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Daniel Clowes

Daniel Gillespie Clowes (born April 14, 1961 in Chicago, Illinois) is an American author, screenwriter and cartoonist of alternative comic books.

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Daniel Clowes is known for Ghost World (2001), Art School Confidential (2006) and Wilson (2017)
Mm yeah, the other thing it reminds me of? Daniel Clowes.
Like a velvet glove cast in iron, Daniel Clowes.
"An artist should be the last person to talk about his own work" Daniel Clowes:
"Don't you want me to finish my comic? You like my comics, right? Hello?" Daniel Clowes:
I read "Patience" by Daniel Clowes over the weekend. It's a SF time-travel yarn, via Clowes' sensibility, which emphasizes human moments
Yeah. But it all boils down to insufficient support in most cases. Ironically, somebody li…
Ghost World - 2001. Based upon the comic book by Daniel Clowes. Director: Terry Zwigoff
I'd be more apt to buy a game in the style of Chris Ware or Daniel Clowes, I think.
"Some folks wonder if the illustration is by Daniel Clowes, while others call it out as a knockoff..."
A flagrant copycat investigated by the man who literally wrote the book on Daniel Clowes:
When people get things for free, they tend to not take them as seriously. -
7. Eightball by Daniel Clowes, not technically a book but a good series.
I got to chat with noted writer-artist Daniel Clowes about Douglas Sirk, being a grump, and loving dogs:
I need to choose one of these Daniel Clowes books. Which one shall I choose? Ice Haven, Mister Wonderful or The Death Ray?
Sad to say as a big Daniel Clowes fan I didn't like Wilson (Carly Rae Jepsen diss didn't help.) Woody Harrelson and Laura Dern still great.
WILSON (Craig Johnson, 2017) ★★★ Amiable enough, but I expect more than mere amiability from Daniel Clowes.
Cartoonist Daniel Clowes on Creating Wilson and Understanding the Alt-Right. Good, thorough Q&A
Wilson s Daniel Clowes, patron saint of misfits and curmudg
'Wilson's' Daniel Clowes, patron saint of misfits and curmudgeons
Daniel Clowes gave support to my theory that we're actually just living in a LIKE A VELVET GLOVE CAST IN IRON sequel htt…
What's new in Wilson: Bringing the Character Clowes Could Write Forever to Film
For the speaks to about the the GN and more:
The graphic novelist behind 'Wilson' talks adapting book for big screen.
Craig Johnson's isn't the perfect Daniel Clowes adaptation, but that's okay
“I’ve always had the theory that you can kind of tell how a comic artist grew up by looking through their comics...
“One day everything is going great, the next day it seems like a total disaster.”. Daniel Clowes .
is an adaptation of Daniel Clowes's graphic novel starring out today…
Movie review: Woody Harrelson doesn’t do justice to Daniel Clowes’ graphic novel in ‘Wilson’ - Fri
sharing 'Wilson' review: Woody Harrelson doesn't do justice to Daniel Clowes' graphic novel - ..
Paragraph about in got cut but the rest of the interview w/ remains intact.…
I love Daniel Clowes' graphic novel, but the film version of "Wilson" miscasts both star and director. Review:
365 reasons why comics are the awesomest of all art forms:. reason 116: David Boring by Daniel Clowes
Frank Quitely,Daniel Clowes, Kevin O'Neill,Alan Davis,Paul Pope. Changes all the time though.
We have copies of Daniel Clowes' comic book courtesy of to celebrate our Ghost World screening tonight…
Try letting a Kindle protect your heart from sniper fire!...
In a movie, you have to be mindful that no budget is going to be abl...
To celebrate interviewing I made this GIF and wrote this piece
. I have your book it make me happy when I am sad
If you read just one comics article this wk, read this one: On Being a Woman in the Manly World of Daniel Clowes - .
Superman's always chasing after someone who just mugged somebody, a...
