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Danny Santana

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Danny Santana will not be in the starting lineup for Saturday's game vs Milwaukee.
Danny Santana has actually been perfect since he got here. Defensively versatile switch hitter. Decent offensive with sneaky pop.
I'm still really confused as to why Danny Santana is starting.
Danny Santana finding a home in Atlanta via
Danny Santana will start at LF and bat 6th vs Milwaukee Brewers on Friday.
What was the point of calling up Jace Peterson if they were gonna put Danny Santana at second instead of JP. He was available
Release Danny Santana and do it now. I don't care if we have to play with 8 players. Get rid of him. Garbage.
Danny Santana played that worse than Carlos Santana would have. And he's almost 70 years old.
And hopefully this will be the last time we see Danny Santana playing 2nd base.
Danny Santana with the worst baseball play I've ever seen this season out of the braves, just wow
Danny Santana what were you thinking?!?
Oh my god. Danny Santana might just be the crappiest baseball player on the face of the earth.
Oh for ducks sake. Danny Santana water you doin?
That inning was so long that pinch runner Danny Santana got a hit.
Danny Santana would be a heck of a running back. Dude is put together.
Get in on the act, Danny Santana. have 12 runs on 16 hits.
Little Giant Ladders
we are finally seeing the Danny Santana we thought we were getting and i love it
Danny Santana orders runs by the dozen. up 12-6
Matt Kemp would not have scored there ... but Danny 80-grade Santana did!
Matt Kemp pulled for pinch-runner Danny Santana after 5th inning single. No immediate word if injury involved.
Kemp with a base hit. 1st and 2nd no out. go to pen. Bryan Morris in relief to face Matt Adams. Danny Santana pinch running for Kemp
Danny Santana will run for Matt Kemp who just singled to end Matt Cain's night. Wonder if the hamstring acted up on him? We shall see.
Snitker mentioned Danny Santana could do it a while back.
Ever since listening to Wild Thoughts I been listening to the Carlos Santana song that was sampled, GOD *** WHAT A VIBE MARIA MARIAAA
Scrappy little guy, but really good, the no longer Danny Santana
Who told DJ Khaled he can sample Santana's Maria Maria 😂😂
Danny Santana was Ender Inciarte on that bomb. lol 💣
We were all Ender Inciarte on that Danny Santana bomb.
Matt Kemp DHing, Markakis batting 2nd, Danny Santana is in LF and Jace Peterson starts at 2B
@ T1-3o: Danny Santana flies out to LF Ezequiel Carrera.
Chris Gimenez is who Jake Lamb has and where Danny Santana is
[Pioneer Press] Little-used Danny Santana struggling to hold job with Minnesota Twins
Sounds like Danny Santana's days may be numbered...
you think Danny Santana gets the boot when ehire activated? Bench would be pretty redundant if they just optioned Vargas...
I at least never bought a Danny Santana shirsey...😬
The Kernels blew two saves yesterday and still won.
Farm Report: Ehire Adrianza plays in the outfield
Twin plants named after and Danny DeVito
I do, but would that be a bad thing? Same with Santana, Danny, though he could pass through.
When's Danny Glover finna speak up, we need Hollywood behind us, or santana, tiger woods, we need the world to know, how we've been wronged.
With making the start in LF today, this could spell the end of Danny Santana's time with the
That seems like an odd spot for me, unless of course they are planning on him taking over the Danny Santana role soon
Looks who's already transitioning to take over for Danny Santana.
But that's a net gain on a team that gives DH at bats to Danny Santana.
Do you see Ehire Adrianza joining the team soon? If so with Vargas up and hitting is it finally tim…
Ehire Adrianza has 2 more hits today on his rehab in Rochester. Have to think (hope?) he's playing himself into Danny Santana's roster spot.
Can we platoon Danny Santana with the bat big?
keeper lg with OBP k/9 I send Cole and T. Walker. I get Danny Salazar and Calos Santana? Take it or swap Salazar 4 McCullers
Man how is Santana still on the team (Danny santana)
I need to know why Danny Santana is playing.
