a bit dark for a rebirth
Thank you! I put Dark Phoenix out yesterday. Check her out!
((Imagine an alicorn with Dark Phoenix-esque powers and abilities. Also previously a mare. I wrote her for a story series I
Missing you was dark gray all alone kinda like the sky in phoenix today, overcast & ugly no perfect weather here. Just wishing 4 my C.A.
*** you just reminded me Walmart had dark Phoenix on DVD a month or so back and I was gonna get it and I forgot!
yes it is! Bo is gonna Dark Phoenix. I have a feeling
A better picture will be up loaded to my sites soon :) a quick Dark Phoenix water colour painting :)
Not even something like the Dark Phoenix Saga. No. The Age of Apocalypse.
Fall Out Boy, thx for coming on (My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark & Phoenix back-to-back) & saving my last 10min on the elliptical!
..Phoenix costume. Steven Grant, who suggested making her a villain. Chris Claremont,who coined the name "Dark Phoenix". My contribution...
Don't feel entirely comfortable calling Dark Phoenix my "creation". She had many fathers. Dave Cockrum obviously who designed the original..
Planning on summoning the Dark Phoenix O.o
This saying always reminds me of Banshee says it in the Dark Phoenix Saga.
The Phoenix And My Songs Know what you did in the dark in gonna be a hit singles.
Was it the Dark Ages? Did you have to live in huts and walk around with torches and hunt for your food if hungry?
:o bless the soul of the person who mixed My Songs Know What You Did In the Dark and The Phoenix
Thought of you while driving through Phoenix last night (pics not great but hey it was dark :)
We're halfway through the Dark Phoenix Saga as bedtime reading.
Both good choices. Mine's got to be Emma Frost, Scarlet Witch or Dark Phoenix. Preferably all three. Got issues.
Whatever... I have the Dark Phoenix (Famke Janssen) figure action! Love it
All the status about anything related to the Phoenix is done! From Rachel Summers, Hope Summers, the Phoenix Five: Magik, Namor, Colosussus, Emma Frost, Scott Summers, to finally Phoenix. The picture shown of her is the Dark Phoenix which I believe is the last Phoenix part of Jean Grey. ~Nocturne
If you’re familiar with Marvel X-Men and Wolverine, which set of mutants would you have from either team X-Men, Magneto Brotherhood of Mutants or mutants from Earth who didn’t join either team. Which 4 mutants would you have on Wolverine team, and you can’t pick either Professor Xavier or Max Eisenhardt aka Magneto to be on Wolverine team. The mutants that I would pick would be : Phoenix/Dark Phoenix, Mystique, X-23,Lady Death Strike. Jean Grey can use her psychic powers to bend the reality of those around her and do damage, Mystique since she can be used for stealth missions, Lady Death Strike & X-23 since both of them have a power like Wolverine and on the battle field they would be able to heal them self quickly. Posted 6th March, 2013
Professor Xavier put mental blocks in my mind to keep me from going past my old RS. If I do, I will transform into Dark Phoenix.
wow. Looper was way better of a movie than i thought it would be.. the commercial never said anything about mutants and a Dark Phoenix kid. *** good movie.
Acquired all nine books in the Dark Phoenix Saga plus the first appearance of Gambit and had them signed by Chris Claremont, found a smattering of other random back X-issues including Wolverine's wedding and "Professor X is a jerk," scored a dope Jason Vorhees sticker, had a nerdy chat with Brian Posehn, plus I am wearing a new Phoenix t-shirt. Overall, a successful Emerald City Comicon.
FAN-tastic Cosplay including Dark Phoenix, Squirrel Girl, Jango Fett and more ….Posted on February 25, 2013 by Bethany FongAlthough cosplay has been present for decades within the comics, anime, and sci-fi/fantasy fandoms, social media has played an integral role in the thriving communities of costu...
So fun to bring out Dark Phoenix again! Jason David Frank the green Power Ranger what a weekend!
