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Daniel Craig

Daniel Wroughton Craig (born 2 March 1968) is an English actor best known for playing British secret agent James Bond in a 2006 reboot of the film series, which started in 1962.

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My bad. I was watching Spectre. This Daniel Craig guy is pretty good.
Plus, it was Daniel Craig and Gerard Butler as her leading men. Can't go wrong there!
Craig was fine, just thought he got the role because his name is Daniel Craig, not because…
I'm excited for this tomb raider movie. I don't care if it's bad. The first one with Angelina and Daniel Craig was so cheesy
Daniel Craig was great! I'm all about seeing actors break into different types of work. Would have…
You have to wonder if Harrison Ford & Daniel Craig were smoking the same Crack pipe when they both agreed to star in Cowboys Vs Aliens
was an Ocean's "7-11"! 😂 I laughed my *** off. Adam Driver, Daniel Craig, and Channing Tatum were phenomenal.
With the added bonus of Iain Glen and Daniel Craig's shower scene
Léa Seydoux and Daniel Craig from Event magazine supplement from Mail on Sunday
Daniel Craig has big news & he's breaking it down with puppies. YOU could win a Aston Martin Vantage. ENTER:
Pierce Brosnan says he won't revisit believes Daniel Craig will return for another film h…
Daniel Craig WILL stay on as James Bond and Adele is tipped to sing theme again
But why did they already set a release date, if Daniel Craig hasn't confirmed his return
Do you think when Trump nominated Daniel Craig to FEMA he thought it was James Bond?
The 40-year-old star may have missed out on 007 after Daniel Craig decided to stay on for one more James Bond...
Check out former Daniel McGowan's talk at our 2016 Convergence!
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Craig Daniel Barritt that time we got the wrong dip 😂😂😂
I like Daniel Craig, but I'm very excited they decided to cast Jessica Chastain as the new Bond.
Indeed they are, a few years after Rachel Weisz left him for Daniel Craig. So much to interpret!!!
This is what it took to film Daniel Craig (safely) running along a ledge in the opening sequence of "Spectre".
Hey did you guys notice that Daniel Craig's character in Logan Lucky had the initials JB (Joe Bang) same as a certain 007..
I just wanted us to bond like Sean Connery and Daniel Craig
Welcome also to of Bath RFC and who is clearly gearing up to take over from Daniel Craig. Gets our vote
Really enjoyed The GRRM reference was hilarious. I think Daniel Craig stole the show!
Rewatching Spectre makes me realise how happy I am that Daniel Craig is continuing as James Bond
ohh I see how it is... Craig/Daniel ehh... I'll be sure to make sure you get some broken skis 😉
So what does Daniel Craig, Tom Hardy and Kevin Smith count as?
Almost every time someone says Daniel Craig, i think they mean Craig Ferguson. I'm not proud of my prejudice.
Daniel Craig is kind of wasted in the role. If you want to see him act his *** off, watch Copenhagen. He plays Werner Heisenberg.
This was long ago, the year of Layer Cake and King Fu Hustle. I bummed Daniel Craig cigarettes. Anyways
Star Wars actor Adam Driver describes Daniel Craig as "generous" after working with him on new film Logan Lucky
Meet Black Singles 300x250
also, we need the missing link between Neil Patrick Harris and Daniel Craig to play Boomhauer well and he has yet to be born
Paul Newman, Tom Hanks, Jude Law, Daniel Craig and Stanley Tuchi directed by Sam Mendes... too *** good
Daniel Craig standout performance, bit different to his recent roles.
*** YEAH I DID. I've finally gotten the chance to see it, and it was amazing. Daniel Craig stole…
Listen to "Daniel Craig Will Return as James Bond" by here:
god i wish Bond movies were goofy again. pls send Daniel Craig to space to fight a man with acromegaly & steel teeth
Look I'm all for a new but is my boy. So I'm stoked. via
The Daniel Craig Bonds really lend themselves to binge watching; they have a continuity arc just like a TV miniseries.
