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Danielle Harris

Danielle Andrea Harris (born June 1, 1977) is an American film and television actress, best known as a scream queen for her multiple horror film roles, four of them in the Halloween series: in Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers and Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers as Jamie Lloyd and in the new version of Halloween and Halloween II as Annie Brackett.

Kane Hodder Katharine Isabelle Michael Myers Tony Todd Robert Englund Jason Voorhees Rob Zombie Bill Moseley Zach Galligan Victor Crowley American Mary Sheri Moon Zombie Jamie Lloyd Gunnar Hansen Doug Bradley Dee Snider Sybil Danning

stake land is the greatest movie ever created and Danielle Harris is a total babe.
I don’t see why Danielle Harris is such a She mostly doesn’t even scream as much as she tries to stop the killer.
The only good parts in See No Evil 2 are the scenes from See No Evil 1 & somebody get Danielle Harris a new agent.
2 the rescue 4 Danielle Harris.We're sweating just watching her
did you see that picture of Danielle Harris
Remember Danielle Harris from those Halloweenough movies if not it is ok
Katharine Isabelle is one of my favourite Scream Queens, along with Mary Elizabeth-Winstead and Danielle Harris.
no, thanks you. American Mary and see no evil 2, Danielle Harris, Katharine Isabelle, and Kane. Love them!
For some reason I can't stop thinking of Team *** No when Danielle Harris tries to take him on one on one
Watching and I had no idea Danielle Harris was in this! I love her. I think I made Cody rape her in a fanfic once.
Super excited for Studio P Senior Model Danielle Harris, who was named Carter HS Homecoming Queen. Way to go, Danielle!
Why couldn't they get Danielle Harris and Brian Andrews to reprise their roles
Homecoming contestants raised over $35,000 for Carter High, and the Homecoming Queen 2014 is...Miss Danielle Harris!!
The way the team plays this year will probably play an influence to Harris' decision making. These young guns better play …
A7 the First Halloween, but I have soft spot for part 4, because of Danielle Harris
Great job Katharine Isabelle and Danielle Harris! Very well done,as always 😉 "see no evil 2" is a must see, soska twins did awesome!!!
Ok remake "town that dreaded sundown" freaking AWESOME!!! Watching "see no evil 2" Danielle Harris, Katharine Isabelle love u girls! Showin
omg have to say that (Danielle Harris) is Queen of the Horror Flicks. she is awesome and KICKS ***
But he's the male Horror hottie...he's to me what Danielle Harris is to most guys
Watching Noche de Brujas 4 right now starring the always cute as *** Danielle Harris.
See No Evil 2 was really good, I love Danielle Harris
Nice seeing Danielle Harris in See No Evil 2, just as good as the 1st 
Danielle Harris has officially hit "milf" status. Danielle I salute you & thank you. 😍
Dynamic duoing with my wmfasa sister danielle_harris
I can't believe Danielle Harris is 37. She looks like she's in her twenties.
See No Evil 2 from with me and Danielle Harris is out on Blu-ray and DVD today!
hey, do you remember if Danielle Harris was on set the day you shot your scene in TOWN THAT DREADED SUNDOWN ?
Another beautiful pic of Danielle Harris for you 👍
Kinda *** but Danielle Harris is in it she played in one of original Halloween movies
I know, Danielle Harris has been in horror movies since she was a little girl!
JenniferL. Hewitt,she can't scream better than Danielle Harris
I want someone to make me a birthday cake just like the one Danielle Harris gets in for my next birthday.
I bailed on the first one halfway through, so my expectations are low. Danielle Harris being in it makes me cautiously optimistic.
Danielle Harris from "The last boy Scout" 1991. One of the best movies and my fave childhood movies.…
Jamie Lee traditionally... but I'd say Danielle Harris wears the crown now.
Move over Jason Voorhees! The first official trailer for Jen and Sylvia Soska’s See No Evil 2 has just appeared online and you can check it our now at The gorefest stars Glenn Jacobs, Danielle Harris, Katharine Isabelle and Kaj-Erik Eriksen. The film is released stateside On Demand this October 17th followed by Blu-ray & DVD on October 21st. Sadly no theatrical run for US fans. No other release dates have been announced.
Gonna be the Nuts with Kane, Danielle Harris & Katharine Isabelle is coming 10/21:
List 3 Top scream queens IMHO 1. Katherine Isabelle. Such a great actress. Ginger snaps, American Mary, even Freddy vs Jason! She's gonna be in see no evil 2 as well. 2 Elizabeth Gillies. While only in one horror movie(animal) its obvious she has scream queen potential. A great scream, killer looks, and a *** good actress 3. Mary Elizabeth Winstead. While not kicking *** alongside Scott pilgrim, she's normally the final girl out of a group of teens. Weather she's trying to escape death himself in FD3 or fighting off a shape shifting alien in the remake of the thing, she looks *** good doing it 4 Danielle Harris. Not gonna lie. Halloween 4 & 5 were childhood favorites of mine, partially because I had a crush on Jamie Lloyd. Not only was she in those, she was in Rob Zombie's remakes as well. Look out for her along with Katherine Isabelle in see no evil 2 5. Chelan Simmons. The perfect girl to play the dumb blonde, Chelan is beautiful. Weather frying in a tanning bed in FD3 or trying not to get herself kil . ...
