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Daniel Stern

Daniel Jacob Stern (born August 28, 1957) is an American film and television actor. He is known for his roles in the Hollywood films C.H.U.D., Diner, City Slickers, the first two Home Alone films where he played bandit Marv Merchants and as the narrator for the television series The Wonder Years.

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"Using the stern voice she's sure to use ON OUR FUTURE CHILDREN". DANIEL
READ: Ambassador Daniel Baer's Response to at the Permanent Council >>
if two guys coping Daniel Stern and Dan Aykroyd pull a Texan Pride and kidnap Brady
The film Breaking Away was released in theaters in 1979. It starred Jackie Earl Haley, Daniel Stern, Dennis Christo…
A powerful read. Did you know only 2 to 9% of kids make it to college? Noel, I see you & believe you'll ma…
Noel Anaya has been in since age one. Twenty years later, he left the system on his own terms.
The amount of anti-Obama replies that have eggs as profiles is amazing.
I don't recall u hypocrites going after Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern back in '90 when they were outed as Wet Bandits I miss christmas 🙁
Did the Russians track him down by his I.Pee address?.
This is by far Donald Trump's biggest leak
Don't feel bad about getting some comic relief from trending. We had a tough year. Go ahead and relieve yo…
When it comes to supporting either urine or you're out
"I didn't have sexual relations with that woman" is kinda irrelevant next to "I didn't let those Russian hookers *** on me"…
Yep. Not sure Daniel thought this through before he did it. Would've been better writing a stern letter to them both.
I'd say looks more like Daniel Stern from Bushwacked.
Anyone ever think that maybe Daniel Stern & Dan Aykroyd kidnapped Derrick Rose and they're filming Celtic Pride 2?
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Regarding Derrick Rose.has anyone thought to search Dan Aykroyd or Daniel Stern's houses?
being Stuttering John the Howard Stern whipping boy
has to me. Daniel Stern is to blame too tbh
send it John. I used to listen to you on Stern, when did you become such a sissy? .
Please ignore: I thought police were involved but are not.
Yes Daniel Stern has been in a Woody Allen picture
Mitch McConnell to Reid in 2009: nominee "financial disclosures must be complete... prior 2hearing being scheduled." https:/…
To be fair, the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history was a full seven months ago. Easy to forget that it was in your state…
It's amazing how easy things become once you decide that all standards of conduct are optional.
With Head chef and owner Daniel Stern at R2L. Thank you.
Watch: Daniel Stern celebrates victory as his 'Rookie of the Year' character
I'm still holding on to the Thomas Ian Nicholas and Daniel Stern dream 👍🏻
So I look like Marv from Home Alone (Daniel Stern) via
Let's get Daniel Stern out of retirement to play the Reverend again in CHUD 3.
Fourfourtwo, and some podcast with "hooligans"
Rare picture of Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern on set of Home Alone, circa 1990.
Daniel Stern's scream in this scene is one of the all-time great cinematic screams.
Its tie to Daniel Stern narrated Kevin Arnold's thoughts, which helped land him the role of Marv.
I have just decided right now that I would like, somehow, using careful stunt editing, to get a Home Alone 6 with Daniel Stern & Joe Pesci.
. A future self (Daniel Stern) being interviewed by Howard Stern about that time of life. ie how I met ur m
Nate's inner monologues are read by Daniel Stern.
Does anyone else cringe when Daniel Stern steps on the spike? I've seen all the Saw movies but I turn away at that part.
Rick Perry is going to be the Secretary of Energy. The department that he wanted to get rid of but couldn't remember the…
I will never, ever forget being five and watching Daniel Stern turning into a literal skeleton on the big screen
Daniel Stern is the real star of Home Alone
If you're improvising with Paul Reiser, man, you'd better hold on tight...
I still say they should of brought Daniel Stern on Home Alone 4, but this actor hes good regardless.
take out Home Alone and laugh at Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern get beat up Macaulay Culkin.…
Daniel Stern was the voice over in The Wonder Years
look if you want us at our Daniel Stern you have to take us at our Bill Maherish
Need to get Joe Pesci, Macaulay Culkin & Daniel stern to reprise their roles in some kind of new Home Alone, would be so funny, old vs 30+
Daniel Stern getting hit in the head with a paint bucket is better than anything in "On The Waterfront."
Was told earlier I looked like Daniel stern from . 🤔🤔Hm they may have a point !! 😂😂
I remember, after graduating high school, I got a part in a play wi...
