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Daniel Bryan

Bryan Danielson (born May 22, 1981) is an American professional wrestler signed to WWE and appearing on its SmackDown brand.

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Can Daniel Bryan extend his paternity leave? via
//:Okay, like for my Bayley account, I am not looking for any companies for Brie. All she needs is maybe a Nikki. She has a Daniel Bryan.
Reading this is the equivalent of Daniel Bryan putting on his gear, making his entrance, stopping at the…
He’s trash as a heel. Should have booked him as the next Daniel Bryan
Facts you didn't know about Daniel Bryan - Top 10
How are the chances that the next Shield member will be Daniel Bryan?
NO, encourage them to keep this up, we might Get Daniel Bryan.
Is there a bigger let down than Daniel Bryan’s 18 second loss in Wrestlemania XXVIII?
Can't believe WWE released you, that corporate entity's loss, they missed a trick, the modern Macho Ma…
If Johnny Gargano isn't another "Daniel Bryan Cinderella Story" then we have failed as wrestling fans.
If you are interested in filling the role of Daniel Bryan for please contact
If anyone is interested in taking over the roll of Daniel Bryan for me please contact me ASAP.
I liked a video Daniel Bryan has sad news for Brie Bella and baby Birdie: Total Divas, Nov. 1, 2017
Will Daniel Bryan Return to the Ring in the
Daniel Bryan v William Regal on superstars. Loved that match...actually maybe Rock v Hogan! I hate…
Daniel Bryan outside of Vince McMahon's limo after hearing the news about Kurt Angle wrestling again
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"Daniel Bryan never would've been a main eventer if Punk never left". He was already a Triple Crown champ before Punk left!
Quite the resurgence for the Candidate of Knox County Mayor Finn Balor,Daniel Bryan & The Shield in 2 weeks.
I hope WWE Clash of Champions sees Daniel Bryan make a deal with Raw for a one-off.
Paul Menard should wreck Kyle and prepare for a "Daniel Bryan winning Mania"-style face pop.
Daniel Bryan vs Finn Balor vs Karl Anderson in a Triple Threat at in Columbus
Daniel Bryan won a *** in a cell match against Tommaso Ciampa with the Zig-Zag at wrestlemania
Still waiting for the Daniel Bryan & Justin Roberts 2 pack Mattel figure
thought berg did good, I loved Daniel Bryan on the show but sometimes he wasn't too good at advancing storylines
Daniel Bryan lost a loser goes to TNA match against Shelton Benjamin with a spanish fly at fall brawl
Let me know when you've beaten George Hackenschmidt and Daniel Bryan.
The Miz Especially him and Daniel Bryan was my favorite on
theirs more chance of cm punk/Daniel Bryan returned to the than wwe,the Braun winning the title
Q&A with on NJPW vs. ROH, his top three wrestlers and Daniel Bryan's challenge to fight
Q&A: KUSHIDA on NJPW vs. ROH, His Top Three Wrestlers and Daniel Bryan's Challenge to Fight
Daniel Bryan is the only small guy who should have wrestled Brock before his injury
Curtis Axel vs Daniel Bryan with Nikki Bella as special referee at
Chris Benoit vs Daniel Bryan vs CM Punk for the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania. Punks the "Heel", Benoit Neutral, Bryan "Face"
5. Daniel Bryan. 4. Chris Benoit. 3. Bret Hart. 2. Kazuchika Okada. 1. AJ Styles. this took some time to decide
Daniel Bryan gave the uso rematch tag team championship next week
"Kevin Owens, AJ Styles, Daniel Bryan, Roderick Strong, Kassius Ohno, Cesaro... the list could go on. What do they…
Daniel Bryan makes a big announcement that fans won't like here via
Watching the Ken Burns Civil War documentary and did Daniel Bryan fight in the war? 🤔 h…
you know what happens if James Ellsworth runs his mouth tonight Daniel Bryan will punch him in the head and
Sami Zayn raising thousands for Syrians, Daniel Bryan voting Green, Kevin Nash is part of BLM. I guess wrestlers are better than I thought.
It's now time for the penultimate match of the tournament. Who will be the other man in the finals? Daniel Bryan or…
The Semis are: Daniel Bryan vs Kenny Williams and Bray Wyatt vs Rodrick Strong!
