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Danny Trejo

Dan Danny Trejo (born May 16, 1944) is an American actor who has appeared in numerous Hollywood films, most notably in tough guy roles as a villain or an anti-hero.

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Guys, I don’t ask for a lot, but i gotta meet Danny Trejo.
There's only one celebrity I want to take a photo with... Danny Trejo
How does Danny Trejo do vegan tacos? Like everything else: With love. . See him + more chefs at the L.A. Food Bowl:
I'd rather see Danny Trejo than Santa anyday!
Danny Trejo always looking mean. This *** just used a knife to dial in a number at a phone booth. Couldn't pay me…
Liked on YouTube: From a Life of Crime to One of the Most Prolific Actors of All Time Danny Trejo's Prison Break
I keep hoping Danny Trejo will show up and take care of the GOP Congress and rescue us from thi…
Danny Trejo is living the life you wish you could
Does Danny Trejo know how much I love him
I went to bed, woke up, and there was a Danny Trejo donut shop in my kitchen
Great spending time with Danny Trejo, + my friends Rudy+Clint last night
Imagine being a stand-up and looking out in the audience and seeing him and Danny Trejo. Sheesh! Tough crowd...
I'm a fan of yours and a fan of Danny Trejo. What can I say.
Update: Danny Trejo is hot and I still want to marry him.
It’d be tight to have a conversation with Danny Trejo bruh just seem like a cool dude
I’ve had the privilege of meeting quite a few celebrities because of various jobs and circumstance. Danny Trejo was amazing.
GUEST ANNOUNCEMENT: Welcome Danny Trejo to the Planet Comicon Kansas City 2018 guest line-up.…
He got my VOTE love me some Danny Trejo
Dad, could you quit shaving in public? You’re not Danny Trejo.
Yes, yes, yes, I would vote for you anyday!!! Danny Trejo for Presidente 2020!
Danny Trejo w/ the fresh hat 😎 Fox 11 interview with Eric Dickerson & Liz Habibi for Straight…
Valley native Danny Trejo expands LA eatery empire with new Woodland Hills cantina via
My latest piece for On actor Danny Trejo's new restaurant via
Kevin Smith, Stan Lee, Danny Trejo, and Matt Willis from British rock band Busted star in previous employees' film.
Danay Garcia, Lou Diamond Phillips, Steven Bauer, Emilio Rivera and Danny Trejo in a story about the struggle…
I've been watching an older movie, The Replacement Killers - one of my favorites because of Chow Yun-Fat and Danny Trejo and Michael Rooker.
Aww I really wanted to see Grant Gustin and Danny Trejo go at it! Other then that it was another hit episode for
Danny Trejo on the Scene of a Murder in the Woods – Exclusive Trailer Premiere and More! - Dread Centra
Good, I'm watching Death Race 3 w/Danny Trejo, he is always wonderful in his movies!
Google isn't sure about Danny Trejo either, but they know it's at least one more than Jackie Chan via /r/funny
Come check out this weeks celebrity Danny Trejo at our website!
All purpose parts banner
all I want is for Danny Trejo to call me Mija :,^(
Danny Trejo will play her in the movie.
Also wasting Laurence Fishburne and Danny Trejo for The Pianist were even more mistakes
Alright, well didn’t want to have to do this but... Danny Trejo!!
I just pictured two platinum Desert Eagle .44s, crossed, with gothic script gold inlaid. Wielded by Danny…
You can do it . Danny Trejo believes in you
I started loving Danny Trejo as a joke years ago and now I'm seriously in love with Trejo.
I saw Danny Trejo ride a buffalo up close. 2016 will always rule.
Got to meet Danny Trejo this weekend. He LOVED my Con Air shirt and bunny. Nicest "bad guy" ever https:/…
Danny Trejo is prolly the nicest guy, always smiling. Hope to meet him one day!
do you mean Val Kilmer, Tom Sizemore and Danny Trejo?