Daniel Craig fully nude in 'Love is the Devil'
You mean "And introducing Daniel Craig". Seriously though, I hear his performance is worth the price of admission alone
G O D i want daniel craig to pound me
Daniel Craig will be returning as Bond, but what I want to know, is will Sweeping Guy be returning as Sweeping Guy? https:…
Steven Soderbergh: 'Film-making is like sex. If I accidentally give someone else pleasure, that's fine'
Forget about Daniel Craig, and about casting. What traits do you want the next Bond to have? Mor…
Specter is right behind Casino Royale for best Daniel Craig OO7 movies. They should bring back Waltz for a return of Blofeld.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Craig recognizing Brandon, Adam and Daniel for great analytical support to the 'outside the box' HR team
Not that Daniel Craig isn't reliable but it's such a weird role that it'd be hard for anyone to pull off and he's fantastic.
The women are mostly great. Daniel Craig is shockingly good. But I'm not sold on the guys. Still.
Sam Vimes and I'd love Daniel Craig for this one he'd be fantastic
Logan Lucky is another fantastic Soderbergh heist movie, one of the summer's best. Daniel Craig's redneck turn is brilliant.
ICYMI: Was Daniel Craig committed to do Bond 25 all along?
Might be an unpopular opinion but I don't like Daniel Craig as Bond. Just too grim and dull for me. I love Bond as a light womanizing badass
The return of Daniel Craig is like having snow in May; we're past it, mate
248. Logan Lucky -- Hilariously bizarre with a top notch ensemble cast. I've never seen Daniel Craig behave this way before
Agreed, last Bond I seent was w Daniel Craig and the helicopter, good flick
Who else would rather see Daniel Craig return as Joe Bang rather than James Bond?
Daniel Craig is my favorite because I believe he is the best actor to play Bond. In Casino Royale whe…
Since Daniel Craig will possibly be done as Bond after his fifth movie perhaps could be the next Bon…
Daniel Craig after meeting the graduate teaching assistant: 'Strike while the iron's hot.'
With a cast like Channing Tatum, Daniel Craig & Katherine Waterston will one that you wont want to miss!. ht…
lil uzi, A$AP mob, daniel caesar, and this nuke on terminal just dropped nobody care about taylors single
Daniel Craig will return as This and much more on this weeks show! 🎧🍸 https…
Thought they would get another James Bond but they stayed with Daniel Craig
Daniel Craig is the best. Skyfall convinced me, not too sure about his next film though. Roger Moore was the most…
Daniel Craig is back for one more Bond my reaction
Lots of close ups of Daniel Craig’s very short hair in Logan Lucky. I can’t figure it out. It’s very well done whatever it is.
Casino Royale – starring Daniel Craig, Eva Green and Judi Dench. Tonight at 6/5c on CHARGE! Brought to you by TrueCar. htt…
Logan Lucky was hilarious. Daniel Craig was great
What the final film in the Daniel Craig era can learn from past mistakes.
And that new film with Daniel Craig (something about a heist??). And that Kevin spacey driver film idk
Daniel Craig as Bond again?. Ok. I like Daniel Craig. Besides, I want to see play Batman instead, anyway.
Tatum & Adam Driver were both really good and Daniel Craig chewed the scenery in every scene he was in. Laughed out loud at the equation gag
Imo Daniel Craig is the best James Bond ever
I never realized Daniel Craig resembles (if he was blonde heavily tattooed & didn't work out as much!…
I guess I should probably also explain that I have a deep and bizarrely unconditional love for Daniel Craig that confuses even me 🤷‍♀️
All purpose parts banner
I've only ever liked two actors. Sean Connery and this Daniel Craig fella.
Craig, Daniel Craig, is coming back as Bond, James Bond
Daniel Craig didn't like my pitch of making Bond a widower who has to pull off one final job to win back his daughter's b…
Captain's Log, 2017 Vacation: grim realization that me emerging from ocean is the inverse of the Domino/Daniel Crai…
Daniel Craig WILL be James Bond again & discusses 'I'd rather slash my wrists than make another Bond film' comment…
At the cinema to see Logan Lucky because seeing Daniel Craig play against type is delightful, and Channing Tatum is always fun.
Moment Daniel Craig teases that he WILL return as James Bond
Can I just get Daniel Craig playing Joe Bang for the rest of his career?
Daniel Craig confirms his return in next James Bond film
Daniel Craig to cut down on dangerous stunts -
: James Bond 25 news: Daniel Craig taking a step back from dangerous stunts?
I think he has become more fashionable recently because of Daniel Craig's more serious take on the character.
Logan Lucky was all-around so much fun, but nothing gave me as much joy as redneck Daniel Craig with a horrendous S…
That movie was a fun ride. Did Daniel Craig deliver the greatest redneck explosives expert performanc…
Daniel Craig is very funny in Logan Lucky. Now I want to see him do more comedies.
