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Daniel Radcliff

Daniel Jacob Radcliffe (born 23 July 1989) is an English film and stage actor who rose to prominence playing the title character in the Harry Potter film series.

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I have an imaginary friend group of male celebrities 5'5" and below: Plies, Kevin Hart, Anthony Hamilton, Daniel Radcliff, & Elijah Wood
Im around Daniel Radcliff and Al Pacino 5foot5 in half/5foot6
Daniel Radcliff went thru so much to reunite the Lady in Black with her dead child and she literally kills him and his son the NEXT day lmao
A little blurry but I see a little Daniel Radcliff there (head is bigger than his body) now you can’t NOT notice.
I remember daniel radcliff saying it wasn't as big of a deal or something, like its mainly for little kids
Just submitted review of a journal article by Christian educator Donald Radcliff. Just saw that I put Daniel on the title page.
You look like Daniel Radcliff in that last one.
Harry Potter: Have you noticed how star Daniel Radcliff as quietly turned into a very handsome leading man? Take a look!
My family founded Princeton and Vassar as in Daniel Radcliff. Radcliff was a woman’s college sister to Vassar. I have scars
Victor Frankenstein (tem o Daniel Radcliff wink wink e é bue bom). it's kind of a funny story. the art of getting by
If Rupert Grint and Daniel Radcliff were combined into one person.
My cousin could be Daniel Radcliff's identical twin it's so wild.
"I'm so glad that I got Daniel Radcliff' delicious *** " Said
Daniel Radcliff in Now You See Me 2 makes me laugh.. He talks about magic... HA! Cause ya know, he's Harry Potter. HA!
Daniel Radcliff is playing a farting dead guy in a movie. Ain't no way he's already ran through those Harry Potter checks is there?
I forgot about that. lol. Back to that dinner idea...we'd have to invite Daniel Radcliff over too, maybe show him a homeless guy
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Daniel Radcliff starred in Harry Potter which made hundreds of millions of $ but hasn't been able to get a hit movie ever since.
Aye Daniel Radcliff better be coo speaking out about the realities of racism in Hollywood before they put a real "spell" on his ***
Daniel radcliff deseja estar em game of thrones
Daniel Radcliffe quer um papel em Game of Thrones! -
Did you see Daniel Radcliff cover that A to Z song?He killed.
Of course not, Daniel Radcliff is the world record for rad. x]
Imperium Starring Daniel Radcliff, you wont be disappointed I promise. You can watch it on
Daniel Radcliff on talking about his new film & how he's an FBI agent. nope... you're a wizard Harry!!
Daniel Radcliff asked if Hollywood is racist and he replies, yes its really hard for *** actors to get parts! . Have I missed something???!!!
I'm defo watching this by daniel Radcliff
To all you Harry Potter fans out there - go and grab your Big Issue this week and learn about Daniel Radcliff's...
Why am I watching a romcom starring Daniel Radcliff
Aah!! I get to see Daniel Radcliff in real life on 1. Oct! I'm so excited 😁 I won't be able to get super close but I'll be in the same room!
they called Brandon Radcliff, Daniel Radcliffe. Didn't realize Harry Potter was our running back.
I guess they only know Lamar Jacksons name. Apparently Harry Potter is our running back. It's Brandon Radcliff, not Daniel.
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I got THIS close to Daniel Radcliff when he got his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. He's…
daniel radcliff is doing a new movie with em and The girls are going to go crazy for him. They love him!
Are u telling me thought cutting edge TV was Ben Affleck ranting about Deflategate? Next week: Daniel Radcliff on concussions!
Ever wonder what Paul Dano & Daniel Radcliff sound like in a duet?
Daniel Radcliff's british accent is so cute 😂😁😍
Daniel Radcliff was pretty good in my opinion
Daniel Radcliff as a corpse that can fart? SOLD. One of the coolest interactive sites I've seen.
Anyone else wondering where the creepy, white van Daniel radcliff came from? 🙁
You can now make Daniel Radcliff's corpse dance, fart, and spray water!.
Daniel radcliff makes me not want watch now you see me 2
why is Danny Dyer better odds that daniel radcliff
Does any1 do anything with daniel radcliff and Elijah Wood doppelganger mess?
Call me sosa daniel radcliff im the *** w that magic ***
So. Food for thought... Daniel Radcliff (Harry Potter) is only 5'5...
