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Danneel Harris

Danneel Ackles (born Elta Danneel Graul; March 18, 1979), better known by her stage name Danneel Harris, is an American actress and model.

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I still can’t believe I had the honor of meeting the one and only Danneel Harris Ackles she should’ve picked me up…
“Oh yes. Maybe we can get the nachos there again as well.” . She smiled. Jensen always made her smile…
Can we get some Danneel Harris Ackles' ( playing sister Jo ! ) bts photos from the set of WHERE WE CAN ACTUALL…
Cool! Never seen One Tree Hill before. I just know Jana Kramer and Danneel Harris (Ackles) are on it.
Jensen Ackles and Danneel Harris are expecting twins! How adorable is this announcement?
Oh 🤔 I think Danneel Harris Ackles would be amazing as her tbh
Danneel Harris Ackles is the purest soul on this planet do not argue with me
"Danneel Harris Ackles here with my husband."
I wish i looked like kat newton or sophie turner or maisie williams or Danneel Harris Ackles it's not fair i wanna be pretty
Danneel. Harris better have my money mesela Jensen Ackles
That smile is my favorite! Danneel Harris Ackles deserves all the love in the world
can I die now and come back as danneel Harris
A little love for the beautiful Danneel Harris Ackles.󾬐 ~Salt~.
fawnjensen: I had a dream about meeting Danneel Harris Ackles. It was pretty great.
lol, Ackles lives in Austin as well. With his daugther JJ and wife Danneel Harris, who was at San Jac too this weekend ;)
What a beautiful, inspiring couple, actress Danneel Harris and Jensen Ackles from the Supernatural TV…
can we please talk about Danneel Harris more
Danneel Harris and Hilarie Burton are in a movie on Hallmark Channel right now! Don't miss it!
Danneel Harris is so freaking cute.
Danneel Harris is beautiful AND so *** lucky. Its unfair.
Jensen Ackles and Danneel Harris at looking so adorably cute!
Jenna looks like danneel Harris is this why I like her so much
Blessing your TL with the lovely Danneel Harris Ackles 💖
Just saw this on Finally some1 did it😄
Shall we sit, drink some tea and talk about how beautiful is Danneel Harris Ackles? (yes)
Jensen Ackles and Danneel Harris as lightened up cheesecake bars with fruit topping
Hilarie Burton was on OTH w/ Danneel Harris who married Jensen Ackles who's dad on SPN was Jeffrey Dean Morgan who's dating Hilarie Burton..
A look at Jensen Ackles and Danneel Harris's sweet love story:
she is Jensen Ackles and danneel harris' daughter. She is so sweet!
Do u think in another life I could be a danneel harris
Danneel HarrisAckles Danneel Harris. Kickin off a great week at the With and ~Mama Winchester
"Please do not tag hate to Jensen Ackles and Danneel Harris about their daughter."
Jensen Ackles and Danneel Harris are one of the most beautiful couples I've ever seen!
I like Danneel Harris-Ackles but her voice is kind of... annoying.
Jensen Ackles is married to Danneel Harris(aka Rachel from OTH). They're so pretty.
Wow OMG Danneel Harris (Rachel) looks just smoking in every effin outfit she wears on the show season 3
Lucky number 36th: here's to you, Danneel Harris!
Happy 36th birthday to the amazing actress, beautiful wife and wonderful mother Danneel Harris Ackles ah gostosaaa
she went by Danneel Graul in one project, her first which was a short but then she went by Harris until she got married 💍
On this date in 1979, Adam Levine and Danneel Harris were born. Coincidence?
RG Happy Birthday to the beautiful Danneel Harris Ackles One Tree Hill wouldn't have b...
Danneel Harris should play humain impala . I mean look at her.
. Happy 36th Birthday to the lovely Danneel Harris Ackles.
Happy Birthday to the equally beautiful and talented Danneel Harris Ackles
Happy 36th birthday, Danneel Ackles, better known by her stage name Danneel Harris, is an...
Happy Birthday to the gorgeous, lovely Danneel Harris Ackles!
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Winchesters Make Wednesdays Supernatural would like to wish Danneel Harris Ackles a very Happy Birthday today.
