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Danny Manning

Daniel Ricardo Danny Manning (born May 17, 1966 in Hattiesburg, Mississippi) is an American college basketball coach and retired player in the National Basketball Association.

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Was the Danny Manning in Donald Sterling's dream had that made him veto a trade with the Heat for Glen Rice black?
Check out Danny Manning NBA LA Clippers photo new coach at Wake Forest,played at Kansas . via
because he settled it before people can keep chatting about it 💰💰💰. Crazy even what he said to Danny manning ..
Last time watched a Clippers game, Danny Manning played and I waa in a bar with one TV.
I was excited when Danny Manning was hired at TU but now and the staff he has hired!! Things look great.
Will Mitchell Wilbekin join Danny Manning in his move to Wake Forest?
I have been wanting this since Danny Manning was a Clip. I have always known Don Sterling to be a…
Noticed Danny Manning watching him this weekend? I know NC State has the early edge.
"or mistakenly celebrating Black History Month on the wrong month or the quote to Danny Manning IN FRONT of David Stern?"
give me some then!:D also Danny is sleep talking, which is kinda hysterical but keeping me awake:(
His *** is fckng Olowokandi now(and Danny Manning wants nothing to do w/iyt).Broke uyp a beautiful 'arrangement.'Sad.
Danny Manning and Loy Vaught received way worse treatment from Sterling than the glamour girl side chick
yeah but during Clippers games it gets swapped for a statue of Danny Manning
The newest stupidity that has spewed from Donald Sterling’s bigoted, intolerant mouth is heartbreaking. But it shouldn't be too much of a surprise. Allegations have been around for years, all the way back to Danny Manning being signed. I feel sorry for the individuals, players, and coaches that are obligated to work for Sterling. The Clippers organization has a legitimate chance to win a title with their current team. But now these guys have to deal with the distractions and realization that they work for a racist. I want to see the players and coaches succeed, but I'm cognizant of the fact that their success contributes to his wealth. The organization doesn't need to waste our time with some disingenuous apologetic statement released from Sterling that was written by a public relations firm. Sterling being a racist is not news. Racism still being alive and witnessed every day is not news. What would be news would be if the NBA put down their iron fist and acted on this scandal by forcing Sterling to se ...
don't leave out Darius Miles, Quinton Richardson and Lamar Odom... Danny Manning too
I've been a Clippers fan since I was a kid going back to the Danny Manning days. Donald should be removed as the owner.
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I know what said about this, must be mad as *** I'm turning in my Danny Manning jersey!
New basketball coach Danny Manning has an "assertive nature to him" and is setting a new tone.
TU releases Danny Manning recruit Mitchell Wilbekin from letter of intent -
he needs to get kicked out of the nba for sure calling Danny manning a poor black boy
it's all danny manning, ken Norman & co.'s fault who have me a hope and also signed their rookie cards back in the day
This is 2010...Clippers legal update: Elgin Baylor on Donald Sterling via
Or as Shaq might say, "you should know, you Danny Manning lookin a** motherlover!"
I sent my picture and a card to Wake Forest LEGEND Randolph Childress to be signed and I got it back signed within 4 days!!! Class Act!!! GO DEACS!!! Next up Danny Manning!
absolutely, Sterling being an outspoken bigot goes all the way back to 1989 when Danny Manning refused to play for him.
Why didn't I find out about what Sterling said about Danny Manning in '88 til now? Why wasn't he suspended like Marge Schott sooner?
The suit alleges that during negotiations for Danny Manning, Sterling said "I'm offering a lot of money for a poor black kid."
SMH exactly man. I can't knock the business aspect but the fact that he said that to Elgin Baylor and Danny Manning and
back in the day when the Clippers had Danny Manning,You could get Tickets at the Gas Station. "lemme get $10 on & 2 tix. That'll be $12"
what gets me. Sterling made racial comments to Danny Manning & Elgin Baylor years ago. Nothing was done
have you heard how he treated danny manning when he got drafted? Pretty crazy stuff
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Baylor spoke about contentious contract talks at Sterling's home with Clippers draft pick Danny Manning, the No. 1 overall choice in 1988.
"im offering a lot of money for a poor ghetto youth"-Donald Sterling to David Stern about drafting Danny Manning
Danny Manning was trash to me though
Oh, you didn't know Clippers owner Donald Sterling was a racist? Then you haven't been listening to countless players (Danny Manning, Ron Harper, Elton Brand, Lamar Odom, etc) coaches (Larry Brown, Chris Ford), Clippers front office (Elgin Baylor filed 2 lawsuits against Sterling while working for him) or anyone else that ever said anything about him for the last 20+ years. Thank God for TMZ or some of you wouldn't know anything at all.
