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Daniel Chong

Daniel Chong is a University of California, San Diego engineering student who, at the age of 24 in April 2012, was placed in a Drug Enforcement Administration holding cell for five days and was forgotten during the whole time.

San Diego Cartoon Network Ice Bear Annie Awards

omg I can't stand using my gucci perfume anymore bc it's the smell... IT'S NOT EVEN A PERFUME ANYMORE it's Daniel chong
Art and pot go together like Cheech and Chong. Pot makes everything Art if you think about it.
I only got to know about this cute series after I happened to watch Daniel Chong being featured…
Chong Jujun Balsa!!. I vote for the Top Social Artist Award We love bts
At another session. Doing voice of fun new character and working with Daniel Chong! Love seeing a young Asian head……
We Bare Bears was created by Daniel Chong, who did not work on Adventure Time (he previously worked at Pixar).
Daniel Chong (creator of We Bare Bears) described the show in an amazing way. "A modern day Peanuts." 😍
Hi Daniel Chong, will you promo WBB to Hong Kong? because I'm NowTV customer and pay for CN, howeve…
. Great, good luck daniel chong, wish the best!
Wot wot Daniel Chong replied my question !!! *explodes*
I still can't believe Daniel Chong answered my question I feel so good™
We bare bears creator daniel chong as guest speaker at Cartoon Network imagination studi...
Hi Daniel Chong. A question. Barry, the character who debuted in the episode Icy Nights will return in another episode?
Hi Daniel Chong, I was wondering, is it true that despite how short Chloe comes off on screen, she's actually 6 2"?
Old Story 2012, but this is every Free Americans nightmare. Caught up in raid, not target,thrown in jail,forgotten.
What's next for Pan Pan, Grizz and Ice Bear? creator Daniel Chong offers some insights: h…
May Daniel Chong receive all the blessings
The new PUMA x Daniel Ting Chong collection is all kinds of awesome!
PUMA x Daniel Ting Chong dropping this Saturday!. Read more here:
The Puma x Daniel Ting Chong colab drops in store and online on 10 December.
| collaborates with South African designer/illustrator on the Duplex Evo & Duplex OG…
Daniel Lindsay is a thinking man's conservative Good job man. Keep on offering good ideas. Chong is doing well.
Speaking into existence. dropping 10.12.16 at here's more info:…
.has collaborated with Cape Town artist and designer on a new range of sneakers:…
Currently reading: 'PUMA teams up with local designer Daniel Ting Chong'
Remembering Daniel Dingel and his works... my trip to a Technology Park in China has undoubtedly hinted to me...
.collaborates with South African illustrator/designer on the Duplex Evo & Duplex OG…
We have been working on a very exciting project with the exceptional illustrator, Daniel Ting Chong. Stay tuned tom…
PUMA collaborates with local designer Daniel Ting Chong
Tell a friend. coming soon. Read all about it here:
PUMA collaborates with local designer [SneakPeak]-->
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Its Daniel Ting Chong Birthday today i Dont have a picture with him so will celebrate by posting some awesome...
An Exclusive First Look at the Okayafrica x Daniel Ting Chong Collection in Johannesburg
has teamed up with two of South Africa's brightest design talents for a limited edition range of T-shirts…
See the limited edition heritage Ts by artists & for this .
Lee Chong Wei in action against Shi Yuqi during their quarterfinal match
I got 99 problems but Daniel Chong ain't 1!
Pretty cool stuff by my colleagues Bing & Chong to bypass CFG via JIT in WARP Shader, presented @ XCON 2016.
Just listened to Daniel Chong's interview on Such an inspiring episode! Thanks again
if i'm nt mistaken, 3/10 is a holiday so... I'm not sure lahh but i think tmr Pn. Chong will tell us.
hey Daniel Chong i was just wondering does we bare bears have young teens in its target aduience
Daniel Chong, could you please reply, uh, when will the 22 minute special air?
Minutes became days: Daniel Chong, a UC San Diego student, was detained in ...
US reprimands agents after Daniel Chong forgotten in San Diego cell ... Daily Mail
Aug 1, 2013 - Daniel Chong, 25, drank his own urine to survive and even wrote a farewell note to his ...
Daniel Chong, forgotten in DEA cell, settles suit for $4.1 million - CNN ... CNN. Hey Man, they are talking to you~
In case you missed it: Daniel Chong joins as
It's not like he is being insincere or whatever. It's just Ice Bear. (Also, idk if Daniel Chong made it so, or if that part is…
Check out: Daniel Chong author of the Wind Shadow Chronicles book series.