Interesting discussion to say the least.
The only other thing I can really remember wanting to do besides act...
Obviously fake snow. Otherwise Daniel Stern would be a lot more uncomfortable walking barefoot outside.
And now Daniel Stern has, at the very least, a concussion. And he just stepped on a nail which I can tell you from experience is awful.
So Daniel Stern has broken ribs and Pesci probably fractured his neck or something. I think they'd probably call it a night there.
Felicia Sanders says Rev. Daniel Simmons was "very stern" w/ Bible study. Sanders says Simmons was the "backbone" of the…
The "take the oil" president will nominate an ExxonMobil CEO secretary of state. What could go wrong.
oh yeah I meant to say! loved it! would watch again! there were some really funny lines and line-readings. Daniel Stern was /
My first movie ever was 'Breaking Away.' I stumbled into an incredib...
Who defines Can be used to suppress free speech? (Hint: Yes.)
Kevin wasn't really Home Alone. He had a whole filming crew, Daniel Stern and Joe Pesci to watch him. He did just fine. Hehe
We Demand That the Developer of “Fake News” Blacklist Software B.S. Detector Cease Distribution and Issue an Apology https:/…
And Marv has been changed from Daniel Stern to French Stewart. Is TBS getting paid for this?
I spent 20 minutes flipping between pictures of Fisher Stevens and Daniel Stern, so I'm at about 78% confidence that I can tell them apart.
If we get Indians/Cubs, I choose to see it as Roger Dorn v. Rowengartner. The battle of Willie Mays Hays v. whatever Daniel Stern's name was
I said it last year and I'll say it again. Daniel Stern from the Wet Bandits isn't foolin' anyone posing as Hunter Pence.
New tumblr post: "don56:. Daniel Stern, Billy Crystal and Bruno Kirby in “City..." ,
Daniel Stern Is a dirty trick that smokes jugs
Daniel Stern Wants a clean cash that eats slugs
Daniel Stern Does a dirty boss that rolls hugs
He's still got that amazing scream. Home Alone co-star Daniel Stern resurfaces after 26 years:
Home Alone co-star finally emerges after 26 years - and it's hilarious:.
Daniel Stern just start on YouTube, this is Home Alone Reunited! ;D
The Daniel Stern spider video in slow-mo is amazing via /r ***
Watch: 'Home Alone's' has another run-in with an enormous spider.
Home Alone Star Faces A VERY Nostalgic Spider Moment — WATCH!: Of all the traps in Home Alone, the one fans a...
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
Damon Wayans, Daniel Stern, and Dan Ackroyd really sold Horford on the Celtics.
I used to find his stern demeanor & negativity grating, now I find it endearing. Hearing straight up truths is rare in
My feelings toward the Warriors are best summed up by a Daniel Stern monologue in City Slickers: "If hate were people, I'd be China!!!"
Oh! Yes. The Australian version was made! The US remake with Danny Pudi and Daniel Stern is just at pilot stage. It's v cool!
Trade not imminent. I'm gonna go all 'Celtic Pride' Daniel stern and Dan akroyd on Brian colangelo
I knew you were an fan, but I didn't think you were a fan.
Front row of the upper bowl. Photo from game 5 vs thunder.
As long as I can keep front-row Tix to the Warriors, my startup is cool. (Btw guess who's going tonight...)
Okay, Stern-Brocot is a no-go! Grows exponentially (golden ratio) in the worst case scenario. Would only be able...
throw in Daniel Stern and Howie Mandell as an awesome, original monster mythology and some great creepy moments and I'm there!
Wait, were you in Breaking Away? I had (and still have) an unreasonable crush on Daniel Stern's character in that.
Your answer is perfect. With those two off the table, I'd go with Daniel Stern & W.G. Snuffy Walden.
Ok so when is Daniel Stern showing up as dad on am I right?
Remember that time came to R2L and chatted up Chef Stern
Question. Why put a gif of Daniel Stern on a bday wish to Chris Elliott?
Hamilton Collection
"Daniel, " Stern Vlad, "Any other day, I'd be tossed into the wall by now...You're not even /trying/ to deal with me..."
Great recommendation -- thanks for that one. I know literally two things about it: about bikes and starring Daniel Stern
oh, man! So good - super young Daniel Stern, Dennis Quaid, Dennis Christopher. And it's about bikes..and growing up!