Why does Danny Santana EVER have to play? He and I have the same chance of having any positive impact on the Twins this year.
Relative to Danny Santana, he's pretty OK defensively...
However watching some of these guys is very difficult, Gibson, Danny Santana, Joe Mauer just a couple examples
Can Ervin Santana keep this up? Plus Danny Duffy and Michael Wacha. All that coming up as previews:.
Danny Caldwell, Steve Asmussen, Ricardo Santana Jr. top standings at another successful meet -…
I just wanna chill with the bros and order some pizza tbh
If Danny Santana doesn't play infield anymore, then I'd much rather have Stubbs on the bench for the anyways.
When Ehire Adrianza is ready, will now be almost assuredly forced to decide on Danny Santana
Danny Santana is not the reason why this team is where it is. Much bigger problems than to constantly co…
Danny Santana has been among the worst players on a 25 man roster the last two years
Danny Santana has hit .222/.255/.299 since 2015. Among the 310 players with at least 500 plate appearances from 2015-2017, his OPS is 308th.
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He's not the guy though. Its easy to see that. The Danny Santana thing alone has to drive them nuts.
I'm also still fascinated by the Molitor thought process behind downgrading 2 positions defensively to get Danny Santana's bat in the lineup
Danny Santana is an embarrassment to outfielding.
No kidding, Danny Santana still cant hit & committed an error that led to 3 unearned runs. Someone take Santana away from Molitor.
Ball drops in front of Rosario. A ball Buxton probably would've had. Another negative side effect of finding playing time for Danny Santana.
Danny Santana just dropped a routine flyball to left. Had to run to get to it, but went off his glove for a two-base er…
Discouraging game for Danny Santana: drops a routine fly ball for a 2-base error, grounds out weakly, strikes out on 3 pitches...
Am I the only one unhappy with Danny Santana's performance Lately?
As much as Mauer has struggled he's 40x better than Danny Santana
Miguel Sano draws walk No. 10. Danny Santana runs for him. Two outs in the eighth. Twins down 2-1
am I suffering from Nick Punto syndrome in my dislike for Danny Santana? Just not feeling Santana's value here.
Paul Molitor playing Danny Santana at SS and Nick Gordon at 2B again...
Lowest fWAR for position players in '16: . Danny Santana -0.7. Eduardo Escobar -0.6. John Ryan Murphy -0.5. Shuck was -1.7 in off yr
Kevin Gausman with 7 strikeouts in 4 2/3 innings. Just fanned Danny Santana on 97 mph fastball.
Mat Latos K'd Danny Santana and Dioner Navarro retrieved a potential WP and fired to 1st in time to strand 2. up 5-3 after 3 1/2.
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Alex Meyer walks to the mound for his first MLB start holding a 1-0 lead after Danny Santana's lead off home run.
Well Alex Meyer will get early run support thanks to a Danny Santana leadoff homer. Alright, alright.
Danny Santana should not bat right handed. Noticeably slower swing.
Danny Santana didn't start that swing until the ball was already in Saltalamacchia's glove. Wilson just breezed 95 right by him.
Is it possible Danny Santana more valuable than Alicdes???
det, 5, Ian Kinsler flies out to center fielder Danny Santana.
I'm not a huge Danny Santana fan but that dude can play 7 positions on the field at least passably and that is extraordinarily valuable.
Danny Santana nice running catch in deep center for
When you give up a hit to Danny Santana
Guys, I don't think Danny Santana is any good
Mike Pelfrey strikes out Danny Santana for the first out in the bottom of the first inning. He got Santana on a 92.5 mph sinker.
Top three projected hitters under $3K at Danny Santana, John Jaso, Ben Paulsen.
only thing more confusing than the slate is the price of Noah Syndergaard and Danny Santana
a still pic fr Danny? me the vine cause this ain't doing nain
"If you're playing on Draft Kings, Danny Santana should be in every one of your lineups today. Only $2500"-on
Just the 2nd walk in 9 outings by Lowe. . Goes on 4 pitches to Danny Santana to start the 8th.
