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Dark Lord

Sith is a term applied to certain characters in the Star Wars universe capable of using the dark side of the Force.

Darth Vader Death Eaters Star Wars Darth Plagueis Harry Potter Darth Bane Death Eater Malfoy Manor Jedi Master Peter Pettigrew Uptown Funk

Sam and the dark lord himself I wanna to die gape hey guys i am not throwing away my Honest tea who did this?
Dear lord we thank you for the rain🙏🏻. DLA is worst... is it 4am now? Place juh dark with rain 🙏🏻☺️
Aishwarya Rai serving modern day Cinderella vibes.
Lord give me a girl that will sit in the dark with me listening to slow oldies. 🙏🏽
He stands up and stares at her. "I-is that h-how I'm meant to pray to the dark lord?"
The dark lord Ruddock has made one condition, a seat next to Saudi Arabia.
nobody badder in the galaxy than he Dark Lord himself. Find it in the 40th Anniversary of Star…
Lord forgive him, he got them dark forces in him, but he also got a righteous cause 4 $inning.
happiest of birthdays, Dark Lord 🌹 may you have many more happy and healthy ones IA 😘💕
The best pet for your budding dark lord of all!
In a dark hour. The Lord is my light and salvation.. the Lord is the strength of my life
We try and keep our heads up in a dark place Lord I pray so you can show me the way and if you can't forgive me for bein…
The Dark Lord only uses his words for deceit and bullying. must use our words to remedy the damage he ca…
Barista: "Name po?". Me: "The Dark Lord Satan 666, but you can write 'Jhemerlyn.'"
Snape explaining why the Dark Lord still trusts him. I loved this chapter too. 🔥
It's a prayer for the Dark Lord's revival... ...Is Loptyr the only god they have?
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Merkel tells Zuckerberg 2 block the criticism shes getting on F.B over immigration and he ag…
On page 211 of 517 of Dark Lord of Derkholm, by Diana Wynne Jones
It's a Sith legend. Darth Plagueis was a Dark Lord of the Sith so powerful and so wise, he (cont)
According to Amazon its Star Wars- Darth Vader: Dark Lord of the Sith
-of the strongest Force Sensitive of the Old Republic era. Known as a wise Jedi Master, Dark Lord of the Sith, and one of the best generals-
Both National Treasure: Book of Secrets and Face/Off are on right now, just as the dark prophesy foretold.
Friendly reminder that Draco only rejoined the Dark Lord's side during the Battle Of Hogwarts because his parents were there
i canMt believe girls with short dark brown hair Will be the death of me why is my type so specific Lord knows but…
"And now at last it comes. You will give me the Ring freely! In place of the Dark Lord you will…
should have been "Lord of Edge" because it kinda looks like Gwyn, Lord of Cinder from dark souls
"We have not been able to keep a Defence Against the Dark Arts professor for more than a year since I refused the post t…
instant reactions : Andy as usual Dark Lord Del Rio hates the sun, Sean McVay is jealous of Shannys ***
Emma, Julian and Mark must find a way to defend everything they hold dear in by
Tame Impala good lord musical novacaine since dark side of the moon...
On this day in a fictional 3019 T.A., the Dark Lord Sauron was defeated and the One Ring was destroyed.
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Breitbart doesn't get press passes? But they and their dark lord Bannon said every ugly thing they could to help Trump! No fair!
When you realize you're one of the seven Horcruxes, and as such must sacrifice yourself to fulfill the prophesy and defeat…
I wish it'd stay in the dark. Sigh.
Judging by the most it seemed to devastate torn up comic book *** the most correct statement i made is "The Dark…
All praise the Dark Lord! Wrapping it in a dirty Danzig shirt kept it safe!
It truly scares me when the dark lord starts making sense.
The time you realize the tide has shifted:. Oh crap! Now I'm on the same side as The Dark Lord!
“The Dark Lord shall kill all of you. Then you must submit to him!” Snape ejaculated menacingly.
Iron Factory - IF-EX18D - Lord Scorpion- Dark Version now avaliable for preorder! . Preorder yours at TFSource here:.
I feel sick to my stomach. . I agree with dark Lord Cheney. I think I need to sit down.