Happy 36th birthday to Danneel Harris (actress)
Congratulations dear Danneel Harris on his birthday ... you're beautiful
Photoset: Misha Collins and Danneel Harris in the TSA America: Level Orange promo [x]
*walks over to the closet and grabs a dress showing you* How about this one? *lays it on the bed ++
here's a little sneak peak. *adds the picture attachment and sends it out* *After sending it out ++
Photoset: i-think-i-m-adorable: Reasons why Danneel Harris-Ackles is awesome.
Kind of, sort of, wish I was Danneel Harris/Ackles
Hello Danneel Harris Ackles are a fan of yours, you are fantastic from your fan
Danneel Harris Ackles add Kendall Francis SchmidtRp (she'll tell everyone to add him)
{+ Hedy needs a mortal that uses Danneel Harris as an FC
danneel harris is the hardcore *** (bianca) in fired up jesus christ my life is 95x better now that I know this ohmygod
“NBC wants your sitcom idea (and might even give you credit) Anything that DOESN'T have Danneel Harris in!
today at Danneel Harris first appeared. unexpectedly.
Photoset: Jensen Ackles and Danneel Harris (Ackles) behind the scenes of Ten Inch Hero
if your idol is here. Jensen Ackles . Jared Padalecki . Danneel Harris . Genevieve Cortese . Misha Collins. Mark Sheppard. …
Why did you let Leighton Meester kiss you in the roomate, wer'not weirded out?
Jensen Ackles married Danneel Harris in his hometown of Dallas, Texas on May 15. The bride wore a strapless dress with a bustled skirt while the groom wore a ...
Rewatching my fave series of all time. Danneel Harris 😍😍😍
'the Roommate' Movie Review Screen Gems Images launched a new horror/thriller movement image "The Roommate" into theaters a handful of days ago Cam Neely Jersey. I watched it,and believed it was exceptionally excellent. I genuinely liked Gossip Ladies star Leighton Meester's job as the psycho girl Johnny Boychuk Jersey. The flick characteristics: Leighton Meester, Minka Kelly, Cam Gigandet, Aly Michalka, Danneel Harris, Frances Fisher, and Billy Zane. The flick focused on characters Rebecca (Meester) and Sara Matthews (Kelly) . Sara is a standard gal university student who appears to be obtaining a fantastic time at school. Then 1 day,she gets a new roommate named Rebecca who seems really friendly to begin with. Effectively,at least to Sara,anyways. All the other folks that Sara introduces Rebecca to,will get a bad stare,or a somewhat uninterested vibe because it really is about Sara,and only Sara when it comes to Rebecca,and no one particular better do something to make Sara upset or else Rebecca will ce ...
If you hate on Danneel Harris and JJ, you're getting reported like nobody else. Excuse you. Rude.
I definitely's just Danneel harris took the only real one lol
THE man...and again, I marvel at just how lucky Danneel Harris Ackles is..WINNER at life!
Danneel Harris and Alan Ackles (Jensen's Father) while leaving LAX before shooting :)
"I'd love to work with Danneel Harris again. You can really sell the part if you've got that chemistry. Right honey? She's so red right now"
Jensen is also a babe so I mean Danneel Harris is too she don't want nodicked fgt so I mean he's build downthere
My mom likes Karen Gillan and Alex Kingston and Danneel Harris and Genevieve Cortese, I'm happy!
Just seen Jensen Ackles is married to Danneel Harris. That man is winning the game of life
my family and Danneel Harris say hello their parts
Co-stars Jensen Ackles (Priestly) and 'Danneel Harris' (Tish) began dating shortly after the movie and married in May 2010.
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Mandy Dillon Supernatural: Season 7 To Infinity & Beyond Supernatural ~ To *** And BackTVD and Supernatural Addicts Supernatural is the best show on earth Supernatural jjcWinchesters Make Wednesdays Supernatural Jared Padalecki & Jensen Ackles Family Fandom Jensen Ackles & Danneel Harris Jensen Ackles Jared Padalecki Misha Collins and if any of you can think of anyone else to tag to this post please do so! :)
Jensen Ackles's wife, Danneel Harris, finally gave us a glimpse of baby Justice Jay Ackles on Wednesday at LAX. Danneel welcomed the new baby with Supernatural star Jensen just last month. At the airport, the One Tree Hill actress went through security
Sometimes I just like to search "Danneel Harris" or "Genevieve Padalecki", look at all this het crap and be like LOL NOPE LOL
And even tho there's heaps of celebs, I started yelling when I saw Genevieve Padalecki and Danneel Harris Ackles in the crowd!!