For decades, I been a Clipper fan, i didnt jump on the bandwagon when we winning! I was there when we was losing! In 91 when Mark Jackson, Ron Harper, Danny Manning, Greg Norman, and Benoit Benjamin took us into the playoffs back to back years and we loss to John Stockton, Blue Edwards, Jeff Hornecel, Karl Malone, And Mark Eaton of the Jazz I was there. So, all you fake Clipper fans who really Lakers fans? Get off the leg!
Go behind the scenes and follow Wake Forest head coach Danny Manning during his first day as a Demon Deacon.
I've been a Clippers fan since '85... i've been rooting for them since they played in Anaheim with Danny Manning and in thru the 90s with Elton "Double-Double" Brand, Corey Maggette, DMiles, QRich, Lamar Odom (before the Kardashian's), Drafting Kandiman over Vince Carter and Antwan Jamison, Alvin Gentry, Marko Jaric - The 1st Ricky Rubio lol, Larry Brown coaching, Keyon Dooling running point, Baron & Ricky Davis, before Blake Griffin was jumping over Kia's, CP3 and Doc Rivers. All I'm saying is, I love my team. It's Championship or bust, I don't care nothing bout the Heat, Thunder, Pacers or Spurs. No bandwagon allowed!
Kansas City Star Missouri basketball coach Frank Haith reportedly will take Tulsa job Kansas City Star Tulsa ordinarily has been a job for coaches on the way up, including their last coach, former KU star Danny Manning, who led the Golden Hurricane to the NCAAs before leaving for Wake Forest. KU coach Bill Self and former Arkansas coach Nolan ... Frank Haith leaves Missouri to take Tulsa jobUSA TODAY Tulsa targets Haith for coaching Report: Mizzou coach Frank Haith verbally commits to Tulsa -Garnet And Black Attack -KSPR all 209 news articles � - via Job Tips
Jabari Parker knows what time it is. Danny Manning/Demon Deacon time. Way to fall back.
Missouri coach Frank Haith verbally agrees to take Tulsa job. He will replace Danny Manning, who left for Wake Forest. (v…
Head coach Bill Self made the crowd laugh, every Jayhawk had their moment on stage and Andrew Wiggins capped his KU career with the Danny Manning "Mr. Jayhawk" Award at the 2014 Kansas men's basketball banquet Tuesday night.
One-and-done freshmen Andrew Wiggins, left, and Joel Embiid share a laugh during the Kansas University men’s basketball postseason awards banquet Tuesday, April 15, 2014, at the Lawrence Holiday Inn. Wiggins, who was given the Danny Manning “Mr. Jayhawk” Award, and Embiid declared for this summer’s…
if we include Buffalo brave days, then Chris Paul Randy Smith Bob McAdoo Blake Griffin and Danny Manning
One of these days Danny Manning will replace Bill Self at Kansas and stuff like this won't even bother you.
Winston-Salem, N.C. — Wake Forest is hoping Danny Manning can turn around its slumping basketball team. No miracles needed.
Danny Manning rode in on the motorcycle with the Demon Deacon tonight at PHOTOS: htt…
Danny Manning joins the long list of premier coaches who used the Tulsa University basketball program as a stepping stone. Who's next?
Manning The Man for Wake Forest: Tulsa head men’s basketball coach Danny Manning is leaving the Golden Hurricane...
Wake Forest has agreed to a deal with Tulsa's Danny Manning for him to become the coach,Manning attended high school in North Carolina
Danny Manning leaving Tulsa to become head coach at Wake Forest |
Danny Manning has announced his resignation as The University of Tulsa’s head basketball coach, according to TU’s...
Danny Manning has agreed to become Wake Forest coach. He was No. 1 pick in 1988 NBA Draft. (via
on this day in Kansas City sports history, for April 4th, in 1888- Tris Speaker was born today. A Hall of Famer and part of a group that purchased the Kansas City Blues in 1933 from the Muehelbach estate. 1939- Bill Bridges was born today. He was a 6'6" forward at Kansas University, played for the Kansas City Steers Basketball team '61-63, led the league in rebounding, he later joined the NBA. 1976- the LAST game played by the Kansas City Scouts NHL Hockey team. 1979- the KC Kings basketball team defeated the Los Angeles Lakers in overtime to clinch the Midwest Division Title. 1988- Kansas and Big 8 rival Oklahoma play to a 50-50 halftime tie, with Danny Manning (MVP) of the Jayhawks leading his team to victory 83-79 in the NCAA Basketball Tournament win at Kansas City's Kemper Arena. On the SAME day, it was the First Greater Kansas City Day, and opening day for the Royals, who lost to Toronto Blue Jays 3-5 with Blue Jays George Bell slugging 3 homers off Royals pitcher Brett Saberhagen
As an added layer, The University of Tulsa confirms Danny Manning is taking Wake Forest job.
Congratulations to Danny Manning on using the University of Tulsa the way it should be used. As a step ladder.
