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Danny Mills

Daniel John Mills (born 18 May 1977 in Norwich, Norfolk) is a former English professional footballer best known for his time at Leeds United.

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Would love to know how he's become so important and relevant. Sutton, Danny Mills, Hamann. They certainly have a fine crop
Danny Boyle came to the 1st rehearsal at Three Mills I went to explain how the parts of the OOC fitted together.
Sutton makes Danny Mills seem an optimist,he doesn't know what mood he's in?i'll tell him-he's a eternal grump
Alec Mills, Dillon Gee, or Nick Tepesch vs Danny Salazar and Cleveland. Good luck
brave move of barca to sign Danny mills.(on the right...)
Danny Mills is the kinda guy who's all for stoppages to allow fights during games, like Hockey.
I remember when Danny Boyle came to our audition & I was walkin round Three Mills to Trainspotting ost thinkin how am I here
Danny Mills says playing for England was his proudest sporting moment..til son wins gold
Danny Mills's son won the 800m at the European Youth Athletics - after hacking down his seven rivals on the way round.
Strong genes in the Mills family - Danny played for England at 2002 World Cup & now his son is Euro Youth Champion
Was Danny Mills a sub 1:50 runner too?
Sterling (going by Danny Mills 'o'meter is worth about 2 Mars bars.
instead of mills, have danny . Manu playing point is fun on its own
George Mills cruising home in 1st place in todays Euro Yth 800m Semi Final and in to tomorrows final.Pic Danny Mills
had a decent bench, Danny Green, Patty Mills, are great role players but aren't as close to the
07: And now the Burgess Hill keeper makes a brilliant save to push a Danny Mills shot onto the crossbar! WHK 0-0 BHT
he's an outfield player would make Danny Stevens look tall
please go Colin and take Danny Murphy, Fat Bunce, Bob Mills, Perry Groves, Jason Moorhouse, Micky Gray, with you! ;-)
Well done George Mills 800m heat win @ the Euro Yth Athletics Champs today in Tbilisi. Semi Final tomorrow. As competitive as his dad Danny.
Prayers and thoughts go out to the Family of our big Brother Minster Danny Nettey.  . May he rest in perfect Peace.
Summary of the boys' 800m heats. Fun fact: George Mills is the son of former England right-back Danny Mills!
1-0 Hawks. Another pre season goal for Player of the Year Danny Mills
completely agree there. FA is the last surviving Gentleman's club. Need to start there. They employed Danny Mills FFS!
Don't get people who are happy has been sacked by talk sport. They must prefer the likes of Alan Shearer and Danny Mills.
Danny Mills is rapidly 'maturing' into the excessively garrulous footballing equivalent of Geoffrey Boycott. Not a good thing
will face . That's actually a bit frightening given the way Iceland plays. Danny Mills says Iceland have no real quality? Umm
Danny Mills says Wayne Rooney must not be allowed to break up partnership of Tottenham duo
Aaand over at the BBC. Alan Shearer and Danny Mills sound like they want to cry.. Serves them right for their bias! LOL 😂
yeah seeing as everyone but Danny Mills & Pablo is out of contract!
Remember people. Danny Mills said we should take Rashford over Sturridge...😳
All we really need to do well in the Euros is Trevor Sinclair on the left wing and Danny Mills at right back. 👀
This from a player who played in the league with Ben Thatcher, Danny Mills, Dennis wise, Hannibal Suarez...
Danny Mills and Leroy Rosenior saying on TV that there was nothing in Dele Alli hitting and kicking Yacob. Shameful. If that was Costa...
Danny Mills has crossed the finish line - congratulations Danny and thanks for your support!
Danny Mills (ex Dirty Leeds & D*rby player big fan of Steve McClaren) he can bog off.
'Rashford could be like Owen at 1998 World Cup'. Agree with Danny Mills?.