Danny Santana just walked on four pitches. His first of the year. So
radio team just discussed how Danny Santana's 2014 BABIP was unsustainable. Clear explanation, good context. Man they're good.
Danny Santana is not an everyday player. His flaws are exposed when people see him too much. Like right now.
Another strikeout for Jordan Zimmermann, as he gets Danny Santana on a 87.6 mph slider.
That was among the best drag bunts I've seen, but Danny Santana didn't run to the bag, misssed it on the slide, tagged out. Weird.
Not sure I've ever seen that before. Danny Santana bunted for a hit and then over-slid first base without actually touching it. Tagged out.
Danny Santana with a good drag bunt to first but overslides the bag and gets tagged out. Cabrera rubs Danny's chest to make sure he's OK.
O. Herrera and Andrew Miller. For Chris Carter and Danny Santana OF/SS. What do u think? Which side do you like?
Danny Phantom was great. Top tier documentary.
thinking of dropping deshields in 12t mixed roto. Possible pickups danny santana, m upton, owings focusing on speed
Danny Santana is a fierce leadoff guy
I was lucky to get Danny Santana's first career HR. Gave it back for a signed ball. Tried for a bat or jersey, they said no
Danny Santana was focused on not getting taken out by Escobar and then had to check for the ball
Danny Santana is not a major league level player.
Well, there is another youthful mistake by Danny Santana & Oswaldo Arcia. I guess this year will be a year where we learn from our mistakes
Booo! Danny Santana just failed to make a basic play he should have been able to make.
That was some catch by Sano, but Danny Santana's was better.
Nothing can match the catch Danny Santana made.
Laughing at Paul Molitor & Danny Santana's reaction to Santana sliding catch
Nick Castellanos catches a pop fly off the bat of Danny Santana in foul territory for the first out in the fifth inning.
I was surprised he was in the starting lineup at all. Santana's been looking pretty good lately.
The with their best scoring chance as the ball bounces off the glove of Miguel Cabrera and allows Danny Santana to reach base.
I have turned from a Domingo Santana fan into a Danny Santana fan real quick
that's Domingo Santana. I was talking about Danny Santana the shortstop
all I know is is that Danny Santana is leading off playing CF I'm guessing
Musical legends Santana and AR Rahman delight fans by jamming together
I feel like juelz santana. leg hanging out the phantom
Danny Santana, been good so far, think he keeps it going?
Thought Danny Santana took a so-so route on that gapper. Buxton probably makes that catch for Berrios.
Hamilton Collection
Since moving to the leadoff spot, Carlos Santana has 8 H, 4 2B. 1 HR, 1 SB, 4 runs scored, 2 K's, and only 1 walk. 207…
Before I get busy, if this is the Danny Santana we bought for a $1, we might have something good
Danny Santana cuts the Twins' deficit to 6-4 with a single and his first RB.. 🎥Vía MLB
Three hits for Danny Santana, but Twins lose by one via
Jensen Lewis is buying into Santana leading off.
Danny Santana, a career .294 hitter w/ .322 on-base as a leadoff hitter, is now 6-for-10 with a stolen base since taking top spot this year.
Can we revisit the fact that Danny Santana is the de facto leadoff centerfielder now. ***
Is Danny Santana serious with that absolute garbage bunt.
Danny Santana pops up a bunt and Zach McAllister springs from the mound and make a lunging, falling catch for the out in 7th. Nice play.
I may need to grow me a "Danny Santana" this summer. That's a very interesting beard.
Danny Santana is 5 for his last 8 after that RBI single.
