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Danny Dyer

Danny Dyer (born 24 July 1977) is an English actor, media personality, and chairman of Greenwich Borough, a non-League football team.

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not even getting results but nothing beats a bit of Danny Dyer
Next week I'll be seeing danny dyer and Mike Parr with in 5 days so excited x
Loonies aren't they... Torcidas, had Danny dyer cackin his Keck's.
Yes it was supposed to be full on but more Danny Dyer than Van *** I am a native of East London myself bu…
Tbf, most films would be better as Jason Statham or Danny Dyer as the main characters
Guy Ritchie's King Arthur would've been at least ten times better with either Jason Statham or Danny Dyer as Arthur
Jason Stathem, Vinnie Jones and Danny Dyer all in one film, jheeezzz😍
.there's no Photoshop on holiday. Please add Danny Dyer's face to this and then secretly return it s…
I'm Danny Dyer, and I'm about to meet Britain's coolest seagulls
Love how Danny Dyer is consistently hungover in Deadliest Men.
I'm Danny Dyer, and I'm about to meet Britians most hedonistic fidget spinerers
Catching up on Eastenders and Danny Dyer is breaking my heart 😭💔
"Who would be your dream actor/actress to join deffonetly Danny Dyer!! or Alan Ford!! or St…
But with money tight it's starring Danny Dyer and a sat nav in a Ford Focus
Danny Dyer replacing Darth Vader is more powerful than you could possibly imagine. .
Watching the Paddy Doherty episode of Danny Dyer's Deadliest Men and I've had to put the subtitles on what is going on.
Website Builder 728x90
Derek Thompson from Casualty is on £350k-plus - and more than Adam Woodyatt or Danny Dyer?! What an agent he must have!
Was really expecting it to be Danny Dyer. Or Bill Nighy.
Danny Dyer's wife Jo Mas is sticking by her man after his *** raising behaviour.
This is not an English accent, it's a South African/ Australian/ Danny Dyer type thing
BREAKING:. Danny Dyer and Chris Rea are to form a new band called CHRISDANNY
Doghouse, starring Danny Dyer, Noel Clarke, Stephen Graham, Lee Ingleby and Neil Maskell, was released on this day in 2009 (U…
X Factor’s Sam Bailey reveals her dream to star on EastEnders with mate Danny Dyer – as she shows off secret drumm…
Hang on - X-Factor's Sam Bailey is best pals with Danny Dyer?!
Good luck to today. Note to all City fans. No you are not going to a Danny Dyer convention. It's what they look like
Just catching up with last night's .Danny Dyer. Don't think I need to say any thing else.
If you haven't come across it, check out the Love/Danny Dyer Outlaw commentary track
Wonder if danny dyer or any eastenders stars gunna be here tonight lol x
AKA, Danny Dyer goes to the Tory conference
EastEnders fans rubbish *** and Whitney's tearful scene as Danny Dyer returns
EastEnders: *** Carter angers fans as he FORCES Woody Woodward to leave Walford after he catches him in…
policy 32. The Wittertainment Party commits to significant reductions in Danny Dyer and the causes of…
'I'm Danny Dyer, and I'm about to meet Britain's Most Aggressive Workplace Bakers'
Corbyn needs the Danny Dyer endorsement "cant believe it's nearly 7 years since them Tory slags won the election it still freaks my nut out"
I once drew Danny Dyer being abducted by aliens
Fisticuffs! Food banks! Pwopah nawty! Danny Dyer returned to last night. Here's my review
Anyone ever gone back and watched an episode of that Danny Dyer's deadliest men?. Closest thing to Brass Eye we've seen this c…
Hi I'm Danny Dyer, and I'm on a mission to meet Britain's most left-wing Giles
I love Danny Dyer with all my heart no matter what, but John Middleton, Danny Miller, Jack P Shepherd, Gregory Finnegan and Jamie Lomas so
He's like a cross between Danny Dyer and Michael Gove.
why do u feel u owe ol has beens a living? Shane Ritchie Bonnie Langford, D.Essex Paul Nichols, Danny Dyer now Lee from Blue!
