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Daniel Bruhl

Daniel César Martín Brühl (born 16 June 1978) better known as Daniel Brühl is a Spanish born German actor.

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Now let me go look at a photo of Daniel bruhl so I can make him into an Altmer on Skyrim
And Daniel Bruhl is German! He's a German guy playing a German guy. How the heck can his German acce…
The Alienist truly caters to my needs: a 20th century thriller with daniel bruhl, dakota fanning and luke evans and created by cary fukunaga
Just realized that was Daniel Bruhl in Inglourious Basterds.
It's been a kind of day 1) Women in Gold 2) Burnt. Both absolutely positively fantastic wonderful movies! I applaud you! 👏🏽👏🏽
Daniel Bruhl from is already great to watch in this.
daily.daniel.bruhl (get_repost). ・・・. I know you're sexy in the Dangerous way, daddy…
if u are a fan of Daniel Bruhl and Luke Evans or Cary Fukunaga hit me up to yell about this new tv show of theirs
Remember that time I got to inform that Daniel Bruhl was in CA: CW? That was a good time.
I liked a video Emma Watson and Daniel Bruhl hot kiss in Colonia
Biggest waste of a villain ever in Crossbones. And biggest waste of an actor in Daniel Bruhl.
on lunch having a Civil War chat and who rules? Daniel Bürhl's
Trying to decide whether Mark Ruffalo or Daniel Bruhl would play me in the UK version.
ma quanto ti somiglia Daniel Bruhl nel film the face of an angel
Rush has it all: Action, drama, male ego study, Daniel Bruhl at his best, a well used Chris. Justice for that film.
Watching 'Rush' - Daniel Bruhl is unbelievable as Niki Lauda. Like, incredible. Wow.
📷 mcavoys: Daniel Bruhl, he taught me the dirtiest German stuff. I just love it!
Also, Michael B. Jordan really has me hoping Marvel does a Thunderbolts movie led by him and Daniel Bruhl's Baron Zemo.
Cinematic deaths by Melanie Laurent and Daniel Bruhl. Music by Ennio Morricone 👏👏👏
Grooming by for actor Daniel Bruhl & | Photography by Roger Rich | Styling by David Nol…
Really enjoyed last night at French Film Festival at Brendan Gleeson, Emma Thomson & Daniel Bruhl all excellent
Just heard that the filming of Entebbe, with Rosamund Pike, Daniel Bruhl and Vincent Cassel, will begin this Friday, Remem…
Daniel Bruhl & especially Chris Hemsworth are really good in This Film set in The 1970's about F1 Drivers Niki Lauda and James Hunt
He would make a good Gerard Way too.
Kind of obsessed with Daniel Bruhl's accent. Not even sorry about my sudden obsession. This happens all the time & it's always a great time.
Can I die with both of you guys?💓 . Baron Zemo bucky daniel bruhl sebastian stan pic by bucky.barn3s ig
Daniel Bruhl is kinda cute. Idk why I think im in love with him too Baron Zemo Mission report
When I was a kid, we all knew who Niki Lauda was. He was a hero, a liv...
Daniel Bruhl can make Russia and USA fight again.. just like the Avengers...He is tat good as an actor !!!
I thought it was boring. Spider-Man was brilliant though and ill watch anything with Daniel Bruhl. He's way underrated.
Idea: alarm app featuring enigmatically pronouncing certain key words from Y'all know the ones...
what was the card game you and Daniel Bruhl were playing in "The Face of an Angel" Cara? 🃏
📷 chocogranita: Daniel Bruhl in The Face of an Angel (2014)
In a perfect world I look like Daniel Bruhl
Daniel Bruhl looks like a male version of Lana del Rey to me...
rosehaven has taught me to really not be afraid of the fire in my loins. cant just relie on kisses. Brave rules Poca dead
I am real. I have breathe. I have a heartbeat and I AM in love with you Tim.
Chris O'Dowd has joined the cast of God Particle. He will join Daniel Bruhl and David Oyelowo. J.J.Abrams produces
Greatest Superhero movie performance of 2016, so far, is Daniel Bruhl and Sebastian Stan
Also, my love for Daniel Bruhl and Emma Watson just busted through the roof. 😭
Will you marry me. I am headed to war! Need to know...I love you MieCheal Zachzary.
Though not as much as Daniel Bruhl:
Well, my first languages are German and Spanish because I was brought ...
"David Oyelowo, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, [...] Daniel Bruhl, and Elizabeth Debicki have all signed on to star in the movie." this cast 🙏💯👏
brilliant scene. Daniel Bruhl and Fassbender are my other stand outs.
I enjoy passing time in my house. I'll get up, head out on the terrace...
Finally caught up with everyone else and saw Nice to see Daniel Bruhl in more American films.
From Italy with love a Colonia's review . Check out to know more about the new Gallenberg's work ;)
||: he's a mix between Adam driver and Daniel Bruhl
I have one car that works; it's fast and safe: an Audi 5. And I have t...
About the movie: it's... okay I guess. All the actors are excellent, Helen Mirren, Ryan Reynolds, Daniel Bruhl, but it feels...
I would love to spend a year living in New York; I've wanted to do tha...
*that is not a footballer or Daniel Bruhl
Why is Burnt on bluray only available from 3rd party sellers? Is it because Daniel Bruhl's hair in HD is too awesome for bulk acquisition?
Finally saw What a story!! is fantastic as always! Daniel Bruhl and Michael Nyqvist are good! a good watch!
"EXCLUSIVE: Daniel Bruhl arriving at Cannes airport for the festival" : via
I'm always nervous doing auditions - to be honest, I hate it. I always...
if you're reading this i'm free Thursday night&would like to hang out. pls respond to this&hang out w/me Thursday when im free
Been eating healthy and not drinking as much cuz my friend's kid called me "fat Daniel Bruhl"
Don't get me wrong Daniel Bruhl was great in it as usual. .
When you faceswap with Daniel Bruhl and do a "Mission Report, December 16, 1991" snapchat 😂😂😂
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I do the same but with giving Daniel Bruhl more screen time
I thought Gilbert Blythe for looks, Daniel Bruhl for personality, lol.
It looks like Daniel Bruhl for some reason which confuses me
||: Daniel Bruhl with a beard isn't my cup of tea
Daniel Bruhl, steps onto the stage at the Captain America: Civil War European premiere
I hope didn't waste Daniel Bruhl like they did Spader, Rourke, Chris Eccleston, Corey Stoll, Lee Pace, etc.
Daniel Bruhl attends a photocall for 'Captain America: Civil War' at Corinthia Hotel London on April 25, 2016...
Robert Downey Jr., Emily VanCamp, Daniel Bruhl, and Paul Bettany in Berlin for the Premiere! https:…
This week in - starring Bradley Cooper, Sienna Miller & Daniel Bruhl. Coop is just too darn likable! 3 stars!
.& Daniel Bruhl try to escape from a cult in the new trailer for "Colonia"
they are rebooting it back to Ocean's One. Daniel Bruhl plays a young Danny. Jack O'Connell a young Rusty and Vickander, Tess
*Hill. Sorry. Also: The 3-peaters who missed were J. Gyllenhaal and Aniston last year and Tom Hanks, Emma Thompson, & Daniel Bruhl in '13.
they have so many characters that I completely agree with u! Don't forget about Daniel Bruhl and Martin Freeman!
