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Dancing Bear

Dancing Bear is a Croatian record label.

Captain Kangaroo Bunny Rabbit Storage Hunters Simon Smith

Read an interesting New Yorker article on Pavlov today, finishing up James Crumley's Dancing Bear. He's one of my favorite mystery writers along with Ross Macdonald.
Um...I'm not sure if Dutch Mantel knows what a "Dancing Bear" actually is but...
If you are in or around Fortitude Valley tomorrow night ... Head up to Black Bear for some dancing tunes ...
Hey I think I found your dancing bear?
I guess I'm the only one who thinks "bear hugging" for slow dancing looks tacky.
same here in southern Iowa, Dakota the dancing bear...
Dancing bear Chris Christie says he supports Hobby Lobby. Also says he hasn't decided on WH run. ⬅️Call BS on that!.
Karen when Mishy says something mean, you know you're just meant to send her dancing panda or Carlton belly dancing bear
Sounds like the place to be! What’s the ONE thing everybody should know about the Dancing Bear Cafe? ^DD
who has been to the Dancing Bear Cafe?
Dear please bring my sisfur a nip bear & new dancing shoes. She's a pawsome dancer & nds 2 go on
Dancing Bear: Espionage & Conspiracy / spy seeks asylum at Israeli consulate in Boston via
Dancing Bear Farm is hosting Midsummer Music & Mangia on August 9. Join them for a great afternoon of music,...
*** mane you gotta take that Dancing Bear head off when it's time to fight man “i beat your *** tho!!”
Girl I want you to know,that I can't get you out of my head.
It'd be great to have deeds for approaching adorable bear cubs in the woods and synchronised dancing at concerts. I'd be all over those.
"Please list 5 key features of your book that will be of interest to the media." It...story...pages...dancing bear? *brain…
Happy birthday to the man they call the dancing bear
My brother Derrick L Johnson is suppose to b da dancing bear out here but he decided to b Respusal from Norbit LLAB
I added a video to a playlist The Bear Tavern Dancing
My boyfriend is dancing to bad intentions right now 😂
fatherhood has changed Simon he finds amazing dancing boring what! he properly finds reading were going on a bear hunt a talent
Our new Rainbow Dancing Bear design that fans helped choose is now available at
Hitting a random lady in the face with my shoe last night while dancing to footloose...
It's hot bear is overheating from dancing and rapping
Whoa! Just remembered I took a picture of the Dancing sculpture in 2 weeks ago!
Running around Brandy's house dancing with a giant teddy bear is just one of my many favorite pass times.
There is a picture from Friday night that someone took of a green dancing bear giving a high 5 to a wizard. The timing was perfect. It was taken by someone cruising around on a FestiCab. I want to turn this pic into my first tat. Can someone please help me find this pic.?
Trailer for the latest Dancing Bear Trilogy film entitled Alphabet Club. Alphabet Club A film by Jamie Fletcher Alphabet Club is an experimental inter-disciplinary…
-kisses back as I press against your hand, lightly dancing my fingers up and down your spine-
The Maasai dancers were on really early. Will they be dancing again anywhere?
The BBC takes a look into the removal of the last dancing bears off the streets of India, thanks to International Animal Rescue, Wildlife SOS, Free the Bears...
Lol "Some people came out of their mothers dancing hey. Ya'll see the moves in that Nuka video? Esus"
Busy day ahead! First stop, a fashion party at our 2nd business, the Dancing Bear Cottage w help from Lexi Panfil. Then clean up and head over to the Hyatt (I still call it the Adam's Mark) for the International Post-Polio Conference where the DisAbility Project and CTCDC is performing 'One World' for the last time this season. Can't wait to see my friends Joan Lipkin AnanSteve Jennings Margaret Jorgensen Bryan Jones Angie Bilyeu Malia Wirtel Vanessa Roman and Becky Galambos One week left in STL, Art Museum show next weekend, then I'm heading to KC to teach for a week, then on to Pittsburgh for the CORPS conference. Happy Saturday!
All set for next week's "Big Moves for Little Feet" at Dancing Bear Toys and Gifts, Friday mornings...Join us for...
