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Dante Cunningham

Dante Cunningham (born April 22, 1987) is an American professional basketball player who plays for the Memphis Grizzlies of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

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LMAO at the fact that you forgot Omer Asik and Dante Cunningham
...Dante Cunningham with 19 points, Luke Babbitt with 15 points, Jordan Hamilton with 12 points.
Dante Cunningham darrun Hilliard and Randy Foye are all also still in the league
I really thought Nova would never go to a title game after seeing the Allen Ray, Randy Foye, Kyle Lowry, Dante Cunningham team not make it
Josh Hart is first 15 PPG scorer to average 6+ RPG since Dante Cunningham in 2008-09
Rick Ross Fat Hustle Award goes to Dante Cunningham tonight, he did a lot of the little things to help Pelicans win http…
John Wall just broke off Dante Cunningham into another galaxy 🙊🙊🙊
Easy to clog the paint on AD with he's forced to kick it out to Norris Cole, Dante Cunningham or Alonzo Gee
I think he was banished from his planet and his punishment is being forced to play with Toney Douglas and Dante Cunningham
Lineup note: Alonzo Gee will start ahead of Dante Cunningham on Monday, as expected.
Dante Cunningham played all 12 minutes of that first quarter. I like it. Eric Gordon also played all 12 minutes of that first quarter. Bleh
No team should get beat by a starting lineup consisting of Asik, Tyreke Evans, Eric Gordon, and Dante Cunningham
Dante Cunningham replacing Alonzo Gee in starting lineup: Alvin Gentry vowed to alter his starting five after ...
Alvin Gentry shakes up lineup as promised, Dante Cunningham starting in place of Alonzo Gee
Alvin Gentry said that Dante Cunningham will replace Alonzo Gee in the starting lineup tonight
Is there any difference b/t Darrell Arthur, Quincy Pondexter and Dante Cunningham? Could watch each guy play 10 times and not know who's who
Dante Cunningham held LeBron James to 1-of-6 FG in 4th quarter, including possible game-winner. LeBron was 8-of-9 vs ever…
Why are you not calling a TO when you have Dante Cunningham and Alonzo Gee as 2 of your offensive players in a must score situation?
Dante Cunningham drains a 3, and the Pels’ bench is up like a bunch of kids in March Madness. Pels up 29-17.
Another driving shot in the lane by Pelicans - this time it's Dante Cunningham.
Terry improved to 2-2 last night with a 65-56 win over Aldine MacArthur. Lynnis Brown 17, Jarlin White 12, Dante Cunningham 10.
Norris Cole, Ish Smith and Dante Cunningham on the court at the same time.
Dante Cunningham, 4-time starter this season, is now the 9th man. Related: Pelicans score 38 in the first quarter despite 0-for-3 from AD.
I would ride with Dante Cunningham to the gates of *** goddammit
Dante Cunningham in for Alonzo Gee for the Pelicans. AD the only starter on the floor.
Team record is 3 minutes. Dante Washington scored 89' on 5/27/00 in Miami. Cunningham scored in 2' on 6/3/00 at home
Joe Ingles just threw Dante Cunningham down the court off a screen who says Delly can't mentor
Joe apparently strong enough to throw Danté Cunningham across the court...told ya he could take on the whole Pelicans team
Dante Cunningham gets a technical after the dust up.
Dante Cunningham with a turnover. Sponsored by -Plugin . Sponsored by
That's two fouls on Alonzo Gee. Good because it will get him out of the game. Bad because Dante Cunningham is the same kind of defender
Dante Cunningham just let Austin Rivers get a layup. Where'd that defense go, Dante?
When Dante Cunningham is the closest defender on a shot, shooters have a 60.4% FG%. Highest in NBA,…
Morris Denies Cunningham: Markieff Morris comes over for the help block on Dante Cunningham.
Great road win for Pelicans.. final seconds, solid defense from Dante Cunningham, great putback from AD, clutch free throws from Jrue.
NBA. Dante Cunningham just got a rebound. Sponsored by
Markieff Morris just ended Dante Cunningham’s dunk attempt. Some lady behind me shouted “You wanna get cheers, you gotta play like THAT!"
Dante Cunningham just got his dunk thrown by Markieff Morris. Just destroyed.
Pelicans going for some ambitious plays to say the least. The Dante Cunningham hi-lo pass to Ish Smith is like getting a fade…
Every time I see Kyle Lowry play, all I can think of is Villanova's 4-guard rotation + Dante Cunningham. Fun team to watch.
Dante Cunningham is awfully confident in that 3-point shot.
Andrew Bogut will NOT play in tonights match-up @ Houston. Out with concussion obtained in collision with Dante Cunningham.
Andrew Bogut on Dante Cunningham: "I don’t know how a bloke comes from the weakside and headbutts you."
Not sure how the Pels are losing. They have studs like Ajinca, ISHE Smith, Dante Cunningham, and Nate Robinson logging big minutes.