Oh my word, I'd forgotten Daniel Bruhl and Martin Freeman make an appearance, too. My excitement knows no bounds.
Good performances also from 'smaller' characters in Uma Thurman, Alicia Vikander, Emma Thompson, Daniel Bruhl, and Sam Keeley featured in NBC s Science of Love
around this time last year, many of us thought Barkhad Abdi and Daniel Bruhl were not happening until they just happened.
Daniel Bruhl, Florian Gallenberger & at the Colonia party hosted by Ciroc and Stella yesterday h…
SQUEE! Joyeux Noel clips on - aka the movie that made me fall in love with Daniel Bruhl. ~sigh~
Yes, definitely has a "feel-good" vibe despite the subject matter. Also, Daniel Bruhl. :)
I've assumed that Daniel Bruhl is playing the baddie.
Daniel bruhl. John singer Sargent, Paul Helleu sketching with his wife (1889)
'What was that, Daniel Bruhl? You feel so strongly about a book out today that you've sprayed it across your chest?'
You and your food. I'll do it though because Daniel Bruhl, Matthew Rhys, Emma Thompson yep yep yep.
All about Daniel Bruhl ... : Height Weight Birthday Zodiac Filmography Biography - see at
Actor Daniel Bruhl will star opposite Jessica Chastain in "The Zookeeper's Wife"
I thought that Daniel Bruhl's performance made it. Gave it a sympathetic edge which Was missing from assanges portrayal
Cracking family film this evg. Woman in Gold. Helen Mirren. Ryan Reynolds. Daniel Bruhl. Set in Vienna & LA and Highly recommend it! 😃
Jessica Chastain now joined by Daniel Brühl in the long-awaited adaptation of THE ZOOKEEPER'S WIFE:
Daniel Bruhl, Jamie Dornan, Bradley Cooper and Omar Sy in the same movie 😍
aw man I really wish she was coming:(
.and will be at 'Colonia' world premiere at on September 13. No but probably reviews.
Jessica Chastain and Daniel Bruhl to star in The Zookeeper's Wife:
These deco style cufflinks were made for Daniel Bruhl to wear in the new Bradley Cooper film Adam…
Don't fast forward Daniel Bruhl, just mute when Ryan speaks
I wanna sneak into a cap 3 press conference and ask daniel bruhl if he eats ***
oh man you know we haven't seen daniel bruhl yet either and I KNOW he's here...
"Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, Robert Downey Jr.⁰, Anthony Mackie, Daniel Bruhl and Sebastian Stan all were on the list of VIP guests...
Chris Hemsworth & Daniel Bruhl (Rush, soon to be fellow Marvel actors too)
daniel bruhl is gonna be in civil war? my other real life husbando??? wAIT AS A VILLIAN WHAAT
The face of an angel starring kate beckinsale cara delevigne and Daniel bruhl realese next week in germany and video on demand june 19th
I wonder how will take in the film.
Daniel Bruhl is not the best at hiding his German accent, & that's the kind of thing I almost never pick up on so he must be especially bad.
The dispute between Daniel Bruhl & Chris Hemsworth over who got to be on the cover of Rush got ugly - Hologram ugly.
is an amazing movie, especially with Daniel Bruhl as the inspirational Niki Lauda, Chris Hemsworth is an added bonus
Daniel Bruhl is such an amazing actor 👍👏👏👏
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"I've got a beautiful script for you boy" - Daniel Bruhl impersonates Harvey Weinstein .
Civil War Villain Confirmed - beardedbruhl: shanology: This is the right decision. Daniel Bruhl confirmed...
It's great that Daniel Bruhl will be joining the Avengers in the next Cap America. Wonder if Chris recommended
Try watching "Eva" streaming online, with Daniel Bruhl - similar themes explored in a different way.
"Martin Freeman and Daniel Bruhl are also on the roster, although their character identities have yet to be officially confirmed."
Daniel Bruhl confirms he's playing Baron Zemo in 'Captain America: Civil War'
I like Viggo Mortensen, Philippe Senderos, Roy Hodgson, David Ferrer, Daniel Bruhl, Luis Figo and a host of others.
Woman in Gold press conference with Harvey, Helen Miren, Ryan Renolds and Daniel Bruhl @ Grand Hyatt…
Helen Mirren will be with her leading men, Ryan Reynolds & Daniel Bruhl, at Mon. premiere of
If you're not Aneurin Barnard, Tom Hiddleston, James McAvoy, Daniel Bruhl or Benedict Cumberbatch this script is not for u
This film has Julie Delpy, Chris Rock and Daniel Bruhl. I’m 2 minutes in and fully committed to loving it already.
Emma Watson and Golden Globe-winner Daniel Bruhl will star in Colonia, a South American political thriller from Oscar-winning director Florian Gallenberger...
Philip Seymour Hoffman awesome in A Most Wanted Man but what is Daniel Bruhl doing in such a tiny role, Intriguing film though, looks great
I mentioned to the producers my choices. Daniel Bruhl & Eddie it's on them.
More actors of "Adam Jones", possible new project for Jamie: Emma Thompson, Daniel Bruhl, Riccardo Scamarcio, Lily Jam…
Also Emma Thompson, Daniel Bruhl, Riccardo Scamarcio, Lily James and Alicia Vikander rumored to join the cast
Katie Holmes will join Helen Mirren, Daniel Bruhl, and Ryan Reynolds in The Woman in Gold, a drama about a Holocaust survivor who is […]
Katie Holmes next will be seen in The Giver. (Source: AP) Actress Katie Holms is set to join Helen Mirren and Ryan Reynolds in ‘Woman In Gold’. Also starring Daniel Bruhl and Antje Traue, the film is directed by Simon Curtis and scripted by Alexi… [ 81 more words. ]
EXCLUSIVE: Katie Holmes has been set to join Helen Mirren, Ryan Reynolds and Daniel Bruhl in The Woman In Gold, the Simon Curtis-directed drama from...
Check it Out! with Dr. Steve Brule except John C. Reilly is replaced by Daniel Bruhl.
My post on Emma Thompson, Daniel Bruhl & Mark Rylance will star in Vincent Perez's -
Cote d Azur, Cannes Festival. As the film world’s elite gathered in Cannes, official Festival sponsor Chivas Regal, the world’s first luxury whisky paid tribute to its longstanding charity partner FilmAid at the Charles Finch Annual Filmmakers Dinner; Held against the stunning backdrop of the Riviera and hosted by Charles Finch, the Annual Filmmakers Dinner was the most glamorous and exclusive place to dine at the start of the Festival’s first weekend and the world’s stars and cultural powerhouses were certainly in attendance, including Naomi Watts, Harvey Weinstein, Gael Garcia Bernal, Gemma Arterton, Bryan Ferry, Julian Schnabel, Lea Seydoux, and Gong Li, Daniel Bruhl, and Matt Smith; The evening culminated with guest of honour Edward Norton leading a toast and presenting a cheque of $100,000 to Simon Goff of FilmAid on behalf of Chivas Regal 25.
