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Danny Masterson

Daniel Peter Danny Masterson (born March 13, 1976) is an American actor and DJ best known for his role as Steven Hyde in That '70s Show.

Ashton Kutcher Sam Elliott Laura Prepon Mila Kunis Topher Grace Richard Dreyfuss Chris Masterson Aston Kutcher Steven Hyde Tommy Chong Jon Heder Wilmer Valderama Gerard Butler Breckin Meyer Kurtwood Smith Danny Glover Wilmer Valderrama

Look who was working with James Brolin 22 years ago: Julie Bowen, Danny Masterson, Jeffrey Dean Morgan…
I love the ranch and Danny Masterson and his beard
I've been to Danny Masterson's mom's house, played with the dog, swam in the pool, ate the grapefruit, never met her but had a great time.
you won't be disappointed. It's got Kutcher and Danny Masterson in it. I heard Fez even shows up
The best thing ever is when some guy in his 50s taps me on the s...
Did you know that Danny Masterson who plays Hyde in that 70's show was a Kappa Sigma? Here's a closer look
Last night I had a dream I was in a horror movie with Danny Masterson and I guess that's what happens when I watch that 70s show before bed
Also not cute? The fact that he once low key bragged about making a bet with Danny Masterson that he would slip his tongue into her mouth
a show called "The Ranch" - it has Aston Kutcher and Danny Masterson from that 70's show. It's pretty funny.
I had a dream I was in the purge and I got shanked because I knew Danny Masterson, while this happened I screamed to Brian Urlacher for help
I want my man to have Danny masterson's beard😍👅
Ashton Kutcher and Danny Masterson are my favorite comedy duo
If I could make millions of dollars being a softball player, I wo...
'Tiny Demons' next to Spare Room at your Mom's House!? . - Danny Masterson Denies Rumors!!
Huh, I somehow missed that Alanna Masterson was part of the Danny/Christopher Masterson family until about 30 seconds ago.
Danny Masterson is the captain of the Zenmasters squad. 💜
yep even Danny Masterson said it was a bad writing season
RAW invited Danny Masterson and Aston Kutcher while SDL invited Sophia Grace. I think we know who is the better brandT!
Danny Masterson is an utter genius.
Sometimes I wonder if I would've been more successful if I wasn't...
I have done about 15 movies so far and am on my 5th season on That '7...
"It's like college of the mind" to me translates to being brainwashed.
I have to say that one of the most important things Scientology has ...
you can say you're not in love with Danny Masterson but you're lying
If Danny Masterson isn't my husband in five minutes I'm going to scream. 😤😤😤
Alanna, Christopher, and Danny Masterson. had no idea these three were related.
My job is summer camp. I come and talk and try to make a TV show ...
So what do you think of Danny Masterson & would you do him
Renee Young talks to Ashton Kutcher and Danny Masterson, Xavier Woods transforms into The Boogeyman
I liked a video WWE Unfiltered with Renee Young: Special guests Ashton Kutcher and Danny Masterson
If ever got rid of Danny Masterson and Sam Elliot, It wouldn't be worth watching. They're the best actors on the show
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Danny Masterson is such a diamond in The Ranch 🙊
Don't know if I'm more in love with Sam Elliott, Ashton Kutcher, Danny Masterson, or Debra Winger! Homerun Netflix!
The Ranch with Aston Kutcher and Danny Masterson is my dream come true
From the new Netflix show "The Ranch" with Sam Elliot, Ashton Kutcher, Danny Masterson, and Debra Winger, pretty...
.forms the ultimate dad band with Ashton Kutcher and Danny Masterson: 🙌
"The Ranch" on Netflix is addicting! Ashton Kutcher & Danny Masterson are back together on the show and are...
Ashton Kutcher + Danny Masterson + Sam Elliot this show is my dream come true
I watched the first episode of The Ranch because I love Danny Masterson and it was bad.. It was so, so bad.. 😬
Ashton Kutcher and Danny Masterson talk about having to punch each other in the groin in their Netflix sitcom, The Ranch
only 10 episodes of season 1!? Breaking my heart man, nothing better than Ashton Kutcher and Danny Masters…
The Ranch on Netflix is so *** funny. I love Ashton Kutcher and Danny Masterson working together
Megyn price gets Patrick Warburton and Danny Masterson? Some girls have all the luck.
man, Danny Masterson was kind of hot during the early seasons of that show and what the *** happened there?
I watched "the ranch" solely bc I know it's the closest thing I'll ever get to a that 70s show reunion also Danny masterson 😍😍😍
The Ranch with Aston Kutcher and Danny Masterson on Netflix is pretty funny!   10% Off
Danny Masterson nails it in the new series The Ranch. I love that they brought Megyn Price in the show too. AWESOME!
