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Dance Party

A dance party (also referred to as a dance ) is a social gathering where dancing is the primary activity.

Janet Reno Mike Pence Mass Ave

The *** Dance Party Whitney Houston in front of Mike Pence's house. .
These are the streets outside Mike Pence's house in D.C., shut down by activists throwing a *** Dance Party tonight. Pur…
Take a break from writing that New Year's & join us for A Neil Diamond & DJ Dance Party!…
Every Bryant Park Shop purchase funds free park events like Dance Party, Film Festival, Shakespeare, BINGO & more!
Ballroom XMAS Dance Party, Thursday, Dec. 15 from 7-8:30 at the NADT Dance Academy in Batesville. A FREE class...
Dance Party (Zumba style)!! Full 30 Minute Fun Cardio Aerobics- Loads of fun with your fitness! via
Tomorrow, The Sufficients will be gettin' down at 7PM!! Then stay for RELAPSE an 80s + 90s Dance Party w/ DJ Matt S…
Feels like a good day to throwback to Janet Reno's Dance Party (beating on Rudy Giuliani as a bonus)
Dance Party at the end of WA Boys' Choir for having such a great practice!
Activities like Magic Show, Dance Party, and hero training are only available at The Jungle Concord.
I can no longer hear "My Sharona" without think of Janet Reno's Dance Party
Keebler thinks it's Dance Party time! He's a sweetheart who has learned his housebreaking and a few tricks in his...
{NEW POST} Arts Fest kicks off TOMORROW with an early morning Dance Party!
Love to Don't miss Albany's only 90s Dance Party, Saturday ht…
Watch - Komen “Tutu Tuesday” Dance Party gets city ready for Annual Race for the Cure
Rescue Dawgs starting the dance party at the Fido Outdoor Concert Series
listening to Spanish music makes me wanna go to a family party to dance n eat
lately I feel like I am aging in double-time but gosh I would like to attend a dance party helmed by you
COMING UP in . A dance party for week!
One part motivational coaching, one part relaxation and one part meditative dance party.
White Party Palm Springs was a blast! Here's and me on the dance floor of the…
That's right in about 10 to 15 minutes I'll be live on younow. Taking requests. Dance party for 1! Make sure you stop by!
Get this straight ; I don't need to consume alcohol, behave wildly or even dance to have a good time at a party. Don't like…
Join me @ 40th Bday - Epic Dance Party. Apply with YotMe
Shopping dance party with today! Getting ready for shows and photo shoots …
One Dance putting me in a party mood now
You know you're at a publishing party when you're like there's three men and 12 women on the dance floor this is a sausage…
Prepare to be consumed by the Mythical Music Monster, the Kraken at Global Dance Festival, this coming July!!.
We could dance and party all night and drink some cherry wine 🍷
That awkward moment when you're supposed to be cleaning your room and you put on music and it turns into a dance party fo…
"Diversity is being asked to the party. Inclusion is being asked to dance."
Diversity is being invited to the party, tolerance is being asked to dance, and acceptance is being invited home after 😂
The song "Lake by the Ocean". not to be confused with DNCE's "Cake by the Ocean." Your dance party will be ruined real quick. 😂
Ain't no party like a Beatles dance party cause a dance party don't stop.
PSY - iKON will perform at Gangnam on May 8th for "Horse Dance Party". (source: OSEN, Naver TV)
One dance by drake makes me wanna party 💃🏼
My family is currently having a Selena Gomez dance party but we're missing the Selena of our family
Trying on my disco clothes for dance party Friday night at
🚨Triple-Double Dance Party🚨. Russ ties Magic's record with 18 triple-doubles in one season — most in past 40 years.
"Latin Dance Party" at Bar. You should join me at this Meetup. Check it out and RSVP!
TONIGHT bringing the dance party to TICKETS at
come on out sun may 1st gor the color run in Burlington twp nj 8am dance party and 5k!
Random ideas cont: have a dance party. Go for a run. Have kids show us their walk to school. Alley ways. S…
it's ok girl Dan Bolton will save you. And then we'll have a royal dance party
U ever get when your at a party r some and there's music on but u don't know how to dance to it like what do u do Google casual dance moves
My boyfriend has to know how dance to bachata and salsa bc if we're at a Spanish party and he can't then sorry papi you can sit by yourself😂
After Traditional Opening, the Tribal Vision Dance Troupe escorts the VIP party into The Lifetime Achievement Award
Man fatally stabbed after dance off at Bronx party turns violent
Tuesday night dance party before bed with the little mister.
