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Danny Elfman

Daniel Robert Danny Elfman (born May 29, 1953) is an American composer, best known for scoring music for television and film and creating The Simpsons main title theme as well as the 1989 Batman movie theme.

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Danny Elfman composes original score for Donald Trump stalking Hillary Clinton at the debate and it's terrifying
Danny Elfman's score was edging on Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross tho.
Is it just me or does Danny Elfman's Batman score sound almost like a ripoff of Christopher Young's Hellraiser score?
It would be a mistake to try to peg him. Have you seen inside the head of Danny Elfman? This is the MOTHER LODE
While celebrating Batman Day, listening to Danny Elfman's BATMAN on my iPod. Go,
7 musicians who now do Film Scores and soundtracks including Danny Elfman and
I don't understand what's so great about Danny Elfman's Spider-man score, I find it really generic
Tune of the day is 'Wolf Suite Pt. 1' by Danny Elfman...
All this talk today about the importance of Symphonic themes in our films got me thinking about master Danny Elfman.
Danny Elfman & Shirley Walker's. Scores are memorable (Batman 89 & Batman Mask of the Phantasm )
no doubt that the original Spiderman movies had the best superhero theme song of all time, s/o to Danny Elfman
gonna rent me a sugar daddy for I can go to beachgoth & horror nights & Guillermo del Toro exhib.& escape & Danny Elfman live &
Another great vid from Every Frame a Painting, although, Alan Silvestri & Danny Elfman's work on Avengers &...
Thank you for the new episode, and featuring one of my favorite composers, Danny Elfman
Danny Elfman's music feels like you're being spat from the New York City skyline
Some1 talking seriously about Danny Elfman as a composer... Me thinking about my 15 yr old Oingo Boingo DMP crush.🙄😳😉😝
Well, if Danny Elfman is saying it then who the *** is to say otherwise?
Which is why I never made that assertion, and deliberately noted Danny Elfman. That is a blind alley.
Danny Elfman tends to cite examples that do not fit so conveniently into that.
TIL Danny Elfman is a ginger and I have no idea what I'm so surprised
funny thing is: Danny Elfman (who made Avenger's 2 score) strong disagrees with temp music, and it's the only theme I can recall by heart
Wow, I never considered this at all. Want to watch that interview with Danny Elfman he uses clips from too.
I was a dorky kid who owned a copy of the Danny Elfman Spider-Man soundtrack on CD and would listen to it regularly on a discman.
That is how sad the status of big filmmaking has become: Me, sympathizing with current-day Danny Elfman.
Danny Elfman's score to the Raimi Spider-Man is memorable. Current Marvel scores: bland
"For me the temp music is the bane of my existence" - Danny Elfman
I liked a video Trent Reznor, Hans Zimmer, Danny Elfman and more Composers for THR's Roundtable |
Two wins for “Danny Elfman’s Music from the Films of Tim Burton – Live from Lincoln Center” led by
A staple, but only a recent one. Danny Elfman and Hans Zimmer are capable of (and keen to do) so much more.
today learned Danny Elfman looks and sounds like a young Bernie Sanders
An amazing piece of music by legendary violinist Lindsey Stirling and concert pianist Lang Lang of Danny Elfman’s...
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
him, John Williams and Danny Elfman are gods to me.
Who knew Danny Elfman looked so much like Elton John (and oh yeah this is a great video!)
totally agree. Carrie just got me fix for Nightmare Before Christmas. Stoked to hear that with Danny Elfman.
I'm listening to Batman, Film Score by Danny Elfman on
OTOH none of them come anywhere to approaching John Williams' Superman or Danny Elfman's Batman music.
and so it was that Marvel did hire Danny Elfman to compose some jaunty tunes
and none of them are Danny Elfman's Batman theme
There's Shostakovich for my epic writing moods, Glenn Miller for those jazz mornings and Danny Elfman if I'm feeling dark and twisty 😈
I feel like there would never be another Tim Burton film if: Helena Bonham Carter, Johnny Depp, or Danny Elfman were to die.
Can we have Bernard Herrman, John Williams, John Barry, James Horner and Danny Elfman ones too?
