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Daniel Day Lewis

Daniel Michael Blake Day-Lewis (born 29 April 1957) is an English actor with both British and Irish citizenship.

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Daniel Day Lewis gives me the chills just in this tiny 16 second rant, he's such a great actor its crazy!!!
We are arguing at cross purposes. I agree with what you say. Was Daniel Day Lewis wrong…
I predict that Leonardo DiCaprio will kill Daniel Day Lewis with the knife he left on Liam Neeson.
Didn't seem to stop Daniel Day Lewis playing Christy Brown in My Left Foot. He got an Oscar for it.
Daniel Day-Lewis Announces Retirement. The three-time Oscar winner will no longer appear in films, his spokes ..
Spielberg's upcoming 'The Post' and Daniel Day Lewis's 'Phantom Thread'. Sorry couldn't do one
He was that one guy in There Will Be Blood who's all like, "buy our oil, Daniel…
And a portion of the country would call us all nerds and say that Daniel Day Lewis should be president i…
"I see the worst in people, Henry."- Evil Daniel Day Lewis, Best Daniel Day Lewis
There Will Be Blood, except instead of Daniel Day Lewis it's starring me and instead of blood it's semen.
People haven't been talking about how Daniel Day Lewis might really retiring as if he isn't our Olivier
Daniel Day Lewis- not only a successful actor but one who is able to make shoes...something the opposite of that
1/1To be a politician today you must remember that unlike Regan you must be a failed actor. Think the exact opposite of say Daniel Day Lewis
Both don't exist that's just out of control, schizophrenic, hardcore method acting of Daniel Day Lewis.
Just give me the money. Or Daniel Day-Lewis-type fame where no one knows what he is up to.
When you're studying to classical radio and suddenly reminded of Daniel Day Lewis bashing Paul Dano's brains out.
I remember the Deadpool comic where Wade kills the reanimated Abraham Lincoln. "Part of me worries that I just killed Daniel Day Lewis."
Yes. Attack us. We deserve it. (Pls leave Daniel day Lewis out of this)
12. Daniel Day Lewis in Gangs of New York. Don't see anybody talk about this brilliant performance smh
I don't like actors a lot. But here are some I don't mind. . Philip Seymour Hoffman. Joaquin Phoenix. Daniel day Lewi…
What's up with this restaurant using Daniel Day Lewis' image from Gangs of NY. Going on a limb here, but d…
Please cast Sophia Lillis as Carrie Kelley, Daniel Day Lewis as Batman and Willem Dafoe as The Joker for a live-action TDKR. :D xx
Daniel Day Lewis as Bruce Wayne, Willem Dafoe as The Joker and Sophia Lillis as Carrie Kelley.
In the move The Last of the Mohicans, Daniel Day Lewis's character tells the female lead, "I will find you."...
Man they love Daniel Day Lewis here 😂 such a great area to walk around
It is slow in parts but still an amazing. Daniel Day Lewis steals the show in my opinion
That movie with Daniel Day Lewis, There Will Be Blood. Plainview was JD Rockerfeller, then when I saw the movie was based on Yoron Sinclairs
PT Anderson confirmed to Norm that Daniel Day Lewis was doing a John Huston impression in There Will Be Blood
Great film ❤ going to miss seeing more by the legendary Daniel Day Lewis. Such a wonderful, inspiring presence.
Paul Thomas Anderson and Daniel Day Lewis on the set of There Will Be Blood (2007)
The Last of the Mohicans (Daniel Day Lewis as Hawkeye and not so much forest primieval description)
is like Daniel Day Lewis in Last of the Mohicans. We will take away your insurance, no matter what occurs!
Can we get some Phantom Thread news ? I need to start appreciating Daniel Legend Day Lewis all over again before he retires.
Daniel Day Lewis has retired elevating Sidney Crosby to the best working actor. . Both can cry on cue.
This is like asking if you'd prefer pee wee Herman or Daniel day…
The Daniel Day Lewis of biting guys in the shoulder
Actors, when studying a Method approach heed the example of this talented snail. . He IS the rabbit now. Surely th…
Making stacks & stacks of cash from all of that overexposure must really suck…
Thing is: we never got Daniel Day Lewis and say Gary Oldman together. It's not as obvious in British industry.
