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Daniel Cormier

Daniel Cormier (born March 20, 1979) is an American mixed martial artist and a former Olympic wrestler.

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Daniel Cormier and Jon "Bones" Jones have a rivalry that's brutal, intense ... and very, very real.
Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier both weigh in. We've got ourselves a fight!
Daniel Cormier just had an altercation with Jon Jones’ brother here.
Is it July 29th yet? . Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones continue to trash talk via social media htt…
Snoop Dogg on UFC 210 – Daniel Cormier... Before he defends his light heavyweight championship at UFC 210, .…
I'm more eager to see the Jon Jones vs Daniel Cormier fight than the Mayweather vs McGregor fight
I liked a video Daniel Cormier begs Jon Jones to "Stay out of Trouble" until UFC 214 & calls Jones
UFC 214 Latest Odds for the Daniel Cormier vs. John Jones 2 Fight here:
Jon Jones fires back at Daniel Cormier over recent PED comments |
Daniel Cormier replaced Jon Jones to fight Johnson... For the first time in four years, there would be a new UFC L…
I liked a video Daniel Cormier reaction when Dana White told him Jon Jones is positive
Jon Jones slams Daniel Cormier: 'You're not a champion'
Jon Jones bashes Daniel Cormier and his championship credentials .
There is nothing i want more than an Ultimate Fighter series with Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier locked in the house with nobody else.
Jon Jones explains his backstage incident with Daniel Cormier in Dallas | UFC ON FOX. (SPEEDonFOX)
Jon Jones to Daniel Cormier: 'I beat you after a weekend of cocaine' - Bloody Elbow
Daniel Cormier is such a scrub. Jon Jones gonna beat his *** when he comes back.
Daniel Cormier still looks like a UPS driver and you can't ever tell me otherwise
Daniel Cormier vs. Jon Jones II is the Main Event for UFC 214. Just confirmed with Dana White. First reported by
On paper, Main Event or co-main, Daniel Cormier vs. Jon Jones is THE must see MMA fight of the year. Period. Nothing else ev…
Oaft Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier are mental ahah
Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier are already going at it.
Daniel Cormier to defend light heavyweight title vs. Jon Jones at UFC214.
Daniel Cormier vs. Jon Jones 2 set for UFC 214 in Anaheim.
Jon Jones, Daniel Cormier go back and forth over cocaine, 'sandblasting prostitutes' - MMA Fighting…
Daniel Cormier vs. Jon Jones will be the Main Event at but Dana White also has a backup plan... . explains.…
The Jon Jones-Daniel Cormier light heavyweight rematch has officially been set for UFC 214 on July 29 ht…
Jon Jones to Daniel Cormier: "I beat you after a weekend of cocaine"
Daniel Cormier vs. Jon Jones 2 headlines UFC 214 but Jimi Manuwa will serve as backup. (SPEEDonFOX)
Daniel Cormier, Jon Jones get into backstage altercation ahead of press conference. (SPEEDonFOX)
UFC's Daniel Cormier has revenge on his mind as rematch with Jon Jones is set…
Hamilton Collection
Daniel Cormier vs. Jon Jones 2 official for UFC 214 in Anaheim. (SPEEDonFOX)
Daniel Cormier: Will he be in Anaheim? Or will he do cocaine?. Jon Jones: I beat you after a weekend of cocaine.
Confirmed! Jon Jones will fight Daniel Cormier at UFC 214 in Anaheim at July 27!
LHW contender brings the real talk on Daniel Cormier, Anderson Silva, and much more. ➜➜…
Daniel Cormier & Kenny Florian both laughed at the thought of Conor McGregor beating Floyd in a boxing match. It'll be Floyd's easiest fight
Daniel Cormier, Kenny Florian agree Al Iaquinta deserved post fight bonus for his KO over Diego Sanchez .
Dana White says if Jon Jones is ready, he will face Daniel Cormier at UFC 214 in July .
Jon "Bones" Jones vs. Daniel Cormier title rematch on track for UFC 214. Details:.
Jacare' corner tried to throw in the towel but Daniel Cormier grabbed it to make weight.
