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Daniel Jeremiah

Daniel Jeremiah is currently an analyst and on-air personality for the NFL Network. He also writes for

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(Daniel Jeremiah's) player rankings and analysis are about the only ones I trust. Best in the biz.
why u think Pharaoh of Egypt said moses was the devil! Same with king against prophet Daniel and Jeremiah, they devils advocates
Ya Mehn am filling this *** repping Naija to the fullest thumbs up bro!
You believe in God but not Jesus?. Masree saaa!!. When Isaiah, Jeremiah, Daniel, David were prophesying about Jesus were was Mzbel?
They picked two of the best cooks to be on the carving action station. Jeremiah was at Jack Daniel's…
Lol Daniel Jeremiah and Matt Miller have him as 1st/2nd rounders
Daniel Jeremiah has us drafting Amari Cooper at pick 8.
Daniel jeremiah said the falcons will get amari cooper. Anyone can get a job with espn
Daniel Jeremiah did as well. White and cooper are close.
Also Daniel Jeremiah at has going 31st overall to the joining
Ever noticed how God makes use of young people by taking them into his service? Joseph, Samuel, Jeremiah, Daniel... in the NT, Mary, Timothy
# Beginning with Moses [GOD would raise up a prophet from among the Israelites ] and all the Prophets, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Micah, Daniel,
Daniel Jeremiah and Bruce Feldman had a brief convo about Canes football early this morning. RTs upcoming...
St. Elias & Companions, Egyptian martyr with Daniel, Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Samuel. They went to the mines in...
I believe Daniel Jeremiah pointed out by the time he left scouting, most of his job had become character investigation, tracking news, etc.
Wouldn't writings by Joshua, Jeremiah, Daniel, Paul and John be EVIDENCE of Moses? 😊
Daniel Jeremiah (looks at the top WRs heading to the WATCH |
It is NOT circular reasoning to say Joshua, Jeremiah, Daniel, John and Paul say so
Nicole is adorable. Everybody blames everything on her!! Wake up Eric and Daniel
Good stuff on Move the Sticks podcast, Daniel Jeremiah explains the combine from a scouts perspective. Worth the listen.
So Chick-fil-A is doing random free meals for singing love songs. Leave it to Randee StoneRandall Daniel Jeremiah...
Hundley went from being very popular (Daniel Jeremiah loved him pre-2014) to very disliked. His talent/reality lies in the middle
Move the Sticks: Browner on career, Kanye West: Daniel Jeremiah chats with Super Bowl champion and New England...
Players to watch at 2015 NFL Scouting Combine: NFL Media's Daniel Jeremiah and Charles Davis break down…
Daniel Jeremiah referred to Ryan Swopes as the "white receiver out of Texas A&M" on his podcast 😂
There are two prospects named Kevin White. breaks down the TCU CB.
Daniel Jeremiah also believes Kevin white is better..cooper will go 1st and be a let down
Daniel Jeremiah said his mocks are via what he hears. Mocked Fowler to JAX in his latest one.
Here's a list of the major prophets: Isaiah, Jeremiah, Daniel, and Truett Cathy.
I like his work, but just because Daniel Jeremiah made the comparison doesn't mean it's true. And again, I like White a lot…
Thought it was interesting Daniel Jeremiah said he does his mocks based on what he's hearing from teams, more than what he thinks.
Senior Bowl Week Recap: Stand-Out WR's: Mike Mayock, Daniel Jeremiah, and Charles Davis discuss some of the st...
The San Diego Chargers should make Florida State defensive tackle Eddie Goldman their top priority in the 2015 draft. Draft pundits Todd McShay (ESPN Insider), Bucky Brooks ( and Daniel Jeremiah ( all have Goldman going to the Chargers in the first round of their respective mock…
After Denver Broncos cornerback Chris Harris asserted Russell Wilson is better than Andrew Luck, Dave Dameshek and Daniel Jeremiah rank the league's top quarterbacks based on their performances so far.
Excellent read on my guy I highly recommend it!
Great piece on from Microsoft, providing a behind-the-scenes look into DJ's life:
Great piece on from Microsoft. Honored to work w/ DJ:
Meet football fanatic and data wizard
Loved the article DJ, great example for those looking to break into FB like myself. .
Sportscaster Daniel Jeremiah is a new breed of pundit:
For those wondering how I landed my dream job, has the answer.
One of the coolest guys at NFLN just got cooler. Great piece and worth a read!
"My biggest mistake as a scout for the Not drafting
Who is Daniel Jeremiah? . Cool article on his road from scout to from .
NFL sportscaster Daniel Jeremiah is a new breed of data-powered pundit
NFL sportscaster is a new breed of data-powered pundit.
Daniel Jeremiah on how the Chargers & Chiefs match up & scrutinizing Jameis Winston's every move
Umm... Actually... We sought & obtained a license from Daniel to use Jeremiah as part of our brand.
Daniel Jeremiah is right. Bortles and Bridgewater give you more complete, developed offense. Mariota/Hundley you have to adapt too.