In what Wonder Years episode does Kevin suffer a traumatic brain injury that causes his voice to change into Daniel Stern's voice?
Breaking Away is on TCM! Starring young Dennis Quaid, Kelly from Bad News Bears, Daniel Stern, and Beck!
Daniel Stern rendering the "What's your major?!" line reading moot for anybody else. Ever.
Daniel Stern has some of the great one-liners in this film
Mate watch her, she's stern got more views then exam solutions
Blasphemy! The spirit of Daniel Stern will punish you for this!
Would the press ask relevant questions to a presidential candidate?
Y'all act like you never seen a tarantula before. "Down, Barry! Get down now!"
Daniel Radcliffe morphing into Elijah Wood in a mesmerizing GIF is a must-see: 😄
TP are delighted to announce the appointment of Daniel Stern to the Dispute Resolution team
If The was a real person, he'd be 60 yrs old today. Daniel Stern was 31 when show began.
Fred Savage should narrate a commercial where Daniel Stern is driving a . Pay me all the money for my creativity.
Warriors and Sharks are ninth set of teams from same area to make Finals in same season. This thing is getting…
it'd be Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern they're like the Piano player/bartenders who rob drunk guests...then KEVIN!
What about Dizzy & Daffy Dean? You can never have enough delight determining that duo's dominance deliberately.
Tips of the day Liverpool's new signing issues stern warning to team-mate
7. Gory horror doesn't bother me, but Daniel Stern stepping on the nail in Home Alone? *shudder*
I have now scrolled through all the donuts 3x.
Anyway, Home Alone. So Dolph Lundgren has his missing scene with Joe Pesci, but here's the twist, Daniel Stern suddenly walks in...
He has to wear a pledge pin if he gets sent back down.
please do not knock Daniel Stern's storied career
And you're a knock off Daniel Stern 🖕🏼
But do you have a third ticket for Daniel Stern to narrate.
Was his hair trimmed? Biggerstaff is always on point with his hair.
Guess who and I ran into at the concert? Give up? Biggerstaff!
Man waiting in line to see Trump to Latino protesters: Hey how are you guys at laying bricks and mortar? https:…
wanna hang with your old co workers? Bring it.
because of the Alheimers, actor Daniel Stern had a close call
When Griffey Jr retired, I looked in the mirror and cried "You're an old man now. You're an old man now."
Thanks for inviting me on your guys pow-wow ... ?
I can always make time for dinner with my two favorite peeps.
goddammit, now I'm back to reminding people of Daniel Stern. This was a big deal for me...
Went to Bethesda Chevy Chase High School. Graduated one year ahead of fellow actor Daniel Stern.
Are You Smarter Than Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern from the movie Home Alone--Starring Jeff Foxworthy as your host
..and finally, this week in 1983 'Blue Thunder' starring Roy Scheider, Daniel Stern & Malcolm McDowell was released
Ben Stern,. Sorry I shot you in the back. Assassinating your friend is never easy but it was necessary in the situation. -Daniel Goldstein
try to get Daniel stern's autograph :)
I literally cannot see the name "Alan Ameche" without picturing Daniel Stern blurting it out in "Diner." That is all.
I genuinely feel rest of the Bay Area attempts to justify why they hate SF. "Why do minorities hold back other minorities?"
-- I am like Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern, following you like a goon and constantly shaking my fist in the air.
since it's cool to use Star Wars references past May 4th -->
Read an extract of by Daniel Stern on our blog
Daniel Stern hunches stuck managing his father-in-law's grocery store, while trapped in a sexless marriage with his (2/6)
And varsity coach at my high school before coaching in the show ... Which only makes him cooler??
In 1852 I bet Whig Party elites were all like "well, we'll come back next time with someone better."
1994 Press Photo Daniel Stern and Thomas Ian Nicholas in Rookie of the Year
don't use in jest. It will a trending hashtag one day.
We need bitmojis to capture this. Words aren't enough.
Words do not begin to describe this meme.
I figured Fred Savage would sound like Daniel Stern by now.
The last word on Labour's 'antisemitism' from Norman Finklestein
Well played. See? She still married you though she doesn't like PDL. Just don't become Daniel Stern in DINER, okay? ;) Congrats!