Danny Santana... what a pleasant surprise so far :)))
Danny Santana isn't really an ideal leadoff hitter, but he's done plenty fine tonight. Drives in another run and it…
So it's Eddie Rosario who rides the pine in game one of Danny Santana's return. Park at 1B, Mauer DH's
Eddie Rosario has been worth -2 DRS in LF and 1 DRS in CF in 2016. Danny Santana was with 0 DRS as CF'er in 2014.
Danny Santana will play a game apiece at RF, CF & 3B during rehab stint in Fort Myers. He'll work out today, start playing…
FYI: It's Danny Santana that went to the DL, not Danny Valencia. 😐😔
Oswaldo Arcia with a single that drives in Danny Santana and the are up 4-3
Oswaldo Arcia with an RBI single to score Danny Santana, who has three hits today and it's 4-3 Twins in the eighth
MINEovaldi nabs D. Santana with pickoff. 3/27/16: Nathan Eovaldi picks off Danny Santana from first …
Pick and Craig will take Joey Gallo and Danny Santana
Great reaction to Danny Santana being erroneously called to you a the high bid...holy crap were Ronny and I wrong on him LY.
is the rain delay keeping Danny Santana with the team longer before he gets cut?
Santana 2/2 for being on base at the leadoff spot
Any realistic chance he could bump Danny Santana and make the club? Never expected to even wonder.
hey, thanks for putting Santana at lead off today, and bringing Brantley back tomorrow. I appreciate your roster decisions.
Danny Santana is now batting .120 for the this spring
Star Tribune ° Byron Buxton healthy again, expects to return to lineup Saturday: Danny Santana will start in t...
Danny Santana, playing for the first time in 8 days, taps to first off Porcello.
Danny Santana (wrist) will return to Grapefruit League action on Friday.
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I'm rooting for Danny Santana. He doesn't show confidence or swagger at the plate though.
With Buxton sick, Danny Santana starts in CF for today
Here's today's Twins lineup @ Boston. Danny Santana gets the start in CF today, batting second.
"They waited a whole year for this!" Tito Santana beating up Danny Davis at WM3 6 man tag.
Live BP went well for Danny Santana. Cleared for Friday return. Left wrist has kept him out since March 10.
what's his projected timeline to the bigs? I'm assuming Danny Santana goes when he's ready?
Health updates on Miguel Sano, Danny Santana, plus a few thoughts on Trevor May to the bullpen and Kyle Gibson's mix
Danny Santana will take BP on field Thursday. Could return to lineup Friday.
Byron Buxton was a late scratch due to illness, Danny Santana is making progress with his wrist and more:
Danny Santana is day to day, Ryan said.
Twins could use a utility infielder but seem committed to Danny Santana as a super ut who can back up CF too, meh
Danny Santana (tender left wrist) took some right-handed and left-handed swings in the cage today. Feels OK, will face live pitching tomo.
Danny Santana passed the test in the batting cage today. Said his left wrist is now good. Could be available off the bench.
Congrats They're the No. 1 artist on our Adult Pop Songs chart
peep Danny looking like he's in his Fredo Santana mood
-- She then leads him over. "So this is Santana, Brittany, Tina and Mike. Everyone this is Finn but tonight he's my Danny--
Danny Santana (wrist) continues to get treatment and should be cleared to return Wednesday, Terry Ryan said.
Danny Santana was never going to be a legitimate starting CF option with his lack of bat. Rosario creates ripple effect
Danny Santana is your 4th outfielder
3/13/16. William H Macy is 66. Common is 44. Danny Masterson is 40. Johan Santana is 37. Caron Butler is 36. Marcell Dareus is 26
Molitor: Danny Santana will rest a few days with a ‘tender wrist’
hope Danny Santana can be 'super' utility man
Juan Centeno now catching. Carlos Quentin at 1B. Jorge Polanco at SS. James Beresford at 3B. Ryan Sweeney/Joe Benson/Danny Santana in L/C/R.
Sano ends winter ball season to focus on conditioning & OF, Danny Santana back in the OF?.
Told my mom Fredo Santana is Carlos Santanas son lmao
Brantley and Santana also hold down DH/1B too
Would be full time DH. Santana is half decent defensive 1B no matter what everyone says.