Ariana Grande is such a babe, and her voice is just aaahh. But she really needs to do smth with her dancing, man.
amazing day fellas. Enjoyed every minute, even saw doing the dancing bear
is watching Bear in the Big Blue House and dancing to the music.
he's a midget and he pervs on the dancers in the bear cave. Leo the lion (RSL) is the break dancing azn.
First go go dancing gig with at fur ball in Chicago for bear pride week!
My header makes me look like I am a sassy dancing polar bear
Tracee, of Organic Options, and I, have two fun offers. First, a Dancing Bear $20 GC giveaway based on this post: your name will be entered once for a like of this post, once for a comment, and once for a share. I'm SOOO excited about this next one!! Tracee's been working on a nutrition rich Fine Face Oil to go along with her other amazing face & body products! She's been using it for a week herself, and is very, VERY pleased. I've got some to use as well, and so far I LOVE it. Tracee would like more feedback, so we'll draw 5 more names from comments of people who tell us that they'd like to test it, and those five people will win a small vile of her Fine Face Oil to use. Look for an article in the next issue of Edible Door County magazine featuring Organic Options, along with other locally made treasures. To my eye, Tracee's skin is the best example of the LOVELY results of using her products. I'm super excited about her new face oil . can ya tell? Bonnie
San Francisco 49ers solar powered dancing bear sits on top of desk or dashboard: $5.50 (0 Bids) End Date: Monday...
I like that there's a lot of guys here who are dancing
i hate him ! but why he looks so cute while dancing the Grizzly Bear dance !? stop being cute you scoundrel ಥ⌣ಥ
In the beginning ... 320 million years ago, a huge river washed down grit and sand from granite mountains in northern Scotland and Norway. A delta formed, covering half of Yorkshire. Increasing layers of grit and sand, along with rock crystals of feldspar and quartz, built up to form the tough sandstone known as Millstone Grit, the exposed sections of which can be seen today at Brimham Rocks. cross-bedding cross-bedding A feature of the rocks is their cross-bedding. As the water from the river flowed, it created bedforms such as ripples or dunes on the floor of the channel. Sediment was deposited on the downcurrent side of these bedforms at an angle - not horizontally. The layering is inclined and dips in the direction the water was moving. Shaping Most of the rocks owe their bizarre shapes to erosion during and after the Devensian glaciation. For example, Idol Rock was most likely formed just after the last glaciation when the land lacked any plant cover. Here, sand-blasting at ground level wore away the ...
Everyone and their sons here dancing along with
Funny Bear Dancing If you like please share
apparently not. Lots of dancing bear looping GIFs though
Our new Rainbow Dancing Bear design, chosen by our fans, is now available at forget to use the discount code LittleHippie15 for 15% off + free shipping until 6/13!
Ya wife had a dancing bear party for her bachelorette and UOENO
Bear and I were having such a good time dancing and making everybody in the venue jealous lol
petition. I signed the petition. Very cruel. If you ever see a petition for bear dancing let me know.
"Brans dancing to wobble, while saying turn down for what in the process of pumping gas. 😒" lmao
Somebody told me I was as good looking as you! Pinched my cheek and everything! I'm still dancing! Bear hug to you!
Just visited Dancing Bear DB in their new Glenview Road location. Fantastic silver and turquoise jewelry. Stop in!
Exciting news!!! Rock Camp Productions is headed out to Mountain Jam Festival NEXT WEEKEND with Puff T. Magic-Dragon, Siddhartha (Sid) Glo, and our Dancing Bear Mascots!!! It's gonna be one helluva show, with the Allman Brothers Band, RatDog, Gov't Mule, Pretty Lights and many more gracing the lineup!! Hunter Mountain is the place to be next weekend! Bottom line...we are SO excited to be bringing our 10th Anniversary Tour to Mountain Jam X!!!
A few months ago we asked you to vote on which Rainbow Dancing Bear design we should use and we are pleased to share that you chose option A! Those designs are now ready for orders at portion of each sale will go to a charity, which we will announce next week!
Roz decides to wake me up by screaming she got Pearl Jam tickets and dancing in my room. Don't wake the sleeping bear dude.
Just told 9yo we're going to museum - he looked v glum - told him it was & he started dancing round the l…
I had a lovely time meeting Bonnie, the owner of Dancing Bear Toys - Door County, yesterday where she picked out a colorful and fun batch of earrings for her shop! SO happy to have my wares in Door County! Hugs to you, Bonnie and Dancing Bear!
