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Danny Granger

Danny Granger, Jr. (born April 20, 1983) is an American professional basketball player for the Indiana Pacers of the NBA. He is mainly a small forward, though he does log time at the power forward position. He is also able to initiate the team's offense and so is regarded as one who can play the point forward position. Before his professional career, he went to Grace King High School in Metairie, Louisiana where he was a McDonald's All-American nominee before his senior year. He was a good student who scored a 30 on the ACT and was offered admission to Yale University. He played for Bradley University and then transferred to University of New Mexico in the middle of his sophomore year.

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Rudy *** not a option anymore bruh that's like bringing Danny granger back
The Bulls would beat Reggie Miller's Pacers. The top defensive team in the NBA when D…
just saw video of the Hinkie jersey rising to the rafters, and my god. will be the most Process moment since Danny Granger.
That’s true but knowing Pop, he would probably make Simmons look like Prime Danny Granger smh
I'm glad I watch basketball because if I didn't the opinions on here would lead me to believe Kobe was a glorified Danny Granger
Colin Cowherd just said James Harden = Danny Granger...I almost crashed my whip
Colin Cowherd said James Harden is the same player as Danny Granger. Seriously...he ACTUALLY said that. He clearly watch…
a movie called Granny Danger about a masked elderly woman who is a super hero but in the end turns out to be none other than Danny Granger
Not really, bumass Danny Granger was there
Who remembers when Danny Granger was the future of the pacers ?
Ya he's set. God I have always wanted *** But then again I always wanted Jeff…
Why Bron never signed in the West ? west of Kobe Duncan Nowitski...He stayed in the East w…
I can see 17-19 ppg Danny Granger for Tatum for sure.
that Danny Granger comp is almost too good to be true. i want it to happen now
Man I remember Danny Granger he was decent
Cory Joseph making Toronto forget about Kyle Lowry faster than Paul George made Indiana forget about Danny Granger
Nobody but Jokim Noah and Danny Granger ever got this hype w Bron lol I wanna see KD talk like this when it counts
Never goes crazy, I bet I can change her. I can make her fall in love with a stranger. Swit…
Y'all remember when the pacers were Danny Granger's team the he got hit & it became Paul George's team
Kevin Durant is just a slightly taller Danny Granger tbh
Name the best team Lebron has ever beaten in the East..ill help. Danny Granger and Lance Stephenson are a part of it, that's how awful it is
I don't want Danny Granger for a lotto pick.
Monk and Tatum would be great, monk and Isaac would be great. I see Tatum as Danny Granger at his best tbh
Danny granger averaging 23 pts in the 2010/11 playoffs
Career high 44 points for Danny Granger in 2010 I think
LeBron is just Danny Granger with healthy knees
It's funny how bearish I am on him considering how much I loved Danny Granger back in the day.
Watching an old Lebron game and it just crossed my mind that Danny Granger was an NBA player.
He's here to stay. For some reason, he reminds me of Danny Granger
For me, it was that Danny Granger line on "New Soul". Been a fan since.✊🏽.
*** to think that Brandon Roy, Danny Granger, and Evan Turner used to be the face of new small forwards in the nba
A birdie once told me that Danny Granger was Donnie Walsh's Plan B to Carmelo... That would not have been ideal.
Danny Granger of Bradley had 29 points and 20 rebounds vs. Pepperdine on 11/22/02
Deyonta Davis to be out at least 6-8 weeks...plantar issues are no joke. Those finally wore Danny Granger down & out.
Ryan Anderson passed Danny Granger and Morris Peterson for 84th all-time in 3's.
"I would rather have Danny Granger than Kawhi Leonard" -
Tom Cruise -> Com Truise. Ford Mustang -> Mord Fustang. what if. Danny Granger -> Granny Danger. my new musician name, I swear
George Hill, Paul George, Danny Granger, David West, and Roy Hibbert was a great squad
If Lebron has never had help, I guess Wade, Bosh, Ray Allen, Kyrie, KLove, Deng, Danny Granger and Tristan Thompson are trash.
Paul George is dope dont get me wrong, but he's just a modern Danny Granger
so like Josh McRoberts shabazz and Danny granger?
I'd say drafting Tyler Hansbrough but nobody thought he'd be a complete bust. I mean he did give us Danny Granger.
could you take a look at adding badges to tbt Danny Granger? He averaged 26 ppg with 40% 3 pt shooting and has 0 badges...
