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Daniel Bryan

Bryan Danielson (born May 22, 1981) is an American professional wrestler signed to WWE and appearing on its SmackDown brand.

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Former WWE wrestling champ Daniel Bryan catches suspected thief breaking into his house:
is the man. If he didn't have a bad neck he'd likely have caught them both. .
love how cole used too love the miz and hate Daniel Bryan
So, this Daniel Bryan story finally got me off my *** ..
Report: Daniel Bryan Reveals he needs another Surgery, will most likely be out until 2015 just in time for Royal Rumble.
Daniel Bryan > The Cops. IF Bryan was a cop he would catch the Criminals and make their *** tap out lol. TAP OR SNAP!!!
Proud of my brother in law but more importantly thank God they are ok! N "Former WWE Champion Daniel Bryan --
4:30PM PST: Daniel Bryan and his wife Brie spoke about the incident during a press conference ... and the wrestler said he sprung into action because he was worried about their dog, Josie, who was in the house. The wrestling star says it wasn't difficult to subdue the burglar because the guy wasn't in great shape. However he wouldn't say if the thief was rendered unconscious. Bryan also got incredibly emotional while talking about the bracelet his father gave him that the burglars attempted to steal. Daniel Bryan is a bona fide bad *** ... chasing down a burglar on foot, then locking him in a submission hold until cops arrived. Daniel and his wife Brie Bella had just come home Thursday night when they saw 2 men on their way out of their house. The burglars dropped the stuff they were stealing and hightailed it down the street. D.B. gave chase ... the bad guys had a big head start but the champ caught up with one of them and locked him in a rear naked choke for 5 minutes until cops arrived. Daniel's ...
Daniel Bryan apprehends alleged burglar outside Phoenix home | via
Daniel Bryan's other robber has been identified and caught.
WWE star Daniel Bryan stops burglar in Phoenix via Gotta love this!
Daniel Bryan is officially a badass for this! Good for him protecting his loved ones.
Perhaps Daniel Bryan doesn't need to return to pro wrestling. His true calling might be to fight crime as "Yes Man."
Daniel Bryan needs to go back to ROH.. I mean, what?
WWE superstar Daniel Bryan may be rehabbing from neck surgery, but he’s still in good enough shape to stop a burglar at his home.
WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan reportedly stopped a burglar at his Phoenix, Arizona, home Thursday night. has full details on the alleged incident and exclusive comments from Bryan.
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So I heard Daniel Bryan subdued a burgular that tried to break into his house! But the other one got away. an A + player would
Daniel Bryan -- SUBDUES Burglar ... WITH SUBMISSION HOLD!!this is why you don't mess with a wrestler
Even though he is recovering from major neck surgery, takes down a burglar :
BREAKING: See what had to say about apprehending a burglar fleeing his home!
Daniel Bryan caught a thief breaking into his house. Here's what the crook looks like...
WWE superstar Daniel Bryan puts burglar who broke into his home in chokehold until police arrive: The 33-year-...
UPDATE: Daniel Bryan will soon be holding a press conference with the Phoenix P.D. ... and we'll be livestreaming the whole thing. // Former WWE Champion…
UPDATE: As noted earlier, Daniel Bryan stopped a burglar at his home this past Thursday night. TMZ mentioned in their report that
WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan interrupted a burgulry at his home on Thursday night, chased down one of the thieves and subdued him until police arrived.
Daniel Bryan finds his home being robbed and beats down a burglar until police arrive.
A former WWE champion known as Daniel Bryan chased two burglary suspects he saw exiting his Phoenix home this week and subdued one until officers arrived, investigators said.
Former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan went home last night (July 24, 2014) with his wife and found two burglars fleeing his home. So he chased them down, caught one, and apprehended him while waiting for police.
Share on TumblrAbove is video of Daniel Bryan announcing his book at the San Diego Comic Con yesterday.
So...WWE wrestler Daniel Bryan and his real life wife Nikki Bella were out Thursday evening and came home to see 3 guys leaving their house after being inside. They see Daniel and run, he catches one, puts him in a rear naked choke hold and holds him until police arrive. Love it.
Read a story that WWE wrestler Daniel Bryan got home with his wife to find their house being burgled. It says that he tackled and detained one of the invaders until police got there. I just want to know if they played his entrance music as he ran inside his house and if by 'detained' they mean 'leg drop from the top rope'.
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Former WWE World Heavyweight champion Bryan Danielson, known in the ring as Daniel Bryan, ran after two men who were exiting an Arcadia home around 7 p.m. Thursday, said Phoenix police spokesman Sgt. Tommy Thompson.
Daniel Bryan has single-handedly taken down Randy Orton , Batista and The Authority. What's one measly burglar? According to Breann Bierman of CBS 5 in Phoenix, the WWE superstar ...
Daniel Bryan Makes Announcement, Update on Huge Role for The Rock, Stock Posted by Eric Arrington July 24, 2014 0 Comments - WWE stock was down 0.16% today, closing sat $12.62 per share. Today’s high was $12.82 and the low was $12.51. - We’ve noted how The Rock has been rumored to play either Shazam or his nemesis, Black Adam in a DC Comics movie. DC will be making an announcement at Comic Con on Saturday so we should know more then. Rock posted a photo of Superman, Shazam and Black Adam today with the caption, “Someone’s gonna get it..” - We noted before that Daniel Bryan is writing an autobiography to come out in time for WrestleMania 31. Bryan officially announced the book at the San Diego Comic Con today. Below is the cover photo and synopsis from St. Martin’s Press: “Everyone’s favorite underdog, he’s proven to the world and to all of WWE that looks can be deceiving. This is the behind-the-scenes story told for the first time ever — from his beginnings as a child wanting to wres . ...
WWE News: - PWInsider reports that Prince Devitt has signed his WWE deal & an official announcement will be coming soon but there's no timetable on when that may be. - We noted before that WWE was still planning a face push for Cesaro but that it was on hold until they "needed it." It appears after this week's WWE events that they may be going in a different direction w/ Cesaro's push. Regarding Cesaro as a face, he was planned for a significant push at the end of this summer but the decision was made, even before Daniel Bryan went down w/ an injury, that the big face focus would be put on getting Roman Reigns to the top. - There has been a lot of talk w/in WWE lately about John Cena's movie career. Some of the wrestlers have joked that Cena will start "bringing it via satellite" soon. We noted that Cena will be missing several upcoming WWE events due to filming of The Nest & Trainwreck. There have been people backstage speculating that if Cena's movie work takes off, given how banged up he is, he could b ...
