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Danny Manning

Daniel Ricardo Danny Manning (born May 17, 1966 in Hattiesburg, Mississippi) is an American college basketball coach and retired player in the National Basketball Association.

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it's the best clipper team ever. The Danny Manning teams weren't this good.
Amnesty for Julian Assange, Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning! Heroes in the fight against corruption!
Deacs remain work in progress: There haven't been any quick fixes for Danny Manning at Wake Forest.…
Of course, have to imagine that Danny Manning and co. liked what they say if they extended an offer. Hopefully a high upside pickup
you are saying that has never happened? To include dads or coaches? Danny Manning's dad was going to be a coach at KU?
Danny Manning and Wilt Chamberlain played here breh
HIGHLIGHT: finds the endzone for the second time in his rookie season!. WATCH:
The best defense is a good offense at the end. Peyton Manning proved that fact. Keep their offense on the bench!
Is Danny Manning making any progress at Wake Forest?
Eli Manning with the greatest audible of the season.
Eli Manning has 4 TD passes. He had thrown 4 TD passes in his previous four games combined.
ANOTHER Eli Manning TD pass. His 4th of the day. This one to
Sterling Shepard was mauled by Malcolm Jenkins; broke free and still scored a touchdown. Great job by Eli Manning, stepping…
TOUCHDOWN No. 3 of the first half for Eli Manning! This one to OBJ (again) and Big Blue leads 21-10!
Eli Manning has passed Vinny Testaverde (46,233) for 9th place in NFL history on the all-time passing yards list!
Danny Manning of Wake Forest shows his 5-Out Ball Screen Motion shooting... via
Wake Forest coach Danny Manning after the Deacs 118-48 win over Piedmont International.
Guess you forgot about Tom Brady, Manning and others. There's a lot of public figures voting for
Danny Manning's Deacs get the season started Friday with an exhibition against Josh Howard's Piedmont International
Ahh so what about the other 3 Super bowls? Oh and most QBs wear the balls in.
UNC-JV lost to Page Highschool feat. Danny Manning in mid 1980s...
Wake Forest coach Danny Manning on poor finish last season: "As a competitor, you don’t forget about it."
Hope NBA will celebrate simmons and he doesn't get hurt i.e. odem even Danny manning…
Danny Manning tells the that this is the most skilled roster he's had since he got to Wake Forest:
Wake Forest Basketball: Will Danny Manning’s team avoid the ACC basement? via
Danny Manning landing 2017's Chaundee Brown or Brandon Randolph is every bit as big as Clawson getting Mike Allen. Program-changing talents
Itll be cool when Wake Forest is dope again. Duncan, CP3, Jeff Teague, Al-Farouq, James Johnson, Ish Smith...Danny Manning will have em back
Top 5 I saw in high school not in order Danny Manning,JamesOn Curry,Penny Hardaway,Todd Sanders,and easily the best Rodney Rogers
Perry Ellis is the recipient of the Danny Manning "Mr. Jayhawk" award in 2016.
don't think he can hang with Danny Manning and Mark Gottfried.
he's like a Danny Manning-level guy for his team, or Jameer Nelson except even better.
Seems like yesterday that Danny Manning played with a young Perry Ellis at Kansas. 🏀
I remember John Thompson sitting Danny Manning for the last 18 minutes of the first half of an Olympic game. USA lost. Nice job, Coach.
I still contend Ferry was first disgraced by Danny Manning in the '88 semifinal. Been swinging at shadows ever since.
Perry Ellis: "You know many people say I've been here forever, and they're right. I got to play with Danny Manning and Wilt …
.HC Danny Manning talking with the media after tonight's loss to Va. Tech.
Kristaps Porzingis, AKA the human Mike Mitchell meets the desirable Danny Manning 🌵
Wake Forest HC Danny Manning talking with media after loss to Notre Dame.
"I thought for awhile, Jackson just took over the ballgame," Wake coach Danny Manning said. "It's a team, for us, that we can learn from."
Kristaps Porzingis, AKA the steady Paul Silas meets the educational Danny Manning 🌟
And in bball, NY Times on Danny Manning and Daddy from 1983.
Kristaps Porzingis, AKA the gentle Johnny Newman meets the wandering Danny Manning ⏩
Hey Danny Manning how's it going? 2-13 in conference and 11-16 overall. Maybe the grass isn't greener in the ACC!
Gary Kubiak talked to Peyton Manning yesterday. Said PM and Elway have talked a few times. GK: "We're going to let him tak…
In college, Pete Maravich scored 3,667 points in 83 games without the 3 point line. To compare Danny Manning scored 2,951 in 147 games.
