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Daniel Stern

Daniel Jacob Stern (born August 28, 1957) is an American film and television actor. He is known for his roles in the Hollywood films C.H.U.D., Diner, City Slickers, the first two Home Alone films where he played bandit Marv Merchants and as the narrator for the television series The Wonder Years.

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Illeana Douglas, Daniel Stern, and Jared Kusnitz are killing it as the family. And Bostin Christopher was great as Otis.
Watched some of C.H.U.D. I'll finish it tomorrow. Two of the actors in that movie would later be in Home Alone: John Heard & Daniel Stern.
I'll rep. my understanding of Biblical Rationality...Psalm 128 helps me to understand stern warning in Matt. 7.
or in the equipment cages ala Daniel stern in Rookie of the Year.
Daniel Stern in Rookie of the Year dot jpg
I have a soft spot for Forget Paris, and I love Daniel Stern's line to his soon to be ex of, "If hate were a country, I'd be CHINA!"
Jack Eichel looks like a young Daniel Stern.
Weapons-Grade Eye Candy.Captures spirit of this Arthouse classic perfctly.But what does Daniel Stern think? SJ
LOL Thanks. It helps that they're so easy to mess with. Cheaters usually are.
Dude your replies to Pats fans are hilarious. Well played!
Like for real Daniel Stern yelled at a young Ben Savage for a while after he ran over his bike, but that can't stop a man with a mission.
most women have a money fetish... S/ Daniel stern
Still not over Daniel Stern playing a father in "Little Monsters." . Still.
3 of 5 stars to The Greyhound by Daniel Braun Stern
Daniel Storey made the point that Stern John's also scored 50 international goals. But so what? If it was that lowly
just be careful if Daniel Stern and Joe Pesci come knockin' on your door.
I get a dollar for everything over 16!
Weird how people don't care when bringing greenies/amphetamines up.
Wishing our special mates Carin Stern Egdes and Daniel Egdes a HUGE HUGE mazeltov on the birth of a healthy BOY! So excited to meet your li…
I think they should lock Belichick in a cage in the locker room, a la Daniel Stern.
"Iron will naturally form in the inner part of the [black hole] accretion disc.". - Daniel Stern,
Dr. Daniel Stern of is here at today presenting mission. Very excited to listen!
what was it like working with Daniel Stern and Gary Busey?
Congratulations billy madison show. Honestly yall are the new Howard Stern.
It makes me really sad that Fred Savages voice doesn't sound like Daniel Stern's right now.
(Daniel Stern "Wonder Years" voice) The kept winning in that summer of 2015, and won the World Series.
'The Three Stooges' theme is in my head
look at those photorealistic images... I wonder if Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern played this back in the day? Maybe still do.
First after summer. Jessica had fun as normal. Good luck Daniel with the Great North Run next week.
"Rookie Of The Year" is a great movie. Daniel Stern, John Candy, Gary Busey...diverse group.
Too bad that Fred Savage ended up not sounding a thing like Daniel Stern by the time he grew up.
"fatigue" or "my anticipation wants the movie the movie to come out tomorrow?" Either way let the good times roll.
I also share it with jack black,Armie Hammer,Luis Guzman,Brian Thompson, Daniel Stern and stiflers mom lol
I am catching flack for being a NASCAR fan, the two people laughing at me are the real Encyclopedia Brown & Daniel Stern's *** child 😂
.must be trolling. ROY over Little Big League all day if only for the fact that Daniel Stern doubles as Director/Coach Brickma
Watching anyone remember that movie? Daniel Stern, Dan Aykroyd and Damon Wayans.
I wish Daniel Stern and Dan Ackroyd would kidnap LeBum and hold him for the remainder of the series.
why didn't this last?!. Larry Charles, Daniel Stern, Chris Elliott, Larry Miller, Kathy Griffin! — watching Dilbert (TV series)
Update - police say gunman in grocery threatens to kill hostages if police storm suspected gunmen in…
Charles de Gaulle Airport says flights are operating normally as police continue to surround suspects
Charles de Gaulle Airport has closed 2 of its 4 runways as to not interfere with the hostage situation unfolding 25 mi …
Rick on the Cowboys: "pshhh...they're done". Amazing insight for a team 2 wins away from the SB
WHat smart prophets do when cartoonists ridicule them...