A lot of my time is spent thinking about why Danny Elfman won the Oscar for Good Will Hunting and not Batman. It makes no sense.
To add to that, composers I'd love to see do scores for Pixar: Desplat, Mothersbaugh, John Williams, Henry Jackman, Danny Elfman...
I added a video to a playlist Kidnap the Sandy Claws by Danny Elfman, Catherine O'Hara, and Paul
Danny Elfman, here giving his magical performance as Jack Skellington live at the Royal Albert Hall
The very Danny Elfman-esque score is by David Newman. FYI.
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Weird Science by John Hughes AND Danny Elfman, plus all the sexual exploration I was doing
my other life: movie music! It's the best - John Williams, Hans Zimmer, Danny Elfman, Michael Giacchino etc.
Would you rather: Danny Elfman or John Williams to write the soundtrack of your life? P.S. We all like Jon Brion but he's not a choice here!
and to think we've got Disney scores from John Williams, Howard Shore, Danny Elfman and Alan Menken all coming in the next year!
Danny Elfman (mixed meters) and Francis Poulenc (choral music). Gwen Stefani inspired me to be a kickass lady musician~
it's like if Danny Elfman, Hans Zimmer and JXL merged together to create an super powerful Batman theme
found in more of my research: idk what sign Tim Burton is, but he clearly loves geminis. depp, Helena Bonham Carter, AND danny elfman.
Mine is Cutely Grotesque and Certifiably Insane. I like the Danny Elfman like sound it has.
Probably the first soundtrack I liked as a kid. Batman (1989) by Danny Elfman. I’d love to get into scoring movies.
the guy on the right looks like Danny Elfman from Oingo Boingo
Hans Zimmer is my main man, my buddy, my mate, but you know DANNY ELFMAN, boy, Danny Elfman.
God Bless Pee-wee Herman (and Danny Elfman)! Another little gem to remind us how weird our childhood was..
she did most of the animated stuff while Danny elfman did the movies. Movies are better known so maybe?
I'm thinking she did a lot of stuff with Danny Elfman that she may not have gotten credited for. Her Superman theme is gr8 2
In some types of music I'm working out all the chords one bar at a time - t...
Just rewatched Good Will Hunting. Man I never realized how cheesy Danny Elfman soundtracks are until now.
It's so dark and haunting yet emotional. It has hints of Danny Elfman's Batman theme too which is my favorite!
The Lion King, Lord of the Rings, Batman (Danny Elfman), Man of Steel, Forrest Gump, Back to the Future.
In a rare display of being kinda cool, the torture chamber known as the Paramount theater is blasting old Danny Elfman music.
Is one of the best animated movie ever made. And when Burton gets to work with Danny Elfman the magic is just real. That inspires me so much
Gear up for continues. Watching 89 Batman movie. Hard to beat that Danny Elfman theme. Lacking from Nolan's films
It is beautiful here, n they're all singing Danny Elfman songs (O . O °)
what's Danny Elfman up to these days
Danny Elfman is a strong runner-up to John Williams for providing the soundtrack to my childhood
Danny Elfman Film Scores are getting me through this morning 🎶
I love Danny Elfman AKA the singing voice of Jack Skellington and also the composer of a bunch of Tim Burton's movies.
Danny Elfman and The Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo - Journey Through the Intestines
Maybe Danny Elfman knew that when he wrote little girls? My god it's genius. Or maybe I just really don't know why he wrote that.
DANNY ELFMAN better come back for the MCU Spider-Man. . I bet you can hum the score from the original trilogy right now, so iconic
Just bought tickets to Danny Elfman's music from Tim Burton films by Beyond excited!
Meet Black Singles 300x250
. The score was composed by Danny Elfman
Watch of Air's new video for Danny Elfman tribute "Elfe Man"
I am dead tired. I am literally listening to my Danny Elfman Pandora station to keep me going.
Danny Elfman asked about remastering old Boingo LPs: "*laughs* I don't know why I'd remaster it, I think the mastering was probably fine."
Whenever I see Cameron Monaghan on TV I always think there should be a Danny Elfman bio pic so he can play the lead.