Emma Thompson, Daniel Bruhl, and Mary Rylance are joining the cast of Vincent Perez’s "Alone in Berlin."
DE-News : Emma Thompson, Daniel Bruhl and Mark Rylance are to headline Vincent Perez's big-screen adaptation of...
LONDON – Simon Curtis is set to join forces once again with BBC Films, the British public broadcaster's movie unit, to direct Woman In Gold, starring Helen Mirren, Ryan Reynolds and Daniel Bruhl. Shooting this month in the U.K., Mirren will play real-life heroine Maria Altmann, a Jewish WWII survivo…
Mark my words, when it comes to casting The Sinister Six, they'll cast Daniel Bruhl as Doctor Octopus.
People I would like to see in a Wes Anderson film- Daniel Bruhl, Joseph Gordon Levitt, Christophe Waltz, Michelle Williams, Emma Thompson
Ryan Reynolds (pictured above) and Daniel Bruhl have come on board to play attorneys in "The Woman in Gold" opposite Helen Mirren for The Weinstein Co. Simon Curtis ("My Week with Marilyn") will di...
EXCLUSIVE: The Weinstein Company has set Ryan Reynolds and is negotiating with Daniel Bruhl to join Helen Mirren in Woman In Gold, a fact-based story that
MUMBAI: According to Deadline, the Weinstein Company has set Ryan Reynolds (Two Guys and a Girl, The Proposal) and is negotiating with Golden Globe Award nominee Daniel Bruhl (Inglorious Basterds, Rush) to join Academy award winner Helen Mirren (The Queen, Hitchcock) in Woman In Gold. In the film,...
Daniel Bruhl, Benedict's co-star in The Fifth Estate, is the latest star to confirm attendance Awards: ht…
My post on Andrew Garfield and Daniel Bruhl joining Helen Mirren in Simon Curtis' -
Still think Rush was shortchanged and that Nikki Lauda - I mean Daniel Bruhl - should have been in the mix.
 Best Supporting Actor The predictions: Michael Fassbender / “12 Years a Slave” Jared Leto / “Dallas Buyer’s Club” Barkhad Abdi / “Captain Phillips” Daniel Bruhl / “Rush” Bradley Cooper / “American Hustle” The Nominees: Fassbender, Leto, Abdi, Cooper, and Jonah Hill for “The Wolf of Wall Street” The Assessment: Bruhl’s omission for “Rush” I cannot comment on as I was incredibly disinterested in seeing “Rush”. However, I will say Hill’s nomination surprised a lot of pundits. Having seen “Wolf”, Hill’s performance chews the scenery and has the second largest role in “Wolf”. His nomination also beat out James Gandolfini for a post-humus nomination for “Enough Said”, and a very sweet performance by Will Forte in “Nebraska”. He also beat out Steve Coogan for “Philomena”, which doesn’t surprise me because his is a Lead Performance being campaigned as supporting. Cooper’s performance was, I thought, on the bubble, and I really wanted to like him in ...
86th Annual Academy Awards Nominees 'American Hustle' and 'Gravity' Lead with 10 Nominations Each By Rebecca Dave Murray Academy members had a few surprises up their sleeves when it came to voting for the 2014 Oscars. Names curiously missing from the list of 86th Annual Academy Awards nominees include Tom Hanks (who could have been a dual nominee for Saving Mr. Banks and Captain Phillips), Robert Redford, Forest Whitaker, Emma Thompson, and Daniel Bruhl. Instead of Bruhl, Jonah Hill - who hadn't received any love from critics groups or guilds - snagged a Best Supporting Actor nomination. Spike Jonze, Paul Greengrass, and the Coen Brothers failed to make the cut in the Best Directing category, however Martin Scorsese did earn a nomination for his controversial, audience-dividing film. Saving Mr. Banks and Inside Llewyn Davis felt much less love from Academy voters than expected, earning one and two nominations, respectively. The Academy always releases a list of 'sidebars' as they call them when they anno ...
Director of the day: Quentin Tarantino, born on March 27th 1963. This is my all time favorite director and with him I must choose 5 favorite films: Reservoir Dogs (1992) starring Harvey Keitel, Tim Roth, Michael Madsen and Steve Buscemi. Pulp Fiction (1994) starring John Travolta, Samuel L. Jackson, Uma Thurman, Bruce Willis and Ving Rhames. Nominated for 7 academy awards and won 1 for original screenplay. Kill Bill vol 1. (2004) starring Uma Thurman, Lucy Liu, Daryl Hannah and David Carradine. Inglourious Basterds (2008) starring Brad Pitt, Christoph Waltz, Melanie Laurent, Diane Kruger, Eli Roth, Daniel Bruhl and Michael Fassbender. Nominated for 8 academy awards and won 1 for supporting actor (Waltz). Django Unchained (2012) starring Jamie Foxx, Christoph Waltz, Leonardo Dicaprio, Kerry Washington and Samuel L. Jackson. Nominated for 5 academy awards and won 2 for original screenplay and supporting actor (Waltz). Besides writing all the screenplays for his own films he also wrote screenplays for Tony S ...
Rush stunt double killed in accident: The man who was Daniel Bruhl's stunt double in the film Ru...
Serious question: why haven't Daniel Bruhl and Cillian Murphy made a film together? It wouldn't have to be a tender tale of sexual awakening
Had a fantastic Bafta weekend in London. Met loads of stars, some of my favs such Tom Hardy, Michael Fassbender, David Ghandi, Daniel Bruhl, Danny Huston, Jack Huston, Bruce Dern, Idris Elba, Noomi Repace and dozens of others including directors and producers. Thanks to Kerry Holloway, Leanne Holloway and Laura Peacock for a brilliant weekend. Also great to see our graphing pals. Too many to mention but you know who you are. Love you all. X
If you haven't yet seen it, you must make time for RUSH starring Chris Hemsworth (swoon) and Daniel Bruhl as Formula One drivers James Hunt and Niki Lauda in the '70s. Truly superb.
It's been difficult to watch any shows or movies lately because we don't have a good internet connection at the moment. Yesterday I watched Rush and it's really good. It's the true story of the rivalry between race car drivers Niki Lauda and James Hunt. Kind of sappy but great performances by Chris Hemsworth and Daniel Bruhl.
Christoph Waltz is dapper in a tuxedo while attending the 2014 British Academy Film Awards held at The Royal Opera House on Sunday (February 16) in London, England. The 57-year-old Austrian-German actor was joined on the red carpet by Daniel Bruhl, who brought his girlfriend Felicitas Rombold as his
Tough day only managed to get :Imogen Poots , Alfonso Quaron , Matthew Modine , Daniel Bruhl and Idris alba
yeah Daniel Bruhl and Dan Stevens (pre-whatever look he's trying to pull nowadays) are the draws, def not Cumberbatch.
Chris Hemsworth and Daniel Bruhl match moves as polar-opposite race car drivers in
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We really recommend watching Rush this week starring Chris Hemsworth, Daniel Bruhl and Olivia Wilde
Cara Delevingne, Kate Beckinsale and 'Rush' star Daniel Bruhl appear in the first trailer for 'Face of Angel', a film drama inspired by the events surrounding Meredith Kercher's death in Italy, and the trial of Amanda Knox and her boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito.