Ian Darke and Danny Mills. Good and evil. Yin and yang.
can think of Chris Martin, Tom Adeyemi, Danny Mills, Paul Warne, Mark Tyler, Chris Cohen and Alex Bruce in recent years.
Danny Mills: "If Mark Clattenburg was a European referee he would give that"... He is a European ref...
"Have got the best leader?". Danny Mills compares Pellegrini to Sven Goran-Eriksson.
Danny Mills explains how Leeds helped him see Steve McClaren's true colours
Danny Mills: Steve McClaren is a 'phenomenal' coach, ... via
Great coach - bad man-manager: Danny Mills' verdict on Steve McClaren
Danny Mills offers an interesting insight into McClaren's (lack of) man-management skills:
>> Danny Mills: Steve McClaren is a 'phenomenal' coach, but his man-management skills
I'm not sure the Wellbeck goal is that pivotal. Nor that match Chris. Are you the new Danny Mills?
I'm pretty sure Danny Mills hates every single one of his former clubs... So glad he's not on MOTD anymore
Danny Mills, George Boateng, Mendieta, Juninho. Our 2004 team was hugely underrated
Manchester City players are distracted by Pep Guardiola announcement... they've taken their eye off prize, says Danny Mills
What the Premier League needs is more players like Danny Mills and fewer players like Robert Pires.
Robert Pires ‘brought diving into English football’ according to Danny Mills:
Arsenal legend Robert Pires is to blame for the Premier League’s dive culture, claims Danny Mills...
- Danny Mills speaking ill of the wonderful Robert!
Danny Mills thinks Robert Pires introduced diving to the Premier League. We won't comment on that, just recycle this https…
Danny Mills: 'Robert Pires brought diving to the Premier League':
He's up there with Danny Mills and Chris Sutton in terms of football's worst pundits
Fox have reacted to Mike Charlesworth by putting on a proper pundit Danny Mills. Power to the owner of
That's the best Commentating partnership in the EPL bt I love Peter Drury and Danny Mills also.
Nathaniel Clyne is a poor man's Glen Johnson is a poor man's Danny Mills is a poor man's Paul Parker is a poor man's Lee Dixon
Didn't know it was possible to be a worse commentator than Michael Owen, but Danny Mills is giving it a right good go her…
Danny Mills is the worst commentator I have ever heard
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Danny Mills is a worse commentator than Michael Owen.
talking about run to end last season:. Danny Mills: Gives Villa fans hope though, doesn't it?. Jon Champion: Not really . . .
Who are the BT commentators tonight? I've got Jon Champion & Danny Mills on some Canadian channel and I wanna punch both those wankers
Danny Mills should just keep his mouth shut and let Jon Champion commentate this whole game on his own.
Danny Mills on today's How I'd love Jamie Vardy to score, just to see whether he still thinks Vardy's only worth £15m
Danny Mills in for Kyle Walker, Carlton Palmer in for Dimi Payet
What? Why no football social featuring Danny Mills on Radio5 tonight!! Ugh (sigh)
must say you have a look of Danny Mills
Danny Mills revealing he's 'seen a lot' of Pogba on 5live as if that marks him out as a connoisseur of European football!
.Please stop posting Danny Mills quotes - none of them are interesting
is my preferred choice for football commentary, but please can we have a commentator slightly more optimistic than Danny Mills
What a surprise! Danny Mills not happy with one of England's goals being allowed
Danny Mills off the wireless gets right on my ***
Can somebody tell Danny Mills to stop crawling up Alli's *** He's good, we get it.
5Live/Danny Mills pleased he got 1st team games @ MK Dons even after signing for Spurs
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Danny Mills and Chris Waddle. answer to the Chuckle Brothers
Oh, Danny Mills. He's on 5 Live now, using Dele Alli as a reason why League 3 would be a good idea. Bet he likes the "EFL" rebrand too.
Danny Mills is still 'a thing'. The thinking man's Robbie Savage.