Daniel Chong shares how he created We Bare Bears in Ep. 020!
I was thinking Cheech and Chong or Daniel Tosh w corgis /:
DTN Hong Kong: Outspoken Yata boss who ‘never held meetings’ exits: . Daniel Chong Wai-chung has won more he...
Daniel stfu you suck at karate master chong would whoop yo *** anywhere
I feel like watching cheech and chong
Tips of the day Manchester United land first summer signing after breakthrough in talks
We Bare Bears - Interview with Daniel Chong, the Show Creator via
5 Lessons Entrepreneurs Can Toke on From Tommy Chong: Get a load of the famous stoner's business wisdom in a f...
Demetri Martin's voice recording as Ice Bear happens once a month and for three episodes at once says Daniel Chong (from WeDrawBears Tumblr)
Yeah, that would suck. Hopefully Daniel Chong doesn't have the same problem with We Bare Bears
can't leave out Jack and Daniel, and Cheech and Chong
Did u guys see the new episode of we bare bears so amazing and make sure you thank Daniel Chong and his team season 2 is a go🐻🐼🐨
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
*Someone shows Chong the *** Daniel video*. Chong: Is this what you guys do for fun??
Liverpool will make a strong effort to sign Saido Berahino as a replacement for Daniel Sturridge. (Source: Daily Expre…
Jürgen Klopp has told Daniel Sturridge that he can leave the club for £25m. [Daily Mirror]
The B.O.S is back tonight! Bachata On Saturday with Daniel Chong at the Union Bar from 7:30PM - 3AM. Party time!.
Aww that's so sweet. Daniel Chong is doing great with WBB so far.
Graphic designer/illustrator discusses some of his inflluences in an interview with Mylo :
Daniel Goh Sebastian Chong The continuation of Marvel movies and How Thanos was created! Awesome!
mr. chong the fed was wrong,no one belongs in jail Over a Bong,..ssshacka lacka dind dong...doo whop doodie doo...
Daniel Chong (creator of shares how kids can create with Scratch.
I could see Daniel Chong doing a little homage to PBC in his show someday but this fan art will have to do for now:
CEO forum by Daniel Chong, Tony Choi and Vincent Tsui at HK Book Fair
3 league débutants today - our 2nd cycle as a club begins with youngsters Euan Finnegan and Daniel Chong playing.
These aminos might taste like Cheech and Chong, but they're doing work
Behind the scenes making of Daniel Chong's new show!
I just finished reading Secrets of the White Lake by Daniel Chong, check out these illustrations!
Foto: tomblalaw: For over one year now, I have had the amazing privilege to work on Daniel Chong’s new show...
So proud of Daniel Chong! You people will love this show, I bet.
It was awesome to see Daniel Chong's new TV show "We Bare Bears" in development at Cartoon Network! Looking forward to the…
6/19 Daniel Chong ND presents "Advanced Biomarker Evaluation and Case Studies in CVD Prevention" at our CE seminar:
Back today at Tito s bachata classes with Julian Mister-m and myself, Daniel Chong and Pebbles Danielle Paculan...
You can only chong a doyle as quick as the doyle can chong you
5 of 5 stars to Secrets of the White Lake by Daniel Chong
Archives: Daniel Ting Chong traces his design evolution over 10 years -
Daniel can't be Dutch so is he supposed to be a young Chong Li?
For delves into his archives to reflect back over 10 years of work -
Archives: Daniel Ting Chong reflects back over 10 years of his work for -
For Graphic Design Month on I speak about my design work over a 10 yr span. The ups, downs & discoveries. .
2 days to go! Don't miss it!. Enjoy the authentic Korean Cuisine by Chef Daniel Chong. Dinner Buffet for IDR230.000++ during limited time!
actually it's not this either. The black on is smaller than this and this is kinda small too. Got one from Daniel Chong.
New report details DEA blunder with UCSD student: The report describes each of the five days Daniel Chong spent…
Daniel Chong is wearing a sweater today
ohsunnymornings: Throwback: 2013 in by Daniel Chong 500px:
2015 is the year for compelling video content - 3 Ways YouTube Videos Can Help You Generate More Business
Have to admire creator Daniel Chong keeping We Bare Bears a secret off internet. Showed once in Amsterdam and pilot not even leaked yet.