Pelicans will have 10 available players tonight - Dante Cunningham will be a go as will Jrue Holiday
Andrew Bogut: Not a big Dante Cunningham fan, it seems.
Andrew Bogut has a concussion after bumping heads with Dante Cunningham in last night's season opener.
At one point this preseason, had Ajinca, Dante Cunningham, CDR and Jeff Adrien on the roster. Establishing that culture
Off the Court with F Dante Cunningham, car-repair expert and country music fan:
Former watch: Quincy Pondexter, Dante Cunningham vs. Marreese Speights heading into the final quarter in a tie. 🏀
Norris Cole, Dante Cunningham, Quincy Pondexter, and Omer Asik? Get outta here with that
Nice ovation from Portland fans for Dante Cunningham, who played here his first two NBA seasons. NOLA 16-11 at 4:00
If the Pels edge out the Tunder for the last playoff spot, it will because of Tony Douglas and Dante Cunningham. They bring so much energy
Kings down 36-27 with 8:58 in the 2nd. Dante Cunningham set to take free throws after a Derrick Williams foul.
Pelican’s Dante Cunningham recalled Kobe Bryant’s dunk that led to injury via
New Orlean's Dante Cunningham reflected on Kobe Bryant dunking on him two months ago before injuring his shoulder
I talked with New Orleans' Dante Cunningham, whom Kobe Bryant dunked on two months ago before injuring his shoulder
Pelican's Dante Cunningham recalled Kobe Bryant's dunk that led to injury
Dante Cunningham has been a nice Lil pick up Tho.
Can't remember the last time I saw Dante Cunningham miss short@
Trade KG to New Orleans and bring back Dante Cunningham to MN
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Quincy Pondexter picks up 2 quick fouls. Dante Cunningham subs in to play small forward with starters. LAL 18-14
It's all about effort for Dante Cunningham — and that's what he ...
[The Advocate] - It’s all about effort for Dante Cunningham —
Now, is "D.C." a trip to the nation's capital or is that the weekend you kidnap Dante Cunningham?
PRACTICE: talks about the importance to this week's road trip -
Quincy Pondexter's description of the intense defense by such as Norris Cole, Dante Cunningham lately: "Wild dogs chasing meat."
Dante Cunningham real AF for that shirt
Wiggins was tryna dunk all over us yesterday too but I was really impressed with Dante Cunningham's defense on him. He even blocked a dunk
when did you change your name to Dante Cunningham, tho?
Dante Cunningham is one of the most underrated players in rn. What he's brought to the defensively isn't talked about enough
That right there is why Monty Williams will always give Dante Cunningham minutes if he remains on the roster.
Dante Cunningham plays hard, but we already knew that.
*dante Cunningham blocks wiggins * yeah man we totally can't use him !
Budinger into game, Hamilton about to check in for Wolves. Dante Cunningham coming in for Pelicans, who lead 18-8 here in 1st qtr
they had Tonio Peña and Dante Cunningham who went to the league
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Villanova won again. This is the best they've been since Kyle Lowry, Allan Ray, Randy Foye, Will Sheridan, Dante Cunningham and Mike Nardi.
Dante Cunningham started 2-for-10 shooting, but this has been his quarter lately. Three buckets in 4Q. Dal 93-87 at 3:…
Jimmer Fredette and Dante Cunningham warm up in Orlando. Excited to start the second half tonight
There is zero reason for Dante Cunningham to play 10 more minutes in a game than Ryan Anderson.
Dante Cunningham, others step in to help New Orleans Pelicans overcome ... - The Advocate
Dante Cunningham (14 pts, 5 reb, 2 stl) was credited by Monty, teammates for defense on Andrew Wiggins, who had been very good lately
Pelicans mailbag delves into consistency, Jeff Withey, Ryan Anderson, Dante Cunningham, more:
Early observations: John Wall is fast, Omer Asik is slow, Dante Cunningham is everywhere
Pelicans rolled out Austin Rivers, John Salmons, Dante Cunningham, and Alexis Ajinca together to end the 1st Q. Yuck.
Monty Williams has Alexis Ajinca, Dante Cunningham, Austin Rivers & John Salmons playing together because, apparently, he hates his team.
Anthony Bennett has Dante Cunningham's game (sans the the hustle, bball IQ, ability to make mid-range shots).
James Harden gets his fourth foul trying to defend Dante Cunningham.
[NBA] Warriors coach Steve Kerr upset with elbows thrown by Pelicans forward Dante Cunningham
finally playing Ryan Anderson at small forward. Dante Cunningham at PF, and A Davis at center.
Dante Cunningham's domestic assault charges were dropped & police found that the accuser framed him. More info here: ht…
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The top bigs available currently are Dante Cunningham, Rashard Lewis, Ivan Johnson, Jeff Adrien, and Bernard James.