Harry Potter is not gonna be the same without Daniel Radcliff & Bonnie Wright and the other casts :/
LRT: And that my friends is why I love Daniel Radcliff
Actually, a few weeks back someone called "Daniel Radcliff" emailed me to tell me my *** was too small, so yeah
I wonder if Daniel Radcliff just acts like he is a weird kisser, or if he actually kisses like a duck...
Only Daniel Radcliff movie I ever watched was Horns...that was a weird movie.
If Daniel Radcliff isn't Harry Potter I don't wanna see it
Daniel Radcliff should start doing cameos in movies about magic. Like he is this washed up magician.
I hope Daniel Radcliff goes all Harry Potter in Now You See Me 2
So the "now you see me 2" movie has Daniel Radcliff in it...and I just can't get over how much he looks like Hitler
Daniel Radcliff should just be Harry Potter for life
and what if!! The kne with daniel radcliff and the best of us 😭😭😭
.is an evil Daniel Radcliff, and Daniel Radcliff is a happy Elijah Wood.
How do I put this...How to describe this trailer? Daniel Radcliff's farts and erection pointed me this direction. https:/…
*Daniel Radcliff yells with glee while the wind rushes in his face*
via lesliericheytoo. Look! Daniel Radcliff was at Megan's wedding!
Daniel Radcliff's 'Harry Potter' audition is so cute it's gross:
Is that Daniel Radcliff playing the cajon!? Have a closer look in our Road Session with coming soon!
Daniel Radcliff is playing Sam Houser role quite well. Daniel should be in the full feature film of the Rockstar Games story
Daniel Radcliff's beard in ? It looks like it's going to jump off his chin any second!
watching the TV-movie on BBC2 staring daniel radcliff
The story behind GTA in drama form with Daniel Radcliff and Bill Paxton. Premier is on at 9pm BBC2. . Should be good!
Looking forward to the drama The Gamechangers on BBC2 tonight about the controversy around GTA starring Daniel Radcliff
fun fact: I was watching a daniel radcliff movie and there was random *** (not his) and I was lowkey scarred
And I thought Daniel Radcliff was acting as her.
Oh yes I've seen this. With Daniel Radcliff. Was interesting seeing him in this. Very different from his role as Potter 😂😂😂
Horns is a pretty good film but Daniel Radcliff's American accent is so very weird.
You made my childhood. I love you so much, you can't imagine. Daniel Radcliff Rupert Grint
rap the alphabet rap that Daniel Radcliff did!
well they aren't 'Daniel radcliff' people have different ways they react fam, they don't have to react the way..
Daniel Radcliff is in my area filming a movie and they're looking for extras. Who wants to go?
Paula looks to have been up to more blood saucery than her brother Daniel
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Daniel Radcliff doesn't know enough about the houses, like god *** boy.
Horns is such a good, cute-in-an-indie-way film. reminds me of Odd Thomas -or maybe Daniel Radcliff's accent reminds me of Anton Yelchin's.
have you seen this? Upcoming BBC drama about the making of GTA with Daniel Radcliff?
I actually feel bad for Daniel Radcliff no matter what movie he is in he will always be Harry Potter
SO the new Daniel Radcliff movie "imperium" is being filmed in the house next door to my grandparents
Daniel Radcliff is not very sexy tho 😛
“The more you care, the more you have to lose.” –Daniel Radcliff ‘Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix’ 2007
I knew Sam Houser before GTA3. Now he is being played by Daniel Radcliff. Funny old world.
that's not what I heard. ;) knowing I love Harry Potter and Daniel Radcliff is a true looker
Whoa... I like this one.. . Daniel Radcliff is also a rapper . The most funniest thing is... The comment.. The...
Daniel Radcliff is gonna be in the new Now You See Me.
Daniel Radcliff and Elijah Wood are the same person..
idk about Daniel Radcliff lol hes ok. Percy jackson is hot but colin is the hottest
Why does Daniel Radcliff sound like Drake Bell with an american accent?
My love for Daniel Radcliff continues to grow
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I've always had a crush on Daniel Radcliff and I probably always will.
I must say I'm confused xD so you like Daniel Radcliff better?
I may love Daniel Radcliff even more. What if is an awesome movie.
Doesn't Daniel Radcliff play Moaning Myrtle in the Chamber of Secrets?
You never noticed it as a kid, but Daniel Radcliff...
Daniel Radcliff has been spotted in Flint, a Bob Evans.
Watching 'What If'. Surprisingly funny movie. Didn't expect Daniel Radcliff to be able to play anyone but Mr Potter.
Always think Daniel Radcliff is Elijah Wood and vice versa!