I never feel there's anything I can't do. -
On page 48 of 80 of Ghost World, by Daniel Clowes
Pretty sure I'm broke but I walked out of my comic store with a $30 Daniel Clowes book anyway
Based on the graphic novel by Daniel Clowes.
3 of 5 stars to Ice Haven by Daniel Clowes
On page 6 of 89 of Ice Haven, by Daniel Clowes
I tend to be the type who is overly polite and sort of ingratiating...
Stoked that the Spanish-language ed. of Daniel Clowes’s Patience includes a translation of an essay I wrote titled “Impulso Abominable."
Best graphic novels of 2016: Pictorial riches from Raina Telgemeier, Jules Feiffer, Daniel Clowes and more
Working on movies made me realize how fluid the medium of film was.
For example, I noticed that every single kid in the high school in ...
When you see somebody who's got a complaining personality, it usual...
I never feel there's anything I can't do.
Bannon looks like a self-loathing Daniel Clowes character who yells at the mailman and buys vintage nazi 12" record…
I must have been 3 years old or less, and I remember paging through ...
I found Mardou's piece on the women in Clowes comics really interesting.
Oh nice, here's the full SPX spotlight panel on Charles Burns & Daniel Clowes, a rare highlight of my 2016
anyone who can't acknowledge Maurice Sendak, Craig Thompson, Quentin Blake, Daniel Clowes or Charles Burns as artists is a clown.
Woody Harrelson plays a glorious weirdo in first trailer for Daniel Clowes' NSFW comedy 'Wilson'
Listening to Daniel Clowes' interview. Clowes' description of artist Bob Powell's comics has me cracking up.
3 of 5 stars to Patience by Daniel Clowes
By god, he looks like a Daniel Clowes character!
Daniel Clowes looks just like you thought he did.
How unsettling. Don't believe there's ever been a photo of Daniel Clowes *smiling* before...
4 of 5 stars to Patience by Daniel Clowes
Either about the time I met Daniel Clowes or about losing my father and the grieving process
I'm not opposed to comics on the Internet. It's just not interesting t...
Eager for Thursday's Daniel Clowes and Ezra Edelman. Good job outta you, I think we're good.
Sometimes we get to meet our heroes and they turn out to be as lovely as we hoped. Daniel Clowes and I, Berkeley.
Sitting through a line of obnoxious grad students and screaming babies bc Daniel Clowes is signing books in Berkeley.
When I close my eyes to draw I always think Chicago in 1975.
"He always accuses me of trying to look'cool' I was like everybody tries to look cool, I just happen to be successful" Daniel
I was a very fearful little kid, and I would always see the worst in e...
I have this certain vision of the way I want my comics to look; this s...
I reviewed my 5th graphic novel today- Ghost World by Daniel Clowes. It is brutal. .
But I enjoy the opportunity to use swear symbols.
On page 136 of 180 of Patience, by Daniel Clowes
Reviewing Ghost World by Daniel Clowes and it's not good. It's disgraceful. This is my first review with less than 3 stars.
There’s a Daniel Clowes character on CNN right now
Even if I only had 10 readers, I'd rather do the book for them than fo...
In the non-superhero category, I absolutely love Ghost World by Daniel Clowes. P.S. The movie kind of did it justice
Everyone's talking about how Shia Labeouf plagiarized Daniel Clowes. but nobody said anything when Kristen Stewart plagiarized paint drying.
I love quite a bit of Daniel Clowes’ work, but PATIENCE might be my favourite of his stories. Even if it has to start with a dead wife.
A comic book recommendation: Patience by Daniel Clowes, more at:
Beyond The Big Two - Ghost World, we take a look at this classic from Daniel Clowes! via /…
NEW ! For those a fan of Daniel Clowes, we've got a video for you!
I try personally not to be nostalgic.