It would be nice to one day see danielle harris in the serie with the group of rick
The remakes gain massive points for having Danielle Harris for the original 4 and 5 and Brad Dourif who is just plain brilliant.
, When I know when a new Danielle Harris movie comes out.
It was great meeting you today. I was the bald guy with the Danielle Harris shirt on. Hope to see you both again on the road.
Can't wait for everyone to see Danielle Harris kill it!! Definitely follow SEE NO EVIL 2 star
It's ok to take a mirror selfie if you're rockin' a Danielle Harris shirt ;)
Hey Danielle Harris you want a horse?
DE Shelby Harris forced a Vikings fumble, but Minnesota recovered. DT Justin Ellis hurt on the p…
First time seeing this one, Loved It. Great to see Danielle Harris as something other…
Doesn't this look like it could be Danielle Harris playing adult Jamie Lloyd instead of Annie Brackett, about to...
Super proud of Danielle Harris getting her first rope climbs tonight!
lol. She does have a private fb under her full name: Danielle Andrea Harris. This one isn't legit.
I am going to watch See No Evil 2 just for Danielle Harris
Shout-outs to Jed Harris and Danielle Doyle for backing our $1,900 left to go!
Danielle Harris and Elizabeth Cardarelli. check her out she makes super dope plus size girls fashion
Danielle Bradbery (amazing young lady), stopped in the bakery last fall before a show at BMO Harris Bank,...
Danielle Bradbery stopped in the bakery last fall, while on tour BMO-HARRIS Bank Center AKA "the Metro Centre"...
I need to see you son!! And of course Danielle's and crazy ***
See no evil 2 is coming out on oct. 17 & danielle harris is going to be on there. Wow I really need to see that one!
Tonight's movie: The Black Waters of Echo's Pond. Another one with Danielle Harris.
I go to get chocolate milk while Danielle is playing on the computer. I come back and all I get is a "Oh great, your back" 😒
danielle harris in wish upon a star looks SO much like bea miller omg
I think Danielle Harris is the reason for that as Glenn Jacobs (Jacob Goodnight) had no one to play off in the original
All purpose parts banner
Completely forgot to post this! Review of Doppelganger by Milda Harris.
Hm good question. I guess Danielle Harris she's just so cute and such a girl next door hottie.
SEE NO EVIL 2 stars Kaj Erik Eriksen and Danielle Harris chat with Rotten Tomatoes at SDCC 2014!! via
Disclosure - Latch feat. Sam Smith (Official Video)this song is me lol love this song Danielle Harris
Lease is signed, and the first month's rent is paid!! I can't believe that our family will finally be moving into our own home as of August 1st!! Thank you from the very bottom of our hearts Andrew & Danielle Harris, for opening your hearts to us!! We are forever grateful!!
you have bumped your head *** .. check the bio , check our last names DANIELLE HARRIS , TIP HARRIS together forever
Michelle Best,Danielle Harris,Katrina Croquett,Jodie Dell I think u girls would love this
Just got in from a good night art ;-).m Gregs time na lol Danielle Harris xxx
Lust only last for a moment but love is a force that will never be defeated. - Danielle Harris
Danielle Harris literally only plays in horror movies
Danielle Harris has completed Arundel Lido Triathlon 2014: Long in the time 2:26:22
Danielle Harris: DJ didn't play my requested song last night "Cannibal" by Kesha..
Danielle Harris, Melissa Thunderchild, SweetNessa and some random! LoL how fun it is, you start with the with strangers!
Danielle Harris or Mary absolute bad *** Survivor gal 2.0
I had a ball today with my lovebugs Danielle Michele Wallington-Harris and Pawan Bonner! Breakfast, Shopping and...
Me n Danielle dancin about her kitchen watching the Calvin Harris set thinkin we're actual there
Yeah...I'm cool. I got to meet Danielle Harris. :) She is the sweetest person. Took time w her fans.
Andrea Danielle Harris this is ur sink lol
Stake land 2010,watched it awhile back a Film I liked,It also had Danielle Harris in it which is a bonus,not bad vampire flick
Mom and my sister Danielle Harris. I Love them both
5:30 am n my phone rings, Danielle Harris is around the corner n Makayla is not packed for the summer, Give me 20 min.. what happened w/my OCD Off to GA she goes, i'z free I say free!!! But I miss her already. Who gon do stuff for me, n carry stuff, n hand me the remote if it's more than an inch or 2 from my hand?
A special thanks to our boss man and the support staff Chris Willis, Stefan Kelly, Peter Lamb, Danielle Osbourne and John
My background on my phone is Danielle Harris, and then Scout Taylor-Compton is my lockscreen so, that's pretty cool.
I wanna watch Shiver . Because my baby Danielle Harris comes out in it 😍
The retail perspective on the role of cash: Danielle Anderson, director of digital experience at Harris...
is Danielle Harris this week, she's so gorgeous! Love the ink!
Danielle Harris talks about her new film "Camp Dread"
Toya MrsGlasper Harris, Danielle Wilkins, Brandi N. Arthur, Wally Calvert sounds like something we do lol
Random pick of Halloween 4 last night and saw "introducing Danielle Harris". You guys would have had a nostalgic moment.
