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Daniel Bryan

Bryan Danielson (born May 22, 1981) is an American professional wrestler signed to WWE and appearing on its SmackDown brand.

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Super Smash Bros 4: The only game where you can have Daniel Bryan vs Manny Pacquiao vs Duck Hunt Dog vs Pac-Man.
Daniel Bryan Is going to Win in this Gauntlet Match! YES! YES! YES!
here's a great article on circus elephant cruelty in the new Daniel Bryan t-shirt!
now u are talking like Daniel Bryan?! Yes? Yes? Yes?
Remember that moment when CM Punk / Daniel Bryan and Zack Ryder were champs at the same time?
"Daniel Bryan is best Smash fighter" did you see how OP he was at Wrestlemania? No shock there
Conversation between Brie and Nikki Bella. And Daniel Bryan gives his opinion on it.
For the next Q and A Could you say hi Logan in the *** Wyatt, crying Daniel Bryan, and John Cena and bork leaser voice
Since Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan is out I'll have to say Seth Rollins wby
Antonio Cesaro, Dean Ambrose and Daniel Bryan? Great!. Finn Balor? Are you even trying?
1) Daniel Bryan or Bray Wyatt (turn face) wins Rumble and just outlasts Lesnar in a war at WM31. 2) Roman Reigns at WM32.
So the latest WWE Raw ratings are out and they don't look good. In my opinion, WWE has not put out a good product since HHH took over. PLUS they are missing 2 BIG names that draw. Daniel Bryan and now Roman Reigns. PLUS the absence of C.M. Punk can't be ignored. What are your thoughts? Realistically, what can WWE do to make the product BETTER?
I don't post her very often and I apologize for that a lot of school work lately! But I'm ready to post regularly now! First question who's return are you most looking forward to Roman Reigns or Daniel Bryan ? Why? For me it's Roman Reigns he's my favourite guy on the roster and he's very entertaining to watch!
With Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns being out of the title picture for the time being, would you be into Dean Ambrose getting the push to eventually get the WWE Championship?
Ok,dude daniel bryan hasn't come back o how long does it take to recover from neck surgery
After watching Daniel Bryan vs. Triple H from Mania last night, I find it hard to view anything else in 2014 as a legit MOTY contender
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Saw some highlights from RoH Daniel Bryan VS This was an epic match:
Gotta disagree. Daniel Bryan more diverse and more exciting...
Ever since her husband Daniel Bryan underwent emergency neck surgery, Brie Bella has started to w...
As much as I enjoy Dean Ambrose acting stupid, I'm fast forwarding through any Kane match where he's not teamed with Daniel Bryan.
Listen to this unique mashup featuring the Daniel Bryan's entrance music. Presented by WWE Universe member, DALYXMAN.
The storyline is getting weak and boring... Have to stick to reruns on the until Daniel Bryan and return
this is from : daniel bryan im your biggest fan i want to meet you someday yes! Yes! Yes!
Agreed! Just hope he isn't the new Punk / Daniel Bryan as the people's choice getting shunned in favour of Reigns...
Daniel Bryan was on talk is Jericho already, episodes 38 & 39, definitely worth a listen
who is the real champ of WWE ?. a. Brock Lesnar. b. Daniel bryan. c. Roman Reigns. d. John Cena
Could it be Tuesday? Does that mean it's new day? Please say in your best Daniel Bryan way- "YES, YES, YES!"
Besides, it wasn't JUST Chicago. It was Omaha, Minneapolis, and anytime Batista got booed. Daniel Bryan won, so we all won.
I was hoping for a cm punk or Daniel bryan return on raw to
What we wanted was Daniel Bryan in the title picture. Doesn't matter WHEN we got it, it happened. And we DID affect booking.
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I enjoy NXT and that's about it. Been uninterested since Daniel Bryan left
.Frustrating watching Rusev's winning streak > Frustrating watching Daniel Bryan's slow burn to the title.
WWE 2K15 gameplay trailer: First look at Sting, Triple H and Daniel Bryan in ... - The Independent: The Indepe...
Real talk tho, you seen the crazy stuff on that show, five minutes in Daniel Bryan is gonna on about ***
HIGHLIGHTS: & discussed potential career paths thinking about life after
Roman Reigns, Daniel Bryan and Bad News Barrett are all hurt. The WWE Champion is rarely seen. Fans still resent John Cena. Good times.
I don't exactly hate CM Punk. I actually like him tons more than John Cena, Roman Reigns, and Daniel Bryan!
Daniel Bryan and Dean Ambrose are needed on my tv
– Total Divas airs tonight at 9 PM ET/PT on the E! network. — As previously reported, Daniel Bryan will not need...
Does this Ben Hamer think he's Tim Howard...or Daniel Bryan?!
"Jess is the Brie Bella to my Daniel Bryan." aw
Rudy Boy Gonzalez interview - trainer of Daniel Bryan and Paul London to name a few!
Roman Reigns stated in wwe magazine they would reunite in 2015 Daniel Bryan did the same thing once to :-)
I think the Scottish Independence movement have missed a trick not getting Daniel Bryan on board.
the return of Daniel Bryan in wwe: на
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The last time Bray Wyatt was in a steel cage match on RAW Daniel Bryan betrayed him.