And Captain Kangaroo, Mr. Green Jeans, and of course, the Dancing Bear! Ah.Memories! :-)
Your private rooftop at Dancing Bear Aspen is a space to enjoy your secluded, front row seat to all that nature has to offer.
Thank you :-). I brought out the dancing bear today too lol. Felt like everyone else has put their trees up & I was last.
I'd love to claim the bruise on my leg is from dancing or fighting a bear or something, but I literally just walked into a table.
I liked a video from Dancing with Primals - Ifrit (hard)
Pictures of the day: 3 September 2012 | via Dancing Polar Bear
The rave after had a dancing polar bear...
I also have a “Whaler Wand" from back in the Nicky, Nachie, and Neufie days. The dancing bear line
I gave up on my dream of being a bear. It's just too itchy to not shave. I can't do it, even with nobody to bang and not dancing.
I seen in a dancing bear flick no lie lmao
Photo: I feel like dancing. This teddy bear has mad moves.
me too, mang. Best dancing bear in the league
Being an enormous bear, dancing was inherently difficult for Zachary but he hardly minded hip-hop.
Bcus who doesn't love a polar bear looking like he's dancing? . Crazy people. That's who.
My favorite part about shows/festivals is seeing people letting their worries go, dancing and having a great time. Everyone…
Just enjoying the rooftop at Dancing Bear Aspen. @ Dancing Bear Aspen
The fact that my mom had walked away from me because I was dancing and singing in the middle of save a lot is embarrassing 😂
What's happening at Dancing Bear this week!
Best Santa at the best Frederick store! @ Dancing Bear Toys and Gifts
Mayock is the best. How about when he called Dontari Poe "a dancing bear"?
Bear dancing with the kids to 50 cent 😂🐻
I take it having nachos at the Dancing Bear is a big deal. Have fun in LP. :-)
“Bear dancing with kids still haven't got over this
Hope it was fun today. Many thanks for taking the time to spend the day with us. Next time Dancing Bear Ranch!
Bruins Hockey Rules compilation: via Real life loled at the dancing bear
“If you ever feel down just remember this is Taylor Swift dancing and not you
A teenager got arrested this morning for trying to make sexual contact with the Christmas dancing bear in Oldham spindles sh…
Don’t drop out of college unless you’re going to join a circus and marry a dancing bear, because you’re good at making sensible decisions.
British Sea Power at Welly in April might have to pop along. Got to love an 8ft dancing bear
does a mean dancing bear. All bookings go through me.
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Sold! Spend the night with a pole dancing polar bear at
Last nights dream was of me slow dancing with a polar bear. Not sure what this is all about.
It's the 5th day of Dancing With Bear Publishing's 25 Days of Christmas contest. Who will be today's winner? . In...
Dancing With Bear Publishing is proud to announce that The Adventures of Boochi Maloochi Vol. 1 by Sal Corrente...
Bear in mind she had been dancing..!! I was thinking to myself - hope she doesn't wear it when she leaves..and ka nnete, she did!
So many things to love about this photo. From the dancing Coach Roy to the grinning Panda Bear Meeks
In this sweet rhyming story, Daisy the dancing bear, prepares for her first visit to the dentist.
I don't even know what they did in bear dancing
. LOVED the Captain Kangaroo show! Grandfather Clock. Bunny Rabbit. Dancing Bear. Sarcasm before I knew what sarcasm was 😉
A little bit of misfit dancing a little bit of jojo dancing
With just nine residences, Dancing Bear Aspen offers an exclusive, refined home away from home.
This might sound like a stupid question but here goes-Will the icon on my iphone5 change to 4G when I get the service?
Bit of a by Dancing bear can't be removed once assembled. No good for packing away 😡
If you want to learn more about becoming an Owner at Dancing Bear Aspen, go to our website.
When you're dancing with the bear, you don't stop dancing until the bear stops. Espresso is the bear. I'll see you all tomorrow!.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
call me tootsie cause I'm on a roll I do my best dancing on a pole
Nothing like wrapping gifts and dancing around room at midnight because you can't sleep. (Need a teddy bear to cuddle)
dancing bear with a santa hat. Be happy.