TIL that Danny Trejo's stunt double Keanu Reeves bought Steve Buscemi a motorcycle so he could be a volunteer fire…
Concept: Robert Rodriguez & Danny Trejo for a Lobo movie OR Robert Rodriguez for an all-ages Fantastic Four movie
How actor Danny Trejo went from "Machete" and "Spy Kids" to the brain behind a culinary empire via
Film 4 is a shambles. It says machete kills is on but the movie im watching is far from a Danny Trejo classic
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just read your Danny Trejo article. You did a great job.
Miller Lite Commercial via by Rob Brown on Jan. 30, 2017 (with Danny Trejo
I've figured out the riddle. Robert Trujillo had twins: Roman Reigns and Jason Momoa and Danny Trejo is their uncle.
Danny Trejo is replacing Ben Affleck as the Bat in Justice League?!
people I've seen on the street in Austin, Texas: Danny Trejo, Paul Wolfowitz
Also, Erik Estrada and Danny Trejo should at least have walk on roles in every movie.
Eric Roberts has 452 credits on imdb. That's ALOT! That's like Sam Jackson, Steve Buscemi and Danny Trejo combined. F
Action star Danny Trejo tries his hand at selling cars | Stars Selling Cars
1. Paul F. Tompkins.2. Toby Huss 3. Ken Jennings Honorable mention to Danny Trejo just for saying *** out for the gorilla"
Don't feel too bad if you mix up Danny Trejo and Edward James Olmos. They both have really bad skin.
stars Danny Trejo, Shayla Beesley, Vinnie Jones, Jake Busey, James Jurdi, and Christopher Judge. It was released in the
Fantastic voicing in from Andy Samberg, Kelsey Grammar, Key and Peele, Danny Trejo, Jennifer Aniston and many others!
My dude Danny Trejo got the pleated dickie shorts with the coked out air max 95's. No one is on this level.
would have loved a three way fight between Danny Trejo, Lawrence Fishburne & a Predator. Topher Grace was dreadful.
Bill Mosely and Danny Trejo are both in the new SLAYER video.
The best thing about Zombie films is Sid Haig man. He's on Danny Trejo levels of legendary
Danny trejo's her uncle bruh, don't do this you'll die
I'd always rather be working - and you know what? My kids would rather me be working. If I stay
Danny Trejo is in it too. Since you were going to ask.
I wanna see Danny Trejo as their marriage pastor except Trejo brings a pair of machete instead of bible!!!
My mom is working in the grand ballroom for Salt Lake Comic Con ushering the celebrities to the stage. So, um she gets to meet DANNY TREJO.😱
Just figured out Danny Trejo (Machete) did the voice for Bane in Young Justice
Congratulations to Danny Trejo, who is celebrating 48 years sober!
I love that I live in a world with people like Danny Trejo.
If anyone goes to comiccon you should get Danny Trejo and Lou ferrigno's autographs for me. I'd pay you in lovens
There's a mod that replaces Raul's battle cry with Danny Trejo saying *** out for Harambe."
Danny Trejo celebrates 48 years sober: I consider myself 48-years-old. That's when my life started,” the acto...
wow, I never knew Danny Trejo spoke spanish!!? Always thought he was guerra like me!
Whoever made Range 15 "Thunder fire you". Don't know why I keep expecting so much from Danny Trejo
Awsome example he could not have done this high or on drugs!
i imagine that in slightly different circumstances he'd be played by Danny Trejo, as is now required by ordinance
All I want is someone to hug me with the same loving ferocity that Danny Trejo hugged Carmen and Juni with in Spy Kids
Danny Trejo's food truck is outside my office selling very expensive tacos
Accidentally stared too long at a Danny Trejo look a like and now he keeps staring at me from the next table 😳🔫
Thank you for being such an inspirational man Danny Trejo Celebrates 48 Years of Sobriety.
I just had a spiritual revelation. Danny Trejo is a Latin Iggy Pop with a mustache. Think about it.
Danny Trejo: You can be proud of your Mexican heritage but in the end you are an American. Fly this flag proudly!