Love to see him and Daniel Day Lewis in a chameleon tourney
Sounds like the plot of Daniel Day Lewis going for his 4th Oscar.
Yoa guys should put Daniel day lewis. In your avatar with pachino and brando instead of Dean . . I re…
check in the name of the father and my left foot, Daniel Day Lewis is godlike
Daniel Day Lewis started as a comedian.
*** Daniel Day Lewis. Back at it again with another Oscar-winning performance.
Daniel Day Lewis as Bill the Butcher in Gangs of New York is beyond stunning. His greatest performance in a career of utter brilliance.
I'm always shook by Daniel Day Lewis' performances
How Daniel day Lewis never won a Oscar for Gangs of New York is beyond me
Loved watching the Daniel Day Lewis Lincoln movie. My did those men and women know how to use the language!
There is some Daniel Day Lewis in there.
Gangs of New York could nearly be one of my favourite films Daniel Day Lewis is a 'bit naughty' swinging that cleaver about
Future Daniel Day Lewis to win best actor 2018 Oscars.
The B&W picture of moustachioed Cavill is a dead ringer for a younger Daniel Day Lewis, so much so that I wondered…
Excellent comparison between fast food and pop culture. Lets all make ads starring Dani…
Daniel Day Lewis sings it three times.
You should watch it, I feel like you would identify with Daniel Day Lewis' character.
Daniel Day Lewis would have raced an actual shark.
The milkshake one is There Will Be Blood, Daniel Day Lewis. He's brutalizing that guy from little miss sunshine.
on the podcast "What's Daniel Day Lewis going to do now?" Wow that was spot on.
. and portrayed by Daniel Day Lewis it seems
Daniel Day Lewis with the t h i c k eyebrows.
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Last of the Mohicans. Didn't love reading Hawthorne's book. Funny to hear Daniel Day Lewis say: Ken-tuck-ee.
and Daniel Day Lewis announcing his retirement reminded me of the brilliant My Left Foot…
New blog post in which I compare myself to Daniel Day Lewis - The Rock
Still waiting for the upcoming second movie collaboration of Daniel Day Lewis and Paul Thomas Anderson
In the name of the Father. - Daniel Day Lewis embodies Gerry Conlon. - Massive injustice from the British government…
Every member of the Game of Thrones cast is the Daniel Day Lewis of shifting their eyes conspiratorially
Daniel Day Lewis is in Gangs of New York. Joseph Mawle is in R…
Daniel Day Lewis was so brilliant as Lincoln! But Spielberg they must rather use Will Smith or something or Denzel!
Lee Bermejo used Daniel Day Lewis as a model for Lex Luthor and that would've actually been cool.
Finally got around to watching "Lincoln." How crazy would it be to be as good at anything as Daniel Day Lewis is at acting?
I wish Daniel Day Lewis all the very best on his retirement. All credit to him.
When does the Daniel Day Lewis athleisure line hit stores
In honor of Daniel Day Lewis retiring from acting... . Thanks, Steven! — watching The Last of The Mohicans
Daniel Day Lewis retiring reminded me of Steven Spielberg's "Obama" Starting Daniel Day-Lewis as Obama!!
Daniel Day Lewis is quitting acting. Laurence Olivier would say he never began acting.
Little Giant Ladders
Han Solo movie to be directed by Daniel Day Lewis,
CINEMA: Daniel Day Lewis to retire from acting in order to prepare for his role in Steven Spielberg's 'The Actor Who Retired From Acting.'
Daniel Day Lewis: the best actor of his generation. Happy retirement Sir. Any excuse for myself to fire up TWBB again; not that I need one.
Actors are like soldiers. They never die or retire,they simply fade away. Daniel Day Lewis will be back sooner rather than later.
won't act anymore. Ever. His last work will be premiering later this year.
Daniel Day Lewis is not that big of a deal, don't @ me
Daniel Day-Lewis makes the shocking announcement that he's retiring from acting.
Bill reminds us that Daniel Day-Lewis' flair for the theatrical is rarely equalled. It's just one role we treasure:
3-time Oscar winner Daniel Day-Lewis shocked Hollywood by announcing his retirement.