Am I the only one disappointed that they're going with Daniel Craig again as ?
Daniel Craig is confirmed for a 5th James Bond film, but how does he compare to others who've played the role? 🍸
The name is Bang... Joe Bang. Before he returns as James Bond, see Daniel Craig pack a punch in - in cinemas…
WATCH: Daniel Craig, back as Bond, keeps 007 fans on edge
Why Daniel Craig is the ultimate tease and his best Bond moments:
Bond 25: Fans want Tom Hardy to play the villain opposite Daniel Craig.
I'm gunning for that Guy Richie, Daniel Craig vibe except fatter, poorer and more Irish. Yaasss !!
Daniel Craig will return as James Bond, as he "wants to go out on a high note".
Tom Ford creates custom suits for Daniel Craig's role as James Bond:
Daniel Craig vows to cut back on dangerous 007 stunts for wife
Germany’s swoony Olympic javelin team; Zac Efron and brother Dylan; Daniel Craig is back as Bond via OurDailyQueer…
Was there ever any doubt that Daniel Craig would return?
Logan Lucky: Super enjoyable NASCAR heist movie with a star-studded cast. Daniel Craig's southern accent is worth the price of admission.
Daniel Craig will be Bond, James Bond for a fifth time. Here's a look at the other actors who have gone 007.
Loved Logan Lucky. Soderbergh doing his Oceans magic in West Virginia. Adam Driver and Daniel Craig were perfect.
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Just saw Logan Lucky. Adam Driver, Daniel Craig, and Channing Tatum are so hilarious. One of the best heist movies ever; a new classic.
is an enjoyable comedy with great performances from Channing Tatum, Adam Driver, Daniel Craig and other…
Just saw Logan Lucky and I loved it. Adam Driver and Daniel Craig are theater treasures.
The price is right: Daniel Craig will return for his fifth and final BOND film
Daniel Craig ditches Bond to play a hillbilly heist thief in Logan 🍀
Daniel Craig who once said he'd rather slash his wrists than play Bond again, is getting $135 MILLION to play Bond. http…
Daniel Craig, we play a 90s game, Nate's dad calls, Google Feud, and so much more on today's show!
Daniel Craig is coming back as James Bond?! That's the way to kick off a Wednesday morning! 🍸
People in the news: Tom Cruise, Calvin Harris, Rihanna, Daniel Craig - Akron Beacon Journal
Daniel Craig officially confirms he'll return as James Bond for the franchise's 25th installment!
Daniel Craig confirms that he will return as James Bond
Let's remember when Amos Diggory forced Daniel Craig to sing the Birdie Song while Bianca from Eastenders looked on:
At least in this world of nonsense Daniel Craig has given us something to be happy about 😍
Daniel Craig confirmed he's gonna be Bond again, I wonder if he does his southern American accent from lucky Logan 🤔
Finally some good news! I'm excited for whoever is next, but stoked to see Daniel Craig play bond again
But the films were to predictable and not enough violence the new Bond films with LFC Fan Daniel Craig are much better
Daniel Craig has confirmed his return as but first see him in Steven Soderbergh's as Bang, J…
Daniel Craig confirms he will return for Bond 25
Daniel Craig confirms he's returning to Bond for one last movie.
Daniel Craig confirms his James Bond return, but there's bad news
So after all that - all the Idris Elba, Tom Hiddleston, Aidan Turner, any British actor alive - it IS Daniel Craig.
l Daniel Craig has confirmed he will play 007 for the last time in the upcoming film Bond 25.
As bad as today had been, Daniel Craig just stated that he is returning as James Bond, so there is still some good in th…
Nothing like waking up to find out that Daniel Craig will return as Bond, James Bond. 🎉👏
Bond 25: Daniel Craig confirms his James Bond return, explains that 'rather slash my wrists' comment
Daniel Craig to return as Personally I'd have like to have seen Jon Hamm have a go at it.
Please make it a good ’un ⚡️ “Daniel Craig confirms he's returning as James Bond ”.
Daniel Craig Officially confirms he will play Bond one last time: "I just want to go out on a high note, and I can't wai…
Do you want Daniel Craig to play James Bond again?