Lastnight! I watched. the (1989) movie, don't tell. Mom. the (babysitters) dead, (with) Christina Applegate Keith Coogan Danielle harris
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Nice blog post about 'Halloween' actress Danielle Harris - [via
A2b: Danielle Harris gave me my 1st sports internship and helped me love my niche/focus in events & community relations
A1: I've got a few but & Danielle Harris at GLIAC are ones I talk on a reg basis
And, Danielle Harris makes it up on the wall also. :)
I just finished watching the Movie Cyrus: Mind of a Serial Killer starring the amazingly talented Lance Henriksen and Danielle Harris. I didn't know what to expect when I started this film.but I really enjoyed it. I thought it was really well done and the actor who plays Cyrus is phenomenal!
Come see the first screening of Camp Dread in Philly on April 14th- Eric Roberts, Danielle Harris, Nicole Elise... http:…
Among Friends - Among Friends is a 2012 comedy horror film directed by Scream Queen Danielle Harris from a...
Danielle Harris,Star of Halloween 4 The Return of Michael Myers,Halloween 5,The revenge of Michael Myers.
Camp Dread starring Danielle Harris! This looks like a good movie…. …
Behind the scenes photo of Danielle Harris on the set of Rob Zombies Halloween (2007)
14 with actor Danielle Harris for buy and direct download online, Netflix
My favorite Danielle Harris movie is The Victim and I 💜 her in Free Willy! 😊
Still big discounts for HATCHET III 53% off Blu: 46% off DVD
30 minutes away from being in the same room as Neil Patrick Harris. . I am not worthy.
Get Lea Thompson, John Shea and Danielle Harris in THE TROUBLE WITH THE TRUTH - on DVD now at Amazon!
In 2011, me and a former friend went to the London FIlm & Comic Con and met the *** I idolised for years until meeting him, known as Corey Feldman. In 2012, Luke Cana and I went to meet professional wrestler (and love of my life Mickie James, and scream queen Danielle Harris. In 2013, I didn't go because all of the guests were boring. This year, Ashley Heartagram and I plan to go again, this time to meet one of our favourite stars of Buffy, Juliet Landau; and possibly John Ratzenberger. Trying to get a group of people to go together, anyone else interested?
Danielle Harris is on the "Top 15 Scream Queens" list, and Jamie Lee Curtis is Pretty awesome.
hiyya it's Danielle Harris also named as katara the waterbender I am a fan of you♥
it was the ROOF I am not GARBAGE Danielle
Harris Teeter! I don't remember how much they were, but they're delicious 👌
Danielle Keogh, Melissa Scaramucci, & Morgan Harris speaking at our Spring 2013 WPN symposium.
Although See No Evil 2 is going to have Danielle Harris in it so cannot say I'm not pumped for that one either!
Danielle Harris: Danielle Andrea Harris is a popular American director and actress, who well-known as a ‘screa...
Danielle Harris grew up to be the fittest woman on the planet. Oh my gosh 😳😅😍
Parts II and III does have Danielle Harris in them. Easy wins!
awesome!!! I see there's a Danielle Harris booth, did you meet her?
Danielle harris the halloween movies that you were in are my favorites you are a legend.
Danielle Harris I don't think there is a better looking woman on the planet.
I am as tall as Danielle Harris so gfys
Danielle called me and told me to stop texting her 😒
But why does Jordan Falvo think he's that big of a person that he made Danielle and I leave notre dame. No sweet heart.
Danielle Jones Harris you did it!!! You are DIAMOND!!! You have worked so hard and INSPIRED so many people. My...
Bought Shiver because Danielle Harris is the queen! .
Me Pellumb Pedro Murray Danielle and Sam are all that's left of the original crew
HI MS! Are you the real Danielle Harris??? If so, what is your favorite film you've starred/guest starred in??? =]
did we, feels like ages ago since we last went.. Aha
yeah we had one when i came back from Spain :)
more celebs who should do : ,,Sid Haig,(Danielle Harris),Jeff Speakman,...
Looks like everyone thinks Danielle's worse than amber 😂
Danielle really tells it how it is though LMAOO 😂😂😂😂
Now playing: Love Like This by Danielle Harris.You can listen to H.F.R 24/7
no I dont. I remember her being really pretty and jealous girls always trying put her down.
every chill I think she was playing its not a big deal
I was just playin with you guys I'm sorry seriously I'm sorry
I will put you on blast to if you don't chill featured in NBC s Science of Love
y'all really not funny by any means I don't remember having any hickies😁
I mean just reminding you guys of your good times ☺️☺️
On the plus side though, the teenage Danielle Harris was fantastic in that movie.
A slasher movie set at a summer camp starring Eric Roberts and Danielle Harris? Time to review
Erin Smith and Danielle Harris both signed a National Letter of Intent to play field hockey at Franklin Pierce today!
Exclusive clip from Camp Dread with Danielle Harris & Eric Roberts - | Arrow in the Head via
I can't decide. Should I RP as Danielle Harris, Elvira, Kelly Bundy, Sarah Sanderson or Sheri Moon Zombie?
Danielle Harris was in Hatchet 2, but her eyebrow didn't get its own credit. That isn't fair
Basingstoke teenager skates with Torvill and Dean: BASINGSTOKE’S young skating star Danielle Harris...
The awesome Danielle Harris and the always fearless Jennifer Blanc-Biehn at the 'Halloween II' premiere...