Watched Rush today. Ron Howard at one of his best with a powerful punch of acting from Daniel Bruhl and Chris Hemsworth.
Huge thank you to Rob Austin - BTCC race winner & Team owner, for presenting the BWRDC awards. Great anecdotes about his first BTCC victory at Rockingham and his movie debut as one of the F1 drivers in RUSH! That's not all. Rob bagged a speaking role at the crucial driver's meeting at the Nurburgring in front of Ron Howard, Daniel Bruhl and Chris Hemsworth. No pressure then!!!
RUSH (2013) Directed by: Ron Howard Starring: Daniel Bruhl and Chris Hemsworth Stunning piece of film-making probably the best film out there about racing.Impeccable script along with pitch perfect direction makes this film a treat to watch while keeping you on the edge. Daniel Bruhl wins in this movie and owns this completely overshadowing his counterpart; its sad to see him getting snubbed out of Oscar contention but his talent proved to be unflinching and worthy of praise with a future filled with accolades and great performances. My Rating: 8.5/10
Just finished watching Rush. I regret not seeing it last year. It would've made it in my favorites of 2013. Daniel Bruhl got snubbed big time for Best Supporting Actor.
In this week’s new film Rush, actors Chris Hemsworth and Daniel Bruhl take on the task of portraying Formula One icons James Hunt and Niki Lauda. While both of them are fine actors, more than up to the task of getting under the skins of their characters, they also manage to muster a decent physical…
RUSH: Ron Howard's finest film in years. By being able to center in the world of Formula 1 racing, specifically the electric rivalry between James Hunt and Niki Lauda, Howard's film (written by Peter Morgan) is an incredibly entertaining sports drama. Featuring absolutely gorgeous cinematography courtesy of Anthony Dod Mantle, who saturates the screen with rich colors- this film has a great 1970s color palette, energetic racing sequences and kinetic score by Hans Zimmer. The Hunt/Lauda rivalry is brought to the screen thanks to it's screen duo including a great central performance by Chris Hemsworth but it's Daniel Bruhl's performance as Niki Lauda who steals the entire show.
oh you should! You'll love Daniel Bruhl, forget Thor! ;)
"Rush"..An adrenalline-Fuelled Triump!!!...Chris Hemsworth as James Hunt and Daniel Bruhl as Nikki Lauda a knock out performance just like the "F1" itself!..Ron Howard once again!..
Just saw the movie and Daniel Bruhl was amazing as Nicki Lauda. Highly recommended..
Such an underrated film. Daniel Bruhl was absolutely robbed of a nomination.
Trying again to watch The Fifth Estate. Daniel Bruhl, you are better than this.
Today had some of my favorite things: Mishkan, Snow, Vegan Shakes, Daniel Bruhl, and a (free) 2shot raspberry soy chai, wine, and hearing from friends and family. Thank you everyone for the wonderful birthday!
I would replace the pope with Daniel Bruhl...wait...what??
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I would have replaced Bradley Cooper with Daniel Bruhl. I liked his performance
Surprised i liked Rush more than i thought i would. Daniel Bruhl should of gotten something. Helmsworth does look like the real James Hunt
I forgot what a great movie Rush is. Daniel Bruhl should have won a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor
Utterly Brilliant Film. Daniel Bruhl needs an Oscar for that IMO. Casting was superb - and I'm not even a big film fan!.
Feeling annoyed Daniel Bruhl didn't get nominated for a Oscar.
Rush is a very interesting story, and very good movie. Daniel bruhl performance 👍
Rush was good, with Daniel Bruhl a stand out (as usual) as Niki Lauda!
Never been interested in Formula One. But 'Rush' makes that irrelevant - fabulous piece of cinema with a stunning turn by Daniel Bruhl.
Daniel Bruhl is also INCREDIBLE as Niki Lauda😊 Such a shame that the OSCARS didn't recognize how great the movie is...Their lose
Daniel bruhl was awesome... I hope that scene with James Hunt and the reporter was true 😊
Rush was excellent. But then it was written by Peter Morgan, directed by Ron Howard, starred Chris Hemsworth and Daniel Bruhl!
Enjoyed very much. Very well done. Especially Daniel Bruhl. So like Lauda it was creepy!
Glass of wine, chocolate & the fantastic film Rush with Chris Hemsworth & Daniel Bruhl. It's a good Saturday night :)
Watching Rush and it has Daniel Bruhl from Goodbye Lenin in it!
I guess all drivers have the same face behind their helmets!! lol!
I prefer Daniel Bruhl, not for body necessarily but teutonic accents make me weak.
RUSH is good. Daniel Bruhl's performance is underrated. Also, best digital photography of 2013. Much better than Nebraska & Prisoners.
I think that was unfair on Daniel Bruhl! He's a
Ron Howard & Peter Morgan made a great sports movie with 'Rush'. Great acting by Daniel Bruhl
Just watched "Rush"- superb cinematography. Daniel Bruhl's portrayal of Lauda is almost supernatural. More like Niki Lauda than Niki Lauda.
Aww you shouldn't have! thanks :) But seriously it's fantastic! They're both great, but Daniel Bruhl especially is crazy good!
Daniel Bruhl is always amazing - Inglorious Basterds is one of my faves
Saw the movie "Rush" tonight...loved it! Chris Hemsworth is phenomenal, as is Daniel Bruhl and Ron Howard's directing.
Rush was pretty cool. Daniel Bruhl is a badass actor.
"Eating is my main hobby now and most of what i do on the weekend revolves around that." -Daniel Bruhl
Okay, since they were snubbed at the Oscars, can we all just stop pretending Daniel Bruhl, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Will Forte were Supporting roles and call them Lead? Y'know, like we should have done from day 1?
And of course daniel bruhl. Plus some of the cinematography is beautiful.
Staying up to half 2 to watch again was definitely worth it. Outstanding film, cast & director. Daniel Bruhl deserves more recognition
Watching Rush and enjoying it much more than I anticipated. Chris Hemsworth and Daniel Bruhl are terrific.
Watching Rush lets get some Chris Hemsworth and Daniel Bruhl up in here
Just watched Rush again, it amazes me that Daniel Bruhl didn't get an Oscar nomination.
Truly enjoyed Great film and superb acting by Daniel Bruhl and Chris Hemsworth. :) Recommend!! :)
It puzzles me why Daniel Bruhl hasn't been recognised by the academy for his performance as Niki Lauda in
I love and he was great in but Daniel Bruhl was deserving of an Oscar nod.
Daniel Bruhl plays an excellent part in rush!
Love this film its brilliant from start to finish one of my favorites. Daniel bruhl as Niki Lauda in this film is the best acting I have ever sceen he pulls him off perfectly. "Niki Lauda here for pre season testing" (with his accent) is amazing to hear definitely one of my favorite lines.
Director Ron Howard's Rush, a look at the 1970s competition between Forumla One racers James Hunt (Chris Hemsworth) and Niki Lauda (Daniel Bruhl) is a fascinating look at the thrill and destruction of competition, along with great race scenes. Read our Blu-ray review.