Torrie Wilson celebrates her bday, Great American Bash and Daniel Bryan.
This week's The Great American Bash 2005, Daniel Bryan returns to the Indies and To…
I like many superstar.Now this time John Cena n Daniel Bryan,Roman Reigns,Dean Ambrose.I just Luv Wwe So much
"Oh, he had a good match with Daniel Bryan. Lets all jack off." - on Cody Rhodes' paper bag gimmick
theres a rumor going around that Daniel Bryan and Wade Barrett are going to return as a new tag team
Daniel Bryan won the money in the bank world heavyweight championship ladder match by beating Kane sin cara Wade Barrett Cody Rhodes
I still wonder how Daniel Bryan managed to get one of the Bella Twins😭
McMahon family creates charity for 8-yr-old boy who died of cancer 3 weeks after meeting Daniel Bryan:
I once implied that Daniel Bryan was overhyped (which I stand by). Oh boy that was a fun derail.
How I would run WWE: Raw and Smackdown would be separate. Undertaker would be 22-0 Chris Benoit merchandise wouldn't be restricted. Christian's WHC reign would've lasted more than five days. Daniel Bryan's WWE WHC Reign would've lasted until around Summerslam Ryback would have 1 WWE Championship CM Punk would still be around Paige would be Heel John Morrison would have a WWE Championship Reign Y2J would stop putting people over. Goldberg would be back Sting would be more than a Video Game Character Brie wouldn't be an Alumni Brock Lesnar will put over Roman Reigns Dean Ambrose would be MITB Winner Stardust would not exist Bray Wyatt would still be Husky Harris and the Nexus would Still exist Bad News Barrett would be a Royal Rumble Winner. Draft Night ECW Would Return NXT Would Have a monthly ladder match to determine the next main roster star. Tyson Kidd wouldn't be on NXT The WWE Network wouldn't repeatedly come out of Michael Cole Mysterio would be financially supported during injuries. Raw GM=Edge Sma ...
i haven't met Daniel Bryan yet i want do but i met John Cena with Trish Stratus 1 time i love Trish!! lol
Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan step out of their comfort zone when John Cena and Nikki Bella show them around Cena's house.
Have you got a match of the year candidate yet? I have a few, here they are: The Shield vs The Wyatt Family Elimination Chamber 2014 John Cena vs Bray Wyatt WM 30, Extreme Rules and Payback 2014 The Shield vs Evolution Extreme Rules 2014 Batista vs Daniel Bryan vs Randy Orton WM 30 Finally, Royal Rumble 2014 Now put these in order 1-6 and tell me your match of the year candidates so far, hey, Chris Jericho vs Bray Wyatt might make it as well once Battleground is over
Daniel Bryan lost the title 3 times from SummerSlam to Payback
I have a really bad feeling that we won't seen Daniel Bryan wrestle again :(
It's been one heck of a journey, squids and schoolgirls. But as of today around 9:00am CST... 500 LIKES!!! And still counting! 501 as I'm typing this! Thank you all for your continued support/love! I would cue up Daniel Bryan's music to celebrate this momentous occasion, but I don't wanna be sued by the WWE. :D So again, we here at NOTRT would like to say "Thank you all!" And let's aim for the big 1K! - jacaya
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New Wrestling Wrap Up from as Daniel Bryan may be out indefinitely
I hope to meet Daniel Bryan someday, I almost met him if it wasn't for him having to go so soon.
Unpopular Opinion : Ryback was as over as Daniel Bryan... The IWC my not of liked him but the rest of the people who watch WWE loved when he got on air. TheGreatOne
I added a video to a playlist WWE: "Flight of the Valkyries" ► Daniel Bryan 9th Theme Song
CM Punk may be gone but his epic matches are a living proof of why he's the best in the world. Here's my list of the top 10 CM Punk matches in the WWE. 10: CM Punk vs John Cena (2/25/13) The greatest rivalry in recent time. Perhaps the greatest singles match in the history of Monday Night RAW 9: CM Punk vs Daniel Bryan (5/20/12) Hard for these two to have a poor outing. Indie legends fighting it out for the WWE Title. 8: CM Punk vs John Morrison (9/01/07) CM Punk’s first gold in the WWE (ECW title) Confirmed his main event potential in the business. 7: Money in the Bank Wrestlemania 25th anniversary CM Punk’s second consecutive MITB win. Remains the only man to have won the briefcase twice. 6: CM Punk vs Alberto Del Rio (11/20/11) Marked the birth of the historic 434 day title reign. The longest WWE title reign in modern history. 5: CM Punk vs The Undertaker (4/7/13) A very personal and controversial feud. Resulted in one of the best “Streak” matches in Taker’s career. Solidified CM Punk as one ...
July 16th, 2012: A day after refereeing his defeat, Aj Lee teamed up with Daniel Bryan to take on Eve Torres and The Miz. AJ and Daniel won, and after the match he dropped to one knee to propose to her...
yeah... and speaking of Daniel Bryan, although I like him, I never expected him to have a long run as a champion.. Wbu?
I'm glad he did though and I honestly at first thought he would lose it to Jericho Daniel Bryan or Cena.
WWE 2K14 - Universe Mode RAW Week 20 - Daniel Bryan cashes in Money in the Bank Kane won the World Heavyweight Championship just last night, ...
indeed he did. Daniel Bryan without punk wouldn't have won the world title
Listening to the MLW podcast and Disco Inferno said Punk and Daniel Bryan have no sex appeal. He must not know who they married.
I'm sure they only wanted to "rough him up a bit." In referring to Daniel Bryan. That's like kneecapping a thoroughbred.
Watching Daniel Bryan's wedding to Brie Bella and crying. So beautiful.
Well, seems like the proverbial nail has hit the coffin on Sting and Daniel Bryan being in WWE. We can't still play 2K15 though 😒.
How can wrestling fans call themselves "smarks" and NOT have seen what happened on RAW with Daniel Bryan coming?