It just makes me realize that Daniel Bryan deserves to be Champion. After all he's been through, he deserves to be Champ for a long time.
The first 3:30 minutes will make you smile for Daniel Bryan and the WWE Universe! :')
Well, I finished the series. My favorite "character" was actually the dynamic/relationship between the two.
ziggler Jericho Daniel Bryan and ambrose Cesaro and Rollins and Adrian Neville lol and Bray Wyatt there all a tie for me
So Daniel Bryan is expected to return sooner than thought, as you should all know by now I like to give "in the...
id buy that too! :D you're on a roll! When the *** is Daniel Bryan coming back anyway?
If Devitt stays a face for a while on the main roster, he'll be as over as Daniel Bryan and Dean Ambrose.
Maybe it'll be a Daniel Bryan story
what if Daniel Bryan came back and Cena turned on him.
If we don't find out that Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan are brother and sister on this Jerry Springer segment, then everythin…
all due respect for your opinion but Daniel Bryan is a star in the WWE, he's huge, more merchandise sold than any other WWE
wwe was at its best in the stone cold, rock era. These last 5yrs have been brutal. Daniel Bryan is their only star.
Daniel Bryan didn't look weak when he had a bunch of people rescuing him nearly a year ago. It made him look cooler.
Seth Rollins, Kane, Randy Orton, and Triple H, thank you for helping destroy guys like Ambrose, Reigns, and Daniel Bryan!
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"I married Daniel Bryan and all I got was this tee shirt that says 'Jerry Jerry Jerry'"
Brock Lesnar, Daniel Bryan and more get a new look in WWE's ...:
Ha Randy Orton needed his girls to help him with Roman Reigns. Just face it you can't beet Roman Reigns nor Daniel Bryan lol
They replaced CM Punk and Daniel Bryan with a tired out Kane a boring Reigns and a jaded Orton..
I love original one armed covered masked kane. I loathe corporate kane. I want Daniel Bryan to shoot him with a pistol.
Reigns seems to be the next candidate for weekly beatings just like they did to Daniel Bryan. Fun recycled concept and old man Kane
Did Roman Reigns volunteer to take Daniel Bryan's 10 pm beatdowns for him while he's away?
Roman Reigns is currently attending the Daniel Bryan school of getting over in WWE...will he graduate with honors?
Fans would be going nuts for a Daniel Bryan comeback right now! Reigns is good, but not great. No way he can headline WM31.
This may be the best spontaneous use of the Steel Cage since Daniel Bryan used it again Bray Wyatt.
DANIEL BRYAN RIPS HIS SHIRT!. But he has no shirt underneath it!. BOTCH!. Slater gives him his Nexus shirt!
is Bray Wyatt best match since Royal Rumble with Daniel Bryan.
they eventually did with Daniel Bryan. Maybe if we’re vocal enough.
i really think that John Cena's heel turn will b a great thng to see!! N yuo rtrn of daniel bryan n cm punk!!
Who I want to win the 1. Ziggler. 2. Ambrose. 3. Daniel Bryan. 4. Bo Dallas. I hope Reigns is there by January. Not there yet.
Never seen Eric Weddle and Daniel Bryan in the same room together.
Weddle is on his Daniel Bryan status, holy ***
After a portion of Daniel Bryan's beard ate Wade Barrett, can you blame him?
Dream Match: Sami Zayn vs Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.
YESS exactly. Like to me they waited way to long to push daniel bryan and they waiting to long to push Roman Reigns
Why not? ultimate David versus Goliath story Daniel Bryan v Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania
Raw featuring Nexus debut is on WWE Network. Notable that Daniel Bryan choking Justin Roberts with his tie was edited off.
Daniel Bryan and CM Punk return at the Royal Rumble 2015 classic scene that would be
Nailed on the pack will include: John Cena, Randy Orton, Daniel Bryan, Triple H, Brock Lesnar & The Rock
John Cena's injury, and the shelving of Daniel Bryan, do you think WWE is really taking care of its talent?
Nikki Bella swapped places and married Daniel Bryan so Brie didn't have to. Nikki never told anyone.
Daniel Bryan advertised for Europe Alberto Del Rio may be coming to WWC, Velvet Sky distances herself from Impact.
Here we go guys, i'm pressing the Simulate button for Zack Ryder vs Daniel Bryan for the WWE Championship, will the world change forever?
That's right, Steven Moffat is Vince McMahon, Matt Smith is Daniel Bryan and John Cena is the very concept of sexism.
match for TNA and Stephanie McMahon, Vince and Hunter would copy this stuff down and get Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella to perform the exact
What do you think about Daniel Bryan needing Tommy John surgery and do you think fans will stop supporting him?
David Shoemaker of Deadspin reported that Daniel Bryan may need Tommy John surgery and could be out another three...
Daniel Bryan in the main event of WrestleMania.
Daniel Bryan knows how to finish god *** 🇸
Signs that it's all cross pollinating: Shoemaker says Daniel Bryan needs Tommy John surgery.