Not bad for a movie about a sport I don't even like. Daniel Bruhl and Chris Hemsworth played ...
Enjoy. well crafted, an epic story and a masterful performance from Daniel Bruhl
Rush is amazing, just watched it last week. Two incredible performances from Chris Hemsworth and Daniel Bruhl!
Starring Chris Hemsworth, Daniel Bruhl, the high-octane F1 drama “RUSH” on DVD has crossed the finish line at BAM!
Daniel Bruhl talks tough roles and his memories of WikiLeaks.
I am shocked that Daniel Bruhl didn't get nominated for playing Nikki Lauda in Rush.
"Rush" is amazing! great Daniel Bruhl. Maybe now a movie about Senna?
RUSH is wicked ☺ Chris Hemsworth and Daniel Bruhl, mind blowing performance in the movie ♥
New man crush joining likes of Daniel Bruhl.
2 solid video releases star Daniel (wait, who?) Bruhl Y
Daniel Bruhl,Miki Ando,Chris Hemsworth and Ron Howard attend a Premiere for the film "Rush" in Tokyo, on January 30.
Daniel Bruhl is pretty great in Rush.
I haven't seen Daniel Bruhl in many things, but he was terrific in 'Rush.'
Rented Rush bc of Thor and Daniel Bruhl, but the darn movie is actually pretty good.
I wish daniel bruhl could narrate my life
Finally saw Rush, GREAT movie, I can't recommend it enough, not because I'm a Formula 1 fan, but because it's true, I know, I lived through it! Having a personal relationship with some of the characters portrayed, I can assure you, the movie was very well done.Chris Hemsworth got James Hunt spot on and Daniel Bruhl made it seem as if you were actually watching Niki Lauda. My only real problem with movie, though not a big deal, Niki Lauda has buck teeth, and even tough they made Bruhl's upper lip jut out a bit, I think it could have been a little different. Overall, worth your time to learn a bit of sports history.
Rush with Chris Hemsworth and Daniel Bruhl, what a film!
If you would like to know more about whistle-blowing Ala Wikileaks & Bradly Manning...(before Snowden ) watch the movie just released on video the 5th Estate.w/ Benedict Cumberback currently in ''Sherlock'' & Daniel Bruhl from Inglorious *** an eyeopening if not riveting Docudrama.Have you seen it? Whats your take on it?
RUSH.highly recommended.Daniel Bruhl is superb...
Can't decide on Adrien Brody or Daniel Bruhl for Axel. Benedict Cumberbatch for Jack Brotherhood. Michael Pitt for Magnus Pym.
Some people have already said this, but if you feel like watching a man's Rush! Both Chris Hemsworth and Daniel Bruhl were good, but if I had to choose, I'd say, Bruhl's performance was even better. Watch Rush...get a Rush! (This message was brought to you and by myself. I didn't get paid for it...just giving my honest opinion)
"Rush" brilliant film, Daniel Bruhl as Nikki Lauda is phenomenal,got his mannerisms nailed, excellent filming of old 70's F1 cars (including the 6 wheel Tyrell) Only marginally let down by the end scene in which Hunt and Lauda are in the aircraft strays into Frodo and Sam love in territory...apart from that it's one of the better sports based films out there imo...worth a watch, even if racing cars aren't your thing...
Chris Hemsworth waves the peace sign as he suits up to attend a press conference for his film Rush held at the Academy Hills on Tuesday (January 28) in Tokyo, Japan. The 30-year-old actor was joined by his co-star Daniel Bruhl, director Ron Howard, and special guest, baseball player Kazuhiro Kiyohar
New to DVD/Bluray January 28... "Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2" *** Presents "Bad Grandpa" "Last Vegas" (Comedy) Michael Douglas, Robert De Niro, Morgan Freeman, Kevin Kline: Three sixty-something friends take a break from their day-to-day lives to throw a bachelor party in Las Vegas for their last remaining single pal. (Much better than I expected. Lots of fun.) "A Perfect Man" (Drama) Jeanne Triplehorn, Leiv Schrieber: A womanizing husband inadvertently falls back in love with his wife over the phone when she pretends to be another woman. "Rush" (Action, Biography, Drama) Daniel Bruhl, Chris Hemsworth, Olivia Wilde, Directed by Ron Howard: The merciless 1970s rivalry between Formula One rivals James Hunt and Niki Lauda. (Loved this movie! Great Ron Howard film.) I also have Season 4 of "Downton Abbey" so if you want to cheat and watch it all early then stop by. Next week: About Time; Dallas Buyers Club; Romeo & Juliet; Escape Plan; Free Birds; 20 Feet From Stardom (Great Documentary)
After receiving nominations from the Golden Globes and the Screen Actors Guild, Daniel Bruhl got snubbed by the Oscars. But he's a winner nonetheless for his supporting work in Ron Howard's Formula 1 drama 'Rush,' which is out Tuesday on DVD, Blu-ray and video on demand.
I was not a big Formula One fan until i watched Ron Howard's RUSH ! Hemsworth does well but Daniel Bruhl blew me away !! Great Flick !
DVD Picks of the Week: Rush - Ron Howard's best movie since 'Apollo 13' is an exhilarating sports drama featuring great performances by Chris Hemsworth and Daniel Bruhl. *** Presents: Bad Grandpa - Not as funny as I wanted it to be, but still a good time and some parts had me rolling.
I forgot how awesome this movie is. It should have gotten much more notice this award season, specifically for Ron Howard's ground breaking direction and Daniel Bruhl's amazing performance.
Really enjoyed watching Rush tonight with Belinda - Chris Hemsworth played. James Hunt really well and. Daniel Bruhl was fantastic as Nikki Lauda - well worth watching but not surprised as directed by Ron Howard!
This movie with Chris Hemsworth & Daniel Bruhl "Rush" about James Hunt & Niki Lauda's legendary Formula One battles is not good, but freaking great (in Redbox today). It is amazing that Chris Hemsworth was a small time actor with his biggest part playing Captain Kirk's dad in the re-boot of Star Trek about 5 years ago, now he is a HUGE star. Perfect movie for a day where ice is everywhere in Mobile. =)
Just watched RUSH brilliant brilliant brilliant FILM. Ron Howard director, Daniel bruhl how play's Niki Lauda is great in this roll a most see film.
Rush to get RUSH the movie. It's amazing. Daniel Bruhl is phenomenal as Niki Lauder...
Exhilarating International Teaser Trailer for Rush Movie the 70s-set Formula 1 rivalry movie starring Chris Hemsworth, Daniel Bruhl and Olivia Wilde. Directe...
One of the difficulties of making a "true story" movie is how to retain dramatic tension when you already know the outcome. No-one has ever (well, I might have once) felt the need to post SPOILER ALERT before revealing that in Titanic, the boat sinks. Now you can choose a story that few people know, and less care about - yup, I got at least one boot left for The Bling Ring. Or you can shift your focus. This is particularly useful in sports movies. the final outcome is known, sure, so you make it almost incidental. Michael Mann's Ali for instance. Which brings us to Rush, alternatively a fresh attempt at capturing the balls-to-the-wall thrill of high speed autosport, or Ron Howard's latest transparent attempt at an Awards Season Prestige Picture. Little Richie Cunningham has become synonymous with this sort of film. The Oscars rock up, and there's Howard, thinning ginger hair under a baseball cap, shepherding yet another Inspirational True Story to the screen and watching the nominations roll in. Every now ...
