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Daniel Craig

Daniel Wroughton Craig (born 2 March 1968) is an English actor best known for playing British secret agent James Bond in a 2006 reboot of the film series, which started in 1962.

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Win an Aston Martin Vantage GT Roadster from Daniel Craig and a bunch of puppies
Daniel Craig is the best James Bond of all time. Happy 49th birthday!
Daniel Craig is no way the best of all time, not even in the top 2
Happy birthday, Chris Martin, and Daniel Craig! Have fun, you rockstars and rebels.
Umm it's Daniel Craig's birthday. Break out the Bubbly 😂
Hold your bets: Daniel Craig may be back as James Bond
BBC News - Naomie Harris: 'Daniel Craig could be back as Bond'
⚡️ “Daniel Craig is now the second longest serving Bond”.
As of today, Daniel Craig is the second longest serving actor to play the iconic role of James Bond
If you’re bothered, today is the day that Daniel Craig becomes the 2nd longest-serving actor.
Whoever decided on Daniel Craig, Adam Driver, Channing Tatum, and Sebastian Stan all being in one movie deserves an Oscar for best casting 🕴
Spectre is literally the best James Bond and the best acted by Daniel Craig.
Have a look at the sunglasses that Daniel Craig wears in Spectre (2015)
Daniel Craig is easily the best Bond. nobody else is even remotely close.
Sean Connery and Daniel Craig are my all-time favorite Bonds. Who is YOUR favorite Bond actor?
David Oyelowo (Othello) hinted that Daniel Craig will continue to be despite the rumours saying otherwi…
Ha, David Oyelowo was quite charming on but judging by his reaction, Daniel Craig might still have more Bond in him.
I liked a video Dev Patel's Mom Confused Her James Bonds in Front of Daniel Craig
I like Casino Royale a lot. Its probably the only recent Bond movie I like despite being a big fan of Daniel Craig.
//I watched all of them from Sean Connery to Daniel Craig..
Although much too similar to Daniel Craig, curious to see Tom Hardy's take on 007. ☺. Otherwise Cumberbatch & Hiddleston are close 2nds.
Naomie Harris on whether she thinks Daniel Craig will return as James Bond
I'm not a fan of Daniel Craig. Love the BOOK Casino Royale, but not the film. I also don't like Green as Vesper.
I'm a middle-aged man with poor eyesight and no steady job. Makes you wonder where I leave off and Daniel Craig begins.
just a thought but I know Daniel Craig is leaving the Bond franchise have you considered yourself as a replacement
Yeah I'm okay with him as Bond too. Although Daniel Craig elevated the role into a mature action star.
Yea.Don't think he can hold a candle to Daniel Craig tho.Daniel Craig was the bestEST Bond ever.
the last performances, pity Daniel Craig won't be in them nude again 😈
Bond. James Bond. Daniel Craig as illustrated by the one and only Robert de Michiell. Learn more:…
I normally don't care for blond men, but Daniel Craig as Bond does it for me!
Getting quite excited to be publishing the next Daniel Hunter novel very soon. Read Book 1 here
I have to disagree because Daniel Craig gives me pants feelings
Hawks beat Woolwhich at home by a score of 6-2, goals by:. Matt Impey (1). James Winslow (2). Daniel Marano (1). Jake Simpson(1…
CRAIGERS dishes about how EON sold him the role of James Bond at
and the biker dude kind of looks like Daniel Craig...
if could dress any actor it would be Daniel Craig & Vin Diesel
Who could replace Daniel Craig as 007? Michael Fassbender and 19 other James Bond hopefuls ranked and rated.
The actor Daniel Craig discusses how he was approached to play the character of James Bond.