Director Rob Zombie originally wanted Danielle Harris to play Laurie Strode and Sheri Moon Zombie to play Lynda. -JollyTheBear
Danielle Harris wanted to reclaim her role as Jamie in "Halloween: Curse of Michael Myers" but turned it down when Dimension Films refused to pay her the $5,000 she wanted. -JollyTheBear
Most likely to rule the world...Jonah Harris and Danielle Graugnard!
Once again I'm just ever so thankful for the wonderful Alicia Jackson for making my BDAY weekend oh so extra special. Thank you Natika Whisonant and Danielle Harris for blessing me with your presence today. Now I'm ready to get my praise on tomorrow and then my BDAY weekend will be complete WHOOP WHOOP!
Danielle you don't have a clue so why you getting involved! Know the facts then comment yeah?
Brooke didn't ring me! Hahha why you getting involved Danielle?
Pastry Chef Cher Harris of the Hotel Hershey demonstrating on the culinary stage at the
Jackson's coming home in this outfit , thanks to My Danielle Harris for finding me a hat! :)
I would like to inform Danielle Harris that the cake stand and blue holders have arrived! :D xx
I added a video to a playlist Systems Make Online Cashflow Easy by Danielle Harris
I followed up with Danielle Harris via email. Thanks.
I added a video to a playlist Build Your Global Wealth Network by Danielle Harris
Danielle Harris is in this new movie coming out March 18th on DVD.
You need someone to help you survive the attack from the axe-man? Then follow
Danielle Harris she is beautiful she from Halloween 4
I wanted that Pop Tart/Pop Corn so bad tonight. What is going on?... I settled for pineapple/grapes, and strawberry! Something about wanting to wear a little black dress makes ya do right! lol Theresa Hood Danielle Harris Donna CM
Just finished kickboxing & abds. Now time for spinning. Class with Danielle Harris woot woot.
For real on this idea though. I've got a huge crush on Danielle Harris You need to do an event with her!
My Baby boy Gabe Payton. Just got 2 wisdom teeth cut out on top and 2 bottom teeth in front of the wisdom teeth the were all the way sideways (they had to take these in pieces). I feel so sorry for him. Gotta get some pIn meds in him. He's a little bit goofy right now and he really loves Dora the Explorer. Lol. I think he's gonna kill me for that one. Danny Conway. Megan Walker. Josh Moore. Josh Cromwell. Haley Danielle Harris.
Calvin Harris said One Direction deserve to win and he said he hopes they will win!   10% Off
For anyone who may be wondering where I have wandered off to ,it is a place called home!me and my beautiful wife are both ((and it takes two))trying to work out our differences.i would like to thank her very much because I know this is no easy task!I am very grateful and blessed to be home with my girls klearwater and sister and ms.bamford aka Danielle Harris PS Danielle I love you
Hi Family and welcome to our newest addition to Nancy Brown's family. I'll let her repost her new Great Grandbaby's and Grand Daughter's pic. I tried to repin it so it might be here! Congratulations, Danielle Harris and family! He's a doll!
ice skating and nandos with and Jessica and Danielle and Nathalu and Harris and couple others was jokes!
The month of March is women's history month. Instead of recognizing the women of the past, the Taft College ASB has decided to recognize the Taft College Women who are helping students create a better future. Last year, the TC ASB recognized, Patty Bench, Wendy Berry, Debbie Hegeman, and Dena Maloney. TC ASB would like to congratulate the following women who were nominated for this year's "Women of the Week": Jennifer Altenhofel, Sheri Black, Vanessa Cross, Sharyn Eveland, Shelly Getty, Leigh Golling, Jessica Grimes, Anna Guitron, Danielle Harris, Kamala Carlson, Michelle Oja, Becky Roth, and Terri Smith. So STUDENTS...come to the ASB meeting tomorrow at 12:30 p.m. in the Cafeteria Banquet room and cast your vote for these awesome women that help you on a day to day basis. A raffle will be given for one student to compete in the "Deal or No Deal" challenge at the end of the meeting.
Wanted to send my love to a very special person, I'm truly blessed. Happy birthday Danielle Harris
They're making a "See No Evil 2," with both Katharine Isabelle ("Ginger Snaps," "American Mary") and Danielle Harris (from Rob Zombie's "Halloween" reboot) in it. That alone leads me to hope that the sequel can be better than the original.
"I haven't prepared a speech because One Direction are in both of my categories" - Calvin Harris
danielle and sophia are both at the brits. niall and 5SOS reunited. harry washed his hair. harry's date is gemma. what a …
Paint Branch Junior Daisa Harris 21pts and Kiara Colston 19pts beat Gaithersburg Danielle Rojas 27pts, by the score of 74 to 45.
What are you willing to do for financial freedom? Danielle Harris is a successful entrepreneur took the necessary steps to become a stay...
26 years ago God sent one of his best creations here! Who knew she would be my role model, friend and cousin!? I'm so blessed to have you in my life! It's true.. cousins are your first best friends. I love to infinity and beyond Danielle Harris ! See you this weekend! 😘😘😘😘
Cody nd Danielle's bedroom but no Cody or Danielle ???
Danielle Harris. She was the little girl from the Halloween movies
KC, I no lik u. Danielle, my nig ima try and do both cause I love my indoor peeps. Lmaoo
hatchet 3 is loaded with gore if you haven't seen it.all 3 hatchet movies kick *** It has Kane Hodder and Danielle Harris.
