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Daniel Henney

Daniel Phillip Henney (born November 28, 1979) is an American actor and model.

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Hangout Fest 2014 - This is what happens when you send extremely sleep deprived and shameless kids to the beach with nothing but booze, chips, and KINDERGARTEN level paint skills :) Jeremy Putz Daniel Henney Leah Bateman Keili Mitts Sage Dibner
Daniel Henney look a like in math class I shall befriend you
Daniel Henney talks about his career in Los Angeles + his ideal type
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ^_^. /sends you daniel henney in a bowtie. (yeap, just a bowtie.)
Let's just face it, pelakon X-Men Origins Wolverine semua hot okay. From Ryan Reynolds to Daniel Henney. EVERY girl should watch it!
Woohoo! I've just finished the second draft of The Survivors Book III: Winter, so to celebrate, here are a couple of pictures of Daniel Henney looking gorgeous. For those that don't already know, Daniel Henney is the actor that I have (mentally) cast to play Michael, if there's ever a Survivors movie or TV show. What can I say? He has fantastic abs, and the perfect dopey grin!
A big mahalo to Wendy Dunstan for the message sorry its a bit late H50 related episode tonight with Daniel Henney...
i dont know either :x btw you should watch the wolverine movie with daniel henney again because they shot it in UBC
If you are as hot as Daniel Henney i wouldnt mind but bro or can i even call you uncle? Please find other seats and stop being busybody
Daniel Henney looking like a stupid grinning Ken doll pls I know u r handsome but ur face annoys me right now
Guess who I ran into at the KOCCA LA screenings? Super hottie Daniel Henney
Take a look behind the scenes of Daniel Henney, the man who is now ready for his Hollywood close-up, our March Cover of KoreAm Journal. You can purchase a co...
That's why the guy was familiar, it's daniel henney lmao
I wonder if yur character in DDD will be similar to the suave businessman Daniel henney in "seducing Mr.perfect", movie!
looking at Daniel Henney's face makes me feel good.
Ugh Daniel Henney why are you so beautiful
You know I will be snagging this one for us. Yummy!. For those waiting for my posts or my response, I apologize.
He is super charming! . Daniel Henney is one sexy cover boy on Korea’s Esquire Magazine June 2014 issue.
is actor daniel henney available? I checked the weebly and intend to join as doctor
There is no sexy like Daniel Henney sexy.
Daniel Henney picks SNSD as his favourite girl-group & Jessica as his favourite member (OMG SICA HE LIKES YOU BACK)
Actor and model Daniel Henney reveals his ideal type of woman
Photo: sannyy: Daniel Henney, oohh my heart!! (That was an interesting first try to make a gif this way.)
Why Can't It Be -- reminds me of the fan video of Daniel Henney and Han Hyo Joo .. hehe
The Last Stand wiht Forest Whitaker,Daniel Henney,Jaimie Alexander,Arnold Schwarzeneger Luis Guzman ...So good and i like...
Ricky Kim is super cute. all Korean Americans are cute. Daniel Henney especially😍
Tonight must be Daniel Henney night. Mr. D has control of the clicker and decided to watch Arnold's film "Last...
Photoset: s4karuna: JUSTICE LEAGUE FANCAST: requested by anonymous Daniel Henney as Clark Kent/Superman...
The more I think about it, the more I wish they had retained the idea of a Asian male lead for 'Edge of Tomorrow', like in the novel it was based on. I would much rather watch Asian-American actors like Brian Tee, Daniel Henney or even Sun Kang running around saving the world instead of the well-pickled Tom Cruise.
Half Koreans half Americans are hot. Take Kim Lee Neely and Daniel Henney for example
Sica’s celebrity crushes are Daniel Henney and Josh Hartnett, Josh is the most recent one (as of June 2010)
He's also a doctor 0_0 And yeah i knew my uncle told me that :P Steven Yeun and Daniel Henney also lived in MI ^^
daniel henney isn't as handsome as me nuna B)
my cousin took a pic with Daniel Henney O_O gosh! can't believe it! he's so handsome
Daniel Henney will head to NBC's sophomore drama in a three-episode arc. read more
Me: Do you know the actor Daniel Henney? I remember I used to be obsess-. Mom: YEAH, I KNOW. . Oh LOL
A lot of people question Daniel Levy as a chairman & would like to see him sacked. Please read my views attached.
lol why would you pair up Changmin with that dude lol — I think that by that dude you think Daniel Henney lol. Th...
is it me only or everytime wear glasses he reminds me of Daniel Henney. HELP @ my room
Daniel Henney ! *squeals as you mention him then sighs dreamily*
I'm just warning you ~ /pecks your cheek/ but you never know, it happen that there's a man named Daniel Henney on earth eue
These are the deleted scenes from the Daniel Henney 다니엘 헤니 Seducing Mr. Perfect Movie, There are a few more but those dont include him and they are ...