Danny Elfman in a barn somewhere. While I'm currently trying to make him the main event!
Even deeper - that theme music is originally from an EXTREMELY bizarre movie called Forbidden Zone feat. Danny Elfman as Satan.
*** to the yes, you don't. I had Train, Rat Pack, oldies, & Danny Elfman played during mine. Oh, & The Hollies
yes thats its true but elfman and Burton are a One person and The music of Danny elfman its very important in this film
Danny Elfman, you ignite the creativity in me 💙🙇✨💭
I've been listening to Danny Elfman's Batman soundtracks for two hours and I don't regret a thing because I'm almost done with my paper!
Oh, hah. No wonder it's good, it's Danny Elfman
...both the Lex Luthor/Batman themes are extremely reminiscent of Tim Burton/Danny Elfman. They have a certain gothic feel to them.
like seriously what is a Tim Burton film without Danny Elfman music & Johnny Depp & Helena Bonham Carter playing the chara…
I really couldn't care less about the new Burton trailer, but I am unreasonably distraught that Danny Elfman isn't doing the music.
Roy Shakked is my Danny Elfman and is my Tim Burton and I'm the Helena Bonham Carter & there is for sure a hot Johnny Depp.
The whole thing is extraordinary. Danny Elfman did great. A lot of credit to Shirley Walker and the Sinfonia of London too.
For the record, I would love to see both Simmons and Danny Elfman back in the Spider-Man fold.
Would love John Williams to do the musical score to my life but I'd probably end up with Danny Elfman
Debussy hands down. but more recent would be Joe Hisaishi or Danny Elfman.
Day 12: Did you know Danny Elfman and Bridget Fonda are married? I didn't get a whole lot done today.
Oingo Boingo gave us Danny Elfman who has scored almost all of Tim Burton's movies.
Danny Elfman is a hero and a genius. "I liked to provoke. A lot of people hated us, and I kind of liked that." .
I think I'm the only person left who likes Danny Elfman . Oingo Boingo . Dead Man's Party .
Bridget Fonda hasn't had a credit since 2002. *** you, Danny Elfman.
So the La Dolce Vita stream crapped out on me so now I'm on to the Danny Elfman thing at because I have it in my watchlist..
I'm listening to "The Nightmare Before Christmas, Film Score" by Elfman, Danny on Pandora
So uh…what is Danny Elfman doing in the queue?
The perfect man has Danny Elfman's back, Dennis Kucinich's optimism & Morton Subotnick's odd spatial awareness
Uncle Owen? Aunt Beru?. John Williams!!. Dammit. Now we need to do the rest of the movie with Danny Elfman.
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i want an entire genre set around Juular's danny elfman metal
Danny Elfman sits at home waiting for his kids' school to call. "I'm SURE they want me to help with the Halloween concert.…
*Danny Elfman Spider-Man Theme blasts in the the background*
I've watched both music videos. That was amazing. I've heard Weird Science before but had no clue it was Danny Elfman!
E-excuse me? Danny Elfman had a band in the 80s with a name that reminds me of the OoT Shadow Temple boss?! Wha?
I would suck the *** of Danny Elfman. Everything I've heard from him I love. My favorites are Spiderman 1/2 and Nightmare BC.
Found out the other day Danny Elfman was Jack's singing voice in Nightmare. Met someone who said ANBC was their fave Depp film
I want to learn how to play piano hella bad so I can play all the Danny Elfman scores I want
Thought of the day: Whoever said, "No, we don't need Danny Elfman to do the soundtrack for Hot Rod, we can use Europe's The Final Countdown…
In other news Black Beauty is on, I genuinely once downloaded the score from it. Danny Elfman knows what's up.
that clip occured to me during VII. I thought it was danny elfman at one point.
Danny elfman music is an amazing artist
I wonder how Danny Elfman would score my theme?. Ah. I'm probably more of a somber Trent Reznor orchestra anyway
building on that, what would Beethoven, Haydn, Mozart think of like, Film Scores? John Williams & Hans Zimmer & Danny Elfman & Howard Shore?
If a new solo Batman film happens, they need to do the right thing and hire Danny Elfman.
