Danny Dyer & Ray Winstone

Danny Dyer (born 24 July 1977) is an English actor, media personality, and chairman of Greenwich Borough, a non-League football team. Raymond Andrew Ray Winstone (born 19 February 1957) is an English film and television actor. 5.0/5

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Danny Dyer, Ray Winstone, London cabbies: your boys took one *** of a beating
536) War In FACKIN 'Eaven - cockney retelling of paradise lost with Statham as Lucifer, Ray Winstone as Michael, and Danny Dyer as God
got this mental satirical image of Ray Winstone/ Danny Dyer doing 15 to 1 with losing contestants getting a boot up the backside
Imagine a British version of The Expendables with Phil Mitchell, Danny Dyer, Ray Winstone, Tamer Hassan and Lenny Murdoch from River City
Brexit is now Ray Winstone outside a chippy singing Vindaloo in the Spice Girls Union Jack dress as Danny Dyer nuts a coach…
Ray Winstone as Husband Penguin, Danny Dyer as Side Penguin, Kathy Burke as Girl Penguin. 'Ave it.
First it's Ray Winstone as Tobermory, now Vinnie Jones, who's playing Madame Cholet then - Danny Dyer?!
Like I thought we were pals I was the Danny Dyer to your Ray Winstone. Then all that went and changed.
We'll not know until the movie comes out starring Ray Winstone & Danny Dyer.
can't wait for the film! Danny Dyer & Ray Winstone's agents must be rubbing their swollen glands.
yep with Ray Winstone, Danny Dyer and Frank Harper. Directed by either Nick Love or Guy Ritchie 😉
Who would make the best Mayor Of London for a day out of Michael Caine, Danny Dyer, Jason Statham or Ray Winstone?
Ray Winstone is on the list of men who are only hot because of their accent ...see also . Danny Dyer. Bob Hoskins
Danny Dyer and Ray Winstone. Two people who can't come on the telly without me impersonating them.
Had tamer hassen had Danny Dyer now time for abit of ray winstone lol busy night xx
. You ask for Ray Winstone you get Danny Dyer,you ask for Zidane you get John Terry. Morgan?Who are ya
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Danny Dyer remembers dying his hair ginger to impress his hero Ray Winstone...
Russell Brand, Bobby Moore, Danny Dyer, Ray Winstone, That guy from Eastenders, Phil Jupitus; your boys took one *** of a beating.
Danny Dyer,Ray Winstone,Russell Brand,James Corden & Charline ;-) Hart,you boyz are in for 1 *** of a beating at Old Trafford 2 day lol.
I can only apologise to Ray Winstone, Danny Dyer and Vinnie Jones, they won't be proud... “Soccer?! For shame ;)”
Just imagine a Dark Knight Returns but with Ray Winstone as Batman & Danny Dyer as Robin.
so? I don't have to like all hammers lol. So are Russell Brand, Rylan Ckark, Ray Winstone and Danny Dyer. Don't like any of them
Ray Winstone and Danny Dyer bum each other.
BAD NEWS for BRIT FILM: 'Run For Your Wife', the new comedy starring Danny Dyer and Denise Van Outen, made just £602 on its opening weekend. The film, which has also been mauled by the UK critics, made just £67 per screen, plus another £320 from previews. [Related story: Run For Your Wife - Is this the worst movie ever filmed?] Dyer... Run For Your Wife makes just £602 (Copyright: Ballpark Films) It will be rolled out to a further 65 screens, but in late morning and early afternoon slots. Directed by the writer of the original stage play, 80-year-old Ray Cooney, it also features Girls Aloud's Sarah Harding, and a wealth of British stars in cameo roles. Harding and Van Outen play the wives of bigamist taxi driver John Smith, played by Dyer, while elsewhere there are appearances from Neil Morrissey, Lionel Blair, Barry Cryer, Maureen Lipman, Judi Dench, Rolf Harris, Andrew Sachs, Dennis Waterman, Cliff Richard, Prunella Scales, Christopher Biggins, Ray Winstone and the late Richard Briers. Many of those ...
For people who think Danny Dyer is a geezer please see Ray Winstone's entire career
Run For Your Wife DATE February 14 DIRECTOR Ray Cooney, John Luton CAST Danny Dyer, Denise Van Outen, Sarah Harding, Neil Morrissey, Judi Dench, Lionel Blair, Maureen Lipman, Richard Briers, Rolf Harris, Prunella Scales, Ray Winstone, Cliff Richard SYNOPSIS Bigamist John is happily married to both Michelle and Stephanie. Neither wife knows about the other and John, thanks to taxi driving shifts, manages to juggle his double life. But when the police spot his paperwork and start to investigate, it all threatens to come crumbling down.
He has such a sexy voice as does Ray Winstone & Danny Dyer, .x.x.x.
Ray Winstone helped spawn the likes of Danny Dyer so is therefore a *** A shame because Scum is a classic.
Are the spotters keeping an eye out for Danny Dyer & Ray Winstone? Just incase it gets 'Pwoper Nawtey'.
Dear All,there are still copies for sale ,on my New book - Paul Bradley's Galaxy of Stars , available from ypdbooks.com , There's some fantastic google sites,and a lovely review on amazon, also Actress Vicki Michelle MBE ,wrote my forward and there's some great Heritage sites too,since the Book launch I have had a fantastic year,Meeting Actor Ray Winstone at the Launch,Hollywoods Ted Danson,Danny DeVito,Tyne Daley,Garrett Hedlund,Jason Statham,Willem Dafoe,John Lithgow,And Berenice Marlohe at the World 007 Bond Premiere,also I attended a Lunch in which Danny Dyer attended,all in all amazing year , All have a great Christmas 2012, and a very Happy 2013 - I *** to have loads to look forward too-Paul Bradley
If I could take 3 celebrity's on a lads holiday it would be Danny Dyer, Ray Winstone and Liam Neeson
Celebrity Hard Men Fight Wild Animals. I think there's legs in the idea as a TV show. I'd watch Bob Hoskins tangle with a tiger or two, or Ray Winstone and Danny Dyer square up to an Alaskan brown bear. Clint Eastwood could argue with a koala...
John Terry retires from international football...won't be long now til he starts doing films with Ray Winstone and Danny Dyer
Ray Winstone is one of those annoying actors that thinks playing hardmen in films makes him a hardman himself. Like an older Danny Dyer.
Idea for a Danny Dyer movie: Danny and Ray Winstone play ruthless gangsters who open their own amusement park in 'Firm but Fayre'.
Ray Winstone, James Cordon and Danny Dyer are all West Ham fans. All that any neutrals need to know.
Russell Brand, Billy Mitchell, Ray Winstone, Danny Dyer and Wellard... I hope your ready for Malkys Welsh Army today...
Danny Dyer talks about the time that he died his hair ginger to impress Ray Winstone!!
Whoever they are they must surely all be hammers! Ray Winstone, Danny Dyer, Steve Harris...all class! Or Noel Edmonds...
Alfie Moon , Trevor Brooking , Danny Dyer , Ray Winstone , Russell Brand . Your boys just took one *** of a beating !!
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