Daniel Jeremiah of the NFL Network is dissing Johnny Football. ESPN no like.
Daniel Jeremiah, is now trending in
Daniel tried to end Jeremiah's life🏀
Jeremiah Moore, Shubal Stearns, Daniel Marshall, John Waller, and John Taylor to name a few. Now go do your homework.
Listen to The Doug Gottlieb Show 10-9-14 Daniel Jeremiah, NFL Network Insider now, on Stitcher:
My man Daniel Jeremiah, making his season debut on coming up at 4. Have to ask if he was serving a PED suspension.
Daniel Jeremiah from the NFL Network: Daniel Jeremiah from the NFL Network joined Rick and Jami...
COURT REPORT: Jeremiah Burkhart ... Daniel Bush ... James Bush all get $150,000 bond in violent home invasion...
Give a listen to Daniel Jeremiah's NFL podcast!
Daniel, loyalists’ defection holds in Aso Rock today: By Jeremiah Adeosun Gbe... Nation
Andy Reid wanted him. ex scut Daniel Jeremiah told me that a while ago.
FYI... it was Daniel Jeremiah's fault that the didn't take Russell Wilson in round 2.
“everything thats been Happening have been prophecies” yeah... daniel , Jeremiah, science, John etc..
Daniel Jeremiah just broke down the 11' draft class on and commended Jones and Cowboys. Shocked
denial is the first step to acceptance Daniel
The prophets Ezekiel, Jeremiah, Isaiah, Daniel, John, and so many revealed By God's Holy Spirit what is ahead to warn the nations & the
NFL Network's Week 5 Report Card: Packers get A+: Daniel Jeremiah and Bucky Brooks are hand...
Here's the latest move the sticks episode:.
So I'm STARTING Book of Daniel right after our ended because I was "stuck" in Isaiah + Jeremiah. Hard to deliver hard messages.
Daniel Jeremiah hitting it right on the nose
One of my favorite frequent podcast guests has his own now and it's AWESOME. w/ Tomlinson this week: .
Daniel Jeremiah and LT talking about Running Backs on the newest Move the Sticks podcast was maybe the best bit of football podcasting ever.
can I take your shifts while your away!?!
Former scout Daniel Jeremiah talks sideline news on
Today is Jeremiah 52: Tomorrow we begin the book of Daniel; one of the promising young men who were carried into captivity to Babylon!
Jeremiah Daniel Rodriguez this reminds me of you! Too cute!
Lord, give me courage like Daniel and the sensitivity of Jeremiah
Former NFL Exec & NFL Network Analyst Daniel Jeremiah (is on with & right now previewing Week 3!
☹😒😓 Reading Job,Daniel,Jeremiah then finish off with Revelations
BSOC: Central Christian made a pair of quick goals from Daniel Gerber and Paulo Nunes standup as Jeremiah Mullet made 3 saves
Daniel Jeremiah is set to join Listen:
"It's gonna be a fun time... who's tuning-in to /Yes!! Ca…
Wow. Daniel Jeremiah on said Winston has so many off-field issues, needs 2 stay in school 2 prove he can stay out of trouble.
I had a blast talking shop with on the latest Move the Sticks episode. You can check it out here —>
Jeremiah and Daniel are gone until Friday and my sister leaves to Vegas this morning 😔
You guys kept the Move The Sticks podcast in the top 15 on iTunes all week long. Thanks!! New episode coming soon
so I recommend you FIND the long awaited MESSIAH that Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Isaiah, Daniel, Jeremiah & David waited for!
Loving the new football podcast with former NFL scout Daniel Jeremiah. Learning tons of really good stuff. Appreciate it man!
In the call to serve God as Elijah, Jeremiah, Daniel etc did, no private jet o, No immunity o, No big churches o, No offering o, Are you in?
When it comes to my I'm not sure who the master is sometimes. For example, I was her personal butt scratcher. Then she wanted a cookie.
Dave Dameshek and Daniel Jeremiah share there thoughts on the bills 2-0 start
seriously, if you're going to jump ship at least go to Daniel Jeremiah or someone that takes their job seriously.
Finished Jeremiah, Lamentations, & Ezekiel. Moving 2 Daniel. We are on the home stretch of the OT; just 13 books left.
DT? He's never in any of them convos .. Daniel Jeremiah and Nate burleson just had this discussion with GM's
DANIEL & THE LION & Jeremiah Daly play at JACK RABBITS on Oct 19th, tickets at or club
Read the word of God, Seek Him who can change your life. September 14. Job 27. Daniel 12. Jeremiah 37. Zechariah 2
Good finds. Nate Burleson was on Daniel Jeremiah's podcast this week telling Calvin Johnson stories. Think you'd love it.
"I text back embarrassingly fast. or three hours later. there is no in between"
Daniel Jeremiah says Georgia RB Todd Gurley and USC DL Leonard Williams were at opposite ends of the spectrum...
Our sacred stories -Daniel-Jeremiah-Isaiah etc -are all about change and renewal says Ji. .Story of God in history.
Annette Kellerman promotes women’s right to wear a fitted one-piece bathing. She was arrested for indecency.