I just died. Two of my fav Daniel Henney & Dennis O'neil
Daniel Henney is pretty much the Korean equivalent of Michael Wong, but he is a much better actor.
Random channel flipping brings me to a Daniel Henney movie called Shanghai Calling. Also in the movie are Chet and Cameron.
Photoset: royai + fancasting with daniel henney as roy and yvonne strhavoski as riza for witchmaddie » I...
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Daniel Henney photos, including production stills, premiere photos and other event photos, publicity photos, behind-the-scenes, and more.
Which idol stars look like their adorable pets? - allkpop - allkpopWhich idol stars look like their adorable pets?allkpopIt is undeniable that many idol stars absolutely love and adore animals, especially their own pets. Some even have up to four or five dogs they can cuddle with at home! Not to mention, stars like KARA&Hara and Daniel Henney even took part in photo ...
Daniel Henney is to Cindy, as Mariano Di Vaio is to me. 😏
*** budding actors on IG so many tags incld. kpop lol. I guess nobody will hustle for you. He looks Daniel Henney
Why cast Keanu in when you got Daniel Henney on your doorstep Hollywood? 😏
Daniel Henney's acting is so good walao
In the hotel room, crying over 'The Father' (ugh Daniel Henney is so handsome) (so much sadness in this movie)
And now I'm watching a Korean movie on tv9. Lol! Daniel Henney is the actor.
Wait what is this actor name. Not Daniel henney right
its so strange that Daniel Henney is so popular in korea when he doesnt speak any korean. esp in the Seducing Mr Perfect for a fulll 2 hours
I was watching gag concert and then Daniel henney showed up. My face when I saw him was stuck the same way for minutes
Him and Daniel Henney no lie oh my God
Just saw Shanghai Calling with Daniel Henney and it was amazing. Loved the movie!! I want the DVD now :)
The first time I saw Daniel Henney was in Fugitive Plan B, and I fell so in love~
PSHSH they should have made Krystal's oppa Daniel Henney or someone with an American accent :3
some people say that Daniel Henney and Siwon are look... — I think that comes down to personal judgement. I can ...
Daniel will be seen in NBC's Revolution soon!!. via Daniel's parents Christine Henney
The reason I put picture of Daniel Henney is to support him I want Daniel's fans to do same thing as I did !
Have any of you noticed that there a no Asian film stars, despite the fact that they make up half the world populattion? Well I'm watching "Shanghai Calling" and the Chinese actors Daniel Henney and Zhu Zhu are so good looking and appealing that they should both be superstars.
A brief interview and parts of a photoshoot that Daniel Henney did with Vogue magazine. I do not own Daniel Henny or his agency, nor do i own Vogue Magazine.
Best known for playing comic book character Agent Zero in 2009′s “X-Men Origins: Wolverine,” American-Korean actor Daniel Henney is now “Revolution” bound with a recurring role on the second season of NBC’s post apocalyptic series, according to THR. Not much has been released about his character...
X-Men Origins: Wolverine alum Daniel Henney has boarded the network's sophomore drama for a three-episode arc, The Hollywood Reporter has learned. Henney will first appear in the 13th episode of the series from executive producer Eric Kripke -- slated for January. The co-showrunner tells THR that...
Daniel Henney says do like to smell of cup Coffee and listen to music. That's i needed in the morning before i get to work, just imagine in your mind Dal Komm Coffee listen to the music.
Facts about Yoona ;) : 1) Although the YoonA of the youngest girls , they seem very beautiful and mature . 2) It is said that YoonA has a lot of personal good and feel good . 3) YoonA is the first member of the band Girls' Generation do your film . 4) Yoona & Yuri share a room together . 5 ) Fans Club Yoona called YoonAddict. 6) Jonghyun SHINee member of the biggest fans of Yoona & Jessica. 7) Yoona is washed dishes in residence SNSD. 8) were not representing the leading role in her first drama [9 ends 2 outs]. 9) Yoona is the most powerful member of the band . 10) Taeng & Soo Yoona were partners in the room previously . 11) Yoona & Soo can photograph eat a lot of food , however no more than their weight never . 12) Yoona & Seo were studying together in the same school . 13) Yoona was impressed with TVXQ member Micky much when she was an intern . 14) Leeteuk - " Yoona has the most beautiful hairstyle before .. So I tried to Oqldha . " 15) are generally gentle angry when yuri sad . 16) Yoona is the queen o ...