You should NEVER, ever give up on your dreams! Here is my friend, Danielle Harris, telling us why.
We adore Danielle Harris! You can read our interview with Danielle in SCREAM mag very soon!
Some of my favorite vhs tapes. Not all horror, but classics nonetheless. The bottom row are all autographed. Danielle Harris, Gary Busey, Gunnar Hansen, Tony Todd, Bill...zombie (forgot :/), Jennifer Rubin and Richard Lynch
Danielle Harris, Crystal Fleshman, Brandon Earl Harper, Mitchell Landreth, Brandon Coffrin...I don't know what to make of this!
Epsteam Treasure Hunters by Danielle Harris via Golden treasures 4 all to love, home décor to fashion finds!
Cuddle with your Valentine & watch me & Danielle Harris kick some serious serial killer *** in SHIVER, the...
Danielle fell asleep while on the phone with me 😄
the only other person I want is Danielle Harris.
Seeing my cousins everywhere!!! I saw my cousin Andrew Marshall on the subway before, i think i saw my cousin Kizzie Harris at my work program. Now i think i saw my cousin Danielle Harris yesterday. Smh is it just me?
Danielle Harris and Sybil Danning sat with Elric and Staci to speak more on the subject of women working in all capacities the horror film world.
An independent news crew, made up of reporter Maria (Danielle Harris of HALLOWEEN 4 & 5) and her cameraman Tom, investigates a series of unexplained disappea...
Ryan I am Danielle Harris and I am fourteen years old and I am a big fan of you✳
concert in 2014! Woo! I'm so excited! Her and Danielle Harris are my two inspirations :)
has my Unlimited card been handed in? My name's Danielle Harris
See how my friend Danielle Harris sets her tone each day! Do visit her as she will coach you to new levels (Y) Online & Empowered (Y)
my gift in life would be able to meet you and . Danielle harris. both my favorites
Sandy Amber Dixon, Courtney Ross, Danielle Harris, and one more person...yall wanna go to the movies tomorrow night? We gunna Madeas Christmas! :)
I'm watching a show and Neil Patrick Harris is guest staring and all I can think is that he is man ;)
Danielle Harris . This is the niece of Michael Myers from Halloween 4, man did her sexy *** grow…
Worst movies (in my opinion)--- no particular order: Getaway, Man of Steel, Star Trek: Into Darkness, Don Jon . And those are just the crappy movies I saw that everyone has at least heard of! "Lovelace" was pretty bad as well and then there's Danielle Harris' "Among Friends" *shivers*. One of the worst movies ever made, painful
My other big crush .along with danielle Harris xx
I hope everyone has a great Christmas. I know my winter breaK will improve when she gets home. Danielle Harris
-which Scream Queen is better...Danielle Harris or Jaime Lee-Curtis
I really would love to watch danielle harris in holliston but fearnet takes to long to download. I am serious, does not budge.
Did some horror art shopping with movie star Danielle Harris from original Halloween 4 and 5,also Rob Zombies...
Did some shopping with Danielle Harris star from the original Halloween 4 and 5, also Rob Zombies Halloween 1and...
Danielle Harris and I laughing in the produce department at Albertsons! Who knew a horseradish root looked like that !!!
Watching videos of Danielle and I dancing to NSYNC Holiday videos saying "I like the blonde boy" aka Justin Timberlake.
In all due honesty, King Dinosaur (1955) is one of those movies that's so bad it's bad, but its 63min runtime seems like three hours. The first 20mins is filled with stock footage of observatories, scientists and engineers at work and a rocket launch prep. We're then introduced to our four main and only characters, two dudes and two forever screaming women, all four scientists. There are no botanists, anthropologists or paleontologists aboard this mission. The story starts off with a rogue planet falling into close orbit with the Earth (naturally) and the rogue planet looks like Luna our beloved moon; this rogue planet business was the basis for the 1951 movie When Worlds Collide and is a major part of contemporary Coast to Coast AM Radio, known as Planet X or Niberiu (the name of the planet at the beginning of Star Trek Into darkness . Okay, so a rogue planet means no life because there is constant source of sunlight for which known life can thrive, but our heroes arrive on what they call Nova (no relati ...
Ok, it's time to go to bed.(Way too excited :P). I will be going to bed with various throwable objects next to me, in case Charlotte Danielle Harris comes in to my room before 8 o'clock. Happy christmas guys. Hope all my amazing friends have an amazing day ^_^
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Danielle Harris is the best cousin ever. :D
Had a great afternoon with kaylee. Glad i finally got to see her. She enjoyed her day n everything me n Cara Ligaf got for her. Thank u Danielle Harris for bringin her
so is Danielle Harris gonna be under my tree tomorrow morning or *** is up?
Dee Collins christmas story is on tonight wish we were all together again Malik Collins Danielle Harris to watch it
CREEPCAST YEAR IN REVIEW: Scream Queen Danielle Harris talk horror with us
Get 10% off + free shipping on everything in the store now thru December 16th! ht…
Danielle Harris shares stage w/a 5 years old fan from Mexico Same age started up as actress on film: vía
Danielle Harris "My family always open 1 gift on Christmas Eve (a new pair of pyjamas) and watch the grinch!"
Danielle Harris really grew up.😍😉 Just in case you don't know who I'm talkin about, she was Michael Myers niece in Halloween 4.
