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Dane Fife

Dane Fife (in Clarkston, Michigan) is an American college basketball coach. He is a currently an assistant coach at Michigan State under head coach Tom Izzo.

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I legitimately think it's because I simply stated his report was wrong here
I don't think I've ever directly interacted with him? Only guess is I mentioned his incorrect report h…
Just ran into Dane Fife at the gas station in Indy. Tom Izzo was in the passengers seat. Hilarious
After a week to think about it, my IU coaching preference is:. 1) Billy Donovan. 2) Sean Miller. 3) Steve Alford. 4) Dane Fife. 5) Archie Miller
Indy Star going big. And looking at a different Miller:. Billy Donovan, Dane Fife, Steve Alford and Sean Miller
Dane Fife isn't what they'll want, they want a name a closer
Jeff Newton, George Leach, DANE FIFE, Tom Coverdale, and AJ Moye were some of my favorite Hoosiers. And all on the same team.
Michigan State assistant Dane Fife is in the mix at Green Bay, sources told ESPN. Former SIU coach Chris Lowery also on ra…
brings back some great memories of that 2002 Indiana team. Tom Coverdale, Dane Fife, AJ Moye, with Mike Davis at the helm.
-- I may be in the minority but I want to keep Crean. However, if he goes, Dane Fife sure did sound like a future HC
Bradley needs to get Dane Fife. He will make an immediate impact in recruiting. The Braves need a fresh roster.
Dear let's get Dane Fife, Anthony Grant or someone else with juice and start winning basketball games again.
I am no advocate for Crean but he's far more qualified for this job than Dane Fife. He needs to win at a mid major
IU, hire Dane Fife. Hire Dane Fife now! Make him responsible for the defense. Hire him now, or when MSU loses. Hire Dane.
Frmr players not just Magic totally involved in the MSU program..Dane Fife said there's pressure but it's like "a wind at our players back"
.. Great convo with Dane Fife and enjoyed the "F" Bomb... Love the show
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Love this...per Dane Fife..when he took the MSU assistant job MSU great Steve Smith congratulated him then said "don't screw it up"
are u promoting Dane Fife as IUs next coach?
saying its a disgrace he's talking to Dane Fife of Michigan State and not Dane Fife of Indiana.
is Dane Fife a legitimate possibility for the IU job down the road? That's if things don't get better.he's the next IU guy
Any chance IU makes a run at Dane Fife to fill McClain's job? Seems he could bring toughness, identity, defense to team.
Dane Fife is currently an assistant at Michigan State since 2011 after going 82–97 at head coach at IPFW (Indiana U-Purdue U at Fort Wayne)
FWIW….I’m being told Dane Fife is the leading candidate for open Bradley head coaching position. New AD Chris Reynolds is an IU grad.
Right now, including fantasy picks, I would say Stevens, Archie Miller, Jay Wright, Donovan and Dane Fife.
Hearing absolutely tantalizing names for the BU job. Mike Davis, Dane Fife, Bryce Drew, & Anthony Grant in addition to Jerrance and LaVall.
we need to get Dane Fife so he can come in and teach DEFENSE!
Bradley has reached out to former IPFW head coach and current Michigan State assistant Dane Fife, per source.
Brian Wardle, Dane Fife, Greg Paulus among the coaches Bradley has interest in, per multiple sources.
Crean's not getting bought out this year, but Gregg Marshall, Shaka Smart, Ben Jacobson, Greg McDermott, Dane Fife, Bryce Drew
Clearly MSU keeps winning because of Dane Fife.
Having Dane Fife as an assistant helps your defense.
Every time I watch MSU play I can't help but think we need somebody like Dane Fife on IU sidelines as an asst coach. Need fmr player!!
Dane Fife will happen before Bobby Hurley. And Fife won't happen. Glass needs a big splash to save his job, imo.
we will trade you Dane Fife plus cash and will take crean back as an assistant.
Can't wait for this Dane Fife foul on the 3pter
I want Dane Fife. He's on Izzos bench for a reason. IPFW was real good under him. Last of Knights kids.