Former NBA forward Dante Cunningham struggles to clear name after being falsely accused of domestic violence
Fantastic read by on former forward Dante Cunningham and a pursuit to clear his name.
Former player Dante Cunningham struggling to clear his name after domestic violence charge dropped.
Dante Cunningham appeared Wednesday in Hennepin County District Court, but his omnibus hearing was delayed six weeks until June 19.
inspired by Dante Cunningham, Dante Cunningham, and Shabazz Muhammad, respectively.
Dante Cunningham arrested for second time this week | Pro Sports Extra
MINNEAPOLIS — Minnesota Timberwolves forward Dante Cunningham was arrested for a second time in three days...
PLAYER UPDATES (more to come) Indiana @ Toronto (we have no play) -Kyle Lowry and Amir Johnson (Toronto) are both out, Greivis Vasquez and Patrick Patterson will both start Orlando @ Charlotte (we have no play) -Josh McRoberts (Charlotte) remains out, Cody Zeller is the likely starter Denver @ Memphis (we have one game-line) -Ty Lawson (Denver) will come off the bench for missing a team meeting, Aaron Brooks will start -Wilson Chandler (Denver) is likely out Minnesota @ Miami (we have one game-line) -Nikola Pekovic (Minnesota) is out -Dante Cunningham (Minnesota) is out indefinitely due to being charged with domestic assault -Dwyane Wade and Greg Oden (Miami) are out, Ray Allen will play Cleveland @ Atlanta (we have one total) -Anderson Varejao and Luol Deng (Cleveland) are expected to play Philadelphia @ Boston (we have one game-line and one total) -Avery Bradley (Boston) will not play, Jerryd Bayless gets the start -Byron Mullens and Nerlens Noel (Philadelphia) both won't play -Casper Ware has been sign ...
no doubt. Allan Ray, Kyle Lowry, Randy Foye and Mike Nardi...the Scottie Reynolds and Dante Cunningham.
Oh man, god Serge Ibaka, but I can trade him (+ Hill + 1.5* 1st Rd Draft Pick) out for Kevin Love and Dante Cunningham... Do I?
T-Wolves mid-season roster breakdown. 1. J.J. Barea - Trash 2. Corey Brewer - Trash (if you disagree, you are also trash) 3. Chase Budinger - Pale Trash, always has been trash and probably gone have trash children. 4. Dante Cunningham - Hot stinky trash covered in a light feces marinade. 5. Gourgi Dieng - Yup... Trash. 6. Robbie Hummel - Trash covered trash with a side of garbage. 7. Kevin Love - All-World. Just leave already and do yourself a favor dawg. 8. Kevin Martin - You straight bruh. Start hitting some more of them trey bombs tho. 9. Luc Richard Mbah a Moute - Trash that was traded for super trash so you trash squared in my opinion. 10. Shabazz Muhammad - Ooh... all you hoops experts were on his jock. Guess what. They sent you to IOWA. You are the Mt. Olympus of trash piles. Kill. Yo. Self. Now. 11. Nikola Pekovic - You do ya thing but I'm sick of white basketball players so. 12. A.J. Price - I don't eem know you. You are obviously trash. 13. Ricky Rubio - This dude sat the bench overseas but y'al ...
Kevin Love is got to be one of the most frustrated players in basketball playing in Minnesota. The supporting cast around him has been playing below average than Nikola Pekovic. Kevin Martin, Corey Brewer, and Ricky Rubio are playing horribly in their positions as starters. J.J. Barea, Dante Cunningham, and Chase Budinger has not played well off the bench or can't stay healthy. What this all means is if there is one team Kevin Love might join two years from now would be the Lake Show. Flip Saunders is in a tight spot as GM to really pull the trigger on making the trade now or let him walk when his contract expires.
Kevin Durant scores 48 points in OKC Thunder's win in Minnesota BY DARNELL MAYBERRY The Oklahoman MINNEAPOLIS — Kevin Durant was down on himself, displeased with how he had performed in the first half. He had missed too many shots for his liking and admittedly allowed his uncharacteristic inefficiency to negatively affect his attitude. He began hanging his head. But thanks to some much-needed encouragement from teammates who refused to allow his sulking to spill over into the second half, Durant came out of the halftime locker room and strung together the best 24 minutes of his career. And Minnesota never knew what hit it. Durant scored 32 of his game- and season-high 48 points in the second half to lift the Thunder to a thrilling 115-111 come-from-behind victory on Saturday night at Target Center. He hit the go-ahead bucket, a gorgeous step-back jumper over Wolves forward Dante Cunningham, with four seconds remaining and put the game out of reach with a pair of clutch free throws with 1.8 seconds left ...
Gabe and Landon had a great time!! With Corey Brewer, Dante Cunningham, and Ricky Rubio. Thanks again Corey Brewer for the tickets. We all had a good time. Good luck tonight vs the Celtics.