Saw "Shanghai Calling" on TV last night. It was a ton of fun. Check it out if you have a chance. You probably will appreciate it the most if you are familiar with both the american culture and the chinese culture. But on its own, it's a funky comedy that reveals one side of life for westerns in the dynamic modern Shanghai. It's about some lawyer working for his firm's branch in China. It touches many issues in a hilariously humorous way. Main actors in it include Daniel Henney (X-men origins), Bill Paxton, etc
Hello and Happy Thursday, Hermosas! Just wanted to remind everyone again about Shanghai Calling's US television premiere on STARZ, tomorrow at 9pm.  As a special treat, Daniel Henney (Sam Chao) and...
(Photo: Elle Magazine) Actor Daniel Henney poses with his dog named Mango for a good cause.  For Fashion magazine ‘Elle’ signature charity project ‘Share Happiness’, Daniel Henney shot a charity pictorial with his beloved pet to donate his talent for a good cause. …
Many Daniel Henney fans will be disappointed to ...[more...]
Daniel Henney marathon. Back to work by tonight.
Just because I feel like sharing some of my work, here's the first forms of my Fakemon (Fake Pokemon) starters: Poppy (Grass), Pyrophan (Fire) and Maram (Water). My friend Taylor Daniel Henney helped me out with Maram. ^_^
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Wallpaper of Daniel Henney for fans of Daniel Henney.
Here you are sitting in front of your computer screen slowing scrolling through shirtless photos of Daniel Henney in celebration of his 34th birthday, which is on Thanksgiving. Just think, while everyone is sitting around watching football, eating their third helping of turkey, and that one person i...
Daniel Henney parents they very together as a family this is the photo of them. Daniel love his parents very much he always care for them.
with Daniel Henney and the 2nd guy from If so, I have seen it ;)
Siwon is in this? When does he show up? I'm on Ep 5 already. It's Daniel Henney and Seo Do Young so far.
After the episode I had on here, whenever I hear Daniel Sturridge' name I just wanna drop kick a scouser
60 Yoona Facts ! 1. Yoona is shikshin. 2. She makes a cute angry face whenever yuri is sad. 3. Yoona is the Queen of CF in SNSD. 4. Alot of male & female fans want to tackle her. 5. She's a great actress and a model as well. 6. She is the face of Soshi. 7. Her daum fanclub, Luxul, is currently the largest among soshi members. 8. Yoona would like a son and a daughter. 9. She picked Bali (or summer island) for her dream honeymoon destination. 10. According to HyoYeon (in Mnet Starwatch) although Yoona seems quiet and hard to approach, she's actually one of the friendliest soshi member. 11. She's been in many mv for high profile groups and singers. 12. She likes to bow really low! 13. CSJH's Dana was one of her vocal coach. 14. Yoona is more confident in her dancing and acting compared to singing. 15. Yoona is soshi's dishwasher. 16. She's a part of Soshi dance trio. 17. She was a permanent guest on Superjunior Kiss the Radio. 18. She has awesome facial expressions. 19. Yoona loves rollercoaster ride. 20. Y ...
after Cold Eyes I needed smt lihter so I watched some American chick flick starring Daniel Henney.
Thought I'd have a lil fun & imitate one of my fave pix of Daniel Henney! ^_~.
if daniel henney asked you that see whether you'll reply anot. Lol.
Daniel Henney ugh why do you have to be so attractive
It has Daniel Henney... I will bear with this even if it means repeating a scene 3 or 4 times :))
I've watched it two times continuously yesterday and gonna watch it again.. so in love with Daniel Henney... :P Thanks to Anugya Smiley for this movie and sorry for not listening yo you :P
And Daniel Henney is just way too attractive; it's so unnecessary.
Did you go recently? It's been 2 yrs since I've gone & it was only to meet Daniel Henney et al and his fans.
Dennis Oh and Daniel Henney you are mine okay :)
And, yup! Daniel Henney is one of the most handsome guy untuk edisi campuran antara bule-asia. Ganteng parah.. Asli.
I really like The Spy \(^⌣^)/ love the story and of course Daniel Henney ~~~
God *** .. Is this how you eat mangoes? I've been eating it wrong my whole life
Foto: the-editorial-photoblog: Daniel Henney on the Cover of 1st Look Vol. 52
hey, is Daniel Henney a big deal in Korea?