Dunga: I had to battle stern reputation: The Brazil boss concedes he faced a real challenge to dispel his prag...
Subconscious reason I chopped my Jewfro? I discovered my is Daniel Stern from Home Alone
I bet Chris Paul thanks Daniel stern every day for having him not go to the lakers
I had no clue that was a power user.
I like a stern eye on an albatross. It looks like it has eyebrows. You've made my night. I don't know what I'm on about.
check this, had no idea. I thought we were talking ish behind his back -->
over/under Rick Locke crying for 2 days straight when his Seahawks lose to the Panthers?
Greg and Sky look like Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern in Home Alone
So why has Daniel Stern only been in like 2 movies? Oh yeah I remember. Nevermind.
-- became a little stern herself in reaction of protectiveness of Daniel. She wouldn't let him be disrespected as she --
i can't stop listening to Howard stern interviews. its become an addiction
"Fresh Tracks" will be up at 11p. New music from Thomas Wesley Stern, The Lone Bellow, Deal Casino, Jesse Daniel Smith, Butch Walker, Hey...
Because the HOF is *supposed* to be an absolute, a conformation, a justification of numbers & emotional response of idols.
Chef Daniel Stern with his custom suite
I had a dream a young Daniel Stern made me coffee and then cried because he accidentally put vanilla flavoring in it 😂
Lethal Weapon 5, starring Chris Elliot and Daniel Stern. They're both Riggs. There is no Murtaugh. Just. Imagine it.
Everyone's excited about the 2015/Back to the Future 2 thing but Kevin Arnold would be Daniel Stern by now and I think that's a bigger deal.
Photo: amy-ambrosio: Emma Stern & Stina Rapp in “Oh my, what a big following you have!” by Daniel Jackson...
ESPN w/ 1 overlapping voter on Tram & Kent. Kent had higher expectations, I don't know how to quantify
– Stern Pinball will be releasing a WrestleMania pinball machine sometime in 2015. — Chelsea Green, who played...
Sure, and this is an interesting talk. It's akin to Bob Gibson vs Sandy Koufax. I wouldn't downplay how Kent was relied upon
Not taking away from what Kent did. "Leaning against thinking he's a HOF" is still high praise in the scheme of things.
Per wRC+, Trammell's .314/.382/.468 in 1984 = Kent's .297/.359/.555 in 1998. Kent's offensive edge is smaller than you think
He had a 123 OPS+ over that time. Which is great for a 2B, but certainly not "insane." Numbers inflated by the era.
Pro Kent: clearly better bat (vs Trammel & league at time), relied upon to contribute more, offense premium at tough position
Tell me what you think of this synopsis Pro Trammel: defense better at tougher position (vs Kent & league), prime longer.
Not that Kent wasn't a better hitter overall. Point is that the difference is smaller than you'd think. Defense the difference
Something interesting: Kent had four seasons with a wRC+ over 130. Trammell had six.
Very good defense and a solid bat (that was excellent in his prime) for a long time at a hard position. That all adds up.
Are you saying people should have just walked everywhere until cars were invented as a protest that buggies were too slow?
And people (rightly) used horses and buggies as long as they were the best options.
Want your opinion: what about Trammel made him a HOF?
were the best modes of individual transportation for centuries. Raw numbers don't change, how we interpret that data will.
the "best right now" doesn't make it valid. Have had this numbing argument & agreement with too many writers. Horse & buggy ...
Not saying it's 100% accurate or precise. But it's the best quick-glance number we've got.
Alomar was better than Kent, great point. And you can say Kent's prime coincided with Alomar's end-of-prime
Philosophical difference in what WAR tells us - and to assume WAR is the absolute with numbers is invalid ;)
Especially since he never won a World Series. Don't blame him for that, but if you're going to give him credit for playoffs...
I give this only a tiny consideration, not nearly enough to make up the deficit.