These dudes make Home Alone Daniel Stern and Joe Pesci look like irl Daniel Stern and Joe Pesci
yes! Totally thought Daniel stern at first
he's more like a mix of Kelsey Graham and Daniel Stern
Vintage photo of Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern in the film "Home Alone 2: Lost in N
1 by Morrison, 2 by Schulman humming the tune?
that spicy text Mex corn thing. Now that's culture
$300k for a house in Dallas!? Childs play. That's how much vanilla soy two pump extra hot coffee costs out here.
As good pitching always stops good hitting in baseball, the Browns look like their loading up on bats w/ Daniel Stern as the pitching coach.
Sturridge’s stern warning for Klopp: LIVERPOOL striker Daniel Sturridge has warned manager Jurgen Klopp he wants a different role in ...
.is this the same Ascent designed by Daniel Libeskind in Covington KY, which Paul Whalen of AM Stern trashed critically?
My husband a novice at Art yet to me so talented..I hope Daniel Stern and Joe Pesci approve :-)
Prisoners will take care of these people. You don't mess with children. It crosses everyone's moral code.
I believe the term is "lock them up and throw the keys away."
Marvin Williams is the only player since at least '84 to have 3 games in a single playoffs with 28+ MP and 0 points: http…
Meanwhile, Vince Velasquez is 3-1 with a 1.78 ERA and 33 strikeouts in 25.1 innings for the
Freddy Galvis gave Ryan Howard a kick in the butt after last night's walk-off homer.
My night is now free. Not watching this...
Only way Jazz make playoffs is if Dan Akroyd and Daniel Stern kidnap James Harden before Wednesday.
Jason Reitman, Daniel Stern and Dennis Christopher talk about 'Breaking Away' via
FUN FACT of the Day: Little Monsters stars Fred & Ben Savage, as well as Daniel Stern, the voice of adult Kevin Arnold on
The guy playing Michael Gudinski looks a bit like Daniel Stern from Home Alone
Among other things, Manhattan S1 is enduring proof that Daniel Stern is one of America's most consistently and criminally underrated actors.
As Daniel Carver used to say on the Howard Stern show, "Wake up White People!"
"oh what a tangled web we weave when first we conspire to conceive." - Kelly Bundy
Daniel Stern reprises 'Home Alone' thief Marv in response to creepy Macaulay Culkin video
Hiking manager Damon Botsford hired actor Daniel Stern as a one-day hiking guide CelticPride
YOO we need a Don Quixote movie starring Daniel Stern immediately, look at him
1 of best scenes from underrated City Slickers is when Bruno Kirby @ Daniel Stern arguing on cattle drive over Clement vs. Aaron
Looking up Daniel Stern's filmography, who knew he DIRECTED Rookie of the Year!!! it's his only feature tho
i watched an interview with you recently... has anyone ever made the Daniel Stern comparison to you? (City Slickers and Home Alone)
Outside of the tunnel it looks like this -->
at one point i was in love with every movie starring Daniel Stern. this doesn't bode well
Opera singer neighbour still going, she sounds like Daniel Stern in Home Alone 2 when he gets electrocuted.
I'm the voice of honesty. Howard Stern. PTA
According to the late Dr. Daniel Stern. I would love to find more research into this aspect of mindfulness.
2) Yes on the news orgs. Let me know if Gavin sells us short ...
1) look for 'Cyrus Noble' bourbon the next time you're in SF. Smooth finish.
I hope gets Daniel Stern to narrate season 2 of and it becomes more like The Wonder Years.
I knew I wanted to act when I was around 14.
Home Alone's Daniel Stern responds to Macaulay Culkin with this epic home video:
So happy that Daniel stern Home Alone star mentioned me in this video😊☺️
me too. We must hang out! Ps. Is sprinklr geared towards news publishers too?
Gavin has an expensive palette for bourbon & whiskey, so naturally we get along.
Richard Dreyfuss is to Daniel Stern as Mike Myers is to Verne Troyer but in Home Alone.
Love your work, especially 'Rookie of the Year'. Thank you for all the fun times!
so YOU are the Daniel Stern who took the handle '. there was lots of competition for that.
That scream in the background sounded like Daniel Stern from Home Alone. LOL
somewhere around 2000 Daniel Stern and Randy Quaid did smoosh into a voltron-esque acting monster
PIC: It's the Wet Bandits! Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern reunited 25 years after Home Alone
In order to avoid potential bloodshed, authorities urge the militia members to remain white.
News flash: If you take over a gov't bldg with guns and make a "goodbye" video, you are terrorists, not a "militia."
