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Daniel Tosh

Daniel Dwight Tosh (born May 29, 1975) is an American stand-up comedian and host of the Comedy Central television show, Tosh.0.

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Please donat try to ualk to me this weekend incvegas. i'm counting carxs.Daniel Tosh
I wanna be like Daniel Tosh when I grow up
Times like this I turn to my hero. "The national anthem blows. Are you kidding me? Do any of you have it on your iPod?" - Daniel Tosh
All these jokes were on Daniel tosh’s standup lol.
Even with his flaws a time like this 254 would benefit from the leadership of Daniel Moi.Kenyans r tired of this back& forth political tosh!
Why do you look like a buffed up Daniel tosh
I believe that was a warning from God for Daniel Tosh to repent of his conniving sins, and the bigger earthquake may come later on.
Daniel Tosh's stand up is so funny 😂
I was talking about more like stand up comedians. Like Daniel Tosh but yes…
Got to see Daniel Tosh last night, and I can't tell what I enjoyed more. His stand up, or hearing Sarah laugh the entire time 😍😍😍
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Our anthem kind of *** I mean really, does anyone have it on their ipod?. -Daniel Tosh
This Daniel Tosh skit is cracking me up 🤣
Best Bets: Il Divo, John Fogerty, Daniel Tosh and more for your Las Vegas weekend.
Keep politics out and you will stay relevant.. ask daniel tosh lol
At least he was funny. Very funny. As opposed to overrated modern hacks like Amy Schumer and Daniel Tosh
Just unfollowed Daniel Tosh. Idk why I followed him for so long, he's not even funny 🙄
How much money did Daniel Tosh make to be mediocre in front of a green screen?
That joke Daniel Tosh has about the national anthem replays in my head daily lol
I didn't know that Daniel Tosh was a Cal fan
Join for hilarious true stories he made up. Get your tix:
just kinda trolled Daniel Tosh... feels good!
Lol . To funny !! . I love your thinking - slash - . humour Daniel . . You just got that !! . Tosh.o - love…
Anyone else think Jim Harbaugh looks like Daniel Tosh 15 years from now?
We rag on late night a lot but the most disgusting television offense is that daniel tosh still has a tv show
Going to Daniel Tosh's house is considered a great. who am I kidding? The revolving ladyboy door it…
Please don't trz to tal. to me this weekend in vegas i'm counting c rds.Daniel Tosh
I love working at a job where your supervisor just goes "hey, who all wants free Daniel Tosh tickets for tonight?"
I fell asleep watching the country music channel and woke up racist. -Daniel Tosh
Please don'j try to talk to me this weekend in vegas. i'mbcounting cards.Daniel Tosh
Alright based on Kirk's screenshot I'm going for the Daniel Tosh name as many things as you can in 25 seconds thing
Remember being in middle school and pretending daniel tosh was funny? Simpler times
It's heartbreaking that his old whack *** is railing against PC culture like what's really good in com…
Daniel Tosh. No, wait, he still gets paid to make racist jokes about YouTube videos on TV.
I don't care for Daniel Tosh. Sorry I wasn't more clear. His act m…
Please don't try to talk to me this leekend inzvegas. i'm counting cards.Daniel Tosh
I'd have to disagree w/Mel Brooks on P.C.'s impact. Daniel Tosh and Sarah Silverman are doin' just fine! ;). And "Saddles" COULD be done! /1
He'd cross his fingers hoping to open for Daniel Tosh.
Daniel Tosh would be a great late night host. How does bum Colbert have a job over him?
why this look like the mummified remains of Daniel tosh and Katie Holmes?
This man really said I reminded her of Daniel Tosh and it kinda becomes a part of the Apple Music.
Probably Daniel Tosh. I probably have bad taste.
8/24. "Well come on, number 8 was the rapist. Number 24 has a great work ethic and an unblockable turnaround." - Daniel Tosh
Also is this Tyler kid really just Daniel Tosh 's love child w one of his dogs?
"i hate when guys insist that they have never measured their *** " - Daniel Tosh
Amy Schumer just steals jokes from Daniel Tosh and expects to be payed like Dave Chappelle
Meet Black Singles 300x250
If you close your eyes while my Accounting professor is talking, you would think it's Daniel Tosh.