DM: In this kingdom the dark lord Mal Blackdeath rules with cruelty. GOP: I know this guy, great guy, guy with the right…
Oh my lord.I didn't realize Dark Souls 3 DLC dropped today. . I...I'm so *** excited
For those of you who serve 'the dark lord' ;)
[— the Dark Lord himself lived here once. And if you think you sound tough, not being afraid of animals- you more sound —
Whilst chasing down his newest failed apprentice the Dark Lord dispatched spies to locate both and
Wouln't it be great if we were friends with the Dark Lord and Mordor? Sauron is a very smart guy
"I'm aware Sauron's record in Mordor isn't unblemished but it's essential we give the Dark Lord's vision for Middle Earth…
House Slytherin is in need of a new Dark Lord, so there is that.
Dark Lord of the Sith punya Freudian slip.
I am Dark Lord! Or at least that's what 9 named me whilst we make our own Star Wars movie 😂😂😂😂
Post-Bakura, there was also The One Sith, under Darth Krayt. Many Sith Lords, but only one Dark Lord.
*The Dark Lord smirked against her lips as he felt her shivering from his hands emerging around her body. Her kiss was ful-
*The Dark Lord smirked resting his hands upon her hips*I want you in an area suited to your domain. Any ideas Blondie?
I saw Yancy the dark lord wearing armor drank by the pyramid
i RLY WANT THIS so i can walk around thinking im the dark lord or smth
You realize she's the spawn of Satan? . Yep. Just wanted to make sure you knew she's a daughter of the Dark Lord. . K. . ~me…
Another great day working for the dark lord.
tarkin: oh is your boyfriend married with a germ--i mean--child? that's funny mine's a Dark Lord
Hand yourselves over to the Dark Lord Darth Millponds!
Should I get the vault boy tatt or the mark of the dark lord? Either way I'll get both in the end
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'Brexit at the Supreme Court' live episode 2 in which Lord Pannick sticks it to the Dark Forces with sublime...
"Say, what's in this drink?". The moment a Christmas song took a dark turn.
I'll stick to my Cult following who Cut them selves in the Name of Their Dark Lord King Gordy.
This has been my strenght for days now.. the world is absolutely dark. No strenght to fight things on my own.. but…
Darth Vader, Dark Lord of the Sith & the Enforcer of my empire. *Calmly the man extends a hand to drop a bag of the money—
Rearrange her guts in the name of the dark lord
We don't need no education. We dont need no thought control. No dark sarcasm in the classroom. Teachers leave them kids al…
PALADIN: *sob* You've been like a father to me...drunk...vaguely abusive... LORD MARSHALL: GM: That got dark…
*The Dark Lord leant closer with a smirk.* We are going to burn a Muggle City and I might even let you take a few p…
*The Dark Lord would eventually explain this all to her but currently he needed to ease her into it.* As fitting as…
[portal opens]. dark lord: FINALLY! EARTH'S TREASURES ARE MINE!. gary: what if the REAL treasure is our friendsh-. dark…
dont trust the dark lord Teflon Tony Blair
*The Dark Lord smirked listening to your seductive tone as you spoke* It is not as simple as that dear. Magic is no…
Dear Lord,. Enlighten what's dark in us,. Strengthen what's weak in us,. Mend what's broken in us&. Revive whatever pea…
Laykha looks like she's the Defense Against The Dark Arts teacher who's hiding the Dark Lord behind her head, credi…
I really don't want to run across Lord Pannick in a dark alley. He'd argue the purse oot yer pocket without lifting a finger...
+ do everything in his power to help only to maybe one day wield power of his own when the Dark Lord returned that his vile +
Dear Lord,. Enlighten what's dark in me,. Strengthen what's weak in me,. Mend what's broken in me&. Revive whatever peace& love…
+ to out of fear of what may happen, had he not devoted his entire reverence to the Dark Lord. was much like him and not at all +
Appears behind the Dark lord and pokes him again.
Oh Dark Lord, please don't let me be misunderstood :)
the Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Mestizas is displeased
finally became a Death Eater, a strange one but still serving the Dark Lord. 😂 .
"I wonder what the Dark Lord will say or do when I tell him that I don't want to be a Death Eater anymore?"
to the Dark Lord and his Death Eater army. He glanced around the large room to ensure that everyone was there and then appr-
Sino si Duterte? Si Barty Crouch Jr.? O si Peter Pettigrew? Ah either way he allowed the Dark Lord to rise again.
