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Daniel Levy

Sir Daniel Levy (30 November 1872 – 30 May 1937) was an Australian politician.

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You think Daniel Levy had these players' best interests at heart? Think again.
Daniel Levy facing further challenges to the Spurs wage structure after Danny Rose goes public
Levy risks allowing great Tottenham side to fall apart, writes
Daniel Levy will cut off Danny Rose's legs instead of selling him to Chelsea. No hope there. Next target please
And i love Tottenham but i hate Daniel Levy. Time for him to move on
Hey, and Daniel Levy: in case you haven't noticed, you have a major problem brewing.
Daniel Levy would never sell for 35. He'll go for atleast the same price as Walker but I reckon higher
I don't, I hate daniel levy and have done for 17 years
I guess you have Daniel Levy' s number.
Daniel Levy prices, Danny Rose would have to google him 🤣🤣🤣
So how's Daniel Levy doing on the 'fan' front now?
Daniel levy is the type of guy who'd film himself wanking and then *** to the video
Unlike certain other clubs, Spurs and Daniel Levy don't have an unlimited pot of money made from selling oil and vi…
Danny Rose x Daniel levy fan fiction - the anime
"I can confirm that Rose has influenced me and I am demanding Daniel Levy treble by annual wages"
I think Daniel Levy needs to start putting his money where his mouth is, otherwise we may see a decline like Leeds in the early 00's!
Spurs players back Danny Rose in pay row (Bad news for Daniel Levy this. Wage structure surely has to be broken now?
Guess there'll be plenty of those animations for me since I'm like the Daniel Levy of FIFA selling players for exto…
Because DANIEL LEVY is a fearsome and very convincing *gentleman*
Johnny Giles returned to the studios tonight to talk Danny Rose, Daniel Levy & Liverpool's Coutinho conundrum;
My boyfriend who works for the Premier League doesn't know who Daniel Levy is 😩😵
Agree with what he said, shouldn't have said it to the papers but I'm glad someone has. Levy has be…
Lmao Daniel Levy would never sell to us but what a signing this would be
After Rose's comments, Spurs will surely kick him out. United might be able to get him at a semi-extortionate price fr…
Daniel Levy's into his overdraft, pass it on
Daniel Levy facing difficult questions about Tottenham's wage structure after Danny Rose challenge
Daniel Levy has done good things for this club - but he needs to be chairman of a owner who can back him so DL can back Poch
Daniel Levy. The many love you. The few know they are wrong. And when you finally prove it , they won't realise that they…
Find it hard to believe Alli only about 7th highest earner at Spurs.
Thank you Daniel Levy for ruining the summer transfer window for me
What a job Daniel levy has done at Spurs!
Levy faces more challenges to his Tottenham wage structure after Rose breaks ranks
Nemanja Matic for £40m?! I don't know if it's Bruce Buck or Michael Emenalo. Just glad we have an answer to Tottenham's Daniel Levy.
Daniel Levy: "Somebody spending £200m more than they're earning, eventually it catches up with you. And you can't keep doi…
Daniel Levy defends Tottenham's lack of transfers and claims Manchester United and City spending is not sustainable
Daniel Levy has hit out at the "unsustainable spending" of fellow PL clubs. Strong words, considering...
Daniel Levy not prepared to go past €20m, including bonuses, for Aurier. Tottenham hold talks.
50 Mil for Kyle Walker, sack off the Dier chase Daniel Levy will be asking for around 70 for him!
Daniel Levy reportedly wants to put Danny Rose in line with the top earners at the club.
Name me a bigger businessman than Daniel Levy. . I'll wait.
Kyle Walker for 50m lolololol. Daniel Levy is a magician
Man City set to sign Kyle Walker for £55m, with an add-on of Pep Guardiola cleaning Daniel Levy's shoes for the next year.