ICYMI: In 1968, Danny Trejo faced death in prison. He made a promise to God — which he’s kept — if he was spared: https:…
Danny Trejo Celebrates 48 Years of Sobriety and Recounts the Moment in Prison That Changed His Life
Eyeborgs: Adrian Paul and Danny Trejo are attacked by robot cameras in this better-than-expected B-movie that gets silly in it's finale.
Yep. Saranic leader a la Ken Kesey more or less. If I remember right he has a showdown with Danny Trejo.
Did you miss the Fox News interview yesterday with Bad *** director, Craig Moss and Danny Trejo, talking about...
Coming soon to the Fake Show podcast, Danny Trejo, John Corbett, and from the Young & the Restless, Eric Braeden!
On today's show.Actor, Danny Trejo!! (Machete/From Dusk Til Dawn/ new indigogo campaign to raise money for new movie "So…
Bruno Alves looks like a young Danny Trejo!..
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to when Maggie went 0-Danny Trejo on prison walkers al the way back in Season 3
Danny Trejo, Lou Diamond Phillips, Jaime Camil & More to Guest Star on ‘Elena of Avalor’ via
That is a line that was delivered by Danny Trejo in "Mr. Monk Goes to Jail," original airdate Mar. 5 2004 on USA, written by Chris Manheim
When you realise Bruno Alves is the love child of Danny Trejo and Micky Rourke. .
TIL Robert Rodriguez started receiving phone calls at random hours of the day from Danny Trejo, trying to convince…
wow, havent seen a guy wear a shirt like that since Blood in Blood out, Danny Trejo got real skinny, and white
Everybody and their momma's bdays were today. Megan Fox, Danny Trejo, and Janet Jackson.
Happy Birthday to Danny Trejo, seen here auditioning for John Woo.
Happy 72nd Birthday (I know, right?!) to Danny Trejo! Singer Janet Jackson is 50. Actress Megan Fox is 30.
wee man, Gilbert, Danny Trejo and megan fox share birthdays today
is killing this year. Sam Jackson, Jeri Ryan, Tara Strong, and Danny Trejo are tops so far.
Donald Trump vs Danny Trejo in the coliseum
Not to mention Danny Trejo and Elijah Wood! Are you kidding me?!?
Now I'm just going after them one by one like Danny Trejo in Machete
Timing is everything. El Jefe of EPS and Danny Trejo at Trejo's tacos in LA.
A lot of ppl in Dallas asked me if I like LA this weekend. Does THIS answer your question?!
I see a VR sipping Margs with Casey & Joe working well..
We packed up our and headed down to Danny Trejo’s new taco joint, 🌮
Make up is so good rn do I really want to wash this art off my face and go back to looking like Danny Trejo
Danny Trejo and Salma Hayek were young in this one
left to right are actor Danny Trejo, Alexa Vega & Director Robert Rodriguez
When I grow up I just wanna be Danny Trejo
lol I spoke to Danny trejo at an airport once I guess that means we're friends now!
Throwing Danny Trejo in front of a train like what
What do Colt McCoy, Laura Bush and Danny Trejo have in common? They have gotten their clothes tailored at Nelda's. http…
Danny Trejo was “discovered” when he showed up on set to help a friend avoid using cocaine
Idc what anyone says, Danny Trejo is one of the most solid actors ever.
Danny Trejo's new joint has black pepper tofu tacos 🌮 Won't rest til they're all mine.
I feel like Danny Trejo in a taco shop
Just in case you were wondering: the ONLY worthwhile thing about 3-Headed Shark Attack is Danny Trejo. . Wait, *** happened to Danny?!
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Eating tacos with Danny Trejo is the best use of VR so far
Trejo's Tacos, new restaurant from Danny Trejo, opens on La Brea
Michael Myers killing Danny Trejo in the Halloween remake is a good metaphor for life.
Fun Fact: Danny Trejo auditioned for the part of Leia in TFA
I just spent 3 minutes watching Danny Trejo eating tacos in VR. The future is here, and it is awesome!