I'm ready for the return of That 70's Show to come back as The 90's Show. What is Topher Grace even doing? Danny Masterson? Anyone?
Happiness is finding out Ashton Kutcher & Danny Masterson are in another show together 😍
yeah I feel like Danny Masterson is playing himself. I do like it! A weird mix of obvious jokes and realness (technical term).
Ashton Kutcher and Danny Masterson using the same bit in their new show The Ranch that they used in That 70s show
|| I've been watching that new show with Ashton Kutcher and Danny Masterson. It's pretty funny, lol.
danny masterson is hyde on that 70s show and Alanna's brother skdjsk
after you're done, check out The Ranch on Netflix for more sarcastic, funny humor out of Ashton Kutcher and Danny Masterson
The Ranch Netflix review - stars Ashton Kutcher and Danny Masterson from That 70s Show
Netflix's 'The Ranch' is TV reunion Ashton Kutcher and Danny Masterson had been waiting for:
Main reason I'm watching the Ranch: Ashton Kutcher and Danny Masterson 😍
Ashton Kutcher, Sam Elliott and Danny Masterson tell us about their new show “The Ranch” -
Have only seen a couple episodes but "The Ranch" on Netflix is mildly funny. Ashton Kutcher and Danny Masterson still funny together.
Guys! Are you looking for a show to watch? Sam Elliott, Ashton Kutcher, Danny Masterson. This freaking show is...
Find out what shows Ashton Kutcher, Danny Masterson and Sam Elliott binge-watch!
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Just started watching The Ranch. Ashton Kutcher,Danny Masterson & Sam Elliott. Very funny,I think you would enjoy.
Watching the ranch with Ashton Kutcher and Danny masterson feels like I'm watching that 70's show.
I like Danny Masterson a lot but this new Netflix show with Ashton Kutcher looks 😁
Ashton Kutcher, Danny Masterson together again on Netflix comedy - Fresno Bee (blog) -
PERFECTION! Ashton Kutcher, James Corden and Danny Masterson nail what its like being a dad
Ashton Kutcher and Danny Masterson reunite in Netlix series Check out our review
Dream: Danny Masterson picked me up from New Year's Eve celebrations with a Chinese family who were being flooded out of their home.
Why am I so obsessed with Danny Masterson in That 70's Show though
Ashton Kutcher and Danny Masterson in a Netflix show together? It's like that '70s show again... But on a ranch
Honestly if Ashton Kutcher and Danny masterson are gonna play on a show again together it better be a that's 70 show reunion 🙄🙁
My goal in life is to be friends with Danny Masterson
alums Ashton Kutcher and Danny Masterson on their reunion in...
Ashton Kutcher, James Corden, and Danny Masterson form a boy band and sing about being dads. https:…
3/13/16. William H Macy is 66. Common is 44. Danny Masterson is 40. Johan Santana is 37. Caron Butler is 36. Marcell Dareus is 26
Danny Masterson and Ashton Kutcher in a new show on Netflix? . See ya next year
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The Ranch: Ashton Kutcher, Danny Masterson reunite for new Netflix series |
Awe Ashton Kutcher & Danny Masterson had a little reunion on Ellen 😅
I love the DJ scene out in the clubs. It is a great way to party and make p...
I feel like if I were and Danny Masterson, I would forever refer to one another as Hyde and Kelso!
Jack Masterson received ESPN Boston OPOY jersey prior to the Rams' tourney hoop game. Thanks for coming! htt…
Pie Face makes me want to get one, but I don't actually want to get my face dirty. I'll just watch instead!
K&I~click below to see who wins battle or ...
Just two guys and some pies.Recently, Ellen DeGeneres gave Ashton Kutcher a chance to raise some money for his...
Ashton Kutcher gets a pie in the face for charity
Ashton Kutcher takes a pie to the face for charity!.
Ashton Kutcher and Danny Masterson Play Pie Face via awesome. Thanks to all
Whoa, Danny Masterson is bae with that beard 😍
Watch Ashton Kutcher and Danny Masterson play the "Pie Face" game on 'Ellen'
My brother met Danny Masterson aka Steven Hyde aka the man of my dreams at lax today 😭
Was great meeting Jack White, Jacob Dylan, Butch Taylor, Danny Clinch, Danny Masterson. But my one job: a pic w/ Brian Fallon - next time.
Is it just me who thinks Danny Masterson looks like Ryan Dunn
I have the biggest crush on young Danny Masterson ever
Ashton Kutcher and Danny Masterson to play brothers in upcoming ...
Sam Elliott playing Ashton Kutcher's and Danny Masterson's dad has to be an elaborate marketing campaign for Planned Parenthood. Right?
