Danny Dyer & Tamer Hassan

Danny Dyer (born 24 July 1977) is an English actor, media personality, and chairman of Greenwich Borough, a non-League football team. Tamer Hassan (born 18 March 1968, London), is a British actor of Turkish Cypriot descent. 5.0/5

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Imagine a British version of The Expendables with Phil Mitchell, Danny Dyer, Ray Winstone, Tamer Hassan and Lenny Murdoch from River City
This is one of six movies which Danny Dyer and Tamer Hassan have appeared in together
CELEBRATE ..10 YEARS ON ..The Business - Nick Love, Danny Dyer, Tamer Hassan back in 2005 landed one of the best...
The Football Factory! Love a bit of Danny Dyer and Tamer Hassan!
I'm getting bored of my colleagues name dropping. I'm not impressed by knowing Tony Blair or Kofi Annan , they aren't in the same league of celebrity as Danny Dyer & Tamer Hassan.
Would love to go on a night out with Danny Dyer, Tamer Hassan and Vinnie Jones
enjoyed that film, would have been fantastic if Danny Dyer could act. Tamer Hassan and Geoff Bell were brilliant as usual.
Channel 5. The Business is a 2005 film written and directed by Nick Love. The film stars Danny Dyer, Tamer Hassan and Roland Manookian all of which were in Love's previous film The Football Factory. It also stars Geoff Bell and Georgina Chapman.
10pm tonight. Channel 5. THE BUSINESS. For anyone that ain't seen it, watch it! The film will blow your mind! Danny Dyer,Tamer Hassan, Geoff Bell + Georgina Chapman on top game! Smashing Malaga in the 80's. Guarantee nobody can watch this film and not enjoy it!
At the moment, we are like Danny Dyer and Tamer Hassan in the Business when they lose it all at the end.
I hope Danny Dyer and Tamer Hassan don't get desperate and try pull off 'The Business 2'
Danny Dyer and Tamer Hassan need to make a new film together :(
Did anyone check out the interview of Danny Dyer & Tamer Hassan in Loaded Magazine? How was it?
He probably did cause he's a clown. I bet the worlds best actors (Danny Dyer/Tamer Hassan) didn't do media A-level.
We are pleased to announce on Sunday 2nd December, Danny Dyer & Tamer Hassan host 'The Business Reunion Party'
City Rats is one of the worst films Ive ever seen. Gutted because I love Tamer Hassan and Danny Dyer
Danny Dyer & Tamer Hassan @ Ikon Night-Club Southampton in Dec 07 with Club Dj Mark Hatton!Yes Danny was SMASHED!! But Funny lol
Danny Dyer & Tamer Hassan are lads when staring in films together.
How surprising.. Just watching another crap Danny Dyer Film! and... Oh hold on... Tamer Hassan is in it.. I'm sure these two are surgically joined at the hip!
Any film with Tamer Hassan, Danny Dyer and 50 Cent is bound to be awesome
The Business is a top film, Tamer Hassan and Danny Dyer are quality
Danny Dyer & Tamer Hassan introduce www.pokergeezers.com. Play many poker games, including texas holdem with celebrities and also win chances to party with t...
Oh! All you know mate is Danny Dyer and Tamer Hassan and the film 'the business' you are NOT 80's! Speak to Nick Love about it!
Charity football match tomorrow with Tamer Hassan, Danny Dyer and Devonshire's favourite son Bambi on Blades
Rooted in the British gangster film genre, cult actors and faces of Fila, Danny Dyer and Tamer Hassan, play two South London hitmen who are summoned for a job to see the big boss. They are ordered to find two Italian culprits and beat them up accordingly. The film ensues with both Danny and Tamer dishing out the punishment, revealing the final twist at the end of the film in the form of two distressed trainers. The Worn Again ‘Centre Court’ trainer appears in the Summer 08 Fila collection as a pre distressed style. The film supports a key Vintage style within their most comprehensive collection to date and is a testament to Fila’s firm grasp on everything retro.
That is a fun movie. Love teaming up of Danny Dyer & Tamer Hassan :)
Danny Dyer and Tamer Hassan team up in the action-packed Freerunner - Watch the explosive action now on
Yoo catch Redzz pitting his witts against some well known celebs Today at 12pm, kick off 1pm at the Soccer Six with loads of other stars such as Joe Calzaghe, The Eastenders cast, The Inbetweeners, The Only Way Is Essex cast, Omid Djalili, Wiley, Starboy Nathan, CBBC team, Danny Dyer, Tamer Hassan and many more playing at West Ham 's Stadium, Upton Park! Myself and the team will be there!
Written And Directed By Nick Love. Starring Danny Dyer And Tamer Hassan:- Set in the Thatcher era with the cool sounds of the 80's, THE BUSINESS is an action...
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