✨ «Should have gave you all my hours. When I had the chance. Take you to every party . Because all you wanted to do was dance»
"Yeah, it's about time.". - confirms reports of a dance party room in the new clubhouse.
Teaming up with to go back to the 90s for the final video dance party of the summer!
i'll never get over tøp. never . i'm gonna be 78 years old in my walker having a dance party to house of gold
I liked a video from Solo Dance Party
Check out some great photos from past Dance Party tapings on now! Click on PHOTOS!
All I want is for Callie and Arizona to have a dance party with Sofia
If you were making the ultimate party mix-tape ... what dance track just has to be on it?
Last night Jai *** Dance Party in Bay Area was successful with help of Rang De Bollywood Dance Company and...
Hammer pants, Tonya Harding, and Janet Reno's Dance Party... oh my! This week, we go back to the 90s!
DJ Rowfasho on Dance Party throwing down the hits! @ KOFY-TV
Hervey Bay Family Fun Day and Dance Party is on this Saturday at Seafront Oval. Family Fun Day fro 9am to 4pm...
Welcome to the Halloween episode of Janet Reno's Dance Party.
Join us tonight for our weekly Fuego at PUMP! Dance Party. DJ Bruno will spinning sick beats and Kalani and crew...
Six years exactly today since we started Jai *** Dance Party. Thank you for celebrating our labor of love. . Join...
Blue Man Group – Comedy, Theater, Rock Concert, Dance Party all rolled into one. // March 9 & 10 =>
Hosting the Karaoke/Dance Party and like three birthday parties going on right now! This place is packed —...
💃Shake your groove thang. Dance those holiday sweets off during our Dance Party at 4 p.m.
Just had a dance party in my bathroom
He's nowhere to be found when it's time to slow dance, but at least he's a good kisser. - Elf on the Shelf as my work Chri…
I liked a video from Laughter is the Best Medicine: Staff Dance Party in Intensive
came with or at she dance? Still and party with shall from: certainly the the United-85
I added a video to a playlist Zumba Dance app - Take the party to go!
Rise 'The Mash-up Party' 2nd Last ever with Johnny Frenetic - Sunday Funday at Opal Lounge. Dance - Sing - Cheer
Party/Dance/Friendship goals 2k16! - oh and make sure to get the single on iTunes!!
Pump up your New Years party with DJ and. dance at the Blu. For tickets call 880 31 619855 or 01701121
Here we go party people!!! It's Sunday and time to bust out those moves at our weekly dance comp! The winner gets...
when I die have a party and dance me like a marionette doll please
3:44am The Party Line by Belle and Sebastian from Girls in Peacetime Want to Dance
Were serving Roasts all day and this evening we have our Beat the Festive Blues Party, come down and dance off those Christmas Mince Pies
ok but can their be a 90s reggae/r&b party so I can get drunk and dance
Hmmm! We work together, we eat together, we nag together, we dance together, we party together and we both craz...
Dance with Your HEART On the beats of
Dance party is over cuz my roommate is back
What do you do when you win NFC East? DANCE PARTY!
Family party and my lil kuzzo kills off the jersey club dance 💥💥
can I have a dance party w Meredith & Cristina
Join the party as we dance into 2016... New Year's Eve Tickets on sale now from
Pre-dawn dance party in my belly. Guess my bean enjoys winter t-storms too.
Listen to DJ orakle - Hip Hop/Dance mix by DJOrakle on Party Away.!!
that's totally what would happen though. And then it's like the after party for the wedding and Amy and Tina hit the dance floor
Your weird cousin is just trying to get through the family party just like you.
It's 2:18 and I'm having a dance party all by myself
I was sent a video of myself from a holiday party & realized I dance like Drake, but with more hip action. Hit me up, Ser…
wishing I was in Simmons having a TSwift dance party with my girls 😞
When the orchidstra strikes a tune out come to florians to dance
take you to every party 'cause I remember how much you loved to dance
I just entered a contest: NYE Dance Party
If you've never been to a music festival, you've got to put these in your must-go list:
All i want to do is go camping by the beach and have a dance party. That's it.
Couldn't let have a house party without showing off some dance moves!
Christmas is the blessing for us. Let us celebrate our blessing with prayer,dance,and party. Me…
CLIMAXX presents NYE Dance Party with special guest SYDNEY DJ Dirty Nelly (and DJ...