Daniel Bruhl is today's Metro's 60 second interviewee
Rush 2013- Daniel Bruhl performance was the best performance in 2013 easily an oscar worth outing.I give rush a 8 out of 10
Bit've Chris Hensworth and Daniel Bruhl going head to head :)
RUSH (2013) Oh boy! This is one helluva ride- easily my second most favorite racing-movie of all-time! First of all, I have to say it, this movie taught me something I would have never accepted: Chris The Thor Hemsworth is more than a Brad Pitt look-alike with a brutish accent- he can actually act- as a matter of fact, he can do a pretty decent job of it, as in acting, I mean not as in 'acting' as in 'temporary' but 'acting' as in 'acting' (for many years I thought YWCA stood from 'your wife can act'). Daniel Bruhl (Sherlock's sidekick in 'Fifth Estate') is brilliant as Niki Lauda, just brilliant, and stole the show from Thor's James Hunt. The rivalry between the Formula One drivers is unbelievable- did all these really happen? - you bet! It's all based on true events and I am not talking about 'Captain Phillips' true events - I am talking word for word true events. Whenever Hunt and Lauda share the screen it's just magic, and the dialogues are perfect. The final race is really nail biting, hey! if Fast a ...
Daniel Bruhl truly looks like real Niki Lauda.
"Rush" out to buy it. It's a great film. Adrenalin fueled, intense and emotional. Great!! Chris Emsworths best film and Daniel Bruhl as Nikki Lauda brilliant. Niki Laudi what a hero.
W/C 27th January 2014 Four new releases this week. RUSH follows the story of James Hunt and Niki Lauda as they push themselves to the breaking point of physical and psychological endurance, where there is no shortcut to victory and no margin for error. Stars Chris Hemsworth and Daniel Bruhl. In THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS - CITY OF BONES a young girl thinks she is an ordinary teenager living in Brooklyn, but everything changes one night when in a downtown club she encounters the mysterious Jace. Stars Lily Collins and Jamie Campbell Bower. SUNSHINE ON LEITH is set in Edinburgh and is a jubilant, heartfelt musical about the power of love, home and family, and features the emphoric music of The Proclaimers. An all star British cast including Peter Mullan and Jane Horrocks. In THE CALL an emergency operator (Halle Berry) takes a life-altering call from from a teenage girl (Abigail Breslin) who has been kidnapped and thrown into the trunk of a madman's car.
Today's Pondering (from Jeff, the movie critic): "Recap of my Oscar snubs: For the past week, I've listed what I felt were snubs (or in some cases, honorable mentions) for this year's Oscars. I recap them all today in the list below. In cases where you see an :( , it means it was actually my original pick to win the Oscar before the nominations were announced. Finally, I have now seen all 9 Best Picture films so just like the last two years, I will be back toward Oscar time to rank them in my personal preference order as well as announce my selections for the big categories. See you then and get to the theater. Nothing compares to actually seeing the films in the cinema atmosphere!!! Recap of Oscar Misses and Snubs: Best Picture: "Fruitvale Station" "The Place Beyond the Pines" Best Actor: Tom Hanks (Captain Phillips) :( Michael B. Jordan (Fruitvale Station) Best Actress: Emma Thompson (Saving Mr. Banks) :( Hallie Berry (The Call) Best Supporting Actor: Daniel Bruhl (Rush) Ryan Gosling (The Place B ...
RUSH : a real masterpiece. a great film is like having a great meal, a good starter, a good soup/salad, a good main course and a good dessert, well balanced .. rush is that good meal, it`s a fun ride ! the film is nicely paced .. the casting is superb .. Chris Hemsworth, an aussie, does an excellent job on public schoolboy James Hunt, while daniel bruhl both sounds and looks frighteningly like the austrian .. we are introduced to both characters through their own narrative and scenes that leave the watcher in no doubt as to their background and philosophy on life .. the attention to detail is superb .. the cars, the helmets, the sponsors are all authentic .. the film "feels" like it`s happening in the 70`s .. the camera work is spectacular, none less so than with some very creative angles of the beautifully filmed on track action .. the brief in-helmet camera shots are inspired, giving you a glimpse of the drivers world .. overall a perfect and well blended film. at the very end of that film the narrator ...
Happiness is an enemy. It weakens you. Suddenly, you have something to lose. -Nikki Lauda (Daniel Bruhl) RUSH (dir: Ron Howard)
I also must say Im starting to love Daniel Bruhl more and more in everything i see him in. Quality acting.
"Happiness is the enemy. It weakens you, puts doubts in your mind. Suddenly, you have something to lose." ~~Daniel Bruhl 'Rush'
My fancying Daniel Bruhl is just getting worse watching this film... He might play a Nazi, but. Dayum!
A movie jacked up with high dose of adrenaline and masculinity. The film is based on the true story set in the 1970's of the rivalry between two Formula 1 racers James Hunt (Chris Hemsworth) and Nikki Lauda (Daniel Bruhl). Hunt a playboy and Lauda a pragmatic genius with precision. Both the drivers have come a long way of feud since their first appearance in the Formula 3 racing. The whole story revolves around the cat and mouse chase between the antagonists. Two time Academy Award winning director Ron Howard deserves brownie points for the choice of story and its execution. In the technical department the racing sequences are shot with perfection creating the same aura. In the music section veteran Hans Zimmer has once again proved that he is still one of the best. Writing by two-time Academy Award winner Peter Morgan is top notch. Both the lead actors have given their quintessential efforts. Hemsworth looks convincing as a Casanova, short-tempered and impulsive individual. Bruhl is incomparable in playi ...
Rush 2013 (Dave)... Ron Howard movie. Chris Hemsworth plays James Hunt and Daniel Bruhl pays Niki Lauda. The movie is about an insane Formula One race car rivalry between Hunt/Lauda. It's based on a true story. The movie was just awesome. They both hated each other, at the same time respected each other and envied each other for different reasons. They were polar opposites also. The movie really put you into that world, cool camera angles and perspective, sound effects. Just a cool movie with a lot of messages. Worth a watch for sure.
Via: Hemsworth News Chris Hemsworth will be in Japan on Jan 28 to promote Rush (opens on feb 7) along director Ron Howard and Daniel Bruhl
Even though it was a year full of very divisive films and some very terrible films like 'Movie 43' and 'Die Hard in Name Only', 2013 still had some really great films, especially in the final few months of the year. With that in mind, here are my Top 12 Favorite Films of the Year. Emphasis on 'Favorites' in order to explain why my Number 1 is what it is. Check out my blog, Rhode Island Movie Corner (, for more details on why each of these films made the list:   Honorable Mentions: Monsters University (Pixar returns to form), Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug (better than the first, but there were too many films this year for it to make the Top 12), Pacific Rim (Yes it's style over substance but it's incredibly entertaining), Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues (one of the few comedy sequels that doesn't suck), Saving Mr. Banks (sadly snubbed of proper Oscar noms), and Oblivion (was close to giving this a 5/5 for the year, but in the end, still very entertaining).   12. Gravity: Not t ...
done watching RUSH starring Chris Hemsworth and daniel bruhl,its really worth watching and the lesson of it is Discipline! i learned a lot from this movie,thanks papa jesus!