. Thanks for the fun you brought to Wwe.I always enjoyed your matches most of all against Daniel Bryan.Enjoy your retirement.
Daniel Bryan will be out longer than originally expected
You are the best for the WWE no Daniel Bryan no Cena you are the best. Thank you for all.
Kane retired CM Punk and injured Daniel Bryan .Dean Ambrose is next.
I liked a video CM Punk on WWE Network / Daniel Bryan
crnpuck: cmwhore: Also I’m pretty sure Daniel Bryan is the cutest pro wrestler in the world 100% accurate.
Triple h you are a B+ player not A + because you are lost daniel bryan yes! yes! yes! are not b+ please reply within 1day
Dolph Ziggler, Daniel Bryan, Seth Rollins all cut down by injury during their push. John Cena still healthy as a ox.
Welcome to Chowder House. Your travel companion is Daniel Bryan. You see the Swiss Alps.
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if you see your idol-. John Cena . Randy Orton. CM Punk. Daniel Bryan. Sheamus. Brock . The Shield. AJ. Bella Twins. Nattie . U…
People forget or are unaware that the ONLY reason why John Cena is a 15 time champ is because Daniel Bryan needed neck surgery.
KENTA vs Sami Zayn, KENTA vs Neville, KENTA vs Daniel Bryan when Bryan returns, KENTA vs Ambrose, can go on and on.
People like John Cena, Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, they enjoy doing it, so they're not exactly in it for the money.
Ryback, Heath Slater, Daniel Bryan, John Cena, Bray Wyatt, David Otunga and myself. Nexus would be cool if it was formed in 2014.
I ordered The Wrestling Road Diaries DVD starring Colt Cabana and Daniel Bryan. I've heard that it's awesome. Anyone seen it?
Just looked it up. They are wrestling each other in NEW which had a Shelton Benjamin vs Daniel Bryan match once.
Not being an *** or anything Giants fans but WWE Daniel Bryan's "yes, yes, yes" was done by the A's last year. Particularly Josh Reddick
- With WWE currently booking Roman Reigns as one of the top guys in a big way, it’s said that his ascension to the top likely would have been a slower one if Daniel Bryan was healthy and still WWE World Heavyweight Champion with John Cena as the other top guy. Coming out of The Shield vs. Evolution feud and the split with The Shield, the idea is that Reigns will work a feud with Orton and maybe a big pay-per-view match with Triple H before moving on. Thoughts?
Daniel Bryan is showered with respect from John Cena and the WWE Universe. Subscribe Now - .
Walter Cronkite and Nora Ephron are snowboarding in Burma. Harold Y Kumar and Daniel Bryan are chatting in Australian.
Tonight's WWE RAW opens up with a video package with highlights from last night's Money In the Bank pay-per-view. We go to the ring and out comes Triple H with Stephanie McMahon as Michael Cole welcomes us. He's joined by JBL and Jerry Lawler.   They are all smiles as they take the mic but get some boos. Stephanie calls it an amazing homecoming. She says she was born in the city of Hartford and gets a pop. She says she knows they all feel privileged. A CM Punk chant starts up. Stephanie talks about Daniel Bryan's recovery taking longer than originally thought. She talks about Seth Rollins making history last night. Triple H calls Rollins the future of WWE. He then talks about John Cena winning the WWE World Heavyweight Title. Triple H says he and Stephanie have always known Cena was an A+ player. Triple H calls Cena out to the ring and he gets another mixed reaction.   Cena has both belts draped around his neck. Stephanie goes to speak but Cena cuts her off. Cena brings up Daniel Bryan saying he'll be b ...
I do hope they find a 3rd member also"but it will and I guess it's going to be Daniel Bryan the 3rd member.
when i had WWE 2k14 the only people i used were Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan. they had all the titles. 😂
Daniel Bryan, will he ever hold the WWE title for over 6 months at one time in his career? Yes or no? -Rumble Muscle
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If the WWE is building up to a Bo Dallas v Daniel Bryan feud, I don't think he's getting those world titles back anytime soon.
2009-Jeff Hardy 2010 Th *** 2011 Cm Punk 2012 Ryback 2013 Daniel Bryan now every is on The Shield/Wyatt, no elevation
Is John Cena gonna just let Daniel Bryan get the WWEWorld titles or is he fight him for the titles?
Big Spoiler on Triple H’s “Plan B”, Backstage WWE Title News on Cena According to PWInsider, as seen on RAW this week, Triple H told WWE World Heavyweight Champion John Cena that if he’s able to retain at Battleground, there’s a “plan B” waiting for him. Seth Rollins then came out, leading fans to believe that Triple H was referring to Rollins cashing in his briefcase on Cena. Word coming out of RAW is that the “plan B” that Triple H was referring to is actually Brock Lesnar. Regarding Cena and the title, it was said at RAW that he was always going to be the winner and that has been the plan since they first had to strip Daniel Bryan of the title. -Manager
John Cena, Daniel Bryan, Seth Rollins, Sheamus, Dolph Ziggler and five other top WWE Superstars pick their favorite opponents to meet inside the ring.
Daniel Bryan should of won the first match him and Cena had.
Which celebrity you would follow on — Daniel Bryan
I would prefer if you saved your hate for someone like Daniel Bryan
The authority is right Daniel Bryan isn't an A+ player. He's an A+ player.
And don't wake me up until Daniel Bryan returns from injury
((This reminds me of the Daniel Bryan/AJ/ Punk story XD))
When kenta comes to WWE i want him to tag with Daniel Bryan as teh Bees Knees
All these fireworks, and not a single one lit off me. To quote Daniel Bryan...YES! YES! YES!
I missed mary and chuy and daniel and tita and bryan
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taking English class with tutor Daniel. Thanks teacher for helping me improve my english. http…
Grant Shaw with 2 missed FGs. As Daniel Bryan watches on the sidelines.
At my cousin's house hi. No face bc ew so just admire my Daniel Bryan shirt for now~
||Decided to make the long awaited switch back to Daniel Bryan. Was previously iDanielBryan afterwards switching to DefiantLuminary and-
Every time I see that clip of Daniel Bryan calling Bo Dallas "Bo-Ner", I can't help but think how unclassy DB was.