I just wanna say, I'm really proud of Daniel Radcliff.
Daniel Radcliff is so amazing, like, he is a great actor since he was little aw aw
seeing Daniel Radcliff in new movies makes me so happy but so sad because Harry Potter is actually over. cries
Low key upset Daniel Radcliff didn't drive 45 minutes south and eat at my Bob Evans
with Daniel Radcliff is absolutely worth 2 hours of your time.
Post a picture of your favorite movie actor! — Daniel Radcliff in Harry Potter
1:27 in the morning, my father has sent me a picture that says "Me & Harry Potter, Danilel Wycliffe - Love John" (It is not Daniel Radcliff)
Daniel Radcliff on the Set of 'Woman in Black' (James Watkins, 2012)
i just watched the Daniel Radcliff rapping video again wOW
no it's the one with Daniel Radcliff
So is The Woman In Black 2 going to have Daniel Radcliff in it, or am I wasting my time?
Everytime I see Daniel Radcliff in a movie other than Harry Potter I still expect him to do magic...just me?
Elijah Wood is the less famous Daniel Radcliff.
ahh cool. The concept did seem too nifty to be original. Was Daniel Radcliff decent at least?
I can't take movies with Daniel Radcliff seriously. I only see him as Harry Potter lol
i've just watched "What if" with Daniel Radcliff and Zoe Kazan. Loved it. *8
Daniel radcliff was at a Bob Evans in flint yesterday *** why can't i be that lucky 😒
But Daniel radcliff is still in flint someone take me
Daniel Radcliff was in the same state that I'm in yesterday. Aye.
Who gets to snog Daniel Radcliff, Johnny Depp and Geri Halliwell in the same night?!. Me that's who.
BECAUSE THEY'RE SHOESchange it to Daniel Radcliff or something 😂❤
Finally watching Daniel Radcliff's movie "What If", starting the new year off right! 👏👏👏
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Also Daniel Radcliff is probably in MI right now. Col:
Can we talk about Daniel Radcliff being 15 minutes away from me rn...
Of course I'm in OH when Daniel Radcliff is up in Flint...
My New Year's resolution? To flawlessly recite Blackalicious Alphabet Aerobics. If Daniel Radcliff can do it, so can I
Daniel Radcliff is dating a girl from flint he was at the Bob Evans in grand blank earlier
I heard Daniel Radcliff was at a Bob Evans in my state of Michigan. Bob Evans? Really?
Reason doing a write up on no sleep is bad: called Brandon Radcliff "Daniel Radcliff" Harry Potter is not a Cardinal.
Just watched "What If"with Daniel Radcliff. Really cute movie. Night 6 of vacay werkin...
News reporter warms up with “Alphabet Aerobics” [video]: Awhile ago, we posted Daniel Radcliff... via
Forever in love with daniel radcliff since Harry Potter till just now. "What If"
Citer horns mcm best..Daniel Radcliff kott..wu
Found an amazing mini series on netflix last night. "A young doctors notebook" with Daniel radcliff and john hamm. Dark comedy but great
Daniel Radcliff wore the same outfit each time he left a theatre for 6 months, in order to make paparazzi photographs useless.
Daniel Radcliffe had the perfect response when asked about being a sex symbol. http:…
Daniel radcliff has such a badass mercedes
Has anyone watched 'What If' ?? That movie with Daniel Radcliff in it?
Seeing/hearing Daniel Radcliff's laugh is like holding a baby unicorn, simply magnificent and completely adorable
lmaooo noo it features Daniel Radcliff but I always assume he is Harry PotterRR 5EVER
Guys Daniel Radcliff is at this hockey game.
I think Daniel Radcliff's new movie broke Youtube on my computer XD
hope Daniel Radcliff get's better as soon. amazing actor and person
Trending - Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Today at 21:00 on Movies Now - Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliff...
Daniel Radcliff's talking voice reminds me a bit of Ed Sheerans
What's your favorite scary movie? — i love the woman in black because its daniel radcliff and the whole time you...
Still can't believe John met Jonathan Ross and Daniel Radcliff at his new job
SERIOUSLY you don't see Daniel Radcliff or jensen ackles running around and being rude to others like "louis" because of things like that!
Who has noticed that looks really like daniel radcliff
So. Rumor had it that Dave Franco and Daniel Radcliff were about 2 minutes away from my dorm last night. It was too much work to go see
Daniel Radcliff is so cool!! Makes like Harry Potter that much more!
but when Daniel radcliff came to see them backstage, their faces were the best thing i've ever seen those were the days man
Kill Your Darlings is on it! Dont know if that's your thing, but it's got Daniel radcliff and its superbly done
As if they mention Harry Potter in the horns book. 😅 I wonder if the writer knew he'd want Daniel radcliff for the part? 😶 hmm.