If they give the Bond gig to Tom Hardy over Idris it'll be dead jus like Daniel Craig's one lol
No it's not. He looks like a villain, lol. Daniel Craig >
James Bond star Daniel Craig in row with neighbours over 50ft tree
Just a random thought but that Daniel Craig movie where he leads a bunch of Jewish guerillas hiding out in the woods fron the Nazis was sick
James Bond odds SLASHED for Tom Hardy to replace Daniel Craig as 007 -
After Daniel Craig retires, I think James Bond should go back to the era of the novels-post WWII 50's and 60's.
daniel craig was rugged too but I think he made it work.
I still say Idris Elba should get the nod if Daniel Craig doesn't return.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Imagine the next Bond movie, Daniel Craig tragically dies in the beginning, then Idris Elba and Tom Hardy bout to be the next 007
Which actor is the latest to throw his hat in the ring to replace Daniel Craig as James Bond?…
Gonna be hard to top Daniel Craig as Bond, but if anybody can do it it's Tom Hardy.
Btw, Daniel Craig isn't too tall either. But yes, Hardy's acting is brilliant but he has no Bond's fighting style 😄
He's a bit rough around the edges but after Daniel Craig I can dig it
I love Daniel Craig but Tom Hardy would be so dope
Daniel Craig is chilling...and happily, spends a lot of time directly addressing (and even standing up amongst) the audience
The only 007 successor I want to see after Daniel Craig would be Idris Elba
Tom Hardy is the only logical replacement for Daniel Craig to play James Bond since y'all don't want Edris Elba to do it
Daniel Craig rocks as Bond but if he leaves I think Tom Hardy would be a cool & very interesting replacement . choic…
I mean James Bond doesn't have to be huge. Tom Hardy already has an amazing body - no smaller than Daniel Craig
I've decided after one episode of that Tom Hardy can play if Daniel Craig doesn't return. Dude can act.
The debate about who will take the Bond reigns from Daniel Craig has been a fierce one...
The ideal scenario for a James Bond film is Christopher Nolan as director and Tom Hardy as 007. Time to move on from Daniel Craig.
I'm a Hugh James Bond Fan so give me Daniel Craig please
Daniel Craig row with neighbours over 50ft tree a non-issue, Craig happy to fell the tree. misleading headline.
Eva Green In Casino Royale (2006) starring Daniel Craig as James Bond. Craig as Bond is cunning and elegant.
If my father were a secret agent& he'd have sent a secret agent to protect me, he'd have been Mr. Bean not James Bond(Daniel Craig)
Sean Connery, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan, and Daniel Craig. These are the people who have portrayed James Bond.
Daniel Craig's neighbour wants his trunks down he remains shaken not stirred...
New James Bond movie is out. How does Daniel Craig compare to his predecessors? c
regarding that was and not Daniel Craig
James Bond Workout for Daniel Craig - This James Bond Workout article outlines the workouts of current and...
STOP IT. And he was Louis to Daniel Craig's Joe?! Am I hallucinating?! How the eff did I not know this happened?! Am astounded.
It would appear that odd-numbered Daniel Craig Bond films are the new even-numbered Star Trek films.
Is Daniel Craig playing Raoul Moat in his new film?
Why James Bond would have been a Brexit 'remainer'
Daniel Craig in New York (06.01.2017), Jude Law and his daughter Iris in London (07.01.2017)
Politicians chosen for 'charisma' 'PR'; Putin has presence of a Daniel Craig 007
Daniel Avery, Carl Craig, Skream and others celebrate the reopening of Fabric featured in NBC s Science of Love
Are you James Bond? If YES: are you Sean Connery's James Bond? If YES, you can rock the white tux. If NO, you're Daniel Craig & still can't
Today I listened to with Daniel Craig as a guest, amazing how I became an even bigger fan and also discovered that he is hilarious
Daniel Craig is the only Bond actor to do more than 2 films and have an average of 2 girls per film. The rest have more. Feminism works.