Danny Mills on 5live criticising "mindless *** for throwing paper that made up the tricolore onto the pitch.It's "disrespectful" he says
How is Danny Mills entrusted any responsibility as a football summariser?!
Danny Mills raving about how good England are. Its not like France have anything else on their minds is it.
86: Danny Mills heads it into the bar and it goes over
Oh Danny Mills, the kids only 19, he's not the complete package! calm it down 😂
Listening to Danny Mills commentate on 5 Live is a most painful experience.
Not as if Danny mills was a good enough player to offer an opinion on football that can be respected
Nice goal by Alli!. I don't think Lloris was going to stop that. England 1-0 France. (hopefully Danny Mills will stop whining now!)
Danny mills criticising England fans as *** because of bits of blue,white and red paper blowing into the pitch,terrible opinion
Danny Mills makes a violent droning noise that feels like a metal rat burrowing into my brain
.Why is Danny Mills, on the BBC Sport website, reporting on the England match from Alicante? 😂
Danny Mills is having a right old go on the radio about England fans throwing the paper on the pitch!
As soon as you notice the Danny Mills mini-sigh it quickly becomes the most annoying thing on earth. I am sorry to hav…
"...what a gesture. Not one person broke the minute of silence." Danny Mills thanking the lord for small mercies.
Danny Mills flipping on the radio there about the England fans. "Mindless *** what are they doing"
54: substitution - Arnand Mendy goes off and Danny Mills come on in his place 0 0
Danny mills World Cup and footballer are not words that deserve to be said in same sentence
For tonight only! Mind you, Danny Mills is a very iffy summariser. Brings to mind Alan Partridge's "cattle on bikes" commentary.
No, Danny Mills, not "but what a gesture". Complete silence is the least expected.
now underway on from a poignant Wembley. Comm team John Murray, & Danny Mills.
5Live just had Danny Mills and Chris Waddle doing the same. Nightmare.
"Sadly, life does go on." - Danny Mills, speaking on BBC Radio 5 Live ahead of tonight's friendly between England & France at Wembley
I understand Waddles but very well articulated Danny Mills
Every man has a limit, and mine is Danny Mills
I mean, I wouldn't listen to Danny Mills talk about football
Well done First to find Danny MILLS in our Leeds
Why does BBC pay Danny Mills (1x league cup) & Robbie Savage (1x league cup) to talk like they know better than footba…
What a great topic on about Nottingham Forest,Brian Clough with his son Nigel Clough. But why with Danny Mills ?
Danny Fox, Chris Burke, are being told where to go. Vaughan, mills are also off to pastures new
hey danny saw you on Mike and Mike today. .what was that hat u were wearing. .i dig it
She doesn't bite that easy unfortunately. She's more of a Danny Mills is those situations
And then this Saturday, it's a Danny Mills world against !!
good list. Would have liked to see Danny Mills, but I think he had too much flair.
Dan Hodges is Danny Mills with extra delusions of adequacy
So my Brother Danny Mills told me that a real writer can write about things they never experienced. I took it as...
it's way better lol Mills is tenacious on defense, and u have the option to switch him on Klay and put Danny on Curry
- would get sacked at Barca for buying Sam Byram, making him captain and getting Danny Mills as assistant manager
We also had Danny Mills in the squad
I've been to London and Sharm El Sheikh. I'm like a cat with 9 lives!
Don't think Mills role changes much. I think we see more Rasual Butler with Kawhi out. Maybe a bit more run for Danny Green
With Manu Ginobili and Kawhi Leonard OUT we have updated projections for Patty Mills, Danny Green and more!
75: Danny Mills is taken off for The Hawks and replaced by Danny Stevens - 6-2 Hawks
Our great friend and piano player Danny Mills and his lovely wife Karen Mills were wrapping up their vacation in...
Danny Mills and the rest of his vintage of England players who have this blind spot for Rooney as an ex colleague and friend need to stop
Talk about the ones who rob a living talking utter garbage -Stan Collymore, Pat Nevin, Jason Roberts, Danny Mills.