Breaking News. reporting now that University of Tulsa men's basketball coach Danny Manning has accepted the HC job at Wake Forest
More on Danny Manning and reports he's accepted job offer from Wake Forest
Reports: Danny Manning leaving Golden Hurricane to be head basketball coach at via
Danny Manning has, as expected, accepted Wake Forest’s offer. A formal announcement is expected soon. Story:
Sources: Wake agrees with Tulsa's Manning: Wake Forest has agreed to a deal with Tulsa coach Danny Manning, so...
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Tulsa’s Danny Manning has been offered Wake Forest and is leaning toward accepting, sources told Story: htt…
Danny Manning may be the Next Head Coach at Wake Forest University via
Danny Manning is visiting the Wake Forest campus on Wednesday and sources told that he i...
Danny Manning is at Wake Forest today while Tulsa has stepped up in effort to keep him. Decision looming. Story:
Wake or Tulsa? Decision looms for Manning: Danny Manning is visiting the Wake Forest cam...
Big ups to Kevin Ollie, Johnny Dawkins, and Danny Manning. All holding it down in the tourney this year.
The Dominique Wilkins-Danny Manning trade from '94 was a big deadline deal:
Larry Brown, Kelvin Sampson, *** Cronin, Kevin Ollie in the 16, lil' Josh Pastner, Danny Manning. USF better nail this bball hire.
Tulsa, Jordan Clarkson's former team, coached by Danny Manning
UCLA Preview: Head coach Steve Alford is not overlooking Danny Manning and Tulsa.
I think it's time for the media to stop talking about Aaron Craft like he's Danny Manning or Christian Laettner
If OSU makes a change and can't get Bill Self, would it go after his star pupil - Danny Manning? That's when some Tulsa folks fear.
No disrespect to Tulsa's Danny Manning, but it's a crime that Tim Floyd didn't win C-USA Coach of the Year. Nob…
Nope, I'm from Harrisburg. Danny Manning was my favorite player and Larry Brown my favorite coach.
Some big names in a single sentence. Yahoo sports says: Creighton's Doug McDermott now has 2,917 points, and he's on track to pass Danny Manning and Oscar Robertson by the end of the regular season.
ask Larry about any Louisville/FreedomHall/ABA memories. Shhh about the KU/Danny Manning loss to UK when Sky Walker went off :-)
Kansas has a nice squad. For it to be the most desolate, no night life, backwoods, behind the times place in the country. They do a helluva job of recruiting or their history which is WAY overrated to me gets them kids their. They won a championship with the Mario Chalmers shot against a loaded Memphis squad that had Derrick Rose on it. But before that go back to Danny Manning. Interesting enough that was Big 8 to Big 12's only titles as of late. Kansas obviously has had no parody in their conference. In street terms "they don't play nobody" Big 12 has been much improved this year and Kansas has produced some quality pros so I won't turn all the way up on em. Edmond's own Bill Self has done a great job in Lawrence. Andrew Wiggins and Joel Embiid will be lottery picks come draft time.
D.Rose officially joined the Ron Harper & Danny Manning club. Went from Sky's the Limit to maybe an All-Star
Just had a KU fan tell me that Danny Manning was his favorite KU basketball player. Guy was born in 1986.
I didn't know WSU was playing Tulsa tonight, that's the only game I wanted to watch so I could cheer on Danny Manning 😔
Shockers putting it on Danny Manning and the Golden Hurricane.
This isn't a very good Tulsa team, but it's a scrappy, determined one. I still think Danny Manning will get it done here.
Tulsa is Danny Manning's team so I hope they win
Sorry Wichita St. Gotta root for Danny Manning and Tulsa right now
Bill Self was an assistant at KU, took Tulsa to the elite eight, then came back to KU. Danny Manning was an assistant at KU, now at Tulsa..
That's a good game, btw. Shockers really struggling with Danny Manning's squad.
Not Danny Manning's first coaching gig in Tulsa. Less than a decade ago he coached his kids in our T-town tourneys.
Bet Danny Manning pulls off the upset
Danny Manning could use a couple more buttons on his coats.
Think these commentators on needs to chill out on Danny Manning and pay some attention to Gregg Marshall!
can Danny manning pull off the upset?
Danny Manning has Tulsa basketball on the rise
Danny Manning got a good one in Shaquille Harrison
KU is way better than Wichita State and Im cheering for Tulsa cuz of Danny Manning
I wonder if Danny Manning suits up and practices with team?
After seeing Danny Manning on KU's bench for all that time, really weird seeing his 6'10 frame so animated on the sideline as head coach.
Danny Manning's call for a "Blue Out" worked. Kind of. More empty blue seats here than anything else. Followed closely by Shocker Fans.
About 10 minutes from going live at the Reynolds Center in prep for the Wichita State game. Turn to to hear Danny Manning's take
I just don't like Hull Danny you very pedantic man!
Headed to Tulsa to watch the Shockers take on Danny Manning's squad!
MY PSA - Danny Manning said Thank You to me..Made my day...and on the night he plays WSU Shockers =D
Danny Manning's Tulsa team takes on No. 16 Wichita State tonight. Go Tulsa!