Miguel Sano not in the lineup tonight for Estrellas. . Danny Santana playing second base again for Aguilas. Repackaging as super utility?
Where is Danny Santana in this equation? Minors?
could keep Santana at first, Carter DH, but doesn't help us in the infield. The power is tempting though.
Nunez could be replaced on the 2016 roster with the likes of Danny Santana for me. I'm not set either way.
Danny Santana returned to lineup over the weekend for Aguilas after missing 2 weeks. Has played DH/RF/2B/SS past 3 games. .722 OPS overall.
Danny Boyle Refers to 'Steve Jobs' Wide Release Plan as 'Arrogant': Following an initial wave of laudatory rev...
MLB NETWORK suggested Carlos Gonzales and Cash to CLE for Danny Salazar... Hmmm. How much cash, & can they take Johnson& Santana too lol
I'm guessing and will swap Andre Ethier, Adrian Gonzalez, Cash Considerations for Danny Salazar, Carlos Santana.
Danny from Quincy is always wrong. But he talks louder so he thinks he is right. Still laughing at his J Santana trade
All I did was listen to her play COD with Dabrina and Danny 😂
For the record, I though Santana's 2014 was somewhat sustainable. Turned out I was an utter ***
Good to see Danny Santana was back in the lineup for the first time in a couple of weeks. He DH'd.
Ryan said have not given up on Danny Santana as a shortstop or Alex Meyer, although Meyer's role will be discussed at org meetings
Triples since All-Star break. Eddie Rosario: 12. All his teammates, combined: 5. Rosario has 15 on the season, Danny Santana is second with 5.
Santana, Polanco optioned to clear space
Walker tosses one-hitter as Seattle thumps Twins: The Twins demoted shortstops Danny Santana and Jorge Polanco
The demoted Danny Santana and Jorge Polanco after Friday's loss, plus postgame blog from
Danny Santana sent to Triple-A Rochester with Jorge Polanco sent to Double-A Chattanooga
It certainly was. «Nothing against Danny Santana, but it was time»
Twins send shortstop Danny Santana back to Triple-A |
Twins reinstate Plouffe from paternity list, option Santana, Polanco
reinstate Plouffe from paternity list, option Santana, Polanco
Twinsights: Shortstops Danny Santana, Jorge Polanco sent back to minors
Twins option Danny Santana to AAA. Jorge Polanco to AA. Trevor Plouffe will be reinstated from the paternity list.
Twinsights: send young shortstops Danny Santana (ROC), Jorge Polanco (CHAT) back to minors. .
I feel bad for Danny Santana :-/ He has gotten a lot of chances though.
Danny Santana on his demotion: "It’s hard for me, you know. First time [struggling], think too much."
Danny Santana optioned to the minors.
Danny Santana optioned to Triple-A Rochester; Jorge Polanco optioned to Double-A Chattanooga. Plouffe will be reinstated, Jepsen added.
Nothing against Danny Santana, but it was time
ROSTER MOVES: will reinstate Plouffe & add Jepsen to roster tomorrow. Danny Santana was optioned to AAA & Jorge Polanco to AA
Danny Santana to AAA and Jorge Polanco to AA to make room for Plouffe and Jepsen
Twins send Danny Santana to AAA Rochester and Jorge Polanco to AA Chattanooga. Plouffe, Jepsen join team Saturday.
So the twins didn't trade arcia and we just used Danny Santana to pinch hit
Would guess Danny Santana. Guess he's better than what we have.
so what do the do with Danny Santana now that the deadline has passed?
Probably safe to say that Danny Santana's time is up with the after tonight
Listen to FREDO SANTANA - DANNY GLOVER FREESTYLE by FredoSantana300 on b4 work
Danny Santana is not in the starting lineup tonight. On the move?
Buxton and Danny Santana out for early hitting with Bruno and Rudy.