For those who don't understand why people say our criminal justice system is broken.
Man, I bet the Crips & Bloods feel really dumb for calling themselves 'gangs' instead of 'militias.'
Daniel Stern if Richard Dreyfuss had been cast in Home Alone.
great idea. I always loved Daniel Stern's narration too - so comforting
A new year – a new start for this page. Let's begin with an image I shot in 2014 showing the architect Daniel...
Our review of Shepparton presented by Daniel Stern
"Daniel!" He nudges the boy and gives him a stern look which makes him quiet. He looked back up to and finally, the love>
don't know if it's been said, but eichel's starting to look like Daniel stern from Home Alone
Jack Eichel gonna look like Daniel Stern in about 10 years.
the Daniel Stern Colts marriage test from Diner but with members of Bugs Moran's gang
Promoting the new manly game of baseball: Newark Daily Advertiser, September 20, 1855.
Guilford (2-1) has been solid out of the gate but they get a stern test today in SCC rival Daniel Hand (1-1-1) today @ 4:30 at the NIP
Today while watching Star Wars with my family, my 11yo daughter asked me if "Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi, you're my only hope…
Siri, how do Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern's characters from the Home Alone movies die?
Yes, it's true! We need to get Pizza Hut and watch the brilliance of Daniel Stern and John Heard, pre Home Alone 2!
They really were. I love the entire film but second to Daniel Stern screaming, John Candy is the best part of Home Alone.
wasn't Daniel Stern also one of the Cutters?
All I want for christmas is to set traps in my flat and hope for Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern to break in
anyways.. Daniel threw a fit like it was a catastrophe and it's not...So I had to get stern with him and my mother hates it
just for that I'll make it an ear full and a very stern dressing down
"Mark Joseph Stern ... could find the *** hate in a box of Raisinets."
Stats are stupid, but role of Closer ain't. Players say toughest outs to get are last 3. Not all outs are equal mentally!
American psychiatrist Daniel Stern says our minds are "permeable", constantly interacting as if joined by an invisible link. Are you aware?
"/Philip/. Tell me.". Stern Daniel is stern. More comforting.
Saving the big guns for the playoffs!
Now that pinion is hurt, Baalke will draft him in the 1st rd.
Pinion hurt his calf. Saving him for the playoffs.
For the 19 fans still watching this game, there have been 22 penalties with nearly a full quarter to go.
This referee doesn't make any sense but he has a *** smooth voice
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
I am going to light a candle the next time there's a penalty, and turn the volume up to hear this ref
Listen to this with your eyes closed. And get ready to be sexy
Referee of the game sounds like 'The Ladies Man'. It's great
Somehow, looks more like Marv than Daniel Stern does. That is an amazing accomplishment.
“A bully doesn’t just beat you up. He takes away your dignity.” –Daniel Stern ‘City Slickers
“Rookie of the Year”. “That’s an entertaining movie, but I asked what is your favorite film?”. “Daniel Stern’s Rookie of the Year”
Daniel Stern's best movie is not rookie of the year or Home Alone... Maybe Diner ... My brain always gets Stern mixed up with Chris Elliot
I watched FRANKENWEENIE to kick off the evening and it was DELIGHTFUL. Daniel Stern was so young! Thanks for airing it, 🐶⚡️
I liked a video Daniel Gundlach and Lloyd Arriola Perform Mein schoener Stern by Robert Schumann
At least you'll be safe from Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern.
Seeing a lot of Daniel Stern on my TL. Why?
Daniel Stern is the most underrated man in movie & television history.
do you think a bald Daniel Stern could step in for Bill Miller and re-enact the time he had a no-hitter going in the 2nd inning?
Our sincere condolences and prayers for family and friends RIP Officer Daniel Webster ht…
All about Daniel Stern Quotes : Height Weight Birthday Zodiac Filmography Biography - see at
Richard Schiff, Neve Campbell, Mamie Gummer, Daniel Stern all in 1 episode! Competing with for best guest stars?
"The principal speaker at our annual investor conference in Lagos yesterday was Daniel Altman of the Stern School...
The royals play against Daniel Stern last year, Danny Devito this year.
never grew up to sound like Daniel Stern
LIVE: Sheffield Wednesday - Arsenal: Arsene Wenger takes his in-form Gunners to face what could be a stern Lea...
I think Daniel Stern and Gary Busey were the best coach-player combo, fictional or not.
