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Danzel Washington

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I finally got my hands on Danzel Washington... his imprint on the movie industries is humbling…
After swag I can see George Clooney or Danzel Washington to continue the swag legacy
And that's a quote I heard sometime ago from a speech by danzel Washington I believe
I used Shazam to discover Mighty Quinn by Manfred Mann. & the film with Danzel Washington 👍💙👍
Danzel Washington possibly will get his 3rd tied with Daniel-Day Lewis, Jack Nicholson and Walter Brennan.
I say luck is when an opportunity comes along and you’re prepared for it. - Danzel Washington
When Tom Hanks steps out of Danzel Washington's office after Washington refuses to take Hanks' case.
love the acting of Danzel Washington
Danzel Washington is Harrison Ford dipped in chocolate!
Having parents from a different country is the ultimate free entertainment. My mom just referred to Denzil Washington as Danzel Wentington.😂
nobody better than Samuel Jackson "Danzel Washington "Forest Whitaker, great actor indeed.""
I'd agree and say Denzel is their king "Danzel Washington "Forest Whitaker, great actor indeed.""
Never stop dreaming! My son Daniel West aspires to be an actor. He started doing plays in elementary school via Play House 1960 and never stopped. He's a National Thespian, 2014 Graduate 1st percentile of his class, and will be attending U. T. Austin to further study theatre. This weekend Daniel had an opportunity to meet, visit with, and see some great actors and actress. Such as Danzel Washington, LaTanya Richardson Jackson, Sean Patrick Thomas, David Ramsey, Alfra Woodard, Anika Rose and Jason Dirden of whom took his time showed him behind the scenes as well as imparted such wisdom to my son. All of these individuals he was actually able to touch and talk to, something until now he'd probably only dreamed of. They all encouraged him to be the best. With God all things are !ossible so no matter how impossible it might seems. Please don't ever stop believing in your dreams. God Bless Daniel as he continues to soar..
A wise woman knows the importance of speakin life into her man. If you love him: believe in him, encourage him nd be his peace. DANzel Washington
Everyone should watch the movie FLIGHT with Danzel Washington! :))
My *** (Danzel Washington voice ) “All this cleaning my system talk and I’m about to roll up 😂”
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"I didnt make it,got rejected but I didnt give up,instead I went for another audition,another audition & another audition"-Danzel Washington
Watching "Crimson Tide" with Danzel Washington and Gene Hackman!! Oldie but definetly a goodie !!!
Danzel Washington is like Harrison Ford dipped in Chocolate.
Awsome performance by Danzel Washington, Val kilmer, Paula Patton and others !!!
Ok everyone...Pass this one on. There busting Paula Balls about the past.Remember the David Letterman Interview where Danzel Washington was talking to Dave about a story and Danzel said to Dave yes "N" let me and he stopped...Yes he said the N word...Ow proof you say, Aired 09-11-2010 Late show with David Letterman.LEAVE PAULA DEAN ALONE SHE SAID SHE WAS SORRY...If the word is so bad, why do they call each other that word and also I just herd a Jazy song and called is crew the N word...Ow ya its the I can lie but you cant...suck it...Leave her alone...Grow your mind not you ignorance
 One of my favorite lines from one of my favoite movies takes place in "Unstoppable." When asked by the company's CEO, why he would risk his life for the Railroad company by chasing down an out of control,unmanned train, Danzel Washington's character says... "I'M NOT DOING THIS FOR YOU! I'M NOT DOING THIS FOR YOU!" I've always been transparent in my writing, because I want my encouragement to come across "real." I want you to understand that being a Christian doesn't mean "perfect" or "no problems." It does mean that IF we know God's Word...and then IF we choose to do what it says...we will find all of the strength and wisdom we need to get through it "with flying colors" as they say. There is a contemporary management style being taught in the work place now that is not build on trust nor professionalism. To the contrary. It's philosophy is that all people are inheritly lazy and will try to get away with as little work as possible. Therefore, management is to give the regular Joe's (or Jane's) under t ...
Battle of the best male actors. Who would you give the edge to Robert De Niro, Jack Nicholson, Al Pacino, Tom Hanks or Danzel Washington.
Some women love alcoholics.That *** Danzel Washington love smirnoff, and budweisers.I beat yall women love that Alcoholic.lmao
Nice and quiet afternoon with the family we watched “Flight” very intense and touching no other actor than Danzel Washington to deliver a drama with such a strong subject. The movie is dark and slow but the drama is so intense and of course any movie with Danzel Washington in it will keep you there until the end. I recommend it is a very touching drama.