Got maybe 4 hours of sleep and now of to school, did you know Daniel Radcliff is an Awsome rapper?? Just fml
Daniel Radcliff got free Boba Fett armor what about me lol
Daniel Radcliff. Make it a direct sequel to Harry Potter. New origin story and Dr. Strange is now a nickname.
Daniel Radcliff uses american accent in his movie 'Horns'.
Wow, Harry Potter must be VERY popular in Japan
//Well the actors name is actually Daniel Radcliff (:
I gotta say Daniel Radcliff really weirds me out in a Benjamin Buttons kinda way.
Daniel Radcliff might not make a bad Edward Snowden though
Daniel Radcliffe visited a school in Japan and the students LOST THEIR MINDS
What gets me is when someone can recall every movie/role an actor has been in and I'm like "Who's Daniel Radcliff?"
You guys have Daniel Radcliff, then where is ROBERT PATTINSON?
I'm in between Daniel Radcliff and Dave Franco height wise... and I'm a hurdler. I always laugh at myself inside because it's pretty funny😂
Max 2015 looks like a winner as does HORNS with that uber sexy Daniel Radcliff. .
they squeal like LOL . Japanese School Girls Lose Their Minds Over via
Just watched great acting by Daniel Radcliff, disappointing ending.
If an entire school of girls got their Hogwarts letters at the same time, this is what it would sound like
"I went to the weirdest club ever and met, ,Benedict Cumberbatch, Courtney Cox, Daniel Radcliff, Emma Watson, ."
I'm in the right Literary Studies course, my instructor played us 3 Shakespearean sonnets read by Daniel Radcliff,David Tennant&Alan Rickman
I could watch the Jonathan Ross Show with Daniel Radcliff for hours. Tonnes of Questions, id love to ask
well all the girls in junior high were falling for the BSB and Daniel Radcliff, i loved Richard Dean Anderson lol
My boys are always number 1. Btw, i hate you Daniel Radcliff for being full of yourself.
AUCTION 4 SEAN NEWS - update : Daniel Radcliff and Cillian Murphy who have supported
Daniel Radcliff needs to stop playing roles other then Harry Potter! I just keep thinking he's going to call out a random spell! LUMOS!
Daniel Radcliff just doesn't look right without his Harry Potter glasses.
Putting Kristin Stewart with Daniel Radcliff is the biggest insult to Harry Potter fans ever. Yeah I went there.
From Charlie Chaplin to laurel and hardy to jean Harlow and Clark gable to betty Davis and Judy garland Shirley temple to Deanna durbin to kathrine Hepburn and Burt lanchester to dean martin to Marlon brando and James dean to Natalie wood and marliyn Monroe to Spencer Tracy and Gary Cooper to Mickey Rooney Greta garbo Lana turner Ava Gardner *** van *** to molly ringwald Diane Franklin Brooke shields to the Olsen twins to Lindsey Lohan to jim Carrey to Daniel Radcliff to Dakota fanning Toby meguire to Jon Goodman to mike Myers these people have made a name for themselves with hard work and dedication there names are forever synonimus with the entertainment industry my chance is in there somewhere maybe one day you'll see me next to the Hollywood sighn in Omaha Nebraska do dreams come true they certainly did for Marlon Brando one day fellas I'll make it
she has a tall bf before isnt she?. butr again seeing that she's only 150cm Daniel Radcliff is tall compared to her :P
I am going to a show on Broadway to tonight *eeep* which means I am going to be in the same room as Daniel Radcliffe... Words cannot describe how excited I am!! 😍
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Back in those days, Daniel Radcliff was rumored to play the 'Shinji' character. I forget what his western name was.
Lush day again in NYC. ANNDDD I've just watched Daniel Radcliffe on Broadway. He's amazing. In fact, we've gone back to his for cocktails. Invite only. Laterz
With a gorgeous actress girlfriend, Erin Darke, and rave reviews for his new Broadway play, Daniel Radcliffe is on top. But in a shocking new tell-all, journalist Randy Jernigan reveals the beloved...