Danny Mills is the Ben Thatcher of punditry.
My Mrs who doesn't like football has had to leave the room because of how bad Danny Mills is. So whingey and negative.
John Murray & Alan Green with Danny Mills and Chris Waddle summarising.
Josh ford a forward? He is the best right back since Danny Mills
I'm most impressed with myself for turning Matt Murray into Danny Mills for like 5 years. No mean feat!
Tony Gubba and Danny Mills commentating on any live football match is a sin, shocking.
we can just forget about these then.. Danny Mills and Trevor Sinclair.. MATE
Going top after Southampon 5-0. Beating Liverpool thanks to Keith Jones, and Danny Mills last minute goal to give us hope
Peter Drury and Danny Mills in the commentary box.
Bring on kilbane,Peter Drury,Jim Beglin,Danny Mills,Gary Weaver,Jon Champion and the whole team. Missed their insights!
Jimmy I'm disappointed in you. P.mills, Danny green, Kawahi etc? Honestly think they would have been good w/o Pop?
Xhwudusjdhdjaus man tried a Rooney & ended up doing a Danny Mills
Will do. Yup still in Madison. I like living in Lake Mills though. So chill and beautiful.
It's not hard being England's left back when you have Danny mills lmao
lmao what football did you watch, won 2 titles and an invincible and was England's no.1 LB after Danny Mills packed it in
he's no Danny Mills that's for sure
boss Mills says Trialist Danny Racchi has not been offered a deal and left.
Blast from the past pics with & . Great memories . Robbo Mills Smith Bowyer. http:/…
Throwback to when Thierry Henry left Danny Mills reevaluating his life
Danny Mills looks 41, no chance he was in that squad legally
Henry for me, when he made Danny mills look foolish in front of North bank at Highbury
will be pleased that Danny Mills has won the League 2 Player of the Month award.
here is a link to all my tracks don't think I sent it in email
But it can only happen in San Antonio, where Patty Mills and Danny Green became names.
Danny Mills will be pretty quick actually so the pressure's on!
might have to do the Staffordshire 70.3 next year to see if I can beat Ramsey and Danny Mills
Danny mills be a decent center back signing IMO
Drake has reportedly responded to Meek Mill's accusations: "I signed up for greatness, this comes with it."
Danny green,Boris,patty mills, these are just a few players that came to our system and rejuvenated there career.
People tend to forget that before Danny Green n Patty Mills came to San Antonio they was straight *** lmao hope it changes too for Jimmer.
Jimmer gonna flourish in that Spurs system. Look what it did for Danny Green and Patty mills
Put Patty Mills, Danny Green and JIMMER all in at the same time. Spreads the floor for some threes.
Drakes part on R.I.C.O was better then meek mills on MEEK MILLS album 💀
Sat watching the story of 2002 World Cup, and have only just realised, Danny Mills played RB against Brazil, I mean, seriously?!
Wrexham FC boss Gary Mills to decide on trialist Danny Racchi in a matter of days. &The potential...
Wrexham FC trailist Danny Racchi will know his fate in a matter of days
Meek mills gonna say 50 cent never got shot now lol
Dude the hottest track on Meek Mills album was only hit because Drake was on it 😂😂
someone has just messaged me under the name of 'Glenn Mills' claiming to be Danny Care, as much as I fancy Danny it's a no from me
When Thierry Henry left Danny Mills at the corner flag to have a long hard think about life..
From David Brightwell to Nigel Clough to Jeff Whitley to Michael Tarnat to Danny Mills to Gareth Barry to Frank Lampard to Fabian Delph.
Thank you and Danny Mills for supporting the today
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There's a case for Danny Mills to be in the cabbage mould!
this is the organisation that put Danny Mills on the committee for reform. Awful
14 years ago, was playing a bald bloke's head like a bongo in a Valencia hotel singing "Danny Mills is f*ing brilliant".