For me, the whole process involves envisioning this book in my head as...
anything by Daniel Clowes is incredible, but my all-time favorite is Bottomless Belly Button by Dash Shaw
I love the medium and I love individual comics, but the business is no...
I was 30 before I made a living that was not embarrassing.
That's the biggest part of doing comics: You have to create stuff that...
Yeah, I don't necessarily like endings that contrive an artificial mom...
It's embarrassing to be involved in the same business as the mainstrea...
I somehow missed this profile of back in February. Good stuff.
I got told they "don't really like that kind of stuff" when asking about a Daniel Clowes book there.
People seem to need a likable protagonist more than ever.
Finally read Daniel Clowes' latest graphic novel PATIENCE. It's great. Everyone should read it.
Daniel Clowes blends weird science and paradoxical time travel:
Someone buy me lots of Daniel clowes and Charles Burns pretty pretty please
Finished PATIENCE by Daniel Clowes last night. Very good love story about time travel.
On page 85 of 180 of Patience, by Daniel Clowes
Article: You Need “Patience” By Daniel Clowes – By Adi Tantimedh. I borrowed from libes and read and was satisfied.
just read Daniel Clowes 'Patience' I think it's his best work.
I'm a fan of parchment and wood pulp.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
The Making of Daniel Clowes - and a golden age for comics beautiful, but disappointingly lazy last paragraph
One of the best pieces about Daniel Clowes' PHENOMENAL new graphic novel, Patience.
Daniel Clowes is one of the most celebrated graphic novelists aro...
'A crime novel that doesn't revel in graphic violence, and has interesting, flawed, but sympathetic characters.' .
talks about his new graphic novel and why he didn't take the Ramones' advice
Celebrated novelist knows his work will always be overshadowed by superheroes
new amazing graphicnovel PATIENCE is about it here
'Patience': Daniel Clowes knows his work will always be 'overshadowed' by superheroes
Just in time for the weekend: audio of and conversation is online!
New blog post up about the Daniel Clowes event this past week:
It's the new Daniel Clowes graphic novel. Him what did Ghost World.
On page 45 of 180 of Patience, by Daniel Clowes
'My Model for Writing Fiction Is to Replicate the Feeling of a Dream' Daniel Clowes via
Great profile of from Here in store Mar 2 w
"Unlike a lot of cartoonists, Clowes is a lot happier than the characters he creates." .
Our hearts are aflutter for Daniel Clowes' next book. Here's the scoop from
I would like birdman but i don't need to write both sides do swimming pools have in years, the new daniel clowes book might be president.
Imagine how good it would be if Daniel Clowes made an amazing new book AND you could win a copy. Just imagine...
Can't wait to read Patience - The tortured adolescent hope of Daniel Clowes
Alvin died in last month, and the memorial service is this week. He was a very talented man.
Graphic novel of the week: You must have 'Patience'
The tortured, adolescent hope of cartoonist
"Patience" transcends space and time to explore obsession and love
A new Daniel Clowes book, you say? *watches Good Friday get even better*
Ok early birds, let's make this a super good Friday with the new Daniel Clowes on the vlog
I think I've had the fantasy of a ray-gun that could erase the world from the time I was a very little kid. -- Daniel Clowes
"It has a primal validity to it beyond the clichéd genre stereotype.” ~on time travel.
Ghost World is a culmination of everything Clowes does best. via
"The “cosmic timewarp deathtrip” aspect allows Clowes to move in a more experimental, surreal direction with...
Don't worry, though, it's still Clowes—there's love and sadness too...
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
Helluva short week this week. Daniel Clowes, W Kamau Bell, Janet Napolitano, Carla Marinucci were my guests in-studio. One more to go.
Have you read new graphic novel yet? How about great Q&A w/him? https…
Legendary cartoonist Daniel Clowes journeys through time with "Patience"
Daniel Clowes event happening at Green Apple Books on the Park right now!