Like the kid could become Danny Granger before knee injuries.
Hey Danny. What a great article on David Granger. I will miss his guidance. The new issue *** What a mistake.
I switch up the PACE... I don't mean Danny Granger
it's no different. Overnight Kap lost it, Foles lost it, Danny Granger lost it, Peavy lost it. There are countless examples
Danny granger had just been traded and I asked you if you were a pacers fan and we talked about it
56-26, first place in the east, incredibly defense, prime Danny granger and hibbert, PG scoring was insane
Danny Morrison is winning the screaming competition
BUT then again Danny Granger did play college here🤔
Danny Granger really was averaging 26 a game and now he just an analyst
I wonder how players like Danny Granger and Steve Francis just fell from grace
uhh yea what did you think he was playin when Danny granger was there
Watch next season Klay become the face of The Warriors and Steph become a Danny Granger
yes, but they had PG13 and Danny Granger at the time. They didn't even want Leonard.
Bulls were on the rise with D Rose and Tibbs. So were Danny Granger and Paul George. They just never won because of Miami
Also Danny Granger was a factor and ummm a guy named David West who was bullying Bosh in the paint 😂😂😂😂 did u think u had me?
Hibbert was a rim protector and Lance was giving LeBron problems & Danny Granger was a factor. G.Hill too...
Danny Granger and Shawne Williams both averaging over 20mpg...before Bosh went out
the Paul George and Danny Granger pacer teams were pretty solid. That was 2012-13 and 2013-14. Heat weren't even 1 seed in '14
Lance Stephenson had the Eastern Playoffs piped one year tho! Danny Granger too!
omg if you're needing a laugh...look at Danny Granger's avi
that'll be even worse than the day Danny Granger joined the heat
If Anthony Pettis and Danny Granger had a baby, it would look like André Roberson.
Pacers: . Jermaine O'Neal . Danny Granger . Al Harrington . . Also of note: Anderson Varejão. Wonder what kind of role he'll grow into here.
Still wish Danny Granger would've gave him that work.
He played sg his first three seasons because of Danny granger other than that he's a sf lol
If Bron lose, this is still relevant. And Danny Granger not even in the league anymore. Lmao
I remember when Danny Granger was top 5 in scoring the league
Danny Granger, Al Harrington, Solomon Hill. The Pacers have found impact players late in the draft before. .
Danny Granger and Josh McRoberts to the Heat. Lebron has to return now.
Still not over that Fran Vazquez debacle. Magic could have had Sean May (selfishly hope it was him) or Danny Granger...even Francisco Garcia
We had Danny granger thinking he would average 20 ppg ouch
I thought the same thing. Danny Granger was the only one & he's a former player. I was at least expecting a thank you or two.
Didn't the Pistons get Danny granger in the Suns trade 😂
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Danny Granger believes the Pacers over performed this season & Frank Vogel was one of the reasons why the Pacers g…
for Danny Granger. LIKE for granny danger
Danny Granger, Lance Stephenson, Roy Hibbert, George Hill… but okay i’ll take your word for it
Definitely think Jason Maxiell will be an all-star in the UAE league before Danny Granger,
he had David West, Hibbert and Danny Granger around him lol who does he have now Monta Ellis
I'll believe the Ben Simmons hype when he actually does something against anyone. Dude looks like Danny Granger to me. Sayin.
Danny Granger up for cheap in the AH. Come grab him!
I took a bar and was getting really hyped about Myles Turner so I bought a jersey online and got it today and it's a Danny Granger lol smh
J.J. Redick passed Danny Granger and Jameer Nelson for 81st all-time in 3-pointers.
pacers could've won multiple championships if they kept Kawhi. They would've had Danny Granger, PG, Kawhi, & Hibbert. Str8 nasty
I remember the heat vs pacers rivalry with Danny granger and Lebron... Good times
Danny Granger was on pace to be one of the greatest scorers ever, until his knees betrayed…
Greatest Danny Granger highlight video ever via
Wow, I love I just won this for free, Danny Granger 2012-13 Prestige Panini Card
Wesley Matthews passed Danny Granger and Jameer Nelson into a tie for 79th all-time in 3-pointers.
Plenty was their own doing, though. They chose Sean May over either of Danny Granger or Chris Paul.
Yall mustve forgot how good Danny Granger was. Paul George will never be 26 and 5 on 45 41 87
Danny Granger never was in a MVP talk like PG and I don't even think he made the all star team before 😂😂
Sha Granger and Brandy Danny (Brandy).Couldn't Help but Think of you both when I saw this.I know ya'll...