2/24/1988 -Danny Manning moves into 1st place in Big 8 career scoring, reaching 2,663 pts in game w/Sooners at OU.
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On this date in 1988, Danny Manning became the Big 8's all time leading scorer with 2663 points.
I've always thought this tidbit on Danny Manning's official site was interesting
I think Perry Ellis has been at kamsas since danny manning...
Danny Manning on why you have to let players stumble and what they can learn from it
Among Doral Moore's gifts, Danny Manning says the 7-footer can "almost put his behind on his heels" when squatting in the weight room.
We talked with who said "sometimes you have to let players stumble." Find out why:
Kristaps Porzingis, AKA the disappointed Danny Manning meets the petite Yao Ming ⬛️
Danny manning said and would get a chance to start and prove they're super talented. Doral did great. It's JCS TURN
Why isn't Danny at the wedding but Todd manning & nik is that makes NO sense 😒😒💁
ugh. So many good ones out of the box. Magic Johnson, Reggie Miller, Joe Montana, Danny Manning, Mark McGwire (with the A's)...
if some miracle could happen and we could get Danny Manning I'd be on board
Will the play of Landon Lucas put to rest the notion that Danny Manning was the only reason KU develops big men?
From point guard/teammate with Danny Manning at Lawrence High to . . .
Kristaps Porzingis, AKA the helpful Danny Manning meets the tiny Charles Jones 😱
Danny Manning just has compared Dennis Clifford's footwork to that of "a poor man's Kevin McHale."
Danny Manning's house for sale in Lawrence
Danny Manning said on radio that's the best he's ever seen Doral Moore play . counting high school, AAU
I just ate pizza topped with pizza it's a good night thanks Danny Manning
If you were wondering why Danny Manning was Doral Moore's shadow during the summer of 2014, you have your answer.
*** ..I prolly shoulda played my four star, ESPNT100 7'1 recruit more than 4 mpg this season" - Danny Manning
Danny Manning calls timeout to set up a play with 25 seconds left in first half. Wake Forest (1-11 in the ACC) up 41-11.
Danny Manning's opening statement: "Our defense really came locked in and ready to work tonight …"
If they get ahead by any more, Danny Manning might have to write a letter explaining himself.
Danny Manning has more buttons on his suit than BC has points
Doral Moore may just be Danny Manning's next great big.
I think Danny Manning has found his new center
Wake Forest coach & former NBA star still trying to sell in KS https:…
.Kirk Hinrich ranks 5th in NBA games played by a former Jayhawk, behind Paul Pierce, Wilt, Bill Bridges and Danny Manning.
Kristaps Porzingis, AKA the social Danny Manning meets the typical Sam Perkins 🎐
"I think he's had a great freshman year. He's gone out there and brings it every night," Wake coach Danny Manning on Bryant Crawford.
Perry Ellis started at Kansas before Danny Manning. He was teammates with Paul Pierce, Raef Lafrentz, and Jacque Vaughn.
Danny Manning is great, but Wellman should've never fired Dino Gaudio. The Deacs haven't been the same since.
High Praise for DJ from Wake Forest HC Danny Manning after our 85-62 win. DJ's Line: 14pts, 8asts, 7rebs, 6stls
Yep, Perry Ellis was teammates with Andrew Wiggins. Pretty sure he was also teammates with Danny Manning and possibly Wilt Chamberlain.
Ben Simmons Compared to Past 5 No. 1 Picks, but what about Danny Manning? via
And the hype they can win it all because Ben Simmons is Danny Manning will be bad until they lose in Dayton.
E eles tinham David Robinson, Danny Manning e Dan Majerle no time.
You guys wanted me to ask Wake coach Danny Manning why Doral Moore wasn't getting additional minutes, so I did
Wake coach Danny Manning on facing Clemson, and the progress of Codi Miller-McIntyre and Doral Moore
Buddy Heild reminds one of Glen Rice and Ben Simmons reminds the other of Danny Manning lol wow. Awful comparisons.
I know we have to get in 1st but do u think Simmons can do for us what Danny Manning did for Kansas and lead us to a title?
Feeling old for $500. Georgetown college kid reporters talk about Danny Manning's Wake Forest losing to UVa: "What school did he play for?"
I was born in 1988. And there hasn't been a Danny Manning since.
is back in action tonight at 7 pm in the Smith Center hosting Danny Manning and the Wake Forest Demon Deacons
Well if Bryce Johnson is going to morph into Danny Manning im willing to recalibrate UNCs potential
Really hope Wake gives Danny Manning the time to build up a program that they didn't give Dino Gaudio
I really hope Wake pulls this off. Huge fan on Danny Manning.