Defense to Offenes: Corey Brewer's steal leads to Dante Cunningham's finish on the other end.
Blocked by Birdman: Chris Andersen erases Dante Cunningham at the cup.
Bass would essentially be a replacement for Dante Cunningham (good defense/mid-range jumpers). Rubio/Bass PnPs would be good.
Which trade sounds best for the Knicks to deal Iman??? Iman Shumpert & Cole Aldrich for Dion Waiters & Tyler Zeller...Iman Shumpert for Harrison Barnes/Mareese Speights/ and Draymond Green...Iman Shumpert for Markieff Morris & Archie Goodwin...Iman Shumpert for Ed Davis, Jerryd Bayless and Jamaal Franklin... Iman Shumpert for Dante Cunningham, Shabazz Muhammad and Gorgui Deng...Iman Shumpert for Nick Collison, Reggie Jackson and Perry Jones...Iman Shumpert for Meyers Leonard, Allen Crabbe, Dorell Wright...Iman Shumpert, Beno Udrih and Cole Aldrich for Derrick Favors
Good example of that is @ 10 minute mark of 4th where he just kind of forgets to box out Dante Cunningham, who goes unimpeded for a put back
I am unofficially starting the campaign for Robbie Hummel over Dante Cunningham.
The signed Jeff Pendergraph??? Now two of my favorite former are on there. What's next? Trade for Dante Cunningham?
don't you want to say Dante Cunningham hustles back on defense better than Seimone?
In my "career" I've been first on one major scoop, what happened to Dante Cunningham's cats after he left Portland.
Timberwolves pick up one-year option on forward Dante Cunningham (via the 1500 ESPN SportsWire)
Dante Cunningham picks up option with Wolves
Just a quick recap of players who have signed back: Ray Allen, Mario Chalmers, Jerryd Bayless, Dante Cunningham, James Jones
I think you mean 2006. Allen Ray, Randy Foye, Kyle Lowry, and Mike Nardi were lethal with Dante Cunningham at the 5
The question remains: who will be the Dante Cunningham disappearing bench player? I hope it's not Jerryd Bayless. Dooling has to go.
One question Are the middling reps of the names also high in those stats (Dante Cunningham, Andrew Blatche) any concern?
Oop to Dante: J.J. Barea pushes it upcourt to Alexey Shved who sneaks the lob to Dante Cunningham for the jam.
Check out this nasty one-handed bounce pass Ricky Rubio throws by the defense with some spin on it to Dante Cunningham who finishes the play with a two-hande...
Minnesota is starting Dante Cunningham in place of injured Andrei Kirilenko.
starting Ridnour, Rubio, DWill, Pek and Dante Cunningham gets the start for the injured Andrei Kirilenko.
With the Boozer-Bargnani talks, Lakers should send Pau to Minnesota for Derrick Williams, Alexey Shved, Dante Cunningham, maybe Pekovic too
We need to pick up Dante Cunningham from Minnesota! Trade Chris Duhon and Devin Ebanks!
... that jumper at the end of the game: Dante Cunningham or Kevin Love?
23 points, 2 rebounds and 3 steals for Dante Cunningham, probably the best adquisition quality-cost for Timberwolves this season
Dante Cunningham is still by far the T'Wolves MVP, basketball is all about court presence. Pay the man!
Ricky's Pretty Pass: Ricky Rubio takes the ball inside and dumps the pass off to Dante Cunningham for the throw down.
It's bad when Dante Cunningham is getting all your minutes. DW might be one of those "great at college/not in NBA" players.
Six of those assists went to Dante Cunningham, who had 17 fourth quarter points. Blazers' leading scorer in the fourth? Luke Babbitt with 7.
I will forever and always love Dante Cunningham 😚💕
I've said it before but Dante Cunningham continues to impress. Can an under .500 get the sixth man?
With his 11/17 FG tonight, Dante Cunningham has now hit 20 of 26 (77%) shots over the last 2 games.
Big night for Dante Cunningham with a career-high 23pts (prev CH 21 done twice).
remember that game when the Blazers got an easy win this year neither is Dante Cunningham an all star ?
Of the 10 plrys that saw mins tonight, all but Mickael Gelabale recorded 1+ stls. Derrick Williams & Dante Cunningham each had 3.
10 of career-high-tying 14 assists came in the 4th quarter. Many of them went to Dante Cunningham who scored career-high 23.
Dante Cunningham w/ a career-high 23pts (17 in 4Q) but his 18-footer at the buzzer comes up short & so does the comeback, 100-98.
Tonight, Dante Cunningham took 17 shots in an NBA game. Last time he took that many? High school? Yikes, Minnesota.
If you told me in October that Dante Cunningham would be the Wolves' primary scoring option in any game...
we know has one foot out the door, we're just inexperienced. Dante Cunningham shouldn't even be put in that position
Over-reliance on Dante Cunningham's mid-range jumper -- a nice asset in right doses -- is a nice shorthand symbol of Minny's season.