Listening to the incredible comic artist Daniel Clowes at Green Apple books talk about his new…
My role models are Marjane Satrapi, Alison Bechdel & Daniel Clowes. I dream of being like them one day. But first I need to overcome laziness.
Alvin Buenaventura (far right, w/) R. Crumb, Chris Ware, Daniel Clowes, and Adrian Tomine.
All shoots should be this fun to play with. Cartoonist Daniel Clowes for photographed by Ian Allen
Marvelous profile of the great cartoonist/graphic novelist by Robert Ito in
Eightball permanently infected my brain in '90s. The Making of Daniel Clowes
Fascinating article on Daniel Clowes - gunna have to add Patience to my reading list now!
Daniel Clowes floored me as a kid. There's a bit in art school confidential where his art teacher berates him about wanting to cartoon 1/2
This is a fascinating article, for the illustrators & cartoonists amongst you… . cc:
My misanthropy exists on a scale of "barely extant" to "Daniel Clowes character" and is variable by coffee intake, volume of my environment.
1. Ghost World - Daniel Clowes. Keseharian Enid & Rebecca dan protes mereka. A must read for the teen punk in you :)
is quickly becoming my favourite magazine. So good.
Gasped aloud at this (great) photo of Daniel Clowes in in my imagination he is eternally… 34? 42, tops
A wonderful longread on our Feb 29 guest! . "The Making of Daniel Clowes"
enjoyed the Zubrick outta this California Sunday profile of Dan "Pussey" Clowes- - now I wanna go to Meltdown
the brilliant Dan Clowes profiled in California Sunday mag via
I think I'm gonna attach myself to the sinking ship that is book publishing...
Srsly, if you have never checked Daniel Clowes "Eightball", go check it out somehow somewhere. Favorite tragic idiotic surreal humor series.
A look into what made Daniel Clowes the most important cartoonist in the world:
BIG THANKS to for the heads up on this great piece on Daniel Clowes -
Read a stunning profile of in the magazine:
: Robert Ito wrote a wonderful profile of cartoonist Daniel Clowes in California Sunday Magazine. It includes some nice illustrations...
Patience, a new graphic novel by Daniel Clowes, to be published by Fantagraphics. Called "a psychedelic love story"
Patience is the first all new, original graphic novel from Daniel Clowes (Ghost World) in over a…
Izzit me, or does Gordon Buehrig look eerily like a Daniel Clowes self-portrait??
Can't find any Daniel Clowes in my school's library but THANK GOD we have 200 Doonesbury collections. If it was 1978 I'd be so hyped rn.
I know I am late to the party, but recently discovered the Eightball comic series by Daniel Clowes… brilliant stuff.
Seeing the new Daniel Clowes movie and then going to the Elvis Depressedly / RL Kelly / Upset show tonight because I enjoy
did you know that Enid Coleslaw is an anagram for Daniel Clowes? Quite the coincidence!
The Truth about America’s Superheroes; Or, Real-Life Revisionism. : In one image, Daniel Clowes defeats the su...
The Wicked & The Divine is amazing. Read Daniel Clowes if you never have ("Ghost World" & "David Boring).
♡_♡ Daniel Clowes display case at meltdown ♡_♡
Found some Daniel Clowes at Harold Washington library Good weekend reading,…
his indie movie based on a Clowes comic (and his apology for doing it)!
in the head, lesser injuries will send a message: The official videogame novelisation, by daniel clowes.
my library has so much Daniel Clowes thank you
Also, a lot of people at the show look like baddies in Daniel Clowes/Adrian Tomine comics.
BREAKING: Daniel Clowes announces 3-day uninterrupted reading spree
So... was included in LaBeouf's Or did he just read Daniel Clowes’ comic instead?
Shia just fell asleep..somebody write "I'm sorry Daniel Clowes" on his face.
So we’re all just forgetting about Shia Lebouf shamelessly plagiarising Daniel Clowes now? Is that it?
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
remember when Shia tried to have a comics career and he just stole everything from Daniel Clowes and tried to get away with it?