AND STILL!. Daniel Cormier defends his light heavyweight title, submitting Anthony Johnson in the 2nd round.
Aand still!. Daniel Cormier defeats Anthony Johnson via submission in Round 2
I liked a video Anthony Johnson says Daniel Cormier's weigh-in was 'not a big deal' | UFC 210
Daniel Cormier: If Jon Jones comes into the cage after I win "something bad will happen". http…
Daniel Cormier took down Anthony Johnson 3 times out of 8 in their 1st fight. Cormier went 2-of-13 on takedowns combined vs. Jones and Gus.
Daniel Cormier and Anthony Johnson get HEATED, Jon Jones not relevant
Daniel Cormier: Jon Jones and I will not be co-Main Event to anyone but Conor McGregor
Jimi Manuwa calls out the winner of Daniel Cormier vs. Anthony Johnson and then calls out David Haye in a boxing fight!
Anthony Johnson om Daniel Cormier: ‘I’m going to whoop his *** .
Daniel Cormier announces that he's defending his belt against Anthony Johnson at UFC 210 in Buffalo!
would you rather take a leg kick from Edson Barboza or a slam from Daniel Cormier?
and no one buys Daniel Cormier as LHW champ because he's never beaten Jon Jones.
Jon Jones vs Daniel Cormier would do between 650-800k
Even if I win Daniel Cormier, people will say I have to fight Tony (Ferguson).
I added a video to a playlist Daniel Cormier vs Anthony Johnson Live
Daniel Cormier has withdrawn from his UFC 206 light heavyweight title bout vs Anthony Johnson because of an injury. https…
Daniel Cormier says injury to his right leg forced him out of main-event fight with Anthony Johnson. .
UFC 206: Daniel Cormier out injured, Anthony Johnson may face new opponent in Toronto
Tough year doesn't begin to describe things for Daniel Cormier. Injured for UFC 197, Jones tests positive, and now it appe…
Jon Jones trolls with incredible 'Crying Jordan' meme after one-year USADA suspension
Jon Jones - Jon Jones makes his prediction for Daniel Cormier vs Anthony Johnson 2
you've been suspended for a year? Now I've got to watch another year of Daniel Cormier laying on people ffs
I wanna see him KO Daniel Cormier before he OD's
For your video on it, you better have the judges name rhyme with Daniel Cormier
Jon Jones/Daniel Cormier 2 will probably never happen.
the latest Daniel Cormier non-fight is what I'm talking about. He shoulda stayed clean and fought him but he couldn't.
soo what ? I made money betting on jones lmao Daniel Cormier is not a easy fight at all for jones. Cormier hard to finish.
Jon Jones was nowhere near knocking out Daniel Cormier or was he nowhere near submitting him. I doubt he can do either.
Daniel Cormier is thanking God every night that he only has to worry about Anthony Rumble's KO power at UFC 206 & not Sin Cara's.
Look who I met, fellow member of "Who Dat Nation", Daniel Cormier. Dude is cool, and…
Just met daniel cormier at the niner game. Sadly hes a saints fan tho
Jon Jones &Great&Flipping Middle Finger to Daniel Cormier at UFC 197
This man has been in with Daniel Cormier and James Toney, So i think he will be just fine
I didn't think anyone wore the high whites like Daniel Cormier. Guess I was wrong
MMA Updates; Anthony Johnson sparring with Rashad Evans; Daniel Cormier training for UFC 206
I think Phil Davis went to the Daniel Cormier school of fighting. Lay down & wiggle on it.
Because he's a cross between a poor man's Daniel Cormier and a destitute man's Jon Bones Jones?
Meh whatever. I like Phil he's a good guy. Him and Daniel Cormier I think are the only ufc guys not to fall to Rumble Johnson
The paintings I did recently for Douglas Lima and Daniel Cormier. Was you still interested in a piec…
Sharing the latest news in | | Why Daniel Cormier's advice has Bellator 163's...
im 5'10 and chunky im like a White Daniel cormier but not AS chunky just a little less lol
Daniel Cormier is 3rd in UFc pound for pound rankings.