Why the *** is Dante Cunningham taking the last shot?!
when you realize that Dante Cunningham just attempted a game-tying shot for the
My dad has Dante Cunningham's phone number, time to make a call.
What’s weirder? That an NBA team drew up a game-winning play for Dante Cunningham or that I wanted them to?
Dante Cunningham played great today. Always like seeing ex-Blazers do well.
Dante Cunningham is not the guy to go with for the game-tying shot. Idiotic, wolves. That play was blown from the start.
Lets give it to Dante Cunningham for the the final shot?
Dante Cunningham is just short on the buzzer beater and the fall at home. Post-game with.
And so Dante Cunningham breaks my heart.
With a 16-5 run in 3:54, cut the lead to 2 pts, 100-98, w/ 5 sec left. They're right back in it! Dante Cunningham leads
Dante Cunningham: Not quite the guy you want taking the game winning shot but he tried
dodge a bullet as Dante Cunningham airballs a midrange J at buzzer. Portland escapes Minny with 100-98 win.
Dante Cunningham misses jumper at the buzzer. Blazers beat Wolves 100-98.
*** Good work LMA running at Dante Cunningham. Ran him off his spot.
Dante Cunningham is ballin. Too bad Mitch hasn't been able to pick him up...
Off Ricky Rubio's dish, Dante Cunningham throws it down in transition. He stays hot with 12 pts and 2 steals down the stretch.
Dante Cunningham hits a critical dunk in transition to cut the lead within 1 pt, 99-98 with 21 sec left.
When's the last time Dante Cunningham missed a shot?
Dante Cunningham steals the ball again.. :))
Dante Cunningham scored 21 points off the bench for
Dante Cunningham: 10-15, 21 points. He's quite a valuable player for this team.
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Tonight in NBA, Dante Cunningham has 21 pts, Garrett Temple scored 15 and Tyson Chandler grabbed 20 boards for 3rd straight game.
Crucial steal for Dante Cunningham. He's energizing with 10 pts and 2 steals down the stretch.
Dante Cunningham is having himself a great game.
Who needs Kevin Love when you have Dante Cunningham?
Shades of the last Blazers/Wolves game, as Dante Cunningham cuts the Blazers' lead to single digits. 95-96 Blazers
I don't want to alarm anyone, but if the season only lasted 3 games (and it was the last 3) then Dante Cunningham would be MVP.
Of course Dante Cunningham is killing us... He used to be a Blazer. Completely crazy.
bench has not been the problem. They have more pts 51-19 and more stls 5-1 than bench. Led by Dante Cunningham w/ 21 pts,
Dante Cunningham is feeling it right now.. And Rubio's makin it happen with 12 assists.
How do you let Dante Cunningham drop 15 (and counting) on you in one quarter ...
Team Hospitalillo Luis R. Cancel Jr. MINNESOTA at ATLANTA: MIN - Nikola Pekovic (thigh) will not play. MIN - Kevin Love (hand) will not play. MIN - Alexey Shved (ankle) will not play. MIN - Bradnon Roy (knee) will not play. MIN - Dante Cunningham (illness) is playing. MIN - Chase Budinger (knee) will not play. MIN - Malcolm Lee (knee) out for the season.
Dante Cunningham (illness) will not play tonight. will play w/ nine guys, including two (Gelabale & Johnson) who were signed today.
NBA News: Compilation of Top News and Rumors for January 18 Atlanta Hawks believe Josh Smith's presence in Atlanta could be a powerful lure for Dwight Howard this summer. (Source: ESPN) Atlanta Hawks GM Danny Ferry is in "win now" mode and he'll try to add an All-Star alongside Josh Smith rather than trade him. (Source: CBS) Brooklyn Nets are interested in Utah Jazz F Paul Milisap. (Source: Sam Amico) Brooklyn Nets Kris Humphries planning to sue woman who claimed he gave her herpes. (Source: Huffington Post) Charlotte Bobcats Rod Higgins and Rich Cho are aggressively pursuing Memphis Grizzlies Rudy *** (Source: Steve Kyler) Dallas Mavericks, Houston Rockets, Boston Celtics, Milwaukee Bucks, Toronto Raptors, LA Lakers have interest in Josh Smith. (Source: ESPN) LA Clippers have the best bench in the NBA. (Article: John Schuhmann) LA Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak has is said to have called the Minnesota Timberwolves recently about F Dante Cunningham. (Source: ESPN) LA Lakers Mike D'Antoni would call a play for C ...
Lakers are out to get Dante Cunningham.. but i bet they gota give a lot for the guy. Steve Blake, Robert Sacre, 1st Rounder for Dante?
Dante Cunningham and Javier Colon could be twins
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more like 3. Kyle Lowry, Dante Cunningham and Randy Foye are the only NBA caliber players. Everyone else are D-leaguers.