Danny Mills is the love child of Stewart Robson
Join us from 7am as we preview v with Shaun Derry & v with Danny Mills &
Look at this nonsense. And who the *** s going to *** this? Danny Mills? Greg *** Christ on a bike?
Lawro, Jonathan Pearce, Danny Mills. I am pleased my licence fee is being put to good use by the BBC 😡😤
Danny Mills was there best player then
Danny Mills: "It has to be the longest ban in football ever. A worldwide ban, not just an international ban."
it was! 😉 They have an opportunity to take a lead but instead give us troglodyte's like Robbie Savage and Danny Mills instead.
man u media machine in full bully mode. Even agree with Danny Mills. If you spit you do it AWAY from people.
"To spit in that incident is not a normal spit," football really has lost its way when you've got Danny Mills acting as a phlegm analyst
and Danny Mills join & on the sofa tomorrow 1030am Sky Sports 1. Any questions?
What does Danny Mills know about football ?
Danny mills is the font of all knowledge on football. BBC punditry getting worse!!
I Agree with Danny mills on Johnny Evans debate. Only thing his said correct as a pundit, the rest he chats out his ***
absolutely no one cares what Danny Mills thinks. Hardly a role model himself.
The evidence is stacked up against Jonny Evans, according to Danny Mills
'Spitting isn't great, we all do it ..." -- Danny Mills ... . no .. I really don't.
fock me!! 😂 I thought that was Danny mills at first man, short back an all over please drive!
Please ban Danny Mills from the BBC. What a clown!
Might not like Danny Mills but he is spot on, Evans has been lying about his part in it all day, ban both of them for 10 matches
when there is a spitting issue the world turns to an expert... the world turns to Danny Mills..
who's Danny Mills is he a spitting expert???
I like the fact the BBC now introduce Danny Mills as a former Man City player 1st. Trying to trick the kids that he was better than he was!
Agree with Danny Mills for a change. However abhorrent spitting is, a career-ending foul tackle is worse.
Danny Mills: "It's not a natural time to spit. Evans is looking at Cisse. When you spit you turn your head away"
Danny Mills on as expert on etiquette of spitting
Danny Mills is a useless pundit. Pundit schools
can we get Danny Mills off the MCFC games? Let him cover Leeds where his drivel will be appreciated.
Just read Danny Mills analysis of the Kompany dropping. Hasn't got a scooby.
Spitting is the worst thing you can do on a football field according to Phil Neville. After Danny Mills gave Suarez life for biting
Danny Mills in slagging off City shock!
Danny Mills and Andy Townsend stop trying to convince us that Evans didn't mean to spit on Cisse when it's so clear he meant it.
Why do send Danny Mills to the Etihad? He's obviously got a real problem with City.
Danny Mills is the worst commentator in Europe
Boro's Best Images:. Danny Mills does what we'd all like to do with Robbie Savage!.
Also, a Danny Mills lookalike. A fully grown adult made all his friends laugh by going 'woo woo woo' when the ambulance drove past.Grown men
do you think? I'm just not a Mills and Boon kinda gal 👏 xx
Has anyone got any Savlon for Danny Mills?
The newest dumpster in the Mills 50 District dumpster art project is almost finished. Love this one by the amazing Danny Rock!
Shoulda had Danny green or patty mills in that three point contest
feel free to name them. Danny Mills. And...?
Thierry Henry Mugs off Danny Mills 😂😂 one of the best Thierry Henry moments 🙌👌
The amazing Danny Rock is transforming another dumpster as part of the Mills 50 District dumpster art project!
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Rather them two than Robbie Savage or Danny Mills but agree, both eighties relics. Like me!.
Patty mills, patrick beverly, and danny green all late 2 rd picks.