I voted for "Jimmy (Danny Masterson)" in a POLL: Who was the episode MVP in Roseanne: Punch and Jimmy via
Sam Elliott is about to become Ashton Kutcher and Danny Masterson's dad
Justin Masterson could use an organization willing to help him rebuild value
Sam Elliott joins Ashton Kutcher and Danny Masterson in Netflix comedy series THE RANCH:
Sam Elliott to Play Father to Ashton Kutcher & Danny Masterson on Netflix's New Comedy
Cameron Stewart's personality is 94% similar to danny masterson's!
tyler_milne says...danny_masterson says...i think TOMNET needs an update i think he reads this blog if he created VANILLA_SKY..TRUTHANDLOGIC
did you know that he is Hyde from that 70's shows brother Danny Masterson?
““Plenty of people are raised Catholic and then aren’t Catholic anymore, like any religion.”” - Danny Masterson.
I think I'm in love with Danny Masterson 😏
Is this because I had an adult dream about Danny Masterson last night??
another : when danny masterson walked past me at fyf and ignored everyone yelling "HYDE" at him
Funny because I had a dream last night that I was hanging out with Danny Masterson
Grandpa vs. Prowler (which includes actors Danny Masterson and Michael Pena) is set to perform July 31 at Bub City:
Am I the only one who thinks Johnny Galecki, Joshua Jackson, and Danny Masterson are the same person?
There are so many unspeakable things I'd do just to meet Danny Masterson as Steven Hyde
, back at a time when Bradley Cooper and 70s show Danny Masterson were on the same level as Jim Carrey's romcom wingmen.
Didn't know they were brothers: Chris Masterson and Danny Masterson
Oh hello Giovanni Ribisi and Danny Masterson. Good to see you on aka
I wonder how Danny Masterson felt when he got to hang out with Tommy Chong on set
Omg Danny, Alanna, Chris, and Jordan Masterson are all siblings my life makes so much more sense now
Johnny Galecki, Danny Masterson, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt all in one episode of Roseanne 🙌
Still trying to get over the fact that Alanna Masterson is Danny Masterson's lil sister
cool, you met Keith Olbermann and Danny Masterson
Danny Masterson looks weird with a mustache
It's so weird to see Danny Masterson on without a beard!
I am in love with Danny Masterson. makes me very happy ❤️
Danny Masterson as Hyde is pretty hot
Im pretty sure Danny Masterson actually lives in the 630 because I gave him a head nod on Sunday.
Funny how fast a pitcher's "wheels" can fall off. Justin Masterson was rolling along and then, boom, call the tow truck.
I love love love Danny Masterson w facial hair.
yes add Danny Masterson to my list of baes 💕😂
why am i just finding out now that danny masterson was at lolla. what the HECk
When I was 15, my parents left town for a month. They hid the keys to the car, but I found them... - Danny Masterson
Joe hung out with Danny Masterson guess he met him through Wilmer
Remember when Chief Masterson suspected Danny in Regina’s murder?
Watching Beethoven with Carter and Danny Masterson is about 14 and so adorable
Topher Grace did the ice bucket challenge and nominated danny masterson, Wilmer Valderrama, and Ashton Kutcher I've never been this happy
Danny Masterson is 38. Mila Kunis is 31. In That 70s Show, they were an item.
Turns out my fav man ever danny masterson was born in LONG ISLAND. One Direction.
Danny Masterson's face makes me happy.
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Up late with dannymasterson and daughter Fianna. http:/…
Abby's dad plays golf with danny masterson like fa real
you'll find out soon why I'm in a but it has nothing to do with Danny masterson. We are here for two seperate reasons..(:
Danny Masterson in that 70s show is so HOT WOW
I just love him. Danny Masterson could hit me with something and I'd tell him "Thank you".
I dreamt I was a time traveler and upon returning to the past I met up with Danny Masterson in a literature class from Walton.
Omg the Danny Masterson part. Love the story and how it's written! Sneaky sneaky
when u feel stupid for doing something u didn't think through, remember I posted a creepy pic of danny masterson. and he found out about it.
I need to know Jo and Danny are okay and Chef Masterson didn't shoot either of them
Chief Masterson shot his daughter or his wife or Charlie or Danny or Lacey or the wall??? More Twisted
Royal Pains - Season 6 - Kyle Howard to Return, Danny Masterson to Guest Star
Got to hang with Danny Masterson the last few days at work.a good dude.found out his dad grew up on my street in woodside.
Danny masterson is a cutie! Id rather her be with him than stupid miles even though I love miles.
Exclusive: admits That 70's Show's for season finale, Kyle Howard to return
If there was anybody rumored to be dating Mila before it was Wilmer but Mila said both him and Danny Masterson were like brothers
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Danny Masterson took Mila Kunis to her first club, bought her her first drink, and was her prom date.