Another year come and gone and Daniel Craig's "Casino Royale" is still the only good Bond movie https:…
movie idea Daniel Craig as Steve McQueen in a biopic or a remake of Bullit. You have the car cred (Rush) and Craig is perfect
Daniel Craig has the strong blue eyes, the gunfighter glare. He looks so much like Steve McQueen in The Magnificent Seven. - J…
Johnny Weissmuller played Tarzan for basically his entire career and Daniel Craig doesn't want to do another James Bond...
thinking I should bribe the casting agents to cast you as James Bond once Daniel Craig's contract ends.
No Sean Connery is closely followed by Daniel Craig. Bond girls are Ursula Andress and Jane Seymour.
If Rey thought the Jedi were a myth, how did she know how to use the Jedi mind trick on Daniel Craig?
I'm infuriated that I'm not in New York and can't see David Oyelowo and Daniel Craig in Othello. COME ON UNIVERSE.
Cowboys & Aliens (2011) ~ Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford, Olivia Wilde;. Based on the 2006 graphic novel of the same n…
Just witnessed David Oyelowo, Rachel Brosnahan, Daniel Craig, and Finn Wittrock absolutely kill it in a giant, wooden box.
I swear that Daniel Craig looks like Edwards and Audrey looks like Rooney Mara... OMG
💯. BREAKING NEWS . Alan Carr is to replace Daniel Craig as James Bond 007. 🔫😎🔫
Daniel Craig and David Oyelowo take on the Bard.
I love Sean Connery and Daniel Craig but I've always loved Moore as 007.
My favorite is Roger Moore, but since he isn't a choice, I'll go with Daniel Craig even though Bond isn't a blonde!
4 years today Daniel Craig walked the Red Carpet at The Royal Albert Hall for the World Premiere Of Skyfall
What?? How can this not be a battle between Daniel Craig and Roger Moore? What is a Brosnan?
The next Bond installment should be a continuation of "Genghis Kahn" narrative. Daniel Craig optional:
Daniel Craig and Gordon Ramsay have the worst butter faces, yet somehow because they are men-they are still hot. Unfair but can't look away!
Sensitive hunk Daniel Craig did not disappoint
KINGS, starring Daniel Craig and Bond Girl Halle Berry, to start filming in LA on Dec 27
Meet Daniel Craig, go to the premiere + support a great cause. Donate & Enter
Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz's marriage is the only thing that keeps me going.
is that the hidden celebrity cameo a la Daniel Craig?
Good scripts are hard to find, you have to go looking for them, so I'll keep doing that if I can. - Daniel Craig
Talk of transferring to a Broadway theater. Would they really turn one into a military barracks?…
Craig Sager celebrated his wedding anniversary with his wife yesterday. Today he died. Hug your loved ones, and tell them yo…
Little Giant Ladders
Layer Cake. Nobody seems to have seen it. Daniel Craig, pre-bond.
waiting to discover if there was a Daniel Craig style faceless cameo as well (some voices seemed familiar)
Watching "Skyfall" and though Daniel Craig is drool worthy what gets me going is the Macallen 50 they waste!
Best James Bond is obviously Sean Connery though Daniel Craig is definitely close behind
James Bond film in crisis as producers ‘panic’ after star of the show Daniel Craig goes ‘off grid’
Heaven has a new dress code. RIP CRAIG SAGER❤️
Players and coaches across the league honored Craig Sager in style.
All I know is Craig Sager better be buried in the dopest suit ever seen by mankind.
It's like Jung meets Daniel Craig meets deformalism.
Oh right in half an hour I'm seeing Daniel Craig live in person right right right
Legit my least favorite part of 2016. RIP Craig Sager
Daniel Craig’s Iago is not a psychopath; rather he "chooses moral insensibility and viciousness." via https:/…
James Bond film bosses in a panic as Daniel Craig snubs talks over new 007 movie for a YEAR
Golden Tate will honor Craig Sager with his cleats Sunday against the Giants (via
Are James Bond producers and Daniel Craig now locked in a stalemate over the next sequel?
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Daniel Craig snubs talks over new James Bond movie for a YEAR.
.tells ITV News: The public want Daniel Craig back as 007.