A deep breathing sounds outside of Prescott manor. "Going as the Dark Lord of the Sith. Bow, peasants!" Luke says…
Ah the good ol' days when we thought Peter Mandelson was the Dark Lord.
I like Jamie Parker but all his tortured boy wizards with a need to defeat the Dark Lord and save wizardkind sound the same.
The UN seems to be failing to understand that giving prizes to the Chief Minister of Bengal, only makes the Dark Lord "angry".
They got Frank looking like Voldemort did after Peter Pettigrew cut Harry's arm for blood to revive the Dark Lord.
Little Miss Muffet sat on a tuffet, summoning demons to play. Along came a spider who sat down beside her, & to the Dark Lord they did pray.
- love. We've got to report to the Dark Lord tomorrow..." His hand brushed over the cool metal of her mask, the blood -
Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic Ep.56 (Dark Side) Reclaiming Dark Lord of the Sith: via
Sunday 21st Aug go 2 the CNE & hear a ROCK&ROLL sermon given by the Dark Lord himself
Play of the Game – Reinhardt, the Dark Lord of Mordor.
You can leave your hat on! Did you enjoy as much as the Dark Lord of Entertainment? Watch:
«indeed turned his life around and walked away from the preaching of the Death Eaters and the infamous 'Dark Lord'. There were so many»
the Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Japanizes expects you to Bow to the infamous Darth Feudalism, eir apprentice
Diana Wynne Jones' Tough Guide to Fantasyland is a guidebook of all the tropes. Dark Lord of Derkholm plays off them as well.
Clerihew for fans:. The Dark, Dark Lord / Fashion Consultant. Gave out great tips, but trouble...
LUDO KRESSH, the Dark Lord of the Sith of the divided Sith Empire, in opposition to NAGA SADOW over
Darth Bane: Was born under the name Dessel, was the Sith'ari & the Dark Lord of the Sith, creating t
This new Sith Empire was the starting point where the term Darth was used. Before that, the leader were known as Dark Lord of the Sith
I love most of DWJ's work, esp. Howl's Moving Castle & Dark Lord of Derkholm. Miyazaki really captured their spirit.
All purpose parts banner
after reading this I now want an AU where Queen (later Senator) Amidala is the Dark Lord of the Sith, not Palpatine
And that knight got his final revenge on Gwyn for burning him alive by becoming the Dark Lord so that Gwyn's reign ended.
Oye languaage Missy! you r right tho, the more evil apprentice has now become the Dark Lord!
As the Dark Lord of the Underworld, I can't stress enough how different I am from Kelvin MacKenzie
Turkish President has ask Sauron, Dark Lord of Morgoth, to search Middle Earth and prosecute
Sauron's Eyes;the Dark Lord and titular Lord of the Rings,a fallen…
No matter how dark the night has been, the sun's coming up in the morning. The Lord always sends…
Three Floyd's extremely hard to get Dark Lord brew, some Neshaminy Creek Countyline…
About to fight Lord Gwyn on Dark Souls. NG+ Here I Come via
"Tried out beefy and wondered" Dark Lord Sugar. There is no known cure…
I had my name set to will and he pronunciation set to "will the dark lord" for about two hours yesterday
What's the Dark Lord doing at this concert?
Dark Lord Gaol: That's funny. Business is booming for me. We're even hiring more staff!
I got first rule of dark side under your lord and great like your destiny and we
All hail the dark lord S810 because he made me a copy of Mike Kuza
"Darth Plagueis was a dark lord of the Sith, so wise and so powerful he could influence the midlochlorians to create life
Look at the Lord!! Really, it's not too dark to see anymore 😉 power is back!! 🙌🏼
"The Joker is my favorite villain of all time—you don’t know his past, you just know what his plans are."—https:/…
good lord, the only reason I own Thor is because I'm OCD with watching movies in order. Dark World was decent but nothing special.