Other than the missing emphasis on video content, Agreed! - Top 7 Anticipated Social Media Trends for 2015
Are we just wasting money then? - More Than Half of the Ads That Google Sells Are Never Seen - The Atlantic
Surprisingly, most smartphone users in Singapore click on mobile ads
GoPro is killing it everywhere on social it seems! - 6 brands that are dominating on Instagram
Really feels like they are killing the golden goose, or maybe just a slow roast.
Who is your favorite sports icon (past or present)? — Ronaldo, Lee Chong Wei, and Daniel Carter
How to use Google Plus for Business - Infographic style!
Just discovered this story about a young man trapped in a college room for five days by the DEA
Awards more important than ROI? - Asia's funniest advertising case study videos
How GrabTaxi is using local bylanes to stay ahead of Uber in Southeast Asia
out of town. Let's meet up once im settled in my new place
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Open Mic Nite! Call and look for Daniel Chong at 6447 1578 and register your interests. See you tomorrow night!
Koreans are fastest sharers of video ads on the web, Singaporeans most likely to watch ad to the end
The silver stick Daniel Sedin was given tonight commemorating his 1000th game.
Can't decide whether Butts sounds more like Cheech.or Chong.
What's holding back online video in Southeast Asia?
New day, new data: updated global chat app numbers, with active users (MAUs) for LINE:
So for my lovely mum's Susan Ann Chong 60th birthday all the anak2 Vanessa Venlee Chong Pamela VenTeen CDaniel Chong Ian Chong Kuok Cern and Sean Chong threw our mum a surprise parrty at Thistle PD recently.. She was indeed surprised.. Well organised by Vanessa and Pamela, Ian & Sean,, Ian and Sean and our sister from indonesa Ferry Floriana should win an award for tricking her it was just a little trip before her actual birthday which was the very next day.. All her close friends who could make it were there to give their time to celebrate this wonderful woman's 60 years on earth.. There was an ELVIS PRESLEY presentation by Daniel , Lucie and Little Seth.. Daddy was there too... Mum you deserve a whole lot more for your years of love and dedication to all of us.. Here is a little vid I made for my mum's 60th with.. Props to Vanessa for digging up these old precious pictures and also thank you Uncle John ( Mum's little bro) for the tips on her childhood songs and mini stories. Great team effort family ...
I LOVE this campaign idea! Such a simple use of something we take for granted.
A *** useful tool for when a paper version is still needed.
you're one to preach... Remember your 'ching-chong' devito rant. You're a closet racist...
When are the ad placements for us in Asia coming, we have marketers here too!
MMM-820 why is this marked not ship able?
"you're japanese?!". "somewhat ya". "OMG Ching Chang Chong ling lang long what did I just say"
Why daniel chong so good , give me free oreo mcflurry 😂
Another brand taking to popular messaging app Line. Looks like a emerging trend for sure.
Why do I have selfies of Chong and Daniel on my phone
Dassler by PUMA and Brewers and Union Present Daniel Ting Chong -
Daniel Chong was held for five days without food or water before he was discovered
Tommy Chong just did a cha cha to Snoop Dogg's "Drop It Like It's Hot" with a woman dressed like a grow op. Dancing with the Stars, you rock
I remember this story when it first came out. This update is a month or two old, but I guess I missed it when it...
ching chong ding dong I want Daniel ding dong lol I'm sorry I love you
how to pick up girls 101 by Daniel Chong 🙌
Love this fabric design collaboration between and Unknown Union.
The surprising rise of YouTube lyrics videos - CNET
Daniel Ting Chong x Unknown Union Winter Collection:   By now we’ve come to be firm believers in the fact that...
How to earn dollars with your creativity on LINE Creators Market
Just now Daniel Chong go shower but now he already finished :)
A still shot from Daniel Chong and his partner pebbles demo of their
Set Menu Dinner Club Dates for August --. Thanks Daniel Ting Chong for the poster!
stop and hit the bong like Cheech and Chong🎶
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
"Laziness is built deep into our nature." - Nobel laureate Daniel Kahneman
we love you daniel forever in our hearts and thoughts , our guardian angel always , forever young Daniel Chong ❤️
DEA Leadership Blasted In Report On Student Left In Cell For Days WASHINGTON -- The leadership of the Drug Enforcement Administration comes under fire in a report issued by the Justice Department Office of the Inspector General on the near-death of a college student left in a holding cell for five days. The review finds that DEA leadership "violated Department of Justice and DEA policy" and delayed a proper investigation into the incident by not reporting it to the inspector general's office immediately. While a summary of the IG report on Daniel Chong's hellish ordeal while in the custody of the DEA had previously been released, a redacted version of the full report was just released to The Huffington Post in response to a Freedom of Information Act request. The report indicates that DEA Deputy Administrator Thomas Harrigan planned to discuss the situation with Administrator Michele Leonhart in the days after the incident. DEA leadership subsequently made a decision to have a review conducted by a distri ...