Naomie Harris: The public want Daniel Craig back as 007 Telephone engineers Huddersfield
'Othello' with David Oyelowo, Daniel Craig, Finn Wittrock, Rachel Brosnahan & Matthew Maher (from The Flick!) was intense…
★★★★ Review: David Oyelowo and Daniel Craig star in a "provocative" Othello in New York
The staging of the NYTW production of 'Othello' (staring David Oyelowo and Daniel Craig) is surprisingly intimate:…
Othello starring Daniel Craig and David Oyelowo is seeking a home on Broadway!.
Who should play James Bond in the 25th film? Daniel Craig. What do you think? - Yes this fab news!
Looks like Daniel Craig trying to explain to David Oyelowo why he decided to do more Bond after David had already b…
David Oyelowo and Daniel Craig in modern "Othello" staging at New York Theatre Workshop opens December 12.
Othello review – Daniel Craig and David Oyelowo dazzle in modern retelling
Daniel Craig and David Oyelowo collide in a primally supercharged ‘Othello’
Daniel Craig always killing the suit game.😭😭😭😭 can Tom Ford give me a call already?
Daniel Craig followed 2 days a week of to prep for the Casino Royale!. More:
"Cowboys & Aliens" sounds awful. But. it's got Daniel Craig, Olivia Wilde, AND Harrison Ford... How can it be bad??!
nerd me thinks that in the book it was baccarat. Daniel Craig version was poker.
You get used to the rejection and you don't take it personally.
Yeah you meant the greatest spy in the world, 007, Daniel Craig's paycheque. David Bond.
Tom Hiddleston & Taylor Swift dating reminds of this sketch where Daniel Craig falls in love with a woman from York through online dating.
I don't identify as, but what makes me a millennial is.Christian Bale as Batman and Daniel Craig as James Bond is all I've ever known.
James Philippe Craig this still makes me think of you 😂😂
Excited to see Daniel Craig and David Oyelowo in Othello tonight! - Anthony
Jason Bourne 4 realism and all the Bond films with Daniel Craig. Crazy about !!! The Matrix because it wa…
This is impossible because there are too many good choices. I have enough trouble figuring out what I want to watch.
I could kill for love. I would kill for my family, it’s as simple as that, and my friends are the most important thing to me. - Daniel Craig
What do Helen Mirren, Daniel Craig, David Oyelowo, Hugh Bonneville & Sair Khan all have in common?
This week CTC checks out Cowboys & Aliens starring Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig, plus new release news.
I was gonna allow the shade thrown at Star Wars slide, but you can't deny Daniel Craig's greatness
Take a look inside David Oyelowo and Daniel Craig's sold-out "Othello" with https:/…
Exclusive: See Daniel Craig and David Oyelowo in Othello WOW. That's one way to get me watching Shakespeare   10% Off
Really confused that Darcy and Craig praised Claudia and AJ, but only give her 9?
Craig should be the only one judging. The others are too afraid to tell the truth
not really as long as Daniel Craig is ❤
Here are 10 big movie stars that lied to get cast in their films! (Daniel Craig, Chloe Grace Moretz, Mila Kunis...
Who's playing Putin on SNL for the rest of the season? Is Daniel Craig available?
I’m neither on nor on They’ve proved pretty useful in Egypt and they might yet prove useful in Iran, but here? - Daniel Craig
Rehearsal photos of Daniel Craig as Iago and David Oyelowo as Othello:
I think Daniel Craig kills that James Bond character.
Lol no he's not.. He's just too serious. Watch old bond and sleep. "Daniel Craig is the "boringest" James Bond there ever was"
When do we get the Daniel Craig Stormtrooper Star Wars spinoff?
Pictures are emerging from the rehearsals of the sold out Broadway Othello starring David Oyelowo (Selma &...
Having the name Daniel Craig starts to get annoying. 3 people called me Bond in the past 20 minutes 😂
We're entering the portion of this election cycle where Daniel Craig battles another agent on top of a train to obtain a sto…
Check out amazing photos from the sold-out run of in NY w/ David Oyelowo & Daniel Craig! Wish we could go!.