Dude just buy the Daniel Bryan ringside battle play set from the Toys R Us website, its only $60 and comes with that table
MANILA – Before kids today in the Philippines were enchanted by Daniel Bryan’s “Yes” chants and mesmerized by John Cena’s “Hustle, Loyalty,...
Will Stephanie McMahon and HHH stop belittling Daniel Bryan for the remainder of his stint on the side lines? Not likely.
Daniel Bryan has to get Tommy John... By the time he comes back, Roman Reigns will be champion
Daniel Bryan has yet to return to the squared circle, but the injuries continue to pile up. According to Grantland's David Shoemaker, Bryan, who has been sidelined since May after ...
It appears WWE Rightful Champion Daniel Bryan needs to have Tommy John surgery as well. Using his real name, I think Brian Danielson isn't going to have as long a career as we all wanted him to. Which is sad to say, because he's an A player.
What the *** has Daniel Bryan been doing all this time, playing baseball? Now he need Tommy John surgery!
Report: Daniel Bryan may need more surgery, be out for 3 more ...
My church mentioned Daniel Bryan today and we started a Yes chant and it was the best thing ever. I love my church.
My Challenge To Daniel Bryan for the March 24th RAW! (Hey You should see this.
just saying, it wasn't one of the best non Daniel Bryan matches in the last 2 yrs as some reviews have said.
Report: D-Bryan Needs Tommy John Surgery, Out 3+ Months?: A new report suggests that Daniel Bryan could be out...
So far I have a beard is here shirt, a red yes shirt, and fear the bear sweatpants. I need to add to my daniel Bryan collection 😍
Is Daniel Bryan an Illuminati sellout? I don't know, but I'm sure this video I'm about to watch is going to answer this question.
Pro wrestler Daniel Bryan reportedly needs Tommy John surgery and will miss at least 3 more months
Daniel Bryan needs a Tommy John surgery lmao. his career is dead
It *** that Daniel Bryan is going to be out for an entire year. I hope he has a speedy recovery.
ANOTHER surgery for Daniel Bryan?! Yep we aint seeing him until 2016 if this keeps going on
I'm trying to watch Daniel Bryan but she keep talking to me...
Tommy John surgery has even claimed Daniel Bryan? Not only is it an epidemic it's spreading outside of MLB! (cc
Backstage Reaction To Nikki Bella's Promo On Raw At SummerSlam, Nikki Bella betrayed her own sister, Brie Bella, and fed her to Stephanie McMahon in their grudge match. As Stephanie allowed Nikki to explain her actions on Raw, the reason for the Diva's total betrayal stemmed from Brie's supposed "selfishness" throughout their lives, especially in the months since Brie quit to save Daniel Bryan's WWE World Heavyweight Championship reign. Brie's last-ditch offer of forgiveness to her sister was met with similar coldness, plus a slap from Nikki across Brie's face. The backstage reaction to Nikki's promo has been mostly positive as the unanimous opinion is that Nikki is better on the mic than Brie since she's not as awkward. Management was pleased with her speech and loved how she played off her shoe falling during her ring entrance. She's seen as a natural heel. Some members of management, however, felt Nikki "talked too fast" and appeared nervous. However, it was also said that "she hasn't been on the mic i ...
Like said, watch the Guerrero match. Daniel Bryan beat three guys at WM30. No reason he can't beat Lesnar.
Lesnar appears at 20 shows a year. Daniel Bryan or Roman Reigns will work 300+ for a decade. Do the math.
Interview with Seth Rollins: We know your journey, like that of Daniel Bryan. Do you have behind the scenes moments where you say to yourself "Wow, you come to believe you"? "It's just cool to be where we are together. Me, Daniel, Cesaro and Zayn. It's great to be part of this company when we know where we come from. Things go quickly, it is sometimes difficult to take the time to ask and are rethinking. But sometimes, there are moments where you are able to become aware and to be proud of you. WrestleMania 30 was a magnificent night for Daniel Bryan, I was so proud to be there with him when he crossed the curtain, to share this moment. " With your Briefcase "Money in the Bank", you have great chances of becoming world champion. What do you say ' Oh my God, I'll become the world champion "or you don't think this kind of thing? "I do not know if I say ' Oh my God, I'll be champion of WWE '." There was a moment, after I won the case, the evening where I have, where I sat and I asked myself what it meant to ...
If Kurt Angle ever did came back to the WWE, a Daniel Bryan matchup would be terrific or even Cesaro.
Kurt angle dream only one for me angle v Daniel Bryan!!
Kevin Steen vs. Sami Zayn vs. Kenta vs. Devitt vs. Cesaro vs. Daniel Bryan vs. Seth Rollins in the 2016 Money in the Bank match.
This says it all, Dirt Sheets praise this Daniel Bryan love affair. What? The same people bashed AJ Styles for doing it.
Best Summerslam matches of all time Daniel Bryan v John Cena (2013)
On this day in WWE Network History: Tensions were rising on Raw as WWE neared SummerSlam 2013. John Cena & Daniel Bryan butted heads, while CM Punk had a surprise for Brock Lesnar!
Nikki I'm mad about brie was arrested at Monday Night raw but did you get her out of their or did Daniel Bryan did
Just occurred to me about the "cheating" girl of Daniel Bryan.. She's the same one that "cheated" on AJ Styles from TNA.