He can be amusing, but I still want to punch him in his stupid plagiarist face for ripping off Daniel Clowes.
"If he just admits he stole the Daniel Clowes thing this would all be over." - Tom Scharpling on Shia Labeouf's performance art
Are you showing the one that you plagiarized from Daniel Clowes and then tried to lie your way out of it?
Currently watching the one where Daniel Clowes, Art Spiegelman and Alan Moore beat up Comic Book Guy.
Colored pencil sketch proposal by for a anthology years back that…
The first trailer made American Ultra look like it's about getting superpowers from smoking, which is better (and a Daniel clowes story)
You have to create stuff that makes you want to get out of bed and get to work. Daniel Clowes
also, come to think of it, the Daniel Clowes reader might be a great gift for scholarly types looking to get into comics
What is Daniel Clowes doing illustrating candy packages?
On page 33 of 80 of Ghost World, by Daniel Clowes: Started reading this again from the beg...
2 of 5 stars to Ghost World by Daniel Clowes
That picture makes you look like a Daniel Clowes character.
Cartoonist Daniel Clowes now has an official Instagram page! The handle is: daniel_clowes . We'll be posting some gems fro…
Wilson screenplay - currently shooting in Minnesota - is from Oscar nominee Daniel Clowes
Woody Harrelson is an ideal choice to star in adaptation of Daniel Clowes' graphic novel Wilson
There's going to be a film adaptation of Daniel Clowes' WILSON?
If you ever get the chance, Black Hole by Charles Burns and Like a Velvet Glove Cast in Iron by Daniel Clowes are both great.
'Ghost World' artist Daniel Clowes' papers acquired by University of Chicago
This week has the ultimate Daniel Clowes reading primer. (Hint: we recommend all his books).
Photo: fantagraphics: Daniel Clowes will be stoping by Quimby’s Bookstore on April 30th for a signing of...
Meet comic book artist 4/30 & get your copy of The Complete Eightball signed! -->
of course i'll be out of town when daniel clowes is signing books at Quimby's. of course!!!
Cool, I'm on Monte Vista. Daniel Clowes lives in the neighborhood and I always wonder if I'll see him there
Daniel Clowes considers the creative merit of cartooning over filmmaking. Comic Book Cinema:
Having one of those days where everyone I see looks like they're straight out of a Daniel Clowes comic.
short sweet brilliant... from Joshua Glenn and
It's like the '90s again: The Complete Eightball 1-18 comics anthology by Daniel Clowes
bookdepot: via instagram: Daniel Clowes Ghost World graphic novel that inspired the fi…
Photo: Tonight! Linework NW 2015 Special Guest Daniel Clowes makes an at Powell’s City of Books!...
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
one thing I wish I read more! Graphic novels, not Handler. Btw check out Chris Ware and Daniel Clowes
no idea but I'm a huge Daniel Clowes fan
Coming soon - my interview with Daniel Clowes about his Eightball slipcased edition
Daniel Clowes in Hollywood, June 5th! ...& in Chicago, April 30.
The illustrator Daniel Clowes reflects on “Eightball” and his other works from the past twenty-five years:
Daniel Clowes on the financial freedom of making comics vs movies:
Daniel Clowes reflects on his Eightball work for the
Looking for : -The Great Gasby by F. scott Fitzgerald -Ghost World by Daniel Clowes
Another home run FREE event - thanks to everyone involved for bringing Daniel Clowes to town. I got to ask his thoughts on Wally Wood, Winsor McCay and (gah!) Shia LeBeouf! What a blast and a lotta laughs - I love The Wex and The Billy!
Looking for: - Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad - Ghost World by Daniel Clowes - A History of the World in 10 and 1/5 Chapter by Julian Barnes
Robert Crumb, Art Spiegelman and Daniel Clowes all in the top ten, also some others I need to check out - great list.