Danneel Harris aka Danneel Ackles was on One Tree Hill. Ugh so so perfect! 😘
For an afternoon of crazy the best films:. Plan B:JLo, Alex O'Loughlin,Danneel Harris. monster in law:JLo,Jane Fonda, Michael Vartan
If Danneel Harris was half as devious and diabolical as fandom thinks, she'd be taking over the free world, not having babies with a Dlister
Dear Danneel Harris may I kidnap your husband?? Thank you
♥---> 'Supernatural's' and wife share first family photo with daughter vía
Jensen Ackles and wife danneel harris share first family photo with daughter which is so adorable mwa
Danneel Harris literally married the most hottest man on this planet
AU:Actress Genevieve Cortese and model girlfriend, Danneel Harris announce their engagement after 5 years of dating. http:/…
Thank God somebody put danneel harris illusion to rest. think i will keep this up here until tells me to delete it .
Justice Jay Ackles is one of the cutest babies in the world😍 that's probably because her dad is Jensen Ackles and her mom is Danneel Harris
The Pamela Anderson at this Halloween party is Rachel (Danneel Harris). I wonder if we reference this later, or just pretend it's not
Such an adorable photo of Jensen Ackles and Danneel Harris's baby daughter!
Danneel Harris is so beautiful in Ten Inch Hero
So i was watching how i met your mother and danneel harris was in it what
I love Jensen Ackles and Danneel Harris together! Hehe AND, because Norman Reedus is far away.
I love that Danneel Harris was on himym
Ah! Never knew that Danneel Harris has had a role in "The Roommate" ^^
Like literally all I wanna do with my life is have a billion cats and Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles and Misha Collins...& Danneel Harris
“Danneel Harris aka Rachel from One Tree Hill 😍😘🙏 I love that show 😩😩😩
aww Jensen Ackles' wife looks so classy and cute like i always think of dean and just dhzhc89qe yay for them :')
Celebrity Births in 2013: Welcome to the World, Baby Stars! - Jensen Ackles and Danneel Harris Ackles Name:...
One Tree Hill star Danneel Harris' family tree is growing! The 34-year-old actress and her hubby,...
Hilarie Burton has a kid; Bethany Joy Lenz has a child too; so does Danneel Harris...Sophia Bush, ur turn? B.Davis' still the 1 w/o a baby!
And it looks like we've got another Supernatural hottie-turned-dad here! Jensen Ackles is currently celebrating the birth of his baby daughter along with his wife, Danneel Harris. Danneel gave birth to their new bundle of joy on May 30th, with the couple naming her Justice Jay "JJ" Ackles. Congrats…
Jensen Ackles and Danneel Harris welcomed "happy and healthy" daughter Justice Jay on May 30
Hating on her is stupid, on the other hand if someone just isn't a fan of her, or dislikes her but still has respect that's totally ok. Some people are so quick to call others haters simply because they aren't a fan of her work.
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Her voice really got on my nerves ugh
After dating actress, model, and gymnast Danneel Harris for three years, and becoming engaged in November 2009, they married in Dallas, Texas on May 15, 2010. Ackles considers himself a non-denominational Christian. On January 7, 2013, Ackles' representative confirmed that the couple is expecting th...
What if Mandy gives birth the same day Danneel Harris gives birth Jensen my baby will be a father & Sel my baby will be a big sister TEARS.
Because shes a red head and was on OTH. Danneel Harris... 😍
Leighton Meester and Danneel Harris -Deleted Scene from “The Roommate” (click on link for more)
When Danneel Harris Ackles & Malese Jow gives you a bday shoutout. Just lol.
"Did u know, hottie, Danneel Harris aka Rachel Gatina is married to Supernatural star, Jensen Ackles?" ;)
Danneel Harris showed off her growing baby bump during a special event with her hunky hubby Jensen Ackles!
Amanda Bynes lies isn't any different from Jensen Ackles , danneel harris or any other celeb . Leave that poor woman alone people please !
I wish people would leave amanda bynes alone. She's not the only celeb who lost it , look at Jensen Ackles and danneel harris .