Had this weird dream that Daniel Tosh and I were cracking open a bottle wine together on the beach what does this mean spiritually
Daniel Tosh is one of the best comedians to ever live.
I liked a video Joe Rogan on Caitlyn Jenner and Daniel Tosh Rape Controversy
"You think I got here from working hard? I got a gift from God" -Daniel Tosh.
Women have to try super hard to be funny which causes them to, unfortunately, not be as funny as Kevin Hart or Daniel Tosh.
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You are delirious. Louis CK and Daniel Tosh have made billions for other peop…
You didn't get your comedian license like Daniel Tosh & SSilverman, who are allowed to make race jokes…
Racist comedians like Daniel Tosh should be banned from the internet
What's Daniel Tosh get paid? (and will a Netflix show generate the same revenue?)
When Daniel Tosh is on a roll, he is the best stand-up around. "People Pleaser" has a 15-minute stretch of uninterrupted perfect jokes.
Why is Daniel Tosh's extremely racist, sexist, anti-semitic and homophobic so-called "comedy" still allowed?
There's better Comedy Central comedians, like Daniel Tosh. The fact that she thinks she's a good comedian makes me sick.
"I'm against nursing in public, but only because I'm against kids in public" -Daniel Tosh, legend.
What's this to do with Trump?. Please subtract me from this until Daniel Tosh is elected president and rec…
Daniel Tosh's philosophy is that everything is funny. There is nothing off limits.
Oh and comedians like Daniel Tosh joking about rape. Sick, sick people.
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more often than not, you won't believe them. Or to put it another way: If you think that Kevin Hart and…
Quick - what websites does Daniel Tosh hate?
Daniel tosh you really add the cheese to my spaghetti
"The only thing better than a cat is any dog" -Daniel Tosh
Britains first Transgender Muslim Woman looks a lot like Daniel Tosh!!
Remember, at least you didn't grow up liking trash asf Daniel Tosh and you'll be fine
I'm 39, my hair is holding strong but going away. Look up what Daniel Tosh did, side effects big tim…
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You ever hear girls say, "I'm not religious, but I'm spiritual." I like to reply with "I'm not honest, but you're interesting!" Daniel Tosh
Tonight on Daniel checks in with some Web Redemption all-stars.
Clearly she hasn't heard Daniel Tosh's piece on cannibalism.
Tonight on B&B: Beavis farts on James K. Polk. Butthead farts with Daniel Tosh. Huh huh.
to ME .. And Carmello Anthony, Daniel Tosh, Ziggy Ansah, and the other May 29ers
Dennis Leary, Daniel Tosh,.. list goes on. If only…
Daniel Tosh knocked out bleeding in an alley off 5th Ave. Columbus show cancelled. Go to show at…
Greatest Stand up show on earth would be Bernie Mac, Dave Chapelle, Ralphie May, and Daniel Tosh
"I went to the local rape crisis center to report Daniel Tosh for hate crimes"
Cry about it then. Go after every comedian. Daniel Tosh, Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle, etc. . Be consistent.
there's a reason why people like George Carlin and Louie C.K, but not Daniel Tosh or Anthony Jeselnik
"The flat brim hat is the modern day dunce cap" - Daniel Tosh
WHO TO FOLLOW? Seth Macfarlane, Neil Patrick Harris, and Daniel Tosh. Nope. Never gonna do that. Literal worst suggestions of all time.
Google Glass has an Xbox controller with Daniel Tosh.
Bruh gotta be top 5 funniest dudes, next to like Kevin Hart, Zach Galafianakis, Daniel Tosh, & Will Smith in Fresh Prince of BA
My top 5 favorite comedians of all-time:. 1. Norm MacDonald . 2. Dave Chappelle. 3. Daniel Tosh . 4. Bo Burnham . 5. Louis CK
I can't imagine a Venn diagram with more overlap than one of Daniel Tosh fans and people who love Cards Against Humanity
"There's no better feeling than when somebody walks into your house and asks "is that fresh banana bread" and you're like"yeah""-Daniel Tosh
Daniel Tosh is an American icon and how dare you say that
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