Danny Granger is here at where I work 😱
Happy two year anniversary of the Danny Granger trade. 😢
Switch up the pace I don't need Danny granger.
Randy Foye passed Danny Ainge, Jameer Nelson, and Danny Granger for 79th all-time in 3-pointers.
Paul George = Danny Granger 2.0 Lots of talk... still waiting.
I just change my pace up I'm like Danny Granger
Add Raja Bell to Danny Granger in the list of dudes who are (to me) surprisingly really really good in the studio.
can't close it out. Paul George was out there playing like Danny Granger
I feel like I haven't seen the Pacers hit an end of the game buzzer beater in years. Danny Granger comes to mind.
undervalued and over looked the Pacers are notorious for stealing players in the teens. PG . Danny Granger... Kawhi
I told everyone months ago he is Danny granger reborn
Danny Granger Kenny Thomas Greg Brown some of the greatest Lobos ever add Elijah Browns name to the list before it all said and done
This *** Danny granger has fell completely off..he a cbs sports analyst 😂😂
When I saw David Granger name on trending topics I thought it was Danny Granger
Christian Bale's the danny granger of acting
You know who fell off the face of the earth? Danny Granger
Danny Granger on TV now. Didn't know that.
Remember when Danny Granger was the star player for the Pacers 😂
Danny Granger is ridiculous behind the arc
Audio: Women or Money? Danny Granger tells me what causes most Locker Room Fights on CBS Sports Radio
Danny Granger will forever be my favorite 76er of all time
Looks like Danny Granger & Kyle Lowry will be the Star cards to go along with them!
Jimmy butler did to Drose what Paul George did to Danny Granger 😂😂
People forget that Danny granger was a top tier player in the league 5 season ago. He was averaging 24 and 6 and then the injury ruined him
Danny Granger is apparently an analyst on CBS Sports now. That's really depressing.
Why is Danny Granger on this CBSSports telecast?
Lol my professor looks like danny granger
how? Pacers had Danny granger and Paul George who then thought would be better.
You have to hear what Danny Granger recalls about one of his team bonding experiences with
a backup PG for Tony Parker, a buckup SF for Danny Granger, a buckup PG for Chauncey Billups, they all are big parts of this IND team.
Dorrell Wright and Danny Granger are out the league but the Clippers have Luc Ba A MouTe shooting three pointers eh ?
NBA: GameTime: Tamed Grizzlies: Greg Anthony, Danny Granger, and Sekou Smith detail the struggles...
Pistons waived Danny Granger, eating his $2.1M salary. Detroit spending $9.3M this season on players not on roster (Josh…
acquired Marcus Morris, Reggie Bullock, and Danny Granger from the
deal with for Marcus Morris, Danny Granger and Reggie Bullock:
Sha Granger and Ashlee Waldrep.I've Talked to Brandy Danny and James Truitt.Tomorrow We're Hanging here,...
Detroit trades Marcus Morris, Steve Blake, Danny Granger to Golden State for Andre Iguodala and Brandon Rush + future picks.
Sha Granger, Brandy Danny, Ashlee Waldrep, James Truitt and Brandy Truitt.Jeremy, Shelly and the Girls are...
Hehe! Thanks so much for checking it out - it's safe to say that we love the GIFs -Danny
Pistons won't rule out keeping former Pacer Danny Granger on roster
look like Danny Granger w a fro up top lol
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Niggaz shoot from a block away,ima close ranger.walk up and shoot in ya face like danny granger 😈💥💥
Awww! We love you too Mark :D So glad you enjoyed the course!! -Danny
Report: have yet to decide on the future of SF-PF Danny Granger.
Just met Danny Granger at the gym lmaoo
Danny Granger, Ronny Turiaf, Earl Clark... I'm 10% sure there are more.
trade with Suns that brings Marcus Morris, Reggie Bullock and Danny Granger in for 2020 No. 2 now official.
Phoenix has traded Marcus Morris, Reggie Bullock and Danny Granger to Detroit for future picks, league sources tell Yahoo …
TRADE: Pistons acquire Marcus Morris, Danny Granger and Reggie Bullock from the Suns for future draft picks. (via Y!)