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How to Use the Power of in Your Social Media
Chong Lee don't know about them struggles
If you could have lunch with 5 people dead or alive w... — Chuck Norris , Daniel Goh, Jovin Lim , Tristan Chong ...
My favorite artwork by Daniel Ting Chong is for Cape Town clothing brand DTC x 2BOP
The “forgotten” prisoner was ignored for days as he screamed for help, drifting into delirium and recycling his...
Daniel Aparicio loads pieces by himself and Andy Chong Hu into the kiln Friday for a weekend firing.
I heard M. Night Shyamalan and Daniel Day Lewis used to be really good friends until Rae Dawn Chong came between them.
Cheech and Chong up in smoke will never fail to make me laugh
[feed] Weekend Heller: Lustig Cohen and Chong, Old Made New, Empathetic Pics: Elaine Lustig Cohen at P!P! will...
No one punished after man drank urine to survive 5 days solitary confinement. …
The Atlantis in Dubai shining in the night like a golden treasure, photographed by Daniel Chong, taken with a...
I'm trying to take a nap, Daniel done said "ching chow chong chow, you look Asian as f*** when you sleep!!" 😒
SUB 66mins: Joe Allen replaces Daniel Sturridge for Liverpool. Huge applause for the No.15 5-0
DANIEL V - Take Control ft. Vince Chong (Lyric Video): via have to thank the person who intro this
LinkedIn launches ‘How You’re Connected’ tool on profiles to help members introduce each other
Time to get ready then head into Cardiff! Shopping & coffee... Ching Chong! 👌
David Chong Paul Daniel Richardson Brandon Grace . Let's figure out a movie theater where we can all agree to meet and watch Robo Cop.
I miss the 987FM of the past with the deejays like Jamie Yeo, Daniel Ong and Carrie Chong. That was the peak of 987FM to me.
Idk why but Matt and Daniel remind me of cheech and Chong.
Congrats to Kureha Yokoo, Daniel Chong and the entire Toy Story of TERROR! crew for their wins at the Annie Awards!
Congrats to my friends Dean Kelly and Daniel Chong for their Annie Awards! Much deserved, you guys are awesome!
Daniel Chong from wins for Storyboarding in Animated TV Production for
Congratulations to Pixar, Daniel Chong, and Dean Kelly for your storyboarding wins!
Congrats to Daniel Chong for winning for storyboarding for TV, Toy Story of Terror.
Congrats to Daniel Chong for winning the for Storyboarding in a TV Production for Toy Story of Terror!
storyboarding for tv: Daniel Chong for Toy Story Of Terror.
Best Storyboarding in an Animated TV/Broadcast Production: Congrats to Daniel Chong – Toy Story of TERROR! – Pixar Animation Studios
Thank you to Harvard Graduate School of Education students Shuen Chong, Olivia Kim, and Daniel Schulte for their...
Tommy Chong was in Pueblo on Saturday!!! Why the *** did I not know!
Just received a great gift of very cool socks!
"Knowledge makes us play safe, the secret is to stay childish." Interview with
"Missing 2013 already? View your most popular last year in a short video"
How to stay ahead of new social media platforms in 2014
7 Mistakes you can't afford to make in 2014
Personalized guides created from locals’ Instagrams
Meaningful, meaningful, meaningful. Written, composed and performed by Vince Chong and Daniel Veerapan. Starring...
in Social Media: Do they get Enough Bang for their Buck?
Pretty candles, dinner wit Daniel was so nice :D
"Pages Manager gets 7 redesign, now allows tagging in posts and comments"
Daniel Tosh:tell the kids don't do drugs. . Tommy Chong:. Why.