🗓 The year is 2038. . 📚 Business students are being taught about the time Daniel Levy sold second choice right-back Kyle Walke…
*BREAKING*. Daniel Levy has offered Porto a packet of skittles and a half finished can of coke zero for Pereira
Daniel Levy, Class Negotiator. If we pull this deal off then we've still got a significant amount left to buy the l…
Hi . Please tell me who works out compo figures? Is it Daniel Levy if its for me & Peter Ridsdale when its for Pete bolton?
£50m for Walker. I'd like Daniel Levy to conduct my divorce negotiations for me. If I ever get a girlfriend, marry, and div…
Whoaaa...up to £50m for Walker??!!? Daniel Levy is master at this business.
Daniel Levy negotiating a fee with Manchester City for Kyle Walker like:
Daniel Levy would never sell anyway, why would he? Spurs are going in the right direction
We want Levy! Daniel Levy! That bald head will bring success...Daniel Levy!
Daniel Levy: "We are delighted to be partnering with one of the world's leading brands."
Reports that Dani Alves has run his rejection letter past Rivaldo before sending to Daniel Levy
Daniel Levy makes me cry he's so good
let's talk about Schitt's Creek and how amazing Daniel Levy is. I'll start: he's more than brilliant
Daniel Levy owns almost 30% of ENIC`s 85% ownership of Spurs. Is he personally inclined to sell? That's not an 'if', it's a 'when'.
This could be mental. Time to get Daniel Levy out so the players are paid enough to actually feel happy enough to s…
Is Harry Kane really available?and even if he is Daniel Levy won't sell to a rival nd even if he will sell it would…
Yeah mate also agree with that but sadly Daniel Levy is our chairman so buying a top to…
ICYMI Some really interesting quotes by and about Daniel Levy which give a great insight into the Spurs chairman.
You see how Everton are doing the Business ko?. Wake up please Daniel Levy.
All I care about is any new group retaining Daniel Levy. I'd really love us to avoid the "sma…
Did spurs tell u dey after trophy??? Dah club na super market as far Daniel levy is concerned
Joe Lewis needs to tell Daniel levy to spend money on new players
Love how chairman Daniel Levy is a tough negotiator, crucial for helping keep 🔑players and getting a lot of 💰.
We’ve seen this before when Cain Hoy came sniffing around in 2014. Joe Lewis is apparently holding out for £2bn. https:/…
you think Daniel Levy accepted the friend request?
If it's true that Dani Alves has moved to PSG instead of City last minute, Daniel Levy will add another £10m to Walker's a…
It may as well be called, "the satanic bible". I'm sure Anton Levy would not have a problem with that. Ban…
Kane is the best but Daniel Levy is a sour *** and you should know better than tha…
Daniel Levy when asked about Dele Alli or Harry Kane
A message from our Chairman, Daniel Levy, now playing inside White Hart Lane as part of the farewell ceremony.
If was to leave I cannot think of any team in the top 6 that he'd get a starting berth in & Daniel Levy won't pay top dollar either
Daniel Levy has revealed the demolition of White Hart Lane will start the day after the game against Manchester United.…
Daniel Levy: Israeli Likud party has a platform that is now probably more rejectionist of two states than is Hamas
‼️ NEW ‼️ fan pleads with Daniel Levy to keep the good times coming at ⚽️⚽️ https…
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
fuss over Kyle Walker leaving for 40 million pounds I'm sure that Daniel Levy will send them instead (hopefully not really) 2/2
Daniel Levy: "This is an incredibly sad day for the Club and a tragic loss of a talented member of our Spurs family." ht…
Ian Ayre's gone, I just hope this Micheal Edwards guy get head, if not let's borrow Daniel Levy for our negotiations
Daniel Levy go and break the bank for Sanchez 1. He's the world class forward need to compliment Kane..2. It would incense the *** fans 👍👌
Really admire Tottenham and Daniel Levy. Very Ambitious club. Hope the same happens to Southampton
I had no idea Tottenham was a poor side of London, thanks for the education Daniel Levy, chairman of Spurs on PLTV Focus: Tottenham Hotspur
I am an Arsenal fan and it is hard to admit this, but I like Daniel Levy and his vision.