If Roberto Alomar counts as Kent's era then he blows Kent out of the water for that one.
Well, no. Looking at fWAR: Kent's peak was 7.4, Trammell's was 7.7. Not a significant difference but hard to call Kent better
1 Kent's impact was greater albeit shorter period, 2 no other 2B during his era remotely close sans Utley towards the end,..
time to play the peanut gallery: Kent > Trammel
I've learnt so far in 2015 that I look like a combination of Daniel Stern (Marv in Home Alone) and Rafe Spall. Not the end of the world
I am out of here. Biggest call was the DPI pickup. It was DPI and it was defensive holding as well. Not good. Flying back …
I'm really disappointed that the NFL hasn't been rigged the last 20 years that the Cowboys haven't won a Super Bowl. They drop…
Exactly how unlikely do you have to be in order to be an unlikely heartthrob? For instance, could Daniel Stern= 💗?
If Taken 3 doesn't involve Joe Pesci & Daniel Stern, this entire franchise has been a failure.
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Watching C.H.U.D before bed. Love a cheesy 80's horror movie. Trivia: John Heard and Daniel Stern would later go on to star in Home Alone.
What's the most messed up Home Alone gag? For my money, it's either the doorknob or either Daniel Stern/foot moment
God *** was Daniel Stern the most underrated actor or what
"My son is out of control! I don't know what to do!". "Sounds like he needs a... Stern talking to.". DANIEL STERN: KID FIXER
virtual issue 'A decade of feminist security studies revisited' ed. by Stern & Wibben:
I only watched those movies for Daniel Stern.
72-was kind to all and stern with yourself-Santa Teresa of Avila.
I wish Daniel Stern would start an indie rock band called The Wet Bandits.
Watching Home Alone and realizing how serious this kid rigged his house. Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern played the dumbest thugs lol
Hook/Henry moment I can't help hear Daniel Stern's voice ringing in my ears: "Imma kill that kid!!!"
Home Alone 7 when Kevin injects Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern with heroin was not so good.
homealone 2 is live action tom and Jerry! I do like Tim Curry in it but Daniel Stern is a great comedy actor, the sticky bandits!
Daniel Stern's scream is a thing of girlish beauty.
One of my former housemates looked a bit like Daniel Stern. I never laid traps for him around the house though.
Looks more like "Ummm...How Old Did You Say This Steak Is?" than "Marsala" to me.
Daniel Stern deserves an oscar for his portrayal of Marv in the Home Alone films. Wit a guy.
Daniel Stern cos Daniel got no sense of humour.
Watching Woody Allen's Stardust Memories & was right in seeing ,Daniel Stern & Lorraine Newman
Daniel Stern had the perfect scream for having a tarantula on his face. I imagine I would sound similar.
Sent mail on Thurs 12/4 via vitaminT website -- will try direct mail. Monday's good!
Here's something you probably didn't know: Daniel Stern (Marv in Home Alone) is also the voice of Dilbert & the Narrator in The Wonder Years
Sadly, I'm now growing a beard. I say sadly, because it's coming in like Daniel Stern's in Home Alone 2.
If it means Daniel Stern returns I'm in.
Did the Dodgers pee in the Dbacks pool while celebrating winning the NL West? 808-KNBR.
Find something negative to say about the Giants. 808-KNBR.
I’ll admit it - I kind of feel bad for Barry Bonds.
'Serial' charts that feed your addiction via
Reminder: White cop IMMEDIATELY FIRED after photos show him choking white student http…
ICYMI - Incredible amount of trade buzz before winter meetings, Here are 10 names to watch next week
Home 🏠 Alone is one of the greatest classics in cinema history! 🎄🎁 1990 Macaulay Culkin Joe Pesci Daniel Stern !!!
Who knew there was a And it's HORRIBLE! Starring Daniel Stern
Apparently there is a movie that exists called "A Christmas Story 2" and it stars Daniel Stern.
A Christmas Story 2 should be destroyed. Sorry Daniel Stern but you're a clunker.
My girlfriend is too young to understand a Wonder Years reference, nor know who Daniel Stern is.