One of my favorite troll jobs right now is Daniel Cormier claiming lifelong fandom of every team who wins a title.
I love TNA,past and present,but it just seems that something bad is always going on.To quote Daniel Cormier.
Jon Jones went off on Daniel Cormier and Anthony Johnson via
Daniel Cormier to face Anthony Johnson for light heavyweight title at UFC 206 in Toronto
Daniel Cormier will defend his light heavyweight title at
Daniel Cormier (set to defend his light heavyweight title at in Toronto!.
Daniel Cormier to defend UFC title against Anthony Johnson at UFC 206
Anthony Johnson is set to challenge Daniel Cormier for the light heavyweight title at .
BREAKING: Daniel Cormier vs. Anthony Johnson for the Light Heavyweight Title - December 10 at
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A rematch between Daniel Cormier and Anthony Johnson for the light heavyweight title has been booked for UFC 2016 on Dec.…
Daniel Cormier vs. Anthony Johnson 2 set for UFC 206 in Toronto.
white come on Dana you should give Anthony Jounson his shot against Daniel Cormier tnstead of waiting on Jon Bones Jones stop using.
Daniel Cormier said he's gonna stand and trade with Anthony Johnson in their rematch. I guess he hired Edmond as his new co…
Daniel Cormier, Anthony Johnson not fans of Dana White’s plan for Jon Jones’ UFC return
Daniel Cormier, Anthony Johnson not fans of Dana White's plan for Jon Jones' UFC return
knocked out Glover Teixeira in 13 seconds!! Can't wait for you to knock out Daniel Cormier next!
UFC light-heavyweight champ Daniel Cormier is putting Jon Jones in the rear-view and focusing on his next...
How is a star when he isn't even as recognizable on the street as a Daniel Cormier from the UFC.
Whitlock & Light Heavyweight Champ, Daniel Cormier discuss if Brock Lesnar should share his earnings with Mark Hunt.
WATCH: Daniel Cormier thinks Brock Lesnar shouldn’t be wrestling Randy Orton at htt…
Jeff Novitzky says Jon Jones vs. Daniel Cormier is off. Jones failed an out-of-competition drug test.
Daniel Cormier says he expects to fight the winner of Rumble Johnson and Glover Teixeira next. Those two meet at UFC 202 in August.
don't say a word UFC 200 sees Brock Lesnar, Jose Aldo, Amanda Nunes and Daniel Cormier re... RT
To the people saying Daniel Cormier is boring, go watch his fights against Alexander Gustafsson and Rumble Johnson.
When you realize this is when you were supposed to be watching Jon Jones vs Daniel Cormier
Daniel Cormier grinds out win vs. Anderson Silva at (via
Daniel Cormier goes the distance with Anderson Silva, winning by unanimous decision.
Daniel Cormier up 20-18 thus far. Anderson needs a finish if he wants a win.
3 days ago, Anderson Silva was not on the card. Now he is fighting Daniel Cormier.
We are really about to watch Daniel Cormier face Anderson Silva at
LIVE: Now up it's Anderson 'Spider' Silva vs Daniel Cormier. Follow updates here
This is Daniel Cormier's reaction after Dana White told him that Jon Jones tested positive
39 years old. That's how old Daniel Cormier will be if Jon Jones is handed a two year suspension from USADA. . They're nev…
one of my favorite fighters go up against Daniel Cormier this ufc 200 in place of Jon Jones 😈😈 boy can't wait for Anderson the spider silva
Watch the moment that Dana White told Daniel Cormier, Jon Jones was out of UFC 200. https…
"I know this fight meant a lot to him." . ICYMI: A tearful Jon Jones apologized to ex-foe Daniel Cormier.
Disappointed with the whole Jon Jones thing but Jesus did they pull it off. Anderson Silva vs Daniel Cormier is going to be so good!
I liked a video Anderson Silva is back. And fighting at UFC 200 against Daniel Cormier...
It's official fight fans Anderson Silva will step in to face Daniel Cormier (non-title bout) at
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Anderson Silva will step in to fight Daniel Cormier at UFC 200, after Jon Jones' withdrawal.