Comparing Creighton's Doug McDermott to Tulsa coach (and ex-Kansas star) Danny Manning after 113 college games.
The coin up is Eric Decker and Danny amendola when I'm sure everyone said Tom brady and Peyton manning
Might wanna watch actual play... *** Panther fans cant even enjoy their big wins!
Danny Manning was often outscored by Ron Kellogg in Danny's frosh year but Danny got all the attention. Diaper Dandy
Tiger Bigs showed some good things. Would love to see what a guy like Danny Manning could do with them.
Top of the head, Paul Pierce, Danny Manning, Mario Chalmers, Kirk Hinrick, Drew Gooden, and the Morris twins all solid to great
Like Danny Manning is a KU basketball god and Bill Self is such a good coach. And then there's their sons...
Does anyone else feel a little bad for Danny Manning and Bill Self cause their sons are bad at basketball and they're not
Danny Manning never won in Hilton, great as he is, neither will Smart.
Marcus Smart is Danny Manning like to me , I'm in complete awe, so glad he came back, college basketball rules!
Danny Manning wants to remind us that he had 4/5 glorious yrs there & connection
the things Danny Manning could've taught to Joel Embiid...thing about it
Had no idea Danny Manning is in his second season as Tulsa's coach
Cam Newton's 80.7 Total QBR at home is 2nd to only Peyton Manning (81.0) this season.
nah was still Nique and Kevin Willis. Then Steve Smith, Christian Laettner and Danny Manning later on.
Breaking News: Danny Manning will resign at the end of the season to be DOBO for KU to help Bill Self develop CliffAlexander lol
most don't know the name Danny manning lol
Pretty sure Brown was coach when we beat Danny Manning and KU in 1985/1886 in Barnhill. The arena was electrifying!
Manning/ Brady= best QB ever, Calvin = best WR ever. AP= best RB ever modern day football where it's at.
They won't. You just have and Dominique Wilkins and Danny Manning ain't walking through that door.
they put him with Danny Manning and wilt chaimberlin lmaooo
Dear Tulsa University: I dearly love my Alma Mater and a big supporter of the University, its academics and its sports programs. I watched our basketball program go into a disastrous tailspin only about three years after reaching the elite eight in the NCAA tournament (as well as some sweet sixteens before that). We were a few shots away from a final four appearance. Our decision to hire a very nice man and great assistant coach with local ties as a high school coach turned out horribly as he was just not a NCAA Division 1 head coach. We did this in an attempt to get someone who would stay for the long term. It flat out didn't work and the guy we brought in after that turned in mediocre results that we put up with far too long. We fell from the ranks of national prominence with top mid-major status to another horse in the race. We are looking at a resurgence with Danny Manning at the helm but probably will lose him but that's alright due to good buyout clauses in the contract. Our football program rose to ...
Ahh. Just tell him how great Danny Manning and Derrick Thomas were. He'll spend 20 minutes reminiscing and forget he was mad at you
Thanks to freedom fighters we had Danny Manning, Magic Johnson, Grant Hill, Jamal Mashburn and more college greats.
Can't believe I'm still so sick. :( glad I have such an awesome girlfriend to look after me :) would probably have karked it by now without her.
Djs tell us What makes your mixes to be like this Dj mang mang podcast Tracklist 1.*(original mix) 2 Da capo*(* remix) Is it a matter of not knowing the song u played or you just be selfish u don't want other ppl to have those songs?
Respect to Michael Bublé Not a lot of artists would do that. A must watch and it's funny too
Dad wants me to meet his fiance's niece at a swimming party/bbq on the 4th but apparently this girl is being courted by Danny Manning's son?
The one you should be slapping is your boyfriend for being a player Add Me to become ''fb famous ''
Well Danni, I hope you have fun. I told you what would happen if you chose Cupid. I never expected Amaya to come back, but maybe if I get kicked in the nuts enough by her she will take me back. I doubt it but maybe it's worth a try.
Having half the house cleaned top to bottom Walls floors you name it Going to have a bit of a rest Love yu baby xxx
Man: fear of heights? Boy: no fear of falling. Man: well then dont fall! Boy: thats great advice. Lmao *~*~Danni~*~*
I can't believe how much live I have from the fb friends and family in my life!! From California to Arizona to Colorado to Indiana to Florida to Virginia to Rhode Island to New England to New Hampshire to Canada to England and final destination Australia!! Thank you so much for all the B'day wishes!! Love you all!! The age may make me an old man Danni Gorse but like Loving Michelle said LLNP and I definitely will!! Life is awesome!!
I don't now how it happened, or how so much time has gone by, but today i have been married for 15 years. Eric Mikel, I love you. You are not the man I married. You are stronger, and wiser, and better and I know God more because of you and I cannot think of anything i would do different, not if i meant i ended up a different person than the one i have become. I love you Eric Mikel, more today than i even knew I could then. happy anniversary.
