Danny Dyer & Ross Kemp

Danny Dyer (born 24 July 1977) is an English actor, media personality, and chairman of Greenwich Borough, a non-League football team. Ross James Belshaw Kemp (born 21 July 1964) is a BAFTA award-winning English actor, author and journalist, who rose to prominence in the role of Grant Mitchell in the BBC soap opera, EastEnders. 4.7/5

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Jeremy Kyle thinks he's the new Ross Kemp on Gangs but looks more like a budget Danny Dyer on international football factories.
Danny Dyer vs Ross Kemp in the Vic would be unreal
Danny Dyer + Ross Kemp + Steve Mcfadden all in one Eastenders scene = the Queen Vic bursting with unbridled masculinity
That must be a scary Street with Danny Dyer and Ross Kemp on it
I think Danny Dyer & Ross Kemp should get their own spin off show. What an explosive duo!
Ross Kemp v Danny Dyer would be a fight
Just seen Ross Kemp and Danny Dyer stare each other down on Eastenders. Might start watching it after that
Danny Dyer & Ross Kemp looking at each other across the bar at the Queen Vic. Its like Austin and The Rock face to face at Wrestlemania 17
Danny Dyer and Ross Kemp. That would make an amazing documentary team
Danny Dyer and Ross Kemp interviewing Walfords hardest men.
Ross Kemp and Danny Dyer eyeballing one another is just about the hot *** sexiest thing ever πŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ™ˆ
Danny Dyer giving Ross Kemp the look is what dreams are made of.
Danny Dyer eyeing up Ross Kemp really gives you The Special Feelings doesn't it
Ross Kemp wants to fight Danny Dyer on The ultimate soap showdown?
When you get Martin Kemp in over Danny Dyer or Ross Kemp to solve unsolved crimes.
'get your f***ing eyes tested you dozy c***t' - Ross Kemp and Danny Dyer clean up Britain's trains
.Needs to be read using the voice of either Danny Dyer or Ross Kemp.
Agree to disagree ;) lost it's mojo in the mid-90's, especially after Ross Kemp left. Now we have Danny Dyer! lol
Jeremy Kyle is trying to be like Ross Kemp or Danny Dyer.
We need to send Danny Dyer and Ross Kemp away together to find the most dangerous *** out their because they'm both nut jobs
Ross Kemp on Danny Dyer’s Real Football Factories, with Trevor Eve, Friday at 9, on BBC One.
Ross Kemp is the Danny Dyer of the Left?
Ross Kemp should come back to Eastenders! Him and Danny Dyer on the same screen would be amazing!!!
Incorrect knob. I watched the Ross Kemp one. Never seen Danny Dyer one.
Lewis Collins was a "proto-Ross Kemp. A classy Danny Dyer. Jason Statham with hair and a splash of Old Spice."
Danny Dyer's deadliest men is nearly as good as Ross Kemp on gangs. Go ed fella.
they played the Krays so they must be hard. See also Ross Kemp and Danny Dyer
that show would be an instant hit comparable to Ross Kemp on gangs and Danny Dyer's real football factories in many ways my idols
Last night I watched Ross Kemp's Front Line and tonight I'm watching Danny Dyer's Deadliest Men. Getting in touch with my feminine side.
Charlie Sheen is my idol, as well as Danny Dyer, Ross Kemp & 50
ill have to agree but in terms of Ross kemp on gangs or Danny Dyer extreme football factories what wud ye go with ?
do you think "investigative journalist" is used too freely? i.e Ross Kemp, Danny Dyer. is it diluting the title investigator?
Danny Dyer once told me that him and Ross Kemp double teamed Rihanna for a bet
He might be old, have grey hair, gettin abit to fat, way passed his prime, a Danny Dyer wannabe, Ross Kemp lookalike, all round genuine bell end but Shea Power does make a good sandwich
An unusually manly day for me, I've already built a fire, painted a window and mended a chair. I now need to watch Chicago, have a deep bath and listen to some Rufus Wainwright, before I start liking football and watching 'documentaries' fronted by Ross Kemp and Danny Dyer.
Ross Kemp trending? Dead? Shot by a 13 year old child whilst hiding 60 miles away from the gangs? Or is that Danny 'Hard as nails' Dyer?
Would love to see Danny Dyer meet some of the gangs that Ross Kemp has.
I'm struggling to get higher than two! Ross Kemp and Danny Dyer are on two FFS!
Ross Kemp program is mental! Dead people all over the shop. Venezuela looks a bit mad. Only danny dyer would survive there
Ross Kemp & Danny Dyer should do a show together. Danny & Ross' Deadliest Men in The Deadliest Places.
Clarke Carlisle on Racism. Here with a new Ross Kemp, Danny Dyer style series.
Danny Dyer and Ross Kemp now fighting the criminals
you might be harder than Danny Dyer, but, I reckon you'd flap it to Ross Kemp
Danny Dyer sad footy programme wanted to look hard then Ross Kemp came along and showed him how to really be brave on tv.
Danny Dyer is not deadly, Ross Kemp would annihilate him.
Ross Kemp is a badass documentary maker! And then you get people like Danny Dyer!
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I would love it if they sent Danny Dyer to all the places they sent ross kemp
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