While we are talking about Danny Dyer, seems has been at it again. Calling Emma Watson a beast is a bit har…
plans 'huge fight' for Danny Dyer and Lee Ryan's characters
EastEnders richest star – Danny Dyer earns more than Steve McFaddenn but by how much…
EastEnders stars' whopping salaries revealed as Danny Dyer surprisingly earns more than soap veterans Steve……
why is Darren Day putting an accent on like Danny Dyer crossed with Grant Mitchell dressed like Arthur Daley?
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I couldn't get past the first "end of level guardian" - Mean Machine with Vinnie Jones and Danny Dyer.
Partying with Danny Dyer's sister, but where's at???😩
Danny Dyer does a cracking Scouse accent!!!
Danny Dyer is set to return to next week after time off to recuperate... .
Danny Dyer's exit storyline is 'laughable' and 'rushed'
Danny Dyer’s face when he won his National Television...
Danny Dyer's face when he won his National Television Award was priceless
I mean, not quite sure of the relationship between Danny Dyer and grime
A Splash of Grime could be a Danny Dyer starring reboot of A Touch of Frost.
Eeesh. Chris Smalley stoops to head clear a Dyer flick, Danny Newton leaves a leg in and connects with Smalley's head (0-0)
Lambs look to be 442. Connor Taylor right, Callum Powell left, with Ross Dyer just off Danny Newton.
There's something very humbling about seeing your family tree going back 12 generations to the 1600s (and with no sign of Danny Dyer).
Danny Dyer would make a better The One William Shatner sings Out Of Touch.
EastEnders may have just revealed the reason for Danny Dyer's break:.
Danny Dyer would make a better time.
the most Danny Dyer approach possible
Danny Dyer singing Oasis is everything I needed in life
I've never once heard Danny Dyer referred to as a great actor.
Someone on this train has the word 'England' tattooed on the back of his big bald head. Yet I was worried about reading Danny Dyer's book
Swear down if one more person on a night out tells me I sound like Danny Dyer am kicking off 🙄
Danny Dyer to return to EastEnders next week?
How many times is London Live going to show Danny Dyer films ?!
star Danny Dyer 'to return to filming' next week via
EastEnders viewers snigger as awkward camera angle appears to show Danny Dyer's willy
Danny Dyer ain't got nuffink on this boy.
‘Boozy’ Danny Dyer has returned to terrorism – but there’s one VERY big catch.
Will Nancy die as Danny Dyer's exit storyline as *** is revealed?
This night could really benefit from Danny Dyer tbh.
Luke Skywalker finding out he's Darth Vader's son is right up there with Danny Dyer finding out he's related to the Queen.
Asif I just spoke to Danny dyer on the phone
Danny Dyer makes final EastEnders appearance as *** Carter in 'rushed' exit...
fans divided as Danny Dyer's shock exit scene is FINALLY revealed 😮
Danny Dyer is reportedly returning to filming on Monday
Danny Dyer makes final appearance as *** Carter in 'rushed' exit
yeah mate it is. Can remember him mentioning it in his Danny Dyer programme.
I used to, then I stopped for a few years, then I started watching it at the start of this year, for Danny Dyer😂
Jeremy Kyle thinks he's the new Ross Kemp on Gangs but looks more like a budget Danny Dyer on international football factories.
No way Jamie Rednapp carries his golf bag What you think? Danny Dyer of Pundits
Does this mean Courteney Cox is related to Danny Dyer through Edward 1st?
You're right Ian! Same 10 characters saying the same things every episode.Don't see Danny Dyer & Lacey Turner hanging about long.
If hapless bosses lose Danny Dyer they might as well close the Queen Vic for good. Let him back as soon as poss…
02-18 admits he's left ALL the wedding planning to bride-to-be Joanne Mas
‘It can be tough’: John Partridge defends Danny Dyer’s break from Eastenders whilst he ‘sorts his life…
Kevin O'Sullivan on why EastEnders' departing boss has bored us all to tears
Watch Danny Dyer break down in tears as he admits 'I'm embarrassed to be human'
thanked his mum and dad for having sex during NTAs...
Watch break down in tears as he admits...
EastEnders' Danny Dyer and Hollyoaks' James Sutton are up for Straight Ally
Is this Danny Dyer TV award speech his best yet?
I thought Danny Dyer was bad enough. I hope Neil Gaiman has no influence over the decision. I really hope...