Just met Danny Granger, Amar'e Stoudemire, Matt Bonner, and Nazr Mohammad watching the game in my hotel lobby ☺️🏀
Thrilled to announce the first ever Lobo All-Star game feat. Danny Granger, Tony Snell, Cameron Bairstow, and more.🐾
- ersan ilyasova gotta go. He's their Danny Granger
Maybe received some more picks too. Already had Danny Granger and Paul George. In the process of bringing West to town.
Josh Smith vs Danny Granger, gonna be a battle
You sure this is Danny Granger not Brandon Wright? You know these two guys right?
gets Goran and Zoran Dragic. get Danny Granger, 2 1st round picks, and John Salmons. get Norris Cole
On the other hand, the Heat turned Norris Cole, Shawne Williams and Danny Granger into Dragic. Pat Riley did it again.
Source: Miami sends Danny Granger, Norris Cole, Shawne Williams, Jordan Hamilton and two first-round picks to the Suns for…
Micro-fracture knee surgery is tough - look at Greg Oden, Amare, Danny Granger & Penny Hardaway . its Major
Pau Gasol, Greg Oden, Danny Granger, & Caron Butler all passed up on the Spurs and look what happen. 2014 NBA Champions.
The Hornets could have Norris Cole, Danny Granger, & Justin Hamilton. Obviously the Heat would need a 2-guard.
New rehab approach paying off for Heat's Danny Granger - Sun Sentinel
Danny Granger can't get the floater to drop and that might do it. 93-86 Thunder leading with 33 seconds left. OKC shooting free throws
Danny Granger needs to retire, yesterday!
Also- still hard to watch Danny Granger in a jersey that's not yellow or blue. unrelated.
Danny Granger really play for the Heat tho lol
Anthony Morrow just shook Danny Granger off his feet.
Before the emergence of Paul George Danny Granger was that dude in Indiana
Danny Granger is not productive. James Ennis is. I don't understand their minutes allocation.
Kendrick Perkins being unable to score on Danny Granger from 3 feet away says everything you need to know about Kendrick Perkins.
I always forget that the Heat got Danny Granger
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Danny Granger (providing legal counsel to Bobby Shmurda) sat out his second straight game on Wednesday
What happened to Danny Granger? He use to be 25 a night. No layups Lol
Position means nothing in Miami but still i prefer Danny Granger as a stretch PF in the rotation.. It creates mismatches.
lead OKC 40-34 at 6:19 of 2nd. Danny Granger hits a 3-ball, his 2nd in last 15 trey attempts, now 5pts.
Always love when Danny Granger shows up to the game.
Danny Granger knows how to score again wuttt
Danny Granger bout to find his rhythm
remove Danny Granger from our roster, thanks
I know people who play at the Leach who are better than Danny Granger
Danny Granger trying to guard KD full court ends exactly how you think it should
They need to trade Danny Granger yo !
Also gotta love the patented Danny Granger weak push and-1.
I would rather have James Ennis on Durant then Danny Granger
Nope, Heat have Danny Granger on Durant. Durant immediately gets loose, draws a double team and finds Morrow for open jumper.
*** sometimes I forget Danny Granger is still in the league. What a crash and burn 😞
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Danny Granger *** *** get some young talent from the D-League
he'd rather have Danny Granger in so Whiteside can practice rebounding
Lmao didn't even know Danny Granger was still in the league
Danny Granger was a tough guy with the Pacers , since he's left .. Softer than Drake
Anthony Marrow and Danny Granger the first subs into the game
Danny Granger Topps FIRST ROW auto rookie serial SDU-DG (card on right)
I have an odd feeling that Danny Granger is that guy. Didn't do anything today for NBA though as far as research. Was busy.
If Luol Deng can't go tonight, Danny Granger or Shawne Williams would make for an interesting play at only $3,000 on
Danny Granger feeling good, calls return to Indy 'strange'
I ain't talking Danny Granger, but I'm running out of Pacers. I mean patience, nah, nothing can phase us.
"Have the Heat really resurrected Shawne Williams and Danny Granger?"
Danny Granger now with 9 points and 7 rebounds in 21 minutes off the bench.
I was hoping for Danny Granger and Shannon Brown, dude... So stupid!
Danny Granger, Earl Clark, BJ Mullens & Thad Young wanted no parts of a rebuild. So who else?