It's relatively conceivable that tonight could (and should) be Danny Santana's last game with the until at least September
Love Danny Santana, but wish he was slightly older, much more famous and expensive, and less likely to turn it around? Meet Starlin Castro
Any chance he stays and Danny Santana goes down to once Plouffe returns?
as far as not giving up on prospects what are your thoughts on Danny Santana and his struggles? What should the Twins do at SS
maybe being showcased to be the Twins shortstop with Danny Santana getting sent down instead on Saturday
And sell them when their stocks are at their absolute lowest? Might as well trade Danny Santana, too, if that's what you think.
Danny Santana has been benched since Saturday, tonight marks the 4th straight game
Definitely. Plouffe looks comfy at 1B, I think Vargas and Danny Santana might be the most tradeable atm
Didn't think so but would make deal seem less lopsided. Similar to Indians eating Casey Blake's money to get Santana.
Nothing more confounding in this world than Paul Molitor starting Danny Santana almost every night
Kudos to the Orioles' commentary team for calling out Danny Santana's .405 BABIP last year.
Danny Santana will pinch hit for Meyer in third. So both players called up unexpectedly in. Duensing on tap for mop up
Twins only have a four-man bench tonight. They'll use the just recalled Danny Santana to PH for Meyer to lead off the third.
With 86 at bats, Eduardo Nunez is batting .302 and slugging .523, both of which are considerably better then the former SS, Danny Santana.
Wouldn't be thrilled about having Eduardo Escobar, Danny Santana, and Eduardo Nunez all on the 25 man
who wins a foot race, Danny Santana or Eduardo Nunez?
the first hit off Mitchell is a bunt single by Danny Santana to start the 4th
Say this for the Twins: Eddie Rosario and Danny Santana were more aware of the play and situation than was Carlos Gomez.
If rather Danny Santana and possibly Luis Sardinas over Segura.
GIF: Shane Greene threw a ridiculously good Changeup to Danny Santana today -
Danny Santana nearly decapitates Anibal Sanchez to drive in Oswaldo Arcia and tie the game at 1.
Danny Santana nearly decapitates Anibal Sanchez on an RBI single up the middle. Tie game, 1-1 in the 3rd.
Nice play by Danny Santana to start bot 1. Backhands a Jackson smash and makes strong throw to get him by a step.
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Players like Danny Santana and Kurt Suzuki were expected to regress, those planned on buffering the regression aren't on the 25 man
Wade Davis to face Kurt Suzuki, Shane Robinson, and Danny Santana... gross.
When rates Eduardo Nunez higher than Danny Santana and Eduardo Escobar
Danny Santana doubled to right scoring Eduardo Nunez. Runner on second with one out and Brian Dozier due up.
Top of the 3rd. . 0 - 2. . Eduardo Nunez, Shane Robinson and Danny Santana due up.
Tony Oliva sidled up to Danny Santana and started chatting. I don't speak Spanish, so I'll assume it's about hitting. http…
2015 SS rankings: Of course Danny Santana is a top-10 SS...
Took a long look at Danny Santana & his fantasy follow up for 2015 here:
Danny Santana is going in the top 10 in ADP's at SS. Is he worth it?
14 team Dyn. Trade JP Crawford to get Carlos Martinez? We only play one SS & I have Zobrist, Segura, & Danny Santana
Danny Santana is the first rookie with 20+ 2B, 5+ 3B, 5+ HR, & 15+ SB in a season since Carlos Gomez in 2008.
Michael Pineda, Vidal Nuno, Danny Santana and Anthony Rendon all got 1/2 WOBs yesterday via
Danny Santana is the 1st Twins player with 100+ hits thru 1st 81 career games since Kirby Puckett in 1984
Danny Santana & Kennys Vargas have combined for 77 hits this month. Most by 2 rookies in a month since Boston's Fred Lynn & Jim Rice in '75.
should I start Danny Santana over Ian Desmond or Corey Dickerson?