KRZ Dance Party tonight with 1/2 Price Happy Hour from 9-11PM plus Sugar & Spice performs LIVE in the Streamside...
Kylo Ren keeps inviting me to Janet Reno's Dance Party.
I'm missing the Morning-long Dance Party on Nick Jr. and I'm upset.
Julien has gone from Prince to King, and his royal decree? Dance Party! All new episodes of on https:…
Just love when Jimmy and guest does Chuck Barris "Gong Show" Dance Party. Always fun.💖 😊
Dance Party and Sunday night football. Perfect combo
Our Friday Zumba class is switching to a Dance Party! Join us Friday mornings from 10:20-11:20 to rev up the energy!
Dance party to with my main shade queen 👑
That one time turned community service into a community dance party!
Join on Fri 9th Oct at for dance class & ‘40s party!
Odell Beckham Jr. w/ an incredible catch for the TD, & he finishes with a dance party in the end zone!. NYG up 25-6. http…
You have loved d Party Dhoom Dhaam Se Number& grooved non-stop on dis one Now dance more than ever on d remix version. …
.-- Parties with Bachelorette ... in a Vegas Elevator, Baby
Air Trampoline Sports is the place to party on Saturday nights!. Dance and jump till you drop at our After Dark...
If something/someone messes up the before party, dance, or after party I will flash tf out. You best believe.
Get your party vibes ready and dance the night off with special mixes from DJ Adrian Cob
THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH! So very sweet of you to think of me! I saved you a dance at my virtual birthday party! 😊
You can feel all the tension go away once they played Usher lmao we could've have had a LP+DP dance party on the field
Plush Lounge on A Saturday Night. Come Dance all night!! You Deserve it. UAWA . All White Party on A Saturday
When you bring Susana to the party and you're worried she can't dance but
On Thursday night, we had a dance party. 💃🎵🎤 As we cleaned up the mess from dinner, we tur…
I really want to go to bookstores and drink coffee, but so many errands to run. It's okay. I'll just have a dance party in my car.
was AMAZING last night ! Thanks to everyone who came to dance and party…
Can't figure out your Holiday Party Plans? Enter our drawing for a free dance party for your family and friends.
I dance with my heart...I dance on my when I tune 2 PARTY SONG of Fantabulous Dancing Number!.
And now, it's the turn to dance. It's like there's a dance party happening inside Kuya's house.
Are you ready guys with your party shoes to dance on the beats of on this fantastic moment i.e.👉
Sometimes a dance party breaks out on the Statewide Tour!!
Just a week away!. Saturday, September 12th & Sunday, September 13th, Keith Thompson and his Dance Party on the...
Tomorrow night, Open Air Social Club presents: SILK RnB Dance Party! Come get down to all the best…
Check out one of the most popular dances in the Country...West Coast Swing! Class at 7:15 and Dance Party at 8-10!
Who doesn't love a good dance party? We're proud to support again this year.
Whales gather around boat for a dance party
“MIDNIGHT DANCE PARTY! Djokovic dances on Center Court who does this remind you of?
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Come and Dance, Smile and have a party with the best team in town! Tonight North Cheam Social Club. 658 London...
what if I learned this incoherent song and dance and performed it at the next house party l'm invited to?
And I know I have to be up early tomorrow but all I want to do is have a dance party and listen to some shakira
[Music] YK Dult – Party Tonight: Want a cool Dance hall tune that will brighten up your day? Then you need to ...
LIVE on a'right, b4 bed..let's have a party in my apartment...I mean hotel room in 🇨🇦…
Its party time for all MSG lovers.. bcz Dance song with MSG release..
'PARTY PARTY DANCE DANCE DANCE DANCE PARTY' --this new techno song I just wrote, what do you guys think?
This weekend party only at music by squad..!!. Let's hobah da dance floor 💃🏻
Late night Pizza Party dance thing, because I havent posted anything all day. Enjoy!
Leo if you want to see people dance to progressive house music go to a rave not a local party.
FallonTonight: Have a quick dance party with Jimmy and
.is hosting a kids dance party in Ibiza to benefit children with special needs:
Party Dhoom Dham Se is about godly love & its gonna beyond the limits,hardly stop to dance.
MIDNIGHT DANCE PARTY! Djokovic dances with fan on Center Court after victory.