If acting had a Hall of Fame like baseball, Daniel Day Lewis was like Koufax. Not a lot of longevity, but too great not to include.
Daniel Day-Lewis: There Will Be Blood star announces retirement from acting at 60
EXCLUSIVE: Daniel Day-Lewis makes the shocking announcement he's retiring from acting.
Daniel Day Lewis is retiring? But what about the Lincoln Cinematic Universe?
I'm 100% with daniel day lewis and think we should all quit everything and scream into the cold faceless void until we die…
I respect Daniel Day Lewis and his decision to retire. He's the best film actor of his generation, and deserves happin…
Daniel Day-Lewis has announced his retirement from acting:
Daniel Day-Lewis is retiring from acting -- and here are 5 reasons why we wish he wouldn't
“Daniel Day-Lewis will no longer be working as an actor.” The film world received a big blow today:
Daniel Day-Lewis' final film will be Paul Thomas Anderson's 'Phantom Thread'
Daniel Day Lewis acts so good his DNA matches that of who he is portraying.
I can't believe Daniel Day Lewis said he quit acting because tonight's was so good. I mean that's nuts. 8/7…
Daniel Day-Lewis' upcoming film directed by Paul Thomas Anderson will be his last.
Hollywood legend Daniel Day-Lewis announces retirement from acting
Daniel Day-Lewis announces retirement from acting
"Daniel Day Lewis has retired from acting" announces his publicist, a heavily-accented man who looks exactly like Daniel…
Daniel Day-Lewis announces his retirement from acting.
When top pros retire early I rarely believe them but I believe Daniel Day Lewis. Too bad, he's the best of the best. h…
Daniel Day-Lewis has quit acting after four decades
Sad news. Daniel Day-Lewis announces retirement from acting # via
Daniel Day Lewis has retired, so here's my ranking of his best film roles:
smh Daniel Day Lewis ain't retiring... he's bout to play a retired actor in the next one. he's a method actor..
Daniel Day-Lewis announces retirement from acting via
What if Daniel Day Lewis's story about quitting acting is all just an act?
Daniel Day-Lewis chooses life on the farm over his acting career
If you don't know who Daniel Day Lewis is YES YOU DO. Our boy John Proctor who stood up to those false witch accusations in The Crucible!
Daniel Day Lewis looks like what would happen if Morrissey and Gary Barlow had a son
Daniel Day Lewis clearly preparing for the role of a man who quits acting
Just when I thought I'd one day see a film with Tom Hardy,Gary Oldman,Eddie Redmayne and Daniel Day Lewis in it. Oh well.
Daniel Day Lewis retiring just like Stephen King, and Steven Soderbergh and Tarantino, etc. etc.
Daniel Day Lewis has quit acting. Steven Soderbergh quit directing in 2013 and has made about 8 films a year since.
I assume Daniel Day Lewis is retiring the same way JAY-Z and Steven Soderbergh retired. Or maybe DDL really missed being a cobbler
The Academy would rather give Daniel Day Lewis one final Oscar or Gary Oldman his due?
PTA + Daniel Day Lewis + Johnny Greenwood + Annapurna Pictures + Fashion world in the 1950s. If this isn't my fav film ever, I'll cry.
Michelle Monaghan is like the Daniel Day Lewis of underrated actresses.
The next time you talk to Daniel Day Lewis or Paul Thomas Anderson, could you ask them to block me?
still can't see Daniel Day Lewis as anyone but John Proctor. show honour now, show a stony heart and sink them with it x
Tony Cascarino, Andy Townsend CJ Stander, Paul McGrath, Phil Lynott and Daniel Day Lewis, I rest your case
Daniel Day Lewis had a mental breakdown playing Hamlet for Richard Eyre. He walked out in the middle of a performance an…
There was a nawesome movie with Daniel Day Lewis and Leo Di Caprio about the Gangs of New York. If on…
You know why journalists never ask Daniel Day Lewis what he's wearing? Because he can actually act.
I can't believe Alex Jones has been a performance artist played by Daniel Day Lewis this entire time.