Ten years ago folk would've said Anderson Silva destroys Daniel Cormier in a mMa fight, since then Anderson has got way mo…
UPDATED: Daniel Cormier to face Anderson Silva at UFC 200 in a non-title fight.
Dana White explains how Anderson Silva came to meet Daniel Cormier at UFC 200.
"Jon Jones failed a drug test so Daniel Cormier is fighting Anderson Silva," is a sentence that is true. It's a true thing…
hey but at least Anderson Silva has stepped in to fight Daniel Cormier
Daniel Cormier will now face Anderson Silva tomorrow night at UFC 200
Anderson Silva steps up to face Daniel Cormier at
Daniel Cormier to fight Anderson Silva at UFC 200 after removal of...
Daniel Cormier vs. Anderson Silva will be added to UFC 200. 3 round, light heavyweight fight. TMZ confirmed with UFC.
Anderson Silva steps in and takes on Daniel Cormier at UFC 200 -
Report: Anderson Silva to step in and fight Daniel Cormier at UFC 200?
BREAKING: Anderson Silva will replace Jon Jones and fight Daniel Cormier at .
BREAKING: Daniel Cormier will fight Anderson Silva in place of Jon Jones at UFC 200.
Watch the moment when Dana White tells an emotional Daniel Cormier that his fight at UFC 200 is off.
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confirms that Anderson Silva will face Daniel Cormier at in a light heavyweight bout.
Anderson Silva to fight Daniel Cormier at as replacement for Jon Jones
The fight between Daniel Cormier and Anderson Silva will be contested at light heavyweight and it will be 3 rounds.
Daniel Cormier still wanted to fight Jon Jones despite positive drug test.
Combate is reporting it's Anderson Silva vs. Daniel Cormier. This fight has been discussed, though it's not quite officia…
Echoes of Daniel Cormier vs Anderson Silva @ are surfacing and filling the rumor mill.. Can the card be saved?
"I want to apologize to Daniel Cormier. I know this fight means a lot to him." - Jon Jones ESPN2
Crossfire Nation! 3 days from UFC 200, the Jon "Bones" Jones vs Daniel Cormier Main Event has been scrapped. MMA...
Jon Bones Jones got pulled from the fight??? UFC does not know how to run a business. Let the man fight Daniel Cormier.
Jon Jones pulled from UFC 200 for failed drug test, Lesnar vs. Hunt now main-event
Daniel Cormier says the disappointment is similar to the Olympics but that was his fault. This time is not on him.
With Jon Jones out, focus turns to Brock Lesnar-Mark Hunt bout in UFC 200 via
Daniel was classy here. If Jones were the same man he once was, he woulda wrecked Cormier. But, Jon is different. Or maybe...
Daniel Cormier is the real champ. Let's end the storyline here and move on.
Jon Jones out of UFC 200; Brock Lesnar vs. Mark Hunt is the new Main Event.
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I fought Rousey in the past, trust me I have no problem stepping in & fighting Daniel Cormier this Saturday
Jon Jones vs Daniel Cormier is OFF two days before after Jones failed a drug test
Video: Daniel Cormier reacts to Jon Jones' removal from UFC 200 headliner
An emotional champ discusses the disappointment of Jon Jones' failed drug test.
BREAKING: Every mid-level UFC fighter within 50 pounds of 205 wants to fight Daniel Cormier at UFC 200.
Daniel Cormier says he's obviously very disappointed. "More than anything just really disappointed".
Joe Silva is already receiving text messages from fighters willing to fight Daniel Cormier.
Opinion: UFC shouldn’t seek replacement to fight Daniel Cormier at UFC 200
"Donald, how do you feel about Mr Daniel Cormier? Anyone, anytime, anywhere, right?. Donald?"
BREAKING: Jon Jones is out of over potential anti-doping violation.
It's really disappointing on Daniel Cormier's part because he wants to prove to the world that he is "the real" champion at 205.