Have a quick dance party with Jimmy and
Meet Black Singles 300x250
My music is a bunch of 1's & 0's having a crazy insane party in your brain
We had a fantastic time at our "French Soirée" Dinner and Dance Party! Thank you so very much to Bernard Toulgoat...
Dance Party with LHS cheerleaders to celebrate Carnival Kickoff.
Homa, Happy Friday to my Fab Reporter gal! Once again its time to Play that Rockin' TGIF Dance Party music w/you!
Many thanks to our friends at The Staten Island Advance, especially Lauren Steussy. Sunset Dance Party was a...
Happy Independence Day Pakistan! . Checkout photos from our 2011 Jai *** Dance Party with Indian & Pakistani...
Thanks to all you awesome people for lighting up the New Dance Floor at The Stache! Great Night :). UFC Saturday followed by a Dance Party!
Dance Party for all the participants: Morgan, Brittany and Angie (along with Robin; Angie's mom and Sherry;...
Dance Party with VERONICA MARS's Jason Dohring & Ryan Hansen! Mention of Jared Leto too!!
will spin the beats at tonight’s Electro Pop Biergarten and Dance Party @ 11pm on the Market Square Boardwalk!
Thursday Night Beach Party at the Baja Beach Club. Patio Dance Party. DJ drink specials, great food.
It's time to get the DJ DC Dance Party started at Lorelei's Pub and Grill in Sneads Ferry (just outside Camp...
Dance Party tonight in Cambridge in front of City Hall. Mass Ave already blocked off. Looks like fun for attendees...
FREE Dance Party on Mass Ave in Cambridge tonight from 7-11 pm!!
TONIGHT!!! First ever 80s Dance Party with Burlesque Show! Catch me spinning your fav 80s tracks…
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Sneaky peak at the invites I finished off today - Dance Party!
Campbells' a tough act to follow if next act weren't with Walter Smith iii and Jeff Parker. Helluva Dance Party already.
Old-Time Music and Dance Party! June 27 from 4-7,7-8:30 at Gift of Grace Lutheran in Wallingford.
this Friday!! World Famous Dj Richard Blade of KROQ. +the Reflexx -Awesome Live 80s Show-. +80s Dance Party!!!...
TFW your bae is not, in fact, bae, but instead bae.I., but F it, let's have a dance party to celebrate
After our dance party, I chose a weapon for Arms, finally! Thanks again for the fun! :p
Amid the riot, a dance party has broken out
especially the beginning is great :D dance party in the shower!! 🎉😭
surely diversity is basis for inclusion? You can't dance if you've not been invited to the party
The Bollywood choreographer who prevented Dharmendra from ruining a party
Hey guys,. If anyone wants to join me in a dance party,im here 35,000 feet above the ground moving to the vigorous vibra…
I loved the dance party that broke out on North ave. Tuesday Baltimore
How about a Memorial Day Block Party in with the Ravens Marching Band, & a line dance to "Beat It"?
When the other team has three dcs so everyone has a dance party mid ☺️
Boston's own has turned Converse Live into one big dance party.
Oh she is.she's in all of Mer's milestone surgeries. She danced the 30second dance party.
Dance floor fillers from Richard Rossa and are featured on this week's 'The New Wave'
It's a Cajun Dance Party kind of morning.
If you're ever feeling down, blast the top 30 pop hits and have a dance party
At my Bachelorette party we will do karaoke 🎤 and dance on the tables.. K
Stayed up too late. I've hit my second wind and now I just want to have a dance party and clean...
"it ain't even that type of party. I just came here to dance for yall. & that's it!"- eboni
Check out this song prod by and let me know what you think. Thanx.
Boy at party: "hey wanna dance?". Me: "I have to pee". **sprints opposite direction of bathroom**
Currently so bored I'm having a dance party by myself in my room😃
Nigeria: the only place in the world where Naruto and Dora The Explorer will dance shoki at your kid's 1st birthday party…
Life may not be the party we hoped for but while we're here we should Dance! Wishing everyone a very Happy
Foodshelf presents Justin Ploof & the Throwbacks 'American Bandstand the 60's Dance Party' on Apr 25!
Play Cotton Eye Joe this morning during the Dance Party!!
Timebenders entertain Qualicum Beach crowd: The dance floor was packed for the third annual Dance Party hosted...
2006 top hits Dance Party, Dowtown library, study room 600 B, all are welcome :-)
It's Thursday and it's time to party! Join us tonight!. 7:00 Cha Cha with Barry Douglas. 8:00 Dance Party. See you...