Promoted Accounts land in mobile timelines
"How to be effective on with less than 20 minutes a day"
As Ottawa ruminates on Chong's Reform Act, a column on politics as the art of the possible
Daniel and Chong work on a friends Kawasaki.
Graph Manual: 90 pages manual with clever phrases
Good. They should make it $4.1 BILLION and defund the whole goddam organization.
Welcome our new family member,Joash Chong!! Congratulations to one of our FGA CYC committee, Daniel Chong & Yig Ming.
“DEA to pay Daniel Chong $4.1 million for forgetting him in locked room
closing in on 50M monthly uniques, lists 11 greatest hits
pfieffer loved me and Daniel. So I ain't trippin
launches Fan Finder initiative, lets channels create to bring in new fans for free
starts offering custom URLs to accounts that are 30+ days old, have 10+ followers and a profile photo
""Now is absolutely the time to start using to build your personal brand."
Here’s our quick-hit guide on how to get followers on Tumblr. See this one to learn more!
What to do if your social media account has been hacked or hijacked
Index is a phenomenal leaderboard and benchmarking tool for brands
Update your maps at Navteq
Daniel Chong was amazing with those card tricks last night
announces a new service that brings LinkedIn profiles into the iOS Mail app
A photographer friend of mine (Daniel Chong) is currently traveling around Europe, so he's been uploading some...
Daniel Chong just admit he is a Pedo ~
Popular desktop client is now called
4 years ago I started dating my most handsome dorknut - I'm so lucky to have someone who puts up with me even after FOUR years! Xoxoxoxoxo to Daniel Chong
launches Academy, offering free community-based video courses about digital analytics
introduces multi-platform conversion insights with Estimated Total Conversions
Social Integration is the Name of the Game
Here’s why not is the place to discuss Breaking Bad and other TV shows
rolling out Graph feature that helps you find posts and status updates
The 10 commandments of social and driving traffic to your website
Peak times for smart devices: Primetime for entertainment, morning commute for news
Here are 10 amazingly creative users of you could learn a thing or two from
How to Train a Team to Have a Singular Brand Voice
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
Share to and on the Weekends for More Viewers
Common mistakes and why marketers shouldn’t worry too much about tabs
are destroying in Indians now only send 2 SMS per day
What is health? Great post about how exercise and a healthy diet should be your primary source of health care.
Intense pumpin workout with Daniel chong ... I was intensely chillin and taking pictures for the whole…
Daniel Chong, forgotten in cell, settles suit for $4.1 million ...left in windowless 5'x10' cell for 5 days! :-(
Great edition! Thank you so much for mentioning our product launch! Appreciated!
WearYouWant: a Bangkok-based Thai e-commerce site is ready for the next big step
China's mobile payment market has tripled since last year
reveals closure of five including Hoop de Loop and Bubble ‘Sagas’
Review: Version 3.0 of Nimble's helps you find connections and keep them
Student left in cell: Urine saved me: Daniel Chong talks with Erin Burnett about what i...
Daniel Chong today settled his suit against the DEA for $US4.1 million.
Man forgotten in cell gets $4m: A COLLEGE student left in a holding cell for four days witho...
UCSD Student "Forgotten by DEA" to Get Millions Proud of this work
DEA to pay $4.1M to student left in holding cell for days. He drank his urine to survive; feared he would die
DEA to pay $4m to student it locked-and-forgot Smoked at party. DEA locked him without water 5 days.
US government to pay $4.1 million to avoid lawsuit by UCSD student "forgotten by DEA"
A student who was abandoned by the DEA in a holding cell for 5 days without food/water just settled for $4.1 million ht…
Thanks to at the DEA, a college student will now have a nice chunk of change for marijuana.
Daniel Chong in San Diego... left by Americans for five days in a windowless room. No food, water or a toilet. Had to drink …
Student who was left in DEA cell, and had to drink his own urine, getting huge settlement
Jacket by Ian Chang, Shirt by Joe Chia, Daniel Chong for shoes!! Only at ELEGANTOLOGY!!!
Everyone is gonna go see Dannie Riel tmr, while im stuck at work! FML!
For a valid vote, please first "LIKE" the PAGE then "LIKE" the photo, to show that you think this girl deserve to be the next Miss Global International Malaysia! More details of the voting and finalists COMING UP!!! START VOTING!
Which hairdressers from outside the UK do you admire the most?