1/2 despite being on that darn reality show Daniel Bryan is His passion is unrivaled, his work ethic is insane
WWE rumors: Daniel Bryan to miss six more months with injury
I play 2k14, and Im usually Cm punk, Daniel Bryan or Roman Reigns!
😊 are you happy that you know that I like Daniel Bryan?
Bo Dallas dissing Daniel Bryan on Raw and saying he's going to win for the Lil fella was so funny
Wait?Are the audiences turn into Daniel Bryan now!?
Seth Rollins and Daniel Bryan putting over Dennis Rodman. WWE Network on the upswing.
Daniel Bryan is gonna squash Bo in like three seconds when he returns
Oh hey sorry I was mixed up I thought you commented on the tru pickups (rvd and daniel bryan). I got my elite 8 orton.
Do you think that Daniel Bryan should cut his hair and trim the... — I think he should do whatever makes him happy.
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. I hope roman reign or Daniel Bryan are on a cover and put a diva on the cover for once
Daniel Bryan gets Kane on a forklift
I hope Little Daniel Bryan got inspired by Bo Dallas to never give up.
Oh @ Seth's favorite opponent being Daniel Bryan. Wasn't expecting that one...
Yes, John Sununu is a contender for best wrestler and worst gimmick. An elusive c... — John Sununu is Daniel Bryan?
Jason David Frank AND Ray Park at Fan Expo? Ok Fan Expo, book Daniel Bryan or Bret Hart and I'll be there.
if you see your fav wrestler !. Dean Ambrose, Daniel Bryan, Seth Rollins ,John Cena, Roman Reigns , Aj Lee, Paige , Cesaro , Swagger ,Y2J
Bad News Barrett and Daniel Bryan get their big pushes and are derailed by injuries. *** but they will be back
Raw Results June 30, 2014! HHH and Stephanie McMahon are in place. They demean Daniel Bryan micro and highlight Seth Rollins and John Cena. Cena made his arrival just crowned WWE World Heavyweight Championship. He defends Bryan and says he will grant a title shot in his return. Stephanie highlights the cover of the game WWE 2K15 on which there is John Cena. Stephanie incense Cena but the latter said to be independent and not to be under the control of the authority. HHH says that Cena chooses the most difficult path. HHH announced that Battleground, Cena will defend his title against Randy Orton, Kane and Roman Reigns in a Fatal Four Way. Cena will face Kane and also Orton tonight along with Roman Reigns. Seth Rollins made his arrival with his briefcase Money In The Bank may redeem it at any time against John Cena! First game: Seth Rollins WINNER Rob Van Dam At the end of the game, Rollins promises to use his suitcase to take the title. But Dean Ambrose appears and promises to keep Rollins to collect his ...
Talk about bad luck 1rst Daniel Bryan has to have surgery in the middle of his big push and now Bad News Barrett separates his shoulder right when he is also being pushed as a big star in WWE out for months hope WWE continue the push after they get back
Thank you WWE Universe for giving 60 seconds of your time to respect Bad News Barrett and Daniel Bryan they will come back stronger than ever. Just because I Bo Dallas am the voice of inspiration
Daniel Bryan, Barrett, and Christian as well, but they're all injured and/or recovering rn. But when they get back, then yes.
- Dolph Ziggler, Daniel Bryan and Bad News Barrett. All 3 may has go to TNA at this rate. No more pushes...
Chris Jericho-Bray Wyatt Feud Dean Ambrose-Seth Rollins Feud Aj Lee-Paige Feud Roman Reigns-TripleH Feud John Cena-Brock Lesnar Feud WWE is going to become one *** of a comany once again like before. This era is still PG, but everything happening so far is not PG at all. This is all due to end of Universe Era and beginning of The Reality Era. (PS : What if Daniel Bryan and CM Punk also return and feud with each other?)
Remember when they voided Daniel Bryan's cash in on Henry cause he wasn't medically cleared?
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What a horrid year of injuries. Daniel Bryan, The Undertaker, and Bad News Barrett.
When we return from commercial, Bo Dallas comes out to the top of the stage. He asks we give 60 seconds of silence to Daniel Bryan and Bad News Barrett. He kneels down, the lights are lowered, and literally for 60 full seconds we sit in silence. He tells them not to stop “Bo-Lieving.” That was it. The Funkadactyls vs Nikki Bella. The Funkadactyls pick up the victory in a quick match. After the match, there's some confrontation between them but we head ti commercial.
Lawler doesn't BoLieve in offering a minute of silence for Daniel Bryan and Bad News Barrett. Pretty disrespectful on his part. So much for being a face commentator. - NG
Bo Dallas is calling for a moment of silence for injured superstars Bad News Barrett and Daniel Bryan. Funny but nice. LOL
Bo Dallas cuts a promo. I dont like him. He tebows on the ramp. For about a minute. Paying respect to Daniel Bryan and Bad News Barrett? I think he forgot his script...
Yeah, my current faves are Dean, Seth, Roman, & Daniel Bryan. Since Christian & Punk are gone.
All The Authority talk about is Daniel Bryan and Seth Rollins
Watching the replay of wrestling only to see John Cena is the WWE Champion 😒 That ain't right. They belong to my boy Daniel Bryan. Feggit!
If anyone is worthy to take the WWE World Championship that Daniel Bryan once held, it's Cesaro. It'll take more than a mouth to bank on it.
Should have watched the pre-show for , Daniel Bryan and Christian is a strong line up.
Daniel Bryan, Do u think Brie Bella will ever come back and fight with her sister Nikki again? When will u be back I miss you!
Daniel Bryan makes me mark out really hard and I don't know why...
4 guys missing from last year's Money in the Bank; Christian, Daniel Bryan, CM Punk and 2013 RVD. Come back 2013 RVD,
Man I miss Christian...and Daniel Bryan -_-
Nikki Bella admits to John Cena she's been fighting with Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan: Total Divas, A - Video Network
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Dear Vince McMahon, Can you ask Daniel Bryan to be in the money in the bank please and he will win
Everybody wanted Batista back and now they hate him, it's cus of Daniel Bryan mostly why Batista's so hated and
My Daniel Bryan shirt came in awww yea
Markovic?? in the words of Daniel Bryan YES YES YES
It's funny when people say Randy Orton (34 years old) is the past and Daniel Bryan and Cesaro (33 years old) are...