A baby! Check out Danneel Harris' big baby bump!
u are sick u are using the 1st name of Stephanie ware's grandchild to con people out of money for ur charity danneel Harris
Let me get this straight for you, if you love Jensen Ackles but hate Danneel Harris, you're hurting Jensen in the worst possible way.
Jensen Ross Ackles was born March 1 1978. He is married to Danneel Harris. He stars in the popular show Supernatural (as Dean Winchester) along with Jared Padalecki (Sam Winchester). He is my favourite actor so enjoy the page ;3. [I delete promos after 1 day :P]
If you hate Danneel Harris or Genevieve Cortese, don't bother calling yourself a fan of Jared Padalecki's or Jensen Ackles'. GTFO
Breast Cancer Awareness
Jared Padalecki talks about his fiancee Genevieve Cortese. Jensen Ackles talks about his nerves when proposing to Danneel Harris. Find out what she said! Be ...
Photoset: Hi, I’m Danneel Harris. I play Rachel on One Tree Hill and I am now going to talk to the creator...
OMG Danneel Harris-Ackles is so genuinely stunning. I am almost crying.
Watching "Ten Inch Hero" just for Jensen Ackles and Danneel Harris. Mostly the former.
hey guys, cant wait to see favourite actress Danneel Harris Ackles in the next episode of one tree hill!
Foto: Danneel Harris-Ackles as Olivia in How to live with your parents
How i the name of Zues's b***hole i Danneel Harris-Ackles not pregnant? How do you even come to that conspiracy theory I am truly curious.
Image detail for -It was a baby bump debut for Danneel Harris and Jensen Ackles! Looking every bit t
Jensen and Danneel Harris Ackles, in the most beautiful picture I've ever seen of them together.
As you can see I'm not curshing on Sophia Bush and Danneel Harris at all
hey don't say that caz deans wife is Rachel her real name is Danneel harris
A smurf-loving fan of Danneel Harris from the middle east!! This is hilarious p.s. he's a guy
ICYMI: Danneel Harris Ackles to guest on as [SPOILER] via
Every hardcore fan of supernatural know that Jensen mistress danneel harris isn't his wife . Jensen's wife is
Danneel Harris Ackles to guest on 'How to Live with Your Parents' as [SPOILER] via
They used to date years ago. He is now happily married to Danneel Harris and they have a baby on the way! Update ur info!
He's married to Danneel Harris, the baby is due in june
Jensen Ackles and danneel harris: a-ckleholic: Do not reblog/post BabyAckles photos. Do not make icon’s,.
Can't believe people think that Danneel Harris Ackles has a fake baby bump...
/ Just met Jensen Ackles from "Supernatural" and his wife Danneel Harris. Thanks David Nu..
Jensen Ackles & Danneel Harris (kumar's gf) are married, & Jared Paladecki & the chick that plays Ruby are married. Woah.
'Supernatural's' Jensen Ackles and Danneel Harris pregnant: Expecting first baby in 2013
I had a dream that I met Danneel Harris and Jensen Ackles and I could have died. 💗
It was meant to be Danneel Harris really does love me
Danneel Harris with fans on Sept. 24th 09: via
Jensen Ackles and wife Danneel Harris leaving Malibu Chili -
i could sit and look at picturs of danneel harris All Day
We love Danneel Harris and Genevieve Cortese & s2
I've a mental affair with Danneel Harris' husband.
Did you guys see this from beginning of March? That little gem is from
yeah & her OTH co-star Danneel Harris is married to Jensen Ackles who plays JDM's son on supernatural :)
One thing is for sure, this series made ​​me really loves Genevieve Padalecki and Danneel Harris!
i'm going to kill myself now, because i am not Danneel Harris
Also Jensen's girlfriend now wife was in it. Danneel Harris Ackles.
Photo: thisstarkid: Why yes Google, I’d love to buy Danneel Harris. BONUS: If you buy within the next few...
You are mad because you got busted in your lies danneel harris . You are crazy and you likes to lie on people .
Your face is to big for your body . E. T . looking freak danneel harris .
Big sheep head *** . It's a shame how wide your face and head is . I'm looking at 2 faces when looking at you danneel Harris .