Daniel Jeremiah: Andrew Luck hasn’t lost back to back games in his NFL career
Ezekiel 38-39 Gog and Magog. Isaiah and Jeremiah talk about Syria. Daniel
It's pride not to praise God. Jeremiah 13:16, Daniel 4:13
Today's & w Sal Paolantonio live from Seattle at 3:15, Daniel Jeremiah at 3:30 & NATE NEWTON at 4:30
You are invited to come and sit with us on the thrones of David. It is written that the prophet Daniel in Daniel...
Jeremiah 29:11 is a great reminder for EVERYONE no matter what this world is throwing at you.
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Warning! If you do not love keeping the laws, statutes & commandments. Death will be at your door then what? (Daniel 9:13) - Jeremiah 5:19
Praying all is well. Hoping you went to church today! (I was out of town). August 24. Job 24. Daniel 9. Jeremiah 34. Haggai 1
I was tagged by Jeremiah Daniel Johns to list 5 interesting facts about myself...hmm warning.I have no...
Daniel Jeremiah jus killed his argument about trying to defend Trent Richardson & that comeback Evans had was awful
Ok Jeremiah Scrantz he took on the challenge!!! Daniel nominated Corinne Frederick, Eric Hardy and Francis Huval...
"I know, O Lord, that a man's life is not his own; it is not for a man to direct his steps." Jeremiah 10:23
NFL Network analysts have high praise for Bortles: DETROIT – NFL Network analysts Daniel Jeremiah and Bucky...
Joseph, Moses, Daniel, Noah, Jeremiah, John, Peter, Paul, Jesus Himself! All seemed to be embarrassed, let down in someway yet still rose!
Analysts are Brian Billick, Heath Evans, LaDanian Tomlinson and Daniel Jeremiah. The show will air in-game highlights in re…
Daniel Jeremiah and Charles Davis compares Jarvis Landry to Dez Bryant, how do you feel about that?
Thanks for the Scripture in Isaiah, it led me to Scripture in Matt, Luke, Romans, Daniel, Rev, and Jeremi…
does this podcast feature THEE Daniel Jeremiah?!
Rookie Watch: Seantrel Henderson: Daniel Jeremiah and Charles Davis take a look at what type of impact rookie ...
Daniel Jeremiah should do more radio spots.
In the Bible, Moses, Daniel and Jeremiah prayed to God, but God would answer by sending an angel or by a vision
Daniel Jeremiah said he could see 5 rookie WR's who could win ROY. All those draft picks & we didn't draft 1 & that's the worst part of team
Hanging out this morning with Daniel, Nehemiah, and Jeremiah. You?
. . . was protected by even in the prison house, even though things did not go well with Zedekiah. --Daniel
& Jeremiah too. The book of Daniel is important because of how special his Gift was, to interpret & see visions.
to the Jeremiah Daniel's awesome how it all connects!
Jeremiah an Daniel are driving me crazy😤
Martial law (Revelation 9:11) Babylon America. Ferguson still asking why there's injustice following man? (Daniel 9:13-14) - Jeremiah 5:19
*** Jeremiah Daniel and Michael but Michael returned his and is gonna wait for the call of duty edition to come out
Jeremiah & Daniel giving me life this morning. 👶💚
Jeremiah Jensen talks to Jordan Gross and Daniel Sorensen in KC-CAR pres...: via
President Obama to Missouri Governor Jeremiah Nixon yesterday on the phone: "Jay, you're doing a heckuva job."
Like said, watch the Guerrero match. Daniel Bryan beat three guys at WM30. No reason he can't beat Lesnar.
Lesnar appears at 20 shows a year. Daniel Bryan or Roman Reigns will work 300+ for a decade. Do the math.
I remember my freshman year at Appalachian State when Larry A Brock Jr Billy Young and Daniel Jeremiah would come by and visit David Jackson in the office and they immediately made me feel like ASU was my home...
"That is a very, very talented football team" -Daniel Jeremiah on the St. Louis Rams
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why didn't you show NFL Network's Daniel Jeremiah a former NFL scout and Charles Davis former player who gave the Jets an A
"When going over draft picks, Charlie Casserly and Daniel Jeremiah both deemed Atlanta Falcons to have the "safe...
Bleacher Report Chicago Bears Final 2014 NFL Mock Draft Roundup Bleacher Report Last week, we featured our Chicago Bears' Mock Draft Roundup and gave you picks from ESPN's Mel Kiper Jr. and Todd McShay. We also featured Rob Rang and Dane Brugler of CBS Sports as well as NFL Network's Daniel Jeremiah and Charles Davis.
Hold on, the NFLN isn't putting Daniel Jeremiah on the set for Day 1 of the NFL Draft? That's a little disappointing.
I am with you on Fuller. Although, Daniel Jeremiah said he's being told that who the Steelers are going to take.
NFL draft analyst Daniel Jeremiah says he's told the Steelers will take CB Kyle Fuller in the 2014 NFL Draft.