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban signed by Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, and Emma Watson. Comes with framed certificate of authenticity and pictures of the three actors signing this actual photo. Asking $100
total fangirl moment. i need to freaking copy and paste the reply i got. was browsing and saw that Daniel Radcliffe was taking questions from fans so i asked one (pretty generic and no it wasnt about Harry Potter) and I got a reply back. total heartthrob. im gonna die :D i asked "What is the diffrence between acting on stage and on film? Which has your favorite role to play (in either stage or film), and how has these roles helped u as an actor?" the reply is long.sheesh i need to o back and read it cause i dont remember. all i could read was "...thats a very good question and id have to say i love both broadway and film." before i kinda went into fan girl mode and totally phased the rest outta memory. but who freaking cares! hehehehhe id just would be afraid to ask in person. my brain would probably explode. Dassah Maketa
Q of the week: Name the movie which has a different title in the u.s. release compared to the Canadian. hint Daniel Radcliff starred in it.
I really love the fact that Daniel Radcliff is in musicals. Like that just makes me happy.
It's interesting because people assume that because I'm famous I know all famous people. Daniel Radcliffe Like these two legendary football players :P !!
In response to several sensationalized press reports that appeared this morning regarding my book, The Life and Career of Daniel Radcliffe. Please know that this book is not a tell-all, sensationalistic piece. It is an honest and forthright look at a great actor and wonderful individual. Please understand that I have the greatest respect for Dan as an actor and a human being. This book is one that his fans will appreciate, I'm sure. Randy Jernigan 5/27/2014
"Emma Watson (Hermione Granger) used her Harry Potter money to go to college (she just graduated Brown University). Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley) used his money to buy an ice cream truck so he could drive around giving people free ice cream. Daniel Radcliff (Harry Potter) wasn't quite sure what to do so he used it for miscellaneous things and used it to help further his career. So essentially, they are still their characters." - Boadicea
He's that one guy who did it with Daniel Radcliff in that one movie.
Did anyone watch Kill Your Darlings with Dane DeHaan and Daniel Radcliff I remember that movie
was watching the women in black in English & throughout the whole film i kept on expecting daniel radcliff to pull out a wand
The ending was sad and happy poor Daniel Radcliff
they're coming out with a new Frankenstein movie in 2015 with James McAvoy and Daniel Radcliff!
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Ok so while I was in London I went on a “muggle tour” and the tour guy looked a lot like Daniel Radcliff...
I wanna have sex with daniel radcliff and michael clifford
Realise just how unattractive Daniel Radcliff is next to
So my friend freaked out bc Daniel radcliff or how the fack you write it (Harry Potter) was on tv
Totally suits Daniel Radcliff to play the part of Allen Ginsberg.
I am so excited to see this movie at the opening of ,Daniel Radcliff like we have never seen him.
Daniel Radcliffe talks skinny-dipping for new rom-com ‘What If’: Movie star Daniel Radcliff... Post by
SABRINA CARPENTER singing w/Me & Talking about her role GIRL MEETS WORLD & a movie with DANIEL RADCLIFF! ht…
I honestly think Daniel Radcliff is one of the sexiest people on earth
Daniel Radcliff did surprisingly well in Kill Your Darlings. 7/10 good jab
Daniel Radcliff was 11 in the first Harry Potter, when a was 11 a was oot playing hunts hinkin ma life was the best, clearly no
Broadway with Erika seeing Daniel Radcliffe play. Very funny and good. Love NYC
Trivia starts at 8pm! $4 craft drafts & 1/2 price pizza! First correct answer wins 14in cheese pizza redeemable tonight at trivia! Aside from the “Harry Potter” actors (Daniel Radcliffe & Rupert Grint), who is the only actor in the history of film to STAR in 8 straight movies that grossed over $100 million domestically? He was born in the 1960s, and has never won an Academy Award.
For Daniel Radcliffe , the third time wasn't a charm at Tuesday's announcement of the Tony Award nominations.
Daniel Radcliffe talks Broadway, musicals and nudity.
Guess who won 1st place in da impersnation ?? That's right ME !!! XD as Jack Sparrow and ma partner ShippoSage as Daniel Radcliff :)
Hanging with Harry Potter last night. Daniel Radcliffe was brilliant as was the entire cast and production of The Cripple of Inishmaan. Def a must see !!
Daniel Radcliffe talks about the three Broadway shows he has done!
Kill Your Darlings By: Daniel Radcliffe ipapalabas ba to sa Cinema grabeee si DanieL traiLer paLang WOW =) im so excited to watch ..