Here are the 27 times in 2013 where family was cuter than yours.
Holiday shopping is scary! End it all by ordering the SHIVER combo w/ MY printed autograph;).
Random Pic: and at a private screening of Danielle Harris' (Apr '12)
LeeAnn Wallace LaTasha Princess Smith Danielle Harris I had ti watch just to hear Porsha's *** again!!! Rotflmmfao !!!
how do you "accidentally" manage to show up at my house Danielle is over?
Well I've watched 3 horror movies from the 90's in the past few days. I know What You Did Last summer, I Still Know What You Did Last Summer and Urban Legend. I am keenly reminded why I detest most 90's horror. I know in the 90's Hollywood tried to make fun of the 80's horror and claim they had bad plot holes, scripts, stories etc..but after watching these films (Especially the Summer ones) They are just as bad as the poor 80's horror movies if not more so and watered down to boot. The cool thing to note in these movies though was that in I Still Know...We see Jeffery Combs and a Jack Black in dreadlocks as a white rastafarian? Also in Urban Legend(the best of the lot) we get to see Danielle Harris as a goth computer geek, Robert Englund as a professor and the guy who played Grima Wormtongue in the Lord of the Rings movies. So the best part of these flicks is see basically all the cameos of the people who got to be famous later.
Update your maps at Navteq
Thanks to Dan's fam for trying to make me fat 😍😋
Just something me and danielle harris through together lol and it looks fab we've taking orders now lol
Michael Biehn,, Jennifer Blanc and Danielle Harris are solid. I thought Ryan Honey and Denny ...
Unfortunately, due to personal reasons, Danielle Harris has cancelled her appearance at Pensacon 2014. We are sad to lose her, but wish her well. We'll be making adding a stellar guest to take Danielle's slot very soon.
you can come hang with me Ms Harris
This is the kid from Halloween she bloomed fabulously
remember at Harris the kids pet the fish when they fed them
Everyone should be jell I'm going calvin harris just saying
if that's the one w/Danielle Harris that was a mess! She is the only reason I watched it!
Time to exercise. With Danielle Harris and many others.
Fan of the week is... Danielle Harris!
That picture of that girl at calvin harris last night...what is wrong with today's society.
"You might have my body, my breasts and my boyfriend, but you're not me!" Hayley, as Alexia (Danielle Harris)...
Loving summer in Cobar and daylight savings!! Been at the pool all afternoon and by afternoon I mean till 8pm sun has just gone done, a fruit and veggie salad platter for dinner and visit from some awesome friends Laura Douglas. But I'm still missing my girls Danielle Harris and Kylie Williams
Danielle Harris and Katherine Isabelle in a slasher movie starring Kane, directed by the Soska Sisters. It like someone scanned my thoughts and put it on film.
I think this has happened a few times. Lmbo Danielle Harris Justin Harris
Danielle Harris locksmith extraordinaire. I'm turning into a right little handy man.
I'm just so proud of Melinda Thing-One McCormick and myself. We both have 3.0 GPA's! BOOM WE WON. We've come along way to get to this point and I couldn't be more happy for us. I suggest that others "Get their life" and get on the path to success because I'm not waiting for ANYONE to join my run. Thank you God for your grace and mercy over us. Took us a while to get here but we are here now. Now I can't wait until the bestie Melissa Thing-Two Torrey returns back to school next semester and next it will be Danielle Harris and Natika Whisonant. God has showed up and showed out in my life I suggest you try him :)
Who wants to be my taxi buddy home to Grenagh over Christmas??? Linda O Brien Danielle Harris Jim Conroy
Hey Danielle Harris I'm watching the Christmas Story (for the first time) and wrapping Christmas presents thanks to Andrea Small- Nicholls sending the movie home with me :)
Wow how time fly today is my lil big sis birthday we fuss n disagree but I love her like nun other. Ill wish my sis Danielle Harris a happy birthday. From a lil girl till a grown women I love u girl enjoy ur day
If I could wish for anything in the world right now and without a doubt know it would come true it would b for me and Danielle Harris and couple days at the beach. Ah dreams what would we do without them.
Danielle Harris your prayers were answered. Baaha
Thanks to Darrell Buratti Danielle Harris Adrienne Shouse LaBecca Reid James Lanham and everyone else involved in setting up and conducting the 6583 Christmas Party. Job well done
So this will be tonight's sleepy time movie Has Danielle Harris and Robert Patrick in it How bad can it be? Also has the twins from grind house in it so here we go
Serial Killer Saturday with Autumn Williams. Examples : Ed Gein, Albert Fish, and now Shiver with Danielle Harris! We also watched Texas Chainsaw (1974) and the recent sequel Texas Chainsaw 3D and later we have Lords Of Salem lined up!
it's got Brian Krause, Danielle Harris and lance henriksen
In 11 years actress and scream queen Katharine Isabelle goes from cute to drop dead gorgeous. Looking forward to seeing her and Danielle Harris in See No Evil 2. ~Brandon Prewitt
Celebrating my peer mentors 1 yr... Love u girl.. Thx for the guidance u gave me. Danielle Harris
Packin for this wkends rd trip. Going to visit my aunt and ol pal Vanessa Nore with Danielle Harris
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Tonight, Tonight, Tonight!!! If you don't have your tickets you can definitely pay at the door! Angelica Mackey, Danielle Harris-lucas, Steven Alexander, and my man Peaty Ray-Red will be at Zion Word Restoration Ministries! Doors open at 630pm show starts at 7pm. Laughter for the Holidays. $20 for comedy show and buffet dinner, but you don't want the dinner you can pay $10 for a GREAT comedy show!!! I hope I see you all there!!! With much Love!!! Laughter is truly Good for the Soul!!! Zion Word.God's House!!! See You There!!!