Exclusive: see Daniel Craig and David Oyelowo rehearsing their sold-out Othello
We like the look of this. David Oyelowo and Daniel Craig in rehearsals for Othello…
Happy birthday to Mads Mikkelsen, who was brilliant as Daniel Craig's first adversary, Le Chiffre, in Casino Royale.
So will Daniel Craig play Bond? Or will Idris Elba? Or Gillian Anderson? I'm happy with all of these possible scenarios.
In which i am eloquently scolded and then encouraged to ask Daniel Craig about potential racial bias:
“Skewered” is easily my favorite Daniel Craig line delivery. I now say “Skewered” as often as possible.
Daniel Craig fans have been creating awesome Gif Quotes… check them out :
David Oyelowo on Daniel Craig: "I’ve got to know him well enough that I can throw him about the room & spit at him.”
The Importance of Good Tailoring: Correcting the Fit of Daniel Craig’s Suit in Spectre
Great interview with David Oyelowo and Daniel Craig, who are set to open as Othello and Iago respectively on...
Surely,Ralph Fiennes, Daniel Craig, Naomie Harris and Ben Whishaw,will be in the next film of this great saga.
Gutsy unpopular opinion from . "Fun-loving Roger Moore is a better Bond than stiff Daniel Craig."
It is 10 years ago that Daniel Craig's first James Bond film, Casino Royale, was released in theatres.
ma your MCM the 1994 bad boy record rapper craig mac 3rd cousin lmao
Harry's Meghan Markle is bookmakers' hot 'favourite' for Bond girl 😎
Ryan Pfluger for The New York Times For David Oyelowo, the Time Has Come to Play Othello He will play th...
I've always loved to dress up a bit and show off.
David Oyelowo as Othello, Daniel Craig as Iago. I am in the wrong city for missing this! 😓
Heading to and wedding! Without doubt — $4billion price tag was the deal of the Daniel Craig era is rad —.
Unbelievable. starring Daniel Craig and Mads Mikkelsen was released ten years ago this week. Still my…
For his time as James Bond, Daniel Craig has the privilege of taking any Aston Martin from the factory for the rest…
Watching Casino Royale for the first time in a long time.. what a brilliant introduction for Daniel Craig as Bond, and an excellent film
Didn't know that Daniel Craig was a Polish Nationalist... !
Will Daniel Craig & Rooney Mara return for The Girl in the Spider's Web? via
These guys have basically created the outerwear equivalent of Daniel Craig:
Also it's a really good film. I liked the Daniel Craig Bond but other than that not too bothered about 007 movies.
Me: *listens to Skyfall once*. Me: *Dives into a Daniel Craig era 007 marathon because I have no self control*
I wrote about Casino Royale, starring Daniel Craig, released on this day 10 years ago.
With 'Casino Royale' turning 10 years old, what have been your favourite moments of the Daniel Craig era of 007?
Would James Bond be irrelevant in a Donald Trump-Brexit world?
Happy 10th anniversary to Daniel Craig's first outing as 007, 'Casino Royale'. P.S. Mads Mikkelsen is awesome…
My review of "Casino Royale", the 21st 007 movie, which celebrates its 10th anniversary, starring Daniel Craig.
She was divine. Much overlooked performance. As was Toby Jones and Daniel Craig
Too bad Daniel Craig just got only one truly great Bond flick. Great actor and a brilliant OO7
Adam Driver and Daniel Craig, on set of "Logan Lucky."
Rachel Weisz on being married to Daniel Craig - The Graham Norton Show: ... via
Best actors in James Bond movie series number one is Roger Moore 2nd Daniel Craig
Yes it would be current Miss Moneypenny plea as much we are to see Daniel Craig coming back for 1 more Bond movie.