Thursday, April 16th, at 9PM: Our weekly Karaoke/Dance Party night!! The ONLY one in town!! DJ MDX brings the...
Your TGIF Dance Party is at Thunder Valley Casino Resort! Nunchuck Taylor is throwing down with fresh music &...
there are a few console quality games for AppleTV, by - Dance Party, Motion Tennis,
On our way to London to the 1st ever Zumba Conference! Nathan Blake's Dance Party tonight, can't wait!
Register online today for the CBA Karaoke & Dance Party next Saturday, March 21st!.
Saturday night Dance Party, at the Confirmation Retreat! The dining hall was ROCKIN' with 200 of our closest...
'90s Dance Party is getting started! @ Montclair Art Museum
Holi Hai - Quick preview of India's Festival of Colors celebrated annually at the Jai *** Dance Party.
The Cross Dresser's Dance Party: Charles and Sally had only been married a year. She was muscular withshort h...
NEW SHOW — Fillmore Flashback: 80’s vs 90’s Dance Party on 4/4! Tix on sale Friday at 10AM at http:/…
The KING of Rock and Roll would have turned 80 today, and in his honor, I'd like to share with you a rare audio recording of the first ever recorded interview ELVIS PRESLEY did with me and Dewey Phillips on my "Top Ten Dance Party" show in Memphis, circa 1956. If you've got an Elvis fan in your life, please SHARE this with them! And stay tuned through the end for a bonus interview. Elvis was kind enough to help me kick off my "Dance Party" show on KHJ-TV in Los Angeles. I interviewed him live via phone while he was stationed with the Army in Germany. Happy birthday, Elvis, and long live THE KING!
Alasdair Fraser Community Music Workshop and Dance Party. January 3rd. Let's make music and party!!...
Here at P&F Wiki world headquarters, we already miss the Rockin' Rollin' Dance Party that ended at Disney...
It's days like today when I wish there were still new episodes of Janet Reno's Dance Party.
Events at Paradise: Thursday: Club Karaoke with Jilly Sentino and JoJo Bar Tender. Friday: Customer Appreciation and Marisa TheLadys Toys for Tots Christmas Show with special guest Miss Paradise, Lea Sky and many more! Complimentary Buffet, Drink Specials and Give-aways. Please bring an unwrapped, new toy for a special boy or girl for the holidays. Dance til 2am with DJ Dj Carl Michaels. Saturday: Country Line Dancing 7pm-10pm. VJ JB & his Retro Video Flashback Party in Copper Bar. Dance til 3am with DJ Randy Bettis Randy Bettis II and our Go-go boys! Sunday: Come visit Bartender Paul at 2pm and his famous Bloody Marys. Karaoke Dance Party with Nick Peters 9pm-2am and JoJo Bar Tender. Monday: Camp Movie Night with The Duchess Skoot Golightly.
Claudia performs to music by Arabesque at The Blue Monk in Portland, Oregon during the Oberon Community Middle Eastern Music and Dance Party, May 29, 2013.
Today's dose of the 80's to get you ready for our TOTALLY '80S Sing-Along & Dance Party this Saturday!
I could really use a dose of Janet Reno's Dance Party.
The African Groove Celebration Drum and Dance Party was held in downtown Chico in early May with an amazing array of artists featuring Naby Bangoura, Lansana Kouyate, Robin Blue, Amanda Rose and Praveen Lata Ram among the many notable performers. Dance groups that performed include: Samba Sirens, Ascension, Chico State Afro Caribbean Dance Class, Chico West African Drum and Dance Ensemble, and Lansana Kouyate and family.
Remember Pacific Ocean Park? Check out the book, POP-. The Rise and Fall of LA's Space-Age Nautical Pleasure Pier. Lots re my Dance Party!
Saturday night in Minnesota-KING Live Performance and Dance Party at Prince's Paisley Park. See you there. for d…
tells how to get down on weekend with our Sixth Street location as the official Dance Party!
Join 4 the annual "MJ Day" Dance Party! All MJ in celebration of his 56th Bday!
Inland Empire Eighties Presents another 80s Dance Party!! Sat Sept 6th at the Mission Tobacco Lounge in !