Alright guys rmb tmr wear pink shirts and we shall name our team "The Pink Panthers" xD Daniel Chong Kevin Ffagf Jeff Chee
Thank you God , the audits went well. Thanks to my colleagues , my superiors for all their hardwork. We are one big happy family now , tonight all of us can sleep soundly lu.
Daniel Chong: thought you might be interested.l
The original 2 girls 1 cup video, watch it here. Also known as two girls and one cup or 2 girls and a cup.
Are we Singaporeans or not? Alternative media had shared this foreign written article based on the SMRT illegal strike incident and highlighted paragraphs that put Singapore in a bad light. As I read the whole article and scroll down to the comments, it is heartening to see numerous comments putting forth Singapore's views. I wish alternative media will stop bashing us up.
Alvina Wee Wei Hong Veron Salvatore We are students from IACT College. We would like to ask a few questions regarding your house chores activity done by who. Please answer the questions according and choose the one the best suits you. Thank you for your time and cooperation.
[CNA] Role of Singapore's social media in recent haze problem
apparently grabbed nearly 75 percent of market in May
Roasting Marshmellows before it rains sounds like cuddle time for me^
Latest event ! Only 2 simple prizes . 1st prize 30k cash code 2nd prize 20k cash code 1st step:Like my post and my page 2nd step:Comment a number & your ign then tag 3 of your friends and your ign (dun repeat number that are picked) 3rd step:Share out my post Prizes will be given out when i hit 150 likes
don't always poop in campus's toilet. But when I do, I choose to locate it at Block Tan Siew Sin. And I know I'm not the only one here.
Is overseas migration a right choice?
Another giant Empurau (Tor) from Sarawak.going to extinct soon due to the high demand in local market.
Daniel Chong Joann Goh armin got a point there lol
The average friendship lasts for 5 to 7 years. Things You Didn't Know
Is been so long since I last played basketball. what is a layup? Balvinder Singh Ah Han Benjamin Lim Jian Wei Daniel Chong
Want to get a new tatoo for my birthday!!! Just dont no what I want! :)
Who’s Active on Which Social Network at What Time of Day?
Email is crushing social media for marketing
'Face to gif' is the simplest way to create personal reaction GIFs
How to Use a Single Metric to Run Your Startup --
It takes $47,000 per day to get an app into App Store’s top 10 grossing charts
Terrance Ting David Wei Hong Daniel Jefferson Chong we should play this kind of game ^^
Had fun with my amazing cousins love you guys. I had the most amazing time these last 5 days with my family in Albuquerque I couldn't o asked for a better week. The only sucky thing is I got burnt and not blistering and hurts ba but other then that I had fun love you guys Renda McDaniel Marc Theniner FanMc Daniel Morgyn Kevin Leach Ramirez Branden Ramirez Melissa Ramirez Heather Lucero Jordyn Ching Chong and m brother Logan now heading home can't wait to come back to see my cousins again love you guys
I wanna say thanks to my friends for giving me this birthday surprise.. Really thank u very much especially those who have assignment discussion and able to drop by.. Thank u very very much... Besides, special thanks to my house mates for "treating" me eat a whole cake, the 2 red eggs and the present... I appreciate that.
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There is no way that there isnt aliens out there
Henry Khoo Hun Heng, Chee Kok Siong, Goh Daniel, Kevin Goh, Chua Eng SiongChen Chong Loy, Will u all be free on the 31st Aug? Our friends have arrange a small gathering on the 31st Aug at Kelab Rahman Putra in Sungai Buloh and would be very happy if you all can attend.. We need to know how many can come so that we can have proper bookings made..
Badminton Competition today.I VS Mark Nishanta, the score is 25-23. I got 25.. Later on Daniel Gan VS Marcus cheok, the score is 21-1 , Daniel got 21. After resting for a while, the Competition continue. Me VS Daniel Gan. The score is 23-21 and i got 23! i won the grade5-6 boy single!! For girl Sheyenne Chen vs Jern-li Chong the score i am not that sure but Sheyenne Chen won. Grade 4, Sara kok vs Justine Yap the score i am not sure too. Today i have a great time at PE. Thank for your support Loke Zion Mark *** Sweeyung and mark nishanta
Anybody noes of a fashion designer named Daniel Chong?
Nobody update their PS3 to version 4.45, Especially if it was hacked.. Heaps of people have updated and have said that it bricked their consoles. -Jezza
If you could sit back and smoke with one person right now who would it be?