Your persistence with this message is what creates good juju.
Bruh Daniel Stern from Home Alone got some lungs on him.
There is a scene in the movie Celtic Pride where Daniel Stern and Dan Aykroyd have kidnapped Damon Wayans, the...
Daniel Stern looks like he fell off the wagon again
follow the plot line from that basketball movie Celtic Pride with Dan Aykrod and Daniel Stern. You in?
It's kinda like fight club, but way, way more insidious
No too much work travel. Was hoping to swing down over the weekend
unfortunately, not this year. going to an event in January instead
are you going to the GM meetings in San Diego?
from Emma Stern by Daniel Jackson in i-D sternnielsen id_magazine
The 2 most innovation-friendly states, and what they have in common:
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Hitler's chronic flatulence may have accounted for his becoming a vegetarian.
cutler looks like Daniel Stern from Home Alone
how long did it take you to realize Daniel Stern played Marv AND the pitching coach from "Rookie Of The Year"
Daniel Stern is your cousin, no way...
How has Daniel Stern never won an oscar?
is dead... Clearly Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern are the primary suspects.
Reports of Macauley Caulkin dying apparently are untrue. He has foiled Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern yet again. 😱
I hope that Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern have an alibi !
Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern...Home Alone I still don't get this who is this?
I guess Daniel Stern's character in CHUD hit a rough patch and blamed John Heard so he recruited Pesci to help rob his house in Home Alone
You mean to tell me that Daniel Stern (Marv from Home Alone) is the narrator of Fred Savage's character in The Wonder Years?!
*** it, I want Ron Howard and Daniel Stern to have a TV Narration Duel to see who can sound more earnest, straight laced, & down-to-earth.
That moment when you realize Luis Guzman (58) is older than Daniel Stern aka Marv (57)
Weird switching back & forth. Keep expecting Daniel Stern to introduce cautionary tales & Rod Serling to narrate the Arnold family
A pleasure today to introduce actors Carl Weathers & Daniel Stern in support of keeping Hollywood film jobs in CA.
Carl Weathers, Ron Perlman, Daniel Stern introduced on Senate Floor in support of
Celebrities in support of just introduced: Ron Pearlman, Carl Weathers, Daniel Stern
I can't decide if Damon Wayans' scream in was better than Daniel Stern's signature Home Alone-spider scream or not...
I loved Blue Thunder (the movie). Roy Scheider and Daniel Stern. Top notch direction from John Badham.
Peter Weller, Daniel Stern and Ernie Hudson, what an odd assortment of actors lel
The last time I felt this way was when Daniel Stern convinced Fred Savage to murder Winnie Cooper at the end of the Wonder Years.
I want to Thank Daniel McGinn, Lori McGinn & Dan Stern for their generous investment in They are...
She needs energy to cut her nails :P
Don't wait on your coach. If you're loose, put yourself in the game.
When life gets hard, just remember that you only hit dingers cause you're awesome.
Sentiments echoed by sponsors/advertisers the worse this score becomes.
Looking forward to your reaction post-game
If ESPN continues to show Brazil fans crying in the crowd, this (will soon turn into a class action …
Well your prediction came through a little too quick
This game is out-of-control, more entertaining to relive from eyes of baseball players -->
Good roundup of the A's Coliseum lease skirmish and those "threats" to leave Bay Area: via
*Kramer's moviefone voice* "well why don't you just tell me what number isn't retired"
Bronson Arroyo says he made six starts with a full UCL tear before electing to have Tommy John surgery:
Ha yeah he wants Russell AND Bryant AND Baez... Wild rumor prediction: Cubs make run at Price in offseason.
oh, interesting. Yeah, he's holding out for more than a top 10 prospect? Maybe waiting for teams to get more desperate.
Word got out Friedman rejected Beane's offer. Obviously takes two to tango, wonder what Friedman is holding out for.
he may not have wanted Price, too expensive. Maybe he also preferred getting two starters.
I'm surprised he couldn't get David Price with Russell as the main piece.
But have to love GMs that go for it. "A good plan today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow."
enough support when he was ready. But that's what it looks like now, could look very different in 3 years.