The Hornets defeated the T'Wolves 104-92. My dude Greivis Vasquez led the way with 18 points and 13 dimes. Eric Gordon had 16 points, and Al-Farouq Aminu had 12 points and 13 boards. Ryan Anderson (15-7), Jason Smith (14 points), and Roger Mason Jr. (10 points) all contributed well off the pine. For the Wolves, Luke Ridnour led the way with 20 points. Nikola Pekovic had 18 points but only grabbed 6 boards. Andrei Kirilenko had 17 points, while Dante Cunningham had 12 points and 9 boards. By the way, Anthony Davis had THE most awkward stat-line of the night: 9 points, 0 rebounds, 0 assists, 0 steals, and 0 blocks.
Got six personal plays today and wanted to give everyone a free one on the night. If you are interested in the rest please contact me. This is one I feel to be a great one for the NBA tonight. Atlanta Hawks +1 -103* vs Minnesota Timberwolves Atlanta has been in a little bit of a slump losing their last two and going 5-5 in their last 10. This gives us huge value on a team with 20 wins already this season and all around better than there struggling 15 win opponents the T-wolves who are without K-love, Nikola Pekovic, Dante Cunningham, and Derrick Williams, basically their inside game is decimated. They are returning PG Ricky Rubio but I think this may not prove to be a good thing for them in this game. He has been fighting off the same knee injury and back spasms which shortened his last season. He is turn over prone at times and not a prolific scorer when is not injured , this could prove ugly tonight for the T-wolves. I look for Atlanta to win this one easy.
With Love out tonight, Dante Cunningham will get his 2nd start of the season. think it's a better matchup vs. Aldridge.
Dante Cunningham on Damian Lillard: "I do like his game. Very composed...controlling the team, & he's been very consistent at it."
So if Brandon Roy retires, the Twolves will only have 2 black players left. Derrick Williams and Dante Cunningham.
What I want for upcoming Christmas/Birthday: Bulls receive: PF Kevin Love, PF Dante Cunningham, SF Chase Budinger Timberwolves receive: SF Luol Deng, PF Taj Gibson, PG Marquis Teague, the rights to F Nikola Mirotic, future protected first-round pick from the Charlotte Bobcats Kevin Love on the Bulls: "[The Bulls are] all on the same page, everybody. When they break from the huddle, everybody's in. You can tell everybody has the utmost respect for each other and they're all in it to win it. In that regard, I envy that. I salivate for that. I like that a lot." (CBSSports) - Dwayne
Wayne Ellington for Dante Cunningham worked out pretty well.
pick up Emeka Okafor, Chandler Parsons, Dante Cunningham or stash Iman Shumpert?
Dante Cunningham showing shades of Bill Wennington (automatic from 15 feet.
NBA GAME UPDATE: The Minnesota Timberwolves were getting crush in the 3rd quarter and it look liked they would be blow out of the building in Brooklyn. The T-Wolves no matter what, never gave up hope about having a shot of winning this game even though they were in a 22-point deficit. With tough defense and electrifying offense that came from rookie SG Alexey Shved and SF Chase Budinger. The Minnesota Timberwolves only needed one quarter of outstanding offense and phenomenal defense to comeback from a 22-point deficit to shock and stun the Brooklyn Nets 107-96. The Timberwolves were led by C Nikola Pevovic who had 21 points with 9-15 shooting, 2 block shots, 7 boards and 3-3 from the free-throw line. SF Chase Budinger had 16 points with 7-10 shooting, 6 boards and 2-5 from 3-point land. SF Andrei Kirilenko had 16 points with 7-11 shooting, 4 assists, 6 assists and 10 boards. SF Dante Cunningham had 11 points with 5-11 shooting, 2 block shots, 2 assists and 11 boards. Rookie SG Alexey Shved had 10 points ( ...
Watching Kyle Lowry and Dante Cunningham go head-to-head on NBA TV. I miss the time when they played together at Villanova.
Looking forward to a great night raising money for the Beverly Hills Athletic Alumni Association at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. Also excited for Nicole Avant, Betty White and Patrick Dante Cunningham, as they are inducted into the Beverly Hills High Hall of Fame. Well deserved!! I have an extra ticket for dinner if any BHHS Alum are interested!! Message Me.
Dante Cunningham has 12 points and 13 rebounds off the bench.
Definitely like what I'm seeing from the Timberwolves bench tonight. We're all living in Dante Cunningham's world, folks.
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Game Recap: The Timberwolves fell to the Chicago Bulls on Friday night 92-81. Andrei Kirilenko and Dante Cunningham each led the way with 12 points, while Chase Budinger finished with 10.
Wolves' backup bigs get some scrutiny: Greg Stiemsma and Dante Cunningham got chances as stand-in...