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Still upset nobody gave me Danny Elfman for christmas 😭😭😭
'end credits pt 1' by Danny Elfman from Corpse Bride is maybe one of the most beautiful instrumental songs I've ever heard
Patiently waiting for Danny Elfman to receive a Kennedy Center Honor. Well, not patiently. And it'll probably never happen. But whatever.
And sometimes I wish I was as awesome as Danny Elfman.
Elfman is who I am in D&D. Danny is who I am on livecamboys.
I wish I had a cool name like Danny or Elfman.
I have just learned a terrible thing from The Road Chip uses portions of Danny Elfman’s Midnight Run score. I… Can’t. Even.
This is cool if you like Batman, Tim Burton, or Danny Elfman:
wanda.blake Not sure how you can't like this movie. It's Danny Elfman and Tim Burton. You know,…
I listened to: Alice Reprise by Danny Elfman on Spotify
Watching 50shades. Danny Elfman really?! Are you missing that Burton money?
One to tick off the bucket list: have now seen/heard Danny Elfman’s Batman suite played live by a full orchestra.
Top pick of 2015! in Concert: Tim Burton's THE Nightmare Before Christmas w/ Danny Elfman at
I like to think that when Danny Elfman dies he will look like Jack Skellington immediately after death, then become th…
The great Danny Elfman told us exactly how to compose scary-sounding music:
Tim Burton x Danny Elfman x Johnny Depp together usually make for a great movie!!
You mentioned technical difficulties, so again: Did Joel Schumacher ask Danny Elfman to work on BATMAN FOREVER?
The Dark Knight trilogy was good but that Danny Elfman music in the Tim Burton Batman movies though!
Who'd win in a fight: Alan Silvestri or Danny Elfman. The winner to face John Williams
Shoutout to Danny Elfman for his music composition on A Nightmare Before Christmas as well as The Oogie Boogie song. Heat
Tim Burton's films would not be so good, IMO without Danny Elfman's music. He also sang Jack Skelington in...
Reblog if you love Danny Elfman and/or Oingo Boingo - theladyderp: (This is long overdue.)
Pretty random appearance by Peter Dinklage in that Danny Elfman video
this tiny, highly pixelated jpeg of danny elfman sums up how I'm feeling this week
Why isn't it surprising that Danny Elfman produced the music
True. He's basically the father of John Williams and Danny Elfman type composers
Danny Elfman concert at Hollywood Bowl brings out Tim Burton fans
I love the Burton Batman movies! The Danny Elfman score is so epic! I loved the Dark Knight trilogy as well. I'm uber excited to
Tim Burton and Danny Elfman are the greatest duo of all time.
I hope they don't do something dumb like let Danny Elfman rewrite everything.   10% Off
Just announced: new Danny Elfman score will be premiered at our screening h…
I started making puppets work. Danny Elfman is currently charming the holiday music…
Danny Elfman is a genius. Enough said.
All I need in life is my Danny Elfman Pandora station.
the greatest score ever. my heart. Danny Elfman, I love you.
Throw back to when I went to the Hollywood Bowl with to watch Danny Elfman sing his heart out!!
Favorite Composers: Danny Elfman. It is easy to forget how many of his scores have entered the vernacular of Cinema music. A …
The *** Trent Reznor, Danny Elfman, and Hans Zimmer in a roundtable?. Okay, let's listen to this.
that moment when matt rubs seeing sufjan stevens and Danny Elfman in your face.
I did it. I saw Danny Elfman sing an Oingo Boingo song live. First time he has in 20 years! 🙆🏻Check that off the bucket list ✅
Somebody needs to tell me about the courtship of Danny Elfman and Bridget Fonda ASAP.
Those of you in the pacific time zone, Danny Elfman's Music of Tim Burton Live from the Lincoln Center is on PBS right now!
I'm listening to Edward Scissorhands, Film Score by Danny Elfman on
I'm listening to Corpse Bride, Film Score by Danny Elfman on
I'm listening to Beetlejuice, Film Score by Danny Elfman on
Halloween treat alert: Danny Elfman music for Tim Burton movies, from "Batman" to "Nightmare Before Xmas," on PBS Friday night ...