It was a GROOVE™ Dance Party today with the Seniors at Salvation Army Senior Center! ages 50 to 90 yr olds . today. It was a BLAST! One wonderful lady (age 90) told me her secret of aging beautifully today. "don't ever stop dancing".funny, I just posted that!!! (thanks senior sing a long for hosting this event today)
CLUB CRISIS Dance Party at the Identity Crisis Fundraiser 2014. SO Awesome! Thanks Mark Muse for taking such...
OK, There is a wide array of interesting things going down this weekend, many that u might not be aware of. So... Tonight: Urban Soul Cafe Rooftop Worship with Anita Wilson & Emoni Wilkins. UV Rooftop on 2nd Ave. The Williamson County Fair Kicks off. The Conscious Habitat Show @ Foobar Too. A wide array of dope spitters and a few singers will be blessing the stage. (Hip-Hop/R&B Show) FUNKY METERS with DeRobert & the Half Truths and DJ Kidsmeal at Mercy Lounge. (Funk/Soul show) Tomorrow: Nashville Storm vs the Clarksville Wolfpack. (Semi-Pro Football). Sidehow Fringe Festival. (Various venues.) First Saturday Art Crawl. Black 13's Dance-A-Versary with Alanna Royale, La Force & Jane Dupre. (Live Music and Dance Party). UHC Presents: Sunset Sessions [Rooftop Day & Night Event] at UV Rooftop with lots of hometown House and EDM DJs. There are also tons of Back to School, Family Events, and etc.
God people in TF2 are getting stupid. Go into a server and people are banning players that kill people in this "Dance Party" they were doing
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Next weeks schedule: Beer Pong on Tuesday, Open Jam Night Wednesday, Cornhole on the patio Thursday, & our awesome Dance Party on Friday!
Dance Party with Del at Callahan's Pub, Princess St, tonight 10pm-2am
Thanx for coming out to Beach Hut yesterday. 12X Dance Party moves to Resorts World Casino NY tonight. 7pm start.
It's time to put those dancing shoes back on. The Jazz Kitchen's annual Michael Jackson & Prince DJ Dance Party...
10 Days until Open Mic Night and Dance Party! Saturday June 28th! Spread the word and get your act together!!
and see the SNL return of Janet Reno's Dance Party
One purchase for party supplies to for Buzz's Big *** Dance Party! = $1200. $900 of it paid with donations through Bitcoin. (A percentage of this purchase went to Feeling? Amazing! itshappening.jpg
Relive the green glamour of last year's event... then grab your ticket to the 2014 Earth Day Canada Gala presented by Target Canada! VIP and NEW! DJ Dance Party tickets are available now: by Tim Fraser.
Momma Sabrina’s “little” Dance Party was a BIG SUCCESS! It raised $1006 and surged Sabrina beyond her $9000 campaign goal for childhood cancer research! “The party was opened up by Danya Nunley's Oceanview Dance Troupe performing a dance with the theme of childhood cancer awareness. Throughout dancers held signs with statisitics about childhood cancer to convey the message that child hood cancer is not rare and is underfunded. At the end, dancers held signs for each child in our county (who we know about and were able to get permission from parents) that had or has cancer. Danya's daughter, Ellie, is a leukemia survivor (and in the dance).” To view the dance, follow this link: fund childhood cancer research, follow this link:
Friday is our "Yellow Rose of Texas" Dance Party. Come in your sunniest yellow, or sport your country western wear!!! Either way ya'll better come on down to have a rootin, tootin good ol' time! 7:45 will be group class and 8:30 time to party!!!
TONIGHT! is TGirl Tuesdays at Hamburger Marys Long Beach. Jamie Jameson hosts Karaoke at 9:30 with FIFTY DOLLAR CASH PRIZE, then HOT Dance Party from 11:30 to closing with Solo Dj. FREE before 11pm.21+ Plenty of parking with the huge parking structure RIGHT BEHIND THE CLUB! Taco Tuesday too! Here We Go!
Just downloaded a 40 Michael Jackson songs on iTunes. Dance Party in the kitchen. Don't judge.
Oh hey! Im just Minnie Mouse tonight. NBD... =D Come to LUNA Royal Oak $2.00 drinks you-call-it until 11- no cover until 10pm drink specials al night AND you can dress up cartoon/anime too! Dance Party! Photo Credit my beep!
MasqueRave: Phi Kappa Tau - Gamma Nu Chapter will be hosting an end of the year MasqueRave DJ Dance Party. DJ...
TIP: If you want someone to read your email, use the subject line "Janet Reno's Dance Party"
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