I liked a video from Eugene Levy, Sarah Levy and Daniel Levy at the Paley Center For
Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy seeking £400M from stadium naming rights. Read more at
Daniel Levy is my new white boy crush
Fantastic show ❤🙌🏻 Daniel Levy is my new favorite person..
I liked a video from The Real Legacy of Ariel Sharon (with Daniel Levy)
After certain 9-9 ep (no spoilers), my new spirit animal is that fluffy white sweater Daniel Levy wears as David Rose on Schitt's Creek.
A tax levy: What it will cost, what it will buy:
And can't you let me hate Daniel Levy in peace?
Have gathered many stories about Daniel Levy over the last few years...all confirming his greed and malice.
I'm gonna use this as my CBC connection. Thanks boo! Can't wait to work with Daniel Levy on season 4!
I don't see why there is so much hatred of Daniel Levy, or why people are blaming him for our new signings not...
Hmm, yeah I agree. Well i've probs seen one but never met one
Just discovered Schitts Creek and I am loving the dynamic between and Daniel Levy!!!
personally I've never seen a 9/10. You gotta be realistic with these things
The tax levy: what it will cost and what it buys:
Daniel Levy's character in Schitt's Creek is just too. *** good.
first, I didn't levy any complaints. Second I think Daniel was referring to the Kalil signing. Third, why so snarky?
Am I one of the only people that think one of the stands in the new stadium should be named after Daniel Levy, if...
back to our convo in McDonalds, this is a 10 10
Haringey Council among organisations criticised by Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy for lack of support (3)
Transfer news: Tottenham would be foolish to even consider Bale-like money for Manchester City target
R'Daniel Levy is giving Shuir after Mincha today for the Lunch and Learn, so. come join us! 2:15
they already owned by an investment group led by a British billionaire and Daniel Levy
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Anybody else think Daniel Levy is lining us up for a disappointment, that new stadium wont be ready till 2019 season?
Also, which lender will extend endless credit when Daniel Levy is subject 2 increasingly well evidenced Fraud allegations?
One State? Two States? The Power of Trump's Roll of the Dice by Daniel Levy in
Daniel Levy has revealed to that the costs of building the new stadium is now at around £800m. https…
and why do the gunners let contracts run down like this? Daniel Levy would never let this happen
Transfer news: Daniel Levy's comments will feel like groundhog day for Tottenham fans
Daniel Levy trying to get lower for Pau Lopez. Are we really this bad?
At Daniel Levy Jewelry we are always 100% committed to our clients desired outcome.
Lmao...Jaiye my man...they have a man that knows football.Daniel levy
After seeing Daniel Levy on I'm convinced Johnny Galecki might be his long lost brother, or at least a cousin.
At least you know Daniel Levy put a sell-on in that contract. Go ahead and buy him,
Thursday/tomorrow The Lunch and Learn will be having a fantastic Shuir by Rabbi Daniel Levy. Monday is Shushan Purim/no Shiur.-Happy Purim!
Daniel Levy provides latest transfer update on Tottenham plans this summer
(International Business Times):Tottenham could remain at White Hart Lane next season if Wembley..
Daniel Levy deep in Tottenham transfer talks and insisting on lower price, offers structured deal
Seriously, though. Why does Daniel Levy look like Eugene Levy and Johnny Galecki had a tall baby?
Pochettino says he will do the Argentine tango with Daniel Levy on White Hart Lane’s pitch if win the
5 - Dele Alli is just 5 goals away from being sold by Daniel Levy to Real Madrid for a huge fee in the summer. Profit.
Again, Jeremy Peace has another puppet dancing, from Saido to Daniel Levy and now Simon Jordan 😂
Rio Ferdinand believes Daniel Levy will hate what he's advised Tottenham Hotspur striker Harry Kane https:/…
Spurs boss Mauricio Pochettino sends message to Daniel Levy after Champions League exit
Premier League: Andre Villas-Boas brands Daniel Levy an 'expert in sackings'
Daniel Levy in his transfer deadline day bikini thong, kneels hands bound . slightly aroused . Call me ! . written on his fore…
I thought Daniel Levy was meant to be shrewd with money. £30million for Sissoko. Lol
Good old Daniel Levy, eh? Why do a transfer early when you can delay it to the last minute and *** everyone off?