Watching the after Wrestlemania. Daniel Bryan is so OVER, and always will be. Nobody else is even close.
Daniel Bryan to speak out on the Money in the Bank Kickoff | (via
Getting the feeling WWE are going to go with the safe option and put the title on either Cena or Orton until Daniel Bryan fully recovers
I'm good with long as Daniel Bryan gets back into the mix once he heals properly.
Any chances of Daniel Bryan sneaking into one of the 2 matches somehow?
I feel like this a good event but I feel like it should be John Cena vs Daniel Bryan in a fear match.
You play with Daniel Bryan. You watch Harry Potter. You stay at the Filet Mignon Rare Motel. Good night.
Cena the odds-on favorite to win title - With Daniel Bryan out with injury, books are expecting the ...
Daniel Bryan only came to me in the last minute!
He might've been great once, but now he's simply no better than Daniel Bryan is.
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Not quite sure how they can advertise Daniel Bryan for upcoming events . . .
can Daniel Bryan be your replacement for the Shield?
cant wait. I think daniel bryan will be a surprise entry in the mob match.
She's just doing her heel turn. As soon as she tag teams with Daniel Bryan or something, you'll be back on her side again.
there's a reason Randy Orton keeps getting beat by Daniel Bryan
the only thing I really cared about was daniel Bryan now that dead and he's prob gonna announce retirement
I added a video to a playlist WWE Monday Night Raw 12/9/13 - Daniel Bryan gets one of the biggest pop
All I want to do is be Daniel Bryan off the top rope
I actually can't wait for this PPV on Sunday. Having Daniel Bryan out of the picture has been a good thing.
So you don't know what year or PPV Daniel Bryan won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship? *scoff* I thought you were a fan
Not gonna lie I actually almost cried when Batista tapped out to Daniel Bryan at WM30!! But BATISTA STILL RULES FOREVER!!
Daniel Bryan looks like he's forever getting caught running errands in the rain.
My Cody Rhodes and Daniel Bryan posters were so intense. I can't top them.
Daniel Bryan returns on The for the time ever since stripped him The WWE World Title
what you mean is you miss my amazing ps3 wrestling talents with the Daniel Bryan character
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you do know I'm not the real Daniel Bryan right?
I like how considers Alex Riley getting beat up by Daniel Bryan to be a highlight in his career.
CM Punk v. Daniel Bryan seem like great match to me.
First of all: Pre-Show featuring none other than Steve Cropper Daniel Bryan. NEXT!
Daniel Bryan to appear at WWE Money in the Bank on Sunday, address championship situation
Selling a brand new Daniel Bryan authentic shirt for $25 DM me! XL
You want to know why Daniel Bryan wasn't included in the Rumble? Maybe, JUST MAYBE all of those head injuries he sustained in his match ...
It's freaky that a guy as big a Daniel Bryan is DWARFED by whoever Kane is.
That and the absence of Daniel Bryan. Obviously they gave him a crap storyline with Kane. But he still was the man.
New Haim album on the way? Let me go do my Daniel Bryan impression
Yeah we need them to destroy guys like Ambrose and Daniel Bryan! I'm gonna miss Undertaker too :'(
daniel bryan's doctor said that he would recover very soon and I think daniel recovered
so Daniel Bryan comes back and takes MITB right?
The pre show.we'll ITS NOT EVEN A MTCH but Bryan Is going to tell what's next of his courier I just hope it's not..
Daniel Bryan vs Bray Wyatt at the Royal Rumble, or either one of The Shield vs Evolution matches
Sometimes I think that I am the only one who didn't cheer to daniel bryan!
I had a dream I was doing daniel Bryan's yes chant at a bulls game
Excuse my French, but Daniel Bryan is the best in the world. And he's the most popular wrestle in the world. By far.
Daniel Bryan brand new shirt. XL Comes with receipt and proof of purchase. $25
Kane is buried under a ton of debris, Daniel Bryan was power bombed from the top rope through a table, Seth Rollins almost snapped his neck.
Yep! “Daniel Bryan has the biggest bandwagon fans”
Daniel Bryan has the biggest bandwagon fans
I bought a WWE comic book today. :) Santino Marella and Daniel Bryan are included in this one. No Tyson Kidd this time.
I liked a video Mark Henry gets GOT by Big Show and Daniel Bryan cashes in his MitB - Friday Night
Oh and Pro Wrestling too! He was a huge mark for The Shield and Daniel Bryan! Now I'm winning ... plus one!
Felt like editing my Daniel Bryan and Wade Barrett and giving them facial hair, a
His match with Adam Cole was one for the ages. He is NOT in the WWE he is in Ring of Honor and is the World Champion. IF you have never watched Ring of Honor, you are missing something special If you want to know what the WWE thinks of ROH talent, Just ask Daniel Bryan, Ceasaro and Seth Rollins where they came from
A lot of them! I like Dean, Roman, John Cena, Daniel Bryan, Cesaro, The Wyatt Family, Big E... What about you?
NoDQ&A Possible storyline for Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns, the Dixie/Tommy Dreamer segment, more...
The Bella Twins return to Busted Open to talk with Doug Mortman and Dave LaGreca about Total Divas Season 02, Daniel Bryan and The Yes Movement, Nikki's rela...
 border= featured an interview with Batista to promote his new WWE DVD and the forthcoming "Guardians of The Galaxy" film, discussing a number of topics. Most interesting was Batista commenting on the fans rejecting him upon his return, including being booed at the Royal Rumble when he won over Roman Reigns (who was last man out) and Daniel Bryan (who was never booked in the match as his original Wrestlemania trajectory was for a match against Sheamus). Batista commented, " It was weird. It wasn’t like a normal response. It was almost like a personal attack. It had to do with factors that were not in my control, factors and things that were going on in the company with other people, stuff that really had nothing to do with me. To me, it was a little frustrating, a little confusing, and, you know, I don’t want to say I completely took it personal, but I did somewhat." That negative reaction continued to be fueled when CM Punk walked out of WWE the next day with placing the blame on the fact that ...