Dear Music Makers, Guess what? Everything has been done before... and with new technology you don't even have to play your instruments or even sing well to make something "listenable"... "what separates the incredible from the mundane?" you ask. Heart. The level of heart, the gage of true emotion you bleed into your music separates the classes. If you are a hollow person, no amount of autotune can fix that honey.
Why is it i run from all the things and people that would be willing to make me happy . Yet wait around for the unknown x
Putting the finishing touches on the derby car tonight then fireworks.
Just got home from the Doctors in Lake City really must have stormed very bad up here. The hard road coming from S&S had trees down across it two of them we could ride around but the third one we could not I would have landed in a ditch, So we pulled over and Russ and I decided to try and move this tree !!! LOL a disabled 71 year old man with oxygen and a cane and a 67 year old women in the pouring rain moving this darn tree to the side of the road. Finally another car came and their was a young girl and she helped us and we got the road clear so people could get through. On the dirt road we came across two more trees down but we could get around them !!! It must have looked so funny us trying to move that tree soaking wet and laughing like crazy but we did it. So glad to have made it home and very thankful for the young girl who stopped to help us move the tree !!!
Another cake finished, waiting for collection in the morning, one more to go! X
whats everyone doing tonight??? i miss my man so very much, my little angel is tucked up in bed :D cant wait til tomorrow with Josh Morris Collins!!!
Well 2moz is the big day where my baby girl is going to be born xx bag is all packed ready xx
Basically Tom and Danni had a meeting during Period 5 today, in one of their free’s. They discussed the ideas that everyone had, decided that since everything is messing up at the moment. We have decided to change some of the games, there will be Band Hero “I want to break free”, Slender Man; which everyone should know or played in their life, Just Dance and COD Capture the Flag. We think these will be easy to do and could have a really good affect on the audience. The first scene is the onise party, everyone is laughing and joking, having fun. Someone says they should all play a game, they gather round the TV and start the game. “Do you want to enter the game” is heard as a voice over. “Yes” is shouted by all. “Good luck, I’ll see you at the end, if you make it.” Lights go down. (Scream is heard and everyone goes off stage.) Lights go up and everyone falls onto the stage, as if they are being pushed onto the stage. Game maker appears on balcony, he says, “Welcome to the game, the ru ...
Looks like I won't be coming home until December now. Can't say I didn't see this coming. Getting used to nothing going as planned.
Flo walking in elimination with one shoe on balling her eyes out. Gabi tells her shes drunk. she's all okay now and going crazy LMFAO
had to rob this from pete lol The way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Unless he's a Vegetarian. Then you can get there through his fanny.
Niknaks and wine's been that kind of day! I need a Stoney to finish it all off.
I'm sick of all dis bs. tired of the two faced people who think they can get away wit bein a liar. just because I don't call you out right now don't mean I don't know! You got it comin. trust
i have all my music, apps and photos on my iPhone, i have never plugged it into iTunes though see if i wanted to plug it into someones laptop to out music on it, would i still have all my apps, music and photos? and would that persons laptop have all my music and pictures? someone help me out!
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Where's really good to book a holiday to spain that'll sort flights, hotels and transfers for an all inclusive thing just for a few days? Quite fancying.
Can everyone see the dicktator pic i posted.. it hasnt had any reaction.. thought it would.. lmao its amazing! Just wondering?
TU, OU agree to two-game basketball series: On Tuesday, Golden Hurricane coach Danny Manning said he and Oklah...
Did my hubbs Lawrence King Seriously just call me from work to tell me I need to work a trench coat over my ensemble to FIFTY SHADES? Then when I get there rip it off for everyone to see!!! REALLY...a trench coat in AUGUST.does he just sit at work and think of this slife with this hilarious!
Sitting at the hospital with will and I'm 4cm they are trying to stop the contractions
Porsha snapped on me at the reunion lol and I couldn't even say anything back because Bigg Slim told me not to turn into the angry black woman lol (and I love that he is taking charge because I'm a loose cannon) we had a lil chat backstage lol
Need help of mothers. My daughter keeps goin on about a bad man! Shes terrified to go into my hall by herself n is constantly sayin oh man n wanting picked up. Martyns got to scare him away at nyt. Av tried sayin theres no bad man av tried sayin. Noo its a nice man mummy n daddys friend n av tried ignoring it. Still be getting worse shes gtn herself into some state n wont give me a minute. Is this normal for her age or do I have a bloosy spirit scaring her?? Xxxx
Wow a c section ain't no joke...can't wait to get up and start walking this pain off!! Thank goodness I got mom Pam Frank today to help!!! Luis Chigo has to go back to work bless his heart but he reassured me "his" baby will only miss him for a little bit and *** be right back!! :)
Things just seem to be going from bad to worse.i'd like a break sometime soon please.before I do! :(
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I been a Clipper fan my whole life, Danny Manning never got that much $27 million over four years. U better make your 3's GoodLuck
Dumb slags think u can do wha u did give me the eye I have now and expect me not to do anything shows the bigger person was me by walkin off and ringin police jus watch now cuz I'm deffo pressin charges
All i've ever wanted is for my friends to love X-men as much as i do so they all dress up as appropriate characters and pose for pictures with me. and maybe make really stupid youtube videos.
