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Danny Partridge

The Partridge Family is an American television sitcom series about a widowed mother and her five children who embark on a music career.

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Good meeting with and Danny Partridge from the Fire Service. Getting ready to commission some new Street Pastors at Sky Rooms.
A big shout out without the @ to Danny Partridge Was Up. Dude. Have not heard U in any stoner news stories for years. We have Rob Ford
sorry Danny but I have a strict rule against Asians touching my butt... Only can and she's only like half 😜😉
two and a half hours of the Partridge tomorrow seems much more appealing, always makes for top notch viewing!
Alan Partridge has killed my revision this evening! All I'm gonna remember is his gold dust quotes in the phys exam!
I'm Alan partridge on gold! That'll do me 'I've been pubic for 31 years'
Oh, well I was just wondering because Danny Partridge said he has been doing Bobby's chores...
Is that the silly SyFy movie were Greg Brady & Danny Partridge get into some sort of fisticuffs?
BIGFOOT (2012) tonight 3am on Movies24 (UK) grown-up Greg Brady versus Danny Partridge, plus a big hairy yeti that eats people.
A new contender for worst movie ever: "Bigfoot" A 2012 film that was not released, it escaped. Starring. Danny Partridge & Greg Brady.
Am I really watching a movie w Johnny Fever, Danny Partridge, Greg Brady, and a giant ape??!!
I just saw a preview for a movie with Danny Partridge, Greg Brady and Bigfoot. If that doesn't scream cheesy hot mess I don't know what does
Mistook photo of John McAfee for Danny Bonaduce. Doesn't seem out of the question that Danny Partridge would've grown up to be John McAfee.
At least now I know what happened to Danny Partridge & Greg Brady! 👨👦
Netflix users.. The Movie is called Bigfoot. It has Danny Partridge & Greg Brady... It is AWESOMELY Horrible and a Must watch LOL
October 17, 2012: By the time he was ten, Danny Bonaduce was already a Hollywood veteran. The gifted comic and actor had appeared in a long list of hit shows including 'Bewitched' and 'The Andy Griffith Show', but it was his role as Danny Partridge in 'The Partridge Family' that turned him into a su...
Danny Partridge and Greg Brady just got bounced from a bar.
Greg Brady and Danny Partridge all grown up.
Watched a movie with Greg Brady & Danny Partridge in it . It's every bit as good as you imagine it to be.
Wasnt this guy in he was at the Music Festival with Greg Brady and Danny Partridge. He got punted by
Danny Partridge and Greg Brady are nowhere to be found in this one.
There's a movie on the Space channel called Bigfoot that stars Danny Partridge and Greg Brady. This just may be the greatest day of my life.
Here's a sentence I thought I'd never say...Greg Brady and Danny Partridge are hunting Bigfoot.
I believe I have watched a movie that is worse than Plan 9 From Outer Space. Syfy's Bigfoot, with tv's Danny Partridge and Greg Brady starring together in arguably the worst movie ever made. It is so bad that it will probably become a cult classic.
One would think that rock-n-roll and monsters would make for a good flick. I DVR'ed "BIGFOOT" Saturday night. SyFy usually does pretty good monster flicks. And how could one go wrong having Alice Cooper in a movie? Well...SyFy figured it out. Just the fact that, both, "Greg Brady" and "Danny Partridge" were in it should have been my first clue. But not to have Alice Cooper sing! Even "Johnny Fever" sucked. The special effects were horrible and the stunts were even worse (Bigfoot kicks a girl into the air and you can see the double is a guy?). I'm only going to say this about the monster...King Kong...1933...the guy in the monkey suite was better. And blowing the face off Thomas Jefferson just before the 4th of July...NOT COOL! was set in Deadwood, SD and he climbed Mt. Rushmore. Get it together SyFy! This was the worst monster flick I've ever seen!
OK... so I just watched BIGFOOT, a new SyFy TV movie with Alice Cooper, Danny Partridge, Greg Brady, Bubbles from The Wire, Audrey from Twin Peaks and it rocked. but I really wished I was at ROGER WATERS performing THE WALL concert at Fenway. I saw Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon & Animals Tours in 70s and Water's Kaos & Hitchhiker's tours as well, but never saw The Wall Tour.
WOW!!! We're watching a move with Danny Partridge, Greg Brady, Dr. Johnny Fever, and.BIG FOOT! woo hoo :|
at home doing chores 1/2 way watching a show on SiFi channel called Big Foot. I hate to give away the ending but people...Greg Brady just killed Danny Partridge.
"Bigfoot" on SyFy is a bad '70s reunion movie. Danny Bonaduce (basically playing Danny Partridge without musical talent) is the bad guy bent on killing BF. Barry Williams is a good guy and Bruce Davidson (remember him from "Willard" and "Ben"?) is the sheriff...maybe Mom should control the remote for awhile?
Looking at a Movie on the Scy-Fy channel about a Giant Big Foot Starring Barry Williams(Greg Brady) and Danny Bonaduchi(Danny Partridge) hmm
I just saw the most intense thing ever. Danny Partridge fighting Greg Brady on top of Mt. Rushmore in a movie about Bigfoot on SyFy. I had my headphones on blasting Juno Reactor while watching it.
I'm now watching Danny Partridge vs. Greg Brady, with guest star, Alice Cooper, on SyFy's "Bigfoot". Am I bored or what?!
Ultimate throw down... Greg Brady vrs Danny Partridge... And the wonner is...