Illeana Douglas, Daniel Stern, and Jared Kusnitz are killing it as the family. And Bostin Christopher was great as Otis.
Watched some of C.H.U.D. I'll finish it tomorrow. Two of the actors in that movie would later be in Home Alone: John Heard & Daniel Stern.
I'll rep. my understanding of Biblical Rationality...Psalm 128 helps me to understand stern warning in Matt. 7.
or in the equipment cages ala Daniel stern in Rookie of the Year.
Daniel Stern in Rookie of the Year dot jpg
I have a soft spot for Forget Paris, and I love Daniel Stern's line to his soon to be ex of, "If hate were a country, I'd be CHINA!"
Jack Eichel looks like a young Daniel Stern.
Weapons-Grade Eye Candy.Captures spirit of this Arthouse classic perfctly.But what does Daniel Stern think? SJ
LOL Thanks. It helps that they're so easy to mess with. Cheaters usually are.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Dude your replies to Pats fans are hilarious. Well played!
Like for real Daniel Stern yelled at a young Ben Savage for a while after he ran over his bike, but that can't stop a man with a mission.
most women have a money fetish... S/ Daniel stern
Still not over Daniel Stern playing a father in "Little Monsters." . Still.
3 of 5 stars to The Greyhound by Daniel Braun Stern
Daniel Storey made the point that Stern John's also scored 50 international goals. But so what? If it was that lowly
just be careful if Daniel Stern and Joe Pesci come knockin' on your door.
I get a dollar for everything over 16!
Weird how people don't care when bringing greenies/amphetamines up.
Wishing our special mates Carin Stern Egdes and Daniel Egdes a HUGE HUGE mazeltov on the birth of a healthy BOY! So excited to meet your li…
I think they should lock Belichick in a cage in the locker room, a la Daniel Stern.
"Iron will naturally form in the inner part of the [black hole] accretion disc.". - Daniel Stern,
Dr. Daniel Stern of is here at today presenting mission. Very excited to listen!
what was it like working with Daniel Stern and Gary Busey?
Congratulations billy madison show. Honestly yall are the new Howard Stern.
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
It makes me really sad that Fred Savages voice doesn't sound like Daniel Stern's right now.
(Daniel Stern "Wonder Years" voice) The kept winning in that summer of 2015, and won the World Series.
'The Three Stooges' theme is in my head
look at those photorealistic images... I wonder if Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern played this back in the day? Maybe still do.
First after summer. Jessica had fun as normal. Good luck Daniel with the Great North Run next week.
"Rookie Of The Year" is a great movie. Daniel Stern, John Candy, Gary Busey...diverse group.
Too bad that Fred Savage ended up not sounding a thing like Daniel Stern by the time he grew up.
"fatigue" or "my anticipation wants the movie the movie to come out tomorrow?" Either way let the good times roll.
I also share it with jack black,Armie Hammer,Luis Guzman,Brian Thompson, Daniel Stern and stiflers mom lol
I am catching flack for being a NASCAR fan, the two people laughing at me are the real Encyclopedia Brown & Daniel Stern's *** child 😂
.must be trolling. ROY over Little Big League all day if only for the fact that Daniel Stern doubles as Director/Coach Brickma
Watching anyone remember that movie? Daniel Stern, Dan Aykroyd and Damon Wayans.
I wish Daniel Stern and Dan Ackroyd would kidnap LeBum and hold him for the remainder of the series.
why didn't this last?!. Larry Charles, Daniel Stern, Chris Elliott, Larry Miller, Kathy Griffin! — watching Dilbert (TV series)
Update - police say gunman in grocery threatens to kill hostages if police storm suspected gunmen in…
Charles de Gaulle Airport says flights are operating normally as police continue to surround suspects
Charles de Gaulle Airport has closed 2 of its 4 runways as to not interfere with the hostage situation unfolding 25 mi …
Rick on the Cowboys: "pshhh...they're done". Amazing insight for a team 2 wins away from the SB
WHat smart prophets do when cartoonists ridicule them...
Dunga: I had to battle stern reputation: The Brazil boss concedes he faced a real challenge to dispel his prag...
Subconscious reason I chopped my Jewfro? I discovered my is Daniel Stern from Home Alone
I bet Chris Paul thanks Daniel stern every day for having him not go to the lakers
I had no clue that was a power user.
I like a stern eye on an albatross. It looks like it has eyebrows. You've made my night. I don't know what I'm on about.
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