Have it on good authority that Pochettino asked Daniel Levy for Moussa Sissoko - fair play to Levy. Poch being backed.…
Thank you Daniel Levy, you've saved me from oblivion there. I can smirk along with this season rather than silently cry
Wilfried Zaha on Instagram... Funny way to talk about Daniel Levy!
Parish would have Daniel Levy for breakfast mate
. 'Napoli? This is Daniel Levy. I'm calling in re: to L. Insigne'
we need to save money for Daniel Levy's annual pay rise
Chelsea have just blown us out the water with Batshuayi. We dilly dallied with the fee thanks to Daniel Levy and now we paid the price
Cameron should have got Daniel Levy to do his EU negotiations last year.
Daily Mirror - Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy is confident of completing a £20m move for Saido Berahino.
Daniel Levy has promised head coach Mauricio Pochettino that no stars will be sold. [Telegraph]
Do you think Daniel Levy trying to buy Berahino like he was buying from a Freemans catalogue might have cost them the Title?
Would have loved to have seen Daniel levy's face when Hazard scored. He is the archetypical bullied at school kid
. Our Managers never have a say on Signings. Exactly why i wanted Daniel Levy to be kicked out 10yrs ago.
How happy I was to see Daniel Levy's face after Hazard's goal. He must be wishing he gave us Modric already.
Ah They deserved it, Yeah ye said that two and Daniel levy ripped apart yere best ever team under Rednapp, next season
Daniel Levy to consider Mauricio Pottechino's future as Spurs manager tomorrow in meeting with Executive board members
Even though we know it's not true, Daniel Levy will still claim he doesn't give two Fuchs about losing the title to Leicester.
Daniel Levy will sell his right ball for the right money
first thought was that it was Daniel Levy's bottle crashing!
It wouldn't surprise me if Daniel Levy sacked pochettino
.19 clubs will salute because of their story. Besides, who wants Daniel Levy's spurs to win it?
Bright future?. Their star players will be picked apart whilr Daniel Levy smile to the bank
This should be lesson number two for Daniel levy. Whenever Chelsea comes for your player,man pan low.😜
The way Daniel Levy is angry right now ehn!!! Any attempt to bid for Kane, na £100m, don't bother bringing anything less ! Lol
Daniel Levy what goes round comes round
Dear Daniel Levy. I cannot play any longer with these incompetent fools. Deal with them. Sincerely. Your best ever player…
Daniel Levy. This one is for the Modric transfer.
we have largely balanced the books. Daniel Levy is not a chairman who makes wild decisions. much of the spending was of the
sorry mate. Hard Luck. Why lie? I'm ecstatic & would give anything to see Daniel Levy's face right now!
We just haven't got enough quality in depth. Critics of Daniel Levy have been proved right yet again. Mason coming on for Spurs. What a joke
It beats the sight of Daniel Levy with the trophy. That would curdle soup.
You'll need to lend your pants after MOTD to Daniel Levy so he can put them on his head and say 'wibble'. Congratulations LCFC.
Daniel levy will be more bothered about the money from disrepute charge that spurs will get from tonight... Tightbastard.
Daniel Levy's *** will be twitching knowing he's got to pay out real money... Tight ***
For all the wickedness Daniel Levy has done
Nobody makes a living taking the other side of a Daniel Levy wagers! When we get closer I love your pick
Spurs' lack of a Plan B ruthlessly exposed for a second week running. So thanks to Daniel Levy for that...
Please show me Daniel levy's odious little face again!
When's Daniel levy pulling out the sniper
"Daniel Levy has a big part to play". Like sign every player just before LFC do this summer.