I think it's a bit much. The only thing is that their farm seems weak aside from Russell. It's possible he wouldn't have had..
Definitely. What do you think of the price they paid?
my point is just that their rotation had more question marks than just Chavez's durability.
top to be favorite for WS. Smart by Beane, keeps them in position to win the division.
Watched him for the first time yesterday, he's going to break-down before years end. Not sold the trade put A's over the..
and he's never been this good before, and rotation had Milone, Straily, Mills in it.
Thank you Daniel Stern, for whipping your *** out on Workaholics. I've missed you.
In that slow-mo clip, Donaldson crumbled to the dirt like Roger Dorn getting hit in the back
Why is Melvin pulling Abad with 2 lefties coming up? Does Abad struggle vs lefties?
Another BS call The A's are winning due to 2 blown calls by the umps.
post-Babe Ruth, pre-high school. It was my awkward tween years.
Did you? Back in 1994 on the San Carlos majors All-Star team? (I have him in my keeper league, hope he's OK)
Hope Donaldson is ok. Had the same thing happen, broke my finger.
Only 1 in the past 9 starts has he gone over 6 innings. Tonight will make it 1/10 starts
Why Beane made that trade: Jesse Chavez isn't capable of more than 6 innings.
And the best performance by a hitter who gets first base when the ball never came close to his hand, as replay showed….Ge…
It's time we know the name of the replay official staffing EVERY major league game, EVERY day.
Like that Gentry call. Woof city so far.
To the many who have commented on umpire Paul Nauert's strike zone: Postgame interviews could be intriguing, if anyone's …
The umpire has the biggest strike zone I've seen all season
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Great insight, overall great read on GM. Enjoyed this article much, will reward with a follow :)
Interesting to note: Melvin has positioned for playoffs every 3 years. What trade will he make this year?
Trade history and what to expect from Doug Melvin -->
Had no idea you weren't going - media writers who aren't going would be a fun article too!
Well, I'm not going go to the game, so it was more like me wondering if I'm a snub.
Passan leading off, Brown hitting cleanup, etc.. My attempt at humor fell flat
stern loved him so much he had a Daniel carver roast Face of Sirius lol
You mean like people who aren't covering the game?
Nice list Mike w/ Seager, Dozier & Hudson. When do you release the media All-Star snubs?
Joe dont forget Daniel Carver a "wack pack" member who was constantly on stern and also btw head of KKK
heres story on ligament issue thats delayed aiken deal. astros said to seek $1.5M discount to $5M.
Thanks for sharing Derek! Don't forget - you can never have enough pitching for the playoffs. That's Melvin's history.
Don't underestimate Amaro Jr's talent evaluation - he gets nothing back in trades, so Melvin could pull it off.
Thanks for reading the article guys! I agree about Price but listed him as a pie-in-the-sky idea.
Crazy to think how consistent (if that's the proper word?) Melvin doesn't put any love into that position.
Thanks for sharing the article Adam, glad you enjoyed it!
I would like a new car maybe Daniel Stern can buy me one
Have you made a yet? You add pics, and narrator Daniel Stern adds the narration.
"Diner" drinking game: Drink every time you wake up in a cold sweat and realize you are Daniel Stern
'Historical' being loosely used there. Excitingly, a young Dennis Quaid and Daniel Stern have just appeared on my television in D.O.A.
Take a look at our (top 101 lists over the last several years and see how many prospects succeed vs fail or mee…
For anyone that doesn't think pitching a baseball is stressful on the body, check out this pic. Ouch.
Fred Savage should show up as Kevin Arnold on The Goldbergs, with Daniel Stern and Patton Oswalt fighting over who narrates.
with and Fred Savage. Fingers crossed Daniel Stern reads aloud Fred's thoughts.
Oh my god, I want this so much. Just, with every part of my being. Where are Daniel Stern and Fred Savage?