"They're taking our Jobs" - The New York 1849 version. Yes, the real Bill Poole, played by Daniel Day Lewis in 'Gangs…
Mental. If my useless field in Donegal was found to be on top of shale I'd be over there going the full Daniel Day Lewis.
you've certainly got the Daniel Day Lewis scowl down
That reminds me of that lame *** burn Daniel Day Lewis gave Leo in Gangs…
It's in my top three of all time. Daniel Day Lewis is a genius. Such a great flick.
Daniel. Day. Lewis. The only reason anyone watches Last of the Mohicans 😍😍😍
Daniel Day Lewis playing an American President would make a better president than...
But have you seen Daniel Day Lewis perform as THE DOCTOR? Challenges!
I never got light-hearted from any Daniel Day Lewis performance, LOL.
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Loved up Images. for your special day.  - Daniel tobias lewis-dayle
"Those two *** wouldn't know who's winning Sunday. Trust me!". -Daniel Day Lewis, actor
4 years ago today, Meryl Streep presented the Best Actor Award at the 86th Academy Awards to Daniel Day Lewis. [24/0…
Daniel day Lewis acting in There Will Be Blood is genius!
National Holiday Idea: Daniel Day Lewis Day. A day where everyone dresses as a character D.D.L. has played and you play it totally method
Trump supporters out here watching Gangs of New York and rooting for Daniel Day Lewis
only listened to 1sthour so far but how could you not do Daniel day Lewis against Seinfeld
he still remembers the time daniel day lewis ROBBED HIM of an oscar! Protect!
my favorite movie president is Daniel Day Lewis protraying Abraham Lincoln.
casting in PTA's eventual biopic of Lavey that somehow still stars Daniel Day Lewis?
Dreamt last night of a debate between Bill The Butcher (Daniel day Lewis) and The topic was immigration. Advantage Bill
Daniel Day Lewis... Homeboy has got it going on.
why don't the wwe fans want to get like Daniel day Lewis instead of Conor? He's a much better actor.
Literally none of you are my friends. Why did no one tell me daniel day Lewis is an Irish boxer in a movie named The Boxer
😂😂😂 Daniel Day Lewis would be so proud!
Mine was Liam Neeson for Abraham Lincoln in 2012's "Lincoln." That was until I saw Daniel Day Lewis become American history
what do you guys think about Daniel Day Lewis' new movie with Paul Thomas Anderson directing?
Listen for the inner voice of your character to arise. Daniel Day Lewis says “the voice of the character is a finge…
That being said Daniel Day Lewis is my favorite actor.
Daniel Day Lewis swears by Bacs when he's cobbling.
More Daniel Day Lewis, this time in, Last of the Mohicans. .
squeezing Planck, Yogi Berra, and Daniel Day Lewis into the same talk is an impressive feat of its own.
Finishing one of my FAV movies, "A Room With A View." Beautiful movie, start to finish. Unrecognizable Daniel Day Lewis.
For real, I'm going to need a Daniel Day Lewis rebuttal if Cecil wants to gain any ground with me.
It's an English period piece about love, although the scene with Daniel Day Lewis kissing Helena Bonham Carter is excruciating
apparently Forrest Gump was much physically bigger in the book too. So maybe let's drop Daniel Day Lewis into the quote.
Watching Lincoln (2012). I'm not a Daniel Day Lewis fan, but I thought he did a fantastic job, as did Sally Field. President's Day movie. ✔
Soros paid Daniel Day Lewis to teach Toby how to act. He is actually 28 year old actor bussed in from LA.
Wonderful!! When I saw Daniel Day Lewis, HBC, *and* Rupert Graves are in this I was immediately taken! :)
It's great! HBC's first real role, good (if not a bit stiff), but Daniel Day Lewis is a revelation as the stuck up Cecil.
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The Dark Knight or anything with Denzel Washington or Daniel Day Lewis.
everyone blames Daniel day Lewis for everything and anything.
first time watching THE LAST OF THE MOHICANS...verdict so far: Daniel Day Lewis was 🔥🔥
I just want to confirm that the rumors are true- Daniel Day Lewis will be playing the part of Donatella Versace. You can s…
i can't stop thinking abt how There Will Be Blood (dir. Paul Thomas Anderson) starring Daniel Day Lewis and Paul Dano is the best movie ever
Thoughts on Daniel Day Lewis portraying real life character of fashion designer Charles James in Paul Thomas Anderson next ?