I wanna visit Danny Trejo's taco place but am I really down to pay 4$ a taco?
This satirical movie "Machete" has got me rolling. Danny trejo, seegal, de Niro. Just a did a dig @ fast&furious. On IFC now.
Danny Trejo's highly anticipated Trejo's Tacos in LA is now open on La Brea Ave
Tell me why my sister in law looks like Danny Trejo
also when you get down to LA we have to go to Danny Trejo's new vegetarian taco stand!
Danny Trejo Net Worth: Most of his net worth comes from his actions in cinema company, which involves being an...
" Cross 2 " Feature film... Danny Trejo and the goons.
It was great to be apart of the producing team "Cross 2 " Actor Danny Trejo
Of course the moment I meet Danny Trejo I just want to ask him to go on a spykids mission with me. I can't be the only one.
Steven Adams looks like what would happen if Danny Trejo played Tom Cruise in The Last Samurai
Still need to go to Danny Trejo's taco shop.
It's cool how Danny Trejo lives down the street from me, if only we were friends
Danny trejo is in Breaking Bad. I love the show more
It's great when dudes compliment you don't get me wrong but tell me something cool, like Danny Trejo has a new taco restaurant. That's rad.
Who wouldn't want to watch Danny Trejo and Ray Liotta in A Chorus Line?
. Ay Chihuahua, loooking good Danny Trejo! Ahora mas. I love ese vato! Orale with the dogs!
Dead In Tombstone (2013) - Mickey Rourke is the devil and Danny Trejo is an undead vengeance machine. Pretty good.
Ya know idk who I'll marry but they've got to be ok with Danny Trejo being the priest at the wedding
Entertainment news is much less confusing since I've stopped confusing Danny Pudi with Danny Trejo.
Comin to my 1st DLM 2night and I have the perfect actor for Last Man Stanton. It's def not Danny Trejo.
Danny Trejo is like a reverse Keanu, he was born old and stays old.
history of neglect! Even this list lacks actors Will Sampson, Graham Green, Danny Trejo, more
Get your paws on our new t-shirt, modelled by Hollywood star Danny Trejo
don't see how Danny Trejo/Mendota soccer can't be All bee player of the year .. 2nd in the state
A devil possession movie starring Danny Trejo? How can you go wrong?!😈
If Danny Trejo says it, it must be true. I wouldn't mess with this guy!
Mendota 1, Avenal 0. First Half - 3:00 minutes left. Danny Trejo with the penalty kick.
I want Danny Trejo and Joe Biden to be related to me
Somebody really wanted to point out that Danny Trejo could totally play Gerald Ford
Gene Hackman would play I reckon Danny Trejo would make a great :)
Steven Yeun and Danny Trejo already on board; they're checking to see if Channing Tatum can pull off Armenian accent https…
Danny Trejo is charged with the murder of Neil Flynn, best known as the janitor from Scrubs. Trejo ingested a cyanide pill before his arrest
Watching tonight and it struck me that Vinnie Jones is the UK's version of Danny Trejo.
Now I just think of Danny Trejo as pre-Snickers Marsha Brady. :)
Danny Trejo got the coldest perm since Katt Williams boy
My to do list: Watch Three-Headed Shark Attack starring Rob Van Dam, Danny Trejo and Karrueche Tran.
Looks like fun! Tom Sizemore, Danny Trejo and Ray Wise, hey.
Zac Efron lined up to play Jamie Vardy in a film on his life, James Corden will be playing Wayne Rooney & Danny Trejo will be Douglas Costa.
"Notorious" Nick Newell, pictured here with Danny Trejo, recently retired from at MMA after a bout at the MMA...
Eiza Gonzalez, Jesse Garcia, Wilmer Valderrama, and Danny Trejo have also been pivotal to expanding the voice of Latinos on television.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
A Danny Trejo taco shop sounds amazing. Wish I could go there. It sounds like it needs to be a future episode.