Danny Dyer from Essex, who didn't even recognize the word Plantagenet, a direct ancestor of Edward III, Thomas Cromwell etc. 👌
Danny Dyer as the Doctor and Barbara Windsor as the new companion?
Why are people thinking Danny Dyer will be the next doctor? Its clearly gonna be Richard Ayoade. Moss was probably…
Danny Dyer as Dr Who. 😫 He is a loud mouthed *** Richard Ayoade would be the best choice.
So as I understand it, front runners for new Danny Dyer. Colin Firth. Archbishop of Canterbury. Mr Darcy. Rupert Murdoch
sorry you sad *** who want this overrated 'actor' Danny Dyer as Doctor Who. The next one will be female.
Danny Dyer as Doctor Who? Isn't that like having Hyacinth Bucket to play Del Boy?
Will you be going to war with Danny Dyer & Alexander Armstrong (the Billy I descendents)?
Really enjoyed tonight. Over last few months I've found out I'm distantly related to , Ioan Gruffudd & Danny Dyer. 😏
I can see Shaun Evans. Haven't seen Endeavour but he has the look. But... Danny Dyer...c'mon!!!
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
National TV Awards: Danny Dyer terrifies Scarlett Moffatt, Mary Berry is the loveliest person on TV and Helen…
Greg Davies second celeb after Danny Dyer to discover he's descended from kings.
Viewers 'can't unsee' Danny Dyer as Amy Winehouse and Craig Revel Horwood a Britney Spears in Li... via
soz..feel asleep! Danny Dyer dressed as Amy Winehouse lip syncing, it just wasn't right 😬
Danny Dyer, Ray Winstone, London cabbies: your boys took one *** of a beating
536) War In FACKIN 'Eaven - cockney retelling of paradise lost with Statham as Lucifer, Ray Winstone as Michael, and Danny Dyer as God
Patrick Trueman and Danny Dyer singing Take That. There's not enough alcohol in the world to make this sound good.
Josh Watson bought es a Danny Dyer calendar and a banjo string, what are mates for eh
Michael McIntyre , Miranda Hart didn't realise how posh there background is, even Alexander Armstrong and Danny Dyer are related to royalty
Guy on just described himself as Danny Dyer *slash* Peter Andre. He's clearly trying to bale out of this date ASAP
Only Danny Dyer can make a comment about yoghurt sound funny.
Having Gregg question menus is like watching Danny Dyer critique Shakespeare.
Danny Dyer making me genuinely laugh on Eastenders, I'm officially old I think!!
Holly Willoughby’s infamous chest is at the centre of actor Danny Dyer’s cheeky EastEnders joke
Better to be related to a carter than royalty, says in Eat that Danny Dyer.
Hamilton Collection
Danny Dyer's episode of Who Do You Think You Are is honestly my favourite thing
I've just rewound Danny Dyer saying "Who brings a packed lunch to the theatre" 3 times
Nah had me creasing tonight, Danny dyer on the meal deal rampage and kush falling over 😭😂😂😂 well done
Watching Danny dyer find out he's related to King Edward III is one of the best TV moments ever
Danny Dyer is the only good thing about EastEnders these days
Danny Dyer's entire episode of is incredible, but the moment he discovers his royal connection is wonderful
Danny Dyer joining was the best thing to ever happen to it.
I cant cope with Danny Dyer on eastenders😂
If you were wondering... here's Danny Dyer in the flesh NSFW.
got this mental satirical image of Ray Winstone/ Danny Dyer doing 15 to 1 with losing contestants getting a boot up the backside
The bulge in Danny Dyer's trousers is putting me off my dinner
I wonder whether Danny Dyer's treated himself to that ruff yet...
Whys Danny Dyer raging about someone having a yoghurt in the theatre?