Sam Smith is the real villain in Spectre, he killed Daniel Craig's Bond career with that song.
i will know i have made it when i get to afford a couple Tom Fords that will fit me how they fit Daniel Craig.
Sam always works, as does Tom Hopper, Viggo Mortensen, Toby Stephens, Daniel Craig, and several others.
Men:. 1. Ryan Reynolds. 2. Daniel Craig. 3. Tom Hardy. and in a surprising placement, from left field... 4. Shia Labeouf!
Sometimes shooting on a smaller scale, as long as things don't blow out...
This is Daniel Craig 30 years ago, and this is him now. Feel old yet?
As for why he wasn't skiing, I've heard rumors there was to be a ski scene but they found out Daniel Craig can't ski very well
November Surprise (to me): Daniel Craig was in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, as a stormtrooper (!)
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Michael Fassbender makes indirect dig at Daniel Craig as he claims he's too old to play -…
Bond can only survive if Daniel Craig does another or a completely unknown and talented Actor takes the role
He's certainly in the Daniel Craig mold. I still like Lee Pace.
Missed earlier: reveals who he wants to replace Daniel Craig as ... via
Watch out for the Daniel Craig memorials thingie. It's viral. DO NOT CLICK ON IT. DISASTER!
And my answer is. WHO WILL BE THE NEW James Bond? THE 12 CONTENDERS. Daniel Craig's out, so who will be the next?. ht…
For anyone unsure of what to get me for Xmas. Will also take one that has on it. 😉
Daniel Craig should be Bond forever tbh & get outta here with that "Jane Bond" crap. Don't mess with a legacy.
Who would you prefer to see replace Daniel Craig as James Bond?
O'Connell is only two inches shorter than Daniel Craig, but, yes, he would be the shortest Bond, most were over 6ft.
I am good w another Daniel Craig Bond film. Maybe you should just stick to political endorsements.
How to Dress like Daniel Craig in a Three Piece suit
James Bond movie shock: Michael Fassbender says he’ll NEVER play 007
Daniel Craig better get it together. One day he wants Bond, the next he doesn't 😒
Michael Fassbender doesn't want to be Bond - says who he thinks should replace Daniel Craig
Does John tickle your fancy or will Dave 'phil ' the Daniel Craig sized whole in your double agent-based filmic lif…
Daniel Craig insured his body for $9.5 million while filming film Quantum of Solace.
Swedish Original? Is there a movie before the one with Daniel Craig?
I know in my life there's stuff that will come back because I haven't d...
wow cool...Hugh grant is too old...Pierce Brosnan or Daniel Craig maybe but something essentially English pls 😜
Who would you like to see replacing Daniel Craig as James Bond?
Top 5 actors that could play James Bond right now.
Two men become stuck in the ghetto. Starring Daniel Craig and Micheal Keaton.
Daniel Craig offered $150 million to play James Bond again — Consequence of Sound
Michael Fassbender definitely won't be the next James Bond
On one hand - Jane Bond yass. On the other - Daniel Craig is my fav Bond ever and it'd be interesting to see Fassbender as Bond
"Were I to stop doing it, I'd miss it terribly." Daniel Craig indicates he has not quit the James Bond role. https:/…
so you are cheating on Daniel Craig huh?
I would award Daniel Craig nine-and-a-half out of ten for his kiss's technique. -Caterina Murino
I love Daniel Craig, but I still think would make and amazing
I don't think you need shirtless Daniel Craig for a theme song. But, whatever.
Daniel Craig was all "we spend too much time trying to make digital look like film, we need to shoot with the 'real thing'."
reveals who he wants to replace as James Bond
There's a passion about this because people take it very close to their...
Finally watched 'Spectre', Daniel Craig is hands down the best there has been
Angelina Jolie called Daniel Craig one of the best kissers ever after they appeared together in
Daniel Craig. Great Bond. Not so great bond movies.