Today on Business Rockstars - Danny Trejo & Henrik Fisker... Don't miss the show
Machete - Interviews with Danny Trejo and Jessica Alba via
If the world ends, I shall leave as I lived, watching a trashy movie starring Dolph Lundgren, Danny Trejo, Vivica Fox, and/…
: Danny Trejo in an episode of Walker, Texas Ranger. Dude shows up in everything!
Rob Zombies Halloween. Pretty good so far. Danny Trejo is in it!
It's crazy to believe that I met Drake Bell, Adam Baldwin, James Remar, and Danny Trejo today!
'Craftique', a comedy starring Danny Trejo and Gina Gershon, is now in preproduction. Find out more at
Q being in Breaking Bad has given me hope, especially after that Danny Trejo tease
Yes….the introduction of the character, Machete, played by Danny Trejo. Director Robert Rodriguez always...
I'm crying bc I met Troy Baker, Nolan North and Danny Trejo and they're legit the nicest people I've ever met
Danny Trejo in a a Robert Rodriguez show and *not* playing Machete!? I am suspicious...
TIL Danny Trejo voice acted Enrique in King of the Hill. via /r/todayilearned
Danny Trejo would be first, then it's either Olmos or Luis Guzman. That's the order of Mexican casting in Hollywood.
SLAYER shoots video for "Repentless" featuring performances by a slew of iconic character actors like Tom Araya, Kerry King, and Danny Trejo
Get Vinnie Jones and Danny Trejo in, both made to wear suicide bomb vests.
I mean Danny Trejo is all that rly mattered
While serving time in San Quentin Prison, Danny Trejo became a champion boxer in that prison's lightweight and welterweight divisions.
Walter White is scared of you, and he worked with Danny Trejo, that's some serious props.
Matt Pike looks more and more like Danny Trejo every time I see him. Which makes him even scarier.
you meet the funniest people at airport bars. drunken white guy from China. Danny trejo-looking bartender.
Danny Trejo is in this movie as Machete. okay.
And if you don't know about the Bad *** trilogy of movies starring Danny Trejo and Danny Glover you're a nerd
Photo: scottmcdphoto: Getting the Machete stare from Danny Trejo today.
Photo: burritogram: Couple of prep sketches I did for the Danny Trejo exhibition opening this week that...
The Danny Trejo Brady Bunch commercial is funny every time
Just passed by (Danny) Trejo's Tacos. It's logo is his face.
Danny Trejo in today supporting Photo by Mark Rodriguez
if you don't think Danny Trejo is an endearing human well I'm sorry that you're wrong
You know, judging by how bad my channel is, maybe it's best that Danny Trejo not watch this.
Danny Trejo, Mel Gibson, Jessica Alba and Walton Goggins too. Some reruns never bore. — watching Machete Kills
But really, he looks like Danny Trejo.
Danny Trejo 2016. Admit it, you'd vote for him too.
The Snickers Brady Bunch Ad (w/ Danny Trejo as Marcia & Steve Buscemi as Jan) is one of the best ad concepts EVER ; )
Best lines from Bullet: . - Danny Trejo (playing a cop) walks into a room of people who were recently shot - 'well we're too late, obviously'
any film would be enhanced by Danny Trejo. No film would be worse off.
Is there any film that would not be enhanced with the presence of our Lord Danny Trejo?
Robert Patrick and Danny Trejo are the only people from the films to appear in the From Dusk Till Dawn series.
Saw someone who looked a bit like Danny Trejo, still haven’t been murdered. Thanks you x
"Everything good that has happened to me has happened as a direct result of helping someone else" - Danny Trejo
Coming soon my first movie I did with Danny Trejo, Alma Martinez, Billy Gallo, Maria Isa and many…
Really You put Danny Trejo in your ad, cooking, but don't have him chop coriander with a machete? MISSED OPPORTUNITY.