MSU assistants Dwayne Stephens (back of head on left) and Dane Fife watch Georgia practice.
Dane Fife might have already been an MSU mole by then. I don't know. I love how the Hoosiers music plays during IU comeback
He slid in my top 5 easy. Dane Fife too.
Calbert Cheaney, Kyle Hornsby, Dane Fife, Jason Collier and I could keep going.
If there is any truth behind this Crean to Bama thing who does IU go after now?? Bryce Drew? Dane Fife? I would try for an Indiana guy..
Early prediction for Chris Reynolds new hire: Dane Fife.
do you think former player like Dane Fife possibility for IU job if Crean leaves?
I was in the same room as Greg Paulus, Dane Fife, Matt Painter & Chris Holtman tonight. Speaks volumes to the talent on the floor @ SHS.
Hugh Freeze has to be related to Dane Fife.
This means war is some film, could imagine half the boys in Fife dane that
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Not that this game is a total rock fight, but I keep expecting to see Lonny Baxter, Juan Dixon, Jared Jeffries and Dane Fife out there.
Calbert Cheaney, Isiah Thomas, Quinn Buckner, Dane Fife, Greg Graham on the floor with Bob Knight coaching last night
From ESPN ($ Kevon Looney's mom told Dane Fife she wants to hear from the head coach. Now Izzo calls, LOL.
Anything to the rumor that Dane Fife will become the next coach? As a it excites me. Thoughts?
If I'm New Mexico, I'm on the phone with Dane Fife. Yesterday.
Curry, Duke spoil return home for Michigan State freshman Gary Harris. Also, note on Dane Fife.
I've got $10 for Dane Fife if he comes to for the MBB job... Anyone gonna match that?
so, now that MSU is out, does Ball State announce Dane Fife as new head coach?
I'm going to put the probability that Dane Fife takes the Ball State job if offered to him at 73.4856%.
Asked MSU assistant Dane Fife on Ball State job. Didn't want to comment specifically on it, but feels more prepared after time under Izzo.
So since Michigan State is out, I believe that Scholl will be on the line with Dane Fife in the morning.
Michigan State is out. Dane Fife, Muncie on the line, Dane Fife.
Did Dane Fife just coach his last game for MSU?
Lol'ing at Dane Fife as an assistant coach for Michigan State.
Dane Fife tells ref "I got him" after Izzo sounds off on him. Funny bc Fife has been working him just as hard.
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Izzo went hard at official who called foul on Harris and got a warning. Dane Fife stepped in I calm him down.
Tom Izzo, Dane Fife, and Dwayne Stephens have all talked to an official during this timeout.
As far as I can tell the biggest problem that Michigan State has is having former Hoosier Dane Fife on the coaching staff. Holding 'em back.
Just about the time I start feeling bad for MSU, I catch a glimpse of Dane Fife.
Tom Izzo was so mad about that lack of a 5-second call. Dane Fife literally had to hold him back.
Realize not exactly what fans had in mind this weekend, but Dane Fife is in the building.
Didn't know Dane Fife was an asst for msu. Classic doosh
Was that Dougan Fife hitting that 3 for Michigan? Or was it Dane Fife? Didn't they both go there?
With all due respect to Sparty, the sooner they lose, the sooner BSU can name Dane Fife and the next coach
although an asst, it has to be Dane Fife!
Norwood should hire Dane Fife at this point, both to troll everyone and to hire the next Izzo.
Dane Fife talks like a coach interested in Ball State job...
Jordy I will miss you so much, up there with AJ Moye and Dane Fife as my all time favorite Hoosiers
If Tom Izzo wants Dane Fife on his staff then their is a reason he is gonna be a great coach he deserves to coach his former team
Dane Fife gonna be an elite coach one day I'm tellin u hope it's for IU I jus font have alot of faith in crean
jordan jeffries, eric gordon, or Dane Fife's not walking through that door
I'm guessing it was something similar to what Mike Davis said to Dane Fife after he fouled a 3pt shooter in a Sweet 16 game.