New podcast talks WWE Releases, Daniel Bryan getting stripped of the title, and a detailed A1 Cup Preview
, Roman Reigns vs Daniel Bryan in a steel cage for the wwe world heavyweight championship on
Raw Results June 16, 2014! Entire roster of WWE is the top of the entrance ramp as the authority to make an announcement. HHH and Stephanie are in the ring, the champion WWE World Heavyweight hanging above the ring. They take the microphone and say that the title is vacant because it was in the hands of a second-class champion who could no longer defend it in the person of Daniel Bryan. But it does not matter, because at the next PPV we have a new champion. Tonight a battle royal appoint a new qualified for the title match at Money In The Bank. Only Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and John Cena can not participate in this game. Instead, HHH announced that John Cena may qualify in a match with stretcher against Kane main event! First game: Seth Rollins WINNER Dolph Ziggler following the attack against Dean Ambrose Rollins After the match, Ambrose defies Rollins a game. But HHH appears and tells Ambrose that he has another challenge for him in the game to follow ... Second match: Bad News Barrett WINNER Dean Amb ...
WWE issued a new survey this week on potential future DVD match compilations on stars including Cesaro, Daniel Bryan and JBL. They also listed a Greatest Matches DVD for Rick Rude. The survey also asked for feedback on possible "Roast" DVD's on Ric Flair, John Cena, Steve Austin, Hulk Hogan and Chris Jericho. Other potential DVD titles included Volume 3 of the Very Best of WCW Nitro, Best of The United States Title, a documentary on The Ultimate Warrior and Volume 3 of the ECW Unreleased set.
Reminder: Santino Marella once won a battle royal for a spot in an Elimination Chamber and nearly beat Daniel Bryan for the World Title.
WWE has REALLY! picked up superstar wise in recent years, it's truly become a show worth watching, these aren't in any particular order cause there's certain superstars i like better than others but these are just who come to mind. These are new and old wrestlers, I'm simply referring to the current roster. Bad News Barrett, Sheamus, The Usos, Big E, Big Show, The Wyatts, Christian, CM Punk, The Rhodes Brothers, Daniel Bryan, The Shield, Dolph Ziggler (recently became a superstar i like), The Rock, John Cena, Kane, Kofi Kingston, Mark Henry, R Truth, Rey Mysterio, Rob Van Dam, Rusev, Sin Cara, HHH, these superstars are all amazing, they've really stepped it up in recent years
if you see you're fav wrestlers. Randy Orton. The Shield. Seth Rollins. Dolph Ziggler. Daniel Bryan. John Cena. Wade Barrett. Cesaro. Cody Rhodes
Question of the day. Ric Flair is said to be returning soon to WWE tv. If he reformed the Four Horsemen, who on today's roster would be a good fit? Flair would manage from the floor. My four would be Daniel Bryan in Flair's spot, Cesaro as the enforcer, and Cody Rhodes and Adrian Neville. Who would your four be?
if you would want to see Seth Rollins and Daniel Bryan feud over the World Heavyweight Championship this Summer.
*Backstage News on John Cena’s Health and What Has WWE’s Attention* -It’s often reported that John Cena is banged up and that he works through minor injuries but it was recently said that Cena is refusing to take any time off to rest and heal up. While Cena is known for being the company workhorse that’s addicted to the business, the fact that he’s banged up on top of the serious injury to Daniel Bryan, and other injuries, really has the attention of WWE higher-ups.
Winner of the match Billy Kidman. Cole- You see there on the replay as the referee was getting the chair out of the ring. Kidman uses the Cruiserweight title. And Kidman gets the win and advances to the next round of the King Of The Ring tournament. Backstage- Jonathon Coachmen- Stephanie McMahon since Eric Bischoff and Ric Flair are not here tonight does that mean all RAW wrestlers must answer to you and Triple H. Stephanie- The answer is yes. And tonight Daniel Bryan will not win the King OF The Ring tournament. That fact is there will be a special referee for his match.
Update on Daniel Bryan, Sonnen, Silva and Belfort drug test issues, Ricochet, More on WWE injuries, Some future...
Major changes rocked WWE last week, including a roster shakeup and Daniel Bryan being stripped of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. After the historic turn of events, find out where Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett and Cesaro rank, plus who lands at No. 1.
If Bray Wyatt wins the WWE World Heavyweight Championship then two things can happen. Bray Wyatt and Daniel Bryan can re-ignite their feud which is best for buisness. Or It will be another boring Cena chasing the title storyline
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Say what you will about them, but at least TNA has booked Eric Young's title reign better than WWE did for Daniel Bryan. …
2011 WWE Money in the Bank PPV (Rosemont, Illinois) was one of the best pay-per-views ever. I'll rate it in my top 25 PPVs of all time. CM Punk's processing face turn, his match with John Cena for WWE Championship, Daniel Bryan putting on a great SmackDown! MITB Ladder Match for World Heavyweight Championship Contract. Epic. Your views?
Trying to get WWE job in 2010, John Laurinaitis told me "I have enough 5'9" guys. I can't make money with Daniel Bryan,…
Triple H as the COO: Made NXT Gave us Cesaro, The Shield, The Wyatts and a *** more NXT's roster is amazing (Adrian Neville, Sami Zayn etc...) Jobbed to everyone to make them look strong (including Curtis Axel) Removed John Cena off the Main-Event Gave us an underdog as champion (Daniel Bryan), while Vince always made champion someone who kissed his *** Is pushing Reigns so they get a match at SummerSlam and Reigns win Is pushing Rollins by him joining the Evolution Will push Ambrose yet, he's not a good COO? Respect the man, he sacrifice himself by putting over young talent
not made: Kevin Steen, Made: Daniel Bryan. That will change soon as I plan to get the upcoming Bryan figure
Can you please explain to that if Daniel Bryan walked out and gave up the titles that he'd look 1,000 times weaker
...Stephanie,Tripple H and Kane are all in d plan to humiliate Daniel Bryan.d wwe universe loves Daniel. U all suck!
Daniel Bryan is on the road to recovery and when he comes back WWE already has big plans for the former WWE World...