I'd like to formally welcome Carlos to the preseason... even if its against Greg Stiemsma & Dante Cunningham of the Timberpups.
will start Dante Cunningham at PF & Greg Stiemsma at C, tonight vs. the
Who would you rather have: Wayne Ellington, Dante Cunningham or Lou Amundson? I think WE finishes 3rd in that list for me.
Dante Cunningham joined Luke Ridnour, Pek, Chase and Greg Stiemsma this morning for workouts.
(Original Posted on July 24th) The Minnesota Timberwolves today announced the team has…
Dante Cunningham tip in and me in background!!
Dante Cunningham game winning tip in!
Even tho we don't have Dante Cunningham and OJ anymore. We can still be good.
Part 3 of Get To Know series features newly acquired F Dante Cunningham & what he brings to
Feature: Part 3 of the Get To Know series highlights Dante Cunningham, who joins the via trade this offseason.
they get pek D-Wil JJ barera steve blake dante Cunningham Christen Engyea and Chase Budinger
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Luke, D. Will, & Cunningham 4 Iggy. Dante & Chase are the only players that we have 2 wait 60 days 2 trade.
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I'm such a G. I totally got the scoop on Dante Cunningham's number for next season. You're all welcome.
Any idea what happened re: Dante Cunningham's Britishness? He made a preliminary squad about three years ago but nothing since?
just saw Dante Cunningham here at the Washington D.C. Airport
Reggie reading dante cunningham tearing up summer league competition
Dante Cunningham to the Timberwolves in exchange for backup shooting guard Wayne Ellington to Memphis | NBASE Talk
didn't know the Grizzlies traded F Dante Cunningham to Minnesota for G Wayne Ellington.
“said, "Opposition to Dante Cunningham deal is laughable." Laughable?
Ellington happy for fresh start: a trade that sent forward Dante Cunningham to the Minnesota Timberwolves. Memph...
Also today on said, "Opposition to Dante Cunningham deal is laughable." I couldn't agree more!
I just heard on the news that the Grizzlies traded Dante Cunningham for some guy from the Timberwolves.😳🔫
Chris Wallace said there were "log jams" at the positions of Jeremy Pargo and Dante Cunningham. Offseason goal was to bring in shooters.
More on the acquisition of Dante Cunningham
Dante Cunningham was traded to Minnesota Now every Nova alum has changed teams in the NBA
Minnesota Timberwolves acquire Dante Cunningham from Memphis Grizzlies for Wayne ... (via
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Minnesota Timberwolves acquire Dante Cunningham via trade: The Minnesota Timberwolves have reached an agreement ...
Minnesota Timberwolves sign Dante Cunningham and Alexey Shved; Brandon Rush in no rush – NBA News Roundup h...
“QUICK!! Name one black player on the twolves that ain't Derrick Williams!!!-”Brandon Roy... Dante cunningham
better fit and closer to UNC “Timberwolves Trade Wayne Ellington to Grizzlies for Dante Cunningham
Malcome Lee from last year, Brandon Roy and Dante Cunningham. I think that's all, players.
Losing Nic Batum leaves the small forward position to Chase Budinger, Dante Cunningham and Derrick Williams, ...
T-wolves acquire Cunningham in trade: Ellington averaged 6.5 points and 1.9 rebounds in 189 games over three sea...
got Andrei Kirilenko , Alexey Shved, dante cunningham and Brandon Roy T-wolves !!!
Fun Fact: Dante Cunningham dunked over Blake Griffin last year.
nah we traded Wes ha our only black guys are d-will, Malcolm lee, and this Dante Cunningham we traded for
10 of 15 Twolves are White.beware to G Jerome Dyson, G Malcolm Lee, SF Martell Webster, SF/PF DWill, and SF Dante Cunningham
They've got Brandon Roy, Dante Cunningham, Malcolm Lee, and Derrick Williams and that's it by my count. Can't see Lee making the team either
Oh yea and they traded for Dante Cunningham, dropped Michael Beasley, couldn't get Nicholas Batum. It's been a wild offseason for Minnesota.
Malcolm Lee and Dante Cunningham, too. They can roll 4 deep.
It does seem a little odd to trade for Dante Cunningham the day before you sign Andrei Kirilenko, when you already have Derrick Williams.
Brandon Roy, Dante Cunningham, and Malcolm Lee would be our only nonwhite players lol
lol it's just funny. like everyone they acquired other than Dante Cunningham is white.
T-wolves acquire Cunningham in trade: ... shooting a career-best 51.6 percent from the field last season. The 25...
Dont know why they want AK, already have Budinger. Plus Dante Cunningham. I think Dwill is better at 3, he reminds me Granger.
They traded Wayne Ellington for dante cunningham
Timberwolves bobos: Quit forcing articles about Dante Cunningham; he's not going to ever play a meaningful minute all season.