Demon Deacons of Wake Forest are 9-3 after win at LSU. If you watched Danny Manning at KU practices as assistant, you a…
Continue to be impressed with the job Danny Manning has done at Wake Forest. Demon Deacons beat LSU at LSU. Also have win…
Official >> M. Basketball. Danny Manning Show Set for Thursday Night: Fans can submit questions for Manning vi...
Ostertag, Rush, Danny Manning, Jacque Vaughn all take a back seat to Withey.
Why is on the right track to rebuilding basketball:
So the story about getting Danny Manning's father a job at KU to get him away from KSU isn't true?
Wake Forest Basketball Roundtable Part 1: Season Expectations: Since there is a lull this week between games w...
Danny Manning in our room describing his biggest coaching influences--his dad, Larry Brown and Bill Self.
"Danny Amendola out. Peyton Manning day to day." I think I've got it figured out!
Danny Kelly's comments on SB Nation have Manning uninjured and hating Brock so much he won't help him prep. Why make up such nonsense?
"Eli Manning is a cultural icon, but he can suck my left nut"
it's a Danny Manning jersey. He played for the Clippers who started in San Diego. orange half is the Phoenix Suns
Danny was switched at birth with Victor Manning Jr. who was deceased. Sam had a funeral & everything
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Manning used to say he wouldn't know who to thank on the way out.
Three Up, Three Down: Arkansas: Another game that was far too close for comfort, Wake Forest's win against Ark...
Danny Manning: Demon Deacon Revival will premiere Thursday, Dec. 3, at 10:30pm ET on
danny manning effect. Quality of our big men has gone down drastically since he left
I'm giving away something for you on Danny Manning Clippers NBA. Get it here -
Ever since Danny Manning left the program the Biggs have gotten soft no physical inside presence
if only Danny Manning was with Diallo and Bragg sheesh
I am pretty sure that Perry Ellis has been at Kansas so long he played with Danny Manning!!
Danny Manning has made as many KU home games (3) as Wake Forest home games this year.
Danny Manning at today's game. Wake Forest beat Arkansas last night.
Lynette Woodard scored about 700 more points than Danny Manning & she played for the
Danny Manning is doing a lot of good things with this team. Still missing CMM. First time I've thought it, but fringe tourney team.
Clippers fans don't even know who Danny Manning is.
I think Danny Manning just sent a text to the TU team when he left. All *** broke loose & he came back to meet them in person.
I hope you're talking about Darius Miles or Danny Manning and not Doug McDermott.
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Best that got away? PG John Wall, SG Pete Maravich, SF Nique, PF Buck Williams, C Danny Manning. That team will hunt.
Wake Forest University head basketball coach Danny Manning and his staff cordially invite you to join them for...
Eli Manning wants to be the highest paid player in the NFL 😂
Researching for a Danny Manning Throwback Thursday and enjoyed these super 80s nuggets from a 1989 LA Times story
ICYMI: says Peyton Manning has looked his best in camp, isn't so sure about that
If you had to rank all the QBs, where would you rank Eli Manning?
I think Wake Forest is a long-shot still, but kudos to Danny Manning for being in the running
Just tryin to achieve greatness like the greats before us. Wilt Chamberlain Danny Manning and Larry…
Do you want to see Danny Manning in a 90's baseball uniform? Of course you do
Legit forgot Danny Manning was once a Phoenix Sun.
Would you rather wake up to a surprise Danny Brown album or Pusha T album drop?
if Bill Self is hired as the Spurs head coach after Pop retires, I hope KU hires Danny Manning or Greg Marshall as their head coach.
Having an expired tube of toothpaste (contraband?) -- Go directly to *** . Chelsea Manning
So true! For some reason, the first guy that popped into my head was Bob(by) Sura. Then Danny Manning.
That will make it easier for Danny Manning to recruit him.
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Manning and Rivers not getting any younger. I could see the Raiders competing in that division.
plus you've got Danny missing Peyton Manning, in 3.17. Fingers crossed they continue the trend! ;D
My kids will know all about Peyton Manning. If they want to know about Tom Brady they'll have to read it themse…
A healthy Danny Manning is an oxymoron, much like a professional Markieff Morris.
Gimme '94-95 with a healthy Danny Manning and I'm good to go. That team was terrifyingly stacked.
Danny Manning catching up with the current Clippers.
How about be mad about something that matters. Like enslaving people trying to keep you informed like
Mark Jackson and Danny Manning took the Clippers to their first playoffs. they HAVE to be on the clipper my rushmore
Danny Manning at the Mac Irvin Fire/Wings Elite game. Zach Norvell is one of the players that he's watching.