Danny Granger and Shannon Brown. They also needed much from Udonis Haslem, Luol Deng, and Chris "Birdman" Andersen. Miami are in a funk--
Pat Riley needs to get rid of:. • Mario Chalmers. • Danny Granger. • Josh McRoberts. • Shannon Brown. * Players not needed in the first place
Miami will be fine, Luol Deng and Danny Granger (if healthy) will pick up the slack.
I'm really going to miss Earl Clark, Danny Granger, Hasheem Thabeet, Travis Outlaw, of course, Andrew Bynum.
Heat now going with Khem Birch, James Ennis, Danny Granger, Shabazz Napier and Shannon Brown. No Udonis Haslem tonight or Reggie Williams.
Good thing the still have Lance Stephenson and Danny Granger.
The Pacers are cursed with stars with injuries. First it was Danny Granger. Now Paul George.
LeBron James getting crossed up by Danny Granger! .
NBA. LeBron joins Kyrie Irving in the Cavs. Wade is staying in Miami with Danny Granger and Deng . Rockets trade Jeremy Lin to Lakers.
The Heat big three this year: Norris Cole, Josh McRoberts, Danny Granger. God bless your soul if you still a Heat fan.
Everyone realizes the only players Miami has under contract are Norris Cole and Danny Granger, correct?
Norris Cole, Josh McRoberts, and Danny Granger can lead you to the promised land. Those are the only 3 under contract. How bout dem Cavs?
You guys realize that Shabazz Napier, Josh McRoberts, Danny Granger, and Norris Cole are the only Miami Heat players right now, right?
Josh McRoberts, Danny Granger and D Wade; From "TheBig 3" to "These 3". Throw in Norris Cole now you have "These 3 and a Half"
New Big 3 in Miami - Norris Cole, Josh McRoberts, Danny Granger. Just too funny for words!
LMAO @ Danny Granger... dude thought he could tag along with the Heat for a championship. Psych!! have fun with the Norris Cole show
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Joe Harris, Carrick Felix, Scotty Hopson. Yeah, Josh McRoberts and Danny Granger don't sound that bad now.
Glad to have Danny Granger and Josh McRoberts on the Welcome to the team.
Danny Granger and Josh McRoberts to the Heat? Decent moves, if Bosh and LeBron stay.
Danny Granger and Josh McRoberts to the Miami Heat. Watta Retool naman.
Danny Granger and Josh McRoberts signed in the Miami Heat. Wow?
NBA: Heat agree to deals with Danny Granger, Josh McRoberts
Danny Granger and Josh McRoberts were both signed by according to Yahoo and ESPN.
If you know anything about LeBron, you shouldn't be worried about Josh McRoberts or Danny Granger. Heat just making desperat…
Danny Granger & Josh McRoberts are off to the South beach :D
So since the heat got Josh McRoberts and Danny Granger, do you think LeBron will stay? Or do they need more
-Houston Rockets have offered Chris Bosh a max contract -Channing Frye has penned a four-year deal $32 million with Orlando -Kyrie Irving made his pitch to Lebron James suggesting the Cavs will give him all the support and help he needs. -Josh McRoberts has signed with Miami, 4 years $23 million. -Danny Granger has signed with Miami. $4.2 million over 2 years. -Dallas are after Chandler Parsons...
Wew, Josh McRoberts and Danny Granger gonna be on Heat Jerseys next season.. Nice.
Free agent update: Chris Bosh seriously considering an offer that will put him in Houston... LeBron so far looks like he will return home... Carmelo has come down to the lakers and the Knicks, the bulls though have a small chance...the mavericks know that they are basically out of the contest to get Carmelo or LeBron so they are chasing a Chandler Parsons... Danny Granger and Josh McRoberts are headed to South Beach... Lance Stephenson and Indiana are far from a deal.
Danny Granger, Josh McRoberts agree to deals with Miami Heat
Danny Granger to sign contract with Miami Heat - USA TODAY
Every move i see the Miami Heat make right now makes me soo happy...pretty much slapping Lebron in the face...Josh McRoberts and Danny Granger?! is that the best you can do...they obviously have conceded Chris Bosh to the chances of him remaining are getting many tears will be shed if he leaves...but then again...if he "takes his talents" back to cleveland or any other team.there will be a sudden wave of new jerseys in florida that have never been seen
Latest from NBA Free Agency: - Diaw is staying in San Antonio for 3 years more. - The Miami Heat signed both Danny Granger and Josh McRoberts today. - Channing Frye agrees to a 4-year, $32 million deal with the Orlando Magic. - Chris Bosh seriously considering Rockets' max contract offer of four yrs, $88M PBA: - Jay Washington of Globalport Batang Pier is on trading block. Where is he goin'?