Daniel Craig says the next film will be his last
Daniel Craig confirms he will play Bond again
Daniel Craig confirms he'll be back as Bond
Daniel Craig confirms he'll play James Bond again 😎
Bond, James Bond will again be played by Craig, Daniel Craig
Daniel Craig finally confirms he'll be back as James Bond for 😁
TONIGHT: Daniel Craig makes an announcement that will leave you shaken, not stirred.
Daniel Craig officially confirmed he will return to the role of Agent 007 in the upcoming https:/…
BREAKING!. Daniel Craig has confirmed that he'll be playing James Bond 007 again. The next Bond film is due out in November…
Daniel Craig confirms he will be back as James Bond, restores order to the universe
Daniel Craig confirms he will play James Bond again
Good. The day I'm older than 007 will be a sad day indeed... "Daniel Craig says he'll play James Bond again"
Daniel Craig says he will play James Bond for one last time
Daniel Craig tells on the that he's returning as James Bond.
Daniel Craig confirms he'll play James Bond again
Daniel Craig confirms return to James Bond role
Daniel Craig confirms return as James Bond but will the script take 007 back to Asia? Villains abo…
BBC: Daniel Craig confirms he'll play James Bond again
Daniel Craig announces he is returning as a transgender *** in a new James Bond film 'Never Say He Again'
Guess who's back: Daniel Craig confirms return as James Bond
Daniel Craig to return as 007 in Bond 25. The actor confirmed he would play James Bond for the fifth time to http…
Forget Daniel Craig as James Bond. Introducing Daniel Craig in Logan Lucky, opening Friday. I saw it. Review up Friday
In Logan Lucky, it's nice to see Daniel Craig having some fun:
🔥🔥TONIGHT: Daniel Craig from from on and
am I the only one that yell laughs every time @ Daniel Craig's Forrest Gump accent in the trailer?
Yes mayday, but Blofeld (he's despicable) or jaws, and yes, used to be Timothy dalton, but now Daniel Craig imo
Daniel Craig is back for 2 more bond films? Great, but what about the greatest extra of all time- the sweeping man in Quant…
Hugh Jackman as Logan? Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man?. Why Daniel Craig should quit while he's ahead as
Daniel Craig is an appalling Bond, Not that the previous lot were that great but he's just abysmal. Miscast in a huge way, like Judy Dench.
Bond producers have reportedly signed Daniel Craig up for two more films
Two more Bond films with Daniel Craig's old *** ?? Idc I'm here for it.
As much as I didn't enjoy Spectre, glad to see Daniel Craig back as Bond for another film.
Is it just me, but does anyone think Daniel Craig looks more like Sid James every year?
me too! in The Cornish Castle Mysteries Oliver Bolingbrooke was written with Daniel Craig in mind ...
Daniel Craig releases a statement on his reasons for returning to the role of James Bond
EXCLUSIVE Daniel Craig is set to play 007 in not one but TWO more films before quitting as James Bond
Say never again: why Daniel Craig should quit while he's ahead as Bond
I'm surprised that Daniel Craig is going to do 2 more Bond films. he must have a lot of money now. he said he didn't want to do anymore
Daniel Craig signing for 2 more Bond movies, what do you think?
PRODUCER: play James Bond again. DANIEL CRAIG: id rather die. PRODUCER: my parents aren't home. PRODUCER: and i'll pay you $150…
A rumor drops of Craig returning for two more Bond films...but is it true?
Not surprised Daniel Craig is coming back. But I am surprised he's coming back for TWO movies
Rowan Atkinson in production on JOHNNY ENGLISH 3. Daniel Craig agrees to star in BOND 25. We need an update on Pierce Brosnan's NOVEMBER MAN 2
They lay there in bed with Daniel Craig bound and gagged in the middle. . There was an unspoken bond between them.
Daniel Craig ‘signs up for two more James Bond films’ after being persuaded to return to franchise
Daniel Craig has 'signed up for two more James Bond films'.
James Bond actor Daniel Craig on the set of Casino Royale (2005).
Daniel Craig 'signs up for TWO more James Bond movies' - Daily Mail
This is the reason Daniel Craig changed his mind about returning to James Bond role - NME via
Fashion designer. His company dresses Daniel Craig for the Bond movies. Former chief designer at Gucci.
Really like Daniel Craig but, Pierce Brosnan is my James Bond. First one I saw at the cinema in
This is brilliant. . People are tuning in for Daniel Craig in a gritty Bond reboot, and are getting David Niven in…
Just started watching the Daniel Craig James Bond movies for the first time and Casino Royale was awesome!! Can't wait to continue!