You know you're a Harry Potter fan when every time Uptown Funk comes on you sing the lyrics to Dark Lord Funk
Our waiter: "remember if you don't get into heaven I'll put in a good word with my dark lord Satan" ...Lord bless his soul💀💀
Harry: *dreams about the return of the Dark Lord*. Ron: *dreams about spiders wanting him to tap dance*. I am officially Ron
*Anna had been downstairs with Severus and the Dark Lord, discussing her position and order that she would help carry out --
Just sacrificed a virgin to the dark lord in hopes that we get an earthquake on Monday so I don't have to go to school
Just pulling whales out of the fridge... nbd. (Cognac Barrel Aged Dark Lord (2012))
So and I are planning a Pokemon battle of epic proportions. All my Jedi good guy legendaries and her Sith Lord dark legendaries
And the dark knight is on my TV right now and then the dark knight rises, praise the lord
lol bro, when i did this article last year u were enthralled by the suggestion. Lmao.
"Oh Lord, JesusChrist, pray for me and my dark soul" - 😂
I was kinda thinking of the Dark lord thing when they said he was missing but I love him so much I can't accept it
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Do the MahouPre Cures pay tribute to a dark lord?
The Dread One, The Black One, Eater of Souls, Lord of Darkness, Lord of Chaos, Lord of the Dark Dimension. *is watching anime*
Yesterday I fought a shark,stole the declaration of independence, defeated the Dark Lord & then cut my hand slicing a bagel.
When Harry Potter was my age e defeated the dark lord. What am I doing with my life
Or you could get up and NOT be a dark lord. Just saying.
When you're chilling at a festival and a bunch of Death Eaters come wreaking havoc in the name of the Dark Lord.
Magic: The ministry has issued a warrant for arrest, citing her involvement with the Dark Lord. Shocking!
What Happens in the Dark ALWAYS COME TO LIGHT. Thank You Lord for not allowing my Good Deeds to not be Evil spiken of. Carry On
Has Shanahan still got a job or is The Dark Lord backing Tones to return?
I am a envious of $ionist jews, because I am a Dark Lord but, 4example, Rothschild is a Evil Lord with the world at his feet. *** Emperor
Sighing, Narcissa walked through the halls of Malfoy Manor in search for her son. Time were hard since the Dark Lord had -
embrace the pain, let it fuel you, make you STONGER! - The Emperor Cram, Dark Lord is the Sith.
Twenty years have passed since Darth Bane, reigning Dark Lord of the Sith, demolished the ancient order devoted...
I want to thank my Dark Lord and Master Satan for all he's done for me. I don't know where I'd be without his guidance over the years.
It's like when the Death Eaters feel the Dark Lord's power rising. Dark days ahead.
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There's going to be more of this. Dark days. It's like the Death Eaters feel the Dark Lord's strength increasing.
Orchestral manoeuvres of the Dark Lord - via Blank didn't understand CDS's. Pathetic
ftfinancenews: Orchestral manoeuvres of the Dark Lord
Orchestral manoeuvres of the Dark Lord: Lloyds bosses fail, surprisingly, to sign public letter supporting UK’...
Follow me and I shall lead you in glorious combat against the hosts of the Dark Lord!
- due to the agony of her leg, Bella cried out as the Dark Lord half dragged her through the front door of Malfoy Manor.
It turns out dragons make really good generals for a Dark Lord's army. Go figure.
"Satan himself said I'm a great salesman.He's a Dark Lord,what,like I'm going to ignore an endorsement from a Lord?"
Official "LONELY VADER" season 1 title screen! . Series Info:. What if the Dark Lord of the Sith left his galaxy...
Dark Lord on Life Support - TV Tropes. This trope was my least favorite part of the plot of the Otherland books.
//"Foolish Barbarians. Dermaloon has been conquered by the Master of Evil, the Prince of Destruction, the Dark Lord..--
In addition, I declare tomorrow to be "Dark Lord of the 5th Day". Send money. And rebels.
Star Wars Day Kid just got his photo with Darth Vader. Father-of-the-Year says, "Tell the Dark Lord of the Sith thank you."
A bomber of Dark Lord and an insanely good calzone from tomato bar? That'll make up for the headaches of this day.