Haven't even got to see a pic of my son yet :( now apparently named cooper instead of bently dont no his name daye of birth what he looks like havent heard anything about my son and Karla is taking a two week old baby to footy games showing everyone but his own dad ,felling low
We just had the most interesting man visit Rusted. He's been carrying around a beautiful silver spoon he bought in Europe for nearly ten years, looking for someone who can turn it into jewelry. I promised him I would try my best to find someone to do just that for him. So if anyone knows anyone who could turn his silverware into a piece of jewelry, please contact me and let me know. It'd be pretty special to find someone after ten years of searching
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Self righteous rant time. You've been warned. :) I have been thinking (I know, "Not again") a lot lately. I have been spending a lot more time just chilling by myself. What I have realized is that I have no drama, no anger, no real issues (Shush, I don't mean "those" issues) and have been quite content. Now I am an outgoing person who can get along with most anyone I choose to. What I realize though is that anytime more than a couple people get together, the poop stirring stick seems to come out. Now I am far from a saint and fall into said pooh as fast as anyone. This is one reason why I have limited the number of people I regularly associate with and the number I hang with at any one time. I suppose maybe it's me who has the problem but it seems the more people that I have regular communication with, the more I wonder if I can dig a deep enough hole that my dogs won't dig it back up. I just don't know why we seem to have a need to be contrary, argumentative and dismiss others opinions as wrong just beca ...
Christine Smith Would like to thank you for allways helping me out for all the mum jobs that you do for me, you are the best! Danielle, Amy Smith and Richard Smith are very lucky to have you. Love you dearly, love peter allan patrick james earley.
I miss the 90s Clips when they was wack and Danny Manning was nice ...I miss the 90s
Danny Manning's mom just called me "sweetie"! scratch that
Maybe he can hire Ron Harper and Danny Manning to be assistants.
Sugar Ray Leonard, Jim Nantz, Craig Ferguson, Danny Manning, and Hubert Davis have birthdays today.
Great XandO conversations over the last few days. Del Harris, Danny Manning, Criss Beyers, Bob Pryor, Jay Wright and Michael Lewis.
Moved over for the 2nd half of TX Elite & ICP. Larry Brown, Shun Miller, Tubby Smith, Danny Manning all front row.
Well this weekend has gone exactly to plan ¬.¬, hmm what to do now...
agree. A few yrs ago, i couldnt find a clipper fan and now there everywhere, swearing they were fans since Danny Manning.
"No community of such strong & resilient people should be represented by treacherous acts that define Bradley Manning"
If u were planning donations or volunteering for SF pride this year, don't bother. They are cowards. See statement.
In the home of a legend. Otherwise known as Danny Manning. Oh and
.Get your facts one died bc of Lots died in an illegal war that Manning tried to expose.
Team Sizzle is 1-0 with a 50-44 win over Peoples Bball (Canada) Chris Manning finishes with 12 points & 10 boards. Danny Shand had 13 pts.
Montee Ball goes from Danny O'Brien last year to Peyton Manning this year. LOL
Just met Danny Manning with former NBA star..
Tulsa's head coach, and former NBA star Danny Manning is the only coach I've seen here at ACN so far today
Thats how it goes, though, doesn't it? Luck to Manning. Rodgers to Favre. Romo to Danny White
Esperando la peliculaa jejeje iron man 3
just speculation for now, but it would be almost identical to the Danny Manning recruitment
aye as long as the broncos pull through with manning, I'll be happy
Danny White, Drew Brees or Peyton Manning - find out the stats:
Danny White, Ken Stabler or Peyton Manning - find out the stats:
Danny Manning was a huge factor in that Big Man U
*** Danny manning I bet you thought you was gonna die without seeing them win something lol
I feel you! Lolol been a clippers fan since the days of Danny Manning. We just started actin right b
Hawkes Bay. Richard is in town manning the outpost while Danny takes a well deserved break. Pay a visit...
Tulsa Head Coach Danny Manning reached out to Jalen Jones who is with Garner Road Adidas.
I'm finally doing 78228 I'm delivering to Yolanda,plainview, Danny clay, Willie, 38th street ellor manning jay and that area lol
Now multiply that by 5, that's the Lakers season “1995 Suns were STACKED, best team in NBA until Danny Manning tore his ACL.
Man, I remember when the 1995 Suns had a STACKED squad and looked like the best team in the league until Danny Manning tire his ACL.