Danny Granger and Josh McRoberts. Is this good or bad?
The Heat have landed Josh McRoberts on a four year deal. Danny Granger is now a member of the Heat as well, agreeing to a two-year contract
Danny Granger and Josh McRoberts will fit right into Miami. They have the right mentality.
Sources: Danny Granger, Josh McRoberts agree to deals with Heat with belief LeBron James is returning
Da Heat making big moves signed Danny Granger and Josh McRoberts good move
The Miami Heat have agreed in principle to sign power forward Josh McRoberts to a four-year, $23-million deal, the team announced Monday, and various outlets are reporting that small forward Danny Granger will agree to a two-year, $4.2 million deal.
Josh McRoberts and Danny Granger hars landed to the Heat. Wow
The Heat are signing Josh McRoberts and Danny Granger... Bet Lebron loves that.
Danny Granger and Josh McRoberts to the Miami Heat
Miami Heat adds free agents Josh McRoberts, Danny Granger: Looking to retain LeBron James in a He...
Here is LeBron's reaction to the Heat signing Josh McRoberts & Danny Granger:
Danny Granger, Josh McRoberts set to join Heat - SFGate
Josh McRoberts and Danny Granger have committed to join the Miami Heat, the team confirmed Monday.
Mami got Danny Granger and Josh McRoberts .. One of the big 3 is not coming back
Heat sign Danny Granger an about to sign Josh McRoberts. The Heat trying real hard to keep the KING i see
Up at Insider: What Josh McRoberts and Danny Granger mean for the future of the Miami Heat. [in]
Should LeBron return to the Heat after today's additions of Danny Granger and Josh McRoberts? Reply with
The Heat hope to have strengthened their roster by adding Danny Granger and Josh McRoberts.
The Miami Heat have made their first move in the free agency market as they sign small forward Danny Granger and power forward Josh McRoberts.
The Heat really can't do much more this Danny Granger and Josh McRoberts enough to convince LeBron the rost…
I'm told Danny Granger and Josh McRoberts signing with Miami does not affect LeBron's decision.
Recap of today so far: Danny Granger & Josh McRoberts to the Heat. Channing Frye to Magic, Aaron Gray to Pistons & Boja…
So LeBron you can either go play with Josh McRoberts and Danny Granger or Kyrie Irving and Andrew Wiggins. Take your time…
According to multiple sources, the Miami Heat have agreed to terms with free agents Josh McRoberts and Danny Granger.
We just picked up Danny Granger and Josh McRoberts good pick ups
Danny Granger, Josh McRoberts to the Miami Heat. LeBron has to stay now.
Danny Granger and Josh McRoberts are scary good signings by the Heat. Now they need a couple guys like Jameer Nelson and Anthony Tolliver.
Pat Riley is signing Josh McRoberts and Danny Granger without knowing that LeBron is coming back? Sure.
Pat Riley has released a statement on free agent Danny Granger:
Yahoo reports the have signed free agent Danny Granger to a 2-year 4.2 million dollar deal
Basically, Danny Granger signed the old Rashard Lewis contract with Heat.
Free Agent's Average Annual Value It's finally here! The NBA's equivalent of Christmas Eve, and every team is excited for the gift-wrapped free agents they expect under their trees. There are the standard popular toys (Carmelo Anthony, LeBron James), the hot new release (Chandler Parsons), the factory recall (Danny Granger) and the one that's sold-out already (Zach Randolph). We've seen a flurry of trades, with teams aiming to set their ducks in a row and maximize their flexibility in order to effectively pursue their targets. For some teams, they'll be buying at the high-end boutiques, looking for franchise cornerstones; for others, the shopping list takes them to thrift stores and big box retailers, looking for discount deals on quality merchandise. The following is my fourth ranking of 2014's free agents, sorted by the AAV (average annual value) of the new contracts I believe each player deserves under the rules of the CBA. To make my contract value estimates, I used many of the same factors I used as ...
The 2005 NBA Draft was on this day. Notables:. 1. Andrew Bogut. 3. Deron Williams. 4. Chris Paul. 10. Andrew Bynum. 17. Danny Granger
Couple of guys who I think they could look at now: Chandler Parsons, Gordon Hayward, Danny Granger and Loul Deng, to name a few.