Did you know that Daniel Henney who played Micheal Noshimuri in also played Dr. David Lee in Three Rivers, with Alex?! Wow,did not know
Fall in love with Daniel Henney. Stop getting older, please
That's what I do when I cheat! DANIEL HENNEY. BAD. It's okay. We can work past that.
it's about a guy that plays the piano and Daniel Henney is his boss or smth and they both fall for the same girl.
A very stong and smart man. Daniel Henney
Shosi Factsis Her former Ideal Types include Daniel Henney & Yun Jung Hoon. Her current Ideal Type is Japanese actor and idol singer KimuraTakuya. She doesn't care about height when it comes to her ideal type but a little taller than her would be nice. Taunts Jessica with cucumbers whenever she can. Her Zodiac sign is Gemini. She eats a lot but never gets blotted in the morning, inciting friendly jealousy from Sooyoung. Loves to eat cereal before going to bed. She is the queen of midnight snaking. Answer + pr No pr means Wrong Fanyoona
there's another one. Daniel Henney. Heard of him?
This girl just said I look like Daniel Henney. Never heard that before.. Sike. 😑
Want more of Check out his second ad to fight animal homelessness. More info:
Have you met Daniel Henney in person? ;)
I figured out why I'm just drooling over The Voice contestant, Ray, he looks like Daniel Henney!! Such strong, extremely handsome facial features.. Goodness lol. Ok stop it pachia lol.
Mixed Exotic Men are gorgeous. Actor Daniel Henney - Korean and Caucasian. So sexy.
*** ?? Taylor Kitsch and Daniel Henney are in this movie??? + Ryan Reynolds... i might finish this OTL
Actor and model Daniel Henney has recently taken on a very different kind of role: helping to end the homeless dog and cat crisis.
Daniel Henney is just too oh.Shanghai Calling, Mr Perfect, and now The Fugitive pan B.oh.
Ha! Many of my young friends from all over the world love Daniel Henney!
Daniel Henney w/Elle Korea 2013.10 곰이되고픈 이 어이없는(?) 순간...ㅋㅋ I know what you gals think right now as soon as you look at this photo. Yeah, we ALL wish to be that blue bear. Can't believe myself that I would have THIS kinda moments in my life to think that "I wish I were the blue bear" kekeke
I'd rather Kris than Daniel Henney to be with Jessi now. . ANY PROBLEM?
How come no one told me that fine *** Daniel Henney was in this episode of Gag Con? *fapfapfap*
Hi Rosario! Would you like to work with Daniel Henney? (He was in X-Men and The Last Stand, plus other stuff.)
Queued a horribly large amount of Daniel Henney/Agent Zero posts on tumblr. Ugh, the things you'll do for literature muse...
Actually you're wrong! Daniel Henney... Won Bin... Rain... TVXQ... SUPERJUNIOR... SHINee... and EXO has joined.
PR. GD or Top... or both. Daniel Henney too.
Greatly exaggerated. I'm now happy and in a relationship... These articles are frustrating..
Daniel Henney is so hot omfg I forgot about him for awhile
did you really just pic stitch yourself with Daniel Henney omfg.
Now I wanna rewatch a Daniel Henney movie
It should still be available on amazon, sis.
Happy National Foundation day to all Henney korean fans.(^_^)
Had a romantic dream , on a date with one of my fav actor Daniel Henneybut then I woke up just before he's about to hug me. Dang! .. Had me smiling coz' I remember this song akala ko ikaw ay akin totoo sa aking paningin, ngunit ng ikaw ay yakapinnaglalaho sa dilimhay!
Done watching Seducing Mr. Perfect. Hay I'm inlove all over again, Daniel Henney!! My new love 💖💓💞😂
Ah, "My Lovely Sam Soon", basically Bridget Jones Diary but in Korean. I'm only watching it because Daniel Henney is in it, though it is small character roll.
The Daily SHAG | Daniel Henney For Elle Korea October 2013by Ethel NavalesOctober 1, 2013Post CommentIt’s rare to feel the need to swoon, sigh, giggle (yes, the term “giggle” is actually appropriate here) and blush all at the same time. If you thought this overwhelm of emotions was impossible, then…
"HANDSOME: Daniel Henney flies high in Elle-> check this out!
HANDSOME: Daniel Henney flies high in Elle->
Dear daniel henney can i take you home?
Daniel Henney came to Singapore last August and I couldn't see him ;~;
What you tryin' to be? My husband? What you Daniel Henney, fly through twice...
Please Share with Us which is your favourite drama,movies of Daniel Henney.Any scene or dialouge you like in his movie & drama the most.which movie & drama of DH you haved watched more & how many times.Share with us our Daniel Henney fans. Till keep loving Daniel Henney. Its a request from
There are a bunch of photos of Daniel Henney is my tumblr feed and I say thank you!