You know i'm going to block your poor English grammar speaking buttocks . You are not educated at all danneel harris . Dumb country gal !!
You really think Danneel Harris pays even the tiniest bit of attention to you?
Look danneel harris ! Stephanie Ware last name is Ackles .
Guess where I found danneel harris website from ? She meta tag it under Stephanie ware's name . Danneel is jealous of her and is sick .
Girl you mess with my name like you did Stephanie 's by lying on her . I'm speaking blauntly that I will prosecute you danneel harris .
You can't pull that lying stunt on me danneel harris . Sure it is because you made them illegally in my name like u did Stephanie .
Whoever said anything was wrong with being single ? Danneel harris is a lying sick freak and it's sad . LOL!
I still look good without makeup but to bad I can't say that much about you danneel harris .
You look a horrible disater both ways danneel harris , with or without make up . Lying nut .
Wait. is it true Danneel Harris-Ackles is about 34? No way! I thought she was like 25-27 age range. OK, props to her for skin care or genes?
I will keep blocking them as long as you keep making those fake accounts danneel harris .
Danneel Harris is worst than a child who lies and loves attention . You are always playing the victim .
Danneel Harris is buckets of crazy.and delusional as well .
Attack of the crazy lady danneel Harris who thinks everbody is Stephanie ware .
Omg! That freak danneel Harris is still attacking me with different screen names . What a very sick lady .
I wanna see it, A:Danneel Harris Ackles. But Amber wants to see it cause A:Jensen Ackles. LIKE YESH!-S
Like I said spn fans , look out for all danneel Harris screen names and steer clear from her lies .
Now danneel Harris trying to pretend got a divorce from his lovely wife gen . Something is crazy about danneel.
Watchout spn fans , Danneel Harris has hundreds of screen names on here so be cautious and steer away from them . Stephanie ware is his wife
Stephanie ware is married to Jensen Ackles in real life and danneel Harris is a wannabe .
Danneel Harris accuses every fan of Stephanie as being her . Don't listen to her because she's slightley retarded as you all can see.
Danneel Harris is not an Ackles although she wants to be . She's delusional and sick .
Fans of supernatural , if you see any fake Photoshop wedding pics of Jensen and danneel Harris .Go right pass them , it's fake .
Danneel Harris wants Jensen's fans to believe Stephanie is a sick stalker when actually it's danneel .
Danneel harris is a crazy liar who has been portraying herself as Jensen's wife . They marriage is a sham and not real .
Whomever say danneel Harris is Jensen's wife is crazy and it's her . That poor woman is sick .
I have been a fan of Jensen Ackles and Stephanie ware for years and Jensen is not danneel Harris husband
Katie Cassidy as Ms. Marvel & Danneel Harris as Scarlet Witch. And I'll shut up about it now.
Why did Danneel Harris get hate for, what did she do?
Danneel Harris as Rachel omf. One of the best characters.
But when Hilarie Burton AKA Peyton left is when Danneel Harris (Jensen Ackles' wife) entered OTH as Rachel & Austin for Chad
Wait .what? It's official. Some in SPN fandumb have lost they ever lovin minds.They're saying Danneel Harris Ackles is faking the pregnancy>
IDK what it takes2get it through Danneel Harris's& head that they aren't getting away w/this BS but its2no1's fault but their own
watched our girl danneel Harris today and man was she looking better than ever
Why did I not know Jensen Ackles and Danneel Harris were having a baby?! That is going to be one good looking kid.
This is so weird. Danneel Harris Ackles has kissed both Paul Johansson and Jensen Ackles. Opposite ends of the fecking spectrum!
Education in India – in pictures: Education in India – in pictures David Levene Daniella Alonso Danneel Harris...
Danneel Harris-Ackles' outtakes from Bjoern Kommerell’s shoot ^^
Danneel Harris-Ackles outtakes from Bjoern Kommerell’s shoot ^^
Danneel Harris is accussing people on here of being Stephanie ware which is untrue . Danneel is a crazy liar .
Danneel Harris is harassing alot of people on here who's on Stephanie side . We know the truth and steohanie is his wife .
Danneel Harris was only Jensen Ackles mistress and he was never married to her .
Danneel Harris is begging Jensen to get back with her after their breakup but he's ignoring her totally .