Dracula 2k, Gerard Butler done bit Omar Epps and Danny Masterson, johny Lee Miller and Jeri Ryan next. Way to much talent for a bad movie
Photo: alannamasterson-daily: Alanna Masterson with Steve Aoki and her brother Danny Masterson.
Danny Masterson basically admitted on his radio show everybody had really checked out after S7.
How tall is Danny Masterson ? Who is Danny Masterson dating with ? - see at
Danny Masterson, Jon Stewart, Wiley Wiggins, T-1000 and Usher, somehow, were all in The Faculty. Together. In the same movie.
You guys do kinda look alike (she's Danny Masterson's sister aka Hyde from That 70's Show)
Danny Masterson and Mr Gilbert look very similar
like real life brothers Christopher Masterson and Danny Masterson
Danny masterson is so so so so so so cute
“I'm probably in the minority here, but I'd give up Danny Salazar for David Price.” I would even give Masterson
Danny Masterson, Michelle Branch Fete Marc by Marc Jacobs' Fall Collection: Ilaria Urbinati, one of THR's powe...
Just found out Danny Masterson and Chris Masterson are brothers and how fancy because I always loved Hyde and I always loved Francis
Danny Masterson where are you buddy?
Psychiatry: An Industry of Death is a museum in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA, as well as several touring exhibitions.[1] It is owned and operated by the Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR), an anti-psychiatry organization founded by the Church of Scientology and psychiatrist Thomas Szasz. The museum is located at 6616 Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, California and entry to the museum is free.[2] The opening event on December 17, 2005[3] was attended by well-known Scientologists, including Priscilla Presley, Lisa Marie Presley, Jenna Elfman, Danny Masterson, Giovanni Ribisi, Leah Remini, Catherine Bell, and Anne Archer.[4] The museum is dedicated to criticizing what it describes as "an industry driven entirely by profit" and provides "practical guidance for lawmakers, doctors, human rights advocates and private citizens to take action in their own sphere to bring psychiatry under the law."[5] It has a variety of displays and exhibits that highlight physical psychiatric treatments, such as ...
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In a city where I can see amazing bands live all the time in small, intimate venues & be standing beside someone like Danny Masterson. 😲💜
Chrissi Cottingham and I both look like Danny Masterson :-) we're meant to be together forever.
. Danny Masterson dead 2014 : Actor killed by celebrity death ...
I spy Danny Masterson at the Dead Sara show!!
Today's in-flight movie: The Shawshank Redemption. Apparently the version Danny Masterson saw on TNT.
The Indians even if they lose Masterson as a free agent are still in good hands w/the rotation w/Corey Kluber, Trevor Bauer, Danny Salazar
Still upset at how bad that 70s musical was. I'm going to write a letter to Danny Masterson.
You should follow the dude that plays him on Instagram (Danny Masterson). He's pretty silly on there.
Ashton Kutcher, Topher Grace, Danny Masterson, Laura Prepon, Wilmer Valderrama & Mila Kunis will forever be that crew
Danny Masterson when he was in That 70's Show ♥
I just met Hyde from That 70s Show. Danny Masterson
Danny Masterson puts the Kings up 1-0 early.
Casually passing Danny Masterson (Hyde from that 70's Show) and Frankie Muniz on the street Downtown. 👍 Frankie is a MIDGET!
Slightly fan-girled from afar while Jordan Masterson and Danny Masterson teed off. Left: Jordan Right:…
Supposed to be working a golf tournament but I'm following Danny masterson and drinking beer.
speak for yourself. I *want* to know that Danny Masterson is playing in his golf classic.
In addition to the 100th anniversary game at Wrigley next Wednesday… I am VERY excited to finish out the night with Petty Fest at the Metro. What is Petty Fest you ask? From what I can tell… it is an amazing line-up of musicians singing the songs of Tom Petty. People like the Cabin Down Below Band starring: Jakob Dylan, Alison Mosshart of The Kills and The Dead Weather, John Stirratt & Pat Sansone of Autumn Defense, Eric Pulido of Midlake, Members of The Wild Feathers, Brendan Benson, Butch Walker, Cory Chisel, Ruby Amanfu, Danny Masterson, Erika Wennerstrom of Heartless *** Jesse Malin, Dave Davidson of Maps & Atlases, Adriel Denae, Kelly Hogan, Lukas Nelson, Nikki Lane, Robert Ellis, Butterfly Boucher and Many Many More Surprise Guests… $20. Can't wait… who else wants to join us?