23. YoonA ideal man is Daniel Henney & got a sweet hug from him.
Ramp Walk with Daniel Henney any one wanna join him?
DANIEL HENNEY childhood pics shared by there parents..thankyou Mr. & Mrs.Henney
Christine and Philip Henney shares there love towards there son DANIEL HENNEY
Behold in the future the governments of the world will decide on one government " New World Order" And they will compromise on the leader who will be the Pope, They will want to rebuild the temple of solomon fullfilling the prophecy that the Dragon will give the "Christ like" beast his seat. The Book of Revelations & The Book of Daniel Henney
just so u know. Daniel Henney is a viral nowadays. So, pick him instead. Lol
BIOGRAPHY OF DANIEL HENNEY Korean American ACTOR BORN ON 28 NOV 1979 HEIGHT 6FT 2 INCH CARSON CITY MICHIGAN,UNITED STATES Daniel Henney was born to a Korean adoptee mother and an American father of Irish descent. Henney started modeling in the U.S. in 2001 and worked in France, Italy, Hong Kong and Taiwan while attending college. After his debut in South Korea with an advertisement for the Amore Pacific's cosmetic "Odyssey Sunrise", he became a spokesperson for commercials with Jeon Ji-hyun for Olympus cameras and Kim Tae-hee for Daewoo Electronics's Klasse air conditioners. Despite speaking no Korean, Henney became a household name through the South Korean hit TV drama, My Name is Kim Sam Soon. He played the role of Dr. Henry Kim, a surgeon who is devotedly in love with Hee-jin (played by Jung Ryeo-won) He later learned the language and appeared on a few variety shows, such as Family Outing.[4] Henney was a part of an academic scandal in which many sources stated that he had an Economics degree from the ...
Good morning Rush, sorry been to busy this weekend! Btw. love everything you do with Daniel Henney Europe ♥
Daniel good looking..waahhh...
How come you watched di you never told me? You know I like Daniel Henney right. :'( Cheh. K BB, wana kemas kemas ***
On the one hand daniel henney is so so handsome
Daniel Henney puts on a handsome hanbok with his 'The Spy' co-stars Moon So Ri and Han Ye Ri
Dal.koom coffee Matin and Daniel henney
Have to turn my sleep around so I can go back to 3rd shift starting Monday. Time to hit Korean DramaFever.That will keep me awake tonight. Daniel Henney be the cutie to watch. Wish he danced, could be a modern day Gene Kelly, so handsome.
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How funny/cute does this movie (ahem Daniel Henney) look!? have FREE movie tickets to give away yay!! If you're in the NY/Flushing area, LIKE Asian Movies n More, and LIKE/SHARE this post by noon tomorrow to get a chance to win them!! :) Note: Tickets can only be used at AMC Bay Terrace in Flushing, NY!
finally i discover the reason of my absurdity. i'm in love. with Daniel Henney. undoubtedly he has a great seductive power. and i've completely fallen for him.
daniel henney is just so OMG. really, i dont know how to describe it. seducing mr perfect
Holy moly, Daniel Henney is hysterical in "The Spy". Almost finished with the screener, then it is time to review.
Happy Monday, Team Henney! We just got some great news directly from CJ Entertainment America: S. Korea’s no.1 hit movie featuring Daniel Henney will be releasing in North American theaters on September 27!! We’ve all been waiting for … Continue reading →
Kim Mabe, Chanel Ake, Sherrie Sonomura...Head's up, Team Henney Hawaii! In addition to One Night Surprise screening at Hawaii International Film Festival in October, Daniel Henney's The Spy is coming to Honolulu at Consolidated Pearlridge this Friday! Hope you ladies can catch The Spy while it's in theaters! ♥
Who's planning on watching this new action comedy Korean movie 'The Spy'??? It comes out this Friday and it stars Daniel Henney!!! Hawaii people this movie will be played at the Consolidated Pearlridge theater.
I watched it Daniel Henney, bummed me out badly.
Charles and Keith so rich ah! Liu Wen, Daniel Henney, part of SNSD, international bloggers. whoaa
Photoset: Daniel Henney and Girls’ Generation graced the opening of Charles & Keith new outlet in...
I saw Russel Wong in cable. Before Daniel Henney he was my first Oriental crush.