Sources say Jensen Ackles broke up with danneel Harris days before the spn con .
The princess ackles jensen's talking about is Stephanie ackles , the meanong of her 1st name means princess and not danneel Harris .
I was at the spn con in Vegas yesterday and Jensen did not mention danneel harris as his wife . He is not married to her .
Oh my effin gosh. Danneel Harris and Jensen Ackles. I didn't know about that!!
'Supernatural' baby bump for Jensen Ackles and Danneel Harris -
Jensen Ackles and Danneel Harris/Ackles about to be parents and always look so happy together.Match made in heaven
If only Jensen Ackles was mine. 😍😘❤ I wish he was married to me instead of Danneel Harris. 😔
I still think Danneel Harris is hot so yum
for the second time I a row. The beautiful Danneel Harris! ❤
Just found out that Danneel Harris is married to Jensen Ackles? Ack. I do not approve. why didn't you tell me?
Very cute! star Danneel Harris showed off her tiny baby bump while boating with her husband, Jensen Ackles:
Jensen Ackles and Danneel Harris hooked Hilarie Burton and Jeffery Dean Morgan up! Omg asdfghjkl!
Omg I love danneel harris but this is ironic cuz I'm in love with Jensen Ackles lol
i would say those are famous!Todd Williams, Danneel Harris, and some people from a reality show on MTV.
NO. BIG NO. The one and the only Jensen's wife is Danneel Harris ^.^ Stephanie Ware is pretending to be Jensen's wife.
Her paper means nothing when he's had his first and only marriage to Danneel Harris.
Photoset: why » danneel harris-ackles ∟ “Things people don’t know about me: I am completely obsessed with...
Just realized NEIL PATRICK HARRIS AND DANNEEL HARRIS both have HARRIS ad their last names XD Harris is officially an awesome surname !!
&they don't come out as f'd up as Danneel Harris/Elta Graul/'Ackles'she has no excuse for her actions& fan or hater believe me u she needs 1
I am SO happy/sad/jealous to find out that Jensen Ackles and Danneel Harris are having a baby...
I would watch it but Danneel Harris is in it. A friend of mine is a fan of hers but I don't think she can act.
hey I didn't know Jensen Ackles and Danneel Harris were married
Danneel Harris is welcome to guest on Cougar Town anytime she likes!
I would like to throw Danneel Harris into this too. Ten Inch Hero reunion! I know Lynskey and DuVall are still tight.
((I think I have a future career in modeling... What do you think, ))
I uploaded a picture of me on Face Double and it says that I look like Winona Ryder, Mandy Moore and Danneel Harris. what the ***
don't you ever watch Danneel Harris's wedding pictures and cry because she looks so perfect and happy because I do.
Jensen Ackles, Danneel Harris, Jared Padalecki and Genevieve Cortese at red carpet on People's Choice Awards …
I really don't like the fact that SPN won over OUAT but Jensen and Jared were really cute with their wives!! Danneel Harris was amazing!!
Danneel Ackles, formerly Danneel Harris ;_; married to this beautiful man
Harris Totally agree. Can't believe he doesn't have SEVERAL Emmys by now.
okokok Danneel Harris could put up a good fight I forgot about her. lool
there are soo many! Deborah Ann Woll, Danneel Harris, Angelica Bridges and especially Isla Fisher just to name a few
Wait a second. Danneel Harris was in Where have I been?
WHAT. I was like. "But that's an Danneel Harris." Then I clicked it. That's her stage name. WHA- T IDK oh god dying
It's so funny to watch OTH and see Danneel Harris because she's married to Jensen Ackles now and it's just like, wow guys, congrats.
God. Could Jensen Ackles and Danneel Harris be any cuter?
OK, I admit that sometimes I'm extremely jealous of Danneel Harris Ackles!!! Can't help it, sorry!
Sobbing because i am not Danneel Harris Ackles ;_;
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Following, follow back? You took several pictures with Danneel Harris?
Yes! Danneel Harris would make a great angel. Dean would definitely approve SPNFamily
As long as she's a female character that can survive the episode like Amy Acker then *** YES
I think Danneel Harris Ackles should be a guest star on supernatural!
Danneel Harris is a lucky lucky lady
Jensen Ackles and Danneel Harris or Jared and Genevie... — Aaaw that's not fair :-( but I am team Ackles and tea...