‘Immoral James Bond would NEVER be hired as MI6 spy’ says Secret Service’s real M
/ It would be sweet if someone faked Adéle Exarchopoulos, Daniel Craig and Marion Cotillard.
wait WHYYY did u not sport this costume at lunch today/when u met Daniel Craig?
Roger Moore on the as well tonight 😱 I can't cope. Although Daniel Craig's my fav Bond followed by Connery but Rodger is fantastic
Roger Moore was the best Bond imo, never been funnier. Hopefully after Daniel Craig, 007 finds his sense of humour again
Daniel Craig hints at James Bond return: 'If I can keep getting a kick out of it, I will’
or maybe Daniel Craig took up too much of their budget with his crazy salary!
Just called it I, Daniel Craig. Turning into my mum.
"Tempus Fugit". Didn't Daniel Craig utter the same phrase in Tomb Raider
It is so not sure if that's the real or just an excellent Daniel Craig costume
Daniel Craig, Sienna Miller and more at the Public’s revival of ‘Plenty’ with Rachel Weisz
We could’ve had a Tom Cruise, Edward Norton, Daniel Craig, Will Smith avengers team lol.
David Oyelowo expects to share "lots of backstage banter" about James Bond with Daniel Craig when the pair co-star in Othello in New York.
it's got Christopher Eccleston, Mark Strong, Gina McGee & Daniel Craig in, before they were famous.
can you paint Daniel Craig in a bond car chase in a Citroen 2CV in benny hill style please
a secret bar on Stephen Ave, Greg Hardy's switching to MMA, & Daniel Craig might wanna be Bond after all…
Daniel Craig hints at possibility of return to James Bond franchise
Daniel Craig, in a change of opinion, has said that if he were to stop acting as James Bond he would "miss it terribly."
Looks like Daniel Craig might let his arm be twisted for more James Bond movies in the end:
Daniel Craig explains why he said he'd rather 'slit' his wrists than play James Bond again
Daniel Craig is leaning torwards coming back as James Bond! *** yes!!!
Lowkey want Daniel Craig to come back as James Bond...
⚡ Daniel Craig hints at playing James Bond again.
James Bond star Daniel Craig says he still wants to play 007.
Looks like Daniel Craig wants to spy another day as Bond, after all
Get ready for a fifth Daniel Craig movie:
Daniel Craig hints at possibility of returning to 'James Bond' franchise
Daniel Craig implies he wants to keep playing James Bond after all
Yes: Daniel Craig is still interested in playing
I've got to be high class... Which is sad, because I like bars. ~Daniel Craig
Our newest episode just got released! We talk Kevin Spacey, Daniel Craig and James Bond. Check it! .
My kingdom for a Daniel Craig presidency
One of the most wanted roles in Hollywood is, undoubtedly, that of James Bond. The British secret…
- Daniel Craig won Brioni in Casino Royale. It was a scandal in some circles that James Bond would wear Italian tailoring.
Daniel Craig would no longer rather slit his wrists than play James Bond again.
Daniel Craig is like the british version of Gerindra's Habiburokhman.
Daniel Craig Still Interested in Playing James Bond: Daniel Craig addresses his comments about James Bond and...
Naomie Harris begs Daniel Craig to remain as James Bond... He will!
. *pushes Another into the deepest bit*. *climbs out of water like Ursula Andress/Daniel Craig*. *winks frantically*
Not a fan of Tomb Raider 2 but I do admire it brazenly replacing Daniel Craig with (slightly) younger Gerard Butler a la Mission Impossible.
so I just found out Ben Stiller, Mark Wahlberg, John Travolta and Daniel Craig all named their daughters Ella
Dear Bridget Jones producers or director...please cast Daniel Craig in the next sure Helen would be so thrilled about it.😄😄
I know Daniel Craig and George Lazenby would be your backup category.
Dug it then. Now? Not so much. Just like how Daniel Craig's Bond treatment changed how I felt about many early Bond…
If not for Waltz' character vowing he'd return for revenge, SPECTRE would've been the perfect finale to wrap up Daniel Craig's Bond series.
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