Shia Labeouf has announced that he is retiring from all public life- meaning he's done... Errr maybe. While he has officially announced his retirement, many have begun to speculate that everything he's been up to is all an elaborate hoax, and that it's possibly many people are in on it- ala Joaquin Pheonix & Casey Affleck in 'I'm Still Here', and that Daniel Clowes is actually a major player in the whole thing... Well it's a theory.
Shia Labeouf has announced he is retiring to spend more time with Daniel Clowes' family.
Shia Labeouf has had a rough couple of weeks recently. He released a short film that turned out to be plagiarized from the work of Daniel Clowes .
Fury actor Shia Labeouf said he is "retiring from all public life." Shia was recently accused of plagiarizing Daniel Clowes novella Justin M. Damiano. Shia's since made a series of missteps.
The last few weeks haven’t been particularly kind to actor Shia Labeouf. After releasing a subversive short film, it was revealed the short was plagiarized from the work of Daniel Clowes. That lead to an apology, which was also plagiarized, and the actor’s defenses snowballed into weirdness...
Haven't really followed this plagiarism case, but Daniel Clowes *** abominably, and Shia was at least pretty good in Dist…
SELLING: - Principles of Chemistry a Molecular Approach English Novels: -Come,Thou Tortoise by Jessica grant -No great mischief by Alistair Macleod -The Diviners by Margaret Lawerence - By Grand central station I sat down and wept by Elizabeth Smart -Ghost World by Daniel Clowes -Math 1090:Algebra and Trigonometry fourth edition Inbox me for the cost of the books
Non-Scholarly Musings on Comic Books and A Hollywood Duke of Trash: I like comic books, graphic novels, whatever you want to call them. Much like rock, jazz, and twerking, comics are a uniquely American invention. Also like rock and jazz, comics have struggled to find acceptance as a legitimate art form, but fortunately every year is better. In turn this leads to better quality comics and more variety of comics and comic creators. That's a yay! One creator I admire is Daniel Clowes, a comics writer/artist living in Oakland. Clowes' voice is uncompromisingly unique, and his art and writing have managed to stand out as individually bold for decades. Clowes is probably best known to the general public for the film adaptations of Ghost World or Art School Confidential. They're offbeat movies, and I'm glad I've seen them. The other guy I'm about to mention here, the one exploiting Clowes, I'm tempted to call him a villain, but he's too desperate, too creatively bankrupt and misguided to be a bad guy. I wish he ...
Shia Labeouf posts a legal letter from Daniel Clowes' lawyer formally accusing the actor of plagiarizing the artist's work. READ HERE.
Shia Labeouf apologizes to Daniel Clowes again, this time via skywriting |
Shia Labeouf first apologized for plagiarizing one of author Daniel Clowes' graphic novellas on D...
Shia Labeouf offers an apology to cartoonist Daniel Clowes through a bizarre skywriting message.
Transformers actor Shia Labeouf just keeps on digging. His latest stunt is another apology to Daniel Clowes; this time by writing a Message in the sky Saying "I am Sorry Daniel Clowes". Hit the jump to find out all Shia had to say with his apology.
Shia Labeouf must be really sorry for plagiarizing comic book writer Daniel Clowes, because he just apologized via skywriting!
Today in Shia Labeouf, we have a skywritten apology to Daniel Clowes followed by even more word burglary.
Shia Labeouf's plagiarism apology tour took to the sky Wednesday as the Transformer actor hired an airplane to tow a banner saying "I'm sorry Daniel Clowes."
Shia Labeouf hired a skywriting team on Wednesday, Jan. 1 to issue yet another apology to Daniel Clowes after it was discovered last month that the actor had plagiarized the artist's work
Shia Labeouf skywrites an apology to Daniel Clowes for plagiarizing his graphic novel for his short film.