Ladies amd Gentlemen Please Welcome Jack Sives,Ganesh Bait,Ross Doig,Avijit Karmakar aka Daniel Bryan, CM Punk ,Kane And The WWE Champion Bad News Barrett, The Authority The Authority hits DB We are here to say if anyone steps out of line they will have to Deal with The Shield
The Authority starts the show by making a "blockbuster" announcement. They show video of Daniel Bryan's doctor saying he won't be clear for at least another month or so. They won't know Until the next follow up in 3 weeks. The Authority Announces that they are officially stripping Bryan of the titles. The first qualifier was Del Rio because he beat Ziggler in the first qualifying match; and the Second is ''Randy Orton'' , just because he deserves it. - HHH set up a 6 Man Tag match for the main event :- The Shield (Ambrose and Reigns) vs the Wyatt Family. He says He don't think that the Shield will find a partner so it might be an up hill battle. They say that the Qualifying matches for MITB start tonight. - MITB Qualifying Match: Sheamus def. Bad News Barrett (Non-title) This Match doesn't make sense seeing as we know That neither will win at MITB unless they drop there Belt by then. Also that means one title now won't be Defended at MITB. Anyway a great back and forth action. Better match than we've seen ...
Ric Flair has been added to WWE’s Madison Square Garden house show on July 12th. Daniel Bryan is no longer...
- Daniel Bryan has been removed from WWE’s July 12th Madison Square Garden live event and Ric Flair has been...
Daniel Bryan has been Officially Stripped of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, Orton & ADR in the MITB Title Match...
For what it's worth i don't think Cena will win the title at MITB. Has to be a heel surely if the plan is to have Daniel Bryan chase it.
New Video- on WWE's Money in the Bank, John Cena, Daniel Bryan and more-
"John Cena can't wrestle". *. *But lets forget his classic matches with HBK, Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, Y2J etc and assume he wa…
Ha, I plan to break and take out people when I hit the Tombstone like you saw with Daniel Bryan. He was eviscerated by the--
Photo: “Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan vs Nikki Bella and John Cena in WM 31!” I am a huge fan of all four of...
I like Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, John Cena, CM Punk,Daniel Bryan, Natalya, Nikki Bella and Paige,what about you?
why strip Daniel Bryan of his title because he can not defend it? Hulk hogan only defended his title at main events, every 3 months!
Daniel Bryan not taking part in the MITB PPV
Daniel Bryan is such a hard-workin' dude and it's sad to hear that he may not be able to compete in MITB and may surrender his titles. :-(
WWE LOOKS AT POTENTIAL NEW SHIELD MEMBERS - WWE's website has a new article up with the editors looking at potential third members for The Shield now that Seth Rollins turned on Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns. They listed Adrian Neville, Big E, Dolph Ziggler, Cody Rhodes, John Morrison and Daniel Bryan as potential replacements. They wrote the following about Morrison, the only one named that is not currently signed to WWE: "Now, listen. If you lose a high-flyer, you’d better grab one to replace him and no WWE Superstar adheres as closely to the Seth Rollins blueprint as John Morrison. The WWE Universe went gaga for Rollins’ aerial tactics throughout The Shield’s dominant run, but The Prince of Parkour was scaling structures and confounding opponents long before The Architect threw on his Kevlar. Granted, it’s hard to tell if the former Intercontinental Champion’s mindset — to say nothing of his sartorial tendencies — would exactly adhere to the aesthetic of The Shield (though we’d pay good ...
I like all wrestlers but my fav is Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, Daniel Bryan and John Cena :)
Roman Reigns in Evolution. Daniel Bryan, Dean Ambrose, and Seth Rollins in The Shield would of been amazing now that I think about it.
if you see your fav Wrestler:. Daniel Bryan. Dean Ambrose. CM Punk. Sheamus. John Cena. Randy Orton
As ordered by Stephanie McMahon on the June 2 edition of Raw, if Daniel Bryan is able to compete, he will face Kane in a Stretcher Match with the title on the line. If not, the title will officially be vacated, and will be up for grabs in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match.
Would you guys rather see a stretcher match match between Daniel Bryan and Kane for the WWE WHC or see a new champion in the MITB ladder match?? ~DiamondCutter
Daniel Bryan vs Triple H Promo aka The Evolution of beard! I miss when he used to look like Chris Martin!
The weddings of 'Total Divas': photos From Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan to Natalya and Tyson Kidd, take a look at the matrimonial highlights from E!'s "Total Divas."
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Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella share a romantic walk together on the night before their wedding. Watch the Total Divas stars' sweet moment.
Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella's wedding: photos | via
Of all the thing I didn't think I would be watching. I just watched the episode of Total Divas where Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella gets married.
Aj Lee and cm punk . Fav Nikki Bella and John Cena. Reply Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan. Who is the best couple?
Seth is probably doing what Daniel Bryan did to Bray Wyatt and the Wyatt Family. Or they really did split up. :(.
√√√ WWE drops the ball with Bray Wyatt √√√ Once again, I have to vent my frustrations about WWE backing out from doing the right thing. Bray Wyatt and the Wyatt Family have been one of the best things that happened in the WWE this year. After a great feud with Daniel Bryan, Wyatt was then inserted in a program with John Cena; a John Cena who talked about putting over the young blood. The same John Cena who wanted the next generation of superstars to step up and take his place. When I heard Cena saying those words, I believed for the first time that Cena will be jobbing to Bray Wyatt clean – the kind of ‘rub’ that would elevate Bray Wyatt to superstardom. John Cena did not need wins against Bray Wyatt, as he was already the face of the company, and has been that for nearly a decade. The outcome of the feud should’ve ideally been Cena putting Wyatt over, and then getting into another feud. Losing to Wyatt wouldn’t have hurt Cena, but losing to Cena would greatly hurt Wyatt. That was th ...
In part two of the Season 2 finale of "Total Divas," after WrestleMania 30, Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan are married, while John Cena finds out...
- WWE posted the following video looking at the June issue of WWE Magazine: – In Demand posted the synopsis for WWE’s Battleground pay-per-view: “On the battleground, there is only one rule: claim victory by any means necessary. Don’t miss John Cena, Daniel Bryan, Bray Wyatt, and your favorite WWE Superstars at WWE...