I'm gonna make CM Punk (P1) vs. Daniel Bryan (CPU) in an Extreme Rules match happen at WrestleMania XXX.
I ain't buyin this story of Daniel Bryan and this Megan Miller having an affair
Daniel Bryan's "Personal Trainer" that had an affair with him if its the same girl from tna then she must me a sexual actor.
The (personal trainer) had an affair with Daniel Bryan lol *** and Brie put Stephanie in the Yes Lock yes yes yes yes
Wait, is Daniel Bryan having an affair with Cherry Bomb?
Why didn't they just use Muffy as Daniel Bryan's personal trainer instead?
I originally designed her to be dumped by Daniel Bryan to date Wade Barrett
Kinda *** that the didn't win the award for this year, alongside with Daniel Bryan, Big Show, Alicia fox, and eve torres.😔😔
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Watched vs Daniel Bryan from Smackdown 8/23/13. It was the last time we saw Wade Barrett with the "Barrett Barrage" gimmick.
they will show Big Show but not Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan for real k
Update: More Arrests Made in the Attempted Burglary of Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella’s Home
A handcuffed Daniel Bryan is assaulted by Triple H and Stephanie McMahon: Raw, March 17, 2014
No more Dixie Carter on Television after this YES YES YES as Daniel Bryan might say
I'm already pretty obnoxious about my love for WWE but when Daniel Bryan and Wade Barrett come back it's literally never going to let up
if you see your idol-. John Cena . Randy Orton. CM Punk. Daniel Bryan. Sheamus. Brock . The Shield. AJ. Bella Twins. Nattie . Und…
Pro Wrestlers that would been in MMA. CM Punk, Shawn Michaels, "Cowboy" James Storm, Daniel Bryan.
But what about when Daniel Bryan won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania?
Daniel Bryan is the world heavyweight champion he is the best in the world
WWE Then Now Forever Tournament. There are 4 Brackets (Wrestlemania, SummerSlam, Royal Rumble, and Survivor Series), each bracket will have 16 superstars, and 4 wildcards. The Winner or the Wild Card Tournaments will be the 16 seed in Each Bracket. A few things first, The Superstars had to make major impact in WWE, that is why, there is no Dusty Rhodes, and Goldberg is a 13 seed, because he was there for 1 year and won 1 title, also Chris Benoit will never be in Post of mine. Finally the Wild Card is up and coming superstars. Therefore he is not in this tournament. Here are the brackets, and Voting will open soon! Wrestlemania: Wild Card: (WC1) Roman Reighns vs (WC4) Adam Rose (WC2) Dolph Zigler vs (WC3) Kenta Bracket: (1) Hulk Hogan vs (16) Wild Card (2) Bob Backlund vs (15) Daniel Bryan (3) CM Punk vs (14) The Godfather (4) Triple H vs (13) Goldberg (5) Brock Lesnar vs (12) Mr. Perfect (6) Kane vs (11) Booker T (7) Chris Jericho vs (10) Randy Orton (8) Owen Hart vs (9) *** Foley SummerSlam: Wild Card: . ...
Like Randy Savage vs. Duke Drose, or Daniel Bryan vs. Adam Rose. The former IS the person, the latter is a trip to the prop closet.
Raise your hand if you've been personally victimized by Stephanie McMahon. CM Punk, Big Show, Daniel Bryan, Nikki Bella, Vickie Guerrero etc
If Roman Reigns wins the Royal Rumble eliminating Daniel Bryan at last, the boo is going to be even bigger than this year's.
WWE news: Daniel Bryan penciled in to return to action at Royal Rumble 2015
Daniel Bryan is out till at least the Royal Rumble. Needs surgery on his elbow to help with the nerve damage he has.
NEW Tito Column - Were Triple H and Vince McMahon RIGHT about Pushing Batista over Daniel Bryan?
WWE News: - After he has another surgery soon, it's possible Daniel Bryan can make his return at the 2015 Royal Rumble. It's worth noting that creative didn't find out about Bryan needing another surgery until the press conference he did about the burglar incident at his home. - WWE is still planning on something big for Cesaro & Paul Heyman, possibly the rumored Cesaro vs. Lesnar match. It was said this week that the "amicable split" between Cesaro & Heyman is part of a slow build to something bigger. - Regarding this past Monday’s RAW, Vince McMahon reportedly did a lot of “tinkering” w/ the script before they went live. A source said many of the programs on RAW had their direction altered this past weekend. Vince wanted to shift the focus of Brie Bella vs. Stephanie McMahon to solely on them & not a rift between The Authority, Stephanie, & HHH. - Roman Reigns was banged up after taking the first RKO from Randy Orton when the table didn’t break on Monday’s RAW. Reigns was not seriously injure ...
Now that Brie has revealed she is moving to Phoenix with Daniel Bryan, how do you think Nikki will react?
Daniel bryan is more indy than aj styles
Whatever happens, they can't take away Daniel Bryan's WrestleMania XXX moment...except on the NBC special.