Happy Birthday, Dark Lord. may all lesser agents of darkness bow before thee on this day
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Happy birthday, Dark Lord ol' Wu reppin *** Wei all day except today 😍😊
"Jane killed the Dark Lord, saving the world. A nearby toy-maker cheered, then was sad. 'If you were a man I could have m…
Vader's the original "Dark Lord of the Sith" from before Lucas even decided what that meant.
let Stiv Gro'fur have a word with them. I'm sure our Dark Lord will make them rue the day
Many Happy Returns of the day the Dark Lord of Skaro was born. Have a great day, Terry!
"0n this day, 14 years ago, the world was delivered from the tyranny of the Dark Lord. The Battle of Hogwarts was won."
FT: Treehouse Sap; ISO: Dark Lord: A day's 6 can Sap allotment is also about $4$ so I figure 6:1 would be a go...
He used to be on the Dark Lord's side but then he became loyal to Dumbledore right before Voldemort decided to kill Lily.
Cute nicknames for your wifey: Lord Commander. The Almighty. Supreme Ruler of the First Galactic Empire. The Dark Lord.
Meanwhile, Dark Lord of the Sith Bob Kraft and his apprentice Bill Belichick chuckle and scheme in the shadows
+Dark Lord otherwise known as Kylo Ren and be his side stood the Captain of the Storm-Trooper Army, Captain Phasma.+
Merry Christmas, kids. I hope Satan, our Dark Lord was good to you!
There's Santa and the birth of our lord and then there's Satan and the death of this 2011 Dark Lord,
There is no way Rey should be able to access and use the Force as she does with zero training. AND she defeats a Dark Lord in a duel!
. Hailey Potter, hero to the Wizarding World and destroyer of the Dark Lord. It had been just days after the war and Hailey-
is a Jedi Master that will take down the Dark Lord when they debate
Phones are from the Dark Lord and his color is Death star Black
|| Is lieutenant and got permission from the Dark Lord to do so.
Hey there! The two Lords on the European Tour are Matt Smith and Andreas, Dark Lord is Lewis Childs and Saorise Caroline Gray
Who is the Dark Lord? I thought she was talking about Miss Bingley!
Dark Lord of the Sith who was madly obsessed with the fallen Darth Vader as Storm Troopers stormed out of the ship heading-
You can get my Bellatrix Lestrange illustration on an all over print sweatshirt. Praise the Dark Lord 💀💚
sounds like the perfect apprentice for a Dark Lord :)
"Dark Lord" Rathalos is the King of the King of the Skies and strikes down those who intrude
No! You can't just strangle a Dark Lord of the Sith, Also, need to find out who apprentice is first.
Throwing it back to my best Halloween costumes. Lady Ga Ga and the Dark Lord himself! 👻☠🎃
For the part of who always wanted to use his acting chops to take on the role of a Jedi turned Dark Lord. htt…
Pumpkin based treats are gifts from our Dark Lord and Savior, Morning Star, Dragon of *** otherwise known as Satan! Duh!!! 🎃
The first Harry Potter is 14 years old. Since then Harry defeated the Dark Lord, I grew a beard and passed out drunk in 3 train stations
"In nothing is the power of the Dark Lord more clearly shown than in the estrangement that divides all those who oppose him…
Photoset: alohxmoras: hp meme - [2/10] characters - Draco Lucius Malfoy “When the Dark Lord takes over, is...
That epic fight between Professor Dumbledore and the Dark Lord in "Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix".
Any brave judges left in India who would rule against the Dark Lord and his minions?
Remember how WW 2 started when high chamberlain Hitler, Acolyte of the Dark Lord, unleashed his dragons on Poland
I'm the original Dark Lord. You're like the sorcerer's apprentice.
I'm nearly finished listening to the Dark Lord: The Rise of Darth Vader book but Lords of the Sith not being out is halting my marathon.
This unprecedented portrayal of the Dark Lord of the Sith captures Darth Vader's return to Mustafar. .
Oh okay Darth Vader is referred to as a "Dark Lord of the Sith" in the '77 novelisation of Star Wars so idk
*Taps Satan on the shoulder*. Hail, Dark Lord, or whatever, but hey bud tell me did you happen to make an @ translator fo…
I'll sacrifice them in the name of the almighty Dark Lord,Satan.
Darth Bane is the coolest Dark Lord of the Sith ever. No question about it.