I will be running the Long Island Half-Marathon tomorrow. Cheer me on using
I really like mayock, but right now Daniel Jeremiah is the best.
Regardless of all of the annual "crazy talk" from Mel Kiper, Mike Mayock and Daniel Jeremiah when it comes to "Black" QB's, just about every team with a top ten pick and every team who has openly declared that they need a QB has worked Bridgewater out. Houston, Jacksonville, Cleveland, Oakland, Tampa Bay, Minnesota, Tennessee and Arizona all have either immediate or long term needs at QB. He has been worked out by just about all of those teams and the New England Patriots. Crazier things have happened in sports because sometimes emotional issues take precedence over rational decision making but I would be surprised if NFL GMs have not gotten spanked enough by Russell Wilson and Colin Kaepernik to realize that you can't just devalue a QB because of the fact that he manifests the presence of melanin in his skin tone. Despite of all the irrational rantings of the annual "Black" QB bashing crazies, Teddy Bridgewater probably will not make it out of the top ten.
Who is the best DB in the 2014 NFL Draft? Is it OKLA ST CB Justin Gilbert? Bucky Brooks and Daniel Jeremiah of NFL Network discuss. [WATCH] Who are your favorite DBs in the draft?
We have people like Joseph,Daniel Jeremiah,Nehemiah who leaned on The Lord and did one make mistakes
I'm tired of watchin Go Diego.dang you Jeremiah Daniel
Daniel Jeremiah had some not-so-stellar things to say about our lord and savior Nick Foles after his Pro Day.
Daniel Jeremiah thinks the are picking Fuller at 15. Now I'm sad.
Cover 2 is a daily look at players on NFL Media analyst Daniel Jeremiah x2019;s top 50 prospec
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So according to Daniel Jeremiah, it's a done deal that Kyle Fuller will be a Steeler regardless of who's available at 15.
It was fun with the Gabbys, daveena, Julie, Jose ,Daniel, and Jeremiah. 👌
Daniel Jeremiah from says the best fit for the in the draft is (http:…
with Daniel Jeremiah of Your hosts Jeff Kane and Bob Snowdon get you ready for the
Podcast of my conversation w Daniel Jeremiah today talking 5.02.14
What did you think about Daniel Jeremiah saying he's being told the Steelers are taking Fuller?
Daniel Jeremiah and Bucky Brooks break down their list of "red-star prospects" -- players who,
NFL Network's Daniel Jeremiah and Brian Baldinger go "inside" the war room & go WR Mike Evans, OL Turner or Thomas, & McCarron in 3rd.
Jeremiah 32. 7 Alas, Lord God! Behold, You have made the heavens and the earth by Your great power and by Your...
The Oakland Raiders might have their choice between Blake Bortles and Johnny Manziel with the fifth overall pick, but Daniel Jeremiah (1/2)
I don't even listen to Kiper/McShay, all about the NFL Network crew Daniel Jeremiah, Charles Davis and Mike Mayock
Take a walk on the stunning Abel Tasman Coastal Track (pic: Daniel Murray)
NFL experts weigh in on the draft needs. . READ:
.tells 3-4 years down the line Teddy Bridgewater will be the best QB from this draft.
Thu. Intvw: Daniel Jeremiah (of says Bridgewater will end up as best QB from '14 class.
I still respect Daniel Jeremiah much more than any other ESPN/NFL draft analyst.
The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have a need at quarterback, and Daniel Jeremiah believes Johnny Manziel would make sense on a team that has a good jumpball receiver like Vincent Jackson.
Wanna hear something funny or ironic and about 3 weeks ago I sent a letter to Vikings headquarters to look at Mallet and here is the article , LOL ! In all fairness to Christian Ponder and Matt Cassel, Minnesota is desperate for a quarterback. Ponder, who was selected 11th overall in 2011, has had multiple opportunities to show he’s the guy. Cassel, just recently signed a two-year extension with the team, but presumably as a back-up. Unfortunately for Ponder, he has become expendable, and the team is now in search of another signal caller. Why not Ryan Mallett? According to many NFL experts, Minnesota should use their number eight overall pick on a quarterback. For example, draft analyst Daniel Jeremiah explains Minnesota could very well find their guy at number eight. Jeremiah writes: ” The Vikings could find their long-term answer with the No. 8 overall pick, or they could take a passer in the second round and use their first pick to upgrade their defense.” Top QB prospects Blake Bortles, ...
With the departure of LeGarrette Blount to the AFC rival Pittsburgh Steelers, the New England Patriots are in the market for a potential franchise running back in the 2014 NFL Draft, and according to NFL Network analyst Daniel Jeremiah, don’t be surprised if they address this immediately in the firs…
Analysts: Lions unlikely to trade up for WR Sammy Watkins Since the Lions hosted former Clemson wide receiver Sammy Watkins on a pre-draft visit last week, there has been significant chatter about them potentially trading up in the first round. Watkins is widely considered the top receiver in the draft and an instant impact player, but NFL Network analysts Charles Davis and Daniel Jeremiah said on a conference call Thursday the Lions moving up from No. 10 for Watkins seems unlikely. “For Sammy Watkins, which seems to be the biggest rumor mill going out there, I think that’d be a huge, huge move to have to go up and get him because you’re really starting at No. 2 with St. Louis,” Davis said. The Lions have shown significant interest in Watkins throughout the pre-draft process. In addition to talking with him at the combine in February, general manager Martin Mayhew and coach Jim Caldwell had dinner with Watkins and his parents the night before his pro day in March. Jeremiah, a former scout, said he ...