Daniel Bryan is featured for 1 second in the WrestleMania 30 ad for the NBC special tonight
So apparently when they show Wrestlemania 30(NBC at 7) tonight NEITHER Daniel Bryan match is gonna be shown. ***
Sting, Hulk Hogan, and Daniel Bryson discuss their future with WWE
rumor is that Daniel Bryan isn't shown on the Wrestle Mania replay though
A few months ago, WWE superstar Daniel Bryan suffered a shoulder injury after three Tombstone Piledrivers from Kane during a match at RAW.
in WWE it is John Cena, Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, Daniel Bryan, Natalya, Bella Twins, Dolph Ziggler, Sheamus, what about u?
Who really ever thought that Daniel Bryan would go from being in NXT to being one of the top faces in the WWE?
Watching back when Daniel Bryan turned on the Wyatt Family.
Roman Reigns' superman punch and Daniel Bryan's Running knee are the very best arsenal in
WWE Monday Night RAW # 1106 - 04/08/2014 Frank Erwin Center in Austin, TX RAW promises, among others, Randy Orton, Seth Rollins, Triple H, Chris Jericho, Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, Sheamus, Kane, The Wyatt Family. As dark match was announced struggle Six man tag match - Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose & Chris Jericho vs. Randy Orton, Bray Wyatt & Seth Rollins. At the gala miss is John Cena, who is on set film and Brock Lesnar Trainwreck, so probably feud at SummerSlam main event will take only Paul Heyman. We should know more fight at SummerSlam, perhaps the Big E, Kofi and Xavier challenge for a duel Uso brothers Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins. RAW besides the already mentioned announcement and wait for us will probably be segments of the Truth of Dallas, Fandango of Summer and Layla and Ruseva of swagger. Time now for the full announcement from There are only two weeks separate us from the Biggest Party Years, but Randy Orton does not seem to be in the mood to celebrate. What besides the reigns of Ro ...
WWE Extreme Rules PLAYSET: The set with Daniel Bryan was found at a Toys R Us in California this week for anyone interested.
No! People like Daniel Bryan and myself are the BEST product!
And Daniel Bryan with the running knee!! Aw wait that's szczesny
RAW tomorrow gonna be representing one of my favorite wrestlers, Daniel Bryan!
It appears Daniel Bryan could have been featured on the cover for WWE 2K15 according to an old poster being advertised at Gamestop. A photo has surfaced on
Would you have preferred it if Daniel Bryan was the game's cover star? Check out what he might look like in game below.
WWE rumors: Daniel Bryan could be back by Royal Rumble 2015
So, who is going to have to alter their signature moves set more, Daniel Bryan or KENTA?
Go back to WWE because I have two best gladiators Daniel Bryan and Undertaker 😊
not anymore she ruined Daniel Bryan for me ! Lol I uses to love him then she got brought into his story
. Brock Lesnar def. Undertaker ( 21-1 ). Daniel bryan def. John Cena ( WWE C.). If cena def. Lesnar . I'll never watch wwe ever again
you was arrested for slapping Daniel Bryan wife
What does Daniel Bryan have to do with it? . "Tonight at 8pm ET, there is NFL preseason football on TV. . YES!. YES!. YES!"
He's what Daniel Bryan may have been if Bryan Danielson didn't have such indie cred / experience.
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are you a daniel bryan fan? — Yup, he's a great wrestler wish he would come back quicker tbh.
Favourite wrestler of all time? — Shawn Michaels!!! Daniel Bryan is 2nd and he is not even close..
**NEW VIDEO** Speculation on Daniel Bryan's Return & More news on Cesaro/Lesnar Feud.:
Look I am a Daniel Bryan fan and think Brie is cool too but, Stephanie McMahon could be the best put together diva heel today in WWE.
I liked a video from WWE 2k14 daniel bryan season part 4 story mode
use this theme for a return promo for Daniel Bryan. Since he's been through alot of *** with the (cont)
Sheamus is 35 and Daniel Bryan is 32 tho
triple H is losing his touch (he got owned by Brock Lesnar and got destroyed by Daniel Bryan)
love the match you had with Daniel Bryan at wrestlemania I knew before wrestlemania he was going to win both matches
Sting, Hulk Hogan, and Daniel Bryan talk to IGN about their future with the WWE
Anyhow besides w/Daniel Bryan&Wade Barrett there had been many more worst injuries to there too
I want Daniel Bryan and Wade Barrett to return asap!
Rumour: Daniel Bryan's injury behind Chris Jericho's return to the WWE - Sportskeeda
Yoenis Cespedes in a Red Sox jersey is like that one week where Daniel Bryan joined the Wyatt Family.
Cute girl in Taco Bell drive thru (to me): "Wow, you look like that wrestler Daniel Bryan!" Me (to her): "Yes!".Cool compliment.
tna is legit on Vince McMahon, Stephanie McMahon is Daniel Bryan?
Congrats to the new team TAB ("The Lone Goddess" Trish Wood and Brandon Lee Venable) who answered the TAG TEAM TRIVIA CHALLENGE correctly to become the new AYTWF Undisputed Tag Team Champions!! TAG TEAM TRIVIA CHALLENGE: Question What submission maneuver did Daniel Bryan recently deliver to a burglar who was running from his home with his property? REAR NAKED CHOKEHOLD
Dude check out what Daniel Bryan did! :D
Former WWE Champion Daniel Bryan used his submission skills to fend off a home invader and subdued the man with a rear-naked-choke. TMZ broke the story:
Daniel Bryan gives his thoughts on Brie Bella's part in Stephanie McMahon being arrested.