Finally starting My psychedelic dancing bear painting I was supposed to do when I lived in Clemson.
Chris Matthews is such a fool that Mark Levin makes him look like a dancing bear
I'm gonna put my mini dancing bear on top of my Christmas tree.. guaranteed for a grateful holiday.
I really wish I didn't quit dancing. I miss it soo much.
Dancing Bear Aspen exemplifies the fine art of living well.
LOL you do not want me to find it since you're dancing and singing to a teddy bear!
Listening to music while cleaning my room often results in me singing and dancing and looking like an ***
Somebody's soon to be wife is probably gonna be out in the streets at a Dancing Bear party this weekend.
So this host... He just combined something that looked like a drunken bear dancing along with the chicken dance... What???
The Wiggle Bear is dancing away while is killing it on the So fun!
The Gummi Bear was invented in 1922 by Hans Riegel in Germany. It was originally called the Dancing Bear.
Running into at the teddy bear toss and getting free stuff while dancing to wrecking ball
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Mr Anthony, I will see your dancing bear and raise you a medieval jester sprite
Owners are encouraged to bring friends and family any time to experience life at Dancing Bear Aspen.
I'll see your coconuts and raise you a dancing bear playing the trombone.
Possible Jake Donahue sighting??? Hmmm...close “All exclusive picture of the dancing bear
The Dancing Bear gets a SACK on Mannion to make it 2nd and 18 for the Beavers
Each residence at Dancing Bear Aspen includes two master suites with either a fireplace or a private deck entrance and rich arrangements.
Oso Bailando the dancing bear in Cranbrook, BC today!
Dodgers I see you 'Dancing Bear' & I raise you my own Red Sox 'Rally Giraffe'
Miley Cyrus And Her Tiny Dancer Make Up: It looks like all is well in Miley Cyrus’ wacky world of dancing bear...
nice. Been curious about that stuff. you at Dancing Bear?
jugglers and acrobats and a dancing bear named chuck! All guys really want from you is...forget it no such luck!
All exclusive picture of the dancing bear
Dear my Baylor tailgate friends,. The Dancing Bear Pub is selling bottles of SA Pumpkinator… I’m going to be a little late.
just saying man. I know you Branding Consulting for Dancing Bear. Set one up around that time, for the people. For America.
The Hoodset music group presents Dj dancing bear!! now available for all bookings!…
Come by the Escondido High School Pumpkin Festival from 9-3pm and support Dancing Bear! And make a cool bracelet too!
Families love coming to Dancing Bear during the Winter X-Games.
So like this belly dancing bear costume was pretty fun tonight guys
G+: Messages In Food Ads and Logo's: Toblerone - but did you see the dancing bear? This pro-bear agenda is the…
Dancing Bear embodies Aspen’s singular blend of rugged alpine charm and sophistication.
Oh why did they kick out the dancing bear 🐻
Sad dancing bear for your avi just made me laugh harder!!
Me and one of my dawgs auditioned to be a dancing bear 👀
I think the need to break out the dancing bear
Nancy Drew, Nancy Who, Nancy Reagan in a fancy pant suit, Dancing Bear in cahoots, with that man who shot ya, who shot ya, who shot ya.
S/O to the Dancing Bear man!! Dude got hurt and is still playing! Whatta boss!
Half true. The Angels have a rally monkey and Dodgers have a big dancing bear!
*Michael Cera tries to look up a dancing bear on google*. "Content blocked". *Turns off safe search*. "Ahh! dad! help!"
The Dodger dancing bear shouldn't have been thrown out, he was just entertaining Dustin Hoffman.
Why it gotta be cold on Halloween, I was gonna go my dancing bear outfit 😂😂😂
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
A dancing bear in - 'Rapid Response' exhibition this Friday till Monday 11am-5pm for http:…
Did the dancing bear make the trip ? .
They can have their shiny delusional float but make people aware their decision to treat the oceans top predator as a dancing bear is stupid
The Friday afternoon countdown has begun. Music blasting, a dancing bear, rubber band fights and karaoke. None of these are happening here.
Discover friends and enjoy a unique and special community at Dancing Bear.
Considering I wrote this, definitely not a real criticism. Plus, Dancing Bear!