From Up Up & Away Be the first on your block to get the new Marvel POP! Heroes from Funko! Ghost Rider, Dr. Doom, Silver Surfer, Dark Phoenix and yes, DEADPOOL!
So, this is a comic book story. I stopped by the local comic shop looking for Spider-Man 700, the death Peter Parker. After mulling over the 60 dollar price tag I decided not to purchase it. That was a week ago. In Barnes and Noble tonight and found issue 700 sitting on the shelf. Awesome. But I also decided to pick up my comic collecting again. Starting with the New Avengers issue 1 and 2. Back story, [summary] I was a huge collector of comics in the eighties and early nineties. I lived through the Rob Liefeld Todd MacFarlane law suits and the introduction of artists like Jim Lee and Jae Lee and Eric Larson. Companies like Image, Top Cow, the doomed Defiant and Malibu, With big stories like Secret Wars, Dark Phoenix, and The reintroduction to Spider-Man thru MacFarlane and all the cool 900 variant covers you could get. And sadly the end of the New Mutants. But the start of X-Force...what? And not to leave DC out, Doomsday, the Death of Robin, and that fatal shot to Bat Girl in the Killing Joke, perhaps . ...
Age given: 22 Where I lived: Millington, Tn What I drove: Chevy car What I did: Navy A school – Aviation Electronics Who had my heart: Johnell Age now: 29 with 13 years experience Where I live: Kountze What I drive: minivan What I do: Construction Safety ghestapo, electronics/cell phone tech, wannabe blacksmith Who has my heart: Still Johnell…Though the kids have a pretty good sized chunk of it too. Why am I doing this: I really don’t know…cuz Joshua wanted me too… Would I do it again: Probably not, you people are too nozy…get a life… What’s my favorite color: why do you want to know? If you could be anything you wanted to be: Darth Vader – but with my own arms and legs Why are you doing this again? *shrugs* iowno Favorite comic book character: Dark Phoenix, Wolverine, Spiderman, Galactus, Favorite song: changes, but ‘Moonlight Sonata’ right now… Political leaning: politically incorrect Who should be president: Ted Nugent Your thoughts on the future: stinkin’ ...
Just in! A bunch of Pop! Vinyl Figures are now in stock, 6 of which have only just now come out! Did you want to add Gizmo to your house to combat Gremlins? Just remember, don't get him wet or feed him after midnight! How about recruiting Rick Grimes and Daryl Dixon to combat the undead? Or would you like Princess Leia to be your servant in her Slave outfit? You can also add to your Disney/Pixar family with Snow White, Wall-E and Eve. There are also a few Marvel Universe friends you can add. Iron Man and Thor in their Avengers movie outfits. Also now, for the first time ever in your Pop! Marvel Universe you can now add Deadpool, Dr. Doom, Silver Surfer, Dark Phoenix, Beast and Ghost Rider! These new Marvel ones will go quick, so act fast! :D
I really want to hit something. Or have a Jean Grey/Dark Phoenix moment
DO NOT sleep on Hansel & Gretel Famke Jannsen who play Jean Grey in Xmen killed it she was Dark Phoenix times 10
Bought the Uncanny X-Men pack because of Jean Grey. I like the Dark Phoenix costume =)
Stupid credibility peeve Dark Phoenix is not Jean Grey. I'm happy to see Dark Phoenix 'cosplayers', but ladies: it's NOT JEAN.
Marvel Jean Grey Bishoujo Statue    Order Marvel Jean Grey Bishoujo Statue + Fast Shipping Buy Now! Ship in USA.   Yes here is the right place for Order Marvel Jean Grey Bishoujo Statue online Store. Check discount price today it's won't be long.   A KOTOBUKIYA Japanese Import! The amazing Marvel Bishoujo collection (combining iconic super-heroines and villains with traditional Japanese stylings) keeps on chugging with none other than the X-Men's own Jean Grey! Jean's first Bishoujo incarnation as Phoenix & Dark Phoenix in 2010 set sales records for the Bishoujo series. She returns in her iconic, Jim Lee designed costume from the record setting X-Men series of the 1990s. During that time, Jean battled villains both old (Magneto, Apocalypse) and new (Omega Red). The era culminated in her marriage to Scott Summers in X-Men and their subsequent time travel to the future to raise Nathan Summers as Redd & Slym. Jean's battles and triumphs over the years has made her into a top-notch superhero, beloved the ...