“Lord, thank You that because I walk with You I don’t have to fear the dark.” -
As the sun shines in the dark, Lord may Your love shine in the heart of those who are hurting & bring healing & peace
The Dark Lord was at the height of his power. We couldn't go easy on you!
Its 3:33 make a wish to the dark lord! Quick!
I get that from the one on my eyebrow. I think it happens when the dark lord is near-by.
The neighbor next door decided to contact the Dark Lord during the thunderstorm.
Thank You Almighty Lord for rescuing me from those dark icy waters.
Only together, with your will and power can you succeed to defeat the dark lord!
The dark lord has arrived. informs us he's no match for
Showering in the dark. who knows how many spiders are in here w me Lord have mercy on me
If you go by the book, the Dark Lord is killed by his own rebounding curse. That's a sad way to die.
Me : . I said I love you but I lied. *She smiled and held my hand. Her : Ok, and?. Me : And what?. Her : It...
that color is 👌🏼 not too dark not too light. remember when you went black? lord Jesus
"The last time I was this scared, I actually had to face a Dark Lord in order to make the world safe for wizards.”
Unless you are literally the Dark Lord Voldemort then a snake is just not an acceptable pet dude
Jk don't spread any bad messages and don't talk to the dark lord, he's not a good influence
You've done well my child now spread forth the message of the dark lord
Let Punk's dark lord catch you in his spell the Strangler's Sunday tix here -
What if the power that the Dark Lord does not know if is. bureaucracy?!
Dark hearts are compelled to serve the dark lord. ‘Quantum Heights’ October 7, 2015
I want dark hair again lord help me
you shut your mouth yes it frickin is 😔 I'm sure it'd be chill during the day time but I watched the whole thing in the dark 😓😣
Kerry just asked why it got so dark at night time. . Lord have mercy.
is it possible to buy the Dark lord with the black background print instead of the white?
DARK TALES FROM GENTS PENS is out from thanks to
Construct a Baphomet to please our dark lord.
You are not authorised too kill me sweety. My men and I are too valuable to the Dark Lord
Green shield bug nymph again. Love all the rich dark colors.
Roll on, deep dark blue ocean, roll. Ten thousand fleets sweep over thee in vain. Lord Byron
Bombay High Court says MOBILE radiation affects sparrows, so TOWERS should not be erected in city's gardens. Then WHERE, M'…
♚ "... I really don't want to go to the Dark Lord and say 'Hey, I was babysitting your student and he died
I'm still wondering how the students of hogwarts had the self control not to whoop harry's *** for bringing the dark lord …
Scary how fast things change, how people are gone so quickly. We must put our hope in the Lord, Jesus is the only light in th…
W-Why would taking a friend to the Dark Lord make you think that?!
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Palpie is no ordinary Dark Lord, he is the ultimate fullfilment of Darth Bane's plans. That's a 1000 years...
Mmm with a Blue Moon. Beat that tonight. - Drinking a Dark Lord (2015) by @ Beaver Dam Lake —
To the Dark Lord,. I know I will be dead long before you read this but I want you to know that it was I who discovered your secret.
Gandalf reaches Orthanc. Saruman suggests they make an alliance with the Dark Lord, Sauron, in the hope of gradually coming to control him.
Jason Rapert: Fighter against equality. Dark Lord of injustice and everything evil.
Moving even further back, we now reach Mike Yarwood talking about Sir Alf Ramsey. And the Dark Lord himself, Don Revie.
"Enjoy it slowly…… This is despair upon the world, and a curse upon the living." ―Dark Lord of Abyss/SP
I had Dark Lord for the first time last night. My taste buds are still recovering from the heavenly experience. Good work Three Floyds.
In this clip, the 'Star Wars Rebels' Ghost crew will deal with the Dark Lord of the Sith when the series returns
Smith may have scraped it, but not 3 terms. The can't accept that Blair, Bad Al & the Dark Lord were a formidable machine.
Dark Lord Funk - Harry Potter Parody of "Uptown Funk" via Nice to see that the Dark Lord can dance too !
Well then, tell him the Dark Lord of the Sith approves. 👍🏻
Even the Dark Lord of the Sith needs a smile
Copy pasting the internet into assignments is so easy. But no. This practice is below that of a Dark Lord of the Sith.
oops too late! I just committed you to a blood oath with the Dark Lord
Watching Ramayana cartoon movie with daughter and telling her: Remember, no matter what you read/watch, there is only one Dark Lord: Vishnu.
the Dark Lord is following me. Must head on over to Tatooine . See what's up with Aunt Ru and Uncle Owen.