More and more rumors that Dane Fife will take job. Would be great addition to the program.
Couldn't stand that *** him and Dane Fife are among my all time most hated athletes
talked to Asst Coach Dane Fife about the MBB coaching job. Fife's answer tonight at 10 on My-Indy TV.
Talked to staffer Dane Fife, former guard today about job. Hear his interesting response on myindy-TV at 10
Well that's really going to make and I thrilled. Don't you have a Dane Fife jersey you can throw on?
Ball State beat guy sees Dane Fife - formerly of Fort Wayne, now a Michigan State assistant - as the leader to get the job.
Gee, why did Dane Fife leave IPFW for Sparty? Aside from the doubling of his salary.
my point is for those evaluating Dane Fife's IPFW stint solely on w/ls. They don't understand all of the factors involved.
Michigan St asst coach Dane Fife on Ball St opening: "It's a great job." But would not confirm or deny that he is...
Am I the only person that isn't convinced Dane Fife is the right guy for Ball State?
Dane Fife as the next Ball State Men's Basketball coach??
assistant and former Dane Fife, next head coach?
My first choice for BSU coach is Dane Fife, but Bellarmine is an annual power in D2 bball.
Source tells me Bellarmine coach Scott Davenport impressed in interview with Ball State. Dane Fife still favorite IMHO, but Davenport 1b.
random thought, but does Dwayne Stephens know Dane Fife will be the next head coach at MSU?
The Zeller self-punch allegations remind me of Dane Fife's story of biting himself he told on your show.
The latest edition of Podcast on the Brink features via
Listen to discuss IU-MSU and give his thoughts on the Hoosiers on Podcast on the Brink:
Mark Hollis to SIRIUS: Nix comments "came from the heart." Dane Fife to "problem is he's way too honest," "poor" word choice.
Dane Fife is on the podcast. Never forget the ill fated day we decided to do shots when he made a trey. And he canned like 7
Latest edition of Podcast of the Brink is now up. We were joined by former Hoosiers and MSU asst. Dane Fife.
Mike Davis's reaction to Dane Fife fouling Jay Williams in 2002. That was priceless lol
Who else thinks it's wrong to see Dane Fife on the sidelines at MSU. He was cheering on the inside for his fellow Hoosiers last night
Gosh Sheehey's foul was DUMB at the end of the game. So dumb!! He was trying for the Dane Fife dumbest foul of all time award. Ironic that Dane was on MSU bench to see it :)
from the rafters the foul looked questionable. Flashes of Dane Fife against Duke 2002. Like Jay Williams...clank
Wonder what Coach Dane Fife thought about Sheehy's foul on the 3 pointer at the end of the game?
Sheehey fouls Harris on the 3 and I can't believe it... Then Jack says, "dude, relax! Remember when Fife fouled J Williams from Duke when he was shooting a 3 at the end of the 02 tourney game?? Williams missed and so will Harris." Sure enough, the kid was right... Again. Then he chuckles and says, " it's ironic that Dane is coaching in this game, huh??" I really don't know where the kid gets it??? Happy 3 week old bday lil man!!
I wonder if Dane Fife is proud of his alma mater tonight
I wonder how Dane Fife actually felt about that outcome.
Broke these out for first time since Duke game in '02 tourney. Dane Fife on wrong side of this time.
I think Dane Fife was telling his team on that last play that IU is know to foul at the end when down 3.
Former IU player and current MSU assistant coach Dane Fife is once again pleased with the outcome of this game. Deep down he has to be hyped
IU survives a bad call and wins! How in the world do you blow the whistle on that. Sheehy is as straight up and down as one can be. Suz stated it best, "RIDICULOUS"! Way to perservere Hoosiers!
Hoo-Hoo-Hoosiers! Refs tried blowing that game -- and the timekeeper, I mean...c'mon
What do you suppose was going through Dane Fife's mind on the MSU bench when Sheehey got whistled for that foul? "Been there, bro."