Daniel Jeremiah, Curtis Conway and Charley Casserly go inside the New York Jets draft room and discuss which wide receiver the team should take with its first round pick.  
Inside the Miami Dolphins draft room: Daniel Jeremiah, Charley Casserly and Curtis Conway break down the draft...
Daniel Jeremiah says that the St. Louis Rams "need a home run in this draft" to close the gap on the defending champion Seahawks and 49ers and make a return to the playoffs.
Daniel Jeremiah and Charles Davis discuss the offensive line position in the 2014 NFL Draft an
Daniel Jeremiah and Charles Davis debate if the Oakland Raiders' recent signing of veteran QB Matt Schaub will affect their decision to draft a quarterback in the 2014 NFL Draft.
Daniel Jeremiah's latest mock draft has Blake Bortles as the first QB off the board, to the Raiders at No. 5 overall. After the Matt Schaub trade Friday, Jeremiah says expect a drastic change.
New England Patriots First-round spot: 29 » Patriots' 2014 draft picks | Draft history The Patriots were decimated at the tight end position in 2013 due to injuries to Rob Gronkowski and legal problems for Aaron Hernandez. The team could be looking to shore up that suddenly sketchy position. Offensive line, defensive line and cornerback also appear to be areas of need for a team that figures to remain in Super Bowl contention in 2014. March 14: Two Gamecocks work out for Patriots South Carolina QB Connor Shaw and WR Bruce Ellington worked out for the Patriots on Friday, according to Josh Kendall of The State newspaper in Columbia, S.C. Wide receiver is among New England's top three draft needs, according to Daniel Jeremiah. "They have some promising young wideouts but they lack someone with the potential to be a true No. 1 receiver," writes Jeremiah. Louis Nix, DT, Notre Dame March 13: Patriots could target Nix to replace Wilfork NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport reported that defensive tackle Vince Wilfork ...
Daniel Jeremiah and Charles Davis look at the holes the Denver Broncos need to fill in 2014 by breaking down their potential draft-day moves.
NFL Media analyst Daniel Jeremiah believes that Michael Sam is in danger of going undrafted after a disappointing showing in combine workouts.
Before Cleveland reshuffled its front office, the Browns were thought to be smitten with Texas A&M's Johnny Manziel. But Daniel Jeremiah says the team actually preferred Fresno State's Derek Carr.
Copy and Paste from ESPN's Insider: There's been profuse talk that Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel is who the Cleveland Browns will go after should he be available at the No. 4 slot in the first round of May's NFL draft. A recent report today refutes the idea and posits that the Browns are looking in another quarterback's direction, that of Fresno State's Derek Carr. "[Cleveland's] guy is Derek Carr and they're going to take a different player with the fourth pick and they want to take Derek Carr with their second one (at No. 26)," said's Daniel Jeremiah. "I heard that from several different places." Jeremiah reports that, according to his sources, the attention paid to Manziel by Browns brass was a "total smokescreen." Of course, the Browns may not even have to make that call, should Manziel go to quarterback-needy teams like the Houston Texans and Jacksonville Jaguars at either the No. 1 and No. 3 spots.
The Cleveland Browns prefer QB Derek Carr over QB Johnny Manziel, according to Daniel Jeremiah from
Daniel Jeremiah, Steve Mariucci and Charles Davis weigh in on which NFL team is the best fit for Oklahoma State...
Who to watch on final day of the combine - Daniel Jeremiah talks with Paul Burmeister on what to expect on the fin...
Reading the major Prophets and Isaiah, Jeremiah, & Ezekiel have got me torn up! Daniel will do the same..."study to show thyself approved"
"If my girl move on and bring another *** to my funeral...
Prayer request: Baby Daniel Jeremiah is back in the hospital on a breathing machine. Please pray for healing of his vocal chords and that MRI test results will be in tomorrow (Tue) with what the doctors are wanting to see in the results. Please join us in thanking the Lord for this healing and praise Him for His goodness. Thank you and God bless!
that stinks! Sorry your dealing with that. I know a good chiropractor if you need one.
"The first & last portrait photos of Lincoln as President: May 1860 & Feb 1865. Wow such a different
Daniel Jeremiah you suggest Texans take Clowney. What do the Texans do about QB?
Daniel Jeremiah has mentioned him to. Says he can lay the wood Seattle-style.
Ok, but Daniel Jeremiah has pointed out how Gabbert used to have his eyes go down at Mizzou when pressure came.
I'm just asking bcuz Daniel Jeremiah mentioned this about evaluating Gabbert as a scout in 2013.