One thing that annoys me most, even though he took on the role of Harry Potter for the last decade, no one actually calls him Daniel Radcliffe. I just read reviews on the movie I just watched..'The Woman in Black' and 9/10 people referred to him as Harry Potter. -.-
Guys I need to ask you all something, is Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint *** I honestly don't care if they are but friends of mine are saying they are and I just don't know. So tell me, are they *** Thanks ;) AND Let me make this clear.I DON'T mean *** together I mean separately!! :)
I have a question - OBO my son: How old was Harry Potter (Not Daniel Radcliffe) during Order of Phoenix?
Daniel Radcliffe talks Broadway, musicals and nudity. Subscribe to Late Night: » Get even more of Late Night with Seth Meyers: ht...
"Do you think he's cute?" ~ my mom asking about Daniel Radcliff
Daniel Radcliff is Jewish. I'm going to marry him.
Just watched a video of Daniel Radcliffe doing an American accent and shook my hands like a weirded out little girl touching a lobster. That was fun.
Last night, Daniel Radcliffe appeared on “Late Night with Seth Meyers” to promote his new play “The Cripple of Inishmaan.” While there, Dan talked about his hardest Broadway role, his new love for American Football, and the unique name of his Fantasy Football team. Watch the whole interview here!
Daniel Radcliffe has played many roles since Harry Potter, but he can't shake the Potter image from my head. Once he can do that, I will be impressed. For instance, I now see Frodo and think of the guy with the talking dog Wilfred.
Most people get hotter as they get older... And then there's Daniel Radcliffe.
Daniel Radcliff makes me uncomfortable. Like he's too excitable... gonna jump out of his chair & climb the walls at any moment.
Well, the Tonys are what they are, and there are always things to grumble about, but I really do believe Zachary Quinto got slighted even more than Daniel Radcliffe. And the two young leads in "Aladdin" are doing the kind of solid work that just slides by in the service of the piece, playing what could be total cliche with real freshness.Plus they have all the skills. At least the committee noticed how deftly the book was revised.
DONT BELIVE WHAT YOU HEAR daniel radcliff's lightning scar is FAKE. he is a LIAR.
So Daniel Radcliff (probably spelled it wrong) plays a *** character in a movie called Kill Your Darlings and there is a sex scene. Ok.
Daniel Radcliffe on the challenges of musical theatre, when asked by Seth Meyers which of his previous Broadway shows, How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying or Equus, was more difficult and scary: "How to Succeed, the musical, without a doubt, cause I had to learn to sing and dance for that. And people always say, 'what is more terrifying, taking your clothes off or dancing?' and while they're both scary, you can't really, like, FAIL at taking your clothes off. You can very objectively fail at dancing and singing!"
just realized that daniel radcliff was in Ireland 2 years ago!! where was I when that happened?!?!???!
Daniel Radcliffe was on "Late Night With Seth Meyers," and the actor who appeared on Broadway nude in Equus and did a lot of singing and dancing in How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, was asked which is harder to do. You won't believe his answer!
Ever Galvez is at LA Live presenting our painting for OvationTV today! Stop by and pose with Daniel Radcliffe and Jon Hamm.
Kill Your Darlings is possibly the best movie i've ever watched. Daniel Radcliff & Dane Dehaan phenomenal!
There's nothing better than watching a Daniel Radcliff sing and dance on stage. Hims little!
Maybe I'm the only one who cares but, Tom Felton, who played Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter films, will be featured in a new TNT series, Murder in the First Degree. Playing, of course, a villain. Nice to see most of the HP cast going on to bigger things. Emma Watson in the film, Noah with Russell Crowe, Daniel Radcliff doing lots of Broadway stuff, Tom Felton in this new series. I hope to see Rupert Grint appearing in something new as well. Of course, Gary Oldman, Ralph Feinnes and Emma Thompson are always working. Nice work Potter kids!
ehhh Daniel Radcliff wasn't very good
If you haven't seen Kill Your Darlings featuring Daniel Radcliffe, go rent/buy it-- it was fantastic.
The great Mark Rylance got two nominations for acting in a play while little Daniel Radcliffe got none (I guess if there would have been a Harry Porter movie last Christmas, he would have gotten the nod, like Idina). I am super excited that Lena Hall from "Hedwig" is in the race. This year's Oscars had "12 Years a Slave" (or "Roots 2013") and the Tonys have "A Raisin in the Sun". When all is said and done, the queen of Broadway, Audra McDonald, should get her 6th Tony for her performance as Lady Day.and she can sing and ACT, unlike Adele Dazeem. (I think Lady John Travolta saw the show in DC and knew what horror was heading to Broadway.)