Knowing Daniel Levy, he'd probably sack Pochettino before the next game
Why do everyone hate Tottenham that much? I hate Daniel Levy but I actually like the club! I want Leiceister to win it though
Getting sniffed up and prank calling Daniel Levy at 4:30 tomorrow morning? Sounds like cracking banter to me
Any sympathy you may have with disappears immediately as soon as you see Daniel Levy' face
Still can't believe there were folk on here who actually wanted Leicester to slip up & for Daniel Levy to win the league. Utter weirdos.
Daniel Levy plotting an attack on Leicester from his volcanic undergound lair.
Some excellent detail in this piece about how Spurs are bridging the gap to Arsenal.
Why this man's masterplan is finally reaping rewards for - by .
Like father like son! Check out Eugene & Daniel Levy both flaunting geek chic-inspired at Beverly Hills event.
Tottenham vs Arsenal: Daniel Levy masterplan paying off as Spurs catch up with hated rivals
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Why the Spurs - and Daniel Levy - masterplan is finally paying off, by
I don't think Daniel Levy has done much wrong but not giving Tim Sherwood a full season was probably his biggest mistake.
3,5 years left on his contract, so good luck prying him from Daniel Levy.
.orders 3rd season of from & Daniel Levy before season two premiere .
When Mauricio Pochettino exiled Andros Townsend for shoving Tottenham’s fitness coach in the chest, Daniel Levy remarked …
Would you rather Daniel Levy was your dad or Arsene Wenger was your mum's new lover?.
Would really like Arsenal to win the league, I like Pochettini but dislike Daniel Levy, he tried to screw our club.
Doubt we'd have seen Daniel Levy doing the same after abusing them 4-1 earlier in the season. Difference in mentality you see. Difference
who do you bring in until the summer?! . Would you honestly get rid now? Still in FA cup and title race. You're not Daniel Levy!
Florentino Perez mentally scarred by Daniel Levy battles, will leave Poch well alone at Tottenham.
Pochetino is a better option but Daniel Levy will never let him go
Tim Sherwood exclusive: Daniel Levy deserves a lot of the credit for Tottenham's success this season
We are talking Daniel Levy here 😂 no doubt PL has lost ground on Spain Germany China on wages.
David Ginola predicts a big move from Tottenham Hotspur chairman Daniel Levy
So that's a big fat lonely old zero for transfer deals from Daniel Levy. Are we going to make a decent bid for Saido Berahino?!!
Pochettino: “He (Daniel Levy) will be at the training ground until 11 or 12 with three or four phones!”
if Daniel Levy was in charge then Martinez would have been out weeks ago. No results = no job at Spurs. RM has gone backwards
Daniel Levy has well and truly just pulled Mike Ashley's pants down
A proposal to sign Martinez, via intermediaries, has landed on Daniel Levy's desk
Mauricio Pochettino has revealed he would record a duet with Daniel Levy if Tottenham Hotspur win the FA Cup. htt…
The Telegraph claim Tottenham Hotspur chairman Daniel Levy is demanding £14M for the sale of Andros Townsend. htt…
Can you, for one second, imagine Daniel Levy and Joe Lewis splash £100m on a player?
What's happening with Mousa Dembele's contract? Extending the contract of a 28 year-old is unfamiliar territory for Daniel Levy.
If you were Daniel Levy right now surely you would be thankful Utd stole LVG and you ended up with Pochettino?
I'm saying now Daniel Levy, if you want to secure a top 4 finish. Give Poch whatever he wants in Jan to make it happen.
Thanks to chairman Daniel levy to transform from mediocre club to proper exciting football club. till I die
Thanks to Daniel levyhotspur chairman to transform football club from mediocre football club to proper football club.
He'll grow a dastardly moustache and twirl it while rubbing the head Daniel Levy.
Congratulations from everyone at Kappture. New business on the menu for Levy Restaurants.
was when they put the revised plans in roughly 3 months ago from 59k to 61k.It was Daniel levy if I remember rightly.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Mauricio Pochettino believes Daniel Levy is the greatest chairman in the world but even the Tottenham Hotspur manager has fallen victim to
Q6. Mauricio Pochettino is Tottenham’s 10th manager since Daniel Levy’s arrival at the club in 2001, who was the 1st manager?