It's even got a stairwell fight scene that blows Daniel Craig's away.
Daniel Craig is set to return as James Bond in 2019.
James Bond actor Daniel Craig is returning as 007
Daniel Craig, Judi Dench and Idris Elba lead British invasion of film festival
Daniel Craig only lives twice as James Bond:
The 25th installment of James Bond will be released in 2019. Would you like Daniel Craig to return, or do you want to s…
I want another Daniel Craig bond movie before it gets rebooted. Also I want to play James Bond
Daniel Craig is a great actor but he couldn't touch a hair on Charlize's golden head.
Coped the box set of Daniel Craig bond movies
Who will be next Batman 😮now that Ben's out,The Rock🎥, James🎥 or Mr Science himself, I think Daniel Craig would make Excel…
Daniel Craig will return as James Bond, says anonymous source.
Daniel Craig is returning to play James Bond once again.
Daniel Craig 'will return as James Bond' for 2019 
just saw the NYT news that Daniel Craig will return for another go-round as 007. Looking fwd to seeing Moneypenny as well!
Who will be the next James Bond after Daniel Craig?.
Just saw a film poster with Daniel Craig on it and thought, "My, Channing Tatum's not looking well at all these days."
and Daniel Craig hated bond and the misogyny. Also if we want the badassness, Atomic Blonde is basically female Bond imo
Daniel Craig is back. Where does he rank among all-time James Bond's?. Daniel Craig will return as 007 in 2019:…
Thanks for introducing me to the idea of "strong opinions, weakly held"
gets release date before a director, star or studio. Expect Daniel Craig to don the tuxedo once more…
I liked a video Daniel Craig is BACK as James Bond in Next 007 Movie – The CineFiles Ep. 31
Feeling lucky? The heist is on in Steven Soderbergh’s starring Adam Driver, Daniel Craig and…
I've watched Mark Wahlberg, Daniel Craig, Denzel Washington & Tom Cruise movies. All I need is an Arnold movie & this trip home is complete.
My bit on Daniel Craig's return to Bond - Earth's toughest professional gig
I'm in lust with Peter Barlow on Corrie, Daniel Craig and Vladimir Putin. In ascending order.
C/A was well cast with Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig
The trailer for heist movie starring Adam Driver, Channing Tatum and Daniel Craig is here.
Daniel Craig returns as 007. Who would you want to return to the role? Answer & qualify to win a XXL KROCK t-shirt.
It's reported Daniel Craig will be back for one last time as 007 - with Cara Delevigne as a Bond girl.
Daniel Craig will play James Bond in at least one more film, which will be released in November 2019
Confirmed: Daniel Craig will return for the 25th James Bond film. Here’s when it’ll release…
Hope we get Daniel Craig back for one more
Logan Lucky: Soderbergh un-retires with a super low-key delight that’s more hangout than heist movie. my review:
Why is Daniel Craig associated with a polygamist?
Daniel Craig you are my favourite James Bond character
Next Bond flick in 2019. Will Daniel Craig return as agent 007?
What does a picture of Daniel Craig have to do with a story about a B.C. polygamous leader?
But if he really looks THAT much like Daniel Craig...
Why is this a picture of Daniel Craig?
Daniel Craig will return as James Bond in November 2019:
Mark my words: Daniel Craig will return as 007 one last time for this film. . In other news: I'm super excited for…
B.C. polygamous leader found guilty of having 25 wives --
November 8, 2019. Put it down in your diary, it's the return of
Hm, the new Bond movie begins production soon and Daniel Craig isn't signed on. And then suddenly SOMEONE clears up h…
as James Bond is a no! Daniel Craig was enough! A great actor but not James Bond material on the other hand john bishop is 👍🏼
Better than Tom H. I'd prefer Daniel Craig over anyone though, he's the greatest of all time.
The next three days are going to be unpleasant, but reading this made the week just a little less awful.
Despite all that, I'm watching Casino Royale again and Daniel Craig redefined James Bond in a truly i…
James Bond will return to the big screen in 2019
Daniel Craig's return for Bond 25 is a 'done deal' according to New York Times
NY Times claims Daniel Craig is coming Back as James Bond
Judi Dench and Daniel Craig behind the scenes of Skyfall (2012)
If it's not Daniel Craig I'm gonna be the most salty man you ever laid your eyes upon.