Do they have any Danny Manning jerseys left in their inventory? If not I'll settle for a Stanley Roberts.
For Game 2, Doc Rivers is going to start at PG. Ron Harper, Danny Manning, James Edwards, and Ken Norman will be the rest of the starters.
JT3, Jamie Dixon and Danny Manning all took in Bruce Brown's 29-point, 8-reb, 3-stl, 2-asst game in BABC's win over Seatt…
Kansas junior Perry Ellis named winner of the 2015 Danny Manning "Mr. Jayhawk" award.
OU had defeated KU 2 times earlier in the year. Stacy King, Mookie Blaylock, Harvey Grant, Danny Manning. Tubbs v Brown
Listening to Danny Manning of "Danny and the Miracles" 1988 NCAA Men's Basketball National Champions coached by Larry Brown on
Danny Manning was on hand Thursday to see 2015 Harry Giles (go for 26 points and 11 rebounds in a win. Via
I really want some more Kaun, Morris twins, Collins, (Nick) Simien, and some Danny Manning coaching the bigs.
I wish I was in Winston-Salem right now, so I could roll the Quad and celebrate Danny Manning's first ACC win! 🎩🏀
ESPN's looked like Russ Smith in the paint as he was trying to stretch to reach Danny Manning for that pregame interview.
Blake Griffin passed Danny Manning with that 3-pointer for 5th on LAC scoring list. Maggette, Brand, McAdoo and Randy Smith ahead.
Danny Manning, Randolph Childress, and Brett Ballard of Wake Forest all here for Oak Hill 2016 6'11 Rodney Miller.
"John Collins a big, rugged skilled post player," said Wake coach Danny Manning. Story with quotes on all 3 signees:
Danny Manning: "I'm very excited about Bryant Crawford joining our family and our basketball program." Story:
"In dances, it's okay to touch girls in strange places" - wise words of Danny Manning
I've got you on my clipper all Mount Rushmore team with blake, Danny manning, Derek smith
Danny Manning would like a word with you out back sir. LOL!
How you gonna leave out danny manning?!?!
Coach Danny Manning dribbles on over to Bill Flynn in the Morning for a quick talk! A book being morphed into a movie is up for...
LOL i am a news man... i MUST speak the truth! if you dont know danny manning played for the clips, you've jumped the bandwagon!!
Peyton Manning vs. Tom Brady. Round 16. THREE. MORE. DAYS. This should hold you over while you wait.
If a girl knows who Danny Manning is! I'm going to love her a lot more than before!😁
Half these clippers fans wasn't riding when they had Danny manning and crew
even back in the day when Danny Manning was balling
Sad to see how many fair weather fans fill the to watch the play. Wonder how many know who Danny Manning is.
1990 with my all-time favorite player Danny Manning Been on the
Danny Manning and the Deacs head to Charleston this Saturday to take on CofC in a closed scrimmage.
Our former managing editor has some great quotes from in this S.I. piece.
Part one of the interview with Wake coach Danny Manning from ACC Operation Basketball ($)
Just saw Danny Manning at executive airport. Guy looks like he could still play . He's probably better than any big currently on the Knicks
Now airing our chat with Danny Manning
Got tons of great stuff at ACC Basketball media day from Bennett, Pitino, both Williams, Coach K, Larranaga, Danny Manning and players.
“He’s really improved since we’ve been there in terms of his body,” new Wake Forest coach Danny Manning said of Andre Washington
In one day I shook 2014 Danny Manning's hand...and then beat 1993 Danny Manning's *** in NBA Jam.
I can because we did have the best team. Sometimes a special player can just carry a team (ex. Danny Manning)
Baseball equivalent of Danny (Manning) & the Miracles winning NCAA in 1988 (on birthday)
Wearing that when Danny Manning was there lol
Danny Manning: I'm not just preparing these guys for basketball, I'm preparing them for life.
Wake's Danny Manning: The benches are made for little dudes.
"Our junior class is the backbone of our team," NEW HC Danny Manning tells me.
Trying to picture the 6-month-old Wake Forest players admiring Danny Manning when he played the game the right way in the mid-90s.
Danny Manning, “Right now we’re still a work in progress. Where we’re at today will not be where we are in March.”
Danny Manning is up at ACC Media Day, watch live here
DG taping with first-year coach Danny Manning. Not a Hall of Fame coach (yet) but probably the best player here.
Wake Forest coach Danny Manning, "We're going to get to a point where we're going to be a team to be reckoned with."
"I enjoy college.I love the atmosphere of college bball and building a program"-Danny Manning on why he didn't go NBA route.
Danny Manning is easily the tallest basketball coach in the ACC. That’s got to count for something, Wake.