News: Top Videos: Berkley on Dancing, Bear Plays Tetherball ...: Elizabeth Berkley gave Dancing with the...
Nandi & Ashu's story is the tale of baby bears born into the dancing bear trade. It's free this weekend
Managed to pull myself into dress & makeup. It's my dancing bear dress, so I may still look like a pre-schooler.
Memories begin with fun during family time at Dancing Bear.
Metal ring drilled through its nose this poor dancing bear is such a sad sight !
Wow ...Capt Kangaroo,Mr Green Jeans, Mr. Moose,Dancing Bear and Bunny Rabbit. I feel grateful to have grown up in the 50's and 60's
These women on the Dancing Bear tapes... Never mind.
Nandi & Ashu are two baby bears subjected to the horrific dancing bear trade. Read their story here
The Bear is Back! Tonight at 7pm catch ep. 2 of the Dancing Bear Variety Hour on KJHK 90.7fm. It's funny, I swear!
yah dancing bear!! If only u could see the smile on my face right now 😃
Catch the second episode of the Dancing Bear Variety hour tonight at 7pm for some original sketch comedy by KJHK News.
The opportunity to own at Dancing Bear is special, as it allows you to purchase the amount of time that you will really use in
Oh my god the dancing bear was just in a costume! Now she's reading poetry about how the makes her feel! CANLIT
This is making do her dancing bear dance in bed. ♫ Tightrope - feat. Big Boi – Janelle Monáe
Dancing Bear Aspen is one of the world’s most elite resorts with countless cultural and recreational opportunities.
Living at Dancing Bear Aspen combines a high-country getaway, boutique resort, and live-in art gallery.
girl now show me this dancing Bear thing...these women vicious!!!
I had so much to do tonight. Instead I just danced like an abused dancing bear for my flat mates enjoyment.
Every moment will feel special at Dancing Bear Aspen.
"But did you see the break dancing bear. "
If were ever to call me beautiful I would post a selfie but for now enjoy this picture of a dancing bear
Doctor Terminus and his amazing dancing bear...
And now I want to cue up the Muppets' version of "Simon Smith and the Amazing Dancing Bear."
Photo: As a once said, there could be a dancing bear in the trees, but you would still only notice...
We look forward to another delicious pairing like this one with the Dancing Bear cabernet!
Every residence at Dancing Bear features a corner view of either Wagner Park or the Roaring Fork Valley.
"Well, dress me up in a tutu, put me on a unicycle, and call me Caroline the Dancing Bear. You’re a fugging Dumper"
if someone knows where I can get the application to become a dancing bear please lmk
so Henne is only a 4 alarm dumpster fire to Gabberts 5 alarm. I'd rather have a dancing bear at QB at this point
Time spent at Dancing Bear is customized to each owner’s wants and needs.
Asheville Dancing Bear Toys Tourney, Nov 9-10. 64 players so far!. Handmade gifts for all
Word on the street is Chris capocci goes to dancing bear parties
Terrio is like a little dancing bear here for our enjoyment
Who's playing the role of the dancing bear?
Vacarro and John Jenkins - the Big Dancing Bear - looking like GENIUS draft picks this year. Kenny Stills, maybe
I blame the booty-shaking dancing bear in the TV advert for this. Just joking. I love Müller Rice. Yum.
Guess they nicknamed him Dancing Bear for a reason!
I'm trying to be a dancing bear soo bad,
The residences at Dancing Bear are a blend of cosmopolitan and high-country getaway.
no! Ha! My 2 choices were ticket booth & dancing bear- first thing that popped in my mind, & I wanted ticket booth more!
Dancing Bear Aspen is a year-round playground with endless opportunities for outdoor adventure.
aah, thanks. I wanted to do something a bit different than an actual 'dancing bear' I'm glad it worked out ok in the end!
Come on fella the F1 is on!.. Fear the dancing bear show. It was always bad.;)
The experience at Dancing Bear is elevated by the amenity package offered through ownership.
No more dancing bear talk. Now the league is over.. Shame I can't go into champions league..
well just got in from work n I'm not tired I'm wired as *** like jojo the dancing bear lol
I'm going to be a Dancing Bear to be exact!