Note a defensive gun use, but still a defensive encounter. Apparently WWE wrestler Daniel Bryan (real name Bryan Lloyd Danielson) caught two intruders in his home after he and his wife returned from the airport. Danielson gave chase as the pair fled out a backdoor, and managed to catch one of
Daniel Bryan places would be burglar in chokehold
Daniel Bryan from the best superstars
Watch Daniel Bryan - WWE Universe announce his autobiography at Comic-Con International 2014!
couldn't have been her. Daniel Bryan doesn't believe in technology so no iPad cases.
Ex-WWE champ Daniel Bryan foils Phoenix home burglary
Former WWE champion Daniel Bryan thrwarts alleged home robbers
Daniel Bryan stopped burglar at his home with rear naked choke
Daniel Bryan's neck can't be that bad if he can take down robbers
Not my best set of poses but maybe my best set of interviews!! Many thanks to Hulk Hogan, Daniel Bryan…
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Daniel Bryan proud that Brie Bella stood up to Stephanie McMahon:...
Dude robbed the wrong house.. WWE Superstar "Daniel Bryan" catches robber, keeps him in choke-hold until cops...
Probably not the safest reaction but love it when criminals get caught! -Vern
Some fools broke in to former WWE Champion Daniel Bryans house! Not a bright idea! He caught one o
Fox Sports Live named Daniel Bryan the Best Person in Sports... Yes. All of the yes.
I liked a video Daniel Bryan defends Brie Bella
I liked a video from Daniel Bryan Stops Burglar
Daniel Bryan foiled some burglers plans...
Someone tried to rob Daniel Bryan's house. Did you catch him, Daniel Bryan?
Can we talk about how Daniel Bryan catching a man breaking into his house and choking him out is the coolest thing ever?
What happens when you break into the home of former heavyweight champion Daniel Bryan? Find out here:
Ikr! Man after facing Daniel bryan earlier I'm hyped up for my next match
You all hear about Daniel Bryan and a burglar in his home? -DJ.
Any boys out there that want to talk to me? Boys as in Bryan Daniel Lioi
WWE superstar Daniel Bryan puts burglar who broke into his home in chokehold until police arrive
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Yes! Daniel Bryan Stops Burgler. Someone picked the wrong house to break into.
NEWS: Daniel Bryan subdues burglar at his house, sadly doesn't use YES lock
WWE star Daniel Bryan stops burglar in Phoenix via and he did this with a broken freaking neck
EXCLUSIVE: speaks on wife involvement in arrest last Monday on
WWE champ Daniel Bryan chased down and caught two burglars after they were seen walking out of his house
It's sad the most about thing in WWE isn't Sting finally joining WWE, or anything involved in the with in-ring action. Its Daniel Bryan chasing down a burglar. To me it's like yea great but whats the Summerslam card look like, or how is WWE gonna get out of the slump they've been in. I don't know maybe it's just me Shadow
Daniel Bryan still recovering from his neck surgery and caught a burglar with a submission hold. Pro wrestling skills used well.
Former WWE wrestling champ Daniel Bryan catches suspected thief breaking into his house:
is the man. If he didn't have a bad neck he'd likely have caught them both. .
love how cole used too love the miz and hate Daniel Bryan
So, this Daniel Bryan story finally got me off my *** ..
Report: Daniel Bryan Reveals he needs another Surgery, will most likely be out until 2015 just in time for Royal Rumble.
Daniel Bryan > The Cops. IF Bryan was a cop he would catch the Criminals and make their *** tap out lol. TAP OR SNAP!!!
Proud of my brother in law but more importantly thank God they are ok! N "Former WWE Champion Daniel Bryan --
4:30PM PST: Daniel Bryan and his wife Brie spoke about the incident during a press conference ... and the wrestler said he sprung into action because he was worried about their dog, Josie, who was in the house. The wrestling star says it wasn't difficult to subdue the burglar because the guy wasn't in great shape. However he wouldn't say if the thief was rendered unconscious. Bryan also got incredibly emotional while talking about the bracelet his father gave him that the burglars attempted to steal. Daniel Bryan is a bona fide bad *** ... chasing down a burglar on foot, then locking him in a submission hold until cops arrived. Daniel and his wife Brie Bella had just come home Thursday night when they saw 2 men on their way out of their house. The burglars dropped the stuff they were stealing and hightailed it down the street. D.B. gave chase ... the bad guys had a big head start but the champ caught up with one of them and locked him in a rear naked choke for 5 minutes until cops arrived. Daniel's ...
Daniel Bryan apprehends alleged burglar outside Phoenix home | via
Daniel Bryan's other robber has been identified and caught.
Daniel Bryan is officially a badass for this! Good for him protecting his loved ones.
Perhaps Daniel Bryan doesn't need to return to pro wrestling. His true calling might be to fight crime as "Yes Man."