Jim Christian of Buzz Williams of & Danny Manning of are all in 1st yr as head coaches of their respective programs
ACC Basketball Media Day: Live Video: Basketball season is quickly approaching, which means it's time for ACC ...
New kind of tall order at "I cant speak 2 what happened in past, don't care about it." -
Aaron Rountree, III, tells me new head coach Danny Manning is "a breath of fresh air".
.Codi Miller-McIntyre on Danny Manning: he is a people person. He'll get the community more involved.
ACC Basketball Media Day: Live Video. & to be interviewed at 11:36 a.m.
Check out coach Danny Manning participating in an round table with
Coach Danny Manning's shadow for the day! Wake Forest multimedia women "manning" the cameras…
Danny Manning takes over at Wake Forest with eye on 1st NCAA tournament since 2010
this might be worse than Danny Manning tearing up his knee Game 26 into his rookie yr. Actually, it is!
Larry Brown called Danny Manning perhaps the best player ever in college basketball. An amazing compliment to an incredible p…
John Collins (FL Flash) to Wake. Danny Manning is getting it done on the recruiting trail. Combo of Collins & Moore will be tough to stop.
If you're going to suggest Morningstar, I'd assume you'd suggest Danny Manning or Wilt Chamberlain's ghost, too...
Dominique Wilkins-Danny Manning trade in all of its glory:
Danny Manning, one of the most accomplished college basketball players in the history of the sport, has been named the head coach at Wake Forest University. Athletics Director Ron Wellman made the announcement today.
Wake Forest adds Campbell transfer Darius Leonard, source told ESPN. Big man can play right away for Danny Manning.
The 6'2" guard out of Florida has committed to play for Danny Manning and the Wake Forest Demon Deacons.
It’s funny and sad how everyone hates him now, but most people have always known that Donald Sterling is a racist and nothing has been done about. In 2003 he settled a racial discrimination suit for $5 million. In 2006 he was sued and settled out of court for $2.25 million because he wouldn’t rent his houses/ apartments to black families. Elgin Baylor, who spent 22 years with the Clippers said Sterling had a “Plantation mentality” and had “rejected all black coaching candidates” and said that he wanted “a white Southern coach, coaching poor black players.” He told Danny Manning that his contract was “a lot of money for a poor black kid.” And Baron Davis said he suffered with anxiety playing for him. I guess insulting Magic Johnson was crossing the line. SMH
Ok, to start off, GREAT JOB GRANDSTANDING N.B.A.! YOU DID WHAT YOU WERE FORCED TO DO. If you were so outraged by who he was, you would have done this year's ago. You would have thoroughly investigated years ago the allegations made against him by Baron Davis, Danny Manning,Elgin Baylor and others. I am not naive enough to believe this is new news to you. Why yall gonna act surprised when company comes over and a roach comes out. Yall *** knew you had roaches long before I came over. You wanna act brand new when the lights come on. STOP IT!. GET TO THE FOREFRONT OF THE ISSUE, TAKE ACTION, DONT JUST REACT WHEN YOU ARE CORNERD.
Been silent on the whole Don Sterling blah. Won't rehash what tons have already said with one exception: where the heck was the backlash for his racist and discriminatory rental practices against Blacks and Latinos in CA? Where was the support from the Commish, other owners, players, fans etc. when Elgin Baylor, the Seattle legend, needed it? What about when Danny Manning needed support for the same reason? This cat has a long track record showing his hand. I pray these NBA cats have a substantive showing of testicular fortitude beyond some corny, snore-worthy and paper thin gesture of turning their jerseys inside out. A boycott would exact a blow right where this plantation owner deserves it, not to mention role model to scores of collegiates, teens--even other pros--that they, in fact, CAN act and make an impact rather than succumb to perceived powerlessness in the face of economic oppression, among other harmful social and/or structural conditions.
As a Laker fan... I give nothing but adulation and support for the Clippers today. I grew up rooting for the Clippers during the days of Ron Harper and Danny Manning. My mom was a season ticket holder and I use to see Donald Sterling all the time at the games as a kid. All along he probably didn't want my mom and I at the game.. Time for change in the world..
I was eight years old when I saw a commercial with Danny Manning, Ken Norman, and Ron "Hollywood" Harper (that's how they marketed him) in these red and white uniforms, claiming to be from LA. Everyone I knew loved Magic Johnson and his championship Lakers. This other team, the "Clippers" seemed like a delightful secret. A different team from my home town that I could watch and support. I was eight. Too young to understand what an owner was or what they did, but old enough to be an individual. Old enough to want to zag where others zigged. Old enough to find the concept of a mysterious, ground floor opportunity compelling. So I chose this team, these secret Clippers. For a couple of years they were good and looked to be getting better. Then injuries, bad luck and something called "bad ownership" tore them apart. It was here that I learned about the draft lottery. How great Lamond Murray, Brent Barry and Lorenzen Wright would be for my Clippers! We would return with a vengeance! So I continued to support m ...