NFLN's Daniel Jeremiah (thinks Calvin Pryor would be a great fit in St. Louis alongside T.J. McDonald (Agreed
but Daniel Jeremiah said all you need to see is the Ohio St tape? Why watch any more?!
Daniel Jeremiah, Charles Davis, Steve Mariucci and Mike Mayock describe which player currently in the NFL is most...
Daniel Jeremiah mentions Detroit, Pittsburgh, Arizona and Philadelphia as "fits" for Michael Sam.
Daniel Jeremiah let's try not to use the word *** at all when is on the field PLEASE.
According to Daniel Jeremiah of, Notre Dame's Stephon Tuitt will not participate in drills at the NFL Scouting Combine on Monday because of a Jones fracture in his left foot. The injury may also prevent Tuitt from working out for teams at his pro day. The recovery time is expected to be...
Top 5 WR combine performances: Charles Davis and Daniel Jeremiah break down the wide re...
Notre Dame's Stephon Tuitt not cleared for combine Jeremiah, Daniel Notre Dame's Stephon Tuitt, one of the top pa...
Prayer request: Please pray for Baby Daniel Jeremiah and his vocal cords. They are paralyzed and blocking his airway. Please pray for healing of this so that he will be able to breath on his own without a machine. Thank you and God bless!
Daniel Jeremiah please explain why Falcons would pick OLB Mack when DE is biggest need. Unless switch to 3-4
Daniel Jeremiah's podcast with Rich Eisen recently was really insightful on the life of a scout. Not glamorous.
Daniel Jeremiah you've been caught up in the hype my friend. You've lost all objectivity like most other analysts.
Daniel Jeremiah the new org wants. Not a selfish primadonna like Manziel. And again he is clearly not a better pro prospect than mett or aj
Daniel Jeremiah just made a Sammy Watkins to Josh Gordon comparison. I don't see that at all. I have him as a mix of Torrey Smith and Harvin
"How many text messages do you think Sam Bradford sent Jeff Fisher about Sammy Watkins so far?" - Daniel Jeremiah
Daniel Jeremiah are referenced. Aaron Murray is a team guy who leads and puts the team first on and off the field. That's the type of player
Daniel Jeremiah and we all know Manziel has character issues and doesn't put team first. When talked about only his individual stats are
Daniel Jeremiah not to mention the staff fell In love with Aaron Murray competitive nature @ the Senior Bowl. And Murray will be there late
Daniel Jeremiah, Could lache seastrunk be this year's prized sleeper?
Daniel Jeremiah with SF picking late in the first rd, do you see them going corner in the first due to wr depth in the draft?
Daniel Jeremiah What round is the latest to get a quality WR for the Eagles? We need at least number 3.
Jeremiah 31:25 . I will refresh the weary and satisfy the faint.".
Something to watch, Daniel Jeremiah said WRs are in a tough spot at the combine b/c QBs want to show they have a canon.
Daniel Jeremiah is making comparisons for Manziel to JAX because Gus coached at SEA w/ Wilson.
Well thats me awake now.might as well get up and get dressed and have a cup of tea. Not nice when you...
Video: Which team will Michael Sam go to?: Daniel Jeremiah analyzes which teams have emerged as the most likel...
Daniel Jeremiah gave him a 5th round grade. Someone is gonna get a steal
Daniel Jeremiah compares Michael Sam to Trent Cole. He think he's a good fit for the Eagles.
Daniel Jeremiah talking like he just discovered who Taylor Lewan is as a player as an athlete
Daniel Jeremiah is hands down my favorite person on NFLN. Interview on Rich Eisen Podcast just made me love him more.
Daniel Jeremiah: "I think there are six tackles worthy of a first-round pick."
I feel like punching Mel Kiper Jr and Daniel Jeremiah in the face for being so stupid..they know nothing..they downgraded Russell Wilson,ray Lewis,drew brees,marshawn its funny because they act they know what there talking about.vent done
Breast Cancer Awareness
I just sat with my father and explained to him the prophecies of Daniel, Chapter 9 and Jeremiah 31. He didn't say...
this is recorded in Kings and chronicles Isaiah Jeremiah Ezekiel Daniel Hosea Joel Amos ezra. Now they began to war against.
Not to kick the bee's nest, but wasn't Daniel Jeremiah the first to bring up Floyd in Top-5 talk/hype?
Thim slick. fabulous ft Jeremiah. Perfect song on how I like my girls
I'll forgive and forget. If you say you'll never go. Cos it's true what they say. It's better the devil you...
Just spoke with NFLN Draft Analyst Daniel Jeremiah. He tells me, "This is a special group of wide receivers." Starters beyond Round 1.
yeah I like Daniel Jeremiah as well... Ha Nally and his redsox
yea I do. Matt Miller, Daniel Jeremiah, Greg Gabriel are good's Gil Brandt ranks Ryan Shazier as his No. 32 overall prospect, Bradley Roby as his No. 42 prospect and Carlos Hyde as his No. 44 prospect.'s Daniel Jeremiah has Hyde at No. 22, Shazier at No. 35 and Roby at No. 37.