You think Dane Fife is just the least bit happy about the outcome of that one?
Sheehey was channeling Dane Fife on the late foul on Gary Harris shooting a 3. Think Sheehey was relieved when Harris missed the first FT?
We all know Dane Fife is secretly happy right now
Despite Sheehey's Dane Fife impression...pulled it out. Oladipo just achieved boss status.
Dane Fife: "I'm not upset at all. I was going to win either way."
I wish would've reacted to that foul like Mike Davis did on the Dane Fife foul against Duke in '02 by hiding under the bench
Dane Fife should of stayed a hoosier! Big win boys (:
Game baby! HOOSIERS ! How about that foul on Sheehey, ridiculous man! That'll be all, Huge win IU!
Wow. Will Sheehey just pulled a Dane Fife and got away with it.
Secretly Dane Fife is happy in that MSU locker room
In fairness, Dane Fife though that was a great play by Sheehey...
Will Sheehey will have an email in the morning from Dane Fife: "I know just how you feel, buddy."
this is the best I've seen Indiana play since my buddy Dane Fife graduated
Spoke too soon "Don't pull off a Dane fife and foul the 3pt shooter"
Was that Dane fife with that foul lol
If Dane Fife is a true Hoosier he will run this play over to the Hoosier huddle
Apparently Dane Fife is an asst. on the MSU bench.
I bet this game is weird for Michigan State assistant Dane Fife.
These boys from IU can shoot the blood out the ball. Its like a whole team of Dane Fife's.
I see you Dane Fife... Sit down. Hulls is better.
I think I just saw Dane Fife fist pump that Cody Zeller 3-point play...
Vitale is the worst. Add Magic and it makes me want to watch on mute.
It doesn't seem right to see Dane Fife on the Michigan State bench as an assistant coach!
U let the game get this physical then a touch foul on olidipo reaching in? Get outta here!!!
Big Ten basketball is incredible this year
What the *** is Dane Fife doing on Michigan States bench!!!
I forgot how much I disliked Dane Fife until right now
Why do I feel like Dane Fife is a traitor ?
Hearing random chants of Dane Fife now
Dane Fife is a trader but still a Hoosier for life!
Wonder if Dane Fife secretly pumps his fist everytime IU scores or if he's wearing his IU boxers...
God Dane Fife is still as hot as he was at IU...ahhh my lil Daner!!
Dane Fife on the MSU bench...I pray BSU can get him next year.
It's always a shock to me to see Dane Fife as a Michigan State Asst Coach when they play IU.
We will be taking our last test on Tuesday.  It is the IQ test that is taken during “odd” years of school (3,5,7). 
Deep down, Dane Fife's gotta wish he was on the other bench tonight. Watched him play the game, the dudes a Hoosier
What the heck is going on? Dane Fife setting on the Michigan State bench? And Kent Benson setting behind the Purdue bench? Good to see Calbert Cheaney is loyal on the Indiana Bench. That's where you need to be,
Dane Fife is being groomed but will some other school steal him away first?
Dane Fife is wearing his IU uniform under his suit on the MSU bench
Izzo calls timeout to yell at Dane Fife
Michigan State's coach is having dialogue with the officials all the time..
Dane Fife just came over and was kind enough to leave a note for . "Hutch, you (stink). -- Dane -- I think that covers it
Just trying to get an IU guy.. Calbert Cheaney? Damon Bailey? Dane Fife?
Didn't realize Dane Fife is on the MSU coaching staff. He secretly wants IU to win tonight.
Dane Fife just doesn't look right on the MSU bench. He's a Hoosier!
Hard to see Dane on Michigan bench as coach !!
Dane fife wears his IU shorts under his suit pants every game!
IU grad Dane Fife, a proud member of the Clarkston,Mi. Fife family, is the MSU assistant coach plotting the Hoosier demise!
Magic doing the IU vs Mich state game? Really?
Anyone know of any landlords, who has a house/flat becoming available in the next 5-6 weeks?