Famous Quote Said On March 13 If I could not go to heaven but with a party, I would not go there at all. Thomas Jefferson, 1789 March 13 Birthdays Lonnie Common Lynn turns 42 Dana Delany turns 58 Neil Sedaka turns 75 David Draiman turns 41 Kaya Scodelario turns 22 Emile Hirsch turns 29 Danny Masterson turns 38 William H. Macy turns 64 Noel Fisher turns 30 Annabeth Gish turns 43 Adam Clayton turns 54 Harry Melling turns 25 Fransisco Lachnowski turns 23 L. Ron Hubbard (1911 - 1986) Lucy Fry turns 22 Cameron Carter turns 22 Percival Lowell (1855 - 1916) Peaches Geldof turns 25 Will Clark turns 50 Edgar Davids turns 41 Corey Miller turns 47 1940 - Finland surrenders in "Winter War" 1925 - Tennessee law: no teaching evolution. 1921 - Mongolian independence from China. 1852 - "Uncle Sam" debuts as cartoon character. 1781 - The planet Uranus is discovered by Sir William Herschel. This Day in Business 2008 - Because of concerns over a possible US recession, the price of an ounce of gold hits $1,000 for the first ...
TV in Brief... The 24th season of The Amazing Race premieres this Sunday night on CBS at 8 p.m. Eastern time. It will be an all-star edition of the competition, featuring past contestants such as Harlem Globetrotters players Herbert “Flight Time” Lang and Nate “Big Easy” Lofton, who previously appeared on seasons 15 and 18. As usual, a $1 million prize is on the line. You can check out the entire cast on NBC will debut a couple of new series this weekend, following primetime Olympics coverage. The small-screen adaptation of About a Boy debuts at 11 p.m. Eastern time on Saturday, and the comedy Growing Up Fisher premieres at 10:30 p.m. ET on Sunday... Former That ’70s Show star Danny Masterson and his wife Bijou Phillips welcomed their first child, a daughter, on Valentine's Day. The baby weighed 8 pounds and 5 ounces and measured 21 inches long. Masterson posted a photo of the baby on his Instagram account with the caption, "Hello friends. Beyond thrilled to announce the birth of our d ...
Cultural influence - The Brownie The brownie was used in the 1968 film, I Love You, Alice B. Toklas, in which a character portrayed by Peter Sellers becomes disillusioned with his mainstream life after falling in love with a free spirit, only to become just as disillusioned with the hippie subculture. Marijuana-spiked brownies are a key plot element. The brownie also plays a major role on That '70s Show, where the gang of kids enjoyed them as snacks and as a source of getting high. Especially in the episode "Garage Sale", where Red (Kurtwood Smith) eats all of Hyde's (Danny Masterson) "special brownies" and sells his son Eric's (Topher Grace) car while under the influence. It has been featured as a plot device in numerous TV shows, including The Secret Life of the American Teenager, Skins, Hall Pass, Grounded for Life, ("Henry's Working for the Drug Squad"), Arrested Development ("Afternoon Delight"), Taxi, Laverne & Shirley, Barney Miller, Family Guy, American Dad!, How I Met Your Mother, Desperate House ...
After the L.A. premiere of Olympus Has Fallen at the Arclight Hollywood Monday night (March 18), a slew of celebs headed to the after-party: Gerard Butler, Matt Damon, Aaron Eckhart, Danny Masterson, Chris Masterson, Wilmer Valderrama, Rick Yune, Morgan Freeman, Giles Marini and Ashley Judd were amo...
Daniel Lanois performs on Feel My Heat with Danny Masterson and Brent Bolthouse.
instead of making a spin-off series from himym called "how i met your father" how about we... bring back together Topher Grace, Danny Masterson, Wilmer Valderama, Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis, Laura Prepon (had to google this one), and hopefully also Kurtwood Smith and Chong for an all grown-up version of That '70s Show. we'll work on the new title.
wonderful time with Chris Masterson & Danny Masterson. Danny Masterson. Lil Jon
Elijah Wood, Selma Hayak, Jon Stewart, Usher, Josh Hartnett, Jordana Brewster, Robert Patrick, Christopher McDonald, and Danny Masterson in the same movie?
oh my lanta . Neil Patrick Harris and Danny Masterson in the same White Collar episode
The cast of Men at Work might want to start looking at bigger office space.The TBS comedy is adding Jane Seymour, Ed Asner and star Danny Masterson's sister, Alanna, to its impressive list of guest stars for Season 3, ...
Los Angeles, CA - DECEMBER 14: (L-R) Jenna Elfman, Laura Prepon, Erika Christensen and Danny Masterson attend the Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre's 21st "Christmas Stories" at the Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre on December 14, 2013 in Los Angeles, California.