Daniel Day Lewis best actor ever don't lie to yourself
There are only 3 people alive with 3 Oscars for acting. They're all LEGENDS. Daniel Day Lewis, Meryl Streep and Jack Nicholson.
Releasing an album the same year decides to : Making a movie if Daniel Day Lewis is not hibernating that year.
Actually, let's get Daniel Day Lewis to play Luke Harper in a biopic.
Wait... isn't the October 1862 pic of Daniel Day Lewis?
wonders why there are 4 other nominees for Urban Contemporary album. It's as if Daniel Day Lewis was nominated.
Until 1 day he was working with Daniel Day Lewis, asked how to do something. DDL goes, "...I don't know!"
"Untitled Paul Thomas Anderson film starring Daniel Day Lewis" . Has there ever been a more beautiful combination of words?
Maybe not but Daniel Day Lewis did, so that counts.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Daniel Day Lewis as Daniel Plainview is great as well.
Daniel Day Lewis... that's the king.. he becomes that character... He played Ab Lincoln so was scary
Ok so just thinking... Daniel Day Lewis as Thomas Wayne in the alternate Batman universe where Bruce is killed 😲😁
Paul Thomas Anderson to direct Daniel Day Lewis in a new project which is in London in April. Would you like t…
Just got some papyrus to write my novel on Ancient Egypt. I am the Daniel Day Lewis of writing.
What you really don't want anyone to pass, just to make sure it's not actually Daniel Day Lewis
How I'll never get over that Daniel Day Lewis & Sally Field used to text each other in character as Abraham & Mary Todd Lincoln.
Am I an *** if I make everyone on set call me by my character name like Daniel Day Lewis made everyone call him Mr. Lincoln?
And let us not forget, this the great white actor Daniel Day Lewis, for his contributions in Li…
The first set photos from Daniel Day Lewis and Paul Thomas Anderson's new movie are here:
Aside from Jack (and fingers crossed Denzel) the only other males to win 3x are Daniel Day Lewis and Walter Brennan from every Western ever.
FIRST LOOK:. Daniel Day Lewis playing as himself (FINALLY) in his latest film directed by Paul Thomas Anderson.
Band idea: Daniel Day Lewis and Clark. They play New Gaze and are constantly in character as explorers from 1804.
Filming has begun on Paul Thomas Anderson's new untitled film, starring Daniel Day Lewis.
Here's Daniel Day Lewis filming the new Paul Thomas Anderson joint
Daniel Day Lewis on the set of Paul Thomas Anderson's new film.
Breaking: Daniel Day Lewis to play Micheal Collins until they find a biro. He has a celebrated left foot too.
What movies are you most excited for in 2017 — the Paul Thomas Anderson/Daniel Day Lewis movie is ...
if Daniel Day Lewis doesn't CONVINCE us he's Lincoln, that film isn't good. Same w/ Hanks as Forrest Gump or Crowe as John Nash
Critics Poll: The Most Anticipated Movies of 2017 (Including the Paul Thomas Anderson and Daniel Day Lewis reunion).
Definitely Stewart for her reliable good taste, same for Daniel Day Lewis. Also Binoche, Huppert, & Deneuve.
It's been years since I've seen this movie but Daniel Day Lewis as John Proctor is still A Lot.
the age of innocence (1993). Daniel Day Lewis - Michelle Pfeiffer and Winona Ryder .
Some good guesses on my name the statue quiz but still no winners no John it's not Daniel Day Lewis
No matter what happens tonight. There is still a Paul Thomas Anderson/Daniel Day Lewis movie next year
Peter Sellers, Morgan Freeman, Daniel Day Lewis. I call this the pre-3-4-free.
and Bill has been photo bombed by A young Daniel Day Lewis, an old Louis Walsh and a House Martin
I want to see a new Mario movie with Daniel Day Lewis as Mario, Paul Dano as Luigi, Miley Cyrus as Peach and Helen Mirren as Bowser.
Once Upon a Time in starring Ted Baker, Daniel Day Lewis and Judith Chalmers.
The next person I want Daniel Day Lewis to play is Osama Ben Laden.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
I wanna see a buddy cop movie with Daniel Dae Kim and Daniel Day Lewis
Beyoncé overdid the whole Diana Ross shtick in ... flipping Daniel Day Lewis method acting like ...
also - Paul Thomas Anderson is the greatest. Can't wait for his new flick with Daniel Day Lewis.