I seriously everyweek go fangirl sia. LOL. Last week was Daniel Henney. Today was Junho. Next week... I wanna go Seung Gi's heh
Daniel henney in a new movie? Gotta keep an eye out for when someone subs it! Bb is perf with those glasses yo
I just noticed that Lay looks like Daniel Henney. OMG *spazz*
Daniel Henney is hot! Don't believe us? Watch our video interview with the hunky actor now:
Hunky actor Daniel Henney reveals what kind of shoes rock his socks, and the drink he is addicted to..
Well, unless you want Daniel Henney or Zoe Tay or Fann Wong or other famous-peeps-who-are-nugu-to-me
Whoa... liat foto2 premier the spy trus mimisan... jyj and daniel henney. Perfect collaboration!
So, . Daniel Henney and Kim Yunjin were there last night.
oooh Jaeboo went to Daniel Henney's movie premier! plus he looked gorgeous :D
im hoping too :)) i wana watch Daniel Henney again. It's been a long time since i haven't watched him in korean dramas.
Photos of Daniel Henney, Moon So Ri, and more attending the Spy premier:
two new teaser posters for movie THE SPY starring Sol Kyung-Gu, Moon So-Ri & Daniel Henney
*** it, first Jeong Woo-seong and now Daniel Henney". This was his reaction when actor Seol Kyeong-gu found...
Will Daniel Henney Come Back to TV Soon?: Daniel Henney has expressed his desire to come back to the small scr...
please come back handsome namja Will Daniel Henney Come Back to TV Soon?
I mean I like John Cho and Daniel Henney as much as the next gal, but yeah a lady is nice this time
Daniel Henney is in a new (Chinese) movie with Fan Bing Bing, where his character does what he does best: look good and speak English.
I just started I was all about Daniel Henney. 😝
he and Daniel Henney went on when they were doing the first Wolverine movie
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Remember the movie i told you about ? This is the main actor is "Daniel Henney" just search for it :)
If you like a man with keen eyes, here some advice: Go to Google Images type Daniel Henney or Dennis O'Neil. Thank me later.
And then Daniel Henney posts a photo of himself in front of framed posters of his coffee ads. Go away, Daniel.
To All Hemosas associated with Daniel Henney Thought this was cute Brings back memories of a Birthday Video "SMILE"
I don't remember this movie being that bad when I watched it in the cinema but lol hi Daniel Henney
Didn't know Daniel Henney's in this movie.
I was like "is that daniel henney?" Didn't know he acted in xmen origins.
Daniel Henney's movie come out on September, [pic] —
If Daniel Henney wish me a happy birthday, I'm sure dead this time. Immediately dead.
official fanbase of Daniel Henney - we are almost like official RP fanbase
official Daniel Henney fanclub followed us - does that mean we can almost call ourselves official? XD
Watching a movie with Daniel Henney, Rodrigo Santoro & Jaimie Alexander & somehow miraculously we are not all dead of amazing faces
The Curious Case of Mister K via Daniel Henney is finally back in a Korean film.
And big ups to for letting my Daniel Henney up in the crib.
Daniel Henney, can u be not that breath taking? Tolong.
For the letter D, name anyone that first comes up your mind a... — Daniel Henney? One of the sexiest beast eva. Yum
you know, the bit where I'm super sad and pathetic and alone?? before I meet my dreamy rom com hero (daniel henney???)
[TRAILER] Catch Daniel Henney in the trailer for THE SPY!: via
fans...RT [TRAILER] Catch Daniel Henney in the trailer for SPIES!
He's from Korea.So if we are talking asian: Bruce Lee, Russel Peters, Daniel Henney, Kall Penn, John Cho, Steven Yuen, etc girlfriend, Vicky, just caressed her computer screen cuz it had Daniel Henney on it...she is stalking him like Julia stalks David Lee!!!
i haven't laughed or cried this much over a move.Seducing Mr.Perfect had me laughing from start to finish...and not to mention Daniel Henney is ssso HOT!!
Hello to you too Daniel Henney I hope your day is wonderful.
Update, got to work on a show coming out soon I hope called "Occult" as a crime scene tech (NOPD), met Daniel Henney, cool guy!
I feel like watching another Daniel henney movie JUST BECAUSE he noticed me im ina a good mood
Daniel Henney the sexiest man alive!
Shout Out for Actor/Model Daniel Henney. So gorgeous and exotic: Daniel is Half Korean and Half American of Irish Descent. Mixed, Exotic always captures my immediate attention.