Daniel Bryan won the raw women's championship from Bobby Roode by knockout on vince mcmahons bear skin rug
Made this for John Cena Bella twins Daniel Bryan birdie joe Danielson
I don't remember the full match name, but I think Daniel Bryan, Cesaro and CM Punk was in it, and it wa…
Made this for birdie joe Danielson Brie Bella Nikki Bella John Cena Daniel Bryan
I added a video to a playlist Stephanie McMahon asks Daniel Bryan to apologize: Raw, March 10, 2014
Daniel Bryan & Renee Young can do no wrong. This is great.
looks like Daniel Bryan is challenging your title as king of tout.MySpace still safe ;)
I will say this: Watch out for shenanigans from Carmella. Shane and Daniel Bryan have both said Ells…
That worked once with Daniel Bryan. That was lightening in a bottle. You cant force su…
Daniel Bryan won a tag team match with Tony Nese with the paige turner at fastlane
do you think that Daniel Bryan is James Ellsworth father ?
HILARIOUS Daniel Bryan and Renee Young on James Ellsworth's "big hog" - RIP TALKING SMACK
Whatever Ellsworth you will never be successful as The Rock, Triple H, John Cena, Daniel Bryan, Randy Orton or A..J Styles!
4 years ago today. . John Cena selected Daniel Bryan to face him at What followed...
Talking Smack was home to the unreal outburst from Miz, and home to Daniel Bryan talking about the big hog Ellswort…
Where I am supposed to see good unscripted promos and Daniel Bryan talk about Ellsworth's *** now?
Daniel Bryan you know what happens when you suspend James Ellsworth... you just made the l…
4 of 5 stars to Yes by Daniel Bryan
Shane McMahon & Scott Hall vs Daniel Bryan & Bubba Ray Dudley in a tag team match at
Today in History: sends CM Punk and Daniel Bryan through a table
Just finished and just like that, Daniel Bryan made me once again a happy Wrestling​ fan. First ,now this. Great week
Becky Lynch urges Daniel Bryan to do the right thing: SmackDown LIVE, June 20, 2017 via
Natalya and Tamina want answers from Daniel Bryan: SmackDown LIVE, June 20, 2017 via
Charlotte Flair confronts Daniel Bryan about the Women's Money in the Bank Match: SmackDLIVE, June 20, 2017 via
What is Daniel Bryan's message for James Ellsworth ahead of SmackDown LIVE? via
I added a video to a playlist John Cena at Battleground & Daniel Bryan on WWE Needing To Change Their
WWE’s Daniel Bryan opens up on life as a father and the great parenting advice Shane McMahon gave him. (SPEEDonFOX)
SmackDown GM Daniel Bryan to address controversial finish to Women's Money in the Bank Ladder Match
All 3 Y2J books (first is best), Bret Hart, Edge, Batista, Daniel Bryan and all Foley boo…
Talking Smack always does a good job of channeling my anger. It's the perfect mix of old-school promos and TNT. But I miss Daniel Bryan.
Daniel Bryan defeats Jimmy Wang Yang via a slam through the announcers table in an I Quit Match on WWE Superstars
Kane and Daniel Bryan going to anger management was funny. That was like 5 years ago tho.
"Hey, *I* defended the Intercontinental title every week, and only because Daniel Bryan made me!". so you just exposed your own fraud, Miz
Liv Morgan defeats Daniel Bryan via the 1916 in a Retirement Match on Sunday Night Heat
Also acceptable for him to become Daniel Bryan's new healthy lifestyle coach, Adam Kale.
If Brie Bella gives birth to a bear, what will be stronger, Daniel Bryan's paternal instincts, or his spirit of competiti…
Legitimately just accidentally typed Bryan Danielson instead of Daniel Bryan. Give me the keys to the smark kingdom.