Danny Elfman and Prince worked on the soundtrack for the original Tim Burton Batman, if that's not right I don't know what is.
Holy smokes, Batman! Watch part of Danny Elfman's concert of his Tim Burton Film Scores, on 10/30:
Just watched "The Forbidden Zone" for the first time. . I loved it. My favorite part was Danny Elfman as Satan as Cab Calloway
While I 💙 and appreciate Danny Elfman, I hate his covers on the Nightmare Before Christmas album. Ken Page is the only Oogie Boogie I need
I'm listening to Oogie Boogie's Songs by Danny Elfman on
From John Williams to Alan Silvestri to Hans Zimmer to Steve Jablonsky to Danny Elfman etc,the creators of some of cinemas greatest scores
"How to play The Corpse Bride Theme Acoustic by Danny Elfman on Piano Sheet Music" : via
Danny Elfman is throwing A Nightmare Before Christmas orchestral event at the Hollywood Bowl on Halloween!!.
Thanks to Family Guy, I now wonder what kind of score Danny Elfman would provide for Star Wars.
Howard Shore, writing 'The Black Rider': "Don't mind me... Just taking my Danny Elfman for a walk."
FACT: Danny Elfman's "Dolores Claiborne" score is excellent to listen to while writing horror stories. (let's be honest, any Elfman works)
Absolutely! Add in Danny DeVito as The Penguin and a truly sumptous score by Danny Elfman and, well, yeah! What more can one say!
Might go see Danny Elfman at the Hollywood Bowl for his Nightmare Before Christmas concert :D
brought to you by Danny Elfman. Classic!
I'm going to do my hardest to see Danny Elfman on November!! 😭😍❤️
Photoset: cooketimm: Danny Elfman’s iconic theme song for Batman: The Animated Series is one of the most...
My ability to recognize Danny Elfman's music has become impeccable
I'm playing my Danny Elfman Batman soundtrack at the shop right now. I was trying to remember if I had Batman Returns on vinyl; nope, tape.
Last night, I dreamed that I met someone who cares about Oingo Boingo and Danny Elfman's facial expressions as much as I do.
Danny Elfman's Edward Scissorhands theme is so beautiful, no wonder it worked so seamlessly in ballet.
Today is International I for one am very excited about this (hums Danny Elfman theme)
I've got Danny Elfman Terminator Salvation in my ears..
I'm going to at GRAND REX in Paris, France - Oct 10
Danny Elfman has the best movie scores ever. @ Omaha, Nebraska
I have limited previous edition of Danny Elfman of Batman Returns, i want this new edition too! 🎼🎧💽💿
Tickets to Danny Elfman at the November 1 are on sale now!
Tkts for both Danny Elfman shows at the Hollywood Bowl secured.
I just found out we can dress up for the Danny Elfman concert on Halloween.Oh boy! 🎃🎃
Sweet deal! The Danny Elfman score is legendary!
DC Comics Celebrate with the limited edition Danny Elfman…
Celebrate with the limited edition Danny Elfman Batman/Batman Returns Collection set @ ShopDCE!
. No. Danny Elfman was the singer for Oingo Boingo but had done like 40 billion movie soundtracks.
Whatever the happy music formula is, former Oingo Boingo frontman Danny Elfman seems to have gotten it down pat
At MGM scoring stage with friends Danny Elfman & Simon Neil discussing The Wizard of Oz, the lone gunman and beards. h…
Danny Elfman and Simon Neil together , pure genius :)
Danny Elfman to perform Nightmare Before Christmas at the Hollywood Bowl on Halloween Night
NEW POST - The Best Soundtracks to Work To ft John Williams, Danny Elfman, Thomas Newman, Hans Zimmer and more!
Ang Lee's Hulk is a lot sillier than I remember it being. Danny Elfman's score is good though.
With Howard Shore and Danny Elfman at the opening of Festival.