Paul Thomas Anderson + Daniel Day Lewis. Say hello to your most anticipated film of 2017:
Listening to Adam Buxton interview Kathy Burke. The role of Sid Vicious in Sid & Nancy was down to either Gary Oldman or Daniel Day Lewis.😮
Men: F. Murray Abraham in Amadeus, Hoffman in Before the Devil Knows You're Dead, Daniel Day Lewis in There Will Be Blood
Daniel Day Lewis as John Proctor in 'The Crucible': "Because it is my name!". I was reeling from his delivery of that line
Today I learned that when Daniel Day Lewis' son was 5 his favorite movie was the George Stevens classic GIANT. Kid's already cooler than me.
I don't know who it was that did it. And Scorsese doesn't take his characters nearly as seriously as Daniel Day Lewis does.
A remake of the Three Stooges with Seth Rogen, James Franco and Daniel Day Lewis
Gonna watch from 1997 of Daniel Day Lewis & Ennily Watson.. Sound promising with historical perdpective & IRA etc.
New podcast, in which I find out from Rebecca Miller what Daniel Day Lewis binge watches at home
not bad, I'll raise you:. Daniel Day Lewis. Jeff Bridges . Phillip Seymour-Hoffman. Robin Williams. Russell Crowe
I'm not, like, Daniel Day Lewis. Yet. I will get there!...
Every morning, my cat jumps on my bed and proclaims "I SAY GOD IS DEAD", just like John Proctor via Daniel Day Lewis.
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"I drink your milkshake! I drink it up" - Daniel Plainview AKA 3 time Oscar winning actor Daniel Day Lewis in the...
I know I'm a week late BUT.Daniel Day Lewis as Rick from Rick and Morty.
"Sam Waterston's portrayal was quite good, but Daniel Day Lewis was the Super Bowl of Lincolns." I actually said this, I believe inebriated.
He'a 6'2. Daniel Day Lewis is the same height, but he felt like he towered in GofNY, So's Brendan Gleeson, think how big he...
Daniel Day Lewis may just be my crush. Although Sir Patrick Stewart, Kelly Jones and Brooklyn Beckham all still rate v. highly 😘
One day Daniel Day Lewis , Tom Hanks , Meryl Streep , Robert De Niro and Sean Penn will win Oscars again
Just got out of Housefull 3 and what's kept me alive is the news that Paul Thomas Anderson and Daniel Day Lewis are working together again.
PT Anderson and Daniel Day Lewis to re-team? Yes please!
Paul Thomas Anderson and Daniel Day Lewis reuniting for a new film. Here are some adorable photos of them
Daniel Day Lewis and Paul Thomas Anderson may reunite for new film
Paul Thomas Anderson and Daniel Day Lewis may reunite for 1950s fashion drama
Paul Thomas Anderson and Daniel Day Lewis may be reuniting. We need this to happen!
The Wrong Man with Henry Fonda,Innocent Man with Tom Seleck,In The Name Of The Father with Daniel Day Lewis,Lock up with Sly!
Steven Adams with was Daniel Day Lewis' stunt double in Gangs of New York, right?
"...we do contain within ourselves infinite possibilities... " Daniel Day Lewis
Daniel Day-Lewis and Christian Bale in Ugly Fight for Lead in Andre The Giant Biopic
Freddie looks like a young Daniel Day Lewis.
Gangs of New York had great costume and set design. And Bill the Butcher (Daniel Day Lewis) is so badass.
On with A Room With A View. Judi Dench and Maggie Smith, Helena Bonham Carter and Daniel Day-Lewis way back 1985. 😍
Feel like he's trying harder to give a good performance then Daniel day Lewis but then the DICEMAN pops out like Tourette's
I know that every actor that I know, when Daniel Day-Lewis does a film, and...
"Sats Test Leaked By Rogue Marker"; Daniel Day-Lewis as the rogue for the movie, I reckon.
I would wish for any one of my colleagues to have the experience of working...