Daniel Levy reveals vision of Spurs new stadium
What a lovely lovely stadium. One to *** over all the rest. Daniel Levy take a bow son
Daniel Levy showed compassion to Adebayor,the player gave two fingers.I hope Levy gives just desserts
Anybody'd think he was Daniel Levy in disguise.
Get Daniel Levy in there, he loves negs: £30M Berbatov, £29M Modric, £20M Keane = genius...did sign Adebayor tho
I've sometimes been a critic but Daniel Levy take a bow son take a bow - new training facility now biggest and best stadium in London
No he doesn't. He has a percentage of shares there. One individual can't own two clubs at the same time. Daniel Levy..
Daniel Levy confirms 'The application is due to be considered by the Mayor early next week'.
Daniel Levy has the latest on next step as stadium plans given green light
Stating the obvious, but for some clubs, profit from transfers outweighs quality of transfers. See Levy, Daniel ('til recently)
Didn't Sherwood have the highest win % of any Daniel Levy appointment?
Mauricio Pochettino! I hope Daniel Levy locks him up until appoint someone else
Daniel Levy comments after major news for Tottenham...
What do you think the future has in store for Tottenham?
Really thoughtful of Daniel Levy to go for a 61,000 capacity stadium, in honour of their last title winning season.
Daniel Levy "This marks another milestone in what's been a long & often difficult path. We're grateful to those who expr…
61,000 is so Daniel Levy it is laughable, can't see them selling that out on a Thursday night anytime soon👍
I know mate, very Daniel Levy though.
Fantastic news on the stadium last night massive praise to Daniel Levy and Donna Cullen.Fa over to you to keep North Lo…
⭐️ • Eight reasons Tottenham's new stadium will make them bigger and better than Arsenal: Daniel Levy s...
De-escalating the overall conflict is necessary for closing this space down write and Daniel Levy
I heard Ian Duncan Smith was a Spurs fan & a mate of Daniel Levy! Does anyone know if that's true?
• Former manager admits to failings during David Moyes’s reign. • Dealing with Daniel Levy ‘more painful than my hip replacement’. Sir Alex …
HT reading: David Gill on Sir Alex, MOYESIAH, dealing with Daniel Levy & plenty more.
Former Manchester United chief executive David Gill on Fergie, David Moyes and dealing with Daniel Levy
Got a chance to get into the minds of Daniel Levy (MTV Canada & Schitt’s Creek) & Devon Soltendieck…
Spurs boss Hawksworth expecting the Axe after the clubs 6th defeat out the last 8 games. Daniel Levy.
Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy has slammed West Brom as the row over Saido Berahino escalated. Levy labelled the club as ‘wholly
"Is Daniel Levy the route of all evil? He can't be blamed for what's going on, on the pitch"
Here we go Mr Bandwagon is back, not interested in Daniel Levy anymore ?
I liked a video from Tottenham Hotspur Supporters Daniel Levy Rant THFC COYS Spurs
. Not now we wouldn't. We have lost somewhere many fans thanx to the Clueless Dictator Daniel Levy.
Adebayor didn't join because he "didn't have a sign from God" - despite Daniel Levy dressing up as God with a big …
Sargent: Portraits of Artists and Friends: "Sargent: Portraits of Artists and Friends," currently showing at t...
. The Dictator is our Biggest Problem. Mitchell found Martial & Daniel Levy refused to pay a quarter of what Man Utd paid for him
Daniel Levy - is it time to negotiate his own transfer? from
can you add a feature where Daniel levy isn't such a tight *** ?!
i guess not only tot are having a bad patch but u r also having some rought time thanks to Daniel Levy.
Finally got around to reading article. Definitely worth a read.
Aston Villa's Tim Sherwood has proved a point to Daniel Levy this ...
Ade gone - hallelujah! One of Daniel Levy's finest!! How come we celebrate him leaving, but no inquest into Levy's dealings?
I was briefly possessed by Daniel Levy.