Daniel Bryan needs to go back to ROH.. I mean, what?
WWE superstar Daniel Bryan may be rehabbing from neck surgery, but he’s still in good enough shape to stop a burglar at his home.
WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan reportedly stopped a burglar at his Phoenix, Arizona, home Thursday night. has full details on the alleged incident and exclusive comments from Bryan.
So I heard Daniel Bryan subdued a burgular that tried to break into his house! But the other one got away. an A + player would
Daniel Bryan -- SUBDUES Burglar ... WITH SUBMISSION HOLD!!this is why you don't mess with a wrestler
Even though he is recovering from major neck surgery, takes down a burglar :
BREAKING: See what had to say about apprehending a burglar fleeing his home!
Daniel Bryan caught a thief breaking into his house. Here's what the crook looks like...
UPDATE: Daniel Bryan will soon be holding a press conference with the Phoenix P.D. ... and we'll be livestreaming the whole thing. // Former WWE Champion…
UPDATE: As noted earlier, Daniel Bryan stopped a burglar at his home this past Thursday night. TMZ mentioned in their report that
WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan interrupted a burgulry at his home on Thursday night, chased down one of the thieves and subdued him until police arrived.
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Daniel Bryan finds his home being robbed and beats down a burglar until police arrive.
A former WWE champion known as Daniel Bryan chased two burglary suspects he saw exiting his Phoenix home this week and subdued one until officers arrived, investigators said.
Former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan went home last night (July 24, 2014) with his wife and found two burglars fleeing his home. So he chased them down, caught one, and apprehended him while waiting for police.
Share on TumblrAbove is video of Daniel Bryan announcing his book at the San Diego Comic Con yesterday.
So...WWE wrestler Daniel Bryan and his real life wife Nikki Bella were out Thursday evening and came home to see 3 guys leaving their house after being inside. They see Daniel and run, he catches one, puts him in a rear naked choke hold and holds him until police arrive. Love it.
Read a story that WWE wrestler Daniel Bryan got home with his wife to find their house being burgled. It says that he tackled and detained one of the invaders until police got there. I just want to know if they played his entrance music as he ran inside his house and if by 'detained' they mean 'leg drop from the top rope'.
Former WWE World Heavyweight champion Bryan Danielson, known in the ring as Daniel Bryan, ran after two men who were exiting an Arcadia home around 7 p.m. Thursday, said Phoenix police spokesman Sgt. Tommy Thompson.
Daniel Bryan has single-handedly taken down Randy Orton , Batista and The Authority. What's one measly burglar? According to Breann Bierman of CBS 5 in Phoenix, the WWE superstar ...
Daniel Bryan Makes Announcement, Update on Huge Role for The Rock, Stock Posted by Eric Arrington July 24, 2014 0 Comments - WWE stock was down 0.16% today, closing sat $12.62 per share. Today’s high was $12.82 and the low was $12.51. - We’ve noted how The Rock has been rumored to play either Shazam or his nemesis, Black Adam in a DC Comics movie. DC will be making an announcement at Comic Con on Saturday so we should know more then. Rock posted a photo of Superman, Shazam and Black Adam today with the caption, “Someone’s gonna get it..” - We noted before that Daniel Bryan is writing an autobiography to come out in time for WrestleMania 31. Bryan officially announced the book at the San Diego Comic Con today. Below is the cover photo and synopsis from St. Martin’s Press: “Everyone’s favorite underdog, he’s proven to the world and to all of WWE that looks can be deceiving. This is the behind-the-scenes story told for the first time ever — from his beginnings as a child wanting to wres . ...
WWE News: - PWInsider reports that Prince Devitt has signed his WWE deal & an official announcement will be coming soon but there's no timetable on when that may be. - We noted before that WWE was still planning a face push for Cesaro but that it was on hold until they "needed it." It appears after this week's WWE events that they may be going in a different direction w/ Cesaro's push. Regarding Cesaro as a face, he was planned for a significant push at the end of this summer but the decision was made, even before Daniel Bryan went down w/ an injury, that the big face focus would be put on getting Roman Reigns to the top. - There has been a lot of talk w/in WWE lately about John Cena's movie career. Some of the wrestlers have joked that Cena will start "bringing it via satellite" soon. We noted that Cena will be missing several upcoming WWE events due to filming of The Nest & Trainwreck. There have been people backstage speculating that if Cena's movie work takes off, given how banged up he is, he could b ...
Torrie Wilson celebrates her bday, Great American Bash and Daniel Bryan.
This week's The Great American Bash 2005, Daniel Bryan returns to the Indies and To…
I like many superstar.Now this time John Cena n Daniel Bryan,Roman Reigns,Dean Ambrose.I just Luv Wwe So much
"Oh, he had a good match with Daniel Bryan. Lets all jack off." - on Cody Rhodes' paper bag gimmick
theres a rumor going around that Daniel Bryan and Wade Barrett are going to return as a new tag team
Daniel Bryan won the money in the bank world heavyweight championship ladder match by beating Kane sin cara Wade Barrett Cody Rhodes
I still wonder how Daniel Bryan managed to get one of the Bella Twins😭
McMahon family creates charity for 8-yr-old boy who died of cancer 3 weeks after meeting Daniel Bryan:
I once implied that Daniel Bryan was overhyped (which I stand by). Oh boy that was a fun derail.