My best male acting performances in films are; Danzel Washington, "Flight"; Jim Carey, "Man on the Moon"; Brad Pitt, "Meet Joe Black"; Heath Ledger, "The Dark Knight"; Hugh Jackman, "Les Meserables"; Forest Whitaker, "The Last King of Scotland; Jamie Foxx, "Ray"; Henry Fonda, "The Grapes of Wrath", and the male cast in "Airplane!" Whom all were spot on hilarious. Ok, the male cast of Airplane! don't really count, but I love it so. What are your favorites as male acting performances in past and present films, that you can recall?
THE GOLDEN GLOBE NOMINATIONS ARE IN The 70th Annual Gold Globe Awards are coming to NBC on January 13. While I do love the pageantry of the Oscars, the Golden Globes has always been my personal favorite mainly because alcohol is involved and when you mix drinking with some of the largest egos on the planet, hilarity is bound to ensue. This year the Hollywood Foreign Press Association is taking a break from Ricky Gervais and handing the hosting duties over to Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. So let's get this post party started with the nominations: BEST MOTION PICTURE (DRAMA) Argo Django Unchained Life of Pi Lincoln Zero Dark Thirty BEST MOTION PICTURE (COMEDY/MUSICAL) The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel Les Miserables Moonrise Kingdom Salmon Fishing In The Yemen Silver Linings Playbook BEST ACTOR (DRAMA) Daniel Day-Lewis (Lincoln) Richard Gere (Arbitrage) John Hawkes (The Sessions) Joaquin Phoenix (The Master) Danzel Washington (Flight) BEST ACTOR (COMEDY/MUSICAL) Jack Black (Bernie) Bradley Cooper (Silver Linings P ...
Just got home from seeing The Flight. Very good movie John Goodman is very good in it as well as Danzel Washington of course.
"Lincoln" a must see!!! Daniel Day-Lewis outstanding and Sally Fields is just as outstanding! Both deserve Oscar nominations. "Flight" was good but NOT what I was expecting in the stry line but another Oscar nomination worthy performance by Danzel Washington. Seeing "Argo" this afternoon, "Life of Pi" tomorrow and my movie maddness weekend will be over. And all you AARP members, when at the movies ask if there is an AARP my theather, small popcorn and small drink $5.50!
What a terrific shopping day I had. Got 98.00 off at shoppers with my optimum points and 40.00 off instantly at Sobeys with my air miles. Yipe!going to see the movie Flight this evening starring Danzel Washington.
if Oliver Stone makes a movie about Obama, who do you think will play obama Will Smith, Danzel Washington, or Larry Fishburne
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People some miss print occurred nhe i tried 2 say look ,or search names like Bhaphomet gods *** Egyptian gods Deverol, Tony Mattola , Aluminani, and Sony Music Industry , so all the celebs over seas worship Bhaphomet , eg Beyoncer, Michael Jackson, Samuel L Jason , Jay-Z , Rhihana , Lady Gaga, Asha, Khanyi West, Lilly Wayne , Dr Dree , Billgates, Bill Clinton, Obama, Danzel Washington, Alicia Keys , Damon Dash, Justin Timberlake ,T Pane,Shakira , all the Hip-Hop and RnB music , havey metals, Rockin Roll ,eve Gospel music all of them controlled by Sony Music, Aluminani, of which belongs under the Devil called Bhaphomet , i have vedeo of that or go to ur Blackberry u will get some information abt that , triple 6, 666, or 999, 777, 888 all those signs or numbers used by some of our musicians as their brand check 999 in SA who use that as His music Brand u know our Kwaito, so called stars and Hip-Hop, House music Brands owh Plz open ur eyes , and look the way they greet oudians , check these numbers, 6 .. ...
Watching Malcom X with Danzel Washington and Spike Lee.never get's to old to watch.classic at it's best!!
"I played Othello, but I didn't sit around thinking how Laurence Olivier did it when he played it. That wouldn't do me any good." -Danzel Washington
When thinking of Hollywood and how they view the people, Danzel Washington and Halle Berry comes to mind! Funny how out of all the great roles they played, they received an Oscar for playing a *** and a *** " Pay attention!
Watching movie Philadelphia with Tom Hanks and Danzel Washington... Remembering a man who is also forever in my heart... Arthur Miller Jr. My Artie. Thank you for the tons of ... Laugh... Forever in my heart!
Just found out my littles sister Andrea Celeste Angulo thought Nick Fury from the Avengers, who is played by Samuel L Jackson, was Denzel Washington...apparently every black actor is Danzel Washington to her -_-
"Too long a Sacrifice can make a Stone of the Heart , O when may it Suffice ? That is Heaven's Part " : Danzel Washington [Safe House- 2012]
Who remembers Eva Mendez in Training Day with Danzel Washington? Thank you god for beautiful women!
U ladies can have Danzel Washington, I will take Samuel L. Jackson any day. I know he will be fun to be with.
today's matinee was Unstoppable of Tony Scott , Danzel Washington rocked!!!
Watching "BOOK OF ELI" on star movies.. What a great work by Danzel Washington.. He proofs dat he's a oscar winning actor..
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