How many *** let they chick go to the dancing bear show dont get mad if you dont get nothing when she get home lol
Dancing Bear will set a new standard for your home away from home.
Congratulations to Bianca Lakoseljac for her book signing, Summer of the Dancing Bear, at Chapters/Indigo in Yorkdale!
is it a Pom ?? It's blooming gorgeous - did u see the muller advert that dancing bear was tremendous
Oct 3, 1955. "Captain Kangaroo" TV Premiere. On the air until 1985, this was the longest-running children’s TV show until it was surpassed by “Sesame Street.” Starring Bob Keeshan as Captain Kangaroo, it was broadcast on CBS and PBS. Other characters included Mr Green Jeans, Grandfather Clock, Bunny Rabbit, Mr Moose and Dancing Bear. Keeshan was an advocate for excellence in children’s programming and even supervised which commercials would appear on the program. In 1997 “The All New Captain Kangaroo” debuted, starring John McDonough.
Dancing Bear's first outdoor festival! FUN FEST Saturday, 9/21 11-3pm Asheville Macaroni Kid will hold a Cookies for Kids' Cancer bake sale in honor of National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. All of the proceeds from selling treats will be matched by corporate sponsors and donated to pediatric cancer research. They will let kids decorate and then eat a cookie for free!
Highlight of tasting last night was Taurasi ris. 07 Quintodecimo powerful, yet gentle & supple, like a friendly dancing bear
Please show one more video in my marketing classes about not seeing the dancing bear when I count the number of times white passes the ball.
I want a full sized stuffed animal costume to wear every Halloween. A dancing Bear would be Awesome!
what situation calls for a dancing bear? Doesn't this work well enough: :D !!! Yay!
Nothing makes them happier than a giant pair of JUGglers and acrobats and dancing bear named Chuck!
Can u imagine Harry doing a little dance just saying in a tiny voice "a milli a milli a milli" like what the *** u lil dancing bear
Just heard my first promo play on Oh God, I feel so famous. Long live Dancing Bear Variety Hour!
When an angry clown turns dancing bear, takes a couple of dodgy pills & gives a performance of his life:
If she did Bukkake or a Dancing Bear vid, she gotta go.
This California knows how to party shirt with the dancing bear and red solo cup. Like I can't do it.
My moms birhday is the 17th, Imma get her one of those Dancing Bear parties.
I have one other...a grateful dead dancing bear that's like 100yrs old
wish I had a dancing bear.what it would be sick >:D
We're having an after party at Dancing Bear pub on Speight from now until about 8pm. See you there
The dancing bear on the muller rice advert always makes me think of you. That's weird isn't it?
used to love Simon Smith & his amazing dancing bear , still want one
Acrobat and dancing bear named chuck
Some gd goodies I'm sending to my man. Dancing bear pins & incense burner
I was always scared of the dancing bear though...
So I just now watched mileys vma I the only one wondering why there were giant dancing bear/koala things?
As a matter of fact, your girl shouldnt even know what dancing bear is
Dont let your girl go anywhere near dancing bear. Just dont do it
what is with you and this Dancing Bear thing lol
Feel sorry if your chick end up on Dancing Bear. I just manage the men, babe.
Sound nice, I have dancing bear and violin, is problem ? Mikalos
A beautiful review of our picture book Dancing Bear by Dena of Books for Kids
Kristina: a dancing bear killed itself and its baby in india. Me: how?. Kristina: It hung itself. 
Had our first studio session for the Dancing Bear Variety Hour, KJHK's brand new sketch comedy program. Stay tuned for aural excitement...
Dancing bear foot under the stars. Perfect night👌
I'm old enough to have loved Dancing Bear on Captain Kangaroo.
Think Captain Kangaroo, the Dancing Bear and scheduled drugs. Stir.
'Captain Kangaroo' character actor Cosmo Allegretti, creator of the Dancing Bear, dies at 86 (L.A. Times)
Another bit of my youth gone. Dancing Bear of stopped dancing. Mister Moose & Bunny Rabbit Thanks!
Read obit about Cosmo Allegretti, who played the Dancing Bear and Bunny Rabbit on Captain Kangaroo and felt very sad.
Mr. Moose, Dancing Bear, Bun, & Grandfather Clock all gone in one fell swoop. Thank you and R.I.P. Cosmo Allegretti.