Laura Prepon and her pals Jenna Elfman, Erika Christensen, and Danny Masterson pose for a photo while attending the Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre’s 21st Christmas Stories event on Saturday (December 14) in Los Angeles. The stars were joined by Danny‘s wife Bijou Philipps and his siblings Al
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Ryan Phillippe will make a cameo in Men at Work‘s upcoming third season. Per, the Damages alum will play himself in a fantasy scene that Milo (Danny Masterson) has about his girlfriend, played by fellow guest star Entourage‘s Emmanuelle Chriqui. Numb3rs vet David Krumholtz, meanwhile, will recur in Season 3 of the TBS comedy as the guys’ new boss at the magazine. Men at Work premieres Wednesday, Jan. 15.
OK, so I've been watching the TV show Sliders on Netflix, and despite how craptastic the writing was, I've been pretty amazed by the gues stars they've had on it- from Mel Torme, to Isaac Hayes, to Roger Daltry... Even Corey Feldman... but the episode I saw tonight wins... It had Duff McKagen (Guns and Roses), Danny Masterson (That 70s Show), and Tommy Chong. AND an albino punk rock kid in a FEAR T-shirt. Best. Terrible. TV show. Evar.
watching Lovelace. first Peter Sarsgaard scene I was convinced it was Danny Masterson with a different beard
This wedding is nothing like I wanted when I was 10. It will not be on a tropical beach, I will not have seashells sewn (glued?) to the top and bottom of my dress, I will not be marrying Johnathan Taylor Thomas, Zac Hanson, Rivers Cuomo or Danny Masterson. It is actually the complete opposite of everything I ever thought I wanted, but it's becoming so much better than I could have ever imagined!
I live for Topher Grace and Danny Masterson singing together
the fact that Danny Masterson the star of men at work got Laura Prepon, Wilmer Valderrama and Ashton Kutcher on the show is amazing.
that 70's show star Danny Masterson is back in this hit and miss Breckin Meyer sitcom
So standing in line for our luggage, we meet Danny Masterson: Hyde from That 70's Show. And we're back in Utah after 27 hours of traveling. What a great end to the day:)
Ok, so how is it possible that Danny Masterson, the guy that played the über hot character of Steven Hyde in That 70s Show, now looks like a creepy pedophile??? Seriously, check him out in something recent, like the movie Yes Man. So disappointing, lol.
Laura Prepon or Danny Masterson should be first in the billing not Mila Kunis
idk, Danny Masterson and Ashton Kutcher seem cool.
Free-agent RB Danny Woodhead agrees to 2-year deal with the Chargers, per source.
Danny masterson is still hot. My god.
Danny Masterson is on this episode of White Collar 😍😍
I just wanna do it with Danny Masterson. (Hyde from That 70s Show)
Drew Brees signed my hat, James Pickens Jr. thanked me for watching his show, & Danny Masterson just…
has anyone ever told you that you look like Danny Masterson?
Don't smooth talk me Danny Masterson, you're still a scientologist.
Born on this day in horror history – March 13: March 13 1976 – Danny Masterson, best known for his ...
I saw that show it's pretty good but only cause if Danny masterson he was my hero on that 70s show
L Ron Hubbard and Danny Masterson share the same birthday... let the opinions fly on my podcast Friday.
Dear I would like to be pranked by Danny Masterson!
Happy Birthday Danny Masterson! Too bad you're the only one who didn't get a career from That 70's Show.
Danny Masterson has the same birthday as me :D
Happy 37th Birthday to Danny Masterson from That 70's Show! Watch That 70's Show Sundays at 6pm on MyTVZ!
Happy birthday to Dana Delaney (57), rapper Common (41) and actor Danny Masterson of That 70's Show (37).
More birthday wishes go out to Danny Masterson, Common, Annabeth Gish, Dana Delaney, William H. Macy & Neil Sedaka.
It is Danny Masterson birthday. Is that enough reason to watch That 70s Show again?
I dunno. I'm really not a Danny Masterson fan but I may rent it just for that scene
Thumbs up if you think CaptainSparklez looks like Danny Masterson (Hyde from That 70's Show) (
Danny Masterson, who we fondly remember as Steven Hyde from That '70s Show turns 37 today
I need to see this LOVE Danny masterson
No his name is not danny masterson it will always be hyde!!!
Aw, Danny Masterson's bday in a coupla days. His party in Vegas was where I met Julian. Meh-more-res...
Mata (Danny Masterson) remind me of an older Hyde for That 70's Show.
Based on actual court transcripts of 8 anti-war protesters on trial for conspiring to cause riots at the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago. Starring Gary Cole, Philip Baker Hall, Orlando Jones, Danny Masterson, and Thomas Ian Nichols.