NEW: Daniel Craig will return as in November 2019
Ok but is Daniel Craig returning? If not, can we get a Christopher Nolan-Tom Hardy Bond movie?
Looks like Daniel Craig will return to the silver screen as James Bond in 2019.
Word has it Daniel Craig signed on again... People did tell him not to SERIOUSLY b…
BREAKING: Daniel Craig returns for healthcare vote; John McCain returns for next 007 movie.
It has to be Daniel Craig ...he is my
James Bond producers set 25th 007 film for 2019; Daniel Craig expected to return
Daniel Craig, all others are a waste of time. Stop the series or call it something else. "Cheeky British…
Stealing. Prison breakouts. Nekkid Daniel Craig. Don’t miss the heist of the summer.
BREAKING: Daniel Craig will be back for Bond 25. 'Done deal' says the New York Times
Should Daniel Craig return as James Bond for the 25th installment, or would you like to see someone else? If so, who i…
No official confirmation (yet) that Daniel Craig is a yes. Mirror says Cara Delevigne could be Bond girl [lukewarm]
Daniel Craig looked like an unsettling mixture of Tommy Wisseau and Greg Sestero.
The Georgia State Patrol is charging 26-year-old Daniel Craig, of Summerville, with DUI and first-degree...
Daniel Craig, Edgar Wright... I would watch that movie!
It's Official: Daniel Craig is going to be James Bond. Again.
Can't believe I saw it in London *ahem* years ago and Jason Isaacs and Daniel Craig were in it!
it varies, could be Daniel Craig one day, Pierce Brosnan the next (in his James Bond days)
I never saw it but I remember Pierce Brosnan suddenly became even less cool to Bond fans who were swooning over Daniel Craig
Combining a touch of Daniel Craig with Roger Moore's eyebrow in a bid to become the new Bond?
Let's have Daniel Craig n Dame Shirley Bassey one more time! Makes it "Bond as it should be"!
Tea drinkers, eh? God, it's like fellow LFC fans: for every Daniel Craig or Samuel L Jackson, there's a bloody Mich…
The wait is over. Daniel Craig reportedly agreed to play James Bond one last time, for the upcoming movie. http…
I adore Daniel Craig as James Bond. Glad to see that it appears he'll be back!
Daniel Craig will stay on as James Bond and Adele tipped to sing the theme again
Toyeen B's World: Daniel Craig will return as & coming with him.
Report: Daniel Craig to Return as James Bond, and Adele Might Sing the Theme Song
Have you ever wanted to be James Bond, just for the day?. Too bad. Daniel Craig is back as 007.
Daniel Craig rumored to sign on for 'Bond 25' despite disdain for 007 franchise
James Bond may get another 007 film with Daniel Craig after all
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Daniel Craig is reportedly returning as Bond... James Bond.
If the rumours are true and Christopher Nolan directs the next James Bond starring Daniel Craig. That'll be an excellent movie!!
Swet! Daniel Craig is coming back from another Bond film! Also Adele for the theme song. I have a reason to live. :D
What do you think of & possibly returning for the 25th movie? Let us know.
PSA: sources close to the project have speculated Daniel Craig will return as 007 once more 🙌🏽 . To possibly introduce 🤞🏽
Daniel Craig will reportedly return as
Daniel Craig has signed on for Bond 25, which is now a documentary.
Poll: Are you excited that Daniel Craig is returning as James Bond?
Stop the "who should be Bond next" discussions for now. Daniel Craig is returning as Bond:
I think he's a good James Bond. I think Idris would do a great job as well if given the opportunity. What do you...
So hopeful that there will be one more Daniel Craig Bond film 🙏🏼 such a fan regardless of popular opinion
With Daniel Craig tipped to return as 007, producers are eyeing Adele for the next Bond theme https:/…
Daniel Craig will reportedly return as James Bond -
Love to see Daniel Craig reprising his role as 007
Okay, since Daniel Craig has signed on for Bond again, I'm casting my vote for to play a Marvel villai…
same thing I really see with Daniel Craig's James Bond. everyone says he is the best bond whe…
I’m holding my breath about Daniel Craig. I’m not getting my Bond hopes up until he officially signs something. But I want one more!
Daniel Craig and Adele are both tipped for James Bond returns
James Bond may get another zero07 film with Daniel Craig after all
I am excited about this. Daniel Craig is 🔥🔥🔥
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