Shia Labeouf is on a tear this week. As we saw last month, the actor had been caught plagiarizing from comic artist Daniel Clowes in his new film HowardCan
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Shia Labeouf is a serial plagiarist who ripped off Daniel Clowes, Robert McNamara, Benoît Duteurtre
Earlier this week, Shia Labeouf plagiarized a Daniel Clowes comic for his film and responded with plagiarized apology
It looks like Shia Labeouf has copied from others besides Daniel Clowes, including Charles Bukowski and…Tiger Woods?
Shia Labeouf Seemingly Copied Bukowski, Others For His Own Comic Books Having admitted to ripping off artist Daniel Clowes for his new short film, LaBeouf’s other work falters under new scrutiny. He’s also stealing his apologies from Tiger Woods and Gen. Robert McNamara. [UPDATED] posted on December 18, 2013 at 9:21am EST Jordan Zakarin BuzzFeed Staff Jason Merritt / Getty Images The news continues to get worse for Shia Labeouf. The actor apologized early Tuesday morning for the fact that his new short film,, was lifted, nearly word for word, from a comic by the famed artist-screenwriter Daniel Clowes; as first reported by BuzzFeed, Clowes had no idea that LaBeouf took his work, and is now pursuing his legal options in response. Now, an analysis of segments of comic books written and drawn by LaBeouf reveal that he seemingly took passages from other famed writers, including the late Charles Bukowski. LaBeouf is the creator of several niche comic books, which share themes, stories, an ...
The actor is being accused of plagiarizing Daniel Clowes' graphic novel to create a short film. His explanatio...
Look, Shia, Daniel Clowes deserves *payment*, not just credit.
Another comic strip possibly being exploited like the Shia Laboeuf/Daniel Clowes controversy.
Shia Labeouf explains how he was "inspired" by Daniel Clowes for his plagiarized film, in apology "inspired" by Yahoo Answer…
Well, this is awkward: Shia Labeouf posted a short film online yesterday after debuting it at Cannes last year, BuzzFeed noticed it seemed awfully similar to a 2007 Daniel Clowes comic ... and then... Celebrity News Summaries. | Newser
Shia Labeouf plagiarizes Daniel Clowes comic for his film, responds with plagiarized apology
Earlier this morning, Shia Labeouf ("Transformers") made a feeble apology after being caught red-handed plagiarizing Daniel Clowes' 2007 comic, Justin M. Damiano. Come see what he said.
Shia Labeouf is at the center of a plagiarism controversy after graphic novelist Daniel Clowes accused the star of borrowing shamelessly...
(CNN) -- Shia Labeouf's new short film went live online Monday, and now the actor is facing allegations of plagiarism. A comic book publisher says LaBeouf's movie "Howard" is almost a line-for-line ripoff of a 2007 story written and drawn by artist Daniel Clowes.
Shia Labeouf has apologized after failing to credit artist Daniel Clowes for inspiring the actor's directorial debut, a short film called "," but LaBeouf's expression of regret may need some clarification of its own. LaBeouf's short, about an online film critic, included striking si...
On the one hand, Shia Labeouf has apologized for plagiarizing Daniel Clowes' work. On the other, his apology itself seems to be plagiarized.
Yesterday, actor Shia Labeouf admitted plagiarising a short comic strip by Daniel Clowes. “In my excitement and naiveté as an amateur filmmaker, I got lost in the creative process and neglected to ...
Shia Labeouf directed a short film, “,” that basically fires shots at film critics. Funnily enough, these same critics realized the short was plagiarized word for word from an illustrated short by Daniel Clowes called Justin M. Damiano. Clowes wasn’t credited in the film. Shia’s...
Hollywood actor Shia Labeouf has been accused of intellectual property theft after his new film was deemed an almost-direct adaptation of a Daniel Clowes comic
Daniel Clowes and Saladin Ahmed present: Thora Birch and Scarlett Johansson in: Djinn World
Shia Labeouf released his short film on the internet on Monday, but he mostly stoled it from Daniel Clowes. He apologized, but he stoled the apology too.