Steam visitors to New Mills tomorrow - 11:30am through New Mills Central - get there early . http…
Danny Mills and his amazing insight strikes again on co-commentary. WBA striker clearly onside, even when looking at replay showing opposite
An excellent short film by Danny Mills about two men at Seaview we all know.well worth the watch. Enjoy
New Mills U9's travel to Bollington Bullets today. Lads will be buzzing following a great fun session delivered by yesterday.
contact the GM with a trade for patty mills and Danny green
Danny thank u for ur Valentines Wishes. But my heart belongs to Stephen Mills. Were just friends u and I.Luv in Christ :))
Danny Mills smashed my ankle with a golf club and I couldn't walk properly for five days.
Listen as an angry fan calls Danny Mills a "jackal" after his comments on Stuart Pearce
😂😂😂😂 well done Psycho for putting that *** Danny Mills in his place!!!
Not much love lost between Danny Mills and Stuart Pearce.
Danny Mills and Stuart Pearce s feud rumbles on as BBC pundit labels Forest boss motivationally poor
BBC Sport - Danny Mills stands by criticism of Stuart Pearce on Final Score via /r/soccer
.and when you ask Danny Mills what he was doing today compared to Stuart Pearce??
The interesting this about this argument between Danny Mills and Stuart Pearce is that they're both bellends.
Stuart Pearce is a better manager than Danny Mills is a pundit. Hopeless on 606 tonight. Incapable of thinking on his feet…
Stuart Pearce on Danny Mills' criticism. "I do apologise for putting Micah Richards in his (Mills') place at Manchester Ci…
Danny Mills should remember the saying 'people in glass house's.' You were an average player at best.
Danny Mills massively out of order with his Stuart Pearce comments. How many games have you managed, Danny?!
Danny Mills!? 😩😂 A bang average player and a below average pundit.. And clearly a man who holds a grudge..
Time will tell but for now, go do one Danny Mills
For what it's worth, I don't think Danny Mills is a "great" pundit...!
Danny Mills not surprised by Nottingham Forest's form under Stuart Pearce
Danny Mills told you For it to be a SPORT you have to change shoes So does that mean Mark Spitz, Sharon Davies etc NOT Sport Stars
Happy retirement Thierry Henry. Here he is making a fool out of Danny Mills.
Here's a handful of top City strikes against Everton Football Club to get you in the mood for tomorrow's game at the Etihad starring Mario Balotelli - Official, Robinho - Robson de Souza and... Danny Mills! Come on, City!
are looking for a new matchday announcer to yell, "Head for the hills, it's Danny Mills." Any out of work bingo callers...?
Danny Mills&Jon Champion are welcome voices after that performance. Bias against MUFC a job pre-req
Danny Mills talking rubbish again.San Marino were excellent against England at Wembley and all went back to their jobs on Monday
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Hansen, Lawrenson, Merson, Nicholas and Danny Mills have a hard time covering over their dislike of us.
From Welbeck dummy to Arsenal missing Giroud..Danny Mills and Jim Proudfoot outdoing themselves.. Get us Jim Beglin or Peter Drury abeg
FA people work in the media pretending to be impartial, such as Danny Mills.
Danny Mills such a poor commentator, so biased to spurs and the prem league. Also jealous of Pearce, Psycho by far better defender
Robbie Earle where? Think it's Danny Mills on NBC isn't it?
Danny Mills?...You should have give us Jon Champion and Jim Beglin or Efan Ekoku
LIVE: have commentary of away to Switzerland in the with John Murray, Alan Green & Danny Mills tonight.
Pat Nevin has been superb on tonight..I wish Danny Mills would be like him instead of his negative tosh he talks for England
Monday with 7.45pm ko ECQ Switzerland v commentary from John Murray, Alan Green & Danny Mills in Basel.
Manchester United might not win the Premier League title again for another decade, according to former England international Danny Mills.
'Oh, Trippier got 14 assists' yeah, playing Zat Knight and Danny Mills is different to John Terry and Gary Cahill isn't it
So mrs C said good morning to Sarah Cox and we bumped in to Danny Mills on holiday.celebrity bombing.