Apparently Daniel Radcliffe was wearing his invisibility cloak again this year. Blerg.
Not impressed about Tony Award Nominations. They didn't nominate Daniel Radcliffe for his role in "The Cripple of Inishmaan". After all he has done after finishing Harry Potter. Not even Denzel Washington for his role in "A Raisin in the Sun." "Aladdin" didn't receive many Tony Nominations. Not to even nominate Jonathan Freeman for his role as Jafar after 22 years for playing the role since the beginning. "ROCKY" didn't even receive Best Musical. At least they knew they had to Nominate Idina Menzel.
So what does Daniel Radcliffe have to do to get the theatre industry to take him seriously? He's gotten great reviews for both Equus and The Cripple of Inishmaan but hasn't gotten a nomination.
If Daniel Radcliffe gets a Tony nomination, his only press statement should be him shouting "EXPECTO THE TONY."
Watchn this aftr a very long years.gud to see u Daniel Radcliffe aftr a long time in kiddo form :D :D
My mom and I are watching "Woman in Black" Staring Daniel Radcliffe. (Quotes Harry Potter the whole movie.)
DYK: Daniel Radcliff is a major American football fan?! IMHO: All the best Brits are! :-)
Daniel Radcliffe, aka Harry Potter, reads mock that's magic.
I was thinking more like Daniel Radcliff
So Daniel Radcliffe is on Late it just me or is he incredibly hard to understand? I mean, maybe I just need to go to bed but it's like he's speaking gibberish. How can he get so many words into one breath? There he is all chattering away in a way that seems like a squirrel darting from here to makes Seth's normal tone seem sleepy like a basset hound. Yeah, I need to go to bed.
So I can't sleep, watching late night with Seth Myers , just noticed , Daniel Radcliffe aka Harry Potter.. Has very strange looking ears.
is Daniel Radcliff like the one child star that hasnt turned into an insane person?
Daniel Radcliffe just mentioned Dwayne Bowe on Late Night With Seth Myers! Harry Potter is a Chiefa fan apparently :)
Is it just me or is Daniel Radcliff completely coked out on Seth Meyers show right now? Im about to have a heart attack just watching him
Daniel Radcliffe has some very weird ears... Look at them and see if you agree
Daniel Radcliffe and Twenty One Pilots are on Late Night with Seth Meyers.welp guess I'm staying up tonight.
is matty doing the same thing Daniel radcliff did by wearing the same clothes everyday to like keep papz from annoying him
Just hung out with Daniel Radcliffe and Seth Meyers. While watching 21guns perform. NYC. Has plenty of free stuff to do on a Monday evening.
Sarah gets to go to Jimmy Fallon tonight with Daniel Radcliff and 21 pilots. I have never been so jealous
I really hope this group somehow makes its way into the attention of Daniel Radcliffe/Emma Watson/Rupert Grint and the other cast members and that some of them show up just for the lols.
Harry Potter ending. The oddest thing in the world. But Daniel Radcliff taller just looks weird. idk or Ginny in leather...
are your ratings up since Daniel Radcliff publicly stated he LOVES your show?
so apparently I'm taller than Daniel Radcliff & Bruno mars
There was always the vague hope that he'd do me a favour and pull a Daniel Radcliff thus remaining the same height as me forever
why is daniel radcliff such an amazing actor? Did I even spell radcliff right oh
I'm watching the woman in black and it's so unnatural for Daniel Radcliff to play anything other than Harry Potter
On the way to see Daniel Radcliff in the lead role of 'The Cripple of Inishmann' Happy Belated birthday
There's a guy who looks like a light brown haired Daniel Radcliff sitting at our table for my brother's history honors society induction 8)
While your heart goes out to Crippled Billy, Daniel Radcliff is always part of the keen ensemble. .
So Disney is making a non cartoon little mermaid starring Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliff lol Idk how I feel about this
Me: tries not to fall into the tangled web of Daniel Radcliff feels
I watched Kill Your Darlings last night and Daniel Radcliff’s butt deserves an Oscar.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Attending the opening night of THE CRIPPLE OF INISHMAAN by Martin McDonagh, starring Daniel Radcliff and directed by Michael Grandage.
Never thought of it till now. Elijah Wood and Daniel Radcliff
Just watched Kill Your Darlings - Daniel Radcliff playing Allen Ginsberg - Very good movie - Radcliff is turning into a very good actor.
Am I the only person who doesn't like the idea of Emma Roberts and Daniel Radcliff playing Ariel and Eric in The Little Mermaid...?