How I would run WWE: Raw and Smackdown would be separate. Undertaker would be 22-0 Chris Benoit merchandise wouldn't be restricted. Christian's WHC reign would've lasted more than five days. Daniel Bryan's WWE WHC Reign would've lasted until around Summerslam Ryback would have 1 WWE Championship CM Punk would still be around Paige would be Heel John Morrison would have a WWE Championship Reign Y2J would stop putting people over. Goldberg would be back Sting would be more than a Video Game Character Brie wouldn't be an Alumni Brock Lesnar will put over Roman Reigns Dean Ambrose would be MITB Winner Stardust would not exist Bray Wyatt would still be Husky Harris and the Nexus would Still exist Bad News Barrett would be a Royal Rumble Winner. Draft Night ECW Would Return NXT Would Have a monthly ladder match to determine the next main roster star. Tyson Kidd wouldn't be on NXT The WWE Network wouldn't repeatedly come out of Michael Cole Mysterio would be financially supported during injuries. Raw GM=Edge Sma ...
i haven't met Daniel Bryan yet i want do but i met John Cena with Trish Stratus 1 time i love Trish!! lol
Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan step out of their comfort zone when John Cena and Nikki Bella show them around Cena's house.
Have you got a match of the year candidate yet? I have a few, here they are: The Shield vs The Wyatt Family Elimination Chamber 2014 John Cena vs Bray Wyatt WM 30, Extreme Rules and Payback 2014 The Shield vs Evolution Extreme Rules 2014 Batista vs Daniel Bryan vs Randy Orton WM 30 Finally, Royal Rumble 2014 Now put these in order 1-6 and tell me your match of the year candidates so far, hey, Chris Jericho vs Bray Wyatt might make it as well once Battleground is over
Daniel Bryan lost the title 3 times from SummerSlam to Payback
I have a really bad feeling that we won't seen Daniel Bryan wrestle again :(
It's been one heck of a journey, squids and schoolgirls. But as of today around 9:00am CST... 500 LIKES!!! And still counting! 501 as I'm typing this! Thank you all for your continued support/love! I would cue up Daniel Bryan's music to celebrate this momentous occasion, but I don't wanna be sued by the WWE. :D So again, we here at NOTRT would like to say "Thank you all!" And let's aim for the big 1K! - jacaya
It was the first night I was at cats meow on bourbon street. I've got you doing a road warriors and D…
New Wrestling Wrap Up from as Daniel Bryan may be out indefinitely
I hope to meet Daniel Bryan someday, I almost met him if it wasn't for him having to go so soon.
Unpopular Opinion : Ryback was as over as Daniel Bryan... The IWC my not of liked him but the rest of the people who watch WWE loved when he got on air. TheGreatOne
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I added a video to a playlist WWE: "Flight of the Valkyries" ► Daniel Bryan 9th Theme Song
CM Punk may be gone but his epic matches are a living proof of why he's the best in the world. Here's my list of the top 10 CM Punk matches in the WWE. 10: CM Punk vs John Cena (2/25/13) The greatest rivalry in recent time. Perhaps the greatest singles match in the history of Monday Night RAW 9: CM Punk vs Daniel Bryan (5/20/12) Hard for these two to have a poor outing. Indie legends fighting it out for the WWE Title. 8: CM Punk vs John Morrison (9/01/07) CM Punk’s first gold in the WWE (ECW title) Confirmed his main event potential in the business. 7: Money in the Bank Wrestlemania 25th anniversary CM Punk’s second consecutive MITB win. Remains the only man to have won the briefcase twice. 6: CM Punk vs Alberto Del Rio (11/20/11) Marked the birth of the historic 434 day title reign. The longest WWE title reign in modern history. 5: CM Punk vs The Undertaker (4/7/13) A very personal and controversial feud. Resulted in one of the best “Streak” matches in Taker’s career. Solidified CM Punk as one ...
July 16th, 2012: A day after refereeing his defeat, AJ Lee teamed up with Daniel Bryan to take on Eve Torres and The Miz. AJ and Daniel won, and after the match he dropped to one knee to propose to her...
yeah... and speaking of Daniel Bryan, although I like him, I never expected him to have a long run as a champion.. Wbu?
I'm glad he did though and I honestly at first thought he would lose it to Jericho Daniel Bryan or Cena.
WWE 2K14 - Universe Mode RAW Week 20 - Daniel Bryan cashes in Money in the Bank Kane won the World Heavyweight Championship just last night, ...
indeed he did. Daniel Bryan without punk wouldn't have won the world title
Listening to the MLW podcast and Disco Inferno said Punk and Daniel Bryan have no sex appeal. He must not know who they married.
I'm sure they only wanted to "rough him up a bit." In referring to Daniel Bryan. That's like kneecapping a thoroughbred.
Watching Daniel Bryan's wedding to Brie Bella and crying. So beautiful.
Well, seems like the proverbial nail has hit the coffin on Sting and Daniel Bryan being in WWE. We can't still play 2K15 though 😒.
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