True but Martial is Very Promising. Another Daniel Levy Crime against Tottenham. Refused to buy Martial for €25M
MP is sailing close to the wind. If I were Daniel Levy I would replace him. Sooner not later.
Daniel Levy legend of the transfer market - cheers !!!
Why is it not called sacked when its a footballer? Adebayor was sacked by Daniel Levy as usual used Adebayor and ruined also
Well done Daniel Levy no Defensive midfielder in the window looking stupid now that mason & bentaleb injured.
Poch wanted to rest Kane at the start of the season to give him more time to recover from the Euros. Daniel NO PLAN Levy had other ideas
I hope Daniel Levy hasn't used the same cheap material in the new stadium as he clearly had done with these shirts!
Daniel Levy & his version of marginal gains. Which in this case means the cheapest shirts you can find
Please pass on my congratulations to Daniel Levy for ruining our once great football club.
Can anyone else hear that? ...Is that the familiar sound of Daniel Levy's axe being sharpened?
What's black and blue and floats down the River Lea . Daniel Levy if I get my hands on him
Daniel Levy should simply have paid the money this summer instead of trying to be a smart *** We are dreadful
Daniel Levy are you watching. You are at fault.
What position did Daniel Levy play that half? After all, everyone is complaining about him
I think Daniel Levy is gonna get his on very soon and tell Pochettino 'You're Fired'
Id say Daniel Levy wished he sold Harry Kane in the summer!! Second season syndrome at its best
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Time to setup poch no excuses today! Could see him being sacked if we don't win today. We all know what Daniel Levy is like.
if we don't win today do you think Daniel Levy will start to consider Pochettino's position at the club?
Win, lose or draw. It's still. Daniel NO PLAN Levy. OUT!
chairman Daniel Levy arriving at the Stadium of Light a little earlier.
This is the dumbest thing Daniel levy has sanctioned yet 😔
Daniel levy looks mystified that they have let there top striker go ,first saldardo now Adebayor
Typical Daniel Levy move releasing Adebayor after the window closes. Just mugging the player off.
I heard Daniel Levy shed a tear when he terminated adebayors contract.
At an average rate of 2 seconds per £50 note, it would take Daniel Levy practically two days to pay off Adabeyor. I'd like to see that video
Come on, Daniel Levy. Sign him up in January 2016. Cc:
Never cross Daniel Levy. Adebayor released by Spurs this morning...but he can't sign outside the window for a Premier League team.
Can you reach a similar mutual agreement with Daniel Levy?
Yeah, FM15 is frustrating but fun. Got Charlton into the Premier League & Champions League with Daniel Levy as chairman.
it's as likely as Spurs having a proper balanced squad under Daniel Levy..IMHO
BREAKING: Daniel Levy reacts to Harry Kane's goal for England.   10% Off
Seeing Watford win today with so much desire and passion has made me love the game that Daniel Levy and Pochettino made me fall out with
. Spurs could have bought Anthony Martial for less than half what Man Utd paid for him. How stupid does Daniel Levy look now?
Daniel Levy wanted to sign Martial for £15 million. Typical Levy. Always look for bargain. Should have signed Berahino even for £25 million.
I bet Daniel Levy is looking at martial and man u withgreat jealousy. £20 million was too much for spurs
Daniel Levy that is the player you didn't want to cough up 3m more for . Great job mate .
. Daniel Levy refusing to pay €20M for Anthony Martial is just as ludicrous as Man Utd paying €80M.
- Happier times with Daniel Levy from our Right Said Fred days.
Daniel Levy has been unsettling players since Kenwyne Jones had his head turned by him. Never the same player again..
The walls are about to start closing in on Daniel Levy.
Kevin Nolan would be the most frustrating Daniel Levy deadline day signing since Ryan Nelson and Louis Saha.
Andy has completely killed it now. Daniel Levy has a business plan but he has NO Football plan that is why he is. Daniel No PLAN Levy
Spurs fans, 7pm first hour is about your great club. Daniel Levy, fit for purpose or not the right man to guide i…
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