NBC has announced it's next live musical is going to be "Peter Pan" ! I really hope and pray it's played by a young male and not a female. Although I have seen a couple of versions i liked like the Sandy duncan version and lately the version done at the Warner Grand It really bothers me that a woman plays the part. Lately we have gotten away with the phobia of a man playing the part and allowing men to play Peter. I remember as a little boy asking my grandmother why an old woman was playing Peter Pan when i saw the Mary martin version and i won't spend a dime to watch Cathy Rigby's version. I would love to see Neil Patrick Harris play the role or Daniel Radcliff but please not a woman. but, alas it will probably be the latest Voice or American Idol winner to come down the pike!
***Kill Your Darlings*** starring Daniel Radcliff, Ben Foster & Michael C. Hall. Based on a true story, one you never knew about. Be sure to catch this one. Premiering this evening at 6:30pm and only at Zoe!
Daniel Radcliff on Graham Norton show *** does he look like, chop that hair off
Hey Friends would anyone like to come see Daniel Radcliff in Kill Your Darlings which is about the life of the famous *** poet Allen Ginsberg at Dendy Cinemas Newtown at 12:40 on Saturday ?
Cooked my turkey signing to the Pirates of Penzance with Kevin Kline, Linda Ronstadt, Rex Smith and Angela Landsberry . Cooking veggies and letting my yeast rolls rise to Tim McGraw, Zac Brown, Daniel Radcliff's How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, and Dustin Lynch.
ahahhah!! Sure! Daniel Radcliff ,Joseph Morgan, Bradley James, and many others! ...and also the guys that I've met last year!
just saw a pic of Daniel Radcliff on Perez Hilton and boy has he gotten sexy, I really cannot lie.
Am I the only person in the running community that thinks that Daniel Radcliff would make a TERRIBLE Seb Coe?! I mean really, I know that it's an English producer, but they could STILL put some common sense in actor choice lol.
So, is anyone watching A Young Doctor's Notebook on Ovation with Jon Hamm and Daniel Radcliff? I've watched the first episode and am waiting for the second one to begin in 25 minutes. It's a four part Brit black comedy and the first episode was quite good. Of course you must like Brit humor! *L*
with Jon Hamm and Daniel Radcliff on tonight
I have to see Kill Your Darlings because it has Michael C. Hall and Daniel Radcliff in it, it is a must...
What's Daniel Radcliff who played Harry Pottery up too?. Seen wearing Harry Potter glasses!...
Can't help but want to scream "Wingardiam leviousa" when I watch any movie other than the Harry Potter series staring Daniel Radcliff.
Eating ben and jerry's and Watching Robert pattinson, Daniel Radcliff and Rupert Grint :) oh yeah! you should be jealous mate!!
Daniel Radcliff is better known as what owl toting character?
Good days celeb spotting - Amir Khan, Jamie from MIC and Daniel Radcliff
Just watched The Woman in Black starring Daniel Radcliff..The movie isn't something unique but cool film set, good story n above all Daniel's acting results in a good horror movie. Happy to see a horror film after a long time.Daniel is still awesome when out of Harry Potter franchise.
If you are in fear of *** please have some relief. The bible mentions next to nothing of what you'll experience there. Gnashing of teeth is the only thing I've ever read myself, and I've almost read the entire bible. The ideas of hellfire and eternal suffering, and the river of sticks are painted through tales of paeganism. Otherwise, you'll be in good company down there. You'll get to meet Daniel Radcliff, Brad Pitt, George Cloony, Morgan Freeman, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Steven Hawking, Albert Einstien, it goes on and on. And considering all of the innovative minds that would be sent to *** surely enough it must be even more advanced than the world we live in now. And you'll still have your free will. I did look up some verses online that mentioned much hellfire, but the older version of the bible that I have, I read the same passages and they said nothing of fire, except that an angel named lucifer was cast into a lake of fire. The fact that newer bibles have much more hellfire than the old shows th ...
Guess who saw Daniel Radcliff and got something signed by him? This girl!! ( pictures to come)
Oh. My. God. I just saw Daniel Radcliff in The Cripple of Innishmaan it was so amazing. He was so close omg. ~MrsOdair
Is it just me or did Moaning Myrtle from Harry Potter look like Daniel Radcliff dressed like a girl? O_o
Mom: Your aunt is going to England. What do you want her to get for you? Me: JK Rowling. Mom: She can't get you JK Rowling. What else do you want her to get you? Me: How about Daniel Radcliff? Mom: -_- ~Shadow∞Witch
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