Remember when the Fader was teamed up with Adult Swim and Levi's and had awesome up-and-coming acts? Remember the free Diesel Jeans/shoes/shirts at Superalright with guest DJ set by DJ Danny Masterson? Remember having no choice but to look up Zooey Deschanel's skirt during She & Him's debut show at a different Diesel party in Saengerrunde Hall? Remember dancing with Alia Shawkat and Har Mar Superstar at 4am somewhere in the 3,000 block of Cesar Chavez? Remember DJ Dougg Pound? But mostly, remember hanging out with tons of friends from all over the country? Let's make some memories this year.
.All worth it, though, for the delicious experience of watching Lauren Graham taking down Danny Masterson.
Topher Grace, Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis, and Danny Masterson all reunited making the movie "J0bs."
Celebrity Sundance watch 20013: I've seen Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Nate Ruess (Singer of FUN), Rooney Mara (Girl with the Dragon Tattoo), Emily Browning (Sucker Punch), Danny Masterson (Hyde in That 70's show) and I greeted Holly Hunter (The Piano) who offered to buy me coffee!
AND Danny Masterson looks a lot like Juan Mata
Let's wind the clocks back a year... and what happened between then and now is pretty remarkable. I fell in love. Got my heart broken... shattered. Joined SAG-AFTRA. Met and worked with Will Smith, M. Night Shymalan, Ice T, Sean Patrick Flanery, Danielle Chuchran... just to name a few... Was an assistant to a Producer, who changed my life and career path. Was a waiter. Worked and made a living for 6+ months in the film industry. Worked on 4 features, 1 (12 episode web-series), 1 reality tv episode, 2 shorts and 2 commercials. Gave a motivation speech to struggling teens. Broke even in a Texas Hold 'Em match. Was part of a street performance in Las Vegas. Went to a Red Carpet event in Hollywood. Was in a scene, for "Hot Bot", with a Danny Masterson and Anthony Anderson. Was the best man at my friend's wedding. Read 2 books... which is disgraceful (should've been more)... That's I can think of off the top of my head...
"Johnny(Anthony Michael Hall)must discover why his reunion with a former student(Danny Masterson),who is now a top biomedical
Didn't meet Danny Masterson or Aly or Jon Hender, but I met Joel David Moore & almost got a picture with Dreyfus (:
Just saw Danny Masterson, John Heder, Joel David Moore, and Richard Dreyfuss in the past hour..
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Jon Heder & Danny Masterson took a break from filming "Killing Winston Jones" to visit Fort Pulaski in Savannah!
It's been a star studded weekend in Savannah! James Cromwell, Danny Glover, Jon Heder, Danny Masterson and Richard Dreyfuss were all in our fair city this weekend.
Apparently Jon Heder and Danny Masterson were just at Wild Wings and no one told me.
A lot of people thought this was Neil Patrick Harris. When he's clearly Christopher Masterson, Danny Masterson's (Heid) brother.
Movie featuring Richard Dreyfuss, Danny Glover and Danny Masterson begins filming in Savannah
Danny Masterson (Hyde off of That 70's Show) was just in Levi at the tanger outlets! And I gave him a hug, hel yeah :)
ATL Feature Film "KILLING WINSTON JONES" Casting:(Paid) The feature film starring Richard Dreyfuss and Danny Glover and directed by Joel David Moore (DODGEBALL, AVATAR) will be filming in Savannah Nov. 26-Dec. 21. First City Films has been hired as extras casting. The film is need of stand-ins for Mr. Dreyfuss, Mr. Glover, John Heder (NAPOLEON DYNAMITE), Danny Masterson ("That 70s Show"), and Aly Michalka (EASY A, THE ROOMMATE). The film will also need adults, as well as many 7th-, 8th- and 9th-grade children (ALL ETHNICITIES) as extras. Please forward all headshots or photographs with dates of availability and contact information to FCFEXTRASStand-ins for the cast should attach a well-lit photograph and an email that includes ALL contact information, height, weight and age. In the subject line, please include which cast member (i.e. Danny Glover) you are submitting for. Stand-ins should be available for most or all of the shoot. Payment is available on a daily rate.
Watching Dracula 2000, a movie I haven't seen in years, only to recognize that Gerard Butler, Omar Epps (House), and Danny Masterson (That 70's Show) are some of the actors. Thought that was interesting.
You're in fine company. Adrian Grenier, James Franco, Elijah Wood and Danny Masterson all support your view on Prop 37
Created by Breckin Meyer. With Danny Masterson, Michael Cassidy, Adam Busch, James Lesure. Comedy following the misadventures of four buddies who work together at a magazine.
So Josh Hartnett, Salma Hayek, Elijah Wood, Famke Janssen, Danny Masterson, Christopher McDonald, Jordana Brewster, Jon Stewart and Usher are all in the movie The Faculty. Oh and Robert Rodriguez directs.