Danneel Harris / Jensen Ackles at the LA convention near the end, is that jared or Misha in the black shirt?
Jensen Ackles :-) That would be cool. Maybe even Danneel Harris-Ackles?
''Danneel Harris is the luckiest woman on the earth.'' yes - Danneel Ackles.
I don't know you guys, but I think I really need a poster of Danneel Harris Ackles in my room.
Danneel Harris and Hilarie Burton in the Hallmark movie Naughty or Nice! ;-)
I wanna go to the PCA ceremony so that I might hug Danneel Harris and ... her husband of course.
If you haven't RTed Danneel Harris' vote for Jensen, do it. Jensen For The Win. Vote for Jensen Ackles RT!
I'm in love with Danneel Harris and your arguments are forever invalid
I uploaded a video Danneel Harris wet & wearing bikini - One Tree Hill (Sexy HD Clip of the Day)
if you saw the street Jensen Ackles what would you do ? I surely would hug him and kiss him much : Danneel Harris would give me a beating
Things I want more than anything in the world: -Danneel Harris Ackles. -to not have to college. -a Welsh accent. -magic.
Danneel Harris plays a drugee in One Tree Hill and Harold and Kumar
Image of hosting maxim's hot 100 for fans of Danneel Harris submitted by addiee 6469176
Danneel Harris: ''Jensen Ackles and I are not married!!!''
Chili isn’t exactly the sexiest food around, but Supernatural hottie Jensen Ackles and his wife Danneel Harris managed to spice it up at the Malibu Chili Cook-Off on September 2 over Labor Day weekend. Click through for the photos, and feel free to linger. (Much like you, we are officially jeal...
Nahh, I was actually talking about the hate that Danneel Harris receives just because she's married to Jensen Ackles =/
Hilarie is shooting a movie with Danneel Harris in it ;-) So it is probably the reason she cancelled. :)
mishaswhore: Harris Ackles man pie stop let me sit on down and tell you about…
The Roommate as in the 2011 movie starring Danneel Harris (Ackles) among others? I watched for her but liked it as a SWF rip-off ;)
I'm in love w/ this shoot of Danneel Harris and Jensen Ackles
Just watched the movie "One Tree Hill" its a really good movie and Jensen Ackles is a really good actor, so is his wife who plays Trish but her real name is Danneel Harris his character is the guy with the mohawk so. :):)
"I'm not Genevieve Courtese or Danneel Harris." I feel the same way!
Forever jealous of Ashley Benson. Although Danneel Harris has my epic jealousy.
I think Sophia Bush would make a good Rose. Danneel Harris would make a good one, too.
Harris Ackles Yuna performs new hit single, "Lullabies" via
Danneel Harris and Jensen Ackles are a beautiful couple.
is here anyone Danneel Harris/Ackles fan? i feel like be the only who love or like here!
- you guys are on my screensaver pic. Blue pic, w/3 of Jensen and Danneel Harris Ackles.Joy
ya to Danneel Harris she used to play rachel in one tree hill :D shes very pretty
You guys do know that is NOT our beloved right?
If there were a fandom like ours for them I'd join it omg
Danneel Harris get back to Jensen okbye.
The sweet wedding is for the sweet couple too. Beautiful marriage from Jensen Ackles & Danneel Harris :")
Danneel Harris and Sophia Bush are like twins... mentally... That makes them BFFs!
A celebrity I'd like to trade lives with? Uhh Danneel Harris, for obvious reasons.
Jared and Jensen were joined by their respective wives, Genevieve Cortese and Danneel Harris, the day before for a double date lunch.
Danneel Harris is married to Jensen Ackles?! How was I not aware? But really, is it legal to have so many great genes in one relationship?!
Jensen Ackles wife Danneel Harris was on OTH and they are friends w/ Sophia Bush
Photo: Danneel Harris is so HOT ;P …and her hair colour in this pic is soo nice!!
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Just discovered a sexy show on Netflix called Friends with Benefits. Danneel Harris and Jessica Lucas are HOT! Looks like it ran 12 eps 2011
Danneel Harris is the luckiest woman tho
Danneel Harris. Wait, you were completely clueless on this one? Man, I love you already.
cries over how beautiful Danneel Harris is jfc
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