HM i think my wife is hiding from me i have not seen her all night
Who's your favorite rock 'n' roll duo of all time?
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
Terrance Ting David Wei Hong Daniel Jefferson Chong this kind of girl really scary ^^
.is having a TIUROK, KO ,and the mini "The Hangover" lol wa ko kauli Cebu lol
Who want to go dating with me this sunday?
I just ordered some vegan Adidas Superstars made out of hemp. Know what I'm sayin', Cheech & Chong & Daniel J. Henry?
Guy sings dogs a lullaby! Like Awesome Videos for more videos like this!
I am ABSOLUTELY SHOCKED that anybody could even think of this ;-)
Music video by Fouad El Águila performing QUE VIVA EL AMOR acknowledgments GENIUSTEP
Ok. I've started the season. What signings should I make and whi should I sell?
Preview The underdogs and the Eagles Following Spain’s clash with Uruguay, the champions of Oceania and Africa go head-to-head in Group B’s second game in Belo Horizonte. Sixty three years ago, the Brazilian city was the location for one of the biggest upsets in footballing history, USA’s win over England during the 1950 FIFA World Cup™. Should Tahiti emulate that result, shockwaves will be felt across world football. Eddy Etaeta’s Tahiti have been in Brazil since 7 June, while Nigeria touched down eight days later. Will the extra preparation time benefit the islanders? The game Tahiti-Nigeria, Monday 17 June, Belo Horizonte, 16:00 (local time) The stakes Nigeria will be looking to take an early lead at the top of Group B by giving their goal difference a significant boost against a team who are 107 places below them in the FIFA/Coca-Cola World Ranking. With Uruguay and Spain lying in wait, Stephen Keshi’s side will be looking to put their part-time opponents to the sword. Tahiti meanwhile are ...
Make JPEG Droplet is the Fastest Way to Convert Files to JPEGs
Very tired n stress recently .. Will cut down few party in future to settle my personal stuffs n accompany family n Frds first . Sorry if any inconvenient .
Happy bapa day to all yg bgelar bapa, and 4 my daddy... thanks for everything.. and for my hubby Michael Weills... thanks for being such a good papa for our son.. hepi father day jg fr moses grandpa Weills Magium... and fr Daniel Wong, Edmund Chong, hepi day owez ♡
All the beautiful girls and one handsome boy!ha!ha!
the zoo with mrs Regis class Daniel Chong
David Wei Hong Terrance Ting Daniel Jefferson Chong when we go japan wan do like this?
Breast Cancer Awareness
Song by WMG Tommy Page. A childhood song i loved deeply. Compiled with a collections of pictures that are favored by me
Confession a 2nd year student in USM, currently doing my degree in SoLLaT. I saw him last year in October in Fajar cafe and he was the prettiest looking boy I've ever seen in USM. He had fair skin, and very sharp features. I don't know if he's foreign or not, because I was sitting so far away from him. He was with some of his friends, and had the most attractive smile. After that I went more frequently to Fajar, hoping to catch a glimpse of him. And I do see him often. He always seem to eat the same things, and drink the same drink. I managed to take a few photos of him with my phone, luckily he didn't notice. I never had the courage to approach him and talk, always watching him from afar. I started fantasizing about him too as I think about more of him. Then one day in March when I went down to Sg. Dua to get my hair cut in a hair salon. It was him! He was getting his hair cut too. I was a little stunned, but I tried to hold my calm as I sat down beside him. He's local after I heard him talking with the ...
Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes! I really appreciate it!! I am in Hammond, Indiana...seeing Tommy Chong and Cheech Marin...LIVE!!!
Y im still awake after uncountable glasses of budweiser?
Adopt! Meet lil' Miss Brownie, a Singapore Special found wandering all by herself at Kim Tian Road. She looked scared, lost and hungry, and understandably so. Such a small girl in such a big, big world. She's seen the vet and certified healthy. Current Fosterer can only hold on to her for a week. We need to find her an adopter ASAP. Please contact 9384 1363 if you are keen to adopt Brownie. She is not HDB approved.
David Wei Hong Daniel Jefferson Chong Aton Aten Terrance Ting u will stress when hear this word from parent mouth ==
Members of the fledgling legalized marijuana industry met with about 40 investors in Lower Manhattan to encourage them to enter the cannabis industry.
Check out this video from Cole Dollar & A Dream Tour stop in Miami below: Born Sinner Available for Pre-Order:
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