Today at CINEMAR... The Oscars are just around the corner! Movies marked with an asterisk * are nominated for Best Picture. Tues. Jan. 21st 4pm- The Fifth Estate - Dramatic thriller based on real events- WikiLeaks reveals government secrets and corporate crimes. Starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Daniel Bruhl. 6pm- *American Hustle - Impeccable cast- Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper, Amy Adams, Christain Bale. Step into the wild world of Jersey powerbrokers and mafia. 8pm- Rush - Ron Howard directs this '70s era Formula 1 sports drama. Action packed, great performances by Chris Hemsworth and Daniel Bruhl. ~Enjoy a fully air-conditioned theater ~Cold beer and snacks available ~ Only 25 pesos/person ~ Kids are always free! ~Located inside Cafe Choc on Rinconada~ Click here for entire weekly schedule:
Chris Hemsworth and Daniel Bruhl did a great job on "RUSH". Formula 1 fans will enjoy this a lot. Byron Mubaiwa Taffy China F K Sithole Fumbo
Daniel Bruhl would be so nice to come home to... and love... Bruhl would be paradise! .Well she said it. No she didn't. But she'd agree.
Wait, wait, wait... hold up. Jonah Hill got an Oscar nom but Daniel Bruhl didn't? What blasphemy is this!?
Well, as I said, I went out the door yesterday to see Philomena - and I haven’t given up on that yet - but what I DID see was Rush - and I’ll bet I don’t strike you as the Formula One type! Ah, but art comes in many guises and I like to think I have an open mind - or are those holes in my head? The movie has credentials to burn, you know. The acting was great - guess it was Thor himself being blond and beautiful and bad, plus German actor Daniel Bruhl, who was so terrific in Goodbye Lenin. The script was written by the man who did The Queen and Frost/Nixon and the director was Ron Howard. (Loved Opie way back when, not to mention his version of “Gary, Indiana” in The Music Man, and I am nothing if not loyal.) It’s one of those ‘sports films’ like Bull Durham or Moneyball or one of my favourite TV series, Friday Night Lights, which isn’t really about sports. I did spend a couple of hours with my stomach in knots though, which is probably not good for an old lady. Downton Abbey it ain’t.
recent watches RUSH fabulous . amazing acting by both guys and the characters they played, both the personalities Niki Lauda & James Hunt had their faults not the ideal sportsman but the burning desire they both had to win it makes you jump in your seats with excitement . Ron Howard proved he is still among the A class . & man even after his "god" looks Mr Hemsworth could not steal the show against the accent and mannerisms of Mr Daniel Bruhl . man deserves an Oscar for supporting role 8.25/10 DON JON i believe every guy can relate to it and a beautiful story of a guy looking for comfort & warmth in a relation with two very different women ps: story is wrapped around some gratuitous nudity so viewer discretion advised 8/10 *** BAD GRANDPA johny knoxville proved he can act, this borat style comedy gets repetitive & mundane at parts but is classy & hilarious at parts; the acting by the boy has helped knoxville to create an entire movie out of a gag, loved the 'Little Miss Sunshine' inspired ending 7/10
Daniel Bruhl is by far the most overlooked actor at this years Oscars!
American Hustle: I don't know how this film got so many Oscar nominations. Now I'm not saying it's bad, but it's not a multiple Oscar nominee for sure. If there was an Oscar for ensemble cast, then it might have a shot, because that's the best thing about this movie - the cast. Christian Bale, Amy Adams, Bradley Cooper and Jeremy Renner are all good. And no, Bradley Cooper should not have gotten nominated over Daniel Bruhl for Best Supporting Actor. He was good, but nowhere near the class of Bruhl as Niki Lauda in Rush. The one who steals the show, though, is Jennifer Lawrence (slowly becoming the top Hollywood actress, if she isn't already). She plays Rosalyn, the madcap wife of Irving Rosenfeld (played by Bale). There is also a very neat cameo by a Hollywood legend (but I'll leave that for you to find out). However, the script and plot is the weakest among the Oscar nominees this year. Even the climax and eventual reveal felt very Bollywood (and not necessarily in a good way). But thanks to the cast, th ...
what ? RUSH not nominated for Oscars...Jonah Hill replaced Daniel Bruhl... guess even they do award fixing
wow, Serena is gone from the Aussie Open after being upset by Ivanovic. Fair number of upsets this round. Maggie Smith won a SAG Award for her performance in Downton Abbey and Game of Thrones won for stunts but most of the stuff I like got snubbed, Daniel Bruhl got robbed again for Best Supporting Actor, he nailed Lauda. I usually hate Barrett-Jackson and all car auctions but Schumacher's 1998 Ferrari F300 was up for bid and went for $1.7 million. It was just a test car and never saw action in a grand prix, but still anything Schumi has sat in fetches a good price. McLaren may not be ready for the first test at Jerez as reports surface that parts of the MP4-29 failed the crash tests, so they are scrambling to fix things. Latest reports also have Ross Brawn going over there in 2015 replacing team principal Martin Whitmarsh. Rally Monte Carlo goes to Sebastien Ogier, no surprise. Kubica likely would not have been able to stay with him this time but would have been on the podium had he not crashed in ...
Hello Guys, The Awards Season is in full swing with the Golden Globes announcing thier winners and the Oscar nominations being announced which means it is time for my 20 best and 5 worst movies of the year. Per usual, I will only be including films that I have actually seen so movies like Before Midnight wont be on the list. With each film, I'll give my thoughts on what made them great and what could have been done better. So lets find out who made my list as we start with the best of the year. Best Movies: 20. The Place Beyond the Pines- I did a full review of this film last spring so I wont go into too much more detail but this character study of how the lives of two very different people collide with each other and the impact it has on themselves and thier family is a brilliant example of combining character-driven drama with independent filmmaking. Ryan Gosling and Bradley Cooper, despite having no screen time together, are both moving in thier performances to the point where the audience can identif ...
RUSH (2013) A complete thrilling entertainment. true story based e amar dekha one ov the best ! supporting (negetive apart) role e Daniel Bruhl simply "outstanding".Chris Hemsworth again prv tht he is an complete actor,not just a "thor" man !! Oscar nomination e front category te na thaka ta asolei "upset"...:(
Figgered it out. Daniel Bruhl was in 'Ladies in Lavender' with Maggie Smith and Judy Dench.