Dunno why but the sight of Danny fackin Dyer standing next to Bonnie Langford in an Eastenders panto just made my day
*** Carter is distracting fans again...
Danny Dyer playing himself in again! Freezing on stage in Xmas play!😂
9 minutes of pausing for Danny Dyer now @ Bromley-by-Bow
I love Danny dyer on eastenders he's an absolute ledge
Danny Dyer is single handedly saving eastenders tbh
Lmao,I swear Danny Dyer ad libs, he cracks me up
STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING: If you haven't seen it, Danny Dyer's WDYTYA is only available for 2 days. 2016's best TV…
Danny Dyer's going to take someones eye out omg
Well Danny Dyer doesn't leave much to the imagination does he... 😳😜
Danny Dyer's bulge in those trousers 💀😳
My mum's swooning at Danny Dyer on EastEnders. Showed her the finest work of his oeuvre - loves him even more now:
Holly getting a mention on Danny Dyer talking about her Willaboobies! Naughty. 🤣
Danny Dyer could have inherited the one in Queenborough ;)
This woman's washing machine sounds just like Danny Dyer shouting 'COME ON THEN!'
A young Danny Dyer has just popped up in Bramwell 😮
Watching Wolf Hall takes a turn knowing that his 20 times great grandson (or thereabouts) is Danny Dyer!
Catching up on Danny Dyer's Who Do You Think You Are - surely it's the best episode ever? "He's got a drawbridge!"
Doesn't Mopo look like Danny Dyer sitting next to Lloris.
I love it too. Some are better than others though. Did you see the one with Danny Dyer? Comedy gold and very interesting.
Looking for that last minute Christmas present for the Danny Dyer fan in your life? on DVD & Blu Ray https:…
All this reaction about Danny Dyer's bulge recently reminded me he got his *** out (briefly) in one of his movie's…
Cant wait to do my DDoubleE at the LipSync battle 😅 me and Danny Dyer the new double n foots 😅
“We do not want to read pap” says IPSO chair Alan Moses in a paper which yesterday told you Danny Dyer has a big ***
what's Danny Dyer doing in the photo?
9pm tonight. Final show of 2017; our annual "covers special". Plus Danny Dyer joins us for his last motorway service station report.
one ep they zoomed right in on Danny Dyer's nob in a pair of tight trousers. unmissable!
Really baffled by the fact my mum's Sky+ box has Danny Dyer's Who Do You Think You Are episode on it twice!
looks like a cross between Kevin Webster and Danny Dyer
Woman reckons her washing machine sounds like Danny Dyer saying ‘come on then’
I have now heard that DTC axed Ann Mitchell from EastEnders after Danny Dyer didnt want her there!!! Is Dyer running EastEnders???
Imagine a British version of The Expendables with Phil Mitchell, Danny Dyer, Ray Winstone, Tamer Hassan and Lenny Murdoch from River City
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Brexit is now Ray Winstone outside a chippy singing Vindaloo in the Spice Girls Union Jack dress as Danny Dyer nuts a coach…
also Danny Dyer's WDYTYA is v funny. Watched People's history of pop and Rick Stein over the weekend both great
Danny Dyer went to Woodside Community School, Prince Regent's Lane, Plaistow, East London; the school is no longer there, b…
Hasn't he always been referred to as 'king Danny Dyer?
Danny Dyer discovers he's descended from royalty on Who Do You Think You Are tonight
Danny Dyer almost passes out upon hearing his Royal descendancy
Danny Dyer directly descended from William the Conquerer and the Cromwells?! I'm finished.
Danny Dyer while stood in Hampton Court Palace's Great Hall: "you could have a right rave up in here"
Think were a minute away from finding out that Danny Dyer is a direct descendent of Jesus
Now that we know Danny Dyer is a direct descendant of royalty, can't we just send him over to deal with Trump. "Do one, y…
Turns out Danny Dyer is a direct descendant of Edward III, cue newspaper headlines claiming he's your cousin.
This ep of who do you think you are is the craziest I've ever watched ... Danny Dyer related to king Edward and Thomas Cro…
Love you Mark but couldn't resist, lol...
I do walk with a bit of a swagger. I do swear a lot. And people are go...
"I'm just gonnae get it in me nut" - Danny Dyer's face when he finds out he's descended from Edward III is gold.
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Danny Dyer related to William the Conqueror, King Edward III & Thomas Cromwell (via
didn't know you were related to Danny Dyer. Fair play to you.
Danny Dyer is a descendant of King Edward III. . Next week, Alan Sugar learns of his ancestor- a carpenter from Galilee.