Just finished a pirate parade. Alternated between Daniel Bryan yes chants and yelling the "I am the captain now" line from Capt. Phillips
The only recent wrestlers Cena put over was Daniel Bryan and Bray Wyatt at Extreme Rules
THE BEST WRESTLING BLOG IN THE WORLD by Neil Stanley My State of the WWE Address It has been a fascinating year so far in the WWE, after all of the drama that surrounded CM Punk "taking his ball and going home", Wrestlemania, The Undertakers streak ending and Daniel Bryan finally getting what he deserved, the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, the company has had a mixedfew months. Well there is only one place to begin, the chair shot heard around the world. The Shield came to an abrupt end when Seth Rollins went over to the dark side and joined Triple H. To be honest we all knew it was going to happen at some point and maybe now is the right time, it was shocking and I did not see it coming on RAW after the Shield beat Evolution at Payback so well. They were also running out of opponents too, they have fought everyone as a team. I did expect Dean Ambrose to stand alongside Rollins and turn as well but I loved it the way it was. It will be interesting to see what happens next, is Rollins in Evolution now ...
Exclusive photos from the wedding of Daniel Bryan - WWE Universe and Brie Bella - WWE Universe
After returning to their room, Daniel Bryan tries to help Brie Bella with her hair.
if you guys followed me, I'd be happier than Daniel Bryan when he beat Randy Orton for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship 😎
This was the plan before WWE received the news that Daniel Bryan may or may not be able to compete at the MITB PPV. In WWE's estimation, Daniel Bryan was suppose to be 100% healthy by the PPV. According to multiple sources, Cesaro was to win the MITB ladder match. After that, on RAW Lesnar was to return and Paul Heyman was to turn on Cesaro. Similar to CM Punk and Lesnar feud. Daniel Bryan vs Brock Lesnar at Summerslam, Brock Lesnar to beat Daniel Bryan and win the title. Then Cesaro was to cash in after Lesnar won the match. Which would then cause a Cesaro and Brock Lesnar feud for the WWE Worldheavyweight Championship.
It was the gift that kept on giving on Total Divas, as Natalya gave Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan their wedding gift.
Stephanie HATES Phil Brooks "Word within WWE is that Stephanie McMahon “absolutely hates” CM Punk for walking out on the company earlier this year. As heard Sunday night at WWE Payback, Punk was mentioned by Stephanie during a segment that focused on Daniel Bryan and the state of his WWE World Heavyweight Championship. “Daniel Bryan did not hand over the WWE World Heavyweight Title at tonight’s Payback pay-per-view in Chicago. The segment with he, Brie Bella and Stephanie McMahon ended before a decision could be made on the title. Brie ended up quitting, in the storylines obviously, and slapping Stephanie,” Marc Middleton reported on this website. “Stephanie left the ring before demanding the title from Bryan. During her promo at Bryan, a loud CM Punk chant broke out. Stephanie mentioned Punk and told Bryan, ‘The fans want you to quit just like CM Punk did.’” According to Bryan Alvarez on Wrestling Observer Radio (available at, the remark should come as no surprise since s ...
I really hate WWE's mentality with names. Single names sound "tougher"? Yet, Randy Orton, John Cena and Daniel Bryan are three of their biggest names at the top of the company. They're pushing Bray Wyatt and Roman Reigns.
Biggest faces today: John Cena, Daniel Bryan, Sheamus, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns. VS Biggest heels today: Brock Lesnar, Triple H, Randy Orton, Bray Wyatt and Seth Rollins. Whose side are you on? Like the comment to vote.
In the earlier post, someone said to Push Ziggler. I can't help but agree, he's one of the most solid in ring competitors that the WWE has right now. Imagine if Ziggler were to move up the card and to the main event, imagine battles with Seth Rollins, Bray Wyatt, Daniel Bryan, Randy Orton, and others. You know they would be amazing matches. His match was Cena was amazing in 2012! If you agree then type the following, and keep typing it anytime someone posts about Ziggler on any page, or even if you just feel like. ~David
Well it's halfway through 2014 and so far the following matches seem to be worthy contenders for THE MATCH OF THE YEAR. 1: Bray Wyatt vs Daniel Bryan (Royal Rumble) 2: Wyatt Family vs The Shield (Elimination Chamber) 3: Cesaro vs John Cena (RAW) 4: Daniel Bryan vs Kane (Extreme Rules) 5: Shield vs Evolution (Extreme Rules) 6: Bray Wyatt vs John Cena (Last man standing at Payback) 7: Usos vs Luke Harper and Eric Rowan Its pretty clear that the Wyatts have been the overall best performers so far in 2014. Individually however, Seth Rollins has been the best.
Long one of the more interesting and captivating villainesses in professional wrestling, Stephanie McMahon has been an integral part of several quality feuds in her 15 years as an on-screen performer. Whether it was as the centerpiece in the love triangle involving Triple H and Kurt Angle or the babyface General Manager of SmackDown in an inter-promotional war with Eric Bischoff and Raw, she always manages to touch on the nerves of the fans. Lately, she has excelled as one of the finest heels in all of sports entertainment. As the vindictive boss, she has tried on several occasions to get the WWE World Heavyweight title away from Daniel Bryan, a Superstar she and husband Triple H simply do not believe is championship material. In doing so, she has made herself an enemy in Bryan's wife, the lovely Brie Bella. Sunday night at Payback, Brie hauled off and slapped a condescending Stephanie moments after quitting to preserve her husband's title reign. It remains to be seen if anything more comes of the interac ...
For all you Seth Rollins fans, why are you mad? The WWE chose him to be the man, Seth is going to have many title runs now. This angle may even set up a Daniel Bryan vs. Seth Rollins soon! For all those who aren't Rollins fans, well guess your going to have to deal with it (: - Andrew
Calling it now, Seth Rollins vs. Daniel Bryan at SummerSlam.
About time they broke these guys up, it was getting old, Dean Ambrose NEEDS to go solo, all of them do but Dean WILL be the man in the future, mark my words, i said it for Shawn Michaels years ago while he was still a Rocker, i said it for John Cena when he first came out and almost beat Kurt Angle, and i was the ONLY one to say it when Daniel Bryan first showed up in WWE, i was 100% right every single time... My way or the Wrong way... -D.B.K-
“Thanks for standing up for Daniel Bryan! You are a true role model! ❤️
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