Danny Mills on showing why he's a valued member of commission "give away little niggly fouls against good teams"
Shearer, Danny Mills, Robbie Savage. Roy Keane will be offering opinion next, I assume.
This is Danny Mills who is part of Greg *** s FA commission panel and is challenged with shaping the future of the English game.
already on the England panel ain't he, shame he's surrounded by Howard Wilkinson & Danny Mills!!
“exit can be watershed for England, says Danny Mills. What another one !
So this is the FA commission that are going to advise on the best way forward - yeh right only one in my view has the credibility Greg *** - FA chairman Roger Burden - FA vice-chairman Roy Hodgson - England manager Glenn Hoddle - Former England manager Danny Mills - Former England defender Rio Ferdinand - Former England defender Howard Wilkinson - League Managers' Association chairman Greg Clarke - Football League chairman Ritchie Humphreys - Professional Footballers' Association chairman Dario Gradi - Crewe Alex director of football
could even chuck big Curtis Davies in at the back with him! Steve Finnan and Danny Mills at fullbacks...
Danny Murphy being accused of being both Danny Mills and Tony Pulis in my feed.
By the sound of it Danny Mills could stand in for Gary Lewin.
retrieves with "thought it was Danny Mills" comment lol Leeds awesome uefa side bow to our white rose rivals
Just focus on the pundits, BBC has Danny Mills and ITV has Glenn Hoddle
Danny Mills on 5Live "the game was great, we watched it in a bar in Rio on a *makeshift* TV" -what the *** is a makeshift…
The BBC Sport pundits predict who they think will win the FIFA World Cup as the tournament prepares to kick off. Rio Ferdinand, Phil Neville, Martin Keown and Gary Lineker feature, along with Danny Mills, Chris Waddle, Danny Murphy, Jason Roberts and Brad Friedel. Who do you think is going to win? Get the latest news at
it involved a meal on a bridge over water in Spain and Danny Mills who Jordan thought was Lee Dixon
Adam Lallana is being chased by both Liverpool and Tottenham. He’s currently preparing for the World Cup and former England defender Danny Mills thinks he would be a great fit at White Hart Lane.
THE GOLDEN GENERATION With the likes of Rio Ferdinand, David Beckham, Paul Scholes and Michael Owen in the squad, England travelled to the 2002 World Cup with plenty of optimism. Danny Mills recalls the disappointment of a quarter-final exit against Brazil and still believes they could have won the tournament Under the guidance of Sven Goran Eriksson and on the back of that 5-1 win over Germany in Munich, England went into the 2002 World Cup on a wave of optimism that the so-called Golden Generation could finally go all the way at a major tournament. But for one of the starting line-up in Japan and South Korea it was just a thrill to be in the squad. Danny Mills was 25 and in the prime of his career with Leeds United. But there was no doubting that Gary Neville was the first choice at right-back. However, a foot injury meant the Manchester United man was forced out of the trip to the Far East. Mills was to be thrown in at the deep end. "I'd started two games prior to the World Cup," Mills tells Sky Sports ...
Calls for John Terry England return irk Phil Jagielka The Everton defender cannot stand it when people call for the former Three Lions skipper to come out of international retirement. Terry called time on his England career in 2012, accusing the Football Association of making his position within the international set-up "untenable" following its pursuit of a racism charge against him. Last season Gary Lineker and Danny Mills called for Terry to return to the England fold following a series of impressive performances for Chelsea alongside Gary Cahill. Roy Hodgson ruled that out, insisting Jagielka and Cahill, along with Chris Smalling and Phil Jones, were perfectly capable of playing World Cup football. After being part of a team that conceded just four goals in qualifying, Jagielka has every right to feel annoyed every time someone insists Terry should have been coaxed out of retirement. "It's difficult. I can't say I particularly like to hear it," Jagielka said when asked about calls for Terry's return. ...
LIVE: Mike Ingham, John Murray and Danny Mills are commentary team at v for the decider.