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And that's why Izzo's the man. Enough said.
Ok Michigan I will give you credit. You finally played a real team. GO GREEN!!!
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Chris Webber voted best bball player in Oakland County over the past 25 years by readers. Dane Fife, James Young 2-3 —
Chris Webber voted best BBall player in Oakland County over past 25 years. Dane Fife, 2-3 -
Dane Fife said this week he expects Bob Knight to one day associate again with IU. Said he's been busy fishing, building a house.
I like that last song in the half time show of the Cowboys game. It reminds me of Jeff Long, Dane Fife, Justin Dionne, Tim D. Loveless, Ryan Clement, and the rest of 97 CHS football team. Every time we won the whole team gather together in a circle and sang songs by people like John Cougar Melankamp(sp?). I never knew the words so I'd just stand there and fake it but looking back I think it was dope! It's a good thing they didn't let me pick the songs. It would have been all Biggie and Pac and we would have all gotten suspended after week 2. lol!
I had the honor of attending the annual Jack Pine Conference coach's season kickoff meeting at the Doherty of Clare. COngrats to the Pioneers on being awarded the All-Sports trophy. Jack Kramer will do a good job taking over for Bill Wilder, the 30 year serving league secretary. Two years ago Stuart Schweigert was the guest speaker, last year was Dane Fife and thus year's guest speaker was Russell Davis, former Michigan Wolverine MVP and Pittsburgh Steeler..He talked about confidence, leadership and setting challenging yet attainable goals..He talked about playing in an Orange Bowl and 3 Rose Bowls..stories about Bo Schembechler and Chuck Knoll...riveting speech...he spoke of working in a Juvenile Detention home and working in the Jackson MI public schools...his talks of being a role model was gripping, motivating.
I spent part of my weekend at Michigan State, my oldest son is attending Tom Izzo's basketball camp. What an awesome campus, it was great to catch up with Russell Byrd and Dane Fife.
Terry Hutchens on Dane Fife-"Fife was one of the pioneers of turning flopping into an art form. If he didn’t get the call (any call for that matter) Fife wore the “You’ve got to be kidding me?’ look on his face. For his career, he was whistled for 336 fouls and fouled out 11 times. I asked him late in his senior year, how many fouls he really believed he had committed in his four seasons at Indiana. He thought about it for a second and said, “Maybe four. Five max.” One foul, which he still claims he didn’t commit, nearly defined his career at Indiana. In the Sweet Sixteen in 2002 against No. 1 Duke at Rupp Arena in Lexington, IU led by four in the closing seconds and Fife was called for a foul on a 3-point attempt by Jason Williams. The shot went in. Luckily for Fife, the free throw did not and IU held on for a 74-73 win. Fife later said that if Williams had made that free throw and Duke had gone on to win that game, that he wouldn’t have returned to Bloomington with the team. He would hav ...
yes; he, Calbert Cheaney, and Dane Fife are doing Dwane Casey proud
In the past 24 hours, I have heard it is a done deal that Michigan State Assistant Coach Dane Fife is the next Miami coach. Also...
cold cause door left open after visit to tian tian? “Pandas at Edinburgh Zoo put together to mate
I love you Dane Fife, and I love the Fray. But that was terrible.
Whether or not Keno Davis was a good hire, I did not expect CMU to get a name like that. Still wish Dane Fife would've gotten a look...
My year has come full circle , I'm back at PF Changs watching the Final Four with Dane Fife
Coaches need to attend NABC lecture on "how to lose up 4 with 2 seconds left" Featured speaker Dane Fife
Other four are unknown, but I strongly believe include Matthew Graves and Jeff Boals. Other 2 l would guess are Dan Muller and Dane Fife.
“Rumors have Steve Schmidt, Todd Lickliter, Dane Fife, Jim Boylen as basketball coach replacements.” wow all great names
Rumors reportedly have Steve Schmidt, Todd Lickliter, Dane Fife and Jim Boylen as men's basketball head coach replacements.
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