When you go to a family party and your grandpa grew up with DANNY TREJO 💁🏼
What do you think? A reimagining of My Two Dads starring Danny Trejo and Tim Gunn. I think it would be a hit.
they have to manage to get Cruise, Diesel, Segal, GSP, Chan, The Rock, RZA Danny Trejo & Michael Jai White.   10% Off
Martin looks like a backup for Danny Trejo...
If I could choose celeb for my wedding minister, it would be Danny Trejo
I swear Danny Trejo is the leader of every mexican cartel in every crime film or series
and for the halftime show. Danny Trejo!
I liked a video Danny Trejo: Sober 46 Years and Giving Back | AARP
when I met Danny Trejo in my Bergen Community College days
I didn't know that Keith David, Michelle Rodriguez, Danny Trejo, Ice Cube, Michael Cudlitz, and Tony Todd were voices in Call of Duty Games😐
Danny Trejo describes his new From Dusk Till Dawn character as a cross between Machete and Marcia Brady. Then he ate a …
Jason Momoa. Ming Na-wen. Danny Trejo. Graham McTavish. Jeremy shada. They're all going to be at fan expo. And I'm not.
Danny Trejo as El Charo, Michael Douglas as Trump, and Steve Buscemi as Steve Buscemi's teeth
good to know we got Danny Trejo supporting us xD
LIVE on Dusk 'Til Dawn panel w Danny Trejo and Wilmer Valderrama!!!
IMO its a toss up between Dave Foley, Rene Auberjonois, Wayne Newton and Danny Trejo
I made an amazing dinner and Grant is still making me watch a documentary about Cain Velasquez that is narrated by Danny Trejo.
The Machete Kills DVD case, however, did not cause me to break the disc it contained. This is because of Danny Trejo, I assume.
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
The Good The Bad and The Dead-Dolph Lungren and Danny Trejo is in post production. via
Watching 'Heat' right now great film, with THE greatest shootout in cinema history!! Al Pacino and Danny Trejo does it get any better?
I get Danny Trejo and Robert Trujillo mixed up all the time
Happy Birthday to Pierce Brosnan (my favourite James Bond), Janet Jackson, David Boreanaz and Danny Trejo.
Danny Trejo vamping it up in FROM DUSK TILL DAWN (photo from Horror Film Central):
For the records, I totally support digitally editing Danny Trejo over Marsha in all of the episodes of THE Brady Bunch.
Danny Trejo and Ryan Hurst knock out Wizard World Philly 2015 via
Actually, Snickers™ commercial, The Brady Bunch would be better with Danny Trejo and Steve Buscemi as Marsha and Jan.
Have you seen the Snickers / Brady Bunch TV ad with Danny Trejo as Marcia & Steve Buscemi a Jan? Genius!
Danny Trejo and Steve Buscemi should be digitally inserted into every episode of The Brady Bunch and all Brady-related spinoffs.
Jewish people: "Stereotypes suck!*". *Except when it's Sofia Vergara, Luis Guzman, Danny Trejo, every Latino character Breaking Bad...
It's not every day that you say good morning to Did Haig, Gunnar Hansen & Danny Trejo on the elevator. It must be
Danny Trejo has succumbed to self-parody and Snickers commercials. Long live Raymond Cruz.
I'm on the same flight with Matt Leinart and Danny Trejo. LOL
Danny Trejo has 27 movie slated for release in 2015.
Burt Reynolds and Danny Trejo at Wizard World is seriously the best combo ever. Needs to be a buddy flick.
John Amos, Danny Trejo, and Danny Glover kicking *** and taking names in a movie together. This is gonna be fun.
Danny Trejo is doing Old El Paso ads now and I have a similar uncanny feeling
Netflix The Book of Life . Zoe Saldana, Danny Trejo and Cheech Marin lend their voices to this splashy animated fab…
my wgss teacher didn't know who Danny Trejo was but clearly knew who Steve Buscemi was
Oh my god the new Snickers commercial with Danny Trejo and Steve Buscemi is the greatest thing I've ever seen
LOLOL I do have Danny Trejo on speed dial...