Danielle Harris ("Halloween", "Hatchet", Stake Land") stars as Wendy Alden, a young secretary terrorized by a savage killer who finally finds the resources o...
Danielle Harris Peck!!! It all makes so much more sense now!
Congrats to Kim Patterson for being named SNA member of the Year; to Natalie 'duty' Harrison for being named Volunteer of the Year, and to Chelsea Burnett, Christopher Williams, and Danielle Harris Campbell for being named as the Most Outstanding Students! Great job!
If Danielle Harris don't make her way to tallahassee for her sister birthday, she might cry! :( lol
watching Wish Upon a Star (90's Movie) with Danielle Harris and Katherine Heigl It's quite funny now, and somehow I always Wish something when I see that shooting Star. Adrian Starblanket
Thanks Danielle Harris for sharing! Think this is something God wants all of us to work on. :)
Marco LS, Nauhnihal Sehmi & Kui Njagi In your Department today for a lecture 󾌩󾌩 in room T.003 ... Guys your department in sad .. The fuel shop closes so early .. Danielle Harris is really upset 󾌹
and i wanna be like Danielle Harris and my big bro taj
We can do it big Like Danielle Harris & Korey Ross
Here you go Danielle Harris, you know mob wives is back on and it's on Thursday nights
Cupa an catch up wiv Carla Danielle Harris ! Roll on 2014 this year has bin pants :(( xx
Danielle Harris Currently on TVLand, Vanessa is off to see the Wretched to have BIG fun in Baltimore.
Lmao tryna lick the ice cream cone on my face. Kayla Valley Bobby Valley Dawn Santamarina Danielle Harris
Me and the boys are excited to walk in the north east parade for the YMCA :) we were lucky to be asked! Thanks Danielle Harris!
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Sayn happy birthday to my sister Danielle Harris enjoy yur day
Why is everyone so into helping Africa,Thailand,etc. Isn't our country messed up? Don't we have starving children? We have slavery too. Screw the other countries and clean up ours first.Jaime Pressly didn't age very well but Danielle Harris did.I can't stand Anderson Silva...Carry on
Well went and had lunch with my Daughter Heidi today and then she took me to do my Christmas Shopping and we met up with my other Daughter Tammy and Grandaughter Gina and also got to see Danielle Harris for awhile. I got all my shopping done. Then when we got home Heidi, Tammy, Charles Scott and I went to Pops Malt Shop for supper. It was a good day.
What an awesome day! Experiencing a new city, meeting some outstanding athletes and coaches, and winning my class in the American Open with a PR total! Thanks you Douglas for being a great coach. I wouldn't have made my 157 without hearing "feet together!" Thanks to Cj and Mark Cannella for your help with cues and support! Thank you Danielle Harris for putting up with my sporadic travel and supporting me while I'm out on the road. And thanks to everyone who sent me messages and emails to wish me luck. Love my CFSS peeps, my friends, family and supporters!
Oy Cappella first song Out On the Town with Danielle Harris soloing like a boss ;)
Aw felt lola's puppy's moving its cool.poor lola the feel a hand full already so she's gunna ave her work cut out when the come next week!!! Eeee exciting :') x Danielle Harris Michael Harris
Holy cow Danielle Harris 34pts. You go girl!
Danielle Harris - biografia, filmografia, poster, news, foto, video. [continua]
Victor Crowley's victims from the Hatchet trilogy movies 1. Robert Englund (Freddy Krueger) in Hatchet 2.Tony Todd ( Candyman) in Hatchet 2 3. Derek Mears ( Jason Voorhees) in Hatchet 3 4. Danielle Harris ( Halloween) in Hatchet 3 5. Perry Shen ( The New Guy) in all Hatchet films 6. Zach Galligan (Gremlins) in Hatchet 3 the actor who potrays Victor Crowley is Kane Hodder ( The Real Jason Voorhees) who will be next ? Brad Dourif ( Chucky) Gunner Hansen (Leatherface)
Our founder and CEO, Danielle Harris, is heading to Lakeside High School this morning to speak to the students about her career in the field of Communications (television, radio, and public relations). Go Danielle!
I have to tell 14 things about myself. Trying to find things you don't know about. 1. Favorite color is blue 2. Favorite band is a tie between Motley Crue and Iron Maiden. 3. I speak German. 4. I value friendship. 5. Favorite food is pizza. 6. I'm in love with Jennifer Love Hewitt, Lauren Cohan, and Danielle Harris. 7. Hoping to meet Jason Voorhees- Kane Hodder next year. 8. My birthstone is emerald. 9. Favorite movie is Close Encounters of the Third Kind and Wizard of Oz. 10. I want to star in a Friday the Thirteenth movie. 11. I love going to the zoo in Chicago. 12. I love Halloween. 13. I sing in the shower. 14. I spend most of my life writing novels.