Earlier: Cosmo Allegretti, who voiced Captain Kangaroo characters Grandfather Clock and Dancing Bear, dies at age 86
RIP Cosmo Allegretti, from Captain Kangaroo who gave us Mr Moose, Mr Rabbit, Grandfather Clock, Dancing Bear+++ Delightful work
Cosmo Allegretti, who created and voiced puppet characters like Grandfather Clock and Dancing Bear on the...
Sad to hear of this death. Bunny Rabbit, Grandfather Clock, Mister Moose, Dancing Bear and others will miss him.
RIP voice of the Grandfather Clock and Dancing Bear on Captain Kangaroo.
I'm heading to bed and this is what I find. Darius and his dancing bear
Goodbye DeJuan Blair, you jolly old dancing bear.
*** Party on milfgonebad - The dancing bear crew is invading this house party full of hot and sexy horny women...
SHUDDUP Kellee. P.S. build a bear is coming out with a one direction singing and dancing bear.
i am going to miss the dancing bear Blair good luck in Dallas
Quesadilla: A dancing bear who lives in the Coilfang realm.
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
A all singing dancing bear about muller rice m strange add that
Loool that mullur rice advert with the dancing bear
my moms birthday in Roman numerals with a purple dancing bear so it'll be "II.X.LXXV" with a bear next to it
Seriously, how terrible is the Muller Rice advert with the dancing bear. Give it up trying to make animals funny!
This 'dancing' bear video is the best thing on the internet today
“SA you always in my heart!” D'aww, you'll always be in mine, Blair the Dancing Bear! 😢💔
"The Dallas Mavericks are in the final stages of completing a deal with DeJuan Blair." Farewell, Dancing.Bear.
Been getting his tips from Swann. Might be one of the few times when the term "dancing bear" might actually apply
ok now what? Will there be a dancing bear coming out of them?
For now I'm not the dancing bear I'm the crippled bear
Enjoy cool water running over your feet and fish smacking dry flies as they float down stream, it's Fly Fishing time at Dancing Bear Lodge!
Aimlessly wandering round a traditional music site I came across a song called "The Dancing Bear." It has to go in the set really :-)
why am i watching a dancing bear XD
I've been up for the last two hours and I haven't even seen the dancing bear. Boring!
Curious about the second phase of Dancing Bear Aspen? Check out the front page of today's Aspen Daily News.
Dancing bear foot and talking about designing out crime with
just watched it - is random &made me smile (dancing bear = fun!) but tbh I still think it looks like sick...
Anybody who knows me knows I love bears and so I approve the new Muller Light advert with the rapping and dancing bear. YEEEAAAHH
If I was a dancing bear and *** was acting funny I would stone cold stun all then ***
Im a grow up to be one of those Dancing Bear nigguhs.
go look up dancing bear. I'm bout to do that
My cat: now she's watching dancing bear videos.
thanks for the memories being a Spur. good luck in the future! The Dancing Bear!
I really hope they don't trade the dancing bear... need your heart and hustle.
Rounding out a fabulous weekend with 2007 Dancing Bear Ranch Cab.
They need to make Grateful Dead dancing bear emoji's.
This dancing bear should be seen by everyone. Period. Watch and RT:
I think it would be worse to get mauled by a dancing bear than just a regular bear because you can't totally blame the dancing bear.
Did you know there is a dancing bear on the logo?! As if I needed more reasons to them :p
I just unlocked Container Wars: Secrets of the Orient ,Storage Hunters: The Dancing Bear and 10 more S.. via
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Jugglers and acrobats and a dancing bear named chuck
I just unlocked Storage Hunters: The Dancing Bear ,Hillbillies for Hire: Fast and Delirious / Animal C.. via
Photo: I just unlocked the Storage Hunters: The Dancing Bear sticker on GetGlue 65 others have also unlocked...
My next job is gonna be a dancing bear lmao
more like a dancing bear. Lol. Not that agile to be a ninja cat. :(
What was your favorite toy as a child? — My dancing bear in the big blue house bear
"I want all my female fans prepare, kuz when we meet its gon be on like Dancing Bear"
WOW. Great play by Carlos Quentin! Big man looked like a dancing bear with that grab!
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