Daniel Cormier reacts after Jon Jones pulled from UFC 200
I feel for Daniel Cormier & Dana White, what a scumbag Jon Jones continues to be 👎🏼
Daniel Cormier v Jon Jones is reportedly OFF as Jones is pulled from for a potential anti-doping violation https:/…
Daniel Cormier reacts to Jon Jones being pulled from UFC 200 via
Gegard Mousasi has offered to fight at 205 pounds against Daniel Cormier and is willing to fight 5 rounds. No decision ei…
Imagine being Daniel Cormier right now. Forget about Jon, biggest card in UFC HISTORY and no opponent. No pay day.
We all get second chances. You don't get a third.
Dana White on Jon Jones UFC 200 Removal: ‘This is devastating to Daniel Cormier’: White said he had yet to sp...
Gegard Mousasi has offered to accept the fight against Daniel Cormier in a 5 round fight at 205 pounds. He wants it.
After learning that Jon Jones was pulled from UFC 200, a devastated Daniel Cormier spoke with media in Las Vegas.
Jon Jones pulled from after failed drug test as Daniel Cormier Main Event cancelled
An emotional Daniel Cormier reacts after Jon Jones pulled from .
BREAKING: The fight between Jon Jones & Daniel Cormier at UFC 200 is off due to potential doping violation by Jones. http…
The rivalry Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier is crazy 😂
Man. I just watched the first episodes of Frankie Edgar 'The Rising' and Daniel Cormier 'The Champion' on Incred…
this is Daniel Cormier. 05.23.15 Daniel Cormier def. Anthony Johnson via Submission…
Daniel Cormier named honorary chairman of World Cup of Wrestling
Aderson Silva breaks his leg, Jon Jones makes dumb decisions, GSP retires, Daniel Cormier and Michael Bisping are...
If I am mistaken, don't hate me for it but how are Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier both UFC Light Heavyweight champions?
you should do TJ Dillashaw, Faber, Daniel Cormier, Frankie, Joanna and Stipe next! lol
Europe has third successive HW Main Event - is the scheduling for Europe stagnant?
Daniel Cormier is all about that cake...
Just Pin'd: BADASS Daniel Cormier vs Jon "Bones" Jones fight promo : if you love you'll lo...
Daniel "DC" Cormier "Pranks" Frank Munoz with a Chop to the Throat While Sleeping Instant Justice
Daniel Cormier and Alex Gustafson, class acts all the way...
Daniel Cormier born March 20, 1979 wins the Light Heavyweight title in a year.
When you find out everyone trains at AKA where I met Cain Velazquez. I couldve met Luke Rockhold and Daniel Cormier.
Jones-Cormier to be new Main Event at UFC 200 via
SEE VIDEO! Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier go at it at UFC...
Why didn't UFC champ Daniel Cormier want Herb Dean to ref his fight? They recently discussed it
Jax from Mortal Kombat. a square Kanye. the end piece of bread. Daniel Cormier. and that one snitching meme ***
UFC: Daniel Cormier opens mind games with Jon Jones amid UFC 200...
Pic: Jon Jones is 'balls deep' in Daniel Cormier, doesn't want 'DC'...
Daniel Cormier reflects on MMA journey with Luke Rockh... via
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Daniel Cormier picks up dead weight 200+ pound Rockhold like it's nothing. [
Jon Jones isn't impressed with 'paper champ' Daniel Cormier's latest internet jab.. . "It's good to see you...
Lol How could I miss that Instagram post by Jon Jones showing Daniel Cormier mocking him. Then called him a paper champion
I agree, Jon Jones is proper in Daniel Cormier's head it's crazy .
Jon Jones smashes Daniel Cormier in a message
I met UFC Champ Daniel Cormier today at work!
Jones responds to Cormier: 'I'm balls deep in your head right now' via
Jon Jones tells Daniel Cormier he's 'balls deep' in his head
Jon responds to Daniel Instagram- "It's obvious I'm balls deep in your head" via
Daniel "DC" Cormier: week starts again as my brother looks to defend his championship. It's been a...
Daniel Cormier: Lackluster version is the new Jon Jones
Daniel Cormier vs. Jon Jones Announced for UFC 200: UFC president Dana White has said he wants to add Di...
Daniel Cormier tells a classic story about how much Jon...