Still got full set of Coke *** SK 2002 bottles Featuring great players like, er, Danny Mills.
Report is spearheaded by Danny Mills. Should tell you all you need to know.
Danny Mills comment that Hartlepool fans would rather play Man Utd B than Torquay shows how unsuitable he was for the C…
I pay for season tickets for a lower division club. I feel abandoned by *** Danny Mills who have no idea …
Why does Danny Mills have a say on anything in life. I would rather Adrian Chiles and Andy Townsend at times.
Danny Mills says on that "Conference players DO want to play against Man Utd "B" 800 followers in 5 hrs say t…
Danny Mills has lost the plot,or maybe its Coventry's John Aloisi's fault for hitting him in the face at Highfield road all those years ago.
Makes me laugh that people like Danny Mills, Rio Ferdinand etc think they know what's best for English football. Laughable.
Danny Mills on just sounds like a politician. Makes me not believe anything he says. It starts at grass roots, not Premier League!
Danny Mills has fallen into the Clarke Carlisle category of thinking he knows more about football than he does.
The country could do with John Aloisi giving Danny Mills another slap on the bonce.
Very angry with this! FA to move football forward I know lets ask Howard Wilkinson, Rio Ferdinand and Danny Mills. Danny Mills reckons small clubs will be 'excited' to play Man City B. On behalf of all patronized FL fans - no we wouldn't!
Danny Mills is exactly the sort of *** who uses the phrase "look at the facts first" - assuming we're all thick and can't read. Do one, Dan
Jim Palmer and Danny Mills will be playing there music at the Imperial this Friday night starting at 7:30. So everyone go out and enjoy ourselves!
H/T Danny Mills say Villa have parked the bus, a taxi & a couple of skips in front of their goal! -Man City 0-0 Villa
BBC Final Score Final Score is just starting up on the red button and at the top of this page. Mark Chapman is joined by Garth Crooks and Danny Mills.
This is the worse I've seen Bayern play for a long time but Utd just don't have the class to take advantage. when did Phil Jones turn into Danny Mills? He can't pass the ball 3 yards.
Amy Grant I felt Like that Donna Mills and Danny Mills was not going to make It tonight so didn't have any one to video My solo I did at church tonight a lot of People said I did a wonderful Job and Thank's for your prayers I love to sing for my Lord. Love you. and I will try to video my self singing some time In a day or so for you and those out of town that didn't get to come But Let Me tell you a evangelist Is awesome I have gotten a blessing out of his messages each night.
Hugely successful American Cancer Society fundraiser event last night, in Taunton, at The Tiki Room! Very strong messages came through from Spirit! Thank you to the White Blank Pages and Magic Corp for sponsoring, Danny Mills for outstandingly organizing, and for everyone's sincere generosity! ❤️😊
Good trip for spotting footballers; Kev Keegan on plane home, Peter Crouch on train to London for last night's show, Danny Mills in make up
In this week's MOTD3, Mark Chapman is joined by Danny Mills and Kevin Kilbane to discuss the scale of the rebuilding job required at Old Trafford following Manchester United's 3-0 defeat by Liverpool.
Danny Mills believes it might be a decade before Manchester United win the Premier League title again …
Why is Danny Mills a pundit? And stop describing him as a "former England international" so he sounds more credible. So was Darius Vassell.
“What a show this was!! big Danny Mills back row on the right
Danny Mills' verdict on the takeover turmoil at and Brian McDermott's future at the club. From
Danny Mills on Manchester City... FINALLY the penny seems to be dropping,,, Lescott and Demichellis are a total waste of Space and Lescott should have gone 2 or 3 years ago City were knocked out of the Champions League by Barcelona thanks in part to defensive errors from Martin Demichelis and Joleon Lescott. "Every City player is top drawer apart from the centre-half that plays alongside Vincent Kompany," said Mills. "They have all the money in the world but have not bought the right player."
Manchester City need better defenders - Former Manchester City defender Danny Mills believes the club need to...
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