I love watching old reruns and seeing people in bit parts who were nobodies at the one episode of Roseanne I just saw Danny Masterson and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.almost as funny as seeing Jane Lynch on Married with Children.
Download it for free here: Dim Mak taxi cab is now in service and your driver Steve Aoki will take you wherever you need to go...Just make sure to tip! Featuring cameos by Lil Jon, Danny Masterson, T-Pain, Iggy
[switching pictures to Graham now. Ariana can now imagine that she's talking to Danny Masterson xD]
So many other great ppl in this movie too: Brian Posehn, John Krasinski, Jane Lynch, Danny Masterson, Adam Brody...only 24min in, who else?
I still cant believe I shook Danny Masterson's hand. I squeeled lol
oh The Faculty, young John Stewart and Danny Masterson that all I have to say
Seeing Ashton Kutcher last night was cool, but the best part was just Ashton and Danny Masterson together.
Highlight of the month! Meeting Danny Masterson! OMG! So amazing. Shook my hand asked my name and everything. So awesome! :)
Met Ashton Kutcher tonight, met Danny Masterson from that 70's show & got his autograph, hugged James Lesure from Men at Work! Hollywood >>
"Men At Work" TV taping today with the LSBA fam.. Anxiously waiting to see Danny Masterson :)
Fans of that '70s Show. We also know that Danny Masterson and Wilmer Valderama both made out with Mila Linus on air. Isn't that a shame?
Men at Work, TBS’ comedy from Breckin Meyer that stars Danny Masterson and Michael Cassidy, has nabbed a Gossip Girl to appear in the show’s...
Not even kidding the drummer for looks EXACTLY like danny masterson
Come hang this Saturday at Rocktoberfest. Ill be DJ'ing along with Danny Masterson, Spazmatics and Twiggy Ross!
Who's going to on Saturday to see the Spazmatics & Danny Masterson dj?!
Had a dream that Danny Masterson tried to convert me to scientology...
On "That 70s Show",if it weren't for the characters of Jackie(Mila Kunis),Fez(Wilmer Valderama),Hyde(Danny Masterson),Red(Kurtwood Smith),and Leo(Tommy Chong),the show wouldn't be nearly as good,because all the characters are so annoying,especially the main two characters,Eric(Topher Grace),and Donna(Laura Prepon). When the main two characters are the worst two elements of a sitcom,you better make sure most of the "supporting" characters are *** well funny and hilarious.
I'm beyond jealous of Lexy! Not only is she at The Black Keys concert she's also talking AND standing next to Danny Masterson!
am I the only person that thinks that Major Morehouse on Copper looks like Danny "DJ Momjeans" Masterson?
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Danny Masterson in his younger years
at first I was like "oh look! Laura Prepon" and then I was like "BUT WAIT DANNY MASTERSON IS THERE ALSO OMG" eheh.. yep
I thought the real Danny Masterson was following me, but it was just a parody. Getting my hopes up
I've kind of grown an obsession with Danny Masterson. 😘❤
I hope that you will be attending this! I got a sneak peek at an auction item today...good stuff! Support the fight to end childhood cancer at this event!
Considering he had a radio show with the same name, I wonder how Danny Masterson feels about The Master.
Rofl I see Danny Masterson and Lil Jon in this
Zooey Deschanel, Bradley Cooper and Danny Masterson were all in Yes Man?
I had a dream where i hung out with rick harrison (from pawn stars) and his sons, who in this dream were Danny Masterson (hyde from that 70's show) and Topher Grace (eric from that 70s show) it was a great time had by all.
if ever there will be a guns and roses movie, Danny Masterson has to play axl rose. RESEMBLANCE IS UNCANNY
I just walked by NPH, John C Reiley, Danny Masterson, and got to tell Kevin Smith that Dogma is one of my all time favorite movies. Wow.
It said that Danny Masterson followed me and I had a moment of OHMYGOD!!! Then I realized it wasn't :(
Went to the Wiltern last night to watch My Morning Jacket and Portugal. The Man. In line to get our tickets and notice standing next to me is Danny Masterson from That 70s Show. Pretty random...
Danny Masterson is one good looking man!
When Danny Masterson mouths "down the stret" at the beginning of That 70s Show >>>>>>> ♥
I watched the show thinking it was men at work. was looking for danny masterson lol
I have an inappropriate attraction to Danny Masterson
10 minutes in there has been the bad movie klaxons of an Offspring song, Danny Masterson, and pausing to display character names.
.was a beast against the Raiders last night. Proof that only hangs with winners:
That's where Danny masterson has been.
Fun night out with Complete with Drinks with Andy *** and watching Danny Masterson bowl. Apparently thats normal here.
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