With the NFL Scouting Combine fast approaching, Daniel Jeremiah matches top prospects with their NFL equivalents -- and explains what Johnny Manziel and Tony Romo have in common.
NFL Network's Daniel Jeremiah catches up with Eastern Illinois quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo on the sideline after his performance in the 2014 East-West Shrine Game.
So I have seen some mock drafts already out around the internet. I think it is too early to project where these guys will end up because the Senior Bowl hasn't been played. The combine hasn't even started. Mel Kiper has Sammy Watkins going to the Raiders at Number 5. If that does happen, we better grab Derek Carr as our QB. And if we have to jump back in the 1st round so be it. Derek Carr has a big arm on him. He needs to work on his foot work a little bit, but in my opinion he is a good QB. And him having Sammy Watkins to throw to helps immensely. Daniel Jeremiah has us taking Bridgewater and Bucky Brooks has us taking Blake Bortles.
NFL.coms Daniel Jeremiah and Bucky Brooks both have the dolphins selecting ZACK MARTIN OT NOTRE DAME draft order isn't even determined, but we have our first mock-draft (granted, Daniel Jeremiah and Bucky Brooks aren't exactly who I look to for reliable draft info, but I digress). If the actual draft turns out as DJ predicts for the Pack, expect a healthy dose of Nelson (from The Simpsons) references next season.
Fresno State QB Derek Carr played his worst game of the 2013 season in the Las Vegas Bowl. But NFL Media analyst Daniel Jeremiah says he can undo some of the damage with a solid week of Senior Bowl practices.
Omg do you both remember the Film with Johnny Depp in called The Secret Window with the Door flapping of its...
I am so angry right now! I really wish I can punch through a mountain! I am trying to remain strong but it's only so much I can take! If all I can receive is Christmas with my family rather than gifts, I would trade it for all that I possess. My family is scattered all over the world and I try to reach out and all I get nothing! After my mother passed everyone said they would be there! We need to be strong! I found out that this is not true! The only "two" people that I am remotely close with is my brother Dwayne and My eldest brother Jon Thompson! I just recently contacted a cousin and it felt good that we are on the same wave length. There was so many people I looked up to when I was a kid. Daniel Jeremiah Thompson Gloria Brown Uncle Gerald. And my uncle Sammy and Aunt Barbara. Before my mother passed she told me that "I" need to keep the family "Together"! Now I am held accountable. This needs to stop! I love my family too much to let this happen. So this is a notice to all of my family! YOU WILL BE CO ...
Daniel Jeremiah and Bob Papa break down some of the biggest matchups in Week 16, including the big NFC South showdown between the New Orleans Saints and the Carolina Panthers.
Treasure, that is what you are. Honey, you're my golden star. You know you can make my wish come true. If you let me...'s Daniel Jeremiah spoke with two GMs who believe Fresno State senior QB Derek Carr has the most to prove from now until May's draft. "With all of these other quarterbacks staying in school, Carr could sky rocket with an impressive Senior Bowl. He'll interview very well at the combine," One general manager said. "He has a chance to go really high with a good postseason. If he has a good Senior Bowl, where he looks good in a pro offense, and then interviews well, that will really up his stock," another added. We would be shocked if Carr does not shine in Mobile, especially in passing drills that do not feature a pass rush. We still want to see how he handles interior pressure, but that could be said with every quarterback prospect.
Yes they are from Jeremiah to Daniel for sure-days of Noah starting!
Peter Schrager's podcast w/ Charles Davis and Daniel Jeremiah was a great listen. I recommend it if you have two hours.
who eff is Daniel Jeremiah and how close to ASU program is he? Likely an armchair opinion
Daniel Jeremiah said "The should seriously look at Cutler and he would make them instantly competitive"
Jeremiah is giving Daniel a piggyback around the Vanderbilt 😂
It truly does annoy me with the fact that my 11 Year old Sister has an IPad, but what annoys me even more is...
Coming up: Brian Billick at 7:30, Audubon native Joe Flacco at 8, Brian Westbrook VIP meet & greet passes at 8:15, Daniel Jeremiah at 10:30. And later, The 12 Days of Bruno continues, plus the Mike Missanelli holiday wheel in the 5pm hour!
Tonight Jeremiah's word of "Follow God, not a city" really hit me. I will follow Him wherever He leads me. Not just to NYC.
NFL Media analyst Daniel Jeremiah breaks down the top three draft needs for all 32 teams heading into Week 13 of the regular season.
SD Chargers Videos- Morning Links: Martyball - ESPN (blog) - Morning Links: MartyballESPN (blog)The show provided some good perspective on Schottenheimer&time coaching in San Diego, including some time devoted to the meaning of “Martyball”, which you can see in this video. Daniel Jeremiah of ... Currently, the Chargers would select No. 16 or 17.and more »
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
"When ye (dear reader) therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand...
The Rams could benefit tremendously from the Redskins' woeful season. See how as Daniel Jeremiah breaks down each teams' draft needs. Read's Daniel Jeremiah believes redshirt sophomore T Greg Robinson is the second best player in the BCS National Championship game.