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Jordan Schafer tripled to center scored Eduardo Nunez, Eduardo Escobar and Eric Fryer. Runner on third with none out and Danny Santana due u
BREAKING NEWS: Kurt Suzuki, Jordan Schafer, and Danny Santana have been traded to the Penn LL team for Mo'ne Davis. She'll start Monday.
Joe Mauer looks like Joe Mauer. Oswaldo Arcia is crushing baseballs. Kennys Vargas looks awesome all-around. Danny Santana not slowing down.
Danny Santana: 78 hits through 61 games. On pace for 133 hits, which would tie him w/ Chad Allen for 14th all-time among rookies.
A steal and a Luke Gregerson wild pitch gets Danny Santana to third base with one out in 8th of 1-1 game.
Fantasy baseball: Jean Segura, Danny Santana and Yovani Gallardo should stay on the bench: … this wee...
Jordan Schafer stole second. Runner on second with two outs and Danny Santana at the plate.
I also wrote a separate on Jordan Schafer and his greatest asset to the (Hint: it involves Danny Santana)
Danny Santana's walk rate of 5.2 pct. is T236 out of 285 w/200+PA. Same as Justin Morneau, just ahead of Zack Cozart (.258 BABIP).
Twinsights: MRI shows bone bruise for Danny Santana
Twins 2, Royals 1: Kyle Gibson shuts the front door on the Royals
Danny Santana fans want to know your future in the team ??
which player do u think will finish the best? Ackley, prado, Danny Santana?
The Twins squeaked by the Royals, 2-1. Danny Santana doubled and went 2 for 5 in the win.
Watching Danny Santana run the bases gives me hope for our other prospects, his speed really helps him mature at the big league level!
Simply enjoy watching Danny Santana run around the bases. He is so fast and just glides out there
or Jorge Polanco and Danny Santana as new double play combo in Minnesota
I see Danny Santana manufactured another run
are on the board! Willingham's sac fly plates Danny Santana, and it's 1-0 here in the 3rd.
Josh Willingham drives in Danny Santana with a sac fly. Twins 1 Royals 0.
Danny Santana scores the first run to put the ahead of the
Danny Santana is now 4-for-8 when bunting, and he just moved to 2B on James Shields' error.
Yes I saw that right...Danny Santana just SINGLED on a ground ball to first base...
Danny Santana with leadoff bunt. Nobody home. top 3.
Danny Santana is just too good and he's so young
Get to know SS/CF Danny Santana. His career is off to a Puckett-like start. 127 OPS+, 25 wRC (46 games).
Danny Santana gets count full then looks at strike 3 fastball. He looked like he was guessing. Not good. u cant do that with 2 ks.
Danny Salazar Santana leading off for the Twins.
Play ball! Danny Santana steps into the box as the and Royals get underway.
Danny Santana leading off for the just $3400 on and a solid 50/50 play as usual
keeper league..cano $42 votto for Danny santana and blackmon @ 1 each and weaver
Carlos Santana has hit .314 over his last 38 contests with 13 home runs and 28 RBIs.
how would you rank these 4 guys against each other ROS? Danny Santana, Kolten Wong, Scooter Gennett, Emilio Bonifacio
For now I like Danny Santana but eventually Revere
how droppable is Allen Craig in H2H categories? ditch him for waiver-wire Duda, LaRoche, or Danny Santana?
Carlos Santana cranks 2 home runs, Danny Salazar fans 7 over 7 strong frames in 10-3 win over Royals.
.drops some Carlos Santana knowledge and tricks you into learning that batting average is a silly stat. ht…
this dude must not pay attention when Danny Santana and Arcia are up.
Carlos takes KC's brooms, snaps them over his knee
Carlos Santana has 6 home runs since Tuesday, more than 21 MLB teams over that span.
Santana stays hot with two jacks in win over KC: Danny Salazar overcome a slow start, while Carlos S...
fans get to know Danny Santana, because he's going to be the face of the franchise for years to come. The guy can ball.
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