My Top 15 Movies Of 2013 15. Blue Jasmine 14. Much Ado About Nothing 13. Before Midnight 12. The Conjuring 11. Nebraska 10. This is the end 9. Captain Phillips. 8. Dallas Buyers Club 7. Prisoners 6. American Hustle. 5. Rush. Ron Howard is a pretty good director. This is a great rivalry tale that is fleshed out by the cockiness of Chris Hemsworth and the deep focus of Daniel Bruhl. Also, it has some awe inspiring race scenes. Its stylish, its clever, the characters are pretty deep for a sports movie. My Pick for Most underrated film of the year. 4. 12 Years A Slave This film had to grow on me. Its certainly a film that makes you think, even months after seeing it. While the impact isn't immediate, the bullet sneaks its way in and stays. Also: Michael Fassbender can do no wrong, acting-wise. 3. Wolf Of Wall Street This 3 hour film is bearable if you focus on the performance of Leo rather than the plot. While the Leo probably won't win any of the big big awards (other than his Golden Globe) this will ultimat ...
Just watched Ron Howard's Rush; great film. Daniel Bruhl not being nominated for Best Supporting Actor this year is nothing short of a snub
Jared Leto holds up his prize in the press room at the 2014 Critics’ Choice Movie Awards held at Barker Hanger on Thursday (January 16) in Santa Monica, Calif. The 42-year-old actor won the Best Supporting Actor award for his work in Dallas Buyers Club, beating out Barkhad Abdi, Daniel Bruhl, Bradle
Little Giant Ladders
Pouring one out on the curb for INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS, Tom Hanks, Paul Greengrass, Daniel Bruhl, Emma Thompson, Sam Rockwell...
Yeah so Jonah Hill getting nominated for Best Supporting Actor over Sam Rockwell and Daniel Bruhl is why Hollywood ***
So happy Leo DiCaprio got his Best Actor nomination, but Daniel Bruhl...completely robbed for his performance in Rush!!! Phef Oscar politics!!
Oscar snub this year are Joaquin Pheonix, Tom Hanks, Robert Redford, Daniel Bruhl and Emma Thompson
Jared Leto was honored with the award for Best Supporting Actor at the 2014 Golden Globes. Jared Leto took home the trophy for his role as Rayon in "Dallas Buyers Club," beating out Daniel Bruhl in "Rush," Bradley Cooper in "American Hustle," Michael Fassbender in "12 Years A Slave" and Barkhad Abdi...
Daniel Bruhl got robbed for Best Supporting Actor. Jared Leto was amazing in Dallas Buyers Club, but he became himself into Nikki Lauda in Rush including mimicking his mannerisms and impersonating his voice.
The playlist has published a list of 100 most anticipated films in 2014 including Sils Maria, Dark places, most wanted and Laggies Muppets, Chloë Moretz four film. Sils Maria Synopsis: An actress becomes obsessed with a young rival who reprises the role that made her famous . Cast : Juliette Binoche, Chloë Grace Moretz , Kristen Stewart, Bruno Ganz, Daniel Bruhl, Brady Corbet and Johnny Flynn Therefore it is expected : Although your opinion may vary depending on the film , we find Assayas as one of the most consistent filmmakers, and something new it is a reason to get excited. Beyond that, everything was done from beginning to end to showcase Juliette Binoche, one of our best actresses, and the idea of confronting see a new generation of talent with Moretz and Stewart, enough to sell us a ticket. Is the author of the film " All About Eve " it looks like it, or something very different? With Assayas , it is never easy to predict, but we will be there anyway. Likely first at Cannes in May and Venice in A ...
Delighted nominated for Outstanding British Film & Daniel Bruhl for Best Supporting Actor and more... http:…
Watching Rush because apparently "Oscar nominated Daniel Bruhl" is to be a thing, but omg Christian McKay is in this!
If Leo, Christian bale and Daniel Bruhl will be at the BAFTAS I'll be one happy girl!!
Daniel Bruhl was absolutely fantastic in "Rush" & prompted me to become a Niki Lauda devotee - an amazing man, in my opinion!
Many fine actors among BAFTA nominees. But how was Daniel Bruhl a supporting actor in RUSH? To me, it was The Niki Lauda Story.
Daniel Bruhl!! Fassy, it will be there or never. Christian. Léo. Dame Judy. Sandra. Julia. Omg.
Daniel Bruhl was absolutely amazing as Niki Lauda.
2013 CATCH UP: RUSH is Ron Howards vibrant and engrossing film about the rivalry between F1 legends Nikki Lauda and James Hunt.Ill be honest,F1 to me is cars driving past a camera and ive never seen the appeal but Howard(in easily his most kinetic and visually inpired film)makes it come alive and pulls you in.Hes helped by a lyrical(if sometimes a wee bit stagey) script by Peter Morgan(The Damned Utd) and two excellent turns by Daniel Bruhl as a snippy,driven Lauda and Chris Hemsworth as likeable,charismatic Hunt.Like all the best sports films its the players who interest rather than the game(4/5)
All purpose parts banner
RUSH (HOWARD, '13): Living in such a cynical world, we need filmmakers like Ron Howard who make such pure entertainment pieces to counter all that. And RUSH is Howard's best film in almost ten years, featuring a brilliant performance from Daniel Bruhl, great cinematography, and a script by Peter Morgan that outdoes the racing sequences. (A-)
"He remains the only person I envied." ~~~ RUSH ...Niki Lauda about James Hunt..what an amazing performance by Chris Hemsworth and Daniel Bruhl !!!
Just for Christmas, here are Miles' choices for 5 Great Film Performances from this past year which don't have Oscar buzz: 5) Chris Hemsworth as James Hunt (Rush): Interestingly, there's quite a bit of buzz for Hemsworth's co-star in Rush, Daniel Bruhl. Bruhl is inexplicably being considered a supporting role, despite that he and Hemsworth are clearly the stars of the movie. And Hemsworth matches Bruhl note for note. Bruhl's role as Niki Lauda is perhaps more Oscar-baity, but Hemsworth provides a great foil and deserves a nomination as much as Bruhl. 4) Joanna Scanlan as Catherine Dickens (The Invisible Woman): I wasn't much of a fan of this film that came and went, about Charles' Dickens' affair with a young wannabe actress. The unknown Scanlan had a small role as Dickens' wife, and the film is worth seeing just for her. She somehow manages to steal the whole film by fading into the background-- her meek, sad, and plain portrayal of Catherine draws our attention away from the showboating Ralph Fiennes as ...
How can Daniel Bruhl be nominated for Best Supporting Actor (for "Rush") when he's at least the co-lead & arguably the LEAD in the movie!? It's Al Pacino in "Scent of a Woman" or Anthony Hopkins in "Silence of the Lambs" all over again. I call shenanigans!!!
English model-actress, Cara Delevingne, 21 and Rush star, Daniel Bruhl, 35, shot scenes from the upcoming movie, The Face of an Angel in Florence, Italy this afternoon. The movie is based on the real-life story of Amanda Knox, an American … Continue… [ 42 more words. ]
Stage 1 complete. Supporting actor nominations for Daniel Bruhl at SAG and Golden Globe Awards. Hope the Academy is equally wise.
Has been a pretty full and manic weekend with 2 trips to 3 Q&A's, and a few visits to Middle Earth. Met the following: Daniel Bruhl (Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman (for the 2nd time in a week), Mark Gatiss, Steven Moffat, oh and bumped into Jonathan Ross, Jane Goldman. Oh and also Una Stubbs, Louise Brealy, and Andrew Scott .. (Ejiofor, Steve McQueen (say am knackered is an understatement.
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