The rumored trade of Wayne Ellington to Memphis is now official
So today the wolves trade Wayne Ellington to Memphis for Dante Cunningham and are making a move to sign Russian crazy man/small forward Andrei Kirilenko aka AK47, who has a dynamite full back tattoo
Wolves acquire Dante Cunningham from Grizzlies for Wayne Ellington (via the 1500 ESPN SportsWire)
trade! Timberwolves trade Wayne Ellington to Grizzlies for Dante Cunningham:
It's not the singular move that will satisfy All-Star Kevin Love, but it does balance out the Timberwolves' roster. The Wolves and Memphis Grizzlies have a verbal agreement to swap guard Wayne Ellington for forward Dante Cunningham, a source with kno
Yeah. Wayne traded to Memphis for Dante Cunningham. Not official yet, but close
“3 Shades of Blue >> Cunningham for Ellington Trade Nearing Completion? Hope not. Keep Dante!
Grizz pick up Wayne Ellington in trade for Dante Cunningham to the Timberwolves. I love Tar Heel nation!
Wolves trade Wayne Ellington to Grizz for Dante Cunningham. Then Nugs sign Anthony Randolph
name the current fours on the wolves roster. Love. Maybe Derrick Williams. As of today, Dante Cunningham. Then you're done.
Wolves acquire Dante Cunningham. Now this is just getting creepy. Portland, we have a stalker
Wow! Dante Cunningham even got sucked into the Minnesota vortex!
Minnesota traded for former blazer Dante Cunningham. Now their love of Portland is just silly.
Report: The Timberwolves have traded G Wayne Ellington to Memphis for F Dante Cunningham
Memphis Grizzlies trade Dante Cunningham to the Minnesota Timberwolves for Wayne Ellington.
Grizzlies trade Dante Cunningham to T-Wolves for Wayne Ellington. If that moves ya!
Wolves traded Wayne Ellington to Memphis for Dante Cunningham. Anyone ever heard of him?
Trade: T-Wolves have agreed to send SG Wayne Elington to the Grizzlies for F Dante Cunningham
and Grizzlies agree on a trade sending Wayne Ellington Memphis for Dante Cunningham
Source: Wolves have deal to flip Wayne Ellington for Dante Cunningham
Jordan Hill and Anthony Randolph expected to sign with Wolves // Ellington traded for Dante Cunningham
trade Wayne Ellington for Memphis f Dante Cunningham. Ya heard it here first.
Min moves Wayne Ellington for Dante Cunningham. DC was expendable with Arthur back, Min needed frontcourt depth.
I really don't like the Cunningham - Ellington deal. Dante, I'll miss you.
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Grizzlies messing up left and we done got rid of Dante Cunningham...
Trade Alert: Timberwolves have agreed to send shooting guard Wayne Ellington to the Grizzlies for forward Dante Cunningham.
The Minnesota Timberwolves has shipped Wayne Ellington to the Memphis Grizzlies in exchange for Dante Cunningham. Not Dante Cullpepper. Don't worry, Minnesota fans, we wouldn't do that to you again.
It's gonna be funny when Rick Adelman plays Dante Cunningham over Derrick Williams this season. I'm not joking. I can see it.
Per sources, Minnesota Timberwolves has agreed to send Wayne Ellington to the Memphis Grizzlies for Dante Cunningham.
Dante Cunningham sick putback dunk all over Blake Griffin Apr 29, 2012
it's looking like we're trying to deal Dante Cunningham to the TWolves for Wayne Ellington, Wes Johnson, or Martell Webster
Looking like Grizz are gonna be either get Wayne Ellington, Wesley Johnson or Martell Webster for Dante Cunningham. I want Webster or Wayne
heard that if deal goes through with TWolves + Grizz it will be Wayne Ellington for Dante Cunningham via chris vernon show
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Shadowroom was insane tonight!!! Shout outs to John Wall, Ty Lawson, Dante Cunningham (NBA), Brandon Banks, Fred Davis (NFL) and everyone else who came thru for the 2K12 NBA Draft Party
NBA Draft Party tonight at ShadowRoom Thursday's!!! Hosted by Ty Lawson & Dante Cunningham! Contact me for tables & guestlist!! 2131 K st NW
The Official NBA Draft Party hosted by NBA's Ty Lawson and Dante Cunningham at Shadowroom Thursday! 6/28
Local NBA stars Ty Lawson, Greivis Vasquez, and Dante Cunningham are all hosting a day camp this summer. Check out
Speights or Dante Cunningham are the only ones who salaries would work but Speights is a RFA
Darren Collison, Byron Mullens & Dante Cunningham: Americans desperate to play for team GB in the Olympics...
So while I wasn't looking, my brother changed my wallpaper to Dante Cunningham...
Just fried this peasant by 23 I told him he can't guard Rudy or Dante Cunningham.
Just met and had a good convo with Dante Cunningham's dad
Blazers parlayed Dante Cunningham, Sean Marks and a future 1st into Gerald Wallace and a overall pick. Not bad.
lls dead wrong fool that goes for Ty , west, Dante Cunningham , and the rest of the city crew
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