James Harden, Danny Granger and David Lee were the most surprising players to receive All-Defensive team votes
My NBA playoffs observations thus far: 1. Boris Diaw can be as good as Kevin Durant if he was more aggressive. 2. Kawhi Leonard is better and more consistent than Paul George. 3. Reggie Jackson is the most underrated player still in the playoffs. 4. Indiana Pacers should have never traded Danny Granger.point blank!! 5. San Antonio Spurs has the best bench in the playoffs. 6. Oh yeah, my mama always said if I have nothing nice to say don't say anything at all, thus the reason why I didn't mention the Miami Heat!!! LOL
To the many Pacers fans (lebron haters)on this board let me educate you about this so called rivalry: 1. After losing to Dallas in 2011 Lebron was at a low point in his career, the consensus was that he was soft/choker/afraid of the big moment etc. 2. In 2012 playoffs the Pacers led by Danny Granger (self proclaim bad boy) adopted a tactic of being physical with lebron and Co. He would literally be in lebron or Dwade face after every call or whistle, they thought that could get into lebron head and throw off the Heat but it never worked. During this time Lance was a bench warmer and they honestly believe they were on the same level with the Heats. 3. 2013 Granger went down to injury in 2012/13 regular season, Lance got promoted off the bench, Hibbert got better (so we thought) and Paul George was now their best player. Similar tactics to the previous year was used to no avail, this team is not tough, nor were they built to be antagonist but for some strange reason they believe that was their identify. The ...
Now I can officially pose the question: What and the * happened to the Indiana Pacers?!?! In January I was thoroughly convinced that they would knock off Miami in the playoffs. There's lots of questions, lots of blame to go around. Not just on the human trash can Roy Hibbert... Larry Bird's handling of the Danny Granger trade should come into question. And any knowledgeable basketball fan could see that George Hill is a SG starting at PG for them. Paul George is a rising superstar, but he just turned 24. If you expect to knock off LBJ and the Heat, you better have your * together, both on the court and in the front office
If I'm Larry Bird, I'm getting on the phone right now and start trading, and most importantly bring Danny Granger back. Trade everybody except Paul George and David West.
Danny Granger out at least 3 games - ESPN
FROM BEYOND THE ARC By: Police Chief Inspector Rico C Santotome Jr (OS), RN, MPM Now Playing: 2014 NBA Final Four Beginning today, the respective conference finales of both the East and the West will blast off starting with Game One of the Indiana-Miami rematch scheduled this Monday to be played over at the Bankers Life Fieldhouse while tomorrow, Oklahoma City takes on San Antonio on the road at the AT&T Center in Texas. In a replay of their Eastern Conference finals showdown last season, both the Pacers and the Heat try to outduel each other in a race-to-four battle with No. 1 Indiana aiming for no less than a revenge after the Heat won the East plum of the 2012-13 NBA season in a marathon seven games over Frank Vogel's charges the last time. This time around, with old reliable Danny Granger out and Evan Turner acquired from Philadelphia, the Pacers are out to prove to all and sundry that they're the best team capable of unseating the three-peat seeking Heat in the East and in the entire NBA as well for ...
here is my solution to the clippers franchise...let's just strip the franchise, LA don't need two teams anyway...allow a franchise in Vegas.take the remaining players of both the Lakers and Clippers rosters and split them, sending most of the guaranteed contracts to the Lakers including Coach Doc Rivers, since these players/coach shouldn't have to move because their owner was a problem, the free agent or team/player option guys get signed and sent to Vegas, give vegas the Lakers and Clips first round picks this year which should be a fair trade for the lakers who are basically inheriting a championship contending team and will give the Vegas franchise some young building blocks. Form the Lakers: Chris Paul kobe bryant Matt Barnes blake griffin Deandre Jordan Reggie Bullock jj redick Jared Dudley Glen Davis jordan hill Jordan Farmar Robert sacre Send to a new Vegas franchise: steve nash Jamal Crawford nick young pau gasol chris kaman Darren Collison willie green Danny Granger ryan kelley chris kaman Kendal ...
Glen Davis, Jared Dudley, Darren Collison & Danny Granger are between a +4 and a +10. Scottie Brooks at his best.