Danny Dyer is a diamond geezer despite some snobby comments NB: We have 2xParents; 4xGrandPs;…
Cor blimey! The Queen Vic's Danny Dyer is related to royalty
Trumpquake not looking so bad; Danny Dyer, direct descendant of King Edward III
Bless & "Danny Dyer?:-P Now IF U track back from Plantagenets - U'll find & King David…
- Who Do You Think You Are? Which celebrities are on the new series? Danny Dyer, Ian McKel
- Cor blimey! Danny Dyer is a right royal geezer
Danny Dyer is related to royalty. Yes, really! - BBC:
Strange night. Just found out I'm related to Danny Dyer.
I'm thinking the climate is just about right for Danny Dyer to reclaim his position as the leader and King of the U.K.
Danny Dyer,s who do think you are, absolutely brilliant
Danny dyer on " ya know ya old mum killed a baby and did jail time?"...shes NINETY TWO DANNY!!!
Danny Dyer is on 'Who Do You Think You Are?' He hopes his ancestor from the 17th century was a "proper geezer."
Just caught up on with Danny Dyer. A really interesting & enjoyable episode. Who'd have thought he was related to royalty? 😂
EastEnders’ Danny Dyer has viewers in hysterics as he traces stock in Who Do You Think You Are?
Danny Dyer finding out he descended from royalty.
Surprised when Danny Dyer was told he was a direct descendant of King Edward III, he didn't say, "I'm related to a fac…
In the new edition of the Danny Dyer reveals his royal connections... . https:/…
I didn't think 2016 could get any stranger but Danny Dyer direct descendent of great Thomas Cromwell and Edward III
Danny Dyer's first impressions of Henry VIII's palace
'I just need to digest it and get it in me nut' - Danny Dyer on finding out he's a direct descendant of Edward III...
Danny Dyer's first impressions of Henry VIII's palace.
You're having a laugh: Danny Dyer has discovered that he is the descendant of two kings, after …
EastEnder’s Danny Dyer is associated to dual kings of England
The best news story you will read today.
I could write an essay about why I love danny dyer's character in eastenders
EastEnder’s Danny Dyer relates to two nobleman of England – kingdom
ANT ,are you expecting a baby lol or just going for the plump "Danny dyer " look on celebrity 😂😂😂
Danny Dyer is related to a royal blood line. Christ.
Why people call Danny Dyer an actor.
I wasn't a bad kid. My dad left when I was young, so I didn't have much d...
Danny Dyer is related to royalty. Yes, really - freaky coincidence
I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it:. Danny Dyer is related to royalty. Yes, really -
for like a minute my brain made me think I was Danny Dyer or something
Danny Dyer is related to royalty. Yes, really. 2016 is dead to me.
EastEnder's Danny Dyer is related to two kings of England
Danny Dyer's royal link revealed as EastEnders actor is related to former king.
Danny Dyer discovers that he is actual royalty in Who Do You Think You Are?
Danny Dyer has a blood link with Thomas Cromwell wat
Highlights from Danny Dyer: I Believe In UFOs, the most important documentary of the 21st Century.
I edited the entire first season of Danny Dyer's The Real Football Factories into one 60 second chunk.
was SO GOOD tonight, good mix of celebs!! Really thought Ant was Danny Dyer!! :O
Hugo boss soup with a side of garlic Danny dyer
How on God's green earth is Danny Dyer related to loyalty and Thomas Cromwell
maybe he got get you a royal guest for your Christmas special
If anyone can save us it's Danny Dyer. The rest of 2016/2017 is just gonna be like a Guy Ritchie film.
I know it's 2016 so we're supposed to expect the unexpected and all that, but 'Danny Dyer is related to royalty' is still quite a headline.
I always knew there was something special about Danny Dyer.. But I think we are all related to eachother in general terms..
Paging - Danny Dyer is related to royalty. Yes, really
Danny Dyer is related to royalty. Yes, really via
Was Danny Dyer out last night, ah nar it was just me 30yr old cousin trying to get with all me mates :///
New post: "Danny Dyer is related to royalty. Yes, really"
Danny Dyer is related to royalty. Yes, really
Danny Dyer needs to go in the jungle
I'd rather sound like Danny Dyer than Liam Gallagher
Ray Winstone as Husband Penguin, Danny Dyer as Side Penguin, Kathy Burke as Girl Penguin. 'Ave it.