Lol , there's a movie o. SyFi right now with Greg Brady AND Danny Partridge . Whod'a guessed ? ;)
I think it's homemade strawberry daiquiri time :) I'll enjoy one while I watch Bigfoot on they SyFy channel starring Greg Brady and Danny Partridge! LOL
Finally get home and there is this movie on sci-fi that has both Greg Brady and Danny Partridge both in it.classic line...Greg : "i did your mom when i toured with the band,yep i played ball in your house..." the classic movie MEGA PYTHON VS GATOROID...LOL
Gotta love SyFy. Where else can you see Greg Brady and Danny Partridge duking it out on top of Mount Rushmore while Bigfoot is climbing up George Washington's face? Classic! . . . . . No, I did not just make that up . . . .
Danny Partridge, Greg Brady, Dr Johnny Fever, Twin Peaks girl and Senator Kelly (X-Men) in a Sy-Fy original movie about Bigfoot? Your argument is invalid.
Glad I got to see part of "Bigfoot" on the SciFi Channel just now! Hope they send Danny Partridge and Greg Brady to help if we ever have Sasquatch trouble in TN!
Never thought I'd see the day when "Greg Brady" & "Danny Partridge" would be hunting "Bigfoot" Just sayin'
Oh, the joy of watching Greg Brady in stare-down with Danny Partridge. I’ve waited 40 years for this.
OMG Danny Partridge and Greg Brady are hunting Big Foot on the Bad SyFy movie. LOL Really Guys it has come to this?
SyFy.Bigfoot.Greg Brady v Danny Partridge with some Alice Cooper thrown in...Saturday night awesomeness!!!
All 3 kids are away...Donnie and I are watching cheesy SCI_FI movies on the SCI channel...Danny Partridge and Greg Brady vs BIG FOOT...LOL..
Danny Bonaduce and Barry Williams (you know, Danny Partridge and Greg Brady from the Partridge Family and The Brady Bunch, respectively) teaming up to stop ... Bigfoot? This proves two things 1) SyFyHD really is the home of "Stupid Movie Saturday" and 2) my backup career as a screenwriter may not be dead!! Am I really watching this?
Watching a new Bigfoot movie on Syfy..for a movie made this year boy is it cheesy. It stars Greg Brady and Danny Partridge. I guess they didn't have a very big budget!
Hurry turn on wilth Danny Partridge, Greg Brady, Alice Cooper and a sasquatch/king kong creature. There is nothing better that this!! Oh yea kayaking the Hudson for the day!
Danny Partridge vs Greg Brady vs Bigfoot? Plus an appearance from Alice Cooper? Only on Syfy!!!
Danny Partridge vs Greg Brady vs Alice Cooper vs Bigfoot! It don't get no better than this! Tonight on SyFy!
A seventies reunion on SyFi Network. Danny Partridge, Greg Brady, and Johnny Fever are all staring in a new cheezey monster movie called "Bigfoot".
Watching "Danny Partridge" and "Greg Brady" in a cheesy syfy movie.can't wait. This is going to be a good night. With "Dr. Johnny Fever" Man, I'm old. to name their old characters. (Irony for the younguns...Danny and Greg were the same story line on seperate networks!)
Coming up at 8 o'clock a Bigfoot movie on SiFi network staring Danny Partridge, Greg Brady, and Alice Cooper.. *** I knew today was a bad day to stop dropping acid. ;)
Tonight on SyFy, 8pm: Danny Partridge, Greg Brady and Dr. Johnny Fever team up against the elusive Bigfoot!!
Syfy Saturday is here again! Today it's all about Yetis and Abominable ending with the premiere of Big Foot starring Danny Partridge, Greg Brady, Alice Cooper and WKRP's Johnny Fever. Awesome.
70s icons Greg Brady and Danny Partridge square off in this thrilling race to save Sasquatch, premiering on Syfy June 30th before hitting DVD this August.
Bigfoot Trailer Featuring Barry Williams and Danny Bonaduce!: 70s icons Greg Brady and Danny Partridge square of...
Fired up for today...Bonaduce (Danny Partridge) from KZOK-FM 102.5 and Barry Williams (Greg Brady) are Premiering their new movie "BIGFOOT" at The Liberty Theater tonight.It is going to be a blast... Don't forget to see it on TV June 30th on the Syfy Channel ...To commemorate the event Gallucci's Catering is serving "The Bonaduce" a Baguette stacked high with Dry Hard Salami, Sweet Cream Butter and Arugala...Glenn Bui from Magic Carpet Ride/Steppenwiolf is running our surround sound... and a shout out to my Little Sis Anne Gallucci Dunn from Ragazza Salon in Sumner for putting the whole thing together.And an extra special thanks to John Dunn for coming out of retirement to help with the event.Chef Ivan de la O is cooking as we speak.Check out the Nachos...
Who would have thought that little Danny Partridge and Greg Brady would one day grow up to become Bigfoot hunters?
Yeah! Him, them, and Danny Partridge. Danny was telling Rich that he pranks ppl a lot. (cont)
Is it just me. Doesn't Justin Turner from the Mets look like Danny Partridge and Lucas Duda look like Joey from Full House?!?! Lmao!!!
Greg Brady vs Danny Partridge in the hunt for Bigfoot. With added Alice Cooper. So bizarre, I have to see it.
Are you ready for a movie pitting Greg Brady and Danny Partridge against each other on the Syfy network? Of course, you are! Former child stars Barry Williams and Danny Bonaduce are playing longtime competitors battling to capture Bigfoot after the hairy...
Jose didn't you lose to Danny Partridge aka Danny Bonaduce.It was worse than Holmes and Cobb.Down goes Caneseco.
Wow. When I woke up this morning, I did not expect to bump into Danny Partridge at work today. We've got Danny Bonaduce doing a live chat from the conference room just around the corner from my office. Dang, I need to pay more attention to our editorial calendar. A few weeks ago it was former Mariner Mike Cameron. It's a bit awkward to poke your head into a conference room and say, "I think we have this booked for the next hour" only to back out sheepishly seconds later. Thank goodness the chat's not via webcam...
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