Clippers have a stacked *** Bench... Jamal Crawford & Danny Granger Glen Davis coming off? Thats why i got them winning the west
My goons are in a face off Paul George vs John Wall and Reggie Jackson vs Danny Granger hey this is gonna be tuff boss
uh this clippers team had CP3,Griffin ,Deandre, Danny Granger, Jamal Crawford, Glen Davis, all could be starters
If you're relying on production from Danny Granger and Big Baby Davis in 2014, you probably should lose your series regardless of your owner
My daddy said the pacers should have traded George Hill and kept Danny Granger
This Clippers/Warriors series has shown me 5 key things: 1. david lee is terrified of Deandre Jordan. 2. Klay Thompson is really good at fouling. 3. If Matt Barnes were power forward size he'd be even more krazy! 4. Jamal Crawford is not regular raw, but Big Daddy Kane RAW! 5. Danny Granger is a shell of his former self.
If the Clippers come to Seattle you people calling them Cowards are gonna switch up so cold lol. Can you imagine Blake Griffin, Chris Paul, Danny Granger, Deandre Jordan, Jamal Crawford, J.J. Redick & Matt Barnes in the Sea??? 1996 Sonics status!!! We might even get to spot Eva Longorias thirsty ex wife *** around town.
Clippers trade Chris Paul, Jamal Crawford, Deandre Jordan, Glen Davis and Danny Granger to the Eagles for Riley Cooper
If it weren't for Doc Rivers, Chris Paul, Deandre Jordan, Jamal Crawford, Darren Collison, Willie Green, Ryan Hollins, Jared Dudley, Glen Davis, Reggie Bullock, Danny Granger, Matt Barnes and Blake Griffin I'd burn all my *** Clippers gear!! *** Sterling really sounded like the Grandmaster of the LA Chapter KKK and I hope the NBA hangs his *** !
I love the fact that my Pacers won but I have to say this Larry Bird you might have been a great player but you sucked as a coach and you suck as a G.M. sometimes money is not everything you traded away Danny Granger and screwed up our chemistry what is the matter with you leave things alone if they're not broken don't try to fix it
First upset of the first round will be Atlanta Hawks beating Indiana Pacers 4-0 or 4-1 agree or disagree. I think the pacers will not be able to shake of their bad form towards the end of the season. They just got stale. psycho t and Danny Granger were the Ying and Yang of that team.
“Danny Granger is guarding Hilton Armstrong, and I think even Granger doesn't know who Armstrong is.”😂
5 out of 29 shots! What was that you ask? Jamal Crawford, Matt Barnes, Danny Granger, & Darren C combined shooting % last game...smh...
forgot Speights, Matt Barnes, Salmons who all played yesterday, too does Danny Granger count?
INJURY UPDATES FOR TEAMS PLAYING TODAY : BROOKLYN at TORONTO: BKN - Brook Lopez (foot) will not play. BKN - Mirza Teletovic (personal) expected to play. BKN - Shaun Livingston (toe) expected to play. BKN - Alan Anderson (abdomen) expected to play. GOLDEN STATE at L.A. CLIPPERS: GSW - Andrew Bogut (ribs) will not play. GSW - Festus Ezeli (knee) will not play. GSW - Nemanja Nedovic (calf) questionable. LAC - Danny Granger (hamstring) expected to play. ATLANTA at INDIANA: ATL - Gustavo Ayon (shoulder) will not play. ATL - Al Horford (pectoral tear) will not play. ATL - John Jenkins (back) will not play. IND - Andrew Bynum (knee) will not play. MEMPHIS at OKLAHOMA CITY: MEM - Nick Calathes (20 game suspension) will not play. MEM - Quincy Pondexter (foot) will not play.
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The L.A.Clippers bench has former all stars,starters and very good players..Jamal Crawford,Matt Barnes,''Big Baby'' Davis,Danny Granger,Hedo Turkolu,Chris Dudley and J.J.Reddick..Clippers are deep
Evan Turner is in a tough situation in Indiana, trying to replace career Pacer and team leader Danny Granger while taking plenty of heat for the team's recent struggles...
NBA Rumors: Miami Heat turned down Evan Turner dealLast update on April 13, 2014 underSportsWhen the Indiana Pacers dealt Danny Granger to the Philadelphia 76ers to acquire former overall pick Evan Turner, some questioned the deal while others praised it, believing Turner could help the Pacers ov...
What's the difference between Danny Granger and Roy Hibbert... One used to play for the Pacers, but doesn't anymore... And the other one is Danny Granger!
Pacers outscored opponents by 116 pts with Danny Granger on the court. With Evan Turner on the court, they have been out…
"Danny Granger has been playing better than PG lately"
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