Congrats Brie and Daniel Bryan or Bryan Danielson you both will make great parents!!!
posted a vintage match between Daniel Bryan, Seth Rollins, and Kenny Omega
"Now that Daniel Bryan is retired, Kota Ibushi is the best wrestler in the world." -The Bryan Kendrick . 😢
Xavier Woods vs Ahmed Johnson vs Daniel Bryan vs Rusev in a Fatal Four Way Arm Wrestling match on
Just saw his ride along episode with Daniel Bryan. Ellsworth said never give up on your dreams. - Bro Lee
Daniel Bryan lost a loser leaves town match against Nick Miller with a GTS at Summerslam
Don't hate me but i hated Daniel Bryan winning the World Heavyweight Championship in 2011. Just why? Cody Rhodes was on fire at that time..
Daniel Bryan got attacked before the match by Nick Miller with the accolade in Calgary. Alberta... Canada
The Miz reflects on his Talking Smack promo on Daniel Bryan, news on Braun Strowman – Roman Reigns segment from RAW http…
Daniel Bryan and Brian Kendrick. . (Noam smirked at me when I asked to marry him and Dean saw my sign idk if those c…
This is instantly up there with Austin/Rock “My Way”, Taker/HBK “Running Up That Hill“ and Daniel Bryan ”Monster“
Dean and Daniel Bryan were active for Make A Wish at Dave And Busters. (from WWE…
Daniel Bryan defeats Chad Gable via the Bella Buster in an Elimination Chamber Match on ECW
the good old days of the Derrick Bateman and Daniel Bryan friendship 😂
how could you forget Derrick Bateman and Daniel Bryan's Double Date With the Bella Twins DBDBDDWTBT
But I guess I could mean the Vince that had "B+ player" Daniel Bryan lose in 18 seconds to Sheamus, or Kevin Owens..
It was the AJ Lee/John Cena storyline combined with the one where Daniel Bryan cheated on Brie. It was awful.
Daniel Bryan came out and made Alexa vs. every available woman at Didn't this happen already with AJ…
AJ Lee dumped Daniel Bryan at the altar to become GM. Now Bryan is GM and AJ is stuck married to CM Punk. Karma is wonder…
In our closest matchup so far, Bret Hart triumphs over Daniel Bryan! Vote for "The Greatest" WWE Superstar here:…
he will the most over superstar since Daniel Bryan
Once again, Daniel Bryan just said Alexa Bliss can't make matches but Apollo Crews can announce himself in the Battle Royal?
Dave Bautista's 2nd WWE run was spoiled by those Daniel Bryan fanboys chanting Yes,Yes annoyingly.. Batista put over so many..
Somebody lock Daniel Bryan in a room in a year in a half so he doesn't go diving on Zack Sabre Jr. at EVOLVE and hurt himself.
It was the first misstep for Roman. Wins the Rumble is bad way, then beats Daniel Bryan. WWE really screwed up with him.
Lesnar, Trish, Maryse, Nikki, Becky, Madison Rayne, Daniel Bryan, & probably more went more than a month w/out defe…
Daniel Bryan & Shane McMahon have set up a contender battle royale for next week with the winner getting a shot at the WWE Title
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Mauro Ranallo, JBL, Daniel Bryan, Stephanie McMahon and others have all called them that more than once.
well it's certainly no Alexa Bliss and Daniel Bryan.
he need to come back to smackdown Daniel Bryan boring man lmao
Daniel Bryan is better than Matthews on Commentary and the former has a mad obsession with bears 🐻
also, Trevor Lee is a fake Daniel Bryan apparently
Why is Daniel Bryan always putting the princess of Station Island against people that looks like Santino Marella's twin sister?
Daniel Bryan, native son of Aberdeen, once wrestled in coveralls. So there's that
Daniel Bryan would love to steal Sami Zayn away from RAW - "We could really use someone like that on SmackDown".
I said was* till he was made the scapegoat for Daniel Bryan not winning the Rumble
Why because he won a RR match instead of Daniel Bryan?
3 years ago today. Daniel Bryan turned on Bray Wyatt. What followed... One of the biggest pops of all time.
MITM or Daniel Bryan's unborn babies debut match?
You know what's weird to think about? Zack Ryder kinda did the whole Daniel Bryan-type thing (where fans force a guy into the position...
Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan and John Cena and Aj styles and Randy Orton and CM punk my boyfriend
Still can't believe they wanted to do Daniel Bryan vs Sheamus and Orton vs Batista as the original plan for WrestleMania 30.