As an Okie, this Rockets team makes me ill. Kelvin Sampson AND James Harden on the same team? I'd pee myself if Danny Manning was the coach.
the KU fan doesn't who Danny Manning is..
Re-watching $5 Wrestling live from The heat for Jake Manning was so intense! We're talking DANNY DAVIS HEAT!
I've liked the clippers in the Maurice Taylor Danny Manning days... Also when they was poppin wit Darius Miles keyion Dooling and Q.Rich
Danny Manning DVD with Heat and Bucks in background. Not a bad night!
at least a pic of you, Loy Vaught, Danny Manning lol
CLIPPERS need their own building so they can put up a statue of Danny Manning.
U know the guy who traded Nique for Danny Manning! SMH.
I know Ron Harper and Danny manning were but that's not fair I was 2!
I don't got NO time for these fake *** Clipper fans. Only talked to me if u was rooting for the Clips when they had Danny Manning.
Might as well retire the mans jersey this is as much excitement the clippers organization has had since drafting Danny Manning
I miss the danny manning led crappy
lol yeah...And honorable mention to Danny Manning as one of my other favorite Clippers.
oh no. I'm definitely not a bandwagon fan. I don't like the Hawks for numerous reasons. 1. Danny Manning. 2. Marvin Williams
Danny Manning SHoook us both to ice it with a monster jam with 0 seconds left.. Pierce and Garnett
Whoever killed Danny I hope that *** spends the rest of their life on a Viking River Cruise
Someone just walked in our store and gave away a signed framed pic of Danny Manning when he won his Player of the Decade. Wowza
I think tonight I will be wearing my Danny Manning jersey.
isn't that what was going on with Danny Manning and his dad?
Lmao "indeed. Especially with his Danny Manning knees"
indeed. Especially with his Danny Manning knees
Try being a Hawks fan, their best shot they traded away Dominique for Danny Manning.
I have a question. Why do you have Cans of chicken noodle soup in the back ground of your Danny Manning pic? Lmfao Jk Jk
I wish I could just listen to Rick Manning, Matt Underwood is pretty awful and likes to jinx our players.
Couldn't beat manning but at least I beat Carlos.
Playing tennis with mr. manning. I will beat him
Jus got off the phone wit retired NBA player Danny Manning! Cool fella mayne!! He say I kno u like the spotlight. wats better then TV games?
disrespectful! When they get a Danny Manning statue (which will never happen) they can feel free to do whatever.
yep on Friday and following Napier. Manning the outpost while Danny takes some time out.
They need to get their own statue. Kinda tough with their history though. Danny Manning, or maybe Clipper Daryl.
75% of them don't know who Danny Manning was?
Danny White, John Elway or Peyton Manning - find out the stats:
Peyton Manning is 37 years old and is still one of the best QB's In the league what a stud
Clippers statues: Danny Manning, Michael Olowakandi, Darius Miles, Ron Harper, & for the *** of it, Billy Crystal.
There are SO many head coaches with ties to KU: Danny Manning, Mark Turgeon and Jerod Haase (all former players and assistants at KU)
Off for the week, but Jeff Withey and Travis Releford were co-winners of the Danny Manning award at the KU banquet.
Loving the Metro Sports shown KU BBall and Danny Manning and Larry Brown..jhawk for life
Jeff Withey and Fran Fraschilla talking defense, Danny Manning and T Rob.
speaking of Danny Manning .Worse trade in Hawks history Danny Manning for Dominique Wilkins smh
Jeff Withey, Calvin Thompson, Danny Manning, Nick Collison and Wayne Simien are my top 5 all time Jayhawks
Nice story on legend & current Tulsa hoops coach Danny Manning from Berry Tramel...
Ben McLemore (494 points) is three away from passing Danny Manning's freshman record of 496 points set in 1985.
Ben McLemore is at 494 points for the season. He needs just 3 points to pass Danny Manning as the school's freshman scoring leader.
Man, an NCAA Tournament All-Time starting 5 is tough! I'm torn between Larry Bird and Carmelo...I mean Carmelo won the title, and Bird didn't. But, here it is: Magic Johnson, Kemba Walker, Larry Bird, Danny Manning, and Bill Russell.Man, Michael Jordan and Carmelo are hard to leave off the list!
Ben McLemore now has the record at KU for a freshman most points in a game. 36. Danny Manning's previous record was 35.
Danny Manning and Kevin McHale will have both had their turns coaching Thomas Robinson. Good way to start, right there.
Bill Self & Buzz Williams. It's former Univ of Tulsa coaches day on the show. Can we get Danny Manning & Nolan too?
My dad just saw Tyler Self and Danny Manning's kid at chipotle! And of course I wasn't with him.
Watching the Best Dunks of the Year and the interviews really makes me miss and Danny Manning!
Im sick and tired of everyone bashing on my boy Romo! Hes one of the greatest QBs the game has ever seen! You haters need to stay off his *** .. Now gimmie my $50, Tony. -MSN
Jordan a Clipper? Hilarious. Well, then again, they would've had Danny Manning, Charles Smith and Mike. Not a bad nucleus for that time.