Just saw someone's Comment on the Status : What's your Family Christmas Tradition and they put : Taking down the...
is for Christina, for Joey, for William, for Daniel, for...Jeremiah?!
Solomon was inherited to his father David's throne; Isaiah was a prophet, as was Jeremiah; Ezekiel was a priest; Daniel was.
I wish for great faith like Jeremiah and Daniel had. They fearlessly trusted God and what more could I want?
Three Months and 9 Days since me and my Girlfriend have been together :) I love her so much and she is the best...
NFL Media analyst Daniel Jeremiah names his 2013 college football All-American and picks for the season's major awards.
Screaming at Daniel to take me to Jeremiah's lol.
[ Jeremy (Wonderstruck) is a fifth year. Um, I know Jeremiah, Tara, Zoe and Daniel are fourthers XD ]
What me Jeremiah and Daniel wrote on Tyler's desk
So be like Abraham, David, Elijah, Job, Nehemiah, Jeremiah, Daniel, Paul and the Greatest of all The KING of KINGS JESUS CHRIST!
There's me saying in the House that I didn't watch the end of the X Factor last night to see which two Acts are...
Go to the Shop to buy some Bread, Brown Bread to be precise and have £1.30 on me to buy it, get told its £1.40...
Daniel Jeremiah: 3 QB's could be drafted in top-5 picks -
Happy anniversary Daniel Jeremiah. I can't say the entire time has been roses and chocolates but I wouldn't be anywhere else for quids. Love you.
Movie extras have interesting lives
"Woman taking a selfie in 1900 Nothing that is "new" today is not new.
FIVE (5) BOOKS OF MAJOR PROPHETS:Isaiah, Jeremiah, Lamentations, Ezekiel & Daniel.Prophets are the MOUTHPIECE of God!
Daniel 9 - The prophecies in Jeremiah 25&29 stirred Daniel to pray. Prophecies aren't just to be believed. They are to be prayed into being.
Let me publicly say... with all my heart and soul and with every fiber of my being i truly love my three sons Kaidyn Jahrez Keebler, Daniel Jeremiah Keebler and Emmanuel Jamori Keebler... No i have not been the perfect father no i can't afford to even buy you things no i don't have transportation to take you guys out all the time and i apologize to both mothers of my children publicly for not trying harder but what i do have is a heart that i will give to either one of them a love that will stand when money runs dry and a care that we all will one day share... fathers spend time with your kids because i would do anything to at least have finances to take all of my boys out for just one night... men our kids need us not just on the weekend but every moment we have belongs to them... you might not be with the mother but you helped her make them and so today i take a vow to be the best father this world has seen if i got to walk to a job to get money to take care of mine I'm walking already... it's my time t ...
DeMeco Ryans is the first Eagles linebacker with at least three sacks and two interceptions in a season since Jeremiah Tr…
Daniel Jeremiah David grant is so annoying 😒
Me Micah Marie Paulsness and Jeremiah Paulsness are watching The Conjuring. Tomorrow my husband Daniel...
The ending of the Book of Jeremiah needs to be made into a movie and I want Daniel Craig and Jennifer Lawrence in it.
Jeremiah Weed cider is my new soul drink. It's basically Jack Daniel's cider and it's sensational
Packers top 3 draft needs for 2014:TE, CB, LB per Daniel Jeremiah. Not sure how O&D lines aren't in the mix.
During the first year of his reign, I, Daniel, learned from reading the word of the Lord, as revealed to Jeremiah th…
The so called Black man & woman, do not ask why if you hate truth, God hath mercy upon whom he will. -Jeremiah 5:19 - Daniel 9:13
Daniel Jeremiah suggest this what need in draft WR, OG, CB
Daniel, understood by d books the number of d years specified by d word of the Lord through Jeremiah d prophet and he prayed it into being.
"The first photograph of lightning, by William Jennings, 1882 simply awesome! Nerding out.
Who's down for Jeremiah's at this second
There is going to be a terrible period of tribulation. Jeremiah 30:7, Daniel 12:1 warns, and Jesus Himself said in Matthew 24:21
who are your best bros? — Mervin Chew bo pang Daniel ong JI pang ding hong Jeremiah!
heath evans was vicious, Henie was a shrink, Daniel Jeremiah said RG3 should take ownership then everyone would leave him alone
When did Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, Hosea, Joel, Amos, Obadiah and the others every have to MAKE God do anything?
Misty Daniel Harley Daniel Caleb Daniel Justin Daniel Jeremiah Daniel I love y'all but I can't shake this fever and couch so I will not be coming over today but hopefully I will better this weekend and I will come then! I'm sorry I love y'all to peices
Every one please keep my family in your prayers today.. Today makes a year that my precious baby cousin Lukas died... He was such a loving and gorgeous baby and I loved him like he was my little brother I can't wait to see him in heaven, I love you luky doo-I love you Misty Daniel. Harley Daniel Jeremiah Daniel Justin Daniel Caleb Daniel
"The will look to extend their winning streak to 6 games when they return to on Oct. 20.
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