1. Daniel Bryan never gets a concussion. 2. Owen never falls. 3. Bruiser Brody never gets stabbed.
So, basically, is Hacksaw Jim Duggan with Daniel Bryan's move set? Do I have that right?
I liked a video from Randy Orton taunts Daniel Bryan about his engagement to Brie Bella
Edge & Chad Gable vs Daniel Bryan & Damien Sandow in a tag team match on
Daniel Bryan in 2013:. Randy Orton is only successful because of his looks and his father.
I liked a video from Daniel Bryan defaces Randy Orton's new car with spray paint: Raw,
is hinting that Daniel Bryan will headline the HOF in 2017. Obviously deserved.
Nikki and Daniel Bryan join the United States Coast Guard for a day via
wait where is Daniel Bryan working an angle with Robert Irvine
//Shinsuke Nakamura, Rey Mysterio, Seth Rollins, Daniel Bryan, Y2J, Tyler Breeze, and Zack Ryder are among my favs.
Daniel Bryan and Bret Hart had their concussion/head injuries end their careers. Chris Benoit did what he did and committed suicide
for our sakes I sure hope so then Daniel Bryan & John can be brothers in be so nice
Daniel Bryan, Gene Okerlund, Sting, and James McLaughlin are the newest inductees to the Wrestling Observer Hall Of Fame.
On another note - if this isn't a slow build to a Miz/Daniel Bryan ring return at Mania, then they're burying the IC title.
The weekly Talking Smack recap, The Miz fills in for Daniel Bryan, and more:
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Kane vs undertaker. The authority vs Daniel Bryan. Randy Orton vs johncena. I can go on if you want. ..
I started watching when Daniel Bryan was on.
I didn't know you were Daniel Bryan
Adam Cole vs. Daniel Bryan ? Shut up, and take my money BotchedSpot !
The Elsworth thing screams of fans wanting to hijack a show &writers wanting to force a surge like Daniel Bryan's but his was organic.
how awkward must feel whenever Miz & Daniel Bryan are together on
.getting near Daniel Bryan levels of crowd love at tonight
I added a video to a playlist A Bella baby! WWE Superstars react to Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella's
Kiss my boyfriend 😘 I love you 😍 and chat with you Daniel Bryan see you and you will me Bobbie-lee Fitzsimmons wwe
Daniel Bryan on his desire to wrestle Ryback on memories of Bray Wyatt & Bo Dallas, Big Damo & Tim Wiese WWE debuts.
Daniel Bryan fires off in defense of ... - by WWE -
I'm liking SD but am getting sick of Daniel Bryan and sick of Dean Ambrose fueding AJ.
Mark Henry vs Daniel Bryan vs *** Foley in a Triple Threat Last Man Standing match at
yeah, RVD & Bret Hart I love it now *** Foley as General manager of Raw and smackdown Daniel Bryan.
Daniel Bryan with the Hype Bros on Talking Smack is the greatest piece of television in history
Little Giant Ladders
That Hype Bros hat on Daniel Bryan looks really cool
Daniel Bryan getting Hyped up by The Hype Bros on Talking Smack is hilarious 😂
Daniel Bryan and Hype Bros are so funny 💛 and say YES
This segment with Renée Young, Daniel Bryan and The Hype Bros is actually pretty funny. Mojo showing personality.
Daniel Bryan doing the Hype Bros thing was pretty hilarious!
Imagine being a kid with Daniel Bryan as your father, Brie as your mother, Nikki as your aunt & John Cena for an uncle. Unre…
like when they put the IC and US titles on Daniel Bryan and John Cena in 2015
During that fans take over segment, chanting for Daniel Bryan, John Cena really did an amazing job getting the crowd back into the segment.
Daniel Bryan is DARING Becky & Alexa to have a better match than Charlotte & Sasha on I like it!
After I posted that I'm gonna be Brie Bella for Halloween on fb this guy keeps sending me snaps that he's pulling off the Daniel Bryan look.
My reaction when Daniel Bryan said TNA on
The moment that made me want to do this is Santino making being one of the final two in the 2012 EC with Daniel Bryan
I loved the segment with Smackdown. Daniel Bryan was the perfect MC to get the crowd hype.