[Updated] Bazaar Korea posted unpublished photos of Daniel that weren't printed in the June issue. Check out the rest of the photos from the shoot! 바자 코리아에서 무보정 B컷을 다수 공개했네요. ^^ - Team D
Daniel Henney is looking good in every cf *_*
Daniel Henney reached 100K twice! Once at 12:31am Pacific June 23, 2013 and again two hours+ later!…
At least I have Daniel Henney to watch in this movie~
Im about to have a beautiful baby boy it's seven month's now
You're welcome and thank you as well! Always glad to meet another Daniel Henney fan ;)
Hello all!! It's time to VOTE Daniel Henney for SEXIEST MAN in the World!! Cause...knows he IS!! ^_~.
Watch Seducing Mr. Perfect for the nth time, daniel henney~~ why so handsome ♥.♥
Daniel Henney is HOT!! and of course my obsession with Korean films has nothing to do with it ;)
Julien Kang and Daniel Henney are the reason why i will marry a korean guy no matter what and have half-korean babies. ^_^
Daniel Henney is literally the most beautiful man to ever walk on this planet 😭
`I'm so excited to watch the next episode of andun kasi si Daniel Henney! is he a criminal or not! bitin' :/
I watched "seducing mr perfect" earlier and applause to Daniel Henney for being too hot! 👏👏👏 hihi sexy slang.
Screened "Shanghai Calling," starring Bill Paxton, Daniel Henney, Eliza Coupe. A cute romantic comedy, fish out of water, stranger in a strange land. I received it some time ago and got inundated and honestly, I said after watching, "I can't believe I didn't watch sooner." Needless to say, better late than never, my review is going up and I'm watching again! A good date film.
how can you not fall for Daniel Henney? his voice is just 👌😍
Great interview and info you're a leading man=) On the Scene: Daniel Henney Cover Shoot:
Yeah, I went there with Daniel Henney...::shrug:: What can I say, I've got eyes and gorgeous men have *THAT* affect on Or when talking with my girls or other women about men we fancy. But in person, when I meet a man who knocks my socks as a cucumber. Thank the Good Lord. lol Chopped beckons, g'night!
The one episode of Hawaii Five O I watch has to be the one episode where Daniel Henney dies. Sigh...
I can't ever change without you. You reflect me, I love that about you. And if I could, I would look at us all the time..
I had Daniel Henney's face, greg plitt's body and was loaded like bill gates
So im playing this app called 'idel type' but in korean and Daniel Henney Won Bin TOP Park Taewan were in the same category
Did you VOTE Daniel Henney for SEXIEST MAN today?? Let's git 'er done! ^_~.
Thank you Daniel Henney for supporting NADA Art &Music Festival 2013!
I'm doing that thing again where I smile at my notes but I'm really just thinking about Daniel Henney
A list of six major Chinese men who love Western women in the movies, ranked according to their on-screen sex appeal in specific films.
So I been thinkin.. lol. I dont wanna be a cooper no more so I need a new last name :).. can any one share there's wit a sister? Or help me think of one to change it to? Ideas plez
That's a so touching movie that Daniel Henney has a thrilling performance! How much more I know him, more I'm sure that he's the best actor of the world!
Jom layan koreaan movie...seducing Mr . Perfect..huhu
Korean American actor and model Daniel Henney has had one busy 2012 fall/winter season! On December 10, 2012, the leading man from "Shanghai Calling" made an appearance on the CBS hit show "Hawaii Five-O". The revamped TV show of the 1970s American classic had Henney guest star as character Michael…
Ermenegildo Zegna 50th Wool Award in Sydney Full story with actor, Daniel Henney
waking up to Rachel's slap in the face...
"Yes, it is. It's actually a game that requires even greater precision and planning. A game of power. Manipulations of emotions to control the mind... That's the game." "It's a game where the one who displays affection first, gives up total control and goes around like a dog on a collar." "In relationships, you were the one to call first, and he was the one to hang up first, right? --Daniel Henney
Bang! Like being hit in the heart by a bullet... do you know that feeling?
Daniel Henney will co-star in a new series pilot for the A&E channel next year. The series, named Occult, will see Daniel Henney appear as Special Agent Thompson who is investigating the disapp...
It's official there is a new man in my life : )
Daniel Henney is here to have the ladies swoon again with his dashing good looks and natural charisma through a pictorial for 'High Cut'! Daniel Henney was whisked off to Au
Oh my! Daniel Henney AND Chris Hemsworth for High Cut?! Too much gorgeousness!
Daniel Henney and Chris Hemsworth show off their astonishingly good looks in 'High Cut'
Nice music video collaboration between Shanghai Restoration Project and Shanghai Calling, with some sweet editing by Grace Su.
return flight from the Chi to ATL booked, July 24th. Now, to catch the bus or the train to Chicago from Detroit, that is the question lol.