What’s your opinion on Meg Ryan voicing the “Mother” on the new CBS spinoff “How I met Your Dad”? Not that Meg Ryan has some sort of an Oscar attached to her name but I think she’ll be amazing for this role. The way Bob Saget or Daniel Stern can keep you believing that someday that main character will grow into this aged storyteller seems entirely plausible. Her voice has always has a mother’s comfort to it. Not to mention, if this show really starts to take off this could offer her another opportunity to expand her career into future voiceover work. I wouldn’t want to call Miss Ryan a has-been but let’s face it. She’s at the point in her career where cameo work is coming along for the sole purpose of shock value. I don’t see this as such a bad thing. The lower you can set the bar for yourself the better. I see one of two options here, 1) The show takes off and Meg Ryan becomes known for this role for a new generation of people unexposed to her previous work history, or 2) The show e ...
So many actors I want to try and get in contact with to come on our show for an interview!!! Who should I try first? Jerry Stiller? Jerry Van *** Luke Perry? Larry David? Steve Guttenberg? Patrick Muldoon? Daniel Stern? Or someone else. Those I mentioned and many more I actually have contact info for their talent agencies and managers. We've graciously been joined by Harrison Page, Kenneth Kimmins, Darcy DeMoss, Tom Fridley, and William Russ so far. I love interviewing actors! They have all been so kind, fun, and generous more than words can describe!
Why r people so *angry* abt diff in Bob Saget & Josh Radnor's voices? They're wayyy closer than Daniel Stern & Fred Savage
"Now excuse me while my friend Harry and I rob some houses. Wet Bandits rule!"--Daniel Stern's last line of voiceover on The Wonder Years.
'Marie Catherine Sophie de Flavigny, Vicomtesse de Flavigny was a French author, known also by her married name and title, Marie, Comtesse d'Agoult, and by her pen name, Daniel Stern. She died in 1876 and reincarnated as Sarah Sands (née Harvey). Sarah Sands was appointed as the first female editor of The Sunday Telegraph in June 2005. In an abrupt move, after just eight months and 20 days in post, Sands was sacked as editor of the Sunday Telegraph on 7 March 2006. In April 2006 she was appointed consultant editor on the Daily Mail. In February 2008 she was appointed editor-in-chief of the UK edition of Reader's Digest. Sands has written two novels, her first was Playing the Game and her second, Hothouse, was published during the summer of 2005. From 1835 to 1839 Marie d'Agoult lived with virtuoso pianist and composer Franz Liszt, who was five years younger, and was a rising concert star.Sarah Harvey married British actor Julian Sands. They divorced in 1987. Julian Sands is the reincarnation of Franz Lis ...
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French author Marie d'Agoult, who wrote under the pen name Daniel Stern, died on this day in 1876.
right? I mean, at least Kevin Arnold still have time to change his voice into Daniel Stern's.
Daniel Stern, will you make these? I want to be fed something this delightful & Bill Thomas Is going out of town. Maybe the lovely Karen Brooks-Pender will create them?
The next film Daniel Stern and John Heard worked together on was Home Alone.
The 50th episode of the Simpsons is 'Homer Alone.' First of all, yes I have already done this half a hundred days. Second, the name of the show not only. goes to its plot but also its writer. The writer was David M. Stern who is the brother of Daniel Stern (one of the stars of the movie Home Alone as well as the narrator on the tv show the Wonder Years). After stress gets the better of Marge and she parks in the middle of a bridge, Marge narrowly avoids jail and ends up in Rancho Relaxo (which is a spa). Everyone's adventures without Marge generally play out like a John Hughes movie. Homer and Barney have to find an escaped Maggie just in time. Marge relaxes in the spa like nothing is wrong. Lisa and Bart are horrified by their stay with their twin aunts. Everyone winds up on the couch at the end. The genesis of the idea was to have a show that focused on Marge and ironically Marge ended up with very little screen time. It basically came to show what a world without Marge would look like. The show was no ...
nope. You got robbed by the TUPPERWARE BANDITS. They're like the Wet Bandits but all Daniel Stern no Joe Pesci
No matter how old I get, I will always laugh at Daniel Stern beating up Joe Pesci in Home Alone with the crow bar.