We come back from the break and Daniel Bryan as restarted the match as a tag team match.
Only one who brought up the ratings was Daniel Bryan, but Vince hates new things and he was broken down by the time they got it
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Daniel Bryan & WWE recognised AJ Styles as a former TNA World Champion on good bit of promotion for you👍
(3/3) felt anything close to that since Punk at MITB vs cena. Or Daniel Bryan at WM30. They gotta step it up...
Daniel Bryan promotes defeating cancer, but doesn't bother checking on Bray Wyatt one of his employees locked in a box.…
Daniel Bryan: maybe a no DQ match?. Nikki: *** yeah . WWE: Carmella vs Nikki in a normal match!
"She almost seems more focused on beating up Nikki Bella than actually beating Nikki Bella" - Daniel Bryan .
when Daniel shows me your snaps from the weekend 😂
you see Daniel Bryan tonight? I'm calling a comeback , he was looking in great shape
Daniel Bryan just mentioned TNA on Talking Smack lol
Daniel Bryan is a great spokesperson, I'll give him that
It's really weird, but cool, hearing Daniel Bryan casually mention TNA on a WWE show
Just caught up to tonight's Talking Smack. Did Daniel Bryan really mention that AJ Styles is a former TNA World Champion?
Personally, I want Daniel Bryan to bring in Sami Zayn to face Miz for the IC Title at Survivor Series in Canada.
I'd love that. But I want a story where Daniel Bryan brings in Sami Zayn to face Miz at Survivor Series in Canada.
Everyone giving Hillary the Roman Reigns treatment because she beat Bernie (Daniel Bryan?)
Has Dixie Carter died of ecstasy after Daniel Bryan mentioned TNA on the Network?
Remember when CM Punk, Eve Torres, Daniel Bryan and AJ Lee all main evented RAW together
Daniel Bryan is one of my favorite wrestlers but if his coming back means I have to watch The Miz wrestle I hope he stays retired.
yeah , Daniel Bryan want Brian Kendrick to win
Date someone who talks about you the way Daniel Bryan talks about Brian Kendrick
There's nothing in the world more adorable than Daniel Bryan pulling for his long time pal Brian Kendrick on commentary.
Also, I find it annoying how Daniel Bryan turns into a Brian Kendrick fanboy during his matches. At least TRY to be impartial.
Guys I think Daniel Bryan is rooting for Brian Kendrick.
Wow. Daniel Bryan really had me pulling for Brian Kendrick in that match. Another really good episode of
Daniel Bryan's fangirling over Brian Kendrick is hilarious 😂😂😂😂
Daniel Bryan & Renee Young talk laid back Ambrose and the Podcast on
Daniel Bryan's man crush on Brian Kendrick kind of makes me second guess wanting Kendrick to win.
I fully expect Daniel Bryan and Brian Kendrick to get married by the end of this tournament.
What a surprise. Daniel Bryan supports Brian Kendrick. A "has been that shouldn't have been" supports a "never was".
Daniel Bryan calling Brian Kendrick matches is one of my favorite things in wrestling.
yea I've heard, I fell out of wrestling as Daniel Bryan was getting his big push, so it's been a while since I've been into it
Daniel Bryan being an unapologetic Brian Kendrick partisan is probably my favourite CWC subplot
Daniel Bryan really needs to stop his bias commentating with Brian Kendrick
Listening to Daniel Bryan fan girl over Brian Kendrick for 20 minutes 🙄
THE Brian Kendrick vs Kota Ibushi in Round 3. Daniel Bryan is gonna be so sad.
Oh god I'm so happy for Daniel Bryan. I mean Brian Kendrick.
THE Brian Kendrick moves on. Shounen hero keeps going for best friend Daniel Bryan.
The Brian Kendrick advances! I think that makes Daniel Bryan happy.
I want to love something as much as Daniel Bryan loves Brian Kendrick, but how could I?
Daniel Bryan marking out for his buddy, Brian Kendrick.
I'm loving Daniel Bryan's extremely biased commentary towards THE Brian Kendrick in this main event match!