It's pretty cool how Danny Manning and Bill Self's sons played the last 3 minutes.
I've always said--I want to show some of these new fans photos of Danny Manning, Ken Norman, and Michael Gage, ask them to name 1
I came for McLemore and Whithey, and stayed for Tyler Self and Evan Manning.
Wilt and Danny Manning have to be the 2 best players in the history of the school. As much as I love Chalmers, he's not close.
Danny Manning's son just jumped and landed on the other side of the media table.
does this kid actually share DNA with Danny Manning?
In other news, Bill Self's walk on son just scored, but Danny Manning's walk on son air balled   10% Off
Just how short and white is Danny Manning's wife?
Bill Self's and Danny Manning's sons are in the game! 👍
Apparently Danny Manning likes white meat, bc his Evan Manning looks all white
Bill Self update: going to San Antonio Spurs next year. Girl is 23. Danny Manning was in town at KSU game for a reason.
It's KU basketball. Surprised his dad or Danny Manning's dad isn't in the Hall of Fame either.
Danny Manning and Mark Turgeon led the way beating Houston and Duke today Now the Jayhawks need to take care of business at home
This job rocks. I talked to Danny Manning last time and now I just shook hands with Thomas Robinson and the Morris twins.
Kathleen Sebelius, Mario Chalmers, Danny Manning and a handful of other players are also here!
Danny Manning and Mark Turgeon with big wins. ON DECK: Bill Self.
Danny Manning won, Mark Turgeon won & Bill Self is going to win tonight.
Congrats to the Astate baseball team for a great win today. I would like to congratulate Danny Manning for a win today.
I want to be happy, but Danny Manning.
Danny Manning and Tulsa are about to win in triple OT at home vs Houston. Now if only Mark Turgeon can upset Duke!
If you're not watching Tulsa/Houston, you're missing out. Houston scored 5 pts in last 5 secs of reg- 3OT now. Get it done, Danny Manning.
You got Danny Manning coaching on one channel and Mark Turgeon coaching on another. Jayhawk DNA all over the place! ROCK CHALK!
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Danny Manning & Tulsa have the ball, in double overtime, tied up with a chance to win it over Houston on now.
Danny Manning, please use this timeout to come up with a play that wins this game. A third OT - please, no.
.TY! Was in Kemper Arena 1988 when the REAL Danny Manning won the 'ship! &
Danny Manning just got cougared by a Houston 3 on sports south... Going to overtime and show gonna have to wait few more minutes.
Wait, Tulsa's coach is the greatest Clipper in history? Danny Manning?!
Danny White, Bob Griese or Peyton Manning - find out the stats:
maybe Danny Manning should focus on his own program. That's why uk is so bad
Ok this time next year, I am heading south for the winter, it is snowing and I don't like snow
If you think I am not wearing my 1988 Danny Manning jersey tonight at work then you are mistaken.
Tulsa freshmen playing big part in Hurricane offense: For a first-year head basketball coach like Danny Manning,...
Starting lineup for jersey night Jesus Shuttlesworh, K.G (t-wolves) Pistol Pete, Dr. J and Danny Manning with Alonzo Mourning off the bench
Danny manning for Dominique Wilkins
Tyshawn & T-Tob weren't that good when they first got there. Danny Manning and Bill Self had to coach them to their potential.
McG to Danno: "Oh my God. Will you stop stalking Peyton Manning?!" YES!! I will stalk him with you, Danny!
NCAA @ 75, Danny Manning - KU not in '86 natl final, lost to Duke in Final 4.
Just when Clipper fans thinks they are safe from curse, Chris Paul's knee will go like Shaun Livingston and Danny Manning.
I would like to say thank you to Kerri Lancaster Tina Derrick Kayleigh Derrick Sarah Derrick and George Derrick for going to shepherds bush to day to have pie and mash in memory of there nan and my mum , can't believe it's a year today that she passed away I'm sure she was looking down on us and having a laugh xx
Danny Manning is married to my mom's second cousin... so that makes and I like cousins right?
Lmao. He's probably headed to club with Stanley Roberts, Danny Manning, Gary Grant and Ken Norman as I type this.
I can't stand the Lakers.i rooted always for the Clips since them Danny Manning days
Or fans when Danny Manning and Ken Norman were there
I remember when Danny Manning was the biggest star for the LA Clippers
I been a Clipper fan since the Danny Manning/Pooh Richardson/Ron Harper with the flat top and diagonal part in the front days...
Better? Find your inner Jeff Hornacek & Jeff Grayer when they played at Iowa State against likes of Stacey King & Danny Manning.
If there's ever a "When healthy" wing of the HOF, definitely yes on Price. Danny Manning would be there w/him too.
CRS Report cites Drake, Kiriakou, Manning, says anyone who disseminates classified subject to prosecution
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