Trust is for people who don't know Danny Trejo is 5'6" yet
Second week of Tim Woodward's new movie, 4 GOT10, staring Johnny Messners, Natasha Malthe, Danny Trejo, Dolph Lundgren and me. Feels great!
Saw this somewhere. And it is awesome. is the Danny Trejo of rock.
Danny Trejo and Danny Glover starring in Bad *** 2: Bad *** oh boy this is gonna be a good one
That's funny. I've never heard of a Danny Trejo at our sküle.
as I watched SOA I always said Danny trejo would be an awesome Alvarez But you was still awesome as always in the role u did
Danny trejo Steve Buscemi Brady Bunch snickers commercial is one of the strangest spot I've ever seen
Big Thx 2 Danny trejo 4 signing our machetes today. I was honored to provide Danny his machetes.
But probably more work for Danny Trejo, so it kind of balances out.
Danny Trejo is a welcome addition to any movie.
This just made my day, omg. Danny Trejo omg. The Desperado nerd in me just exploded of joy at this. .
Proper sequel to Predator - plus, any film featuring Danny Trejo is worth watching...😉
Danny Trejo and I chillin' at the corset booth, yay
Wow I really love this figue it looks dead on Danny trejo…
Picture Danny Trejo straightening his hair in the mirror
Danny Trejo just saw me trying to sneakily talk about him and then waved at me.
Danny Trejo is even great in adverts
Danny Trejo is double dope... A bad *** and a sweetheart!
Filming a video clip with actor Danny Trejo
Watched Heat for the first time in a whole last night. Of course Danny Trejo was driving an El Camino prior to the big shootout scene.
I think they should remake the entire Brady Bunch show with Danny Trejo..
Danny Trejo for the role of Link confirmed.
I got to meet and have the predators book i worked on signed by Danny Trejo.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Just knowing I'm in the same vicinity as Danny Trejo is making sweat a river
It *** that Danny Trejo didn't get to smash Jessica Alba in Machete
With the amazing Danny Trejo at Shock Pop Comiccon whose wife used to play Roller Derby!!!
Danny freaking Trejo! ! ! "MACHETE" in the flesh! He signed a machete for us, and he is holding it in…
"Check Out and . the boys at it again
I'm getting Danny Trejo to appear in my sex tape after seeing him in that Snickers commercials # He will do anything
if you mean hispanic— yeah, you can't tell. Lots of mestizos, ranging from white-looking (like me) to Danny Trejo.
you did makeup for danny trejo!!! You know While She Sleeps and you do makeup for actors O_O
I found it in my book and thought it's really looks like Danny Trejo.
Watching Bad *** Danny Trejo is awesome. That dude must be a blast to hang with.
Danny Trejo made all his money doing voice acting in King of the Hill. DUH
Danny Trejo in the snickers commercial, marketing genius
I love the Danny trejo snickers commercial.
The snickers commercial with Danny Trejo and Steve Buscemi is my favourite
The new commercial with the Brady Bunch (parents scene) Danny Trejo and Steve Buscemi is hilarious. 😂 I like it.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
When your dad's flipping through the channels and passes a channel playing a Danny Trejo movie and doesn't stay on it
The Snickers commercial with Danny Trejo gets me every time 😂😂
Baby face Haley Osment is way uglier than Danny Trejo, Ron Perlman, and John C Reilly
does it again by hijacking the back cover of this month's Maybe she should hang w/ Danny Trejo:
6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon, but it's with Danny Trejo, and it's only 3 degrees, because he's somehow in everything.
Dave Foley and Danny Trejo are the objective right choices to conquer the Mojave with
I started watching Breaking Bad again from the beginning. The way they introduce Danny Trejo's character is awesome.
I'm loving the "Brady Bunch" commercial with Danny Trejo and Steve Bucemi 😜
the Snickers commercial with Steve Buscemi and Danny Trejo is really great
It has Bruce Willis and Danny Trejo all in one video.
If Danny Trejo is in the movie, it will be a pretty good movie for sure 😎👌
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