Susie Dent (reveals who she fancies): Wenger has the brains & Dyer has the brawn. Danny Dyer: TBF that would be a mad 3some, wouldn't it?. 😂
Countdown's Susie Dent admits to fancying Arsene Wenger - Danny Dyer chimes in with outrageous offer…
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Basically it's the English accent that Michael Caine or Jason Statham or Danny Dyer always uses.
I ain't going dahn the Danny Dyer. I feel Dot Cotton and I don't wanna end up like Nicholas Witchell. Innit. Or summink.
Danny Dyer has a £400,000 deal & he can't act so god knows what the rest get.
Can you imagine if Trump had ties to Danny Dyer or Gerard Butler though?
WHY did the audience get the giggles in the middle of Danny Dyer's wedding ceremony?!
Danny Dyer's wedding photos in HELLO! magazine via ❤️ this pic of all the children
staying on celeb weddings as we had another this weekend, congrats Danny Dyer
just cuz I don't sound like Danny dyer
Back in the 20th century, I was basically Danny Dyer:
Danny Dyer remembers highlights of his wedding: 'I was overwhelmed'
Looking forward to C4 appointing Danny Dyer as new presenter - 'Wot's that tweacle? Tweacle taart? Laarvly, nitto you sigh scarse'
Family first for newlyweds Danny Dyer and wife Jo
I vote Danny dyer to be the next presenter of gbbo
I liked a video from Danny Dyer's Deadliest Men Stephen French
Would you watch Wonders of the Universe if it was presented by Danny Dyer?
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Danny Dyer and Ray Winston present after dark. 'This weeks baker leaving the tent is . Jog on loser'.
don't need to just put eastenders on and listen to Danny dyer xx
very here for the idea of Sarah Jessica Parker reading up on Danny dyer's wedding
Danny Dyer's cast mates look so different in their dresses and suits
Danny Dyer’s first wedding snap revealed as Joanne Mas stuns in beautiful dress
Danny Dyer’s daughter shares beautiful pictures from her parents’ wedding day
the part of London where I work is more like a Danny Dyer film :(
Glad The Journey is taking itself seriously, makes the silliness more enjoyable. Needs Danny Dyer voice acting though.
well not my natural one but everyone here has an Alfie Moon/ Danny Dyer accent
think they should give the job to Danny Dyer and Alan Carr what a mix up that would be lol
Everyone's so northern at uni I sound like bloody Danny Dyer compared to them🤔
cast look unrecognisable as they get suited and booted for Danny Dyer's wedding - MaViralGist
Lol was that Danny Dyer in mean machine put in by Alexis there?? 😂😂
I've got quite a big fan base, and people like to see you do the same thing - that's why you get
David Gold going full on Danny Dyer at a West Ham fan. 😂
a fan of Danny Dyer in white shorts in The Business but if Eastenders clothes get tighter he'll burst out Shirley
Fries me watching Danny dyer in Eastenders knowing the role he plays in human traffic🌛
nice to see Danny dyer back in eastenders 😍
"You dirty little treacle!" This completely sums up Danny Dyer in just 30 seconds...
Next BBC will lose Sherlock and it'll be picked up by Channel 5 and Benedict Cumberbatch will be replaced by Danny Dye…
Congratulations to and Jo on their wedding! Take a look inside their happy day:
Weddingmagazine:. First pictures shared from Danny Dyer's day: — Wedding magazi…
First pictures shared from Danny Dyer's day:
Ahhh we are so excited to finally see Danny Dyer and Jo Mas' wedding pics!
Danny Dyer gushes over the love of his life, Jo, as wedding pics are revealed
Danny Dyer's daughter has shared some sneaky peeks at her parents' wedding day
The first pics from Danny Dyer's wedding are here - AHH!
First photo shared from Danny Dyer's - and his bride Joanne looked INCREDIBLE:
Danny Dyer's daughter shares beautiful pictures from her parents' wedding day.
First pic from Danny Dyer's wedding has been released!. The happy couple look sensational:
Danny Dyer's first wedding photograph revealed as Joanne Mas stuns in beautiful dress.
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