Stories had been out there a Long time ask Danny Manning , Ron Harper, Michael Cage , Sam Cassell, Elgin Baylor, Elton Brand...
I don`t see how the NBA`s gonna white wash the Ignorant Evil Racist statements made by Clippers owner Donald Sterling ... This person is telling everyone know this is what rich white America thinks of African Americans and African Americans Stop!!! using whites as agents also getting rich on your talents never picking up a ball pitching or hitting a baseball in they're life!!! considering themselves better then blacks making a living off they're talents??? He's done it before 3 times in the past Barren Davis stated he knew about his racism and the league saved his Franchise helping him sign Blake Griffin and Chris Paul without these 2 black men??? You Donald Sterling would have to pay to be in these men presences which I have a feeling You will be soon doing... I see how the Clippers in the past lost great players like Danny Manning, Loy Vaught, Charles Smith, Zach Randolph, Mo Williams, great players but first they are great Men regardless of the color of they're skin. it's time for your Racism to ...
Was the Danny Manning in Donald Sterling's dream had that made him veto a trade with the Heat for Glen Rice black?
Check out Danny Manning NBA LA Clippers photo new coach at Wake Forest,played at Kansas . via
because he settled it before people can keep chatting about it 💰💰💰. Crazy even what he said to Danny manning ..
Last time watched a Clippers game, Danny Manning played and I waa in a bar with one TV.
I was excited when Danny Manning was hired at TU but now and the staff he has hired!! Things look great.
Will Mitchell Wilbekin join Danny Manning in his move to Wake Forest?
I have been wanting this since Danny Manning was a Clip. I have always known Don Sterling to be a…
Noticed Danny Manning watching him this weekend? I know NC State has the early edge.
"or mistakenly celebrating Black History Month on the wrong month or the quote to Danny Manning IN FRONT of David Stern?"
give me some then!:D also Danny is sleep talking, which is kinda hysterical but keeping me awake:(
His *** is fckng Olowokandi now(and Danny Manning wants nothing to do w/iyt).Broke uyp a beautiful 'arrangement.'Sad.
Danny Manning and Loy Vaught received way worse treatment from Sterling than the glamour girl side chick
yeah but during Clippers games it gets swapped for a statue of Danny Manning
The newest stupidity that has spewed from Donald Sterling’s bigoted, intolerant mouth is heartbreaking. But it shouldn't be too much of a surprise. Allegations have been around for years, all the way back to Danny Manning being signed. I feel sorry for the individuals, players, and coaches that are obligated to work for Sterling. The Clippers organization has a legitimate chance to win a title with their current team. But now these guys have to deal with the distractions and realization that they work for a racist. I want to see the players and coaches succeed, but I'm cognizant of the fact that their success contributes to his wealth. The organization doesn't need to waste our time with some disingenuous apologetic statement released from Sterling that was written by a public relations firm. Sterling being a racist is not news. Racism still being alive and witnessed every day is not news. What would be news would be if the NBA put down their iron fist and acted on this scandal by forcing Sterling to se ...
don't leave out Darius Miles, Quinton Richardson and Lamar Odom... Danny Manning too
I've been a Clippers fan since I was a kid going back to the Danny Manning days. Donald should be removed as the owner.
I know what said about this, must be mad as *** I'm turning in my Danny Manning jersey!
New basketball coach Danny Manning has an "assertive nature to him" and is setting a new tone.
TU releases Danny Manning recruit Mitchell Wilbekin from letter of intent -
he needs to get kicked out of the nba for sure calling Danny manning a poor black boy
it's all danny manning, ken Norman & co.'s fault who have me a hope and also signed their rookie cards back in the day
This is 2010...Clippers legal update: Elgin Baylor on Donald Sterling via
Or as Shaq might say, "you should know, you Danny Manning lookin a** motherlover!"
I sent my picture and a card to Wake Forest LEGEND Randolph Childress to be signed and I got it back signed within 4 days!!! Class Act!!! GO DEACS!!! Next up Danny Manning!
absolutely, Sterling being an outspoken bigot goes all the way back to 1989 when Danny Manning refused to play for him.
Why didn't I find out about what Sterling said about Danny Manning in '88 til now? Why wasn't he suspended like Marge Schott sooner?