Lol.. it's funny to hear Daniel Bryan scream 'Brian!' he was so passionate* 😊
Daniel Bryan's emotional investment in Brian Kendrick is really good
how do you feel about Daniel Bryan playing favorites with Brian Kendrick. I think it hurts the commentary w bit in my opinion.
I've said this before: Get you a friend that cheers for you the way Daniel Bryan cheers for Brian Kendrick
Daniel Bryan if Brian Kendrick gets eliminated here.
Third best experience I ever had at a WWE event after the 2013 Slammys and Daniel Bryan's retirement. What will...
Bret Hart Baron Corbin Lucha dragons Jake Roberts andre the giant Broun strowmen Daniel Bryan and Kane do far I can find
It's been an hour, no Finn, no Seth, no Daniel Bryan guest star, 5 seconds of Sasha and Kevin Owens not wrestling... Lame
everybody using this running knee nowadays...Daniel Bryan though he's retired, Eddie Edwards and now Hideo...glad he's back
Rockstar Spud vs Grado vs Daniel Bryan in a Triple Threat at
draws more heel heat than Vicki Guerrero &more face pops than Daniel Bryan(ok ok exaggeration on that)
smarks like anyone who 1) can work who 2) isn't obvious. Sometimes that's Daniel Bryan, sometimes it's Lord Tensai
Daniel Bryan low key pissing me off
Daniel Bryan putting over Dean Ambrose is a matter of 15 seconds better than WWE has in the last two years. So glad he's back.
I have feels because Chris Jericho was drafted to Raw and Daniel Bryan picked The Miz, which I think was his mentor in the old NXT???
How was Becky Lynch picked by Smackdown and Cesaro is still on the board? Daniel Bryan & Shane McMahon look like *** Cesaro loses ***
Always been more gem for raw but with Daniel Bryan as GM mon the smackdown
who wore it best: musician John K Samson or professional wrestler Daniel Bryan?
Daniel Bryan does not approve of Cedric Alexander's pastor
Mauro Ranallo and Daniel Bryan for Commentators. Corey Graves, Tom Phillips and Jim Ross for
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Daniel Bryan is mad at Cedric's pastor😂
"Why is Daniel Bryan doing color for the ?". "He's an expert on crusierweights, Bobby.". "I know a better one.". "Who?". "King Kong Bundy."
Daniel Bryan, Scott Hall, Sting/Randy Savage. Can't narrow that down to 3.
Mike Knox and Daniel Bryan had a baby, apparently.
Daniel Bryan if it were still possible. Realistically? Samoa Joe for one last time.
Val Venis vs Daniel Bryan vs Big Cass in a Triple Threat Arm Wrestling match at
Just relived Daniel Bryan winning the WWE Championship from John Cena... Another five star match + segment.
Kevin Nash & Scott Hall = the rockstars of pro wrestling. Daniel Bryan = the environmentally friendly dwarf of pro wrestling.
Considering Historical importance, Drawing power and In ring ability; who is above the other? Daniel Bryan or Kevin Nash?
I'm glad Bryan didn't try to pull what he did in NXT. "Daniel Bryan...he may be retired from wrestling...but Bryan Danielson, I DUNNO"
Aries can have a great upside as a CM Punk type, but with his lack of height, he makes Daniel Bryan look like Kevin Nash
my top 5 in order: Eddie Guerrero, Daniel Bryan, The Brian Kendrick, Bret Hart, The Rock
Boys 45' Kellam 0-0 Cox. Daniel Bryan with a rip from 20, blisters the outside of the post.
I always like Daniel Bryan as I am Daniel Brian. Ward..
UPDATE: Daniel Bryan is now into brazilian jiu jitsu.
I like the knowledge that there's one family that includes Daniel Bryan, John Cena, Johnny Ace and one half of the Road Warriors.
I liked a video Bryan and Dave Meltzer discuss what happened with Daniel Bryan
Misawa, Terry Funk, Daniel Bryan, Austin, Nakamura, Bam Bam Bigelow, Scott Hall, Okada, Savage, off the top of my head.
Hall of fame 2017 : Marty jannety, Chyna , Daniel Bryan , Seth green would be awesome
How all you guys feel about Kobe is how I feel about Daniel Bryan retiring from WWE ok
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