Yeah Mastermind from Dark Phoenix Saga in the Hellfire Club. i see the resemblance plus the two names
I feel like X3 sucking so bad deprived the excellent Famke Janssen of the Dark Phoenix role she really deserved. Curse you Brett Ratner
It's a shame Bryan Singer wasn't able to helm the third movie and finish out the Dark Phoenix Saga. Would have been incredible.
YES!!! Thats right people POP! Marvel Deadpool =D Series 2 will also include Beast, Dark Phoenix, Doctor Doom,...
Emma Frost in her diamond state and Dark Phoenix with hair "on fire" are coming up next!
ROGUE finds herself seizing Xavier's head, and so the X-Men may get some light about the so suspicious reappearance of (an alleged) Dark Phoenix.
OK... I know I am a total nerd, but I just read on that in 2014 there will be an X-Men: Days of Future Past movie. That is one of the best story lines that Chris Claremont ever wrote! I just hope they don't mess it up too bad like they did the Dark Phoenix in the 3rd X-Men movie! OK... done nerding it up this AM.
ME: So, in Marvel vs. Capcom, when Phoenix wins, she says "You're lucky I held back Dark Phoenix." That's badass. TON: Wait, what? Phoenix who? ME: Phoenix! Jean Grey! TON: Oh! I was gonna say, there's a DARK Phoenix Wright?!
ROGUE is disposed by Cyclops, so they would manage into the mind of Xavier, who's unconscious from their confrontation against the fake reincarnation of the Dark Phoenix.
Were streaming video from tonights Dark Knights event at Exeter Phoenix. Rolling live from 11- late
That's what I was saying. I also feel Jean is still coming back if out of all ppl, Scott became Dark Phoenix lol
"Dark haired Tati might be dead, but a phoenix has risen from the ashes of your straightener"-Eric
“Dark Phoenix is rising! Trying not to embrace.” No Jean !!! Focus. Do the polar bear ice boogie.
Grew up on everything X-Men... Comics, trading cards, action figures, the 90s cartoon (still watchable)... esp Dark Phoenix arc
Dark Knights with Alan Fitzpatrick tonight Exeter Phoenix tickets on sale here:
Its a hot cosplayer dressed as Dark Phoenix & timed for the very end of the working week. It can only mean
jsnell: My children, Dark Phoenix and the Ninja. (Cc
Joaquin Phoenix. So very dark, man. But hella interesting:
Catching up on AvX Consequences. Getting really sick of all this twisted crap going on towards Scott. The guy is a freaking hero and all he's getting is crap. He's right about Logan, he has absolutely no right to judge Scott. If Logan would have succeeded, all life would have ended because of Dark Phoenix.
Haven't really been that much a comic book person but, I'm kinda wanting to check out the whole Phoenix and Dark Phoenix Saga. I sorta know the jist of Jean, but is there any previous stuff I should read before getting into it?
lol nuffin care on dark Phoenix is ya new name..x-men flo
Maybe I can convince dad to order Dark Shadows on On Demand.
and by the way, how did she come to know of Dark Phoenix?
I wonder if the Ultimate Nullifier would work against the Dark Phoenix. hmm..
Hmm, how to act against Dark Phoenix..
Did anything ever come out of that story about Claremont claiming he owned Dark Phoenix?
last year was an Angel of Death, previous Dark Phoenix from Xmen (took 3 weeks to hand-sew that costume!) no idea yet for this!
last time a proper director (singer) passed on X-Men, we got Ratner doing dark phoenix. Horrible deja vu here
Actually, I was hoping his back tattoo could be a Phoenix bird. He has the ability to bounce back from his dark moments.
Good things always arise like the Phoenix from its ashes in the midst of tough times & stressful situations.The sun always rises after dark.
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