SMH exactly man. I can't knock the business aspect but the fact that he said that to Elgin Baylor and Danny Manning and
back in the day when the Clippers had Danny Manning,You could get Tickets at the Gas Station. "lemme get $10 on & 2 tix. That'll be $12"
what gets me. Sterling made racial comments to Danny Manning & Elgin Baylor years ago. Nothing was done
have you heard how he treated danny manning when he got drafted? Pretty crazy stuff
Baylor spoke about contentious contract talks at Sterling's home with Clippers draft pick Danny Manning, the No. 1 overall choice in 1988.
"im offering a lot of money for a poor ghetto youth"-Donald Sterling to David Stern about drafting Danny Manning
Danny Manning was trash to me though
Oh, you didn't know Clippers owner Donald Sterling was a racist? Then you haven't been listening to countless players (Danny Manning, Ron Harper, Elton Brand, Lamar Odom, etc) coaches (Larry Brown, Chris Ford), Clippers front office (Elgin Baylor filed 2 lawsuits against Sterling while working for him) or anyone else that ever said anything about him for the last 20+ years. Thank God for TMZ or some of you wouldn't know anything at all.
For decades, I been a Clipper fan, i didnt jump on the bandwagon when we winning! I was there when we was losing! In 91 when Mark Jackson, Ron Harper, Danny Manning, Greg Norman, and Benoit Benjamin took us into the playoffs back to back years and we loss to John Stockton, Blue Edwards, Jeff Hornecel, Karl Malone, And Mark Eaton of the Jazz I was there. So, all you fake Clipper fans who really Lakers fans? Get off the leg!
I'm Petty. I need them to get back to the Danny Manning and Ron Harper days.
Go behind the scenes and follow Wake Forest head coach Danny Manning during his first day as a Demon Deacon.
I've been a Clippers fan since '85... i've been rooting for them since they played in Anaheim with Danny Manning and in thru the 90s with Elton "Double-Double" Brand, Corey Maggette, DMiles, QRich, Lamar Odom (before the Kardashian's), Drafting Kandiman over Vince Carter and Antwan Jamison, Alvin Gentry, Marko Jaric - The 1st Ricky Rubio lol, Larry Brown coaching, Keyon Dooling running point, Baron & Ricky Davis, before Blake Griffin was jumping over Kia's, CP3 and Doc Rivers. All I'm saying is, I love my team. It's Championship or bust, I don't care nothing bout the Heat, Thunder, Pacers or Spurs. No bandwagon allowed!
Kansas City Star Missouri basketball coach Frank Haith reportedly will take Tulsa job Kansas City Star Tulsa ordinarily has been a job for coaches on the way up, including their last coach, former KU star Danny Manning, who led the Golden Hurricane to the NCAAs before leaving for Wake Forest. KU coach Bill Self and former Arkansas coach Nolan ... Frank Haith leaves Missouri to take Tulsa jobUSA TODAY Tulsa targets Haith for coaching Report: Mizzou coach Frank Haith verbally commits to Tulsa -Garnet And Black Attack -KSPR all 209 news articles � - via Job Tips
Jabari Parker knows what time it is. Danny Manning/Demon Deacon time. Way to fall back.
Missouri coach Frank Haith verbally agrees to take Tulsa job. He will replace Danny Manning, who left for Wake Forest. (v…
Head coach Bill Self made the crowd laugh, every Jayhawk had their moment on stage and Andrew Wiggins capped his KU career with the Danny Manning "Mr. Jayhawk" Award at the 2014 Kansas men's basketball banquet Tuesday night.
One-and-done freshmen Andrew Wiggins, left, and Joel Embiid share a laugh during the Kansas University men’s basketball postseason awards banquet Tuesday, April 15, 2014, at the Lawrence Holiday Inn. Wiggins, who was given the Danny Manning “Mr. Jayhawk” Award, and Embiid declared for this summer’s…
if we include Buffalo brave days, then Chris Paul Randy Smith Bob McAdoo Blake Griffin and Danny Manning
One of these days Danny Manning will replace Bill Self at Kansas and stuff like this won't even bother you.
Winston-Salem, N.C. — Wake Forest is hoping Danny Manning can turn around its slumping basketball team. No miracles needed.
Danny Manning rode in on the motorcycle with the Demon Deacon tonight at PHOTOS: htt…
Danny Manning joins the long list of premier coaches who used the Tulsa University basketball program as a stepping stone. Who's next?
Manning The Man for Wake Forest: Tulsa head men’s basketball coach Danny Manning is leaving the Golden Hurricane...