SEE VIDEO! Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier got into it at the...
Coach Greg Jackson believes Jon Jones would have beaten Daniel Cormier at UFC 197
So there we have it – McGregor didn’t want the press obligations, while Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones were only...
BREAKING: Dana White announces that Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones will headline UFC 200 on July 9 in Las Vegas.
Both Cain Velasquez & Daniel Cormier will compete at UFC 200. These two always bring out the best in each other https:…
It's official. Daniel Cormier vs Jon Jones 2 is the new Main Event for which was just announced on Good Morning Amer…
It's official: The Main Event for is Daniel Cormier vs Jon Jones.
Jon Jones says he's ready to fight Daniel Cormier at UFC 200 .
Jon Jones explains why he gave Daniel Cormier 'the finger' after winning the UFC interim light heavyweight title.
Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier could headline if both fighters are healthy
Jon Jones celebrated his win by giving Daniel Cormier the finger on his way out (NSFW)
Dana White tells me if Jon Jones is healthy and Daniel Cormier is cleared on an MRI on Monday, they will headline 200.
So... they're just gonna let Daniel Cormier do commentary on a fight he pulled out of?
UFC 197: Jon Jones questions whether or not Daniel Cormier is actually injured - Bloody Elbow
Jones: I would be honored to Main Event against Daniel Cormier at Madison Square Garden. The question is, will Cormier accept…
Daniel Cormier tells Brian Stann that St. Preux has the build to compete with Jon Jones but Jones is the more complete fighter
Jon Jones says that Daniel Cormier is a coward.. . "Daniel is an absolute coward who will never beat me. And I...
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Jon Jones: Deep down inside, Daniel Cormier is "grateful" they aren't fighting at .
Ready to go Five Rounds? Here's the fallout on Daniel Cormier's injury:
true false if Johnson was ready to fight would it have been a much more exciting replacement for Daniel Cormier
Pound 4 Pound King says if Ovince Saint Preux were to win, it would be the greatest day of Daniel Cormier's life.” 🦁👑
Daniel Cormier: Jon Jones gets more credit than he deserves
Daniel Cormier details incident that led to his withdrawal from UFC 197
What is it about Daniel Cormier? I want to like him, I really do but, you know, there's just something that.. well , you know
We give too much credit, hes not the smartest guy
DOJO NEWS: Jon Jones: OSP beating me would be ‘greatest day’ of UFC champ Daniel Cormier’s life
Jon Jones: OSP beating me would be 'greatest day' of UFC champ Daniel Cormier's life
"I think sometimes we kind of give him a little more credit than he deserves. Jon isn't as sharp as people want...
Daniel Cormier: We give Jon Jones too much credit, he's not the smartest guy.
Daniel Cormier offers OSP free camp at AKA to prep for Jon Jones at UFC 197
UFC champion Daniel Cormier just made a big offer to Ovince St Preux for his upcoming interim title bout with Jon...
New post: Daniel Cormier apologizes to Jon Jones, UFC; sidelined 4 to 6 weeks with injury –
Sounds like Jon "Bones" Jones won't be fighting Daniel Cormier at UFC 197.
I liked a video from UFC 197: Daniel Cormier injured and out of Jon Jones fight
Jon Jones to fight Ovince Saint Preux at UFC 197 instead of injured Daniel Cormier
Jon Jones to Daniel Cormier: 'So much for being willing to die'
Jon Jones will fight Ovince Saint Preux after Daniel Cormier's injury
Jon Jones: My mind is consumed by Daniel Cormier
Mark Hunt happy to fight Jon Jones in UFC 197 | Daniel Cormier
Jon Jones vs. Ovince Saint Preux set for UFC 197 with Daniel Cormier out
Ovince St. Preux replaces Daniel Cormier at will fight Jon Jones for interim title.
Jon Jones will now fight Ovince Saint Preux at UFC 197. Daniel Cormier recently withdrew with a lower leg injury. https:/…
UFC 197 is set. Ovince Saint Preux replaces Daniel Cormier and will fight Jon Jones:
Ovince Saint Preux replaces Daniel Cormier, meets Jon Jones in new UFC 197 headliner
Daniel Cormier withdraws from UFC 197 fight vs. Jon Jones due to injury.