​has selected Danny Elfman's Music from the Films of as its Classical Music pick of the week
So today I saw George Lucas, Johnny Depp, Dwayne the rock Johnson, Danny Elfman, and Ellen, just to name a few. 😍😍😍
Hellboy is the combination of some of my most favouritist people. Guillermo del Toro, Doug Jones, Danny Elfman, Jeffrey Tambour, John Hurt
within minutes I can identify a Danny Elfman score, or James Horner, or Carter Burwell..
Thanks! I will! I'm going to the Disney Legends Panel where George Lucas and Danny Elfman will be honored! Can't wait! :)
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When asked about family life (or any type of life), composers Danny Elfman & Marco Beltrami burst out laughing. Always sequestered away. Oi.
did you see this from a week ago Friday?: Danny Elfman webcast
Bridget Fonda, 51, and husband, Danny Elfman, 62, splashing their $3.6 M to have a house at Los Angeles.
Had unforgettable Philharmonic Orchestra of NY for Danny Elfman's music from the films of Tim Burton!
Erin and I at Lincoln Center last night for Danny Elfman. @ Lincoln Center Theater
I don't even know how I managed to snag a ticket to Danny Elfman at Lincoln Center and I don't care. It's happening. 😍
Danny Elfman and Tim Burton are my fave
That scene in where Batman and Vicki Vale are in the Batmobile racing back to the Batcave with the Danny Elfman score playing.
What about Maurice Jarre,Max Steiner,Danny Elfman,etc,etc...All have created great Film Score's .Just sayin. :-)
Thrilled to have Danny Elfman (Big Eyes) & Thomas Newman (Skyfall) at Composers Coffee Talk this Saturday. Tickets:
Speaking f Danny Elfman..This is a classic masterpiece..
I want to like Nightmare because Danny Elfman and Chris Sarandon are great.
The Wolfman remake with Benecio del Toro (Danny Elfman is a genius)
Nasty habits is also like, THE song where you listen to it and its like "yeah this is Danny Elfman" its 100% his aesthetic
let's all just agree that Shirley Walker is a great musical genius than John Williams or Danny Elfman and move on with our lives guys
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Common problem: I keep whistling Herbert's Cello Concerto No. 2 in E minor, but then it morphs into Danny Elfman's score from *** Tracy.
If you don't know, Danny Elfman provided the singing voice of Jack Skellington and scored the majority of Tim Burton's films. 🎼🎶
Soundtrack details announced for Marvel's 'Avengers: Age of Ultron' feat. music by Brian Tyler & Danny Elfman.
The soundtrack by Brian Tyler + Danny Elfman will be available digitally 4/28 & CD 5/19! Info:
Listening to some Danny elfman while doing homework because why not
I have the theme from stuck in my head. *** you Danny Elfman 👊
I was excited about but when I learned Danny Elfman is writing additional score, I got passionate.
Someone has to pay . For the little things. ♫ The Little Things by Danny Elfman —
Yeah but when we thinking Batman we thinking Danny elfman's thème still representing Batman!!!^^
I'm so curious about Danny Elfman's involvement. Hope that gets cleared up soon.
Are you a Danny Elfman/Oingo Boingo fan or did Bill Jackson have something to do with it? I noticed the CDs up in front.
Alessandro from Libera to Danny Elfman :) MT "The Libera boys are truly talented!"
I noticed the Oingo Boingo & Danny Elfman CDs up front. Are you a fan?
Thank you! I would ONLY take that as a compliment. It definitely has a hint of Danny Elfman going on.
Danny Elfman and John Williams seem to be the only people who know how to compose film music.
I know a movie is gonna be good when I see in the intro credits that danny Elfman does the soundtrack
The Batman Returns soundtrack by Danny Elfman is more Iconic than TDKR soundtrack but is also great ;)
I had no idea Danny Elfman was a ginger. I've been fooled. We all have.
Only just realised that Danny Elfman has contributed to the score for Age of Ultron, very unexpected move...
still a great video, music very Danny Elfman/Batman
my dad is obsessed with Danny elfman and you're the only one I've seen that knows who he is 👌
ALSO can u belieb the fact that danny elfman was in Oingo Boingo and mark mothersbaugh is in Devo & how they became defining film composers
This murky weather today calls for the Danny Elfman station.