Wake Forest has agreed to a deal with Tulsa's Danny Manning for him to become the coach,Manning attended high school in North Carolina
Danny Manning leaving Tulsa to become head coach at Wake Forest |
Danny Manning has announced his resignation as The University of Tulsa’s head basketball coach, according to TU’s...
Danny Manning has agreed to become Wake Forest coach. He was No. 1 pick in 1988 NBA Draft. (via
on this day in Kansas City sports history, for April 4th, in 1888- Tris Speaker was born today. A Hall of Famer and part of a group that purchased the Kansas City Blues in 1933 from the Muehelbach estate. 1939- Bill Bridges was born today. He was a 6'6" forward at Kansas University, played for the Kansas City Steers Basketball team '61-63, led the league in rebounding, he later joined the NBA. 1976- the LAST game played by the Kansas City Scouts NHL Hockey team. 1979- the KC Kings basketball team defeated the Los Angeles Lakers in overtime to clinch the Midwest Division Title. 1988- Kansas and Big 8 rival Oklahoma play to a 50-50 halftime tie, with Danny Manning (MVP) of the Jayhawks leading his team to victory 83-79 in the NCAA Basketball Tournament win at Kansas City's Kemper Arena. On the SAME day, it was the First Greater Kansas City Day, and opening day for the Royals, who lost to Toronto Blue Jays 3-5 with Blue Jays George Bell slugging 3 homers off Royals pitcher Brett Saberhagen
As an added layer, The University of Tulsa confirms Danny Manning is taking Wake Forest job.
Congratulations to Danny Manning on using the University of Tulsa the way it should be used. As a step ladder.
Breaking News. reporting now that University of Tulsa men's basketball coach Danny Manning has accepted the HC job at Wake Forest
More on Danny Manning and reports he's accepted job offer from Wake Forest
Reports: Danny Manning leaving Golden Hurricane to be head basketball coach at via
Danny Manning has, as expected, accepted Wake Forest’s offer. A formal announcement is expected soon. Story:
Sources: Wake agrees with Tulsa's Manning: Wake Forest has agreed to a deal with Tulsa coach Danny Manning, so...
Tulsa’s Danny Manning has been offered Wake Forest and is leaning toward accepting, sources told Story: htt…
Danny Manning may be the Next Head Coach at Wake Forest University via
Danny Manning is visiting the Wake Forest campus on Wednesday and sources told that he i...
Danny Manning is at Wake Forest today while Tulsa has stepped up in effort to keep him. Decision looming. Story:
Wake or Tulsa? Decision looms for Manning: Danny Manning is visiting the Wake Forest cam...
Big ups to Kevin Ollie, Johnny Dawkins, and Danny Manning. All holding it down in the tourney this year.
The Dominique Wilkins-Danny Manning trade from '94 was a big deadline deal:
Larry Brown, Kelvin Sampson, *** Cronin, Kevin Ollie in the 16, lil' Josh Pastner, Danny Manning. USF better nail this bball hire.
Tulsa, Jordan Clarkson's former team, coached by Danny Manning
UCLA Preview: Head coach Steve Alford is not overlooking Danny Manning and Tulsa.
I think it's time for the media to stop talking about Aaron Craft like he's Danny Manning or Christian Laettner
If OSU makes a change and can't get Bill Self, would it go after his star pupil - Danny Manning? That's when some Tulsa folks fear.
No disrespect to Tulsa's Danny Manning, but it's a crime that Tim Floyd didn't win C-USA Coach of the Year. Nob…
Nope, I'm from Harrisburg. Danny Manning was my favorite player and Larry Brown my favorite coach.
Some big names in a single sentence. Yahoo sports says: Creighton's Doug McDermott now has 2,917 points, and he's on track to pass Danny Manning and Oscar Robertson by the end of the regular season.
ask Larry about any Louisville/FreedomHall/ABA memories. Shhh about the KU/Danny Manning loss to UK when Sky Walker went off :-)
Kansas has a nice squad. For it to be the most desolate, no night life, backwoods, behind the times place in the country. They do a helluva job of recruiting or their history which is WAY overrated to me gets them kids their. They won a championship with the Mario Chalmers shot against a loaded Memphis squad that had Derrick Rose on it. But before that go back to Danny Manning. Interesting enough that was Big 8 to Big 12's only titles as of late. Kansas obviously has had no parody in their conference. In street terms "they don't play nobody" Big 12 has been much improved this year and Kansas has produced some quality pros so I won't turn all the way up on em. Edmond's own Bill Self has done a great job in Lawrence. Andrew Wiggins and Joel Embiid will be lottery picks come draft time.
D.Rose officially joined the Ron Harper & Danny Manning club. Went from Sky's the Limit to maybe an All-Star
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