Daniel Cormier injured, out of rematch with Jon Jones at UFC 197.
Daniel Cormier pulled out of the fight with Jon Jones. The Main Event will now be Jon Jones vs Officer Brown. featured in NBC s Science of Love
Daniel Cormier injured, out of UFC 197 rematch against Jon Jones --
Wonder if the UFC is going to pull Jon Jones from his rematch with Daniel Cormier and replace him with Anthony Johnson.
Jon Jones got arrested today for Violating his Probation. The Main Event at UFC 197 is now Daniel Cormier vs Conor McGregor
If Jon Jones isn't a go against Daniel Cormier at UFC 197, does Anthony Johnson get the rematch against Cormier?
I'm optimistic that Daniel Cormier can beat Jon Jones this time around in defense of the World Light Heavyweight title.…
Rashad Evans predicts Daniel Cormier will beat Jon Jones at UFC 197
Do Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier not like each other? I can't tell. Wish someone from the UFC would tell me one way or another. …
Daniel Cormier has pro wrestling move named in his honor (VIDEO) via
Daniel Cormier said he wants to stand and trade with Jon Jones but Jones wants to hit and run
big winner was Nate who will get a title shot and Bones Jones vs Daniel Cormier
Can we have a . Jon Jones vs Daniel Cormier . street fight already?
Daniel Cormier somehow has become Stevie Richards of Right to Censor to this crowd.
Jon Jones trolled Daniel Cormier with a photo of Carl Winslow via Instagram before UFC 197.
Jon Jones is a savage, trolls Daniel Cormier with photo of Carl Winslow before UFC 197
Daniel Cormier, Anthony Johnson, Alexander Gustafsson and the Heavyweight Title are all on Jon Jones' radar! Will...
Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier to headline Las Vegas in April:
Jon Jones' UFC return will be a rematch with Daniel Cormier at UFC 197
JUST ADDED: Jon Jones (returns at to fight Daniel Cormier (in the Main Event.
Jon Jones will make return vs. Daniel Cormier at UFC 1... via
UFC 197: Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier confirmed for light-heavyweight title rematch in Las Vegas - Daily Mail
Jon Jones to make return against Daniel Cormier at UFC 197 on April 23
Daniel Cormier vs. Jon Jones is official for UFC 197 on April 23rd at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.
"Anthony Johnson knocked Andrei Arlovski across the Octagon." - Daniel Cormier. Whoa, WSOF has the Octagon? News to me!
I mean, just as a fan, I cared way more about Jon Jones-Daniel Cormier than I have any boxing fight in recent memory in a personal way.
is the guy not wearing a plaid suit the MATH! version of daniel cormier?
CM Punk didn't debut in 2015 but what does that mean for his future? .
fighter Daniel Cormier shares his thoughts w/me on training, & more
please hurry back to the because Daniel Cormier doesn't deserve that title. He did not win it from you, making him a fake.
I got time, I'm only 31 tell to end the show and put us in there.
I liked a video from Jon Jones vs. Daniel Cormier Preview: Highlights / Breakdown /
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I liked a video Daniel Cormier was shocked at how Conor McGregor won - 'The Herd'
UFC light heavyweight champion jokes about being knocked out by Conor McGregor
I can't wait for Jon Jones to return lol, Daniel Cormier won't have that belt much longer
Daniel Cormier and Kenny Florian doubtful over CM Punk's future in UFC - Bloody Elbow
Just posted: Daniel Cormier: As time passes, UFC rookie CM Punk is losing some of his... -
'UFC Tonight' hosts Daniel Cormier, Kenny Florian push for Dan Henderson to retire via
Lee Cormier. Darcell Duhon. Blain Johnson. David Kelly. I thought Daniel Cormier needed time off.why he hosting FS1 pre fight show??
bro Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier? That was no where near the hype, Connor mcgreggor attracts fans from all sports
Frank Mir will join Daniel Cormier and Rashad Evans as studio analyst for UFC 193 this weekend on FOX Sports 1
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