Watching My Lovely Sam soon and f*** why is Daniel Henney so good looking is that even legal
"It's a Disaster". One of the best, wittiest movies I've seen this year!
Fun cooking time with Kiseop and Hoon of U-KISS! Today's dish is "Mixed Noodles with Kimchi" - Subscribe KBS ...
Marina and the Diamonds plays a track from her album Electra Heart. More CONAN @ Team Coco is the official YouTube channel of late ...
Scenes from the film Shanghai Calling, starring Daniel Henney, Eliza Coupe, Bill Paxton, Zhu Zhu, Geng Le, and Alan Ruck. Learn more:
I'm gonna have to follow your lead on this! (Also, I forgot PL said there's supposed to be a scene w/ Alex & Daniel Henney-
omFG wat im not saying anything liek that, i just said her type is daniel heNney, u r so greeDy
Daniel Henney ahjusshi come here now asap
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i only have some biases who can't be moved B| like DANIEL HENNEY!
Plus because Daniel Henney is Korean but barely considered one so yeah that 33 years old is ancient but still a fitty 😉
in this pic he looks like Daniel Henney xD
I don't think the gods like us after last season, I think Daniel Levy is earths biggest sinner that's why the gods hate us?
Dear Daniel Henney, you will be mine... Hakhakhak 😂😂😂 [pic] —
Just thought i would share the love!
big fella will be book 1. Daniel Henney is book too and the homie will be book 3. and then i will write more big boys.
Is that Daniel Henney? Not that I think all hot Asian men are Daniel Henney.
cant wait to see Daniel Henney on Hawaii Five-0 on Monday, May 13 and Monday May 20!!!
I just found my Asian Mr. Perfect indeed. *fangirlmoment* ❤.❤ Daniel Henney from Seducing Mr. Perfect.
I thought there's only Daniel Henney with western look but able to speak Korean. Lol! I'm lost.
idk. Psy was there too and Lee Byung Hyun and Daniel Henney
Invite daniel henney please god of sexiness
Daniel henney acts in this drama right
Set de fotos: minhosyeoja: I met Siwon, Lee Byung Hyun and Daniel Henney ( i couldnt get his autograph...
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found his name! Daniel Henney was with Siwon!! I didn't recognized him with his beard >.>
COURTESY REMINDER: Be sure to watch May 13th & catch return as
But the pretty, I can't help myself. Like Daniel Henney! CFine is looking so hot with the scruff & hair! Sharing is good eh
you know the way straight to my heart, Daniel Henney, so I will forgive you 😂
do you see Daniel Henney as Jem? Cos I thought he looked like he's described in the books.
Aku rela, kak Daniel Henney.. This song is for you, kak. ♫ Lovefool by The Cardigans —
Off the top of my head, dudes I'd love to see as the Crow: Ian Anthony Dale, John Cho, Will Yun Lee, Daniel Henney, Tadanobu Asano.
a lot of people thought this was TOP..but someone told me that this is actually Daniel Henney when he was a kid
I know its a lil too late, but I vote for Daniel friggin' Henney! now that would be the kind of politics i'd go crazy over.
Daniel Henney at Ermenegildo Zegna’s 50th Wool Trophy Awards in Sydney (4 Pic)
Check it out fans: [PICS] Daniel Henney at Ermenegildo Zegna's 50th Wool Trophy Awards in Sydney
daniel henney or daehyun.. What's is your favorite place of sex?
What's new with Check out these posts to find out: and
Daniel Henney is in Sydney. I am on my periods. Guess it just wasn't meant to be.
So Daniel Henney is in Sydney. if I hug Daneil Henney is that indirectly hugging Yoona? :D
Breast Cancer Awareness
*** my bad feels familiar but looks like Daniel henney >> most Korean American actors *** hot 😳
is it Daniel Henney? I haven't seen him since Agent Zero days omfg
And again, I find myself crying how Daniel Henney is not in my arms right now
We need to go to Australia! Daniel Henney is there now & Chris Pine is on a flight heading there for the STID Sydney premier
Just watched the BTS vid of KoreAm's photo shoot with Daniel Henney again. Goodness, just freaking adorable! [❤UBoo]😊
done watching seducing mr. perfect. Daniel Henney! :D
fans: [NEWS] Daniel Henney to Visit Sydney & Represent Korea at Zegna's 50th Wool Awards on 4/23
LOL...just as I was going to bed early, I found Daniel Henney news. Getting back up 2 write the post. See how much u're loved
whoa now. Daniel Henney is fine. And I'm not actually *** so there's no need to try overwhelming the internet balance.
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