FULL RARE out-of-print indy film starring Michael Keaton, Daniel Stern, Brendan Fraser & Amber Valletta. Cutthroat salesmen, craziness, and a good script. No...
Daniel Stern and Laurie Metcalf are the couple I didn't know I needed
Daniel Stern shouldn't pick on Macaulay Culkin like that. After all, Stern knows what it's like to be a young Fred Savage.
Randy Quaid is the poor man's Daniel Stern
2003 12-22 ... Sather AB BIAP Baghdad Iraq... USO visit from Daniel Stern (Home Alone movies, etc.) and his son. LtCol Connie L Allen presents him with a 123rd CES coin and promises a 447th ECES coin when we get them.
Forget Fay Wray, Jamie Lee Curtis or Neve Campbell... Daniel Stern is the greatest Scream Queen!
Two reasons why I love Home Alone 2: Tim Curry and Daniel Stern. I still laugh out loud.
Modern Christmas Classic now on AMC. Tim Curry, Rob Schneider, Joe Pesci, Daniel Stern and McCauley Culkin in New York.
I'll start reviewing on Home Alone 2. Home Alone 2 was released in theaters on November 20, 1992. The movie stars some of the same actors reprising their roles. Macaulay Culkin reprises his role as Kevin in the 2nd one and Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern both reprise their roles as the burglars and Catherine O'Hara and John Heard reprise their roles as Kevin's parents. The movie also stars Tim Curry, Brenda Fricker, Rob Schneider and a few others. Ally Sheedy also made a cameo appearance in the movie too, in which she played a New York ticket agent that Kevin sees at the airport when he got off his flight. The movie is about Kevin, who is 10 years old in the movie, he and his family are going on vacation again for the holiday. They went to Paris, France in the 1st movie but this time, they go to Florida. The next day, they get to the airport and Kevin suddenly goes on the wrong airplane because his dad's camera needed batteries so he puts batteries in there and after that, he tells his dad to wait up for him b ...
Macaulay Culkin, Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern should all team up for another Home Alone sequel... This time the Wet Bandits come back to terrorize a grown up (drug addicted) Kevin McCallister.
No question about it: Macaulay Culkin, Joe Pesci, and Daniel Stern all need to make a Home Alone comeback. I propose a romantic comedy where Kevin McCallister is Home Alone during the holidays and meets the girl of his Chirstmas wishes as they both micheviously retaliate against Harry and Marv once again in the traditional "Home Alone" fashion. Forget what you may know about that god-forsaken Home Alone 4, because this would be the real deal: Home Alone - Launch the Mistletoe.
I don't care what anyone says. Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern were comedic gold in those movies.
At some point, you would believe that Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern would move on to the next house
I want Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern to come rob my house.
Joe Pesci, Daniel Stern & the guy behind the counter are such *** in Home Alone 2. I hate people that act EXACTLY like them!
Indulging in a little Macaulay Culkin, Joe Pesci, and Daniel Stern...'Home Alone' a Christmas time classic. Taking it in while decorating the tree!
Daniel Stern, of The Wet Bandits in Home Alone, narrated for Kevin Arnold in The Wonder Years. Really?
Wise Guy Wednesday! The Wet Bandits from Home Alone were wise guys, right? Daniel Stern agreed to have the tarantula put on his face for exactly one take. He had to mime screaming because the noise would have scared the spider and the scream was dubbed in later. (IMDB)
John Hughes, Macaulay Culkin, Joe Pesci, Daniel Stern, John Williams - 20 plus years later, the Home Alones still hold up. I'd say they are Christmas classics. And a nice revival of slapstick.
deaths of burglars in Home Alone 2 Joe Pesci: 6 Daniel Stern: 9( this only includes one time of Stern sucking brick)
I don't care who you are... Joe Pesci & Daniel Stern breaking in on Home Alone is friggin classic!
That awesome moment when you're flipping through the channels and you hear that music and instantly know that Kevin McCallister is setting traps for an already battered and befuddled Daniel Stern and Joe Pesci.
can you link me to this in DM as well, left my computer at work and hate reading on my phone. Looking forward to it. Thanks!