18 things you don't know about me. 1. My favorite current artists are Lana Del Rey and Scott Stapp. 2. I am a New Years Baby. 3. I've been kicked out of a hotel, a McDonald's, and a carnival playhouse 4. I know more about history than any history teacher I've ever taken. 5. I teach myself how to do everything from the piano to drawing. Currently, I can play every song on Lana Del Rey's "Born to Die" Album. 6. I may be in love with Natalie Dormer...scratch that, I am. 7. Often told I'm one of the nicest guys around 8. I was once told I was extremely cute by Danielle Harris. 9. I film short little skits that are sometimes funny and sometimes not. 10. I recited the Gettysburg address when I was only in third grade. 11.I once almost got thrown out of elementary school in 4th grade for forging my mothers signature and then lying by telling them she was on a vacation to Bermuda. 12. I am very picky about who I choose as my friends. I have a good radar for personality in people. 13. Some would say I am an excell ...
Putting the final touches on the brand new original script for this Saturday's final "Holliston Live" cast performance of the Season 2 Tour. If you're attending Walker Stalker Con in Atlanta, don't miss our panel on Saturday at 2pm! Also, HATCHET fans, I'll be doing a second panel there with Kane Hodder, Danielle Harris, and Zach Galligan showcasing the best kills from all three films on Sunday at 11am. Can't wait to FINALLY meet my Atlanta fans this weekend...
Was at the Spooky Empire, Inc. had a really good time with some really amazing people and fellow volunteers and leads.. 1)i also got to meet in person the following and u will be shocked who it was and whom i ran across! George Romero,Peter Criss(but no auto), Dee Snider,Gunnar Hansen,Marilyn Burns,Brandon Adams,Sean Whalen,Van Birch, Ricou Browning,Julie Adams(no auto),Sybil Danning, Ginger Lynn, Suzanna Leigh, Meg Foster,Patricia Quinn,Twiggy Ramirez,Lisa Loring(no auto), Danielle Harris,Eugene Clark, Jason Mewes,Edwin Neal,Ed Quinn,William Vail,Allen Danziger,Teri Mcminn,Glenn Hetrick,Ve Neil, Bill Moseley,Ogre,Lisa Marie,Geogre (the animal) Steele,Kane Kane Hodder,Doug Bradley,Warrington Gillette,Tom Savini,Alex Vincent,Mike Christopher,Barry Anderson, and Sonya Thompson all meet in person at spooky empire and signed on my t shirt, 2)in mail today- Jeanine anderson and lou temple. took 3 weeks
I want to do weird things to Caity Lotz & Danielle Harris at the same time (¬‿¬)
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Cool people I've seen today: Dee Snider, George Romero, Danielle Harris, Doug Bradley, Bill Moseley and Kane Hodder.
stars some big genre stars like Danielle Harris, Kane Hodder, and Robert Englund
DANTE'S 31 DAYS OF HORROR! Day 10/31: "Hatchet II" (2010) Starring: Danielle Harris, Tony Todd, Kane Hodder Director: Adam Green "Hatchet" was a *** good time to watch. It was energitic, funny, and bloody as *** The cameos by horror icons were a great treat and the characters were disposable but likable. Unfourtunately, "Hatchet II" is a chore to watch. Picking up where the first one left off, Marybeth escapes the clutches of the potato-faced killer Victor Crowley. After learning the truth about her family's connection to the hatchet-wielding madman, Marybeth returns to the Louisiana swamps along with an army of redneck hunters to recover the bodies of her family and exact revenge against the bayou butcher. Sounds at least somewhat exciting, right? Well, aside from a singlular bloody kill, the film's first 40 minutes or so is hellbent on boring you with contrived melodrama, irritating stock characters, and hokey exposition explaining the origins and curse of Victor Crowley. By the time the real fun sta .. ...
Well off to Paracon tomorrow in Mahnomen MN. Can't wait. for those of you that don't know what that is, it is a paranormal convention with the stars from the shows such as ghost hunters, destination truth, fact or fake and UFO expert Stanton Friedman and medium Chip Coffee. Supernatural experts. Went last year and had a great time. Got to meet Danielle Harris who was Jamie, who played in all the Halloween movies as Micheal Meyer's niece. Kane Hodder who was Jason in the Friday the thirteenth movies. And John Zaffis (haunted collector) You get to visit with all of them and listen to their stories on stage. very interesting stuff. Going to be in Chip Coffee's gallery audience, hopefully will get some insight on a very special person (Jesse Larson) whose family and friends miss him dearly. I am going to do my best to talk to him, he is a psychic/medium who can communicate with people's guardian angels or to spirits themselves if they are no longer with us. For the past 40 years he has helped over 20,000 ...
I think I'll watch Eerie, Indiana tonight. Wish it hadn't been cancelled. Danielle Harris aka was in one of my fave episodes
It is Charlaine Harris on Food Network Halloween Wars on October 20th! Mark your calendars!
I'll watch anything Danielle Harris is in, because Danielle Harris.
I would like to applaud Danielle Harris for spitting on the independent filmmakers of the horror community. In her...
HALLOWEEN and HATCHET star Danielle Harris floored fans in this month's issue of Inked Magazine, showing off her...
The only reason one should choose to watch Rob Zombie's Halloween is to see how hot Danielle Harris grew up to be. Which is like really hot.
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