Yeah… that's great & all. But I'm more a Danny Elfman type o guy!
The only good thing about the Johnny Depp C&CF was that Danny Elfman used the poems from the book for the Oompa Loompa songs
Day 61: Went to kepoh watch the YKLS rehearse for Danny Elfman's 'Music from the Films of Tim Burton'.
Did you just call 80s Danny Elfman Rockabilly? We're going to have words.
I'll see your DIO and raise you a Danny Elfman
Jenna Elfman thinks she's been married to Danny Elfman for 20 years.
Let's start a petition for John Williams and Danny Elfman to do a collab
All purpose parts banner
Friend links me to Oingo Boingo song. Me: "This sounds like Danny Elfman.". Friend: "That's because it IS Danny Elfman."
I'm so old I still think of Danny Elfman as "That guy from Oingo Boingo".
Danny Elfman's Batman theme has never been better than the arrangement FEMALE COMPOSER Shirley Walker made for the BTAS end credits.
Danny Elfman explains his score for via
Tfw you find out your role model Danny Elfman composed for the 50 shades of gray movie...
Suddenly, Danny Elfman takes over the score.
LOL aww too bad because Its such a great eclectic mix of music and Danny Elfman's Score is incredible
well Danny Elfman scored most of the animated Tim Burton movies so wierd and epic is par for the course.
Lana del rey, miles davis and danny elfman part of a soundtrack. dayum
Danny Elfman's cover was also awesome and weird 😃
Chris Sarandon says he got the role of Jack Skellington because his voice was so similar to Danny Elfman's voice.
Excited for rendition of Danny Elfman's Soundtracks & a great night in Denver at Happy Early
We had a great time last night and the movie was well acted and directed. Danny Elfman did the soundtrack too! -MOG
had the same reaction as when I heard Danny Elfman's voice for the first time and they couldn't be more different
Looking forward to hearing the Score by Danny Elfman! I bet it fits perfectly!
Also, IMO Spider-Man 2 is the last of Danny Elfman's scores that's so wonderfully... Danny Elfman-y.
Danny Elfman & Frank Sinatra both on the 50 soundtrack?!
Danny Elfman's fruitful collaborations with Tim Burton get their due at the Feb. 6-7. Details:
Tim Burton, Danny Elfman, Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham-Carter walk into a bar. Bartender: What'll it be?. Burton: Lets t…
Danny Elfman's music for the films of Tim Burton with the CSO was a true delight. I left completely satisfied. Bless you,
Tim Burton and Danny Elfman are the best people on the face of the earth I swear
Not to mention the music by Danny Elfman was completely flawless and beautiful as always
Die, die, we all pass away. But don't wear a frown 'cause it's really okay. … ♫ Remains of the Day by Danny Elfman —
Watching the Colorado Symphony playing a program of Danny Elfman's scores to Tim Burton films. Amazing!
Danny Elfman is in town tonight and tomorrow with
Just got advanced screening pass for from a mag for which I write&saw on it,to my surprise,"Music by Danny El…
Literally almost the entire Good Will Hunting soundtrack is Danny Elfman and Elliott Smith how in the *** had I not seen it before smh
- Danny Elfman did the score for Good Will Hunting
Yes! Danny Elfman!!! (@ Boettcher Concert Hall - for Danny Elfman's Music From the Films of...)
The music of Danny Elfman and the art from Tim Burton! Yay for symphony nights! @ Boettcher Concert Hall
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Date night with my daughter? Danny Elfman's Music from the films of Tim Burton at the CSO. *** yes.
So the score for Frankenweenie is actually pretty solid & doesn't sound like Danny Elfman Orchestration No. 3758. That's a pleasant surprise
Danny Elfman is into waltzes that reach transcendental climaxes, choir pads, and jittery songs.
On page 67 of 288 of Girl in a Band, by Kim Gordon: Kim dated Danny Elfman in high school.
like the movie score, the music composed by Danny Elfman?
" You got that red code right? Say it when you can't bear the whip " ♫ Did That Hurt? by Danny Elfman —
I really love the main theme for Ang Lees HULK. Danny Elfman done some great work there.
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