The thought of Daniel Day Lewis chuckling at Justin Bobby's name..
it's kinda hard to explain you gotta watch it, Daniel day Lewis at his best
I know Daniel Day-Lewis is a freaky deaky method actor, but sweet Mary…In Mohicans…break me off a piece o' that, honey.
What if this whole time Steph Curry was just Kobe but was also just Daniel Day Lewis playing Kobe playing Steph Curry.
My preference is that, that day when someone sticks a tripod in front of yo...
Watching Daniel Day Lewis in Last Of The Mohicans still a great movie with great acting😄👍
Never get tired of watching Daniel Day Lewis in Last of the Mohicans
Love Daniel Day-Lewis but thought the blood would b 2 much 4 me, but will try that one. :) Him in In the Name of the Father!
would you agree with me that Daniel Day Lewis is the best actor of this era?
I've been wondering what Daniel Day Lewis was going to do next...
This has nothing to do with how terrible Cole Swindell is, but Daniel Day Lewis is the greatest actor of all time.
This'll be Daniel Day Lewis's toughest job yet.
1992= sexual awakenings to Daniel Day Lewis. The thirst was so real.
Somewhere, Daniel Day Lewis is spinning in his Bill the Butcher replica grave.
Tonight we've replaced Patrick Eaves with Daniel Day Lewis to see if anybody notices. Let's watch.
I want to watch Gangs of New York now, Daniel Day Lewis needs to manage the Villians.
My curiosity sustains me for the period of the shoot.
Watch There Will Be Blood by Daniel Day Lewis. Brilliant movie.
Daniel Day Lewis's son Gabe has a rap career and this is the only part of it you need to hear
Daniel Day Lewis is a mentally challenged security guard who invents a flavour of ice cream that sends him back to 1940s…
Everybody has to know for themselves what they're capable of.
You too; RA does help somehow when working 10 hour days & my left foot is killing me (this is not Daniel Day-Lewis though!)
Daniel Day Lewis the real deal. He definitely let Paul Dano slap him for real. His face has the most authentic finger and hand marks on it
God *** I remember Daniel Day-Lewis bodying this role but sheesh.
Now every gif I see is gonna have a mental Daniel Day Lewis voice accompanying it...sigh
I love NY - Daniel Day Lewis just passed by me and not one person noticed him.
Periodically over the years I've always taken periods of time away from act...
I'd love to see Daniel Day Lewis in the MCU at a very large capacity somehow. Just cuz lol.
Love that Jason Statham will fight a giant prehistoric shark in Meg but thrilled that the shark is to be played by Daniel Day Lewis.
My Left Foot: The Story of Christy Brown (1989) -- Daniel Day Lewis goes all the way...again. CP can't stop him. Good.
Stephen Adams looks like picked a fight with Daniel Day Lewis to be true last of the Mohicans...and won
Steven Adams looks like Daniel Day Lewis in There Will Be Blood
We'll see you tonight! Say "Daniel Day Lewis" to get in FREE. . And don't miss Greg Warren tomorrow through Sunday!
I just want it to star Daniel Day Lewis as Daniel Plainview doing anything at all.
what would Hunter S. Thompson do, what would Johnny Depp playing the part of Hunter S. Thompson do, what would Daniel Day Lewis do
As I heard a few times at the Lincoln memorial "he does look like Daniel Day Lewis"
Just watched Lincoln again. On each viewing my admiration grows, of the film, the screenplay and, especially, of Daniel Day Lewis.
Oh. My. Gosh. This seems as perfect as Daniel Day Lewis as Lincoln!!
Daniel Day Lewis did a great job of portraying Lincoln but the only actor to get in his head was John Wilkes Booth
Lincoln - Love the dark natural light look of the film. A clever dramatisation with a splendid Daniel Day Lewis turn but Sally Field is tops
who doesn't love Lincoln? Did you see the movie with Daniel Day Lewis?
sit back and enjoy the work of Paul Thomas Anderson and Daniel Day Lewis
Can't wait to see that movie about the Lincoln towncar. I heard Daniel Day Lewis is amazing as the towncar.
.Approach to superhero costume design is ver Daniel Day Lewis-y—get into their heads and figure out what they want to get across.
Random thought about Forrest Gump: I guess it's a good thing Gary Sinise isn't a method actor. Daniel Day Lewis would have cut his legs off.
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