Dark Lord retains presidency. Evil wins the day, but be warned, is coming.
The virtuous lass came back alone, and in dire fear of humans, and the Dark Lord who would one day be granted magnificent powers.
This fight is occurring on the anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts. Is it a coincidence that the Dark Lord died on this day?…
Today is a great day for the Empire. Not only did it see the end of Kenobi, but your Dark Lord passed 5000 followers. Evil kudos to Chris H.
And what would "Gary Lord Day North" be without some Dark Lord to end... (Dark Lord (2014))
"That awkward moment when you realize the Dark Lord was forced to watch Quirrell wipe every day."
You can't un resign from resigning as the Dark Lord?! Michael Gove has swept in and claimed that position mate
Did you know Dark Matter has a Unicorn Blood aged in Dark Lord barrels?
Spotted the Dark Lord of the Sith & his legion of Stormtroopers at Kinokuniya, Ngee Ann City level 4.…
We endured the soggy mess to die another day. Cheers to the Dark Lord!
Tip of the day, cut 666hz out of everything in ur mix. It appeases the Dark Lord, and ur mix will translate better to other systems
Forget to buy Dark Lord tix again? Relive an experience you didn't have with our photo gallery.
Merlin, I love having Freddie Kruger as our Headmistress, she is my new Dark Lord. . [Bows]
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Three. Seven. Nine. And one for the Dark Lord on his dark throne.
"Can you tell me something, sir? Why do you call Voldemort the Dark Lord, I've only ever heard Death Eaters call him th…
-- mind wondered if what Dumbledore had told her a few days ago was true. If the Death Eaters were really back, and the Dark Lord, that --
Making things easier for Sam and Frodo. That's why Gandalf takes Pippin to Minas Tirith ASAP. It's part of trying to fool the Dark Lord.
I'm listening to Beastcraft - Legions of the Dark Lord - Radio Caprice Black Metal on Radio Caprice Black Metal..Drink the Blood of the Ram.
Darth Sidious, Dark Lord of the Sith Champions of the Force Star NM
Per custom on Fridays with snow moons, Robert Randolph summons the Dark Lord for a feast with a spirited rendition of “Friday Night Knicks”.
Benny Hinn - Dark Lord of the Sith: still the best video on the internet
Beware the Homosexuals and their Dark Lord, the Witchking of Angmar, Ian McKellen.
"Fun fact :Tolkien died in 1973, backwards that 3791 3 for the elvin kings 7 for the dwarf lords, 9 for mortal men and 1 for the Dark Lord"
3 Rings for the Elven-kings under the sky 7 for the Dwarf-lords in their halls of stone, 9 for Mortal Men doomed to die, 1 for the Dark Lord
The original Dark Lord of the Sith stars in his own series by Subscribe to Darth Vader here:
Flappy Bird is more evil than the Dark Lord.
Imagine Voldermort, the Dark Lord himself and He Who Must Not Be Named, licking someone out.
oh my! It kinda actually suits the Dark Lord being a green elf! Karen would be proud! :-) esp when Ben was little ;-)
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I added a video to a playlist Kid Icarus: Uprising - Chapter 2: Magnus and the Dark Lord
Just got the book Tarkin. what do you think? So many references to Plagueis and Dark Lord: The Rise of Darth Vader.
"Chef Vader", Dark Lord of the Barbecue, offers up a Gungan dish. And other strange Vader sightings...
We teased, we hinted and now we confirm. Our inner fanboys are absolutely over the ( that's no moon ) to announce the attendance over the entire weekend of the Dark Lord himself Dave Prowse. You read that right... Darth Vader is coming to Scarborough! As part of the Star Wars Unmasked panel on Star Wars Saturday, he will recount his career playing one of THE most iconic villains in history as well as undertaking his legendary signing and photo opportunities. The Shuttle Tydirium has been dispatched, the disturbance in The Force has been identified, Lightsabers are turned to red and now .. 'the circle is complete' Forget Jaded January, ignore Freezing February and start the countdown to Imperial March
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