Shia Labeouf is sorry for ripping off the work of graphic novelist Daniel Clowes in his short film:
Earlier this week, Transformers: Dark of the Moon star Shia Labeouf released a new short film that he directed entitled Almost immediately after the debut of this project, it became very clear that this short was based on a Daniel Clowes comic entitled Justin M. Damiano, but Clowe...
Shia Labeoufs short film has been locked behind a password less than 24 hours after it went online thanks to charges that he plagiarised the script from the Daniel Clowes comic Justin M. Damiano, which is a shame since the short film actually seemed to be worth having a conversatio...
Shia Labeouf plagiarizing Yahoo! Answers in his apology for plagiarizing Daniel Clowes is a tour de force of idiocy.
Well it stars Thora Birch and Steve Buscemi. They're outsiders who share a bond. I plagiarised it from Daniel Clowes' Ghost World
What would you teach if you could only teach one work by R. Crumb? Los Bros Hernandez? Chris Ware? Daniel Clowes? Lynda Barry?
My number is here are 6 random (I really tried to think of pretty random ones) facts about me . 1. Despite growing up in Virginia, I have never visited Washington, DC. 2. I like having sound on when I go to sleep. Sometimes my white noise app, usually It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. 3. I at one time had every episode of the Ricky Gervais radio show on my computer. Now my audio completist award goes to the Purple Chick Complete Buddy Holly collection. 4. I use the app Garage Band to record songs. Have not uploaded any yet, maybe will get the courage to someday. 5. The comic artists whose work is most like what I would want to emulate are Herge, Robert Crumb, Art Spiegelman, and Daniel Clowes. 6. My favorite flavoring of candy, drinks, ect is anything berry related, especially blueberry. Here is a bonus first movie I have memory of seeing in theaters was Mrs. Doubtfire. Comment/like and I will give you a number :)
successful trip to the new library. Came home with books by Will Eisner, Daniel Clowes, Eddie Campbell, Garth Ennis, Milo Manara and Moebius. Inspiriffic!
I've got other stuff by Daniel Clowes if you wanna borrow. I think Ghost World is his best though.
bed and Daniel Clowes. I may even light a candle. I cannot think of anything lovelier, except perhaps if I had a puppy to cuddle too
It took me all summer to frame and hang these Daniel Clowes prints but gosh durn if it wasn't worth it
I didn't enjoyed the art of MCA of Chicago, but the exhibition of Daniel Clowes is Awesome! If U R here have 2 go
MCA to see the Daniel Clowes exhibit-highly recommend!
At the Daniel Clowes exhibition in the MCA Chicago.
garage sale find: old Daniel clowes and Miyazaki comics
and I love the chester browns and daniel clowes of the world but saying a comic made by a team or multiple people isnt the same?
I'm going to save up and buy Wilson and Ice Haven and Mister Wonderful by Daniel Clowes.
Rad poster for a show by Daniel Clowes. Museum of contemporary art Chicago @ Museum of Contemporary…
place the brick at the foot of the Daniel Clowes mannequin
Breaking news! Ghost World is officially in my ten top graphic novels! Congrats Daniel Clowes!
I read this recently-Daniel Clowes while being one of the best comic artists & storytellers...
gonna finish this Clowes book and probably stay up all night thinking about it. Daniel Clowes is ruining my life and I love it
Irving Goffman and Daniel Clowes walk around Hyde Park in Chicago and discuss the concept of…
Round two at Daniel Clowes at the MCA. @ Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago
Our blog post on Daniel Clowes at Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago
I remember I tried drafting comics like Harvey Pekar; mostly little one-shots that massively ripped off Daniel Clowes. I wanted to do
honestly anything Daniel Clowes for my birthday will do. but preferably Ghost World.
Whoa ... there's a Daniel Clowes exhibit at the MCA and no one *** told me? Who wants to go?
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