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will send you a direct message. In the mean-time, enjoy my unproven study on NL lineup construction -
never really went beyond personal use, send me your email and I will send you the spreadsheet tomorrow.
Published anywhere? Would like to read more about. Love analyzing new value-theories
understand you now, I like it. I have one I created on my own that basically combines them (and more) to determine base value.
focus is purely on hitting prowess - not overall ability since not factoring OBP - just hitting.
ha that's funny! Need to use ISO more. I use 2 stats: AVG (how often gets a hit) & TB/H (what type of hit when gets a hit)
need to get you in the NL-only fantasy baseball league next year. This -->
do you mean (TB-H)/AB? Big ISO fan, so much so that it autocorrects in my phone!
Agreed. I think TB/H > SLG to isolate power. TB/H and AVG all I need to know about hitting skill. Thoughts?
ERA/WHIP/BAA - not all great pitchers have high strikeout numbers
“Bonds' IBBs from 2001-04 alone would put him nine behind Hank Aaron for the most of all time.”
My two favorite narrators after Morgan Freeman: Jean Sheperd in "A Christmas Story" and Daniel Stern in "The Wonder Years"
TIL Macaulay Culkin is 33 years old, the same age Daniel Stern (who played Marv) was in the first Home Alone movie.
Wait! A Disney movie version of the Expendables! Like all the 90's movies and all that jazz. They need to fight like Daniel Stern!!?!!
I think that's Daniel Stern from City Slickers 2 by the Artist Formerly Known as Prince.
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in Paris there's a Rue Daniel Stern and when I saw that I was like WHA-AT?
Sitcoms need less mockumentary-style talking-to-camera and more Daniel Stern voice overs as characters stare off into the distance.
*Waves at you from the cruise liner stern*
It was SO good, and so dark, and that Daniel Stern scene? One of the funniest, most startling deaths ever.
Joe Pesci & DANIEL STERN. Due to changes in the law you may now be able to pursue Personal Injury claims against Macauley Culkin.
Watched Breaking Away with tonight; ab lovable cycling star with sidekick friends played by young Daniel Stern and Dennis Quaid.
Carl gets left behind in prison by accident. Uses elaborate traps to kill zombie Joe Pesci & zombie Daniel Stern.
I'd rather have Daniel Stern narrate my life
Fans of the Dan Aykroyd / Daniel Stern film Celtic Pride might recognize the table Adam Shalvey is…
So, posts a pic of himself looking like a disheveled Daniel Stern, and I'm the only one…
I like Soldado but not sure how suited he is in the role of Home A-lone striker?
. Roberto soldado is a ringer for Daniel stern
I can't be the only one who saw that photo and immediately did a Daniel Stern image search.
Just me or does Belinelli look like Daniel Stern?
Tis the season to walk behind your gf while they shop...
Daniel Stern - underrated. Add Home Alone 2 to the list of squeals that I am more fond of than the originals. 1.
I want to be the broken glass that Daniel Stern steps on in Home Alone
I want to be the nail that Daniel Stern steps on in Home Alone
I hate that intern who looks like Daniel Stern on kill him off and bring Zack back.
Update 1: been up since 530am. Nerve-wrecking means extra gym time!
change is never easy. you fight to hold on. You fight to let go."Daniel stern"
I bet every time someone from my generation says they want Morgan Freeman or Samuel L. Jackson to narrate their life, Daniel Stern cries.
I played monopoly with him once. He kept saying it's Daniel stern it's Daniel stern.
Watching 'Blue Thunder' with Roy Scheider, Malcom McDowell, and a very young Daniel Stern.. year.. 1983... anyone remember this movie?
BTW, because I know you're wondering: the gummy bears book is Swingland by Daniel "Not the Home Alone Guy" Stern.
I have a growing concern that Daniel Stern is going to revert back to his Sticky Bandit days.
I'm 35, and it's one of my favorite Xmas flicks. It's hilarious! I also had a crush on Daniel Stern, however.
Closing statements for the county beginning with Daniel Stern of Klee Bogdanoff, LA-based outside attorneys
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